Egyptian MiG-21 crazy pilot?
Can I still be a pilot if I can`t fix a flat tire ?
What's your favourite scenery to fly above, and why?
Why was the question about avgas or diesel deleted?
Atmosphere Question and G1000
Why do pilots use VOR instead of just going in a straight line?
Low Time Pilot After College?
How do you change google flight simulators view of the aircraft?
Who Here is a Pilot? If you are please tell me what plane you recomend.?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets???????????
Can a helicopter explode in air and crash without being hit?
Aircraft Identification?
Why is the Concorde not flying anymore?
how much customer service do flight attendants need?
Can Muslims become Pilots in Canada?
Please help me..DGCA exams for Aviation in INDIA.i want to become a passenger pilot.i m doin BE IN ECE.?
How to find airline/airport antiques?
Where is one of the Concrode's kept? I seem to remember an air museum soemwhere, and always meant to see it?
I want to choose my meal & seat on Alitalia?
Okay, my name is not Bubba and I don't live in a trailer park in BFE, Texas - but...?
how much do air force pilots make?
What are the procedures of Tyre inflation for a 747 plane?
when were "zero-zero" ejection seats invented?
Drones and remote controlled toy planes?
What fighter jets do you think are the coolest?
Is New York airport doing enough about birds since bird strikes have increased 5 fold in 20 years?
Popular aviation blogs for aeronautical students?
Clear up an argument. My mate says a helicopter can "loop the loop" I say this is mechanically impossible
Can a civilian buy an L-39 Albatros jet and fly it normally in Canada?
I am researching p3 orions and it says theres 99000 results but its only giving me a 1000 why?
Where can i find Cheapest air Plane tickets?
Does BA have an all white 757 or 767 with a green/aqua logo on the offside between the wings and the tail.?
When I lower flaps, nose putches up??
Which planes engine is better?
How is the domestic pilot life in India?
How much does it cost to operate a Robinson R44 Raven per hour?
Do foreign countries aviation authority have to follow orders from FAA?
Anyone their give ur Views on the South Korean Plane attack?
How does a synchroscope and a prop synchronizer work on turboprops?
why aeroplanes don't just fall out of the sky??????
what aircraft do thomson airways use to go to male intanational?
Cabin Crew assessment day?
private number blockes #?
Why do they build car engines that can go over 150mph yet the speed limit is 70???
why are planes not made out of the same material as the black box is???
why we have to switch off the cell phones in the flight?
how does an aircraft (commercial one) stand still even when it's engine is started before take off?
Who is building new engines to be used in light jet aircraft?
What is the appropriate time to get to the airport for check-in and security?
I have heard morse code being used at JFK?
About FAA medical...?
The importance of first airmail service in india?
Spare Parts for Aircraft in Mojave?
what do they call the main body of a plane?
ICON A5.......does anyone know the price of an icon a5 trailer?
Can I become an air traffic controller?
This must be answered by a commercial pilot, FAA official, Air Force Pilot or Tower Employee.?
Did anyone else hear the sonic boom in Thomson GA today??? ?
Which is the best mayday/air crash investigation episode?
If I want change the hall uint how Mach you thing cost?
does CPDLC use VHF or SATCOM?
How much do helicopter pilots/instructers get paid?
Why can't we have airplanes that run on ion thrusters or electricity?
How would I get a license to fly helicopters and how long would it take and how much?
What size of rotor blades of microhelicopter?
Should I join the Air Force?
How can I become a Pilot, commercial/airline?
Flying a Microlite? Do you need a licence?
What kind of service do you expect in a airline?
how much does an old 737-200 cost?
Does the A & P license expire? Are there recertification requirements?
best aircraft fuel prices?
I'm going on a plane to europe and i'm scared to death!!!?
where does an aeroplane lands?
Whats the commercial where a woman is on an airplane between 2 guys who r laughing and 1 keeps saying stop it!?
If the oxygen masks come down, does that mean your doing to die?
Is there any radar contact over the oceans? (Atlantic, Pacific)?
Are you permitted to buy disused aircraft items,parts,furnishings from the scrapheap?
Are Ground Power Units still in use?
Is flying Paramotors dangerous even with a reserve parachute?
Hi ! I would like to know about the types of air intakes in a jet engine and effcect of each type on engine?
why don't they put parachute in commercial air plane?
Pilot jobs in ireland?
is a300 still in service?
What do i have to do to become a red arrow pilot?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
What should the cockpit crew do on a dc8 jet when u hear the GPWS alarm goes off during descent for landing?
can i take a laptop on a airline?
Can arinc 429 cable be spliced?
Pilots: How do you deal with solo fear?
Do these look like regular commercial flights or chemtrail/ weather modification flights?
Could you open the windows of wooden airliners during flight?
what causes the vibrations at the landing gear?
What are the most common panels/avionics suites on modern turboprop and jet airplanes?
Flight Information? Flight leaves in one hour. Need help NOW!?
How long is the flight from Marakesh to Hong kong, which airport to i travel to and from and which airline?
how hard is the swimming portion of the united innternational flight attndant training??
How could I get statistics of Airplane Crash over the world?
What causes lift in hot air balloons?
what are planes like?
This aviation designer had a lasting impact on early car design as well. Who was the designer, and what was hi
Is air traffic control a good major for college and job?
is it odd for a 28 year old?
Flight simulator question?
What are some not-so obvious expesnes when owning a single-prop airplane?
What does the trimmer do in an aircraft?
How many hours do you need to become a skydive pilot (diver driver)?
can anyone think of some slogans about anti hoax calling?
What are some good sites on beginning aviation and learning about single engine aircraft?
is there wireless internet on planes?
How much does a Zivko Edge 540-T aeroplane cost to buy?
why are there so many plane crashes these days?
What are the names of the cockpit panel components?
Is there anyone out there that can pass on some stories about Air Races and the pilots who flew in them?
where can i find a job here in asia.? im a Flight Instructor License.?
Jet blue airways pilot flipping out a "one off"?
How would an airplane's aerodynamics be different if its skin were covered with sandpaper?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
how many civilian aircraft flights are there in 1 year throughout the world ?
Please discuss the factors that affect the price of flight tickets?
the largest commercial street?
Where i can find the helicopter that i see during loading screen of saints row the third?
Anyone knows where and what flight deck instrument, i can find the green dot?
how do you do a slip while landing a Cessna 172?
Ok, imagine a jumbo jet cargo plane carrying 10 tons of birds (crows, parrots )?
Is a 777 better than a 747 airplane? More leg room?
How hard is it to find a maintenance job with just an A&P license?
How far is it to Reno Air Race field from the Reno Airport? Do they offer a shuttle? Place to tent camp?
what is the fastest jet plane enginge?
Airplane noise?
Quiz for aviation buffs......?
Why do Airline Passengers get so pissy if there are Mx or weather delays ?
Is your favorite jet a japanese evangelon, or an airforce issue?
How many seats in total does a 747 jumbo jet hold in total?
are you legally allowed to fly a 182 in winds of 39 gusting 49kts?
How does it feel to be on an airplane?
What's safer? the helicopter or the plane?
Integrated Avionics Computer?
Do you think the Northwest Airlines overflown incident was just a marketing strategy?
At what speed does an airbus a321 land?
What do I need to be good at to pilot a helicopter?
I am 29 . is it too late to become a commercial pilot? i dont have money , what can i do?
What kind of aircraft, besides a glider, makes no sound?
What does OAS cardable mean?
PILOTS: Is 1400 feet a safe, legal minimum altitude?
Can anyone shed some light on air cargo?
How thick are the concrete runways at commercial airports?
I need a list of universities which provide the degree in aviation,help please?
How do you become a Pilot?
Best International airlines?
would aeronautical engineering help me get in to the cathay pacific cadet pilot programme?
will the red arrows display in the rain....?
Question about strollers and airplanes?
B747 distance nose wheel to nose?
What is a good drag racing car that is cheap?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
is the f117night hawk the fastest aircraft?
land fully loaded jet?
What does Jet Life exactly mean?
MrAUDU question please answer?
Why don't Aircraft maker design a seat with "Umbrella" [Like fighters jet ones]?
wot was name ov the air craft carrier in film top gun called ?
What are the basic principles of aerodynamics that explain why objects, such as airplanes, can fly?
to become a Commerical Airline Pilot?
why do airlines ask the window flaps to be up during take off and landing?
where is sclb?
Can the Space Shuttle abort a landing or 'go around' for another attempt at the runway?
What is it like to fly in a fighter jet?
airplane and the train, which is more safe?
What international airports do you have to use jet stairs to get off all of the planes?
need help assemblying rc fuel tank?
why did kamikaze pilots where helmets?
Where Can I Download The FSPainter's Airbus A330-200 Base Model?
I need to know something about paper gliders? How and when were they started?
Go at the same time at 4 way stop?
Military family trying to get home!?
I want to be a commercial airline pilot?
What are the fees and charges at heathrow airpot?
Are there still toilets on airplanes?
How can passengers hear the voices between the ATC and the cockpit?
who was killed in pond racer and what year and whay?
What is an average fuel efficiency of a passenger jet (per passenger)?
Pegasus flight school in Linden NJ?
Are pilots required to have a degree in something other than flying the plane?
Has a Flight Attendent ever become Airline Pilot?
Have you ever watched an airplane flying in the sky ...?
Why cant i fly?
How high does a plane fly?
what all are the careers for a mechanical engineer in an aircraft company?
How does the Robinson R44 Raven Operate?
My new bf owns a 4 passenger plane and wants to fly accross the continent city by city, how safe are private?
What is the most common reason a pilot will lose his medical? What condition caused you to lose your medical?
how many hours to get pilot license?
do aircraft have windscreen wipers?
how can I be a transport pilot?
can i still become a pilot if my eye sight is -1 both?
Where in New Jersey can i buy aircraft scraps?! Like galleys and chairs?
Do you think pilots ever have scary moments that we don't hear about?
AIRCRAFT COMPLETION - Can anyone provide me better insight on this branch of service in the Aviation Industry?
What is the minimum of pilot flight hours experience to work for an airlines ?
Failure in the hydraulic system airplane?
what kind of planes leave exhaust fumes?
Plane tickets! Cheap! ?
In general, why do we not use 2 stroke engines in aircraft.?
What does the job outlook look like for fixed wing commercial/helicopter pilots?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration Kit?
FSX ATC/Other Voices are Mute?
How many airbuses are there in the world?
What is the starting salary of pilots in Canada? What are their salaries after 5 yrs of working? After 10 yrs?
Can you get sat navs on planes?
Pilots: what are the regulations governing "alternate" airports for IFR flight?
How do e tickets work? Multiple stops? Please help.?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? ?
Aircraft Mechanic or Air Traffic Controller?
Airplane pilot lingo?
If you were a pilot what would you do in this situation?
is there fuel for model airplanes called orange crush?
whats with "answers" who says what can be asked and what can't cos......?
I need a tool list?
EMS Shipping from Korean to Singapore?
What is the best route to hike down to the crash site of TWA Flight 2 or United Flight 718?
How do airports work?
Your plane crashes in the pacific Ocean...
how does rolls royce name their engines?
GoPro plane mount ideas?
first time flying. how fearfull is it?
Do you HAVE to be skinny to be a flight attendant?
How much fuel does a Aircraft burns?
my flight is delayed..when to reach airport?
What do I have to take in high school to become commercial pilot?
How can i become a flight attendant in the uk?
what are the future inventions in aeronautical and aerospace engineering?
how to calculate Wf-fuel weight for light aircrafts?
how fast is a pilatus PC-12?
In the UK, what licenses/certifications must one hold in order to become a flight instructor?
are scale plans of the harrier jump jet out there?
Airline Pilot Monthly Guaranteed hours?
What makes lightening strike an aircraft in mid air?
I am not a U.S citizen,so what steps should i do to be a Commercial pilot in U.S?
Anybody Know how Many Airliners in the last 40 years ?
life of an airline pilot?
Do you live near an airport?
Which companies make the TV entertainment units found in commercial airliners? ?
when i'm older i want to be a pilot but my dad says he wont pay for my flying lessons?
How can i get one direction tickets?
what the hell is mogas i've heard of avgas and a1 turbine fuel but i have never heard of mogas ?
what side of the cockpit in aircraft does the captain sit?
How much corrosion is too much corrosion?
indore willbe open for a international flight operation?
Why the recorder of the plane does not damage even after plane crash down?
How planes stay airbourne when banking?
Trying to become a private pilot?
why dont you?
Airbus 319 stall speed ? (In real life)?
How can I make my own small airplane?
is it better to be a fighter pilot or airline?
How much would pilot school cost in the Philippines?
how to become a pilot?
What is the Delta G of this?
How much do British pilots make per month?
why do pilots after landing deploy the spoilers, but let them deployed in most cases even during taxiing....?
average number of passengers on delta aircrafts?
when were the black boxes on aeroplanes first used and when did they become mandatory for passenger planes?
Is there a new Bose Aviation Headset coming soon?
witch is worse in a 737-800: a Cargo fire or a loss of A and B hydraulic systems?
Best aviation pranks?
who was the man who survived the crash of allegheny airlines flight 202 in 1959?
Best way to conquer fear of flying?
what is the difference between interphone socket and servie phone socket in an aircraft?
How much would it cost for a Cadet pilot training in the US?
How to become an airline pilot?
why do they tell you to turn off electronics on a plane?
i want to fly from manila to uk, why am i bombarded with flights from uk?
How much fuel you must have in order to fly across Atlantic?
when was the first commercial flight and by which company?
USCG Helocpters?
can you fly a kite from an aeroplane window?
Aircraft Mechanic school, CA?
What are good jobs to get in toronto with a commercial flying license?
Math provides answers. Math is truth and reality. Does anyone else enjoy mathematics as much as I do?
can i have trobule for carry a bong (water pipe) in the USA airports?
who has the best safety record in Airbus & Boeing?
When should I learn how to fly?
Do you have any idea how the pilot fly the plane. i meant through the cluod how can he the destination??
I have an eye that wonders around when im tired would i still be able to join the air force as a pilot?
how can you build an anti gravity vehicle? is it possible? no props, jet or rocket...?
What is the separation distance of aircraft on approach?
What is the Purpose of the F/A-18 Hornet?
What Is the name of this aircraft?
Why doesn't the US government sell F22?
I hate flying what can I do?
Will lowering the flaps just seconds before landing make the landing better?
Who are some people who are not very well known at all in the history of flight?
Why does a cockpit in a plane have controls for two pilots?
about math : a plane travels 242 miles in 4.5 hours how do i find the planes speed in miles per hour? multiply?
how much energy (watts/hour) is used by a 747 during flight?
actually i want to become a commercial pilot and i have no idea how to be a pilot . can u tell me how??.. .?
Can you give me addresses of manufacturer of Steam Jet Air Ejectors for thermal power station?
Quiz - Name that plane.?
Could I buy a WWII A6M Zero and fly it?
Turning errors; I think this is a trick question?
On a scale of 1-10 how hard is it to become a pilot?
Anyone here an air traffic controller?
Private pilots license?
When will Singapore airlines retire there aging 747?
cheap airline tickets???
Where Can I Go................?
I am 14 and i want to be a pilot but sadly i havent got a clue on where to start, what college to attend. Etc?
Why don't the wings of a airplane have to flap like the wings of birds ?
Etihad Airways Pilot Cadet Programme is there in 2012?
I want to become a commercial pilot, but am I suitable?
What would happen to the airplane if you shot one of the windows?
What is the photo of B1 SPIRT HUNTING compared to the F16?
What is the best way to start aviation?
Can anyone do a Flight Simulator 9 Repaint?
what is the job of a apg mechnic on the c-130 aircraft?
how many ventilation fans and recirculation fans do conventional aircraft like the B787 and A380 utilise?
Will I find English speaking airport employees in Ilheus, Brazil (IOS)?
how much is a mini cab from heathrow to golders green?
What are the qualifications for becoming a comercial pilot?
the best flying school(aviation school) in the world?
What is a normal schedule for a flight attendant?
Are the rumors for the 797 true?
Is it possible for airport ground staff?
Airplane wing symbol?
How was transportation before the Airplane?
how do jets fly?
If a black box in not damaged in case of an aircraft crash then why isn’t the entire aircraft?
Since space flight is faked where did they keep the shuttle and atsronaughts for the last two weeks?
Could I enlist and become a jet pilot?
Flying a Boeing 737 to Europe?
multi commercial test?
Best flight schools in America?
is woodbridge to scarborough long distance? URGENT?
whats the most powerful jet fighter plane in the world?
what is the best way to deal with the fear of flying??
What was the last year where there were no commercial airline accidents?
The "MiG" aircraft used in Topgun were really what kind of aircraft?
Would it be harder to be a cargo pilot pilot in the Air Force or an Airline pilot?
Was there any evidence found from Flight 19 "The lost patrol"?
Barksdale Air Show?
scared to fly american airlines?
Is the airline job best or ground office job in terms of money and benefits?which is the best?
on average, how much does it cost to earn a pilots license in Houston?
is jet express safe to use?
what is that plane that they used in the movie top gun?
i want to be a cabin crew?
Does volcanic ash jam up all types of airplane engines? (piston prop)?
RC helicopter lifting objects?
how many fighter planes india has?what are the different names & characteristic?
Will I find English speaking airport employees in Ilheus, Brazil (IOS)?
radar station a and b are on east-west line, 3.7 km apart. station A detects a plane at C, on a bearing of 61°?
Helicopter Satellite phone is unclear.?
Should I go to FIT to become an airline pilot?
if you were in a harrier jump jet,and hovered for one hour at over 500ft would the earth move below you?
how hard it to convert the FAA license to JAA .?
i need a promotion code for united airline..Thank you?
Can you pay to get in a 747 simulator?
questions on commercial airplanes?
True or False: You have flown on the Airbus A380 aircraft before?
Is it possible to log in flying hours in a friend's aircraft and pay him for flying?
Becoming pilot in air national guard? ?
If a helicopter flies over your house, does that mean you will be arrested?
Airplane activity for kids?
How to become a pilot in Canada?
Pilot Maintenance under EASA regulations?
Becoming a commercial pilot?
What is the fastest bomber in the world and what country built it?
Which airline had the most cauilities in total?
Does American Airliens transer most of their flights in Dallas?
Can anyone explain this about US WW2 aircraft?
When it comes to the rotor blades on a plane/coptor, what is the differ. between two blades as opp. to 3 or 5?
Which is in your opinion the best flying school in IE?
Airplane registration & callsign?
how long will it take to send something in the mail?
what is archamidies principle and how does it relate to lighter-than-air-flight?
How does aviation college work?
After getting your private pilot license how long will it take to get a high performance endorcement?
How can i become a commercial pilot?
Who is resposible for a hard landing incident with a student pilot solo and he paid for the lessons each time?
Aircraft towbar pushing question?
Does Hong Kong has an open sky agreement with Canada?
Etihad Airways Pilot Cadet Programme is there in 2012?
how do helicopter land when their engine dies?
what are chem trails who is making them and how can it be stopped?
What is your opinion of the Piper Cherokee?
Why don't airplanes have rear view mirrors like cars and trucks do so that the pilot can see what is behind?
where do u go on a satrday?
What is needed to become a helicopter pilot?
Why was Gustaf Whitehead not credited with the first powered flight some months before the Wright brothers?
what is the aviation fuel cost of a normal passenger plane per litre in dollars?
Can anyone tell me what the EASTERN AIRLINES Eighty Minute Men Club was ?
Can monkeys fly helicopters?
Can any one help me come up with a list of cool stuff I can put and my car to impress a girl thats not illeagl
why are most ufo's shape like a saucer? is it just a common shape or its because its easier to be manufactured
Blank airplane on
Which is best?F-22 or Eurofighter2000.?
How To Become A Fighter Pilot?
how much thrust can a Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 892 Turbofan Engine produce?
how many people die in hot air balloon accidents a year in Egypt?
How aeroplane flies ?what is the working behind it?
Any body know of a good helicopter school near Tampa ???
Question about Delta airlines?
In the U.S. when do you need a pilot's license?
How do I know if I'm scared of flying if I've never been in a plane before?
How will increasing the diameter of the parachute increase it's size?
How do airplanes do missile lock?
im 15 turning 16 next year what are the steps i need to take in order to become a airline pilot?
What type of an aircraft would create a stream tail in the sky?
What are some good safety wire pliers for an A&P mechanic?
2 girls visiting me...?
where to find best deal air tickets to Europe?
how much would it cost of becoming a pilot through university?
what is the average wage for both airline and general aircraft maintenance technicians the the US?
ppl exam please question,could you confirm pleASSE?
Effect Of Air Craft Filters In High Altitude?
Why do they call it the red eye?
what metals are used to make the A-4 skyhawk landing gears?
I have a flight question????????
What is the Fastest Manned Plane Which Was Ever Built?
why star is in primary and delta in secondary connections in brething air compressor?
My dream is to become a pilot... im a 19 year old girl and really need some advice, please help me!?
where is the airplane graveyard?
is there a cathay aviation school at Los Angeles?
what super power would u rather have?
Fear of flying, Help?
Eurofighter typhoon question?
How am I suppose to learn all these airline/city codes?
what does a dream of a helicopter crash signify?
Ultralight Ideas?????????????
PW127F LCF parts cycle limits?
Changed rotor blades on Protocol tiger jet but it wont fly just tips over sideways and flops around,?
Do I need to go to college to be able to become a airline pilot?
What's the point of the f-22 if we are building the f-35?
Why do aircraft use front lights during night time?
What's the likelihood of a plane crashing?
Boeing 737-600 question?
Is this plane able to fly?
was orivall wright life hard when he was a kid?
name of the fuel which use in air crafts?
Im doing project on Airplanes. Can anyone give me a good sugestion about airplane design?
Aerospace design parts sourcing?
Exactly how does an aircraft stay up in the air?
Where can I get an instructional video/book on how to set up a hang glider?
Will a helicopter fly on automotive gasoline?
How long does it take to get a pilots liscense and where are some trainers in the bay area?
What does X stand for in LAX?
delta airlines.........................?
Finding plane dimensions?
What does Dassault Falcon do at Newcastle county Airport in Delaware?
What is the support number for the 4channel "Drift King" rc helicopter?
How Much Fuel Does the Airbus A380 use? (in gallons please)?
Flyin alone for the first time?
what should i bring or do on a 8 hr plane trip?
Is it possible to become a work from home drone pilot for the military with a dial-up internet connection?
how can I have a trip to taiwan but don't have to go back home in chicago?
when is the 1st ssc ultimate aero tt made in?
When do you use flaps in an aeroplane?
what happens to a plane after a crash landing?
how wide are the seats on thomson economy airways?
ExcelAire bought a Legacy jet (EMBRAER) in Brazil and ...?
why is it that passenger aircraft have upturned wings whereas fighter jets have pointy down wings?
Fear of heights? Airplanes?
Tonight a helicopter flies over several times?
Towing Aircraft to the Runways?
Does anyone know how to get free air travel?
Should I Become a pilot?
What is the fastest bomber in the world and what country built it?
I need help with radars?
what is the salary of a pilot?
Are Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry and Biology important to become a pilot?
where are deltas f/a hubs?
are jet packs real...................................?
Are you scared of flying?
How much do pilots get paid?
How long would it take for a new pilot at Air Canada to become a captain.?
why don't they have parachutes on commerical planes?
If I hover in a helicopter above New York for five hours, will I be in LA when I land?
Does the wing span of a paper airplane make it go farther?
what are the airports near Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547?
My local airport only offers tie much rent can I expect to pay to store a Cessna 140?
Are there skyscrapers in New York with helipads on top?
Can you log experimental aircraft time and apply it to advanced ratings with no restrictions?
is the 250knt below 10,000/FL100 limit Indicated or Ground Speed?
Does General Aviation (Private Flying) Exist In Taiwan?
Are there any cadet programs for helicopter pilots in NZ or Australia?
Aviation Christmas decoration ideas ?
What is the color???
what is the fastest ever produced(not prototype) aeroplane ever built?
What are the speed, altitude, and flap settings to landing jets?
Has a Quantas aircraft ever crashed ?
How do I download a flight simulator package free?
What is the Aviation Quality Manager Requirements? what is the Required Courses?
who knows what a british airways pilot earns a year?
Future of aviation? A dying industry?
Why didnt the US use the rolls royce merlin engine in the p-38 lightening?
TSA credit check?
Who seriously comes up with an idea like the 9/11 plane crashes?
How can I get my own Cessna 172 checklist certified for use?
If a fighter plane at 50,000 ft altitude nose pointing 90 degrees take a Pluunge?
what is the name of that plane that landed on monday the 19?
What's the fastest jet ever?
What does the MK in the Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Il-62MK mean?
is is easier to become an airline pilot in europe or america?
Noisy kid in First class ?
Can you fly a 2 person ultralight legaly without a license or just a 1 seater?
Help with this aircraft pneumatics question??? on 747 or a340, or 737, or 777?
What would the punishment for this pilot error be?
Is it worth becoming a pilot?
Can airship, in general, transport oil from place to place?
What do pilots say over the intercom when they are landing?
F-4 Phantom or FA-18 Hornet? Who would win in a fight?
Is becoming a pilot worth it?
can u say a plane lands when the wheels touch the ground or when the plane stops?
Question about my cessna 152....startup checklist?
Can/Do pilots ever use asymmetrical thrust instead of crabbing/side-slipping during crosswind landings?
When a plane is landing...?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
what is the function/purpose of a wing man if you are a fighter pilot.?
Boeing 707 maintenance manual wheels and brakes section?
I wanna be a pilot but is embry riddle the best college to go to?
why does the world think that 9/11 is so bad?
Where's the best place to sit on a plane?
I'm really scared of airplanes; how can I not be scared of them?
how is the training going on in kerla,tamilnadu,banglore&andrapradesh[pi… training.?
Looking for a job as Director of Maintenance for corporate flight dept. or Aircraft Maintenance Technician?
what happens after passenger planes land at airports?
how to make a RC heli?
Wifi connection and internet on Airplanes?
Jobs at an airport at 18?
My Helicopter Flew somewhere....?
Question for flight attendants.?
where is a good flight school in Michigan?
How hard would it be to fly a light plane, like a cessna 172?
Why do planes explode when they crashed?
*Urgent* Presidential TFR?
What is a legacy aircraft (NOT legacy carrier)?
Do you not think that aeroplanes are old fashioned looking things with wings that stick out and a tail?
Application for Emirates Air Cabin Crew???
Onuce a plane is told to "hold short" what is the command to tell it to continue?
which flight school is better in melbourne? TVSA flight school or Pearson aviation?
Do you know groups about airplanes and fighter pilot?
Why don't Aircraft maker design a seat with "Umbrella" [Like fighters jet ones]?
Interview with boeing?
How can I build an airplane for less than $200?
what is a gyro bike,how it is discovered,what are its advantages?
what's the lowest airfare from houston, TX to Colorado Springs, CO?
Best plane to start flying with?
Can any one here recommend me a good consultancy firm for Cabin Crew at the airlines........?
How can I find out who was the first woman to get an airplane pilot'snlicense in the state of oregon?
what are the largest usa airports in land area?
has anyone came up with an alternative fuel for airplane engines?
If a pilot crashed a government aircraft, a jet, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, does he/she get sued?
How to get grom greenland to alaska? Cheapest and fastest way (more options).?
Do people buy or lease private jets?
can the blades of a combat helicopter withstand the impact of "powerful" bullets (not ordinary civilian ones)?
Do you get nervous when the plane is taking off?
How to sell a private plane? Beechcraft Bonanza V-35B?
What is the junior flight attendant base for Continental?
What airlines have 737 in the US?
Where can I find the minimum take off speeds for fighter jets?
Could a plane be lifted/carried by a superhero?
what is the fastest aircraft ever to fly and what speed did it reach?
Why military planes have wings on top, commercial underneith?
Can a F-15 Eagle land on an aircraft carrier?
What is turbulence caused by?
How do airplanes work?
What is the most essential component of an airplane?
aircraft routes?
What Aviation insurance company do you recommend and why?
Qualifications for Air Traffic Controller?
This is my first time fyling.. Could I be able to carry a Tattoo kit with me.. Gun, Ink, Niddles, Drawing?
In the RAF, do you get many holidays to go home?
Which one is better in economy class an Emirates Airbus A380 or an Emirates Boeing 777?
Do airports have wifi?
why do they forbid use of cellphone in airplanes ?
what can happen if you use your cell phone on a plane?
How did the hijackers on 9/11 avoid hitting some other plane mid-air without navigation?
Best Education to be a commercial pilot?
How to find out when the Airbus A380 arrives at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne?
Landing fees at Midway?
what is the cheapest way to attain a powered flight using self built craft ? is it affordaplane ?
What's the deal with airline peanuts?
Boat Tail on a model rocket?
Do you have any idea how the pilot fly the plane. i meant through the cluod how can he the destination??
Which model aircraft is the 1st commercial aircraft that service Paris - Le Bourget, London line in 1919?
What is that liquid which oozes from the wings of the passenger aircraft while landing?
Do i need i college degree to become a pilot?
does any one know Northwest airlines fleet since 1926 to now?
I'm a bit of an artist... can I take all my pencils on a plane or will they be taken away?
Name of the sites where i can learn more about aircraft?
Airline tickets online?
im looking for a huey fusalage for cheap were can i get 1 can u help me?
How to get scenery on x-plane 9?
What is the world's second fastest jet?
Can I buy airplane tray table?
What's the difference between the inside of the Boeing planes? (747, 757, 777, and so on)?
Did Flight 77 really hit the Pentagon on 9/11?
what is the age limit for kids to ride free on an airplane?
737 Pilot In Command Help!!?
Is service always this bad?
Private Pilot question: briefly describe lost procedures?
Aircraft technician works in group or individual?
Who was the youngest Boeing 747 certified captain ever?
What is a good Christmas Present to do with airline industry.?
What airliner had 4 engines on the tail?
What airlines has the highest weight limits for pets in the cabin?
Questions About Soloing a 152?
Does anyone know of any good aircraft engineering apprenticeships??? Thanks?
what is a fly by wire aircraft?
Delta Economy Comfort Worth It For 3 1/2 hr. Flight?
Glow engine running problem?
What do I need If I want to set up radar and satellite instruments , for e.g. weather , planes , Like AIR T C
best flight schools in canada?
How can I become an Comercial airline pilot?
Is there wifi on JetBlue planes?
Need a help with identyfing a weapon (link included)?
Did they re-design the Air France Logo?
Concorde Replacement?
Does the space shuttle have Aircraft Registration Number?
Last Concorde flight ?
Why does the Blue Angels C-130 have propellers instead of jets engines?
Is there any way I can overcome my fear of flying??? Any tips???
Can I use Air France photos in a presentation wich I'll send to Air France Employers from Reservation team?
what is the worlds most beautiful aircraft or helicopter according to you?
What happens if you don't duck underneath moving helicopter blades?
Becoming A Pilot: Please Help!?
What is the role of a pilot?What is the difference between Airforce & Comercial pilots?
Who know about delta air?
Will Air Traffic Controllers be replaced by Computers in the next 10 years?
On wheelchairs onboard aircrafts, what do C, R, S stand for?
Anybosy know the website where i can see the flight confirmation in the thai airways?
Teaching Abroad While Earning Pilots License!!?
I get motion-sickness easily but want to fly small planes - should I just give up?
Gyro/Procession/Phase lag?
what is the salary of a commercial pilot?
Where Can People Look To Buy Rick Wagoner Alan Mulally And Robert Nardelli's Private Jets?
aviation industry's hiring process?
How much cash can u fly with?
feel less speed while travelling in Aircraft?
Flight instructor training?
Do all planes break the sound barrier?
When did you last fly & what airline?
Should I buy a RC Helicopter or a RC Airplane?
what's that "ding" sound inside the airplane cabin each time it took off and landing?
Maneuvering speed and weight?
Glenn L. Martin the famous aviator: did he ever sign his autograph differently than Glenn L. Martin?
Has anyone used
Sukhoi 30 mki/mkm vs F16 block52+D?
what subject i should take in high school to become commertial pilot?
which is currently the best business jet available?
How far apart would VERTICAL, STACKED RUNWAYS need to be for airplane safety?
Wi-fi connection on planes?
I am looking for a part for an aircraft tug.It is a thermostat housing p/n 605-1086. i need the vendor info?
Any advise for Aviation Institute of Maintenance on there Avionics program?
what is dielectric grease?
Why did we retire the Phantom?
How to get a better job?
My quiz questions are being removed?
Calling all pilots...?
what offshoring practices do various global airlines participate in?
Does anyone know what qualifications are needed to apply for a training course to become an airline pilot?
Is there a more affordable to acquire and maintain GA, Piston powered aircraft than the Cessna 150 Commuter?
Why is important for radars to operate at the exact time?
i'm looking for the all Passenger annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
Commercial Pilots License training after 2 hrs from obtaining the PPL?
Why do aeroplanes have to fly so high ? ?
can a helicopter shoot down a jet?
at what speeds can an aircraft go with the help of only jet engines and not rockets?at what levels do they fly
Where can i find a good helicopter training school?
what size is the engine that powers a tomahawk cruise missile? length? diameter?
What are the skills one needs to be a air traffic controller?
Whats a good learner plane?
Concorde Aircraft?
Does working for free on freinds 172 keep my a&p current?
How many of you have bounced the airplane during landing ? Don't be embarrassed. I like to hear your story?
How do I get a ride in an aircraft's jump seat in Australia?
If you fly helicopters in the military, can you fly jets for an airline once you retire?
When turning and looking at our heading indicator, do pilots always allow for magnetic deviation?
What are the qualifications to work for a major airline, and what are they to be a corporate pilot?
what makes a pilot cadet programme choose youover others?
Should I be a flight attendant or not?
Do the TSA body scanners give you cancer?
what is the cockpit drill?
Is flight training a college class ?
What is more fun? Flying a plane or navigating a boat?
when it is written on SID's, "take-off minimum standard", what does this mean?
Why its better to drive than fly?
what are some notable differences between ECAM and EICAS ?
Crusing Altitudes Over Europe. Are They Different?
Is there any group or forum exclusively for Aircraft Engineers in India?
Best bachelors degree for a future in aviation?
How do I become a flight attendant ?
what is the salary for an airline pilot?
Which is the world’s oldest airline still using its original name?
Why do operators fly the cessna carvan in low idle in all phases of flight. ?
Commercial Pilot?
what are some prestigous helicopter piloting schools?
how does a aircraft turn in the air as well as on land?
audio video on-demand on SIA planes?
How to change travelousity flight ?
prop aircraft electrical question?
Now the UK public is taking more interest in public reports can we have an explanation how the AAIB ......?
where can i buy me a functional Iron Man suit?
When is the B787 released?
Why can't we have airplanes that run on ion thrusters or electricity?
who is the ace of all aces amongst jet fighter pilots?
How do you get planes walkers?
Can A SR-71 Be Flown With One Person?
Where can I get my A&P license near St. Louis?
Question about the AGM-65H Maverick missile?
Airplane question?
can reverse thrust be deployed in flight?
If your father just got his private pilot license, would you feel confortable flying with him?
balloons and airships?
Where can I buy a cheap flight yoke in the UK for under £60?
regarding to private planes!!?
How many feet does one plane need to be near another plane to violate its air space?
can pilot abuse be avioded?
Looking to buy aircraft parts for decoration?
What is the fastest helicopter in the world?
I need some ATC clarity?
What is rotor configuration of bell 407 helicopter?
If you were about to die in a plane crash what would be the last thing you do?
How hard is it really to become an airline captain?
Commercial airplane pilot vs. commercial helicopter pilot?
Microlight Requirments in the united kingdom?
Pilot, what do i need to do?
fake passenger dummys?
i need information about civil aviation conference in middle east next month?
I want specs (eng drawings) of the new A-380?
Aircraft Cracks...?!?!?
Why do aeroplanes do not hit the clouds as they travel?
Does Microsoft still support FS 2004. I went to the MS FS site. I only found updates for FSX?
Getting a pilots license?
can two unaccompanied minors(not related, friends) go on a flight with only one of the kids parents?
Any Aircraft clubs around Staffordshire? Mainly Stoke-On-Trent Area!?
what is the aerodynamic centre (AC)?
Electronic devices on an aircraft question?
Are there spark plugs on a turboprop?
how fast do helicopters fly?
General And Commercial Aviation?
Why can't you bring a book or a magazine on a plane anymore?
If anyone knos abt planes tht need not pass through runway??
Should I be a Pilot or a vet ? ?
describe exactly the series of incidents and causes that felled the hindenburg?
[Best answer 5 star] Can i join a flight school with some "Bad" health conditions?
Do you need a blood test for a class 2 medical to pass your NPPL?
Who likes mall of america?
employment@chase field,tx?
Fastest way to get a lost license ?
How can I get over my fear of flying?
In what year was the Mig-21 first flown?
When the Thunderbirds flew F-4's, how did they prevent rear seat circuit breakers from popping? Any oldtimers?
Rolex or Private Pilots license?
What brand of duct tape do they use on big airliners?
flight instructor?
Rotor wing?
what does RLA mean when it comes to airstrips?
Is there any truth to the existence of chemtrails?
Airport noise is certainly a negative externality, why would people choose to live near airports?
Generally, are airplanes louder during landing or takeoff?
can u talk on a cell phone will in a airplane in flight?
where can i find the mcp numbers on a 757 captain cockpit?
What airlines has the highest weight limits for pets in the cabin?
Is the Boeing 737-800 safe?
If someone in the twin towers on 9\11\01 had a parachute would it of worked if he\she used it to jump from the?
Interveiw question to study for emirates cabin crew?
What does "No power adaptor required" mean on Airplanes?
Is it just me or do most of the american airlines provide just about the worst travelling experience going?
What is your favorite part about flying?
whats the difference between a A-10 Thunderbolt and a A-10 Warthog?
Jet engine covers?
Question i need for aviation and powerplant mechanics?
i want to be an airplane pilot hte kind that flies 747s, what course do I have to take?
what is the average life of a commercial aircraft?
Is it even worth trying to become a pilot?
Aircraft Descending?
What happens if you come out of supersonic flight? Is there another Sonic Boom?
How Would I Go About Becoming a Seaplane Pilot?
What is the best and worst looking commercial airplane in use today.?
Questions about my flight tomorrow afternoon?
How do I get a ride in an F14?
What is the most reliable Commercial Airliner Jet Engine?
who was the first lady pilot?
what is a fuselage in aircraft jargon?
I want to buy a GeForce 8400GS Graphics Card and also a 2gb ram to boostup pc speed,but i can only buy1which ?
Few Questions About the Piper Saratoga?
Are the RAF SAR crews the best in the world???
transit check of an aircraft?
Can you build hours toward you IFR rating before you're 17 an before you have your private pilots license?
Does anyone really like the idea of being 800 passengers on Airbus A380'?
top flight school in the las vegas area ?
Any flight schools for helicopters in Wisconsin?
how can VMCG be greater than V1 on transport category aircraft?
How high does a helium ballon fly ?
where can i get all the dimensions of airbus A380?
What's the age limit for flying in the Air Creation Trike Ultralight?
Why did airlines like United and Northwest choose the A319 and A320 over the 737-700 and 737-800?
Which company do u think makes planes better airbus or boeing?
what are 2S-7S battries? And where can i buy them online?
How much is the industry discount rate at SANDALS for flight attendants?
What law a you exactly saying if so say at a airport "I think there is a bomb in my bag"?
Who deserves the parachute?
What are gulf carriers?
What happens if a commercial airline's engines fail?
Why does VTOL fighter jets consume more fuel when going vertical?
Ever beeeeen on an _________ flight b4????
Why windows of airplane must open during depart and landing?
Why are airplane tickets so expensive?
can i be a fighter pilot after doing BA?
Whats your favourite commercial aircraft?
Is Ma3had Egypt air (Misr flying institute) JAA OPS approved or not?
What can you tell me about training for a pilot's license? Costs? Age restrictions? Airplane rental? etc?
How much does the Pilot of 747 make?
Could Boeing the airplane company beat the Airbus A380 with a bigger and better airplane?
how to become an A380 pilot?
how do i go about getting a private pilots license, and how much will it cost?
How much is the salary of a co pilot in the egyptian airlines ?
Free Plans to Build your own light aircraft online?
Where is the best place to buyJeppesen guided flight discovery Instrument/Commercial Dvd set?
What time should I get to the airport?
Which one is considered best fighter airplane during WW 1 and WW2?
When is the Boeing 787 going to do its first landing at LAX? how much longer can we expect?
What would an EMP do to a small airplane?
anaiyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight?
What are the steps in becoming a pilot ?
hii ppl ayone know answer to this?
does anyone have merlin engine ringtone that I just down load on my phone?
What is the OD of the fuselage of a 737?
What is the stall out speed of a boeing 747-400?
Will the Air Force pay for any part of my Pilot's License // Training?
Would Philippine airlines learning center be a great place to train for a CPL?
how do I get air mail?
I need easy jet i.d help? ?
How do I find near free plane tickets? Redeyes are fine. Family emergency & I need to go from NY to CA?
Must an agency obtain a warrant before requiring a commercial airline pilot to submit a drug test?
the sky copter toy?
What is the worlds fastest airplane?
why cant planes fly in space?
What age can u get your pilot license in California?
how agile is the f-22, compared to eurofighter?
How fast do aeroplanes Travel? I would like to know a generic speed of passenger aeroplanes?
How an aircraft flies...?
What is it like being a flight attendant?
Does anybody know how many inter-continent airports there are, as in flights to another continent?
How far can u fly a piper Cherokee 140 on one tank of gas?
Afraid of Airplane crash?
C-152 Hdg and Altitude recovery question?
what are some ways that i can send a package from toronto,canada to freiburg, germany?
Can I shoot simulated approaches by myself (with no hood) when Im not quite IFR rated?
Is Southwestern a good airline? Why or why not?
Do Pilots have haircut policy?
About A&P Certificate?
Are check ins for long haul flights opening early because of security delays or opening at usual times?
What is a "Pilot Knob"? It's the name of a street in my city.?
Do airlines burn excess fuel before landing?
What are the typical dimensions of a restroom on a commercial jet?
What is the name of the plate that is extended from an air crafts wing that is used as an air brake?
What is the overspeed for a 757?
Can jet airliner doors be opened at high altitudes?
The freezing temperature of water is NOT 32 degrees?
About multiple autopilots?
Can you get a pilot's license when you wear glasses?
why do airplane seats have to be upright when landing?
When is a near miss not a near miss when planes are too close?
Effects of Air Transport Liberalization?
Fat-friendly Airlines?
What is a helicopter rope called?
Who inevented the hovercraft?
Changing countries (20 characters)?
Visit a control tower.?
what does "below the wing" mean in airline terminology?
how do you open a piggy bank?
What questions can I expect?
What is the deference between the M & H class in the commercial Air craft?
Changing departure and return dates for american airline tickets?
Flight lesson in Seville, Spain?
If You could have a jet what kind whould it be??
can things flying without wing?
Has anyone flown on a Virgin Atlntic A340 if so does the personal screen show live landing + takeoff thanks?
What is ICAO ANNEX-1 and JAR-FCL 3 Requirements ?
does any one know Northwest airlines fleet since 1926 to now?
Has anyone tried to use a cell phone on a airplane during a flight?
Why does the Blue Angels C-130 have propellers instead of jets engines?
how do airplanes stay in the air?
Top 10 fighter jets of 2012?
Are you a plane crash survivor?
Are fighter aircraft cockpits pressurized?
can Microsoft Flight Simulator be a guide to fly a REAL airliner..?
Air France Plane crash?
What's better, the F-22 Raptor or the Eurofighter Typhoon?
What is the proper aviation term for this?
I want to be an airline pilot?
How can I find records in regard to a policeman who left the force in 1998?
FSX ATC/Other Voices are Mute?
Any possibility i could still be an airline pilot, preferably large airport plane?
Why are airplanes not equipped with backup engines in case of failure?
How come passengers go in the brace position but not the pilots?
aviation chock walker?
in speed and in combat who would win a su-35 or a mig-29?
Who'd be qualified and properly abled to tutor me individually for making a flight plan?
Why was Peppy Hare full of good advice but was a terrible pilot himself?
why was the specific shape of the aeroplane chosen?
What aircraft to Thomson use? Fast answer?
can you give me more information about aircraft windows, specifically, ATA 56?
How much it cost to hire private plane?
Can you ruin your car if you put aviation fuel in it, lets say 50/50?
justify how would u handle a special handling situation in the absense of any information or proper doccuments
How to change batteries in kids toys without screwdriver on airplane?
Please tell me where to get information on the flight instruments of Cessna Grand Caravan C208B aircraft.?
PLANE crash?
What is an EASA B1 license?
What airlines fly to Chechnya?
im going to tech school for avionics mainataince and need help?
Need Packard Merlin-66 V-1650 engine animation?
What type of aerodynamics does a spacecraft need to fly?
does shuttle express ever make exceptions to the 24 hr cancellation?
How can Santa's sleigh defy every law of aerodynamics and still fly?
On Bf3 what and why is your favourite class setup, map, game type and jet?
What sort of screening do pilots have to go through to make sure they are mentally stable?
How long does an alternator typically last on a Beechcraft Bonanza A36?
what do you know about the aviation industry ?
flight attendant??
If boeing 777 crash is inevitable,why don't they ground them until fixed. Grounded Concorde after 1 accident?
How do i get a free upgrade when flying a commercial airline?
Why can't planes reverse? ?
Pulse jet vs. gas turbine?
Where can I learn to fly an ultralight aircraft in Rhode Island?
Feathered wings, if properly designed, will they work?
What will 6th generation fighters be like?
Can airplanes float on water?
is epic aviation good?
Who is better, larger, powerful? Airbus a350 or Boeing 787.?
What traffic for FSX should I get?
why do pilots say roger?
Swissport - Toronto?
Is An Airplane Or a Female More Expensive To Have?
I'm in flight school and would like to learn about licensing?
I dont know the time of my flight?
Aviat Husky cruise speed?
Have you seen a news story featuring concept cars of the past?
I mailed a package to Singapore from Hong Kong?
Become an Air Traffic Controller without the ATC Program?
going into a glider for the first time what to expect?
Messerschmitt 109 vs spitfire what is the better aircraft?
How do pilots manage to taxi with such precision?
About elevations listed on aeronautical charts?
Do 747s always keep an upward pitch when about to land or do they have nose down pitch when close t the runway
Is it true the Antonov AN225 aircraft is due to land at Doncaster Robin Hood airport soon?
what are a380 landing gear details?
Does anyone know what the pilot says before landing? What are the terms?
i need information on recon planes in vietnam that were piper cub platforms?
Why do airline pilots get paid so little?
what and how is buffeting in full flight helicopter simulator?
Why do pilots only start up the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on take off and landing only on airliners ?
What's the loudness on the inside of a 737 on average?
Starting a Flight Training Operation?
can you be a pilot if you get travel sick?
What would be some important business conacts or companies that an aircraft manufacturer would need?
On a Boeing 747-8F, what is the main deck floor area?
Does anyone out there want to sell their Gemini Jets airport terminal?
How much with the basic salary of aircraft engineer...?
Android flight simulator app?
how not to make your ears pop on an airplane?
Question about Primary & Secondary Surveillance radar used in ATC systems?
How do you grow Wings?
Behind any aircraft at hight altitude ''ex 30,000 ft" there is a white jet out from the A/C engines !
Based on comfort/service, which airliner's best?
why do pilots hang handkerchiefs in their neck while flying?
is this true?
Is there a Space Simulator like Flight Simulator 2004 for the public to own?
can a paractute be designed for planes to open in emergency?
how do you turn on the boeing's headlights in microsoft flight sim x?
Aerobatics in Los Angeles.?
For you pilots out there, what do you think about flying with the iPad?
If i am perscribed to Adderall and fly?
what is the difference?! plz answer?
Pilots! Did you make a career sacrifice for the best interest of your family?
Hi, In Australia are there any Combat Flight Simulators? Not PC Simulators!?
How long and how much is a Private Pilots License?
What is aerodynamic flutter?
How do i ask a question on answers?
Where are aircraft engines located on an airplane?
Retired airlines pilots or any currently in service?
Is riding an airplane scary?
who invented the first plane?where,names,how they made it?
How many passengers flew out of Sanford International airport in November 2006?
Plane flight please answer?
What kind of propulsion does a Lear jet use? The Concorde?
Any Gunship fans here?
Which airlines currently have on-board wi-fi in economy class?
Can I become a commercial pilot even though I'm colour blind?