does anyone know where I can take novie swimming lessons in Santa Clara, San Jose area?
where can i get good humourous indian play?
i am making candles for my senior project and i need a cute name for my labels and i really need some help!?
Why am I Bullyed online?
Guide for GCSE Art Identity Project & Coursework?
If you are a ghost would, so I can see how they?
Which of the following writers is most closely associated with realism?
lalala.... there is nothing to do in school... what should i do to have fun?
Have the piano chords, now what?
How much do you think these are?
Whats the relationship between semiotics and discourse?
How do you memorize stuff?
Where can I get JAGO GRAHAK JAGO photographs?
Creative people! i need help brainstorming ideas for an artistic project in history?
Is blurring out famous art illegal?
Who made the Wonderworks(Pigeon Forge,TN,United States)?
Any good websites to sell my own films?
What are some beautiful things you can hold between your fingers?
ideas for art GCSE with the word delicate?
Will we ever be able to take better care of our environment and not destroy this world????
How can I say i like you?
where can i find the photo borders for free?
ART HISTORY Help pleease.?
what is a good dumpsterdiving strategy?
what is the most embracing thing you have ever done ?
Do you have a favorite quote? Something unusual?
What are some good cosplay names?
How would you?
Do zippo lighters keep there value?
Why is the Catholic Church called the Catholic Church if catholic means general?
How do I become an Art Director?
What are methods of creating homemade t-shirts?
what would you say to him ?
How do you do this (photoshop question)?
Help me - I have to pretend to pack a bag for a 2-3 month trip to the tropical rainforest?
Existentialism art project?
Please suggest some cultural event names which are creative?
What is your most beautiful memory ?
how to do a self-suspension bondage ?
What are some good agencies you would recommend in Jacksonville, FL?
How much importance can be given to body language? Is body language reliable?
However tall you are, you have to bow your head to short people and talk. What you think about it?
Do I look fat?
Shall we give some time for our Time ?
A Good Name For An Orphanage?
Does anyone else out there love classical music?
What should my new hobby be??
Nude Art much should I charge?
How do I learn more about Chinese Scrolls?
Are you a storyteller?
Giacometti and Henry Moore Comparison?
Pro-Life people only...?
Is fetching water from the river a responsibility of a laos woman?
I just smoked some salvia and it didnt work. Anybody with salvia experience please help?
In what ways has the work of One Artist, One Musician and One Writer influence ur life?
when will ekta kapoor will close her serial any idea!?
What is an interesting/funny concept you've thought/heard of?
I know this has been asked?
do you think racism is still arond?
Where can I find a ceramic country church to paint?
How should I?
what is the largest hammered copper statue in the world?
van you give me a mission to complete by the end of the week?
Why are most people happy on their birthday?
can someone help me understand the meaning of the song " pagan poetry"?
do you like my poem about dreams?
How do I tell my mom that I had to drop art class because it was to complicated to keep up?
How is "Woman of Willendorf" and "Eros wearing the lion skin of Herakles" statues similar?
Blog titles about life?
I'm looking for a kinda music, that sounds Tribal, but it's hard to classify into a single category.?
Can social, political, or economic conditions alter the nature and meaning of art. Why do you feel this way?
Which aesthetic theory judges art on how well it expresses feelings, moods, and ideas?
Isn't it irresponsible to become an artist [painter]?...?
Question about MOMA need answer ASAP?
how many of you take advantage of the handi-cap parking?
The Rowe Family Portrait?
I need a girl/womens help, only if your an expert on style!?
What's the best piece of advice that you've ever been given?
do schoolboys also look for girls?
who´s Esman Dias?
What is the best brand for all art supplies?
I'm looking for ideas for a blog?
What do you like about black & white photograhpy?
Is there anywhere I can go to use sewing machinery?
How to get my voice to sound a bit better?
A creative question about Generative grammar?
I love the dark I hate the brightness?
should i follow my dream?
What are some creative funny or artistic things to do with a pair of chopsticks?
Hi.Can anyone plz suggest some speech for College farewell party for seniors?
Advice on which set of bongo drums to buy?
People Aged 20 and Beyond, Any Words of Wisdom You Would Like To Impart?
what can I do about this?
Pageants? Teen USA? Teen pageants. ?
what is the N64 game that throws rock in it?
Should we legalize it?
Do you think should bring out a book on all the best questions and its answers?
Who was the famous artist who cut off his ear and sent it to his girlfriend?
What is the biggest problem you have in your life?
Publishing Stories?
Any ways to start a story?
whats something you cant go a day without?
urgent help...what are the characteristics of a rock chic style interior?
werecoywolf transform trouble?
Any art ideas out there;?
What would you do if...?
is Memphis collage of art a good graphic designs collage to attend?
Is this showing or telling?
Trouble in art 3????????????
can you make a poem about soldiers and war and wat they do for this country?
Does The Last Name Goodson Sound Irish?
Report Writing: "No tobacco day" was organized by the head club of the school. Write a report about the?
I read a something online that interested me, the text is below, do you believe it?
How to earn good confidence?
What is the significance of Darwin and Darwinian Theory on modern scientific thought?
what are some of the better online art sites?
How to not be afraid of the dark?
How can I enhance my art?
What is the nicest thing you've done in your life?
Can someone give me an idea for my art project?
Small impoverished town in the South?
who are nicer? ukrainianz or italianz?
what do you think of this poem?
What is a decent idea for a Facebook homecoming float?
suggest a best college if we want to go in for journalism field (electronic media)?
Where can I find out about dragons online???
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?>?
Making Christmas Ornaments that require a cork center, any ideas?
Am I a good student of my art form?
basics and fundamentals of creative writing?
What are the weakness of positive man and what are the strength of negetive man ?
Why ask questions when critical values​​ Earth in Danger critical levels system activities?
I think my friend is selling other people's art as his own.?
Does everyone feel that the world would be over if they die?
what will i do if my boyfriend seemed lossing his appetite in sex?
can someone please...?
Do you know a Cultural Center located on a Shopping Center?
What yarn is similar to this yarn?
Do you have any patterns in plastic canvas for the fourth of July?
Please vote!?
How do I know what to be when older?
Any ideas for an entry in an art competition?
What rare last names are in the 1800's?
In music theory, what is the difference between a slur and a tie?
If you had the option of living someone's life, whose life would you like to live ?
art:detailed answer please?
tee-hee-he:hihohiho it's off to work I go....peace-yo!?
What was the dictum of Phytagoras?
I need help in successfully presenting a grade dispute.?
what can i do if i get so mad??
I'm in high school and I am have problems with....?
I'm writing a story and I need a title.?
i feel bad i was walking in the rain and i stepped on something then i looked back and realized i stepped on s?
how does spiral jetty inflience the appearance and content of his work?
what is the ingredient of acrillic paint you can do at home!?!?
how do you bring peace on earth?
what is your fave colour?
can i get as much info as possible on kyffin williams?
i need masked rider pictures?
The visual arts and literature within the Early Chinese civilization were controlled by the government. How d
Should any body be aloud to have ownership rights of lands that are considered holy to more than one group?
i need help with microsof office word plz!!!?
What's a good art site, other than dA, with open membership?
I'm a musician, creative "selectivly interpersonal" made that up..c? lol.. HEALTH MUSIC ART CREATIVE?
Whats a good nickname for Delia?
I will pay you $1 if you can identify this woman.?
how to balance the five chinese elements?
What r sum things that makes people become racists and haters?
on what day is the most questions asked and in what category?
Painting Shoes?
whats the fastest and free way to download anime----list all of the ways and tell me the fastest pleese???????
What is JS Bach's significance in the study of Humanities?
13th B-Day Invintation!!! easy points?
I don't know who's quote this is!?
Have you seen an angel before?
Does anyone know a song about art/being an artist?
Have you written poems and entered them in a contest? What is your experience with this?
Who out there is an Animator? (Like Anime) I want to speak with someone who is in the Animation feild?
Am looking for a huge painting called "The Childrens' Hour"?
does anybody out there do painting by numbers still?
Would this scare you?
How to make my coursework for art get an A*?
I need help with stuff about oceanic art?help please!?
What is a good acoustic guitar for me?
Why Human have One Mouth and Two ears?
if we could collectively vote to shut down McDonalds fast food restaraunt chain?
how can i focus my gift?
How can i get to have my boyfriend to talk to me????
I need help!?
How many geese worth of feathers does it take to make one normal size down pillow?
Should i make my not yet born sister a knitted baby blanket? free beginner patterns?
Any one want to buy my antique?
Why is art history considered to be so difficult?
Art BS or Beauty?
would you buy this painting?
Which of the following writers is most closely associated with realism?
Why are Queens Of The Stone Age so awesome?
I need creative ideas for a display board on a Social Worker.?
Can anybody give me some tips for District Band Competition?
What is modern photography?
For me, time seems to past by so quickly than it is for other people. How to change that?
Can a army guy beat your @$$ for dancing to the national anthem ?
Have I maid a good portfolio for film production studies at concordia university ?
What was the first word you ever said (birth)?
what does the word colossus mean in the poem the new colossus?
What do you think... Not a poem persay but ehhh read it?
what materials do i need to build a 17th century schooner?
I want to move to the UK to become a model
how can i find an arab shemale? any hints?
What's a well-known, all around great art school?
If you are reincarnated as an animal what one would you wanna be?
does anyone know about the art of palmyra?
Whats a good place to base a story in the u.s?
What do you consider the most practical invention of all time?
I'm 20 and don't know what to do with my life...?
Can you help me with a poem?
What's in your purse or pocket right now?
Does this sound good?
What can I do to improve this scene in my story?
What is ur favorite category in answers?
What do I get my artsy boyfriend for his birthday?
which is the indian state produces most wheat?
How do i get kids to like me?
wat do u think of this poem?
what is you fav color and why?
What is art? Who decides?
If you could be one person for a day, who would you be?
How to get a grant for art supplies for myself?
which ones r more mean?
how often should a sword be re-oiled?
what are you thankful for in life (EASY 10 PTS.)?
Is it Was at the beach or Were at the beach?
AP Art Concentration Essay?
how do i find out if my personal art is any good?
Have you ever..... (Weird question for LADIES)?
informations about living in usa?
where do u think he comes from ?
What fuel sources can blacksmiths use?
Websites of interesting graphic design....?
Why are things funny?
I am having inspiration troubles. Cannot find my muse.?
Can you type without looking at the keyboard?
how old must you be to work at happy harry's?
I would like to become a freelance writer...where do I start?
"Diamond cuts Diamond" What do you mean by this?
Are Vampires Real?
I Have Absolutely NO clue what i want to be when i grow up.... HELP!!!?
3 girls get together for a party. total bill Rs.30. they equally took Rs.10/- and paid the bill. The cashier r?
How would you respond to someone who says, "Poems from long ago rarely interest me.?
Whats your favourite quote?
Really creative cermaics ideas?
What exactly is the DaVinci's code? About is he saying about God or Jesus?
Eighteenth birthday present ideas...? HELP!!?
What would you call this art?
In firing up the burners of discrimination to warm the test tubes of reason?
please no critisism?
Who helped built the Colosseum and how long did it take ?
I am looking for a list of differant typ of jobs that use art .?
How shall we stop terrorism?
Why do women have to suffer about getting preganet?
Anybody know where i can find someone to etch a pic on a gravestone, have someone but etch not quite right..?
Im really bored, help?
What is your greatest dream in life?
How to dress up as a ancient grecce?
Help editing my admissions essay (short)???
ok....i knw this is weird but wud u do this?
looking for adult xxxrated coloring pages can you help?
Does anyone else constantly think of pithy T-shirt slogans?
How much could I get for a gently used beginner's acoustic guitar?
what makes the story of notre dame de paris a great classic?
Does Tom lee music clarinets come with cases?
im hoping to get a job at a art store, what do i need to know?
what do girls like guys to do durring sex?
What does a persuasive visual designed to make an argument refer to?
What are some pretty (but uncommon) last names? Or just any last name that you like?
Identity depends on a strong sense of belonging. Do you agree or disagree?
why does justin timberlake think hes black?
what is better for history ? pen or pencil ?
What is the literal meaning of the Arabic name Ayaan ?
werecoywolf transform trouble?
Bono, is it fulfilling to be such an admireable humanitarian, and also such a wonderful rock star?
Hey poetry people! Can you find the rhythm of each of the lines of this poem?
Where can I buy a German Wheel?
What are the most valuable stolen art pieces in the world?
I'm so tired of my art style! Can you just change your style?
how do i use an adjustable triangle?
I need help with my art project... Helppppp!!?
Shakespeare- looking for a line from one of his plays?
do you know anything about leonardo di vinchi?
i have a project and i should do a ....?
moms not home i have an hour what worth it thing can i do?
Does anybody know Todd Nelson from pepperell Massachusetts?
How can I create a photo like this one?
why did all of greece except athens consider hercules their greatest hero?
Have you ever eaten anthing gross that you thought was something else?
Too creative ?
GCSE Art Giants Photos & Moodboard?
Are you an admirer or lover of the arts?
I hate art class so much?
What category would Game Art & Design fall under? ?
what do we call the person who gives evidence in court?
what is an interior design?
Poll: Is good art inherently moral?
What is the correct way to list things when writing a document?
Intelligence? Lost or Extinct?
what are the importance of acts of parliament?
SM entertainment experience? (:?
christian easter songs to do a human video to?
Man Ray research help!?
What' is the worst discovery ever made?
What are some names of movies that have artwork titles in their name?
Do you guys think that these are good ideas for books?+?
Do you have fears for your safety?
Le corbusier's Sunflower house?
What should I write a story about?
why god creat us?
How many U.S. pounds are equal to a ton?
Why do you like to write stories? for me it is because it relaxes me and takes me into an new world?
What is the Best Career for Me?
"the most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said"?
can someone tell me what toejam is and do you ever get that? and i don't mean sock lint.?
Russian surname?
What can you tell me about this cup/goblet?
Would having a portait of Frank Sinatra tattooed on your shoulder be unique? Has anyone heard of sum1 with one
Is Pornography An Art Form?
Can you give me your best haiku?
What is this called? Kid art from late 80's...?
Like it? is it good one? i wrote by my own?
i am compelet my animation course how to start in animation field?
Can Anybody Help With Humorous Captions?
Do you like my poem?
100 ways to get 20 girl frineds and their phone no.?
studio art homework, helpp :)?
I'm doing a still life for art and need suggestions?...?
spoken english---tell me the correct sentence please...?
Does everybody has at least some skill in the Arts?
So, Is this a good love poem?
Which name do you like better?
Polotical/Economic/Social statements I can make into stencil art?
what does a guy do if a prostitute does n't have sex with a guest at my party?
What is a good metaphor comparing the way that a person communicates teaching with metaphors?
How Do You Become A Mermaid?
Humanties questions i really need help!!!?
Why are Northern and Southern people so different?
Are there such things as Evil people?
Wherefore art thou Romeo?
what is this picture tell you?
What would this piece of writing I did be classified as?
What benefits do you think people derive from watching performances or visiting art exhibitions?
About Pop Art How It Started And Stuff?
why do people want to kill and hurt eachother?
Would you rather....?
If you could write a book from the past who would it be and why? Thanks?
When will chat allow members to create a chatroom?
GCSE ART HELP pleasse?
A poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with the line 'two ships passing in the night'?
omg my best friend in the whole world iz MOVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fell like dieing...?
Are there any books in English on Zakopane Style architecture?
What is worse feeling nothing, or feeling too much?
Is it true the younger the happier, the older the sadder?
i need a cute screename?
After stripping the wax coat off of a leather shoe will acrylic paint hold without ing?
Which theme Indian or hawaiian?
How to properly put together an admissions portfolio to private arts school?(HELP NEEDED!)?
Help me fix my poem. all criticism welcome :) ??????????????????????????
I need help describing my character, is there a site with other descriptions so I can get an idea how?
Do you like my poem?
What kind of Annie Oakley props can be used for a 5th grade wax museum project - minus guns?
How many awards has Stephen Hawking won in all?
qn deleted or qn has been removed? which is correct to say?
do people find you annoying if yes why?
How can we use the photosharing?
Is anyone on here that was at the A.C. Moore store today in Rockville MD?
What do you think about my personal introduction?
who is jessus?
what are the differences in buddhist and hindu art?
I'm a Nigerian but what to interact with genuine, real, intelligent,smart people all over the world. Possible?
creative ideas?
What's with the violin and the weather?
How to get rid of fear?
what is a good strategy to study ?
how to create a neccisary suicide...? (anyone can answer..need ideas)?
I am having troube finding work as an interior designer. What should I do?
If you could have any super-hero's powers who'd you pick?
does any one know what this mean? æßíäÏÇ ãËáß ÍÊí æÇä áßã ãÚ ãÌãæÚå ÇáÇÕÏÞÇÁ
A Japanese Girl in 1880's?
i want a defination for a tswana name tshidi?
Pic an hr in may? (10 PTS)?
Where's the best place to learn about creative writing?
Would you rather? Try this little game, one of my favourites.?
Why don't super heroes ever use their powers to excel in a sports career?
What do you think of this?
Whats your favourite colour ?
Was the Thinker sculpture?..?
What everyone think about this kinda of world for a living?
I am looking for free online photo schools?
examples of things within you or a teenager that are weighing them down?
Describe yourself in one word?
If someone answers this question and another they will get 20 points!?
What is Revolutionary Art?
do you have more money than you could spend in your lifetime?
domineering men... ?
I want to write a thank you letter. kind of like a final good bye?
waht does interment mean?
Extraction techniques of phytoconstituents?
What is a cool hunch?
is humanities an art or science?
Is this art do you think or not and please explain in great detail?
What are some good songs about crushes?
I want to make a mask out of fiberglass, how would i do this?
is there any way I can ask George W. Bush direct questions, especially on his view about islam?
Who defines what's art? The audience, or the artist?
thomas eliot ljubavna pjesma j. alfreda prufrocka?
Which country is better? Malaysia or Pakistan?
am 13 years old and i want to get a tattoo?
What are u famous for?
neopets code?
Did you ever think Revenge was really right after you did it?
If Maomé does not go the mountain, as the mountain will go until Maomé?
What are your hobbies?
Hi guys! Do you want to create a short poem?
Why is it when you think that you have something under control, life turns around and bites you?
Did I do a good job of editing this photo?
How do you break into someone's house without any evidience?
Where can I find a script writer?
Ideas for creative title?
Giant Ramses statue gets new home ?
What should I write in my notebook?
what does swot stand for?
Who do I have to impress?
bored to DEATH want to do a PROJECT!!!! HELP!!!?
why some people ask, but their reason is to get others attention?
Im new to magic? (? for Witches)?
What does "aesthetic dimension" mean in art?
where can i order a daily rip off calender?
What is the exact meaning/definition or concept of the word SUVASA?
how to develop in an art career?
Devil stick tricks how to ?
i need help!!!?
Summer Boredom.................................…
Whats the most inspiration TED talk you've ever seen?
Any tough girls out there?
To be a writer one should have________?
can someone please explain neoclassical art to me (best answer 10 points)?
A statuette is a ...?
whats the best way to get over a guy?
Where can I find artsy-type posters?
What does it mean: "The king is dead, long live the king"?
Is the art of misdirections down?
I'm on the computer too much, what can I do?
what is the role of art in new modern society?
Creative Project Ideas? I have to work on it for three months, so..?
Art Help. I want to be an artist and express myself but I just can't?
why pompidou center is look like this?
Instructional Tattoo Sites?
Tips on First Art Gallery Purchase? I am wanting to make my 1st real art purchase and would love some tips.?
Why most women believe that Love is Security,therefore Money?
Why did the DOE cut the art budget?
Any ideas of what to write in a notebook?
out of key...any hope?
Do you feel younger or older than your current age?
What are some art based jobs?
What do you think of this unedited poem in rough form?
Can anyone give me any poetry tips?
i don't have any degree or diploma . idone animation course without degree possible to go singapore?
how to say i love you in a poem?
what are really god art jobs?
Hired to edit a movie that's terribly filmed?
Is this an ok creative writing piece?
Is the production for glass mask 2005 finished? Is it on air already?
suggest me a best excuse for office leave for 30 days.?
what is Land art;explain?
Which is the most beautiful sounding language to you?
Whats more Important a personal statement or a portfolio?
what is human behavior when being confronted with power?
I'm starting to become impatient with the creative process?
what is another way to say joy ride?
What are some jobs that involve art?
its like 830 pm what should i do?
Dear friends please help me to find creative ideas in order to write an article about adults!!!!?
What does this poem mean?
Please read and critique my short story?
What is a 501(c)(3)?
Where can I buy this? ...?
Please help edit these few sentences First person?
You know any sites that teach you to knit for free???
Art BOW due Monday for HSC help!?
Why do people dislike the americans so muxch?
Help with a Runaway check list?
Can a instrument tuner measure the pitch of a instrument?
One for my 'little' brothers and their crew, sung to the tune of 'If You're Happy** and You Know It' C/C plz?
If an artist makes a piece according to a commission and instructions,is the piece less as art?
Bella's Lullaby help (Yirumi)?!?
what is stippling?
Is white a color?
first person to figure out my name wins!?
how it's a little bit closer inside Change always?
Who is the father of the public speaking?
What does it mean when there is someone in the world like you that is your opposite?
Careers in "non-creative" writing?
was william shakespear married?
Who fixes animated cell artwork?
Leonardo Da Vinci Art Homework Ideas (Anatomy)?
what do you think about...?
what is kaleidoscope?
Why is the Church so scared of the Da Vinci Code?
Standing tickets for show?
Who do you consider to be the most creative persons in history?
What is the MOST important question you will ask (anyone) if you had only ONE CHANCE to do so?
falling apart?
Where can I buy steampunk materials to make my own fascinator?
LAPIS LAZULI !! Why, when nd where..?
if your truck breaks dwn, lock your keys inside,which window do you break? its a GMC truck?
poems for school?
Art tips please, ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Why does everybody hate the cornish?
Do you know any film schools for kids in the State of Georgia?
what are the job responsibilities of a museum curator?
what can I do for a watercolor art project?
Does neone know how to hack into myspace?
Help me with an art project?
What is the Difference between SPACE and PLACE?
Which Name do You Prefer?
How can i make 2 years go by quick..??????????
Please help me pick my senior quote to put in the yearbook?
do u think that humans 'share' a oneness of being?
whats the difference between a fine art course at uni, compared to any other art based course?
Does anyone know how to make cool envelopes or announcements?
so what is a fan girl?
Are you right or left handed?
I need help!! Arts and Craft project for School?
what songs would work?
i need some good websites which could change my attitudes?
what are the characteristics of broadcast television?
Is Burning Man strict about their 18+ policy?
I want to double major in fine arts and art history, but what college?
Does anyone know how to do caligraphy do you like it??
what are the differences between Art, Folk, and Popular music?
How to quit a job?
what toys make my child smart?
what's the purpose(s) of life?
Dream questions -random-?!?
what is your favorite quote?
how do i know the boy fit to me ?
why do some people like to talk about people when actually they are talking about themselves?
is american english under-developed, grammatically unsound compared to the queen's english?
I am looking for info on a musician named Zane Cronje?
Is this paper good enough?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Where can I read Petrarch's "Letters of Friendly Discourse" online?
sarcophagus of psamtik-seneb?
How can I decorate my pumpkin?
what is the meaning of this french sentence 'votre addresse est invalid'in English?
what could ones aim in life when every thing is moving fine?
What kind of weaving are medieval tapestries?
What you mean by success ?
Why does it seem so hard to find your own style in the art world?
Ideas of stuff to print off?
Tell me the importance of the speech by hitler in august 1st 1923.?
Do you think the definition of art has changed?
What could I do over the summer that will keep me busy?
Does anyone remember this quote?
how do you send your answer on ?'s?
know any quotes?
why was pop art more popular in america?
What's the difference between a novel and a book?
suggest sumthing nice 2 refuse a person hu loves u but is still a vry gud fren of urs?
What is it like to work at Michaels Art and crafts as a cashier?
where can I find a picture of The symbol for track and Field online?
What kinds of art do Ethiopians produce?
How to watch Whale Rider on TV?
What is a good place to get Henna near the Twin Cities, MN?
How do I say 'thank you' to those who have answered my question?
I need advice..?
i see a girl at my bus -stop she is of my college i want 2 talk her but how should i start conversation?
Female Poetry?
I would like to test the poetry thinkers out there with these song lyrics?
how did i become my own grandfather?
Im a guy so I made a LARGE mistake I tried shaving my eyebrows nd I'm not gay I tried. 2 take of som on pmpls ?
What are some popular hair styles in the mid-west and on the west coast?
why do muslims complain about everything and put spins on every wrong thing they do? why do they exist?
What architectural style is this house?
Does anyone know where I could buy these or know if there is a tutorial around so that I can make them?
if women are the weaker sex, why should they be submissive?
anyone going to MICA next year?
what should i give as a gift to my 9 years old brother on his birthday?
Who importanat should I write to?
how to online whit 2 id?
What did you find in your pocket?
who is the famous spiritual adviser to several presidential administrations?
i need help with my humanities homework?
Why is it that upright bass necks are always sanded down?
What is your favourite Lady Gaga song ?
I need some creative ideas!?
Would I be a good writer?
Looking for a huge craft store in Indianapolis?
where can i buy blank coloring book paper?
i need help for a cool screen name!!?
Will any type of silicone work for decoden?
wich are the tree things that keep the world turning?
Devoting my life to animals?
Whats the best noise in the world?
pls help me creative ppl out there..urgent?
help interpreting a poem!!?
what do you thinks about the real art?
Did you know Billy Mays died?
what rhymes with seedlings..?
What are good books to read over the summer?
Who was the most inspirational teacher you've ever had,how did he/she inspire you?
what are interdisciplinary connections, cultural cross currents, and transhistorical connections?
Why did everyone from the past have such good penmanship and how can i get mine like that?
How do you hold multiple strands for Fair Isle knitting?
Metaphor for a dull person?
best thing to write on vinyl records.?
Do you read public blogs?Do you have a Blog? Has this taken over journal writing?
i don't have a clue what topic to do for my my art project? any ideas?
I need to know about exotic rituals around the world.?
How do you call a person who designs houses and..? (please read)?
Does anyone know where there are any rundown/closed/abandoned buildings (such as factories) in Upstate NY?
whats the best thing(s) I can buy for $200?
Do you think that the more expensive, or well known art school will make you a better or successful artist?
Question on ancient art?
would you be flattered if several people tell you you are a trophy girlfriend or a mistress material?
Name of this architecture/urban structure documentary?
Have you ever written a song, a poem, a story, or even a book...?
Inherit the Wind ESSAY please help if you have read the book!!!?
can you describe the color blue?
I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years, i love him, but hes not very thoughtful. How can i change this?
Any tips on literature at advanced high school level?
what are the effects of influences on modern fashion?
Music class help?!?! Needs examples ASAP!?
Birthday present ideas for a 12 year old girl?
Timeline project!! Creative Ideas Plez!!?
What is your opinion on art?
What is a good duet for a variety show for two girls?
Any interesting art/craft bookstores in New York ?
What is your worst childhood memory?
i need cheap cheap cheap good art supplies.?
What is the best quote you ever heard?
Just bought a used flute. How should I sterilize it?
Meaning of Art?
Can a women teach a boy to be a man?
What can I do for my art? messages?
does anyone have a list of paracord weaves from easiest to hardest?
What a wonderful world if only?
Are there any sites where I can access older (1950's) type Christian artwork?
What are your opinions on Manic Pixie Dream Girls?
Can I put another avatar from a website on the avatar section without creating one in my mail?
everything is fair in love &war do war, but never love..?
What are some of the sites for Ashley Tisdale pictures?
Any one help?!?!!?!?!?!?
I need help with this poem PROFOUND THING !!!!!?
If you wrote a story what would it be about?
Sydney Opera House-architecture?
"Life is a . . . ." give me a good one?
How does setting construct stereotypes?
What are some good sites to sell your art?
Why does everybody spell definitely definately?
what do you felel when you are inlove?
who hates bullies?????????????
What is the name of the series of CDs that were for the depressed, that had motivational speeches?
help with in/into?
who is the dalai lama?
Twilight Art Project?
In need of help with art institutes!?! please!?
What are your hobbies and interests?
Is there any video online that can show me how too make a turtle friendship bracelet?
Where is the best place to see Art Nouveau architecture?
Help writing a romantic erotic story?
which your opinion about person that always remember a birthday of someone else.?
What was the renissance like in Venice?
What stirs your creative juices?
how can i make a birthday card?
online submission for modeling in chicago?
Laser beam ( applying ,origin ,harm )?
Acoustic Guitar...............?
correct free ad blocking?
What do you do when you're bored?
to whom can we gift a car?
I want see other as i opposite the mirror (true/false)?
question for musicians/artists?
Are there any FREE music sheets for Don't Cry For me Argentina?
Self-portrait, any ideas?
Okay. This poem.. does anyone like it?
Good transitions?
Gift for an evolution-loving guy?
Do you think that you will ever see, a poem lovely as a tree?
How did beavers learn to build dams?
Has anyone done this?
Can someone explain Heidegger- The origin of the work of art?
humanities question, please helpp me?
What to do with this traffic cone?
What does the song Rusty Halo mean in depth?And do you have any good ideas for an art piece about the song?
what are the common features of theater, dance, film, circus, and opera?
important!! pls help!! what comes to your mind when i say criticism of liberal arts?
i.m trying to get a symathy card that i can print out on my printer?
What does this dream mean? 10 points best!?
I think that ISLAM IS THE BEST RELIGION -why not to be muslim?
Do you have to be good at art to do it for GCSE?
What are modern houses in Oman like?
A silver plate from spain?
question about art please help?
December 30th, 6:33 pm?
Would you name a song title that includes Morning (word) ?
Is senior citizen an asset or liability?
Bathroom stall writing?
Does your avatar look like you?
Can you name some Rococo art historians?
Looking for image websites like Photobucket?
If you were asked to write a caption for this photo, what would it be?
Can I get more info on my piano?
So I 'm going to study computer getting a tablet a must?
What is the connotation and denotation used in Marge Piercy's poem "Barbie Doll?"?
why are women and children always victims of predators?
What is it that you do to relax? Work is a four letter word. It wears us out.?
What should my Art Coursework Topic be ?
If I cover a glass container in fimo clay is it safe to bake in the oven?
What's the difference?
Who is in top in giving back the money to the society who support them..?
How can Medc's Benefit from Microloans?
if someone pops pills?
Help I think I am Gay?
Good way to get known?
Forensics art project- blood splatter?
300,how real is this film?
Is participating wrong?
how do i get a painting priced?
Why Does It Feel So Good To Scratch Your Ears?
top 10 albums of classic singers?
"Knit a Kylie" Is Australian woman's day archive 13 April 1992 available to view?
art question!!!! urgent!!!?
How do I become a better writer?
what do you think of this poem?
how can i get afree screen saver of el yunque rain forest?
what is the meaning of federico lorca's poem "arbole, arbole..."?
does anyone knows any unfamous bands?
what wil be my relation with sagitarious when i m scorpion?
Theme for an Art Portfolio?
whats the best word in the world??
A song cycle inspired by the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca?
from the sentences witch one contains grammer or punctuation error?
a simple minded person can be successful or not?
Innovative ideas for art book cover?
im looking for this polish website that give you detailed instructions on how to make friendship bracelets?
Ideas of stuff to print off?
one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Need info re A.Stradivarious CREMONEN copy of the famous violin (made in France??)?
Do you like my poem please help me fix the last part?
Help! I can't finish art?
Rate this plz (1 poem)?
who do you think should have won?
could god have bee an intelligent alien?
why were buffalo destroyed.?
Feedback on my short story?
How often are you on ! Answers?
What should I name my company?
how do you form a non governmental organization?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
How can population data be bias?
Is there a scientist who is Asian and also is enrolled in martial arts of some kind?
Can a Muslim girl have a sleepover at a boys house?
Examples of House Architecture / Projects that you'd point out as HUMAN TURTLE SHELLS?
Can someone help me describe a scary whisper?
if you like someone how should you tell them?
What is a Catacomb?
has flute playing made you double jointed?
How do museums make money?
what is the definition of a Zion?
Can anyone suggest devilish & negative filled name for my new id ,plz help me to find an apt terror ragin one!
What are some furry art websites?
Does anyone know the website where I can get Canon in C major?
i need history in the 1960's kitchen. what was the craze with the wird colors?
hibiscus paper/ card :-/?
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge...?
What careers can i get if i pursue a degree in linguistics?
who can i talk to about tubing down the river in tickfaw,louisiana?
what is a perfect gift for my mom turning 56?
Help, Advice Please!?
Well, I did it, I quit my job. Yikes! Why do I feel so bad?
In Christopher Marlowes 'Dr Faustus' does Faustus become inhuman?
? for women!!?
Why do people wear hairpieces?
how much is a 1948 and 1951 penny worth?
Anybody crazy enough to answer this question?
what do u think,is there anything else after we die?
I need a creative person that can come up with a good idea?
What does LJ mean?
I'm looking for suggestions for a name tag for my new mustang.?
who is artist Zube;what is the Mushroom house in Whistler,British Columbia,Canada?
I NEED Creative Username ideas?
How do/can I become famous/discovered?
Do somebody know the address of the art - supplies shop in Tallin Estonia ?
why do i sounds like a guy on the fone?
Can someone explain act 3 sc 1 Hamlet? lns 56-92?
How to know whether i am in love or not?
I am looking for a poem titled Rain. The end has I will wait a thousand storms but no more.?
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night question?
Ordinary and Extrodinary art project?
I'm writing a short story, and I need a font!
Would you rather.....?
Where can i get a cheap cork board?
crayon melting art inspiration?
which music band is best in the whole world?
How do I write a heartfelt letter to churches?
I need ideas for a character's appearance?
help! How to admit you made a mistake!?
Need help shaping my characters personality :(?
I'm interested in making greeting cards for a hobby, how do I get started?
How do bad economies effect the "art world", artists, and art in general?
What does apocryphal mean?
did anybody know how to play piano very well & is willing to give usefull learning tips?
Has anyone heard of this? Or am I just crazy?
is art always pretty?
the film A MAN ASLEEP or A Sleeping Man based on Georges PEREC book, who made it? when? where can i see it?
is it a bad idea for a 12 year old to go to a summerbash?
what's the greatest poem you've ever read and why?
Creative way to say "Happy Birthday"?
There's no button on the top of my new guitar for the strap. What kind of strap am I supposed to get?
Using the colour RED, attempt to serve poetic justice to this colour...?
is this a weird coincidence????
What do you think about european people?
Can you paint over masking tape?
Postmodernism in Blade Runner 1982?
I need a project to keep me busy!!?
what shall i put in my notebook? 10 points!!?
Do all poems have to rhyme?
Is it possible to customize a used guitar to frankenstrat?
The Twelfth Night By Shakespeare questions?
How can I flatten a rock?
Can anyone tell me what is a post sewing machine used for and what is a cylinder machine used for as well?
Why strong cyclones are coming again to destroy American cities?
the time is 6 pm . pm is ...... ?
Is, or was Christ a "straw dog"?
what do u think of this short poem?
must..have..inspiration for poetry!!!!?
Good theme for my GCSE art project?
What is a creative name for a photography business?
What modern technology would readers get rid of in their that they don't actually need to live.?
Is any one intrestead in fighting global warming? How?
How to find and buy a spacific fabric color?
Cool, fun, and easy ideas for memorization?
How do you make your own hard cover book?
What are the consequences of not looking for inspiration?
Pack name.?
how many planets have been discovered in the 20th century?
Who is this woman in the picture in the link below?
Does anyone else see 37 all the time?
Idea for a stylized color wheel art project?
In your opinion what does a successful art piece do?
how do i get modeling?how do i get modeling in dubai or midel east?
why do people make wrong desion instead of the right?
What kind of architecture is this?
If your doctor told u that u will live for 1 month only what u will do in this remaining month.?
why do good people die earlier in life and the bad ones stick around for the longest?
How much to sell my art for?
Are Ron Arad's products inspired by art nouveau?
Is there any way to make a standard tremolo into a floyd rode style one?
who was the dude that liked tall girls????? I cant find him !?
How do you make an OMG Hat?
How do you get images from other sites on to email page?
art help please urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Communication n presentation skills assignment?
What is a scene girls attitude?
If u could have one wish what would it be??
I want to look into interior design as a career?
what do u think of this short poem?
Creative tumblr ideas?
Wha to make out of duck tape?
how to be well dressed?
Christ is coming again.What will be your answer when he asks y you did'nt live right?
How should my parents be introduced and how should I be introduced at my sweet 16?
I need a creative idea please?!?
Peace Corps questions?
Is there any way to get a career with music that does Medieval styled music?
How did you handle yourself in the most difficult situation?
What do you do to keep going when you feel frustrated and sad?
Songs, movies, books about loneliness?
Ideas for Web Show Please ?! :)?
Are you a good person doing bad.... or a bad person doing good...?
is cheating...?
were can a Sociologist work.?
*Pic* Should I go back to modeling?
what are the characteristics of poetry in the romantist period.?
What is it like to work at Michaels Art and crafts as a cashier?
If you were to a draw a portrait of anyone, who would it be?
What adjectives rhyme with snatched???
does anyone find something wrong with this?
I am very artistic and love all forms of art /music but how do I find my niche?
I need creative ideas for my project!?
whats d best place in d world, to live?
looking for 500 plus acres to start a christian city?
Where to be deep & idealistic like history's greatest artists?
How can an internet penpal sell me something securely?
Christia Akroyd came to our scol ova day.....?
What is Plato's original name and how did he come to be known as “Plato?”?
How do you talk to a boy you like but you don't know him?
where do you live? what language do you speak? what time is it if its 1:00 pm where I live.?
I would like to buy the Sistine chapel. Does anybody know if it's for sale and what's its price ?
How much does an Art Conservationist earn in America ?
the world is falling to do i help pick it up?
play: Andre's Mother?
what is the mass elasticity in economics?
how do you make a friendship bracelet?
Should I do suicide now?
How do you do symbols?
What are some things to do when you are home alone and bored?
Would I get into trouble for this?
Will someone walk me through a Teen Miss Pageant?
What is the least painful place to get a tatoo?
What's in your CD player right now?
How to put Word Art over pictures from the internet on Powerpoints?
how come the 3 little pigs only had 3 houses to go from--where are all of the construction engineers?
how do you get smarter?
How do I impress my boss?
wot does is the meaning of alisha?
does the fact that god chose to give sunllight to australia hours before america?
I want a site that can provide me with proposal on postcolonialism. Please help.?
Do you still buy handmade crafts?
Is there a name for this type of art?
What's the longest you ever stayed up?
If money fell from the sky what would you do?
Where can I find really good face paint (like in She's the Man) at a decent price?
Ordering costumised flag anyone?
I am turning 14 august 10, I live in Utah (ST.George Utah) where...?
Next year should I join year long band or join year long art?
where is a good website to find people?
oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh, helP!?
Lend me some ideas for an art project?! much appreciated!?
how do you address a spanish ambassador?
pls. give me a deep meaning of music... something so deep the reader would go w0w... make it a bit long... pls
Wearing BLACK at a Viewing.....????
Art word for landscape art?
explain john milton's poem lycidas?
Is this an Art Block?
what is the pink floyd's last album?
Why does Modern art, modern music, and modern literature (prose and poetry) all suck?
hi, tell me your life story?
What site should a person depressed of life visit...???
how much would this original art piece be worth?
where can i get magic tricks?
Can I have some project topics on English Education? ?
Art contest help please?
Is there a way for me to submit my art work to get noticed as an artist?
Can you feel the change in the air?
Do transgender women keep there same sexual thrive?
what awards can i get at 14 ?
Where can I purchase snail mail letter paper?
Have you ever won someone over with poetry?
About Layers On Sumo.Fm?
where is the stampin convention being held in allentown,pa on april1st? is that the only date?
What are the basic tools for handicraft making?
How can i make plush dinosaurs?
What do you think of my poem? Please rate it...?
can i learn how to drive while am 13 years old?
Need some creative juices flowing! Help please :)?
i used to know this song that was to the tune to milkshake but it was about pokemon does any1 know it?
I have a good friend named Abigail. I don't want to be her friend for a reason. How would I break it to her?
where can I find the cost of an Emerson Burkhart painting of fruit?
A clarinet, with colorful keys?
why are we men called dogs?
what was the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU today!?
does anybody here know what the hartwick music festival is like?????
how can i make fiber glass?
I draw a nice picture, but how do put the picture on a T-shirt?
I need some suggestions for a club!?
How to tell if she likes me and how to ask her out?
Do you keep a Gratitude Journal?
Struggling to write a 9-12 page script?
what is ulegy???(@ least i think th@s how u spell it?????????
What ideals did abstract art appropriate from Utopianism?
Will world be a better place in the year 3000, and will there be humans at all?
how hard is it to become a film composer?
if you have the power...?
Which name sounds better?
When should I use a colon or a semi-colon?
Will melbourne ever grow to become as large as say New York?
science/art project help?! plz hheellp?
When might it not be appropriate to use clip art?
Are Russians considered Asians or Europeans?
why are first impressions everything?
Anyone scribble a rhyme that will make my day?
discuss the psychological, physiological and lingiustic impediment aganist listening.?
How bad does it really hurt to get a tattoo?
any ideas for a prompted i can write about?