any one have any websites or pictures of really cool 21st invitations?
Does anybody with OCD find being creative difficult?
Need help with art homework plz??!!!?
he forgot to take his mobile.Now he is in office.if you want to contact him ,call him to the office.?
It Old and i dont know what its called and its blue?
when did sans serifs come to be? who started all that 'san serif' idea and why? was there a reason?
Pablo Picasso?! Art Project?
What is there I can do since I am sick, in 2 months I get surgery, and I have a 6 month recovery period?
What is the best site on Asian Pottery and Ceramics?
Girls have you ever been frisked before?
I want to persue a career in writing but I have trouble thinking of things to write about. Help?
Why is Roman art better than Greek art?
i need an answer to this,please!?
do u think that humans 'share' a oneness of being?
How to get a agent to help me submit a movie idea to a network?
i have to make an Egyptian theme art piece i need Creative ideas 10 POINTS?
need help for arts and crafts for my 4 year old.?
what is the nicest thing you've ever done to someone?
Why isn't there a celebration on every second street?
how do i break up with this guy without hurting his feelings?
How to make a poem?
Creative ideas for a prpject?
I would like to ask................?
what can I do to get rid of this fly?
How can i exercise my right brain? My creative side? My artistic side? My adventurous side?
Can we get everything from money ?
Need Art History help?
What is a career that would combine art and travel? I need help picking a course of study...?
art help plz urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
AS level art research, what exactly do I need in total?
If a unknown dude/chick came up 2 u in the club?
hi every one, wish 1day all the world havin a peace,but! How 2 have the justice over the world?
when gel pen tips are dried out how do you get the ink to flow again?
Creative ways to present information?
What is a good subtopic to write about on chinese calligraphy/art?
The first time seeing a person, and then seeing them frequently. Does that person apearance vary after awhile?
why do people dislike greenies?
When will I go to Haven?..Or I will go to Hell?
Why don't I have any talents?
Why do some people bother to answer questions and then start 'I don't know....'?
Why are man-holes round?
Does anyone have an i, with a heart as the dot?
Why do people celebrate their birthday?
Lady boss or Man boss, which one u are prefer working for?
What is "666"???!!!!! I know, I'm not smart >.<?
Grade 10 music history J.S Bach-His Life?
Is there any limit for our memory?
why is world gettin so difficult place to live in?
Have anyone did standard grade or any art in school?
what should my art portfolio consist of?
What is art to you!!?
What reasons might there be, today, to separate "popular culture" from "art"?
who is your hero and why?
Art questions please answer??
is there a place in the Philadelphia area that offers Arabic belly dance classes?
The visual arts of the Early Renaissance followd the Classical ideals of:?
Art tips please, ANY SUGGESTIONS?
What are those people called....?
Im helping my little bratty cousin to make a graph and i have a mac and i want to know how to do it?
Do i look like I have talent as a photographer?
hia does anyone know where i can get free piano music for the lord of the rings?
Help creating a character? Be creative?
I'm having some trouble finding research about assassins...?
Why do girls like guys that are jerks?
I have some very old stamps and I wanna sell them, where can i find people who r interested wid this?
Taxidermy art supplies?
Whats the cheapest method to get Hydroxatone?
Do you support animal rights?
How many people love Answers and Questions this website?
What's your favourite word in the English language?
who is artist Ken Renaldo ;please explain about his work?
What is the meaning of LIFE?
how do i change the frequency on my chromatic tuner?
can you dream with a bullet in your head?
do you like the quote I made? PLEASE ANSWER! =[[[?
Need opinions on an idea for some art work and ideas for name of it? this site iknow but ilike to know jjschool of applide art india.?
Can anyone help me find something about history of theater or theater through ages?
Where can I download anime for free? (Veoh only saves as FLV Now -.-)
singer sew machine how to wind bobbins?
Who likes my poem?
When Will Demi Be At The MOA Tomorrow ?
First thing in the morning- what is the best thing to see/hear?
Caricatures in Sydney?
Need creative Ideas for project please!!!!?
What is the best way to "live for the day"?
thinking of changing my name Allison Julie Coles to just Allisonjulie SHOULD I? I ALSO NEED AN EMO NICKNAME!!!?
what is the meaning of "valorium"?
How competitive is it to get into Central Saint Martins?
first person to figure out my name wins!?
what are your favorite WORDS OF WISDOM from a song?
Is it "science-fiction" or "science fiction?"?
Why Netherland people name always have (van)?
Would this be considered hypocrisy or inconsistency..?
Creative title names for Intensive Care Neonatology Nurse display board?
what is a luthier?
What are some furry art websites?
What are the challenges to the American Dream?
Help with Ides of March/Julius Caesar!?
career guidance?
what is the population in different states in india?
Answer this please?
Why did Michelangelo give some of his art to the church?
Why do people want to rush through life?
Would anyone buy my art? PLEASE HELP?
Are there specific characteristics or purposes the art must contribute to society?
If you were a mountie....?
What are some of whales adaptations to antarctica?
Art project help???????????
i know that im talented.but im too lazy to go and utilize them.can you help me to combat my laziness?
Where do I go to get a 1601 Bible valued/sold?
why are first impressions everything?
ho'w you call aperson who admire or love herself too much..?
how to create ambiance for a bed and breakfast farm stay business?
Do you think that James Holmes is mentally ill or just wanted to terrorize society?
GCSE art project ideas?
please help me with this question!!?
what were artist and writers reacting against in the 15th century?
Where can i find cool guitar straps?
Will I sucide?? plz answer :(?
What is your guys opinion of this?
Ideas for a persuasive speech/essay?
Need help buying paper?
What color do you get if you mix red with pink?
Making a creative science project?
art ideas? art project, subjects? xx?
What are some other words for..?
I want to be a dance critic/historian...?
Here's the start of my new poem please rate 1-100 along with your interpretation, thank you!?
What's a good Anbu or FBI name?
What does this quote mean: "intellect annuls fate. So far as man thinks he is free."?
how does theatre differ from other art forms?
i need an idea for a christmas bridal bouquet?
what is the full form of love?
to kill a mockingbird film help? symbolism?
what helps vitamin C?
where can i find poems about the position of a woman?
Displaying your CD collection?
What do you like better?
I need a tutorial to help me knitting an I-cord??? plz help?
Saint Crispin's Day Speech by William Shakespeare translation?
does anybody have a scooby snack?
Whats the most beautiful thing you've ever seen or heard of?
Does an artist have to hold a bachelor's degree to be a freelancer?
What are some adjectives to describe gray?
Write a short poem about love...or try to. :)?
What types of cameras and films are normally used for studio portraits?
World War One Medics and art URGENT?
i am trying to find the author of this poem?
how does a girl get a boy's attention?
Question about Neoclassicism?
i need a nice poem for valentiine's day but it is for a complete stranger because of my school's activity's
What is the relationship of pictographs and cuneiform signs?
Is the car insurance free for me?
advice on quitting facebook?
when you apply for an apartmentcan they ask you if you have an arrest record?
How do I know my yg entertainment application got submitted?
Art Foundation FMP ideas?
Girls!! scale 1 to 10, What would you give me?
Anyone have a cure for writer's block?
Does money create taste?
how do u know if u r pretty from outide or if ur ugly?
Unknown Symbols, Any Ideas?
How should i design it? T-shirt help! For all you creative people!!!?
where can i find old public domain images; eg. maps, art, anything! from and about the uk for downloading?
what to do at a 2 person sleepover?
..?Cat on fence is walkingGeese have gone down for swimPony comes trotting up to gateKnows I have candy forhim
Romanesque art and Baroque art in Spain?!?
Kolors Embroidery color chart needed?
What are your guys pet peeves?
product design style is going to make forms as simple as possible. what will be the next step?
What makes you hyper and a bit crazy? (not in a bad wayy!)?
How can you word out the noise of an inflating balloon?
Is Simon Cowell?
any suggestion on different ideas on my art project?
Where are the creative minds??? I need help!!?
This is for you lemon_zest21. I like this guy, but I am scared to confront him. What do I do?
Is "with a heart" a cliche?
What is the year of a hallmarked Queen Anne cream jug and an approximate value?
Gill Copeland, how do I find her work in the USA?
Should I major in music or art?
how to create a website and publish?
Tell me what you think about this poem I wrote.?
What are some creative anthologies?
what does "saudade" mean?
Why are people so 2 faced?
What is chakra?
Who is to blame for Romeo And Juliets death and why?
which website is this story on?
is there another name for tribal art?
What is the point of art?
Do we come to life again when we die?
My holloween costume!!!! Help?
What is the difference between modern art and contemporary art?
Can someone see air/wind with the eye?
A good tumblr name that is creative and not taken?
what should i do with my old diaries/journals?
My first best answers..does that mean I have helped someone somewhere in the world today?
What does Symbolic form mean in an Art class?
Yearbook theme ideas?
Bored, wanna write a story. Help with plot ideas?
Are these the good old days?
is rap music just a trend?
Mako and Bolin Of The Legend Of Korra?
Can you help me with my art project?
if u were to be an animal what would u be? and why?
If you are reincarnated as an animal what one would you wanna be?
a good popular girl name & a geek/nerd name?
What's a Good Halloween Costume for an Overweight teen guy?
Anjum from Faisalabad a computer graphics designer waiting real friend?
I'm discouraged and don't know what to do?
What material is used for the US Capitol Building floors?
people looking for art?
what do you have as your desktop wallpaper?
Any art project Ideas?
where can i get antique old-fashioned model cars?
What is this curly line called?
to be or not to be?
Stuck for ideas for A-level Art... please help!?
How can I find a free website that shows how to fold paper into stuff.?
When I'm writing, my U's look exactly like my N's. Is there any way to change this?
who is the mother of mary, mother of jesus?
Please think about your most significant accomplishment. Now, could you tell me all about it?as?
Does this sound like a good idea for a book?
Christains, What battle are you fighting?
What are you most grateful for?
What would you call this?
I need SPOILERS for DEXTER....!?
I ******* hate Art now!!! Please help?? I feel like crying!!!?
What is the consumer audience of Maxwell and William?
what are the contrast in the poem forgive my guilt?
What is the shortest English sentence?
I need help with a building project?
How to make a fake ...?
What do you think of these ideas for my blog name?
smoking bowl help................?
What kind of person do you think I am? Big tip: 19 and female?
Color guard checkpoints?
What is different between ice shelf and sea ice?
What do you call a person who is posing for a picture?
At my dad funeral, I saw my 33 y/o brother cry, I felt so bad for him more than for our dad, was it wrong ??
What is................?
Is there anyone in our era that has the same effect that Da Vinci had on art, sciences, medicine...?
Helping a friend get her art out there?
candle carving classes....!!!?
should i let my hair grow longer or cut it?
I've been heating/burning acrylic/plexiglas for an art project - at least a week,off & on. Am i going to die?
Is a Statement of Purpose and a Mission Statement the same thing, or are they different?
what type of people believe astrology and is it something to follow?
Yearbook question for school!!!??? NEED CREATIVE ANSWERS!?
how can i portray loneliness into my art work?
How do you feel about gun violence on teens?
A girl was wearing this shirt to school?
why do you think some lesbians go with women that look just like guys,but they dont like guys?
can you guess my mom's name?
What is the "Sublime"?
what could I do for my art homework?
looking for a site that makes banners for family reunion?
what is your name, when you wake up in the morning on monday?
How to become a complete man in life?
Would you rather be the beauty, create the beauty, or possess the beauty?
What should I get?
Can you review the movie fantastic four for me?
is the arch of constantine considered art?
What am I cut out to do?
Would you be happy or miserable if you had a business that was doing a roaring trade?
What comes first - the chicken or the egg?
what art class should i take?
any recommendations....
What is the...........?
creative idea for history?
Where is a source for educational monies for women over 50?
10 points to who can help me with my english assignment, i need a title and visual element to enhance the text?
Irma likes cats, her sister is allergic to them.?
What were the causes for the decline of Harappan society?
what notable films did john sturges direct?
If Princess Diana had lived....?
Can you PLEASE help me with writting a poem!?
R U more inclined toward art that is highly structured&entirely determined by the artist or toward the art....
is there any other good sites like deviantart&tumbler where can share your thoughts and art and stuff .?
=/ Please can i have somne suggestions?
would anyone like to share some of their favorite quotes with me?
how much money we need to make poverty history?
What did 'Hagar the Horrible' (a viking) reply...?
Can you give me an interesting discution subject?
Does Chris @ church like me? If not, will he ever?
Should you always believe what people tell you?
Creative lightsaber colors?
Popular art forms are no more than a dumbing down of high art. Do you agree?
what would i require to set up a charity organisation and how do i source sponsors?
"skidrow" "18 and life" question.?
What should a 14 year old boy buy with $120?
What poem do you know off by heart ?
why do we have to like things wots the big deal?
explenation bainary antonymy?
How can I make a scrapbook for my mom?
How has death affected your life?
Five senses?
How much did u respect ur Parents !!?
Some people believe I look like Will Smith. Do I?
Memory Box: What to use and how to decorate?
I'm looking for art sites?
can you please analyze this poem?
What stimulates or inspires your creative process?
Ideas for a graduation present???
Artists similar to Audrey Flack and Janet Fish?
Where can I find a talented artisan (carpenter) that will build a trick box?
Cheapest site to make custom bumper stickers?
Dear friends please help me to find creative ideas in order to write an article about adults!!!!?
jesus christ?
I have a painting by artist Ch Lebeau, in Paris of scared heart church. What is full name of artist and value.
I need someone with THE BEST imagination in the world! You must also be responsible and serious.?
Help me with my art project?
i am addicted to gaming?
Mood ring colours??How do i read em?
screen name suggestions?
is art that importent to be studied?
Descibe the purpose and importance of identifying fallacies in communication?
can anyone explain the plot in the musical WICKED?
What are the pros and cons of recycling glass?
What is a slug...?
e-mail me if you are popular?
I feel like writing but am uninspired for a starter story topic, any suggestions?
do you know where i can go to get a poster made for my band's new show?
Nursery Rhyme What are Little Boys Made of?
where can i get a mandarin copy of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance?
I need to submit a written history project based on heritage sites.Any ideas how i can present it creatively?
How can I turn a room into a Art Studio?
Has a person got out of way from truth and lost all his ethics for selfishness..?
what is the difference between love and affection?
How does one get bulk messages sent to his/her email address?
ART PROJECT!!!!!10 points best answer
Need to fix my old turquoise and silver necklace?
Why don't we celebrate white heritage?
what is urban life for my art project?
Unusual last names for a Victorian boy?
Good Ideas for this Creative Writing assignment?
Is black really that bad?
how do i get respeced from my friends?
i need help practicing interior design?
What is that no man ever saw which never was but always will be ?
I,m a freelance reporter, what headline would you like to see on the front page of the times?
Are we going to be raising our children in front of the television?
How Do You Like My Art Work?
Any suggestions for a name?
how can you ask someone out?
what is a good job for a girl who is about to be 18 & is interested in anything artistic ?
I need some creative username ideas?
do you think acting is a natural talent or an acquired skill?can it be inherited?
What style of art is this? (s)?
do you think the death of one man or woman is worth it, if hundreds of lifes can be saved?
what would the moral of this fable be?? ITS not that long/plz i rlly need it 2day?
If you could choose a power--fligh or invisibility--which would you choose and why?
Ideas for an art project?
Question about art class?
Does brother XL27NT sewing come/buy a darning feet?
Has a parent Die in your family??
What Are some good ideas for an 8th Wander of the World? Ancient or Natural?
D of E bronze, skill and physical. Please help me:)?
RW Bavaria Antique Coffee and Tea Service set?
How do antique experts know specific information?
Some people can make a belching sound on cue.?
What is a canary diamond?
what makes u mad?
How do you learn traditional art?
If you could ask Adam Smith a question, what would it be?
what do you think of this poem?
What do you like or dislike about using meth (Speed)?
have done my ba in art history,what are my career options?
Finsh the sentence: If everyone in the world was the same...?
Ideas for a creative pros about The Great Gatsby, help please ?
three examples of the interrelationships between greek art and religion?
Comments? Questions? Snide remarks?
What do u like about urself??
if you to do a survey and you have 1200 person for that surve how the compostion of your survey needs to be?
did Ayn Rand work in Hollywood as a script-writer?
Christ is coming again.What will be your answer when he asks y you did'nt live right?
Can you give me a good gang name?
How would you explain rhythm in poetry to children?
do you like rap and classic rock?
what's the diferrence between an ode a cantata and an aria ?
Why did the humans of the earliest times pay homeage to particular animals by placing images on cave walls?
what colour will appear when u dream its black and white or colour?
Medieval art - gothic art.?
What is love?
Who thinks this is an excellant poem?
Where can one find the Table Mountains?
Art word for landscape art?
Losing faith in humanity because it sucks?
Why am I eclectic but with a good sense of style. dosn't make sense?
how should I phrase this on my resume? (a free-lance art project)?
this one boy named Weston likes me so much he always sits by me how do I get him 2 stop?
what is your interpretation for.. "you paint a pretty picture but the frame is so ugly"?
What kind of art is this? I really like it.?
What is the most amazing / beautiful piece of lyric or poetry you know?
How have creative expressions in Africa and Latin America influenced modern art?
Is Winston Churchill politically correct?
is the defintion of art subjective to experience?
How do you make a scrap book?
Spring art projects for elementary school. PLEASSE HELP I NEED I IDEAS SOON. WILL VOTE BEST ANSWER?
colors in china & Africa . have black & white the same meaning in china and Africa ?
Why did my art teacher do this?
Which is the best way to die?
Websites on maiko and geiko?
Can someone tell me about Capitalism and conflict with money in the USA?
Art Class, yes or no?
how wuold I do a optical art on my celing?
Does any one have knowledge of Ibadan, Nigeria? Is there a Allen Street in Makola Ibadan?
How do you make a scrap book?
how do you call it when you just do things on a whim without thinking?
Birthday gift for an art teacher?
Any Creative Project Ideas for The Glass Menagerie or The great Gatsby?
How to word this paragraph differently?
Creative people please help !?
What Should i do? what i can do to improve my drawing skill?
HELP! i need a handmade birthday idea for a 16 year old guy any thoughts??
Sound file help?
What fuel sources can blacksmiths use?
quotes can anyone give me quotes bout love, life,anything.?
I need help , party decorations!!?
Anyone know of any legitimate short stoires on the topic of peace that can be spoken in under four minutes?
let`s say i know a girl, who has a crush and everytime she sees him she always freezes up what souldtellher?
Were can I find cheap STAINLESS damascus bars?
Do you recognise a criminal when you see one?
How to make a puppet with a wooden spoon?
what to do when a fifteen yearold acts like a three year old?
Does anyone ever feel like....?
It's sunday and I'm feeling creative, what to do?
Could you use "unrenowned" to describe an artist who isn't famous?
How should i illastrate the fallowing:?
URGENT HOME WORK HELP! art theory, expressionism!?
Did OSHO really possessed 100 Rolls Royes??
Why does looking at art make my chest ache?
what is your favorite book?
Who was Mayra Montero?
How to help a friend in haiti?
help finding 3 photos for art exam?
Where can you buy the velvet coloring posters?
Who has a creative answer to any question that begins with "Wuts?"?
Does anybody know where I could buy wholesale beads with no minimum order & Free dropshipping?
what is the name of that movie?
What those this mean??
duz anyone know this song??
Do you think mythical creatures exist?
what is human behavior when being confronted with power?
What should my AP art concentration be?
Is there anyone out there who can predict my future?
What is the worse Halloween costume you wore or saw?
what do u think on the boy who smoke cigarette?
Do you believe art is useful?
Would anyone buy poetry online?
why is roman art a legacy?
Is Jack The Ripper a real person?
whats ur favorite color......does it change?
Does anyone know how to make cool envelopes or announcements?
i need some help on what to do my gcse art project on?
Are you a member 'in' or 'to' a professional body?
Brifely explain the work of a Barisitor.?
What's the name of the famous artpiece?
Language help - what does "kegal" mean?
mailing address for David Foster?
Check out this art website?
Why can't we all just get along?
symbolism of tattoos?
What Is Art?
what is the definition of art?
Peeing outside? Is it okay?
who would win in fight? a centaur....?
Wha to make out of duck tape?
is there any way to move around the apprenticship of tattooing to get the license?
will you guys like this PLEASE!?
Any suggestions for keeping a journal?
Im having my art exam at the end of this week and our theme is 'delicate'?
what is another word for navy blue?
Certain name to this style of art ?
How has death affected your life?
what font is used in this poster?
What makes you ANGRY?
Can I be a model even if I'm not white?
what dose this mean (§A¦n:§Ú¬O yplee622§Ú·Q§iª¾§A­Ì§Ú£x±b¸¹³Qµs¥Î£§Ú¨Ã¨…‡
Looking for a penpal?
how can i get a penpal to a child in the hospital?
Im an Aries. what does that mean for me? Whom am I compatible with?
can you imagine paradise ???
what should i do i am sad i want to change the mood.?
What to ask people?? Please help..?
would you rather give up television or coffee forever?
how do one write the word "organico" using japanese kanji ?
"Research Blackbeard and write a 2-page essay about his connection to North Carolina."?
what is the full proverb "it takes a village to raise a child"?
Is my art good? (Link)?
Android album art problem?
why cant i draw pictures of mohommad aand send them to the newspaper?
What would you do if you won a million $?
The heart asks pleasure first...?
what should we call our band?
how would u control ur addiction to a person?
Ideas for ART assignment!!!!!?
what western?
domineering men... ?
How many wax people are in Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum?
What are some fun and creative debate tournament themes?
i whant real looking dog fangs that feel n look real! but ive heard file-ing hurts! .fakeones like this or no?
What is the difference between Impressionism and Post Impressionism?
How to make mushroom bead like this?
Short-Medium term program/internship etc. that anyone knows of? Anywhere around the world?
headquarters for high technology crime investigators association?
Art project... help me.. "transformation art"?
Deviantart Art request?
who is the oldest person on this earth?
Oedipus Rex- why is Oedipus so slow to solve the riddle of his own identity?
Do you like this saying?
what is art to you?
I need an idea for a superhero?
Which is your favorite musical instrument?
I need a name for a red-headed character?
guys, do you feel uncomfortable when a girl is... ?
I just have to ask this! Can you answer?
what is more better beiing tomboy or gay?
Any unique girl names?
Can't get rid of Art Block?
do u think this is a sad poem?
Someone said it sounds like there's a leak in my trumpet how can I fix this?
What should I be for Character Day?
who is your super hero?
What are good holloween costumes that you can make?
What are the responsibilities of an ideal student?
Do female dancers get sweaty/smelly feet? is it a good idea to offer them a foot rub like that?
do you like the quote I made? PLEASE ANSWER! =[[[?
Is there a site where I can download gun shooting sounds and other war time sounds?
Poem..critics plsss?
whats a good site for piano tabs? not sheet music?
would you agree with this quote?
Rock or hip hop, classic music or jazz?
What anime is this from?
how much does it cost to fix the nut of this guitar?
Do I have talent? Please, truthful answers only. (my poem)?
Does anyone know any good xanga or piczo sites that have quotes and stuff?
What's beyond Heaven?
Recommedations 4 Senior Announcement Designers?!?
Follow my head or my heart??
Need help now!!?
What are some good types of stilts?
Cute, cool, creative tumblr names?!?
How does artist Caravaggio and Rembrandt handle the religious subject reflect the difference in their art work?
what type of art did Gary Hume do?
Could i write and publish a book, and stay in school at the same time?
What do you think about Caffe Nero's recruitment policy?
is basket weaving considered an art or a craft?
what does the "r" in days listed stand for?
Ideas for Surreal Art?!??!?
my dad is so good but if he gets angry he beats me sevearly how to escape from this?
Who has a special gift?
what rhymes with orange?
how much money we need to make poverty history?
why did girls are allways choosen to take the responsibility?
analyse in detail the recent trends in development administration bringing out there pros and cons?
What would be the best way to find artists, to supply inventory for an online /store front art business?
which london borough is SE1 in?
how to bleach lettering onto your pants? and how long to leave the bleach on?
why some people hate each other?
Can someone help me write an essay within 1 hour for free?
what type of parking is a landlord required to provide for tenants?
wht do you think of this..?
I am SO BOARD!!! What are some fun things a 17 year old (who drives) can do in a broing New York suburb?
where can i get free online manga?
Do you think it would be weird to have your cousin famous?
Dracula bram stoker question?
How much would it cost to get a guitar pickup cleaned?
Screening test for post of Art & Craft?
Why do some people find it hard to?
What is a good place to get Henna near the Twin Cities, MN?
How to get art into The Art of Disney?
Where to download 'The Good Earth' for free?
I could really use some help here.?
What are these yellow smiley faces called?
I do not know the date of reference. what do i put in the brakets after the name?
What are your dreams?
Should you work hard at something you suck at, or should you look for something you're naturally good at?
What would be a good background song for a powerpoint over the poem "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night"?
what can i do for back my love to me?
Why is Bnaksy allowed to get away with graffitting/vandalism?
Cool websites like vintage/indie?
Guys, why do you get so excited when girls are having pillow fights?
Guide for GCSE Art Identity Project & Coursework?
what does hawk's coming mean?
Creative ways to spice up "Weaver's Club".?
how do i go about making a symphany card online that is free of charge?
First time cosplaying!!!!?
3 reasons why art should not be censored?
I need a 3 minute classic poem. Any ideas?
Art supplies website?
ok as for automatic writing.............?
Since macaroni and cheese is the new Australian national food, what will happen to the kangaroo meat market?
how to make a walking stick stronger?
What does the sky mean to you?
Where on the internet, can I find pictures of fashion? Even if it is in cartoon format. please?
Design dissertation question help?
This is just a scene I had in my head. Any way to make it better {adjectives and stuff]. is it good? thanks?
what is the upside of self-pity?
What do you think of my poem?
Art Questions - Please Help!?
psychology vs psychiatry?
Summer Camp Craze!!!!!!!!?
why can't guys just have casual sex when you say that is all you want? what are they scared of?
Will you give me a honest opinion on my art?
What answer do you all most want to know?
Any ideas about an environmental community service project?
help with my art project?! NYC+me?
Do you know how to find your purpose in life?
Hows My Poem.. Please Be Honest?
what makes you, you?
tattoo designs??
What is "Bibble"? Anyone know?
im gonna paint my toe nails blue. what do you think?
What were Victorian Age interior design influences?
what are some tips to writing argumentative essays?
is Xavier's international university is a fake university of bali, goa?
Do you believe in interacial relationships weither or not children are a result?
How Can I be respectful and humble?
How would I make a Zip Line?
Why doesnt my art teacher compliment my work anymore?
haha what do you think about Brokeback Mountain!!!??
Does anyone know how to built a stomach model it doesn't matter what its made of?
Can someone tell me something interesting and beautiful?
Im looking for a poem from a famous Alaskan poet about a soldier in confinement seperated from his love?
Fine arts major and psychology minor?
More characteristics of universal grammar by chomsky?
What is the meaning of the chinese phrase 'zi li geng sheng"?
I need a themefor a party for a Girl about ot turn 13?
what can i do with this name (panda bear) to make it more cuter?
Does anyone know any good sites for someone using crayons in art?
What are the 7 'tells' that people show you when they are lying?
10 points! story about moustache?
Should paedophiles be castrated?
Why are star ratings either good or bad, with few in-between scores?
can anybody lick their ear?
Will this help to make it look back to normal?
what is the illuminati? (OFWGKTA)?
art help! pleaseeeee?
how did the first native indian arrive in america?
What is a good name for a crazy old man?
is this good? i wrote it?
What kind of public art do u like better? (Humorous, the kind that questions people’s morals, etc.? Why?
WHAT do you think of this it ok?
what is the purpose of the unkosher oven story?
Reading RECENT books online?
Can someone explain act 3 sc 1 Hamlet? lns 56-92?
How do I change the font color of my name on myspace? I can't see it because it's black right now...?
who is the best person you know?
creative minds,would u please help me?please!!!!!?
Story ideas? Best answer gets full points?
What do you think of this artwork?
Do you HAVE to name your baby?
what sets you apart from the rest???
help me end this poem!!!?
i want to know about"literure,culture ande digital media" program and what is the future jobs.?
Why people pay?
why it is so hard to be committed in love?
i need to list 20 types of bags help?
I wanna now some activities for memorial day in riverside california?
which is the perfect woman?
what is the sybolism of the quoefish?
Will things get better in our socitey or are we doomed to self destruct?
Rate my Poems plz and tell me what you think of them.?
Women:Who was the most interesting man you have met but for some reason never hooked yup with?
How did art made you more aware of your surroundings and/or environment?
Do you think that my PalmReading Pagerank chart (including 50 palmistry url and 100+ handanalysts) is usefull?
what am "I" someone help please ?
How can i make bathtub water foggy?
who was the first supreme court lady chief justice ?
Is this chain letter True?
How can I be more relaxed?
why is life so boring?
Make everything b&w except one color?
Please can you suggest a name for a high school magazine with the idea of "voice" in mind?
Can someone help me write a poem?
Is possible to stop the aging progress with your mind/emotions?
I have this assignment in my art class. I have to create 10 steps (no more, no less) of a can opener would....
how religions formes in this whole world?
Is it possible for human beings to obtain world peace?
Punctuate the following so that it makes sense:That That Is Is That Isn't Isn't Is That It It Is?
Help creating a character? Be creative?
Which of the following fine arts class is easiest?
how can i find atl photoshoots?
why do men still sleep with other women,why crieve for another when he' already married?
What is a good era to look at for good vintage art?
Do teens have faster reflexes than grown adults?
When the government provides funds for the art programs, should they have the right to....?
What is the biggest question on earth?
What are some famous/popular NONFICTION writings?
What Are Some Good Art Forms To Put On A School Projet?
why we must earned for our living?
are you creative?
ideas for final art exam piece?
what are hot and cold colors?
What do these lyrics mean?
who was the best actor in the last year(2005)? and why?
Tanya iuta deaf look for date?
should i move away from my friends with out telling them?
My friend says that you can find any lost household item if you repeat the word 'jocabed'. What do u think?
I want to publish my short stories, anyone got any ideas to help me??
Opinions on my paper?
todays poem... a few people have iasked me to write more.. so here goes.?
why i came to this world?
Any good Gold Award Project ideas having to do with fashion?
[10 POINTS BEST ANSWER] Ideas for Art Gcse?
Core elements of a Romantic Hero?
Are there any techniques to strengthening vocals?
What to make of clay in Art?
can you ask someone to make a specific model of a specific breed of horse for you?
I have to write an inspiring speech, but want to make it mostly humorous. Any ideas?
Training doesn't teach, experience does. True?
The art of mindfulness or staying aware of the present moment, how is it done exactly?
What is the MOST important question you will ask (anyone) if you had only ONE CHANCE to do so?
I have a pen and ink drawing that jazz great Miles Davis....?
With what senses do we perceive texture?
do you know what im talking about?
Whats the easiest Guinness world record to break?
Creative ideas for a competition? I am desperate!?
name of western pa city where oil spill occured in the late 1980's?
I have to make a object that represents me only using a pipe cleaner , help?
Ok, if Fences make Good Neighbors, what do Good Neighbors make :-) ???
Are tresomes as awsome as they seem ?
Which art style looks better?
I need some Gothic art homework ideas?
Ways of showing ghostly/spiritual encounters in art?
afullum g'naya?
Where is the cheapest site to buy dvd's, cd's and books online in Canada?
Can someone please answer my question?
Short story abuse idea, please help?
What pre 1914 love poems do you recommend?
Could you explain to me what Gnosticism represented or still represents?
What are some good clip art websites?
How do you make a photo like this? (link attached)?
Usage For Art Supplies?
I have an alien living inside my brain. Do you believe me?
What do you think my poems?
in ur opinion which name is better cole or leo?
What are other possible ways to say "in conclusion"?
For Florida residents- Tampa Bay area- drive from one four minute stoplight to the next and to the next, etc.?
Does any one here work in a film or television company that is located in the state of Georgia?
what items are made from enamel?
any tips on songwriting?
Can you tell me why does this happen?
Have any writers here used Triond to publish articles?
Were poets crowned for their poetry at any of the ancient Greek games, and if so, what was the crown made of?
american lit help ASAP?
Greek's creation of art as an end-in-itself.?
What do you know abouth the mythological creature PHOENIX?
why aren't there more frank lloyd wright style homes architecture?
Can I replace my Guitar strap pin?
Who is Ringo Star....?
I have found quite a few old postcards some dating back to what appears to be 1904, just wandering if these?
Where do I get the best Engligh Calligraphy fonts for free download ?
Is singing/acting considered a sport?
Are all girls like this?
how do i find out if the stuff I have is antique or not?
Nyssma medals????????
what is the widely spoken language in the world?
What are your life ambitions?
how can i contact the Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration of Nigeria(home page)?
why is literacy rate & suicide rate the highest in kerala in all of india? doesn't that contradict each other?
shops for good materials?
sophia wisdom and biblical text?
how much is 23cm in inches.?
What is a lightweight object?
Creative title for my project?
what do you understand by a word of classical art?
Anyone got a good dirty limmerick they would like to share with the rest of us???
something to make and sell?
plzzzz suggest a way to do architecture if i have not taken mathematics in XI nd XII ....plz ny1 ............?
Is there a shop near the SS Great Britain that sells postcards of the Matthew?
would somebody help me??
what was the sadest thing that ever happened to you?
what are some fun art activities?
What's the differece between behaviour and Attitude.?
What's the difference between a novel and a book?
What are the methods to make paper money traceable (trackable) so that crime will be eliminated?
im erotically charged, can anyone give me any good sites, if you know what i mean?
What could the nickname "Dex" be short for? (other than Dexter)?
Does anyone know how to talk to teens in like a chat ?
Help, I'm writing a Story!?
Are there any craft shops in Temecula, CA?
Why do people over the age of 25 post sad little messages on the net in a desperate attempt to interact ??
i make jewelry i want to sell in the stores . how do i get in contact with the buyers?
whatever happened to using the public library?
what are the best themes for poems?
Guys do you think im hot, honestly?
Gothic letter writting...............................?
Eating with an antique spoon?
can you repaint something once you have applied clear coat?
What is an example of a literary syntax?
What is the most Humane way of killing an animal for fur ?
Virgil's Aeneid - book 2?
What's your opinion on my Art ideas!?
Songs about pacifism?
i am at home by myslef on a friday night! What can I do so i dont just go to bed like a total idiot?
how do you say tribal as in the art form? tri as in trickle or as in a indian tribal?
Do you like ken nordine?
When does "the late" become "the late"? Why won't we refer to Stalin, Lincoln, Homer, Jesus etc as the late?
Building Music Production Studio?
Why did my spanish teacher get mad at me?
Tattoo striving wonderwall woman. Sees what's her's and fights to the dozen. \ Marshmallow floating is indeed?
what is your favrate thang in life?
whats a candy thats like straw, and whats a candy thats like sticks?
what does indoctrination mean?
Is censorship a relevant part of evaluating art?
Creative visualization related question?
What is your favorite color?
Interracial/Tattoo Art?
what makes you happy????????
please help!..(confused about high school corses)?
environment slogans?
I Burnt some Clay...?
I'm selling a logo design, do you think £450,000 is a fair quote?
Which of these made up names do you like the most?
What does both brown and light blue color remind you of?
Value of Antique Goblet?
Aussies ...question about the Archibald prize?
can someone tell me how to get on trading spaces boys vs girls?
how do they know who is watching what show for the t.v ratings?
Discuss how sensory information is interepreted differently by different people?
Have A Question About Antiques?
Howz my poem?
Does it ever make u mad when people look better than you?
Would you like to see more graffitti (art) in your city?
Is a dollar bill with two different Serial Number letters valuable?
where can i find good pictures?????/?
My name means Mild,gentle one, what does your name mean? If you dont know would you wnat to?
How do you design and order t-shirts online for FREE!!!?
Bad guitar chips.What can be done?
Who is the guy in Be: Sensible: Don't Drive Yourself to Distractions?? (in Driver's Ed)?
Do you really have to sit in the seats printed on your ticket for a concert?
how comty is so obscene in public when in artty is highly expressed?
How do I add pictures to my bio on Deviant Art?
Pumpkin Carving Ideas c:?
Tension between India and Pakistan?
How to release creativity?
What is a website that aids youth in finding jobs?
how does anyone know what they want to do for the rest of their lives?
How can I sell my trade (calligrapher) on . I am a Katrina Victim in desparate need of work.?
what is the difference between beginner and intermediate flutes?
help pleaseee helppppppppppppp?
How can I get in touch Mr" Farzad Nazem " (one of site directors).?
tell me if this is a good book name!!?
do yu believe in reincarnation?
Can each one of us individually make an attempt to help anyone who might be in need of help?
Anonymity in 20th Century art?
Is GOD an independent entity? Or GOD is a 'collective consciousness' that exists by our collective will?
Who has Got three eyes?
What is the exact meaning of beauty?
hey ppl! clik here!?
What do you think of my song?
Paper Sail Boat WITH sail?
I am looking for the words of the poem entitled Herbert Glerbert?
Is literature a criticism of life? Why or why not?
Who wrote the following?
Can you help me out with this?
in planning a public relations program, what steps should i take to analyse the need for that program?
make a list of all the things you are good at?
where does human being get peace in whole world?
Does anyone know what eczema is?
I need an Idea for an application video?
what is the philosophy of MALENA film?
Can anyone help me please ?
how do u know if u r pretty from outide or if ur ugly?
what is the website to decorate a picture like this 1 below?
is american english under-developed, grammatically unsound compared to the queen's english?
if the worm dies, do they get wormed too?
it's time for dreaming?
Im so confused about my hidden talent?
what is a jillipollas?
ice cream art gcse help?!?
Euphonium loudness???
Photo slimmimg services!???
Whats the WORST nightmare you ever had? Does it re-occur ?
Which gender can identify blurred pictures better?
What is the Ancient Greek : Spartan religion about?
Any Wagnerites and/or followers of the "World at War" out there? Can you answer a question please?
what types of part-time jobs could i get which are related to architecture/building and construction?
Can you change a building that shares a wall wih another?
in "A rose for Emily",Apart from her black servant ,miss Emily has 3 men in her life,who are they?
how many items are needed to be considered a collection?
Just got a singing bowl today,but know nothing about them?
What recides in you?
What do i do if she brings up a question about kids and Im not sure what to do?
I'm looking for the web site for district maps for hunting in Maine?
How can you draw on a laptop?
Creative ideas to show spirit?
Can art be defined, and how?
What is this country song called?
how to change m4a into mp3?
Alice in Wonderland "Drink Me" potion?
I am writing a poem - does anybody know of any word that rhymes with 'pint'?
what's the easiest way to sand the inside of a wooden bowl?
why did minimalist music occur?
Will I ever see beauty in my art?
How Can I Make A Cool Stencil For My Name?
what's the other name of leonardo davinci's painting la giaconda?
what makes something into art?
theme for homecomming week?
Where is the new 'glass cathedral'?
can someone please give me an example of a cliche?
what country do you come from?
can some one send me some origami(easy s!!! 4 easy and cutes 1)?
In E.R. did victor's girlfriend die and was he accused of murder?
You know the movie the 40yr old virgin right? Well im a 28yr old virgin, whats up with that???
Can anybody give appreciation to malayalam script "Koodevide" and "Novemberinte nashtam"by Padmarajan
Guitar Picking Hand Placement?
Why does all Egyptian art look the same? As if the same artist drew everything on all the temples everywhere.?
Which one would you choose?
Do you believe that a talent is a divine grant or a human making by practice?
can anyone suggest how can one promote sales of oil paintings other than sitting in an art gallery?
what is merchandising?
NEW ORLEANS: I am a 20 years old..Honor roll student that need?
What is the meaning of the name 'Sunako'?
I need a nice 60th birthday quote or poem, maybe relatable to turtles?
What are the values of Art in our lives?
What do you think of my new poem?
What's your favourite musical?
How will you describe life in one word???
Would you consider cosplay a form of art? Why or why not?
why do human not become honest to another human?
Which statement about Greek sculpture is false...?
what's the cure for domestic violence?
would u watch a reality tv show about setting child prostitute free?
Is My Lunch Box Limited Edition, How Come I Cannot Find It ANYWHERE Online?
Define beauty. Is it just the outlook?or inner self?
cant take a **** gaaaaaaaaaa?
Best job for a creative, crafty, artsy person?
Can someone annotate these art pictures (s)?
Cave of Wonders Voice Effect in Soundbooth?
What is the origing of the deck of cards?
how do a make a resume for teacher's job?
Help with an art assignment to "express myself"?
Ever notice how in your pictures you have people in the background? Makes you think, how many people?
what does 'dont' waste the pretty' mean?
i need a creative way to present Robert frost the road not taken All Ideas Welcome..... taken?
Is France considered part of the Western world?
Ok so I am interested in becoming a model. Probably not anything big just for a little extra cash on the side.?
ART: Subtractive processes include?
what are the importance of acts of parliament?
If Eero Saarinen were alive today would he prefer the Millenium Dome or the Pyramid of the Louvre?
Can you think of any Precious Metals Art?
Ideas for a symbol at the front of house?
Aspiring writer in need of some guidance?
Does anyone know how many poetic devices are in "The Rhodora" by Ralph Waldo Emerson?
Phantom of the Opera?
is it worth it to go out woth a skater or will he just break my heart or somethig?
what does PETA stand for?
David Icke said : ' Decoding your Brain'?
does any one have vin diesel's phone number???
Can anyone identify this type of braid?
According to historian Will durant,the status of women was highestwith:greeks,romans,egyptians,or mesopotamian
Is my Poem any good? Please answer quickly and truthfully!? (reposted)?
how do you install Microsoft word processor xp on your computer?
plz answers dis...easy s?
Has anyone know a reasonable NLP training school?
NEED ANSWERS, QUICKLY! How should I make a photo album?
What anime is this from?
Do you have a life goal or dream?
what coulors drive you crazy?!?
should japan have smaller families? why?
how was the art of the prehistoric period related to society?
After 12,I want to study law,so how i prepare my self for law study ?
show me a picture resembling purchase?
What kinds of lists are you keeping?
what is your favourite hymn?
What is Cleveland State University's reputation and what can they do to improve it.?
Should 'anime' drawing styles be encouraged in art classes?
Amateur Photographer , Need Domain name ... Help !?
does anyone know a website that can engrave a guitar pick for a good price?
How can I light thick rope on fire for a long time?
Romantic ideas,funs,love poems,wall papers,funs.and lot more on dont miss it...?
Is pink a big favorite color ????
Why do people think that angels have to have wings?
Does Telekinesis exist? Can it be developed?
How Old Do I Have to be to Start Charging People for Art Commissions?
I need some suggestions on what to write a story about?
How can someone become a musician for an artist?
Naming fantasy lands? Help?
What does never make eye contact while eating a banana mean?
What is Terrorism please define?
I suck at Art, what can I do?
What effect did Protestantism have on labor?