What do you think in general about the Renaisance art. No negatives, it's suposed to be good things.?
New @ Keyboard/Piano?
I am 19 yrs,Wrkng since 2 yrs & stdyg 4 last yr degree.Now cant carry both?Which to leave wrk or study!! Help
who is Lee yuong Ae?
Needle and thread then sewing machine?
What is Disability?
What should I put on my collage?
is housing plots available in AMERICA in monthly instalment?
What about my dreams mom and dad?
What's your lucky item?
What do you think of my poem?
Need A suitable name for the company pls help?
Dont you just love the smell of salt water?
i cant find the pics i want?---HELP-----!!!!!!!?
What have you denied? (today, weeks, months, years)?
What's the best way to make it in the ''art world''?
where can I buy Nightmare Before Christmas stuff?
If someone asked you after you die, "What was the best thing about your life on Earth?"?
What should I put on my dog tags?
where are good places to buy backpacks?
do you like rap and classic rock?
does every script get read in a competition?
how do you make an indian medicine bag?
species/race ideas for roleplay?
What do u want to be when u grow up and y?
Can sculptures be considered art? If so why?
What Is Radiant Self?
Can you tell me all the different types of psychic powers?
Does anyone know of any sites with gothic drawings?
How many martial art school are there in Santa Barbara?
What is your favorite pithy saying?
What is the stupidest thing you ever did?
Is Resurrection a theme in art history?
Is there provable records for UFO from sky?
am i tired .. i really cant till if im tired help?
what would happend ...??
Human habitation ideas, based on art/design?
Where can I find an angel figure that lights up and is winking?
What is your favorite color?
How old do you have to be to be an Eagle Scout?
Do i have Psychic Abilities?
Does this make me Evil?!?
I need a new myspace name with the name McKenna.?
Question about the Bayeux Tapestry/Embroidery?
what are some favorite quotes/ ones you live by?
Should I kill myself ?
Sheena is....?
What is the absolute #1 thing you could recommend to me? Why?
HELP!!! me write a poem...?
A question about an old wine bottle?
For how long can you suffer before deciding to leave your loved one?
I need help finding a poem or song?
What are the chances of actually getting a grant from the NEA?
have you ever?
tips on back bending?
A Good Story Twist Idea?
what is the silliest baby name you have ever heard?
Religious intolerance and KILL TO LIVE?
am i really that good at art?
we have examined several primary sources; the exhibition you viewed in this unit includes several physical art?
explain how you would draw a circumscribed circle?
The Lord of the Flies Project?
help! i need to create height in my art work.?
i am an experienced guitarist looking for a drumer and or bassist to play in a band i live in merrick new york
How can I actualise my vision without help?
Are there any such things as lesbiophobic females.?
I love art but I'm not good at it at all?
What are some ordinary and extraordinary ideas for art?
lets play the birthday game...ok. sounds good?
What are some of the similarities between the screen you're gazing upon and stained glass of the 12th century?
which company's watercolour brush is the best?
Could anyone tell me what the half a heart with two dots in this picture means?
What is your favorite quote, phrase, or saying?
What do you think of "Love is just a miserable lie" Tattooed over my heart?
I am a troubled lady full of sorrow and grief.I want to be a government officer.But i have no money .?
Can you name a well known Elizabeth?
What is art for? What is the power of art?
how to appriciate king lear from feminist point of view?
Can I please have some help? <3?
Anyone else having a problem connecting to MarshallWard or Great Universal or Littlewoods?
cobra pearls?
most of our dreams are relized on paper . is life a paper dream?
do you know how to get rid of writers block?
what is the value of1st edition of biggles hits the trail?
What makes good poetry?
I have a to help my sister on a yr 6 project but i want a creative why to present it?
How Do I Become a Famous Site Model?
Does anyone have any creative ideas for a presentation on the life and works of Georgia O'Keeffe?
what are some good tatoosof a revolver shooting hearts???
Sewing all over lace to fabric...?
In the future, _______ will be __________?
where can l let my antique be appraised here in montreal quebec?
do you believe that Daniel Ridcliffe (harry potter) is Virgin????
What does semper Fi mean?
can you imagine paradise ???
Who wrote this poem?
Paolo Nutini?
fast simple cosplay ideas?
how many of you are willing to help stop oil drilling in alaska?
Creative title for a research paper? HELP!!!!!?
How has the internet impacted on the Arts & Humanities?
Did artist Vernon Ward who died in the 1950's ever paint an oil of FOWEY harbour as fishing boat has FW mark
Where is tnybob?
What do you need to enjoy a poem?
Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention?
I need a service manual for a vintage Necchi miranda sewing machine Gene Cox
Whom John Lennon should hate most?
sex is god gifted but humours not?
You know the movie the 40yr old virgin right? Well im a 28yr old virgin, whats up with that???
how to make diapers with underwear?
peace of mind?
What is blue and doesn`t fit?
Renaissance art and Italian Art?
what is Justin Bieber number? plz dont give fake one?
What would a corpse look like at a funeral if the person didn't die in one piece?
how to bond with a group of kids?
Have you ever eaten these?
Is 'Art Nuvoux' spelled correctly?
BALLET PROBLEM answer please?
Need help with character's appearance?
are filipinas beautiful? do you-yourself love them? im a beautiful filipina,do people out there respect us???
How can i get to have my boyfriend to talk to me????
I heard a sing from one of these internet radios that I want to know the name of the group of.?
cultural ideas of beauty - art history!?
Formal Theme Composition: Thanks to You.?
How do I ask for copyright from SONY?
Ever wonder when Magicians are going to save the world?
burning 2009 .. my first time..any advice or suggestions? and i wanted to know ur opion on going witha group?
is quilting a craft or a form of art?
Clay charms & Foundation QUESTION?
what was the nature of Van Goghs troubled relationship as a child with his father?
why is it that there is no strong law guiding racisim?
Who likes my poem?
Thesis for an essay on baroque art?
does intelligence mean quick grasping power?
can someone make me laugh?
How did Prometheus give fire to man?
Can we intepret a person through their facial features?
what is Animism ,how is its reflect in art?
What is your favourite artist and art piece?
where can I learn Greek Language in online?
Quick question about carving a pumpkin ?
Anyone know how to value these items?
How do you tell if a girl likes you?
If a woman is raped, how does she deal with that?
I have an antique Myott and Sons pitcher and basin with the Orchard pattern. Says England on bottom. Value?
whats the meaning of life?
Can anyone sale a painting at a big art auction house like "Christies (sp?) or Sotherby's (sp?)??
what do you think of my poems?
when will Babylon by marilyn manson come out?
Is there a website where I can find an o;d high school friend for free ?
Why answer to the question?
How many minutes long is the play, "Crimes of the Heart"?
i need a good piece of music?
If you have a sense of art, please help?
Ideas for my art exam?
Does any body have a one point perspective drawing of their lounge room or any lounge room ?
Why most of the SOCIETIES nowadays are SUFFERING?
if a rooster lays an egg on the top of a pointed roof which way will it roll?
If everyone knows how BAD smoking is, why dont they just ban it or shut down the company's?
Would you want to live for 150 years?
art of ancient times help! 10 points to the best answer!?
I work for a wireless cell phone company and I need to come up with a cool team name. Any sugesstions?
What is the best source of information on Shoushan Stone?
Does anyone know of any good creative writing journals?
what is the price for an original of the poachers disturbed picture?
Please, what does "Non capit advila muscas." mean, in English?
What will be the best gift for birthday of your girlfriend?
What do you think of my first attempt at "movement"? (pics)?
Ideas for topics for art exam?
Do you like my poem just say what you feel?
Details on this art???? ?
Why am I wasting my time asking questions here?
i am looking to make a bong that does not require a 2L soda bottle and is not a water bong. any suggestions?
pllease answer me honestly.?
how do you kill a mocking bird?
where are you from ( country \ state ) ?
do any of u know any good chat line numbers for the sacramento area?
which city is called 'the pink city'?
How will the world end in your opinion?
how can one differenciate a long /short story in literature(how long/short is a long /short stories)?
I have to write a short piece on ANYTHING I WANT, due in 3 days.... what would YOU want to hear about?
Can somebody tell me how he/she feel about my country - Nigeria?
where can i find the hat bella was wearing in the baseball scene in twilight? i really want one similar to it.?
What's the most >PROFOUND ANSWER< you've given?
I'm interested in locating schools with program in restoration - art.?
describe Tim Burton style?
How to make my coursework for art get an A*?
Why did i cry?
i was just wondering,how do you make soap? i would like to know and get the ingrediants to make it. answer me.
what are the individuality,nature,imagination,myth,la… of verse and criticism of romantic poets?
i want a new job but don't know what to do. do you have any unusual ideas?
How can I change my avatar into lady?I mistakely cliced on the man?
what intermediate guitar songs should i learn to play?
Northern baroque vs Italian baroque?
Anyone heard of Tomodachi brand for acoustic guitar?
why are there strange bubble like circles in some of my digital photos?
Best way to be noticed on Deviant Art?
Creative ideas for project about detachment?
Help identifying the actual name of a fashion design stand?
2 things u wanna do before u die?
What do you think of this poem?
What is a creative name for an art gallery?
What do you most dread in life?
best ways to create a persona ?
how do you know they are the one when in a relationship?
Can you name some common stores that sell Castor oil?
the rise and fall and rise of the author?
How do I Sell my Soul to Satan?
What is the best thing you like about winter time?
How can I be more creative while drawing or art?
Would you rather be fire or water?
how do you get a good eye for art?
Graphic Web Design or Film-making?
about evolution of literature and present literature?
Haven't you got anything better to do than answer stupid questions?
What can you do about a boss who constantly lies?
Why is my schedule like this?
What is tamworth girls?
what is a bookmark collector called?
what is art to you personally?
why cant u rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time???
alternative to dying real eggs for easter?
What can I do relating to generations for my Art project?
What can you say about goal setting?
What do you think about Clash of The Titans?
what's god like?
What is the size for a banner ? Like for groups and stuff on vampirefreaks.?
How can I stand up to someone?
Boy Version Of This Name?
I need a theme! PLZ PLZ HELP!?
I am a lapsed Muslim. I want help.?
Where is this gif from?
How to make a hooded white robe out of a bed sheet?
Where can I find someone online who makes paper flower bouquets?
Does anyone else get flabbergasted to the point that your soul lifts beyond your body when you hear movie?
what happens if you get caught graffitiing?
if god comes to you and ask ........................?
what do i want for Christmas?
What is art? Please answer and read the description!?
Why does YH allow all kinds of attacks on Christians?
Which is your favorite musical instrument?
Who is Ane Visby the potter?
Ideas for a creative writing assignment?
geuss what?
In general, what is the purpose of punishment?
monkeys and humans?
How to play more string with guitar pick?
Is 'Maggiolly art supplies' open on easter monday?
what would change if scientists discovered where we or 'it' went or what became of us .... after death?
what is the family law in wisconsin?
Is Sharon den Adel a Christian?
if my wife does not give me punani, should i seek it somewhere else?
What is a major event that occurred between the Soviet Union and Italy?
What do yall think about the martial arts?
Creative people please answer.?
How do you become a groupie?
Creative and Original Ideas for Minecraft?
family tree project. inappropriate / ideas?
Is this suitable for a beginner?
I'm writing a short story for a workshop class. I have to use the color of vomit as my image. Any ideas?
who can determine the need for health and human services?
I'm Writing An Art History Paper on Photography, but I Need Some Advice?
how are wheel throwing and hand building similar?
What is ur fav color?
What are some good Subcultures for ART GCSE?
Event that shock the world?
Artists from the past....?
cool things to do with wine labels?
What could I do to improve my writing style?
I would like some suggestions about where to hold a meetup?
Dose Deviant Art Copy rite my work?
art(already answered)?
I have these Poems can you tell me what you think of it?
What else could I sew?????
I have a poor body image and I want to fix it?
What can I make out metal that will sell?
Need ideas for art gcse sketchbook?
When did Montreal host the world's fair?
where can i go and make text ?
Women's role in Shakespearean times?
Interesting Item For Sale?
If you could change into any animal what would it be?
Does anyone know what this is used for?
how much is this silver antique clock worth?
wat would u do if u think that ur crush has a crush on u bak!?!!??!??
What do you think about art on a guitar?
what can i do along with or after english hons to get a job in the corporate world?
i would like info on jewelry maker Benjamas Siriraungkeaw?
Do you believe that intergration was the beginning of the downfall of the black family?
Have you ever exspirimented with the same sex before? If so did you like it or not?
What time is it?
was Shakespeare really that important?
What does it mean when you about your crush kissing you?
Can you try these questions????
any ideas for my restaurant design concept?
TATTOO ideas? First tat...?
let's write a story?
Is any of this real or not ?
is black a real color?
Imagine that you fell down a mine shaft with nothing more than...?
How much are the plain tank tops at AC Moore's or Michaels?
Pottery! Where to go???
has anyone ever heard of an artist known as ruby roth?
how was ur day?
What do you imagine your own funeral will be like?
Really Tough Trivia What do Alabama prisoners on death row refer to as “Yellow Mama”?
What is the origin of the Spanish language?
Any creative nicknames for Joy?
what is the difference between textile decoration & textile printing?
What are other possible ways to say "in conclusion"?
what was the third gift that was given to baby Jesus?
Do you consider music to be art?
You guys suck!! Dont look here!?
Heyy guys...ur opinion....?
Do chinese have vowels?
I want to share a persone chating now safly without spy or something else?
Worth of autographed pictures-Marty Robbins 50 years ago?
Need help, cant find where to read online A Gentle Creature, by Dostoevsky?
Where do I go to get a 1601 Bible valued/sold?
What are some things we need to do as kids so it won't hurt us in the future?
How do you configure MIDI for recording?
Am I the only one that thinks I was born to do something?
Why does love fails? and fall again in love!?
what is the laughter that comes through the heart called?
Can acrylic be used as a gesso substitute?
who likes dogs?
Does your musical instrument seem alive?
Any suggestions for a Nature art topic?
How does the approach of an art critic differ from the approach of an historian?
Does any one else love transformers (in disguise) as much as me?
Honderich Red Seal Chest?
Good sites for clipart?
I need an acronym fast?
Will people buy this kind art art? Please help me?
Among the twelve apostles of jesus was no black.Was Jesus a racist then?or there isnt cos of human misdeeds?
What words come into your mind when you hear 'diversity'?
anyone here like the artist bill rock i know him personally?
Is Scarlet a pretty name?
Which is worse..............?
Any one know how to create simplistic computer art?
Can u creative ppl help me asap?
Is this a decent poem?
What's your favorite E.E. Cummings poem?
Help with art project Ideas ?
Moleskine Notebook question?
what is the best 12 line poem?
What should I write about in my research paper about film making?
Math, Bio and Chem VS Philosophy, Art and English?
tell me a just 2 to 3 lines(not a long one)!!!!!?
do you think this would make a good short film?
hey, am an indian. whats wrong with that?
what makes you feel like crap?
Calling all Creative people!!!?
When a character is named Aura, what comes to mind?
Tell me of the Odysseus' adventures from another character's point of view.?
WHO definitely knows the ANSWER?
i think im going to end it?
Art history help!!!!?
Making a piece of art work based on the phrase: When Pigs Fly, IDEAS?
Is University of Otago (New Zealand) a well reputed university for Geography courses?
What is a catchy thing to name my blog?
When people 'sext do they get phoners?
why do these people keep on gettin breaks gishhhh?
how to improve and make it better in a relationship as a couple?
Has anybody felt like this before?
Brainstorm for the theme of environment?
if you can do anything in the world what would it be?
Have you ever tried to read the Quraan before judging Islam?
I need art project ideas?
Which course would I get more out of( acting and directing or tradigital animation)?
What do you think of my poem? I'm wondering if I have a talent or if its just something i should let go.?
How to overcome lazyness?
Are there any abandoned factories/warehouses/asylums in Grand Rapids, Michigan?
I am so depressed and i can't find anyway?
Full Metal Alchemist question (just started watching)?
Art is often found in very unusual places?
What is the most popular flower for a funeral?
Should you sacrifice career and family for someone you love?
y is the mona lisa similing?
What should I do right now??
Tell me what you think about this poem. Pt.1?
Mask for Art Question?
How can I do this egg art?
Arts and Humanities/ Liberal Studies.?
im writing a poem...?
Like this page? support?
Can you critique my poem?
1.Music are they positive or negative influences. explain. Do they change.?
would it be better to go back in time... or preview the future?
how do u difine the right of free spech is it by herting others feelings and morals and belives??????
could you give me things to consider before buying a violin?
got some great gift wrap brown with blue dragon where can i buy more?
Can someone help me find a painting?
Can someone actually read this poem and tell me what it is about, best answer gets to be choosen as best,?
do you have to....?
Luka magnotta website?
Take a look at my Artist's statement please?
what do you think, can pain killers really kill you eventually?
Old actors prefer to hide . Why old actors & stars , prefer to hide ; when they get old ?
what IS art????????????????
I Have Serious Creative Block Here! I Am Desperate for Ideas of What to Write.?
How do I take a risk?
???whats my scene name?
What is the meaning of...................??????
Who is Alia Sabur?
What exactly is "love?"?
What are some great documentaries about art ?
consequencies of human development on environment?
How to start a weekly newspaper in columbia sc?
Kids creating art in they own the work they create?
There is a house with hundreds of rooms, old woman wouldn't stop building because she believed she was cursed?
How can I be a good muslim whith out invoking hatred from my nonmuslim friends and family?
anybody have the opinion that prior to photography, that is where everything in the world of art was at?
Does anyone know if this stanza is a translation of something of Petrarch's?
how can good organizational skills will help you at college or on the job.?
Is the name Daryl more suited for a boy or a girl?
have you any idea of what I'm capable of?
isn't America a Continent?
Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?
first model casting HELP !!!?
Any good Brittana fanfiction?
can u help me find any greatful dead and or phish printable coloring pages?
What is your idea of a perfect death?
How do you think this sentence,"No one is really happy unless he has a hobby?
I am having a hard time writing for this profile paper?
What type of art is this?
How do you spell the words "mother" and "earth" in Greek?
Is it bad to be physically obvious?
what is literary theory ?
Talent show ideas for high school?
How do you find out if you won a contest or not?
hey everyone wuts up??
What is a good reason for a big war in my story?
What to wear when job shadowing an art teacher from an art institute?
any good website having good poetry?
How Can i step up my modeling career? And attempt to get an agent?
What does a Production Artist do?
Someone fill in the spots/give advice for my anime story?
how long should i wait to put in a 14 size gauge?
What is this type of whistle called?
Why Do People like to judge people?
Hey, Please Answer my question!!!! (FAST)?
Ok so we had to make up poems for class are these good?
what has happened to the sale of dictionaries in the last 5-10 years?
I'm asking something unusual here. i'll tell in detail?
Any art sharing websites for amateurs?
Can anyone recommend a few books?
Dave Navarro is a pretty good looking guy. What's his genetic make-up?
Media Art Project Ideas?
whats justin bibers real phone number?
Creative Writing Ideas: Survivor?
How did Michael Jackson change different skin colors?
senior poses?
how can i be more calm and normal around people?
How do u pronounce DaVinci?
Tips about bone necklaces?
When was fashion designer Jo Copeland born?
What you feel if you been betray by your best fren; What you feel after betray your best fren?
Poem in Progress... calling all linguists! Let me know what you think so far, and what should happen next?
Should i recreate the prefomance i did in my art class when i have my student show this fall?
what time is it when your alarm goes off 1 minute late??L?
anyone know anything about the meekmoks?
can anyone suggest a theme?
What do you think of my Poem?
Can you please describe Aesthetics for me? (conserning to art)?
Do You really think the world going to end in 2012?
Will getting high make you more a more creative musician?
How do I write a heartfelt letter to churches?
Do you need to blow harder as you get deeper in the clarinet?
How does the saying go...Practice to deceive.....?
what is best religen?
can anyone tell me what a juvenile delinquent goes through everyday while at juvy?
where can i buy coin collection book in bangalore? is there any site for online shoping for this?
Please define Georgian style in one sentence for me?
What was Currier and Ives?
Mughals vs. Ming Dynasty?
I need help coming up with a user name. Can you make something up based on my interests...?
What does Immanuel Kant mean when he says.....?
what are the benifits of learning art?
production of tobacco wine etc?
What can you do to get fit in the summer before school?
Is the statement "employing the use of" redundant?
hi im wondering what it means when someone has passed on & appears in my dream faceless?
What is this pun referencing?
Can this really be a coincidence?
someone tell me where have ART gallery in KL????
What's a clever name for a fanfiction blog on Tumblr?
I am doing my xmas shopping early but don't know what to get my grandma or grandad?
Can you use craft glitter in soap?
Is aikido a good art for self defense ?
download Lemony Snicket's?
How do i make an ape helmet like dj virman's?
What sources are there on the history of macrame, especially in the middle east?
What type of people go to raves and what are they like?
what inspires you?
Is it possible to 'pre-prepare' something?
OMG what would you do if your in the car and the lady in the car next to yours is picking her nose??
what's more important...Appearance or Personality???...Why???
Im not talented at anything..?
What are you most passionate about?
What do you think about this poem about two childhood friends?
There's no HUMOR category in Answers?
Hey is this poem romantic, cheesy or just plain terrible?
what are some commercial modeling agencies in NYC?
Tell me if you think this is a good poem, it's for class?
Art Homework help? Metamorphosis?
Do you people agree with me?
I am looking for some mini stories like this .Can you find me more ?Thanks a lot?
what are some really good 1920's-1930's songs?
if you could. will you?
Has anyone seen the Soweto gospel choir in concert?
What does this mean "Bad artist copy, good artist steal" - Picasso?
What does apothemenos (Greek) mean in English?
How do I know my yg entertainment application got submitted?
How is this songvideo and how is this man?please comment?
Did you like to be born 1000 years ago?
its verrry collld outside?
What would be possible careers for an art history major?
Need help on my art project?
What city in Nigeria did had my secondary education?
Will you help me find a List of Art Colleges in Kentucky????????
Im Going To 5th Grade! Help! : Boys , Bully , Coolness, Ect., Pros & Cons
Is it necessary to study art in order to be good at art?
Hypothetical question?
i went to a hippie's house and saw posters of marilyn monroe covered in silk sheets. What does it symbolise?
What the hell is with this "Fifty Shades of Gray" thing?
How can i relate fashion into an art project titled fragments?
Art people - please help!?
Adventure story about a manatee? Ideas please?
If I die will anyone come to my grave and visit me??
What do you think of my poem?
just looking for some creative ideas for gallery names:?
If it is true that I am more of an artist, what then can i possibly do in life as an artist??
antique china/ noritake nippon patters from the 1900 Im looking for the date and name of my pattern thanks?
Which extra curriculars go better together?
name the founder of pallavas dynasty?
How come the word 'abbreviation' is so long?
Had Franz Schubert lived to age 56 would he now be considered as great and seminal a composer as Beethoven?
I'm looking for lucrative journalism or PR work - any suggestions?
does anyone know Sye Billie ?
Who designed this building? (1738 Viewmont Drive)?
What do you think of my editing and camera a first week trainee?
in my last question i was kinda looking for a %?
NAMiss...first time hesitation.?
I can't write a fluid signature?
Any ideas for this art project?
Gcse art help?? I'm stuck on what to do!!?
Ideas what to write in my notebook?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?
Do you need someone to talk to?
any art lovers or creative people out there? help :)?
What are you passionate about?
what is a cheap substitute to a hot wax pen when creating a pysansky egg? thanks in advance !?
Help me write a review/feedback for a writer who did a great job?
Surrealism influenced the early art of?
How did T.S. Eliot's conversion to Christianity change/ influence his poetry?
where does the phrase i don't know much about art but i know what i like" come from?
Is the River of Words contest canceled?
Anybody out there can help me?
What do you guys think of my Art?
art project bout food??
I wanna buy a gift for my lecturer(keen on graphic design stream)....?
If i like songs like note to self,last resort,brain stew,come undone- korn what other songs are similar.......
i need adjectives to describe monets personality, please help?
when is my turning point?
What's the differance between answering a question and solving a problem?
I need a little help: where from i can have in mind the line "whether is in our immagination or in real life?"
Does any totally non-religious person exist?
Do you regard any Australian artists as being Masters?
What would you give to a dead astronaut?
Horror/Terror Music Cues?
who is milica patrick?
Help me identify some of the literary devices in this song?
what is the poem that goes "but most of all you were my friend"?
Any body know roy lichtenstein?
ideas for art final piece?
How did you decorate your locker with your locker partner?
Could someone tell me what a yuppie is? Is it like a hippie?
What is in Candle Wax?
why do human beings create art?
What are serialism and minimalism?
Life after Harry Potter...?
ive gone insane what should i do?
why people are so mean in lfe?
Why is it that you have a finer taste if you prefer theatre to cinema?
How is my new poem. plz comment and any suggestions are welcome. its for all who loves rain!!?
You ever see a street fight where one person gets pinned to the ground and the person on top gets free shots?
Fantastic Mr Fox Party Ideas?
What is the state of education today? The standards?
How can i reignite my passion for creative writing?
Has anyone ever visited a gypsie for fortune telling?
Would a Jewish family ever really name a daughter Lilith?
I need help ... ............. !?
whos your favorite actor?
GCSE Art Final Piece Ideas....?
do you guys like this i wrote it myself =] ♥?
Do you like this poem?
Anyone know a site that has printable, free sheet music for violins?
If "fast" and "slow" were colours which colours would they be?
where can i do with poster paint?
do you think wearing high hills with lights that turn on from the hill looks un appropiate?
where do the presidents go to fart?
Difference between Egyptian and Mesopotamian art?
how do i hit high notes better?
what does it all mean?
Good Art projects to do for Little kids?
What would you change about yourself? Looks Habits Personality?
what does being in level 1 mean?
where can i find platform 9 3/4?
honestly, what do you think of my art work (there's 3)?
Cómo se dice "She likes to play sports."?
Is there any limit for our memory?
Is reading a good book on your list of things to do?
help with english literature?
how do i go about getting Licensed for tattooing?
As an artist, how would you benefit from being part of a network?
Can you say something worth s.?
Need creative and cute tumblr names!?
How can I portray the cold war in a creative way?
why can't we fly?
I need a good poem that is 4-5 stanzes long or about 15-20 lines.?
Can I have the name of some anti consumerism artists?
If you could choose, would you be smart?
i want to stretch my ears.?
where is inuit art made?
Songs with "Ohio" in the title.?
What to do in a gloomy drizzling day?
What does it mean when people stick their pinky and thumb up?
how many shades of the color purple are there?
What an art that I would be good at?
need help on who/ what to cosplay as?
Do you think Jesus is present in consecrated bread and wine to nourish our souls?
Does anyone know where the village is?
Old English prose.?
Hey P.E.T.A., or anyone else, Why is it okay to kill a plant ,but not an animal?
what can i do along with or after english hons to get a job in the corporate world?
how do you use peter answers?
Marijuana is beautiful?
what is art and social transformation?
What am i? a girly girl or tomboy?
Some of them stole my best idea and made a better thing using that and got better results than me :(?
River Civilization Arts?
Creative presentation ideas?
My mom wont let me shave my legs?
What is the most poetic thing you've ever seen,heard or read?
What did Dante's Beatrice look like?
Do you get hurt when someone does not say hi to you?
is quilting a craft or a form of art?
What is that odd circular symbol with lines sticking out on Cloud Cult's albums?
what is your favorate singer?
What do i need to perform deadtime?
What should my blog's primary content be?
whats the crazyest thing u have done?
The first European country to become involved in the African slave trades was:?
what is a secret shopper?
why do u call them "buildings" when they are already built?
Why do people know more about Britney Spears's shoe size than the world and its people?
Ideas for art project?
Do you recognize these paintings?
Can you do well in Art GCSE if you're not actually that good?
Who ever says the most random thing gets ranked best answer?
how to sensitive climate change to picture human impacts?
What would you like to begin?
who or what is a free mason?
Should I......? Please answer! Very important!?
Can someone give me all of the information for Robert Pattinson being in San Francisco?
I know the zombie apocalypse is close, so what do we all do?
Do you like my writing, poem?
What should i do?! Helpppp?
how to open a paint can without a flat head screwdriver..?
Isnt it funny?
What is the difference?
I hate my handwriting. Where can I find a class or handwriting book to become neater.?
Is there ANY type of Reference website for drawing action poses!?
is there any other good sites like deviantart&tumbler where can share your thoughts and art and stuff .?
how can a man prove that he is married?
suggest a best college if we want to go in for journalism field (electronic media)?
Were you an only child in your family?
studio art theme ideas?
Does any one here work in a film or television company that is located in the state of Georgia?
Ideas for collecting lanolin for soap?
if u had the chance where would u prefer to go?in the past or in the future?
Are cat burglars nice people?
What makes the name MICHAEL so peculiar in every aspects of life entertainment?
Are geological areas a boon/bane to humans?
Is there a place where people still live like people from Medieval times?
i want to get marriage g with a help full girl?
Can someone please help me with these art questions?
What does dash dash mean in morse code?
Why the hell do i hate him so much?!?
the best cities to find (creative) work in Canada?
I need some ideas please?
Thesis for an essay on baroque art?
What can you do to get fit in the summer before school?
Why question must need answer?
why do you think the authors of freakonomics wrote such a book?
what does the f*** word mean???
Does anyone know in what context was the poem "Elegy" by Siegfried Sassoon written?
do you beleive that god created humans?
I have many questions look below.......?
who is Chris J.Strolin. I want his biog?
what are the top modeling agencies in LA ,Cal.?
Twisted/mad or sane! wots ur way of life?
what are the five stages of clay?
What is the thing you hate the most?
Right or Wrong..PLEASE READ ALL OF IT, it is very important to me...REPLY ME?
Furry suit how much? What's the best to get?
How does the seven elements of communication interact to determine the success and failure of a speech?
Different fundraising ideas? ?
Is kandi common or easy to get?
Whats is a bloop?
Does anyone like working in an open office environment, and why?
what is your opinion of Mormons?
how do you draw a four leave clover?
Can you please review no the ideas, but the quality of the writing?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
am trying to locate a ralph dorrington who served in the british army in sandakan, sabah during 2nd world war?
Anybody know where I can get a copy of the K-quad degree ritual?
do you guys like this i wrote it myself =] ♥?
why we must earned for our living?
Does anyone know any good sites for someone using crayons in art?
Can eco-criticism be applied to an indoor environment and not just nature 'outside'?
Creative help please??!?
Poem named today by Margaret Atwood?
why are demons black?
Is aikido a good art for self defense ?
What's Your Wish. Be specific..?
I have a small painting of a mallard duck, about 10inches by 8 inches,, any imformation, signed Basil Ebe?
artist of 1800's chromo of boy watching mouse caught in ornate trap-dog and cat watching also?
whats the meaning of life?
What is in your opinion exciting architecture? The new, modern one or the classic, detail-aware one? And why?
If you were to buy a piece of art depicting a...?
I need a female antagonist for a project?
What if an emergency happened in the 911 place?
how can you find out someone's forwarding address from a different state?
art instuction school?
Have you ever read Quotations from various books of the Cabala and Talmud?Here are a few,what do you think?
Applying Sun-Tzu's The Art of War to social situations?
Do you have to be atleast moderatly good at art to go to "Art/design school"?
what is the meaning of "valorium"?
name cuban female models, besides vida.?
Name a real and not fictional hero?
Is there an animal alive right now that is possibly more intelligent than a human being?
what type of questions do I ask during on interview?
i would like to know what kind of name i can have for a handmade card business??
Do you know anything about lucid dreaming?
How do you memorize stuff?
Art assignment question?
Opinions on poem?
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Why do so few people have a sense of humour.?
Help!!!!!!! Need ideas.?
what are some of your favorite foreign and independent films...and why?
who is the worlds strongest person?
what musical instrument could i learn?
Who is Helen Price Ray, what is her business/ category where is she living?
Who designed the Notre Dame du Haut in France?
Did you ever show animals for fair if so what did you show?
Dicuss the process by which animals were domesticated?
Does this look like a single coil pickup or a humbucker?
im in middle school and i got in a fight...?
When i'm writing in my notebook i get this feeling in my heart
What do you think about this song ?
Any famous musicians who also paint or make visual art?
where is "innocence"?
ice cream art gcse help?!?
What's the typical American's schedule?
where is the hole of the pinata located?
Something that's taken you breath away?
What was the culture like during the baroque period?
where can i find out about illistrators for some childrens books i am writing?
What difference would it make to friends and family if I was dead?
Does any other chics here, play Drawsomething?
I need a name that means something like?
I had a dream about two people dieing in it what dose it mean?
any ideas fo art project?
why is it that how much we try our best we still cant make it?
who is for life?
Why do we do what we do?
How often and how long do I have to sing to improve?
cork industries charitable trust?
What are some popular and cool songs from 2010?
Do I have to pay for Deviant art?
What canvas size should I use for designing a L or XL size t-shirt in Photoshop?
Trouble for drawing swastikas?
wat is da answer ppl!?
what is 6 mosque and waht are the purposes pg each feature?
Does anyone know a free website?
why is blue man group blue?
so what are you up to for this summer?
IF u find a magic lamp??????????????
Since I own my eyes, don't I have the right to see whatever pleases me?
.....what do they mean by essay?
if you can do anything in the world what would it be?
what do i needto do to improve my Englisg?
If anybody could please please.?
Creative Writing Contest?
Would like info heating gemstones - withstandable temps for precious and semi-precious.?
is it right that this happened?
How do you get back at a friend when he is a jerk to you. We are in band, I don't want to get it trouble.?
A titles that represent "Memories"?
Help Reading music in 6/8 time signature?
Cool name for a group with clarinets, oboe, bassoon and flute?!?
was william shakespear married?
who can say "" I Love you""?
what is an acrostic poem for italy?
What's the use of an honorary degree?
At what time of day does "evening" start?
What do tou think of my poem?
what will one do if you find out that your partner cheat?
spy temizleme free download?
Does the let you click more than once effectively?
What are the top 5 Art Districts in the US?
I am interested in learning about Asian Pottery Ceramics. Can you help me?
How many weeks are there from now to September?
This past week I've had a dream of the same person?
What is the technique called when you compare a person to god?
I know, stupid but this is a serious question!!! Girl please?
art/justin bieber/fun help points!?
Any Film Project Ideas for University?
information about paintings of peter hayward?
What are my chances of getting into an art collage?
Could I get a job at a publishing company with a degree in psychology?
Does art and Physics go hand in hand?
can you imagine paradise ???
Where's the best place to advertise my creative writing course?
Does anyone know the website where I can get Canon in C major?
Spiritual speeches about the 4 elements please?
What would be the "perfect life" to you?
How do you take get rid of the girls who follow u around?
What are some things I should do when I'm 13?
Art History Class???????
who invented aeroplane?
How can I know the market value of jewelry?
why is my boy friend acting so weird?
Does acrylic paint stick to dried liquid latex?
Abstinence programs in Utah?
Is my writing any good??? Please?
What should I do besides spending so many hours on the internet?
Is Elmers glue good to use when making a paper mache pinata?
Where can I find a reall good picture on an anime charater?
i have a lot interesting stuff want to sell,but i dint know how to sell by Internet.what i supposed to do?
What causes hair loss besides old age?
Fun art project for teen?
I need help with this art assignment?
how can i get a list of "Hindi kavi sammelan organizers" of India?
In art context, what constitute as "honest material"?
Where in the world is Lamp Galullo?
What do you do when...?
help me with a good name for my blog?
who paid for the making of the adoration of the magi by Sandro Botticelli?
could you tell me what is art?
I want to make a shrunken head?
What is a good plot for a midieval set story?
Need of of art glass person that has a display in Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.?
anyway,anyone of you think that you are the smartest?
how do I find the value and identificaton of antiques?
Feedback on my poem...?
How does performance art change the context of three-dimensional media?
what is the art style during the harlem renaissance?
Please rate my poem(:?
Best Adobe Photoshop for animation?
What is your wish?
I need to contact Le musee de arte moderne in Stratsbourg, France.Please show me how?
Reading a poem is in itself takes a skill. It needs training and practice. I wonder if this is right or not, w
What are some good ideas for suspense novels?
What is pee?
Is Molly a common name ?
what made these men kill? were they all just "nuts"?
where can i fign a full design for a burger king crown online?
anthalage i need some poems based on the theme of sports cant be author written?
What are some examples of Jewish art, literature, philosophy, music, (or any art form)?
How your company to help the problem an employer?
what kind of things should i post on my blog?
In a problem/solution essay, is it okay to pose multiple solutions, or is it better to stick with one?
Redecorating awesome teen girl bedroom?
Can anybody help me with interpreting this poem?
I should be a model ??
what do u think the final solution for terrorism?
Are dirty hands neccassary in politics?
Tell me everything you know about Klimt (the artist)?
What does Immanuel Kant mean when he says.....?
What is the point of marriage?
do u find my avatar cute(if ur a guy)?
i need a cocept for a fossil museum?
Should Wikipedia be trusted as source for finding answers?
Can you type without looking at the keyboard?
What is the relationship between art and politics?
if i have to do a database in ict what categories could i do?
Classical Guitar or Electric Guitar?
What is the specific training for Catholic Euchaistic Ministers and how long is this appointment last?
Creative minds ? anyone? please?
my nine years old has headache from last Monday after a bunch of girls gang up and beat her up.?
why the human child is the only one Weeps when he give birth to?
Do you think the government should be able to do this?
Are you Male or Female?
Which is a better auction house: Sotheby's or Christie's?
How is life going for you?
How To Make A Blank Mask With Different Mouth And Nose? And Also Smooth?
Something Creative !?
where can i find an acupuncturist?
Why does a Interior Designer have to be creative and imaginative?
how many languages are spoken in india?
what is art?
i need a new job help?
Do you think art is defined by its audience or by artists?
What kind of career sounds appropriate for me?
Where in the world can I get something like this?
How can I meet Sylvester Stallone personally?
why do some people who answer questions on answers reply with tasteless sarcastic answers?
I need to fill an art sketch book... any ideas?
When will be the happiest day of your life?
Is it just me, or are the questions on this network getting more superficial and less thought provoking?
Art party in Amarillo, TX?
Anybody with an imagination?? (10 points)?
Which is the famous way of free expression ?
Creative ideas for memoir?
Any good Print On Demand websites that do manga comics?
All this modern art stuff isn't really art, what happened to portraits and landscapes.?
What do you think of Huge Art Museums/Galleries such as this one ?
When might it not be appropriate to use clip art?
Who or what makes your life a little better each day?
How to talk to people when you have no topic at all?
haw i do the shorcat in my desktop?
I'm writing an art paper, I don't understand what the professer is asking - help?
How do you read palms?
if white is the oppistie of black then isn't the oppisite of dog cheese?
free amigurumi tooth pattern?
Have you ever encountered pure evil?
Ideas, Ideas? for 8th grade film projecto?
I am looking for the value of an antique Pratt cast iron fireplace?
Is this weird for a 13 yr old girl?
can I ?????????
Can any obyest be art?
Should we listen to our heart or our mind?
How do I fill the art room in the villa of assassin's creed 2?
what is Ancient Greeks?
What is Europes most beautiful useful building?
Looking for a tattoo artist near SC?
for creative people.. i NEED IDEAS!?
would you shoot someone dead for a million dollars cash?
What gives you hope in your life?
OK - so what's an aphorism?
Don't you agree the "N" word is a disgrace to use in either race?
Is there a name for using slow focused pressure to move large heavy objects?
tell me friend ,you are bit jealous about?
is it true when a married man tells a single woman that he loves her? is there any possibility that its true?
What is your favorite color?
i know what it is but do you????
is that a form?
Do we have a groupthink problem on answers?
william beckett?
Is this right?????Do you think it is fair for people to do this?? i would like to know?
What is a llama badge on deviantart and what is it used for?
How can I quiet the sound of my drumming?
why do people always refer to God as a 'Him'??
Why do we keep on living in this world of pain & sufferings?
Ideas for a story please? ?
how do i take care of a over weight child of 13 wheres the best place that can help him?
Would you say homosexuality is an empidemic?
I am very poor sri lankan.How can I find somebody to help me to build a house?
When was London No. 127 by John Virtue produced?
Could someone please help me? :D?
state the most random thing about you!!?
What do you think of Korea's Girls Generation?
Drawing a picture of a musician for art final piece?
Ever tried the ouija board?
What is the most Humane way of killing an animal for fur ?
What can I write for my grandparents?
Would you want to live for 150 years?
Will you please comment on this poem?
What are you looking for in our next President?
Does anyone know an online store where I can buy mexican folk art or handcrafts based on buying experience?
how to make ferrofluid at home?
Need help buying paper?
The Awakening - Kate Chopin?
does anyone have "Paris,Je t'aime" quotes in french?
What is your favorite Shakespearean play?
Birthday Sex by Jeremih?!?
I am stuck on these questions in art please help!?
How to load pictures on Deviant art?
Can you go anywere to see Post Secrets Archives?
What are some important words in the research of reptiles?
Do you think ur the best?
Writing style?
Help for an Art project?
what do you think of my poem?
Help with an art assignment to "express myself"?
I have an American sword from 1864, I think it was used in the civil war. Anyone know anything about it?
M.I.L.K. , read extra info.?
where are some awesome places to take photos in the middletown area?