How high the airplanes fly?
how long is flight from philadelphia airport to barcelona, spain?
Helicopter people: Would you travel on the first man-made flying saucers if they did not have...?
How are flight numbers assigned? And who assigns them?
Healthcare/Nurses in Aviation?
Ramp Agent for an airline?
Does Delta have wi-fi and TV's?
Im stuck between being a pilot or teacher . Any advice ?
Can you see fireworks when you are high up on the plane?
What is the difference between heading and bearing?
Do I need to stay on at school to be an airline pilot?
how to be an flight attendant in hongkong?
What is the fastest man made airplane/jet in the world?
Do planes Dump fuel prior to landing?
Is any financial assistance given to Indian guys who want to become pilots?
what is the best way to build time in an aircraft cheaply?
Pilot Requirements - FAR / AIM?
Does Any one help me to enter my dream job?
Plane Tickets And Age Restrictions?
why are there increasing no. of budget airlines?
ATC training in the UK?
What is your favorite airline? Why?
I get motion-sickness easily but want to fly small planes - should I just give up?
what happened with all the second world war fighter planes ? there are only a few left in the museums .?
What is it like to fly a modern fighter aircraft supersonic?
Can I obtain a first class medical after having taken an SSRI medication for depression?
Is Delta a good Airline?
What would be good grades to be an airline pilot?
Which of these 2 flight schools is the better choice to go to (In Canada)?
Can I still apply for FAA medical Reconsideration?
commercial pilot job requirements?
are civilians allowed to fly in aviation research center aircrafts?
What would be a better course to major in if I want to become an airplane pilot?
Where are you most likely to get killed: a plane or a car?
could i get a military flight from nas jax to westover airforce base?
fokker 100 aircraft for dry lease?
Does the Runway 13 exists in airports?
What is the best free add-on site for FSX (planes and scenery)?
Where is Leisure Airways from?
in a magazine from 1974 they showed a lancaster flying to england where is it now ?
How much math is involved in flying a plane?
What is a good add-on for FS 2004 that has passenger views and wing views?
Delayed flights...?
Is it possible to become a work from home drone pilot for the military with a dial-up internet connection?
Information about the Antonov An-225?
Aviation scholarships for pilot?
where can i buy threaded reamers at? For aircraft use.?
Why do we board planes from the Port side?
In ww2 what is your favorite fighter plane and what is your favorite heavy?
At 39,000 MSL with a TAS of 470kts and an air temp of -63 (c) what is your indicated airspeed?
How far does a plane fly in 12 s while its velocity is changing from 155 m/s to 55 m/s at a uniform rate of ac?
what are the future prospects of B Eng in aerospace?
Boeing 777's Engine........?
when planes come into land what is vented from the wings?
Mach one is how many mph?
Do Delta employee pass holders still have to pay fee for pet carry on?
i want to become a pilot?
Can a passenger plane glide?
what are the definition and differences of air transportation system and aviation?
can i become a pilot (airline or military) with a walnut allergy?
How much would it cost to construct a small airport?
Will a metal plate in your head set off a metal detector in an airport?
How to get a Airline Transport Pilot License?
difference between a gas turbine engine rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise?
do helicopters have touchdown relay switches?
Is there any way to remove ice in mid flight??
which country has the most beautiful airlines?ie-judgeing from the design on the aircraft?
How does a plane drive with only 2 little wheels and not fall over?
Does a fixed wing microlight have back up systems ie wings falling off or coming apart?
My questions is regarding Air Traffic Control. Is every corner of the world covered by ATC?
Takeoff Procedure?
What is the difference in weight carrying capacity of a 747 jet . . .?
what is high speed insert?
what is the approximate length of a runway?
What is that can the flight attendants spray after every flight ?
How to become an airline pilot?
i understand that a helicopter has rotors on top to lift it off the ground?
Would you say pilots are from rich/wealthy family's?
What is your honest opinion of the Airbus A380?
help with airplanes please?
Does anyone know if Farnborough airshow will go ahead this year 2012 with weather conditions?
How Fast ...747-400?
i am going to america in about 5 week. do u think the cabin crew will let me tlk to the pilot.?
Does anyone knows what type of plane is this ?
How do altitude dials work on a plane? Do they measure the altitude from the land it is flying over?
how come the cockpit of WWII fighters are located in the middle while modern day aircraft, its in the front?
a380 firsts and milestones?
What qualifications do you need to be a Rescue Helicopter Pilot in the UK?
Any job openings at Republic Airport (FRG) or Islip (ISP) for teens?
If a helicopter could in fact hover for 15 hours would it be in a different place when it lands?
job openings?
First time flying on a plane tomorrow...?
When I grow up I want to be a pilot.?
Is Aircraft the only section of YA that draws the crazies?
is it possible for me to become a air hostess/cabin crew ?
i want to bcome pilot but looking at todays situation is it safe to become apilot.?
statistics on the airbus A380".?
Will set a speaker in every compartments,then a pilot will announce in important station ?
Why did the flight attendant say my seat cushion could be used for floatation in the event of a water landing?
Do Extra Hours from Sports Pilot License Count Toward Private License?
convert crj 100 to crj 200 in the hangar?
any idea of this new license MPL (Multi Pilot License)? and if it is already recognized in airline industry?
how fast does a plane hit the runway when landing?
i work on ab205helicoptor fuel qty ind is not reading. how can i solve the problem?
Five helicopters flew over with forward protrusions. I thought gun. Friend says fuel boom. What is a fuel boom
Scared to fly! Any tips for flying, I haven't flown in over 25 years and I'm heading to Florida in a week.
Will Southwest ever fly to colorado springs. Or does Aw have a hold on this airport.?
how many commercial vehicles operate in WA state?
Can the material hot air balloons are made out of catch on fire?
what are the health requirements for air traffic controllers?
what is the Airbus A380 milestone?
Teaching Abroad While Earning Pilots License!!?
what are pilot hours and how do i earn them?
Can anyone with a passion and thick wallet be a commercial pilot easily?
If I drank aviation fuel would that mean when I break wind I could fly?
Cabin crew with Qatar Airways Need Help for Interview TIPS please!?
What is the advantage to Tail wheel aircraft?
Does anybody else notice the difference in the cabin alert in the older Boeing aircraft?
F-18 vs. Iranian F-14 which has the best chance of wining?
Medical requirements to fly solo in a motor glider?
Will my commercial pilot certificate be the same number as my private pilot certificate was?
how much trouble would you get in if you said bomb on a plane?
airplane license, rental...?
Do you know anthing about the air courier industry, like the geographic scope, # of customers, etc?
Is the white smoke that comes from a jet airplane dangerous? What is it?
A military helicopter... PHYSICS PROBLEM!?
Why all the 5th gen fighter/bombers look the same ?
Do Helicopter Pilots get jobs?
The air supeority race?
Does the quickpark bus at dublin airport run every 5 mins, even at night?
Why is it that Professional Pilots..?
I am an abintio jet pilot and wandering for answer of a question kindly help me?
HELP!! How will people and technology today affect future air travel?
Who is the BEST??? BOEING or Airbus?
How safe is it to fly right now?
Flight international magazine question?
Where can I find the least expensive flight from houston to omaha?
I wan to be a commercial pilot?
Does anyone know if Centennial college's professional pilot program is any good?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
who got tender for expansion of jammu airport?I WANT BRIEF DETAIL ABOUT EXPANSION OF AIRPORT?
i have CPL from Thailand which is ICAO recognised. i need frozen ATPL. advise me a proper flight school.?
How old do you have to be get a pilot license?
How does someone get a ride in a Red Arrow? I have seen them do it on the TV, Blue Peter eg.?
What is your favorite plane , Why?
hello i was wanting to construct an ultralight silplane but i lack the knowledge of how to do it?
is there wifi in airplanes or aaa?
what is the average fuel consumption for a Boeing 747 plane?
When you go for a poo on a plane, does it simply get dropped into the sky?
How does a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) work?
Do airports have wifi?
When can i test for FAA Medical Class 1/ Cat 1 (Canada)?
What do you think of the idea people standing up during a flight?
can i take an electric guitar on a plane from england?
Is there a problem with taking condoms when you travel by air?
Small aircraft like the DC-3?
What is wiper speed of 737-300?
What plane can lift the most wieght in the world that is also fast and has a large fuel capacity?
In referance to an METAR, what remark can be used for a ceiling >5000 and Vis >5 miles?
Air Force One(Presidential's plane) on flight simulator X?
A stupid Pilot joke?
Anyone know if this whistle-blower is real?
How fast do commercial airliners taxi at an airport?
I want to fly from my office roof in a symbolic gesture of corporate emancipation. Need plans for a glider?
Can a plane go in reverse right after it lands just by it engines?
If you control the sky, will the birds obey you?
where does an aeroplane lands?
is the f-117 stealth fighter old?
Who is the manufacturer of the Red Bull air race hangar?
Installing MD 83 for FSX bug?
How can I learn to fly an Ultralight aircraft or powered parachute?
whilst training to become an raf fighter pilot would you have to live on the base camp?
On a 747 jet, how does the pilot know where he is going at night whilst taxiying out onto the runway ?
How many hour did it take YOU to get your instrument rating?
why cant you be a pilot if you are color blind?
i am bought an austin allegro for £10 was this a bargain?
I want to become a commercial pilot. How long will it take to complete the training?I am looking for a mentor.?
Where can I find 3d simulators?
why do pilots after landing deploy the spoilers, but let them deployed in most cases even during taxiing....?
I'm afraid to fly and i'm going to California in 4 days to visit my grandma can anyone help me?
why can plans fly but humans can,t?
Can helicopter blades be powerful enough to slice up a body?
are their any private flight instructors near Melbourne Florida?
What ever happened to stewardesses on airplanes.?
what is maximum duty time (not flight time) flag operations FAR121 with 4 pilots & aircraft has crew rest area?
Does the space shuttle have Aircraft Registration Number?
Can women be commercial airline pilots?
Where can i get a 100lbs (around 48kg) mini jet turbine?
Do you think Airline pilots should be armed?
Where can i find all the required infomation on how to register a new foriegn Aircraft and use it commercially
Why are people so scared of flying?
How do people become air traffic controllers?
what is the purpes of rasing the flaps after tuchdown?
Do you have a fear of flying, and how did you learn to conquer it?
How well will a 747 fly with 2 engines?
Can I fly cargo planes in the military and wear glasses?
any one fly out of Lilydale Airport!!!?
can a boeing make also the same autoland when only 2 autopilots are working, or must all 3 works for this?
internal and external components of the airvraft?
Is it possible for a USA person on Parole to visit another country like Brazil for a few weeks?
how long is air force helicopter flight engineer tech school?
Who knows planes!Or did some one see odd plane in Charlotte NC?
What is your favorite part of flying?
What is the small silver/metallic thing at the bottom of plane windows?
Could the SR-71 be classed as a stealth aircraft?
What are the steps required when preforming a Hydrostatic test on an Aircraft Fire extinguishing system?
What happens at fly-ins?
Flight School in AZ or CA Desert?
My friend wants me to go on a cruise but i am scared of flying how can i get over the fear of flying?
Would I be cool if I bought a Cadillac car?
how fast do airplanes fly?
If the concord hadn't of been decomissioned in 2003, would it have been a space plane in the future?
what domestic terminal in sydney has better views of the runway and planes t2 or t3?
i am a virgin atlantic pilot and the company is about fire me, wat do i do to convince them to keep me???
how much does it cost to fly to mexico?
what is the moving part of a wing called?
Would having I diagnosis of bipolar disorder affect my chances of becoming a pilot when I'm older?
Children and plane ride safety. What do I need to do for the safety of my child on a plane?
What airspace surrounds Westchester County airport?
Can any one tell some songs about pilots or air crafts?
Have they ever made a plane that docks mid air with another plane?
where in Los Angeles area, can I go to school for Air traffic control?
What is the national Airline of Poland?
What are some key things i should focus on when doing a research project about airline pilots?
I need help with radars?
How to start flying people to remote locations?
Can I build flight hours if I own personal helicopter?
Is it true that nobody really understand how a helicopter can fly because it defies the laws of physics?
explain the limitations of a temporary registration certificate (aircraft)?
how much is the total cost of Philippine Airlines pilot training?
What does L.A.X. stand for?
Helicopter Question????????????????????????????????…
Is American Airlines a good airline?
Did Delta upgrade me to First Class?
analyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight?
Why do airplanes have circular/round windows?
How is Embry-Riddle University for air traffic management??
how thick is the concrete on an airport runway?
Anyone in to Modeling World War one aircraft ?
Why do you always board a plane on the left hand side when there are doors on both sides?
Which is better, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic?
how is "roger" answer for "over n out"??
What is Asked in Pilot Interview in Airlines in India?
What does it mean when I pilot says "____ with 'mike' or with 'charlie'?
Why do airplanes need runways to land?
Did anyone read?
How old do you have to be to fly a airplane?
10 points to cheapest airline ticket for me?
pilot or ATC?
What airline has the best food and what was it?
Anyone know a active & friendly commercial aviation enthusiast forum?
Did you see the news?
airline plane crash due to pilot error?
what is radar?
How do u land an airplane?
Where can I get a mechanical summary of the CFM56 engine?
Did avionics engineer travel/fly with pilot incase of any airplane electronic failure?
Who fired weapons in the F-14, the pilot or RIO?
Oxygen Mask In Aircraft?
Why don't they make planes out of?
I was just wondering... but How much would it cost to get a airline started?
What was this sound coming from a plane?
What causes turbulence on airplanes?
Is there the AFIL plan?
Do I own the airspace above my land?
If your flying for the 1st time in 35 yrs, what kind of plane is the best?
How would I get a Job as a Flight Attendant?
why do kamikazi pilots wear helmets ?
Will a DUI affect my ability to obtain a pilots licence?
who got tender for expansion of jammu airport?I WANT BRIEF DETAIL ABOUT EXPANSION OF AIRPORT?
how can i get a job in aviation?
I need a complex aircraft in the Wichita, KS area.?
do the pilots have no work when plane is in auto pilot?
Can commercial airplanes stand still on the air while waiting to land?
Aircraft maintenance manual help?
What are the training options for pilots in NZ and Australia?
My question didn't even last for 24 hours, received 3 answers and gone.?
I want to become a pilot but im Muslim?
Who is the largest jet engines manufacturer?
how fast is 21 knots?
heathrow to gatwick airport?
As a Pilot, have you ever fallen asleep unintentionally in a flight?
what happens to confiscated knives at OHare airport?
Aircraft Rental: What are block rates?
What does RTV stand for?
Can pilots wear glasses?
How fast is a Bell UH-1 Huey or a Bell 222?
Does anyone watch the show "Mayday"?
A F/A-18 Super Hornet can travel how far with 5 external tanks and no refueling?
This afternoons shuttle launch was successful.?
Which is the biggest airport in world?
State of wheels when the airplane lands...?
helicopter pilot license requirements in India?
wat do you mean by show charges?
4 digit to three digit airport codes?
Do you get less; or no turbulence when flying above clouds?
I'm just curious. Why are the tail wings on airline jets, so tall?
anyone know a few airports that could support a crj 700 landing requirements that are locared on mountains?
What's so fun about flying a plane?
I want to be a pilot officer after doing an can i pusue my dream..?
Is flying a plane exciting every time or does it become boring?
Which was the first aircraft to have a glass cockpit?
Large business jet short takeoff distance ?
Why do airliners seem to fly " Head up"?
Should train drivers earn the same as airline pilots, given their responsibility?
Good ideas for a thank you treat for an aspiring pilot around/near west london/reading?
Why do Kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
can I book a helicopter trip in Ibiza?
Magneto to engine timing -?
What is the highest speed on record ever reached by a Uh-1 Iroqouis (Huey)?
What is the thing at the back of a plane in the link?
what o-ring goes on a 37810-1 cap?
Work at Boeing or Lockheed?
can a student pilot ride with another student pilot?
In doing a carrier landing what color is the upper chevron and does it indicate you are slow or fast?
Is it possible to become a recreational pilot while having a job?
why dont they use some sort of parachute for airplanes. what are your ideas? ?
Can a plane land with no engines?
Critically analyse the advantages disadvantages of the current scenario in the aviation industry?
Why do planes look like they are moving slow when you are watching them?
Can Air Traffic Controllers have eyebrow piercings?
Is becoming a pilot a good choice?
You see cheap flights advertised " fly for £2.50 etc"?
How do you change a Philippine Pilot License to a US Pilot License?
Why are there so many B.S. artists answering questions on this topic?
Why do airplanes fly so high?
What does this person mean in aviation terms?
Approximately how many airplanes are in the US Air Force?
What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?
How long does it take to get.......?
Does anyone know the distance planes used to fly between England and Labrador?
Listening to Air Traffic Control?
Aviation maintenance technician?
Are there any commercial flights from Atlantic City to Pittsburgh?
What qulification need for pilot course?
what to expect faa medical exam ?
Is there a good way to get cheap airfare tickets?
What do you think of the Dornier Do 228? Why the high accident rate?
what is the ultra sonic?
Air rate inquiry Ex Hong kong to Botswana?
How many lease gates does American Airlines have in Total?
who was the greatest fighter pilot?
how fast do helicopters fly?
What's better FXD or FXR. I'm up in air about that one.?
where can i get a study guide to prepare for my interview with cathay pacific?
whos better to fly with alaska airlines or jet blue?
How does a jet engine start?
What is the name of the rear plane(X-Y) which is at infinity distance from airfoil?
whats the cheapest gas rc plane out there?
cheap tickets for italy?
What Does AKE Mean On The Side Of LD3 Containers?
Best airport courses after
any way to dye red tail lights to clear?
At the Cabin Crew interview, why HRs ask us to describe something specific in the test? Why in a short time?
Agreed Yoshitoshi Tokugawa, first flyer in Japan was born in 1884. When did he die, and where is his grave ?
what kind of materilas is the aiplane wings made of ?
What aircraft are used in the 'art of flight' snowboarding movie?
Is the F16 cockpit pressurized?
What should I take in college to become a helicopter pilot?
Why is there so much anti-Airbus sentiment on ! Answers?
Who invented the Airplane and when?
Best r/c helicopter to fly GoPro with?
How many fare paying seats were available per flight on the British version of the Concorde?
My rc helicopter doesn't get off the ground. Help?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
Where the best place at Sacramento international airport to see the planes take off ?
My course has been extended and I cannot use my return ticket. Can I get A refund from the British airways?
Live Air Traffic Control Heathrow?
Any real world pilots here have there own website?
How do airplanes work? Or what is the history of the airplane?
Mr. America airplane?
what is the e-mail addy for the head of etihad airways?
American Eagle fs2004 download?
Do F/A-18 Super Hornets land and re-fuel at Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport (KLBL)?
what are the potential risks of crossing the great lakes in a Cessna 150?
How can something so heavy as an aircraft stay in the air where as a human would fall down.?
Air Traffic Controlling?
In 9/11 flight #175 hit what tower at what time?
What do you think is a better airplane? The New 747 - 8 or the New Airbus 380???
Can a Boeing 777 be affected by wake turbulence?
Anybody have, or know someone with a pilots license?
Is being a Pilot a realistic job?
How to use transportation voucher exchange coupon of ATA airline? Can I give to my friend to use it?
How fast do commuter jets fly?
why on airplanes....?
cost of a barfield tt1000a?
Do you see anything wrong with this landing?
Best World War 2 airplanes, Allied and Axis?
how to be best possible pilot?
Commercial pilot license in Hawaii?
how is "roger" answer for "over n out"??
i'm looking for a flight form Tebilisi, georgia to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. which airlines have this service?
Should we stop flying planes in the sky so we can spot lights in the sky?
Chengdu J-10 vs.Mirage 2000.. How would they perform ?
How can I build an airplane for less than $200?
where can i get a pilot training in canada?
Aviation related names for a male dog? ?
Where can I learn about terms for a aircraft drylease?
per month salary of an recently recruited air hostess?
How fast do aeroplanes Travel? I would like to know a generic speed of passenger aeroplanes?
How long does gdl last in Wisconsin ?
What airlines are currently bankrupt?
Where can I find information regarding angar monthly fares for a skyhawk?
model plan engines for radia controlled plans?
what does it mean if the officer marks no in the correctable violation box when you get a fixit ticket.?
A&P Technician , (B.Sc. of aircraft maintenance engineerin)?
Describe the difference between thurst production by pure jet engine and by turbo propeller engine.?
why to pilots say 'roger'?
Help locate jaycee flying club, aircraft scheduling?
Is flight simulator x any good for people who want to become a pilot???
Is the f15 the only Fighter that can accelerate at a 90 degree angle?
Why does the US need so many aircraft carriers?
What do the runway numbers on an aircraft carrier mean?
Why don't commercial airliners have foldable wings? It would save space.?
raf nimrod aircraft?
I've been an avionics tech for about 21 years. How do I get my Airframe license? Do I need a form filled out?
tell me about passenger elavator companies in Italy?
On a 747 jet, how does the pilot know where he is going at night whilst taxiying out onto the runway ?
How easy is the route to being a commercial pilot?
Become an Air Traffic Controller without the ATC Program?
Does anyone ever wonder if Stealth Fighterjet is a result of technology transfer from a crashed flying saucer?
Why is there never a window in a airline toilet?
When taking off what do you callout?
What is MACH ?
When you're in a stall?
would this help me get a job or flight scholarship to be a commercial pilot?
what is an aircrafts inertial separator?
Aircraft / Aviation fuel?
How would I transfer U.S. Commercial pilots license to the U.K.?
In the Aviation field, would having a Bachelor's degree be that much better then an Associate's Degree?
what are the communication systems in the kingfisher airlines?
Are there any WWI aircraft still in existence? Specifically, are any in flying condition? Where can I see one?
How much does it cost to become a airline pilot?
What is that sound that jet makes when they land. If its the reverse thrusters how does that work?
Is Royal American Airways still in business, and if not, when did it fold?
Do i need a licensae to fly a hang glider?
How can commercial jet airplanes fly in outer space?
what changes have been made to aircrafts over the last decade?
How do I become an aircraft engineer in the UK?
how high can you fly without pressurization?
What do you do when you miss a flight?
Cabin crew with Qatar Airways Need Help for Interview TIPS please!?
Can aircrafts fly above 50000 feet altitude?
what kind of airplane is the Embraer 170?
recreational aviation authority in Greece?
Why did that helicopter just circle my house twice?
Aviation business. help!?
I wish I was a helicopter. Who's with me on this?
what is the BEST airline?
I'm 5''4 and half and i want to become a stewardess?
how long does it take to fly from Melbourne Australia to Los Angeles USA?
Is riding an airplane scary?
I'm afraid of planes?
IFR Approach Assigments?
How easy is it to become a pilot?
Can you name some indian movies on planes, flights, or pilots?
Do the tires on a jet get bald spots from when they touch down going from 0 to 200mph in a second?
is the space shuttle considered an aircraft?
Oreck Vacuum experimental plane in airshows?
Functionality of headlight in aeroplane..?
Why don't aeronautical engineers design parachute systems on the body of a commercial airliner for emergencies?
How does a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) work?
what are some basic things to carry?
i am looking for info on my rc turbine jet it is an F-14. where can i find pictures and info?
what is the function/purpose of a wing man if you are a fighter pilot.?
when are we going to have a commercial air plane that'll only takes one hour to go from LosAngeles to New York
Can you look? Cyber Airlines?
what are the very best pocket knives???
If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be?
How is Fly by wire different?
Does anybody know Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy?
What's the process of flying alone?
Aviation Maintenance Orientation?
What should I do when i'm older?
I am interested in flying planes i want to become a commercial airline pilot i have a little bit of an idea?
Work or fly?
787 Dream Liner Differences?
What is the best way to deal with this flight ?
How can i become a Pilot with no grades ?
Is there parachute for everybody in aeroplane?
How can I find the dimensions for Fowler Flaps on a Boeing 747?
what are the commercial pilot's requirements?
fighter jets , preformance what is the diferece between a negative angle wing and a positive angle wing?
Is it possible to access a list of passengers on an active flight?
Has anyone flown by Delta Airlines recently?
what is the advantage of using a raked wingtip compared to a winglet ..?
What's that yellow hose attached to undersides of planes?
Can a helicopter move /fly backwards?
how does the landing gear of an aircraft's wheel work?
i'm interested for the longest time to learn to fly helicopters,i was told not easy.any info that could help m
why are turboprop aircraft still used?
Can hot air balloons fly at night?
Can the big aeroplanes glide in case all its turbine engines failed?
Where can i find the syllabus for the commercial pilot entrance examination? What'll b the duration of course
If there any pilot out there that I can shadow?
When checking the wind speed/direction what does the +## at the end mean?
Can I become pilot in Canada?
scared to fly american airlines?
Where can I get the cheapest air flight ticket to Jakarta from Newcastle or Manchester in August?
How much is a tornado joystick worth?
is it true?
How do you land a seat as a pilot in the A380?
can anybody tell me wat i needa take to become a airplane pilot wat i need to do nd take?
How do do I apply for a class first medical at Gatwick?
How do I run my own airline?
How do you change the textures of an aircraft on FS2004?
Are there any ways of being funded to become a chopper pilot in the UK outside of the military?
I was asked out on a date by a guy who claims to be an airline pilot.How do I know if he is telling the truth?
Is the f15 an the f18 still in production?
How soon will shuttles be flying again?
Were the red tail fighter planes good in the war?
What is the base pay of Air Cabin Crew?
What's the difference between 100LL (low lead) and just 100 aviation fuel?
best way to go about getting your commercial pilots licence in the uk?
The F-14 Tomcat was recently retired...?
How common is Severe Turbulance?
What happens when a helicopter is overhauled?
Would a better pilot been able to take evasive action and dodge the birds that caused the Hudson River crash?
Why is battery in some small airplanes located in tha engine compartment and others located behind the?
what cultural factors are considered by an airline in choosing a route to operate?
Right, need serious quick help please.?
Are chemtrails real or are they just contrails ?
Do turbo-prop aircraft have PA Systems?
Why can I hear radio tones from small airplanes signalling the tower for landing?
Aircraft landing gear different angles?
Why Are Aeroplane Runways A Cement Based Surface Instead of Tar Based Like Roads?
Static dischargers optional on C172?
On airmen certification records, what does "DOI" and the date next to it refer to?
Do pilots use the rudders to help turn on the ground?
Canadian Pilot Career?
are middle names required on airline tickets (not US)?
How many people have flown safely by air since 9/11 ?
Big, Cheap Electric RC Helicopters?
Most Fuel Efficient Cessna 172 model?
What is the difference between an auto gyro and an helicopter?
how much of voltage is required for a blue led strip?
Why do blinds on a plane have to be up for take off and landing?
What is the DOT definition of passenger on-time?
Digital Logbook for Military/Commercial Pilots?
What do slats do on a airplane?
help with aircraft parts?
How does it feel to fly for the first time.?
According to the physics, which is safer, flying in a jumbo jet or smaller plane?
what is motor gyroplan B-20 model ?
How long are helicopter lessons?
where i study IATA course in india?
specific problem encounter in philippine airline? in cebu pacific? all airline here in philippines..?
Driving lessons and the best driving schools?? (For UK)?
I have an autobrake panel from a 737-400, can anyone help me possibly identify its aircraft?
ramp agents orange sticks?
how far is the Copenhagen Airport from the Tivoli in Copenhagen?
BCFT Jetline course query?
Altimeter Question?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't.....?
Is it scary to fly alone?
pilot license question?
How much to charter a flight?
Do FAA Flight Physicals Require a Drug Test?
how long is each flight at ifly?
The United pilot caught at Heathrow over the alcohol limit should have his licenses revoked. Do you agree?
How do pilots make hours (4 airlines)? they fly in any plane or do they fly in simulator of specific aircrafts?
Using the AGM-65 against ships?
Is this a proper Jet Pilot helmet?
Is a career in Aviation about the money?
What does with "lima" or "alpha" mean (AVIATION)?
What is p-static interference? What is a commonly caused by?
i want best training institute for pilot training plz give me its adress?
Am I at a high risk of getting caught joining the mile high club?
Anyone out there who hails from Turlock?
how to relieve flight stress?
How much would it cost to fly a boy band....?
are there any supersonic private jets manufactured nowadays ?
Scared of Airplanes? Or what??
Is there a websight that shows the price of fighter planes would cost today?
Powered paragliders look like fun, are they safe for a 60 year old first timer?
what do pilots have to do with science? please provide full detail.?
I want to be a airline pilot, but know nothing about flying?
Can you....?
does anyone else here feels like the plane is going down during take off?
what is it like riding in a british airways plans, are they nice?
Can my aunt take mineral make up powder from the US?
balloons and airships?
Flight school?
Which Aircraft should I purchase and what will the costs be of this?
Why do jet aircraft have headlights?
Why did the Wright Brothers Create the airplane?
What is aircraft stalling speed?
Wilco Publishing a318/319/320/321 add on question?
I'm seeking downloadable flight routes information, for al European flighs. Need to import to database.?
I don't know at what place to buy good powered air?
For you pilots out there, what is your favorite IFR approach?
Civil Air Patrol question?
Jobs involving airplanes?
I have a skytech m3 helicopter and it constantly is dropping to the ground midair and wont hover correctly?
How tall are the Wheels on a 747 Jumbo Jet?
Flight plan?????????????
What are some devices to measure prop pitch?
At any given time, how many planes are in the sky worldwide?
Where can I browse aviation charts for other countries.?
Do airplanes have a "Reverse" like cars? Can they back up?
Pilots: Is this even remotely sensible or legal?
What's the present law regarding the carrying of liquids onto aircraft?
how can i make myself lose my fear to fly?
who invented air plane?
john wishes to buy a raffle ticket out of book of 100 tickets. 7 is his lucky number , but hr does not like do?
Agreed Yoshitoshi Tokugawa, first flyer in Japan was born in 1884. When did he die, and where is his grave ?
What to do to become a fighter pilot?
How Many of You Love Fighter Jets?
what does it take to be a pilot for lufthansa?
How do base parachutes differ from skydiving parachutes? How are they packed?
best RC helicpter around $40?
Can my 18 year old sister take me out of the country...?
Is this required by the FAA or FCC?
Where to find the story "The club pilot" online?
What air crafts is British Airways planning to buy?
how many gallons in one ton of Jet A1 aviation fuel?
sonic delivery jobs?
Is it best to buy a plane ticket just before departure?
flight delays for thomson flight number tom4214?
Where can I find this in the FARS?
A lot of math involved in being an A&P mechanic?
What the heck is this flying machine...?
How much does it cost to charter a plane from LA to Hawaii?
How Did Aluminium Plane Wings Enter the World Trade Center ?
What routes do emirate a340s fly?
Which company offer flight training with a contract?
what does tone mean.?
It's widely acknowledged that jet airliners are environmentally damaging. So why no new turboprop airliners?
how do i get off tsa no fly list?
Should I be scared? Because I am.?
How much doesn an aircraft engineer/designer earn ?
What size balloon rochet flies the fastest?
The greatest disappointments in aviation?
Why can't you open a window on an airplane flying at an altitude of 11km?
Grob G850 Strato 2C High Altitude Aircraft?
What are the materials used to make Aircrafts?
Where might I find the Supersonic Clone Jet report again upon my ! site ?
there's an American airlines commercial . ?
In Ontario, Canada, What Colour Are The Lights Used To Warn Aircraft Of Obstructions?
What are the death rates for RAF pilots?
why was concorde stopped from service?
can people with glasses be pilots?
Pilot Schools?
Why aircraft cant run reverse?
Question about aircraft carriers?
What type of fuel do you use in your aircraft?
where can I find South West Airlines,for my boarding pass I tried their on line E-mail sight wasn't there.
Is age 20 to old to start a fighter pilot career in the RAF? Because the joining age is 17.5?
Flight SImulator 2004 Boeing 777 Landing.?
What are the 5 air intakes on the front fuselage of a DA40 TDI?
Which airplanes do you trust your life with? Which airplanes do you not trust your life with? Please explain?
How many landings generally a plane tyre lasts?
If you know a pilot or stewardess, do you consider this person a daredevil?
is this lucky?
How to become a pilot?
Most useful courses to take in high school for someone interested in being a commercial airline pilot?
What does the I stand for In BMI ?
Can you be an airline pilot if you smoke?
why not use a harrier?
bio fuel works on jet engines, why not being used ?
Is it okay to use reverse thrust?
Sucked out of an airplane?
how fast does a jet take off from an aircraft carrier?
TAA flight school help?
What is the speed in miles per hour for 15 G's?
Where to estudy mechanic?
how can i get in-touch with i need a autopilot & ground station con tr?
who is actually deciding which aircraft is gonna make which trips for the coming days?
What can you do with a Private pilots license?
Man I just can't help myself.. Why are commercial aircraft not made out of the black box material??
Flight attendance. WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER?
Pretend to be pilots?
How much do British Airways Flight Attendants make?
I am 13 and would like to have a pilots license when i grow up. But i where glasses dose that effect my dream
what are the chances of a terrorist being on a plane from the UK to Japan??
What is the scariest aircraft ride that you have experienced do to a mistake or mechanical failure?
Why don't they call them "near hits" instead of "near misses" when planes almost crash?
I have an enamel lapel badge with 9 black planes on it saying, aerobatic team RAF then eclat help !?
Cheapest way to get a PPL (Private Pilot License)?
Fear of Flying?
Do airplanes account for the rotation of the earth when they plan their routes?
What is a customers service test?
How can I get an interview with a fighter pilot?
Delta flight 280 status?
What's the best aviation school to get a commercial license from?
How long does the sky-line sky king helicopter take to charge?
Can I go in the cockpit?
How does airline cost affect passenger pricing?
i'm building a ultralight helicopter, want to know kind of bearing i need for the swash plate to go up and dow
Which Nation got Best Fighter planes in WW2 ?
first to fly was santos dumont or wright brothers??
Can the Police Helicopter Enter Airport airspace ?
Private Flying Licence and Probation?
Where can I find the co-ordinates for the Selig3201 wing sections?
the atlantic charter did all the following except?
How much money does flight engineer earn?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
Private pilots, what motivated you to fly small planes?
What's your favorite airplane of WW 2?
Airbus Vs Boeing?
How long is a private pilot required to rest?
Are planes allowed to fly over NYC? Is it a restricted airspace?
Has anyone seen a Velocity with a Deltahawk engine?
FAA vs EASA Comparison?
Boeing 777-200LR or Boeing 777-300ER?
What is SVC on a VFR flight log?
What's Boeing planning on doing to compete against the Airbus A380?
Procedure for landing heavy airliner on hard packed snow.?
what is the differnt between aircraft reg.number and some number with CN*****?
Is anyone a helicopter pilot. what's it like? would it be recomended field to go in to.?
Life as an in-flight service manager?
information on aeroplane?
What scope will I have for growth after completing CPL training(Commercial Pilot Licence Training)?
This must be answered by a commercial pilot, FAA official, Air Force Pilot or Tower Employee.?
how fast is a radar range mile?
East Midlands Airport delays?
What benefits does an average Air Traffic Controller get in the US?
How is the 'arrested recovery' process for landing an aircraft in an aircraft carrier?
Gravity and aircraft?
How does the cyclic stick move the swash plate (helicopter)?
Aviation philanthropists - enthusiastic pilots!!! Care to help support my mid-life flight dreams?
how much would it be to rent a helicopter for one day? I want one for my prom niqht.?
Need Advice..................?
how do you vanish airplanes?
What is a really good helicopter school in Texas?
why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets ?
RAF to airline pilot?
how can i convert the ATPL Frozel license to FAA (cpl) to work as a pilot in USA?
why India rejected jas 39 gripen's contract?.?
Is climb speed for a FAR23 Normal Category aircraft related to clean stall speed or stall speed in T/O config?
what does the bridge ( control cart) look like in a graf zeppelin (airship) ?
what is a rapid fixed area?
Can one get a waiver to transport diesel fuel in the hopper of an ag-aircraft under FAA or ICAO rules?
What does V2 mean to you?
Pilots: What is your favourite part of the flight?
Which started airplane would you recommend purchasing for a low hour pilot: 80' Cessna 152 or 00' Cirrus SR20?
How can you pick out a pilot in a room full of people?
what other subjects do I need to take in high school and college besides physics and math too become a pilot?
Embrayer 190 Why the design ?
Are Harrier Jump Jets still flying ie. in service ?
Can Someone Tell me What Airlines are hiring FA (Flight Attendants) right now? or suggestions?
How do I get to a airplane that crashed 40 years ago off the Dobson Trail?
Are we going to be stuck with a sub sonic commercial plane forever?
How does it feel to fly/sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet?
Which aircraft is/was the most expensive to produce?
How can I find records in regard to a policeman who left the force in 1998?
aero california lawsuit info?
737-800NG vs 737-900ER?
How do you get the power to fly?
how do i go about transporting my archery equptment by plane?
what is the worst thing being a pilot?
Please answer. how can i test myself if i make quick decisions?
How many flight attendants had to relocate?
Which is the fastest train and plane in world?
how to work aircraft engine?
What is the land speed record for Lands End to John O' Graots?
Is Virgin Atlantic a good airline ?
How to be a Regional Airline Pilot?
When is Delta Airlines gonna release there new 747 upgrade?
job openings?
how much does the military pay for Jet-A at private airports or FBOs?
What if I choose not to pick my seats ahead of time on spirit airlines?
pictures of airport modles. Where do i find them?
When "qualifying" for a commercial pilot certificate, how many hours can be non-PIC?
i have a dh-1 speed tech helicopter and i can turn the lights on and off but cant get the wings to move.?
how bad is it if i fail my oral exam for private pilot twice?
Are ther any other devices like surbo?
X-plane 8.64 Door Opening
if i ask the stewardess to go in the cockpit will she let me?
A helicopter is flying 300 m high from the groung passes another helicoper at an instant . The angle of elvati?
Mr. Rulon Gardner's aircraft was lost this weekend. How many other airplanes lost to the gigantic Lake Powell?
whats an aerial drone?
how does a helicopter go forward?
what are the white lines left behind from airplanes ?
how much do pilots that know french get paid?
how can i make valve of pulse jet engines?
Do airplanes account for the rotation of the earth when they plan their routes?
Flying a plane going 20 knots is how fast in mph?
How long does it take to get from USA to the Bahamas?
Regional Airlines???????????
Someone a list of famous pilots.?
Air Traffic Control Tour?
You know that little indestructible black box used on planes, why can't they make the whole plane out of it?
Who deserves the parachute?
which airlines has the best first class seats.?
Alcohol on a plane...with special circumstances?
Can anyone suggest some ways to get over a fear of flying?
The list of most agile 4.5-5 gen fighter jets to the least ? (10marks)?
what is that plane that they used in the movie top gun?
what is the relevance of computer & computerization to the transportation industry?
is there any safety policy name manslaughter's log in the united states of America?
What is the maximum altitude for a helicopter to fly at?
How to find $49 or $59 airline tickets?
737-800NG vs 737-900ER?
where can I sell a two Rolls Royce Merlin engines?
Your opinion on Budget Airlines in developing countries.?
Fixed Wing Microlight or Small Group 'A' aircraft?
What is the difference between ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) and NDB ( Non-Directional Beacon)?
Why do you need to do static balancing and aerodynamic balancing on aircraft?
How do I become a Pilot?
questions about qualifications?
does an18 month old need a seperate airplane ticket or can she be a lap sitter?
average descent rate for commercial jets?
Qualifications needed to be Cabin Crew?
Where to get factory built gyrocopters in the UK?
Reliable supplier of Russian Militray Aircraft Tyres?
how fast can a Boeing fly?
How fast is a Bell UH-1 Huey or a Bell 222?
Which airlines allow ferrets in the passenger cabin?
What happen when aircraft hits cloud?
check flights from cebu philippines to kolalumpor china?
To all the pilots out there If you had a chance to fly a P-51 would you?
what is the main subject to be a pilot?
Joint CRM(crew resource management) for pilots and flight attendents is not required by FFA regulations?
Do i have a problem?
Buying a plane, but which one?
which political issues in UK avaition industry affects british airways?
Theoretically would the Cobra Mamba have been stable in flight?
how do you switch to managed vertical modes in A320 A/P?
aircraft armament systems?
when it is written on SID's, "take-off minimum standard", what does this mean?
Whey doesn't jets have ac?
How hard is it to get into the airline industry without being a military pilot?
How much is Microsoft Flight SIM like flying a real airplane?
Flight cancelled, Turkish Airline?
Expert pls:How does the helicopter gain its forward speed?
What if the AC in the plane stopped working and people couldn't breath ?
HOW to deal with fears!?
studying for pilot in australia?
can i take an electric guitar on a plane from england?
Flight under $300....?
how much of voltage is required for a blue led strip?
Is this type of airplane any good? Should I buy it from my uncle?
News about virgin america airline?
Bush planes? Isn`t the helicopter much useful for getting in difficult areas?
What are some reasons for wearing your seatbelt?
What is the height limit for an a-10 pilot?
Is the f22 and f15 still in production?
Is there any aircraft scrapyard in California that allows visitors to purchase aircraft parts?
Which do you consider as the best fighter aircraft?
is there any age limits to become a commercial pilot in india?
Ok, SOMEBODY please tell me what are AVATARS already?!?
Can canadian mechanical engineers work inUSA for lockheed or on fighter jet or space projects under TN status?
Please i need your help i want to end my carea as an airline pilot but am not capable financially what do i do?
Why was there a swatztica on an American fighter plane?
i have icao aircraft maintenance license , how to get Canadian one?
Could I Buy A B-2 Spirit?
Does Boeing hire minors (17 year olds or younger), or Freshmen or Sophmore in colleges? (18-19)?
ch53d how many hyd systems and what are they called and operate where are more info on this bird?
Why don't airplanes come equipped with parachutes?
Can you land your private plane in any international airport?
Cabin crew 212 cm reach test? One hand or both?
403 helicopter operational training squadron?
How does space shuttle get on and off 747?
May I ride my skateboard in an airport? Will cops chase me if i do so?
What airline do you think is the best in the world?
I have my bi-annual coming up in February and am looking for a new single?
What happen to Floyd Bennett Field?
Which countries is it legal to use an ultralight trike aircraft for commercial banner towing?
Are helicopters safe to fly?
Would this look good?
Has anyone landed a job offer at Delta Airlines for flight attendant with an employee referral?
how fast does a plane have to reach to take off?
Analyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight.(taxing, take off, climbing , cruis?
Will the Airline Industry Think of Supersonic Aircrafts Again?
Vision requirements to be a Fighter Pilot?
how old do you have to be to get your pilots license in texas?
Which do you think is a more capable jet, the F22 or the F18E/F?
How does wing size affect speed?
How much does a commercial Boeing jet weigh?
What is the constant rate of 300 feet per minute of an airplane and 20 minutes. What is the altitude?
can a rate 1 turn be more than 90 degrees? Also,what if your airspeed is more than 300 knots can it be rate 1?
Are mixture and carb heat directly related?
What is the actual airline handling charge for air shipemnt export from UK?
where to go log in or set up carrizo springs tx how mach as it costs?
Where do you learn to fly a blimp?
What books do you need to read for a private pilots license?
why do you think that you suitable for aircraft engineer post?
Why airplane tyres are small compared to its body?
Is SOLARPULSE capable of a round the world attempt?
Who did the AI on the F-22 Raptor?
airline pilot are very highly trained but could?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't.....?
Why does passengers always board the plane from the left side?
Why do some commercial planes have wings that are close to the rear of the airplane?
How much did a concorde ticket cost in 1980?
What are the chances a boeing 757's engine will fall off during bumpy flight?
how easy it is to work as a pilot in airliner around the world other than the ones in your country?
Plane Spotting Help...?
Is it possible to rappel down from a stationary helicopter at 6000 ft?
is curling iron allowed in the airport?
Inattention is generally caused by concentration on _________.?
does anyone know where i could get an explanatory drawing of an airplane online?
summary of developments on the growth of the avitation in India?
What does carry-over mean?
I'm 20 years old and never really done any research into it but have i missed my chance to become a pilot?
Why does an airplane's life depend on its pressurization cycles?
I really want to be an airline pilot, how do I?
how much would it cost to have my dog shipped via airline?
Fighter pilots can move both their eyes indipendantly, to be able to see more at once. What is this called?
Which polutes more : the car or the plane?
Becoming a airline pilot?
Helicopter not working?
Characteristic of Skydrol PE-5?
how much do pilots earn in aus on avg?
Should they now start making airplanes floatier so they can all float?
Anyone recognize this movie?
Can a plane fly straight up into the sky?
what is Aviation all about?
Is this a good airline pilot Academy?
why do we have IATA and ICAO codes for airlines?
I'm living in a city near AFB and noises be made by airplanes flying over our houses. What should I do?
Is there a free internet source that provides (L/D)max values for various aircraft types?
Closed Loop System? and how it is applied?
pilot oppurtunities india\?
Gaining a Private Pilots License abroad?
Flight Path Info in Commerical Jets?
Which airline should I use- united airlines, continental, or delta?
What is the use of prop sync?
I'm scared of flying?
How aircraft fly while it is havier than many truks?
How are the Allegiant air seats are they big for people with not so little butts or are they tight seats?
can u just list out some best flying school in malaysia,singapore,canada?
where is capt. phua j c?
What terminal do i go to at the sky harbor airport for southwest airlines?
10 aviation questions for pilots.?
I need 02 dodge caravan engine wire hornest?
how do i go on to becoming a pilot?
apart from the harrier jump jet is there anymore jet capable of V.T.O.L?
I want to know about history of aircraft ABS?
How many real world pilots want the virtual pilots to go somewhere else?
why is the flight with Air France much longer than with Ryanair?
Things we do when stuck at an airport??
Tax on a powered parachute?
which website has the cheapest airline tickets?
please answer important?
Would I have trouble flying a cessna if I'm 5 foot 3 inches?
Can a controller at an airport limit the pattern to GA aircraft only?
Can a supersonic Jet travel through a twister / tornado unharmed?
Has anyone had a Virgin experience day?
How do pilots know how high the wheels are during landing?
Is there internet on aircrafts?
The world is reaching to an end..?
where is saratoga springs new york?
I have astigmatism and i want to become a pilot if i do get it removed through surgery can i still be a pilot?
full priced tickets airlines do they expire do they?
I want to be a fast jet pilot in the RAF. Help?
Is pilot job s good according to current aviation status ?
what is the temperature degree on the moon?
What design feature is done in aircraft to make Landing Gear down in case of System Failure?
What is the FIRST airline that buy the boeing 777-200LR?
Helicopter question?
Why do I have tickets?
WHAT IS THE maximum altitude of a 747-400,?
What do you think of this video?
Whats the chance of my 1 hour & 30min flight crashing?
I fly a Mooney Executive airplane. I'm looking a custom, wood instrument panel overlay. Any shops out there?
If you like to complete work fast and take A LOT of pride in what you do, is that a good quality for a pilot?
im trying to be a pilot im working on my commercial license and i just got a dui how does this affect me?
Are there bush pilots in the US besides Alaska?
Cheap plane tickets ?
Where is the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) that deals with "common sense", concerning Aircraft maintanance
what gives a helicopter it's forward thrust?
How long will it be going through customs?!?!?
does the russian air force plan on buying the An-124-100M-150 if so how much?
in flight simulator X, how do we play online???
Do airline pilots get to have fun with female flight attendants when they're not on duty?
Share jet in India?
Airline pilot high school classes?
How much are airplane tickets for a flight to london england?
How does the OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) work?
How does the traveling public feel about an airliner made of plastic composite namely Boeing's new airliner
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets........?
tom tom sat nav? on helicopters?
hows do rockets move?
Any ways to obtain a PPL or similar in the ATC/ Air Cadets?
can airplane really fly?
If you work in an airline,do you get free tickets?
in a aircraft graveyard, can you buy a plane, eg to like convert it to a home or something?
Hey where can I get and RC helicopter with a camera with live feedback?
Guys is there a website that has infromation of fighter planes! like F-16 etc?
What is a normal schedule for a long haul airline pilot?
what are those people that wave sticks in front of an airplane called?
What would happen if everyone in a plane uses their phones during flight?
Becoming a Commercial Pilot still possible for me?
What are the new communication system available on board for passengers n how are they beneficial to them?
Air Traffic Control with foreign accent?
salvage Robinson helicopter?
What should be the Speed, Altitude and Flaps of Airplane at 10nm and 20nm Distance away from Runway?
Who knows how to fly a plane?
Flying on an Embraer 145?
Huey Uh-1 Helicopter door dimensions?