any gift ideas for my maths tuition teacher?
Tell me a bedtime story please ? :)?
photo essay help.. easy ten points!?
i was just wondering for homework double chins??? can u get rid of them????????
What is the true art of our time?
wicked anyone?
what aramentine mean?
How do I import my personal oversea taxitermy into USA?
Video projection project ideas?
Futuristic baby names?
Can anybody help me with interpreting this poem?
does anyone know what the slang word souped means?
how can I deal with being an adult child of alcoholics (on my own)? I can't get over it, I really suffer:(
can anybody give me a word that describes someone who trusts others very easily, but not gullible?
What to do while bored in bed?
Who was Antonio Nicolas Blanco?
when & where is the fare is being held.?
How much to sell my art for?
Is Mr. Banana real? If so, where is he hiding?
Hipster idle question?
how to search for and lower colors on DVD playback?
i have an extensive collection of precious moments many retired i would like to sell where do i look?
Tattoos are a form of art, don't u agree?
do u kno what is the scientific name of man?
Besides Romeo and Juliet, are there any famous or historic couples J and R?
Twilight art project ideas please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how to make a homemade t-shirt?
Band Art help 10 points?
how is everyone feelinng today?
Egg drop challenge! Any suggestions?
What should I name my blog?
how mush does an art class caost an hour?
why am i fascinated by gory forensic details, as in crime novels and csi?
Im stuck in a tree...?
do we take art far too seriously?
Handmade gift idea for a twenty year old involving guitar picks, vinyl, and drumsticks?
how many different languages are spoken in the world?
!!!!need help teaching drums at music camp!!!!?
How many words do you know that have "clock" as part of the word?
Help, climax, resolution?
How can I break away from the shell that keeps from becoming assertive?
Know of any poems about trust ? Could you write one of them for me ?
do u have anything to look forward to,in your life????
Will you give me a honest opinion on my art?
pop art timeline with any important events discoveries inventions that may have influenced the work of artists
what was Palestrina's role in saving polyphony from extinction?
what can make you cry your heart out?
Does anyone know any good sites for trading things? or a good "wanted" page?
Why do birds suddenly appear?
how does one help the soul of a dead friend move over to the other side?
It Old and i dont know what its called and its blue?
whats u fav color.. mine is orange?
can you guess my mom's name?
I ******* hate Art now!!! Please help?? I feel like crying!!!?
Art based social networks?
how many desalination plants are there in australia?
What's a cool art exhibit for a first date?
Can you use specific names in writing?
What is the most profound quote you know and love?
do you jujubu 2?
what business type is guidance and counseling?
How many peoples here have had Deja Vu before?
can a landlord look on the internet for your arrest record?
can someone interpret this poem?
Which episode of MTV cribs Was ryan sheckler on??????
Been to the Circus Lately?
Will you read this story I made up?
I can never get my locker open at school it's always jammed any suggestions?
“Art is long, life short.” -Hippocrates (460-377 BCE). I would like to know your comment about the quotation.?
Would love to have some creative crisitism on this piece?
There is nothing new under the Sun......Right ?
what is true love and fauls how the one know he in true love or fauls love?
What is the 1st thing that you will do if you won the Lotto?
how can you be a good steward?
Is it too corny? Need help with words?
Rate My Poem2?
Tell me what you think (1 poem)?
Does any one have knowledge of Ibadan, Nigeria? Is there a Allen Street in Makola Ibadan?
Fma Pictures?
What's a good nickname for Columbia?
Please help me !! Major art problem!!!?
spelling improved?
I have a 1860 Piano (old) needs fixing you come get it, its yours.?
how to download pics from the digital camera?
art project ideas and advice on the theme of "the mechanic"?
Wassily Kandinsky? Art 2?
does anyone know Thousand foot krutch?
how much ia a touareg sabre in excellent condition worth and do you know where on the web i can find out more?
How much is real jade worth?
Good Art projects to do for Little kids?
The book "Cuentos de Mezcala" where can I find it?
Where can I find free space to sew?
Hi, can someone give me the name of an artist(s) that uses sound in their artwork?
Creative Presentation of a interior Design Proposal? (No computers allowed)?
Websites which I can use to sell my art/textiles okay?
i write many poemes and i wanna show them to the peapole by the internet but i don't know how! please help me
what will my fave coulor be my fave is blue at this time but i like pink but i only want one fave?
has anyone taken the one stroke level 1 certification?
can someone help me analyze this passage from macbeth?
two words to describe marie antoinette?
how can I deal with being an adult child of alcoholics (on my own)? I can't get over it, I really suffer:(
Really Good Art Project Ideas?
A Deterioration of architecture and visual art in the Western world over the twentieth century and later?
bio helpppp??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can you ask someone to make a specific model of a specific breed of horse for you?
I need creative peoples help!!!?
Why do I keep getting bites?
Can you name my favorite commercial? Hint: it's an insurance commercial.?
I want to invent something..?
Do vampires really exist among our circle of friends?
Why when I add some kind of fragrance oils to paraffin wax it doesnt solve in it and others darken the wax?
how do you become a nude model for art schools?
Do You Know What Manga This Picture Is From?
World Culture and the Arts (Arts and Culture) Please Define?
Should I be a musician and play trumpet?
why is 4:20 called 4:20?
Has anyone ever tried Steve G. Jones hypnotherapy CDs?
What's the proper way to write the titles of works of art?
Would you ever read a book where the main character commits suicide in the end?
High School And A Job?
What creative profession would you enter and why?
what is the best of shakspear's plays?
What would be the worst way to die?
What is the RSA and whats it about?
IsJesus Christ really theson ofGod?
What is this life, if full of care?
Does anyone know the e-mail address of Niall from one direction?
Do you have a favorite...?
Art festival booth owners......?
What is a secret you would like to tell, but you don't for fear of being judged?
Creative ideas for feats of strength?
Were you right about the love competition (Spoiler Alert!)?
Who defines what's art? The audience, or the artist?
Do you think video games should be viewed as an art?
Art - Fauvism and Surrealist ?
what's is Oprah's real name?
photo-shop problem!!!?
Why wont they work ?pls help?
Seeking age of my Lester upright piano, circa 1920?
who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men?
What kind of art do you think of when you hear?
Do you believe that this guy is the real canadian version of Homer J. Simpson?
Are you offended by political correctness?
what would you do if....?
What employment opportunities are there in the big, wide world for a. English Lit postgrad? Help!?
How much would a custom 9" x 9" frame cost at Michael's?
Why are there so few literate people contributing to these sites?
Confused about my passion?
I'm having trouble with my animations....Could you help?
Need help find this artist/painting! HELP!?
does anyone know what phegani means??
I am looking for someone who makes custom ships in bottles. I have a special bottle i would like them to use.?
Any Book/Magazine Publishers I NEED HELP/ADVICE??
Have you ever done anything you knew was wrong?
What is better. please answer!!?
How to kill my English project?
what aramentine mean?
How did Michael Jackson changed the world?
Creative username ideas?
how do i handle selfish friends, please advise?
My hands are made out of crystal and I can heal people and animals when I touch them.?
Creative craft ideas?
Any creative ideas for "Good Vs Evil''?
How can i have my boyfriend wrapped round my finger?
Looking for a specific type of photo, can also be cartoon...? 10 points for best answer?
Is it legal to make a doll with a celebrity iron transfer face to sell ?
If i were Pregnant would it be bad to squeeze my Stomach really hard?
Decoration/Style/Design for your home?
what is autochromatic?
What is "Weick's dictum"?
Should I get this appraised?
Does anyone know what the Asian boy figurines are called?/where to find them?
Does anyone know who this is?
about my art project,.. read againnn.?
Does he like me? Does he like me not?
do you think wearing high hills with lights that turn on from the hill looks un appropiate?
what would you say to him ?
share your art of living experience?
Cant find a piggy bank anywhere!!!?
IDEAS - Any creative ideas for...?
I want to make something out of duct tape?
Well I'm trying to make a friendship bracelet or family bracelet.......?
i need to write a fable and i need a moral and an idea. (for little kids)?
what is the meaning of Arms by Christina Perri?
websites that list the innovators of each artform?
What do you call a locket maker?
what are the effects of hurricanes?
What is the most useless part of the human body?
Help I think I am Gay?
what are the advantages of living in a city?
Jordans Typeface anyone?
what is perjury?
what do you know?
does everyone like art?
A poem I found, thoughts?
Im Planning a Body Art Booth?
what are the qualities of a good person?
how many......?
If you will describe your emotion right now using Colors, What Color are You?
what do i do if i love mariah bronson and she is dating my friend?
What is the real word?
How is Prejudice represented in Hurricane (the movie)?
The real versions of the Banski's Art?
When will this earth be destroyed by man?
Because they say anything about this site?????????????????????
did vernon ward artist, paint a picture called safe harbour?
what inspirational woman falls under this category?
Can you really go back into the past in a TIME MACHINE?
what is the most beautiful name in the world?
Where can I find a tampon dispenser?
What is the one thing you want to be remembered by when you are gone?
what is the thickest natural stone tile available?
if united way is going to help me with rent and power do i need to bring my bills?
can any one tell me what has man done to other creatures -?
History, Captain Blood?
I want to know i you can make your Avatar seat down?
how should I phrase this on my resume? (a free-lance art project)?
Homecoming Class Video 5pts?
can we change our password in or msn?
there is this guy that i like and i know he likes me bc we held hands and other stuff but he was drunk?
do you think the people who make crayons are racist?
would you change your religion for marriage?
How do you write an art response paper?
if u would know tommorow is ur last day, how would u spend it?
Art Project help? Unusual Perspective?
art institute. did i make a mistake?
Does anyone know any good xanga or piczo sites that have quotes and stuff?
Guitar chord f sharp?
Hi. Please suggest other challenges like 'a photo a day' or '30 days of lists'?
should inappropriate art be put on show in museums?
u believe in ghosts or god?
Mac or PC for architecture major?
Writing Portfolio? What should I use?
Looking for name suggestions?
How can I become a lord?
please help me: beatrice and...?
paris wall art for teen girls?
A Worn Path By Eudora Welty?
I,ve just read that the smoking ban has been repealed, Thank god for that, Now perhaps!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you like to be treated?
i want a ghost whisperer source?
How can I improve my writing skills? I am a very poor writer.?
Are works of art made a long time ago more valuable?
Help!!! I'm a musician and stuck to a major degree!!?
What is there to live for...?? :(?
Where did Catholics get the idea of praying through the saint and the Virgin Mary?
does anyone know?
Is anyone out there Chzeck?
can anyone help me in finding an extra activity to do?
does anyone know Thousand foot krutch?
What should I do for my GCSE Art Exam?
what is great about patriotism?
What type of art is this?
Ideas for Red-coloured themes?
How do you learn to evoke emotion in creative writing?
what's bahai faith?
What’s the best way to get my art into galleries?
Born in 1994, Died in 2070, How old am I?
How to make a manniquin?
Please,give me some information about Harry Styles?
What is the theme in western-style bathrooms?
what was the war time economy under franklin delano rooselvelt?
I need to know the name of books by Dafne de maurier?
who can sing this song?
any other phrase replacing "ran off and rolled"?
Does anyone know if this stanza is a translation of something of Petrarch's?
Can you artistically and vividly describe this haunted house?
how does salvador dail contribute to hispanic art?
I need help with writing a poem for my 9th grade english class?
If you could, what would you name this girl? What name would suit her? Opinions, people!?
Meaning of execution in art?
Can someone help me with an art project?
who woman make "BEAUTY IN THE WORLD" at now??
So I'd like to start a club at my high school.?
how could i sleep in my office during work time,while my boss sitting inthe next cabin?
What type of Creative art do you like best?
how can i foget my old boyfriend?
What is this?
What is art?--------------------------?
the aim of punishment should be to rform the criminal.the role of courts and prisons in acheiving this end.?
What city in Nigeria did had my secondary education?
which of the following is not an addivtive sculptural process?
Do you like this poem ?
Good story (grade8) ?
what is the meaning significant and scope of political science?
Help interpret this cartoon. I don't get what's going on in this political cartortoon? Is it economic/politcal?
What qualifies art as porn and vice verse?
What is the motivation behind Jerry Lewis' fight for Muscular Dystrophy?
If you are reincarnated as an animal what one would you wanna be?
What if ideas were tangible?
what do u look for in a guy? this can be your own opinion!?
Can someone figure out the meaning of this poem by Edgar Allan Poe?
what do 29.5% americans need ?
I would like to become a TV script writer... Help?
do you believe in money or god?
what the meaning of G in 2Pac songs ?????
What is an epic tumblr url name for me ?
when Brian Tracy was born?
clay cuban dinner set cost?
do u think its ok for young girk=ls to have abortion???
Can you give me some different ways to end a letter?
i want to creat this effect with my camera on B! HELP?
What does it mean if you keep having deja vu?!??!?
How do I make my own clay?
what is creativity and can animals be creative?
What is glass?
To Florida residents, do you get a good laugh when they say that they have a heatwave up north?
My friend lost a bet now he has to dress like a girl. What should I make him wear?
Is this picture any good? First time using felt tipped pen!?
We are from different worlds and i lke her but i cant tell her how i feel cuz im afraid?
NEED HELP??????!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
What are some good contemporary/jazz pianists?
what was happening in the world at the time give peace a chance was written?
Need help figuring out my major, please help?
Pass it on...they should be punished for their crimes.keep it going...even if you have to start over a new one
does anyone know how to write it? a sestina poem?
What are some websites like this?
a good website for folding paper?
what is chronemics and whats non verbal communication?
What are good things in life?
does anyone know who they are
Dan Brown's Angels and Demons Cover Art?
do you think the DA Vinci code is real?
Is hemp bad? I like wearing it, but some people say that people smoke it.Is that true?
About Pop Art How It Started And Stuff?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
Who has the deepest and who the highest voice in one direction?
What's a good Instagram name? :)?
Can somebody please tell me how you are suppose to weave over and under?Do you have to stay on the same side?
Creative craft ideas?
Which is better a tube or bottle of paint?
I need a graphic of a circle of hands for a pamphlet for a program that feeds the needy in Hilo HI.?
gcse art ideas? and how to decorate my book? theme: surface, pattern, texture & reflection :)?
What do you think of this oil painting I did over a year ago?
chrimas sms?
How to Break down the Complexity of a Situation?
what is relative listening?
does patton oswalt have a twitter?
How to get rid of awkward relationship? :(?
suggested readings in SYMBOLISM?
What are those inflating things called at car yards?
Why is it that it is a 'Curates egg that is good in parts.'?
"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" Anyone have a link to this scene (video) online?
What is the last thing you want to do in life?
Where can I prchase a copy of john Cage's 4:33?
What is the purpose of life on Earth since our destiny is not here and all we are living for is VANITY?.?
if i am in art stream can i become accountant ?
Whats the quickest way to learn how to sow without it falling apart or poorly stiched?
Why cranes usually fly in ' > ' formation?
If Dante's Inferno was written today who and why would certain people be in it and what circle would theybe in?
Basic art supplies needed?
what is the most influencial part of type history from measapotamia to now.?
who is a good person to pic for a research project?
How little is too little a dose for SSRIs?
Why do we always have to be old to know what we know now?
Where can I seel a Gem Stone?
how do u create a poem about earth?
How I can propose a girl, who is also shying?
How relevant is complex mathematics in architecture?
I need a really cool anime/yaoi username for my youtube account, I have very much trouble deciding >_< help ?
How Should I Make a Gravestone for an Art Project?
Does blonde hair actually do stuff to your brain?
What to expect from rock files?
i would like to find a web site that i can print out some stuff for scrapebooks without having to pay for them
Just checking if this is a good essay? and if you have and corrections tellme?
What's a creative way to wrap these gifts?
how to do Chinese Calligraphy?
how to make a picture portrait..(c details)?
Tell me if I am wrong for feeling this about immigration to Europe?
I am a teacher and a girl i teach (7 years) is going to have an operation?
what is arts and culture and social issues in the modern period?
So what is your job?
I enjoy macklemore, one direction, kina grannis, Taylor swift....any suggestions!?
Am i good at art.........?
Do girls like a guy who likes art, or no ?
what the meaning of G in 2Pac songs ?????
What are some good teenage bucket list ideas?
Diversity ideas for art?
How do you learn traditional art?
Help with a Julius Caesar/Shakespeare essay?
What were Michelangelo's personal aims in art?
he is the smartest person in the world?!?
Learn Piano For Beginners (read more info)?
need paper mache Christmas items - unfinished.. where do I purchase??
looking for infor on a guilt that came over on the mayflower with a ancestor from england. what would cost be.
Comments/suggestions for my vignette?
How do I find this out?
how do you make lanyards? website?
best painting?
Art history question?
gcse art project on surfaces?
What do you think of when you think of "fantasy"?
Did you guys know Cameron Diaz was Cuban American?
ok peoples?
What would you do???
How did Frank Wagner die in the play "Death of a Salesman"?
13 Original Colonies First Settlement Questions? *8th Grade Humanities?
.... 3 glasses broke today. is there any like...?
Do I look fat?
who is the freest?
Is Luis Gasparetto still living in Brazil and is he still actively painting and working in spiritualism?
In the 1980's what was people's daily life like?!?
Do you prefer modern buildings or traditional buildings ? Why ?
Masquerade masks?
which is the most liked colour in the world?
Ideas for my character's appearance?
America VS Australia.......WHO IS SICK OF IT ???
How should I decorate my art book?
What do you believe the dadaist period of art to represent?
can any body tell me the name the art of making a monkey doll speaking?
Where can I go on the Internet to just talk to the world in general and not a chat room.?
how does the literary works in the 18th & 19th centuries represent nature each in their peculiar way?
I am looking for the story about a beautiful woman that has a mulatto child in the South. Any suggestions?
What were the pivotal roles of Socrates, Plato,and Aristole and their contributions to the Western philosophy?
Why the hell is thi fushigy thing so damn hard?
was Mona Lisa a MAN??? how many votes for either??
So i got a new notebook..what should i put in it?
Please help me become famous!?
Milagro Mexico foil project help needed and crayon batik help?
what do you think is the best color of a skin a white, brown or black?
What is daniel Radcliffe's email address?
Will this help to make it look back to normal?
What is the difference between a traditionalist and a modernist in literature?
Did you ever think Revenge was really right after you did it?
select sleep number bed?
Who likes my poem?
Aloha! I just put up a new website that's not finished, but I'd love feedback on the concept, etc... mahalo
what do i do when everyone says that me and a guy make the cutiest couple?
Can anyone help me with these Rita Dove Poems? I need to Anaylize them.?
When is june/july 2012/2013 nabteb result will be out?
Are masons a cult? What do they believe?
How your best day ever looked like?
what are the materials used in making figurine?
what do you like about your boyfriend?
what is the name of the most famous art school in the world?
I need help with a player !?
What do you like drawing the most??
Do these libraries sell Amityville Horror?
i see a girl at my bus -stop she is of my college i want 2 talk her but how should i start conversation?
what is the price for an original of the poachers disturbed picture?
good fan fiction sites to post on that aren't
I am seeking an artist by the name of Julie Spence - her specialty is sketcing cats and dogs for the ASPCA.?
Can you correct that for me using proper grammer and spelling please easy 10 points?
what are the names of the gate gods? the gods that are part of the chinese new year.?
If Dracula has no reflection, how comes he always had such a straight parting in his hair?
Am I a good poet or not??? Feedback is welcome.?
How should i clean my erasers?
doese anyone know where my brothers or sisters are ive not heard from for 25 years why cant i reply to emailed
Where can I order 2 1/2" wired edge Patriotic Ribbon?
What would YOU do for 1 million free??
Art Store- Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fine Arts... and so on!?
Which of the following categories of art is concerned primarily with form?
looking for a beginners watercolour painting evening course in somerset, close to bridgwater, know of any?
man is mortal and everyone has to die, then why do people fear of death?
Creative names for photo albums?!?!?
What are some good whimsical girl names?
Is it offensive......?
what should I do next?
Art Project - PLEASE HELP! XD?
Can someone help me with an art project?
I want to start writing in a journal?
What are cheap materials that work for a green screen?
Linda, Linda, where's my crab?
who is the best politician you know in your life?
Singing tips.... i want to audition for my school musical next year. help!!?
An art question: Anyone help me put these art phases into the right order according to chronological facts?
Writing advice and tips?
Does anyone know of any free Ebooks that teach you how to Palm Read? :) Thanks?
How old is the oldest person?
What do you think of this monologue?
I have a mini tea set, 6 piece with one tea pot, it says mari e.c. dervta(deruta?) italy. whats it worth?
Good and creative names?
Have U ever been to Jail? What was it like ?......?
why is a Biro called a Biro?
why do so called religious people cause so much fighting. should they knob off to the moon instead?
who's like to be the next CheGuevara?
Are blue and aqua the same color?
What is your favourite work of art by Picasso?
What is this symbol called? (pic)?
What ancient Greek story/myth/legend parallels the Old Testament story of the Herod and Herodias?
Everyone plz enter!! i need help for my party!!!?
What are some good tumblr's that post a lot of One Direction stuff?
"Resume for Portfolio review? I may need help, my major is computer arts including portfolio but i also need.
Any professionals (ie MD's, Nurses, lawyers, teachers, etc.) that come to this site exclusively to help others
why do people hate people who study Wicca because i study Wicca?
Art program to remove white backround?
if you are greying...should you color your hair?
Please help me add poetic devices to my poem?
Have you EVER managed to refill your highlighter?
Does anyone know how to play "Tonight" by Stars on the piano?
Help fill the small gaps in my story?
Can be more specific now. How worthwhile is Freelance Home Writers?
what is your opinion on mormons?
Who is profitting from the Mumbai's blasts?
Are horoscopes really true?
who is my best friend? not you! and not anything around you!?
Why we call it sinday?
What is a good website for oragami?
Idea for a documentary?
What do you think of my poem?
Name your favourite song (singer) and book (author)?
which male wears more flowers than female?
How to sell my Ceramic Art, Designed Pillow and Indoor Plants?
Is there a national association of instrumental church music directors in the USA? If so...what is it called?
Can i meet real Geisha of Gion?
how can i make my sketchbook more interesting?
Good theme for my GCSE art project?
Who do you think is the wisest person either from film, life, literature, tv etc. fact or fiction?
art question ::: need help pleaseeeeeeeee?
I'm looking for a website with instructions on making origami money flowers can you help me?
Should art and music be cut from public school?
name of the string to make a friendship bracelet?
why pak is not stopping crime?
I can't think of something to make for A2 Product Design!!!?
What are some fun and creative things I can do in my holidays?
Some good creative names for a blog about art and design ?!?
Writting a poem about Napalm!? Any ideas?
Help me chose a project, or a new skill to learn to productively fill my spare time!?
Please price this Napoleonic medal?
strategic planning and development in organisation?
What are 25 objects/things/symbols that make you happy?
DO you think swine flu is the beginning of....?
Mac or PC for architecture major?
Why don't bush put his daughter's into Iraq?
Someone is 'monitoring' my art because they think I 'took' someone's general style - is this right?
why do so called religious people cause so much fighting. should they knob off to the moon instead?
What can i do when i am board other than go on the computer?
Why do geographers like to study regions?
Ideas for Art exam final piece?
I want to work as a nanny overseas?
A new way for teens to showcase their abilities?
Am I being intolerant?
how do you orgasm. i dont know how to so i need details. specific details.?
I need Inspiration For some original poetry?
What is the different between textual reading, contextual reading and Intertextual Reading?
can a guy really have his heart broken?
what has ceaser from big b done ceaser?
Poetry anyone?
I want to make a mask out of fiberglass, how would i do this?
Is it really possible to watch live television on the net?
IMAGINATION please... Create your perfect combination...some PAINTING (or image), MUSIC that fits and STORY!?
for girls only???????????
Why do people have any interest, at all, in the life of Paris Hilton?
How much is a boy scout uniform from the 1890s worth?
What is the best quote you have ever heard, and who said it? Inspire me.?
Creative username ideas?
Ideas for art A Level? theme is fantasy!?
Is there a glass sealer that I can use to keep marker (sharpie) writing permanently on a glass mug?
Help on Microsoft Word please!?
how i can avoid dizziness at work?
Ebay Guitar Problem!?
Creative ideas using Dove chocolate wrappers?
tell anthing about color white?
what are fun art activites for kids?
Does your town still have public stocks???
dont have orkut promote tab?
What do u think of this poem??
what site would i go to to find recovery houses in Nashville,Tenn.?
What is the best form of communication?
Thug story by taylor swift what do you think?
why is day called day?
What would be a good title for a yearbook spread on a literary and art magazine?
do you think the DA Vinci code is real?
what do i do when everyone says that me and a guy make the cutiest couple?
The shortest sentence in English with two words?
whats up people?
Capitalization of "Almighty Zeus"?
Free sites for cutting bodies of celebrities & pasting in on my picture (like Miley Cyrus).?
...The meaning of life?
How should I go about getting my writings published?
How can I stop myself from being so cool?
I'm new to instagram?
What is correlational research ?
What are some creative ways to wrap a present?
How is art used in everyday life? Why do you think art is important to civilization?
can someone please help im desperate for a name of an artist!!!?
YOU CAN WIN 10 POINTS if u give me a topic for my ART PROJECT?
Why do some people do not believe in god and some do ?
what would you like to have scrawled on your tomb?
What is wrong with my flute :(?
Scorpio and Leo together looking for images to give me ideas for tatto i want to get for my wife whn i get bak
Craft ideas :) please answer!?
when can i get a job that what i expect?
Has social services tried to destroy your family?
What educational requirements do you need for Social Work?
What do you think when the word POLICE is in your mind?
what is the most influencial part of type history from measapotamia to now.?
How much will these violin repairs cost?
( Heavy brough if you will) Tell me, is it true that London is renowned for shagging?
what r 2 things cannot be eaten on breakfast???
definition of epiphanae in literature and examples.?
how would you write a Bio-poem on the Monroe Doctrine?
I want to transform my parent's photo into a oil portrait, any one knows of a company that does it?
was t evolution or god that created the animals in the world 2day?
How do I read notes??????
egg plant Welcome to ! Philippines Answers! Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned Level 4 (or mo
What Washington D.C. building is topped by The Statue of Freedom, a Native American woman, cast in bronze by s
What is the least painful place to get a tatoo?
how to get rid of corruption in INDIA?
What does it mean to dream about frosting a cake?
Redneck day for school?!?
I need help with my Senior Project? Help! I don't know what to do!! >.<?
I want to read "The Oyster Bed", by Anne Morrow Lindberg?
Do you like my art project? ( pic included, plz answer)?
I need to know how sovereigty was recognised in ethopia by the state and the goverment?
Should I be creeped out?
How Many people like what color?
Does any one know any character my friend could possibly Cosplay as She is Pregnant?
how many minutes is it till my 21 birthday?
Where can I find information and pictures of HB Quimper?
What type of poem is a found poem?
Wilhelmina teen modeling?
Looking for a site that let's you 'sketch' your website?
If there are 5 apples on the counter and you take away 2, how many do you have?
Good before 1900s architect to research?
kingdom hearts i like it so much yay?
What do you think of my poem?
Can you suggest a creative way to write down a poem for some I love?
why don't people get help for these questions?
Did you know that the Sears Tower is so big it has its own ZIP Code?
Is poetry becoming just verse and verse?
what color best describes you?
Is rolling an art? or merely technique?
who invented the off side rule?
What would a corpse in a coffin look like within 6 years?
Can copy, but not create?
how do I clean an oil painting?
What is the symbolism of "Sleeping Beauty" story?
Why is art history considered to be so difficult?
What are some qualities you look for in a good person?
What is culture? Define its specific components.?
I went out with my husband and a my best friend after a couples of drinks I noticed my husband was flirting..?
For Florida residents- Why do people (not just old folks) drive so sloooooowwww in Florida?
I don't know if I want to become a teacher or a journalist?
Warrior cat name help?
girls, if you had the power to shrink anyone you disliked?
how do you fall asleep when you're afraid of a scary movie or just ghosts/spirits in general?
What is the name of this type of art?
Writing is artistic....right?
Have you ever seen insanity where you later saw creativity? Explain please?
What kind of answer will you give me?
What do you think about France?
Does anybody the title of the poem that has the line about "wednesday's child has far to go........."?
Are all art critics pretentious?
reason of looking older than real age?
Getting creative work off the ground?
of what is ozymandias a symbol- what are some contemporary referneces?
I need to know how to do a interpretation on a robert frost poem, i need this for school really bad so pls.?
Looking for serious poetic critique (Short poem)?
من دونباله عکسهای با کیفیت هستم?
why there is no option of putting the question about relegion in this page.?
Can someone help? Please?!?
Could you suggest me two articles about art?
What to know how to do to make the middle school cheer team...?
how do a make a resume for teacher's job?
need a team name for a walking event?
Aren't the people on this board super? So many really good questions!?
what it the absolute worst reason to tell a paramedic why your there?
any songs about absentee family?
What attracts you more: the cool calm moon or the bright hot sun?
Essay on Till the building castles well build the best one?
whats the best scenery you've ever seen?
Does art inspire you?
How much to sell my art for?
Does anyone know any good blog sites?
How do you make keychains?
GCSE art ideas? Theme is shoes!?
Can someone please explain this?
what is your favorite quote?
Can any one make a sentence with 'is' following 'I'?
Website to share self made literature?
What is the difference between grammar and mechanics?
Blogspot or Blogdrive? Which blog provider should i choose?
Should art serve some type of societal purpose or function, or should art exist solely for its own sake?
What Halloween costume can I make with white boots?
Bathroom stall writing?
What is the meaning of life?
Why do people answer creation of the universe questions by stating that there's no evidence of order, or mind?
What are Victrola records worth that are in fair to good condition?
I'm looking for a reputable drummer to study from in Seattle. Any ideas?
Odd pocket watch that is nice...but can't decipher what it is?
Making a sea display, what could I use as fake water?
Can anyone translate into english song ndarja by Soni Malaj?
What could I do for my art project ?
how can a self confidence can be built?
What do I call a person who says that 436 is 436,000?
How to play this song?
What do you think of this drawing?
can someone tell me the artist based on this picture?
How can population data be bias?
Does vanessa hudgens love zac efron?
mummies intact?
POLICE - are they good or bad?
What label do I fit into?
Does this make me Evil?!?
How/where do I put a thesis in a narrrative essay?
tell me what you think of this poem i made it myself?
I need help ASAP PLEASE!!!?
Do you want a cookie?
what is the origin of the name barefoot?
Which of these names are better?
publishing help?
Moderism Art Questions?
where can I go or whom can I speak to in order to see if there are chances where I can get a record deal?
How can i make my own real jewelry?
I need a final project for my ART FOUNDATION, based around architecture? Im stumped for ideas?
What does picture like this called?
what is the major diff b/n shieaa muslim and sunna?
What type of paint should I use for my Toms?
Need help! .............?
A survey you'll dream of?
I started a fantasy book and i cant find a problem for it, any suggestions?
Does anyone know where to buy cheap plastic beading Trim/Fringe?
hey Guys does any body know astrology?
need help with my art ?
What does nn stamped on the base of a Royal Doulton vase mean?
Unsual?!?!?Plz try to help??
Does anyone like this poem I wrote?
what is the value of a roberta de la vega painting ? and is she still alive ?
I'm filled with millions of story/book ideas, but I'm having problems putting them to paper. Can anyone help?
One Direction Fanmail...?
What kind of art style is this?
An Irish poem..10 POINTS!!(dont need to be irish to answer this)?
Tie dye question?!?!?
how are you?
Does anybody know this chick's name, or where I can find the full video of this clip?
Where can I get a High quality picture of a red composition book?
was Mona Lisa a MAN??? how many votes for either??
why do men kidnap little girls then rape them?
do u think its ok for young girk=ls to have abortion???
what it's vital responds you opinion grass roots?
Does a Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting have to be about a specific topic?
project ideas for school?
good art ideas? (people, animals, and abstract)?
Is your name special?
do you think scientists are more valued or artists in our society? why?
Creative Ideas...please help...!!?
What is that song thats played in bugs bunny cartoons, when the indian shows up? It has drum beats to it...?
What Korean company that makes handpainted porecelain sugar bowl and creamers with a buddah for a trademark?
Does anyone know anything about the company called "American Studio Glass"?
where does "like a bat out of hell" come from?
Is this a good suspense/horror story?
What is the best book you ever read, and why?
im in 7th grade i neeed 2 ask yalll somthing about my homework its art ???
art history essay prompt...Help..dont understant?
if you had 3 wishes what would they be???
In your think who is the famous person you like and thin he is the greatest one?
what can i do my english dissertation on?
Singapore Famous Artist, Tang Dawu?
sore throat in speech?!?heeellpp?
Has this been a 'long' day or a 'short' day for you?
how many minutes is it till my 21 birthday?
Homecoming themes for my junior class?? ?
what is the decrease in water pressure called?
I would like to adopted a newphew who is live in Korea.?
Does anyone know the Poem?
What do you think of my poem?
I Want To Be A Model :/?
Help with selling unusual handmade jewelry?
How do you ATTEMPT to write a Period/Historical Romance when you..?
I need some good story ideas!?
Do you ever feel that you're wasting your life?
Basic art supplies needed?
what is all the poetic devices in the poem, Green And Gold Malaria by Rupert McCall?
i am looking for a good piece of art(of any form) to study?
What's your talent?
What sells well at craft fairs?
Is Urim (the angel of light) a girl or boy?
Don't Click On This !!?
If colors didn't exist?
Do you think that you will ever see, a poem lovely as a tree?
What are two things that go together perfectly?
is humanities an art or science?
How to make a photo zine?
how good/bad is a 111 on an iQ test?
I need help!?
How do I become a model for aero, garage, justice...etc?
How is art motivating to you?
Iorder pedi spin for 1499 plue 699 for shipping and handing and heel booties was free you chared me 699 extra?
Edinburgh Festival, Any Information of good things to do and go and see?
does every chick love to hear that she's hot?
is david blaine a real psychic ? i saw him levitate off the ground!!?
does anyone know of any artists who drew interiors/rooms? for example roy lichtenstein, patrick caulfield..?
why can't guys just have casual sex when you say that is all you want? what are they scared of?
i wanted to make a ring out of tungsten, is this possible?
What is a Tide Pool Art?
why not for us people of th earth to unite?
Is goth and grundge the same thing?
Playing the violin or banjo..?!?
Wheres the best place to buy good yet cheap carpet?
Sociologist say behavior is the product of?
What does "artistic expression" mean?
marching euphonium and concert euphonium?
Do you guys have a key club/ beta club at your schools?
Does anybody know what this means?
Can a glass figurine spontaneously explode?
What does it mean if your emo?
his golden eyes .com?
What are Great lines to put in peoples' yearbooks?
I need a new passion?
Building like the Community Bookshelf in Kansas?
Can you tell me all the Commonwealth countries of the UK?
What are some good ideas for grief journaling prompts?
Download SleepTracks for free?(OOR TIPPSS FOR SLEEPING!!)?
What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
Can anyone identify this type of braid?
Does Anyone Have A Spare Invite to Pinterest? ?
The Conundrum?
i want to came in U.K. i have a passion for U.K?
do you keep a journal or a diary?
Who is your favorite poet?
What wisdom can you offer a 20 yr old?
Can someone help my wish come true?
What can i do when i am board other than go on the computer?
who were the 4 blind or semi blind characters in o brother where art thou?
Can anyone explain melodic & rhythmic notation, harmonic structure & types of compositions?
Who is Marc Gaucher??
does anyone know anything about Chuck Close?
What can I do to improve my story?
do you agree on this... it is better to give than to recieve...?
when is the world going to end?
in todays scenario what type of people are looked upon?
Old instagram? 2010 account.?
What is a coastal slump?
What is the best source to learn about Chinese Scrolls?
is research is an art?why or why not?
How can i know everything and everyone?
Where to download 'The Good Earth' for free?
Art project, with "altered art"?
Special/creative last-minute gift for my mom's birthday?
Creative RB initals combination?
my sister wants a flower tiara but.....?
Did you ever show animals for fair if so what did you show?
What's the ultimate dream of man?
names of pieces of Greek art?
Can you give me some pics of Diego Rivera personalitiy contributions toward humantities?
Who is Basil Yamey?
What are the four characteristics of an ideal students?
what are some of the reasons you love life?
Name My Next Album?
Knitting measurements?
do u think bush is a much big terrorist than osama bin laden?
how do u politely tell someone they have a body odour without making them feel bad???
Are you team Edward or team Jacob, from Twilight?
Yes or No?
can i use chi to give somone an electric shock?
Is the emphasis of modern art 'skill' or 'concept'?
ok what do yall think of this thing i wrote???
Anyone scribble a rhyme that will make my day?
which is greater error an 8 read as 9 in the tens place or 5 read as 3 n the hundreds place?
Does fire and outer space inspire you in art?
How to procreate nice children,as you'd wish to have?
what's a clattah ring?
Can you help me with a poem?
Log books of the Royal Navy Ship "Revenge", 1838?
Fun things to do in life, suggestions?
Why is the sky blue?
Raggedy Ann and Andy Question?
How can I begin doing documentaries and get them noticed?
is the rake real? (Read details)?
What is "Bibble"? Anyone know?
You only have 4 hours to answer this QUESTION and collect 12 points. Are you ready?
Is white a color?
If you had the option of living someone's life, whose life would you like to live ?
what season of the year u like more??
For the PPl who consider themselves smart do you know how to...?
What does it mean to you to be a true artist?
Why don't most people look at complicated problems in parts? it's very efficient?
another name for an australian gum tree?
Who is sucking the human beings blood at present almost everyday?
Emily Dickinson Poem For English?
Do i have to be a specific age to get a sword?
If the baker was crazy, could he make the dough nuts?
who is the best physics on line to call?
Love. What is it?
is a hard days night made to entertain or inform. or both.?
What's a name a fantasy land or place that's made up?
could you suggest me some british accent singer please? and cartoon ?
what is the girl version of naggin by the ying yang twins?
If you're at the end of your rope where do you go?
how do u know if u r pretty from outide or if ur ugly?
How Do I Contact Disney??
What is the nexus between art and communication?
Using tile grout fIrst time. For kid art project box is 10 lbs to 3 pints of water. Using 1/3 of grproportion?
Art Project help? Unusual Perspective?
How to Play the Chapman stick?
Its Saturday and im really bored, any ideas for what to do?
What is the most exciting thing u have done in life? ?
help with this book??
what do you have in common with your (perceived) worst enemy?
Online perception survey (for native speakers of English) - can you please answer it?
Whats the one thing in life you regret you never did but wish you have.?
what if the rectum was in the back of our heads?
The art of being human the humanities as a technique for living?
If you could meet a famous dead person, or even a regular dead person, who would you want it to be, and ...?
What best describes the human condition...?
txtin or talkn pick1?
why men cheat?
Creative answers required!!!?
Hello .. does anyone know big crafts forum to discuss crafts issues ?
how to a function or equation operation of finding a differential equation.?
Do I have to pay for the right to use famous art by Monet to sell a product or is it in the public domain?
photography themes????
What are some last names?
how was your day?
What do you think of this poem?? wrote it in 20 mins always get laughed at for my poetry..?
Art studio names for my story?
Ideas for a fun video to film?
Question about John Locke? please help :)?
Where can I buy Ikebana goods?
Boyfriend wants me to draw on his socks that I'm sending him for college..?
Can you please help me with my ethics question?
In Helen Edmundson's version of Orestes, what point is she trying to make about the sexual relationships?
What are the cylinder shaped thingies that people put art work and drafting projects in called?
Time for an adventure?
what are the differences and similarities between classical and neo-classical management thought.?
I am doing fine art at college and we have just started our first personal project titled I, Me and Mine?
what is something creative for this?
Why is Mona Lisa so famous?
name of the string to make a friendship bracelet?
What am I gonna do in art design?
People have to die but why do they carry on living ??
What is the moon date when the moon is totaly round.?
What are some creative sterotypes?
How do you get a really good tie-dyed spiral?
I'm desperate...please tell me what the difference between OBJECTIVITY and SUBJECTIVITY is?
what is the white shrine in respect to the blue lodge?
Would you keep reading?
what is the nicest thing you've ever done to someone?
How can i start my art career and get my art in a gallery?
thinking of becoming a blacksmith?
how can I clear my mind from the horrible pic that i saw tonight in news?
therapeutic group activities ideas?
What are some art forum?
Which one is better for shooting distance?
how many of you are tired of people saying the are goth and certainly are not?
Whats the best way to share a feeling?
dose anyone know any chat site that are for cheerleaders?
how do i put a picture in the box next to my name?
Why is it such a high profile racism without AID in the U.S.A and nationwide against the black race??
What is symbolic of India? (Art Homework)?
Is the book, The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, considered a humanities book?
I am looking for the Justin Foundation $500.00 scholarship Program for students in drug and alcohol studies r?
Were should I start in becomeing a wedding planner?
how much is patterns for clothing designs?
Twilight Art Project for school?
How much money would a knitted scarf sell for?? Would people buy it??
what it actually means "dipression/dipressed state of mind"?
Songs for Cold Sassy Tree?
what do you think about my social experiment + blog concept?
wat should i do to be a happiest person in world?
Etsy not registring with payoneer debt card?
What qualifications does Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing require?
what do you think the most important quality out of these.....?
Have You Followed Your "Calling"?
Cuales son algunas diferencias entre el renacimiento italiano y el renacimiento en el norte europeo?
'may i feel said he' - poem What do you think of it?
Awesome CREATIVE ideas please?
Why isn't there a poetry category?
I am looking for the artist with the 1st name Emily.Its an oil painting of flowers in a vase drawn in 1924.?
What should I do with my life?!?
Why talk in tongues?
what is the value of plate 58 la primavira botticelli?
Me and my friend are doing a comic sketch in a school play, it has to be very funny to teenage girls. Any help
Has modern technology spoiled graffiti?
Is this stealing a copyright picture?
White people: How do you really feel about jokes about you?
i volunteer at a nurse home and there having a talent show contest any ideas i cant sing?
why do people dislike greenies?
Your opinions please?
Art that is immeadiatly erased upon completion? Help me out please?
where is charities web page or information related with?
What would you like to ask?best practice legible hand printing?
what is your favourite music?
when you think about your personality, what color are you?
How do I draw a paint pattern for a furniture detail? for designers!?
What do you think of my poem?
does anyone know where i can get grace nichols's 'fat black woman's poem's' york notes?
What does the number 5 mean in numerology?
How to charmspeak? Please Help?
This gets on ma nerves?
AS Art Rhythm and Cycles?
help becoming a video game designer?
Naturism as an art and your opinion on it?
Should we legalize it?
What is the color of your aura?
do you think this means anything?
Tumblr Blog Titles (For a girl.)?
Is anything priceless?