i want to know how to get people to not worry and waste their life on stupid drama?
how did Tim Burton make 'Vincent"?
What are you looking for in our next President?
When would an Indonesian woman wear a headdress?
What chances do I have to find a job in Los Angeles as an Architectural Assistant?
im confused ... PLEASE HELP !?
advent of private channels in tv?
Is it wrong to smoke a?
Can someone write a poem about me?
why do they do movies over?
Does this count as plagiarism?
Why did everyone from the past have such good penmanship and how can i get mine like that?
what is the meaning of life/?
Do your creative juices stir during your "twilight time"?
to highest bidder religious rock w/virgin mary and baby jesus must see?
does n/e one on this site live in orange park florida?
What do you think my writing should be scored (1-6)?
Really good painting and information sites on all types of art?
What color is color of Lord Krishna? For ex. color of Buddha is Oreange.?
What is the best way to curb porverty in third world countries?
Is there any calculus or mechanics subjects in architecture?
if mahtama gandhi is the father of nation ( india ), then why mrs. kasturba gandhi is not mother of nation ?
For my art project I'm doing games and I need a good name for a first person shooter?
can someone list all the songs they used on America's Best Dance Crew season3 finale?
According to its price lists and leaflets The Post Office has copyrighted "The Colour Red". Whose permission?
Flute sheet music?
where may i sell art once it's appraised?
is bill hawks in wv a man or mouse?
atist by the name of c. dupres?
disadvantages of formulation of hypothesis?
Creative Christmas Letters?
I REALLY need a science project and i do not care what it is JUST TELL ME QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is the relationship between the sensory and formal properties of art?
What would I have to do to become a famouse and wealthy artist?
life??? is it a gift or are we "accidents" in ths world???
what do u think on the boy who smoke cigarette?
Do you love Jesus as a pal?
looking for a horse drawn hearse lapel pin. Not on a "disc" type pin, but cut out with details, in gold color
Why do humans make things more complicated than they need to be?
Where would I hide their body?
What to do for 6 weeks?
Is there such a thing as a fear/aversion of secrets?
How can i change my life for better? i am alone,i am poor,all my dreams collapse. Is death a salvation for me?
Who is the author of the book 'The Blue Nile'?
Jeffrey Smart - Austrlian Painter. What is his most famous artwork??
Luka magnotta website?
whia is the mean of architect?
what's a creative way to depict the month of august, and so it also can represent my birthday?
What's your favorite color?
what describing wards does "the boxer" by paul simon use??/ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What do industrial designers do/ how much do they make/ what courses should I take in high school and major in?
What are your favorite noises?
How do you reflect God's...?
What are they called?
what can i use to stick posters on my walls?
what do you want to be 4 halloween?
Have I been wrong in opposing guns?I have said that the owner of a gun was in danger because an intruder would
what is a jump scanner? Is it a fancy way saying browsing through?
if u could save the world??
I want to pursue Creative Writing but I hate poetry?
How do you write a critisim report?
Does anything rhyme with "banjo"?
What are some of the similarities between Greek and Egyptian art?
I want a site that can provide me with proposal on postcolonialism. Please help.?
how to tell if something is authentic?
A tribute to the Master, a great Cinematic icon!?
Do you agree with my letter to a friend?
Does anybody know how to make cool homemade weapons or websites that teaches you how to make them?
Who is the Inner Man?
How do I write a script?
Please Follow Me On Tumblr?
in what year did martin creed win the turner prize?
How far would you go to suffer for your art be that what it may?
I wrote this short Poem. What do YOU think?
No one is perfect, so what are the things missing in u?
How can i make myself focus on schoolwork?
The person with the best poetic idea wins!!!?
what is a human being. if the brain's an organ, why can't we control it. thinking caps on?
I just got a spiral notebook. What should I use it for?
Why is the story called "Tom" Suck-A-Thumb if the boy's name is Conrad?
What creative things can I try?
Is Sigma Direct a scam?
I am looking for commentary on the peom of my old man by bukowski, I don't get it?
i missed my childhood happiness?
tattoo expo at angel stadium,do they have a web site for this event?
Do you know this animation film?
How do you make a kunai out of paper?
Will men really sleep with a woman if they are in a relationship already.?
Destiny? Fate? or Free Will?
Please can anyone give me advice on this fantasy story plot?
What Characteristics make a person a hero?
IS my dream of owning an art gallery a possibility??
Is there a way to get out of a trick punch?
What are some creative picture ideas ?
The Acts of the Apostles described the following as a turning point in Christian history:?
an authorized dealer for Theo Faberge' eggs in the united states/ Florida?
assess the role of learning and conflict management on performance?
what part of the body interests women in men?
Art major help (already have the concept)?
I'm looking for the website where you arrange your photos on a page and they mail it back to you in a book.
How to find cheap cello private lessons?
information concerning coastal migration route to the new world?
How should I spend/devote my life?
Have you ever got a “Buttercup”???
How can I get into freelance writing?
Art career questions?
What would your movie be about?
ARRG!! three ideas but which is best???
You are the best spy and on the most crucial mission when your shoe starts squeaking?
Why do so few people use "Check Spelling" when asking or answering questions?
Is 20 too old to start learning an instrument?
poem obituary by ramanujan?
Why is the earth round? why does the chicken cross the road? why are we on this earth?
Please help me with this?
What is Roy Lichtenstein’s most famous work in pop art?
bronze ages?
To what extent humanitarian considerations are prevailing in the present society?
How to become a model?
Drum lessons in Northeast Philadelphia?
Why day by day Peoples are getting more selfish by heart main & soule. Is this a good sign of our development.
In what ways can art be a form of rhetoric?
What are Constraints of Convention or Circumstance?
How can I become a mermaid WITHOUT witchcraft?
What's the deal with me not wanting to live in this time?
In need of an incredible creative art idea please help 10 points?
I need help?
can some one photo shop my car please?
I know this has been asked?
HOW to apply for limca book of world records???please help...?
would you agree with this quote?
Building my own ukelele...Glued finger board in different place?
can we import a govt' system from mexico?
best sites for creative writing articles?
I have an element/principle art question?
My birth certificate says my name is ashleigh but its ashley?
how to i put songs on my synth?
Is it by design or coincidence that mostly all things to do with design and fashion etc.are Italian.?
Do blind people get dreams while they sleep?
Are you talented? What's your biggest frustration?
I need some creative minds to help me?
Do you support gay marriage?
What's your PASSION?
i want to become a better drawer?
Where can I purchase art by Rodolphe Guenoden?
What is a good summer project for a rising 9th grader?
don't tell me bush's brother or whatever.....?
Has anyone travelled to Florence and can tell me which work of art this is?
Anyone use Modpodge or something similar?
Which is grammatically correct? Neither one of my aunts have a child or Neither one of my aunts has a child?
How to improve in singing higher in "full voice"?
whats your favorite color?
is estella from great expectations stupid?
Art work palette of king narmer. ?
Can anyone identify this (possibly antique) knife?
How to sell a piano???
a good read?
Which city is "Leonardo's reversed handwriting manuscript on perpetual motion wheels" located in?
What is the converion from 1 centimeter to 1 inch?
what are some surface decoration techniques for textiles?
If you could be anybody in the world who would you be and why?would it be a family member, a friend, etc..?
hi, i have started a community at Orkut. Suggest me tips/ways to retain the interest of memebers.?
In the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge I have a doubt please solve it?
I love all forms of art. I am greatly moved by it and enjoy dabbling in it. The problem is?
I need a theme! PLZ PLZ HELP!?
What sounds the funnest?
How is it living in a mid-country state far from the beach or ocean?
question on art paintings?
i need help writting a poem?
Chinese characters for family and art.?
Are there specific characteristics or purposes the art must contribute to society?
Why is the Catholic Church called the Catholic Church if catholic means general?
Whats the weirdest stuff you have seen for sale on ebay?
perfect course for my qualification?
Any good religious events i can streek at?
Make thesis with:art museum?
what is a 1883 kalakaua i king of hawaii gold coin copy worth?
what state do you live in????
want to find information and examples on subtractive forms buildings?
what's something that can instantly bring happiness?
travelling light?
Sell pictues of my penis?
Design Project: build a mechanism to make a pingpong ball keep moving as long as you can.?
Where's all the smutty lit?
In a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction, what would one call seperate body!Bakuras?
What is the biggest peice of cake you have eaten?
What do you think of my poem?
Creative ideas being blocked?
Has anybody seen the Almighty?
The term for the largest unit in which a given person might feel comfortable, encompassing common institutions?
Who do u turn to when every thing is falling in around u?
Is there a difference between thinking and believing?
Deviant art looks weird?
Greek Column Krater? Terms?
how do i know my talents as human?
what hand do you write with, wats your name, and are you a boy or girl?
Can someone do a quick crop for me?
Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom?
How do you explain contemporary art to someone who doesn't consider it to be "art"?
What could i give to my friend for her birthday present?
Dragon Ecosystem and Elements?
If someone says U ''I like u.'' dose that mean "I love u''?
i need some nv jokes to share with my gal.?
tracy emins art, please help?
how much would you pay to get henna (mehandi) on your hands?
What does a vampire look like?
what is your favorite short poem or quote?
What will u do if u r invisible for a day????????
How do you find your talent?
Creative Clay Art Mask Ideas?
What is the shakh saadi shirazi's poem inscribed at the entrance of UN Headqurters?
What is a great company name that will grab peoples attention?
Anybody know any unique topics on gardening I can write about? Serious writers block.?
What determines art?
what is jesse maccartney's email address?
what color do you get when you mix blue and brown?
What Potentials/Qualities/Attributes Truly Set Us as 'Special' or "Worthwhile Beings?"?
what's a klaxon?
4-H clover necklace. I am making them for a group of kids and I need a cute name for them. Any ideas?
A creative name? Por favor?
How many constitutions are there for the U.S.?
If you were to compare yourself as an object, what would it be? WHY?
Origami/ art project help. How to construct a sort of drop box?
what is going on tonight in monterey california? its my fiance's bday??
Dark and Barren Land?
I NEED creative ideas for all nighters?
If you were a tree,what tree would you like to be?
How do I become a wizard?
Is my poem really that bad?
Can something that is irregular and frightening to one person be appealing to someone else?
Check out this art website?
Should i just give up?
Black and White photos of children usually with a single other color?
Is using of 'big' names appropriate in motivation letters for university?
Which is Better......To Control or Be Controlled?
what do you think the most important quality out of these.....?
Should English language be,by universal consensus,the world official language?
Do you have a talent?
What do YOU think is the most influential art form in history and why?
what's meaning of violin 3 section?
PLEASE hELP!!!!!!?
Art Help s!!!!!?
Can you help me write a poem inviting people to a Tupperware party?
What talents do you have?
what is a model casting?
What is Chinese Calligraphy?
How to make a photo zine?
how long does discharge take?
What is modern photography?
can someone get a acsii picture?
How do you talk to a guy about this?
Citrine Stone????????
what are the kinship and family structures of the french?
Can anybody tell me where this was taken?
Could you give me the information of the pencil drawing artist David Utterback?
Human Body exibit in Los Angeles?
How do i find out what the museum is called with only this info MUseum 4-3388 1168 E. 55th st. chicago, 15---?
Any one help me about poetry?
To the renaissance: What is your renaissance?
is there anyone from south africa that speaks afrikaans?
I have a coloring book from the 60's called Psychedelic Mandalas by Dr Henry Hill.?
Creative writing editing?
Macbeth help please. Who are these characters and what did they have to do with the character Macbeth?
Please could you help me (it's serious) ?
How would you make fabric roses by hand?
how to write my goals?
Do you have to hit Rock bottom before you start on your way back up?
love and music and life?
can someone give me a summary of the eight basic arrangements in floral design?
I will bye if u have it, or know where i can get it cheep.?
where could I find a tattoo artist to discuss my tat with?
I want to study art but I am 26, is that too old?
Help my art project please! The topic is of Beauty. I need help ASAP!!?
If it is American for America, Chinese for China, Australian for Australia, then what is it for Madagascar?
I need a map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland?
What do you think what will happen in the future?
Help me write a review/feedback for a writer who did a great job?
how do you say good morning in any language?
Where Can I Watch it in ENGLISH?
Im really bored, help?
big time company symmetrical logos? HELP!?
what word could describe any form of water falling from the sky?
What are some signs or colours that symbolize fear or weakness?
Is anyone playing that DaVinci Code Game? Did you get the answer to Day 8?The AA of their SB in ISBN 158544098
What do you think about the holocust?
What is this type of box in art called?
Why does the Government lie to everyone about Marijuana?
What is the most evil or cruel sounding name you've ever heard?
How many rain drops are in a gallon?
I write lyrics, most what I write is in can I find who mait be interested?
Classic Art question?
How hard would it be to learn a magic act?How fun is it?
Name some simple but cute objects...?
what is the meaning of life?
comment on this picture, say anything that comes to mind, help me out?
i n d e p e n d e n t?
I would really apperciate your help!?
Should I get a second Bachelors Degree?
Who is the maker of pottery/ceramic? with Allenbaugh on the bottom? I have a bear, baby shoe, and dish w/ lid
Whats A Good Poem I Can Write For My Mom?
What is your favourite colour?
Whatever happened to Hironori Akutagawa?
if you could be anyone for a day who would you be?
Why are men in general less loving, caring, and affectionate?
can someone interpret this poem that got to do with singapore (all veiws are welcome).?
good costume idea for two people?
how do i go about getting Licensed for tattooing?
I am sponsoring a step show and I am still looking for steppers. How can I get more steppers?
How is the weather inside a bottle of shoe polish?
How do I nominate someone to the Michigan Walk of Fame?
What was the most important statistics and trends to come out of the 2001 census?
do you believe in horoscopes?
art institute of chicago?
Is there anyone know major theory on anthropology of disaster?
is it possible to be burnt alive and survive?
Help with art project at school.?
what do people wear for mardi gras?
What you know by bia?
wats the most beautiful building in the world?
what was Palestrina's role in saving polyphony from extinction?
I LOVE BEING NICE! WHAT TO DO?!??!(trying to get attention)?
Is there a value for 3 old photographs of Singapore Collyer Quay and Shenton Way taken in 1922?
How can you choose what you dream?
Will you give me a sugarloot vote?
Is it hard to learn to play violin in high school?
question on my poem.....?
I starting a business selling homemade crafts and don't know what to make.?
How could I compare and contrast Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueens designs?
i want a critical view over john donne's poem ecstacy?
What are some small things to do that'll boost your spirits?
What's your favorite season and why?
Help me out with themes for Latin Convention.?
Has anyone been to the teenage club Wild Bills? If not any teenage club experiance? HELP!?
Fiber art class? Is it what I think?
Name former Chicago Symphony conductor last name beginning with the letters lev?
could you see someone living in transportation and communication for a long period of time?
dose anyone know any mantra (not evil, but holy) that can make positive changes in our life.?
Functions and origins of psychological testing?
Does anyone like Japanese anime?
whos in love with mike jones?
I want her so far away that?
Can You Improve this paragraph for me? .s BA?
Who is your favorite poet or what is your favorite poem?
does any1 have tips for drawing?
Need to find out what plays are going on at Richland College for March 2006.?
swimming pool?
Does getting a small tattoo for the very first time hurt?
Art Majors or propaganda experts help?
GCSE art please help with the evaluation ? 10 points :)?
How to speak " i love you" in French, Spanish, Danish, African, Sweeden, Esperanto and Chinese??
whats the best way to get over a guy?
Art, Antiques, and History. What kind of careers can incorporate those? Please Help!!!?
Ok, I'm a white guy, is it ok for white guys to get cornrows?
Taylor or Epiphone?!!!Which suit me best?!?
Why did so many people hunt for buffalo?
Jerome's reponse to the crisis of his age included all of the following Except:?
Three wishes you would ask a genie?
how i could improve my voice?
Does anyone know how I could make hemp jewelery?
What race is Taylor Laughtner?? ?
Can you use transfer iron on paper on a fedora?
What's your favourite word in the English language?
i use mat or cat score when cat persentile low & mat have more?
I need help with a caption to my modeling picture? It's for a contest..?
What color would represent Fun , crazy , party , flirt side of a person.?
Why do the greatest artists or the most brilliant people seem to live the most perverted lives?
Can you write an apology letter for never calling back?
My draw something free account opens but won't let me play on it what can I do ?
Greater Seattle area... Where can I find information for music scholarships?
How much technologically advance do you think we will be??
A new summer project?
Which is your favourite flower and why?
can anyone help me? and i am serious!?
In the sentence "Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, had a dark hair" should the Q be capitalised?
egg plant Welcome to ! Philippines Answers! Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned Level 4 (or mo
What are some peaceful songs?
How does the saying go...Practice to deceive.....?
Which is the best country in the world?
how to do an exelent walrus menu for a project?
The Cat Returns - Can someone make The Baron?
What do the letters, "MAT" designate after a person's name?
how much do psychologists in south africa earn?
Question about art class?
do mentally challenged people know that they are challenged?
which is the perfect woman?
ideas for art final piece?
Why do people have any interest, at all, in the life of Paris Hilton?
Native Americans exterminated animals?
What are some good cheers?
have u heard of a website called
Have you ever felt you may have showed up your teacher or professor?
Can i make money from this "skill"?
Are these ok for a funeral?
What is art school really like?
Please help, its for school work!?
Knife shops in bangalore?
dionne quints??
there were 4 sardars.they planned to open a taxi buissiness.why did'nt they succeed?
Any suggestion for an art research question?
i just turned 21 years old. i thought that meant i was legally aloud to conduct murder. i was wrong.?
i'm looking for the new army acu digital material?
what does swot stand for?
what is a good way to start or end?
pearls or diamonds?
Any help with Loki CosPlay?
What would you like to ask?Why did pop art deviate from surrealism?
How much do music rights cost for use in a film?
Where can i buy Japanese Kokeshi dolls in Singapore?
looking for a value of piece of kazakhstan gold jewelry of charm ocean liner?
Where can I go to get advice on poems?
What is the right pronunciation of TaekwonDo?
art programs in university vs art programs in college?
French Horn Rotor Cleaning?
General questions about art museums...?
art mock derilict/decay help please?
What's the best book of Stephen King to read?
How is one's surrounding can impact one personality?
Who was a better artist, Andy Warhol or Norman Rockwell?
Is this a sign of love?
Were we supposed to set our clocks back an hour last night?
what does "beyond the pale '' mean, and ''devils advocate''?
when did Joan Miro make his tapestry that hung in the World Trade Center?
Women's role in Shakespearean times?
How does shoe companies and clothes designers do it??
need help with movie/book character?
What if you?
How much would you pay for something like this?
Street art: Bansky or Robbo?
Acrostic Poem?
What, in your own personal opinion, is the most beautiful single piece of art ever?
Antiques binoculars... I want to know how much their worth?!?
best thesis titles for mass communication?
Where Should I Go To Study Music Production/Audio Engineering ???
All scrapbooking people come here. Or just come.?
looking for free cross-stitch patterns and materials?
where in nyc can i convert my plastic stencil into a metal die?
who is Fares Abourjeily?
does anyone know Joe Lesar?
need translations for knitting terms and abbrev.circa 1900?
where could I find a tattoo artist to discuss my tat with?
Nudity in art- what do you think?
where do I find paintings on chinese general kuan kung?
why do humans think they have the answer to every question?
Can someone give me a site that says how to build a marionette puppet?
Why aren't there many politically conservative artists?
What are the parts of a Roman basilica?
pls give me comments or opinion on this sentences?
Historical preservation through Virtual Reality? Is this possible?
What are the five most quoted books on Arabic Morphology?
Nobody understands me...?
When is donglarr coming back?
How do you get the yolk out of an egg without ing it?
If a painting fell in the woods, and no one was around to see it, would it still be considered art?
Do you use a soundtrack when you read?
where can i find some picture of modern architecture?
What do the Got Milk people use to make the milk mustaches on their models.?
Can a piece of petrified wood be considered some kind of art?
how can i explain art?
how to make ferrofluid at home?
I need a creative name for a project about Ancient Greek Collumns.?
pls for my dance song can some one help me??????????????
what do you think of what i have so far??
Would you pose for a neaked calendar?
I need ideas for a creative school project?
What do you think of my poem?
Hey friends i really need your help in this Art History project.?
Pablo Picasso "the weeping woman" ?
Question on hobbies....?
who is going to the jeff dunham's show in syracuse?
whats is your favorite book in the bible?
How to make my Holga flash work?
how can I answer questions all day made me stop till tomorrow?
what is better green or purple?
How i want to know how i can tell she i love her?
What holidays were popular in mid to late-1800s America?
fictional character(s) from anything that has intrigued or taught you something? why?
How have creative expressions in Africa and Latin America influenced modern art?
LD QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Where in manhattan can I buy 4 rolls of industrial double stick foam tape?
Remember when............???
What should I be? Help me please!?
Does anyone know where i can buy reasonably cheap bollywood movies on DVD in the UK?
I need to figure out a name! Help?
I need help decorating.?
I have an advice column people out there can write to...anyone interested?
Do you think that looking back to the past is pointless?
What kind of art is the blink 182 cover?
Art A-level HELP!! Ideas on fashion (alliances)?
when sometimes im focus on some person,suddenly he turns and look at me even if he was with his back at me...?
can any one tell me meaning of falcon?
any good gothic names for girls?
Art Questions??? 10 Points!!!?
Does context make Art?
Art relation to science?
what r the things that begins with letter U?
What exactly is "art"?
are you as creative as you think you are?? help me out :D?
Is my art good to you? Please answer!!?
Easy way to learn to play the piano for absolute beginners?
I dont have any talents?
color guard song help?
tell me what a constable can do with a pretty Little girl in Friend of him?
Is this an Art Block?
What is History? An Art or Humanities?
which is the thing that girls like most?
How can I find out how to make transparent images in gimp 2.2?
You're or Your?
what are the characteristics of art at the medieval ages?
Which boy do you like in One Direction? (no hate please)?
Sometimes, when you fall, you fly. Or. Set yourself free.?
Should you give your personal blog link to a possible employer?
Why are so many people unable to ask a proper question?
would you classify Beowulf as a Pagan or a Christian?
Can someone give me an idea about this art history thing?
How can I keep the peoms that I write from being copied by people on a website or just normal people?
Would you ever be a muse?
How is life going for you?
where the hell can i find a book on mosaics that is actually helpful?
explaian this proverb- happiness and a good name are fragile things?
how to overcome the laziness?
I have a gold candy dish?(at least I think it is gold)?
Would a Victorian Scullery Maid in 1841 have to walk outside to get water? ?
Help please, about studying art.?
how do you know if you are creative?
What do you think about my song?
Where can I find museums with exhibitions of ancient art?
Do you think prisoners should take art classes?
Bullying problems in school?
What do you think about this art work?
why do we exist then?
Writing a book, but I have AS?
Nature Myth?
why is it important to have flat characters in stories?
What is the greatest art in the world?
How do I define words with art? ?
How do I know what to be when older?
Title for my project?
When an art gallery says that they "represent" an artist. What does that mean exactly?
What do people mean when they say they see something at 12:00, 3:00, etc.?
where can i find a blank template for dress design?
how to open a paint can without a flat head screwdriver..?
do u believe in the magic?
How can I be an onion?
When a boy loves a girl can he say to her I need one year to take my mind off my ex and all tension?
what is the meaning of lif without freadom?
Where can I find a list of literary devices/techniques online?
Is the world really going to end 10/09/08 ?
Should I report this?
artist ugo martir adonna?
How does one face his fears and confront the unknown?
Have you got an e-mail like this?
What do you think of Bush's War on Suicide?
If you were able to design your own house what would it look?
Which sites can I get reading material of the greek art, etc?
Poem about Hillary Duff????Do you like?
christies london 23rd october 1986 lot429 (berlin figures)?
Any idea's on what to put in a video to encourage people to join the high school equestrian team?
has any one had a dream that when they wake there head hurts?
Does this sound good?
Can anyone draw me a picture if i give you what it looks like?
r there any kids out there inerested in being email pen pals that livesome were other then new york?
what are some interesting/exciting hobby's to uptake ?
How am I supposed to do a presentation on an english project when i'm embarrassed about my project?
best painting?
Is fasting compulsory during the month of mohurrum?
Wich is the best city in the world?
How has the internet impacted on the Arts & Humanities?
Raising awareness about a Literary Magazine?
sometimes i feel like killing my self but i can't pull the trigger!?
if i have a question,would you answer it?
I am wondering, when two people of the same sex get married, who takes on whose name?
describe in detail the doctrine of diplomatic protection in international affairs?
If CS LEWIS is a Christian, isn't writing fictional characters a bit of the other side?
what are some cute and/or cool art projects with duct-tape?
what are business hotels?
What is the color of death?
Giving tips or taking tips is good or bad, is it same as giving and receiving bribe?
Why Islam is The Fastest Growing Religion in The World?
need ways to find it, please?
Crikey, I miss him. Don't you?
Where can I meet someone famous?
Having trouble putting this into a thesis!?
Sewing/ patternmaking help?
I'm looking to make extra money at home I would like to know where I'd find craft assembly places?
what kind of artwork is madonna and child with two angels?
A2 size art ideas suitable for gcse?
how much are cherry tree rib tattoos?
anyone know of a site that lets you Design your own tatoo?
What is the most expensive cutlery service in the world - antique or contemporary?
what do you live for?
What does this phrase evoke in your imagination?
Where is there a web site to explain linguistics to me for my college class?
what is the quickest way to get a teen help?
is there anyone who can help me proofread an essay for me?
What is a good name for this art project?
what is DOF in photogaphy?
whats the jonas brothers dads name?
Can i use dr.bronners shikakai soap ?
What are some good ideas for a dark, moody, artistic photo shoot?
pitt rivers museum help, please? :D?
who are international beggars?
Does anyone have any tips to improve my "morphing" ability?
Pls help me !! I'm need ideas for my Art !!?
War - what do you make of it?
if you saw someone playing a guitar and singing for tips in a public place would you give them money?
"Darfur"-people. Should all legal americans get involved with helping?
Can anal sex makeyour butt sore?
what is u favorite orator in the past ?why?
I am seeking questions for my Dan Landers advice column. Does anybody rememnber Ann Landers?
Animated good movies like "Grave of the Fireflies" and "Castle in the sky"?
Activities for too much free time?
What is the best quote you ever heard?
What are good color combination's?
Someone help me please?!?
where can i find Hitlers paintings art work?
where can I find Howl's moving castle coloring pics?
what does this re occuring dream mean?
Why are prehistoric works of art designated as such?
door as an art form?
Is a two dollar silver certificate 1898 worth much? It also is upside down on the back?
In what game do the winners move backwards and the losers move forwards?
I need to earn money quickly. Any ides?
Does anyone have tumblr?
You're trapped with a pretty woman in a place and it's very likely that you'd stay there for days with no help
What´s the best way to edit a book?
How much is my gold ring worth ( see details)?
Does this thesis statement make sense?
why you belive in spirits?
what makes pink, pink?
What is a good poem about sadness?
Who is the greatest living artist?
i need a cheer Easy 10 points?
What are woman's weakness?
What can I do for my arts and crafts stall?
Please help me become famous!?
would some of you like to give up your hard-earned money to me.....?
if you x out of a deviation submission for a group does it cancel it?
Really REally super easy ten pointes!!!!?
re printers?
painting pattern aching waiting taking?
Hilarious pranks anyone?
What do you think of my poem?
10 years ago.................?
Does art inspire you?
how can I as a conservationist (greenie) get people interested in looking after the environment?
Coke or Pepsi? survey....please take it!!?
How would you rate the human form?
Have you any ideas for a short story with the theme of dreaming?
You Gonna Go Down South and Sing Your Song?
Why can't I just get back to work?
How can I get blood out of the trunk of my car?
What kinds of arts does Tonga have?
what's the first thing that come's in your mind when sombody says "Curiosity Killed the Cat"?
How is spanish art fused with native american art? give an example?
for all the intresting people here. could you answer this:?
Can anyone send me pictures of different common teapots?
Whats your best bar joke?
what is a collab in art terms?
How can i get one... Please look?
Are there any craft shops in Temecula, CA?
what is da vinci code?
what would you like to be in the future?
I need help finding art inspiration?
Will Blicks Art store or MIchaels or Hobby Lobby be open Labor Day 2012?
What's the relationship between colour and music?
i really need this to be decoded i wrote it when i was in 4th grade?
What is the greatest work of art across all art forms in all of mankind?
Art Question help !@!?
Do you think the art is important to life?
What is the biggest pack of sharpies I can get?
Why I it always me ? ?
it is real?
I need suggestions on what to write on an apron. BEST ANSWER!!!?
whats a hindi word for aim other than lakshya?
If you could start your life over entirely, what is the ONE thing you would change about?
hello everybody, i need ideas for an art gallery project for the university, like: theme , concept ,form [;?
About breakdancing and gymnastics?
What is your opinion on these people and there work/lifestyle?
any shayari that contains word sham?
Looking for a harry potter fanfiction story?
Entertaininggg --?
what is
who sang "Connected", an 80's song?
whats it worth? rare china pieces?
What free blog site do you recommend?
Art and design portfolio?
Whats ur favorite song?
Do parents go to watch you debate?
Does anyone here know Tom Axel Roerig???
does anyone know if cvs or walgreens can make pictures small enough to put in a heat locket?
Who would you consider a self-righteous hypocrate?
when and where did modern arquitecture begin?
is area 51 real? if so give me more details about it please?
What do you think is going on in this painting?
Where can I find a Animated Whistling Willie Clown Figurine ?
In your opinion, What is ART?
Is my 1966 hundred dollar bill worth anything?
why man attracted to woman, i.e. why man are weakness sex.?
Words that go with Brittany?
how much is a signed engraving of Samuel Drew worth? The engraver is R. Hicks?
how do you make puzzle glue?
what are you doing on easter?
Giving vocal/singing lessons...advice?!!?
I need to make an religious art project & can't think of anything.?
Is ventriloquism a dead art?
How's your French?
why some people ask, but their reason is to get others attention?
Do most of the Iraqi people want the US and UK soldiers in Iraq?
What should I gift my artist friend for her birthday?
Creative ways to give a presentation, something interactive?
wat would u wish for if u had any one wish. that will be granted..?
What famous art piece should I write my paper on?
I have lots of time on my hands now, and want to pick up a new skill! any suggestions on what i can learn?
will there be another thing like 9 / 11?
Where can i buy Colored Vinyl Tape?
Alexander Calder Art Movement?
Please follow me on instagram?
How do you draw the broken heart on the computer?
What are some really good manga that you would recommend?
how can you get lots of posters?
Tell me something about Indian art culture in the period of Maurya,Gupta,Kushan & Sunga empires.?
Besides being the name of a plant, what does balisier mean?
Which kind of art am I better at?
is 7th grade hard or easy or like scary?
Are all art critics pretentious?
Is it okay to state my opinion?
What metal bands do u listen to?
How do I use a line art on Deviant Art?
I have a one pence uk coin, It is silver in the middle and the usual bronze on the outside.?
is it possible for "us" humans to spend life 'alone'?
How can I proof to my friends that Art is a proper subject?
something funny i could put in a birthday card?
How do I stop wanting this?
Cute gimmick ideas for KIDS clothing fashion line?
How do you last longer in bed?
what is your favorite color or colors?:)?
Will Nail Polish Stay?
Really creative Halloween group costume ideas for middle school?
Which sex do u think is more complicated male or female ?n why is that so lol?
Whats the message of this poem? What is it about?
Classes from Northern States Conservation Center?
Help needed regarding starting an English Literature Degree?
Could you give an ideas for my art project, please?
drugs? Has anyone had the funny Brazillian tea that's a bit like mushrooms?
what are the reasons to learn music?
please read this and tell me what you think?
how do they build a boat in a bottle?
How do I find where to look for a missing antique watch that was pawned in the Akron, Barberton Ohio area?
If it is true that I am more of an artist, what then can i possibly do in life as an artist??
How would I go about getting a a book published. Birmingham, Uk?
What questions can be asked to dig out old stories about a locality from young or older residents of that area?
what you say is meaning of my Zen Haiku poem?
What would be the first word you'll teach to an alien who has just landed on your garden?
Does anybody like scrap booking as much as I do?
What do u think of my fiancée's pic?
How can I stop plants from rotting etc when using them in art?
i went to a hippie's house and saw posters of marilyn monroe covered in silk sheets. What does it symbolise?
Were poets crowned for their poetry at any of the ancient Greek games, and if so, what was the crown made of?
which ones r more mean?
When will there be a cure for Cancer,Aids,Baldness,Grayhair,... stupidity?
is Memphis collage of art a good graphic designs collage to attend?
Does art inform identity?
What should i write about?
i found a 1$ dollar bill that sais WHO WATCHES THE WATCHMEN? its writen in red ink mabey sharpie?
If you suddenly die today, which words or speechs will you expect to be said about you in your funeral?
Are the greatest intellectuals all Jewish?
What is the best quality in u that u think?
Too much time, nothing to occupy it with!?
What should I do in my spare time?
Creative names for a blog about Glee?
Who is artist Sky-David (Dennis Pies)?
Which airline service can you rate as the best one & why?
Could you review my work?
Pls advise greatly thanksful on creative ideas?
Bulges on Guitar body ?
I request your genuine comment / criticism on my poem titled "NO SHY AND TIE". Will you?
One of my friend said to me "you always look like you are ready to go to bed". How can i look brisk (fresh)?
What prevents people around the world from entering in Islam since it is the only right religion on earth?
whats the most challenging army job?
What fountain pen should I get?
How did "FLY BY NIGHT" originate?
What characterizes a dry sense of humor? How does sarcastic humor work?
how can i get rid of stage fright?
if adam and eve created people then why are there black people and mexicans and chinese and etc?
Is it OK to report a person because they asked a question in spanish?
Girly/fun/inspiring words?
Fanfiction reccomendations (Harry Potter) [sorry for the re-post]?
I need help on an essay about Henry VIII and the Reformation/Renaissance?
"I'd die to..." need creative people's ideas!?
Help me come up with an acronym for art?
How do i deal with temptations?
A thought provoking song or quote?
What do the different sizes of violins mean? 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 2/4, etc.?
what are the causes and effects of the dustbowl tragedy?
Is there any negative meaning for "Thumbs-up" and "Thumbs-down"?
I want to see a real ghost. I want to be able to do what the main character in Medium can do. Can you help me?
it,s my 70 birthday today can i have a few hellos please?
What length straws do you need to make straw stars and where can you get them?
explain how you would draw a circumscribed circle?
SM Audition and Trainee Life?
is it a bad idea for a 12 year old to go to a summerbash?
(Opinions) Colors Guard & Drill Team?!?
i need long report on any topic for my final project in report writting skills plz help me?
What do you think will happen if everyone agrees on everything?
hibiscus paper/ card :-/?
how do you "hammer" on guitar?
yearbook theme quotes help!?
who lost money on that one?
Do you have any strange habits or rituals?
Is a scrapbook binder full of quotes, pics, and drawings a good 15th birthday present?
I need a themefor a party for a Girl about ot turn 13?
What is the funniest ( CLEAN ) graffiti you have seen in 2007?
hey.. help on an assignement about creativity!?
I am going into a college?How can I make friends?
What are my chances of winning a big poetry competition with a poem like this?
What THRID colour goes good with yellow and lime green?
which art's web sites are the best?
does anyone knoe billie joe armstrong's phone number???
will a renassiance ever occur again?
What are the nine questions to ask when becoming an active reader of poetry?
Anime Conventions 2012 in Houston?
What is the difference between allegory and symbolism?
I was wondering if anyone would happen to know the name of this girl?
Has anyone been to a Zeitgeist Media festival?
where can i direct download anime music such as naruto,fma,samurai champloo and all otheres?
Art and music in North Carolina?
Getting into the Movie Business (Not acting)?
want a poem of Harivansh Rai Bachchan which we read in class VIII of NCERT.?
can anyone show me how to write suzuki in chinese?
I felt compelled to write this Poem?
looking for a website that is a fundraiser for Africa selling paper beads made by Africans can you help?
Bullying question / Art?
how come all red necks are dumb?
creativity ideas? dandelions?
Where can I have custom dog tags made?
stuff to do in summer?
Would you rather be the beauty, create the beauty, or possess the beauty?
How do i make paper old using tea bag?
what form of art am i thinking of?
taco johns!?
Does anyone here has friendster account??
What is your definition of art?
what is your most important event in your life?
inspirational/love quotes?
Would you pose for a neaked calendar?
What are five reasons for believing that jazz has west African roots?
10 points for the first who show me love :'(?
I need a cool Japanese name for the fanficiton I'm gonna write?
Science and Responsibility?
What note do I play for each Key signature?
do you ever wonder why the sky is blue?
What is a form of art?
What should I be when I grow up?
I NEED A SCREEN NAME wats a good one!?
Pollution & Wars is there a relation?
How can I lower the quality on some of my pictures so they can be more easily uploadable?
how do i create a new monster?
What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Greece?
What type of Design has more job oportunaties?
what aramentine mean?
Can a glass figurine spontaneously explode?
does anyone know how to write it? a sestina poem?
Smencils Searcher! Plz?
Like it? is it good one? i wrote by my own?
Which is better? Sewing or Art?
10 POINTS. Name suggestions for a character.?
I am learning to speak French. How can I learn French body language & the less text books elements of French?
its easier to get soemthing out of ____, then to get soemthing out of her; if she is good at keeping secrets?
Is this ok for my age......please help?
What are good arts and crafts projects made of coconuts?
Do you do speeches in grade 9 in the class?
Any one know anything about PF's HUM102 Art Appreciation or HUM104 Music Appreciation?
I want to learn to play the piano?
I'm trying to write a letter, how do I do it?
how i can find Arno Elias song lyrics of Corazon?????
why is it important for a child to learn language earlier in the preschool years?
why are guys such perves?
why do we believe everything in the dictionary is true??
What's color purple mean.?
Do you think that James Holmes is mentally ill or just wanted to terrorize society?
Help needed?
Can any one tell me about the paintings or sculptures in India on egg plant?
Writing critique please?
Do you know any 2 letter names?
About Pop Art How It Started And Stuff?
whom do i choose between my family and my boyfriend?
What is the "C key" on the flute?
Is there any ranking for the difficulty of world languages?
Pageant fundraising help?
Art title page unique ideas please?
if you had 5 minutes to make 10 people win10,000.?
Can any joy exceed that of knowing you are eternally saved through Jesus?
I live in the same town as famous country singer Toby Keith. I'm a songwriter. How can I get my songs to him?
Which two stylistic techniques does the author use to convey meaning in this poe?
What is Soulja Boy cranking exactly?
mechanical pencils or regular pencils??which do you like better?
I need help ryming somthing?
List one reason of people's quarrel.?
where can i change my color on to another one?
where is the final revelations confidential science?
Who wrote this poem?
almost every night, when i go home by car and i pass by lamp posts, at least one of them turns off.?
if you could invent something, what would it be?
In MLA format, what size font do you make the heading for your "Works Cited" page?
What do you think of my story so far?
a rhyme a crime a mime a experience the time?
can u please name some majors which r related to both art and business?
musician help!!?
does anyone know of a piece of writing from the perspective of an inanimate object?
Sites like Met-Art?
Why was the Baroque period nicknamed the "Gigantic Excelsior"?
re did the bathroom and was thinking if there is a poem or limerick to hang by the tiolet so people clean up?
coke or pepsi?
What do you get when you mix Shari Lewis's prized puppet with a Chinese dish that literally means mixed up?
What's the longest you ever stayed up?
Can you tell me if my poem is good?
how do i make a double rainbow?
Did you like to be born 1000 years ago?
Is this a good start to my novel?
do you learn anything from your mistakes?
em can i be friends with somebody not somedy ho abuses people?
Where is the bvb army website?
I need an opinion on a name for a charactor in my book...?
What should I do with my letterman patches?
I need a way of proofing my Q&A against plagiarism by other users?
Feng Shui Fu Dogs: should the male lion, hold a globe under his left or right paw?
why cant females drive+whos idea was it to let them?
How to have a good singing voice? ;-)?
what do you think the most beautiful thing is in the world?
how many catogories of batik are?
IS pop surrealism or pop art considered to be fine art?
how do you overcome being crushed?(no joke anwers)?
Can you help me out with this?
dickinsons poem, 435, says: much madness is a divinest scence to the discerning eye. EXPLAIN!?
how one can get rid of his/her fears?
In one word, explain what you think art is?
I need to find , hopefully a website that would help me find a deceased painter's initials??
Does anyone know any sewing classes in New Jersey?
what intermediate guitar songs should i learn to play?
What career is between engineering and the liberal arts?
can you do love without food and money?
ever been bullied?
i can't think of the word for someone that dies for their cause?
How to choose the humourous script writer ??
Looking for some good quotes about......?
Anyone know what manga this is?
who is Larry Garner?
What would be a good counterargument for those against controversial art?
Does anyone or any small businesses need a simple website made?
Who was the biggest gambler in the world and why?
Nice nicknames for Harriet?
I have written a screenplay and don't know what to do with it?
Crazy Dreams!?
I need a map of Ancient China.?
The Future Is So Bright... I Have To Wear Sun Glasses....?
Write me something sad?
help me list fire related stuff?
Whatdoes Karate and ballet give you??
Why am I obsessed with sex?
how would i be able to make this (art project)?
Creative/artistic senior project ideas?
Common Sense?
What's the best metaphor YOU know or have heard of???
what is considered the golden fleece in modern times - metaphorically?
What is a creative way to present someone's biography?
Does anybody know the series of books called maitland maternity from silhoutte romance books?
thinkin of buying pedals for my guitar? Help!?
edna st vencent millay book about eickman?
Isn't life like supra weird?
If Second Base means feeling around the other person...what exactly is first base, third base and home plate?
i want to start to learn how to play the piano....?
Good journal topic?
do little bugs eat your old skin at night?
I´d like to know whether Government grant is available for all year?
What is a traditional Russian wedding toast from a father to a daughter?
What is ur worst fear of death?
What do you define as 'good' hospitality?
Has the chronic use of a ever been proven harmful, in a credible medical study??
what is beauty?
How many years does the average man live up to ?
ideas for a creative project..? 10 points to best answer?
suggestions on making this santa hat?
what's the purpose(s) of life?
creative project ideas?
Do I need the date of my written work?
I have a Hobart M. Cable console piano, serial number 135678. Can you tell me when it was manufactured.?
How to memorize pop colture facts?