How do i get over my fear of flying? what r the chances of a plane crash?
Which one is the beacon light and which one is the navigation light on an airplane?
how much kilometer on the airport runway?
Why dont planes have parachutes?
Cessna 172 fuel and controls question?
what are my chances of crashing on American Airlines?
International Air Traffic Control?
Aviat Husky cruise speed?
why do aircraft have a tail number and a callsigh?
B757' cockpit window open during a training take off, Is this legal?
Is it conceivable that aircraft could be made to land as many birds do.?
Free Spirit Credit Cards?
What are some devices to measure prop pitch?
in a magazine from 1974 they showed a lancaster flying to england where is it now ?
anyone building a kit plane in leicester?
What are all the ratings/Licenses/Types I could get from the seneca Aviation Program?
What is the current equivalent of yellow sheets?
Acquiring used aircraft parts.?
Why some russian jet noses are marked with a logo witch seems to mean radioactivity? Whats that thing?
pfon number of any cargo from dubai to Moldova?
What is the font used by Embraer for their official ERJ-145 logo and where can I find it?
i am thinking about going to college and applying for a busary?
What could cause tooth pain when landing in a plane?
will my air hogs plane over heat when it's 86 degrees out side?
What AIRAC cycle does the default FS9 come with?
Which cockpit would look better as a canvas?
I'm going to school to be aircraft mechanic, did i make a good choice?
Airliner Fuel Efficiency: is 100 Pax mpg reasonable?
what is the procedure to get commercial pilot licence after 10+2???
Now I'm scared of airplanes... Help.?
Is it true that ryanair allow phone calls & texts during a flight ?
Should i join the air national guard?
How do these huge planes manage to take off for the flight?
What aicrafts are produced in germany?
Has anyone flown on a Virgin Atlntic A340 if so does the personal screen show live landing + takeoff thanks?
In dogfighting, what is a knife-fight?
What is your best memory? (airline pilots)?
How can I get over my fear of flying?
what is the waiting period for flight benefits at Air Wisconsin?
What do you do when the plane your on is hijacked ?
Why do some planes leave vapuor trails whilst some don't?
If a commercial airplane "lost" it's pilots mid-flight, do you think the passengers could fly it?
Do you have to be a certain age to get a pilot's liscence?
what is the formula for fuel consumption rate?
what is the expressjet flight attendant hiring process like?
How would you go about learning to fly in Australia?
Where can I make a anime NOT MANGA comic with no downloads or buying required?
do fighter pilots ever get in a situation were they are scare when they are flying high?
What's the cheapest place to get airplane tickets ?
Does anybody know the average number of plane crashes every year?
Does anybody know how the flaps on an airplane work to slow the plane down for landing?
Why don't they make planes out of?
What is the name of the flight school at the Everett Stewart regional airport outside of union city tn?
1st Class Medical(Pilots Only Please)?
What are the chances of dieing in a plane crash?
what is the meaning of coach cabin as in plane (flight)?
Flight training scholarships?
How do you like US Airways?
My dream is to become a pilot :?
Do you prefer Cessna Aircraft or Piper Aircraft?
Are mixture and carb heat directly related?
i have a dh-1 speed tech helicopter and i can turn the lights on and off but cant get the wings to move.?
can a chinook helicopter fly with 1 engine?
How much did a concorde ticket cost in 1980?
Which Binoculars would be better for Plane(Airliners) Spotting ?
Why are Royal Air Force training aircraft painted Black?
is it possible to train as an aircraft mechanic part time?
How to calculate necessary wing area to achieve flight?
how much does it cost the city to deploy a police helicopter?
while landing why should we keep our windows open in the flight?
Algonquin college vs Seneca college for aviation?
I know how the engine in a P51 works because it is piston driven, but how does the radial engine work on F4u
What is better for the RAF, Typhoon or F-35?
Should I take my boyfriend on a plane ride tour for our anniversary?
How to become a pilot?
What's happening to Los Angeles Airport's theme building?
Are ther any paliestinian air pilots?
Are there any Mooney Mite owners or past owners on here?
What the difference between Hacylon jets and Marquis jets?
In bf3 what does the pilot say before taking off in "going hunting"?
what does it mean FYI?
Why is there no soft-field landing technique published in the Cessna 150 POH?
where can i find Cessna 310 in Canada to get trained?
What are the Production roles in a Commercial?
C-17 new Gunship?????????????
What to do with birds on the runway?
Qantaslink Cadet Program?
What is a good website that tells u how pilots control an airplane?
Why don't flight instructors teach spins?
I have a job interview at gojet airlines for flight attendant position, what kind of questions ask me?
What is the most famous aeroplane ever?
What happened to the three Princess flying boats produced by Saunders-Roe?
How to understand Aircraft radar cross section?
why do people make pointless comparisons on Airbus A380 vs Boeing 747-8 ..?
what's the best flight school for commercial pilot in the United States?
when an aircraft banks to left or right, why don't passengers cups fall off the table in front of them?
What does weight bearing capacity mean?
does airplanes have reverse gear?
What is the role of a pilot?What is the difference between Airforce & Comercial pilots?
I saw a big white jet aeroplane today but it had a big circular disc on top of it. What kind of plane is it?
Is it mandatory or does it give you an upper hand if you speak french when applying for airline?
Electric Jet engine possible?
Does anyone know how much fuel heavy aircraft usually take at each airport?
do planes cause birds to feel pain?
What's the best job in a airport/plane ?
Can you transition from a microlight aircraft to a light aircraft easily?
Airport and flight questions!?
were is a good cheap place to get my pilots liscene?
I want to build my own flyable predator drone type thing??..?
Canada Aviation Color Blind?
How long does it take to fly from Boston, MA to Ireland?
Airshows in Galveston and Temple, Texas......?
aircraft mechanical maintenance questions ( pts questions)?
é possível se tornar piloto através da FAB e logo depois de se formar, virar piloto comercial?
Anyone have their aircraft cleaned by Immaculate Flight. What did you think?
This winters project; I wish to build a full size flying flea aeroplane?
Quicksilver GT500 draws from one tank only?
does anyone know who to complain to about non military low flying helicopters?
I'm 14! How can I get my glider pilot plane license?
what does easyjet accept for id for an eleven year old?
private pilot lisence?
can you take a seeing eye dog on a plane?
How do i get my hours to be a pilot(emirates pilot)?
Has anyone been on jet airways or srilankan airlines.?
How do pilots measure altitude and speed while flying?
How much does a Aircraft Technician in Emirates get paid?
The Concorde at Manchester Airport.?
are all airline pilots ex-military?
News about virgin america airline?
How much does a flight ticket cost? The basics? s+?
balloons and airships?
can you buy coach tickets?
Tips for first time Passenger?
ask the average taxiing speed for a 737? cessna 182? beechcraft baron 58?
Rent an ultralight trike in ny?
Which USA president was the first to fly across the Atlantic and visit Europe?
What altitude does this altimeter read?
If the shape of an airplanes wings are so important to how they fly, why can certain planes fly upside down?
What is the logo on the tail of jet from "Top Gun"?
What is the difference between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus Industrie A330-300 aircraft?
Why was the concorde grounded?
Best route to become an airline pilot?
which are the aircrafts models that can superate the sound speed?
Multi-role vs Air Superiority fighters?
What is the function of the Wings of an aircraft when it is flying?
Can Airforce Pilots wear sidearms in Public?
After Sept 11, 2001, were you scared to fly?
Where can you get a commercial pilot license ?
Im interested in taking a pleasure flight or trial lesson in an old World war II plane or a jet aircraft?
What was the first fly-by-wire aircraft?
What's the most reputable flight school in Hawaii?
How old do you have to be to go to ground school?
what qualiffications do i need to become a pilot?
what are the requirement to join the cabin crew of emirates?
How can I find the dimensions for Fowler Flaps on a Boeing 747?
Jet/Airplane Ringtone?
I heard Delta offers USB ports?
who will employ HNC qualified Ex RAF aircraft propulsion fitters in the offshore oil and gas industry?
can i ever be a pilot?
why are the old jets (like dc-10) faster than the modern jets (like b-747?
can i get into singapore airlines being a citizen of india after getting my commercial pilots licence in india
what is the advantage of using a raked wingtip compared to a winglet ..?
Does all Asiana Airline planes have personal TV?
What is the difference between CTOT, ETOT and EOBT in aviation?
Jobs that let you pilot a plane or helicopter?
Can hot air balloons fly at night?
Wich company is better, Airbus or Boeing? And why?
Why doesn't the US government sell F22?
In a double pilot incapacitation scenario, would passengers with flying experience be asked to land the plane?
Is the über-hyped Airbus A380 really so great as that type has again developed stress fractures in its wings?
how do pilots count there airtime?
hw long is the flight to california, san fransico?
answers for jeppesen instrument commercial stage exam?
i just wished to know more about aircraft maintenance engineering in malaysia and its salary ?
which airpore the biggest in the 1) USA 2) world?
airbus is an american company?
Does anyone think those ears could act as wings?
B2 Bomber: Why so expensive? ....?
how much liquid can i take?
Can i be an airline pilot even if I haven't had an epileptic fit for years?
How much thrust would be needed from a small jet engine device to lift an average man ?
how to hook an mp3 player into a garmin 1000?
why are rudders on the rear of planes?
Fear of flying?
What is a SUB-AREA (Airline)?
does delta airlines have any freebies?
FAA: Airplane pilot rules when doing touch and go landings...question below.?
How many miles does an Airplane fly in one minute?
what positions do u assemble the throttle positions to get to 35,000 ft and be around 490 knots?
What's the difference between these two plane designs in how they will fly?
Tactics in getting pilots license...?
is there a maximum speed limit for air things (planes, helicopters, etc)?
First commercial flight of the A380?
A-2 Jacket Patch Question?
how much does a aircraft mechanic earn?
are middle names required on airline tickets (not US)?
what level of math do pilots use?
i want to be flight attendant, from india, please guide, how to become one?
What is the speed in miles per hour for 15 G's?
Aircraft accidents on USA soil?
what could i do on a plane for 9 HOURS?
Favorite airplane movie of all time?
What to do when ADF pointer gets nervous and fall down. How to use the VOR intrument in navigation. To anf ro
does annyone have a colection of blue ice from trans atlantic planes?
I applied for a job at Virgin as Cabin Crew. I recieved a email to go to an assessment centre?
When airlines order airplanes, what is meant by options?
What is the difference between a VOR Z and VOR Y approach?
I have just taken the FAA AT-SAT test and received a 93%. What is the next step from here?
If I was on that Jet Blue flight and after 5 hours I said "Screw This" and opened the door to jump out would I
what should i do after high school to become a pilot?
How can I get a job at JFK?
What is the rate of climb for a Boeing 737?
If the shape of an airplanes wings are so important to how they fly, why can certain planes fly upside down?
How to start a career in the airline industry ?
where can i find a helicopter junk yard?
is a seziour a serious health problem to being a flight attendent?
How can I build an airplane for less than $200?
Is it hard to get a job as Cabin Crew?
Was anyone at the Dayton Air Show today?
Is it worth it for me to buy a computer flight simulator?
Why do so many pilots need much more hours than the minimum to get PPL?
What are the best aircraft for knife-fighting?
where can i find a cheap airplane or ultralight?
I need a wiring diagram for a 94 buckeye without electric start but with battery???
How to get a career in helicopter piloting?
What does "Red sky in the morning, sailor and pilots take warning" mean?
I'm afraid of planes?
Would this look good?
Do B-52 aircraft have ejection seats?
why do pilots are more special than ship captains or train drivers?
Any other student pilots on here?
Helicopter Pilot Question (Air Force / Coast Guard)?
what are the key strengths of the european airline industry?
What is the salary of a flight stewardess?
FS2004Is there any way to get the real LAX approach, like if you're flying from SFO, SBA, HNL?
what airport is closer to toronto if i book a flight from detroit? never been?
How to crab an airplane?
what qualiffications do i need to become a pilot?
What are the best and most difficult short "Bush" pilot type flights?
Airline pilot training information...?
Airline Pilots... help please!!?
I forgot to pay a seatbelt ticket in indiana,what do i do?
Cheap tickets for unaccompanied minor?
Landing a plane?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
history of airplane hijacks question?
Hi. I have heard of a custom of spraying water on aircraft on its maiden flight to an airport. Why is it done?
Seat 62a virgin 747-400?
need to now how much one way flight cost from ghana to indiana?
Did the P-51 Mustang airplane come in a two seater?
What was the fastest propeller driven fighter aircraft during WW2?
Anyone ever finance through pilot finance inc?
What is the oldest Airport in Europe?
I am fourteen years old and I want to be an Airline Pilot. What do you reccommend I do?
What is the best place to find a job in aviation?
name of the fuel which use in air crafts?
Boeing 747-400 or Airbus A380?
keypad on cockpit door of airplane?
PMDG MD11, how can i fly it without programming the FMC?
i want to ask about milege of helicopter?
how much dose a red bull air race mechanic, engineer and pilot earn a year?
Whats the best way of commiting sucide on a plane?
I want to be a commercial pilot, should I train with ATP flight school or a local flight school? Total cost?
I need psychological help, but I also want to be a pilot. What should I do?
Why are so many Cirrus Sr 22's for sale?
Were pilots allowed to carry guns on aircraft?
How long would it take to fly my own plane?
Is it only high heeled shoes that need to be removed in an emergency landing?
In 9/11 did the planes come out?
Has anyone used a GPS system as a passenger on a plane , how did it work?
is there a town Lyndhurst New York or a similar name?
Has anyone everheard of peopple getting inpladed on the flight controls in a heli copter?
What causes jets flying in the sky to leave white trails behind them? Why do some leave longer trails?
Where can I go to pilot's school in SC?
justify the use of the various communication systems used on an aircraft?
Plane, What happens when one elevator is up and one down?
what is the red 'square' around a plane window?
Has anyone used
Why doesn't Finnair use Boeing aircraft but MD-11,Embraer and Airbus only?
What is the cheapest to maintain plane around? Preferrably Amphibious although not necessarily?
Post-1970s Maules?
Is it possible for a person to move between the cabin area and cargo hold on a commercial aircraft?
What is the most affordable airplane to purchase/operate for someone looking to get their vfr pilots license?
what can you do if your helicopter`s engine stops?
What country in the world makes the best military aircrafts?
Does anyone know some good flight universities or colleges in Ontario?
Can the Police Helicopter Enter Airport airspace ?
Boeing or Airbus?
Airplane FEAR HELP!!!?
If a jet plane flew into the path of a flock of birds could it crash the plane?
how fast do commerical airliners go?
why don't the seats on airliners face backwards?
9/11 flight 97 how how how?
How do I become a pilot?
On airlines why do they call it a black box when in reality they are red or orange ?
i have a paper airplane flying contest and i need ideas for a paper airplane that works great?
how many D.C.3 Dakotas are still flying in U.K.?
I am BASIC AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGG. LICENCE HOLDER granted by DGCA in LA (light aircraft) category?
Could the A380 be upgrade to go beyond the speed of sound?
Can Commercial Planes Hover?
What is a B1/B2 Licensed Technician?
if u got in a plain and just flew straight would u end up back were u started?
Do I go to check in for my flight 1 hour before or 3 hours before?
how to make transport and communication model?
what are some courses that you can take in flight school?
How far up from the ground is the cockpit in a Boeing 747?
how do i become a helicopter pilot for a hospital?
looking for jet engine life extension references?
please send me world aviation industry technical department office email id?
why is autopilot nicknamed George?
what is the maximum altitude of most civilian helicopters?
What is the leg room on the Qantas A380 & 747 in the ecomony cabin?
how will you manuever the airplane to safe landing?
does anyone know how many hours a trainee pilot needs to clock up before he can become a pilot?
Airport security question?
How much money does it cost to fill up a airplains diesel and where do they do it???
How does the pilot select the displays that he wants to see?
When do u buy tickets for vidcon 2013?
Are airplane engine oils pure synthetic?
When a pilot taks to passengers from a cockpit, he uses a mic. What is that mic called?
what is the max. weight for luggage on delta airlines?
Any fighter pilots or red arrow pilots out there.... actaully - pilots in gerenal?
How often to airline pilots actually use their plane's autoland capability?
Headset part?
what are blue rooms on an aircraft?
Would this work if the plane was crashing (read descibtion)?
I have aspergers syndrome, can I be an airline pilot?
In a HIJACKING, why don't pilots use the aircraft to THEIR advantage?
Help please!! I'm really interested in flying airplanes.?
On average how much does it cost to divert an airliner with a medical emergency?
do u lose points for a seatbelt ticket if you are the passenger???
are these GSCEs good for becoming a pilot?
What do you need to become a professional pilot?
Good small airplane for $25,000?
After the standard '3' for you what is the 4th most useless thing in aviation?
Can anyone explain why a 2300 RPM power setting gives a different power % at different altitudes??
If you choose seats through expedia and choose different seats through the airline's website, which seats will?
Pilots, what kind of training would you recommend?
How did the 9/11 hijackers make it to the World Trade Center?
What is your favorite airplane?
where can i find a site that lets you create robots?
What's the difference btwn airspeed and groundspeed?
How to Become commercial pilot in finland?
What happens when a lightning thunder strikes the flying aircraft?
Air traffic controller vs. Helicopter/Aircraft mechanic?
can anyone reccomend an aircraft website with pictures and info on civil and/or military aircraft?
What do people think of cropduster pilots?
Question about payload and maximum take off wight?
Flight informationnn?
why there are more aircrashes as we advance in time and make more discoveries?
Why, when an aeroplane/airplane tilts, the inside still remains to be horizontal?
Does anyone know if there were any survivors of the USAF Boeing KC-135A plane crash that happened in 1982?
Don't aircraft viberate some in flight especially helicopters,?
Anyone in the Cotswolds? A U2 spyplane just went over our house??!!!?
Who is a telephone number Tirana Airport?
Does anybody know with which Airline I can get from Larnaca (Cyprus) to Casper, WY (U.S.A.)?
What is the wingspan to fuselage ratio?
When will airlines give more leg room?
What colour is the black box on an aeroplane ?
Do you have to get your blood drawn for the 3rd class medical exam?
how easy is it to fly a microlight?are they safe?
Does anyone have good experience with a good folding bike that fit in a airplane c-172, 182?
if you look out a airplane window and you look up what would you see?
How to become a pilot in Queensland, Australia?
My dream is to become a pilot :?
how many plans are in the air at any one time?
Why cant you turn your cellphone on while on a jet?
How do I get a ride in an F14?
Is 25 too old to become a fighter pilot?
B-2 Bomber and its flight dynamics?
What are the job prospects after an MBA in aviation? Can i join any Aircraft manufacturing companies?
what correction factor should we include to convert ground speed to true airspeed?
International Air line ?
what does RLA mean when it comes to airstrips?
How can i become a pilot?
what is the Climb rate of the Hunter Mk 2 and 6 and onwoods?
TO/GA switches?
Can a pilot living in Britain work for air Canada?
How long does it take Priceline to get back to you after you have "named your own price?"?
Are there any cool cheats or cool things you can do on flight simulator 2002 ??
best airline in the world?
is anyone in squadon 350 in the air cadets or any squadon in surrey?
how much does a helicopter cost? what kind of engines is it like v10 or v20?
What is the yearly salary of a flight attendent for United Airlines?
How does it feel to fly for the first time.?
Air travelers, do you prefer Airbus or Boeing aircraft when flying?
what avionics package does a learjet 45 have?
Headset part?
delta companion certificate questions?
Why aren't the wings on the new boeing dreamliner flicked up at the ends?
why didnt the concorde become popular in the world?
What is the best military Aircraft in the world and why?
Why don't all the 747 airplanes have emergency exits & Parachutes for passangers to use to escape from?
How can I get a drone aircraft for myself?
Is it true that an old locomotive is buried beneath one of LaGuardia Airport's runways?
for those who went to embry riddle in aeronautical science?
Does anyone know what Airbus make at their Filton, Bristol factory?????? Thanks?
what is AWY?
the avarage salary for in woking (aviation or areospace) sector?
How far can the 747 go without refueling?
Should I be scared to fly on a US Airways Boeing 737-400, which is an older plane?
what is the luggage weight limit per head in airplanes of jet airways?
Is it true?
What is a SUB-AREA (Airline)?
Jeppesen part 141 kit & flight training?
Where can I find the flight path for my United flights this summer?
are we allowed to take pictures during a flight?
What does it mean if a helicopter is hovering ?
Which of Newtons Laws is hitting a sudden wind gust then?
what keeps an airplane from falling out of the sky details please?
If 9/11 was caused by the government,then what happened to the planes,their crews and passengers?
how much are plane tickets for 2 adults and 2 children?
how to track aircraft flights around the world?
I have a flight in september and want to know, Are planes really safe?
Skype or emails of experts about the OAA/CTC Cadet courses? ?
how can they see the wind in a wind tunnel?
Is a fighter jet's cabin pressurized?
In the Aviation field, would having a Bachelor's degree be that much better then an Associate's Degree?
Who believes the hype about the Airbus A380?
If The Concorde Was Still In Service Would You Want To Fly On It?
Do you have to go through army or navy to be an airline pilot?
Its my first time flying have any pointers?
What is the height of the space under the passenger seat in Boeing and Air it 10", 11" ?Thanks
Is the wind produced by the fans of big airplanes stong enough to lift a person and throw them?
should we have a see through cockpit door on commercial flights?
If you were going to buy a twin engine turbo-prop which one would you buy?
which airport opeartes more flights a day dubai or Mumbai.? compare both?
what is the difference between ram air and bleed air in aircrafts?
Which is a better airline company...Southwest or Delta?
what is the cost of a helicoptor?
Where there any French built fighters during WWII?
is there any age limits to become a commercial pilot in india?
Virgin Atlantic VS. British Airways, or American Airlines?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Mikuni carburetors compared to Bings?
Does anyone know about aeroplanes?
UK pilot's licence and colourblindness?
Why the aeroplanes can not be designed on the principle of flying saucer?
What is the funtion of the master warning light on a Mooney Ovation2 (M20R)?
how do I find out if a man holds a NY pilot license and get his address?
Is there a faster aircraft than the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird?
What is Pocket Planes Crew?
Anyone here a commercial pilot for a major airline like Delt, United ect?
What is the best way to get a pilots license or commercial license while still in college? ?
Why is this plane so cheap?
anyone have any experience dealing with either hilsboro or silverhawk aviation?
what makes a turbine engine run?
I hav 700 milloin $ and i want to buy a private jet...i am a guy and i was womderin how i should design it?
How can I get my own Cessna 172 checklist certified for use?
What is the largest airport in the world?and How many runways does it have?
i am 5,6 am i to tall for the 2008 Raptor 250 SE?
Can nuclear weapons be loaded onto the new F-35 jet fighters?
the name of the wright brothers plane that they first flew?
why primary lithium batteries are forbidden for transport on passenger aircraft?
I would rather cut my right hand off than fly nowadays. Am I insane or is anyone out there getting this?
Do people underestimate the job flight attendant? If so how?
What or how would it take to become certified in the field of NDT level 1&2?
Why do people duck when they are near a helicopter?
·Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
What's the best way to disable or destroy a flying saucer?
Do any of you know the expenses to complete the CADET PILOT course in USA ?
how do airplane accelerate on the ground?
My mom won't let me become a pilot. How am I gonna convince her to let me study aviation?
BAA airport company - mission statements and culture?
Are they going to have a a380 as Air Force one?
what is an aircraft cabin where piolets sit called?
my car sounds like an airplane propeller,what could be the problem?
How the life of a pilot would be?should spend more time in work?
Will Philippine Airlines refurbish their fleet?
Will flying cars ever be available to the masses?
Helicopter Instruction software?
Can some one explain Angle of Attack while an aircraft is airborne?
Scooty is for boys or girls?
where does the plane from lyon at 14:00 goes?? country...or city..anything?
Why did the flight attendants give shots?
How do you change the textures of an aircraft on FS2004?
what will jet planes use when the earths oil reserves are used up?
how do i enter a spin in a widebody jet?
Why do passenger aircraft manufacturers focus on building larger aircraft instead of faster supersonic laner?
how much does initial Airbus A320 type rating cost?
Anyone with a pilot's license?
How do I refuel at an airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?
Identify this Airline?
In 9/11 flight #11 hit what tower at what time?
Anything about pilot...I need it immediately...?
Is it easier to be promoted into business class if you use a pillow simulating a pregnant belly?
is it posssible to make a hovercraft that can actually lift off the ground. basically floating on air?
What do the numbers on helicopter landing pads in Los Angeles mean?
can a commercial aircraft land without any flaps deployed?
best pilot training centres in india?
Why do most airliners have a frosted window in the toilet, who's going to look in at 35000 feet?
When will the cost of avgas go down?
I was on a plane and the engine started vibrating violently and noisy the new made and emergency landings wha.
Where can I buy an ultralight aircraft in india and for how much?
Overall, technically speaking, which is better?
flight question????
Does anybody here have an interest in civial aviation and have you been to ""?
Is it realistically possible to bring back the Concorde?
What color is a Boeing 707?
I just wanna,if i change the time of my flight do i need to pay charge or flight is night want morning?
What is the minimun height requirement for USMC pilots?
application of TIG weld on cars and aircrafts?
hello..guys where/ how can i apply air net/ whic website..?thx?
Possibility of attaining an American PPL through a foreign school?
In flight training, does it matter if I do my hours in a 152 or a 172?
How Much Do Pilots Get Paid?
When you are pooping on an airplane, can you stay in the can for the whole flight? And why no toilet seatbelt?
Cost and requirements of flight training? -ATPL-?
How much does an airport plane cost?
why do planes put on landing lights when taking off.?
What do you think about the air crash in Brasil?
KC-135 A, the max gross weight for takeoff ?
Why nautical miles in aviation?
Can anyone tell me what the 'ding' sound through several stages of flight mean, the use, timing and purpose.:)
why do jet airplanes usually fly at altitudes above 30,000 ft. though it takes a lot of fuel climbing dat high
purchasing gps software?
how much does the on board entertainment system cost on singapore airlines?
Why dont they?
Jet blue airways pilot flipping out a "one off"?
how to go to NAIA airport terminal 2 ..(I am in Makati)?
Homemade Helicopters?
Regional Airline "PSA"?
Why is DME calculated via slant range?
In the Mirage 2000 fighter plane what does 2000 indicate?
I have completed my 11 class & willing to become a CPL pilot so where should i apply or how i could apply?
what is the website for finding planes in the sky realtime?
How do planes stay in the air?
Have you ever taken a flight in an acrobatic air plane?
Are boeing 747's still in commission?
Is shashib pilot training gud?they are offering cpl at 12 it gud one,reliable and job placement.?
C-17 Globemaster III runway dimensions?
The interview panel would like to determine your knowledge of aircraft parts?
Why does American Airlines doesnt fly a 747 anymore?
What would happen if you put flaps back up on approach?
What is Maximum ramp weight?
How big is hawaiian airlines?
Do indian fighter pilots wear helmets?
I am 14 and wana become a pliot wat can i do?
How much is Delta Airlines" health insurance premium?
How is it that at least 6 of the hijackers of the planes of 9/11 are still alive?
What is better, sex or flying?
what's the lowest airfare from houston, TX to Colorado Springs, CO?
What do the winglets on airplanes actually do?
737-300 Landing Gear?
Could you open the windows of wooden airliners during flight?
B-1 or B-2. Which is better?
What are some interesting facts about UAVs?
I am thinking of being a commercial airline pilot for southwest or united...etc where do i have to go?
If a pilot crashed a government aircraft, a jet, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, does he/she get sued?
How to make a DIY model jet engine?
Do planes travel at a constant velocity?
Im scared of the air in an airplane?
Helicopter pilots, do you have anything against "low power" landings?
hi ppl, any1 with answers?
What are the future operating challenges for aircraft manufacturers?
What is a very heat resistant and strong metal?
How to send a signal from a plane crash ?
Do you need a Commercial Pilot license to carry cargo for money?
Where Can I Buy Propellers?
Where can I store a small private?
What are the weapon load configurations for the f14 tomcat?
My fear of flying?
why do jets sometimes produce vapour trails and sometimes dont?
What's your favorite warbird?
how i can become airway resarvation agent?
Can aeroplanes flying overhead disrupt mobile phone signal?
Can a plane be more fun to fly than the Viggen or Grapen. Be serious....?
What Was the first gloster meteor powered by ?
Give a bijection between the line R and the plane RR ?
RC P51 Retract Landing Gear "Housing"?
There at least two airline pilots here and one retired jet fighter. Why do you answer questions?
Is Jfk Terminal 4,carribean Airlines Hiring For Job Opportunity?
is there a research that study the relation between airlines organsation structures and safety ?
How can I create a UFO?
Ideal distance between two speed breakers? RTO Approved (india)?
How high does the fire from airplane fuel burn at?
why do kamakazie pilot wear a helmet?
traveling by plane good or bad?
Non CFI Flying Jobs....?
Is it hard for women to become an airline pilot?
What are the Cruise Altitude for A4 Skyhawk & Cessna 152?
If your a pilot can you draw on your plane?
Fellow pilots, is this too ambitious?
how can ice buildup bring a plane down?
Does anyone know where I can find the.....................?
i need to know the difference between the axial turbine and compressor plz any usefull links?
Where can i find pictures showing the genral locations of all components in each subsystem of a boeing 737-300
will my air hogs plane over heat when it's 86 degrees out side?
if a plane or train has no power for laptops,etc what can I use?
Why if a broken glass bottle can be a lethal weapon does air security allow glass duty free bottles on flights
What is the current equivalent of yellow sheets?
what new features and technology would you like see on airlines?
date shhet of board examination 2007?
How much does it cost to get pilot's license?
is being a pilot job worth it ?
can i know when is emirates next interview as a cabin crew as i missed last week interview?
do you know how I can find the coordinates of the route R99 (which is part of the NAT track route), ..........
When is the best time to fly?
Are on ground baggage carts putting too many flights at risk of decompression crash?
Is there an aviation term called separation service?
what are the prerequisites in enrolling in airline transport professionals if you are an immigrant?
What defines the "standard six" configuration in an aircraft instrument panel?
Does the Black Hawk's tail rotor push or pull air?
Will the good old days of airline flying ever return?
Planes being expected?
Whats your all time favourite airline?
what is the approximate hourly rental rate for Airbus and Boeing Simulators?
im scared to fly, and my flights tommorow?
what o-ring goes on a 37810-1 cap?
groundstaff position in aviation field.....?
What is the best seating for Fort Worth Alliance Air show?
How can I legalize my ultralight aircraft?
What is thrust vectoring?
Aerial fire fighting / aviation jobs?
What is your favorite military aircraft of all time?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
How much does an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) make in Canada?
In ultimate X-Men are they using a Nighthawk (aircraft) instead of the blackbird? if so....?
Pilot Callsign (please help)?
Are there more boats or airplanes currently in operation internationally?
Help with my PSTAR test coming up!?
what is the website of the flying school of fly emirates company?
What do you think Orville Wright would think of aviation today?
Whats the work of a cabin crew in aroplane?
How do pilots get airport information?
Embarkation, Disembarkation Proceedures of passengers at the airport for speedy clearenceI need as much info?
what's the difference between the nimrod mr1 and mr2?
How long does gdl last in Wisconsin ?
Is the Concorde SST in private use?
What does it take to become a fighter jet pilot? astudent from iran?
What is this (military) plane called?
why do i have to turn off my cell phone on airplanes?
Why do airplanes have two steering wheels?
what is used in jets,planes as fuel?
how far can a RC helicopter go?
An airplane has run short of fuel and is trying to glide to an airport; will it pay to throw any weight?
Pilot training in USA and work in India?
Is this a good price to fly round trip to London?
Top 10 fighter jets of 2012?
how do i find a list of airlines that fly from united arab emirates?
Alprazolam for the fear of flying ?
Does Olympic airlines allow smoking near passengers? Also do they have in seat TV'S?
what is the flight time from Orlando to Indianapolis - how regular and hoe expensive are they?
If you flapped your arms fast enough, could you fly?
plane crash in dubendorf switzerland on april 24 1944 number on plane is714?
what can you do if your helicopter`s engine stops?
how much fuel does a 747 aeroplane dump into the air when it has to make an emergency landing?
what are the airline companies that use the Boing 737-400 around the world?
any advice?
Woo!? There's a place where you can buy a whole used jet plane for parts only? NO making it work again?
Hawaiian Airlines salaries?
Where is the SRN1? invented by Cockeral?
Ultralight in United kingdom?? Part 103?
Which pilot training schook is better in canada? Harvs or langley?
Military Aircraft that went down in Michigan?
Can someone establish an airline in a foreign country?
What actually keeps planes up in the air when they are 'flying'?
Helicopter PPL summer camps?
Some Questions about Aircrafts?
groundstaff position in aviation field.....?
Which ww2 plane is better?
how many people can board a private plane?
Why don't we use rockets, instead of airplanes, for travel?
what are the types of transport?
What is this job called if i wanna Fly those Fast aimplanes [jets]?
How much money does it cost to fill up a airplains diesel and where do they do it???
how many mph. do you have to go to break the sound barrier?
Starting a Jet Turbine Engine?
on an airplane, r u allowed 2 bring perfume and wine (to use in another country)?
Operating cost of a Socata TBM 850 vs Citation Mustang?
Can I still become a combat pilot?
Dependence on gas? De-evolution of humans? De-Globalization is coming?
Can anyone learn to fly planes?
did the atlantis shuttle just land?
How many hours of proving tests will the 747-800 have to fly before it is certified for commercial service?
Do any of these runways have an Outer Marker?
How do we get the actual plan ticket if we bought it online?
how does a pilot reach out and clean the wing mirrors on a jumbo jet?
Is the government allowed to shoot down a hijacked aircraft if it is used as a weapon?
Effects of volcanic ash on aircraft?
What the best college for learning and fixing aircraft?
what is airspace management as it relates to aviation?
P51 mustang flight?
Were there any problems when they first flew around the world in a hot air balloon?
to become a Commerical Airline Pilot?
Out of all the written tests I have to take to become a pilot which written is hardest?
Can you identify this aeroplane?
Could I get my flying hours from being an Airline pilot in the uk to be Airliner pilot in the USA?
What is the difference between a plane and a boat?
Which section of seats safer?
What do these numbers signify...727,747,or 757?
how many parts are there to a boeing 737 wheel rim.?
why is it necessary for the flaps under the airplane wing to give more drag, when an airplane lands?
Any Commercial Pilots/Unemployed qualified Pilots out here?
One way flight to Europe?
U.S.S. hornet dimensions?
What would happen to a passenger plane if one elevator is lifted up and one elevator lifted down?
Have had an ankle injury...not supposed to walk on it THAT much....but..?
For a flight between Toronto and Quebec, about how many VFR days would there be in December?
Has anyone ever seen what looked like the opposite of contrails in front of a jet.?
If you fly a helicopter inside a truck when the truck moves would the helicopter move with the truck?
What would make a pilot crash his aircraft into a building if not on purpose?
Where can i find Su27 foam jet plane instruction manual?
a question for pilots or airplane mechanics.....?
what is a loom bay in an aircraft hangar?
Do you have to be strong to spread out your arms and legs when you fly with a wingsuit because of?
Why do pilots ask you to turn off all electronics on planes?
What is the max speed any jet aircraft has reached in a dive?
What does "Mach" stand for?
why dont young kids have professional pilot licence ?
i want to find the cheapest airfare from southafrica to ausralia?
Chartered Jet prices per mile? How much money?
Can I ask someone to trade seats with me on a flight to sit next to my two year old?
Aircraft scrapyards;I need to find one!?
How much does it cost to construct a 150ft x 6000ft concrete runway (with built in centerline lighting)?
I am interested in acquiring a small Airline with valid license. Can I find small Airlines that is up for sale
what is in those black suitcases (black trolleys) each cabin crew member takes on board with themselves?
Headset recommendations: what do you fly with and why?
Are Fedex and UPS commercial airlines? if not, what are they called?
aircraft academy in india help!?
at what height do aeroplanes fly at ???
How heavy in tonnes is an airbus a130?
macam mana nak jadi juruterbang kalau tak ambil subjek fizik? subjek sains boleh ke?
Did the concorde have two take-offs?
whom get more payment ,for computer eng or an aeronautical engineer??
how have a complet movie of Jet engine factory ?
Do you think the royal navy will buy and put into service the future lynx?
What Airline Do You Fly And Why? ( Ha Ha It Rhymes )?
how do you get into warrant officer flight school army?
is basic travellers allowance fees an option?
Is a helicopter safer than a plane?
How much does it take to design and build an aircraft?
Why did I just see an airplane fly around in circles outside of my window?
Landing gear on aircraft....?
what exactly is the glideslope? how do real time pilots know whether there on the glide slope or not?
What is the fastest, long range ultralight with a MTOW of 600kg?
Were are the flying cars we're suppose to have now?
What is the best aviation based career?
How easy is it to fly a gyrocopter?
why are there 2 pilots in the planes?????
Can F-22 and f-35 standout if it had Bright RED or blue?
how does weight play a role in flight?
how does a plane fly?
Instrument and electronic innovations in the 1970s?
How come bombers don't have their bomb loads pointed downwards?
Questions about Delta Airlines Buddy Passes.?
What does a U.S. fighter pilot have to do to qualify as an ace?
True or False If Felix Baumgartner can safely jump and land on earth at such an altitude than passengers?
Why do some contrails spread out and linger instead of evaporating immediately?
what is ur favorite airline?
I am A brand new instrument Pilot. I need to build Hours for free, any ideas?
why are we ask to turn off cell phones when landing or takeing in a airplane?
Which engineers work in airlines or airport or something related to aviation?
Will the FAA still hire me for ATC?
Air Traffic Control Question?
Do you think the Pal-V flying trike will take off for the masses?
who is the hot girl in the orbitz .com commercial?
Should I join the RAF or an airline?
How do I refuel at an airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?
any one fly out of Lilydale Airport!!!?
What airline can take me and my parents to Orlando Florida from Charlottle North Carolina?
Is it better to buy airline tickets an advance?
What does the term "5 x 5" mean and where does it come from?
What is the best brand of educational DVD's to buy someone wanting to renew their pilot lisence?
What is the MAXIMUM Cargo capacity for a NT class airship (New Technology Zeppelin) covering a 50 mile area?
Why are there flotation devices in the seats of planes instead of parachutes?
Anyone have their aircraft cleaned by Immaculate Flight. What did you think?
Whey doesn't jets have ac?
What is the Legal Max Speed in Class E Airspace?
what was the first commercial flight in history?
How ASDE works?
What is the current "forced" retirement age for pilots?
are pilots the only professions that their mistake can not taken back ?
Where Can I Find a FULL SCALE (or close)Military Aircraft Model For Sale NON-WORKING O.K.?
how much fuel does a boeing 747 require?
i got apply air hostess training course in AHA AIR HOSTESS ACADEMY CHENNAI?
Whats the last thing you want to hear from a pilot?
What's the difference between "Airplane" and "Aeroplane"?
What are the safest commercial airplanes?
Where can the gear box bearings (std. or .010 over) for a Cont. GO-300 be purchased? And how much?
Helicopter training?
What is the radio frequencies of Exeter Airport (UK)?
RC Electric Airplane Help??
What Aircraft company's are there that are taking on engineering apprenticeships?
What is the best Brand/Type of Paramotor?
Where did airplanes originate from?
jepperson enroute cards; approach cards?
If I take my laptop on an aircraft, would anything happen to it?
can a 13 yrs.old boy can fly a plane when a pilot or all the pilot died or etc.?
Part 61 or Part 141 Flight school?
Which is cheaper for a pilot?
What are the steps in becoming a pilot ?
How do I use text in FSX multiplayer?
How are the Spirit of St Louis, and modern planes similar and diferent.?
What is the fastest a plane can go?
metal in which iron is the chief ingredient is called a(n)________ metal.?
what is the stall speed of a passenger jetliner.....?
What was the best flight of your life?
what is the steering wheel of an airplane called?
what's the difference between an airplane and an aeroplane??
What to do if on collision course with another aircraft?
Kamikaze pilots?
which flight do u prefer for international desitinations and why?
How m i going to join as ROV Pilot maintenance technician?
I need information about courses in ticketing, customer services in aviation in UK?
for the frank finn students .....:a question of aviation for edexel batch plz help me?
Airline tickets online?
Why are some military airplanes painted with green camouflage?
I just bought a keg of beer, I wus planning on takin it wit me to Germany, from the US?
What is a really good helicopter school in Texas?
Can I become an air traffic controller?
How does a pilot control yaw?
Can a girl become a pilot 2 and is good height necessary for becoming a pilot?
Am i old enough to go to ground school?
What do you think of Delta's proposed new paint? Links below.?
I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid, and all of a sudden the gear shift on the steering column is hard to pull?
Need a help with identyfing a weapon (link included)?
calculate inter arrival time of four minutes for two aircraft?
is it easy to become a pilot?
why can't you open the door on an aircraft during flight?
Is the F-14 Tomcat ever going to fly again?
Why does the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) call the voice recorder in a aircraft..?
If ??????????????????????????????????
where can I get a wiring schematic for the Ford Crown Victoria?
How do they take pictures of planes in mid flight? Like 30,000 ft in the air.?
How is delta airlines?
what's the name of the newest at&t commercial for mother's day?
Are ther any other devices like surbo?
How do airline pilots entertain themselves on long trips?
Polaris extreme atv tires cost?
Can Flight Attendants take lithium for bipolar?
where can i find the entire history of the unmanned hot air balloon?
Getting a minor in aviation science (with flight), and majoring in something else?
Is it hard to get a fighter jet slot?
Can an aeroplane fly when the engine has stop?
Do Aircrafts land and take off according to the wind direction?
can i carry liquor in my suitcase if im traveling from london to the USA?
can anyone give me information about an airbus A340?
what's that crazy noise?
Do you get a more stable and comfortable ride in a fly by wire aircraft when in turbulence at high altitude?
What is the Job outlook of an Aviation Maintenance Technician?
I have a question about bomber jets?
Good light civil aircraft manufacturers?
do aeroplanes have windscreen wipers ?
how long well take to became a 747 pilot and what kind of qualfaction theyr looking for and how much well cost?
Which plane should I buy?
Commercial pilot vs private pilot?
Would a jet bomber ever be used on people using cardboard boxes as their only means of protection...?
in John flynn's chidhood, who was he inspired by and why?
Should i clap when the pilot lands the plane?
X-plane 8.64 Door Opening
What is your favorite military jet?
Who was the first person to break the sound barrier?
Missing connecting flight wid 6 days transit?
How bright is a headlight bulb on a Jumbo 747?
why does a plane have a black box?
Flying a Microlite? Do you need a licence?
what does easyjet accept for id for an eleven year old?
Minor using Mobile Boarding Pass?
do airplanes have horns?
Why don't they put wind turbines on air fields?
Can I get very simple and quick directions on how to text from my apple iPod touch.! Thx?
FAA Exam's you need to do for Private Pilot's License?
Where can I find information on how to become a flight attendant?
how do I make a Biplane!?
How old do you have to be to be able to go to a flight school.?
Why liquid products are not allowed in plane?
easa 66 essays samples?
What do flight attendant's make?
Can anyone tell me about technical info on exhausts+nozzles on gas turbine engines, e.g pressure, velocity?
where does an aeroplane lands?
What were the best WWII planes?
F-22 or F-35. Which is best???
Air Force 2a7x1 aircraft metals technology questions?
What Qualities Do I Need To Become A Flight Controller ( or whatever it's called) For NASA?
where can i get a working sketch of brushless alternator used in modern aircraft?
why is the area where plane pilots sit,called the cockpit?
What is the biggest and largest air carrier?
What is a customers service test?
why airplanes do not go reverse like cars?
A fun question how many aircraft are named after insects?
Atlanta / Kennesaw GA??
Can Microsoft Flight Simulator help out with getting an instrument rating?
What is the best role/job/career to transfer into a fighter pilot role in the RAF?
is Boeing 737 3h4 reliable?
plz help me with some manuals and wiring diagram of MI-2 helicopter?
Question about medical helicopter pilots?
what are the airline companies that use the Boing 737-400 around the world?
Is it true that the waste discharge in aeroplane get suck out through the atmosphere?
X-plane 8.64 Door Opening
Why do flights to Europe from USA is only after 4:00pm EST?
Flyling alone and 16 please answer?
the life of Pegasus MK106 engine in hrs or cycles for overhaul.?
what is a good aviation headset?
What is a good ground school in vancouver washington area?
where can i find Cessna 310 in Canada to get trained?
can i do this???????????????????????????????
NTSB helicopter crash reports?
do planes have brakelights????
What is your favourite aircraft of World War Two? Probably hard to pick one so I'll say top three.?
Flight website with my price?
I am pregnant, I can't use the body scanners, what are my options?
How to i say hello to a pilot in A PILOT STYLE?
Aircraft Mechanic(BSAMT) vs. Avionics Mechanic(BSAvTech)?
How does QANTAS airlines maintain its relationship with its customers ?
Can you view the aircraft cockpits anymore?
Airbus or Boeing: Which one will you vote for?
Is the L1011(of the few left) still permitted to provide service in the U.S.?
737-300 Landing Gear?
What's it like being a flight attendant?
I want to be a U.S.A.F. pilot?
How do the air dams work on the wings of a F-102 Delta Dagger?
Where can i get a fighter jet pilot seat?
Do they tell passengers not to use electronic devices on aircraft, such as a camcorder, if so, why?
I'm thinking of buying my own private jet.?
i need information about civil aviation conference in middle east next month?
U.S. Airways colors........?
Is a small paper airplane better?
Is it hard to become a pilot for a major company?
what is the top speed of the SR-71 Blackbird?
what airline has the most crash?
What does L.A.X. stand for?
Where can I find statistics and costs of aviation incidents and accidents caused by communication failures?
any advice?
Are private airplanes allowed to follow any trajectory?
question about my flight?
I need to check my booking on AA FL 1120, lv Houston 06/12/06--Claude Burrows?
why do airliners take a strange route when taking off instead of just going in a straigt line ?
Can I do this so I can...?
How do you improve Longitudinal Stability on an aircraft?
RNAV APPROACH at PSM, do you know of any other "cute" names for the approach?
Is flying a Fighter Jet in real life similar to BF3?
Looking for the dimensions of a Plane?
Do all charter buses have windows in they're bathrooms ?
Why do ailiners have to fly at such (relatively) high altitudes?
what material do u put on a baby grate lakes wing?
better airline between air canada or westjet?
For Pilots - Primarily Airline or Corporate Pilots, please ...?
For smokers on long flights should you have a little door to allow them to go out and smoke?
Does Farnborough Public airshow usually sell out?
If the "black box" survives every plane crash, why not make the entire plane out of that stuff?
What are some other famous aircraft hijackings apart from 9/11?
trim button on airbus?
Are there ovens on Airbus A320s?
can a plane have 5 engines?
After Sept 11, 2001, were you scared to fly?
Seat belt extenders are available on pax jets for larger pax. Does a flight attendant know how many on a B737?
What makes a Red Arrows display so spectacular?
Why is the Laos aircraft registration code RDPL?
Is it true fighter pilots place special tubes into private parts?
stomach dropping feeling on airplanes?
What if a fighter jet's pilot was left handed?
Eurofighter typhoon VS F-22 raptor VS J-20 Black eagle .which is powerful aircraft.?
Do you like to slide it in yourself, or have it glide in of its own accord?
facts of being a helicopter pilot?
Were is united and delta airlines Boeing 747 located ?
can i carry ASP expandable baton on plane?
sistemas air bag?
Are Easyjet pilots paid well?
what is the best virtual airline?
if u use a cell phone on a airplain what would happen?
where can i find cheap airline tickets?
Ultralight aircraft???????????
When is AeroMexico going to get their first Boeing 777-200/ER ?
Is Link Simulation & Training Air Traffic Control Academy FAA Approved? school?
What type of airfoil used for vertical and horizontal tail of Pilatus pc-7?
i want to be a commercial pilot using RAF route.?
Besides spacecraft, what is the fastest vehicle ever made?
Which would be the best airline to consider when flying from Las Vegas to Rio de Janeiro?
How do I become a pilot?
How do I use the gold sticker that came with my logbook?
Why are so many planes grounded in England because of fog when they travel in the dark of night all the time?D
What Qualifications will help getting a job in cabin crew?
how does a helicopter turn????
Where is the best place to aircraft spot at schiphol?
I'm looking for a video of a hovering jet ball?
which website got information and fact of all the helicopter in the world?
why was the concord airplane retired?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
To all the pilots out there If you had a chance to fly a P-51 would you?
What is ambiguity in aviation or aviation ambiguity?
Why is Kuwait airlines so cheap?
How do you describe a steward / stewardess / flight attendant in your country!?
f-16 vs. f-14D which would win?
Where can i greet someone arriving in hnl from an international flight?
What are the typical maintenance cost per hour for a PW150A?
What is the cheapest airline?.?
what age do you have to be to start becoming a pilot?
Concorde was a safe and fast plane. Other Aircrafts also had and still has accidents. Why ground the Concorde ?
Can helicopter blades be powerful enough to slice up a body?
Questions About Soloing a 152?
Becoming an airline pilot in the U.S.?
What parts of an airplane change its direction?
How long does it take for a helicopter to start up?