how big are airplane tires?
How much G-forces does it take to rip apart a modern fighter aircraft?
Which ATC frequency would aircraft inbound to Heathrow be tuned into when over East London?
Fear of flying, Help?
How to make hand thrown model of gliding plane from thermocol?
flying with bad eyes?
what does a 2002 citation 560 encore plane look like?
what do you know about the aviation industry ?
what is the reason airplanes can only reach a certain altitude?
The following is available at auction "Test Cell Equipment for Plane Engines"?
At airports, there can be only 2 runways yet loads of planes go at the same time. How does it work?!?!?
Why did Kami Kazi pilots wear helmets?
Help with Passenger airplane?
career of pilots?
on a plane for 16 hours!?
Should all co-pilots be atheists?
Aircraft climbs when fuel burns?
Why do airplanes appears white in colour at cruise altitude?
does it make sense to get a JAA PPL and FAA CPL ?
Foreign pilots accepted in India?
Commercial pilot training cost?
does it matter during conversion in dgca if 250 nm cross country is done at night?
how much money did U.S. commercial airlines make from carrying cargo in 2005?
Please Tell About Commercial Pilot Job Prospects In India??As I Plan to do My Indian CPL Training In Australia?
boeing 747 take off distance?
Fear of flying?
Whats the difference between these air traffic controller degrees?
Why are airfares more expensive when purchased at the last minute?
Im going on my first solo cross country flight tomorrow, do you have any advice for me?
What can an ex-helicopter pilot do for a living?
Low cost airlines=Black list ?
Is there Somewhere where I can fly an F-14 fighter jet?
How can spinning blades make a helicopter fly upwards?
If "black box"flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,y isn't the whole plane made out of it?
Do aeroplanes wait in the sky,or stationery or suspended up there waiting for there turn to land?
On a test flight, during the landing of the space shuttle, the ship was 324 ft above the end of the landing st?
Is the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) part of the government?
burning fuel in jet engines?
What are some new introductions in the world of aircraft?
Pls check these quotes -true or false?& help us...Built-in Aircraft Self-destruct device exist in civil planes?
How come i can only use one airport on flightgear?
What is the PSI requirement in a passenger aircraft flying over 30,000 feet ?
How to become a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air-force?
What airlines accept 18 year olds as flight attendants?
Which is in your opinion the best flying school in IE?
how long can a commerical plane fly before it is scrapped?
Are fighter jets designed to look badass or is it just a coincidence?
Do you like Airbus or Boeing Better and why?
May i know the web sites of available flying schools in the philippines?
Are Airbus planes as safe as Boeings?
is there any truth to the rumor that abx air will acquire pace airlines?
How many miles can you go with 75,000 American Airline points?
at age 14, what airlines can I travel on to london by myself?
Can I ride in the Aircraft's jump seat?
Oshkosh Airventure 2012?
How do planes keep within Earth?
Air Traffic Controller career help?
Why do aeroplanes always take off facing the wind?
When you fly in an airplane, is it possible to choose the model you want to fly in?(B777, B757, A321)?
If you become an Aircraft load master do they automatically ship you over seas?
why is it necessary for the flaps under the airplane wing to give more drag, when an airplane lands?
what is PCA?and why did the NTSB discontinued the project?
hw long is the flight to california, san fransico?
Can women become airline pilots?
How long does air traffic studies takes & how much it cost's?
General aviation flights?
PILOTS, How real is Microsoft flight simulator?
What is a control wheel?
A PPG allows you to fly with a "parachute" & motor attached to your back. Are landings hard on the knees?
Is anyone a pilot out there??or has much info about aviation??If so please answer me and give me your email .?
why did they put the f-14 tomcats out of service?
What food can I not take on a plane?
im 15 and i want to be a either a airline pilot or cargo pilot i really want to do this what is the best way?
What plane do you like the most??
Should fat people have to buy 2 seats on aeroplanes?
Im going to Las Vegas in a airplane what should i bring?
What do planes release into the air?
Is it possible to make a paper airplane that can generate lift on its own once thrown?
What is the largest aircraft ever built in the USA?
does the f a a issue letters of authorization to fly certan aircraft instead of license?
do helicopter push down air or lift thru the air?
Are Airbus a300s able to perform trans-atlantic flight E.G England to west coast of America?
I need information on Weather Balloons?
does the job of a pilot have high death rates?
Is there any way I can overcome my fear of flying??? Any tips???
Can aeroplanes fly clockwise and anti-clockwise around the earth?
How far does a plane travel at mach 6 for 3 minutes.?
Why do people think that pilots are well off financially when in fact most pilots (US) are living in poverty?
how many people flew summer of 2012?
Is it possible for me to be a pilot?
I need pictures of WWII Aircraft Headphone Control. Anyone have a link?
Why do FedEx planes fly so low out of Newark Airport?
What adhesive can I use?
Can i Fly A Fighter Jet witout any training??????
what would happen to the gondola if it became seperated from the envelope while the blimp was in flight?
Flight attendance. WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER?
why it is said that the fighter pilots are more clever flying the civil airplane than the commercial pilots?
what kind of engine does the stealth have?
Bombardier CRJ Aircraft questions.?
why flight never move backwards?
Could someone fill in the blanks on how to become a Night cargo pilot?
Pocahontas Park in Vero Beach, FL had jet airplane?
How long does it take to fly from Idaho to New York?
How far can an Archer Piper 2 glide for every 1000ft at 76 knots(best glide speed)?
why aircraft propeller is made of Aluminum? why can't we use any other metal?
Why a carb check in the run-up?
How is it possible,that aero-plains stay in the air?
Describe aircraft CR7?
How aggravating has it become to fly on a commercial airliner?
how many of u have joined the mile high club?
who will pay me to learn to fly?
Due you think a flow mater would sound good on?
Why are flight attendants so miserable?
Why do you want to be an airplane pilot?
What is the best/quickest way to become an airline pilot?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
People who have their pilot's license! What's it like?
Uncomfortable in my little aeroclub... in Portugal?
Anyone know where I can find Schematics?
Urgent : need air flight info for my lttle brother ! ?
Pilots: which specific inflight instrument failures, if any, (during IFR) require flight crews to notify ATC?
Air Asia - Best Low Cost Airline of the year in Asia??!?
Helicopter Pilot Forum?
What is aircraft stalling speed?
What's a Electronic Flight Bag?
radar control terminal system?
i am working as aviation operator at dubai air port how i get Aircraft Refuel Jobs in uk?
what to do in a two hour plane ride?
What is the fastest, long range ultralight with a MTOW of 600kg?
When you are on a airplane why must you turn off your cell phone?
really? what happen when birds hit flight when it while fly in the sky?
can rnp10 certified aircraft fly into a rnp5 airspace and vice versa?
When will airlines give more leg room?
What is the cheapest airfare I can get from Atlanta, GA to Honolulu, HI?
Career advice in the RAF?? ?
What is the most sucsesful airliner?
cheap tickets at $150 to $200 from washington DC to Texas Forworth?
Class D airport question?
Are there any dangers of mobile phones on Airplanes?
what channel does privet air planes use?
In India where do i get out runner brushless moter..?
How fast can I get a pilot's license?
Which naval aviation ratings work in squadrons ?
can ex- convicts obtain a faa pilot's license?
If you flapped your arms fast enough, could you fly?
my 052 intercepter helicopter will not run its band new?
Why are planes considered more polluting than cars?
does anybody have any Information on the A700 or whatever the russian company that bought out Adam airplanes?
where can i find clippings on s211 jet trainer airplane?
besides engines, where else is heat transfer applied in passenger aircraft?
How much are airplane tickets for a flight to london england?
Why air hostess?
how can i make myself lose my fear to fly?
What's the name of the maneuver often performed by Airwolf or a model of the helicopter?
How to properly trim the aircraft?
Would a Cabin Crew take a picture of the cockpit for me?
Any pilots who have majored in a degree that wasnt good for a back up for the airlines?
Questions for School- Help plz :)?
Flight test engineer ?
Is it true that there are people trying to put Concorde back into the sky??
Were there any high wing aircraft in ww2?
How does a Klingon become a captian of a Klingon Bird Of Prey?
Can someone give me links on Cheap Air Flights using Air Jamaica?
aviation school to become a pilot a few quetions?
l wld like to do pilot training with but cant seem to find where to do it?
Can China's J-10 fighter be fitted with Ws-10A engine?
which is the largest transporter aircraft?
Why is the rudder not used to steer a plane in normal flight?
Can I become a flight attendant?
What is a pitch channel in a flight control system?
Were the passenger calls that originated on Flight 93 made on air phones or personal cell phones?
as a helicopter approaches you it is very loud, as it passes over and is going away from you it is quiet,why?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
Would the A380 Super Jumbo have a stronger skin if it was reinforced with carbon fibre rather than glass fibre?
How hard was it to fly the first plane?
How does space shuttle get on and off 747?
HYDRAULICS hardest question Aviation Mechanics?
Are all commercial flights required to have to pilots?
How many of you remember seeing the Vulcan fly?
Are ipods allowed on domestic flights now?
How come American Cars suck and American planes are the best in the world?
Saw a jet that had "United States of America" written on the side.?
How does F22, reach 2.0+ mach, without throttle.?
Flying across Atlantic: Pilots Only Question?
Would it be a lot safer for aircraft seats to face backwards to reduce injury in a bad landing?
Are we seeking for Technology transfer of APACHE helicopter?
why do you REALLY have to turn off iPods on aeroplanes?
Why do people find it necessary to crouch over when exiting a helicopter?
How fast can airplanes go?
how many commercial vehicles operate in WA state?
Will Airbus ever deliver the new A380?
Anyone in the Cotswolds? A U2 spyplane just went over our house??!!!?
How do you refuel in mid-air without the aircraft hitting each other?
What to bring for my Guitar?
How long is a Intl Airport runway?
What is aircraft stalling speed?
Wouldn't airplane tires last longer if they were made to spin rapidly before landing?
I hear all the definitions for Coaxial, fixed & collective pitch but what is the differents when your flying?
How many aircraft are in the air at any one time in the world?
how many survivors have there ever been following an airplane crash over water?
which aircraft companies have dark grey planes?
Jet Fighter COFFIN System?
can i drive private aeroplanes like jet airways,emirates with ppl?
I am a low-time mulit engine rated pilot looking for a way to build hours cost effictively. (not renting)9?
From the ground I can make out wings and body of a jumbojet overhead. How do I calculate the height?
Do airline pilots wear their uniform in public?
How des an airplane fly?
i really we love to become a pilot,give me details on how to go about it?
What's the fastest car in the world? What's the safest airplane in America?
Are cheaper airline flights more dangerous?
how can i pilot a multi engines aircraft in imc condition ?
Are pilots in a more dangerous position?
How long does it take to get to Florida from England in a private jet?
Do the Blue Angels still wear yellow flight suits and why do they wear them?
Has anyone ever dreamed of being an airline pilot?
♥♫♪vectron ultralite♪♫♥?
Why do some airplanes have positive dihedral in the horizontal stab.? I see it on both prop planes and jets.?
Question about Airport Runways?
I want to be a airline pilot?
Just a future pilot being curious?
What are the Cab/Util and IFE/pass Seat switch's for on the over head panel on the Boeing 737 800/900?
What was the make, model, and nickname of the plane Will Rogers died in?
How do you get snakes off a plane?
How can I get the JAA ATPL ?
What exacly is the initial rate of climb of an aircraft?
Why do Airplanes have such small windows?
why does united airlines delay people but never in summer?
Air Hostess . What air hostess wants . I mean how the passengers should be ; to be comfortable passengers ?
What is your best memory? (airline pilots)?
What's your favorite fighter plane?
Based On Beauty Alone, Boeing 777-300ER Or Airbus A340-600?
Can an aerospace /aviation engineer work in an airport?
Experiments...any suggestions plz?
I feel like a idiot for asking but are the Aircraft carriers thats the u.s has navy ?? Or airforce ?
I want my car to fly?
Afordable Biplane for Personal Use?
Is a Helicopter allowed to land in an unlicensed helipad at Night?
My Garmin Nuvi 255 is not working.?
Why are these tickets so expensive?
Are the Diamond DA42 Twinstars Pressurized?
Can a Certified Flight Instructor find out what his/her student got on the FAA written test?
why do airplanes need headlights????
How long does it take from Heathrow airport to London by taxi?
Which Air force Job to choose Crew Chief 2A531 or Aerospace Propulsion Turboprop 2A631?
Can you find romanian airline co?
Do you have to be really good at math to be a pilot? Also, what is it like to be a commercial pilot?
How often must I retrain to keep my Red Wings and Inverted Brown Wings current?
Could the SR71 Blackbird carry nuclear bombs?
Whats the annual passenger amount for Atlantic City (KACY)?
Question about aircraft term?
does any1 own a gyrocopter?
Which airline flys from dublin to Rotterdam?
how many dots were used on the tailfin of the new virgin atlantic aircraft for the wavey effect?
Why is cell phone use banned on airplanes?
Dornier328 Transponder ON and OFF problem?
i just wished to know more about aircraft maintenance engineering in malaysia and its salary ?
destination of Air China CA1133 from Bejing?
Concorde's first ever flight was between which 2 countries please?
i always had this dream of becoming a commercial pilot please help?
what is the haviest? a ship or a airplane?
whats the best flight simulator?
Can a plane come to a complete stop in midair before landing?
Is it really hard to get in to PAL?
why biplanes and triplanes have more drag than monoplanes ?exactly what causes this drag ?
what is the upward force that keeps an aircraft in the sky?
Is New York City a wonderful place to move to if I want to make money as an Airplane Mechanic?
How much weight, in gold, could the Zeppelin Eurika carry 100 miles?
foreign pilots in usa?
what would u buy a yacht or a plane?
Best modular flight training school in the UK?
how low fare routs does ryanair operate?
Does your eyes have to be 20/20 to be a pilot in the Air Force?
Is the Memphis Belle done?
What is the NAV1 and NAV2 speed?
How do crews work and what not to do?
How could I get statistics of Airplane Crash over the world?
what type of plane do u like?
Will starting flight school raise my insurance?
How often do people cancel flights? Garuda Indonesia, particularly. Average per flight?
How can i download aircraft to FSX?
Will they ever play "United 93" in the air planes? it possible to "crash land" a plane and SURVIVE?
Help from a pilot. But anyone can answer if you know?
Aircraft rental in Columbus, OH?
Does the FAA recreational pilot exam change much from year to year?
cheapest place to get plane tickets overseas?
Airline question - is there a retired/active ailine pilot willing to help with some questions please?
Are there small, unobtrusive parachutes that you can wear while piloting a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172?
Pilot and weed question?
Airline pilot high school classes?
why not have a Raptor jet go by the speed camera instead of a car?
Do 747s turn off 2 engines at cruising altitude?
I really want to be a flight attendant!!?
Water Injection?
How do you convert your FAA PPL in to a JAA License?
I was on a plane and the engine started vibrating violently and noisy the new made and emergency landings wha.
How can I complain to
how do you turn on the boeing's headlights in microsoft flight sim x?
What was the last major civil airline crash and how much safer has the industry become?
Pulse jet vs. gas turbine?
Best way to conquer fear of flying?
Could I become a pilot with bad vision?
do you need a passport to get from the usa to austrailia? (i think i spelled that wrong)?
How to go about making an aircraft with 24 inch wingspan and maximum carrying capacity(payload)?
How can an aircraft fly upside down. The wing lift should be in the wrong direction?
Been looking for a used 1A170 SFA or EFA 7562 propeller for years on ebay. Is called for in a STC. Aircraft?
Southwest Pilots Flying All Variants?
requrements for the UAS operator vs. actual pilot of the USAF.?
how can we make a mini. plane model using a rotating motor....??
Were is the airforce bootcamp located?
Aeronautical Engineering/Planes?
Is avionics electronics a good field to go into?
What is the aviator's alphebet?
International Flight?
I have an eye that wonders around when im tired would i still be able to join the air force as a pilot?
Any pilots out here ???
Where can the gear box bearings (std. or .010 over) for a Cont. GO-300 be purchased? And how much?
Does anyone know where I can find the.....................?
Is there a pilot in the house??? I have sum doubts.....?
what your favourite fighter jet ?
Do passenger aircrafts have any hydraulic controls?
Blackberry Airplane? What is that?
How did zeppelins change warfare in ww1?
If ??????????????????????????????????
How Can I Get My Private Pilots License?
Please Choose?!?
Florida Aviation Academy Stole my Money ? Carrie Sommer & Jack Fitzgerald?
where can i get student pilot license in malaysia?
Questions on aeronautical engineering?
Which modern aircraft has been the most successful?
which is the best flight school in Asia?
Was there ever an airline in Minnesota refered to as the "Blue Goose?"?
Where can/can't ultralights take off/land?
steps after IFR to commercial part 141? USA?
which is the busiest airport in the world? can you list all of the busiest airports of the world?
Airliners. Is it true?
where can i buy a lock that is tsa approved?
Microsoft Flight Sim 2000 Check Ride?
If you fail your drivers exam the first time and your under the age of 18 can you take it sooner than 15 days?
difference of F6F Hellcat and a P-51 Mustang?
What is ambiguity in aviation or aviation ambiguity?
Does united airlines have wifi In the airplanes ?
see if you can figure it out?
Will my flight to Atlanta be canceled because of Hurricane Isaac on Wed.?
What U.S. fighter jet is used most for dogfights?
how many aeroplanes are there in india?
do jet airplanes have gears?
Formula 1 Car or Boeing 757?
Do you think we're really going to have flying cars in the near future?
Tower light signals? for planes?
Anybody a flight attendant or pilot abaord United Airlines flight 876 arriving in Jan 2 morning Pacific time?
Is this normal for an airplane?
What is the procedure to do the preflight inspection to C150??
what is the largest aircraft that has successfully landed on the deck of and aircraft carrier?
How are the Allegiant air seats are they big for people with not so little butts or are they tight seats?
Should you land with the wind or against it?
Where can I buy filters for a helicopter?
What is the best way to research which APU's are used by BizJets and Commercial Transports?
list 100 thingthat didn't exist 100 years ago?
Does anybody know what type of job would fit me in the industry of aviation?
What makes Plane ticket prices go up?
What's the Fireing Order Vs. "The Order They Fire"?
what does this mean for commercial pilot hours?
Best place to meet a stewardess?
Could a pilot from the 1940s fly a modern fighter jet?
What airplanes should I look forward to?
Boeing E-4B Nightwatch Cockpit?
which part of the airplane is the safest place to stay?
what year did leonardo da vinci drew the helicopter sketch?
What is "cost index" when used for aircraft flight planning purposes?
Any recommended flight schools in Minnesota?
Explain the Importance of International Aviation Conventions?
When a pilot does sky writing do they have a co-pilot / navigator?
If air planes are so high up in the sky, how come we can hear them when they pass by?
The two planes that hit both towers were suppose to be commercial , how come they had now windows?
A plane crashed at the border of Mexico and Nevada where did they Berry the survivors?
can i pass a class 3 FAA medical with scoliosis?
Can you help me with Winglets Design?
Why don't planes have one massive parachute for the whole plane??r=1223459573?
Why can rockets go into space but jet air planes cannot?
Will an airline pilot pay any amount if he/she signs a bond with an airline company?
Will they ever play "United 93" in the air planes?
How do I get the orange bart ticket?
am 13 and i want to become a airforce pilot what can i do to prepare.?
Is this even possible?
Hi, anyone work for Virgin Atlantic and give any tips for an interview with them, Thanks?
how long will the new (old) runway of the old dubai airport be (12R/30L)? i know it'll be longer for the A380.
Question about airplane models in an airplane?
Prices of planes zfhlsduighsrgn trlju nrfbajk gu?
What would be the average landing speed for an A319 with full pax?
once you have a flying licence, how long does it last?
why is landing a commercial plane difficult (or easy, I don't know)?
Associates in aviation? or just an A&P would be ok?
How much is a dassault falcon 7x new?
Are there still Air Marshalls flying on planes? Where, and what size planes?
Pretend you are a bomber pilot Make up a name to put on your plane?
what is the term used for radars used to control airplane approaching and the radar of control center?
Poll: Would you rather fly on the A320 or the B737?
How to become a commercial airline pilot?
Really thinking of becoming an airline pilot...?
Have you ever landed at the Catalina Island airstrip? Any caveats, recommendations or scary experiences?
How long would it take to become a pilot?
after earning ATPL what should i do to get job in an airline?
What is the difference between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus Industrie A330-300 aircraft?
How old were you when you went on your first flight? Where did you go? Do you like to travel by airplane?
What are the prerequisites for being a commercial pilot? I am 32, am I too old to start learning now?
Do airplanes have flashing red and blue lights?
Can pilots land a plane on autopilot?
How do pilots navigate?
Why do so many airports have intersecting runways instead of parallel runways?
Where can I find a KMA24H-70 wiring diagram?
Are all planes unsinkable?
In a fuel injected system which component is the throttle and mixture control connected to?
flight delays for thomson flight number tom4214?
Hope much does it cost to get a ppl? (Private Pilot licence)?
What do U-2 pilots do?
How long does it take to get checked out to rent a plane? (same class rating)?
i want to become an air force pilot for australia can i do general maths only Mathematics?
C-130 crew chief tips and need to know?
Salary of an air traffic controller working at NAVCANADA?
What adhesive can I use?
What us cities does jet blue fly?
Why are you told to close the blinds on a plane aduring a night flight??
I am going to meet someone at Heathrow Airport from Moscow, what terminal will the flight come into.?
Is it safe to fly in small planes like cessnas?
cockpit question?
Malaysia Airlines cancel Airbus a380 oder?
I just saw the weirdest plane I have ever seen. Can someone help me identify it?
how fast is a jet airplane going on touchdown?
Will a pilot who is arrested for drug charges lose his license?
Who knows their WW2 twin-engine aircraft?
how do i build a turbo jet?
Is there a way to charge my laptop on the plane?
What qualities I need for a job on InfoLine-reservations?
how do you do a slip while landing a Cessna 172?
Any advice on jobs for new pilots?
why does the world think that 9/11 is so bad?
where can I get cheap return tickets from London to Bangalore?
Why is the SR-71 Blackbirds' true maximum speed still classified?
Which one is better? Avionics or Air traffic control. Help me to decide.?
How to make hand thrown model of gliding plane from thermocol?
Anyone worried about all the plane crashes?
R/C plane for a first time flyer?
Need help on altitude for private license?
Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Private Pilot License Vision Requirements in Canada?
My Dreams and Ambitions?
what is the safest airline in the world?
Ersa app for apple device or android?
What is the scientific reason why airplanes fly?
Does anyone know of any Sport Pilot flight schools in Colorado - area north, south and east of Denver?
What jobs are available for a civilian helicopter pilot?
I was wondering how many baggages you can take on a plane. Preferably United Airlines. ?
I have a Nuevo head unit , is there anyway to put a picture onto it somehow to use as a custom start up screen?
If I am colour blind, does that mean I cannot become a pilot?
What is the best flight simulation blog?
Prices of planes zfhlsduighsrgn trlju nrfbajk gu?
A question about the commercial airline industry?
Anyone remebers Eastern airlines?? What happen to it??
scared to fly american airlines?
Do aeroplanes flare using the elevator or the horizontal stabilizer?
Why does boundary layer ingestion on planes save fuel?
is there any remote controlled aircrafts dealers in india?
What aircraft did you learn to fly in?
Take a ride in a fighter jet?
Why don't commercial airliners have security cameras?
What is the average mph of a commercial airliner?
How high could an airliner fly if there was no concern of survival?
Why is the F-22 like 140 million while the F-15 is only like 30 million? The Raptor only goes a little faster?
Is the government allowed to shoot down a hijacked aircraft if it is used as a weapon?
Any good names for airlines? Eg TWA = Try Walking Across?
Why was the L-1011 less successful than the DC-10 in terms of sales?
Who would buy pants if they had air pockets in them?
Please I need to buy the B-747 Classic manuals on CD or DVD,where can i do that please?
How much air space do I need for a 15" solobaric l7? ?
if the black box is never destroyed than why dont they make the nwhole plane out of it?
What's your favourite airline livery and logo?!?
Why do airliners seem to fly " Head up"?
Why does a plane crash if it loses pressurization?
where i can learn avaition ground handling?
Name of the sites where i can learn more about aircraft?
How can I get over my fear of flying?
what is the biggest/coolest airplane?
Aircraft Project Ideas Anyone?
what education does a commerical pilot need ?
What is class of service Economy (M) & Economy (Q) In plane?
how is "roger" answer for "over n out"??
White unmarked planes anyone?
want instruction for a r/c moskito helicopter?
why do women attracted to pilots ?
This is what happen to Air France last nite?
Why was the SR-71 blackbird retired?
What is the best type of plane ever in boeing?Why?
For daughters school project - need to know famous people who own their own airplanes?
How fast did the X-15 jet fly and how high did it fly?
which do you think is better.boeing or airbus?
is Concorde still the best passenger aircraft today, even though it's not flying anymore!?
Where can i purchase an authentic WWII military airplane?
Pegasus flight school in Linden NJ?
does FAA medical exam test for drugs in system?
Is it possible to fall upwards and hit a plane?
Should I Become a pilot?
why is the Boeing MD-80 called the Mad Dog?
What is the mazimum speed that a Boeing 747 can go?
What is the cheapest airline to fly with for a trip?
How do airline pilots entertain themselves on long trips?
How do fighter pilots clear their ears?
How long would it take for a new pilot at Air Canada to become a captain.?
what is your idea about airline pilots?
How do I place a work bid in for the airlines?
What does KLM mean is KLM airlines?
Out of Vaughn ,Dowling or Embry Riddle what would you say the best college is?
How does a aircraft manufacturer deliver a new aircraft to its customer?
How much money do competition sailplane pilots earn?
How long does it take to upgrade to 777 first officer at Air Canada?
If you had to re-invent a device that would measure altitude/height from an aircraft, what would it be?
why do pilots are more appreciated than train drivers who can make much worse casualties than pilots?
Is the L1011(of the few left) still permitted to provide service in the U.S.?
what are the benifits of being a flight attendant?
vision and height requirements for Airline Pilot?
TRSA's: where and how many are still out there?
What are Emirate Airlines flight attendant qualifications?
how much do air force pilots make?
how can I see the way bombs were held in place in a ww2 b-17 bomber?
eight propeller helicopter design?
g 1000 nav iii GEA71?
Is there any type of plane with a door you can open in the air? WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER TONIGHT?
how can we make a mini. plane model using a rotating motor....??
I am flying soon on American airline i want to take my pillow?
How do I train to become a pilot!?
which course is the best for aircraft maintenance engg for future?
What's the green unflyable aeroplane-looking thing that's sited near the jets at London's Docklands Airport?
Commercial Pilots License?
What do you think is the best military aircraft ever created?
Why can't you bring a book or a magazine on a plane anymore?
do i need a passport to get from ireland to england if im flying?
Is the degree I'm trying for really worth the money?
Is there any website were I can see the exact flight path of my flight?
Do anyone think that there can be a way to reduce the fuel prices in aircrafts??
based on the recent successful water landing do you think a full size 747 or any big jumbo jet could...?
what is the web site of dornier air planes?
impact of wide body aircraft in aviation industry?
What will stop a pasenger from opening an airplane door while in flight? Can it be locked?
Has the seat in the F-16 helped the pilots counter g forces?
What's the difference between Cabin Crew and Flight Crew?
Can I learn to 'fly' using MS Flight Simulator?
vor and dmes: the arcs:?
What is the best airline in the United States?
how plane change its direction?
My foreign based FAA license has an error on the plastic(a limitation does not appear) will have I have to red?
Is aviation diploma will be helpful to be a regional airline pilot?
Departure time from PSP to msp Monday March 13th for Sun country airline?
Were do u light pilot for a rheem classic?
When I grow up I want to be a pilot.?
How to change the tail boom for the syma s107 helicopter?
Why do aircraft tires use nitrogen instead of regular air?
How far from Akron, OH to Maui, HI?
why do airline planes put their wheels up so fast when they take off?
Former louisville American Airlines "FLAGSHIP" pilot....?
how can an aircraft flight ever take longer than 12 hours?
How did the avro arrow change the environment?
Can I be a national guard pilot and a airline pilot at the same time?
What is a Sonic Boom? How does it affect people on land?
Why is the PIC (pilot in command) fixed wing aircraft in the left seat, and PIC rotorcraft in the right seat?
What is aircraft stalling speed?
what happned to the plane C4 crashed?
Could you live the same hour twice!? Like turning back time!?
Will there be a variant to the F-22 raptor? Or an stealth improvement to the F-15C Eagle?
Why can a cessna fly at very high altitudes as the boiengs and airbuses do ?
Why was the concorde stoped because of 1 crash but boeing have thousands of crashes but havent been stoped...?
Do you think it is dangerous to go to Iraq alone as a 16yeARS OLD?
I'm buying a small prop air plane. Should i get trained in sky-diving for emergency purposes ?
Which Bomber is Better?
Does anyone know the average altitude of which a plane flies at?
why cant aeroplanes reverse????
A about a year ago in an aviation newsletter I saw an aircraft that looked a lot like a fighter of course it?
Is it hard to find a qualified Cessna 140 mechanic? How much will an annual cost? How much for an overhaul?
What would be the best design for a plane made of balsa and one for carboard?
So who's going to the Airshow tomorrow?
I JUST started taking flight lessons:) Cessna 152. What are some good book/websites/iPhone apps to look at?
Aviation technology still happening?
what avionics does a learjet 60 have? how about 60 XR?
does anyone know where i can find specific (or any) info on the interval of engine maintenance of aircrafts?
I'm a student pilot and I'm very nervous about soloing for the first time, is this normal?
how do you tell which way the wind is blowing when you are flying an airplane? there are 3 official ways.?
aviation job in the UK for a foreigner?
what is the best way to build time in an aircraft cheaply?
Are Private light aircraft practical for business travel?
why is my bro all over hids gf?
In flight training, does it matter if I do my hours in a 152 or a 172?
Which would terroists most likely shoot the blackhawk or the apache?_10 points?
How close is NASA to developing warp drive?
Flight simulator help?
What is the weight of a 737 wing spar?
when are airline rates increasing ?
You know that indestructible black box that is used on planes Why can't they make the whole plane out it?
what is a helicopters max flight altitude?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
Jobs in Avionics?! + Salary?
What will happen to me?
Can i still become a pilot with being colour blind?
what makes a person a perfect cabin senior?
[UK] Joining The RAF?
physique for fighter pilot..?
why don't they have parachutes on commerical planes?
Please describe your very first solo flight? How did you feel? Nervous? Anxious? How did it go?
what is the significience of air planes in american history?
How much does it cost to become a pilot through university in Australia?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
Lear model 23?
I am about to complete my 50 hours private pilots license in australia?
Can someone help me with aviation career plans?
Do you need a valid united states passport to travel within the united states domestically?
Helicopter piloting for the fire service in the UK?
Birthday present help....?
how fast does a rotor like the ones on a helicopter have to go to lift one pound if it is inch?
how much does Hines aircraft cost?
Did you do well on the MCAT exam for medical schools?
if a big (like southwest) Airplane engines go out in mid air what would happen?
where is the best place to go in the UK to rid a fear of flying once and for all !?
How safe are ultralight aircraft?
What should I look for when shopping for a plane?
When starting a small prop plane, what does "contact" indicate and when is it used.?
Do you get food on a 4 hour flight?
Can anyone guide me wich one is an aeronautical engineer private or oin airforce?
How likely is it for a plane to crash?
How many days can an Airbus A380 be built?
What do you need to become a pilot?
Whats the CHEAPEST airline you take?
Helicopter flew real low by my grandparents?
Is there a way to tell which flight is a plane that you see in the sky ?
In Aircraft where the fuel is stored ??
October has a Friday the 13th!?
What one do you think would be more maneuverable the Su-37 or the Su-47? assuming...?
what is the difference between ram air and bleed air in aircrafts?
Does anyone watch the show "Mayday"?
Is there a dress code for delta first class?
Could pilot A let pilot B fly the plane under these circumstances?
Why do airplanes fly at 36,000 feet?
Remote Control Airplanes?
how much are airplane tickets?
Flying Drugs???????????
wat is the area code in brazil?
If Black box in a plane never destroys, why not the whole plane is made of that material?
Where do i get some affordale airline tickets?
Airline pilot training information...?
The wings of some newer commercial jets are curved upwards at the end. How come?
what was the cieling of a H.P 42?
How far can the average Helicopter fly?
How important is ROTC in becoming a military fixed wing pilot?
Where is the best place in the United States (and not too expensive) to get an A320 rating?
what kind of planes go straight up in the sky and leave a trail of smoke?
Please show me the schedule flight?
How to build rc airplanes?
Why don't the wings of a airplane have to flap like the wings of birds ?
What are the quality's of a good pilot? I want to know if I have what it takes.?
Would you fly on the 787 when it comes out?
How much do you have to weigh for an airline to require that you buy two seats?
ju87 STUKA?
Can any1 guide me about IGRUA interview? ive cleared written n Wombat ?
Has anyone ever heard of Kevin Carter author at aircraftmechanicsalarynet?
what's your favorite airline?
where can i order a budget flight to Narnia?
About the mail plane that crashed?
Are there any pilot jobs?
Where can I find the average life of a Boeing 737?
How much does an airline pilot in your country?
change in price of air travel after 10 yrs?
Ihave ajordan civil aviation repairman license.iwant to take faa repairman license.?
Is being a pilot a good career field to go into?
What is the airplane used in the end of the latest episode, family business, of the show Burn Notice?
what is the official website for air date?just asking?
watch this picture?
airlines with berevement specials?
i want images of differnet domestic and international airlines of india?
Which career is okay for me? airline pilot or dentist?
How do I find out flight information on a particular passenger?
Is the DCS Black Shark Simulator real?
What is the processes of class 1 eyesight examinations for commercial pilots?
Who would win this dogfight?
I've recently been certified to pilot and excort oversize loads, but its so hard to find work... why?
what turbine engine is in a D model slick?
Can a 14 year old get a pilots license?
Aviation start-up business... Please Help!?
Why does Boeing and Airbus planes or other commercial airplanes need to use kerosene?
what do SUNWING pilots make James ball awnser please?
Why can’t a jet fly higher than about 15 km?
How to gain my Commercial Fixed Wing License?
Flight Fears?
Why would a pilot ever need to turn off a plane's transponder?
How does the shape of a paper airplane affect how it flies?
A question for airline pilots out there and any one interested in aviation?
How much does an aircraft hanger cost?
how much do gasoline thunder tiger raptor 30 V1 go for these day?
If you had your own airline, would you fly the Boeing737 or AirbusA320&Why?Which one is better and?
which comapny was the 1st to produce a turbofan engine used in an aircraft?
What's the minimum altitude for inflight refueling?
aircraft inventory spare parts what is the different between category 2, 6 and are there any other categories?
Question for CFI's?
Can a jet (or commercial) aircraft stand still in the air?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
can u fly on a airplane while having a warrent?
why do some aircraft have this?
Informations about "JBA RC"?
How do you buy an open-ended airline ticket?
what type of piston enignes are fadec systems used in, constant speed or fixed pitch? or both?
Is it safe to fly?
How long are air traffic controllers required to be employed?
How do planes avoid lightning?
Can I become a pilot if I am Colourblind?
Why different routes round trip Shanghai-Atlanta?
what day of the week is the best time to fly?
Why do airplanes fly at 36,000 feet?
Taking propranolol for anxiety 2 years ago - will this stop me getting a class 1 medical?
does anyone know agood airline company?
what will be my starting salary as aircraft maintenance engginer in airlines in usa?
where can I get cheap return tickets from London to Bangalore?
What type of battery cells used in airplane? Please provide the details.?
Aircraft Maintenance Question?
Delta no confirmation number?
why do aeroplanes have the edges of their wings tilted up ??
What's the chance of an airplane crash?
Is there any truth to the existence of chemtrails?
What is up with Frankfort (Germany) Airport, it's the worst laid out airport I've been to...?
Where does Delta Sonic gasoline come from?
Is a career in Aviation about the money?
Airline Transport Professionals Fast Track Career Program Question About Housing.?
R U a member of the mile high (6 mile high) club?
What is the small silver/metallic thing at the bottom of plane windows?
which kinds of insulation in fuselage walls are usually used in modern passenger aircraft?
Video of TU-154 making emergency landing?
Why don't aircraft have emergency parachutes which can guide the fuselage safley back to the ground?
senior jersey raptor?
Majoring in aviation; Is an aviation degree really a bad move?
Can a plane crash like this?
How B777 is called 21st century airliner?
Does anyone know any apps that allow you to track ever flight in the world like "flight tracker 24" but better?
Why can't you use your CD player and MP3 player during takeoff and landing on an airplane?
how can i get the schedule of lyon saint exupery airport??
help me find the name of this certain type of "airplane" we see in the sky, read the description?
The interview panel would like to determine your knowledge of aircraft parts?
Flags at aerodromes?
when an airplane is flying how does the speed increase or decrease?
what is this jet called?
what is the best general aviation airplane on the following criteria: speed & cost of ownership?
scared of flying?
Top 10 fighter jets of 2012?
who got tender for expansion of jammu airport?I WANT BRIEF DETAIL ABOUT EXPANSION OF AIRPORT?
Pilot training total cost in india?
Vision requirements to be a Fighter Pilot?
senior jersey raptor?
why concorde was banned?
B2 bomber and B2 spirt?
When you have a 4 hour layover at 5AM at Atlanta ariport, what do you do?
Diabetic supplies allowed on airplanes?
I'm terrified of plans, mainly them crashing.. Should I be?
Why do airline flights have so many passengers who don't show up?
How much do British pilots make per month?
Bell Helicopter Owner Flight Manuals is there any online sites that you can down load them for free ?
Who is really responsible for all the problems with Bangkok's new international airport?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation ?
What is the best airline to fly on?
Is NOC required for initial DGCA Class 1 medical, if my Class 2 is still valid?
Will there me an a380 for Delta?
why do pilots say roger?
How to prepare for the aviation aptitude test?
why a aeroplane cannot float in water?
the best fighter jet?
International airline tickets lower as date approaches?
Where do I begin to get my licenses for aircraft maintenance?
Can I fly a jet fighter at the of of 15?
is it worth to be a pilot?
How often do planes go down?
How old do you have to be legally to take flying lessons?
Can a engineer join as cabin crew airline in airline industry with an PGDM in management?
Why are airplanes SO darn loud? Can't they put mufflers on them?
Why did the Air forces of back then have prototypes for prone positioning?
why airplanes do not go reverse like cars?
How do you know if breaks need to be flushe?
Is air traffic control a good field to go into?
Virgin atlantic fleet?
What is the minimum takeoff and landing distance for a Cessna 206?
What is the best flight simulation blog?
What is the difference between a converter and an inverter?
For instrument rated pilots or navigation experts...?
Cheap Airline Tickets under $200?
Can you get a pilot's license when you wear glasses?
How much would this flight cost?
I am flying for the first time next week, its a 6 hour flight with changing planes once. Im very nervous..?
improper washing agents is used to clean aircraft?
How do they change tires on a commercial plane?
Are there any Multi-Engine airplanes that are certified for Spins?
What to do on a 8 hour flight ?
How Much does a Helicopter CFI make teaching Private Pilot Students?
i have 2 questions one is about the flight review, and the other is renting aircraft.?
does any one now of any afb in russia?
Who can help us find a cheap flight?
what type of metal is used to make jet engines?
pilots use trim to land?
Whats the difference between a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) & an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)?
What is the purpose of flap button in cessna 152 aircraft?
Any pilots? Runway breaking- what does it mean?
about pilot jobs please somebody help me understand easily plz...?
Is there anyway to wave a "changing fee"?
I have often wondered what are some of the causes of planes crashing some minutes after takeoff. Do you know?
how much does it cost the city to deploy a police helicopter?
What are three different types of hydraulic fluids used in aircraft, also what are their properties?
what are some ways i can get more range from a frs/gmrs radio?
What a pilot needs his first officer for?In case of death of the pilot can his first officer flight the plane?
Why is a C150 airspeed static port located in the propeller slip-stream?
Here is a question that I already know the answer to. Just curious to see who else knows it.?
When did Forward Air begin?
What's the best way to become pilot, 2 Scenerios.?
Who knows about piloting jobs in Mexico. Like fish spotting, or tourist sight seeing. Is this advisable?
What aircraft single engine is better to do STOL?
how long the plane can be in the air after its engines shutoff/out of order?
What's the passenger capacity of a Cessna aircraft?How much distance can it fly without refuelling?
Regional Jets vs. Wide-body Airplanes?
What are the practical restrictions on landing helicopters?
Why are there no F15 or F16 jets made to land on aircraft carriers?
How do piston-driven planes get lube oil to the cylinders?
Do you have to get a degree in aviation to become a commercial helicopter pilot?
What are the qualifications for becoming an airline pilot?
Whats going to happen to our planes when the planet runs out of fuel ?
In 9/11 flight #11 hit what tower at what time?
The F-117 Nighthawk... ???
flow simulation around the nozzle of a jet engine?
how high can a person fly up in a plane without oxygen?
any way to dye red tail lights to clear?
Do you think Steve Fossett landed on an aircraft carrier in the ocean?
Old looking AA jet at O'Hare?
Where can the gear box bearings (std. or .010 over) for a Cont. GO-300 be purchased? And how much?
Will Air force 1 ever upgrade to the new 747-8?
do airplanes travel at top speed when in the air?
is there aviation grants thats i can do i dont want 2 be anything but a cargo or airline pilot i willing to?
how do i tell if i'm?
How far can a boeing 737 glide at 39,000 feet?
How does ICAO exert its influence?
what does this mean for commercial pilot hours?
Whats the best way to get a Desktop PC through the Airport?
How to make cadoshers?
Is it true that MALSR is the most common type of approach lights in the U.S.?
is the space shuttle considered an aircraft?
Why did I just see an airplane fly around in circles outside of my window?
What qualities I need for a job on InfoLine-reservations?
what is the purpose of the B1-lancer?
Can anyone tell me the name of a certain Tuskegee airmen?
Department of Transport info needed (England).?
MINIMAL T-6G • PROJECT WANTED • I have most parts for a T-6G. I would like to find a minimal T-6G project with?
I want to be a flight attendant, help?
Can females become pilots?
whats the fastest commercial jet
Towing Aircraft to the Runways?
Which is your favorite airline [pls. also state / explain why you like that airline]?
What's the best way of getting work as ground crew?
Does any body know of any Aircraft maintenance apprenticeships available at the moment?
Airline pilots!!! cessna?
how many versions of the B24 were there?
please wherecan i get aviation college and what is the requirement?
Could a 747 successfully do a roll, or fly upside down?
i am into radio controled planes and am going to put a hamster in the cockpit. should i put a little helmet on
how can you love monkeys?
Re The Jet Blu SNAFU : Why not build a seperate terminal just for AC in that exact situation?
I want a job in Aircraft engineering?
i need advice to start a new glow engine.?
shotest take off airplane one can buy?
What would win P 59 Airacomet vs Me 262?
Why dont single prop planes have mufflers?
are black box for plane made of the same materials that for choppers?
could a small aircraft land on an aircaft carrier in an emergency?
Boeing Yellowstone pictures?
Do all planes break the sound barrier?
Can you hear a Cessna 172 at 5000 ft?
i own 6 airplanes do youall own a airplane?
Where can i rent a real airline simulatorFor an hour or two in st louis?
why am i tense when flying?
If a fly is flying around in a car while its moving how come...?
who make more flight instructor or commercial pilot?
why does ryanair say no tax?
Do ALL atc speak english?
Beech King twin engine question!!!?
why indian aviation industry making losses?
does an aeroplane (aircraft) has a horn (sound)?
is there any fighter jet capable of going over 2,000 mph?
speed of sound=knots?
Have you ever used a helicopter to take you to a remote campsite to enjoy a fire and the absolute solitude?
I am fourteen years old and I want to be an Airline Pilot. What do you reccommend I do?
PLZ tell whether frankfinn is best way of joining aviation or any other alternate?
I would like to get my basic pilots license. How could I make a living at flying a single engine aircraft ?
Why are private pilots so annoying?
Helicopter Satellite phone is unclear.?
What training do Ryan Air/easy jet provide for their staff?
Can I get annual number of air passenger origin-destination data in USA?
Which airline is the best? Is there a real difference?
what kind of part can use as a RC model ?
what is the course fees for airhostess training in frankfinn?
How do I get information on airline arrivals and delays?
bell bomber plant?
i know a car motor can fly an air plane but how much weight will it take to make it fly maximum?
what is aircraft operator?
What do you think of the axing of the Harrier VTOL fighter?
how many DC 3 aircraft were built?
Has there ever been a head on air collision?
The white trails left by jet planes in the sky... ?
Why do planes seem to leave smoke trails?
What the heck happened in london thats making the restrictions (like no liquids) for flights?
how do i make a paper car?
How do I get to JFK Air port from the Bronx. I'm Close to the #2 train line?
Becoming a airline pilot?
How do pilots afford the cost of their training?
becoming an aircraft enginer?
In Hang Glider, What happens if you let go of the bar with both hands?
rpm indicator from cessna military jet value?
Can anyone suggest some ways to get over a fear of flying?
What causes an aircraft with a single propeller to want to veer on take-off?
Agile Missiles?
what is the fastest way to earn flying hours while attending university and how many hours are we talking abou
how do i calculate a aircrafts vertical stabilier area?
What exactly is a stall when talking about planes? I thought i knew..........?
what do cabin crew crew say?
will CSI result in higher transportation costs,shipment delays and increased service levels?why or why not?
Can a passenger jet fly with only one engine working?
Which airlines except 2 cats in the cabin of an airplane?
what is the largest airline in the world?
Pilot friends or penpals site? :)?
how do planes disappear into buildings like they did on 9/11?
What does it take to become a certified Aircraft Mechanic?
What's the youngest age you could be to learn how to fly an Aircraft?
Calling all cabin crew!?
Need to buy aircraft new to airplanes?
Does this AFSC "Aircarft Elecrtical & Environmental Systems" fall under the category "Avionics"
When a passenger plane is in the air, which air traffic controllers assist the pilot?
How to Execute a Go Around in a Cessna 172?
Why were airplanes invented?
Would the TU-154 be considered a Flying Coffin?
do airplane pilots have to know how to drive a stick shift?
which unit of the machinery part is termed as load?
Why aren't there parachutes in civilian commuter aircraft?
my height is 5.1 0 ft can i become pilot?
What's happening to Los Angeles Airport's theme building?
How much Parrafin is consummated during a flight?
Aviation Work Experience?
What are some reasons people fear flying so much?
What's the fastest airplane in the world?
Is water heavier than jet fuel and if added to both tanks would this cause engine's to cut out?
Do Harrier jump jets make make normal landing approaches using ILS and VGPI's?
Aviation/Airport communities?
can anyone explain me how the chevrons on b787 engine do its function to reduce noisy?
What is it like flying private jets ?
EN Specifications Safety,Immunity,Emissions?
how does swept wing work?
What is the origin of the word cockpit as applied to aircraft.?
Who were the first men to fly?
LLC planning on using a DBA?
When you finish flight school but you didnt go to college can you still get accepted as a FedEx pilot ?
I'd like to know what are airplanes cabinets doors made of ?
Do anyone know where airlines dump the unwanted and old airplanes?
wanted 2 know if there was a way 2 ride in a f16?
FSX: Aircraft pitching problem during cruise.?
Hi, a question about airplane and jets???? thanx!!?
Is it possible for the world trade center to have collapsed from having planes flown into them?
Can I fly in the US renting a plane with a JAA PPL?
Why would a coil of wire in a DC circuit not produce inductive reactance?
Can a plane in flight be struck by lightning?
my husband would like to become a commercial pilot but he's 32 and has had no flight experience.?
Can I extend my flight? ?
Continental/United Airlinwes- Simple Question- Easy s!?
Does anybody know any cheap tickets to sweden?
is cadet pilot programme a good way to get trained and get a guaranteed job ? any of these in south asia ?
Will they ever play "United 93" in the air planes?
Are there crash courses on how to fly?
Is there a quick mental way to find the X-wind component?
will there eventually be no co pilot in a plane?
At what altitude does a 737-400 aircraft cruise at from Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas?
What are the "hazardous thought patterns" in aviation and can they apply to our use of cars?
Why dont they?
If you are an excellent driver... might you be inclined to be a very good helicopter pilot?
Can canadian mechanical engineers work inUSA for lockheed or on fighter jet or space projects under TN status?
What type of aircraft was the De Haviland Comet?
what is an aileron?
are you a young pilot?
what is the milage of a helicopter?
What is a EMBRAER RJ135/145 jet?
What do you think about Airbus' idea of starting standing room travelling in Aircraft?
Who invented the airplane ?
Is flying a plane just like driving a car?
Jet Mechanics!?
Are airlines gonna start outsourcing pilots for cheaper salaries?
how many airplane crashes occurred in 2009?
are p.o. box private?
Questions on aeronautical engineering?
Air sick passengers?