lookin for helpful programs for FS2004, not aircraft, programs?
Which Airline is known for being the safest?
Which is better, conventional vertical winglets or Boeings raked wintips?
I want to become a pilot and im 15 years old and not very good at maths please help?
Why is the c-130 so successful?
why do peple like flying jets?
how many people flew summer of 2012?
Why do we travel at virtually the same speed as we did in the the 1970's.?
What is the principle of a Air craft flying?
Discovery is transported atop a Jumbo jet. How?
Are there a lot of man fly attendant in Airports?
where i supposed to pass in going to terminal 2 cathay pacific airlines im from cavite?
Are there any commercial flights from Atlantic City to Pittsburgh?
Does Autopilot really work?
why cell phones are forbidden in the airplanes?
Why was the flyin' of concorde(jet) stopped....?
who thinks that tthe airline terrorist plot to blow up airliners has been totally foiled?
How to become an airline pilot? Please help!?
Is that okey if i will bring my Ipad, Ipod, cell phone, MAC and camera on the plane?
How did the famous aviation photographer Frank Schaefer died?
What aeroplanes did the Belgian Air Force use in the 1920's?
I am trying to remember an airline that I flew to Denver on in Jan.1986?
What would you do if an airplane crashed in your front yard?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a commercial pilots licence?
I want to become a helicopter pilot in the military?
Which is better an F-22 Raptor or an F-35 Lightning II?
Why are the pilots at Air Canada still arbitrating their seniority list?
Where I can find non use commercial airplanes salvage or lots?
1) a hot air ballon is descending at a rate 1.8m/s when a passenger drops a camera. (a) what is the velocity?
rotary wing license?
why do passenger planes only have passenger doors on the left of the fuselage?
any airline pilots out there?? what qualifications do you have...what steps did u take in becoming a pilot?
who gets the arm rest on an airplane?
what is are some things to do on an airplane?
full priced tickets airlines do they expire do they?
can i do mechanical or software engineering and then apply for pilot training?
In the 1950's-60's, what what the fastest fighter jet and what was its top speed?
In which state do auto mechanics have the largest salary?
Grumman duck info please?
What are the main bases of all of the below?
What is the load factor relating to airplanes?
Can anyone tell me the ACTUAL top speed (not OFFICIAL) for the Lockheed SR-71 blackbird ?
How do we get the actual plan ticket if we bought it online?
How safe are American Eagle regional jets? I am afraid to fly on one in 48 hours.?
It appears in spite of several attempts we cannot imitate a Bird in flight?
what are good chicago area flight schools?
after doing aircraft maintenance Eng can i get a job in indian airforce?
suppose a bomber is flying at an attitude of 1 mile and at a speed of 300 mi/h. how far ahead of the target?
How to get a job with airlines/airports ?
Helicopter movement?
why flap retraction to15 after landing in md82?
how can we make a aeroplane which works without electricity or fuel?
Over the radio to another pilot called Jack, why should you not say "HI JACK"?
A pland with two wings, one above the other, is called a ___plane.?
I'm a 14 year old boy and my ambition is to become a pilot what should I do??
How long (in minutes or seconds) would it take for a military helicopter to travel 1 mile?
Is this normal im scared of flying on plane because 9/11?
Aviation maintenance technician?
How long does flight training take? Would I be able to complete it over the summer? I'm 16?
what all do i need and where can i get ALL the electronics for flying a electric airplane, i have body?
If the "black box" survives every plane crash, why not make the entire plane out of that stuff?
Can planes fly backwards?
How to buy a Airbus A380?
Is it true that the government are trying to kill us all by releasing chemtrails from commercial planes?
Do RAF pilots get to choose which aircraft they fly before training?
Do I need perfect eyesight for this...?
What's VTOL?
United Mileage Plus Question?
Private Pilot Licence (Balloon) in India?
can a car some day fly?
I want to be a fighter pilot...which is the best country that offer me best salary and benefits?
Why is Kuwait airlines so cheap?
i weighed a propeller's wind power and it weighed 20 gm.?
I would like to do a presention for my class about airplanes travelers vs car travelers?
Help with my PSTAR test coming up!?
explain the impact the wide body jetaircraft on the aviation industry regards to passenger&travels?
What did the focus on environmental flight to the original airplane?
What planes were mainly used by kamikaze pilots?
does anyone know a good web site that you can learn about forestry water bombers?
can u bring ur laptop on a plain?
Are the questions provided for the PPL Written Exam in Canada?
what's the best seat in a plane in the event of a crash?
Help with Aviation Flight School?
Best way to study Aviation?
How many planes have virgin Atlantic crashed?
Aircraft refrigerant servicing?
What Aircraft company's are there that are taking on engineering apprenticeships?
E6B flight computer question. My flight instructor made me return the electronic E6B. Is he being too harshed?
About the mail plane that crashed?
Pilot jobs different types help needed??!!?
could a P38 break sound barrier in full power dive?
methods of flame stabilization in jet engine?
what kind of pilot is this ?
I heard of some kind of new engine developed that was installed and being tested on a SR-71?
How many wheels are there for an aeroplane?
What is the purpose behind those small vertical sections at the end of the wings of modern jet airliners? They?
Do people make replicas of US WW2 Navy aircraft?
Flight lesson in Seville, Spain?
Help with planes tickets?
Do all pilots wear sunglasses while flying during the day?
what makes flying so fast?
Is it right the 21 suspected terrorists arrested in London worked at Heathrow Airport?
what is the speed of flight while landing and takeoff?
Can a young guy who's a mediocre driver and never did well in math and physics become a successful pilot?
Regional Airline "PSA"?
Would you be scared to board a plane with lots of muslims?
During the war why did Kamikaze Pilots wear crash helmets?
what are the trails made of that the planes leave?
How do the F/A-18 Superhornet and the F/A-22 Raptor compare? Please only answer if u know for sure.?
Is it possible to own a jet fighter?
Places in the u.k were i can get a atpl please?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
PEOPLE! Would you feel safe flying in a plane with a Female Pilot flying the plane?
Best place to meet a stewardess?
question about career aspirations?
How much does the average jumbo jet weigh compared to that of a military tank?
What Got "Kelly Johnson" hired??
I was on a plane and the engine started vibrating violently and noisy the new made and emergency landings wha.
Is it O.K. to drink jet fuel?
Is this a Cessna 152 or 172 (or other)?
What are the requirements to be a private pilot in Mississippi.... including the age requirement and cost.?
Where do planes go when they can no longer be flown on?
What is the difference between the IC-A14 and the IC-A14S?
Propellant mass flow ratio?
If a plane is painted white, does that mean its vulnerable?
Where are the best oppurtunities for low hours pilots to look for work overseas?
If you hijack a plane with no one in it and you crash, would they still look for you?
how cheap are the cheapest plane tickets to florida?
Anyone heard of pilot-apprenticeship-schemes?
How do a heavy aircraft differ from small, private aircraft to control?
How are jet engines so powerful?
Any aircraft crash?!?
Hi....well im willing to do career as airplane i wear glasses??does this cause a problem?
What kinds of things can you do with the Seneca Aviation Coop?
Can a normal person land a aircraft even with step by step instructions from someone who knows?
Why are there no F15 or F16 jets made to land on aircraft carriers?
Are Airline pilots spoiled by the autopilot?
is it legal to bring your own barbeque on a plane?
GCSE Option. Best for pilot?
has any airline purchased the new a380 airbus in the usa?
what is the best way to overcome the fear of flying??
seeking OSHA approved tire inflation safety cage?
If you had a choice of private pilots? Who would fly your plane?
American Airlines/American Eagle?
Where can I get a Loadsheet Spreadsheet?
Where and how to find repossessed or foreclosed on aircraft to purchase?
Why is there no Flight Data at 1:50am on the Flight Tracker site?
Worst experience when riding in an airplane?
they call a jet a jet because?
Why did the Sully plane crash into the Hudson since they found no birds in the engines?
flying with no i.d help?
Whats the best comersial airliner?
How many planes take off and land everyday around the world?
Racist behaviour of the airline staff, what can be done?
I have completed BEaeronautical. What can i do further to enter the aviation Industry?
What's the best aviation school to get a commercial license from?
If you can pilot and land a single engine propeller airplane does that mean you beat Michael Jordan entirely ?
is it called a 'jet fighter' or a 'fighter jet'?
Expedia vouchers codes & discounts code?
how to see the difference between airbus a300 & boeing 767 ?
Whats your favourite Jet?
I'm always reading about people going crazy and trying to open the hatch on passenger jets. Is that possible?
Can you be a pilot in the airforce if you just do the 4 years?
If I was in an aircraft with a tail number N99A, how would I ident myself? ?
I'm afraid to fly and i'm going to California in 4 days to visit my grandma can anyone help me?
Where is the best place to aircraft spot at schiphol?
How common is it for an airplaine to crash?
E6b home work How do I figure this out?
Any good places to learn how to fly a plane in Southern California? Prices? Links?
How can a space shuttle ride on back of an airplane?
how much is the copacity of 747 boeing feul tank?
what is the worlds most beautiful aircraft or helicopter according to you?
Need help with some Question and facts about Fokker F27 Airplane?
Any pilots??????????????????
why do pilots say roger?
What altitude do you usually intercept the outer marker?
How does letting a TSA worker fondle my privates keep terrorists out of this country ?
Can anyone help me look at the weather for EWR and figure out if my flight will take off on time?
Do you need a plane ticket to rent a car at the airport?
Can somebody live in their airplane?
Should I worry about...?
Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Car Seat. FAA approved?? Malayasian Airlines seat width.?
What will happen with the SR-71?
My fear of flying?
solar powered plane can control it via computer looking for a partner?
When is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner coming to San Antonio?
how is the airfreight rate calculated ?
What is currentley the fastest plane in the world & how fast will it go?
What airfoil commonly used in light aircraft?
How come jet packs haven't been made yet?
is it safe to fly a plane with a broken thrust reverser?
Does it get cold inside a single engine prop plane?
who gets the armrests in the middle row of an airplane?
Can diabetics get a private pilots license? Explain discrimination?
what instrument does pilots use to steer plane on taxiway?
how can I get my daughters flight number if she is already in flight ?
what is the maximum brake temparature for aircrafts..?
How to land on a ILS approach in FSX on a Boeing 737?
Concorde aircraft?
Is the SR-71 Blackbird the fastest thing on the planet?
Towards the end of it's life is it true 'Concorde' was renamed 'Consort'?
good jet painting company?
do u believe in united 93?
boeing 737-400?
RC P51 Retract Landing Gear "Housing"?
How long does it take to fly from France to California?
16 year old thinking about joining air cadets? female?
Etihad Airways New Livery?
Who knows their WW2 twin-engine aircraft?
Does Delta airlines scrutinize credit reports when hiring flight attendants?
what do you call the flag used on airports, to determine wind blowing direction?
How long does a gulf stream jet take to fly from london to newyork?
Is there a commmon language used by international aircraft pilots?
airplanes? dangerous?
Jet Engine Compression...?
Which plane was it that captured the moment the propeller stopped in mid air.?
My airline changed its schedule by more than 6 hours. What options do I have?
How Do I ease the feeling be afarid of flying?
Emergency Procedures - PPL?
Why did we retire the Phantom?
i know a car motor can fly an air plane but how much weight will it take to make it fly maximum?
How do jet engines propel jets?
what are basics about aircraft inspection?
what quilifications do you need to be a pilot?
Can a helicopter to be suspended by its helix while it was in the ground. Or does the helix crook?
Qualifications needed to be Cabin Crew?
why did the flying tigers paint a shark on their plane?
About how much did the Millermatic 200 MIG welders sell for new?
What are the current restictions for items in carry on bags?
why do pilots say roger to acknowledge that they heard a transmission?
why star is in primary and delta in secondary connections in brething air compressor?
Information on "Y''City Arkansas and surrounding territory and Wilhelmina State park, Arkansas?
Can regional airports accommodate full size jets?
what is the minimum age do you think for the Dubai airshow , coz i want to go with my father this year?
I have a question about the hour window you have to refuel after training.?
Why aren't there parachutes in civilian commuter aircraft?
is aviation management and air transport management the same?
How did I get such an awesome boyfriend ?
Should i join the air national guard?
why is there such a different in the price of a medical for a commercial pilot between canada and Ireland?
I was having a dream that he was in a helicopter and I was watching it fly around & crash, i knew he was dead
American Airlines Trans-con's (jfk-Sfo, and san-jfk)?
Want to find to change reservations on mileage ticket?
Where can I put a down payment on a used AH64 Attack Helicopter?
How planes stay airbourne when banking?
Favorite commercial aircraft of all time?
If you got on a plane and saw a group of young Arab men (about 3-6) sitting in a group, would you still fly?
Original lancaster bomber 1942 model?
How can I find out how many planes are flying at the moment all around the world /?
how much would it cost to get my pilots licence in Massachusetts?
Airplane spotting @ Montreal Trudeau Airport?
What are six features, and looks you might see on future airplanes?
How many passengers can be seated on a 747SP?
What would happen to a car if you filled it's tank with jet fuel?
Can student pilots (or a passenger at the controls) log time without a CFI? (Not flight instruction time)?
Do jumbo jets have keys? In other words, how do the pilots start them?
what would happen if you really used your cell phone on an airplane (say during takeoff/landing or midflight)?
what positions do u assemble the throttle positions to get to 35,000 ft and be around 490 knots?
How to make 2 months fly by:)?
whats the youngest age you can get your pilots license?
Plane landing on highway legal questions.?
Which US airline is the best?
What does it take for a material to pass Flamability Certification, spec: FAA25.853 (B) Vertical Burn?
Can i bring an unimflated american football..?
Individual power outlets on Jet Blue?
can some one please tell me the experation dates for each medical certificate level?
How does a hot air balloon land?
Does United Airlines have Wifi?
What is the base pay of Air Cabin Crew?
do u think that pilots are less educated than engineers or a medical doctors?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
what are ground instruments on runway?
If you could rent a plane to write something in the sky, what would you let it write?
in which year did india had built its first passenger aircraft..?
Where can I find the cost to lease an gate in an airport?
can i bring a guitar as a carry-on when boarding a plane?
Has anyone had any experience flying Easy Jet, especially from Paris to Basel?
A stupid Pilot joke?
Does a Helicopter need a jet engine to fly?
Why doesn't fuel freeze in an aeroplane when it drops so far below zero?
trying to find time taken for flights from one place to another?
have you ever felt a bump before takeoff while on a flight?
Does anyone know where i can find pictures of individual aircraft parts and their functions??
any pilot aboard?
can i give easa licence aircraft maintenance exam in india and how?
What is the price of Boeing 747?
Acrobatic Flight! Am I being greedy? Please, help!?
Is it safe to fly across the atlantic?
cockpit question?
where can i do and how much?
What is your best plane?
Are there any commercially available aircraft similar to the Lake Renegade or SeaFury?
the route for a specific flight on seems not very complete to me..............................
Obtaining a civilian pilot license?
cabin crew?
At what time the Airbus A380 is scheduled to land in Chiago tomorrow (march 20th 2007) ?
How many Aircraft in a British bomer squadron?
Its my first time flying, PLEASE help!?
Spitfire Accident at RAF Brize Norton?
if u got in a plain and just flew straight would u end up back were u started?
what are they called.??
Why couldn't Pan Am purchase the Concorde?
Is it possible to open a jet's door in flight?
Are aircraft pilots the only people that can refer to themselves as "pilots"?
Regarding Quantas Airline commercial?
Do we (the world) still use the Air France Concorde plane?
Can a non-military civilian train to be a UAV pilot?
I am looking for service bulletins for a MS892 Rallye 150GT, or the webaddress where to view them...?
In MS Simulator 10, how do you get other aircraft models to appear and function in the...?
is it possible for an aeroplane 2 be steay still in air?
Is there any future to create passenger Zeppelins again?
need to know if age and experience as aircraft mechanic in aviation is a must...?
where can i buy cheap plane tickets?
What is the average cost of Helicopter Flying Lessons? And how long is the course?
student pilot wanting to buy his own piper tomahawk?
what is that plane that they used in the movie top gun?
will humans discover time travel b4 we're all wiped out?
Tall people friendly airlines?
How do you start the cub cadet Zforce zero turn rider?
About how much does a decent ultra-light aircraft with pontoons cost?
How to maintain fuel efficiency while climbing?
Why are there so many private aircraft accidents involving celebrities?
Can you start a single engine propeller airplane without battery power?
My father was a RAF pilot in the battle of Britain, they chucked him out because of bad eyesight but they did?
Who's better? USAF Thunderbirds or Blue Angels?
I Lost my Pilots Licence, Now I need a new one.?
Were can I get mp3 recordings of ATC handling VFR arrivals during Airventure Oshkosh?
AVIATION: Knowledge of the weather, law etc; are expected to become a certified pilot.?
I'm almost 16 and have a great passion in aviation. I'd like to start my own global airline - any suggestions?
improved range an motion?
if the acceleration height is at 1500 ft, at what ft should the engine out acceleration speed stand?
What is the small silver/metallic thing at the bottom of plane windows?
How to become an aerobatic pilot?
where are the more best airplane school?
Questions about the F4U Corsair?
Pilots: Does anybody know this flying group?
What are the components of a fighter jet cockpit? (include HMD visor)?
can you use a dongle on an airoplane? xx?
Why don't they put screens over the front of jet engines to keep birds from blowing the engine up?
would aeronautical engineering help me get in to the cathay pacific cadet pilot programme?
what is the white smoke that trails an airplane in the sky?
After i go to flight school and i turn 17 so i can fly with passengers what do i got to do to go and fly......
What is a good Buy?
Pulse Jet Engine Help with Valves and Dimensions?
Why do commercial flights go so high up?
what is B747's B stands for?
How do pilots record flight hours?
Why is there air?
What are some good airlines to travel on?
does korean air flight frm SFO to Seoul have personal t.vs? the new entertainment thing?
What time should I get to the airport?
Airline tickets in ny?
What are basic stuff air force pilots use?
I need a non stop flight from LGB to somewhere in midwest. My husband is deathly afraid of flying.?
How High is the Airbus A380 Tail and the overall height of the aircraft?
where do you find the $40 commercial flights between Knoxville TN and Florida?
question about helicopters?
How do I combine all my frequent flyer miles into one account?
Is it safe to learn how to fly an air plane ?
When will they have flying cars?
Where did the plan parts go from flight 93?
What design feature is done in aircraft to make Landing Gear down in case of System Failure?
Eltham Airspace?
What are those upturned strake-looking things on jetliners' wingtips called, and what do they do?
What's the ramp agent?
In the UK, what licenses/certifications must one hold in order to become a flight instructor?
Why is FMC CDU display green in colour?
How long would it take for a new pilot at Air Canada to become a captain.?
If I say that I am gay, will I be assigned a woman tsa worker for the pat down?
What Would Happen If The Pilot Accecdentally Opened the Reverse Thrust in midair?
What is a dark twisted name for an airline?
is it illegal to fly a microlight in the UK without a ppl?
Is it advisable to go for pilot training if i have keratoconus?
What are those planes that we barely can see and leave really big trails of errmm clouds behind them?
What is the average UK salary of an aircraft engineer who holds Cat A and B1/B2 licences?
Where Can People Look To Buy Rick Wagoner Alan Mulally And Robert Nardelli's Private Jets?
School for airline pilots?
What subjects/areas of study are covered in a sport pilot ground school?
How do I become an aircraft engineer in the UK?
Flight Attendant or Nurse?
Why does an airplane's life depend on its pressurization cycles?
Delta Airlines Flight 794 July 5th from Ohare to Atlanta Ticket Info?
are skateboards allowed as carry-on in planes?
Any aviation doctors or AMEs?
how much customer service do flight attendants need?
where can I get best flights (price ) on flights to Hong Kong?
Is the Intrepid Aircraft Museum worth buying a ticket to go see?
Do you think flying cars are already invented but hiden by the government?
Why can't you put an aircraft engine in a vehicle?
Applying for college for Air Traffic Control?
If a fly is flying around in a car while its moving how come...?
what all are the careers for a mechanical engineer in an aircraft company?
does anyone knows if an associate degree holder has the chance to be a pilot and can work in an airline?
Minimum number of Flight Attendants for Part 135 operations?
When planes switch to auto pilot does the plane really drives it self?
how safe is Airbus A321?
as a pilot do you think that planes have huge destruction power,that if they hit a building it will collapse?
What qualifications do you need to be a Rescue Helicopter Pilot in the UK?
can you take food and drink bought at the airport, on board the aircraft?
Are private airplanes allowed to follow any trajectory?
how much does a Brand new 2010 embraer Lineage 1000 cost?
whats that ''FOX 2' that i hear in every flight simulator video game with military aircrafts?
Why do planes explode when they crashed?
how high can you fly without pressurization?
Why the airplane windows must be opened on landing ?
Is there anything i can do to repair a quad motor left open in the weather?
Are aircraft of malaysian airlines safe?
Airport Lights at night?
Do planes still use reverse-thrust today?
Is there a modern plane that is as fast as concorde?
scared of heights, but want to be a pilot?
Interline Baggage Handler?
Are General Aviation aircraft allowed to land at DFW airport?
What, in your opinion, is (or was) the world's most beautiful aeroplane?
Is it okay to take tins of food in the hold of a plane?
Is the diameter of a fuselage of a 737 actually smaller than the diamater of a GE-90?
Is it possible?
Loss of wing - surviveable or not?
What is the process to build an executive jet?
when was the first prototype of the spitfire built?
The wings of modern planes are now bent at the tips. Does anyone know why?
What plane crash resulted in the NTSB requiring a redesign of the way seats are connected?
How Much Do Flight Instructors Make?
Will going to foreign military give an advantage if I have same flying hours as other applicants?
Polishing Treadplate?
Do they still make and sell Boeing Model 40B-4 aircraft?
Where can I find a KMA24H-70 wiring diagram?
does CPDLC use VHF or SATCOM?
cargo or passenger airlines?
Does India NSOP (Charter) operator required ETOPS for thier Biz Jet. E.g. Citation CJ4, Phenom 300?
What is the highest winds a MX2 can fly in?
Can I Become a Pilot if I'm Color Blind?
How to be a Flight Attendant?
when its time to turn off all electronic devices, smartphones, iphone, ipad..?
What is the technical name of the tube used for transfering passenger into the plane at the airport?
What is Siting Error when used for radio navigation?
Does anyone know what airlines will be using the Airbus A380?
Lost bags on AIRONE, an Italian airline. Cannot get through their phones. No answer or always busy.?
what are the career oppurtunities for aircraft maintenance engineer?and how much salary do they get approx.?
Why Do Planes Go That High?
How high can you fly in the UK without clearance from air traffic control?
Lightning striking airplanes?
what are the floor seats of the american airlines center (aac)?
What is KE time in aviation ?
what is the best turboprop? (airline turboprops?
If I'm on a plane that's being hijacked and I can get a call out, WHO DO I CALL?
jet questions [ten easy points]?
How much was the Fairchild Metroliner when it was new?
is mexico narita still operating? if not why?
why does appear that you're getting nowhere?
Question about descending planes?
How much will it be for a Timeshare on a single engine A/C?
Plane cabin crew/pilot announcements?
Can I become a flight attendant?
Why we dont have female pilots at all?
why does it take longer to fly from Europe to America than back?
Do we (the world) still use the Air France Concorde plane?
I want to find the names of airplanes, just the names of the planes?
Which older aircraft would you like?
I want to fly jets, but I dont want to fight?
The Blue Angel C130 appears to have "rocket" engines. Do these actually provide thrust or are they just show?
what is the e-mail addy for the head of etihad airways?
Which airliner should I go in?
What is the pre-employment test before training starts?
where can i find VOR navigation tests for commercial pilot courses?
what is the criteria of getting an aircraft piloting scholarship?
how the passengers in aeroplane gets oxygen ?
why does Virgin Atlantic refuse to join an airline alliance?
how many gas canisters does a hot air balloon use?
Questions on commercial airplanes and fighter airplanes?
Does anyone ever wonder if Stealth Fighterjet is a result of technology transfer from a crashed flying saucer?
does anybody know of a website where i can download planes for flight simulator 10?
Driving Test passed. Now I've lost photocard part to license but need to send it off.?
whats the proper name for small airplane replicas that some people collect?
What is the cheapest lear jet on the market?
Why aren't passenger planes equipped to land at sea?
How old do u have to be to get a pilots license?
jet/plane picture on page?
how is it possible for air plane to fly?
Anybody know about the replica aircraft in front of 391st Bomb Group restaurant in Palm Beach?
Questions about MCS? This is weather related i think?
I'm looking into buying a cessna 182...?
which spelling is correct ,aeroplane or airoplane or airplane?
At what time the Airbus A380 is scheduled to land in Chiago tomorrow (march 20th 2007) ?
What is the institutes for female in india to study in aircraft science to be a pilot?
I am about to complete my 50 hours private pilots license in australia?
what is the airport you personally find the most "difficult" to approach/land (if there is one)?
How do i become a Pilot?
Color me stupid. What is the point of a turbo-prop? If you got a turbine, why the extra hardware? Just jet it!
why the 747 take off speed looks slower than 737 when view from ground?
How are the routes of flight paths decided?
'after 5 years working as an LAE and u find a on the aircraft body which u noe can nvr grow any larger t
Green Aircraft Booking... Down payment?
How long would it take to fly from Ontario to England by helicopter?
A question about landing a plane with no engines?
how is it that a big airoplain is able to lift itself?
I would like to start a small niche commuter airline (turboprops less than 19 pax, not jets) - how to start?
what are the problems which hinder engineers from manufacture an airline airplane that can fly 10 mach?
Question about Boeing?
Can I get an FAA medical if I failed a CAA medical?
Why is the pattern airspeed for a cessna 152 60kts? It is not in the POH?
Airplanes could be safer if they had parachutes?
Why do planes seem to leave smoke trails?
Do ship pilots have to stay away from their home for long periods of time?
What is the difference between the AH1 Supercobra and the AH1 Viper?
What accessories do pilots need?
I didn't feel excitement when taking my flying lesson...?
What should i wear on a flight?
Is there a height limit for pilots (being to tall) if so what is it.?
where can i get free Cessna 152 landing and takeoff charts?
Would a flying wing design that could carry 2000 passengers be practical ?
Waht are the risks involved in being an aerospace engineer?
Does anyone know where I can buy a continental engine IO-470 L crankcase?
what exactly do air traffic controlers do?
What is the name of fuel used in airplanes?
What would be a sonic boom caused by a human-sized object be like?
How do air-crafts avoid being struck by lightning while in flight during thunderstorms?
are p.o. box private?
Any pilots on Answers?
Whilst bored in my car, staring at the sky, in a traffic jam i found myself wondering,........?
What are the large round circles seen from 37,000 ft from an airplane in south-western US?
the kamikaze pilots used to wear protection helmets when they plunged with their planes into enemies ships?:P?
what is a Boeing 744?
what wing configuration does and F15 Eagle have?
I already have a degree, do I have to "AIM" a 4yr course again to become a professional pilot?
Why do jets in the sky leave white lines behind them? What type of jets are these?
What is the diff between Baine Airport, and JAX International Airport in Florida?
I would like to fly for Buffalo Airways, how can I start?
What was the best flight of your life?
The first B747 crash was about 5 years after entry into service. The first A380 crash should take much longer?
even if it is fobidden, could a Boeing still make a push-back on its own by using the thrust reversers?
I'm looking into purchasing a build it yourself airplane. Can I get some recommendations?
Still airplanes?
Flight instructor training?
shop that sells four bladed aircraft propellers for radio control aircraft?
what is the BR-NAV sys in aviation? tell me in simple word please.?
Do planes have wifi, do they?
Where can I buy a fighter jet?
How is the domestic pilot life in India?
when a jet fighter is going over the speed of sound, isn't the flow over the wing starting to separate?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets
How much does it cost to obtain a Private Pilot's License in Canada?
What's Vno in a PA28-161?
Why did Kamikaze pilots in World War II wear helmets?
Pilot job numbers next 10 years in Canada?
Laws regarding commercial aircraft overloading?
I need to buy 14 F-14 Raptor jets by the end of the Month. Where can i get them?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
Scared when i go on holiday my plane will get hijaced?
When (what year) did airports start to place compass directions on their runways ?
IS THERE ANY Radar Radiation Salary FOR YOU?
applications of physics in aviation?
Commercial Airplane Runway Safety ?
Why do you have to turn off all electronic devices when landing and flying on an airplane?
How long will it take to become a pilot and how to become?
Help with Knowing about TAFs, METARs, SPECIs, ARFORs & TTFs?
How do Aeroflot keep their planes in the air?
I want to be a pilot. I heard of ATP flight school. How is it? What airlines can get me?
What happens a pilot ejects at 90,000 feet with oxygen masy and a parachute?
A pilot, a air/cabin crew and air hostes need visa?
When will NASA land on Mars?
Rooftop helipad landings in New York City?
How many people are off the planet at one time?
How do I get a ride in an F14?
How could an airline reduce costs?
Does the U.S. have unmanned bombers?
Boeing 777 -200ER question?
i just recently got my A&P and cant find any job?
perfect paper airplane for this kind of contest?
The wonder of the aeroplane?
How many is the wings of the airplane?
chromel and alumel are used for thermocouple elements.what is the wire(chromel and alumel) size?
careers in fly emirates airlines as cabin crew?
Is there any commercial plane that is designed to fly just below mach 1?
Why don't commercial planes have parachutes on board in case of a crash.?
where do you go to learn how ot drive a hot air balloon.?
I really want to become a commercial pilot, not sure how?
explain how the embarkation and disembarking of passenger at airport expedite the speedy clearence of passenge
Is a career in aviation a good career?
Boeing 767 and Airbus A320...what's the difference and is one safer than the other?
Why are people so scared of flying?
anyone made a airline flight with a cat?
URGENT!!!! How can you find out if someone was on a certain flight?
what is are some things to do on an airplane?
I got an 83% on my FAA Private Pilot Written Exam is that good?
What's better for pilot training, A Cessna, or a Piper?
Are you allowed to bring your own food on the plane?
who is Interjet Systems?
can someone from avionic department tell me,,what is the expression of 'logical 1'?
How do airplanes work? Or what is the history of the airplane?
How many pound or kilo of bag can one passenger hold to travel from addis abab to DC in (Ethiopian airline)?
How can I find an old flight number? It was a delta flight from Nashville to Indianapolis.?
,who was the first to fly, nonstop ,transcontinental in solo flight?
the more best helicopter?
What is the airplane used in the end of the latest episode, family business, of the show Burn Notice?
What is the steepest approach to landing anyone has done?
Do previous flight hours count in aviation programs?
Talking about strictly Air cargo planes what are the weights of all civilian air cargo planes fully loaded?
which is Better to join IGRUA or Chimes Aviation Academy?
what is the purpose of those planes that fly around making clouds?
SU-27 v. F-22?
IDK how to do the MFSX #7 introduction to soaring?
book on crashed recovered aircraft from ww2?
Who takes more salary the civilian pilot or the military pilot ?
What are some good watches for pilots in-between $100-$400?
Is a helicopter safer than an airplane? Why or why not?
Why do the fuel tanks on a Cessna 150 have different types of vents?
How can I get a job as an auto-pilot?
why did they ban concordes?
harrier military jet stiker with short/vertical takeoff/landing?
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University?
what is the type of fuel use in aircraft ?
what do you think of this?
Looking for a site with specifications of airfoils.?
Does any one knows the price of an air hot balloon?
I would like a list of all main stealth aircraft from the very first stealth aircraft?
why does a plane taxing on the runway want to turn?
Airplane carry on ban--need specifics on lipstick, etc.?
Upcoming Flight and I'm Scared of Flying?
what is the speed of a normal military plane?
what is the cheapest and best airline to use to fly from atlanta ga to tel aviv?
ATTN; G-V / SP and G-4 / SP Pilots or 400/450- 500/550 if you like.?
Where i can fine information about Aircraft registration for Worldwide?
Can a bell 222 or Bell 430 reach 200mph with a strip of its interior and a few modifications?
How many altimeters does a big jet have ?
which is the biggest gate in the world?
Does the flight school air fleet training system give out a commercial license?
How do air traffic control personnel communicate with pilots from other countries with different languages?
why is it necessary for the flaps under the airplane wing to give more drag, when an airplane lands?
misdiagnosis of bipolar:passing the faa medical?
Why do larger birds flap their wings slower than smaller birds? Why don't airplanes use flapping winfs to fly?
do airplanes have horns?
How do i tell the sex of an ant?
Why can't I fly, because my friend say they can...?
How does one apply for a cabin crew position?
When a fighter jet refuels in mid air do the external tanks also get filled or only the internal tanks?
I bought first class tickets for the first time, and I wanted to how first class is better than coach?
does a commercial pilot,maybe of 27 years of age,come home everynight ??
I'm always reading about people going crazy and trying to open the hatch on passenger jets. Is that possible?
(Flying over Britain) How far can u see high on a jet plane on a clear day? Big land mass?
How many Airbus A380's are there in commercial service? Thanks.?
I have just taken the FAA AT-SAT test and received a 93%. What is the next step from here?
Oxygen Mask In Aircraft?
hi, we have an early flight out from kalibo airport, does anyone know what time is the earliest trip for vans?
When/how did you get the flying bug?
Does anyone know where on the net I can get a cockpit picture of a Saunders-Roe Princess?
Why are Royal Air Force training aircraft painted Black?
Do aircraft engineers really hate plane spotters.?
How do I become an airline pilot after I serve in the Air Force for ten years?
Why aren't tall walls built beside air runways to help planes avoid turbulance close to the ground?
How fat people get in to the chairs of the planes?
Pilots can't wear Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses while flying...?
I'm scared of flying?
What Are PIA Weight Limits/ Need help with seats.?
Who gets to paint the decals on the side of aeroplanes such as the Memphis Belle and modern day equivalents?
i have icao aircraft maintenance license , how to get Canadian one?
What type of careers can, or should, a young pilot get into?
What does an airport manager do?
Is it possible?
what is the meaning of `critical strike zones' for aircraft?
Where do I find the cheapest plane tickets?
How many peopel die from plane crashes?
What is the highest altitude commercial aircraft fly?
What is the differnce in speed between..........?
What was it like flying on the Concorde? what was the physical feeling, experience of it like compared to?
Why are you told to close the blinds on a plane aduring a night flight??
Tons of very low planes leaving huge chemtrails?
Does anybody know how I can view an airline's aircraft's complete interary?
How can i get loan with ease to finance a business in another country?
Is it true that some planes have WiFi?
How does a pilot start the engine of an air force aircraft? Does he insert a key like a car?
Airline Restrictions Help?
Is there a way to determine the number take-offs and landings on a prospective-to-buy used aircraft?
can things flying without wing?
who was first pilot in world ?
Do pilots stick to an aircraft?
which airline companies employ the fresh pilots who have no experience?
Which Aircraft Manufacturer Do You Think Is Better?
What is the worst thing about flying?
I'm super scared of flying?
Airplane mechanic, good job?
What angle will an airplane be flying at toward the clouds?
Can I train as an airline pilot whilst in medical skul? I wana b both a Dr. and a Capt. Is it possible/allowed?
what is the highest flying bomber aircraft in the world?
Are flight attendants more experienced than pilots in exiting passengers and themselves in an ermergancy?
where can I buy herpa aircaft in west sussex.?
where is the best place to sit on a plane?
what is the best tag line that i can get for my company ?
Flying Course for Private pilot?
what is your favorite ice cream?
Is Boeing 737 a very dangerous airplane model?
pilot's sallry in india 2010?
Whats the best comersial airliner?
How much would a microlight license cost? (uk)?
Are Ryanair seats uncomfortable?
why when passanger planes take off at night do they dim the cabin lights and having all blinds open?
Paying to fly, so you get paid to fly.?
How many Gs do you experience during take off and descend?
Where to buy gas turbines?
United Airlines Flight 93?
The Wings of Passenger Jets?
Just bought a lama 5 r/c helicopter, the rotors dont spin, is there something i should be doing?
What is the best Brand/Type of Paramotor?
If I billions for stealth fighter, where could I buy one?
where is the Dubnadooma?
Does anyone know why a jet fighter was flying over Marbella, Spain at 5.00am on Sunday 8 april 2012?
How many engines would it that to make a hoverboard and to maintain flight 6 inches off the ground?
I have taken commerce side and i want to become a pilot so can i become a pilot?
Does anyone know if the A380 will be flying on 15th & 16th 2012 at Farnborough air show?
how can I see the way bombs were held in place in a ww2 b-17 bomber?
Which airplane was the world's slowest? How slow?
In aviation, what does it mean when they say "Watch your Six"?
What it it like to ride in a small plane like a cessna?
airplain flight help?
Is watching planes land a good thing or a bad thing?
How can I get over my fear of takeoff while flying?
want to know where is the arcraft yonk or cementery of the planes that wint fly any more?
What's a good and cheap alternative to the material Ren?
Would (in theory) a person risk freezing to death in the cargo hold of a 747 , on a transatlantic crossing?
What's a good airline to take if traveling to Britain?
what determines an aircrafts operating cieling,,,?
Aircraft Mechanic school, CA?
Mosquito lightweight helicopter ?
How much will it cost to go from Florida to tokyo, japan?
Ramp Agent for an airline?
I have a turbocharger for an airplane engine. I want to sell it on ebay. It is a Fairchild Stratos. Help list
ILS approach question?
Can you become a Pilot in Command in a major airline without having to be a Co-Plilot?
Become a pilot in the Philippines?
Does anyone know if this airline?
what is the milage of a helicopter?
Does this make financial sense when buying a plane?
if u get denied by the FAA for medical certification can u apply later on in life?
Do VFR aircraft need to file a flightplan?
10 POINTS!!!!how do i get over my fear of flying?
If you had to re-invent a device that would measure altitude/height from an aircraft, what would it be?
Pipeline patrol companies?
Help with my PSTAR test coming up!?
Where can I find information on flight crews/ships' crews?
What is the best approach to becoming a airline pilot?
Aircraft Fleet Planning - Challenging Questions?
Powered paragliders look like fun, are they safe for a 60 year old first timer?
Anyone here live in kent, if so why is the big plane circling around?
Can old people be on airplanes ?
how's the ride in private jets?
Airplane engine failure?
What is the modern day equivalent of the Banshee from Halo?
what is the exact procedure of getting any foreign commercial pilot license converted to the indian one?
I want to be a commercial pilot and am the first in my family to go to college in general... HELP!!?
I am pregnant, I can't use the body scanners, what are my options?
Where can i get tutorials to fly an aircraft and design aircrafts ?
Why do they dim the cabin lights in aircraft taking off and landing?
Which city has the FedEx Headquarter there?
Do I need to bring my own plastic overlay for the FAA knowledge test?
Can Air Traffic Controllers have eyebrow piercings?
Why can't airplanes run on alternative fuel like cars to reduce the heavy depends of the industry on kerosene?
Why do they call it an Airplane Hanger ?
where can you buy a build your own helicoptor kit? (they talked about it on the show tactcial to practical)?
What years the supersonictransport at the Oshosh, WI EAA? The plane was the condcord.?
I have a school project on air forces and i need codes(rules)?
what would happen if you threw a rock into a jet engine?
how is the future job if i studying about jet engines of airplanes?
I'm Currently attending college for an associates degree in Aeronautics/Pilot training, can i land a good job?
Which is the best fighter jet?
Has turbulence ever been the cause of a plane crash?
how many people can board a private plane?
I want to be a Pilot but I have problems waking up in the Morning?
What will airtravels be like in 70 years time?
Are pilots in a more dangerous position?
anyone in aviation or knows it?
Can I park my Cessna 172 on my own driveway to save on airport fees.?
If experiencing a force of 2G makes you feel twice your weight, does a force of -2G make you feel the inverse?
why is that sound in a321 airbus?
Pilots are nice?
how long does a private pilots license last?
How to become a commercial pilot?
How Much Does A Cessna 172 Cost?
How do you edit a little bit of texture in fs2002 in paint without the whole texture disappearing?
Cabin Crew recruitment?
what's the difference between the working principle of a rocket & a jet plane?
How to be a flight engineer in indian airlines?
After flight 587 crash, the problem could still occur?
What does setting mixture to rich do in an air craft?
What is the best looking Air-plane ever made?
What does QFF stands for in meteorology?
How aircraft fly in the sky?
Who would win, a f22 or a Rafale? And the Rafale vs the f16, or f15?
Whats the code that the pilot says when the plane is about to crash?
can a girl with 155cms in height become a cabin crew?
How long does it take to get used to the feeling of flying (gliders)?
who here has never been on an airplane?
Anyone here a commercial pilot for a major airline like Delt, United ect?
What kind of gun do pilots use during flight?
Can some one explain Angle of Attack while an aircraft is airborne?
Which degree should I have for airline pilot????
Do you agree that All private pilots and private aircraft ownership should be completely BANNED?
Looking for a YB-26K maintenance manual and illustrated parts list.?
Where can I find flight tracking map of private jets leaving the Super Bowl in Miami?
Is leaning mixture during taxi necessary?
what is know of the steam powered wellington bomber of 1942?
V-n Diagram questions...?
what date did garuda airlines leave passengers stranded in bali?
how can i get a job on the ramp for fedex loading &unloading aircraft?
Can I become a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering Degree?
Can anyone tell me about technical info on exhausts+nozzles on gas turbine engines, e.g pressure, velocity?
Auto fuel STC for Cessna 150?
which one is faster a jet or a plane?
Everything there is to know about aviation?
Hi how could I get a package shipped overseas from the states, if I'm not there?
Does anyone know where i can buy a petrol remote control helicopter or plane online?
what is the safest airline in the world?
What is the number one cause of Spatial Disorientation?
Why was the L-1011 less successful than the DC-10 in terms of sales?
What happened to the three Princess flying boats produced by Saunders-Roe?
Do you remember the last time you flew in an airplane?
Why do pilots walk with swag?
why do jet airliners fly at 36000 ft?
Commercial Pilots Licence Question For New Pilot?
Aviation Picture Dedication?
Whats the differences between turboprop and turboshaft engines?
Would being an air stewardess be an exciting job?
What is the role of the flight engineer\second officer on an aircraft?
what are the probable interview questions asked for flight attendant interview?
f35 jet question ???????
how to set multiple routes on FS2004?
How much does a instrument cost ?
How many people are in the air in planes at the average moment today?
Aviation situation - How would you deal with it? - Q1?
Airplane Pressurization?
Is landing on a taxiway grounds for dismissal?
Name of aircraft disaster?
What do i need to do to become a pilot?
Best Non-High Performance 6 Seater Aircraft?
If I have a fear of being a pilot should I take flying lessons to overcome my fear?
What commercial is the one where?
anyone no of any websites for in-flight recording of 747 take off and landing?
beachcarft b200 electronic flight instrument system?
What is the job where you get to stand in front of the airplane and help it takeoff/land?
dawlish airshow participation 2009?
I am interesrted In aviation field.What should I Do??
Why isn't there a control to recover from a flat-spin?
how much do airlines spend on tires each year for a typical passenger jet, say a Boeing 737?
who make the 125 sky jet bike?
how to find offers of very very cheap flights?
how long does it take to become a fighter pilot in the raf?
how fast does a f-16 jet go, someone said 8oo knots but how many miles per hour is that?
looking for rubber shock bunges once fitted to the Rollason Condor Light Aircraft?
Branson city office of tourism-The one run by the city, not commercial establishmentws?
What do you have to major in to become a Helicopter pilot.?
If you know a pilot or stewardess, do you consider this person a daredevil?
I want to become a Commercial pilot but confused in 4 years and 2 years program?
How high can a drone go?
Old Bell 47 choppers?
What aircraft would you purchase if you had just won the lottery?
I have kidney diseases and am wondering if there is anyway to serve my country?
Has an airplane ever landed on ST Maarten Runway 27?(The Mountain Side)?
Would there be Marshall's on International Flights?
why we cant fly?
How long does it take to get Instrument Rating? Is it harder than Private Pilot rating?
where can I buy herpa aircaft in west sussex.?
restrictions on use of padlocks on suitcase on flights?
According to the physics, which is safer, flying in a jumbo jet or smaller plane?
Sky Arrow--Italian built aircraft-does anyone have first hand experience flying one? How is it?
Whats the Best Pilot Training School In Van Nuys, Ca?
what type of education do you need to be a pilot?
How many Gates does American Airlines owns in Total??
Do jet mechanics have good job prospects over the next 10, 20, 30+ years?
Is it possible to do a commercial pilot licence in the Vancouver area over the summer?
What is the name of the fastest plane?
What was your first experience flying an airplane?
The A380, how successful has it been?
At what height from Earth do Aeroplanes generally fly???
Okay this is my current situation, please help!?
Why do you have to install a propeller rear cone dry, as in without lubricating oil?
Did you struggle on your first pylon eights?
What makes a good flight school?
aircraft wings....?
Cheapest 2 person small helicopter?
how much does a aircraft builder make?
Help plz...i want to be a commercial pilot?
Do fighter aircraft controls / warnings really speak to you in a female voice as portrayed in the movies?
Any portal website that can search Airline routing and schedule.?
report on passenger to freighter?
why do rc helicopters?
How do i become a pilot?
Thailand EMS to USA ?
The little black box on a plane that's indestructible,why not build the whole plane with that stuff.?
does any one live around an air port?
life of an airline pilot?
Can anyone explain why a 2300 RPM power setting gives a different power % at different altitudes??
how fast must a plane go to take off?
Where can college students buy cheap flights?
What is a RV-8?
Anyone know where to get a full pilots uniform?
name the worlds largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
can i still apply for pilot training?
Which country's Aircraft Engineering License is hardest to take?
why do airplanes have?
HELP! what can i do for my training session --- cabin crew?
Requesting Hummel UltraCruiser pilot flight reports.?
Since the earth rotates from west to east shouldn't the flights going west be shorter and not always longer?
What is the speed of an aircraft?
i am an executive jet pilot. i keep flying around the world. I need a schengen multi visa. what all counties.?
how is one of the natural resource air used?
where do wings go on a plane?
How many benches are at the flight 93 memorial?
Which is better Jet fighter ?
Finding plane dimensions?
WWII or Modern jets?
The B-25 mitchell?
I have just started to use mach 3?
Printing a boarding pass?
a- 10 warthog fighter jet?
If the little black box is indestructable, why dont they make the whole plane out of it?
i'm so intersted in being a pilot but funds is my problem,where can i find a cheap education for it?
Why do some airliners have forward facing main landing gears?
How many pilots does the RAF recruit each year?
what is the take off speed of a small aircraft in relation to its wieght?
Where is the cheapest place to get plain tickets?
Are chemtrails real or are they just contrails ?
When a book(Gas Turbine Engine), turbine rotor blade and bucket are the same.?
How do fighter pilots clear their ears?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear crash helmets?
name of a plane that travels at a very high altitude and has a white residue or something,,?
why do airplanes make those white lines in the sky?
How many hours do you need to move on through a Saab 340?
becoming an airline pilot?
Why did Concorde go away!!!!!?
How to fly PMDG 767 GPS?
Applying for college for Air Traffic Control?
When an answer puts "I'm a pilot" as their source, can we believe them? Do you trust that?
Why Eurofighter doesn't have HUD ?
If a chopper is put in air for 12 hours, can i move from India to USA.?
Flight school?
What is the aspect ratio C-17?
Are there any countries that do not have an eyesight requirement for getting a commercial pilot's license?
Please tell me the requirements to become a commercial pilot is there a job risk in it?
Helo pilots in TX? Demand for pilots? Secure job industry?
what is the best airliner and commercial aircraft to you??? Why??
are you afraid?
Airshows in Galveston and Temple, Texas......?
What are the current Co-axial aircraft and how does their propulsion & gear system works?
cheap airline tickets???
need to know where i can submit my application form, resume..?
Military aviation problems?
Can you get a ride in a jet fighter in the UK?
will my air hogs plane over heat when it's 86 degrees out side?
Why do airliners seem to fly " Head up"?
i am an executive jet pilot. i keep flying around the world. I need a schengen multi visa. what all counties.?
what do you mean by fly-by-wire?
What goes on in a pilots mind when there is turbulence in air?How safe are we while flying?which is the worst?
Aviator college or Phoenix east?
How do you become a fighter pilot in the air force?
Is distortion on the fuel limits enough to cause it to interfere with the steady state required to run?
5th Wheel Training Institute?!?
Can it be verified that Al Gore usually travels on commercial planes or private jets?
Can a Canadian own a aircraft with American registration in Canada?
Want to be airline pilot - how do I know if I will enjoy?
Am I still eligible to get a pilots license even though I got felony on my record 4yrs. ago 4 pos. of CDS?
what are the features that make the Helios 2 so fast?
FAA- Airway Transportation System Specialist?
Pumps For Avgas Fuel?
How high can a 1978 Cessna Citation ISP go?
Isit true that Germany smetimes used shnapps for fuel for their planes during the war?
How much money would I need to built a microlight ( Flying kite)?
Should I get back in the air again?
How do i become a pilot for a passenger plane and what qualifications do i need??
What is the difference between part 61 and part 141 instruction? Which would you recommend?
Does Boeing have an answer to the new Airbus A380?
What are the regular size of a fold down tray in a airplane- Economy?
Cabin Layout In Old Boeing 707 And Douglas Dc 8 Jets?
How much is flight school to become a pilot?
what does it mean if the officer marks no in the correctable violation box when you get a fixit ticket.?
How do you calculate the ratio of core thrust vs bypass thrust at various altitudes on a jet engine...?
Is it hard to become a fighter pilot?
fsx 737-800 where is the to/ga switch?
What kind of things do they check for?
how can i get to airport?
how often do commercial helicopter pilots get drug tested, is it random, weekly, monthly, once a year?
Why Do Games Have To Be Switched Of On a Plane?
What does the A1 medical check look for?
how do i become a flight attendant, pittsburgh?
What would be a good job to get in the Navy, especially if you want to travel? Aviation...MA?? (for female)?
Does anyone have a link to a picture of a 737 cockpit, that has all the buttons labeled?
What happens in an overtorque situation?
how long would it take a jumbo jet to arrive at the moon?
Once you have completed a degree in any aeronautical field what do you have to do in order to become a pilot?
What is the principle behind water injection?
Why don't they make the whole plane out of the same material as the black box, that is never destroyed?
What's a good site to buy cheap tickets?
Is it true that Boeing737 is named so bcos the angle of take off is inverse tan 0.737? If not then why 737?
How can I see the prices of flights online?
where to watch airplane landing and takeoff close in kansas city missouri? (MCI airport)?
Whats a good name for a plane crash story?