Is it possible to learn art?
Whether Universial Employment Selution Agency is real.?
creative people: i need ideas!?
If I was to be dead would you care !!!?
how to make homemade car window decals?
I want to write a nove, please tell me a story idea. Please help me?
My exam theme for art is 'Waters Edge' but i'm stuck for ideas, any suggestions?
Have you burned bridges. Are they hard to rebuild or do you just go down river?
I can't talk normally in front of groups?
What Make's a Good Blog?
Can some very nice people please Help! me with my Art GCSE?
I need a creative idea for how to display my Senior Crush List?
What does back hand mean?
Opinions on my paper?
is it a bad idea for a 12 year old to go to a summerbash?
Creativity without "border" OR "borders" ?
Where are some good cheap art supplies that I can buy?
Should my art have to be monitored by my parents?
Who is the richest singer in the world.?
What should I do for my first kiss?
Contrary to popular beliefs, Mexicans are not scum Why are people so cruel?
Is it okay that i dont want to get married but do want to have kids?
What makes war a form of art?
WHat is the craziest thing you did when you were?
I think English class is useless.. who agrees?
What were Confucius's three assumptions?
Here is a pretty poem.. do you likey??
humanities question, please helpp me?
inside of a human mind what is the closed thing we ever imagine . that hell looks like?
Riddle me this?
How to Get Sharpie Stain Out of Wood?
Why do people on here wanna be PUNKS ?
who is electrical engineer Roger Mayer who worked with Jimi Hendrix;he is known for creating sound effects?
WHATEVER YOU WANT!you can bring up anything in here.CHATROOM!?
What does "rue d'auseil" translate to in English(it is French)?
Burning DVDS?
Photo rights at public event?
Anyone out there work for AVRO in Yorkshire in the 40s?
in a fair way..wht do u think about moslims?
Where can I find FREE flute scales?
Who created the united ways fund?
At the Art Institute of Chicago, what kind of stone are the floors in the lobby?
In art we have to think of idioms to make a scculpture out of. do you have an idiom?
I need backround music for a global warming project. Any ideas?
What are the names of Christina Aguilera’s two canine companions?
What is the name of the covered stagecoach ports on houses?
Best instruction book to teach you scoubidou/lanyard?
How to use stamps on deviantart?
I got an art project and I need a good made up cereal name?
What literary magazines are there in Singapore which accepts and pays submissions for written works?
I'm writing a story and I need a title.?
Why was the institution of the monastery so important to medieval art?
what can I do about this?
Please help !?!?
I'm thinking of learning Spanish from scratch, is this much simpler compared to other European languages?
How can a 12year old make money?
My first best answers..does that mean I have helped someone somewhere in the world today?
How can I be good at art again?
Are there rules in art?
What kind of art would you buy?
Anyone ever attended these art schools/universities?
In the song, "Im not your boy friend baby by 3OH!3 ?
what is fab analysis?
['.']Buddhists...: You say that things just are what they are- not good or bad, it just is what it is.?
Any creative ideas for my video?
If you could go back in time what moment would you relive?
I have a oil painting of a ocean scene with the name hampton as the artist. Can you name this artist.?
Where can I buy posters from?
I need help on an art project?
How to learn more about a secretive guy?
Where can I buy strands of dark brown leather for necklaces i'm making?
What's the name of the paper that has the dots on it so that it's easy to rip?
How is this art in anyway?
Ideas on names for a 14 year old girl in my story that i'm writing?
i volunteer at a nurse home and there having a talent show contest any ideas i cant sing?
What colours do colour-blind people see?
The art of louse losing Waite is no snacking.?
I need a funny new motto?
How do you make a giant monster/kaiju?
I was wondering where I can get piano notes for Bollywood songs?
What is ART?
why do my brushes look weird after i wash them?
How do you Sample American Mink (Neovison vison)?
what do you do if your bf hit you?
Who, artisticly, do you relate you?
Im not creative.. am I?
Displaying vinyl album art?
the global heating this arriving more easy at our country?
Can you guys give me as many answers as possible?
how does one get shorter?
Do you know any websites...?
good thin-necked metal guitar?
I enjoy being seen naked by women. How can I do this without being thought of as a freak. ?
Is there a mannequin photographer?
How to solve the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili?
Do girls like guys who like art?
Immigration and linguistic shifts?
Front cover ideas for art exam 'Ordinary and Extraordinary'?
I’m a beginner at poetry, but what do you think of this poem?
i've been abducted, do you wanna know my story?
WHO definitely knows the ANSWER?
what is my destination?
just read this question?
Where to find free address labels?
How can i attend the Group discussion topics in an interview?
what should i write about??
What attracts you more: the cool calm moon or the bright hot sun?
is there anyone here who is an edward elric fangirl?
What does Art mean to you?
where Is steve & How can we keep up with him?
Looking For a Video Made By A Student At The Art Institute Of Las Vegas!!! Help?
speech class help with questions that I have on study guide, not finding a clear answer.?
Where can i Start to be A DJ/ eletronic guy/thingy?
Basic art supplies/brands?
Where can I get discovered as an amateur model?
i need your opinion ladies?
So what's ur pick, beauty or brain? Why and Why not?
Would you like to have an online "My diary" to maintain events in your life?
Can you help me decipher these instructions for a writing portfolio?
How are babys made?
Is there a website, that you can design and write your own stuff, and then print it?
Give me an expression of love or hate. You choose......................?
Why do men get hair on the body faster then wemen?
The USA just reached 300 million people, should we have population control?
Beta Reader on and how to ask for one.?
Where to download Yakusoku no Basho E chinese version?
why is it that i can't bend my pinky finger without bending my ring finger?
When is the next Anime Expo going to be at>>>?
Poems For Mothers Day?
This is just a scene I had in my head. Any way to make it better {adjectives and stuff]. is it good? thanks?
I just wrote this poem! Please read it..?
Is there any where in Greater London where people can do art work?
creative minds out there?
Old actors prefer to hide . Why old actors & stars , prefer to hide ; when they get old ?
Good writing and art websites?
Where to download Yakusoku no Basho E chinese version?
Need help with Art? Please please please answer!?
Is it common to be talented in multiple forms of art (performance/visual)?
What is this star/shape called? I think it is a brand logo. (pic included)?
What is the MAGIC of animation?
What stores in the Melbourne CBD or Brunswick area sell "lucky star" paper strips?
What does Immanuel Kant mean when he says.....?
Any good poetry journals to READ?
How many duettes were made that Marcel Boucher designed?
Why do people assume that your gothic?
what type of art did esther mahlangu do?
i need some major help please?
i don't care about ______?
Do men prefer women who are more open with their sexuality or more reserved?
Surrealist art work ideas?
can you dream with a bullet in your head?
is there a chat room for 10 threw 11 year Old?
Where can i find different cute pictures of dolls?
what do u think i should choose life or death??
are you homeschooled? if you go to school do you wish you could be homeschooled?
does an associates in art help me with an interior design major?
The girl on the cover of Witch Child?
Does anyone know anything about Jan Bryant Bartell?
Explain the branches of Art?
my boyfriend wants me to me in with him i told OK, but i not ready i like having my own space what should i do
i need creative ideas..?
How did the Italian Renaissance affect Italy and Europe today in a religion aspect?
what does "silence" mean?
How much to sell my art for?
War - what do you make of it?
Do you pee random colors?????
What is the best blog that is NOT free?
im looking for current art phenomenom?
how i manage my daily routine?
What was the key characteristic of Impressionism in art?
Any ideas on what I can do for my Art A Level coursework, the theme is Inside Outside?
what would you all say about this?
What has happened to morals?
How to get invited to parties?
how do i become a pimp?
names? help! Easy s for the best list!?
What do you think about taxidermy?
my name is prasanth h d is this name is attractive?
is there a st.renatia?
if name number is 23 & enemy number 5, is that bad?
What is the best way to show art work in a big city gallary?
What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful name in any language?
What country do you live in?
So... I'm going to the deans office because of a poor decision ive made, any tips for a first offender?
how can find out who owns an empty property for free?
Becoming an Extreme Couponer?
Does epoxy resin have any flexibility to it after it dries and hardens?
What is the most emotional piece of music you have ever heard?
is our town a good play?
What is the message of this art cover ?
Have you ever really contemplated the intimate and powerful nature of writing?
Any embarrassing incidents lately?
I need some ideas for my art portfolio?
"Swap Meet Sphinx" writing. please rate it, 1-20 any feedback welcomed ; ]?
Are there any good poems/songs about quantum physics?
why do we need religion?
ok i am REALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!! is this a ghost?
Why when I add some kind of fragrance oils to paraffin wax it doesnt solve in it and others darken the wax?
what do inmates get for thier last meal before bieng executed?
Making a short story or poem about a mask?
What do girls think about guys who are good at art?
Creative people: can you help me with something really fun?
I know, stupid but this is a serious question!!! Girl please?
What is cash value of magnolia petroleum barrel?
Tourist Information Leaflet About Japan?
help with new art project?
How does one face his fears and confront the unknown?
i bought something on ebay but i dont have a paypal or a cidet card and i really dont want it do i have to buy?
What should i call my made up community? 10 POINTS!!?
Michigan Cropers?
7 seals of revelation???
How do you write a letter WITHOUT cursing and insults?
UMvC3- Easy character to use? (combo wise)?
i want to know meaning of my name:shemyla?
can some one give me a link that gives humourous reasons to be liked?
changing tips/advice please (:?
HELP! Birthday present ideas? Step-mums birthday tomorrow!!!?
Jades eviction is a victory for Britain and it's stand against racism dontya think?
Can someone please explain what the "42" thing is about?
I read this wicked cute thing and I want to find it...?
How I can Download Ibrahim Tatlises clips for free?
Amateur film editing freeware tools?
What on earth am I hear for?
i am doing research about pablo picasso for art class?
What's the best way to start freelance writing?
Help with art gcse?!?
describe the process of ummification. Why was it done? did burial techniques differ according to class?
When we it over completely?
Why do gurls like sneakn' around , When they already have a Man...?
Looking for a specific charity?
How successful, financially, can someone become as a broadcast journalist?
do i shock you?
I have a Sergio Bustamonte copper lion. It needs some welds repaired. Any suggestions on where to go?
What kind of font does Quentin Taratino use for Jackie Brown?
help me please....???
if a one wants to stop something wrong and he can't what is your advice ?
Which notes together create a natural harmony?
wat is it called when u see something but turns out its something else?
what would you do...?
Why is it important for me to beleive in god?
GCSE ART ideas.. so stuck!?
What's the counting unit of humor?
Where can I be nude at in Vegas?
How Do I Go Punk? Its complicated.?
what living creature can be mom or dad?
Coat of Arms help!! PLEASE!!?
I m an artist want to sell my art works online...?
what state do you live in????
What do you think of this video?
What do you think of my poem/prose?
Where can I get my electric guitar professionally painted?
what color matches with purple and blue?
Do comic book makers use professional pc programs to add color to their drawings? What programs?
What kind of Intuitions teaches an artist to make Great Art?
Only Intelligent people answer this....The Qn is?
Do you have any type of special talent that could make you famous?
What is the difference between two and three dimensional art?
Why the love ever ends at seperation?
how much could my old roy smeck ukulele be worth?
why are little sister's such pests?
what is most important thing to you?
HELP! I need a title for my research paper...?
pretty cartoon picturs are needed right now?
Creative people! i need help brainstorming ideas for an artistic project in history?
Have you ever entered a poem with
what is the meaning of lavina?
Who can be the most miserable get on Answers?
online islamic dream interpretation and dream symbols?
what is art? who know what is it please help me.?
Sorry but if you had to go to hell for gluttony, what would be the worst punishment??
Is god real?
whose provide job for u?
what type of parking is a landlord required to provide for tenants?
Any teenage writing or art competitions? Ireland 2012/2013?
What is Deco Sauce? Its different flavors too?
what is the best of shakspear's plays?
i have to write an essay, for my A Level Art coursework, I have to sum up all of my 11 artists, please help.?
American Revoltuion Questions?
i need a little help.?
What are relatively easy art projects I could make a profit off of?
What art is considered Byzantine images of saint?
Need help being more social!!!!?
are you the brightest crayon in the box?
GCSE Art: what Artists draw or paint surfaces? please help i'm really struggling at art at the moment.........?
this isaquestion about illusions!?
I would like to buy the Sistine chapel. Does anybody know if it's for sale and what's its price ?
Where do I go to get a 1601 Bible valued/sold?
What are some fun things to do when you're home alone?
What famous work of art is referenced in the book Persepolis on the last page of the chapter The Dowry?
what to do with this message balloon?
does anybody have any ideas what i could draw?
What are famous Latino artists in Miami Florida?
do you like my poem?
Exact location of kilhapur's wax museum?
Do you know any museums in your countries which are searching people?
What do you think of my poem? Please dont be too harsh?
How's the weather that side???
GUYS! what body types do you like on girls?
Does anybody else have this problem?
Do you come up with most good ideas when you are having a shower?
I'm on the computer too much, what can I do?
how to stop?
How do you trust a man after having been assaulted in the past?
what should i do..i want to start new hobbies experience new things in life what should i do?
what is the most influencial part of type history from measapotamia to now.?
Why do people ask "easily-answered" questions at answers?
english is mysterious, magical and fantastic?
what is chcuk jones most basic job out of all of his?
Creative Ways Of Introducing yourself?
Why do we have memories?
what is the meant by "nutrient cycle"?
Help with art project?
how to send a message balloon with no helium?
what is art?
describe the process of ummification. Why was it done? did burial techniques differ according to class?
whats it mean when you dream of rotwielors (dogs)?
ideas on art for a competition on what is going on in a bipolar mind?
whne you go to church do you have to eat the bread they give you?
Define the term iconoclasm.?
how can i made a candle?
Hey me and my Girlfriend have known each other for 1 year i am 15 and she is 14?
Who was the designer who created the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) logo?
m wondering why is it..
Spanish Project , HELP?
What is a preliminary bibliography?
what have you created today?
im just wondering...?
can a small child of 5 years stand in the first line of the congregation in congregational prayers in a mosque
Word for description of a work of art within a work of literature?
What was the best Relief Society enrichment activity you ever attended?
Anyone know where there is an arts and crafts store to paint and get it fired in the store in Portland OR?
hello i have for my art project theme of '' chinese mythology '' can you help me for my reasearch...?
how do the musicians in an orchestra know when to play their instrument.?
Creative project/paper and presentation ideas...?
Any interesting facts or tips about ANYTHING you have to share.?
How can I take out candle wax but not burn it?
From What Shakespeare Play: "First, We Kill All the Lawyers" ?
what is the importance of a teacher in the society?
violin classes in bangalore?
Anyone know any cool smiles, symbols ect.?
I am looking for information on buying a flute!!! Look to the details for information!?
I'm lazy to do commissions?
I want to answer a question and you wont let me?
I need help with picking out a theme!?
I have to make a creative poster, how should i set it up?
what came first, art or design?
I want to go to school for fashion design. What is the best college to go to for that?
How do I change an already submitted file on Deviation?
where on the internet is the Hamlet cigar advert where the hot air balloon flies up into a tree and bursts?
Good name for a bad boy character?
Artists that used music as a form of social or political protest?
Whats your happiest memory?
Who is Alia Sabur?
what is chromophobia?
Can I buy a quill nowadays?
To betray or not to betray?
Who is the most followed or most popular artist on ping?
Cabinit money?
I'm a poetry writer, Do women like that or does it just bore the hell out of them.?
My art class project?! :0?
which guitar strap is the best for cpx700?
What type of lessons should I take?
should I start keeping a diary again? why or why not?
Are you Christian??
Free photo retouching full program (not trial)?
Do you want to see the end of the world during your life, why or why not?
What Is The Art Of Living?
How do I get to the heart of the art scene in los angeles?
which is MORE PROMINENT a human or your religon....???be truthful to yourself..please?
Tips of Making Stuffed Animals?
Can someone date this dressing table? It's surely between 1910-1940/art deco?
where i can find a website that shows all h bequet quaregnon products ever produced?
inspirational/love quotes?
Name ideas? (; Need them quicklyyyyy!?
How can i set up a Real Art Society?
What's your favourite orange coloured possession?
do dreams come true?
questions about terry gilliam?
whats the term/name of the color that passes through a colored object?
What's some crime fiction that's from the crime-doer's perspective? Like Dexter, but they're not a good guy?
what is the special feature of DA vinci in his monolisha paintin?
Would love to have some creative crisitism on this piece?
hello people i am a first year student of B.A llb(h).....?
Should I put my art in my portfolio? ?
where do i find blank journal books ?
How can i try to talk less?
What is your talent, or what talent would you like to have?
For you internationals studying at the University of Wales Bangor, how do you like it?
How can I become one of the popular girls?
Who would be a great poet to do a report on for english class?
whats your fave colour?
Rate my Poems plz and tell me what you think of them.?
How might a person in their early teens act when drunk?
can you dream with a bullet in your head?
Can someone creative help me?
Can i sell my penis on ebay or the stock exchange ?
Art Historian (ART) ?
What is the biggest question on earth?
how do i find a antique dealer in my area to buy some things?
Art History Help! i know im asking for a lot but i need help! thanks!?
is it tru dat earth is geting closer to sun and global warming happens in not more than 3 yrs from now views..
how do i write a thesis on art restorartion?
How can people look around them and not see that we are in the end times bibically?
What's a good name for a female Japanese character that tends to stay to herself, and wears black?
actress with tattoos?
What should I title my art project?
Do you consider graffiti creative art or destructive? Should professionals be allowed to legally graffiti?
What is the easiest Greek or Roman story/work/poem to read?
how can you use the understanding of ideation in your daily life?
Homecoming mums help! All info wanted!?
Creative cereal names?
im doing a presentation on the muscular system and i am looking for some creative ideas?
If you keep a child for 20 years in a room, after, will he ask about God?
what r some really random things to put in a todo list?
Art history matching question help please?
Friend won't show me his art?
Is it bad to be physically obvious?
Lets go back in this true or false?
Do you know any poems on crime and punishment (not the book!)?
Please help?
What sort of jobs can you get if your good at art?
The best & worst day of your life..............?
what would you do if....?
Were poets crowned for their poetry at any of the ancient Greek games, and if so, what was the crown made of?
What did teens do in the 90s?
how would u interpret that picture???????
why there's no value 4 what v r? Whereas there's value 4 show off.?
Where should I get my Hopf Violin restoration done?
the "clogs" it's a band, anyone know?
A question about Art?
I can't seem to find a decent poster of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust?
How can I regain my creativity in writing?
what is theactual meaning of whats up? is it a question?
What exactly is done at a John Robert POwers Modeling Audition?
dose any body no what contrys in wich euthanasia is legle?
The first civilizations are located in an area of the ancient Middle East called?
I have no talent? How can i find something unique?
hey what do you think of this song/poem thing that i am writing? be honest?
What are some poetic usernames about sadness and maybe love?
proffessional ethics?
Im looking for a website where i can do stuff to my photos?
any "cd" for jeniver?
birthday party decorations and cake ideas?
How could women cut up a live pig for pork?
Who has an instagram?
How do I prepare Chinese Silk pictures to look smooth and flat before getting them framed ?
3 in vase, made in japan, with red flower mark on bottom, where can i find information about it?
Okay i have made friends with the enemy without them knowing it?
If you write a check for less than a dollar, are you a redneck?
What new museum is opening in Paris in 2006?
What does it mean to dream that I warn my father of a snake in a hole ... that turned out to be an alligator?
Which of my poems are best?
LOVE Stories , Love poems ?
Am I the only one who thinks it's totally weird that my friend can sleep with socks on?
Can someone help me with art questions please?
What is an artist's / writer's/ musician's duty? In what way is art as important as science?
how can we use Water Wisely?
why do people like listening classic music?
In Rihannah's song "Umbrella", what is she talking about? I LOVE that song but I don't know what it means.
how do i level up i don't get it?
Why don’t guys ( now days) court girls like they use to in the Victorian century?
Why do filmakers sacrifice the quality of a good book when they make it into a movie?
what is it called when you use two voices?
What Material Do You Think I Should Use For My Project? PLZ PLZ HELP!?
how can we girls know if a guy is in love with us or if they just like us as a friend?
whats really trendy right now? and why?
Describe in detail characteristic's of the Chivalric Code?
why is there no famous women artists?
Where to buy paper sky lantern in Davao City, Philippines?
What inspires you?
how about if we all went to the banks the same day to withdraw all our money?
What would be a good birthday gift for a 9 year old?
how to improve communication skill?as I`m a quiet person?
any suggestions please?
what if you could not believe....anyone or you dont wanna.?
Why is capitaliziation rude?
Are Anonymous UK good?
How to stop people picking you up?
Well, I did it, I quit my job. Yikes! Why do I feel so bad?
Please help with home announcements?
what does alaina and humam mean?
What is the funniest joke you have ever heard??
where can i find the on-line MTVs of the band: Death Cab for Cutie?
I need some really creative people for this questions! Help on my Art 2 nine weeks project!?
Any ideas for a 'Self Image' Art GCSE Project?
Whose the greatest poet to ever live?
creative, arty question, collage, help!!?
Why is the earth round? why does the chicken cross the road? why are we on this earth?
how much failure can you tolerate?
do you believe in heaven and hell?
What do you want to be when you are older and why? (If you are already old then what are you?)?
escape and live safely vs venture and live greatly: which 1 is Good?
Creative guinea pig costume ideas?
What would you say to an Iraqi soldier that could motivate him to want to be a better soldier when teaching.?
What did you put on your DofE application?
Do you ever wonder who will be at your funeral and wonder what people will really say.?
I have some fillable tube ribbon for a party and don't know what to do with it, does anyone have any ideas?
What does the word "white" make you think of?
What does the theme 'touch' makes you think about in art perspective?
I haven't gotten any pottermore email, its been 15 hours... I know I got my email right?
where can I get Art deco rings Not fligree rings but geometric from 1920-1935?
I will bye if u have it, or know where i can get it cheep.?
Where can i get papers laminated and coiled together?
any softcopy of the biography of paul dumol?
What if this author is just trying to show or express his love for Jesus?
when i paint on a rock, the paint starts to peel after left outside for 2 days, how can i avoid this?
help i have an art assignment due i cant decide how to lay it out (it has to be unique)?
Does anything rhyme with "banjo"?
As a child were you afraid of Santa, clowns, doctors, people in uniforms, what?
What artists used one point perspective?
what are some differences between our generation and the older one?
After 12,I want to study law,so how i prepare my self for law study ?
how dose the media portary the canadian coultur?
Why do people like that evil dark stuff? And they try to make it their culture?
What's The Best Landmark In The World??
If a guy was born in 1999 how can he be 21 years old now?
I am looking for older coins dated before 1964 for dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollar Coins.Leave e-mai
Classic Art question?
can someone give me ideas about culture jewelry ? (10 points)?
Does anyone know how to make a dagger?
How important is privacy to you?
How do I get started as a art model?
what does one have to do to become a tattooist?
can any body help me to find a free website for songs?
I need to find portraits of famous men dressed as women. Help?!?
I'm failing in art and I don't know what to do?
I'm losing confidence in my art, please help?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
Where can I find red skinnies in near poole or something?
I need some friends to talk on msn to improve my english and msn contacts appreciated kyzeybek@hotmail?
wher can i read the nostradamos writings and the explanations of it ?
Can anyone tell me how to find the locations (museums etc.) of original art?
has anybody read the poem "to an athlete dying young"?
Was humanism or art more influentual during the Renaissance?
how to describe a deserted place?
Is it possible to learn how to do a standing front hand spring in a month?
What's the most embrassing moment if your life?
In which state of the US is Laredo found in?
Does this sound emotional?
What do u want to be when u grow up and y?
why human response is different don't ask high questions?
was the wizerd of ozz the fist colord movie?
1700s Music and Art, anyone know anything?
who are nicer? ukrainianz or italianz?
Can u ever win if i can't lose?
what is the meaning of echo?
im sad! what should i do?
how to improve upon your body language?
Imagine this situation:?
i am in love with drew barrymore what should i do i have no contact of her?
Will you comment on this?
anyone with MODELING experiance, i need your help!?!?
My mind is too creative?
how to understand women?
how many Christian denominations are in U.S.A.?
Anyone know of a rhyme or poem that help you to remember when the clocks are adjusted for summer/winter time?
Is this picture okay for facebook?
What would be a good name for this kind of assassin/character?
trying to find a lid with holes in top for airfresher?
What is the Top 10 tallest twin tower in the world?
Define the word ART?
Which period of art do you think is best? Ancient, Classical, Renaissance, or modern?
What makes war a form of art?
does any1 kno any good german or isrish names?
What are the aesthetic qualities in Studio Art?
what are your thoughts on my writing ?
Why does good music make shivers run down the spine?
where can learn english free online?
i am an engineering student.i have got holidays of a month.apart from joining any classes what can i do?
Sculptures for all the senses to encourage sensuality and/or joy.?
What art movement is this?
i want to start to learn how to play the piano....?
picture aztec motifs?
what is a good buisniss in art for a 8 year old and get payed $100?
AP art history help!!!?
Does your name match your appearance? And or career?
How big of a loser are you?
How to make a rapunzel wig?
How do you wish you teacher a Happy Teachers Day?
How would you solve the problem: X+3 all over 2 times X squared -X all over X+3 please help me answer?
would you buy this piece of art?
About hemp?
I think my house is hanted?
How good do you have to be to go to art school?
My x-acto blades have an oily liquid on them?
What is the longest name you have ever heard?
I want to find a hobby?
Poem, your thoughts...?
If you could choose a power--fligh or invisibility--which would you choose and why?
Rate My Poem2?
How much will a 100year old coin worth?
Need a setting detail template for my story?
Advertising or Fine Arts major?
What is dwelling on the past?
fresher engineering graduate how much he or she shoud earn money. whats your opinion?
Anyone know anything about butterfly art?
Imaginary world Art homework!?
help me with art history project?
How much is an eighth note worth in music?
opposite of the word SIN.?
Possible beginning for a story. What do you think? Is there enough here to ‘hook” you into wanting more?
why do people dislike greenies?
i am looking for henna design?
what type of art and theology did existentialism inspire?
PERSONALITY help, please?
Deviant Art reactivation?
I want to be a model but my parents wouldn't approve?
WHY do people in poverty keep on having children? Same with people with AIDS?
using second-person in College essays!!?
Jobs in music industry?
Ideas ideas ideas please!?
skies,flowers and skulls by Geogia O'Keeffee was inspired by what town's landscape?
identify and discuss the factors influencing effective team work in an organisation with reference to 10 autho
u have 2 click ?? i need the answer?
Modeling agency questions?
What is the value of art to society?
I feel bad because i called people names and waz braggin what should i do.Will you please help me.I need help?
Poem Anyone?
attitude of art changing during renasaince?
You know the movie the 40yr old virgin right? Well im a 28yr old virgin, whats up with that???
what are old postcards worth-1910-1920 ??where to sell??who to buy??
animal cruelty art project?
there's a painting by r.cassaro called shooting break.i know all stars but the last one with a hat on?
Who is Manny? I never heard of her.?
how have erosional and depositional erosion shaped an attractive environment?
Why is David Hammons important to contemporary art?
what is the greatest art reward someone can win?
How should i tell my mom...?
How do you describe colours to someone who was born blind?
What are some tips on keeping a journal?
i am a manufecture of indian lehnga chole , saree by zardozi work and i want export its?
how can you get a guy who youve been geing hints to ask you out to actually ask u out?
was the early men mad?
If the artistes of the past had, had access to today’s technologies, would they have been as good as they were
Morning poem? :-)?
Can we be powerfull.?
If you could go back in time what moment would you relive?
why i can't open
where could I find a tattoo artist to discuss my tat with?
What is a transvestite as opposed to a she-male as opposed to a transexual?
How would u feel, if u tried really hard, but still got an f? thanks a bunch 4 helP!?
what type of person do u describe yourself as?
what is a good nickname for Elizabeth?
who authored the Poem given to JFK in Ireland?
What is the summer solsistce festival?
I'm 17, I'm a Senior, I NEED help. Please read..?
what are some creative stories to write about?
do u think that good thoughts can change several thoughts !?
how is music and art are diffrent?
do i have to be really good at art to become an art teacher?
Does anybody know what is the meaning of "ismira"? and what language is that?
What a Birthday means , what is our age now or one more year past away from my life?
Does anyone know who the dancer was that was pulled up onto the stage in Bruce Springsteens Dancing in the Dar
My answers?
How do I find where to look for a missing antique watch that was pawned in the Akron, Barberton Ohio area?
Very desperate! Pls help.?
y are girls stereotyped as being fragile?
Im 13 what is an interesting project I can do?
What are some ways to grow creativity without skill?
What do you hear right now?
What does PMB stand for?
let me start off by saying im asking for my friend, he wants to know where you can get a cheap new fleshlight?
I'm looking for a sweet tribal to put on the lower right side of my back or to go on my hips. Where can i go?
Should I go to South by southwest music festival?
Must art be beautiful?
do u think we shud follow religion........?
How do you express yourself? Show off here.?
Religious art project ideas?
please read one of my latest poems and tell me what you think (all feed back please) good or bad?
Any opinions on quilt shop in Grand Rapids, MI?
Only Mad fool people and dogs lovers go out by this weather?
Can anyone tell me who designed the cover art to the picture in this video?
Communication n presentation skills assignment?
removing muriatic acid over copper antiquity?
how would you define art in philosophy?
Which Talent?
As An Artist, What Has Been Your Difficulities You Have Been Through?
What's a good playlist when you're making art?
looking for piano sheet music: "Flower in the Rain" by Jaci Velasquez?
when a girl say 11 or so has their period for the first time do the already have to had satrted pueberty?
Can someone write a poem for me?
Have anyone have creative handicraft ideas?
What are your Talents?
how do you make chalk?
Looking for a picture I saw?
whats an appropiate poem for a 9th grader thats funny?
please answer its important ....?
Q1:How to judge a sincere person? Q2:If you love somebody,how to express respectably?
Who are the members in A$AP Mob?
Should I follow my dreams and become a Writer, or should I just get a stable job?
Moroccan Achievements?
How do you feel about breast art?
name art ideas plz help!!!?
How do ghost get into the houses?
does anyone know what this art/craft is called? you hammer pins into black felt picture & use thread?
Any ideas for a 60 second creative?
I need to write a page on what a day in the life of a 1st century jew would be like.?
need help don't no what to pick for collage?
I'm a freelance artist. A client who had me design something for him now wants to have the copyright?
what does one have to do to become a tattooist?
Do you like my poem?
What do u do when u r alone at home and really really boared?
What are your favourite words?
what is a work of art and what is an accident?
If you know, How valuable is this?
Why do some people bother to answer questions and then start 'I don't know....'?
When talking poetry, what does one refer to by "footprints"?
ok i am dating this guy and he called me a friend it got me mad is it right fro me to be mad at him?
photography project ideas?
WHAT SHOULD I DO?????? ahhhhhhhhhh?
What sort of average, everyday art would stand out? Something you would see on the street and go WOW.?
what is a good substitute for choji oil?
What is the purpose of life on Earth since our destiny is not here and all we are living for is VANITY?.?
What is a nickname for Wedly (WED-LEE)?
what do you do when you WHOLE family hates you because of your bad attitude.?
why do people always think of ways to make someone else very unhappy?
Helo ,want to know how to increase self-motivation and determination,thanks!?
What is the reason for this web page and who gathers the answers?
Ways to good better at art for begginers?
Age 20 - and desiring a name change. Is this usable?
Middle Ages: Dark Age?
How do you make reading pdf or a book from pc more comfortable?
Why talk in tongues?
What are some cool things to look up (for enjoyment)?
Help with Art history!?
Mardi Gras questions?
How do you mod podge pictures on glass?
Writting a word as a quote ?
how do I conduct a papermaking workshop from my home?
Cute and creative band names?
What does this symbol mean?
I applied for an invitation on pinterest and still haven't heard back. How long does it take?
If you were a psychologist and you had a Business card...?
the double jeopardy that women face.?
Will someone take a look at my story so far?
I had been lying since this morning. I'm going to be lying until tomorrow. Am I lying right now?
Does virginity of one person still matters at this time of generation????
which are the top ten poorest countries of the world?
What is Cokbod Lodwogo's best poem?
Do you think Yoko Ono gives enough back to the human race ??
meaning of "chutes and ladder"?
Was Christy Brown's given first name Christy, or was that a nickname for something else?
What are some creative hobbies a 13 year old boy can do?
Artistic/Creative people don't you hate it when people steal your ideas and claim it as their own?
Only one will, be sure it is utopia, it is that simple, did you ever think of that?
where can I find out how to knit? Is their a book or some kind that i can get to learn? Any tips?
what can be define as art ?
Does anyone know any arts and craft projects to do at home?
is everything dust n the wind?
Online beat-boxing lessons for free?
Whats your major pet peeve?
Steve Irwin's death could be described as ironic, but is there a less-sardonic/more-poignant word?
i ran across this and i loved it just wondering where its from?
Is It Safe?
Who did Rene Magritte influence?
favourite painter and why?
business studies: create eco-friendly product (mine is recycled clothing) creative way to present my plan?
Are you creative?
Is it wrong to get a picture of a poor kid and tell girls your sponsoring him/her even though your not.?
where to buy guitars with cool designs?
maximum time limit for 91db before hearing damage?
Do you want something free that will change your life? FREE SAMPLE!?
please be sincere, tell me what is, i overheard it from my boss.?
The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky?
What is the summer solsistce festival?
Does any one out there can really reply to my question for help needed for my little daughter...?
Whats your favorite smell?
How do I become a model?
if you could "do it" with any celebrity who would it be?
What Are Your Most Effective Methods For Waking Up?
is there a big difference between 24p and 30p frame rate?
Define the term iconoclasm.?
What are the 10 "hands" of calligraphy?
Does this sound like an okay storyline?
How successful, financially, can someone become as a broadcast journalist? An editor?
which is the most important innovation?
may i noe wer 2 buy kurma?
What is the one thing that you could not live without?
What really pisses you off?
for parents?
In what years does the Romantic time period fall in?
were can I find friendly activity for young gay guyes like me in ...?
What is the name of an Alice in Wonderland inspired art?
what are the differences between being a creative director and art director?
I need free sites for online Spanish and French courses?
DO These Lyrics.....???
words that rhyme with prosper?
Can you guys give me as many answers as possible?
do you want to be a millionaire?
what state do you live in?
I have an antique samurai helmet. I've been told that it is very old and valuable. How do I find out more?
Good photographer for acting headshots in LA/Orange?
Why would peope make fun of special people, do u think its nice?
What can i do to make my book more fun?
What are good arts and crafts projects made of coconuts?
Do you know Jesus?
where is yohanna wilhelmtudy in israel kfar yarok high school 1981?
What is a good surname for a guy named Austin?
Who do you think are the revolutionary creative minds are?
ladies, do you love to wear heals because ther're sexy, or are they uncomfortable to you and u still enjoy the
about my girlfriend lakshmi that who born on 4th august in the 1985 .moreover i am rajesh born on 05-02-1984?
Depressing Ambiguous Art?
Does anybody know of any writing groups for teens in the Louisville, KY area?
could you suggest me some british accent singer please? and cartoon ?
Do you know website to order custom acrylic mold for nail art?
What is a reasonable price for my model to do impliedty?
Clothing Sytles Of 1976?
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
i want to know what is honesty in your opinion ?
is law part of arts?
who is your favorite artist?
has anyone heard of a poem called elephantanglechild, by e.e.cummings. if so know where i can find a copy?
How to sell an antique?
I like to make a friend but when they go with others friends i fill jealous? Wat to do?
What does it mean if you keep having deja vu?!??!?
i want to know more literary terms used when studying literature and some of the books to be read.?
Most famous man in the world?
What is the SM.ART Coex?
how do you spell the French phrase in English: "Reason for life (living)"?
Where could i buy these t-shirts?
Help with art project.?
who can say "" I Love you""?
i love a girl who is my friend but she loves another boy but he doesnt love her wat should i do? can i propose
What "innocent" questions will tell me everything i need to know about a person?
Is Monday blues for real?
ideas for a submission challenge?
Art project ideas?!!!!!!!!?
How do you feel about the days of the week?
scale drawings of the Tugendhat house?
question on apology?
I am bored Do you know any fun websites?
Theres this guy in art class. . . . ?
Is this a good acoustic guitar to purchase?
How to make a really creative poster board?
Who is the most famous of these 4?
Whats the most beautiful thing you ever seen?!?
How much will a 100year old coin worth?
Good Luck Charlie Theme?
if you don't like your name now what name would you replace?
is miportant to take a shower every day?
Can anyone please help me with this essay topic?
Are all the Muslim terriost?
how does a 18+ grey go about searching for a job at a think tank?
Who directed "Saving Private Ryan" (1998) ?
Best inventors of all time?
what is the relevance of the name "ramona" in california history/art/culture?
Can some make a poem about "greed"?
What style of art is School of Athens?
What's this font called?
Does anyone write letters anymore?
which website sells really cheap keyboards?
Mood Rings?
Why do scientists call it research when looking for something new?
I need an old Italian name for an elderly lady. I'm writing a book.?
What is Ephan Design?
what are some 7th grade science projects that has to do with art?
Would piercing be considered body art?
I'm doing my Girl Scout Gold Award project to benefit Haitian children and I need a creative name for it?
should i do history and art or history and geography for GCSE?
What is the most......?
How can I fix my china cymbal?
Help with a writing peice please! Dont know what to do next?
Is anyone as lucky as I am?
almost imposabul latch?
Do You Sponsor a Needy Child?
Where can i find a Derwent Graphic 2B Pencil??
are creative people thinkers?
Give me factors contributing to the demise of the Classical world.?
What are the instruments in"Moments of Love" by the Art of Noise?
How do I seal in printer paper pictures/quotes to a plastic surface?
Nail Art??????????????????????????
I have low self-a-steam what should i do?
My mom is in the hospital for blood clots. I ask everyone to please say a prayer she heals right now.?
I need help in finding a easy to knit pattern for bed socks?
What goes up and never comes down?
What are you passionate about?
What to do during the summer by myself?
I need a creative name for a project about Ancient Greek Collumns.?
What happens if an enemy crosses a brick dust line?
art help please urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Quirky and Unusual Quotes?
The guy who made the double rainbow video?
I need fun yet easy ideas.?
Are can tabs plausible for chainmaile?
I think I saw a fairie!!!?
do you belive in Murphys Law? and if you do please answer this question.?
A good design/drawing/decorating site?
What 20th century art movement is this. -- A-T ( 2, 3,)?
Help me out with themes for Latin Convention.?
Does anyone know this person "SWAPNIL MATHUR"?
Can chakra transfer (mentalism a la Uri Geller) activate DNA?
What question could I ask that would give me more than 40 replies?
What do u thing would happen if dinosaurs come back to life?
What is the difference between fine art and illustration and why?
Is it humanly possible to reach level 3.2 in Kohlberg’s universal ethical principle?
What are some of the similarities between the screen you're gazing upon and stained glass of the 12th century?
I dont know whether these are signs or simpley coincidences+paranoia...?
how and what are the materials in fabricating good figurines?
Do you think the world in an overall view is beautifull or ugly ?
where was the bible written? were apples available at the same time?
Hilarious pranks anyone?
Poetic License Example?
What is the sistine chapel?
If you guys could have a lunch with a historical figure or a famous person, who would it be? and why?
What can my dream mean?
How is the mecanism of Telephathy or mind reading between two person? and does it works between everyone?
What is the difference bewtween women and magnets?
List three things you would have to have if you were stranded on an island?
why do people always pretend to be your friend than act like they hate you?
I'm seeking employment, with no results. I have skills, experience . Could it be my age? I'm 51 years old.
good brand art paints?
I want to collage a filofax cover to my taste, what's the best adhesive to use and the best way to go about it
what is true love?
what color do you draw a man?
Can anyone identify this type of braid?
Is writing in a diary a waste of time? Am I just stupid?
what do you think about my vocals?
What to write in an autobiographical sketch that reflects your character?
What sort of art would stand out?
Things to do as a kid? While i still am a kid.... ?
what time is jimmy kimmel live on and what channel?
Why do I laugh when someone dies?
what are the dif. ways to make masks?
an idea for the theme our of this world?
I can't figure out who this is. Help.?
whats the hentai that a girl wakes up being liked by some girls and their all around the city ?
Can anyone tell me where to find big number figures? Looking for 10 year reunion favors...?
What is the importance of knowing one's strength and weaknesses?
What is a nickname for Wedly (WED-LEE)?
10 art work from 30,000 BC to 15,000CE?
Ok, a poem. Please read and comment.?
"trash or treasure" sheet music from 1916 with nell brinkley tribute to on back?
Have you ever been addicted to anything?
Ever thought about your future kids name?
who would you like?
How can you tell when an art piece was done?
I need someone's opinion about my project?
I need a good interpretation of the phrase "to thine own self be true". I'll take anything???
Do you think the government should be able to do this?
I love _______________ more than anything!?
what does sable mean in french?
Some good, touching poems?
Can someone help me make all the sentences in this poem start with a preposition?
is it good to go out with a GANGSTER????
What does this image depict?
what are the rules for buying a tarot deck?
Where to find great art?
what do love is really about?
What is your best stupid human trick?
is printmaster any good?All revues on it are negative.?
What poem do you know off by heart ?
What is the specific training for Catholic Euchaistic Ministers and how long is this appointment last?
what can i do to make my cover page of an advertising assignment creative?
could be called a literary school only in France?
What does it mean to Sacrifice in love?
who are kasim-babu?
what is Daler Rowney Thinner used for?
What is this called?
Which name should I choose?
BTEC Art and design fine art project.?
How do you be creative with a Radio assignment?
What should i name my character?
What's your web address?
Do you belive in Angels?
what are some well-known but free writing competitions?
Sometimes, when you fall, you fly. Or. Set yourself free.?
Creative tumblr research project ideas?
What's the Annunciation in art?
Magic? =o)?
Working on a story teaser, critiques please!?
What kind of capo should I buy?
Please Rate This Fantasy Short Story by Me?
Do you like the name ...?
Songs with "Ohio" in the title.?
Would Digital Filmmaking & Video Production be a good field to get into in terms of salary wise?
What do you think will happen if everyone agrees on everything?
Who would be a good artist?
Can't comprehend when reading?
What are the measurements for a standard 5A drumstick?
What happens to those people that die without hearing the gospel of Christ? Will they go to hell or heaven?
What should i do with my notebook?
how to control this fickle mind?
Does anyone know any websites that would have FREE downloadable song sheets like, Jewel or Sarah McClaughlan?
Your thoughts and feelings about Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the general will?
how do you prove that a judicial proceeding ended in ones farvor in acase of malicious prosection]?
Anyone know a good person to hypnotize me into an animal?
How do I request a banner on TDA?
is this research topic / title grammatically correct?
Is there anyone out there who lives in East Haddam connecticut?
What would be a good name for this kind of assassin/character?