Is 'Champers darling' a quote from somewhere?
Industrial revolution and visual art.?
school subject cover ideas?
two AP tests tomorrow!!!english language & art history..?
Does any one know of any communities online where people connect about Adobe Photo shop...Illustrator?
what is the add to study guitar?
Age gaps..? Is 16 and 23 a large age gap?
i wanted to be a true friend to my friend and he never wanted to tell his true feelingsto me what can i do?
Is My Lunch Box Limited Edition, How Come I Cannot Find It ANYWHERE Online?
This question is for people who stutter only.?
Dose anyone know were i can print out pictures for tattoos for free?
Assuming you had all the money in the world would you sleep, get bored, leisure around. journey around ?
what metal must be added to a firework to give it a blue color?
What do you think of this poem?
where can i find this .gif?
Where to find wet-salted hides online in America?
I need help for a final art project...wanna help?
Who was a Better Leader? Bush or Hitler?
why D letter is so bad?why D letter who have their names they will be fomous?
Without using a dictionary, how do you tell the stressed syllable in a word?
Can you answer one of these questions??
can someone tell me my future?
Don't you just love spellings like this: 'supwifdat, that so nicely phonetically show what you're sayin'?
What was the most stupdiest thing you go for a birthday?
is it possibel to teach yourself clarinet?
If thought is only the firing of electrical impulses in your brain cells,what controls the electrical impulse?
Can someone help me with an art project?
Her and me have just come back from a boot fair. I tell you what we got.?
Write a description on a intensely beautiful woman? And an adorable one as well?
What is the origin of the expression "Shanghaied"?
In Media res ideas for a story?
can we change our password in or msn?
How can rosary beads and a bible stop a war in my story? Need Help!?
if you were an animal what animal would you like to be?
whats the sadest ( as in geekyest ) question yooh have eva read/answerd?
Is there any where to find a Pink Floyd Latch Hooking kit?
What are some furry art websites?
I have this pic on my PC , I found it online quite a while ago, how do I find it again online?
What was the trend in post ww1 art?
Need help for a title for my album?
how to make a slip knot in bead stringing?
name some gay anime's for me please?
why english language is not phonetic?
Any really nice poem felicitating someone in his achievement?
Need help now!!?
definition of lie?
what do i do when two boys like me and wont leve me alone and im not interested in either one of them?
does this make sense.....?
Jewelry Metal Casting? Using plaster molds, melting/buying metals?
why do most people judge a person or anything by its cover.why is it this way in todays world.?
Ohhh man, am I wrong for hating/ underestimate those lazy people?
What would be a risk to take that isnt illegal or lifethreatening? PLS HELP!!! i need as many ideas asap!?
what are these art words in laymen?
Any opinions on John Robert Powers in Chicago, IL?
Any one want to Rp ( yaoi) on twitter?
Please help, its for school work!?
I feel sick can I go home?
An alien civilization invades Earth - what point of view would be more interesting for a sci-fi story?
Do you spank your kids?
interesting art themes? please!?
What sort of art should I do?
Do you do any real art in art history or is that just lecture?
We go together like_______?
where is the original mona lisa located ...rome,venice, or somewhere else?
What is Apollonian style?
Post-Secret Project Help?
What do you do when you're sad to make yourself feel better?
What are the websites/print sources for Renaissance art?
Who is this next to Bella thorn?
What is this thing actually called, and where can I get one?
Should I change my name?
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art?
do you a website for whitepages in Hong Kong?
scrapbook page ideas about family?
How might i find out on the internet how to print on fabric/silk?
What is good website for professional resume writers reviews?
What do you think of this story beginning I wrote for fun? I'm 15?
Does anyone know an online store where I can buy mexican folk art or handcrafts based on buying experience?
why are human rights treated differently in a dictatorship?
In your think who is the famous person you like and thin he is the greatest one?
Why do so many people keep associating New Ageism with Buddhism?
Diversity ideas for art?
any website to make homemade craft?
Why do Europeans shower so little compared to the "Great Americans"? Is it a European union cultural thing?
Textiles project,jelly fish them? have any further ideas?
do you like this peom?
What are some beautiful things you can hold between your fingers?
Why does God love us more than anything and do we deserve it?
how can I learn signature?
how you custom your profile on myspace?
Comedic Domino Effect? SAY WHAT?
Is it true that there's no such thing as "ripping-off", only "evolution"?
girl: if i walked away would you cry? boy: no. i would die. anyone kno the whole quote? please help ):?
Why did i cry?
What does this mean????????
which are the human values?
How did the "Rebirth" of Art, architecture, and culture affect people and their lifestyles in Europe?
is it ok for a girl to live her whole life unmarried..?will the society accept her or not?
What if there is no veto power in the UN?
hi,i am interested in studying fashion.i want to know about the best institutes worldwide for fashion studies?
What do these illnesses symbolize?
what is the relationship between art and beauty?
I wanna sell my art HOW?? Help..?
I'm looking for an Yu-Gi-Oh RP partner?
What type of people do animal welfare organizations employ?
if there is such a thing as GOD why does he plague us all with hurt, pain & suffering?
How do you like to meet new people?
wer all know baked beans make you fart so why do we eat them?
name the three most importnt personalitys of banglore ?
I'm looking for some replica pieces of Lalique crystal figurines. Does anyone know of a good source?
How do you spell art murals ?
What do you think is the best poem ever?
what comes to mind when you hear....?
What do you think about these short stories I wrote?
Angel Wings Tattoo???
What do you like to do that is not on the computer?
Is Ireland infested with tons of Leprechauns?
any ideas for my restaurant design concept?
Can some one creative help me?
Worried about my birthday.?
how does the present day government resemblance the book 1984 by George Orwell?
What is your opinion about this poem?
who do you think wold make a better match? Saskey and sakura or Naruto and sakura?
Famous Maya Angelou Poem and Poetic Techniques?
what are the subjects of art?
Man breaks his glasses when alone with his books?
My family problem...?
What is the greatest work of art across all art forms in all of mankind?
I would like to learn more about fabric and it's terminology. (diff types of weaves etc.)?
i am doing a crossword, the clue is destroyed, ruined, abolished, it is 3 4 2 words long. Pls help?
Do blond people have blond eye lashes?
If you could go back in time?
Why might someone want to move to Los Angeles?
what is your creative philosophy?
How does an adult rebel against authority?
Do you guys think i have a talent ?
What would be an easy art project?
How can I begin to start a business if I don't even know where to begin?
Any one Can tell me about my character , future...?
RW Bavaria Antique Coffee and Tea Service set?
Would it be easy to learn guitar if..?
How can found my,brother in England??he is building maker and sailor?
The free thinking of today is the common sense of tomorrow. What new idea do you think will make it big?
Words that you can make out of amsterdam?
a riddle:There is only one answer and it must be exactly right or you havent answered it!?
Why are ghosts so interesting to everyone?
What would be an easy art project?
I wont A site whtch I can daonlowd a free songs and new ??
Why does this happen?
can i tie-dye a backpack? and how are you supposed to tie die something?
where are the snows of yesteryear?
Sleeper hold question?
Kindly help me on the topic "Sweep not my ashes for I will rise again"?
What happened to the woman in 'My last duchess'?
Creative and Original Ideas for Minecraft?
What pre 1914 love poems do you recommend?
How to fold a Coconut/Palm Leaf Grasshopper?
whats a good title for an essay about different controversial artist?
Help with Costuming Studio name?
what does this shakesperian term mean?
What do people mean when they say they went on a night cruise?
Certain name to this style of art ?
do you like taking pity from others?
If you die now, where would you end up, Heaven or Hell? Pls give your life to Christ now.?
reeeeaaally bored, what can i do at home?
Who gave the name Earth to our Planet?
Cover for art portfolio?
HELP HELP HeLP????????
Is there a crystal or gem that means serenity?
does hand writing describe anything about the person...and how can one improve it....
when are the fratellis going to tour uk again?
give me some gd sites for findin pictures of girls writing in their diary as if i wer writing a poem or somtin
Can any of you tell me how to make this?
Which store has Adobe Photoshop CS2 the CHEAPEST?!?!?! ASAP?
lewis art studio summer camp?
why people, when become politicians, gets corrupt?
Do you know you're a terrorist?
how can i breakup my two frnds friendship?
Why do mormon require baptism and works for eternal life with Jesus, when that contradicts the Bible?
who likes hayo miyazaki?
Is Toby's character in the upcomming "Vampires: Lucas Rising"?
What is the symbolism of blood on oranges?
how to learn a lot in 3 weeks?
How do I apply to be a fiction freelance writer for Suite 101?
what do you think, can pain killers really kill you eventually?
Do you have any new discoveries about art? ?
Is rock music actually art?
what is your favourite music?
Something interesting to read on the internet?
Creative and cute pick up lines?
Can anyone recommend me a theory book on writing (love-) poetry/lyrics?
John refuses to wash his lucky socks, and wears them?
I am a loner?
Imagine a spider on a washing line being a clothes peg?
who the hell is "kittyrogers"?!?
Don't know what I should be when I grow up?
What is a good fund raising idea?
where can i find a tattoo of a tiara?
where can i find some good wallpaper cover for ?
Poem interpretation?
i want trippy room any ideas?
If you had to pick one person as Secretary Of State, male or fem. beside Condolizza Rice,who will you choose?
Hey I just need your opinions with this poem I made.So I hope to receive a substantial take on this. cheers. :
writing competitions?
Art Experts Help! Where exactly is the Statue of Limitations located?
How do you express creativity in your life?
does high school matter?
atist by the name of c. dupres?
I'm doing an art project on growth and decay and i've decided to follow the nature route. Any ideas?
Any tips for being less nervous?
have any ideas for aim screen names? i had one for 3 years and i want a new one
Need help with a literature through art project?
Why do you live where you do?
help me with my murder mystery story (poison question)?
How much can a deers rack grow in a week?
things to post on instagram?
where can you attend life drawing classes in or near west norfolk uk?
Creative group name!!?
Colouring book/Activity pack of Uk/England?
What is the difference between two and three dimensional art?
What schools are in Colorado?
I need a name for.................?
Should I tell my girlfriend 'I love you' during sex??
What are you inspired by?
Is this hindu art or is it something else?
What is the postmodern era?
i need help?????????? talent is here!!!!!!!!!?
PLEASE hELP!!!!!!?
Where can I get a copy of all Dr. Martin Luther King's speeches?
Blue or Green?
Punk art A-Level ideas?
What influences did the development of philosophy have on art, architecture, and religion?
Can anyone tell me any information on Canadian poet Lynn Davies?
Who is your most favorite fantasy artist?
if you like this guy, do you tell him that you like him?
Who is this 'Slenderman'?
what is the perfect neighbor?
Ideas for Art Project? Shepherd Fairey.?
fun, hilarious yet affective ways to get fired?
What poem has really touched or moved you?
Creative business ideas for a 12 year old?
An old cassette tape with stories on it, can anyone remember what it was?
How do you, or how did you honor your parents?
Recall that human perception includes selection, organization, interpretation. What role does culture play?
creative writing help please?
Please help me! (read)?
Creative minds help me!?
My mother wirtes beautiful songs and I would like to know how to go about getting them published?
how long is 20 measures of a song?
A nickname for my name?
Whats are the musics that are most touched the ballads ?
How creative are you?
where does clay come from?
Out of Creativity? Any Suggestions?
playing guitar and lessons?
A-Level Art Personal Study help? Japanese art?
Define a girl...?
Any good religious events i can streek at?
Is Jedi now a recognised religion?
Superman Vs. Batman!?
How does a 13 year old girl make money?
Blue decanter glass bottle?
Does anyone travel regularly to the Man U home games from the I pswich area?
How or where can I take my Coach bag to get cleaned?
can someone tell me the original artist of the cartoon Barbar and where to find the original painting?
Does anyone know what a piccolo oboe sounds like?
where does the expression "beyond the pale" come from?
i am thinking of getting a tattoo but where would i get one? and what of? do they really hurt?
why do humans think they have the answer to every question?
a good read?
is it possible for "us" humans to spend life 'alone'?
Do you write in a journal and why?
Its heart Vs. Brain....?
half drop repeat pattern ? how do i do one?
What career can I enter with Arts and Humanities?
What is the summer solsistce festival?
Easy, non-boring jobs?
are pollyanna pickering pictures worth any money?
I purchased a faux stone tablet that depicts sheet of music and reads "eniverke". is this a word ?
what contribution did impressionist make to the future of art?
i love a girl who is my friend but she loves another boy but he doesnt love her wat should i do? can i propose
WHAT do you think of this it ok?
I can never get my locker open at school it's always jammed any suggestions?
Writing on Deadline?
Who or what is Dream Quest One?
can anyone tell me about leo. the astrological sign.?
Holloween is coming to town folks!?
What is 14 Vidyas & 64 Kalas (artforms) ?
Does April 26, 2026 ring a bell to anyone?
Did you see that answers has reached 300 million questions?
artist+rude/distracting houseowner/roomate=need help?
what is a really good personal motto?
just gurlz to answer this?
What is something creative to do?
do you think racism is still arond?
how do you magically cleanse an object like esily any household objct?
What do you think of part of my story opening?
Some gay friendly places?
In spanish, when do I use the preterite versus the imperfect pasttense?
Gift for Boyfriend's birthday...Creative Ideas?
where can i read the misanthrope online with the acts and lines numbered?
Need help finding stuff for an Art Deco wedding card/money box...?
How do I protect a Canadian original song that I have written?
How do you learn contortion? =]?
i still need help. i only got one answer last time.?
Why are most comedians not creative anymore?
what's your favourite quote from a book, song, film or anything?
bell movement problem?
what is the meaning of "genre" in ESP(English for specific purposes)?
If you get sucked in quick sand, where do you go??
Do you think museums should exihibit internatinal historic art or stick with national historic art?
What To Do For My Art Project?
Is there anyone else who wants to watch the world burn?
Perplexed State of minds?
When i boring what can i do???
How to find models for role playing characters?
What effect do light colors tend to have a figure?
Is this poem chanted at ceremonies for Remembrance day too?
Where would i cut myself?
how can i put this in visual form i.e. onto paper?
Redundancy is illustrated by adding which line to this stem?
What do u think of this poem?
Please I need somee information about Francesco Petrarca!!!?
What do you think of Rodin's creations coming to England?
if you have to define confident through lines or shapes how will you ?
can anyone........?
I'm bored, and confused, Ive got no thrill in my life.?
How does someone get on a commmercial?
How can i graphically show the seven sins and virtues?
i have my art GCSE coming up soon... can anyone give me some ideas please?
Someone can help me, please? With a building by Michael Hopkins?
rate my poem?
where can i get a valuation of a Royal Doulton child's tea set Numbered H136720 E4581?
Does anyone have any information on violin maker E.Bastien Luthier Nancy?
poem about grandpa?
I'm taking a day to go on a search of Banksy's artworks around London. Can anyone give me locations of some??
If time-travel was possible, where/when would you go?
Warrior cat name help?
Where can i find a good-looking autistic woman?
brush lag when using my wacome cintiq?
Instagram I need help?
what are the literary works of SOCSKSARGEN region?
Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?
What is my family talent?
Have you written poems and entered them in a contest? What is your experience with this?
Ideas for my art coursework?
what to ask?
Bunch of papers with lyrics but no idea what to do with them..?
Does anyone know anything about a 1932 Concord Watch?
Where is Amador Tamayo's shop located?
What If we are in The Matrix and we are controlled by Machines? And Where does space end?
Fast way to Make Money-unemployed??!?
what to use for an art journal?
how do u start a lanyard?
Party Ideas for a boy/girl party for about 10-15 7th graders?
Does anyone know how to make these roses?
When was the last time you felt you really accomplished something?
Could you help me with some ideas?
1937 robert wood sea and sand painting?
how many desalination plants are there in australia?
What are short quotes about being together?
panting girl and boy in Field going fishing?
Whats some other words for dark or sorrow?
Problem at work?
Are some people just ugly in the inside and outside or they are ugly with a beautiful heart and how you know?
where can i find information on tropical islands?
The greatest person ever lived on the face of earth?
Could you give me any information about TERMIT?
Is this a good brand and model of guitar?
where can I find a very rare antique appraiser?
Where are you? Be honest!?
When talking poetry, what does one refer to by "footprints"?
if i get 510 tattood on me does that mean i cant be a cop or chp later on in life?
best woods for intricate art projects?
where can i get a loan to publish my art book.....grant?
How do I get more online votes for this art competition?
please help me i wanna be an archaeologist but i dont know how!?
A Good Story Twist Idea?
Why is the Church so scared of the Da Vinci Code?
How long will Train perform?
Is it important to practice sex in your relationship eventhough your not yet married?
Need a cool name for a group of people who can manipulate objects through use of some form of mystic energy?
how can I learn english language?
Where to work as a Graphic Designer (Mississippi)?
who sings this song.?
what polymer clay can i buy more for less money?
How does realism art inspire change and reflect societal views?
why are people so mean?
Art ideas please for GCSE?
what do you think of this art?
if you could be....?
Any thoughts on designing a fitness center ?
If I have a color: afa492 And I want this same color but do I get the number?
What Is Your Thinking About This Name?
Does any one know a similar design studio but in London?
where is bernini's medusa?
who is the most beautiful actress in the U.S?
How can you tell something is in a minor key?
37 years...?
Creative Timeline Ideas?
are humanes like machines?
do you believe in the saying that "there is a scientific explanation to everything".?
what sould i do for my next creative writing story?
What is the most common last name of a person?
A quotation form Ways of Seeing.?
essay on one piece of literary work in late 20th century that advocates for equality in civil and women's righ
Question for the women of answers, and men too...?
please someone should help rate this poem.<just good,great,or too simple>thanks?
Why do flower die??
looking for a name for a hiv awareness club?
would you please help an abused young woman escape?
Am I too old to learn how to play an instrument well?
pleeees help me out?
what is the best thing to buy in paris?
What does PYT stand for?
Are there any good furry fan sites?
hello how did aids/ start?can you have it with sex even if we both don't have it can it just came ?
Why Isn't Music An Art/Humanity?
How to find people who care and help?
What should I write about?
Why can't I tune the high E string on my guitar?
North Carolina Museum of Art?
some creative ideas to decorate a vodka bottle?
hi i have a question about pics. first one right get best snswer?
What is your favorite color and why?
Any ideas for a green day shadow box?
If i have a look alike is there an original one?
Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
Name problem!?
What type of font would you use for the name SETH WELLINGTON?
Artistic/Creative people don't you hate it when people steal your ideas and claim it as their own?
what is murphy's law....?
can anyone........?
easy 10 points? what animal comes to your mind when i say the word 'creature'?
poetry good or bad?
i want to date with u linda?
how do i market my Art of drawings and paintings?
How to get acryllic paint off walls?
There is a boy i like but am to afraid to kiss him...what should i do?
Article: what to write about?
sidekick 2?
What is your favourite expression or quote?
When are you going to surrender to Lord Krishna?
cartoon of mohammad that muslims protest to it? i need to see those cartoons?
summarize katherine mansfield's story "the garden party"?
my BF's birthday is going to b on 6/6/06 this year...any ideas of a special way to celebrate?
Is a $2 bill from 1935 worth anything? Where do I find out?
Is this showing or telling?
Is Education the answer?
Which personality do i have?
do you like italy, and italian people?
creative? so not me...?
Pedobear or Michael Jakson.?
what does 4 wide lines mean?
Art festival booth owners......?
What is the meaning of 'bishet' in Chaucer?
please help me i dont know what to do?
Website to make a banner?
what is Hitler's last name?
I just wrote my first poem today, will you read it and tell me what you think?Does it make since???
Is my art teacher a molester..?
Is there any flutes that have no lip plate?
What is art? Who decides?
explain Allusion (with an example pls)?
PRO TOOLS! I NEED HELP!? What is their credibility? Can I trust them?
help pls giv ideas for collage and vegetable carving?
Is there any copy of this sword NOT made of Stainless Steel?
How can i get the picture of the day from Bing to put as my wallpaper?
Why do people actually believe in superstition?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
What to do while bored in bed?
Why am I an oreo?
Summer Boredom.................................…
I love him so much it hurts to think he is leaving with another woman he keeps telling me we should find?
Should I go Into Art?
I had 4 relatives that were buried in two plots. When a casket is buried how far down do they dig?
i just graduated from my degree,n i jobless,what should i do at the moment?any suggestion?
Why do people bite on quarters and bend them?
i want to put gold/silver metalic letters on t-shirts. i have a hot press machine will i need a laminator ?
Do you think graffiti is a ancient type of art or is it just vandalism or ???
What is a human scientist?
whats better porn or four lokos?
ok i have just become a house captain... pls give me points on how to be a good one?
What to do about my freaking nearves on stage?
How to be good at art and sports ?
GCSE Art project ideas?
are ghosts real?
what do you do when you are sick of your family and you want to leave and never come back?
Where can we find' success' before 'work' ???-?
may us say :catholic is a religion in difference with orthodox as it is with Islam?
I need ideas for my "magic of a moment" art picrure!!!!!!!?
Where can I get hold of 500 Romanian Bibles asap.?
I'm very eager to learn drums but I can't find proper tutor?
what is life?
I just got a Royal typewriter?
What is a good writing topic?
the goddess eris?
Elephants have long memories because....?
What's your favourite Shakespearean quote ?
What does a yellow rose symbolize?
Compare Wicca, Pagan and Atheist?
where did amand todd live?
Can someone give me a prompt?
I need ideas for my art homework!!?
GCSE Art help ?!? I am so behing can anyone help !?
Who is the best artist of decoration and art works?
why people in north parts of contries hate and dont treat south parts people good??
What annoys you most about Answers.Besides the obvious,immature comedians and religious fanatics?
What type of art is this called?
i want to get marriage g with a help full girl?
What your favorite drunken song?
who likes poetry?
Q1. Difference between deploy and employ 2. Whts d meaning of lucrative?
Can anyone help me with creative personal projects for the IB/MYP program?
OTTO VON BISMARCK..please help!?
I need some creativity ?
what is life?
Which international flag (other than your country's flag) if your favorite?
whats the point of life?
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know." What the heck does
Why do people follow other people? is it because they have no life, is it envy, or jealousy?
Question about backround...??//?
would it be illegal if I did this?
a cute idea to write down memories for a friend?
Need your help!! Votes plz?
how come when i use fabric glue it turns blue?
Have you ever invoked the aid of Thoth?
What questions should I ask an artist?
What does my dream mean?
Have you heard anyhting about the EHOW comp program?
can you think of lots of nickames for the name lauren ? ;]x?
What information can I get on the Pioneer Ceramics company of California?
What is art appreciation?
I need some really creative people for this questions! Help on my Art 2 nine weeks project!?
is there a Numerologist out there... who can help me??
what's the difference between art in greece now and back then?
The monk who Sold his Ferrari is a book on?
On a trip to London what would you buy?
why do i like old things?!?
Where can I purchase snail mail letter paper?
antique pottery macoy cookie jars?
Steve WIlkos?
what are the benefits of working as a team?
what does aide de camp mean?
Good vs Evil symbolism in art?
What are some poetic techniques used here?
Whats the easiest Guinness world record to break?
How to memorize pop colture facts?
Why Europeans immortalized ancient black presence through the blackamoor art and various expressions?
when was your worsest day?
What are the kinds of musical form?
Any ideas for nicknames?
What are some peaceful songs?
Do you appreciate it when people wave for you to go in traffic?
Because they say anything about this site?????????????????????
what do you know?
Bird Girl of Savannah, GA?
What is the Christian perspective onty in art?
Does anyone have any info on artist E Gau Friaun?
I sat up a group writingforever. How do I access it? I have tried and it says no group exists.?
POLL: (Ladies) What is your thing that you like to do that you would NEVER do in front of a guy?
how can i get to sing in a recording studio?
Does it worth living like this (like Hell)?
What is the greatest moment of your life?
art history essay prompt...Help..dont understant?
its a abc book that we have to come pair the letters to subject like science so i need to no about snotts?
What's a good way to present literature?
What is academic art?
How should thoughts be written in a piece of fiction if they occur within a piece of dialogue?
what is the most beautiful word and why?
I can't do algebra!!! HELP ME!!!?
I have an Ashworth china pattern #1255 and would like to know when it was manufactured? Does it have a name?
The Last Spasm?
what's the diferrence between an ode a cantata and an aria ?
How does one become a famous poet?
Lane Bryant Coupons - Where to get Coupon Codes of Lane Bryant?
Why do people readily believe everything they see and read? Like, THE BOOK "Da Vinci Code"?
What path of art should I pick?
vendors from fort sill ok for summer 2011?
What is the meaning of the rhcp sign?
Why new Beta does not have an avatar?
Is this man famous (see picture link) ?
why are more and more people moving out of detroit, mi to the surrounding surburban neighborhoods?
Any idea why toe socks are associated with GAYS?
what can i do for solving boredom ?
racism and ignorance?
Is becoming an Art Teacher worth it?What degree should i get if i want to start my own clothing store, with de?
Do you think graffiti is a ancient type of art or is it just vandalism or ???
how do you write a poem that doesn't rhyme? What makes it a poem?
Which course should one undergo to opt Geographic Information System as a profession?
what does it mean when a fox stays and dies in your garden?
I need a website that is about?
should musicians,actors, and athletes be considered heroes?
do anyone know how to do a art report?
Should there be "English only" law?
vocab!(please help me)?
What information do you have on Jeremy Wayne BLake born on October 19, 1983 in Wharton, Texas?
Do you think video games should be viewed as an art?
what does my dream mean???
What's your question?
how do u send an e-mail to ur friends on .please tell the method?
I feel so ashamed!! How do I move past this? What is the root of this issue?
who is more good in love boy or girl?
Who could play a good Christine Daae?
How Do You Add A Small Bit Of Colour To A Black & White Picture Using Photoshop? (Pic Included)?
What is a good website with Victorian era photos?
What are some important words in the research of reptiles?
Who in the world, really any where in the world, benefit from your education ? explain?
don't you think?
Just curious if anyone has ever been discovered on questions? if so please do tell your story?
Please do tell me about yourself?
More info about All American Guys model Anthony G?
what would be the point for a free mind if every one was the same?
how tall would you be if you were 127cm?
if ignorance is bliss..why aren't more people happy?
why is is called the "sands of time"?
How can I tell if certain pieces of glass work are Fenton?
I need a picture to go on the opposite side of a bored from this one?
Please EMO¨´s?
how do i make t-shirts my self?
Which is easier?
Where can I find someone online who makes paper flower bouquets?
Should I go to Oxford Brookes or Central St. Martins for an Art Foundation?
What are some interesting and romantic places to go to?
Wtttfffff help help help help?
What is the best source of information on Chinese Calligraphy?
someone my mom met a couple times was in her store i walkedin and he said that i have a bright red aura?
Would i be any good for A level art(fine)?
Can i meet real Geisha of Gion?
Which is your favourite person on the Earth?
is green day a good band ?
sad slow emotional songs?
What is art according to Native Americans?
Can i even safely burn plastic with a lighter?
Has anyone made you smile ?
Graphics work? need background ideas?
I am a part of a bridal expo show, I need to find a site that sells products to give away in mass quantities?
Do you have a tatoo on your body?
Does anyone know a good choir vsti?
Beach, desert, or mountain?
why art can make kid smart?
Is this baby too young to learn Kung foo?
What is a Khartosha ?
I need ideas on what to write in a birthday card, I have no imagination and want to write something special...
what is your favorite book?
What kind of -ism would Japanese Art be ?
What do you like or dislike about using meth (Speed)?
what is meaning of simili and elegy?
Help me with my english project?plz?
What is art?
A poem about my baby (8 year old)?
How Do I Get A Girls Attention?
how do you get to level 2 on answers?
What is pop culture and how has it affected your life?
reflection of visual arts in humanities?
I would like to know where you can find Coca cola collectibles and signs for a reasonable priice.?
Is music a form of art?
is this ok?
I want to write a quotation on acover of a magazine to congratuate a group of outstanding students?
Why are some people so upset with others who want to see Steve Irwins death video.?
I would like to now about how many people like ...?
Which is more correct? "Hi! How are you?" or "Hi, how are you?"?
Is it a good or bad thing to be curious and ask a lot of questions?
Pottery Marking on jug?
I suck at music first one answer correctly gets (10points) please help!!!!!!!!!!?
Where can I find an English-language translation of the text of "Nicolette" by composer Maurice Ravel?
How does African art reflect societal and religious values?
I Need a Creative Tittle?
Who are some famous people of thought and action that go/went into nature?
Does anyone listen to PotterCast or MuggleCast?
i want to learn to play piano.?
What are some uses of toothpicks?
I am looking for the story about a beautiful woman that has a mulatto child in the South. Any suggestions?
Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain...?
Grade One Art Project Ideas..?
why people never believe in truth but lies?
Can you correct that for me using proper grammer and spelling please easy 10 points?
Help Me Find A Talnet Plz.?
Stories about Mysteries occurring at parties/or with groups of people?
What's the best school/college for Interior Designing?
what are the best sites?
why do we have critics?
How to snap?
Homecoming ideas please help?
Define your country in one word.?
Which do you like best?
Pop Locking, gliding, & Cwalking ? ?
Do you agree with my definition of the word 'critic' (read details)?
How to be energetic all the time in daily life?
What does " A man's feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world" mean?
Is my website good?
How will you describe life in one word???
who is going to the jeff dunham's show in syracuse?
what is the silliest baby name you have ever heard?
I want a essay on Consumer Awareness?
What are some good ideas for a story???!!!?
Do you think answers is just a big chat room?
How much is the Grainger House of Gems in the Feild Museum worht?
can i read humanities that i have always been interested in whiles reading travel agency management.?
What kind of art projects for a cause?
What do you think?
What is art to you? ?
Do you think tormented artists are better artists?
how can we stop suicide?
Ok so i have an issue and i need major help...?
guys..,what happens to our president??
Art theme ideas for a girl?
When I was younger I always wrote, I want to get back into writing, what is the best way?
writing dialog with accents?
who is the prettiest actress?
vampires in new orleans!!?!?!?!?
I want to make something but i don't know what any ideas?
Poem Idea's?
Need help from creative people on history school project?
Help. I'm a PTA mom in charge of decorating gym entrance for school dance. Any Ideas?
I need the imagine of the Sacred Heart from Romeo and Juliet?
I am looking for invitations from the 1920"s. Party invitations?
how do you make a postcard for postsecrets?
Coloring pages.?
What if you?
Give me the most random/weirdest thing to crochet for my best guy friend! Something funny!?
Have you ever been addicted to anything?
How come this song makes me cry? the song is called the ghost of you by my chemical romance.?
my boyfriend's mom's birthday is coming up and im trying to write her a poem but im drawing blanks, help me?
please check this out??(everyone will like it)?
i was wondering if anyone can help me explain the poem, by eve merriam? how to eat a poem.?
I really need good and unique boy and girl names for some short stories that I'm writing?
I need gruesome death scenes for this Fanfiction I'm gonna write...any ideas?
Sewing/ patternmaking help?
What inspires you to be creative?
ANY ARTICLES OF AND ON ghosts and the proof and why they get stuck?
does Jake like Nisha?
Friendship Stinks Sometimes!?
What should I do for an art project?
Creative ideas for a personal present?
do you think art by nature tends to be unpopular?
At this particular point in the human journey, what is more important art or technology?
soo i messed up my project how to get away with it i need some sugestions and advice?
Can someone explain to me what the Arts Council England do exactly. Thanks.?
What size is this poster: 40cm by 90cm?
What do you think of this poem?
what is truth and trust?
what does "Christi crux est mea lux" mean?
how do I know what my real talent is?
most popular form of suicide?
Writing a book. Advice?
Need Opinion: Should my boyfriend and I try this stunt?
I Need Some KibaHina Moments?
can i use nail polish as icing on a air-dry donut?
fundraising ideas for a trip to Jamaica with Projects Abroad (orphanage work)?
What should I title my tumblr blog?
what do you want to be 4 halloween?
Can someone tell me the name of this girl?
Eighteenth birthday present ideas...? HELP!!?
I'm desperately confused. My dreams are probably shattered. Advice would be helpful?
What do it take to be a spy/pavement artist? What are the skills you should know?
Is this poem any good?
How to know whether i am in love or not?
Do you cheat in answering questions?
What can i do when i am board other than go on the computer?
For GCSE's what is the difference between fine art, and graphic art?
i love my friend like girlfriend but she don't like me that way what to do ?
How can we report to YAHOO that someone is cheating in Backgammon ?
I should be a model ??
How do you get a music tape authenticated?
Anyone know where I can publish poems and short stories?
What is the name of this kind of art?
Brother LS-2125i Sewing machine: Good or Bad? & if so would you say its better than Project Runway LS2300PRW?
Should I take up writing again?
what is the best movie to watch right now? like at this moment?!?
how do i be chosen as a flyer?
How do you write Alexandra in Chinese or Mandarin .... Does it read vertically or horizantal.?
Benin Art Project for French Class? Artsy people where you at?! West African people where you at?!?
Would you like to interpret fine art work?
tell me what you think. and what you think its about.?
Who accepts cancelled postage stamps?
Creative birthday ideas for my Dad?
Question about copy rights?
What do u like 2 burn?
I need creative minds for Senior Sloganz 2013!!!?
What are my career possibilities?
Can I use regular drawing paper for water color painting?
what do you think of my poem?
How to become passionate in something....?
Creative Ideas anybody?
Help Art Question Please?
writing this good?
Please help i dont know what i want to do when i grow up!?!?!?
So... I'm going to the deans office because of a poor decision ive made, any tips for a first offender?
Any brilliant idea to celebrate my birthday on 17 June, Saturday?
What are some Art terminologies (E.g. Cubism, surrealism) ....?
Art studio names for my story?
What does it mean when a guitar has been scalloped?
How should I know which decision is right?
how to make a chinese dragon head?
Is there any other substitute for egg, while making cakes,where in already milk/curd is added in the ingredien
What, in your opinion, is the meaning of life?
A Pickle for the Knowing Ones or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress?
Fear of Elevators???????!!!!!?
What should I put in this letter?
What do you think of the style?
How would you follow this program?
Need help finding a good piece of Cherokee art?
calming things to listin to?
I need a little help: where from i can have in mind the line "whether is in our immagination or in real life?"
Was this music video recorded in Montreal or New Orleans?
What do you think of my poem?
Humanities: The Foundations?
Ideas for a hobby???
Dyeing portions of fabric?
are you comfort with your body & shape ?
I need help with this please read?
i need kawaii tumblr name ideas?
Where can I find an available internship in london?
where do i find famous speeches?
Whats the one thing that bothers u the most about this world that we live in..even thow we can't change it?
What does the narrator mean when he says, "A town is a thing like a colonial animal" in the pearl?
Help coming up with Creative Names.?
Art program to remove white backround?
Creative ways of presenting a poem about myself to a class?
Has anyone heard of an artist name lionel c. Almon?
Do you like my poem?
how did people manage to create so many different languages?
What are some creative ways to present a project?
Is the design Fleur De Leis ever used with five petals for a reason?
What would capable to do for Paz Mundial be?
tracy emins art, please help?
In your opinion what defines good art?
What is the meaning of life?
which schools in Dehradun provide fine arts as a subject in class 11 and 12?
what does being born on september 15 1981 mean?
art course question ?????????????????
Identify and list down the various aspects of relationship between works of art?
I need help coming up with a creative title?
Does anybody know where to order bandana-like face masks with clown/shark/skull?
if a human and trying to change your habits after a long time can you change them?
Uoft UTM/Sheridan Art to Drama Switch?
How do I read guitar tabs?
the specific judgments against Egypt uttered in Exodus include which of the following?
need to know gold thread brand numbers start no and finish numbers?
What do you think about Clash of The Titans?
If someone knocked on your door and asked if they could take a photo of your living room for an art project..?
Is a legit sneaker website?
How to ask out a guy?
what do you think I should write?
I would like to know nude beach names?
what inspires you?
how do you learn inner fire?
Usage For Art Supplies?
How would you describe a new color?
What do you think about Asians in the rap game?
any graphic designers out there?
Where can i find poem from the Harlem Renaissance ?
who are you and what do have that makes any dif.?
Photograph ownership help?
Any ideas for this little art project?
alright, im 13 and need to know
Based on this example, am I an alright writter?
tell me why man is called as the crown of creation?
define the prihistoric art in india?
How can you use earthquake energy for a good cause?
Cow to make a homemade snowglobe?
Do you think that the blog, , is a good and informative blog?
can any body help me to find a free website for songs?
Can anyone give me some advice?
Hi i got a tatoo outline done last month in liverpool uk and now the place has shut down so cant get it filled
Do men have more rights than women?
what is the best word to tell to impress a person?
Are ghosts real?
What is quadrichrome printing?
What is the most troublesome thing in life?
i need an anchoring script for both college day and sports day will u please provide me?
How do you draw a good picture, but not using someone else's style? (Just yours)?
who is the architect of the city of Chandigarh?
which one do you perferr your self wearing? ( my clothing line )?
What are the three main purposes art serves?
should i have stayed a virgin t'ill marige?
can someone tell me how to get on trading spaces boys vs girls?
If you could change any 1 thing what would you change?
Is My School Really A Gangster School?
Western Story Question?
can someone tell me what this weird dream means?
what are some favorite quotes/ ones you live by?
Is it safe to post my poetry on the web without them getting published by someone else.?
How do I prepare sea sponges found on the beach for an art project?
why people don't understand another situation? why they claim?
what does a spider weave and has no eyes and yet can see????
If you had three wishes what would you wish for?
Favorite Color?
why are people so self center??
What do you do if you can't sleep at night?
Does Telekinesis exist? Can it be developed?
Help me with scriptwriting!?
im doing a peotry project i need to get a Pantoum!!!?
How do you whistle?
austin texas modeling agencies?
Speech on Surrealism?
Love, money, power or respect. Which would you opt for? One choice.?
How can I let the world know ,that universal age promised by God through his messengers has come ,162 yrs now?
does anyone know wher i can buy some insulated foam sheets? 4' by 8' or so.?
senior poses?
How can you levitate, read minds, do telekinesis, and hypnotize people?
poem... whatcha think?
I need opinions on my song I wrote?
What's a parrothead, blue?
What do you do when you have a b/f but like tons of people?
What are some stable, paying jobs as an artist?
Cool ways to decorate my binder?
have u ever been to jail?
Any Creative Geniuses out there? HELLLP!!! I have NO MONEY and mothers day is coming up!?
Preventing copper oxidation?
Does Anyone Else Think Battle Royale, The Long Walk, And The Hunger Games Are Very Similar?
What should my new hobby be??
How can biases be overridden?
What can i do when i am board other than go on the computer?
What is the maximum number of pages in a booklet?
how do you make a paper popper?
Needing a Classic Horror Poet/Writer?
GREAT EXPECTATIONS by CHARLES DICKENS i need the title justification?
Does anyone collect vintage/antique jewelry?
Are they really animal lovers?
Is there a writing section in Answers?
I can't wee if anyone is watching or in the same wee house, can you?
Whom do i contact to get auditioned for Voice over/Dubbing jobs?
Why has BBC decided to have nothing but baby programmes on Radio7?
This character was from what movie or TV special?
Would you follow this blog?
help with makeing a poem [[ frist one will be the best anwser]]?
Why did my art teacher do this?
What are your weaknesses?
who is de vinic? Where did he born? why he so powerful?
If you are a true directioner?
help with renaissance art project?
What would a corpse in a coffin look like within 6 years?
can a little kid under 8 years old lift a woman up?
I need some good story ideas!?
i need picture shows two hand in picture and the picture burn.?
Names That Start Or Havee "Claud" "Clau" "Cla" Or Sound Like "Claudia"?
who likes saddam hussein?
Musical or fashion show?
What should I get to organize my art studio?
what is the name of the short poem that is from an extraterrestrial's POV and when he lands he sees cars?
Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic help!?
What are the three oldest existing art forms?
Two things that mankind will never understand. Please no women or man answers.?
What changes have you gone through in your life that have made you a better person?
Can you please read my poem and tell me what you think?
where can I get information on music recording contracts, or find one?
What kind of guitar did I get?
will someone buy my authentic probition boxes ?
What is still the best commencement speech to the graduates ever?
What is a canary diamond?
Art / Science Project Help!!?
Do you know any good Roses are red...verses?
Art and hitory,differences?
my friend cusses in every sentence, is this annoying to anyone else?
who dares to dream.........?
please help me i wanna be an archaeologist but i dont know how!?
Cuales son algunas diferencias entre el renacimiento italiano y el renacimiento en el norte europeo?
Creative ideas for school?
how to market my drapery business?
Where can I purchase water based ink for screen printing on tshirts?
I have to put together this investigative workbook thing in IB art?
What does a woodworm hole look like?
Creative title for a paper on paper vs. technology?
do you have to be pretty to be sexy?
if women are the weaker sex, why should they be submissive?
Are you aware of Angeles' poem entitled "Family Reunion?
Someone who can make a Celty Sturluson helmet?
ideas for participant art?
do you think im good at art?????
When setting display type, how big should it be?
if you were going to gossip about yourself behind your back?
Need help with Art? Please please please answer!?
Developing A New Art Style?
I am left handed. How do I become right handed?
What are some good themes to write about for Hamlet??
How to colour anime using Paintshop?
Does anyone know this feeling?
What was the most stupdiest thing you go for a birthday?
what do you think of this poem? constructive criticism please?
any sites where i could learn how to draw a rose ?
does anyone know of someone who can make decorative wall art out of iron?
How can I learn to play jazz guitar?
What is the name of this childrens art calendar in the 90's?
I'm just wondering if u think my avatar is cool?
What instruments did mozart compose music for?