what is the website you can bid on travel/hotels/airfare/etc? i cannot remember....?
What is the average operating cost of a light sport aircraft?
Im confused on how to change planes..?
Why do I love planes so much?
I would like to charter a plane for my group of 110 people from Columbus Oh to Orlando Fl. How Much cost?
What are the materials used to make Aircrafts?
MD3-160 aircraft?
Does saftey regulations allow 2 passenger aircrafts to land at the same time in the same airport?
Was in Antarctica - South Pole is NPX - North Pole Not??
Why did almost all the airlines sell all their MD-11s before they got old and were written off?
Good aviation school?
what is the cheapest way to attain a powered flight using self built craft ? is it affordaplane ?
Is a tailwheel/taildragger undercarriage also called a trike?
cabin crew interview's questions?
Who do you think should be sued andor prosecuted for "Lauren Scruggs" injuries?
What is it called when air planes stay still in air?
Looking for a produce called "Fuel Lube". A waxy-like, fuel resistant substance.?
what's the training neede to fly a S-92 helicopter?
Can I legally land and airplane on my own property?
Minimum height required for private pilot license (PPL)?
Why are aviation degress not reccomended?
I want to travel from New York to Israel, round trip. Where can I get the best rates? Doesn't have to be direc
Why haven't we created something faster than the SR71?
whats your favourite airplane? why?
Does anyone know where I can find 2C27-1 fuel pump cores to purchase?
Do you remember the last time you flew in an airplane?
I can't get over it. Fear of flying!?
Could a Fighter Pilot fly a huge Airbus?
How can I change my flight date?
Where can i find sponsorships or help in starting my flying career?
What can a teenager do to get his foot in the door in aviation?
What is the fastest, long range ultralight with a MTOW of 600kg?
What is the job where you get to stand in front of the airplane and help it takeoff/land?
At any one point how many airplanes are there in the skies?
Physics in aircraft ... brake force generation .. help please?
how do i land a B737 or a lear 45 ....alll i know is alt x 3..... how would i know what rate of desend to be?
how diffucult is it to become a first officer on a dash 8, saab 340, or bombardier crj?
I just bought the buns of steel video. Will I have trouble passing the metal detector at airports?
Scared of flying in aeroplane??
How to do start air flare?
Healthcare/Nurses in Aviation?
Nimrod (ex-De Havilland Comet)...?
Which is the best flight school in the world and which is the best place to take Commercial Pilot License?
Question from someone familiar with Federal Aviation Regulations (question about a flight review)?
if the pilot of an airplane tells you that the departure is going to be delayed because some mechanical ?
what do i have to do become a pilot for emirates?
How fast are planes traveling upon landing?
Embrayer 190 Why the design ?
should concorde be allowed to fly again?
How can i make a toy helicopter?which can fly around 20 -50 meters in sky?
what are the responsibities of cabin crew?
Why has the aircraft section gone to helll in a hand basket.?
What colleges are the best for becoming a commercial pilot?
Why are airlines a hot topic when it comes to the morbidly obese?
On average how long does it take to upgrade from second officer to first officer and to captain?
do aeroplanes hover?
how much does a helliskiing pilot make?
British airways pilot tattoo policy?
What exactly did Amelia Earhart do that was so impressive?
i want to get an RAF flypast tattoo in memory of family, do they vary on rank, time served etc?
what causes air pockets when in an airplane that cause it to drop?
Where can I get used Helicopter rotor blades?
when was the first time bar-codes were used in e tickets?
What A Levels should I take? (two questions)?
What are the best flight training schools in South Africa where one can obtain their Commercial Pilot License?
Can anyone describe to me the procedure of doing a manual amendment from a structural repair manual?
Is pilot a good job in these modern days?
Is the aviation school of maintenance a good school to attend?
why was concorde stopped from service?
do these big commercial planes actually have "key" to turn them on, or does the pilot just go to the..........?
Why can't airplanes land in fog?
Info. on P-51 Mustang shot down over USA?
who do you contact of a small plane intentionally flew low on purpose for 4-5 loops over my house and land?
is english very important of being an airline pilot?
Flight Simulators in Oregon?
Should I quit flying?
what does the dash no indicates like BOING 737-400, or -800, ? ?
How can I found out if it's possible to take a helicopter ride over the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia?
2 excel flying team what airfield did they originate from?
how many questions in exam Airlaw for ppl?
Will a blimp float away if the engines stop working?
Will the FAA suspend my pilot certificate for first time DUI?
My daughter wants to be a pilot.?
How do you become a pilot in Canada?
what is engine pressure ratio in gas turbine aero engines?
If some one tells you they have a pilots license to fly , are there public records to confirm test was legal?
Commercial pilot license ?
Who came up with the idea of Air to Air refuelling first. And has it ever been used on Commercial Aircraft?
Please help me..DGCA exams for Aviation in INDIA.i want to become a passenger pilot.i m doin BE IN ECE.?
Do pilots fart in the cockpit?
How much does a 2nd Day Air (by FedEx) shipping and handling cost? from
Flying first time!(Nervous)?
What is the best way to overcome fear of flight?
is it true that the house just flying around itself costs money?
has any one here flown on the concorde? how was it?
What air traffic control center controls Paris, France?
apprenticeship for avionics system maintenance in there any company who hire apprentices?
If I want to be a flight attendant...?
what do you tip curb side check-in at the airport?
It the cruising altitude the same for all commercial aircraft?
How does a student pilot find out if he/she is meant to be a pilot?
is basic travellers allowance fees an option?
Which is the FASTER mode of transportation, PLANE or TRAIN?
I recently landed a light taildragger in a 45 degree 25 knot crosswind - should I have done a go around?
Why do so many pilots need much more hours than the minimum to get PPL?
Can you realy have intercourse in an airplane?
What is the pre screening test required for Air Traffic controller students?
Is a tailwheel/taildragger undercarriage also called a trike?
Is it true that some planes have WiFi?
Anyone know the details of this video of a seaplane losing control on takeoff or landing and beaching?
Mechs if you found yourself working for a bum (dangerous) company what would you do and what would you expect?
How did HMS Bastard memorial airport in Zambia get its name?
Pilot salary.?
Would airline till need pilot in the future?
In reciept of doller bill-series1935A,signed by chuck yeager&flight crew the day he broke sound barrier.Worth?
Can a passenger plane stand still on air?
which airline should i become a pilot for?
is there an entertainment system in a A320-232?
I heard a plane outside my window and I cant identify it?
How is Federal Aviation administration(FAA) connected with Air traffic controller?
Is landing a plane on a road legal?
What the fastest way to become a commercial pilot?
What is the best fighter jet of all time?
what is the recorder used on an airplane?
If you are piloting a small plane and it starts going sour, can you parachute out of it?
Are there any limits on the number of check-rides that an FAA examiner can carry out each day?
Flight instructor leaving?
What is it that makes jets stop when they touch down?
How Jet Engines are more efficient than four Stroke Engine ?
How much would it cost to fly a boy band....?
for pilots/ someone who knows about planes?
What are the procedures you do while flying either f-16 or f-18 super hornet?
How you know that you are flying with a "no frills" airline?
where are the birds in flight of fancy in the I Spy Super Extreme Challenger?
You know that little indestructible black box on planes, why can't the whole plane be made of that substance?
What is the most beautiful plane, in your opinion.?
Alternative Medical Certificate?
Why do some aircraft have raised wing tips?
Im flying on the boeing 777 with Delta, what are they like? going to Florida from London 1 stop in detroit.?
Why does American Airlines doesnt fly a 747 anymore?
With many airplanes in the air at the same time, how do the planes avoid colliding with each other?
Can you paramotor around, in or in between a city skyline?
im scared of flying and going on holiday tomorrow...isit possible for a planes floor to just collapse?
Who was called the 'Flying Sikh'?
Are Boeing 747s disfavored by U.S. carriers?
Are any Concordes still in service?
Help with killing time during travel?
Do you pilots get a special feeling of excitement during taxi. and when you rotate?
my dream is to become a pilot but dont understand how to get in to pilot please can any one say me the way?
Do marine corps pilots get stationed on aircraft carriers?
How old do you have to be to get an Aviation Maintenance? Certificate?
How many shuttle are there in NASA?
embarkation and disembarkation of passgns at airport expedite de speedy clearence of passgns wen correct?
Aerobatics in Los Angeles.?
What were you thinking as you took off on your first solo flight?
why would airline instructors disable the airspeed instrument in the simulator on short final on a Boeing?
Seen two planes flying at same & altitude & direction?
Do airline pilots get hours in simulators?
Does United Airlines offer free WI-FI?
I want to become a helicopter pilot in the military?
can anyone tell me what specifics to consider or things i should know about getting a private pilot's license?
How long does air traffic control need to keep radar records?
Looking for a job?
How long to fly from Louisville Kentucky, to L.A. California?
Can I rent a plane for a few days to fly to a different state and back?
How many air to air range missile's do F22 has.?
where do i find cheap aircraft tools,looking for cheap new or used and tools an aircraft mechanic must have.?
Do virgin atlantic's a340-300's have the new premium economy seats?
Do you get nervous when the plane is taking off?
Is air traffic controller a good profession?
What are private pilots listening to on their mp3 players while flying?
Why did WWII torpedo bombers always have radial engines?
what is the smoke you see coming out of an airplane in the sky, looks like steam, and leaves a long trail?
who typically owns airports in the united states?
compared to the fastest jet in the world; how fast is the G4?
What is Rm stands for and what does it mean?
Can I, as a United States ctizen, ride on Air Force One??
"Minneapolis Airport"?
how big are airplane tires?
im 16 and wear glass can i still fly?
Does anyone know where I could buy an OV-10 Bronco? It's an old Vietnam-era warplane (unarmed, of course).
Can you name several problems that are researchable in the area of general aviation?
Controllable and noncontrollable factors in airlines industries?
What tasks are performed in Cabin Crew Physical Screening?
Who was the first helicopter pilot to go over 1 million miles?
Pilots--Should I quit my job and go for it? Or is this senioritis?
Pilots, what was the your retirement flight like?
Boeing or Airbus????????????
What's a good airline to take if traveling to Britain?
at what age can kids fly alone?