Does anyone know where to get a bunch of really old newspapers?
Why do Canadians hate Americans and vice versa?
how do i clean and preserve deer bones?
Do you have my Boston Terrier Figurine?
who is katie bulla?
Where, who or what is Anyoon?
In what ways is an art museum a center for learning and not just entertainment?
who can give a free tarot card reading based on numbers?
How Old Am I?
Is it true that there are only 7 people like us in this world?. If yes, then are they of same age or different
Where can I buy a Kennan Ward Half Dome Lightning Photograph, 20" x 24"?
Do you believe that the majority of people have forgotten Bruce Lee..?
How do I set a Nixon The Banks Watch?
how does someone become a drug dealer?
What are some great creative writing resource websites?
A word that can sum up all my longing for the ocean?
What should i do today?
how do you stop fungis on your toes?
Is it true that literature is nothing but criticism of life?
wow!whos that!?
I'm 17 what do you think of this poem i wrote, i know that's depressing,but is it any good? be honest please!!
Description of a crowded market place?
What are some characteristics of 1960s design?
IB Studio Art?
Title and Author of this art piece?
What is an afrodite?
How to become a Freelance Writer?
What word in the english language has 3 sets of double letters?
How To Get More Exposure For Art?
Does anyone know the value of Bradford Exchange BradexNo 84-G20-129.2 plate 2 in the touching thr Spirit coll.
Anyone who wants to be friends from the UK or the US?
Help with my Art Work?
Was this done tastefully ?
Christianity question for my Humanities class?
Am I a good person? Read this and decide?
how do i stop erasing oh my god?
GENIUSES of the world or those who think they are-What areas do you excel in or feel you excel in and why...?
Posh, Pretty Avenue Names?
Had anyone been feeling unsatifised? like u feel like somethings missing ?
Book publishing?
Can US citizens foster care for a UK child while in UK?
Do you believe in Astrology?
What are some creative ways to make table numbers?
If I was a hammer and you were a nail, would you let me pound you?
need to know about charles damrow oil painting of one bufflow on landscape?
Should i do gcse art? ?
I have mostly stayed away from SINS all my life , but will I be admitted to HEAVEN or its just an imagination?
Help I've been drained of my creative juices by the cold!!?
I think comic answers good as well as straight, but why do idiots insult higher intelligences?
tranlsate aiutateci a vincere?
If you could choose one object that you had to graphically represent 100 ways what would it be?
Why must those who practice reading and preaching the bible push it on everyone?
whats a good nickname for the name linda?
How many of you think that being white pride...?
help me its important?
Whats your comment on this poem ?
I'm working on a poetry project for school and I'm having trouble. How can I get started writing?
im looking for a poem for my 8 yr old to his grandpa?
Which one is the best Ibanez ART 320, ART 200FM OR RG 350DX?
what is the relationship between art and beauty?
Any one who writes vore?
What are the websites/print sources for Renaissance art?
Do you like my poem?
What are other possible ways to say "in conclusion"?
Tips to getting tv/movie (comedy) ideas flowing in my head!?
Hi! Just a quick question...?
I am sorta SHY ...!!!!!!?
Facebook question?
I want to eat the original copy of Blake's "Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun", Where is it, I'm hungry?
I have written a poem in which I would like you to read and tell me what you get out of it.?
what poem is this?
where to buy sakura shippendun costume?
How do you make army green by mixing paint??
Gap year before doing an Art Foundation course?
Should I spend the money?
Good title for a graduation memoir?
What is the best music festival to go to (Glastonbury, Reading etc?)?
Does anyone know of objects that have been represented as sexually tools and images?
help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
how can good organizational skills will help you at college or on the job.?
do guys like girls who can share their feelings even tho it hurts da guy?
how many muscles are used when you smile?
Who do you like Chris Brown or Kelly Clarkson?! why!?
is estella from great expectations stupid?
Looking for a propane forge?
Weird dream, What does it mean?
How did WWII change German art forms?
In the older days, art was centered toward wealthy people showing elegant and appealing features. And in mode?
Who do you feel is your artistic "soulmate"?
What are these japanese masks called? And where can I find online asian art galleries?
free modeling and acting agency in maryland ?
Tesla B-day!?
What is a good grabber for an essay about art?
what do you think of the 2nd art of my story???Link included 4 the first part?
How can I get back into the habbit of reading daily?
What career offers living in different countries, studying different cultures and learning new languages?
Interactive art topic, something people can relate to?
How to become a model?
What does it mean to define art?
do you like italy, and italian people?
I love Van Gough! Who else does?
I cant think of any ideas for my art theme?
Does anyone know a website that would give me pictures of all roy lichtensteins rouen cathedral series?
Wat should i make with a 1 foot and3/4 long and 1/2 up and down i also have a bad hedach wat home remidies?
"we can do it!" poster?
How many people are insecure? Almost everybody? Or just a few?
Is permission required if one wants to write a story and part of it is based on real-life events and people ?
What is the importance of knowing one's strength and weaknesses?
How can I get more votes?
Does anyone here play a musical instrument? If so, what?
Why do the most catholic funerals have mass cards? What do they signify?
States around Pennsylvania?
If I purchased a cd containing various clip art, is it legal to print this clipart onto cards, and labels,?
which United Nation is primarily involved wih the welware of children throughtout the world?
can you project my art work in your home for your family ..?
what makes you feel happiest in your daily life?
what is the most important invention in our life ?
should i meet a guy that i met over the Internet?
I don't really act like myself?
Reading festival uk? 2012?
disadvantages of formulation of hypothesis?
What were you afraid of as a child?
Whats the most expensive item you have held in your hand?
Did andy warhol paint a version of 'the birth of venus'? If so, when?
what kind of name is ewa?
20 ways to say I love you without buying something?
Is naming a child Achilles in this day and age: Cruel to the child, strange sounding or refreshingly unique?
why did australia, nz, americas etc get invaded and colonized but not east asia?
Do you know any female anime character that has short blue hair?
how can you tell if sylvac items are genuine?
Please help.. creative ways to do a project!!?
what exactly is the point of living?
My GCSE Art Theme is Gardens, Any ideas?
what is the standard in the private parts of the body in art?
are there any great inventions or ideas come up with on a train?
Mail package arriving question
I have really good ideas, but i'm terrible at following through with them. Help?
a good female band name??
Are all art critics pretentious?
what is this art aid called, this funny little poser man, i want one?
Teaching a five-year old piano?
Who would u rather be?
Recording music at home....?
Help With Notebook Ideas, Please?
What does fair trade means?
Is there a difference between thinking and believing?
Could you tell me a sentence per word?
What best represents mercy?
what should i give as a gift to my 9 years old brother on his birthday?
hat as the gross incom on the ushpizin movie?
Do you think artists have innate ability or acquired skill (or both)?
what should i do with this story line?
Creative Ideas for a Tortoise Calender Competition?
do you think you`re going to heaven ?
how many points get me into level 2?
why am i born. can anybody please tel.?
what is botanist?
Do you like stuff?
where can you get sketchbooks.?
where can i buy a sawed-off shotgun, a shovel, some nylon rope, and a bag of lime?
I think comic answers good as well as straight, but why do idiots insult higher intelligences?
Why don't I have any talents?
Does anyone know where to find copic markers in Norway?
who is the worlds most talk about man? he's not black neither is he white from Africa and everywhere else ?
Looking for a propane forge?
Will you name the first famous piece of art that comes to your mind?
Need help with cosplay fabric!?
I want to be Someone's human muse, what do you think is involved in that?
Why is a game of thrones an 18?
What is a fun art to try?
Do millionaires really donate money to individual needy people or just charities?
Where can you buy art cards that are 14cmx14cm??
Do you have a "hidden" talent?
Where can I find a list of all the art shows in my area for 2008?
I have a candle made by Hallmark. It's a barbershop poll and is prob. 40-50 years old. Know about it at all?
I'm thinking of learning Spanish from scratch, is this much simpler compared to other European languages?
Each individual is different from other. There must be at least two individuals in world with same characters?
my rage finnally broke what do i do to control it?
If u were in North Texas yesterday how did you think about that storm?
What type of art uses perspective and how did that influence what art looked like?
I need a piece of art that represents a beautiful caring woman?
where in nyc can i convert my plastic stencil into a metal die?
how can i change my handwriintg?
your not allowed to answer this question ......restricted area?
Do you still buy handmade crafts?
Would anyone like to join an advice colum?
What are the best art and crafts sites out there?
How do people make animated pictures.?
Is the County Hall Gallery in London (with the big Dali exhibit) open on New Year's Eve?
IF YOU WERE A CRAYON..what color would you be?
Art help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How can I relieve girlfriend stress?
Random, middle of the night poem? Yay or Ney?
What are the 7 'tells' that people show you when they are lying?
How to go about getting a careet in the talent industry behind the scenes?
Hi. I need help interpreting this art work?
Is there such a thing as an invalid art/culture?
how many items are needed to be considered a collection?
Macbeth's strong qualities/tragic flaws?
wat makes u happy?
Why do you Love Kurt Cobain ?
ART IS A RECORD OF HUMANITY.. who can explain this to me in 7 sentences... please help..!!?
Teheran-Europe Co. Ltd v S T Belton (Tractors) Ltd (1968) 2 QB 545?
How to present project about me?
Can you make money being a poet?
Do you think it's necessary to have this woman on her knees with her hands on her head?
Do you like science fiction settings?
Art project, with "altered art"?
art Idea help please?
What is the point?
I don't know what to write about for a story!?
what gets acrylic paint out of school shirts?
Can any one name something that can't be broken.?
any ideas???
Do You Think Trapping Animals Is?
*anyone know*?
Would you consider proof of reincarnation as good or bad news?
What does any one expect from a person normally,?
How does a person have a Bad Day?
Art Tablets (Bamboo-Wacom) help?
Am i doing to much to myself?
gimme an answer. how old are you when you stop being young and start being old give me a number?
Summer suggestions please?
Brifely explain the work of a Barisitor.?
I'm thinking about becoming an art therapist?
If your ambidextrous and someone asks you "Are you Left-handed or Right-handed?" What would you say?
Do thin magnets that stick to each other and are adhesive exist?
Please help me out here *art tie and dye report*?
Do you think ur the best?
Is there a difference between "gray-blue" and "blue-gray?"?
Which is your favorite piece of art that is on display on The Metropolitan Museum of Art?
I have 3 small oil portrait paintings. About 8cm by 10cm. They are signed in red as "LOWE". Any ideas please?
which anime is the best ???
If a prostitute got shot in a dark alley would anyone care?
I want some aaction...?
is it possible to punch a person in the face and then their head explodes?
an actress's name (movie Edmond ). See picture at the path given?
creative things to do with my writings?
Lets make this the most answered question on o Answers??
Want to exchange nifty/artsy stuff via snail mail?
Difference between last days and present days?
Where can I get free Les Miserables sheet music?
Help with selling unusual handmade jewelry?
so confused..... need help or advise?
What does this mean on an art registration form?
Lots of accounts inactive?
What do you think makes art, art?An do you consider photography art?
How many people have to be killed in order for it to be called a massacre???
is it right that in the air missile the master mind of Taliban is been killed in Iraq?
where can I find beautiful evening dresses?
Do guys like when girls have extensions?
Im writing a story and I need Help?
what do you think of this poem?
What does "aesthetic dimension" mean in art?
How long should you wait after authoring some text before being able to do a good proofread?
write me a poem!!!?
What is so wrong about being gay and a witch?
Who first stated "the truth will set you free?
Fingering...? Definition please?
wat is peer presure?
Anyone know a site that has printable, free sheet music for violins?
what can i use to stick posters on my walls?
Let's all say something nice about American!?
What's the biggest art gallery/museum in Pittsburgh?
Do you have a blog topic you'd be interested in?
can i do CA from humanities ?
What is the best way tp sell olf Ephemeral items?
Do you have a natural talent?
do people still do sword fighting?
What would u do if somebody prank called you..........?
Do you like my poem?
From which of shakespeare's play has the "Winter" poem been taken from?
Does anyone like the classic horror movies? such as Dracula with Christoper Lee?
what are the new economic reforms in india? is it inculde new economic plicy?
How should I react tp people who is extra mean to me but I am not doing anthing to him/her?
What do you value the most?
Why people smile when they are happy?
What is the strangest place you can think of?
how do you start a lanyard?
Career and Job Opportunities for MSW(Master in Social Worker)?
Short poem with 5 examples of poetic devices?
Why do people visit museums and what do they typically learn there?
NGO will be conducting seminars on self-consciousness self respect, confidence patriotism?
What is the aim of the artist?
Where can I find glass figurines?
Is there a set of steps to follow when analyzing art?
things to do on a saturday night alone?
What Do You Think About This Poem???
plzzzz tell me about a special incident which took plzce when u were small?
Is it worth it to buy K2?
Does Michaels art store sell feathers?
I need new songs for my ipod!! latest songs please... :)?
question about deviant art?
What instruments did mozart compose music for?
A level art help.....natural forms ?
if you dare for a laugh....?
What should I buy at the mall tonight? (I have $20)?
Why do girls usually have better handwriting then guys?
how about korean women's are they unique? how can u describe them?
literature review: method section?
What do you think about realism in art. Thanks.?
Inverse Chevron friendship bracelet?
What's the most embarrass thing/moment for you?
art help me please !!!!!!!!!!!?
What does "their lives have been flattened or floored" mean? Can anyone explain to me? Thank you in advance!!!?
Why am I so good at art?!?
Hi..i m starting my own business of handmade craft ..i m searching for some good n traditional name ?
Fellow writers, don't you just hate when people ask you this?
Opinions on this poem?
I am doing an environmental art project, any cool ideas?
does anyone know what the biggest state in the USA is?
National American Miss ART CONTEST?
The meaning of "Whilst"?
what kind of architecture do you like ? why?
what is popular for girls in the year 2006 i mean like right now may 14 2006?
How can some people do art better then I can......?
How to be an optimist in everything i do?
Whats the worst sound in the world?
Do you get to keep your concert ticket after the concert?
What are good books to read over the summer?
What are some great reasons to have an only child?
North korea and America is there really a difference?
What type of art is used in the Bioshock series.?
the poem of half sheet of paper?
Have you ever tried to get out of a speeding ticket before?
Singing in the rain? What do you think of this poem?
Do you think that french language will have an important place in the future?
I'm trying to find out anything I can about a artist V. Hoople. I have a piazza painting i wonder value?
i am looking for human resources conferences to be held this year in China, Hongkong, singapore, far east?
What are some things people do to escape from life?
how do you colorize photos?
What does it mean to be non western art?
What the f00k is ART APPRECIATION?
looking for digital "tank you card"?
How do you like this short poem I wrote? (Easy 10 Points)?
How do you hold multiple strands for Fair Isle knitting?
What city should i pick for my art project?
Can any one have true story or case of rebirth of any person ?
Can some make a poem about "greed"?
How much do you know?
Things like melted crayon art? ?
the global heating this arriving more easy at our country?
What do you think?
Has anyone done this?
Where can you buy patterned or colored duck tape for under 4$?
I need a clear definition of civil religion.?
where can i find guitar tabs or partitures for "Corazon" by elias arno?
Funny Shirt Sayings!?
what is the difference between textile decoration & textile printing?
How can i take out the music of a song and just keep the vocals?
Party Invites? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?
which one would u buy?
y does the kkk burn 3 crosses??
In art and literature, what is the fundamental appeal of the SURREAL?
how can I make my teens feel at their best this valentine. What are those things that would interest them.?
what is "chemicalnova"?
is there such a thing as "fare" trade or it is actually "fair" trade?
it's late, why are YOU still on the computer?
Emo Poem...???
How do thieves learn?
What to put in my box?
i see a girl at my bus -stop she is of my college i want 2 talk her but how should i start conversation?
Creative titles PLEZZ?
Is is important to keep traditional handicraft skills alive by having young people learn?
what makes u happy?
How do I reconstruct these 3 sentences to make them more coherent/grammatically correct? Thank you!?
Hey what do you think?
How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
Renaissance Art HELP!!!!?
Are there any trade service groups around? trading of services, like freecycle, no $$ exchange!?
can i tie-dye a backpack? and how are you supposed to tie die something?
What does the term "INRI" above Jesus' head on the crucifix mean?
The future......50 and 100 years time....?
if you are a twilight hater please DO NOT click here?
What is a Dream?
can i tell u the rumer about the butter?
I think I need to redo my entire AP Art Concentration - HELP PLEASE?
Where can I buy a metal ring to make a dream catcher?
Is there a microwave-safe spray I can use on my pottery to glaze it (without firing it)?
Who would like to buy me?
define the word god in one sentence?
Who could play a good Christine Daae?
How do I read guitar tabs?
How tall was he at this age?
What are the changing roles of the nurse over the last 100 years?
Creative Visual Aids?
any info on aboriginal artists ginny hogan and bronwyn bancroft?
how can i dress up as an italian girl?
Ejaculation question?
What is art? Please answer in detail?
Where can I find old PostSecret stuff?
wat is the biggest drug city in kansas?
Do you gossip?
phrase meaning?
people that changed the world...?
Fabled location of the entrance to Avalon?
Anybody crazy enough to answer this question?
Can you please tell me if these questions are true or false?
Personal talks?
What was Greek Pottery (between 900-700 BC) used for?
im super bored and a little tired... what should i do to entertain myself?
What should I think about majoring in for art?
where can i find good poems about grandfathers?
I want to try portrait photography. What equipment do I need?
what d'u think is the most powerful country today ???
why do people like art, when they dont even understand it,?
does anybody know how i can become an apprentice for a tattoo artist?
According to Preston-Blier, what are the functions (uses) of Yoruba art?
Romanesque art and Baroque art in Spain?!?
What website can I go to find and buy great photograghic images of landscapes or cityscapes?
Any idea why toe socks are associated with GAYS?
How do some people become so dumb?
Why are people so 2 faced?
What is your explanation for suffering is it caused by god by humans or just happens ?
If you could choose how old you are when you die, how old would you be?
why is night of the living dead a considered a cult film?
are antonio banderos intersex with zeta jones in legend of zorro?
what is money or currency how to use in ours lives?
is aries/taurus cusp compatible with sagittarius ?
From Dante's Divine Comedy, what was the original audience (1300s/1400s) supposed to learn?
Who is the most famous of these 4?
if God is all powerful can he make a rock he cant lift?
Ant creative ideas for a photoshoot?
where can i buy Glass Swords for display?
I feel like I have too much stuff I don't deserve in my room. Expensive equipment I haven't mastered.?
How do I get my housemate to shut the hell up?
what do you think this means?
Who would you consider a self-righteous hypocrate?
What Are some good ideas for an 8th Wander of the World? Ancient or Natural?
what are characteristics of academic art?
How to make a house out of household items?
what was the weater like in the middle ages?
Birthday present help?
Do you think the government should be able to do this?
what is a luthier?
I really need help on my homework?
What are the causes of divorce?
In art and literature, what is the fundamental appeal of the SURREAL?
Would you please tell me what you think of my poem?
How do I save this GIF keeping the animation?
How do you cure a serious case of boredom?
Zodiac Sign?
what is the space organization of the notre dame de paris?
Which idea should I use for my art project?
here is a tricky riddle. *1?
How to remove acrylic paint from canvas shoes?
Who is Anthony A Barrett?
Why does my beer smell funny?
i work at a dealership and have a bunch of old keys, i feel bad just throwing them away... any craft ideas?
ART HISTORY help ! s?
what was the third gift that was given to baby Jesus?
whats the name of this lil wayne song.?
Can I be your new favorite color?
Gas masks in modern art?
If we would not have a light, how would it be?
who is the gretest danser of india?
can i get a mask at walmart?
Secretariat Coin And Photo Value Question?
how committed are you to your art form?
Is it possible to paint homemade soap?
For you artistic creative types out there....?
Do you think Yoko Ono gives enough back to the human race ??
if good are white and black are for bad people....can i say that i 'm a grey type of people and so are you
language art writing?
What is the meaning of the name 'manita'in hindi?
Is God present in Lebanon?
the architect?
Which option gets to you more?
Can u tell me the names of some classic childrens' songs?
what is the red thing you close letters with called?
I love OPRAH show i was wondering if it is possible to extend her help&support to my fellowmen in Philippines?
What to put on a poster for a One Direction concert?
how much Earth humanity in the English language?
What does it mean if you keep having deja vu?!??!?
Any zombie survival tips?
why did you think of choosing to be in this field?
Things associated with ?
What is your favorite season and why? ?
In what diff. way does whitman use the method of expansion and confraction of perspective in his poetry?
how do i change the frequency on my chromatic tuner?
Why are mathematical people viewed as smarter than creative people?
is it possible to be burnt alive and survive?
Performance art?
what age were you when you lost your virginty?
I have alot of ideas for writing some interesting twilight zone type short stories. Do you know anywhere I?
what is tenacity?
Please read and tell me what you think...?
What is the chronological order of these art periods?
I need pun for "I hate people who get by on their looks"?
can any one give me a good poem on friendship?????
Which one is better for shooting distance?
What is Burning Man?
where do the presidents go to fart?
Is it possible to erase my memory of a TV show?
ours face??
My newly pierced tongue?
Who can take a sunshine, Sprinkle it in dew?
Ideas for gcse art project under the theme of journey?
do you agree??????????
Interracial/Tattoo Art?
do you know what im talking about?
Books vs. Movies?
Can anyone tell me the location of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unison house?
How Has Selena Gomez Stayed Off Drugs?
whats the answer to this riddle?
Tattoo cover up ideas? Creative thoughts?
Are you a member 'in' or 'to' a professional body?
do you get NFL points for CFLs?
Thank you to all those lovely people on YA!!!?
posting poems on the internet?
Does Firefighters Do Their Job Because They Want To Help People When They Are In Life Risk Or Just For Money?
if you had the power of god for 1 week what would you do 1- for your self 2- for the world 3-to become wealthy
what makes something into art?
what to study for a research project and i can choose anything in the world?
what is your astrological sun sign?
who can say "" I Love you""?
Why do people in commercials and t.v shows use the number 555?
Who sang/wrote "Some day things will get brighter"??
I'm thirteen looking for a job dealing with art?
when is the nativeamerican music awards?how do we vote?
Everybody Help!!!!!!!!?
gcse art homework help?
Should I Do Dance Or Theater?
Finish this sentence...?
what is the meaning of ripulu the telugu word?
What is the value of and antique steamer trunk in very good condition. Trunk is at least 75yrs old by Hartman.
can anyone please give me a site that really does show how to bend the elements and tell me how to use chi?
Homework difficulties. (Creative minds, welcome)?
simple typographic examples?
I'm making a float and need opinions please:):)?
what is an axis line in art?
How much is 1gram of cannabis in uk/northern ireland?
Did you ever try making your own shoes?
I'm trying to do a character study..?
Intellectually Stimulating Online Essays?
i haven't any friend?pls help me..
What’s a good name for...?
taj mahal info desperately needed!?
What is this symbol called? (pic)?
My Art GCSE exam is based around 'ORDINARY AND/OR EXTRAORDINARY' art. help!!!?
when does dashline become part of you life?
Could this be possible?
favor and some easy points?
i want to know about palmistry can you help me?
What to take to camp?
How to become famous or noticed?
Is my saying like good and stuff aaahahahaha?
I need to over-prepare when giving a speech or presentation?
anyone know some nice quotes?
What to use to cut a rubber dinosaur in half?
any body feel as if in life theres a huge dynamic plan and every one has a small part even if its to talk to?
have you ever seen " psi factor" ? if so do you like it?why?
Help please, about studying art.?
How does my voice sound?
Am I too old to blog?????
I need a really artistic glass lighting?
re printers?
What do you think what will happen in the future?
Im bored, What do you do when you're bored?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
How do I put the pull back on my invisible zipper?
what are some pros and cons to the censorship of art?
What would you do in this game of life and death?
How come some mangas aren't finished, but aren't ever released anymore?
When does "the late" become "the late"? Why won't we refer to Stalin, Lincoln, Homer, Jesus etc as the late?
When was "We Are the Champions" released ?
What is the meaning of life?
what if they have stolen my name "sarabel"?
This question is for anyone creative.?
free working spells?
What Does A Gold Ring mean in a dream?!?
Clarinet help...?
How close is "pretty little liars" to real life?
what is ur favorite word?
When will Britain, Spain, Portugal and Africa pony up for their part in slavery?
can someone give me a link about fine arts during the actualistic period of art?
There's only one wish granted; it can be anything; what is your wish?
how does the personal life of Michelangelo, Diego Velazquez and Bronzino reflect in their art?
Is it true that people who are actual artists enjoy art more than non-artists?
Does Msc in geography require science stream?
Could u really learn how to play the guitar threw reading tabs?
Will you pay the tip in restaurant even thought the service is bad?
tumblrs with this style?
What's that stuck to the bottom of my shoe?
ask you all zeal man web quiet what hard question?
Let's see if you guys can be anymore creative than me!?
What to do with my life?
what makes YOU unique?
how does the present day government resemblance the book 1984 by George Orwell?
Outside of business, what jobs could I utilize my love of analyzing information?
Write your favorite limerick?
what are the advantages of living in a city?
Who is Neith Nevelson?
Do people actually read the questions before they reply to them?
looking for a place to study gemstone cutting...?
will human ever find world peace?
Who recorded "Suspicious Minds" ?
project on Italian Renaissance Art...?
i have this new journal that has very large, unlined paper and i have no clue what to do with it i dont draw)?
How do you make puff paint dry faster?:D?
What is the fine line between art and masterpiece?
WHAT DO I DO I need advice??????
Do I really need "CorelDRAW X5 The Official Guide"?
do you believe in love?
Is it last night or last-night?
An Idea... But some opinions needed or ideas?
in a fair way..wht do u think about moslims?
These transactions were completed by the art gallery opened by Martha George. (1.) Started the gallery, Artery?
which occupation do you admire?
do you find recycling a bother?
What kinda jobs can you have with Art and design?
What is the time right now?
Should a guy shave his armpits?
Can you please check this out and tell me what you think?
10 points. What would you rather do?
People with good imagination and fantasy nerds CLICK HERE!?
What do models do/ how much do they make/ where do I go to become a model?
Do you believe in someone if you ask you this question?
Studying for art history.?
What are your interest?
Art GCSE exam help. Need to expand my ideas?
beauty is only skin deep?
I am looking for an international very comprehensive encyclopedia which must have maximum knowledge?
which set should i buy?
Whats the kind of cigarette with the three mountains on the butt?
Are most tax payers of the world subsidising the death industry of weapons?
What is your best skill?
Help me if you can. I will give Full stars if answered properly?
Is a society a form of art?
What does 14 miles away mean?
name 13 anime shows that have come or are on Adultswim?
Ideas for a story please? ?
Will i get caught for traveling past the marine corps liberty boundaries if i don't tell anyone i am travellin?
Anyone know Don Johnson's (Nash Bridges) e-mail addy??? Thanks!?
palm reading lines???
which is worst?
Is a legit sneaker website?
Is the art history department at SCAD good?
What do my teenage daughter mean when she says...?
what is the quickest way to learn conversational french?
what does hello mean?
What's something that doesn't have value in itself, but when attached to something else, then shows its value?
Any funny art quotes please?
How much are blueprints of a famous old hotel worth?
Species/race ideas for roleplay?
how do you say Poem in hebrew?
where can I find the value of a 20 Dollar bill that is several decades old?
Fashion Diploma Portfolio Development?
what are the best tattoo shops in toronto and montreal?
does palm reading really work?
End of the world?
Any opinions on K Ricketts Antique Dealer in Columbus, OH?
Name a symbol of goodwill and joy.It is used in decoration at Christmas.?
what is the romanticism in music in 19th century?
if you had one wish in the world what would it be?
My art teacher is starting to get onto my nerves!!!!??!!?
What are some ideas for photos of Human Intervention?
In terms of reading, anyone ever think of this?
Would you take a role in a play if...?
what font does bring me the horizon use?
Need help with my art exam?
Help with art theory questions?! URGENT?
Is there anything gayer than scapbooking?
who was the dude that liked tall girls????? I cant find him !?
How do you fix the cover of a spiral notebook?
Art coursework?
Information about oriental art culture?
what are some poetic devices in the poem Please Don’t Read This Poem?
What art forms of the past did diego rivera reuse?
How much does it stink that I have just got to level 4 and I have to get all that much again to get to the nex
What would Andy Warhol make of the internet?
I am looking for the artist of my pottery face jug?
are there any 2012 art contests for kids?
what is an a basset horn, what are its parts, do it play a solo role?
If im interested in the film industry and going into film school, where should i start?
What is the "Merely College"?
what role did opera play in Baroque society?
I'm looking for a sweet tribal to put on the lower right side of my back or to go on my hips. Where can i go?
which side of my sharpener will sharpen the best and the fastest, coarse or fine?
Can we start spelling classes on here?
poems anyone?!?
do u have a cell phone?
I need a new project idea in leather what do you think I should make next?
do you believe that we have a book in us?
how do you become a model?
when was the last time you composed Hand-Written letter and to whom ?
How to be a GOOD cockblocker?
How did Robert Burns' life affect his poem "To A Mouse"?
what do you think of close friends that hide secrets from you ?
What paper should I use?
craft shows in denver colorado October, November and december 2006?
What do you think of this poem?
where do you find the strength to get out of bed every morning?
Help with creative ideas??? ?
What store could I possibly find Carving wood?
Is it ok to say "terrorist" to all of them they r fighting for thier rights against US,UK & Israiel.
What is wrong with asking silly questions. Has everybody forgotten how to have fun?
Joyce's Ulysses?
Where can I find a list of literary devices/techniques online?
in planning a public relations program, what steps should i take to analyse the need for that program?
Has anyone used
How Come Alot of you People on Here Don't know about Art??
I need some Ideas for my major art assignment!?
Name one thing thats unique about yourself.?
Do you like my poem (and rate it?)?
I wrote a poem several years ago and ask if I could get some honest opinions on it?
How do i become fearless of ghots?
I want to make dark brown by arcylic clours n I dnt have orange colour!!plz suggest me any other idea!!!?
how do you pronounce jbc Corot name correctly?
What is the name for a silhouette on the bottom of a tea cup?
is this twilight story true or false?
Okay, I know there's no such thing as 'writer's block' but it seems I've lost the ability to write well.
Can you "see" that 3^3 + 4^3 + 5^3 = 6^3?
Is my vase/urn a fake?
I need help writing a baby shower card...?
What is the best Christian Death song?
Some homework help for all you artists!?
scholarships to study in london for the indian students?
why some people are rich some are poor if god created man?
art help me please !!!!!!!!!!!?
What are your favourite words?
art and design and technology which one is better to choose in A-level if want to be an interior designer?
why do people cry at weddings?
is steve ditko dead or alive?
:( Carl will be missed?
What is the simplest way to increase memory?
How do you create an envelope?
How could you make yourself think outside the box?
How do I know if a writing contest isn't a scam when I google whether free entry or not?
I have an art history question.. please let me know any knowledge that you have on the subject.?
President Art Project? Easy 10 points?
The Da Vinci Code thing is blasphemy to God.?
What is this this called, and where can i get it ...?
How can I find a song title or artist with only some of the lyrics?
what are the parts of the Scales of justice?
i heard the statement....ERIN GO BRAS......orERIN GAE BRAS?
Does evolution necessarily contradict with the existance of GOD?
Does anyone know what the name of this is?
Is she out there? This is unusual for most.?
Colors that begin with letter R?
Is posing nude for art cheating?
Intelligence? Lost or Extinct?
what about when i'm 103?
is zazzle a site worth trusting?
Are you doing what you really want to do?
how much is my art worth?
where can i find a poem about baptism or water online without having to buy a book?
how do i create a template for a art and crafts expo?
what do you think this means?
Any advice on making a storyboard?
why is art so useless?
I need help on an essay about Henry VIII and the Reformation/Renaissance?
qn deleted or qn has been removed? which is correct to say?
who is the best singer in all around the world?
What should i write about?
How To Improve My Art?
I was wondering if someone can make me a cute, creative myspace name. Preferably with special letters/symbols.?
yearbook spread idea?!?!?!?
what other mental ilness are individuals with paranoid personality disorder susceptible to?
Favoritism in my school! What do I do?
Does anyone know any great websites I can get info for an assignment on "American Pop Culture"?
If we are God, then why are we killing ourselves?
why does the pot call the kettle black and in this day and age should will still say that or is it racist?
can anyone send big things to P.O boxes?
Why are chopsticks called chopsticks?
bansky fans?
i need a cheer Easy 10 points?
what do you think about french girl ??
do you use sex to feel good and avoid being as turned on about other parts of life?
What is some cool boy names?
Name the old movie where the guy and gal are in purgetory on trial for their sins and fall in love.?
do you read many books do you find time?
Finding nice yearbook layouts?
where in the world do you have lions roaring at the airport and why?
What would happen if you put a egg if you put it in a glass full of Pop and Juice and Different Drinks?
What do you think of teenage curfews?
Are China crayons toxic?
need help writing a relationship affidavit?
What do I look like.?
A poem to the one's who wanted more?
how do i get respeced from my friends?
are there website with storys about men in abusive marriages?
I'm bored...any creative ideas of what to do?
Charles Peterson art for sale?
Help with a story on a family winning the lottery?
What's a creative idea for this project?
Any projects ideas please?
Need help with names?
why are there fences around parks and greenspaces?
Why don't people pay attention to their grammar when they ask questions on this site?
what"s is life ?
How to get a crocheted-blanket to be soft?
Could someone, anyone, PLEASE ask an intellectually stimulating question instead of this BORING dribble?
what do you do when...?
My friend made this poem read it and tell me what you think?
I want to be good at Art but I'm not - I want to find an Art form that suits me?
Creative group project idea?
Anyone find this disturbing?
for boys: if you were to choose which would you give up food or sex?
Poetry contest?
My friend said please rate her poem 1-10?
what does Guapa mean in Spainish??????
Help with literature project for school!?
Do you need advice?
I want to found "The Senior Legend" for my school and I need ideas!! HELP!!?!?
What do you think of vic beckam?Is she a talented gal or just a wannabe?Why do me find her attractive?
What is the difference between...?
I feel like my butt belongs to Stanley Kubrick and I want to cut if off and bury it with his corpse. Will i...?
Can a south african enter the competition work of art?
Suitable bed time for an 11 year old?
Can someone explain to me what Ukiyo-e is?
Im turning 16 in 5 days, i was wondering about songs that were about sweet 16?
which is ur favourite english song?????????
Which Photoshop would be best for me?
I need help to identify a silver hallmark?
anyone tell me where I can find a quote where Indonesia has said for Australia to keep out of their business??
Reasons to be against louis riel! Please Help!?
Is this a good poem?
what are some creative ways for a 13 year old to show his boxerss?
The visual arts and literature within the Early Chinese civilization were controlled by the government.?
PLEASE HELP, trying to parse this stanza.?
Where does your creativity come from?
Okay, I need help on a character's name for my play - ideas anyone?
Which philosophe was buried half in the church and half out?
what has teeth but not for eating?
wat is a bandit?
Why do people ask "easily-answered" questions at answers?
Does playing the guitar hurt your wrists and hand?
who in this site would not date a woman ............?
atlantis inspiration? pics? building etc ...?
help me please....???
What's the best way to restore a bike?
anyone know anything about how to go about this?
one of you tell me frunckly what does mean love?
is someone who is truelly creative an original thinker?
I need some good arguements why supercars are not art?
Which Animal Collective Album is better?
Do you know?
Do you have peace?. Do you know how to get peace?
In web where can I find a place for knowing the informations about digital art contests?
2.What are corals?
What is the thing you want most of all?
''Anyone still have heart?''?
How was Erna Motna's Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming similar to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty?
What kind of eraser is better pink or white?
Why are Lancelot and Guinevere portrayed young in films, TV, book illustrations, and even paintings?
Name a real and not fictional hero?
Do you beleive in differents beliefs if your not part of that religion?
A Good Short Story for adaptation?
Im 13 what is an interesting project I can do?
is football a form of art?
hi could u plz tell me the phone number of misz kim fe the president of fillipina korean spouses assocation ?
Who was Lysander and why is s/he famous?
I need a creative outlet?!?!?
What are the best high-end flute brands and their respective qualities?
Do you like my art project?
Websites which I can use to sell my art/textiles okay?
How's this poem(persian poet,Hafiz) ?
Will grafitti eventually become hieroglyphics?
Ideas for Dramaturgy Project?
Am I a good poet or not??? Feedback is welcome.?
what would you do if you felt like your mother has been ignoring u ever since your 3 yr. old sister was born?
I need an upper Arm Tatoo that has the following?
Need HELP !!I nEED GOOD GrAdes!!!!!!!!!?
would it be better to go back in time... or preview the future?
dose anyone know any mantra (not evil, but holy) that can make positive changes in our life.?
what strategies are /were used by usa,iranand algeria in restoring oil degraded environments?
Does anyone know a nice poem ?
Story & Clark serial number question?
Were does this last name come from?
where can one get silk brocade fabric appraised ?
Can you give me some pics of Diego Rivera personalitiy contributions toward humantities?
What was the idea of the Heidelberg Art Movement? (Heidelberg School)?
Best website to buy tickets instead of ticket master?
He was a China Mandarin, Silver bells on his palanquin? where can i find the rest of the poem?
Help me out with this question about COMEDIANS!! I love them witty creative can make a sad situation/story?
Is there a website that has a tutorial on how to do the charmed summoning effect?
whats the ultimate dream of your life right now ...?
How to do a field survey on Land Use (map study) and land use changes of any place?
how to make a costume?
Pretty Little Liars QUESTION: Please help!?
Font Identification in picture.?
is this a good poem i wrote?
Whats your favorite color?
If something requires skill (rather than talent) does that mean everybody can learn it?
Looking for a site that let's you 'sketch' your website?
I work for a wireless cell phone company and I need to come up with a cool team name. Any sugesstions?
My newest poem, written in free form. I was influenced mostly by the beat poets of the 1950s.?
What does tornal mean in terms of art?
what are good first, middle, and last name for the families in my book?
what is an outlet village?
where can i find dj classes?
will someone buy my authentic probition boxes ?
How to begin writing and to be more interested in art?
What do you think about my poem? Thank you.?
What is the best quote you ever heard?
i am doing a crossword, the clue is destroyed, ruined, abolished, it is 3 4 2 words long. Pls help?
Do you believe which a "crystal ball"give by me will make you a winner?(only one time in your whole life)
Can someone please answer my questions? I would REALLY appreciate it with ALL of my heart. Thank you so much!?
what beliefs and religious texts do Muslims,Jews,and Christian basilica. What similarities can be noted?
Does anybody know why pens sometimes blob?
Can cannibals satisfy their hunger without eating their own kind?
What would be a good way to do this?
Any real tattoo artists here?
Christen Question: What is wrong?
how can i join the b.a. i.g.n.o.u.?
what other mental ilness are individuals with paranoid personality disorder susceptible to?
I need a song about love, peace, and happiness?
What does it mean to play drums with contrasting techniques?
What's it Called - Comparing one idea by using another?
I like art, but how do I express how I truly feel?
Need help personifying the Seven Deadly Sins?
For you. What has been the best invention in history?
im working in another country but i really want to study again,make a book or something,what to do?
How to impress a modelling agency on a open call?
where can i ....? info inside extra 2 points !!!?
What is your favorite quote?
i need to find the full script for the movie grease what's a good web-site to go to?
Poem annotation?
artist ugo martir adonna?
does any one here bileve in god?
I'm not good at anything?
(Art) Is this an okay idea?
Do you know how to retouch a photo in Photoshop with pale-colors in the result?
What should I write in a journal?
I'm 19 and I just wrote this poem, tell me what you think? Please be honest!?
And one more thing to live by...pretty much the same guideline as the last one ♥?
How has music changed your life?
i really need your help?
I need a good futurism art project?
Ideas for a creative fan video?
What is a creative and unusual name fora guy?
How to bleach sand, or at least make it white?
which were the two coutries invited as observer in fifteenth SARRC summit? where was it held?
How Can I Improve This Paragraph? BA s?
What should I write a poem about?
GCSE art final piece ideas ?
Would you get in trouble, for turning on someone water?
“Art is long, life short.” -Hippocrates (460-377 BCE). I would like to know your comment about the quotation.?
Tale Of Two Cities; Charles Dickens. Question?
Haeger Pottery: I want to know the value of a pitcher I have. Can't find this one on the internet. Help?
Do you know any giveaways/contests?
I am looking for a publishing company to publish an inspirational book of poetry.?
how does the justinian, Bishop Maximianus, & the attendants demonstrate the byzantine style of art?
I have a full 12 pc setting of some china purchased in Taiwan by grandfather in late 60's.trying to find value?
Really Weird question.....?
How do you get rid of ants living in your home?
Is the Martha Stewart TV Show on every morning. What network?
Need some interesting writing topics please?
Different Cultures That Effect Art?
Is there a highest art form and/or which would you most like to be skilled at?
Where are the creative minds??? I need help!!?
if you could be invisible for a night, where would you go?
Need help from someone creative please!?
what are some 7th grade science projects that has to do with art?
How would one go about becoming a tattoo artist?
I'm losing confidence in my art, please help?
whats the surnames of romeo and juliet?
Can you fit a tampon in your nose?
Where is the place called Csiksomlyo ?
What are henna colors?
High school for the arts ???
Why people hate ?
tips on writing good poems?
I need good ways to be seen naked by people without my parents finding out.?
heard it on a comerical. is it coppying?
Who should I write about for my Humanities paper, Bernini Caravaggio or Shakespeare?
what are some well-known but free writing competitions?
what do you do when a freind uses youfor like something?
if the whole world woke up permanently blind tomorow?
My youngest sister dose very evil stuff!?
why are Indians so sensitive over their caste system?
switchfoot-i dare you to move strumming pattern?
What tips do artists have to become a great artist?
ideas for art final piece?
Equalizer help- learning a song by ear?
what evidence is there that china is more developed country?
Should English language be,by universal consensus,the world official language?
what does the names Kassy and Keira represent?
What are some rules for teamwork???
Art Center, Pasadena?
how can i make a good poem??
Can you help me coming up with a title?
Has anyone looked at this website ( www.shutterfly/pro/your/photographer) ?
How would you define the word sensible?
i am very much dispressed about myself, please friends, help me! how to gain confidence?