Any body know of a good helicopter school near Tampa ???
Want to knw abt Air to Air Range Missiles.?
How fast can the fastest helicopter fly?
Pretty Little Liars the pilot?
What is the current "forced" retirement age for pilots?
How much for te center link? ?
Whats your favourite fighter jet?
what is the actual precentage of a terrorist on your plane?
Which job pays more- commercial airline pilot or a private pilot?
How to read airline fleets?
Can an epileptic get a pilots license?
why is a aircraft hanger called a hanger?
Who is going to be at EAA Airventure?
How to become an airline pilot?
Afraid of flying....?
What's being on a plane like? Take-off, during and landing?
can i use a kindle fire in the cockpit like an ipad for a kneeboard?
why does the airhogs remote control stormlaunchers 2 motors turn opposite ways?
Do emt's have to go flight school?
Do these look like regular commercial flights or chemtrail/ weather modification flights?
Should obese people not have to pay for two seats?
How are the pilots/military funded for non military airshows?
Why did airlines like United and Northwest choose the A319 and A320 over the 737-700 and 737-800?
Which Airline do you trust to get you where you need to go.?
How high does a pilot and his seat go when ejected from his aircraft.?
What is the requirement to take the ATPL written in the US?
Does AIR FORCE ONE really have an ESCAPE POD?
why do pilots say roger?
Why do Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
what do i need to do to become a BLUE ANGEL and a commercial pilot?
Why don't passenger aeroplanes keep a parachute for each passenger under their seats?
How can I make a separate logbook in Flight Simulator X?
is there a map of the North Atlantic Tracks available online anywhere?
is cabin crew a good job?
i want to be a pilot for singapore airlines when i grow up any suggestions?
Do they tell passengers not to use electronic devices on aircraft, such as a camcorder, if so, why?
If something goes wrong in a plane how likely is it that it will crash?
Rate 1 is $35 per day plus $0.16 per mile.Rate 2 is $50 per day/$0.09 per mile.If u plan to rent for 1 wk?
why do commercial planes have longer runway than fighter planes?
Helicopter above my apartment at 3:15am ?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
how do you fly the the glider in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004?
i think i might be getting moter storm 1 for ps3 can you do stunt showes on it?
Do you think people who use the RAF purely to get their training paid for...?
Cessna 172- if the starter warning light is ON after the master switch is switched on, is the starter live?
Help me with a clue that is about helicopters without using the word helicopter.?
I hear that its is scientifically impossible for a bee to fly. is this true?
Why do airplains leave white streaks n the sky?
Why do People at my school think im a nerd and idiot for wanting to become a pilot and liking aviation?
Where can I fly in a sea-plane?
Approximately how monay kilometers per hour does a plane fly when it's at it's fastest?
What will happen after I leave flight school typically? read description?
what is the latest commercial Boeing plane?
a map of world flight paths?
How much does a helicopter cost and can you take off in your backyard?
I didn't receive my present coming from China?
Why didnt the US use the rolls royce merlin engine in the p-38 lightening?
PLEASE HELP! i need a 8+ seated airplane?
call lighting system in an aircraft?
when do continental pilots get their monthly schedule?
How am i meant to sleep on a aeroplane?
Why color blind persons can't become pilot?
what should i do for 5 years planning?
What is the fastest possible speed for a helicopter to fly?
Why are the (NSEW) keys highlighted on almost all the Flight Management and Guidance System ?
which is the largest transporter aircraft?
Do helicopter blades turn clockwise or counterclockwise?
whitch airline is safer? klm airlines ,thai airlines or singapore airlines???
What size balloon rochet flies the fastest?
Boeing 787 composite skin?
Do airplanes annoy you?
Provide a definition (mathematically or otherwise) for the Mach number and the Speed of Sound.?
Can anyone recommend a cheap, secure carpark at Manchester Airport?
hey plz guide me abut commercial pilot license course or any other pilot post or course?
Anyone work for Lan Chile?
how fast is a pilatus PC-12?
Why is Boeing still modifying 747,not making Transonic M1.2,why not make a bigger jumbo to compete with A380?
How much does a flight attendant earn?
can i become an airline pilot with 400 hr?
Does anyone know how to ease the fear of flying?
how to identify the difference between a regular , low cost and no frill airlines and the services provided?
Is it good to work at Boeing?
Has anyone ever used an exit row on an airplane?
what does a manufacturing engineer do, does he design the process for manufacturing a product designed.?
What are the various stages of afterburner?
what does the KC stand for in kc-135 0r KC-10?
Where can I find a good A&P mechanic for my Franklin aircraft engine?
how can I get info to buy non refundable airline tickets that arent going to be used.?
What are my chances of becoming an Air Traffic Controller?
First time flyer. . . HELP!!!?
am i allowed to bring rechargeable batteries on board an international flight?
Updating maps on a Garmin Street pilot i3?
How many helicopter classes could a 100 dollars get me with a decent pilot?
What happens with scrapped airplanes?
how to read A-10 thunderbolt attack aircraft, "a one zero" or "a ten"? Thanks?
What acrobatics can a STOL CH 801 do?
Its is good to be a pilot in india?
hw does a jet engine work ,i want to build a small home jet engine?
What is the maximum age to be an aricraft dispatcher?
Has anyone here watch the movie TOP GUN?
How can I determine if my flight is an even or an odd number?
Does United Arlines have cell phone crevice in the air?
Becoming an airplane pilot?
How do planes land in bad weather.?
If you were a pilot, & you had a baby, & you did not have an autopilot, would you let your baby take over?
What is airplane mode?
Why do all passsengers step up at the same time and block the alleys of planes?
Does a small plane need to be a tail dragger to use grass landing strips?
how many hours do i have to work in nevada as salary employee?
How does the airport work?
is it true the LAX is going to be remodeled?
What is the world's largest airplane?
Y stupid airlyns r nt gving parachute 2 save lyf n d air n case of emrgncy & teach psnger 2 use it?
Air Traffic Control interview with tower manager?
Can a helicopter to be suspended by its helix while it was in the ground. Or does the helix crook?
Buying a helicopter?
How many aircraft did SWA have in Feb 2003?
Why is it that we can't make flapping, flying vehicles?
I want to be a pilot, but i'm a freshmen in NJIT majoring in computer engineering?
One Direction Tickets?
Minor flying with his granny?
Why do cockpit windows have strange shapes?
Does BMI airlines have tv's at the back of the seats?
what is the difference between aerodymanics and jet propelling?
how i apply for miles for emirates?
I am studying unmanned aerial vehicles, I am trying to find pictures and specs. on the R4E-30 Sky Eye UAV??
Whats the best inexpensive plane for new recreational flyer?
In how much time Boeing 747 and 737 will cover these Distances?
is the b2 the best fighter jet out there?
How come airlines stop flying the Concorde?
Can you help me with this?
What do you think of the axing of the Harrier VTOL fighter?
Grumman duck info please?
First time flying on a plane tomorrow...?
why is it a must to dim the plane light while take off or landing during night?
I would like to purchase a new Boeing 747-400. How much will this cost?
free pilot training?
Why does this happen after planes take off?
What are the requirements to be a pilot in Canada?
How to be a Commercial Pilot in INDIA as well as in Abroad?
I have done my second year in B.Com. Now i am looking forward to be a pilot. am I eligible ?
trim button on airbus?
What is the weight of a 737 wing spar?
what is adult novelty?
how does a plane stay up in the air?
How much would 9 plane tickets cost to La, Californian cost?
Can I Fly over seas With A PPL?
Why did kamakaze pilots wear helmets?
I am over 40, my vision is 20/20 corrected. Too late for me to learn to become a commercial Helicoptor Pilot?
How fast does a plane have to be to raise off of the ground???
which is the best flight school in Asia?
Are airline pilots trained in water survival ?
what is transient simulation?
Do anybody know who provides on job training for aircraft maintenance engineering(AME) students in india?
How fast is a plane in air?
where can i get cheap airplane tickets?
I am a certified marine and genset mechanic, but no aviation experience. OK for me to change oil on my C-150?
Dose babies born in airplanes gets free tickets for life from the airlines?
If a black box in not damaged in case of an aircraft crash then why isn’t the entire aircraft made of that ?
What is a Boeing 747??
I was on a plane and the engine started vibrating violently and noisy the new made and emergency landings wha.
Where can I find an on-line map of flight paths across UK?
Why does the flaps on top of the plane's wings open along with the engines in sides upon touchdown [landing]?
How come they don't put parachutes in passenger planes?
which kinds of insulation in fuselage walls are usually used in modern passenger aircraft?
How can an aircraft fly upside down. The wing lift should be in the wrong direction?
What is the fastest man made airplane/jet in the world?
Is there a charge to move the ashes of a deceased person into Mexico by airplane?
mach cone of aircraft flying at what highest altitude can reach terrain?
I need friends who are in pilot field?
What do you think about the air crash in Brasil?
what is the jet engine of aeroplane?
What are some good ways to get rid of the effects of cabin pressure when during landing?
Did anyone read?
How much are these vintage gloves worth?
More affordable civilian flight training?
What is the average pay for someone in the aviation area.?
figher pilot websites?
Starting a Flight Training Operation?
air jordan flu game hare?
how much do gasoline thunder tiger raptor 30 V1 go for these day?
Eyesight In Aviation (Malaysia) [MAS/AirAsia]?
Silver State Helicopters Program question?
does anyone know of a good flight school in Houston?
why do aeroplane wings need to be flexible?
this isn't a question but rather a thank you to Wright Brothers who showed the way 103 years ago today.?
. Delta H Question .?
Why in Helicopter crashes do the pilots usually die?
Are there any times planes can not fly? Ive heard you can't takeoff knowing you will land after midnight?
what is the average human body temperature on a airplane?
What do Pilots do when the plane is cruising ?
How can i find a major RC aircraft parts supplier in Germany or France?
FSX ATC/Other Voices are Mute?
How long does immigration at Frankfurt Airport take for non-EU citizens?
what is a glider?
What aircraft certificates and documents must you have on board when you are flying solo?
Pilot Questions? PLEASEEEE HELPPP MEE!!!!!!!!!?
VATSIM Frequency Question?
Helicopter Satellite phone is unclear.?
The forces on a glider during balanced flight are?
What airline has the most comfortable economy seats?
why are planes not made out of the same material as the black box is???
what is ATC Automation?
what is the best bang for the buck pilot instruction course or course set (including ground school materials).
what do you think of air travel in the next seventy years?
Getting a Frozen ATPL?
Why no airstair's on modern-day aircraft?
how do you open a piggy bank?
How much you get paid im the air force?
Why do planes fly at such high altitude?
Which country's Aircraft Engineering License is hardest to take?
Can I drive after 9 from prom?
What's the best way to Buckle your Seatbelt ?
Is this one of the best aviation videos you've ever seen?
What is the Gate Position In a holding pattern ?
What parts to use for a 2 pound RC plane?
do i have to take exam during my radio license renewal at the philippine NTC or not ?
Can you get a gate pass at heathrow airport?
Why does American Airlines crash so much?
were is the fastest lift?
Which day is best for Fairford RIAT Airshow?
Moller skycar pix?
Questions on airplanes?
Where do I go to find out airline regualtions?
What are some "Pay as you go" flight schools in Canada?
other important things in air craft production?
What Is The Probability That I'll Survive During A Plane Crash To Bulgaira? (Percentage)?
How safe are helicopters?
what is ground cockpit communication?
Would tornado destroy air planes?
why on Ryanair are seats NOT to be sat on?
How to work a SO33G 3CH Helicopter with Gyro?
Is Jet Blue issuing an "All you can jet" this year?
Why do jet air crafts fly at such high altitudes?
What kind of Ultralight plane can break down so I don't need a hangar?
How many Jetstar's cabin crew can you spot in the commercial?
Pilot training for Indian candidates?
Why don't they have parachutes in commercial airliners?
Wing design - an ignorant question?
what is the purpose of a filter in a rectifier circuit?
An air-traffic controller observes two aircraft on his radar screen. The first is at altitude 800 m, horizonta?
Is BMI a good Airline?
Which is the best software for Aircraft designing ?
How long will this take?
Why do airplanes entrance is always at the left side?
Can I drive a 20 year old licensed driver with my provisional license in the state of California?
flight cancellations rule 240?
How long does a package which is send express take from Asia until it arrives on the West Coast of the United?
What does "Latest check in" mean?
question about flight and airplanes?
Is United or Delta the better airline?
I live near an airport....?
i know a car motor can fly an air plane but how much weight will it take to make it fly maximum?
anyone know a few airports that could support a crj 700 landing requirements that are locared on mountains?
how dose an aircraft fly up sidedown?
Can You Help Me Win This Bet About Airplanes?
Which of the following instruments would be considered to have good "control/display compatibility"?
How many flight hours do big airliners require in order to fly their aircraft?
homebuilt aircraft?
do you have to be a certain age in order to hang glide?
How can something so heavy as an aircraft stay in the air where as a human would fall down.?
how does zero gravity flying work?
How much TURBULENCE can commercial airplanes handle?
Can helicopters or other aircaft be directly affected by earthquakes while airborne?
General Aviation Bluetooth Intercom System? Exist?
What are some ways that Airports [Airplanes] can cause water pollution?
whats the most powerful jet fighter plane in the world?
Who makes oreillys brand oil?
Whats da structure of C4H8O,if frm nmr we get 2 multiplets ratio 2:1 at delta 1.8 and 3.7.?
How much money would I need to built a microlight ( Flying kite)?
this isn't a question but rather a thank you to Wright Brothers who showed the way 103 years ago today.?
Anchor Style Camber Kit.?
The F-117 Nighthawk... ???
why did the engines stop for 3-4 seconds just after take off?
How did propellers not get shot off during a dogfight in WW1?
what are the odds of 'Autopilot' failing on landing approach..?
Can I get my rotary and fixed wing license/certificate at the same time?
Why don't Aircraft maker design a seat with "Umbrella" [Like fighters jet ones]?
Do helicopters have an autopilot system that most jets have?
The names of pilots who were on board in september 11 flight. ?
im going to attend an interview for airasia cabin crew but my height is only 156cm and my english is not credi?
Can a person who wear glasses become a pilot?
what airline has been hijacked the most?
How can I become an international airline pilot?
Are there automatic mechanisms used to prevent planes from dipping laterally when landing?
Grumman duck info please?
Why don't the wings of a airplane have to flap like the wings of birds ?
How much octan is jet fuel?
Who is the founder of Marsh Aviation?
Has anyone been on a Southwest Airlines ramp interview lately?
I have to fly next month and have never done it before. What do you see out the window?
What's that yellow hose attached to undersides of planes?
Can planes still break up in mid-air?
what is the cheapest web site to buy airline tickets off???
How much does an Mi-24A helicopter cost?
why is there no english electric lightning on the uk airshow circuit?
What are all the classes that I need to major in order to become an airline pilot?
I'm 47 years old. Am I too old for a career as a commercial airline pilot?
What is the mystery airship of 1897?
what is orient flight school pondichery's, fees for cpl and me?
what is a first officer mean in an aviation?
Good light civil aircraft manufacturers?
In Canadian Aviation, what is the difference between the CARs and CASS?
WW2 Air to Ground Opinion - Typhoon vs Corsair vs Thunderbolt?
What's the difference between an airplane & an aeroplane?
Is the aviation school of maintenance a good school to attend?
pictures of fighter jets?
What Does the Ultimate Cockpit Netbook Have Built In?
I want to hire a helicopter to take me and some friends to prom?
What are those cylindrical constructs of steel bars near airports?
I have a turbocharger for an airplane engine. I want to sell it on ebay. It is a Fairchild Stratos. Help list
How much does it cost to obtain a Commercial Pilot's License in Canada?
are p.o. box private?
How many hours did it take you to get your private pilots license ?
recreational aviation authority in Greece?
Can anyone tell me what is PILOT APTITUDE TEST?
How does an aeroplane work/lift off?
Why was this a problem on my last flight?
Why are you told to close the blinds on a plane aduring a night flight??
why is there gravity in an airplane? why are we not floating around way up high in the air?
Who owns the planes you fly?
What are all the classes that I need to major in order to become an airline pilot?
When you buy plane tickets, is the pilots seat an option?
I want my car to fly?
how does an aircraft designer try to reduce the risk of an aircraft droping a wing at stall?
Why would an aircraft use the terminology 'heavy' in their flight call?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
what is a flying vfr?
Philippine Aviation Schools?
how much do uk pilots get paid?
Why is ryanair so cheap?
budjet carrier of singapore aircraft maintenance?
are celebrities afraid to fly?
How does the pilot of an airplane open it in the morning? How does he get it started? Is there a key?
Better to join Air Force or go to an aeronautical college?
Is there any type of plane with a door you can open in the air? WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER TONIGHT?
If the "black box" in an airplane is indestructible, why they don't make the whole plane from the samematerial
Could I buy a WWII A6M Zero and fly it?
what is the second fastest plane?
Does Centennial College's 1 year professional pilot program have a respectable reputation among major airlines?
how many miles away is Vatican City from Boston Massachusettes?
What's the airplane called that is small and has little wings on front and big wings on back?
i wanna ask about about the minimum approach speed for Boeing 747 ?
where can i ear the airline pilot on my laptop?
Where is the brake pedal in a cockpit?
What are the salaries for CPL?
When and where were helicopters first used, in the United States, as ambulances?
Why do helicopters have two tachometers?
Why does a plane create a delayed sound after the airplane has already passed over you?
On the Jeppesen website, I found a section with "NOTAM"s. Are these all NOTAM available?
Should we stop travelling the commercial passenger airliner until its made accident proof?
How can I get my own Cessna 172 checklist certified for use?
Is there any girl Navy fighter Pilot?
how does the formation of ice on airplane makes it crash?
Is a Helicopter allowed to land in an unlicensed helipad at Night?
What does Geronimo shout when jumping out of a plane?
Flight-duration differences between flights and return flights?
can a car some day fly?
Does any alto saxahpone have FLIGHT OF THE THUNDERBIRD they can send or fax to me?????????????????????????????
Have you ever seen a female pilot? Why do you think that most pilots are men?
What do I need to take in high school to become a airline pilot ?
There are 9 freedoms of air. For each, i need 1 example. But examples for only Gulf countries airlines.?
Best way to study Aviation?
I'm girl also i want become airline pilot is it possible how can i do this?
Oakland,California -Oklahoma city, Oklahoma how long does it take by plane to get there?
What is the best high altitude paraglider motor/frame?
What is the average top speed of an emergency medic helicopter?
Why is an F-18 built for an aircraft carrier?
What Are The Different Types Of Airline Transport Pilots Licenses?
How much petrol does the average helicopter use in an hour and how much would this cost? In GBP please?
Is there any flight simulator pilots out there?
I wanna be a commercial pilot eventully, im 17 can anyone help me with the steps i need to take?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
Development and types of Aircraft used after the second World War in Indian Civil Aviation?
what was the average life expectancy of a helicopter pilot flying 80's deer recovery missions in New Zealand
i need help please help?
In summer 1987 my friend flipped a plane at the end of the runway in south Florida. ?
Water not tilting inside a banking plane?
Can I ship a luggage to another city?
To be an airline pilot?
What is the average salary per year for a fire fighter of the lowest rank?
trying to find a WWI1 Sopwith propeller cone/?
Becoming a comercial helicopter pilot?
What is the top speed of a Russian Su-47 Fighter Jet?
What is the protruding part in the front part of the wings of A-10?
qwestion aboute license renewel please help bad vison?
Scared of flying..........?
How is this true, regarding single and twin engine light aircraft safeness?
how many years of being a CFI will take to be an airline pilot?
I hav 700 milloin $ and i want to buy a private jet...i am a guy and i was womderin how i should design it?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmet's?
ryanair on line check in?
Commercial License - Questions?
Question about flight reservation. Please help!?
Pilots, what was the your retirement flight like?
Expert pls:How does the helicopter gain its forward speed?
i need airline companies?
which flight do u prefer for international desitinations and why?
Why are airlines special?
How high could an airliner fly if there was no concern of survival?
The importance of first airmail service in india?
layman? as in an aircraft mechanic?
Can a 155cm person be a pilot?
what does the approach switch, navigation switch, N1 set do? Also, where can i find ILS in the cockpit? (FSX)?
Garmin G1000 Aux audio in jack?
change in price of air travel after 10 yrs?
where can I take this virtual tour of the 747-800?
traveling to mexico...?
how many companies use blimps, and who are they?
Is the Airbus A380 really as big a deathtrap as Airbus thinks as they just grounded 1/3 of the fleet?
main frequent flier number?
Building a Fokker DR 1?
cebu pacific airlines booking for local flight?
Do airline pilots get to go home every night?
How would I go about becoming a Pilot?
POLL: Airbus or Boeing?
how can i check on flights from cebu philippines to kolalupor china ?
what are the things called either side of the airplane underneath the wings?
if i go to pilot training....... its easy to get job?
Which fighter has 4 engines?
As a Pilot, have you ever fallen asleep unintentionally in a flight?
how do I get plane models of virgin atlantic airlines?
Airline jobs for Pilots available nowadays?
Who flys the planes in the USA and who are the cabin crew?
If a bird flying into one of a commercial plane's engines...?
how do I get plane models of virgin atlantic airlines?
How much would 2 roundway tickets cost?
Isn't saying that surviving a plane crash makes you a hero a bad message to be sending pilots?
Whats the worlds busiest aeroport?
Difficulties with flight instructor?
I want to be a commercial pilot . I'm wondering what I need to go to college for?
how can i turn by manual turning in A320 ?
what subject i should take in high school to become commertial pilot?
Can one of you 'Top Contributors' fill me in here?
How different are airplanes made for different airlines?
job for pilot?
What do you need to do to become a Pre-Delivery Inspection Controller?
Why can Lightening strike an aircraft if the aircraft is not earthed?
What is the Young Eagles program, and am I too old to get into Airplanes?
Are ultralight/light sport flying clubs common?
what are the benifits of being a flight attendant?
Is a pilot allowed to have ...................... (if you are a man)?
if the black box flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash...?
How to get flight info?its urgent plz help?
Are there any Home made jet aircraft kits????
I have flown into Manchester for years from Gatwick and other places - of late it is bumpier - why?
Can teen train to be a pilot?
why people pecome sui side bomber?
What kind of planes can you fly w/o a pilots license?
floatation devices vs. parachutes?
Becoming a comercial helicopter pilot?
does the tacoma narrows airport accept flight for delta and all those companies or is it for armies?
How did the machine gun on a biplane fire through the propeller arc?
Can a boeing jet glide down if all power goes out or does it drop like a rock immediately?
Free Plans to Build your own light aircraft online?
Airport rules, what can I take?
In the future when hypersonic commercial flights are common will we have MLB with teams all over the Americas?
What is the name of the North Dakota Helicopter rescue service?
Aerial fire fighting / aviation jobs?
what are the commercial pilot's requirements?
license need to become a commercial pilot in the uk?
All these play on words?
What is the outer part of a turbine engine made of?
how do helicopters fly forward without tilting itself?
United Airlines store at Ohare?
What is the number one cause of Spatial Disorientation?
cv joint boot tool?
Shouldnt i kill broccoli with milk?
Are there any driving games for an i touch that you can just drive around like just cruising? please resond?
why is a helicopter circling my neighborhood?
what will win in a fight a f22 raptor or a su 37?
Is anyone a helicopter pilot. what's it like? would it be recomended field to go in to.?
Are these valid PICTURES of the HELIOS FLIGHT which crashed in 2005?
Weight of Jet Fuel per pound?
How long does it take to fly from Idaho to New York?
What does engine muscle pressure refer to?
why do helicopter pilots sit on the right and fixed wing pilots sit on the left...Just wondering?
how many.............?
What would have been the hairiest position/situation when upon landing.?
What is your favorite airliner jet?
How can I find an old flight number? It was a delta flight from Nashville to Indianapolis.?
What Is your favourite airliner?
What speed does a piper pa28-140 aeroplane climb at?
How do you land a Cessna 172?
why don't we make airplanes that are less noisy on the inside?
How high can a commericial airliner fly safely?
Is it true fighter pilots place special tubes into private parts?
The hijackers of flight 93?
want to start my CPL flying license , anyone know which school is affordable and where in the philipines?
flying with bad eyes?
Are There Height Restrictions on Being an Airline Pilot?
What is the salary of an emirates airline pilot?
there is a helicopter hovering over, its just hanging around. Why would it be there? for quite a few minutes?
What is this airplane?
Helicopter Pilot Forum?
Do parachutes make you fly upward a little?
is there a site where i can talk to real commercial pilot by messengers?
Magazine Article: Airplanes will never reach 500 mph?
How fast could the SR-71 go?
Is it really dangerous to use a mobile phone in a petrol station or on an airplane?
Pilots please i really need your advice?
Effect of large wingspan?
High School Internships for Aviation?
how do i get a job that matches me the most?
quadrocopter help please?
Helicopters in manchester?
see my easy jet bookings?
why does my private pilot certificate issuance date keep getting extended?
I would like to charter a plane for my group of 110 people from Columbus Oh to Orlando Fl. How Much cost?
Why am i expected to pay extra to cancel holiday?
what is rado ceramic watch?
Air Traffic Controllers, why do they talk like this.?
How does atmospheric air pressure affect the power required to fly an aircraft?
What was the biggest airplane in the world before the 737?
Im trying to download aircrafts from fsx?
10 points plz...why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets ?
what is a loom bay in an aircraft hangar?
Which is the largest airline (in terms of passenger fleet size) in the world ?
is it possible to become an aircraft mechanic and then be a pilot?
Why is VMC a part of SMACFUM? Multiengine.?
I am getting my Airline Dispatcher Certificate and want to know if...?
what is the milage of a helicopter?
How long does the sky-line sky king helicopter take to charge?
which ww2 fighter was better the p-51 or the fw-190?
How long is Southwest Airlines ramp training in Dallas?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
What is the name of the largest airplane?
does the Navy have helicopters?
why is there no aisle 17 on all Lufthansa airbus or 747?
Will the double decker 380a airbus pass over sachem high school today?
I'm a female and I dream of becoming a pilot in Silk air(Singapore)...?
whats your favorite fighter jet?
I'm interested in becoming an airplane broker but don't know where to start?
How could I go about purchasing an old P-38 "Lightning" to restore?
What do planes release into the air?
What's speed that is needed for take off in boeing 747?
Why can't aeroplanes ascend without running or remain stationary in the air like helicopters ?
What is the next development in "long range" commercial aircraft?
scared of getting on a plane?
How do you think the pilots responsible for this mess were rebuked?
Are there any companies hiring low time pilots have 274tt, 28me and a CL-600-2B19 orCRJ200 Type rating?
what is the mileage of a plane?
What are those things called that flight attendants put around their necks?
what is the average cost of a aircraft weighing portable plate form?
Do Australian airlines (Qantas and Virgin Blue) get fined by the airport for late departures and arrivals?
Why do Russian built passenger aircraft crash at a seemingly higher rate than ones made in the United States?
Can a plane (Airliner) Go down or Crash because of Air Turbulance?
Is it possible for a helicopter to reach Europe from the US?
Is a person able to exit out of a terminal and go back in?
On translantic flights at what altitude are most flights flying at eastward and why?
Do indian fighter pilots wear helmets?
Whats the best gift to give a plane pilot ?????? Please give me your opinion ?
What can i carry-on the plane with me? first time traveler help!?
Should airliners have parachutes?
what is this plane, is it a 747-8?
What would happen if an F-22 and a PAK-FA met?
Why did Concorde stop flying?
What is the difference between flight school and college?
What is the likelihood of the RAF recruiting new pilots over the next 2 years?
I have a question about the 777 Boeing aircraft?
Does the.FAA regulate military planes like they do on commercial?
Is it possible to watch planes land at La Guardia Airport from Rikers Island?
How come a airplane is not made out of the same material , that the black box is made out of.?
Aircraft Afterburner Question?
are helicopters going out of style?
What education do I need to become a commercial airline pilot?
A pland with two wings, one above the other, is called a ___plane.?
If you managed to open the door of a 747 at 30000 feet?
Could an airplane fly in place if there was a really strong headwind against it?
Filling out and using a crosswinds chart?
Are their personal Tv sets in economy class in Luftansa ? In other words is there a TV for each seat ?
who invented the bushby mustang 2(it's an airplane)?
With regard to cleaning solutions approved for use on aircraft, what does the AMS rating mean? eg. AMS 1550A?
Tupolev cabin question?
Airline background check- how long does it take to get answer?
What could cause a 2000 cbr600 f4 to not turn over at all?
What is the effect of camber on critical mach number?
what is the differences between the medical cirtificate classes for pilots, like first clas,second class.?
Green Aircraft Booking... Down payment?
why Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
specific thrust?
how to calculate Wf-fuel weight for light aircrafts?
Are there any books about Prop-fans or counter-rotating engines?
.If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made o?
Problem in the air travel?
what was spaceshipone design team's goal?
Routine (Check-In in a hotel HOW long?)?
how far out should you start a decent?
When an aircraft is flying high in the sky............?
How do you stand on one finger?
How do you get the best prices on flights?
Transport Catagory Aircraft?
What is the font used by Embraer for their official ERJ-145 logo and where can I find it?
Im thinking about taking helicopter lessons, Does anyone know if the course is very difficult?
best way to become an airline pilot in Australia?
Does anyone love aircrafts like me ?
In order to work in a Major Airline, you need a 4 year degree along with 1000-1500 hours. Can anyone reccomend?
What are the duties of a "Line Service Technician" at an airport?
info on maxim Gorky air plane?
in a magazine from 1974 they showed a lancaster flying to england where is it now ?
whats the proper name for small airplane replicas that some people collect?
Graphs or tables of composite material and metallic alloy developments?
Helicopter dropping/showering water?
In 9/11 flight #11 hit what tower at what time?
How much would a Biplane Flyover cost?
If a plan crashes on the border of Mexico and Texas where should I bury the survivors?
can you take a curling iron on a plane in your carry on?
How do I get my bowie knife on a plane? I don't like to be without it.?
Where can I buy JR pilot wings?
What is the best aircraft to buy as a beginning pilot?
hi guys....need your help again?
Is there a mnemonic or a fun way to remember airspace and cloud clearance?
Where can I buy a Magellan 315 GPS online?
Is there a direct flight?
I'm interested in becoming an airplane broker but don't know where to start?
F-35 "Lightning II" JSF?
Why does JetBlue have the IATA designator B6?
Herman-Nelson (Portable Heater)?
why do pilots say roger?
what is the significance of the singapore airline logo?
Pilots, are there any free online logbook websites that you recommend?
.Does jet blue still have roomy seats and personal space?
Light speed travel propulsion device, who is up for helping to build one?
what are airline pilots traveling benefit?
how many hours you must wait to fly an airplane after you have been drinking ??
How many people died in airplane accidents?
I'm an aspiring pilot, but I threw up on my first flight?
Amongst small airplanes like cessna, which can cruise at slowest speed without losing altitue ?
Airbus A380 Payload Capacity?
I watch a lot of cockpit videos on the Youtube....?
What are the penalties for changing the flight date?
Where can I buy a private jet?
Is this enough money to start an airline?
In aerodynamics what does slipstream means & how is coefficient of drag on a surface of a body calculated?
Would a person with almost no experience knowing how to swim pass the flight atten training swimming portion?
do you have to be a certain age in order to hang glide?
can i join the national guard with 2 unpaid seatbelt tickets?
Pilots (British and British ONLY please)?
Can i be a pilot in a reputed airline through LASIK ?
12 hours in a plane!?
What are those strange sounds you hear as soon as the plane takes off.?
What do you earn as a civil pilot?
help with Airbus A380's wings?
How does fuel consumption per nautical mile varies with range?
i were spectacles,can i be a commercial pilot?
why are there almost no airplane movements during the night at the biggest airports, like atlanta or boston?
Can fires be set in airplanes?
Pilot's advice for joining a pilot school?
how to make heli cage air hog helicopter stop spinning?
Question about pilots license please help?
What aircraft do PJs fly in?
What is the cost of a PW118 aircraft engine?
Why don't they give passengers parachutes in the case of a possible accident?
Should there be more training for pilots?
My boss owns a hot air balloon. I went "floating" with him last weekend. What hassle! What is the appeal?
which engineering degree is better and valuble before going for pilot training...?
Why do airplanes need to pressurized?
Does anyone know what Airbus make at their Filton, Bristol factory?????? Thanks?
I am thinking of building my own plane Have you ever done it How did it work out and how much did it cost?
I have a question about FSX?
what is the best site for exploring the new trend in navigation?
when do top gear 2013 tickets go on sale?
Cross Country Flight Planning?
how do i become a pilot?
Why it is not easy to tell the gender of the bodies of the Air France crash?
Does anyone know what Airbus make at their Filton, Bristol factory?????? Thanks?
To all those who answered the young trainee pilot with touch & Go problems....?
Why does opportunity cost vary?
What is the future of the F-22 Raptor?
Can anyone send me the typical block diagram of the fuel system for a multiple jet-engined aircraft?
I want to become a commercial pilot, but am I suitable?
Aircraft landing gear drawing and specs?
does anyone think going on a plane tomorrow is an invite for death?
Can a sonic boom from an aircraft kill fish? ?
How long is a typical runway?
It's widely acknowledged that jet airliners are environmentally damaging. So why no new turboprop airliners?
How can i meet a female pilot?
Does aircraft land on runway against the wind direction?
Is the F-22 Raptor the fastest jet in the world?
whats layover [updated question]?
Sunglasses for flying?
Help plz...i want to be a commercial pilot?
Should i choose a pilot cadet program?
what can I do if i have my own plane?
How old do you need to be (in Canada) to fly solo for the first time?
how to buy knives?where can buy quanlity knives?
What type of schooling do you need for flight dispatch?
Must an agency obtain a warrant before requiring a commercial airline pilot to submit a drug test?
Pilots, how did you decide you wanted to be a pilot?
How much does an average airline earn in a day?
What happens if a pilot is flying VFR and then conditions get bad while in mid-air?
Dash 8's from nyc to Reagan?
if i ask the stewardess to go in the cockpit will she let me?
People in aviation; would this be worthwhile?
Should I continue flying? Or not?
why did the US do away with its pretty stewardesses?
why can't we use cell phones on airplanes?
which stream should be taken to become pilot after 10th?
What is the scariest aircraft ride that you have experienced do to a mistake or mechanical failure?
why would a plane start to land in the fog then pull out at the last second?
How do you get in a helicopter In mw3?
How many A+'s do you need to be a pilot?
where and what is the time of emirates airline interview to hire a cabin crew in egypt?
Are Wet and Dry sumps found in both Full flow and Pressure Relief Valve Lubrication Systems?
does any1 noe how i can get home?
Becoming a Commercial Pilot in the UK?
If the flaps of a plane are fully extended, are they all the way up or all the way down?
are cigarette lighters allowed on domestic flights ?
Ive seen almost ever ACI episode any out there u think i didnt see?
How can I locate Lt Som Pong . Thai , Maintenace Officer Jet Engines .?
Do you know any good short flight quotes?
Difference between aircraft maintenance engineer and aircraft mechanic?
I Lost my Pilots Licence, Now I need a new one.?
Is Virgin Atlantic a good airline ?
How far is Toronto, Canada to Chicago, IL?
ARE there aerobatic jet airplanes??
what are the things i need to know during my oral exam of my private pilot checkride?
How difficult is it for you to land at Princess Juliana?
Would a car Tom Tom work in a plane?
What is a Zeppelin?
class of 3000?
what is the function of a Air compressor and a Air receiver in a PISTON engine aircraft pneumatics system?
Where can I find training manuals and books for a Beechcraft 58P?
Cheap Airline tickets?
Is there an international air traffic control radio language?
Is it the spitfires 70th anniversary today?
If i have got laser operation of my eyes,still can i be a commercial pilot?
I all U.S. cities, how many passanger aircraft depart and take off between 5:00am & 8:00am?
Career in airport management?
Why does it seem like the BlueAngels perform more than Thunderbirds?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
whats the maximum dual lift weight for a CH-53 Ecko, CH-53 Delta, and a CH-46?
Could having sex with the captain during flight cause it to crash?
Hope none of this bad fuel gets into the Airports and is used for flying airplanes !!?
near ending of pilot interviews?
Is this true-A pilot is careful whether he has one passenger or 400 since he only cares about his
What are the pros/cons of having a private plane vs. private jet?
friend is scared of flying?
is it possible to land the aeroplane if all the engines shuts down...?
How much are 50" helicopter rotor blades?
How do I overcome fear of driving over bridges?
I need to know something about paper gliders? How and when were they started?
Military pilots - G force?
What is this SID at JFK?
How do you keep your ears from popping (and therefor hurting for days) when on an airline trip?
For the past 45 minutes, I've heard a small plane flying overhead. What could it have been doing?
Where can I find USAF mirror coated sun glasses and one can see on one lense US written and AF on the other?
Changing planes in chigago?
can turbulance cause an airplane to crash?
Aircraft sheet metal pay and per diem for sheetmetal work?
which is the best cpl training institute in america which gives me a pilot job in emirates airlines?
Can an epileptic get a pilots license?
What are some diffrent types of fuels used at airports ?
Do you have to wear a uniform if your a pilot?
How does plane find its way in the air between two cities?
what do i have to do to get 4,000 hours?
What do you think about the new airbus A380, its gonna be the worlds largest jumb jet (850 passengers)?
what are the laws in DE about flying a model bi plane?
Question about those planes that fly over with a banner with your message on it?
Why do some contrails from planes flying in the sky last a long time in warm weather and low altitude?
which is the age for drink?in italy the boys and girls drinkin at 14 years!!!!?
on a commercial airplane would it be possible to somehow break open a passenger window and crash the plane?
What would happen if an engine stopped working, mid flight, on a TWO engined jumbo?
Which is more dangerous?
Does anybody know if the Chinese CS2000 or CS2010 will have a composite airframe?
Can high altitude air turbulence bring down modern domestic aircraft?
Which all airlines have cadet pilot programs accepting international students?
SHOULD airlines hire the YOUNGER pilots for larger jets?
What to do after earning your PPL +CPL +IR + Multi Engine Ratings?
What is the cheapest airline ticket to Japan from Manila?
Can I have a list of the cheapest gliders?
who here has never been on an airplane?
I'd like to complete my Private Pilots Licence (PPL) in America.?
meaning for explosive vapour detector?
wanting to import a guitar?
R.A.F how many are needed?
Could a fighter pilot survive if he ejects while his plane is accelerating but still at the runway?
what can happen if you use your cell phone on a plane?
Could the SR-71 be classed as a stealth aircraft?
Can anyone give me a list of planes that are multi passenger that existed in world war one?
Why are fighter jets and helicopters going after saucer craft that are diving in to the ocean?
how many tires does a airplane have?
Why do airplanes leave white trails behind them on cloudless days?
What type of license would you need to fly an RV-7A?
What is the biggest jet/plane?
why not aircraft go back by own?
Is it true that the reason we are asked to turn off our cell phones in a plane is because we jump too many?
Why is it that an air plane can be struck by lightning while in the air?
ATC, CCBC - taking summer semester off?
Can anyone send me the typical block diagram of the fuel system for a multiple jet-engined aircraft?
Can I use a portable DVD player on an airplane?
How do fighter pilots navigate back to base after a dog fight?
Is this normal im scared of flying on plane because 9/11?
which is the best airline?
CEO of an Airline Company?
when is the 2010 intake for airasia's cadet pilot?
What happens when a helicopter is overhauled?
What russian artifact is 54 feet tall and weighs 77,000 pounds?
Why are airplanes not amde out of the black box material?
On Bf3 what and why is your favourite class setup, map, game type and jet?
which engineering degree is better and valuble before going for pilot training...?
what is the price of helicopter?
What are some interesting facts about UAVs?
Are airplanes being affected by the atmosphere?
What Would Happen If The Pilot Accecdentally Opened the Reverse Thrust in midair?
Flight school requirements & captain's income?
Can an airline require a larger passenger to buy 2 tickets?
Do planes fly lower at night?
Is a flying car possible in 20 years from now and how?
Why do you have to put the window shutters up when taking-off and landing on an airplane?
Can I obtain my private pilots certificate with a drug possession charge?
Whats the longest distance ever flown by a helicopter on one fuel tank?
Does united airlines have wifi In the airplanes ?
Are you worried about air travel and do you think it's safe to fly in light of today's news ?
HOW Does the aircraft auto landing system works.?
whats the nickname of boeing 747?
who do I call to bet a mode c deviation for Logan airport mode c airspace?
what year was the us navy started?
Tupolev service centers?
Chemtrails? what are they?
what is th cruisw thrust of th A340-500 ?
What is the estimated life for the CRJ900 Next Generation?
How easy is it to fly planes nowadays.Could even I do it?
How do fighter planes get their names?
Why do airplanes not travel in a straight line?
What are the new communication system available on board for passengers n how are they beneficial to them?
How to fly PMDG 767 GPS?
How does Priority Mail ship across the USA?
Is it possible to model external nacelles in XFLR5?
How do I get a job working on turbine engines?
if we drop an aeroplane n a helicopter simultaneous which one will reach the ground first?
How much do Qantas pilots get paid and how do you become one?
What is water made of??!!?
Does anyone know of any airlines that have their HEADQUARTERS in New York?
What is the actual airline handling charge for air shipemnt export from UK?
Is it possible for Air force fighter jets to have reached the Benghazi consulate in time to deter the attack?
sim yoke help plz asap?
Hot air balloon flight????
Really thinking of becoming an airline pilot...?
Why to planes stop half way?
ETOPS 180 minutes rule?
Are there any single engine piston aircraft at cruise at 145+ knots for under 55k?
Is it too late to be an airline pilot at 30?
Tips for reducing swelling of ankles after flight?
are airplane wings in line with the center of mass of the fuselage?
What is the process to build an executive jet?
Who has taken a Pilot training course?
Why are flight attendants so thin and perfect looking?
Any idea the costto learn to fly an helicoptor also the cost of renting one when you have a license?
Aircraft parts and details?
Can a civilian buy an F16 fighter jet and fly it normally?
why do airplanes need headlights????
Do I need a licence to fly a microlight? (UK)?
What size of rotor blades of microhelicopter?
Does anyone know the current routes operated by Virgin Blue E-Jets (Embraer 170/190)?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
Who is building new engines to be used in light jet aircraft?
is this video of an airplane landing fake?
Special requirements for unaccompanied minors?
System problems?
Question re, Domestic Airport Taxes?
what is the salary of a commercial pilot?
What does a U.S. fighter pilot have to do to qualify as an ace?
AMAX aviation?
Does CanJet airlines have TVs in each headrest?
How can I get into the Cockpit?
What kind of airplane is this?
What is the operating cost of an Airbus A320? (per mile or hour) Need a source pleeese!! :)?
How much weight, in gold, could the Zeppelin Eurika carry 100 miles?
aircraft graveyards in the uk?
What is a pilots schedule like??
Flying jobs? read description?
If the Little Black Box is indestructable why dont they just make the entire plane out of it?
Can a girl be a pilot?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't.....?
I saw a prop drive aircraft flying East to West at 2130 hours approx, on 26/ 8/ 2012. It was fluorescent blue?
how to fix my rc helicopter ( celibrity w908-1 ) number 2 rotor blade?
Why did the concorde go?
How much money do competition sailplane pilots earn?
How much on the average does and airline pilot make?
What makes a good flight school?
meaning of vitol in aviation?
I'm looking into becoming an Air Traffic Controller in Australia?
quality vs quantity part 2?
Can anyone who knows anything about planes tell me which aircraft is better?
I want to become a corporate pilot. Is 32 too old to start?
How to raise $10k for flight lessons?
Are there any Multi-Engine airplanes that are certified for Spins?
is there pilots who wear glasses?
Can I get an A320 as soon as I complete my CPL, ME/R and I/R?
Is it possible to construct an aircraft with a nuclear engine?
Is there an international air traffic control radio language?
What does a Gate Attendant at an airport do? What would the learn in an orientation-type thing?
What are the visual differences between the falcon 900LX and 7X?
how to fly rc helicopter model ty901,?
How use a Narco Escort II as a base station radio?
Help with proposal =)!! (in an airplane hehe)?
how many planes does alaska airlines have in its fleet?
Is watching planes land a good thing or a bad thing?
During a longhaul night flight why do you have to shut the blinds?
Do you think This Corn gas they want to create will work well on planes?
Im going on my first solo cross country flight tomorrow, do you have any advice for me?
Can a Canadian own a aircraft with American registration in Canada?
How Do I Become A Pilot ! ? :)?
What's a good aviation headset?
I hold a FAA ATP certificate. What must I do to obtain the JAA ATPL?
what does it mean when an aircraft is "pressurised" for flying?
What company pays/treats their Air hostesses the most/best?
Looking for a good, free online flight tracker service in Europe?
Good&Bad things about being a member of a cabin crew.?
What is the effect on an aircraft alternator output if two diodes fail?
i am interested in buying planes what top model should i purchase?
my son is over 400 lbs, we would like to know if there are any airline seats that he will fit into..?
So, do speed+ glide = efficiency?
What does a airplane pilot do?
pilots disengage the autopilot on the final approach am i right?
do I have to have a car license to drive a plane?
How much do helicopter mechanics make?
is the piper seneca a multi crew plane or just multi engine?
F-22 Raptor weapons payload?
When flying, why do the flight crew tell you to open your window blinds when taking off and landing?
Parachute question please help?
Where can I find online airplane silhouette identification charts?
how thick in inches is the wall of a passenger jet?
Has anyone flown on the Boeing 737-800 model?
Witch airline is the most powerful and the global principal airline?
Becoming a Pilot????????
what is the BEST airline?
what are the requirements for becoming a pilot in canada?
What is the actual measurement(inside) of a 20 and 40 feet container van.?
Scared of flying leaving soon!?
how many aircrafts per hour are there around the earth?
question for car people?
i need 3 different planes u know im in school so answers in 5 min please! urgent!?
Where do I get a city builder license for pinson, al?
About how many M.P.H. does a jet have to go in order to achieve initial Supersonic speed?
why do kamikazi pilots wear helmets ?
Can you answer this confuddling question?
Can 99% of UFOs be explained as being experimental military aircraft?
how to understand VOR?
Work at Boeing or Lockheed?
Does the Northwest 747-400 have personal TVs at each seat in economy class?
Is it possible that jet engines will propel spaceships initially into space?
How do you get all of the airlines downloaded for Flight Simulator 2004?
If a travel agent made a minor mistake on a name for a flight, would that person still be allowed to board?
How Do They Paint Commercial Jets?
why do airlines deem the light while take off and landing?
How to slow to a certain speed in Flight Simulator X?
Why are airplane cabin lights turned off during landing and take off at night time?
With regard to Siberia flight accident after landing;Is RUNWAY ANALYSIS mandatory to use?
I am going to AZ this summer and need a nonstop flight from CA what airline should I fly with?
How hard would it be to fly a light plane, like a cessna 172?
Why don't Aircraft maker design a seat with "Umbrella" [Like fighters jet ones]?
What is the heading and frequency for runway 22 at Taba in Egypt?
Effect Of Air Craft Filters In High Altitude?
Will a PPL help me to become a RAF pilot?
The Military is the best route to take in becoming an Airline Pilot. Agree or Not ?
Flying from Heathrow to Los Angeles what plane will i be on ?
What is the term for the set of controls that flies a plane without human assistance?
What are the Odds of a Biplane Dog-fighting an F-22 Raptor?
Aeronautical Books?
TCAS For Flight Simulator 2004?
question about landing lights?
Where is the airport depicted in this photograph?
Fastest speed for a car and aeroplane in MPH?
Can a 260 lbs man who is 6'2 fly a HH-60G Pave Hawk?
fly from chicago to london?
Whats the best build for a fighter pilot?
when would hover cars be created?
why does vapor form?
What way to send letter to other continent other than airmail?
Would the World Record for "Around the World in a Dirigible" be a pretty easy record to attain?
can you have a laptop on during takeoff?
Whispercraft aircraft from "The Sixth Day."?
does South African Airways still fly Boing 747s?
I sit in a aeroplane for 8 hours?
when the food and beverages service was started on aircraft?
I saw a picture of a jet engine being tested by the air force. There was a large flame that came out of the?
Why doesn't the space shuttle take off like a plane?
Helicopter Inputs With Stabilizer Bar?
Boeing 747s becoming extinct?
why people do not use hydroplane instead of aircraft?
Cessna 150 purchase question?
I am 27 and now i want to change my career and would like to follow my life long dream to become a pilot.? So?
Can moniKote be painted (r/c planes)?
pilots use trim to land?
Help: Airplane Flying Basics.?
What is the largest aircraft or airborn vehicle that can land on an aircraftcarrier and how big is it ?
my private pilot took me 90 hours?
my 1972 pinto has a bad altenator i want to replace it with a vortex generator will that increase my mpg?
what's the lowest airfare from houston, TX to Colorado Springs, CO?
What is the best fighter jet of all time?
How many days or years would it take to travel 1,000,000,000 light yrs?