i really wanna make something like creative for my boyfriend?
Why some people like to kill another people?
where do art teachers buy their supplies?
describ urself in 1 word i beet u cant do it?
What do you want to be in the future?
Was the painting in Le Divorce a real painting? What was its real name and who painted it?
Does anybody know what is the meaning of "ismira"? and what language is that?
Why do people wear shoes?
is it possible to brainwash?
If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.?
what age were you when you lost your virginty?
what does this painting symbolize?
What is the BEST shop in Texas?
how to pack a bowl of weed?
What are some good ideas for suspense novels?
How was your day today? :]?
how do u get the death metal font like this?
Any one want to Rp ( yaoi) on twitter?
hello i have for my art project theme of '' chinese mythology '' can you help me for my reasearch...?
what most inspired you?
Do you find this cartoon fun to watch?
where can I find intense reading material about culture design (ex: Japanese Design, Shakers Furniture Design)
Is a bachelors degree in creative writing a waste of time.?
What is the idea behind the odds in favour of an event in the tipic of Probability?
Where can i get cylindrical styrofoam sticks in brampton, ontario?
i need to sell some art i have inherited they are from the medieval times english rubbings in great condition?
what age a kid develops his art skills?
What should I buy at the mall tonight? (I have $20)?
I am a part of a bridal expo show, I need to find a site that sells products to give away in mass quantities?
penny for your thoughts?
HI Everyone! So I am in the process of writing a speech for one my best friends wedding. Any suggestions?
Does anyone have...?
How can geography influence the development of a music-culture?
Clay pipe art project?
how to improve concentration in work (any kind)?
why art was destroyed?
how is my art????????????1 t0 10?
Should the government support the creative artists?
Which airline service can you rate as the best one & why?
I have been reading about the Western Wall, a holy site in Judaism, and wonder?
What should I dooooo?
I'm scared and I don't know what to do!?
Is extensive practice the only way to success?If not then what?
names of pieces of Greek art?
Best place for clip art?
If you could invent a job, what would it be?
What do you think is the best poem ever?
Can someone please check this thesis statement fro Beowulf?
how do I get a cartoon face like every one else?
looking for piano sheet music: "Flower in the Rain" by Jaci Velasquez?
What is the difference between 'the soul' and 'the spirit'of humans?
I need to make a soundtrack to go with the book HOW TO TEACH FILTHY RICH GIRLS?
What do you think heaven and hell is really like?
Where Can I Get A Pattern For A Bi Plane Made Out Of Cans?
how can i fall asleep fast?
What - if any - is the difference between 'erotic art' and 'pornography'? Is it merely a value judgement?
How much should I charge for a hand-made sign?
Motivation to fight for girlfriend (a little messed up)?
whats the plastic things on the ends of shoelaces called?
how can we stop suicide?
(Advanced) Manga lessons in Cambridgeshire?
LOVELIEST of trees, the cherry now... - A.E Housman?
Do you like to read, or has reading become a lost art?
what is the colour of water?
What is the winning hand when playing pocker?
Hey can you please help?
What is Lapita pottery;explain?
Can anyone recommend a good art exhibition to visit in London at the moment?
nickname?- for kimberly?
Why is David Hammons important to contemporary art?
Founder of Gnanapeetha awards?
What's your defination of having a life?
what makes a person beautiful?
What do I got?
Ideas for my art project?!?
sarfarosh shayeri?
i want trippy room any ideas?
Where can I get cheap screen printing supplies?
Is this a good haiku poem to represent our "Fiesta" in San Antonio?
does anyone know of any upcoming free poetry contests or song contests? please send me their email if you know
What sort of job can I find with an undergraduates degree in art history, theory, and criticism?
What is the best color?
How do you potty train a 2 year old?
How The Zodiac Lured His Victims?
is interface modeling a scam?
What if we do not recognize Jesus in consecrated bread and wine?
What is a cheap and easy puerto rican craft? For kids?
Pencil or Paper?
Where can i get free hentai from Drawn Hentai?
Summer Camp Craze!!!!!!!!?
I am new in answer. Help me please...........?
Is the art of conversation dead?
I am interested to know about Chinese Wood Carvings. Can you help me?
How to know if someone is lying to you that you're good at something?
Art Project "My Idea of Excitement"?
what exactly defines something as art?
What does being a "Commonwealth country" mean to the UK economywise?
I want to double major in fine arts and art history, but what college?
Is There an Easy Way To Select Only Overlap?
Art AS ideas... 'inside and outside'?
how do you know that your bad?
How to get good answers from bad people?
Where is Deva Sharif is located?
What would be a good art piece representing the Shinto religion for an AP Art History essay?
I have some silver to sell & I heard that some tarnish brings a better price?
Can u help me a be fun n creative?
Okay I'm in a pageant and I need some serious serious help!?
Raves in Columbus Ohio, or around that area?
I need help with an art project.?
Art history help!!!!?
Gcse art opinions please?
Sleepaway Camps in NY,PA,NJ,CT Area?
discuss the value of the human resource department to the success of business organizations?
How to become an Art Therapist?? Info about the job?
helllo answer me plz what R the life styles u know!?? (is this even a question dugh!!)?
What is vintage copper enamel dish worth?
What is there to do when you have nothing to do?
What is the snow inside a snow globe?
If you get information from someone who is directly involved in something and therefore knows a lot about it,?
How do -you- identify a stoner?
What age rating is the Sweeney in the uk?
What wood furniture maker signed by peppering #2 clustered as a signature?Circa mid 1850s ?
If you have One wish, what would it be?
what are factors influencing the acoustics environment?
Help me name my coffee shop please!?
How should I run away; if I do run away?
I think I need a creative outlet?!?
Do we have an undying soul?
Which of the following was a great center for Buddhist art?
What do you think the person who wrote this text was trying to say?
Swollen stretched ears.?
If you've ordered from any foreign websites, please answer?
what is the very first step in planning a lesson in efl class?
CIE AS level (GCE) art and design help !?
Im bored someone help me?!?!?!???????!!!!!!!?
help me with a good name for my blog?
i need a poem can som1 help?
who you think is a terrorist between George bush+his father and saddam hussein?
In what ways has the work of One Artist, One Musician and One Writer influence ur life?
why does the pot call the kettle black and in this day and age should will still say that or is it racist?
Let the brats win there way?
My hero is a soldier for an art homework?
why is it so hard to write songs?
Please read my poem....and rate it out of 10???
information on artist G.A.Chouilly painted in 1872 possible French?
How do you Visualize Whirled Peas?
who is prejudice out there ?
Is Luka Magnotta in the Mafia ?
Can you help me with the name of this episode from Midsomer Murders?
What’s your favorite movie?
What is the advantage of white skin than dark skin?
I have 30 new ideas. But, could not implement them due to financial problem. Is there any one to help?
Has anyone entered the Creative Communication essay/poetry contests?
what is one of the most important lesson life has taught you?
In need of a good/professional art portfolio, any ideas?
What do you think about my art?
What do you think of my Poem?
what would happend ...??
Are you interested in William Shakespeare?
Good poem please?
have you ever lost "everything?"?
im starting a school newspaper and need topics get people involved and interested..any ideas ? ?
What did you put on your DofE application?
What do you think of this boy who keeps calling me but when we were at school he was mean and always bothering
Money or happyness?
Where can I buy plastic lace(craft lace,boondoggle) in Mumbai?
Does Bsc (hons) Geography require Science stream or subjects?
If Life is sleep and love is the dream?
How do I get work experience at a publisher?
Creative way to tie hope, trust, and fear together?
I'm rly bad at Art and i need help wtih an Art Project!!?
What can I do with sandstone?
help with an art projecttt!?
What is art?--------------------------?
Do you think childhood was more fun than adulthood?
Does anyone have info on Chela Winery in sanger/fresno CA around the 1930's?
what should i doo for halloween(diiferent things listed inside)?
What kinda guys do girls like? The skinny ones or the buff ones?
Good Morning could you suggest a site,I need to know the time and date in all the countries at this moment .?
please help me write a really clever/creative about me?
What is the purpose for all five fingers? and why do have five fingers and toes?
What should I make my friend?
What is cultural relativism and why is it important to the appreciation of art?
I need a copy of poem "February 22" by "Leland B. Jacobs"?
What is a painting by amadeo boroni signed morning mist worth?
which word in English was first used by Shakspeare?
Creative ideas for a project on india?
For BTEC art I need to Link surrealism, native american and aboriginal art?
what web sight has a good translator that will spell check and grammar check a phrase ?
I need to read a book writting by a poet who is currently alive or has died within the last 10 yrs. Someone?
Writers Can you help me with article ideas?
which three words in English ends with?
Who here is going to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals!?
What is this self-defense/fighting move called, and what are the LONG-TIME consequences of it?
what is this?? Incense store, i need to know what this is?
People who are artistic/creative help!?
could someone give me a names of good horn players?
Sui cide only thingresolves everything Reason why not?
Why have comic books popularity dimmed in recent years?
whats the biggest city in the world?
what is your most interesting talent?
08 Gibson Les Paul BFG Limited???
Anyone doing commissions?
what should I do next?
Give me a yarn quality chart please?
what is the difference betwen a realistic dream and unrealistic dream?
whwt is the difference between civil law and common law?
Who is the person if they were alive right now in their prime would have the biggest influence on the world?
Who do you consider to be the voice of this generation?
What is the adverb of obligation, cheapness, sympathetic,sadness, decision and conclusion?
Anybody knows about sifli amal, plz send me details and procedure of it.barkatmd ad .com?
what is a good prayer to say before a baseball game?
treasure hunt clue 4,,,?
Should I give up on art?
I admire some one in answers but have lost for some time, what to do?
Choose a number between 1 and 3?
how could i live without depending on others?and demanding on others?and without commenting on others?
Should i keep it or what?
What are some awesome art supplies?
What is the closest food that is growing near you? Is it private property or other?
Do you smoke? Do your parents smoke? Do you accept it?
Can you tell me something? (read on)?
is being emo ok?
Why intelligence is associated with cunningness?
I have an antique samurai helmet. I've been told that it is very old and valuable. How do I find out more?
describe the harmony to Tighten Up by the black keys?
How is it living in a mid-country state far from the beach or ocean?
who would win in fight? a centaur....?
What kind of art is this?
why does sometimes people just care about them selves, when the other in poverty?
The art of ostrich raising?
i want to know about"literure,culture ande digital media" program and what is the future jobs.?
i need to find a good dressmaking or fashion school in port harcourt.where do i go?
I need to make an religious art project & can't think of anything.?
Love sonnet in Iambic pentameter: any poets out there?
What are some jobs that you can be creative and crafty in?
Good poem?
i wrote this poem: good or bad?
Besides english what is the easiest language to learn?
Creative pregnany reveal?
What do you think of my poem?
Stuck for ideas for A-level Art... please help!?
What is your favorite color? . ʕ•
Xxx- What realllly makes you angry - xxX?
the three axioms of knowledge?
What should I do with my time?
Art help s !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Very Creative Jewlery ides?!?
if i have a design where can i get it made into a belt buckle??
how old is Sebastian Michaelis?
What is slogan of "10th Dhaka Book Fair" of Bangladesh?
How do I sell my art? HELP!!!?
I want to be an artist when i get to collage and i dont know what collage to go to.?
Does anyone have a link to some free screenplay tracking boards?
What kind of creative process can you use when you are sketching?
What are relatively easy art projects I could make a profit off of?
where to find an expert on winslow homer paintings?
Should I play dejembe drums or steel drums?
do you know who sings this and what it is called?They read you cinderella you hoped it would come true . one d
Auction Houses Other Than Sotheby's and Christies?
Question about isochronic tones?
Need help with my art exam?
What movie is the cover art on Jedi Mind Tricks' Album "Violent by Design"?
How to run an ngo effectively?
Do you think child beauty pageants are unethical? and why?
Do you judge a book by its cover?
Future Job at the Louvre?
do you appove of gay marrige?
what do you think of this song i just wrote? i'm sixteen is it any good for my age (be honest)??
Anybody have creative idea for a yearbook photo?
What's a good hat to make with the theme 'Magnolia's and Mint Julep's'?
Assuming that *Leona Helmsley is alive &if attending a masquerade party, what creatures mask..!?
Did you ever feel intimidated or overwhelmed when first learning a new instrument?
Can you show me a pic about this type of optical illusion uesed in cinema?
Which one is better?Why?Tell me some specific..?
i want to know the sites of gemology institutes of delhi?
beg,borrow or steal????
what should i put on my one direction poster? c:?
I have a pre-columbian art structure...I need some information...can anyone help?
Do you know that its my birthday today?
Suggestions for a local youth art group name?
how much is a signed engraving of Samuel Drew worth? The engraver is R. Hicks?
Do girls like guys who like art?
I am very shy to start to tell someone that I like. I afraid to disappoint?
what type of questions do I ask during on interview?
What are some other creative and clever words for "Romance"?
Why does the art world move slowly?
What national park to write about (UK)?
Im writting a poem. Tell me what you think so far? How can i add onto it?
when was the pirate stede bonnet born and when did he die?
HELP, need info, L.Frank Baum/V.Flemming/ Wizard of Oz/ significance/ Flying mokeys, writing paper,looked,help
What inspires you to write poetry?
Origamic Architecture?
Michael's Craft Store question?
What do sheep count when they can't get to sleep?
what do i do when everyone says that me and a guy make the cutiest couple?
What's the proper name for this?
Do westerns hate muslims because of terrorism???
Ideas For Creative Blog Names ?
How do i get my art noticed?
Is Capitalism and private ownership the main cause of poverty?
How much should I charge?
A way to end a competition?
wats the best way to roll a ciggarette?
Do you have a unique name?
Need a name for fine art business?
where do the jars come from in the dead sea scrolls museum?
What are some ways to excell in art?
What would you rate this guy and his singing out of 10 (Girls)?
What's the art called of a hero standing on a pile of dead people with a girl clinging to his leg and...?
How is Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga a dirge?
I'm an art student. I have this idea and I wanted to find out if it is even possible. I was thinking of?
Do you think you can change the world?
Research Project Name Suggestions?
What is the most emotional piece of music you have ever heard?
You like this poem?I just made this up.Im 14.(Its kinda like freestyle
In what ways can the body be an art material?
Is your name special?
how much does it cost to get an 4ft x 6ft poster from kinkos? where is it cheapest, for color too?
which ones r more mean?
has any1 ever felt like what they say in the bible is never true ? (in some form)?
How can I find someone that can help me remove whichcraft that was done to me, & doesn't charge alot.?
what are the literary types of writing?
how can you get lots of posters?
what r 2 things cannot be eaten on breakfast???
Need creative and cute tumblr names!?
Where can I buy a large amount of felt material?
Anyone share my birthday with me?? I was born on JULY 30TH!!!!?
Who is the best singer you know?????
I need help getting in touch with my Medium side. ?
Whose words are more poetic Shakespeare or The Beatles?
What can you do for humanity?
Help me think of ideas for my could be ANYTHING! Very open-ended?
where can i have my own t-shirt designs made - where they will ship to abu dhabi?
my freind still has not payed what shall i do?
how does content relate to art?
What is the longest word in English?
my parents say that i need to find something to do?
'Falling Slowly' music...?
How do you picture the world in the next hundred years?
Party Ideas for 10 year old?
i was wondering if anyone can help me explain the poem, by eve merriam? how to eat a poem.?
Often I feel as though I was born in the wrong era, why is this?
Is there a term for for the date of birth and the date of death?
What do you think of my movie?
Where to find LARP staffs?
how is an art museum an extension of the classroom?
GCSE Art Marine Life?
What should i use for fake body parts?
Am I the only one who dosn't like Paris Hilton?
Could you give me a few unusual, crazy tongue-twisters and ways to be more confident when I speak?
Any ideas for VERY CREATIVE and UNIQUE school project?
whta is the...........?
I don't care about Jenna bush's wedding. Do You?
Art books for beginners?
i need a reference for my research about art of manga?
If you had three wishes what would you wish for?
what is that building called that is super modern made out of metal with like alot of curves...?
Need to think of ideas for the theme of my music video, HELP? :)?
How Do We Know Hieroglyphics Are Significant? Please Read.?
Help with art block????
how did Ansel Adams die?
creative project title?! :)?
Our my poems okay?
What does "A! Yaseino Myuuga Arawareta!" mean?
Ideas for my art exam?
what can a man feel when he is left confined?how will be his state at the end?
Out of Creativity? Any Suggestions?
can anyone explain the construction of poetry?
poem help!?
Where can I read about old folklore/magical creatures of the non cutesy type?
What is your favorite room in your house?
My very first test shoot ever. - Any tips for me?
how does content relate to art?
Atmosphere, Mood, Tone?
How can I get back into art to help with a breakup?
Who thinks that Sarah Palin is so ANNOYING?
can any one give me a good poem on friendship?????
Who would be a great poet to do a report on for english class?
Please help me! Answer this!?
What famous artists, composers, and writers had bipolar disorder (manic depression)?
Do any of these Animal Rights Protestors know what they are talking about in the seal hunt?
I'm selling a logo design, do you think £450,000 is a fair quote?
Do u believe that those who r truthful r not cleaver?
What does this mean ?
WHat is the name of the lake?
Do you cry easily...........?
Names for creative girls?
readers digest condensed, christ carrying cross to crucifixion?
I wrote this poem for my wife before we got married, is it any good?
What is it called when you defend your opposition with bad arguments to legitimize your own position?
Any ideas for a good titanic project?
scopes in humanities?
What does my intro need?
how you define internal peace? how you can acheive internal peace?
in othello by Shakespeare, how is desdemona's death scene (act 5 scene 2) important to the play as a whole?
What are some things people do to escape from life?
Do you like my art project ?
Where can I buy quills in the San Fernando Valley area in Los Angeles ?
What is your favorite color, and why?
Does anyone know any good mangas to read that are romance, but not ecchi, or yaoi, or anything like that.?
what are the immediate effects of exercise?
Would you rather........................?
I need some cool and creative texting signatures?
do you believe in what?
what should i do when i am at home at night?
How to get people to notice my art?
how was ancient indian art like?
Is any of you aware about a project for a botanical park in Gran Rey valley in Tenerife?
suggest me a best excuse for office leave for 30 days.?
Don't you hate it when you race to get the phone, and it is a tele-marketer or no one is there?
What do you think of my editing and camera a first week trainee?
Guitar, pickups and pedals.?
Art homework (easy art questions) Help?
Collective unconscious...have you ever experienced a random bit emerging? Do you beleive in it?
what does the idiom potato-coach mean?
What is a good website for oragami?
Where is a good place to fart???
do you have a specific goal in your life?
! Answers?
American Realism??? short Story ideas?
What are some signs or colours that symbolize fear or weakness?
How to charmspeak? Please Help?
Who do like to shceem Woody?
i need the address of the astrologer?
lefter monica contact or somethin`?
how can i get (website) free bible sermons to heep me in my spiritual growth?
Why call it the dragons den when you climb stairs to enter?
what does "scriobh air ais chugam" means? that's Irish!?
r there any kids out there inerested in being email pen pals that livesome were other then new york?
Why do a lot of Pakistani people and other Asians have green eyes??
What are the ingredients for making glass ?
How to get image on shirt?
i volunteer at a nurse home and there having a talent show contest any ideas i cant sing?
I need ideas for the topic "Dethroned object" for my art drawings.?
what are the different kind of social workers?
Is Whirled Peas an achievable goal?
I need songs for a playlist for each of these characters. Help?
Who am I.........really?
is it OK to join art school if u have never painted b4???
Photography vs. tattoo artist ?
Is this a good idea, im not sure?
does the sea reflect the sky or the sky reflect the sea?
how come the 3 little pigs only had 3 houses to go from--where are all of the construction engineers?
Ok.. im seriously wondering..?
The first time seeing a person, and then seeing them frequently. Does that person apearance vary after awhile?
How to take care of a flour baby.?
what is something i can use to attach magazine pages to my ceiling that won't peel off the paint when removed
Please price this Napoleonic medal?
What you mean by success ?
how many types of inntelligece are there?
Modeling information?
Did Derren Brown study Art or is he self taught?
what is the coolest and cutest thing in this earth which god has created?
I read a something online that interested me, the text is below, do you believe it?
How to become a custom jeweler like jacob the jeweler, ben baller etc... ?
If magic were real, would you be sawn in half and/or decapitated?
if you could have anything in the world what would it be?
Anybody know how to make a Cosplay for Lightning in FFXIII-2?
what i mean it my before question " can i kiss you?" is , can i kiss my girlfriend without her permission?
what would happen if i cut my leg of?
Being superstitious is bad/wrong??????????????
English piece for a listening audience?
how do i go about writing a journal?
Is anybody else tired of that Ford commercial with Taylor Hicks singing in it?
What do you prefer ONE MILLION DOLLARS or FAME (w/o the money)?
Hi..i m starting my own business of handmade craft ..i m searching for some good n traditional name ?
why my yagoogroup did't see in group list ??
Where can i find a Darth Vader bong mask like this?
Is there a place in the world similair to this videogame level ? 40 points!!?
wats a good idea for a street art?
What is diegetic sound? Help with this definition!!!?
I am bored, the options I have are TV, book, and exercise. I want to do something else. What should I do???
What was the last thing Bruce Sweet published?
answer this riddle?
Why must all the TV shows have such loud music that the people talking are not heard clearly?
Do blind people get dreams while they sleep?
What's the meaning of the WORD "Decoryah" (I don't want to know that it's a music band, I know THAT)
what do we mean by canon in art history?
What is fanfiction and how do I write it?
do you have hair in places you would rather not?
Definition of mustajab (Arabic)?
Where can I find an Egyptian coffee cup or mug from the Egyptian Turkish Co.?
This is a long shot but...?
does anyone about the judith miller case?
What was the trend in post ww1 art?
May i know what's the meaning of "friend"?why sometimes they are kind and something the act like a jerk???
Female Devil Picture?
Travel? Art? 360?
can this be improved or what do u think?
if you could ask the all knowing, be it god, jesus, or whatever, a question what would it be?
how can i be more confident in myself?
Can anybody give appreciation to malayalam script "Koodevide" and "Novemberinte nashtam"by Padmarajan
How can I get my children to help me around the house?
How do you make oragami boxes?
Does anyone find beauty in drakness?
Does anyone know any interesting dark medevil poems and literature?
How are fairy tales and nursery rhymes a bad influence on children?
Out of ten, what would you rate this?
How good are seats in the bob Carr preforming art center?
*..A level art project, theme is ABUNDANCE..please help me with ideas/inspiration?..*?
If you could live in any time in history in any place where would it be?
"the lover despairing to attain unto" whoso list to hunt? what is the poem about?
Places to find Royal Typewriters for Sale?
What is my guitar worth?
does anybody out there do painting by numbers still?
How do you crochet?
Who is your favorite poet or what is your favorite poem?
People have to die but why do they carry on living ??
poetry, author of "no man is an island, entire of himself, each man is a piece of the continent, a part . . ."
Creative ways to present information?!?
how i can get a good friend i searched alot before but i did't find him i'm now lonly & exile & feel no good ?
How we know about "Tyagis" history?
Why don't I show a lot of emotions?
what do you think of my poem?
Where can I find a suitable background to write a poem on to get framed for a present?
Where can I get a Don't Worry Club coin?
What is Bill Gates E mail?or how would you reach him.?
Where is there figurtive language in Sonnet 21 by Shaskespeare,?
i Have the power to control energy, example: give or take away energy and use energy however i want!?
I need fresh exciting idea's for a way to raise money for my school's Art Club?
does anyone know what this is in art?
Why don' t we have a wings as an angels?
can i get a note on the origin of writing?
i would like to find out about a certain artist?
In a certain office a letter is typed by A in 4 minutes. The same later is typed by B, C, and D in 5, 6 and 1?
I want to try knitting a hat, but?
How did ancient Roman sculptures reflect changes in Roman culture?
Hipsters in ancient/medieval/Colonial times?
I'm planning to make a video of my boys (5 and 2yr old). But don't know what music to use.?
Who has Got three eyes?
Love story. <3?
why cant i draw pictures of mohommad aand send them to the newspaper?
What is the funniest way to kill a cockroach?
can any body tell me the name the art of making a monkey doll speaking?
why is literacy rate & suicide rate the highest in kerala in all of india? doesn't that contradict each other?
Its Friday night! Why am I on this damn computer! I should go out and have some fun!?
Saxophone mold removal?
Please answer this, it will guide many people & help humanity, whatever your answer may be.
Similarities and Differences GCSE Art title page?
Anybody got any info on stephen spenders poem air raid across the bay at plymouth?
looking for a soulmate?
Whats on man's mind ?
ok who nicked the last of the milk own up?
Art by Inmates. Where is the best place to market this?
May you please help me analyze this poem?
Does anybody know how Barack can bypass the constitution and increase regulations with unathorized czars?
How do I gain patience as i'm too rude towards my children?
what are the two prettiest...?
If you could change into any animal what would it be?
do you think The Da Vinci Code is fact or Fiction, Maybe both?
What should an aspiring writer do?
How did T.S. Eliot's conversion to Christianity change/ influence his poetry?
when is a nice day to buy any costly product?
Which one should I chose?
Any favorite magazines you like to read, and why?
my Internet wont work on my psp it said a connection had accurred the access point was not detected?
App to share photos?! Other than instagram?
help line for the mentally challenged?
i need a downloadable camouflage background pattern i can use to make my daughter's soccer team banner?
Why does literature set in the American South so often feature disturbing plotlines?
Would a rollercoaster at Busch Gardens be a magical moment?
What are good fursona names?
can you play xbox games on the xbox 360?
what is the last thing you want to smell before you die and why?
how to use chi to shock people?
what is your childhood dream for yourself?
First thing that you think when reading the word SWORNART?
What state do you live in?
I need a name for a group for an 'Art' project the theme is Kiwiana (New Zealand) Group names please!!!!!?
Thank you all for wishing me on my B'day. only my mom wished me .no one else. and you guys wished me THANK YOU
What do you think of this poem?
What are some recent art controversies?
How does ancient Egyptian art reflect its culture?
Vocaloid Luka Megurine question?
In the Old Testament, why did Job sit among the ashes during his suffering?
where i can find to listen boney m music?
Alexander Calder's piece Untitled is what type of art?
How does the eyes depiction in early Christian art relate to the representation of eyes in earlier pagan art?
What is the...........?
What is a good name for an elegant or sophisticated lady?
PLEASE help me find this pic =)))?
What represents art for you?
what is rose wood?
What do you think really happened in Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "In the Grove" and why?
Any famous black-haired people who did something good?
What 2 colors make turquoise?
If you ever felt alone or lonesome or lonely, why didn't you just look toward the sky and take a dump?
drummers on boats?
if you x out of a deviation submission for a group does it cancel it?
I need help reading music ?
how do i customize my ?
Is there and camps like camp rock?
what can i get my boyfriend for his birthday?
What would be your ideal harem?
like my poem?
Derek Cowie valuation of his art?.. Any ideas??
What should I write on the back of my hand?
What music gets you into that 'creative' mood?
what handicrafts??
who did win eurovison song competition and which country at 2003?
how do i download the words of "El Porompero"?
i'm doing an art .project...juxtaposing a painting of Pandora's Box, Adam and Eve....i need one more image
When is it St.Kiara's birthday?
What are good things in life?
How do you write people birthday in roman number?
what are crazy things to do with ur friends when u want a memorable time?
i want to film a documentry about legal and illegal graffiti in my area, need it for filming people at night a?
What question would you like to answer and why?
what to mane my art business?
Who is the artist of this drawing?!?
What are the best women's studies graduate programs?
PLZ help... PLEASE?
why we human always kill each other??? why??? why there must be a war? i want the world to be help me
Dream Come true "dream Come's true" which one is correct ,especially when being used on a cover page
found something gold and silver?
Can you guys give me as many answers as possible?
Do you think prisoners should take art classes?
art final piece ideas please? :) 10points :)?
Comparison of art and direction?
How do i get my self-esteem back?
How do I connect six dots with out moving your pencil off the page?
On w8 basis r clubs formed. w8 r the activities of a Club!!!?
Was there a PSA featuring the cast of Cats?
Do architects design the interior of houses/buildings?
A monologue contest!!!?
I need a Group creativity exercise for a project my teacher wants me to present something that 5 people can do?
What do you think of Lee Millers work?
if you fall down an esculator will you ever stop?
Is piracy a solution to obsolete industries?
Is a wall still life?
Names Some Some Wide Known Tragic Figures...?
What is the best advice you could give someone?
I need to know what this means?
What si the best question you ever ead here on " Answers" that really helped you?
how to control this fickle mind?
In your opinion: Who can say what is good or bad art? Explain?
Can a 97 yr. old woman survive from being in a coma. I am praying my grandmother lives. She fell.?
Enclosure in Art help?
Idea for a shirt about being drug free?
What are some things I can make and sell. Read details?
What Is the Best Advice You Can Give Me?
What should i do? i am home alone on a Friday night?
How can I stop plants from rotting etc when using them in art?
i'm looking for a tattoo design of a male lion and his cube. asap?
What was the best achievement of Le Corbusier?
Should I feel GUILTY??
quote help!?
help me a.s.a.p !!!!!! if you know baout the website
Zeus's influence on Art?
Is there anything worse than rhymeless free verse?
The Mahabharata a shortened modern prose version?
Do you consider Music an art?
your not allowed to answer this question ......restricted area?
What is the oldest European spoken language in the world today?
what does the mark cc on poole pottery mean?
Do you think that Jay Gatsby's goal of trying to win love through the attainment of success, is possible?
i need some help with my art plz?
i have a coin collection from Avalon Mint called Pride in America. How can I find out if it worth anything?
Do you consider graffiti creative art or destructive? Should professionals be allowed to legally graffiti?
1988 Knowles china put out a collectors series called "Precious Little Ones" what are all the plates names
what do you think of the character of The Ugly Duckling ?
Who was that artist that was struck in the face........?
Do you believe that a talent is a divine grant or a human making by practice?
What's a good nickname for the name Claire?
How Do You Draw A Tricycle?
Sex Scenes. why do they continue to put sex scenes in almost every movie you see?
if you could have anything in the world what would it be?
what's the most beautiful sentence you've ever read ?
can you find me images of precious moments like to put in a baby shower invitation?
which language would you like to speak as second language, German or French or spanish?
This strange but help please for a gurl who's real shy?
DeviantART- Would you mind looking through my photos?
CREATIVE ways to ask to prom?
I need a nickname ( My name is Fatima ) and I want a cool nickname that matches my name ! ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Sweet 16 ideas?
How can I relate French and Art for a career path?
Music PHD Questions.?
i am a 10 letter word. My 1234 has power to rule. U can eat my 5678. My 8 9& 10 mean a lady. I can fly wht ami
What is the oldest building in London?
what should i do to stay a good dancer ?
The trojan woman is clearly a diatribe against aggressive warand imperialism?
What is your favorite quote??
My newest poem, tell me what you think. Peace.?
marilyn manson?
Should a French horn player play mellophone or marching French horn?
Girls, if your EX shrunk down to the size of a bug, what would you SAY and DO to him?
Please give feedback on this poem I wrote...........?
Analyze my avatar just for fun!?
What are some jobs for artists?
Have you ever seen a ghost? If so explain!?
Is "The Golden Rule" egocentric nonsense?
Is it right that we are praying Amitabh Bacchan , not the God?
What is the adverb of obligation, cheapness, sympathetic,sadness, decision and conclusion?
im in the middle of a project called 'Outhere' using non traditional materials, any ideas?
Who would you walk down a dark ally with?
Guitar playing and double jointed fingers?
if marray a girl of 18 years what will happen success or no?
Live under a bridge?
How can rosary beads and a bible stop a war in my story? Need Help!?
Tell me something i don't know?
In art class we are doing a..?
if u found out a small starving 4 year old child in Africa was in fact ur true lost sister or brother?
How we can touch success ?
What is "high art" today?
falling from grace? What does that mean?
I ditched my school field trip, what will happen now?
Peristyle columns vs peripteral?
why do boys cheat on girls??????????????
How did Earth was form?
Can anyone give me a good phrase that i can write on the back of my bike.?
how do you express yourself?
Is having a sense of humor going into extinction?
I really need a new hobby...calligraphy, can someone tell me a little bit about it. Also, how do you learn?
What is pearlized and what does it do to candles?
Can i meet real Geisha of Gion?
How to register a non-profit organization nationwide?
how is my Wolverine RP?! 10 points!!!?
What style of art is this painting?
birthday of artist/painter Martin Alton?
How do youfind the value of old vintage stamps?
Any ideas for an entry in an art competition?
Ever thought about your future kids name?
Where can I buy blank canvas tote bags, small- medium size?
Clothing Sytles Of 1976?
What is a light, cheap, and dull colored material that is or resembles metal?
Question for pagans: Are there differences between the kinds of wands and the properties that theyr made from?
What should i do? i got a tattoo and they messed up on it?
I like art...Do u like art?
How to roll a ciggarete?
cirque du soleil price?
help pleaseee...?!?
What are some fun art projects?
What can I do to put up quotes in my room?
Should I get rid of all my diaries and journals?
App to share photos?! Other than instagram?
Is there any way you can make a custom lanyard yourself?
Has anyone ever visited a gypsie for fortune telling?
Do you think 'Protest Art' is effectively influencing the public? Share your opinions.?
is the world hate muslums and arabic plp ??
Ancient art of music?
What are some good art books?
which british fanzines went mainstream?
answer this riddle?
Life after Harry Potter...?
If this was your last night on earth what would you do?
Taxidermy art supplies?
Would you like to interpret fine art work?
Why do people argue about subjects they have no clue about with people who know about the subject?
gimme an answer. how old are you when you stop being young and start being old give me a number?
is an attractive woman worth more than one who is not?
how many centimeters equal 1 foot?
whos your favorite actor?
doese anyone know where my brothers or sisters are ive not heard from for 25 years why cant i reply to emailed
Are Ninja's the coolest thing on the planet or what?
What do you think is more important? Education or experience?
Is there such thing as blank symbolism?
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art?
Do anyone know how to solve the problems in life?
Any Good Creative Names?
Can someone give me an A-Z medieval vocabulary list with explanation? plz?
Whats some other words for dark or sorrow?
Whats wrong?
I want to request a drawing/art!!!?
what is the question you always wanted to ask?
how much could my old roy smeck ukulele be worth?
is it possible to make homemade flavored lube?
Can the phrase 'unity in diversity' apply to India? discuss in detail.?
One directions louis tomlinson cheated on?
what kind of things should i post on my blog?
If you die now, where would you end up, Heaven or Hell? Pls give your life to Christ now.?
what does one have to do to become a tattooist?
Dost thou liketh this poem of mine?
I'm doing a spanish project on Chicano history and I was wondering what would be a good creative piece?
A virtual glass of champagne ?
What's a Good Halloween Costume for an Overweight teen guy?
What does it mean to be non western art?
what did you want to be?
What is the word for someone who is afraid to be alone?
Where can I buy out of date maps?
Where can I get a keep calm carry on poster?
Bass guitarists, which style of pickups should I get?
Should I post this on myspace???
why am i born. can anybody please tel.?
What is known as the eighth art?
My soccer team put me in charge of making a mascot and i need help with what to make?
Are there jobs which combine language and corporate activities? ?
write a poem about a special friend explaining how it makes u feel.?
Help with Plato's "Protagoras"?
What is art direction (in terms of Oscars) ?
what comes to mind when you hear....?
How can you make the days go faster?
ok so my grandfater was some sort of free mason?
How do hormones work?
Common Sense?
does anyone know of any videos that can teach me to fight ?
story ideas?
What does a sub kick drum do?
will I get a job?
Anybody know any good art forums for ideas?
If you were to pain the man in the following excerpt, how would you paint him? Expressions? What colors?
Weird dream, What does it mean?
what is the meaning of the word frieze?
What kind of career sounds right for me?
Twisted/mad or sane! wots ur way of life?
imaginary park?
relation ship might be a bit shaky, what does this mean?
Can someone explain to me what Ukiyo-e is?
I have web stationery heaven. I write a letter and can't find a way to print it.. help?
Where can I find an Egyptian coffee cup or mug from the Egyptian Turkish Co.?
Is 23 to old to learn to play the piano?
World Issues + Art Ideas?
how can you ask someone out?
Whats the most beautiful thing you ever seen?!?
What is so wrong with being in love.....?
Give me a really good poem thats like 8 lines?
Where can I make a calendar and choose different male celebs for each month?
what does it mean "errare humanum est"--is from latin?
GCSE Art Final Piece Ideas....?
need help with this ancient vaporizer!!?
Whats a good Grad thing?
How significant was humanism for high renaissance art?
How can i get better at rolling blunts?
Please Help!! Dont Report!?
what is the best gcse to take: art, child development or drama?
Where would i cut myself?
Ideas for antm themed party?
whats this called and hows it done?
Whats your 5 favorite colors?
What's that something we use to colour a glass bottle?
How come I have the urge to fight ?
what's the difference between art in greece now and back then?
Does anyone have any info on the EA Riba co.?
Whatever happened to music being a way to express feelings through art?
What should I write about? Read the details below to understand!?
What is your favorite color?
What is the definition of Art in the Oxford English Dictionary?
any good website with bauhaus architecture bungalow houses?
Creative ideas for clubs?
Do you know any art galleries in London that sell jewellery made by artists?
looking for the value on what i believe is a print Lawson Wood titled "awaiting a bite"?
What do you think your talent is?
Can you say something random please?
Where is Rev. Dr. Alva H. Clark? Is he still alive?
Do you guys like my art on Deviantart?
can you feel the love tonight, or is that cancer?
When exactly do the cows come home?
Could I died if I get shoot?
Can you train your voice to sound how you want?
Pandemonium in John Milton poem?
Can anybody explain the poem "They All Want to Play Hamlet" by Carl Sandburg to me?
cest lavie?
Has a West End show ever been saved from closing down before?
would some of you like to give up your hard-earned money to me.....?
Need Help with Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio?
What should an aspiring writer do?
Whadya think?:D?
I want to buy old indian currency please contact me via email
Is it possible to make a great work of art that is "derivative"?
Who invented off-road farming?
What is the worst situation you could get in life?
Cutie mark ideas?!?!?!?!?
correct free ad blocking?
How did Leonardo da Vinci become a painter?
slideshow theme help please..!!?
Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art” and its mocking self-irony. What exactly is “mocking self-irony”?
how to send a message balloon with no helium?
Medieval Art and The Renaissance?
Anybody on here know how to use GOOGLE??
whats your idea about giving an interesting start of a college resume?
Isambard Kingdom Brunel?
I was wondering what O.A.P. stood for and who was one so I can know about their experience for a class. Thanks?
Can bullets be said to be a form of destruction?
What class/education can I find to help me properly know how to write stories?
thesis help- to kill a mockinbird?
If you could go back in time what moment would you relive?
Why Do People like to judge people?
What pattern would you use for this?
I'm cool, but too cool??
how do you get into the stonemasons?
Can I substitute viola/violin strings on a viola d'amore?
What colour eyes do YOU have?
I need a name for an Art Magazine i am making?
Cuales son algunas diferencias entre el renacimiento italiano y el renacimiento en el norte europeo?
I hate people?
Is it scientifically possible to be born without a navel?
Opinions On My Story Idea?
How were the women in Huck Finn like the women of the 1830s and 1840s?
What is africa like? Is it really as horable as it is on t.v?
?..what time is it over there in ya place????......?
what's a good prank to pull for the end of the year?!?
I'm writing a short story for a workshop class. I have to use the color of vomit as my image. Any ideas?
Where can I find bibliogaphical citations on the pros and cons of obeying unjust laws?
If you could change any 1 thing what would you change?
Where can an Artist find Hot Pink Paint for Her Giant Art Project?
what is love?
Is it legal to take video of view out of windshield while driving?
Where in Colorado can I find the highest quality professional cellos?
What was the highest test of honor for a medival warrior?
How do you replenish your "creative well"?
How do I go about selling comedy (sketches / jokes) to people?
how do you change your picture and create and avatar?
what do you think of this poem?
Smoking a, what comes next?
i want to know what is honesty in your opinion ?
I need the best interior design software program.?
does anyone know where I can find a good TF video?
who is the creator of this world?andwhat is the purpose of creating this world?
What should I ask a talent agent during my final interview?
Anyone knows is there any chinese antique appraisers in Singapore?
how can i save myself from seasonal allergy?
how was the modern temple of India built?
From what period of history are the following artworks?
who is cooler?
The winner of THIS question will SHARE with me!?
Do you like me?
What would you say you are, more introverted or extroverted?
Can someone write a romantic Math poem?
15-18 minute Script ideas, anyone?
Book or movie that deals with Racism?
Matching to Costco printers?
Would it be a good idea to write a Children's Holocaust book?
what's the different between south sea pearl and cultured south sea pearl?
I'm looking for a good art tablet?
What is this glass object?
Do you like to ask questions, i do yayayayaya?
Can some very nice people please Help! me with my Art GCSE?
Acoustic vs. Classical. Which guitar should I get?
what do u hate the most?
Is Studio in art a challenging course?? Please answer!!?
What are the lyrics to "Clocks" by coldplay?
why we get irritate?
Something creative to name my poetry collection?
Can someone give me ideas for a creative piece?
What is the salary of a person working in the rice field per day in India?
Good and creative tumblr names?
What do you think of this?
What sorts of messages were encoded in Babylonian and Assyrian art? In what way could these messages be consid
what are you going to do if someone hit you?
Poll: What is ur favorite word?
i need a poem with a good theme and if you have an idea of the theme of the poem please tell me...THANK YOU?
what can i do my english dissertation on?
Can you give me the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word~?
Who is this malemodel from
ART GCSE; ordinary or/and extraordinary?
who is the most tattooed man in the world?
can any body tell me the name the art of making a monkey doll speaking?
i am a 10 letter word. My 1234 has power to rule. U can eat my 5678. My 8 9& 10 mean a lady. I can fly wht ami
what color mixture will give green?
How to not get discouraged from my brother in laws comments about my art?
Do you like the people in London United Kingdom?
What to do when you're bored...?
Anyone have a Name to suggest? .s?
A poem about my baby (8 year old)?
how many birthdays does a man have?
how do you learn inner fire?
Drawing boards...?
How can I get rid of my stage fright?
im looking for the web site for iron place in winfall indiana the sculptures by micheal craig?
In need of an incredible creative art idea please help 10 points?
best web hosting company for a newspaper style website?
Where is Art Williams?
i wants to have a messenger?
How do you draw a good picture, but not using someone else's style? (Just yours)?
As far as protocol...?
literature of the self paper?
Do I put my art in a binder for an art porfolio?
when is mardi gras?
how to become a teen model in Las Vegas?
NAMiss...first time hesitation.?
What are some fun hobbies?
who invented the timpani?
just wondering... who would you prefer, a woman who smokes or a woman who doesn't, and why?
ABC anchor woman,Cheryl Keck's death,is she deceased?
who is a soulmate?
How would you evaluate the use of 3D technology in the media to present the depth and tell stories?
How do you learn how to draw?
I need to find a modern day play that needs a lovley dress as ones costume?
who is really a friend?
How similar are todays migrant workers similar to the Joads in The Grapes of Wrath? Who are the Joads of today?
How many geese worth of feathers does it take to make one normal size down pillow?
How do I find a painting by Preston Willis certification # 158354?
last words?