do you have any regrets..?
Do you want to test your IMAGINATION,PERCEPTION abilities?
is there life after death?
websites that sell art...?
Would u hurt anyones feelings for your benefit?
Selling a Used Clarinet? How much?
like deviant art but only for writers?
Street Art? Like or Dislike?
Asian humanities research topic ideas help?
Guys, what do yu look for in a girl, girls what ya look for in a guy?
If i live in Sacramento, CA, what is the time difference in Los Angeles, CA?
Help Me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how does the qoute "Nothing in excess everything in proportion" apply to Greek art?
Help in Art/Politics in some questions!?
Anyone have any advice for this? Like it says in the descriptions no stupid answer please?
How do I paint designs on my pc case?
biographies and autobiographies?
What is the best lesson you have ever learned?
first response when you see a rainbow?
what's scarier, girls or boys in demonic or like....disfigured form?
Can anyone give me the name of a font (free to download) that looks like a teenage girl's?
I got an essay about the Vatican: Vatican & Art.?
What is one thing would make your life easier or at least happier?
Has anyone geard of any good art museums in germany???
how to be very creative n develop our creativity?
I beed help on my Art museum report?
Silly pictures,any ideas?
I need flipbook ideas, anything not too complicated?
How to speak intelligently about art?
Who is Gauranga?
I need a creative person plis!?
When do i get to level 3??? I already have 809 pts!?
what would happen if you sprayed spray paint in your mouth?
Is black a color? Is white a color?
What are some ideas for a club?
Anybody know anything aboyt Lewis Vandercar?
which one of these names is good?
Are there any internships for a soon to be high school graduate in the film industry?
I want to know about making fur toys.?
Whats the line between inspiration and copying?
Is this a good Thesis Staement for Buddhist Art?
Where do I send a clients hair donation for locks of love?
What are some insane ways to seal an envelope?
i need ideas for my art minors (gcse)?
Why is life so chaotic in so many ways?
which is the website for kerala chalachitra academy?
Lee - you have answered roughly 470 questions, 40 of these being the top answer.?
What is the difference btwn passion and love (if any)?
how do you get your parents to let you get a pet??
Creative murder ideas?
I have writer's block! Is there any way I can get out of it?
why do they do movies over?
What is a creative and unusual name fora guy?
fall out boy and my chem. romance anyone likie?
do any woman fnd the pictures of jesus hot you know like you would do him?
How can i make this myself?
What makes good poetry?
why not for us people of th earth to unite?
shouldn't you capitalize the word earth?
What is art without thought?
is it possibel to teach yourself clarinet?
What is literature?
Controversial art ideas?
Can you give me some quick suggestions on this mini paragraph-story i wrote?
A creative question about Generative grammar?
question about singing with a sore throat?
Creative Birthday Present?
I totally love writing you know how can i have new penpals?
If I submit a novel for the Scholastic awards this year, can i submit the same novel for Young Arts next year?
I want to help ! Pls guide !?
Creative & performing arts and applied/visual arts?
What is the time right now?
Whats the worst and hardest thing you ever had to accept in your life?
discuss the value of the human resource department to the success of business organizations?
scrapooking fan advice!!?
What is the best Christian Death song?
How did any of your teachers influence you?
Okay, Here's another poem... Peace and ac/dc.. this is for you?
which of the following cannot be revealed about a work of art through observation of stylistic characteristics?
Black Feathered Wings!?
Should i be friends with 2 people on the bus at one time cause we end up in fights? and they r harsh!?
Having trouble with speech ideas?
what is the tallest thing in the world?
Can you please read my poem and tell me if its good or not!?
What would make a great new best-selling novel?
Has events around the world affected your decision to travel?
hamlets problem?
Where to get washi paper?
How many days usualy it takes to get a book or something if you order it in
How you could get trained as a submisive in a D/s role I mean?
Boyfriend trouble, CLICK HERE!?
The last little blue envelope by maureen johnson? ?
Which electro acoustic guitar is better?
What Is Your Cheapest Thrill?
Whatdoes Karate and ballet give you??
Whitesnake's Is This Love?
My trumpet mouthpiece has been stuck for nearly two months!?!?!?!?
If someone gave you 1,000.00 and gave you instructions, the money is for you to better someone?
Am i gettin ripped off with this a?
i need a 2 architecture realate words, eg. yin & yang, natural&synthetic.?
i would like to find an arabic school in orange county (Calif.)area?
What is the proper way to write a step-outline?
I need 20 jobs that doesn't have to do with art?
is miportant to take a shower every day?
how to dress punk/skater, with school uniforms?
Crossplay Tips [For a girl]?
whats a good way to kill someone im talking creative different?
why india pakistan border create´?????
What is the crappiest art you've ever seen?
Can anal sex makeyour butt sore?
Help me I had this dream?
Do we Trust amazon???
poetry contest for kids?
Can you go anywere to see Post Secrets Archives?
I enjoy being seen naked by women. How can I do this without being thought of as a freak. ?
What should I put on my mum's horse jumps?
an idea for the theme our of this world?
what is a creative title for an ideas pinterest board?
I want to know if a picture i found is antique, name on it is sticker,strickler?
Can you give the best definition of MONEY?
Can anyone give me a recommendation for a romance manga or light novel?
Some good, touching poems?
In as much detail as possible, how did you come to be who you are? In other words, what is your story?
rate these poems?
Im doing a clay project for art, i want to do a building or something like that any ideas?
Has my art "thing" gone forever?
Tibor Kalman?
Nikon D600 camera on sale! Cheapest price?
why do when people die burried facing up ?
I want the lalitha thirisathi thuthi words?
can i use drum sticks to hit my fiberskyn bongos?
POLL: Why do we have war?
Destiny? Fate? or Free Will?
Do you like this poem I wrote?
how can someone be able to throw his/her voice?
how do you make a pull tab?
HELP!!!North American and American literature web pages?
what was the best part about being a kid?
are there any magick based places in charleston illinois?
why does god hate satin?
I suck at everything?
how do you a song play on a power point for 1 min and 52 seconds?
The name Finn...someone Irish or w/knowledge of Ireland, help?
"If I were dead, and heard your voice, beneath the sod my heart of dust would still rejoice"?
What is an Art Gallery reception? Is it open to the public? What is the proper attire?
I ran out of frisket?
how is space in citizen kane used to emphasize the plot?
art(already answered)?
At the end of "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintance", is the old personality back?
I seek information for the actor Francoise Dorleac and concretely for the day where it died.?
New characters name help.?
What is Kalakacaryakatha?
Nope, the one in Israel isn't the one I've been looking for(TY)
My friend said please rate her poem 1-10?
do you know what these mean? are they bad?
Thesis Statement about Globalization research paper...............thanks...?
can someone send me a pic of a bumble bee???
What is the different between textual reading, contextual reading and Intertextual Reading?
What to do with rose petals?
Looking for Selma Burke Museum - help please!?
the mona lesa is in what museam?
According to Aristotle's Definition of Tragedy, what makes 'Oedipus the King' a tragic play?
What does aniatias mean?
What are the influences of historical and contemporary art? (10 points)?
What's the best piece of advice anyone's given you about life?
Anyone good at english?
Help me with someone i wanna be like!?
The season of summer is ending how do you feel?
Ideas for a neat/interesting last name?
What do you like drawing the most??
Help! Where can you go to make your own polls and put them on ur myspace page?
Why do you think,don't they make more things out of,...?
corresponding with inmates?
Big dreams but nobody cares?
what are fun art activites for kids?
I have an old admiral radio model 6J21 or 6J2L-N, can anyone tell me about it.?
Whyat would you do?...?
What's you're favorite color (name two please) thanks?
Where do Sausages come from? Do Hamburgers come from cows? How do cows make milk?
describe the harmony to Tighten Up by the black keys?
Hi, all...whats your opinion about India by the year 2020?
Cosplay model?
Can someone predict my height. I am a 13 yr old male and I am 5'0 ..... Help?
What are some recent art controversies?
Is there any where in Greater London where people can do art work?
how to howl and snarl like wolf?
Who are the characters from The Musgrave Ritual ?
what does the word 'art' mean?
What are your favorite songs of the Black Eyed Peas???
I need some suggestions, I broke my ankle in 3 places.......?
Has anyone got any art ideas?
Theres this guy in art class. . . . ?
Whats the kind of cigarette with the three mountains on the butt?
Is it true? Artists think of money and bankers of art?
What should I paint for my art project?
tell me something interesting?
what is a jump scanner? Is it a fancy way saying browsing through?
i'm doing a project over oscar schindler for wwII. What would be a creative way to do the project?
What is the theme of the book Quit It by marcia byalick?
What are some good art pencils and pencil crayons?
I want to become a model, help?
product designing at low cost?
do you think this is cool i made it my self
How can an internet penpal sell me something securely?
POLL: Do you think this is "true" art?
why is 4:20 called 4:20?
What is the tone in the Ernest Hemingway's short story A Clean Well Lighted Place?
wat do u think of this poem?
How do I get into the spanking industry?
What do you girls prefer?
Art ideas and help needed?
Can i download a program to let me write out guitar tab on the computer?
Loss Poetic...........a poem...04-08-12...c\c?
what is the brightest color of all?
Is it gay for guys to do theater?
what are some good art projects to do with my 2 year old son?
What are some things you like about being human?
Whats are the musics that are most touched the ballads ?
What qualifications or work experience would be required to become a museum curator?
Macbeth?? Discussion questions about Act 2 Scene 3?
I am looking for large pieces of seaglass in beautiful colors?
Why am I getting worse at art?
Why do you think that nowadays we dont have another Picasso,Shakespeare,Leonardo da Vinci etc...?
if you had one wish what would it be?
How we count our life value and how we compare with god about his thinking and his nature?
free guide for adobe audition 2.0?
how fast in mph can the Bellagio water fountain shoot water?
What's the best way to power through a looming deadline when you have to be creative?
How to be creative for your gf?
Photo help how to pose this photo?
How could anybody live in the wild?
does getting a nose piercing hurt?
How your best day ever looked like?
Is there a name for 1940's music?
what is importance of having an enemy?
Can you name a song older than Lady Gaga and widely regarded as one of the best songs of all time?
why is my boy friend acting so weird?
if u found out a small starving 4 year old child in Africa was in fact ur true lost sister or brother?
I need a coffee shop name?
Need Metaphors for Decay?
Whats your hobbies and how long have you been doing them ???
Something good to research!?
What should i do with this blank notepad?
who has ever had a one night stand and then said get the hell away from me!?
to see the titanic in the atlantic ocean?
Is miss boons still freezing?
How can rosary beads and a bible stop a war in my story? Need Help!?
Free verse about bullying. Titled "maybe if they knew" please give feedback ?
what is your favorite color and why?
how can i make money in the Summer?
Rate my story&comment on it;its for a contest.?
i want to meet new friends,is there any website which provide the service with free?
How do you make a rose or flower out of a dollar bill?
3500 Of Old Stamps For Sale...?
books written by two authors?
If you could time travel using your cell phone?
I want to do my art work with diffrent materials, but my tutor won't klet me, what do i do?
hey does anyone live in North Vernon And know were i can get help on my singing?
A survey you'll dream of?
what do u need to screenprint your own t-shirts?
How can I find someone that can help me remove whichcraft that was done to me, & doesn't charge alot.?
I know that this subject is worn out, its about smoking,but i need the brains to help me?
Is it weird that I love grey? What does it say about my personality?
I need advice/help FAST?
I need alittle pointers?
Art gcse help? BTECH art help?
What do you like to write and what do you write about? So, why?
help me find a frerard!?
How much is my wooden, Central American bowl(tobacco/a pipe) worth?
who is the naughtyest man in the whole world?
y girls get easiey a lover than of boys y boys all get mad in love y should always spend money on girls ?
what does it mean when you see a picture of slenderman in public?
Making Paper From Pulp?
What rules & regulations that should apply for Yoga Teachers?
She I be Answering?
Where is Seiji Yamauchi now????
Who was the most creative person that ever lived?
Can an artist make art that is so valuable to human culture and thought as to be truly beyond price?
How many people agree that arts in out public schools is very important for a child's education?
What is a creative and unusual name fora guy?
DO you think "union" is good to have or we can live without it.?
What do you think of this painting?
Creative Ideas...please help...!!?
What are some good hobbies?
How can I let the world know ,that universal age promised by God through his messengers has come ,162 yrs now?
greek and roman architectural influences?
Nobel Prize?
What are some creative ways to teach facial expression?
ideas for the background of an art journal/book with the theme of a zoo project..?
Zombie problem!!!?
Can you correct that for me using proper grammer and spelling please easy 10 points?
Okay, So for a pageant we have to decorate mini maracas; I need creative ideas! Help!?
why love is not for everyone?
Best Adobe Photoshop for animation?
What is the most wonderful thing that has happened in your life so far, or the happiest story you know of?
Something unusual that happened to you today?
How am I supposed to do a presentation on an english project when i'm embarrassed about my project?
Short story/art contests held by big name companies?
How can I erase paraffin on my clothes??
Idk if I want to do when the time comes.?
Is there a website where I can look at famous contemporary paintings?
GCSE art help????!!!!!?
What part of a woman's body would ancient Chinese artists never paint?
Do u think every art (kala) is devine...?
What are the hindi translation?
I am SO BOARD!!! What are some fun things a 17 year old (who drives) can do in a broing New York suburb?
I need opinions on crocheted items please!!!?
define: hybrid (in art term) ?
whom do i choose between my family and my boyfriend?
i would like to find out about a certain artist?
Greek horsehair crests?
What is the name of John Masefield's poem that begins with ," I must go down to the sea?"?
Whats your comment on this poem ?
I'm doing a paper on astrology. I need enough topics to make 3 & a half pages. Can u give me some good topics?
whose little sibling is so anoying?
Who is the most famous person of our time( worldwide)?
How to understand this knitting pattern?
How do you sell art on ebay?
Where can i sell my antique table ( other than ebay)?
where can i download missed episodes of tv show lost?
Art questions!!!!! YIKES?
anyone going to MICA next year?
looking for a university in a mediterranean country where i can study interior design or art?
Who suffers the most in the play Hamlet? Why?
Each piano string is attatched to corresponding: a:frame or b:steel hitch pin?
I'm stuck for ideas on my art final piece?
In your opinion, what is the greatest human accomplishment?
Mystery and Imagination art topic...ideas?
What is the important thing that make people always happy?
what do you do when you're home alone for a long time?
Where does your creativity come from?
Is it just me or is everything now days getting more futuristic?
what is merchandising?
How do you organize, classify the stamps you collect?
ok guyz thiz one iz 4 u ( read on plz )?
Media Art Project Ideas?
Nothing to do?!?! Help!!!!! ?
Do You Think Art is Defined by a Social Structure???
In which modern State of India was the ancient university of Nalanda located?
Guitar, pickups and pedals.?
I would like to buy good aboriginal art works where is the best place to purchase them.Got any contacts?thanks
What are some inspirational tips that include living your day the fullest you can?
Fine Art question PLEASE HELP?
famous vs. not famous?
What is Deco Sauce? Its different flavors too?
whos the most greatest people in the world?
I need help with some creative ideas???!!!?
I love all forms of art. I am greatly moved by it and enjoy dabbling in it. The problem is?
Do you think this is a good poem?
What to blog that can ignite my passion about something?
please help...what do you think of this story?
how do i make claymation?
moms not home i have an hour what worth it thing can i do?
what's that art movement called? (obsessed with death)?
I live in ohio i dont want to go to far from home but i want to be in a college that has art singing!?
My youngest sister dose very evil stuff!?
What are some furry art websites?
How do you get started in film production?
People making fun of my art? :(?
Have special emails - creative? - an email book??? Please advise?
HI This is Mohammad Salim khan from Dherai swat Pakistan.My question is very simple .what is meant by Salim?
What does it mean when you about your crush kissing you?
can someone give me an idea about what to write for my short story?
Like "Chicken soup for the soul"?
i want to surprise my boyfriend with something special (homemade)?
Senior Picture Help?!?
what do you think of the idea?
Good sheet music websites for free?
where can i get the accessories to make a scrap book? are there any shops in the UK?
Please help me make a name!!!?
Why do people bite on quarters and bend them?
What answer do you all most want to know?
How did Renaissance art change the world?
And creative sewing projects?!?
how to improve your handwriting?
Are you Poetic? write me something?
Hamlet - scene one and two?
what does the word art mean to u? what does it make u think of?
my style of drawing?
Do you think that religion plays a big part in influencing the general media.?
Why does wheat need undulating plain?
What were some of Paul Klee's influences?
Is there a crystal or gem that means serenity?
Any tumblr people in the HOUSE?!?
“How can you tell the difference between good art and bad art?
is there any YOUNG people who enjoy classic music, books and art? were are they?I can't find them?
Does anyone have a GOOD q uestion?
I have some unusual coins and I was wondering if they were worth anything?
How do those people create chainsaw art????
Is art a technical major?
I want to learn to play the piano?
Use your logic to answer this question~?
I have a gin bottle that is stamped RHEIN=Preussen... can anyone tell me what it's worth?
Losing motivation to make art?
Looking for currency collecting supplies?
wat would u do if a nerd liked u?!?!?!?
Who was Ralph Serravalle? what?
Who can help me edit my picture?
What do you want to be when you are older and why? (If you are already old then what are you?)?
What are some art works that depict misrepresentation of minority groups?
What is Digital Textile Printing?
What do you think of racism against Latins?
How can i motivate myself? how can i increase my confidence?
help me before i go crazy!?
What are sum great quotes?!?
Do you see repeating dreames?
Creative service projects for the marching band?
A place were art work are displayed for sales is called what?
What is your favorite John Denver song, and why?
What non-profit would you love to see?
What was the best Disney Movie Ever?
Does the obey make art not war for girls?
What type of adhesive/glue works on air dry modeling clay?
What is the Avalon in Hollywood like?
Does anyone know any post-contemporary architects/architecture?
Can you show me a "Classical Greek Building"?
Do you like my video?
Friends are like potatoes if you eat them they die? ?
can I get a psychology tutor in Delhi/Gurgaon?
Can i become a model?
Do you have a 'muse'?
Roman goddess Ceres costume?
Is this picture a monte or bosque?
origin of antique desk?
Iron Shackles hitting against a cement floor?
Can anyone tell me any unusual facts about Albert Eienstein?
What do you think on this quotation?
How old would you be in 2012 if your birthday was April 1997?
How is my poem? If u understand it some honest comments.?
*Girls* any good quote websites ?
how do you express yourself?
Who directed The Birds (1963) ?
What are some good ideas for stories to write?
What are some posh 1800's prince names?
Your abusive EX turns into a tiny bug right before your eyes - What KIND of bug, what would you SAY and DO?
how to become a part-time model?
I slumber for 300seconds and I see above everyone else. Who am I?
if i may ask you?
Since I will get in trouble for offering money for cybersex (which I do)...What is your favorite horror movie?
Is this Jason Russell from Kony 2012?
Film Maker's in Brighton Sussex?
How can art be truthful?
I am a major art fan but...?
How does this story sound, it's just a snippet and i need opinions?
What do you think of this poem by Bludengutz, 'Fire2'?
What is the best city to live in for culture and art?
How to text on an itouch?
Any example of nineteenth century art and literature about undersea life & environment?
Sticky residue left behind from a sticker?
My boyfriends birthday is next week & im really broke. Does anyone have any ideas of what i can make him?
What does the phoenix represent?
what is your opinion about the mosaik art?
Is this ok for my age......please help?
How can i make a Ipod touch from Paper?
I'm disatisfied with my art?
What is vintage copper enamel dish worth?
I want to try portrait photography. What equipment do I need?
How to get a agent to help me submit a movie idea to a network?
any songs about absentee family?
Niobium Slogan?
who is the most famous person ever on earth?
Who or what makes your life a little better each day?
question mark (?)?
Has any musician felt this?
Suffering from a severe lack of motivation to create art?
i need a poem can som1 help?
I need some ideas for my art homework?? PLEASE HELP Me PLz?
sewing machine getting taken in?
Perplexed State of minds?
What types of architecture and environments do you feel most peaceful in?
what is a side show?
Rock or hip hop, classic music or jazz?
What could the word "alibus" mean in Latin?
What art instrument has a diamond-like prism attached to a string that swings above a box of sand and makes pr?
Antique bookend has words handpainted made in Japan around a circle K.Anyone know what this means?
How doth the thorn not touch the soul whose song brings tears of joy?
Why people don't buy and respect art?
Do you think tormented artists are better artists?
What are some learning opportunities for children using paper in art?
Underground ARt Gallery in NYC ?
Stuck on my art project, can anyone help?
Is there such a thing as an invalid art/culture?
A composite figure is...?
What does the song Rusty Halo mean in depth?And do you have any good ideas for an art piece about the song?
Is Art useless? If there seems to be no practical use of art, then why some of it is so expensive?
How should i punish myself?
Does machine translation work?
This is a hypothetical question but is there any way to get in a video with Asa akira?
What are the four different ways that rivers trasport their load?
I would like bible study using the kings james version of the bible.?
Any Ideas On Nail Art?
What to get my mom?!!!! Please help?!!?
what do you think about when you are trying to sleep at night?
I need opinions on crocheted items please!!!?
what is necessity of art?
Voice Lesson Please..?
Where can I find this?
How many latins are in here?
Is art dying?
What is the worst situation you could get in life?
What is your dream??????????????
When will the recession end all over the world, especially for Arts PGs?
how old are you??
Figures of speech question?
Is fetching water from the river a responsibility of a laos woman?
How should i challenge myself? HELP!!! :O?
Does anyone have a GOOD q uestion?
I require information on an artist/painter - name Gary Shepard?
what is the style of art called, "mexican skulls"?
Who likes my poem?
Creative girly tumblr blog ideas? ?
Is it right to say I love and miss you ? or should it be i love you and i miss you ?
Please help me add poetic devices to my poem?
What's a word for "something that seemed good at the time, but bad in the long run"?
To similar idea or not?
I need some info on film directors who have focused on trees and parks! Anyone?
who is the best physics on line to call?
I've been asked 'what inspires me'?
Can you please suggest more Greek figures that I can research for my assignment?
Why is capitaliziation rude?
Is this a bad or good idea?
why would a person choose to major in art history?
Anyone appraise natural objects?
ideas help please !!!!!?
So I have a pic and I don't get it... :( please help me?
what is the eighth wonder of the world?
Loveys, I need your help about my designs....?
Who is your favorite Artist..?
Can someone be haf human and half god? yet immortal?
Does anyone know the Bearcat Creedo. "I was not born into this world in defeat"?
I need someone with THE BEST imagination in the world! You must also be responsible and serious.?
What is a person called who studies at an institution and then teaches at the same institution?
Photography vs. tattoo artist ?
Do you like my video?
What day of the year is August 4?
Should all rare artifacts go back to the original country if they were robbed in the very past?
Unsatisfied with my writting...?
She I be Answering?
is there a real love? is love medicine or alcohol?
What is your favorite thing?
How can I make a scrapbook for my mom?
Is L.A the best place for every kinda of art production?
No more points for asking questions?
How has Music Influenced the Arts?
Two more poems I have written. What do you think of them?
u believe in ghosts or god?
did zayn malik get another tattoo?
What Is Art, or what do you think art is?
Is this Art Block or is this something else?
What if someone close told you that you are too artsy?
Creative minds needed!!!?
Is there any its in the world? (boy/girl)?
Im trying to create a fantasy football name. Its going to be, The Belleville "blank". It should start with a B
how to rip jeans in a fashionable style?
Is there an ancient cultural symbol composed of either a staff/scepter with an oyster(shell) with pearl on it?
How do you make a squishy eraser ?
What year should I set my story in?
Chalk Art Ideas/Tips?
how do i find an illustrator for the cover of my first novel?
What do you remember on a rainy evening when you are alone?
what'z going on here ?
im loking for a site wher you can see all the dads pics that owe child support??????
whey do those painting artist look weird?
please someone tell about future. i do business or job..........?
I want to find the website address for Alnis Media in Dubai?
*MEGACON** Cosplay Ideas??!?
WHO definitely knows the ANSWER?
What to make of clay in Art?
his golden eyes .com?
A bad teacher squashed my dream. How do I get back on track?
What would you do if there were no YAHOO.Answers?
Why are so many people posting questions here functionally illiterate in English?
Medieval Group Names?
How much money would it take to get you to...?
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, and interview them for a day, who would it be and why???
geometric artist from 21st century?
i want to invent something wut should i invent?
Is fine art a rewarding art course?
does anyone have a really nice big picture of a soul reaper and grim reaper together or atleast 1 only but big
who came first the baby or the mom?
Where can I get hold of 500 Romanian Bibles asap.?
Originally wanted to use celtx to write a screenplay. Should I use word instead (for privacy)?
what is botanist?
what is an interlocutory injunction? I am threatended with one.?
What are some things I should do when I'm 13?
I am look ing for the knife from the movie KRULL!!!!!?
i read somewhere that the best salesman for oil is mr president bush. is this true?
What is paleothic art?
what were the quotes about the american dream lining the entrance drive at burning man 2008?
What was your scariest nightmare?
I need a country song name. Its for an art project it needs to be creative and made up, maybe a funny one :).?
I'm about 1/16 Spanish, so am I part Spanish?
a question about african dwarf frogs?
Do I have to get married?
Should you have been told to always well behave?
Where can I get Polymer clay in Singapore?
How can I make my Art portfolio better?
ideas for an architecture portfolio for university admission. THEMES!!?
surveh thingy for everybody!!! please anwser????
Prank War?....................?
Studies of Bach's two part and three part inventions?
what should i do when i am at home at night?
Hey.Where are you located in this world,wot time is it and what u doing?..?
im about to migrate to another country, how can i adapt smoothly?
what coueses are offered at the universty of namibia on distance learning?
what is harmony and unity in art?
what color are your eyes?
Why i can see my future but i cant remember clearly all of it?
Journalist income?
Stupid GIMP question?
why when i sleep its just black?
Why are the pencils in Japan better than in America?
myspace question!?
Should 'anime' drawing styles be encouraged in art classes?
what is a mint greenwich millenium medallion?
How many of you think that being white pride...?
Is there any way you can make a custom lanyard yourself?
in traditional ottoman poetry did they re-enact the poem, recite the poem etc. and to who did they do so?
What could my talent be?
Does Gakupo love Luka? [ Vocaloid ]?
why are archetects designing such crap square-box building to live in?
Tiny ant to mighty elephant maintain harmony in nature without sex- education but we need sex-education?
Has anyone heard of Foss Creek pottery ?
Peter Behrens Art Nouveau Flying Lady Desk Lamp - Original or Repro?
Can any one write here the use of ( could) acording to tens with example and clear concept.?
minimalist lifestyle? easy points?
when does dashline become part of you life?
This is a hypothetical question but is there any way to get in a video with Asa akira?
Do you think this is a good letter?
I took a picture of me sitting down on the copy machine and it came to my bosses monitor.?
can you think of lots of nickames for the name lauren ? ;]x?
What makes you cry?
what is wardrobe egineering all about?
looking 4 pick of red indian, cheeks were matidor capes and eyes were matidors head and eyebrows were otters.?
am trying to locate a ralph dorrington who served in the british army in sandakan, sabah during 2nd world war?
Poem Ideas ?!?!?
if you had to get one of these jobs?
Where do I find this method of guitar playing?
Full NaNoWriMo or Young Writers' Program?
help with my art project?! NYC+me?
do you like mexican food ?
Have you been working hard, or hardly working? :D?
why cant u keep your eyes open when u sneeze?
i want to make a ppt about guitars but what should i write in it?
Do you like my poem?
{one should never judge a person by external appearances} Please write 1 reason and 5 details. Counting on U~?
Please can i have some help on my art project on viewpoints?
ernst neumann,art prices?
i have an elf deck ive been building over the last year and i think it needs to be tweaked any ideas?
what is it called when everything is in black and white and one object is in color?please and thanksss?
waiting two weeks to smoke my marijauna?
How do you go about finding your family crest (if their is one)?
Any creative ideas for a project idea?
How do you stop a complete downward spiral?
what has four wheels and flies?
Tourist Information Leaflet About Japan?
Porcelein Wall Heater w/ Swastika Symbol value?
How do ghost get into the houses?
Does Anyone Else Think Art Is Fake?
What do my teenage daughter mean when she says...?
Another poem just for all the fans out there! (And others)!?
do you think you are a good singer?
Art club project ideas?
is my 30 year old brother still living at home a bit tragic?
y do some pips no t believe in God ?
what do you know about the band "Therion"?
When are you the most inspired?
what is the meaning of "valorium"?
Getting into art.?
Why are Lancelot and Guinevere portrayed young in films, TV, book illustrations, and even paintings?
Do you really have to sit in the seats printed on your ticket for a concert?
in a Simpson's episode Marg is commissioned to paint a nude portrait of this nuclear power plant owner?
Help Art Work. ;D Thanks?
how can i make friends?
Should I go to Oxford Brookes or Central St. Martins for an Art Foundation?
How do i preserve this sentimrntal piece of art?
what happens when a unstoppable force meets an unmoveable object?
what do u think about bangladesh?
how can i save and get money ??x?
what do you think of a 7th grader wearing a karate ninja costume to school for a school dance?
Meaning of execution in art?
Textiles artists that relate to embellishment?
What is easier to size a silver ring or a gold ring? Why?
No one is perfect, so what are the things missing in u?
How to sell my Ceramic Art, Designed Pillow and Indoor Plants?
short definition of what modern art is?
need homework help asap please) I recently read an artcle about Jayson Blair?
Nobel Prize?
can anyone tell me how to make my own felted wool?? would I just wash a piece of wool in hot water to shrink?
is american english under-developed, grammatically unsound compared to the queen's english?
What is colorful punkish art called?
I need a creative Tumblr title! Any help?
What is art and what is it's purpose in the world?
what are the three things girls notice in any guy on first sight?only for girls?
What are good reasons why Australia Day should be celebrated?
I am just a curious teen that plain stupid in thinking sth which are impossible?
How many Native American tribes can you think of?
how to get a girl?
What should my Art Coursework Topic be ?
what is harmony and unity in art?
tell me some website for a fun and easy art project?
Blogspot or Blogdrive? Which blog provider should i choose?
how then do i make this girl want me, i been trying for a while but she acting all brand new????
will there be any offer letters for 2009 batch atos origin recruiters?????
how are women represented in the world of art?
Do you like my poem?
what is the most scary moment you have ever had?
Help me with scriptwriting!?
You find a gun... what now?
What are some graffiti Traditions?
What do you think of this story thing?
Any Ideas on what i could make in my metal works class?
Can you inherit a skill or ability?
How much is a mint condition boxed Countdown teapot worth?
interior design count as art & Humanities or Engineering & IT ?
How open minded are you?
I need a good name that starts with an "A."?
My art project help !?
Can you be an "artist" and not know it?
Rotary cutting machine - large zigzag?
Are my parents overprotective when they don't let me get my own myspace account?
How should I sell My Art? NEED ANSWERS PLEASE?
How can I(14 yrs old)immediately make money?
Where can I find a FREE fake diploma/degree download online?
What are the most disgusting things you can think of?
what do people wear for mardi gras?
I'm looking for suggestions for a name tag for my new mustang.?
Does anyone really care about anyone else?
What bright girlie colours go together?
can i study architecture even though i dont have maths in 12?
How do I not get red while talking to teachers?!?
how can i overlay my profile in friendster?
I need to submit a written history project based on heritage sites.Any ideas how i can present it creatively?
What do you think of my poem?
How is decentralization measured?
What is wrong with my airbrush machine?
lords of the flies has alot of symbols, but what can this symbols represent some of the issues in todays wolrd
How can I make money really fast online?
Do dreams have meanings?
where will gcse textiles take me?
How old is Rogers Nickel Silverware?
most of our dreams are relized on paper . is life a paper dream?
what is an obession?
Are you always passionate about what you're talented at?
what does democracy mean to you? in your own words?
what type of art do bands usually use?
How do i say "hello" , "goodbye" , "i miss u" , & " can u be my girlfren" in vietnamese?
Is being an Art or Creative Director fun?
When do you feel most creative?
what is hate?
I'm looking for an artist from Ore. that make brass garden sculptures of kokopelli, can you help locate him?ct
How does a 13 year old girl make money?
Who purchased The Nation magazine in 1978 or 79 and when did he sell it to Victor Navasky?
how to pick this lock?
Why is a bottom called a bottom?
what is the meaning of William Blake's Poem: "Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau"?
is there such a phrase as good behaviors?
suggestions on where to go with the "Perfection" topic in art. GCSE?
ugh i need serious help with this!!!!?
What is a coastal slump?
I want to write a nove, please tell me a story idea. Please help me?
Art Project Theme?!!?
Is islamic study a art subject?
I am in the middle of making a bong out of a 2 liter coke bottle, and dont know how to do the rest?
Why is it that I feel that I would die if I couldn't read?
Canadian Teenager Statistics?
Super Villain name for someone who can manipulate molecules?
I want to open an online store. Can I call this an Art Gallery/Boutique?
wat is the application of remote sensing in soil geography?
What is the diff. between Love and Friendship?
What is the meaning of "TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST"?
Where can I get a CD of "Gotham" by Michael Gordon?
718 in the tens place?
Catchy song ideas for an art gallery slideshow?
Need Twilight/Edward Cullen information?
Why do most ppl hate us emos?
Does Joann's repair sewing machines?
Read and tell me whether u like it?
which composers were responsible for the development of the tone poem? Explain their role in developing the to?
do u think bush is a much big terrorist than osama bin laden?
if a human and trying to change your habits after a long time can you change them?
How many Native American tribes can you think of?
I need an answer, for points?
Hamlet - Act one, Scene 1 and 2?
I am searching for a certain font?
How do I set up an art festival booth?
When someone lifts his hands above his head with clenched fists?
Which is more important, true love or good fortune?
Newspaper or printer paper?
Are you doing what you really want to do?
what is a queef?
does anyone know where the boys and girls club is in redwood city ?
Honest thoughts on my acting?
HELP 10 points about collog/art?
If you have a second chance .... ?
im writing a story, can you help?
is there any word in the english language that does not use vowels?
How did Erasmus use "Folly" to criticize the Catholic Church of his day?
How do I E-Mail Oprah Winfrey?
Anybody got any ideas for a sea-themed art project?
I want to get into modeling, but have no money?
If you happen to know mdsd.....?
Best Zildjan model cymbals?
Where in the world can I get something like this?
which hindu temple is situated in jammu?
How does ancient Egyptian art reflect its culture?
What kind of jobs can i get if i major in Humanities?
Question for every young pakistani and indians?
Can anyone in this place be civil?
Does anyone sponsor a child through "Save The Children" do you receive letters and pictures from him or her?
do kids get in the same trouble before curfew?
When you think of the color blue (any shade), what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Do You Think Artists/Painters and Writers are Crazy?
gurlz only plizzzz!?
Why do humans act like they're humans?
Frida Kahlo? 10 points to the first one?
How do you join the circus?
What to do with a new notebook?
what is your favorite color and what it means to you?
Searching for Quotation / Passage?
Can anyone find me good hetalia character profile pictures?
What does this poem mean to you?
How can I sell Community Theatre tickets online?
can anyone help me find a hot nurse at a hundred and two years old?
How did Erasmus use "Folly" to criticize the Catholic Church of his day?
what is a mint greenwich millenium medallion?
How can I fix my art?
Why is the entire art scene so pretentious?
im getting a job soon?
Love help please?
Do you think in words or pictures?
Any ideas for VERY CREATIVE and UNIQUE school project?
I am looking for the story about a beautiful woman that has a mulatto child in the South. Any suggestions?
Poem and figurative expressions?
What is the one thing that you could not live without?
What part of your brain do you "think" in?
Why can't I just get back to work?
What do you think of Bush's War on Suicide?
I'm looking for a dictionary on the Internet that i could use...?
how to rise from the ash, if u sacrifised your career, and once you were famos in your area?
How do you know if something is a name or not?
What does art and english have in common?
Lady Macbeth and feminist readings?
How can I find my lost item?
how does this poem sound to all of you?
Can you inherit a skill or ability?
what does "how 'bout them apples" mean?
u think bada,lapada,and such dealers associations are exagerating in their prices?
good nickname for Miriam?
Can someone proof read this 3 paragraphed research about beauty pageants?
give me one word an i will try to express it?
The art of being human the humanities as a technique for living?
is it OK to join art school if u have never painted b4???
Good Books??Puzzles??Magazines?? Anything paper for entertainment?!?
Do you think it is appropriate for a school to have a dance on September 11?
Under Attack: Why is jewish life more precious than any other race's life?
is geography, preforming arts and art a good GCSE combination?
hindi words-rehna,nazar,mushkil,meeti,anjana,a… means?
what do you do if you like someone but your friend likes them too?
How would you define art? What is art?
What can i do to get over stage freight?
Are there any good stores that sell high quality quilts and comforters?
can you put the writting bigger on face book?
The Bible says at three places that Christ was hanged from a tree.?
Have you ever helped a stranger ?
How old is would this carmen accordion be(approx.)?
The Art of Scooting? What is Scootology?
why do we take birth.why are we here?
I need a beautiful birthday english poem for my friend's birthday please!?
What is the following question asking about art?
How do you get photo booth pictures on myspace?
is SheldonTopia the best website ever ??
What is art? 10 POINTS?
Need help finding certain 12 hole ocarina songs, please?
i found a baby bunny.. what do i do???
Where and how can I sell my crafts for charity, besides eBay?
what r ten things u want to get rid of???
what would be creative or fun to do as a job ? please read?
Must art be beautiful?
What's your talent?
how do you get first day covers sent to you regularly?
what is descartes trying to proove by melting the piece of wax? what does he mean by the wax is flexible?
What is the art definition of light?
I don't know what to write on my mood board for textiles?
CREATIVE! Tumblr Names?
Trumpet for a beginner?
How to be the most disorganized person?
what came first the chicken or the egg?
What are the colors associated with each of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit?
What are the most significant works by composer Hadyn?
Is there anyone who would teach me how to draw manga characters in Roanoke Virginia?
i need help with my art class?
When is "ART" an integral component of civilization?
whats the best rap song?
What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about you? The meanest?
Is wax microwaveable?
Whats your biggest Pet Peeve?
What movie scared you the most (you could have been a child)?
Is It Weird I Only Write About The Negatives?
where can i find those cool trippy pics of dolphins, moons,suns,etc for my desktop bckground and myspace layou
where can I buy aluminium ring pull tops in Australia? I need heaps!?
emmett kelly artwork?
am i seeing it correctly?........?
What does the USA have on other countries?
who can tell me what the real love is?
how long was it beetween losing your virginity and havein a child?
questions on communication barrier?
Creative blog name...?
i was born on 5th june,1987 in secunderabad,a.p, sumthin abt me and my future.?
What is the difference between the kitchner bind off and the elastic bind off? How do you elastic bind off??
how was your day????
Fashion Diploma Portfolio Development?
What is the brand of this greeting card, i want to buy it!?
What do you call a locket maker?
Who makes the photo album in Bruce Almighty?
why does nobody have a sense of humour nowadays?
Suitable bed time for an 11 year old?
what are some good art assignment ideas?
I need some creative Ideas! ?
What color should I dye my brown hair?
Confused between Canon EOS 550D and Nikon D5100... Please help..!!?
i need to know what things i can i do to help my voice stay in a stable voice range without being hoarse?
where is the hole of the pinata located?
Are we one when all border crossing barrier still exist and the gap between poor and rich is so pronounced?
I need a new tumblr name!?
What would be a good name for a forum site for actors and filmmakers????
sometimes i feel like hitting someone. i cant hit myself as it hearts..................................…
How do You advertise on Craiglist USA cities?
what's the best story ever?
Story idea criticisms :-)?
hows your day been?
Why do most filmmakers say they aren't doing it for money, do it for art only?
Does anyone have a link for a pic for this?
How to stop reading 1d fanfics?
A question for all you furries out there...?
Im thinking of writing a story any ideas what i should write about?
What do white guys THINK OF BLACK WOMEN!?
clay cuban dinner set cost?
i have a classic guitar.?
Women superior to men in greek lit?
Art, What does Banksy symbolize? HELP IM DIEING!?
what do you know about street art?
I'm looking for a word?
What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
VIOLIN sheet music for all I ask of you on violin and/or music of the night from phantom of the opera. FREE?
Report Writing: "No tobacco day" was organized by the head club of the school. Write a report about the?
Does anyone know any websites that will let me build my own hairstyle?
How do I get more online votes for this art competition?
Should i get angry at my Dad?
What sort of story telling, book, or movie genres do you prefer?
If you could own any famous work of art and have it in your living room, what would it be?
Did you ever love someone so much, and lost them, they are still in your heart?
What type of art is this called?
what is the important role of art in our life?
Critique this poem for me please!?
wats up people?
what can we see in a sky?
im 13.i need advice.heres my poem!?
Does any know of givers wealth-precious materials from famous fables/fairy tales?
What do you think about models???
Who is artist Peter Campus;explain his work?
artists specialising in shoes?
Watch Adventure Time season 3 episode 2 online but must be without any interruption?
Gettin a foot in the door at a tattoo parlo?
what are good web sites for ASL american sign language?
Cosplay Help Needed. ?
More mythical creatures help!?!?!?!?
How did a girl select a boy as boyfriend? is there any condition????
what are some good tumblrs for a teenage girl to follow?
Help Please!?
Peristyle columns vs peripteral?
What are those funny pictures with the black outline called?
What is absolutely the very most BEST thing that you own?
My soccer team put me in charge of making a mascot and i need help with what to make?
who is the most whealthy man on earth ever lived, from what country, how old and where do he live presently.?
What do you do when you encounter a more serious problem?
help me find this please!?
Who hates kris jorgenson?
What IS and what is NOT art?
What art thee tumblr?
What type of work would I do in a publishing company?
Why can't you write upside down with a pen?
What do you think of my poem? I'm wondering if I have a talent or if its just something i should let go.?
ho'w you call aperson who admire or love herself too much..?
why our priorities are different?
Where can I buy out of date maps?
pottery mark identification?
falling apart?
Who discovered EARTH?