How is a career in Air Traffic Control?
What is the white smoke that comes out of a plane?
what do you think.......?
Helicopter Add On For Canada Job?
How shall i start as a pilot?
Question about manifold pressure to propeller rpms in twin engine aircraft?
when you're flying from the US to Asia (or the other way) over the pacific, do you have there such variable...
Functionality of headlight in aeroplane..?
Do most all F-16 Fighting Falcons come with M61 A1 Vulcan 20mm gatling gun system?
In the variable geometry of the wing configuration of an F-14 Tomcat, when the wings are in delta formation...
Is it true Hollywood is remaking Airwolf for the big screen.When will it be coming out? I want to see it bad!?
what kind of companies are being downsized-research?
what are the types of transport?
how high airplanes fly in feet?
What is the company that does the news choppers for kansas city mo?
Why do 4-letter airport identifiers on the US mainland start with a K, and in Alaska and Hawaii with a P?
Best cheap airline tickets?
In black ops how fast does a tomahawk travel?
Are there any other online aviation photo quizzes similar to the one on
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
why don't helicopters have ejector seats?
Better?? Men or women flight attendants?
what is blade fan stall in airbus?
Large business jet short takeoff distance ?
how do pilot find tha way?
Do domestic flights fly over foreign airspace?
B-52 stratofortress motivation?
A Jetblue Tech Ops employee at JFK sells his buddy passes; Is this proper acton?
What are some benefits of being a test pilot?
How many people does a private jet sits?
why could planes not do overseas flights before the 2nd world war?
Has anyone trained with Florida Aviation Academy?
What model air tanker is best for putting out a wildfire?
what is the reason for oil price hike?
What is the fastest plane in the world? And who owns it?
What is a good drag racing car that is cheap?
what was the first US satellite called?
in Marine OCS how many candidates actually become tilt rotor pilots?
How do I find cheap first class air tickets in Y-Up, Q-Up, or Z-Up fare basis classes?
How much does it cost to fill up a Boeing 747 with petrol?
Why do they ask you to put your window up when you're taking off and landing in an aeroplane?
how do you switch to managed vertical modes in A320 A/P?
doing sports and keeping in shape good for pilots?
define dutch roll in aerodynamics?
How do you become an aircraft tug operator for the airline jets?
A&P license transfer to a EASA part 66?
De-Ice Failure is this a emergency?
I'm 13, even though I can't get a flying license yet, can I start training?
Which airlines which would hire you straight out of flight school?
how is first class?
If a plane crashed and every single person died how are there still survivors?
Can I run my BMWTDS on rapeseed oil?
Have you seen the Lockheed Martin's F22 in flight or up close and person?
why do you have to close the window shutters when taking off and landing during flying?
What is the largest aircraft?
a330 typical oew + fuel weight leaves no room for payload weight. why?
I am an American pilot. If I move to Canada, can I fly a CA registered plane without converting my license?
How important is ROTC in becoming a military fixed wing pilot?
What happens when a 13 year old flies alone?
Pilots: Is this even remotely sensible or legal?
what do airline pilots say to air traffic when they want to begin descent ?
How is the job market in california for helicopter pilots?
How often do you have to get a Category 1 Medical Aviation Exam done as a Commercial Pilot in Canada?
What is your favorite type of aircraft and why? Picture link would be nice too :-)?
big watches?
My BMW 323i Convertible boot lid won't open. ?
Looking for framed picture of Concorde plane for a Xmas present?
How much to rent a plane?
How big would a parachute have to be in order to bring an airliner (747) down to a fair speed for survivors?
What is the best flight school in Miami?
how long will it be before airoplanes can fly themselves and there is no need for pilots anymore.?
Which plane would win in a dogfight -Eurofighter Typhoon or F18?
where can i get information notes on line regarding EASA Cat B compliance?
i am nervous about flying by myself ! what can i do to make me feel better ?
What are modifications that can be added to a parachute to make it stay in the air longer?
Are the coming of unmanned robots coming soon?
can anyboy please tell me tht how can i become a commercial pilot in Pakistan ?
Where can i get a aircraft?
Can I Become A Pilot If I have stutter ?
How can i stop my airline turbulence phobia?
What does "Adus" in aviation mean?
Fastest jet fighter??
I am interested in possibly becoming an air traffic controller, help?
Best entry level headset?
If planes fly ABOVE weather, why did "Air France Flight 447" run into a storm?
what is fuel burn for a piper archer 3 on average?
I keep trying but sometimes why does my fs2004 loads up to 80+% and goes back to my desktop?
Does airline jets go by the power of jet motors or wheel torque before taking off, on the land?
How many years of flight school is usually needed before you can work?
easy jet problems?
Is 6'1 too tall to be a pilot.?
what if your a kid and you are scared of airplanes?
Is a train more efficient than a plane?
When and why do pilots say "niner" instead of "nine?"?
how do you start the mk 17 mini air plane engine?
State of wheels when the airplane lands...?
For the extreme pilots out there!!?
How do you guyz find MALAYSIA AIRLINES???
Its flying really expensive hobby?
Unaccompanied Minor ?
Can a Plane with a piston ENGINE stall?
What Will Happen To All The Fresh 737NGs when the Y1 Rolls Out?
How Do You Build A Paper Aircraft?
What all regional airline hubs are out of denver?
How do I help my 6 yr old nephew cope with planes?
was the first jet powered airplane made by Germany and what year?
If I billions for stealth fighter, where could I buy one?
do you know about private cloud?
what were you thinking when you saw the footage of the flight 3407 wreckage?
If there were a thousand seaguls in an airplane while its flying, each weighing two pounds a piece, but they ?
Claustrophobia Fighter Pilot Cockpits?
how to find cheapest fares between Australia and USA?
Airplane question?
How many of the EASA Part 66 "A" license modules do you have to repeat for the B1?
Remote Control plane simulator software for Mac - Help!?
Why are Ryanair landings always so hard?!?
how high is the ka-32 when the rotorblades are taken off?
What is it like flying private jets ?
Aircraft Flaps Question(s)?
Does every airliner have fuel dump capability?
Why when riding in a helicopter you have to wear head phones?
what happens if you fail a 709 ride?
What are the requirements to become a powered parachute pilot? Is a medical required? Is it hard to become one?
Any old crewmen remember manning the fire bottle on start-up?
How planes stay airbourne when banking?
what is that job called.......?????
What is the legal age for aquiring a pilot's license?
16 hour flight to another country?
Where is a good place in the San Jose/Oakland/SF area to watch planes take off and land?
a list of documents which a cabin crew should check while handling V.I.Ps?
Antonov An-225 Mriya Question?
Can i become an air traffic controller when i get out of the USAF?
How long is the hiring process for the FAA?
What kind of jobs ican you get if you have a seaplane pilot license?
why did the space shuttle culumbia blow up?
What time should I get to the airport?
Is 21 or 22 a good age to start pilot training?(ONLY EXPERIENCED PEOPLE IN AVIATION PREFERABLY PILOTS)?
evaluate the internal and external components of the aircraft .?
Should the A380 have risked the other passengers to land in Jakarta (non A380 airport) for one ill person?
Can anyone suggest some ways to get over a fear of flying?
Why couldn't a Mitsubishi Zero fighter plane from WWII turn right?
Can I buy a little personal helicopter for under $30 grand..?
Why Can't I find Brisbane Airport Control tower live feed on the internet?
Fat-friendly Airlines?
I'm 17 this year and wish to become a pilot, i come from a poor family, where can i get money to be a pilot?
Is it possible to fly sitting with the pilot?
If a plane is flying into a 50mph headwind @100mph. it's speedo will register 150mph. how is this overcome?
What is your opinion of the Raytheon Beachcraft Baron?
Can I join the indian air force as a technical engineer even though I have spectacles?
How do you convert IAS to TAS?
What are the salaries for CPL?
How much does it cost to travel by flight from Delhi (India) to Hochiminh City (Vietnam)?
For airplane engines, what does 100% engine thrust mean?
Why, when an aeroplane/airplane tilts, the inside still remains to be horizontal?
ok i doubt anyone would be this generous, but any airline employees willing to help??
Which of these aircraft registrations has the Emirates ICE System with 1200 channels of entertainment?
Question about Flight attendants?
Where can I buy a Helicopter at Not a remote control a real one!?
How do you differentiate between a Boeing 737-500 with a 737-600?
What airplanes are designed to fly on one engine only?
I found an old crop duster in my uncle's barn?
What were the circumstances of Steve Wozniak's crash? What were his injuries? What aircraft was he piloting?
If you book a flight with US Airways, is the plane a United plane???
how can I find a job at the los angeles airport cleaning planes?
How do you like Emirates flight attendants?
how much would it be to ship an item from the uk to spain?
Why is the pilot's cabin in an airplane called a "cockpit"?
What is the world fastest twin engined plane?
Where can I find cheap flights?
Montreal flight logs?
what is aircraft?
one two three four five?
Do you think its possible to fly an rc plane over area51?
What design feature is done in aircraft to make Landing Gear down in case of System Failure?
is landding of a aircraft operated manually or automatic?
what is the average life of a commercial aircraft?
is there anywhere in uk to ride in an F16?
Hey passion and aim is 2 a pilot i have completed my 12th with the PCM of 80 %?
How come no one recived sms so far from the persons on the air france plane gone missing?
What I have to do to placed in aircraft companies like Boeing,Air bus as Mech. Engg..I'm in 6th sem. already
Why are some of the thoughts of a pilot as he or she is looking down from the sky?
What is the level of skill needed to perform the Immelman Turn?
would a recreational license allow me to build usable hours towards commercial and ATP?
where can i go to become a pilot?
What are the duties of an airline crew?
Star Alliance Theme Tune/Song?
Provido speed cameras and police pilot?
what are the 6 games on first choice star class?
Emirates airline cabin crew job accepts short hair?
Where can you get more financial aid\scholarships, public or private flight schools?
What happened to Primaris airlines?
What is considered an early model aircraft?
Is it possible to land a big plane without any experience?
Difference Between Boeing and Airbus Planes?
What a level to take to become a commercial pilot?
What is your opinion on male cabin crew ?
How long does it take to build an A380?
How much does a beginner co pilot at Ethiopian earn monthly?
How to spot difference between airbus a300 & boeing 767?
How fast does a plane move in air?
How far is Toronto, Canada to Chicago, IL?
How long does immigration at Frankfurt Airport take for non-EU citizens?
Has anyone here watch the movie TOP GUN?
how much does it cost to fly from amarillo tx to moscow russia?
HELP! what can i do for my training session --- cabin crew?
airlinepilotcentral pay calculator PLEASE HELP?
How long does it take to fly from Santa Monica Beach to Scottsdale, Arizona with a helicopter?
how do you overcome the fear of flying?
Looking for a clear definition of a crossed-control stall?
Owing your own jet (L39), In Australia?
can a man with specs can be a pilot?
What are the Odds of a Biplane Dog-fighting an F-22 Raptor?
getting a job at the san antonio airport??
Does a airbus A321 have tv monitors on economy class seats?
Age 14 airline help????
Can old people be on airplanes ?
How much do flight engineers get paid?
why is a flight black box recorder red not black?
How can I get GCC Driving License?
how to make a toy airplane?
Undergraduate and Post graduate?
And what's the deal with airline food?
Describe the difference between thurst production by pure jet engine and by turbo propeller engine.?
Does Aeroflot Boeing have little tv's on the back of the seats ?
The different types of aircrafts?
Can certain temperatures affect the ability for an aircraft to land on a runway?
How high can an airplane safely fly?
Could you please give me a list of low winged light civil aircraft that are single engined?
Gulfstream G550 aircraft: auto left-turn parameter of Emergency Descent Mode...why?
How much do flight attendants make a year?
Which is the best career path to becoming a commercial airline pilot?
Why do kamakazie pilots wear helmets?
to experimented airline pilots, do you spend more time in the air or on the ground ?
At 6 foot 6 inches, am I too tall learn to get my private pilots license and fly a single engine plane?
What is a sonic boom?
if your traveling from miami to new jesrey how long will it take you on a plane?
Joining zipcar new license?
american airlines aircraft 1954?
Why are the wings of jet aircraft swept?
what happens if all engines fail during takeoff???
cylinder base bolts torque values for 0235 l2c?
what does the O stand for in "LYCOMING O-360 engine" mean ????
Where did the wreck planes of 9/11 go ?
what are good chicago area flight schools?
What year did they stop allowing small planes to fly over New York City?
US Airway verses Southwest airline?
what is the smoke that comes out of the jumbo jet at the tail end?
requirements for a SAR whinchman ?
careers in aircraft..............?
What are the requirements for being a flight attendant in the US?
What do I need to be good at to pilot a helicopter?
Why not make an airplane black box that floats?
my friend stutters but he wants to become a pilot is it possible???
When airplanes are waiting in the air to land, are they at a dead standstill or just moving really slowly?
what does an average airplane (comemrcial like b-737) landing feel like?
What Size Tap Drill for a 5/8-32 Tap?
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Aircraft Gas Turbine Technician?
Plane crash risk??????????????
What are the chances of a plane crashing in the night?
how much does a taxi from split airport to makarska cost?
Where does the urination, etc go to, from an airplane.?
Why does Boeing and Airbus planes or other commercial airplanes need to use kerosene?
Flying route J174 DIW AR18 the AMS 6000 FMS will lot accept DIW or DIXON or even DIWNB to end J174?
is it true that airline pilots get tired of their job after awhile?
why do passenger airplanes have a red light on the left wing and a green light on the right wing?
how much does a real helicopter cost?
what do you call an aeroplane with two wings?
If there any pilot out there that I can shadow?
can you cross a double yellow line?
I've got a private pilots license, and want to continue into the field of aviation..?
Did managerialism cause the Mt Erebus accident ?
B2 bomber invisible?
Aurora aircraft?
Why are airplanes able to fly?
pilot recruitment?
which is city in the US have the greatest air travel?
How to become a commercial pilot?
Can i be a pilot if i got hyperopia?
Why is this plane so cheap?
Which is the better aircraft?
In aircraft reciprocating engine, if valve spring surge happen?
Do you have to start out as a co- pilot in order to become a Captain?
how much is a salary of a helicopter pilot?
How many people have flown safely by air since 9/11 ?
How do Iron Man's Boot thrusters make him fly?
What do You think happened to EgyptAir 990? The investigators say one thing; the family says impossible.?
looking for capt js sarkaria, pilot,resident of canada?
in i want to find "" pl help?
What is the most common part to fail in an aeroplane (jet airliners)?
Do RAF pilots get posted to different air bases often?
what is the best way to build time in an aircraft cheaply?
All hang gliding experts! Please help!?
I am looking to get my pilots licence. What is an safe/affordable/reliable 4 person trainer/everyday flyer?
Landing a plane?
How much would flight lessons cost generally?
Is a train more efficient than a plane?
Why are airplanes equipped with lifejackets, but not with parachutes?
question for pilots?
cheat code?
Can I fly cargo planes in the military and wear glasses?
I have to make a folio on airways.Please suggest me some topics and websites which can help me do this.?
turbulence on a plane?
what are the worse places for a flying career?
who is first women pilot in the world?
If a pilot changes the altimeter setting from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?
Is dumping jet fuel really bad for the environment?
Can a twin engine jet fly with one engine out?
why do jets sometimes produce vapour trails and sometimes dont?
One Direction Tickets?
What to do if your jet lagged?
Is it true that LGA's main terminal will be demolished?
What is the news on Delta Jets at Kemble?
Favorite aircraft.........?
How many times have you been on an aeroplane ?
Why are the tips of passenger jet airplanes turned upward?
why do they always say the pilots in a crash are "heroes"?
why is Air India always late to depart and arrive?
what are the standing regulations for icelandair and the icelandic air force to fly in volcanic regions?
what does sunset look like when you are up in the sky, in a hot air balloon?
How i can work as ATC?
I want to be an airplane driver yo?
I need a Aircraft Painter for Windows because i PLay FSX..and i wanna repaint some aircrafts...PLZZ HELP...?
Hi, a question about airplane and jets???? thanx!!?
why not aircraft go back by own?
is there any fighter jet capable of going over 2,000 mph?
How long after taking the at-sat does it take to get contacted?
Can helicopters fly upside down?
Is it possible to become a commercial/cargo pilot with this condition?
Why is it that no land/water vehicle can go as fast as an airplane?
Whats a better plane to learn to fly in?
How to fly PMDG 767 GPS?
I'm gay will that affect my chances of becoming a airline pilot?
Space suit for skydivers does not consider pressure changes with movement, i.e. Bernoulli principle of lift.?
What is the Restricted sector R-3103 used for on the Big Island in the Hawaiian islands?
does any1 know the rules for taking hand lugage on a plane?
calculate inter arrival time of four minutes for two aircraft?
wen will Boeing stop making the B747-400?
How is the price of Oil related to the price of airline tickets?
Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer salary?
Why did Turkey use F16's to force a Russian passenger plane to land?
How do people become airline pilots?
Post-1970s Maules?
I just fresh graduate from ITE. May I know if i work in SIA as aircraft technician what is per month salary?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets???????????
i am looking for jet engine suction accidents?
Pax jets can be upset by wake turbulance. Would release of coloured smoke by planes assist pilots to see it?
What should be the right AirSpeed and Altitude of plane while landing on to the Runway?
can i get a job if i have a private pilot license(PPL)?
Do Heath and fly get back together in blue water high?
Location(s) of BLACKBIRD survivors?
Help! Im so bad with remembering streets and directions?
How much fuel capacity can be built into the wings of a Comp Air kit-built airplane?
does a bad score in a pilot aptitude test mean you can't be a pilot?
In an airplane simulated power failure, what has less drag, a windmilling prop or a stopped prop and why?
Has anyone trained with Florida Aviation Academy?
Are control towers of EWR & DEN same design?
What was the flight number of the first plane to hit the twin towers?
how many hours to get pilot license?
Is this a P-51 Mustang airplane?
What makes lightening strike an aircraft in mid air?
dose anyone know where i can downlode cabin crew checks?
HELP!!! I am TERRIFIED of flying. How do I get rid of this fear?!?
Schedule a seat on a military hop?
Should airports start dong racial profiling in the attempt to try to cut down the threat of terrorists?
who was varun dhanna?
What things should I consider when buying an airplane?
The physics of motional emf ina Boeing 747 Jetliner?
Who has a bigger amount of planes...US Postal service or UPS ?
I came across my old handbook from the 'Ground Observers'. The famous P-51 airplane is shown as a F-51. Why
Airline Pilots getting health examination every 6 months? (read the details)?
when an airplane experiences turbulence, how much (in feet) is it actually moving around?
Which airplane is nicer? The Boeing 757 or 767?
Concorde , good bye ! Is it fair that we go back to old times ?
why dont they install sone sort of window screen on jets so the engines don't suck in birds?
How safe is flying??? For realz only serious answers please!!!!!!?
How much are Space Tourism tickets?
Where can I see airplane weather radar (for flying altitude)?
Why are airplanes SO darn loud? Can't they put mufflers on them?
why does a helicopter have 2 blades?
Where can i buy aircraft models in chennai,india...? Or is there any website where they sell aircraft models w?
any reasons why american airlines does not paint their aircrafts, just let them grey?
if you were in battlestar galactica, what would your pilot callsign be?
do i fly over budapest from burgas to bratislava?
I am looking for a part for an aircraft tug.It is a thermostat housing p/n 605-1086. i need the vendor info?
Why the price of airline between india and iraq are so high ?
impact of wide body aircraft in aviation industry?
International flights- Internet?
Boeing 747's into Manchester uk?
Is this true for airline pilots?
how much is the starting salary for a flight attendant in the USA and how often does it raises?
Which the best and cheap aviator watch available in India- having the air related info-direction,height etc.?
Where is my hovercar?!?
airline full sponsorship cadet scheme list?
Value of a Bensen B-8M gyrocopter in pristine condition?
How do you fix a stuck seatbelt ?
Why do pilots say, "May day, may day!" when they have been hit?
rc airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!!please answer?
what's the difference between an annual review and annual report?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
Anyone remebers Eastern airlines?? What happen to it??
Take a ride in a fighter jet?
Name of Pilot flying SQ816 on 29 Dec 2006?
How much money does the average pilot make a year?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
What are the salaries for graduate students for aerospace engineering?
What does an aeronautical engineer do?
Is there any metropolitan area in the world where a commercial airline operates regular flights?
which airline should i become a pilot for?
Piper Tomahawk Question?
My son wants to be an airline pilot and train at OAA but his fees are around £85000, what happens if he fails?
i want to do my FAA A&P mechanic license in asia. which country offers this.I am a singaporean. Please help?
Free Cad for Aircraft?
who invented the gas powered toy airplane?
Virgin Atlantic Airline Time Change?
What is the new heading required to be back on track when 80nm past the 0110 UTC position?
The Black Devil vs The Red Baron: If they dueled in a dogfight who do you think would come out the winner?
Want to buy used model 150 cessna aircraft under 15K?
Using Expressjet?
United MileagePlus Explorer Card question...?
How much do airline pilots get paid?
How fast do nerves travel?
Where is the engine located in A4SU Super Skyhawk and CESSNA 152?
Aircraft buoyancy paradox?
what airline sponsers west brom?
what are the kinematic result of force application on a frisbee in flight?
superstition mountains plane crash?
Do they still make and sell Boeing Model 40B-4 aircraft?
What different kind of pilots are there?
I have an invention for aircrafts that I wish to invent, which company would be suitable for the job?
how to make a good paper airplane?
Why can't a flight attendant wear dangling earrings?
Why does the new Boeing webpage suck?
Is the F22 Raptor the most advanced jet fighter ?
How safe/unsafe is turbulence?
Anybody know when the Airbus A380 will come stateside? Miami to be more specific.?
Best place to spot at YYZ?
Can a helicopter move /fly backwards?
Help with GPS on microsoft flight simulator 2004 (nothing showes up)?
What are some types of emergencies that would cause the pilot to land his plane on the ocean?
Were more RAF air crew were killed in Lancasters than in Wellington Bombers?
how to make a helicopter out of 4.0v motor?
at what altitude do planes usually fly at?
MSG-2 And MSG-3 Defference?
two year foundation course in aviation studies with commercial pilot licence?
How high does the fire from airplane fuel burn at?
Any websites that do all types of aircraft kits ?
What is the fuel carring capacity of airline tanker's ?
Magnetic Heading reciprocal conversion?
becoming a pilot .?
I want to be a pilot?
Burning question on aircraft saftey..?
What is your favourite plane?
Aviation Tradition: First Solo...why throw water?
questions on airplanes?
Is the cessna 152 plane good for learning?
Why is a airplane big?
How much of a hassle would it be to go from training on a 162 skycatcher to renting a 172?
why does S.N.A. have 3 different names?
What is called as Ergonomics assessment test in Airline/Pilot industries?
how much does a mini cab cost from London Heathrow Airport to Golders Green London NW!!?
Where can I find a report of emergency aircraft landings for Canada?
Will Humanity be ready for it's transformation into an aeronautical civilization & freedom of upward mobility?
How can I conquer my fear of planes?
what will be the minimum wage of a fresh AnP mechanic in Canada?
What do you do when the plane your on is hijacked ?
what happens if a door is opened on an airplane in mid-flight?
illegal to pretend to be a naval aviator online?
Is it possible a 25 year old to become a commercial air pilot in 5 years time?
what is the maneuver in this video called?
If your run over by a helicopter what is the terminology?
why do flight attendants ask passengers to close window shades upon take off and landing?
What is the take off speed of an boeing 747 full loaded with passagers and fuel?
How fast does a plane have to be to raise off of the ground???
I'm looking for a good flight school to get my commercial license in Maryland?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
Is a 757 bigger than a 747? 767 than a '57?
What is the Fuel Consumption for a Boeing 777-200LR?
how do I find put about a plane crash in 2003 in Nirobi, Kenya?
Have you heared breaking of a sound barrier.?
Part 121 takeoff mins question?
what exactly is the glideslope? how do real time pilots know whether there on the glide slope or not?
Fear of flying, Help?
Gas turbines - what's the mix?
Pilots: Does anybody know this flying group?
I want to become a helicopter pilot in the military?
What fighter jet is used best for stealth, speed, and power?
Pilots..serious question?
How long is the Air Hogs Aero Ace charge time?
What was the purpose of the technical Human Factors training introduced and are the results being monitored?
Want to be Commercial Pilot? How?
why don't they put parachutes under airplane seats?
Why do Pilots say "Roger" ?
How tall are the Wheels on a 747 Jumbo Jet?
what should i have to do before going for stewardess interview.?
What would happen if an airplane engine shut down?
Help on learning how to fly "outside" the plane?
what does 0.4M and 1g mean in aviation?
How many people have had no trouble being vertifed at the airport, due to no type of I.D.?
Difference between Cessna 172 and Reims/Cessna F172?
Why are cabins in airplanes pressurized?
what wing configuration does and F15 Eagle have?
How much money does the average pilot make a year?
CPL Pilot Options? What shall i do?
help! what airport would I land in for this area?
Plane, What happens when one elevator is up and one down?
Becoming A Civil Airline Pilot?
EYESIGHT - Becoming a pilot!?
Can somebody else buy a airline tickets for a minor?
What does it take to become an airline pilot?
Which aircraft type has the smallest and largest toilet area.?
what is this humming noise?
What log book is best?
How much money does a pilot make?
The following qiestion was removed by . Why???
can you have a laptop on during takeoff?
what is the cheapest and best airline to use to fly from atlanta ga to tel aviv?
Whats the conversion formula for knots to miles per hours?
if im going to london via british airways, what can i bring with me onboard the plane?
what are PGW type refrigerants?
what is the longest nonstop trip by air currently..?
boeing 737?
Can somebody live in their airplane?
What is better, sex or flying?
Help searching for paper model instructions. Cessna 172 w/hubs?
what makes an aircraft take off?
Is it really worth becoming a commercial pilot ?
can i take my pet dog on an airline to spain from manchester,if so which one?
Generally, are airplanes louder during landing or takeoff?
Do they need to set full flap while landing?
How Are Commercial Aicraft Secured?
how much to change airplane departure date?
Is there anywhere in America that I can see old Soviet commerical planes?
can anyone tell me about 10 futuristic planes?
Looking for a company that sells lavatories, sinks and hand cleaner system for an aircraft for my company?
cessna 172?
What are the minimum flying hours requirement of Regional Airlines in India?
if the drag of an airoplane is equal to the thrust of the power planet in level flight what makes airoplane go
Who invented the airplane?
city Link Parcel Force?
Can someone describe to me how the search and rescue process for general aviation airplanes goes.?
Do you need a valid united states passport to travel within the united states domestically?
Military pilots and commercial pilots ejecting?
Aviation psychologist?
how to become Air Traffic Controller ?
What does it take for a material to pass Flamability Certification, spec: FAA25.853 (B) Vertical Burn?
Is a class d water operators license hard to get?
How to get over my fear of flying?
AHHH! I'm on a plane and they're going to have trouble landing!?
I'm looking to crosstrain to flight engineer?
Helicopter not working?
If jet contrails are just water vapour, why don't ALL jets produce them?
So why no comments about the delays to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?
Chinooks, with their distinctive Thud Thud Thud, twin rotor motors and tons of space, are great, do you agree?
Helicopter Schools and other questions? please help?
roughly, at what speed is a plane travelling at when it takes off - all types of planes- tell me what you know
How high the airplanes fly?
flying is for losers!?
How would i become a Virgin Atlantic Pilot?
Do Pilots get into trouble if they turn the aircraft around?
What is the best plane one can buy with 50-80k ? ?
The mall to Buckingham palace?
What is a good Christmas Present to do with airline industry.?
Why airplanes make noises when they fly in sky?
Why not have a halon system of extinguishers on AC in case of a fire?
If a pilot changes the altimeter setting from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?
What would it take to become a commercial airline pilot in England?
how big do charter planes come?
Why don't airplanes provide, parachutes?
how do you get rid of the presure in your ears when you land in the plane???
American Airline restrictions?
Is there a website where I can design my dream plane?
Why dont airplanes fly west over Hawaii to Asia, when leaving West Coast instead of flying over the entire USA?
Are there any specific formulas for the most aerodynamic shape?
Air Cabin Crew For The Royal Air Force?
What is a Service Bulletin in Singapore Civil Aviation?
airplane technician book?
Can u bring over the counter medications on your carry-on or only checked luggage?
how many airmiles is it to fly from winnipeg MB Cannada to Saskatoon, SK Canada?
how to become Air Traffic Controller ?
will the plane stands still in the air like the helicopter?
Is it hard to start a organize a chartered flight with fee paying passengers?
If you have a license to fly (civilian) can you fly a private jet?
Military Aircraft that went down in Michigan?
what is the location of black box on a plane?

what happens after passenger planes land at airports?
wut is the fastest plane?
How many humans are in the air in space ships or planes hang gliders etc at any one time?
can i play my ELECTRONICS on the plane?
Iran Passenger Plane 1/9/11 Plane Crash?
aircraft climb performance?
What degree is preferred to be an airline pilot?
Can I join Ryanair as Cabin crew with my height?
Any Airline Pilots that know Liverpool airport approach procedures for Runway 27?
If you had your own airline, would you fly the Boeing737 or AirbusA320&Why?Which one is better and?
can i see a B52 in great britain?
Whether the Aeronautical engineering have its future in India?
names of international air lines to europe?
what is the top speed of a modern day fighter jet?
Describe how an aircraft is controlled about it’s three axis and the aerodynamic effect of a control input?
Are Cessna C208 Caravans (including the amphibian) ever flown at or near 20,000ft?
how do I adjust the squelch on a garmin 430?
for pilots, do you prefer steam powered gauges or glass display?
I'm currently in an airport plane spotting and I was wondering this (cont'd)?
What is the fastest American fighter jet currently used?
What is the fastest plane?
What are some Texas State Flight schools? Or Texas State Colleges that offer flight training? (Not private)?
1) the position of a 2.75x10^5 N training helicopter under test is given by r=(0.02o m/s^3)t^3i +(2.2 m/s)tj-?
how to get a saudi recruitment license?
Bringing fluids on a plane?
PILOT INTERVIEW??????????????????????????????
How can i go about flight tickets?
Odds of a plane crashing due to turbulance?
people out there..please tell me what was the best airline u have taken and the best airline u have heard of.?
what is a gcc license?
do you like united airlines or american airlines better? why?
Why is the Dakota DC 3 known as the Gooney Bird?
What are the four factors that effect flight?
the fighter aircraft which is not catch by radar america?
Whats your favourite Military aircraft ?
what other jobs can you do in an airline apart from piloting?
I want to have LCN of Challenger 601 aircraft.please oblige?
why do the F-14 sweep its wings back, and can the pilot control them ?
what CANT you bring on a plane now?
which is the best, one?
Whats your favourite commercial jet ever and why?
Why don't the aeroplane companies make aeroplanes out of the same stuff that the black box is made from?
new airlines registered in USA starting service to india?
Pilots: what are the regulations governing "alternate" airports for IFR flight?
I want to become an airline pilot really fast so what can I do to aquire a lot of flight hours?
What age can i be able to drive by myself?
what would be the average take-off speed for a passenger jetliner.....?
i still dont quite get the crosswind graph example wind is coming from the left at 150 degrees and your using?
About the A320 that landed on the Hudson River?
Question about training to become a pilot?
What in your opinion is the greatest military aircraft ever made and why?
Whats the difference between an air dispatcher and an air traffic controller?
What is the airport clearance like??
What subjects needed to be a pliot Air force or Airline pilot?
how much does a Brand new 2010 embraer Lineage 1000 cost?
Where can I find A cheap Airplane?
Any fighter/aerobatic pilots out there?
Questions about becoming an air traffic controller?
can anyone survive mid-air collisions or falling plane?
What is wrong with Northwest Airlines?
Want to buy a small airport. Where can I find this at??
How long would it take to fly my own plane?
New Cessna?
Can someone explain the wind wheel and how to use it for holding patterns?
Scared of flying in aeroplane??
How much does it cost to call from an airplane?
Does your plane need to be reinspected if wings are removed?
are jet packs real...................................?
What is the point behind requiring airline passengers to turn off all electronic devices?
Does Blue Air have Buisness Class?
Should I get the Captain sim 757 or 767 for FS2004?
What American airports used to be visited by the Concorde airplanes?
Hi.. i want to become a Commercial Pilot, which institute should i choose ?
Where is the best place to learn how to fly planes (as career) ?
hello does anyone know how much the Pilatus PC-9 cost in AUD?
what is icao definition of apron?
Transferring aircraft ownership?
How many commercial jets are in the air...?
Do you need keys to start up the engine of a 747?
How do I become an aerobatics pilot?
How many jets are on the aircraft carrier in the new navy commercial?
Why dont commercial airlines fly in a straight line?
Were any aircrafts used in WWI?If so who were the first to introduce them into the war?
Which car is faster? A....?
Is it true that if you sit at the back of an in the back of a will board earlier?
What is the largest counter-rotating blades r/c helicopter sold?
Does West Jet Hire US pilots?
How long is the Air Hogs Aero Ace charge time?
what is the worlds most beautiful aircraft or helicopter according to you?
does the collective on a helicopter control the height and speed?
flying when 14 yrs old?
Can you hook a plane to a car?
What is the weight restriction for a ultralight aircraft in the uk?
What kind of plane is this? (description, no picture)?
How much is it on a helicopter to Carolina island? ?
How does a jet engine move an airplane?
What are some private jets?
J-10 took first flight in 1998, J-20 took first flight in 2011?
What are the proper signals for checking flight controls while marshalling an aircraft?
travel qustion????
any idea of this new license MPL (Multi Pilot License)? and if it is already recognized in airline industry?
how long does it take to become a pilot?
Where should I keep my blimp?
radar control terminal system?
what is the pressure and temperature inside a flying passenger aircraft. how it is maintained and its principl
i have x-plane 9 for mac, but i cant fly people, i heard that if u crashed it would say how many died, how?
i need help on making a propeller for an model aircraft. one that uses a rubberband a.s.a.p?
what is the worth of goodyear blimp fob keychain 3745445?
can pilots have -9 diopter eye power?
Is their any exams for pilot training with stipend in india or abroad for B.E-aeronautical engineers?
How many time have you flew and what was the longest flight?
What velocity or V speeds are on a general aviation propeller aircraft?
how much will airline ticket prices go up in the next few months?
Best U.S. fighter pilots.?
Worried about low-flying planes?
How many people fly on different months with British Airways?
What is the best plane one can buy with 50-80k ? ?
why the condor is no longer in service??
What do slats do on a airplane?
How old must you be to get a pilots license in the state of Connecticut?
Which is better, the Lockheed-Martin F/A-22 Raptor or the Sukhoi SU-50 (AKA PAK-FA)?
Is it okay to use reverse thrust?
Is Tupolev TU-104 or Canadian Avro Canada C102 is the second commercial jet airliner?
what's the difference between an airplane and an aeroplane??
chemistry and logistics involved in commercial space flight?
What's a good, relatively cheap flight school in the US?
Why do fighter jet roll on takeoff from carrier?
what's the difference between the boeing 717 & the MD-80?
What are some good Flight schools to consider for one interested in becoming a commercial airline pilot?
If the door of an aircraft opened up during the flight.....?
Why are there some planes that have a Flag or national symbol on the rudder along with the Fuselage symbol?
Electronic devices on an aircraft question?
Airline suggestions anyone?
Do RPA pilots for the USAF get callsigns?
Are passangers aloud to use a GPS on a commercial airplane?
At what speed do you break the sound barrier?
Are there any commercially available aircraft similar to the Lake Renegade or SeaFury?
How do i fix the cloud force lower and tail blades?
What is a good plane for a beginner?
how to identify the difference between a regular , low cost and no frill airlines and the services provided?
Been searching for info on the AVRO lightning jet.?
How many passenger did the concorde hold?
Aerodynamics question?
Will dropping a class for W destroy my Pilot career?
Pilots, what would you do?
Good aviation related name for a dog?
Need to convert ICAO A&P license to FAA A&P license?
what are my odds of becoming a helicopter pilot?
How many feet would it generally take for a lightweight plane to take off heading into a 5 knot wind?
Why on aeroplanes do crew insist that you don't close window blinds on take-off/landing?
why do i have to turn off my cell phone on airplanes?
what is the fastest american world war 2 fighter plane thunderbolt ,mustang, or corsair?
jets: in landing, under what speed can you use wheel brakes?
Why do planes fly so high?
What airfare website(s) can I get a student discount for an airplane ticket?
could a small aircraft land on an aircaft carrier in an emergency?
What is the fastest method of loading passengers into a plane?
Does anyone know the site, where I can download the flight simulator for the "Fouga Magister,CM-170 R"?
What is octane?
the pilot of which plane makes the most from southwest airlines?
Air Force or paying for all of your pilot's licenses?
Is their a Air Show Cortland, Alabama June 14?
is there any age limits to become a commercial pilot in india?
Drinking (pregaming) before a plane ride?
Is it really difficult to pass the private pilot written test(helicopter), or not that hard?
In the book " The Pilot's Wife " what happened before Jack supposebly got into the plane crash ?
aero california lawsuit info?
to be a TACP do you HAVE to jump out of a plane?
Are Malaysian Airlines good?
What Does AKE Mean On The Side Of LD3 Containers?
Had Van Zanten applied full flaps during takeoff could the tenerife disaster been averted?
which is the fastest plane on earth at present?only give answer if u know?
How safe are American Eagle regional jets? I am afraid to fly on one in 48 hours.?
What's the practical fuel range of a Lear jet?
How does a private pilot navigate when flying VFR?
aircraft licensed engineers?
I want to find the names of airplanes, just the names of the planes?
air travel tips?
Can you bring a bow on a airplane?
Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Is it still true that the Airline Quants have never had one of their planes crash?
how do airports work ?
Where can I find a list of light and super light jets that are certificated for single-pilot operations?
Please read! I'm really scared!?
Why do commetcial airplanes rotate around the rear landing gear before take off?
Which Radio-controlled aircraft(rcplane) is best for me,?
Would you have went around?
why there are more aircrashes as we advance in time and make more discoveries?
Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer please?
How the life of a pilot would be?should spend more time in work?
FAA approved child seat?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear seat belts?
What are the three types of turbine blade cooling methods?
i want to become a commercial pilot ,how can i full fill my dream?
What type of small Aircraft should I buy?
i want to be an airline pilot?
Is this a good airline pilot Academy?
Why aren't airplanes equipped with parachutes?
Any pilots out there? Please tell me how you got to the airlines? Where did you attend for flight school?
When an aircraft is in an emergency (on air crash investigation/mayday) programme?
How much do beginner airline pilots make their first year?
information regarding aviation institutes?
How much do stewardesses get paid?
What are basic stuff air force pilots use?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness?
can billionares buy fighter jets. is it legal?
Is it worth following a degree in?
If I say that I am gay, will I be assigned a woman tsa worker for the pat down?
Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?!?
Which of the three Boeing 747-400 engines is the cheapest and which is the most expensive?
What do u need to be a commercial pilot or regional airline pilot? Mainly the requirements? And what ratings?
What is the average speed that a commercial plane flies at?
the ranking of "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" in aviation industries?
Where can I learn details/operation of radial engines?
Rubber and radar please help?
(Flying over Britain) How far can u see high on a jet plane on a clear day? Big land mass?
how old do you have to be to be pilot in arizona?
Need a degree for professional pilots?
How to get IATA license in Air cargo ? what are the documents requierd ?
What are the salaries of Airport Operations Supervisors at DFW Airport?
Fear of flying, Help?
Where can I check online to see if a MOA is active for tomorrow?
How hard is it to find a job in aircraft maintenance?
Is it scary to fly alone?
Airplane paranoia?
how to make a no weld pulses jet engine?
do orbitz economy class seats have adaptors or a way for me to plug my laptop in?
What would happen to passengers on a plane if someone opened the emergency exit?
why do aeroplanes shake when travelling through cloud?
FAA 3rd Class - LAZY EYE?
What is the most composite-intensive Bombardier aircraft?
Flying Overseas: Why is east to west Slower than flying west to east on an Airplane?
Can I land a plane in any open field?
If you tried to open the door of a 747 when it was flying, would the door open? What would happen?
why does a helicoper with no rear rotor blade sound much noiser than one that does have a rear rotor blade.?
Which polutes more : the car or the plane?
Im stuck between being a pilot or teacher . Any advice ?
best aircraft?
How did I get such an awesome boyfriend ?
Have you ever dreamed of being carried into the sky by a giant bouquet of colorful toy balloons?
could fighter jet missile fired on the ground by mistake ?
how does an aeroplane reverses and does it has a gearbox like car??
i am deadly afraid of airplanes but....?
what qualiffications do i need to become a pilot?
Does Delta have wi-fi and TV's?
I am thinking about going to Centennial College for Professional Pilot Training?
I have to do a project which involves anything to do with aircraft. So can you please give me some ideas.?
If a jet fires a gun wouldn't they be going fast enough to being hit?
When airlines order airplanes, what is meant by options?
Is it now safe to suggest that passenger airline hijacking is nigh impossible ?
What does this "G" mean?
Ii need a cheep crate moter ?
Can i be a navy or any other type of jet/fighter pilot with glasses?
is it safe to fly a plane with a broken thrust reverser?
Can a woman with scoliosis become a pilot?
if u jump out of an airplane an land in memory foam will you live?
Help on learning how to fly "outside" the plane?
What is the difference between Cessna and Beechcraft mixture cables?
How come flight attendants don't get scared?
report on destruction of medway microlight g-mwbi?
Does anyone know where near Southern California that there is a aerospace museum that as Early Emsco aircraft?
Can someone tell me the principles behind helicopter flight?
How many hours a week does a flight attended work?
Can someone lend me $1000 until next monday?
You are flying in a 747, you suspect the captain doesnt know how to fly, can you insist on seeing his license?
is it ok to take braun energy cells on an aircraft?
what airplanes where involved with 9/11?
What corresponds to electrical "ground" when airlanes are flying?
Which would be better/safer, flying in a DC-9 with a major airline, or flying a regional airline/jet?
where can a have a course in leicester teaching you how to be a pilot?
questions about being a air hostest?
How do you write a cabin crew PA?
Aircraft Skin a Solar Panel?
Hi, How do I work out the airfoil effieciency of an a340, I know Lift = 30,857.29 p+Drag = 25,071.55 pounds?
Is ground school needed when getting pilot's license?
Can a 14 year old fly an ultralight?
floatation devices vs. parachutes?
wher would the best place to get a commercial pilots license?
Rc airplane engine 50hp?
Flying question, when banking left what position are the control surfaces in?
I just bought a Bede j5 aircraft!?
i plan starting my international private airline.what are the first step i need to take.?
Should I go to university if I want to become an airline pilot?
Do airplanes have horns?
how to be a bush pilot?
cadet pilot training for free anywhere in the world?
Will a helicopter fly on automotive gasoline?
how do i start working? -my ex field experience is ex indian airforce officer retired?
what would happen on a plane if both pilot and co pilot died during the flight?
I am thinking if being a pilot but I am a girl. Will commercial planes accept me?
What does RTO mean on the autobrake dial in an airliner?
can a Boeing 777 pull itself out of the gate without using a pusher tractor?
How to become commercial airline pilot and get atpl?
what airlines have routes over oceana county michigan?
Use of spoilers with flaps extended?
What is the average speed that a commercial plane flies at?
In fighter planes, what are the trails of white "smoke" that appears off the tail of the wings during banks
Can you board a plane without a photo ID if you are 16?
Rc airplane engine 50hp?
how many hours to get pilot license?
To become an Air Traffic Controller mechanical enggi. is allowed or not?
Who was the first person to go on a jumbo jet?
How do I get money fast?
What's that song called in a car commercial?
how can fly from Tehran to johansburg In south Africa?and come back?
What courses I need to become airline pilot?
Best/Favourite Airline Livery?
Which is your favourite jet fighter plane?
What is known as International Travel Organisations?
Will I be considered an applicant for Flight Attendant to a US airline when I have never been there?
why do helicopters cause vibrating sounds from tha air?
What is the appropriate time to get to the airport for check-in and security?
What is more efficient to power a twin engine plane? ?
The weather is known to be the aircrafts worst enemy. Are aircrafts really equiped against it?
For becoming a commercial pilot, what education is needed/recommended other than PPL?
Airline Marketing Objectives?
Do you think there will ever be another supersoinc commercial aircraft?
What size and brand of aerotire do you recommend on a C-150 for the dirt at Vermilion Cliffs & Duck Creek?
Is there an aircraft anywhere in theworld with a swimming pool on board?
i want to become pilot this year help me with the following ?
do you have too be slim to be a flight attendant?
What is the job market for pilots like right now? What about in 10 years?
Flight attending classes ?
what is the name for a type of plane that can land both in land and water?
Will there ever be another Supersonic Airliner for Commercial Service again? A Next Generation Concorde?
How can i become a pilot?
who is pissed off about the long lines at the airport? new airport security not being able to carry even water
is northwest a good airline?
How can ou overcome the forces on earth and send a 2L bottle launching into the air?
How extreme is hyper maneuverability in jet fighters?
Do pilots always know when they have had a lighting strike?
Maximum Flight Training hours acc. to F.A.A?
Why do passenger planes fly so high in the atmosphere?
what is the fastest speed on land... ever.?
Minimum of 4000 hours total flying time.A minimum of 2000 hours multi-crew aircraft experience.?
MIG Crashes?
Delta Skyteam Airline India Ticket?
License to fly a RC helicopter?
What's Boeing's match to Airbus A380?
Regional Airline Academy fraud ! ! ! Phoenix on williams gatteway airport and Florida?
I need blueprints for BD-5 airplane kit.?
does anybody know what the p-51 mustang is?
Why are there so many planes, over the N.W. of England?
Ok, i need ask something 'bout ATC communication?
Why do airport terminals have 20 to 40 feet high ceilings?
How much do pilots get paid?
I am thinking of attaching 20 weather balloons to a seat from a scrapped military jet and taking a ride.?
can u suggest some aircraft movies ?
I travel alot on planes and still cant work out if i am safe ?
Commercial pilot?
Why do planes fly at such high altitude?
Where can I get a propeller?
aeronautical question,, when a fly lands on the ceiling does it do a loop or a roll?
How do pilots afford the cost of their training?
Anyone been in a Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT?
Yoshitoshi Tokugawa first to fly in Japan. When was he born?
How do I figure air miles from Cincinnati Ohio, to Chapel Hill North Carolina....... How much would a private?
Where do I get a city builder license for pinson, al?
What's the most reputable flight school in Hawaii?
About aircrafts, how do I determine the distance between the wing and tail end?
How much do flight schools cost?
Pilots only Question?
Where can I search for cheap flights?
What do you call the people on the tarmac who direct aircraft with ping-pong looking paddles?
i m in 11 grade i decided that i want to be pilot so what are some requirements and what i need to do?
Flight plan?????????????
What is the difference between a passenger station attendant and a flight attendant?
Why can't Black Boxes use gps satilite or radio transmitters to stream data?
how much do airplane cleaners get paid?
Question, How to make time go quicker?
Which is the best type of aircraft to fly in during training if i want to be an airline pilot?
When was the last time you've flown Eastern Airlines?
why does my private pilot certificate issuance date keep getting extended?
How does the stick shaker work?
height n weight requirnments in dgca?
What is the present scenereo of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India?
How did you know you wanted to become a pilot(if you are one)?
In a Cessna 172 how would you know if the engine driven pump has failed?
Would I be able to become an air traffic controller?
what do the term " May day " stands for in Aviation ??
Why don't passenger planes have a backup battery for cockpit?
black boxes in aeroplanes. what data do they record exactly?
Is it reasonable, economical or even possible to buy a c172 or piper and have it flown from the U.S to Europe?
How much money in fuel does it take to fly a 727 airplane per mile?
How to crab an airplane?
make a list of document which cabin crew would check while handling 6the following type of passenger vip?
Which is better an F-22 Raptor or an F-35 Lightning II?
I am thinking about going to Centennial College for Professional Pilot Training?
what is the weight of a jumbo jet?
Are General Aviation aircraft allowed to land at DFW airport?
what is the chance of someone (me!) to start their own airline %wise out of 6 billion?
Is there any way you can think of that could increase the survival rate to 100% in a plane crash ?
Grumman duck info please?
British airways work experience, send email or not?
what's the most efficient tail for a business jet?
What were you thinking as you took off on your first solo flight?
Do i need to have a instrument license for Cessna 172 Sp. ?
Anyone know the youngest (student pilot) to fly solo in Portugal?
What are Cons of Airplanes?
Pilot help need urgently?
How many people are off the planet at one time?
What are the dimensions of the B-2 Stealth Bomber?
why do most commercial jets taxi with flaps down?
Does it matter where you study to become an airline pilot?
Is there a website where I can design my dream plane?
My son B.E with Airline.he has to pay 30k per sem. No hope of getting job. From any co. What to do?
where are deltas f/a hubs?