when we goin have flying cars?
what r "g"s?
Flying in the wind??
Buying a Cessna 310R?
I need Answers....please.?
What is the cheapest way to get private pilots license?
y i wan to b a cabin crew five reason?
why does an aircraft comparatively flies at a higher speed in a colder region than in a hotter region?
Are there small, unobtrusive parachutes that you can wear while piloting a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172?
How to start a career in the airline industry ?
what is the smallest diameter aluminum allow bolt used on a aircraft in inches?
where can i find the courses to maintain aircraft battery
Do airplanes (large commercial airliners) have horns?
Magazine Article: Airplanes will never reach 500 mph?
Which is the nearest airport to Dharamsala?
Does the 747 - 800 I have the "Sky Loft " ?
What is the difference beetween economy and priority?
Are blimps required to have navigation lights when flying at night?
Do you recommend Pan Am Intl Flight Academy?
How Can I Look Good When Applying for Line Service?
What is the average mph of a commercial airliner?
Put Yourself On Board One Of The Hyjacked American Airlines Jets(911), What Would You Have Done ?
You are an airplane pilot?Please,make me hapy!?
Aeroplanes of established1983?
Precision Simulator 744 help?
can a p plater carry more than 1 passenger between the hours of 11pm-5am if they are all over the age of 21?
How are lights embedded into the runway at airports?
What college should I go to become a commercial pilot ?
Advice for landing on the centerline?
Does a fixed wing microlight have back up systems ie wings falling off or coming apart?
what is the most economical site to buy plane tickets to travel so South America.?
why are there almost no airplane movements during the night at the biggest airports, like atlanta or boston?
How far can a 747 fly on one engine?
i want to know where i can find class for makeing of remote contorl air plane in india?
If I put rotor blades on my house, will it turn into a helicopter?
What would YOU have done if you'd been on that JetBlue plane for 10 hours? I'd have called cops.....?
what is PCA?and why did the NTSB discontinued the project?
Why was Manfred Von Richtofen nicknamed"The red baron"?
Prices for cargo airplane? *10 POINTS*?
damn, how small are the seats on a 737 jet. im flying to cancun from chicago.....?
Can/Do pilots ever use asymmetrical thrust instead of crabbing/side-slipping during crosswind landings?
What products/services do UK airports offer to all customers, including airlines, freight companies, staff ?
Wats next after AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING ? What jobs i m eligible for and how get it ?
How do I overcome the terrifying fear of flying???
I´m mexican and I would like to study commercial aviation in USA, exist a scholarship for this?
info on boeing 747-400?
Which ATC frequency would aircraft inbound to Heathrow be tuned into when over East London?
looking to become a pilot of any kind, has any body got any pointers.?
Pilots, what was the your retirement flight like?
what are the excess baggage charges ,flying to BCN from GWK,with BA?
im a student pilot who is so nervous to fly!! Help!?
In measuring runway length. Does runway safety area included?
If you can afford a private executive airplane, what plane would you choose?
what is the approximate length of a runway?
why do airlines do it to us?
Where can i find info about learning to talk like a ATC with pilots? like Tengo Niner ect.....?
how does the standby instrument work on a cessna g1000?
why child atc controller such a big deal?
want pilot job any where in world.?
You know that little indestructible black box on planes, why can't the whole plane be made of that substance?
can a cessna 172 do a barrel roll?
In your opinion is United Airlines a good airline? Good food? Nice employees? WHat are some stories?
can you hear talking durring a sonic boom?
How can I work in Australia as a A&P technician without haveing a license and am from sudan?
How would I transfer U.S. Commercial pilots license to the U.K.?
How to become a flight attendant when your only 4'8?
I have a GE vintage component I need to know what it is?
what are the qualifications must needed for becoming an airline pilot?
Is there anyone willing to fund my cost for going to flying school?
What is full form of engine specification of cessna 152 aircraft? ?
Will there me an a380 for Delta?
Any 53 pilots out there?
where can I find information on juan de la cierva?
Why do planes veer to the left or right immediately after they take off?
what is the maximum hours a Boeing 777-200 can fly at top speed in the air?
What is SVC on a VFR flight log?
How to get LSA rating?
What min. separation distance to be kept to avoid jet blast hazard behind a 747-400 while self taxiing out ?
what is the speed of F15 fighter jet?
Does General Aviation (Private Flying) Exist In Taiwan?
How do you become a commercial aline pilot?
which airports allow children under the age of 2 to ride in their planes?
Can I buy a little personal helicopter for under $30 grand..?
How to become a pilot in Singapore?
what is time or life or flight cycle of aircraft jet engine ?
Owing your own jet (L39), In Australia?
is the ed hardy skyhawk rc helicopter better or the ed hardy arc angel rc boat!!!?
How much do pilots make?
why doesnt everyone want to be a pilot?
Help with my PSTAR test coming up!?
how many planes does southwest have total?
Does anyone know the average altitude of which a plane flies at?
how long does it take to go from Chicago to France?
What do you call the little thing that backs the airplanes up, and how are they able to push the planes?
This aviation designer had a lasting impact on early car design as well. Who was the designer, and what was hi
how much does it cost for each license/rating?
is there a website that has layouts of airplanes and you can prin tthem and then cut them out and fly them?
Why do airplanes leave the white stream behind them sometimes and not other times?
Anyone worked as an Airport Team member (Customer Service) for an airline?
best way to fly to africa?
learn how to design of a product?
who sings living on a prayer?
What is the smaller propeller at the back of a helicopter used for?
Where is a good place to watch planes take off and land at San Jose Intl.?
The A380, how successful has it been?
why do planes put on landing lights when taking off.?
Is this possible to do in the pilot world?
It appears in spite of several attempts we cannot imitate a Bird in flight?
when you hear stories or jokes about drunken pilots, why are "nothwest airlines pilots" so often mentioned?
Do indian fighter pilots wear helmets?
which terminal at Manchester Airport is used by Csmos Travel?
Anyone who's taken there class 1 medical?
Aircraft Identification?
Where can I find someone to teach me to fly a plane cheaper than a flight school?
How Do Plane Ticket Prices Vary?
Could you build an Ultralight with a RC model engine?
Flying to CA to get my daughter. If I buy 2 roundtrip tix on Priceline, can she just use the return portion?
What can I do? I missed my scheduled airplane flight, but I still want to go on my trip? ?
Would you jump out a plane?
More oppurtunities in china?
do i have to have a good eyesight to become a pilot?
which air force has a plain black star on their planes?
does thaxien rock?
which country has the most beautiful airlines?ie-judgeing from the design on the aircraft?
I want to become a commercial airline pilot- Read me?
Is commercial space transportation good or bad?
Why are people so scared of flying?
Why is the flight recorder Yellow when it is called a Black box?
Airline question?????????
Why don't they call them "near hits" instead of "near misses" when planes almost crash?
Does Boeing have a replacement of 747 in the drawing board, bigger and better?
Why is cell phone use banned on airplanes?
How do I get bagege cars up to my airplane on fsx?
What is the TOP 10 AIRLINERS IN THE WORLD!!!!?
What are the difference between how Russian and American military pilots are trained?
Is there any pilots here? What is the most daring stunts you have done?
what airplanes make contrails in the skies?
Is there a good website where I can learn more about aircraft?
A child keeps kicking your plane seat, what do you do?
Flying with a musical instrument?
What's the present law regarding the carrying of liquids onto aircraft?
Why does the Boeing 777 vibrate a lot when the landing gear is extended?
If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest, will it make a sound?
im scared of flying does anybody have suggestions to help me while im in the air.?
Anybody got the phone no. for Royal Brunei - London?
what is "dirty" stall speed of airbus 319?
Where can i find a BAe 146 fos FSX?
do commercial pilots have this option.?
Please Tell About Commercial Pilot Job Prospects In India??As I Plan to do My Indian CPL Training In Australia?
How much does it cost to fly intercontinental cargo flights?
Would a pilot fail a medical?
does the Robbe- modellsport factory still exist.?
How do you obtain a FAA issued Powerplant license?
can a girl with 155cms in height become a cabin crew?
Pilot error, what gives?
Website to track a planes detail by its flight number?
Where can I find out gender statistics on airline pilots and flight attendants?
What would make a pilot crash his aircraft into a building if not on purpose?
what master should i study if i want to be a commercial pilot? or which master is closest to that field?
For a flight between Toronto and Quebec, about how many VFR days would there be in December?
how to get an interview with air deccan MD.Mr.G.R.Gopinath?
What does this Amadeus command do?
Can a flight attendant wear dangling earrings?
Embarkation, Disembarkation Proceedures of passengers at the airport for speedy clearenceI need as much info?
private oral exam guide guestion?
How do I fly a plane?
Where can I find an airplane propeller?
Is it normal to take 6 years to finish flight training and a bachelors degree to be a professional pilot?
What is the small silver/metallic thing at the bottom of plane windows?
Were can I get my flight rating for the TS-11 iskra military flight trainer?
can airplanes fly on helium?
what are similar aviation programs to Seneca's Aviation Technology Dree?
Before the first supersonic flight had scientists predicted that there would be a sonic boom?
Do planes have WIFI???????????
Laws regarding commercial aircraft overloading?
What is the name of the North Dakota Helicopter rescue service?
what age do you have to be to take helicopter lessons?
How does the FAA get contact you for a interview?Email, Letter or Phone?
Sounds of being locked onto in jets?
Whats your favourite Commerical Airliner?
Can you name several problems that are researchable in the area of general aviation?
Airplane wingbox fuel tanks how are they made etc?
Is it possible that an aircraft to move backward?
What are the red corners forming rectangles around the outside of the pilots' windows?
is it easy to learn Flying from Video Flight Simulators?
What are the IFR Pilot recency requirements in Canada?
What type of plane do they fly in, on the TV show Criminal Minds?
master aircraft mechanic scab list?
Can I use a mobile phone in a private plane?
Where does Delta Sonic gasoline come from?
The hijackers on 9/11 were able to turn off the transponders on the plane so they couldn't be tracked...more
Should the Lockheed R6V Constitution have stayed on the board?
What are the chances of being picked to be an air-hostess while wearing contact lenses besides other factors?
where can I find an aerodrome operations manual?
Is there an inexpensive way to get your pilot's license without going into the military?
Any prospective Air Traffic Controllers out there fail the MMPI-2 and have to take it a 2nd time?
how to become a pilot? step-by-step procedure.?
How many aeroplanes crash in 2010?
Seriously, is it possible to make a flying sleigh?
Stage III exam... Not sure?
Are Pilot's Rich???? :)?
who invented the gas powered toy airplane?
what is the distance between washington d.c. and turin,italy?
i want to get a nortwest airline points card (airmiles) where can i register?
What is a Fighter Pilot?
aerodynamic performance?
does anyone have any good aviation web sites i could look at?
flight dispatcher career?
how is oil used as a thermal ice protection system in an aircraft?
Are there any aircrafts that can go in reverse on there own power?
WWII "What If?" Kit Planes?
I want to be a commercial airline pilot?
Need help naming me book?
What are the steps to becoming a commercial airline pilot?
Rooftop helipad landings in New York City?
Is the TSA incompetent?
Becoming A Pilot: Please Help!?
If a plane crashed into the BOK Tower in Tulsa?
questions on commercial airplanes?
Where's the best museum on American Aviation?
Why the caption sit on left seat on fixed wing and on right seat on helicopter?
Why are practically all air pilots are male?
What languages do I need to become air cabin crew?
Was the Martin Baltimore/Maryland a decent aircraft
i want to become a helicopter pilot, will i still be able to be a family man?
how does a plane fly?
what you call man waving at planes in airports to bring them to stand?
what is the best way to overcome the fear of flying??
Where can I find the co-ordinates for the Selig3201 wing sections?
Help prep for Converting FAA Commercial pilot licence to Peruvian Commercial Licence test.?
Are t700 and t400 helicopter engines called the same thing in the civilian world? If not, what are they called?
why do military jets have to have so much Maintenance?
can a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER stop in mid air without moving?
how long would it take to fly to mars on a space shuttle?
Antonov An 225 Aircraft?
do you need a passport or some other id to travel by plane from uk to uk destinations?
Does anybody no how or where can i go to get my caregiver license?
Humiliated in Q/A sessions!?
What does SFO stand for and what is their role in the cockpit?
where are airplanes kept when theyre not scheduled for a flight?
what is the safest general aviation aircraft per hours flown according to the government records.?
Okay your plane just went down~~~~~?
Why did the concorde stop flying ?
What is the requirement to be a pilot or air traffic controller? Help? Info needed.?
Has the airlines industry eliminated heterodynes?
How to name my RC plane?
I was on aircraft G-BDXL in Feb. 2000. Can anyone explain what this means?
What high level airways (airline, origin) would go over the west of ireland. seeing alot of jets today?
did i make a prop strike?
Is a hot air balloon considered an aircraft when it is not inflated?
Default Landing Speed, Altitude and Flaps of Airplane?
Laws regarding commercial aircraft overloading?
Why is the line painted down the length of an airliner's fuselage called a "cheat" line?
I am about to complete my 50 hours private pilots license in australia?
How do you communicate with the airport you're going to land on?
Why on the toilet door of 737- 600 series plane there is a no smoking sign but there is an ashtray?
Chinook vs Blackhawk vs V-22 vs Pave Low?
Where is the safest place to sit on an flight?
What is the pilots salary in Germany? both 1st officer and Captain?
Why are aeroplane vapour trails in the sky so common in London, yet we don't see them in Australia?
what are three main issues facing civil aviation in the world today? waht do you think is the best way to adre?
/page plus air time?
What reason do you suspect for the missing Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330?
What sort of maths and physics do you need for piloting?
Anyone join the Mile High Club?
Is it lifting-off or landing.....?
What is the best fighter aircraft?
What is the white line that follows a plane when it flies through the sky? Is it smoke?
Is a hot air balloon considered an aircraft when it is not inflated?
Propellant mass flow ratio?
How much more fuel efficient is a 777 than a747, a burn between ORD and London for example?
New Airbus A350 cockpit windows?
Looking for a job?
Where can i download ICAO Doc 9683 for free?
What's a good airline to take if traveling to Britain?
I'm going to poland in the summer. what is it like to be on an aeroplane?
Were can I get my flight rating for the TS-11 iskra military flight trainer?
Can Canadian air traffic controllers work in the U.S.?
Afraid of planes in sky?
Good place to spot at KBUR?
In the game RC plane 2 how do I land a plane in the water?
Commercial pilot career start, too late?
How come American Cars suck and American planes are the best in the world?
United MileagePlus Explorer Card question...?
does passengers have to wear glasses in illinois?
Colour blind to be a pilot?
How safe is an Airbus A300? is a two engine aircraft safe??
why do airplanes make those white lines in the sky?
knows maybe somebody how much money can be airplane tickek from Frankfurt to Tel aviv?
I heard of some kind of new engine developed that was installed and being tested on a SR-71?
let's imagine that you're taking off with a fully-loaded (heavy) boeing/airbus, you passed V1, but are still..
when you travel with a airplane, the ticket "will go with you at home"?
Are boeing 747's still in commission?
Does United Airlines offer free wi-fi?
why do pilots say roger?
Do you have to go through army or navy to be an airline pilot?
In a fuel injected system which component is the throttle and mixture control connected to?
what ever happend to the actual airwolf helicopter used in the tv series?
how to get boarding passesfor 2/5/06 flight?
Can I be a national guard pilot and a airline pilot at the same time?
what will commercial helicopter training run me? books and cost of living included. PA or surrounding states.?
Over the radio to another pilot called Jack, why should you not say "HI JACK"?
Hong Kong vs New Jersey Cost of Living as a Fed Ex Pilot-big difference?
What is the REAL purpose of those oxygen masks that fall from the ceiling in a plane?
What happened to the aircar.?
how to apply to be a cabin crew???
On Which BASIC PART (/Principal) ,the AEROPLANE flying???i mean which is basic MAIN PART of aeroplane for flyi?
what is the fees of private pilot training schools in india?
what is a pilots life like?
737 pilots Help me RE: ALT ACQ !!!!!?
Does anyone know where I can find a glider ride in the SF Bay Area? (East Bay)?
Transferring aircraft ownership?
How come my sliver bullet rc helicopter wont fly?
plane crash in dubendorf switzerland on april 24 1944 number on plane is714?
get them away from me !!!?
Question about loging Total Time in a Aircraft?
what is the largest aircraft that has successfully landed on the deck of and aircraft carrier?
which approved must have for an aircraft institute?
Etihad Airways Pilot Cadet Programme is there in 2012?
I want to become a pilot, now i have given my board exams with commerce as my stream.?
Which is the world's busiest airport?
how do we transmit SOS signal from aircraft ?
Delta International flight food service- What's it like?
Does the US have any exchange pilots in other countries flying their aircraft?
What are the similarities and differences between boeing 737 and airbus A320 ?
Should I worry about ice?
Why do planes need tail wings?
What are private pilots listening to on their mp3 players while flying?
Is this still a good flight time formula based on travel and distance?
single engine aircraft fuel consumption?
Can i land a c-130 at a private aircraft airport if i own the c-130?
What is the cut-off age or when are you too old to consider starting a pilot career?
How to take off properly using VNAV in a B744?
torque converter to drive aircraft propeller?
What is the take-off distance required for a boeing 707 at maximum weight?
r.c. V400D02 helicopter problems?? s?
How to get a private airstrip?
DC-10 (MD-11) or Lockheed's L-10-11? Which aircraft do you prefer?
can any one help me out with how ac electrisity is generated and distributed on an aircraft?
Why is the Boeing 787 called the Dreamliner?
do planes fly on christmas day?
flight ops??
What Type of Airplane Should I GEt?
what is the probability we will survive a airplane crash?
where do you think Amelia Earhart went to when she disappeared?
what is the fastest american world war 2 fighter plane thunderbolt ,mustang, or corsair?
private number taxi in manali?
Helicopeter flight?
How to get intercom audio on FlipHD Camera?
A glider with a flying speed of 35kts flies into a head wind of 35kts. to an observer on the ground the glider?
How to become a pilot...whats ppl cpl ilr blabla...?
is this doable ,and why? "bikes over a plane !!!?
what is E6B?
How would an aircraft maneuver outside our atmosphere?
What type of planes?
How can I have a pleasant flight tomorrow?
Is the 2015 target for the EcoJet realistic...?
Which do you think is more acurate and tactic in a Dogfight?F14 or F16?
Physical flight simulation?
Indian pilots please help.?
Why do people say propeller planes takeoff better than turbofans?
In the future when hypersonic commercial flights are common will we have MLB with teams all over the Americas?
what can you chew on an airplane besides gum?
What does a tail do on a paper airplane?
what is the density of space shuttle foam?
Where is the exact position of "C-130H" CG & CA?
How low does the temperature of the hold get to when unheated in aircraft?
Mitsubishi MU-2 question!!!?
When is the best time to buy airline tickets?
What makes a good flight school?
Should I buy a Beechjet or a Falcon?
How does CPDLC and ACARS work ?
What is an air-over inflght trolley?
Life span of a boeing 737-200?
Tomcat vs Eagle: Who would win in a hypothetical battle?
how much it cost to travel from cairo to Alkhartoum by air ...?
How do you stand on one finger?
Using Expressjet?
A silly question: Where is the fuel tank on a commercial airliner?
Pilots: Would you be satisfied with a small airplane?
what is used in jets,planes as fuel?
How come i can only use one airport on flightgear?
What is performan service?
Where can I find an OMF-Symphony 160 Pilot's Operating Handbook?
Do You Live Near An Airport?
largest airport in the world?
Does anybody know if the Chinese CS2000 or CS2010 will have a composite airframe?
Will I be stopped with car licence plate at the airport in Canada?
Where does Delta fly their 747's to?
Is it ok for these airliners to be dumping their fuel on my work place?
Take off and landings of airplanes.... are they really safe?
Are there any pilot sponsorship available (or planned) in any English or German speaking countries?
about terminals in JFK?
best airline in the world?
What are the chances of a aeroplane crashing ?
TNW bulletin ?
Have you ever watched an airplane flying in the sky ...?
I need this for a book I'm writing, on any aircraft, is there a place or compartment on a plane where?
Who has the most dangerous flying job?
I heard a plane outside my window and I cant identify it?
Can A F-111 Be Flown With 1 Person?
Why won't my rc helicopter fly?
Why do you have to put the shades up at takeoff?
if 4 airplanes land at a airport every 5 minutes how many airplanes land in a day? answers?
Why is it that an air plane can be struck by lightning while in the air?
who would you like to be in an airplane with?
How long does it take the Concorde plane to get from Europe to Canada?
how do i enroll in pal aviation school? do they have a study now pay later program?
security clearance for international flights?
after high school to be a fighter pilot and go to air force academy do i have to go to coolege or ROTC ?
what airlines flys from columbus, ohio to los angeles, california?
Who likes to ride in an airplane?
how do i correctly add aircraft to microsoft flight sim?
What is the best class for a Moab and an Osprey Gunner.?
Which is the best shampoo for zeppelins?
What is most effective, the jet-engine, or the propeller?
alteon boeings world wide traning organization forecast delivery for new aircraft from 2007to2027is?
Anybody have an opinion on the altec landing boombox?
What is the closest flight school to Union City, Tennessee?
what would be the cost of a boeing 777?
Looking to buy aircraft parts for decoration?
Where can I find O.A.T. Gauges to purchase.?
who do I call to bet a mode c deviation for Logan airport mode c airspace?
how do I make a Biplane!?
question about wifi on planes?
i have a dh-1 speed tech helicopter and i can turn the lights on and off but cant get the wings to move.?
When should I be trained in flying school?
Which is better for the Diamond DA20?
Is an airplane crash ever considered a good crash?
if my plane brakes down in the air can i still call out the aa?
European PPL completion?
is there really jobs for commercial airline pilots?
Would children be allowed to board a plane by themselves?
Airline Pilots getting health examination every 6 months? (read the details)?
Pilot Training?????
Though gravely injured and on fire, he was able to toss a burning bomb canister out of his aircraft?
I have a phobia of flying and need some reassurance?
How do I add plane textures to Flight Simulator X?
Does center give pilots the altimeter setting on decent?
Please read! I'm really scared!?
Won't jumping up before your plane hits the ground leave you unscratched in a crash?
What three essential elements did Orville and Wilbur Wright combine to contribute to their success?
How was your First Solo...?
what is the age requirement to be a commercial airline pilot?
lockheed f35 controversy?
Do you think the new rules for the airplanes is right?
How long runway does a Boeing 747 need for takeoff or landing?
Question i need for aviation and powerplant mechanics?
i want to become a commercial pilot ,how can i full fill my dream?
How fast does a plane go before it leaves the runway?
air traffic controller or plane pilot?
What's the minimum airspeed of and unladen 747?
What would you say the "average percentage" of passengers on a regular jetliner is?
In the Aeromexico planes. do u think theyre will be movies playing?
Why is .380 ACP so hard to find lately, why are .223 so expensive lately too.?
Have you ever flown with AirTran Airlines?
Which companies make the TV entertainment units found in commercial airliners? ?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of low cost and no frills domestic airline?
Was George Pullman a Robber Baron or a Captain of Industry? and why?
Has anybody developed an Airborne Fish Finder, mounted on the belly of an aircraft?
Is it legal for me to fly my plane over area 51?
with a short but good answer anybody know what flight attendants r trained to do on crashed on land?
what are those white streaks planes leave in the sky?
how many people out there are pilots?
Can I easily track down an airplane instrument unit?
did we really sent a man to the moon in n1969?
aircraft altitudes?
Airbus - Im not a plane spotter but this is pretty cool?
Did Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
Would you open an airplane window way up in the sky?
Has anyone bought a discovery flight package from Know any cheaper places in the DC area?
What type of single-engine aircraft would be good for freight delivery?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
What is a good ground school in vancouver washington area?
For international flying?
In the event you are flying an IFR flight plan, and you lose communications with ATC, what should u do next??
Starting a Jet Turbine Engine?
Why do pilots ask you to turn off all electronics on planes?
Cabin lights.?
In the fsx addon 767 captain (by captain sims) what are the liveries on the 767's?
What is the Virgin Atlantic Vs201 Operating flights from SYD-LHR called?
what speed does a dornier 328 take of at?
In that famous B-52 crash video the aircraft is very low, hard left and then dives in. How did this happen?
Should I Follow My Dream And Become A Pilot?
Best way to be a airline pilot?
What is the difference between a Boeing and Airbus?
what is the name and age of the youngest CPL(commercial Pilot Lisence) holder in India?
What will happen if a jet flies faster than the speed of sound ?
what new features and technology would you like see on airlines?
What are Cons of Airplanes?
Regional Airlines???????????
Why do commercial airliners sometimes leave a jet stream in the air?
Why do some jets leave contrails while others leave nothing while flying at roughly the same elevation?
How is the job opportunities for pilots in India?
Whats the difference between a helicopter, a plane and a jet?
what do or what would you think of when you you are in a plane?
How can passengers hear the voices between the ATC and the cockpit?
question about owning a king air?
Is there engineering stalls at the Intonational Air Tattoo at fairford such as jet engine to view etc?
Do airplanes annoy you?
anyone who's working in the airline industry? ?
what would be the recommended first plane to get as a new pilot?
I am looking for an exciting, rewarding job within the aviation industry but not as an airline pilot.?
FAA Exam's you need to do for Private Pilot's License?
why all the pilots always use the word "roger" to end a transmition what that means?
Virgin atlantic fleet?
Which fighter has 4 engines?
UK Flight Charts, I am looking for a very good website that has access to colour UK Flight Charts.?
What are alternate IFR limits?
i have a question a bout flying to places to places and here it go how many days do it tack to fly to?
How Boeing and Lockheed Martin are able to upgrade A-10 Thunderbolt IIs?
pfon number of any cargo from dubai to Moldova?
Do helicopter blades turn clockwise or counterclockwise?
who invented the first plane? names?were? and how they made out of what?
What is the difference between V! and V2, can you stop after V2?
Wouldn't a girl be a better pilot than a boy? They weigh less and waste less gas.?
What a pilot needs his first officer for?In case of death of the pilot can his first officer flight the plane?
what is proper name for airplane mechanic?
Morse Code, How you remember the alphabets?
Why are airplanes called airplanes?
I'm scared of flying?
does any one know a website?
basic flight instruments in the cockpit?
I have completed BEaeronautical. What can i do further to enter the aviation Industry?
How do you extend the boom on a holmes 440 wrecker boom?
Should I go to Embry Riddle Daytona or Purdue for flight?
Is the Ar-mini suitable for receiving airplane-tower atc communication?
What are the steps for opening a helicopter school?
Is Boeing really thinking about designing a 797?
What is the best fighter aircraft?
Which livery best fits for the A380?
who are know anyboby militar parachutes in EUA?
If you are in training for regional how do you get your type 737 rating?
What are the pros and cons of becoming a pilot?
Help!! flight tickets needed!!!!!?
What opportunities are there for women in Aviation?
What should Boeing do about this?
what type of liquids can u take on a plane???
What do airplanes need electricity for?
Where does the urination, etc go to, from an airplane.?
Highway Emergency Landing: Which direction should I land?
Flight cancelled, Turkish Airline?
has anyone ever seen a hoverwing fly. i found them on the net for $6000.00 and did it fly well?
My seatbelt is stuck in my car door. I can't get it to open. How can get my car door open?
Where 2 find a Book on Amelia Earhart by George Putnam or Newspaper articles on Amelia Earhart?
Is it legal to bring a 6-pk of beer on my flight from TX to VA?
I'm scared of flying, how to get over fear?
Why are there helicopters flying around like crazy tonight?
How long before more commercial supersonic flights?
wing length of Boeing 747 aeroplane?
Please tell me where to get information on the flight instruments of Cessna Grand Caravan C208B aircraft.?
How fast in mph is a 757 airplane traveling when it climbing?
Is there any situation in which a jet engine won't work, but a piston engine will?
I have full custody of my children. my ex is currently unemployed, is he obligated to pay child support?
What airlines can I fly from Anchorage Alaska-Jackson Hole WY?
Airplane Cleaning Articles/Supplies?
What is the difference between REISSUE and REVALIDATION for airline e-tickets?
is 40000 worth getting a helicopter commercial license?
Spacemen , in space, what do they eat ?
Why do so many questions in this topic refer to the glamorous life of pilots and their pay?
how does an airplane mesaure its own speed in the air?
Making a simple static wick?
what to look for when buying rc helicopter?
which course is required to become a pilot?
What plane do you think is the best?
When should you start taking flight lessons to become a pilot?
Airline tones? is a site really available how is it that can not trace or search it
What happens to the static ions stored inside the aircraft during flight goes while landing? Is it affect airc?
Counter-Rotating Props?
How often are pure metals used in aircraft or vehicles?
does any one know where i can find a plane ticket for 1000 or less from munich to atlanta on the 6th of august
Links for RAF and USAAF aircraft recognition diagrams?
can you take a seeing eye dog on a plane?
i want to become a pilot .what is the minimum height required for girls?
Well you all know I`m old school by now, so where is the old Good Year Blimp, do you ever see it fly?
Do PC flight simulators have any practical training benefits?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
What is the maximum speed allowed in class B airspace?
Does Raytheon's Hawker Horizon replace the Hawker 1000?
Which is the best airline to take?
How much do helicopter tour pilots make.?
What design feature is done in aircraft to make Landing Gear down in case of System Failure?
how much would a flight of 10ft. stairs cost?
How do pilots remember all the numbers ATC tells them?
Anybody have an opinion on the altec landing boombox?
is microsoft flight sim 2004 worth the price?
should conorde still be grounded?
Anyone recognize this movie?
Do commercial airplanes always turn off their engines at the gate?
why does the world think that 9/11 is so bad?
military aircraft mechanic then A&P
Favorite kind of Airplane?
How to become a pilot?
seats recline exit row?
How do I select seats while booking a flight online?
I want to be a airline pilot, what do i need to get and do.?
Air traffic control information!?
Next month I will be taking a 10 hour plane ride. one problem I am very very very afraid of planes.?
Indian CPL help!!!!?
applications of physics in aviation?
How many air miles between Albany,NY and Phoenix,Az?
what is the 3 method of Radar contact..according to FAA?
Are the FAA regulations in the USA similar to AUS's CASA?
how to move ice blocks from a helicoptor?
Why are the airplanes leaving big white lines in the sky that don't go away?
Can I get a bachelor degree & then go for training for being an Air Traffic Controller?
Do they tell passengers not to use electronic devices on aircraft, such as a camcorder, if so, why?
How long would a commercial passenger airliner take to go around the world? what is the average speed of a 747?
how close is Evansville, Il. to Carmi Il.?
list of non commercial routes in the tristate?
Why do we have a fear of flying? Why no fear of driving or boating? Is an airplane as much in element as car?
Has a smoking passenger ever caused a fire in an aircraft cabin back when it was allowed?
Did cathay pacific get its first 777-300 ER now and if yes, where do they fly?
Are there any limits on the number of check-rides that an FAA examiner can carry out each day?
what does CAT III mean in aviation?
What do fighter jets do?
Does Boeing hire minors (17 year olds or younger), or Freshmen or Sophmore in colleges? (18-19)?
I'm gay will that affect my chances of becoming a airline pilot?
the best online private pilot licence site?
What is the fastest airplane carrying more then 200 people in it?
What is the difference between the way an airplane and a helicopter fly?
Is a half-inch diameter hole in the aleron of a cessna 180 a big problem?
How do you get your picture on the wall of Poncho's?
what would happen if the Wright Brothers never made their plane?
what is the jet engine of aeroplane?
Civilian Pilot or British Army Helicopter Pilot?
Confusion about landing light req in Canada?
where can i get a 1:400 MD11 model of Malaysia Airlines?
P47 Thunderbolt or Bf109?
5th Wheel Training Institute?!?
What is the safest airline?
How much do licensed aeronautical engineers earn in the US?
What are some good FAA Approved AT-CTI Schools/programs in the Dallas/fw area?
How long does the aircraft take to become airborne? physics?
What do you think of my photographs?
I have some doughts abt the CPL. Please help.
how do i buy my own private jet?
i want to travel (plane)what do i need to bring my dog thank you?
helicopter and a plane are alike?
Larger copy of this Aircraft Image?
Why some airplanes have 1 vertical stablizer, while others have 2?
Why are pilots thin and truck drivers fat?
How can I get my lost FAA written test results reissued faster than 4-6 weeks?
paper airplane Please answer A.S.A.P I'm dieing of Cancer?
What do i have to do to get a jet ski license in michigan?
How different is flying a Boeing 727 than a Cessna 150?
how does an Emergency Locator Transmitter work on an aircraft?
Who is right - airport time question?
Are there significantly more helicopters flying over the Hollywood Hills than there were five years ago?
what's the maximum altitude a plane can go?
As a Pilot,Are you in awe each flight or do worry about things and do you carry a good luck charm-?
trim button on airbus?
Do I own the airspace above my land?
Radial Line Development?
How to Execute a Slip?
How much does commercial pilot training cost in total?
Whats the chance of a cessna 172's engine failing throughout the whole life of a private pilot?
What is the merits and demerits of material use for elevator for airplane?
Would I be cool if I bought a Cadillac car?
What are some of the other flight schools in Canada besides seneca and sault college?
opinion on the concorde?
Is the sportstar airplane able to do stunts such as a hamehead?
How is it, that a boeing 747 can go full throttle and still be stationary.I've seen this several times on TV.
may i knw how to apply pilot scholarships in malaysian airline system ?
what fighter planes USA had done in 1910 till 1930?
flight simhelp?
What will happen to a plane if it runs out of fuel?
Can you Fly a Cessna 182 Turbo with a private license?
I the f15 going to retire the f22?
Im doing project on Airplanes. Can anyone give me a good sugestion about airplane design?
What are the differences b/w an aeroplane and a jet?
What is more dangerous on a statistical level, piloting a single-engine aircraft or motorcycling?
what are flight attendants there for???
How do I become a air traffic controller?
Why dont single prop planes have mufflers?
what is the fastest way to send a parcel from winnipeg to yellowknife?
does the boeing 777-300ER have electric plugs for laptops, or some usb ports for mobile phones or some sort?
Where does the plane?
Do you start engines before the pushback on a 747?
What exactly did Amelia Earhart do that was so impressive?
how long does it take to fly from heatrow airport to manchester airport?
what exactly is a generation?
where can i find all private jet owners contact list ?
what papers do you need to fly a plane?
Airstrips in Northern NSW?
Which is a Good Place to Get CPL?
Does the lift to drag ration increase or decrease in slow flight?
Does anyone like taking pictures of civil airliners?
how to make paper airplanes?
How does a civilian go about getting a ride in an F-16?
Which Binoculars would be better for Plane(Airliners) Spotting ?
How do you survive the pain in your ears when you are on a air plane...?
How can I get a ride on a Stealth airplane for my birthday?
If the guy who jumped out of the plane showed that someone could potentially open the plane's emergency door?
f-16 vs. f-14D which would win?
Where can I find a list of the aircraft included under the CL-65 type rating?
General Aviation Operators in Mildura, Australia?
map of al asad?
Why do aircraft radial engines have odd number of cylinders?
What is the lowest parachute jump ever recorded, Civil or Military.?
how much do commercial airplane piolets make?
How much time does it take from Marathalli to BIA from 6am?
How is the job, being an Air Traffic Controller like?
Are there any aeroplanes which require 12 pilots?
im looking for ways to help my gf during?
Flying Video in Bay Area?
what's the best way to become a comercial helicopter pilot?
Which US airline is the best?
what are the definition and differences of air transportation system and aviation?
How much percentage of marks i need to acquire in class 12th for a good aviation college in India?
What airplanes are designed to fly on one engine only?
How does the cyclic stick move the swash plate (helicopter)?
what aircraft has shortest landing and take off rolls?
Why are scramjets limited to Mach 25?
how old is the appropriate age to travel?
aircraft altitudes?
How long does it take to build an A380?
How do they film airplanes flying?
is the f18 a good fighter jet to have?
do I have to have a car license to drive a plane?
helicopter pilot?
Do airliners fly over the north pole when flying between north america and europe/asia ?
Can someone please tell me the 5 categories or aircraft, and also the 4 classes of an aircraft?
How do you become an FAA ATC?
calling all helicopter pilots?
Do you think FAA A&P licence is same as DGCA AME license?
Prerequisites to become a pilot?
imapct of wide bodies jet aircrafts on aviation industry?
does any one know how many miles an hour are in one knot?
What are the approximate maintenance costs of a Socata TB-9 and TB-10?
Free Plans to Build your own light aircraft online?
I am looking to purchase a V-tail Bonanza 78-82. Any one know of one available?
how do i get to stanstand airport?
What is the material specifications and limits of a cn235 CASA brake pads?
How do airlines calculate overbooking space in an aircraft?
Is there a video of an Boeing 737-900 crashing?
What si the ground distance for a plane to get from ground level (ie the airport) to its cruising height?
what is the maximum hight a b-747 can climb?..?
Cargo Helicopter speed ?
What are the true operating costs of a VLJ such as the Eclipse 500?
why do peple like flying jets?
Panavia Tornado Question?
pilatus p12 specifications, gross weight payload,fuel consumption, etc.?
what would happen if i jump out of a plane with no paracute?
were is the fastest lift?
how long would i have to train for before becoming a pilot in the raf?
Survive a Helicopter crash?
Timing of the next ATC Public Hire?
How to sell a private plane? Beechcraft Bonanza V-35B?
If "black box"flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,y isn't the whole plane made out of it?
Why are windows on airplanes so low that you have to crunch down to see out them?
Airplanes how does it feel?
how comes i've never seen a female pilot?
Where the best place at Sacramento international airport to see the planes take off ?
I want to know cheap airfare from New Delhi to Sao Paulo september - November
Private Pilot AME Question?
Where to buy a Lockheed U2 spyplane?
what is the function and operation of free coupled turbines and gear coupled turbines?
Red Bull Air Race experiences?
Does anyone know about planes? I need to win an argument?
developments and types of aircrafts after world war 2nd?
How to stop planes from messing up my internet connection?
As a 92A what jobs would I do in an Aviation unit?
Can you give me addresses of manufacturer of Steam Jet Air Ejectors for thermal power station?
How much would a flight from england to france cost?
I'm brazilian and I wat to work for United airlines ?
When you go for a poo on a plane, does it simply get dropped into the sky?
what are all the names of all different pilots and how many are there?
Has anyone else found a plane (in the air) on Google Earth?
How much Graphene in weight to replace 147000 lbs of aluminum in 747-400 plane?
Where can i buy or when is it coming out for sale a PD-100 Black Hornet helicopter????? please?
Couldn't you lie about how many flight hours you have?
Is it true?
Aircraft repair question?
What are airplane seats made of?
Do you think Lockheed Martin will sell F35 to me?
Does flying make a person more flattulant?
Sunair Question please answers NZLers!?
What types of engineers are used to design and build commercial aircraft?
how to open parachute in mid air bottle rocket?
what course are there for commercial pilots in india or abroad, what are the expenses?
I am interested in aviation?
Are thought controlled aircraft possible?
Bored aircraft controller, tell me your craziest flying stories!!!?
Is this airplane model wooden?
Can I renew my License in CA even though I have tickets in Alabama?
Question about DH2 Beavers - military?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness?
Airplane footage?
Is there any airline that has a 737 that has personalLCDscreen in back of everyseat in econo class of that 737
does anybody know good crosswind landing techniques (in Cessna 172)?
What is the minimum speed for an aircraft before it will fall out of the sky?
where should i buy airline tickets?
Does Zoom Airlines have electric outlets and wireless internet in their planes?
Which one is considered best fighter airplane during WW 1 and WW2?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets
how do u start the engines on a jet?
How do I fly a plane?
Air Force One(Presidential's plane) on flight simulator X?
Does anyone know about the reputation of Supreme Aviation, Dallas. Texas for flight training?
why do jet engines reverse thrust?
How hard would it be for me to ever become an airline pilot?
i want to be an airhostess but im scared of flying?
Why is tropopause important to pilots?
do you think pilots and hostesses should be armed in the hope it prevents further attacks like 9/11?
Can a passenger jet fly with only one engine working?
Why don't pilots tip for this?
why dont they install sone sort of window screen on jets so the engines don't suck in birds?
what is a Beta Range ?
Can I take my crochet on an airplane, even thou I use a hook, & what are the major nono's? Thanks, Hillbilly
AIRPLANE FLIGHT...I'm Scared!!! Any help for 1st time flyer?
how many times bigger is the boeing 787 compared to the 747?
What can I do with an Aviation management degree?
How to dress up as a pilot from the 1950's?
Is a Helicopter allowed to land in an unlicensed helipad at Night?
what is the maximum take-off weight (Kg) of a diamond aircraft DA40D?
flying school or traineeing center?
Gen Chuck Yeager over Grand Canyon?
Paget Brewster's Pilot?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
when fuelling planes do they always fill the tanks right up or do they only put in the correct amount?
information regarding aircraft maintenance?
Why is it called the "Mile High Club" when you actually do it at 35,000 feet. About 7 miles high?
Acquiring used aircraft parts.?
How can i make a glider which can hold an egg safely, from easily available material?
What's the wetted area and best L/D ratio of Lockheed S-3 Viking?
is the Aviation Institute of Maintenance a good school to attend?
Is it hard to become a pilot for a major company?
Which of these aircraft would most RAF pilots choose to fly?
what is VT for indian flights & for other countries?
What licenses do you need to fly the Bede BD-5 Microjet?
what is the defference between schedule and non shedule bank.Is the indusind bank is shedule or non shedule.?
Could a plane in ww2 shoot down a f22 raptor stealth plane?
Anyone here an airline pilot?
1967 Cessna 182, How much did it cost in 1967?
I need help deciding if I should start flying lessons now?
airline pilots come here!!!!!!?
Another Air Traffic Conrtrol Question!?
How much does an Air Force pilot earn??
I am looking for an unlicenced aircraft technician/mechanic job any ideas?
advice on going to embry riddle aeronautical university to become a pilot?
United mile points I have a question about it?
why can't the airplane companies make airplanes like they make the black boxes?
Is it always super turbulent when your flight lands at Taipei?
okay. need help cry for help?
what can you bring on a plane?
using cell phones on planes?
Does turbulence affect the front of the plane diferently than the back?
A question for Airline Pilots...?
At what speed does the 777, A330, A340 takeoff?
Any pilots out there working with SIA? Would like to know if there are any tips to get through the interviews.
Why do Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
How dose flying at night compare to flying during the day, and which do you prefer?
what airlines were operational in the uk in 1998, and when did they cease operations?
How can I extend my ar drones range?
Boeing sonic cruiser?
I accidently washed my bus tap card?
How much is an a russia helicopter kamov ka 226?
I need directions from city of Fairfield to get to San Fransico Airport?
I want to be an airline pilot?
Is their a list of airlines that fly from the UK to Giralter?
never took the plane?
Plane covers 6nm per minute. What's the speed (in knots)?
How to build a para plane ?
how much noise do hush kits reduce?
Aircraft aerodynamics, structures and systems?
I am an American pilot. If I move to Canada, can I fly a CA registered plane without converting my license?
qwestion aboute license renewel please help bad vison?
The GPS on my phone constantly says im at a Glider air field when im actually a mile away at home?
How is vacuum generated in an airplane's vacuum toilet?
if im using braces , can i take the course of cabin crew?
Is push and start required in all countries? as well as closing flight plans?
What exactly does a Chase Plane Do?
what is the condition of the aircraft Rapid depressurization?
What is Auto pilot and what its function ?
How would an aircraft act if its vertical fin(s) fell off in mid flight?
how do i become a commercial pilot?
Why Do airplanes have to go up at a very high altitude when traveling?
Is Virgin Atlantic a good airline?
How much to hire a charter aircraft from LAX & San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico, 5-10x/wk?
How efficient are modern day aircraft?
i want to become a pilot uk?
If the "blackbox" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash?
On a Boeing 747-8F, what is the main deck floor area?
Why no airstair's on modern-day aircraft?
Can anybody tell me where I can find jet fighter aircraft rides in the USA?
When did airlines stop letting passengers buy tickets on board?
Am in the aviation industry. Interested in running aircraft dispatcher program in Ebry-Riddle Aeronautical Uni
Total cost of a flight?
how do i move inside an aircraft in fsx?
Are bigger airplanes more dangerous?
After MCA, Is it possible to directly joint for the pilot. If yes, then how many years course of pilot ?
Why do planes fly over Greenland when crossing the Atlantic?
My son wants to be a commercial pilot.he is sitting for SPM exam this year.What should he do?
are pilots the only professions that their mistake can not taken back ?
why don't helicopters travel underwater?
I want to become a helicopter pilot but I don't want to go to a trade school that is just interested maxing?
Can planes take off in rain?
2010 1950s inspired car commercial?
Why are airplanes always white?
Is their a list of airlines that fly from the UK to Giralter?
Please, can you help me feel better about flying?
where is the best place to go in the UK to rid a fear of flying once and for all !?
can contact lens solution be carried on board a plane?
how much does a sports license cost in carlsbad?
What does anything to declare mean?
what will happen when two stealth fighters engage in a dogfight will they use guns cause nothing else will wor
Can I use a Nintendo DS lite aboard an aircraft?
did you know that obama wants to make the airlines illiegal ?
Do passenger jets or amusement park rides have more fatal accidents in one year?
Do Beechcraft 1900Ds have an FMC?
How did the T-38 get a kill on a F-22?
What is the difference between the YS11 and the BAe 748?
whats the best way to learn to be a pilot?
Where can I find information on operational costs for a F-27 and other aircraft?
Scooty is for boys or girls?
How much does it cost to fuel a 757 jet?
Ok my mom let me drive her car and i dont have a licesnse i got into an accident?
Can you wear glasses as a flight engineer?
describe d operation n purpose of-RUDDER,ELEVATOR,AILERON,FLAPS,SLATS,S…
Who gets paid more - a pilot or an aeronautic engineer?
Can my checked-in luggage be searched if i have licence plates in there?
Best engines for a passenger aircraft?
Obtaining a PPL issued by ICAO?
what are some Question you can come up with for the history of war planes?
Now I'm scared of airplanes... Help.?
On a commercial jet are craft, is the baggage hold pressurised, and does the temperature drop very low?
How do i start flying?
I would rather cut my right hand off than fly nowadays. Am I insane or is anyone out there getting this?
How does Boeing deliver short-range airliners such as the 737 to overseas airlines?
What is the smoke released by aircrafts in airshows made of<?
when flying from any country in the world does the pilot say flying at so many feet,?
What paperwork would be required if you did a skin repair (Wing, NON Corrugated)? using AC-43.13?
How much does a domestic flight (short haul)attendant make or salary? where is the traing located? ?
I have a few question about studying to be a airplane pilot?
Why is a airplane big?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
What sign should be placed at the beginning of short runways warning jet pilots they are on the wrong runway?
Where do I find a job as a stewardess in Greece?
I want to become a pilot should i do a Flybe Diploma in Aircraft Engineering or Diploma in Aviation Operations?
why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
there was a plane that looked like two P51 Mustangs joined together. What was the name of it ?
what does easyjet accept for id for an eleven year old?
Why is it necessary to open the sun blind on a aeroplane for take off and landing??
On airlines why do they call it a black box when in reality they are red or orange ?
Airline sales or charter brokering.. is it a good job?
can pilots have -9 diopter eye power?
How do I face the fear of heights like flying by air?
is american airlines going to be bought out by us airways?
Age 14 airline help????
Where is my TIE? I can't Fly my Fighter Plane... Urgent Help?
Can I get two hours of flying time without a pilots license?
If you were flying over area 51, what would they do to you?
Which one do you prefer? A night flight or a day flight? Why?
Can someone tell me if Indian DGCA is still accepting UK RT license and converting it to Indian RT?
How the ibm sequoia becomes world's fastest supercomputer?
Helicopter Flight school in Canada?
What sign should be placed at the beginning of short runways warning jet pilots they are on the wrong runway?
My mum and dad are goin to a flight to england tomorrow im scared incase they die?
any advice or tips on getting over a fear of flying on planes. i usually get kinda closterphobic?
Where did the waste go in the aircraft?
what's the perks and wages for a commericial pilot?
how to make the most amount of money being an Aircraft Maintenance Technician?
how long would it take to ship a small package by airmail from Australia to the united states?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
Don't have the tracking number on ebay?
what are the numbers of passenger in boeing747?
How soon do I start my descent and decelerate from cruising altitude?
I want to became flight or weapon designer ?
difference between flight hour and flight cycle?
Requirements for becoming a pilot?? (India)?
How long does it take to fly from Idaho to New York?
Why do you get life-jackets on planes instead of parachutes?
How long does it take to build a military aircraft?
how to convert new zealand commercial pilot license to indian pilot license?
how old do i have to be to get an ultralight plane license?
Will I be kicked of the plane?
What are the best and worst looking aircraft?
will space travel ever be available to the average person?
what did louis brennan invent?
Since the earth rotates from west to east shouldn't the flights going west be shorter and not always longer?
Is there an app that shows the following: arrival and departure times, aircraft type and airline - android?
If a biplane has 2 wings.... does a normal airplane have 1?
Fastest transatlantic commercial flight?
Flight school?
What is the life of a pilot like?
I would like to be an a 10 thunderbolt pilot and i am expected to be 6'3 is that to tall?
are my certificates worth anything towards an engineering degree?
fighter pilots?
another inventor of air caraft otherthanWilbur right?
L-39 fuel consumption?
How are the benifits at Boeing?
In Aircraft where the fuel is stored ??
anaiyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight?
CAn you take a shaving disposable razor on an airplane now?
Does anyone know if the 5 hour turbine transition for helicopters is a reg or just an insurance minimum?