PILOT INTERVIEW??????????????????????????????
Why are the engines on Md-80s angled upwards?
why did they stop concord ?
Whats the difference between like 30mm bullet round and a 50caliber?
I have just started to use mach 3?
Is there such thing as an F-111? If there is please email me at Thank you.?
Can a drone plane fly backwards?
EASA and FAA under CAAP?
Are kids aloud in the cockpit?
how does the ac 130 fly?
what do you call an aeroplane with three wings?
what kind of plane does the british prime minister get to use? (bush has a 747, what does tony blair have?)?
Is this a real picture of a boeing 797?
Do I need take the Inflight institue course to become a flight attendant?
Why a normal Airplane can not go down so fast vertically?
I'm a 15 year old boy and I want to be a international pilot for a big airliner. What is the best way to be 1?
Dose babies born in airplanes gets free tickets for life from the airlines?
Has anyone heard of GoAir. Is it a low cost airline in India????????
What aircraft company is better? Airbus or Boeing?
airbus is an american company?
MBA/Aviation in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University??
Is Kayzie Rogers the voice of the automated announcements at JFK Jet Blue?
does anyone know a good web site that you can learn about forestry water bombers?
I have done my CPL course( Pilot) ,but coz of the recession there are no jobs so what are my options?
Why does it take 42 minutes for a plane to taxi and take-off @ Newark Airport, When it take only 8 min @ JFK?
how can i get a degree in aerodynamics?
Is this a real picture of a boeing 797?
I am 13 and would like to have a pilots license when i grow up. But i where glasses dose that effect my dream
How close is Microsoft Flight Simulator to really flying an airplane?
Rotary aviation. How difficult is it? What is the job market like?
How much alcohol can you drink before flying?
Question about my cessna 152....startup checklist?
What does a class 1A flight physical and medical exam consist of?
Cabin crew or p.e teacher when im older?
Does the amount of fuel used by an aeroplane engine change in different altitudes?
I want to be a commercial pilot, should I train with ATP flight school or a local flight school? Total cost?
How old do you have to be to drink alcohol on a Virgin Atlantic flight?
Why can't planes land in the fog, given that they can land in the dark?
Where is the exact position of "C-130H" CG & CA?
How many different kinds of Grummen Albatrosses are there?
What is the best and worst looking commercial airplane in use today.?
Sexiest civilian plane?
the first flight of an aircraft was at?
What are pilots trained to do if smoke starts to enter the cabin during a flight?
When a commercial airliner is at its highest in the sky how far is it from the Earth's atmosphere?
how do I email a pilot on here?
What are the advantages of low wing aircraft?
what's IFR mean?
how can i fight a helicopter?
What is required to become an air traffic controller?
do jetblue airplanes have wifi?
What would be the fatality / injury rate if the Heathrow crash landing had happened with a 787 ?
How to get over a flight?
Help for a pilot in training?
London to New York - why head to Scotland?
During take-off, how long can the engines of the Boeing 777-300 stay at full power?
Which american airline companies lost their airplains on september 11 2001?
I'm s scared to go on my plane today?
I have glasses which i wear all the time, but i want to be a pilot in the Reserve RAF. is this possible?
Can airplanes turn left or right using only ailerons?
i need airline companies?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
how many stuff can you take up to the plane?
How to trailer a gyrocopter?
How often are landing gear tires changed on commercial aircraft?
how do airline pilots cope with the possibllity of losing friends and all the BS they face?
wheres the safest place to sit in an aircraft?
Y stupid airlyns r nt gving parachute 2 save lyf n d air n case of emrgncy & teach psnger 2 use it?
Is an enstrom helicopter easier to fly than a Robinson r22?
what's IFR mean?
How to get flight info?its urgent plz help?
How can I best get photos of shooting flocks of meeses from a helicopter, a gyro?
what exactly is the glideslope? how do real time pilots know whether there on the glide slope or not?
I want to become a helicopter pilot in the military?
I have a question regarding a pilot license?
Traffic Watch Pilot Opportunities in Orlando?
help with glider wingspan?
How much rate deference petrol aviation fule?
Anybody Have Info on a Luxair Interview?
lwhat is the better VlJ, the cessna citation mustang, or the eclipse 500?
how can i create thrust using something similar to the top rotor of a gyrocopter?
I was wondering if obtaining a frozen ATPL in New Zealand would be JAA cmpliant?
I like Y!Answers. Is there a blog or website that offers a more interactive experience with pilots?
any one know a good website to see aviation videos rather than
what is the mileage of a plane?
flight meal question!!!?
How will pilot of aircraft know if navigation light are working or not?
You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of i?
How do airport personel figure out how much weight is on the aircraft.?
What Boeing 787 airliners are scheduled for delivery in April 2012?
Why needs plug in the car in the eletric power winter?
Question about exporting an aircraft to canada?
Aviation Internships for High School Students?
Eyes of a horse? What is the meaning of the song "Jet Pilot" by the band System of a Down?
Me I know my present standing on my mabuhay miles points base on my award tickets previously purchased.?
which xbox game should i buy?
Free service in US planes?
What is an average fuel efficiency of a passenger jet (per passenger)?
Why cant pilots buzz the tower?
URGENT! Help need flight information?
what changes have ocured in the way the personel are managed in the past 10 year?
What's the likelihood of successfully controlling a plane if you know what to do in a ms flighsimulator?
If a plane crashed in the borderline between Canada and the united states, where would the survivors be buried
Describe the effect of increased temperature on aircraft performance, aerodynamically and propulsion.?
Whats the difference between JAA certificate and PPL in Aviation?
Airport Identification?
there are pilot women top gun?
Has anyone flown on JetBlue Airlines? How was your experience?
What is your favorite commuter airline?
is it true that CF-18 built on licence in Canada ?
Is professional flight training at FT. Lauderdale Florida agood flying school?????
Whats the difference between JAA certificate and PPL in Aviation?
What are the Consequences of HUMAN FACTOR in the AEROSPACE/AIRCRAFT Industry?
note on the formation of first international and domestic airline plz in atleast 500 wordz?
Which truck is more reliable a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma?
Once i complete ground school is there a time limit to complete flight time?
why don't airplane fuel tanks use human farts instead of jet fuel to power them?
What is the cap on the nose of a plane called? The one they lift up to refuel?
Is it possible to start an ariel application business and how much would it cost?
How does a plane fly upside down?
What are the donut-ring vapour trails over Wirral, England today, if not the Yanks flyin the mad Aurora thing?
Does the Syma S110 fly the same as the S107?
Any visitors and FSX guys?
pressure required to escape the atmospher of earth?
A Basic Electricity Question?
in VAFS5 (vafinancials virtual airline) why do I get an error?
how does a nozzle guide vane work within a gas turbine of an aircraft?
Meg K are you still on?
is there any aviation school in India that offers "frozen" ATPL as part of their 200-300 hour?
is there taxes on the price list?
Will any foreign F-16 demo teams perform at Aviation Nation?
How can I decode NMEA sentences? Is there a program or something that can do this?
Should I become an air traffic controller or paramedic?
Space Shuttle Launch?
Does American airlines let dogs in the cabin?
Virgin airline cabin crew.?
Do pilots get used off their ears popping on flights?
what do pilots do when they have lost there radar and there headsets?
flight training in glasgow like USA?
What type of document you need to flight?
Do you watch 'Air Crash Investigation'?
Where can I buy a Boeing 747? Also, how much would it cost (new or used)?
Why Can't I find Brisbane Airport Control tower live feed on the internet?
Why can't they make bathrooms bigger in airplanes, trains, buses?
who will pay me to learn to fly?
height of ham radio towers?
location of enterprise building in ayala makati?
a trip to California,Hawaii,Pennsylvania,Florida, New jersey?
What is the job where you get to stand in front of the airplane and help it takeoff/land?
Safety survey - UK aviation?
How do you land a plane in FS 2000?
i have a question for r/c plane fliers! i have a new air plane (air hogs foxfire)?
Why doesn't give information on airports that are outside the U.S.?
Can UPS train you to be a pilot for them?
Is there a continued research on super-conductivity? Can we apply it to aircraft propulsion?
cancelling a easy jet flight how easy it to get any cash back?
When is the 747-800 due to be put into service?
What is the oldest i can be to still pilot a helicopter in the airforce.?
whats the cheapest airfare on line website?
which are the top 5 helicopter companies in the world?
It the cruising altitude the same for all commercial aircraft?
What are the good thing by becoming a flight attendant for lufthansa or Air France? Is it a good job to have?
WW2 planes grounded permanently?
Whats needed to be a Bush Pilot?
Why don't they just give everyone on a plane a parachute?
As a Boeing 747 pilot embarking on long flights across the globe, how often would you make a flight?
What is recurrent flight training and upset recovery training?
What does "angel" mean, concerning aircraft?
If a pilot in a two seated fighter jet passed out, can the other pilot take over and land the plane?
What's the difference between a BAe-146 and an Avro Rj70?
Which is the fastest train and plane in world?
Would you rather have a jet or helicopter?
best way to become an airline pilot in Australia?
Does airline pilot training include G Force tests?
Tell me pls......?????????
I've got a private pilots license, and want to continue into the field of aviation..?
cadet pilot training in India?
how much does an mig 21 , 23 cost to buy and can neone purchase it ?
do you know of any autogyro instructors near Kentucky?
Support for pilots in Australia?
What certificates/ratings/endorsements are required to fly charter operations?
I was wondering if anyone loves to watch airplanes land and take off?
Why can't airplanes run on alternative fuel like cars to reduce the heavy depends of the industry on kerosene?
How safe are airplanes?
help me find the name of this certain type of "airplane" we see in the sky, read the description?
looking for airplane seating plans and pictures?
What is AIRCRAFT ZONING? Any details please?
Can you still pay cash at an airport ticket counter for plane tickets and fly the same day?
How many Airbus A380's are there in commercial service? Thanks.?
What exactly happens in a plane crash?
why is that sound in a321 airbus?
Were pilots allowed to carry guns on aircraft?
How can I improve my Short term Memory especially for remembering Numbers and Voice instructions?
How would someone go about acquiring the cockpit section of a retired aircraft?
what are the opportunities after being commercial pilot?
why integreted drive generator of jet engine is black in colour?
do pilots use auto-brakes while landing???
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged why isn't the whole airplane made out of same stuff?
how to fix my rc helicopter ( celibrity w908-1 ) number 2 rotor blade?
Do you fly BA? We travel to the far East often and would like to fly BA.But do not fly BA because see below?
what is the fuel comsuption for atr 42-300 in 250 nm and the block time?
What Qualities Do I Need To Become A Flight Controller ( or whatever it's called) For NASA?
is there wireless internet on planes?
Empty weight and loaded weight of a 98ford ranger?
How do I get my Commercial Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilots License from scratch? Preferably schooling in WA or OR?
what commission do aircraft salespersons take? base salary? what about their assistants? ideas?
A 4 year college degree after the pilot training?
What were flight attendants required to say on the Concorde?
What is the smaller propeller at the back of a helicopter used for?
Which commercial airliners have escaped capsules?
What is the best airline to fly from New York City to Sacramento, CA?
how t hick is the asphalt on a runway?
where can i find out an international airshow schedule on the net for the next two years?
what is the worlds most beautiful aircraft or helicopter according to you?
what metal is used to make aircrafts?
Does the structural integrity diminish in a single engine prop? ?
how airplane fly,and what are the parameter to be observed?
Waypoint Conclusion ?
What to call over radio when theres no ATC controller and you want to take-off.?
Can anyone please explain Decision Height ?
how much does a helliskiing pilot make?
helicopter pilot?
You rekon every international and domestic airline should have parachutes?
What is the word for a pilot that does humanitarian work?
are you afraid to fly?
whats the best 2stroke oil for 582 rotax bluehead/ultralight?
what is the problem of the brake ....if the pilot describes excessive brake binding during taxi and maintenanc?
What does "Latest check in" mean?
Does anyone know a site that can give an aircrafts/flights detail (european flights)?
In aircraft instruments ( I think ), what does IAPS stand for and what is it?
Weapon-R Dragon Air Intake?
How much would the following aircraft models cost?
when were "zero-zero" ejection seats invented?
Can you use your cell phone on an airplane?
Good books to study about aircraft structure, repair and function?
how much does it cost to rent a helicopter to shoot aerial video?
How do planes land so accurately?
Chemtrails? what are they?
What is the speed of a 737?
Will it be a problem for a pilot to decide to land because of a mechanical failure that the plane ,,,?
Have you ever made it to the end of the inernet?
want pilot job any where in world.?
There is a device like the tornado that is a moving turbine instead of a non moving turbine?
Is aircraft maintenance engineering a good career especially in India?
Hang glider pilot stats?
When the black box of the plane does not damage during crash,why is n't the whole plane made of Black box?
I haven't used my A & P license in a few years. How do I get current so I can go back to work?
is it called a 'jet fighter' or a 'fighter jet'?
What are the F-14 squadrons besides Jolly Rogers that has skull markings?
Have you ever watched an airplane flying in the sky ...?
Is the enjoyment of flight is describeable?
(related Rates) A plane flying with a constant speed of 2 km/min passes over a ground radar station. . .?
Private pilot written test expired.?
URGENT REPLY NEEDED : Why is the FA-18 called like this? and why is it called SUPER HORNET?
What's the difference between a Commercial Pilot and a Airline Pilot?
How much would an old Boeing 747-200 cost?
telephone number for continental airlines and jet blue?
How long is this plain flight ?
which unit of the machinery part is termed as load?
what does it mean when the atc says fly runway heading, thats all he says do i just keep going straight?
is it illegal to radio an aeroplane?
how fast can a Boeing fly?
what is the speed of a boeing 747 when it touches down ?????
How long is the flight from Marakesh to Hong kong, which airport to i travel to and from and which airline?
what is a Cessna float plane?
What's the differences between a bank and a turn ?
How the wings of the aeroplane is controlled?
ch53d how many hyd systems and what are they called and operate where are more info on this bird?
how can i travel for free?
Airline changed my seats to ones that don't exist?
People who have travelled on Air France air-planes recently ?
Which US airline is the best?
Why different routes round trip Shanghai-Atlanta?
Should airlines provide their passenger with parachute or glider in the plane?
what airlines have aircraft maintenance in kentucky?
Could a Cessna land on an aircraft carrier?
I have a question about the Priceline name your own price?
How much is a brand new Agusta 109 Helicopter?
Where can I find more information on CRM and FO/Co-pilot responsibilities?
How can I find an old Delta flight number?
Where is the aircraft graveyard located?
What is the main purpose of the Air Force during peacetime?
where do i find an 3 months internship (July to September Flight Engineering field?
how do u call the act of riding or driving the plane by pilot?
Who created the first flying machine? (Aircraft)?
Hi can anyone tell me the process as an engine starts up, why the fan spins slowly in the stand ect..?
How can i become an air traffic controller?
Can someone help me with aviation career plans?
if u pull the legs off a fly does it become a walk?
Can someone tell me the principles behind helicopter flight?
Do I phone the airline and get an application to become a flight attendant.?
During a long flight, is it ok for the pilot to sleep here?
Where is the worst place to sit on a passenger airplane?
how many hours to get pilot license?
Is b-2 spirit no.1 bomber aircraft of the world?
Why must we open the window when the plane is landing?
How to become an airline pilot? I'm 15, What is the best path?
how hard is it to learn to fly a large airplane? (747, 777, A380)?
How good are these Flight Programs, and which ones open up the best Career Opportunities?
What is cost of training in boeing 777-300er in india ..?
Which option is better?
If I live in Gibraltar can I pilot a plane after it lands and unloads and then switch pilots? Or no?
current airplane fares in the philippines?
fokker 100 , airbus a320 or boeing 737 whatsa the best? ?
how many commercial airplanes are in the world?
How can i fly planes for a living?
why are american cars so badly made?
Is there any place in ireland were they could teach me how to fly.?
Why do planes never speed up to catch up with flight schedule when delayed?
Why is there always a co-pilot along with the pilot during flights?
why do pilots say roger?
Ok this one is for all pilots here. Or people with enough knowledge of aircrafts and flights.?
I have purchased a fighter plane. Where should I put it?
What's the best place to go for cheap airline tickets?
do flight instructors fly with a person in stormy weather on purpose to train for rough conditions?
Can one become fighter pilot with a deviated septum?
Question for pilots who already receiced their Private Pilot Certificate. Around many hours did you guys flew?
What is airplane circuit pattern of flight ?
What is the scariest or strangest thing you have experienced while flying?
Please, no sh*thouse lawyers.... can someone help me on the legal justification for an airline merger?
can people with glasses be pilots?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets? ?
what is the cheapest fare to fly to boston for one day from Newark, NJ?
Naval F-16 ?
What is an appropriate rate of descent in various aircraft?
Why Can't I Use My iPod When A Plane Is Taking-Off?
Does The Public Relize that the pool of qualified Aircraft mechanics , in th airlines will dry up in 5 years ?
Good gift for a small plane pilot?
Can two student pilots fly solo simultaneously? ?
Why don't they make the whole plane out of the same material as the black box, that is never destroyed?
How would you escape a boeing 747 jumbo jet?
whats an ea-6b prowler for?
how to tell apart different versions of the 747?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
If you could fly in any one aircraft what would it be?
Why is the Concorde not flying anymore?
Does the Blackbird have a cloaking device?
is Delta airlines and Northwest airlines going to dissapear?
Is there a metric flight computer?
Where could someone get a cheap pilots license?
Does Boeing have an answer to the new Airbus A380?
What do you do when you experience turbulence? Are planes really safer than cars?
About the helicopter Bell 204B/UH-1?
Aircraft / Aviation fuel?
What is Flight mode?????:(?
Tullahoma, Tennessee air show?
Becoming a Helicopter Pilot?
dry leasing a bombardier dash 8?
Is a 4x30 feet banner with "Will You Marry Me?" large enough to read at 1000ft altitude?
flight simulator x ils radio frequency?
What would happen if you converted a Boeing 747 to a bomber?
Helecopter pilot Question.?
After I acquire the SCA 747 N905NA, what should I do to the interior?
Is it scary to ride in a Cessna?
how to specify tyre sizes?
i have 6/9 vision with glases my power is -4.50 l and -300 it qualify to became a mas pilot with this vis
What type of fuel does a helicopter use?
JAA uk flight school training in the us?
How long from applying to Oklahoma training?
What is a pitch channel in a flight control system?
Will commercial airline and military pilots be fully replaced by unmaned planes ever in the future?
I just bought a Bede aircraft!?
How to charge iPhone on Singapore Airlines a330-300?
What would you rather be? An Aircraft Technician/Mechanic or Air hostess?
Why do airliners put their gear/wheels up so quickly after take off?
Can Air Force pilots take planes on a joyride?
Becoming a Commercial Pilot in the UK?
Where do you learn to fly a jet plane?
Is there anythoingto prevent me from taking my own parachute on a commercial aircraft.?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a commercial pilots licence?
flying in a small plane?
What's the cheapest international airline you know?
I'm just curious..What is the most expensive airline company. How much is themost expensive first class?
What type of pilot is this?
What airlines did the UK have in the 1920s and 1930s?
Plane tickets? anyoneee?
Airport Lights at night?
what is the curve of the airport runway called?
Who is the best pilot of all time?
Any pilot here?
Is it possible to become a commercial pilot by having a eye defect of -1.5?(in India)?
Is B737-700 a common plane used for Delta Airlines?
Flight from uk to Australia?
Why did the QF-4 crash at Pt. Mugu Air Show 2002?
Why do airplanes not have a horn to honk?
I'm scared to go on an airplane ?
how do i start my pilot career?
787 Dream Liner Differences?
In a cessna 172, how long would it take to fly from OH to NC?
Do you feel turbulence less on bigger planes?
What is the slowest day of the year for airport travel?
Low cost autopilot module for RC plane.?
Whats the range of a Eurocopter EC135T2?
Aircraft Landing Lights FLASING?
How do i get my commercial pilots license?
Are commercial airport runways heated? How do they keep them ice-free?
Compare the principles regarding kites and airplanes.?
when it is written on SID's, "take-off minimum standard", what does this mean?
Is it worth following a degree in?
Airline Name?
Is it true that female stunt pilots cannot fly inverted .................?
I'm thinking of buying a 3 axis microlight?
Ferry Pilots: flight plan from USA to UK?
how do planes disappear into buildings like they did on 9/11?
Do flight attendants get food on flights?
What purpose does the Boeing 787s' spiked jet encasing serve?
Can I wear glasses if I want to become a commicial pilot and will I need to take Geography as a subject?
What is your opinion on the design of these planes?
What do you do when you get scared on a plane ?
what would happen if the Wright Brothers never made their plane?
Timing of the next ATC Public Hire?
Where's the best place to get winds aloft? (Flight training, cross country)?
Boeing 747's into Manchester uk?
Who made the first airplane?
is it just me or is jetstar involved with more accidents compared to other companies?
Which is the biggest airport in world?
What is the small parachute on the tail of commercial jets?
Can I become a commercial pilot without taking maths or physics at A-level?
Why do Boeing passenger planes always begin with 7 and Airbus with 3? Is there a reason?
First airline or corporate jet job?
Are Commercial Flights that bad?
PMDG MD11, how can i fly it without programming the FMC?
Why do you have to install a propeller rear cone dry, as in without lubricating oil?
Why, when you're in a plane thousands of feet in the air, travelling at hundreds of miles an hour...?
Lockheed anti corrosion paint?
what is the biggest/coolest airplane?
Why are the planes in Essex county, NJ flying so low?
what are the personal safeties before working inside an aviation workshop?
A question to UND students!?
What is the best airline in the United States?
How can I become an international airline pilot?
What liverly do you prefer?
Microlight Private Pilots Licence?
how much fuel would a BAe-146 or an Avro-Rj use going from Dublin to Paris?
what is another name for the DUMBO airplane?
Are Airline Pilots richer than Commercial Pilots or is it the other way round?
where can i download Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) airport master plan?
What airspace surrounds Westchester County airport?
What are other reasons that some people are scared of flying?
Whats your all time favourite airline?
Can anyone help me with this question I had on a JAR engineering test???
what is the best airport in the world?
Aviation Survey for class Help!?
if and when Delta pilots go on strike who will honor my tickets?
private pilot license?
What is the meaning of the word helicopter?
want to know rtrn flight from amsterdam to gatwick flight no 5112?
Seated in the back of a 777, question?
Do cell and wireless signals REALLY interfere with airline flight instruments and signals?
Who takes more salary the civilian pilot or the military pilot ?
What are the steps to follow to become a pilot?
Does Delta airlines scrutinize credit reports when hiring flight attendants?
If air planes are so high up in the sky, how come we can hear them when they pass by?
is there any transit hotel in changi airport?
Whats ur favourite plane?
why dont planes have parachutes?
It looks to me that aircraft panels such as in jet liners...?
What is the proper use of and purpose of the hot towels in 1st class?
The Vulcan bomber is set to fly again next year, but it needs a mil a year,How can we donate, to keep thisok?
U.S' F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lighting 2 fighter jets?
When the pilot says we are 20 minutes away...?
As an airline pilot, what is more difficult; Going from a "new A/C" to an older type, or the reverse?
how can I buy a concord aircraft?
What aircraft would your Rather go in EMB-120, Saab 340, or Dash 8 Q200?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
whats the number to that space bag commercial?
When an aircraft flying from east to west and west to east for same distance, is there any time advance there?
Hi....well im willing to do career as airplane i wear glasses??does this cause a problem?
Will I be stopped with car licence plate at the airport in Canada?
I am 13 and would like to have a pilots license when i grow up. But i where glasses dose that effect my dream
Chances of becoming an Air Traffic Controller?
What to airline pilots do when they arrive at the hotel?
Need suggestions for ballast testing of production aircraft.?
Why don't I ever hear sonic booms anymore?
Any tips on traveling with a two year old on an airplane?
Is flying a plane craaazy? :p?
I'm living in a city near AFB and noises be made by airplanes flying over our houses. What should I do?
how do i get my airframe licence?
why do some airoplanes have white trails that stay in the sky for ages and can form clouds, when others dont?
I want to become a pilot but im Muslim?
Anybody in the Milwaukee-Racine-Whitewater WI area taking tourists for flights on an ultralight aircraft?
Where can I find an imod from razor in Baltimore under $320?
does anybody know someone who can fly a plame?
what exactly do air traffic controlers do?
now i am in uk i am not a resident here how can i apply for a visiting visa to usa?
Are there any Japanese Zeros still flying?
is EGYPTAIR a good traveling company?
dawlish airshow participation 2009?
Is Air Canada going to operate at John Wayne Airport?
Piloting air force 1?
What Subjects do I need to do in year 10 if I want to become a Pilot?
why could planes not do overseas flights before the 2nd world war?
Is It Possible To Get A Trip In A Fighter Jet?
what are similar aviation programs to Seneca's Aviation Technology Dree?
how early must I arrive at the airport to check in and be processed?
Boeing 707 maintenance manual wheels and brakes section?
Is it possible for a helicopter to see through a house?
How can you travel back an hour while flying?
How safe is flying in an airplane really?
Why should pilots be arrogant?
what are typical agent/broker commission rates for dry/wet lease of civil aircraft?
Where can you find the ILS localizer in a B747-400, B777-300 and B737-400/200??
Should i do aviation electronics or electronics maintenance?
What's the minimum airspeed of and unladen 747?
I have a full scale model of Concorde in my bedroom. How will I get it down the stairs?
Business of Air Cargo?
Can you review this summary of things to know about private pilot training and certification? It's short.?
Does a 4 year old child need a state id to fly on an airplane?
I have a stock 2004 sti with 95 thousand miles, what all do i need to make it run 350awhp safely,?
how long will it takes to fly a commercial aircraft.?
Jet Engine Speed Question?
how can i make a small airplane?
Is there a builded helicopter that useing motercycle engine ?
Wich is the moust cool & beautiful airline website?
B-52 propeller? How can I tell?
do airplanes have reverse gear? How do they; move backwards?
do airplane pilots have to know how to drive a stick shift?
do some pilots have sex with the flight attendants on a flight?
U.S. Airways colors........?
what should i do about my sectional chart for my checkride?
What is the photo of B1 SPIRT HUNTING compared to the F16?
Whats the right Decision?
Are the RAF SAR crews the best in the world???
what is the best tag line that i can get for my company ?
which part of thrust reverser system direct air in to proper angel?
Does jet fighter pay good?
Airline pilots and unemployment insurance?
When will the cost of avgas go down?
Which aeroplane is bigger? boeing 747 or DC 10?
Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer please?
Flying 747's?
what can you take in your hand luggage on an air craft?
Why isn't spin training required for PPL?
which spelling is correct ,aeroplane or airoplane or airplane?
if the blackbox always survives the plane crash why dont they build the whole plane from the same material?
How is vacuum generated in an airplane's vacuum toilet?
Tips for first solo flight?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation i
Is there such a thing as an 'emergency take off' for airplanes?
Airline Pilot?
how did the airline industry preform financially in 2001?
Can I be a Pilot (Air planes) With Kidney DIsease?
why do people tell may day if there is any emergency in flying?
Is there a record of commercial aircraft incidences that did not result in a crash?
Air Cadet gliding licence? how long.?
Can anyone recommend a flight school for international students?
Can I bring these items on a plane?
Am I Too Young To Start Flying?
is kerosene used as fuel for flying planes?
Anybody work Air Cargo before?
How can I prevent my picooz to rotate?
what does 0.4M and 1g mean in aviation?
Do boats and planes travel in straight lines?
Will planes be powered by solar energy in the near(ish) future?
how many plans are in the air at any one time?
what types of fuels is used in aeroplanes?
Are there any books or websites where I can learn the basics to being a pilot?
Where can I find the EU-OPS” regulation SubpartQ?
Are those vapor trails you see in sky from military planes?
type of aircraft used 2011 by thomson to verona?
how much does a helliskiing pilot make?
Height an issue?
Why does the lights under a commerical plane keeps on blinking at night?
How to read airline fleets?
How can a plane fly under the radar?
please recommend me flying school for ATP?
in india -2diopter does it matter for cpl? vil they reject me from the interview seeing me wearing spects?
Need a quote for an 18th birthday cake that also has to do with flying planes?
summarise the procedures necessery for both embarkation & disembarkation of passengers & describe the document
What can i do now? help!?
what is the second fastest plane?
How much would it cost for a flight to london?
How much an 747 cost?
What is the name of the front of the plane where the pilot drives?
notebooks on a plane???
Why is flight 19 called flight 19?
Would you say becoming a pilot is the most costly job in the world and time consuming?
Air France Concorde maybe to fly again?
PILOTS: any advice for tailwheel flying?
CAn you take a shaving disposable razor on an airplane now?
Is it safe to fly in small planes like cessnas?
If you get a "NOT VALID FOR NIGHT FLYING" on your FAA med cert can you still fly daytime sightseeing tours?
Is "see and avoid" holding back progress?
Due you think a flow mater would sound good on?
What do I do if I loose my Pilots License and Logbook?
Why is there so much affection for classic british aircraft, particularly in Britain???
is the job of a pilot anything different (difficulter... etc) than other jobs (lawyer etc.)?
In an Airport, where would the Aircrafts park if all the parking gates are full?
the best flying school(aviation school) in the world?
Canada More Lenient with Vision?
How much is average insurance on a rental aircraft?
Volume calculation for Palm ?
book on crashed recovered aircraft from ww2?
what do you think about flight attendants? about prestige and family relation more descriptions plz?
How much and where do you go for Air Traffic Control training?
Please recommend a good, simple Flight Simulator?
Is it hard for women to become an airline pilot?
In NZ, what percent of the FRTO exam must you get to pass?
what is ur solo aircraft?
where can I find out where the limitations of lower/upper airspace of various countries are?
where can I purchase lowest price plane ticketsi?
What is the minimum age for a trial flight at a flying school???
Why dont planes have parachutes?
Can I Move My Position By Just Jumping Up In The Air On An Airplane, boat Train Or Similar Transportation.?
How does airliners land exactly on the middle line ?
where can i find the best pilot training school?
is there any jobs flying microlight aircraft in the Philippines?
who flew the first powered plane in europe?
Does the jets in BF3 seem a little undersized to you?
A question for pilots /student pilots..?
How do I become an international flight attendant?
What is the feasability of flying, say Mach 2.5 at very low-levels (100-200ft)?
Did Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
Is this enough money to start an airline?
When and where will the first Airbus A380 crash occur?
Does jet blue air flight have wi - fi ?
NATS - Aviation help?>.<?
need to know how far apart departure of us airways & American West is for senior travler?
Seen a plane fly over York today that is the same shape as Concorde what is it it's black?
Beech 99 B99 Airliner and Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 turbo props?
for B737 CL/NG, when GA displayed on thrust mode display (N1 thrust limit) during Non Precision approach?
what part does the magneto ignition system have that the capacitive discharge system does not?
Get answers from millions of real do i manualy brake my B737-400 after ILS landing?
what's the best way to prevent my ears from popping on an air plane(besides chewing gum)?
how do you get airline tickets cheaper?
Can/should the SR-71 be retrofitted as a fighter jet?
Can I use my FAA commercial pilot certificate to fly for hire in Indonesia?
why higher frequency (400hz or more) is preferred in ground power units(aircraft), why not 50 or 60 hz.?
how can a flight attendant handle a conflict in a plane?
10 hour flight - what to do?
what is your favorite airline and airport?
what would happen if the Wright Brothers never made their plane?
what will jet planes use when the earths oil reserves are used up?
how do i get tickets to the land of make believe?
Airline Pilot Career?
I am looking to get my pilots licence. What is an safe/affordable/reliable 4 person trainer/everyday flyer?
What Do I Have to do to Make It Fly?
Why the Avro Arrow Shouldn't have been cancelled?
why on earth would they built 2 airports in new york..JFK and Newark?
is it obligatory for airfield lighting maintenance personnel to have rating or specific certifications?
What is the name of the latest Boeing flight deck added to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator?
any pilot aboard?
How many lives have been lost to DC-9 / MD80 aircraft incidents?
wat do you mean by show charges?
i think i saw a test plane?
Is there any uni courses that you do to get your commerical license...?
Can a single engine such as a small Cessna fly at night?
Can you use a camera...?
I have just started to use mach 3?
Would I pass an FAA physical?
what kind of planes were used in the 9/11 thingy?
I'm a A&P mechanic wanting to get a job in Panama, how do I go about finding one down there.
Why arent planes made out of the same stuff black boxes are made out of?
Why do you have to put the window shutters up when taking-off and landing on an airplane?
A Table for Aircraft Owned?
types of pilots?
How does an old Aircraft hanger look like? any website I can see some photoes?
how do i become a pilot.?
what is flight ticket reconfirmation?
big aircraft?
does anyone know where i can obtain any morris b exams for pilots?
What is a ground loop?
What is the big pole sticking out of the front of some helicopters?
what are the eye requirements to be a commercial pilot in ireland?
What is the mystery airship of 1897?
Can an employed CFI give free ground lessons?
need help on aircraft involves fuses? 6...aerodynamics, bernoulli's...?
How long after drinking is flying a plane dangerous?
why do commercial airlines have different number of engines?
where can i find interior pictures of delta 767 300 series pictures?
How old must one be to get a private pilot's license? How about a student pilot license?
Do private pilots need license/permits to operate the radio?
Hypersonic aircraft?
Do you prefer Vodka, Whiskey, or Rum on a long flight to Australia from the U.S. mainland?
who was the first person killed in an aircraft accident?
Where is the best place to get longline training.?
I have an CAA A&P Licences, how do i convert to a FAA A&P license?
What's the shortest commercial flight in which an airliner gets to reach full cruising altitude?
Is it true that Spirit Airlines have no legroom?
How we get a job after clear AME paper-1,2 and 3(ES,IS) in aviation, as there is cruption we all know ???????
r u scared of airplanes?
For pilots, what was your worst emergency?
I’ve got a question about becoming a pilot in the air force?
Where is the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team's Home base?
PSS Boeing 777 radio panel help?
Where would you get your multi-engine rating?
What do the yellow and red flags represent after an aircraft crash??r=1218723092?
9/11 flight 97 how how how?
what all airlines have the ge90?
Why do most airline jets have black marks on the bottom wings?
Is tere only 1st class on big planes?
why are there so many planes in the sky today?
Can i get a pilots license with one arm?
do i need a private pilot licence to become a pilot?
What college can i go to to be able to fly a boeing 767, or something similair?
just got an alloy king rc helicopter....?
which brother flew the wright flyer first wilbur or orivill wrightwhich?
Life as an in-flight service manager?
can I take a wheelchair on an airplane?
when a cocketiel goes free flight, does he have a sense of direction?
I want to be a pilot .. What degree do I need?
Joint CRM(crew resource management) for pilots and flight attendents is not required by FFA regulations?
Why are there so many planes, over the N.W. of England?
What happens to waste from airline toilets? How is it disposed?
Is it possible to change a flight ticket into someone elses name?
when do flight schools start?
what should i do now to become a comercial pilot???
Fire extinguishing for crashed aircraft by water being sprayed into cabin by automatic means.?
im about to make my college thesis...can anyone suggest what can i make to improve the aircraft nowadays?
Where can I find an FAA appoved flight manual for a Casa 212-100 a.k.a Casa 212- CB (specifically).?
How do fighter planes get their names?
Can China's J-10 fighter be fitted with Ws-10A engine?
Aircraft Takeoff Distance?
What are the most ideal conditions for takeoff? Temperature and pressure.?
what do you need to do to become a pilot after year 11?
how fast does a f-16 jet go, someone said 8oo knots but how many miles per hour is that?
What makes a airplane fly?
who is Interjet Systems?
how much landing gear in Aircraft?
Where can I find cheap tickets?
How do you install rc plane lights?
What uses more fuel: taking off/ascending, landing/descending or cruising?
Choose what license tracking desirable for:?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
kit building aircraft question?
Can I sell empty seats on my private jet?
Boeing is supposedly going to do a new 747 variant, the 747-8..what's up with that?
Is there any such thing as a jet fuel exhaust scented candle? I'd LOVE my room to smell like it.?
Why does it work cheaper to have your air tickets via a different city ?We are talking about USA.?
commercial air pilot?
anyone know if the boeing 797 is out for passenger buisness?
A designated seating space is a space?
does anybody know the number for customer service for airfrance?
Jet Fighter COFFIN System?
Do You Live Near An Airport?
how long would i have to train for before becoming a pilot in the raf?
Just use reverse thrust, no wheel brakes?
what is a gcc license?
quadrocopter help please?
Where can I obtain a name badge for pilot costume?
Becoming an airline pilot in the U.S.?
May i know the minimum qualifications to become a commercial pilot in India and how much that may cost ?
What is your favorite type of airplane and why?
What do you think people would think/feel in an airplane crash situation?
want to become a pilot after +2?
Color Blind?
Are there any aircrafts that can go in reverse on there own power?
Can you sneak a water bottle full of alcohol in youre suitcase onto a plane?
How to become a pilot step by step?
why have 2 airbuses crashed in a month?? are they old or are there underlining problems with them?
Aircraft landing at touch down.?
Pilots have you ever had anyone shine a laser at your airplane?
Airline Transport Pilot's Licence training?
what education cation would i need to fly an f-117 jet. And where could i fly neerest to west virginia.?
What airline cadet programs are there?
What is the legal minimum fuel limit that all aircraft must follow? Why?
What would happen if something went wrong during plane flight?
Is the Airbus A-380 in service yet?
what will happen to cabin altitude at a higher altitude airport?
sir i am an indian sikh boy 18 yrs old....I WEAR A TURBAN.IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO become a PROFESSIONAL PILOT
what does the approach switch, navigation switch, N1 set do? Also, where can i find ILS in the cockpit? (FSX)?
steps after IFR to commercial part 141? USA?
can you take an animal on a plane as a carry on?
What is the purpose of having winglets in an aircrafts?
How would an aircraft maneuver outside our atmosphere?
Can cans of soda be carried in checked baggage on airlines?
What is the world's largest airplane?
Can I put stickers on a APO/FPO flat rate box??
If a helicopter hovers in place for 12 hours, will it arrive on the other side of the earth?
I have a serious question about the actual price of a private jet.?
How come when an Airbus A380 lands, only 2 of the 4 engines deploy the reverse thurst on the engines?
Question about 747 planes and other airplanes?
Building a LARGE air Glider (Materials needed, Physics)?
if 4 airplanes land at a airport every 5 minutes how many airplanes land in a day? answers?
What's better a fighter pilot or a commercial pilot?
Is Being a Commercial Pilot Worth It?
What is the definition of a constant speed propeller?
What Boeing 787 airliners are scheduled for delivery in April 2012?
how to apply for a job in deccan airlines as aircraft maintenance technician.?
I have gotten good in landing aircraft while playing fsx, the is once i touch down on the runway .?
Isn''t the Airbus A380 a giant accident waiting to happen???
I have an interview with an airline and I haven't worked for 8 years. What would you say?
Question about DH2 Beavers - military?
should the price of a flight be charged according to how much we weigh should fat people pay more?
What type of cargolux aircraft comes to ghana?
how is the toilet disposed of flights? i heard that they just dispose it in midair.?
Any ideas for what to do on a long flight?
Regarding B&CA Purchase Planning Handbook...?
What is the largest single operator jet?
how do I get plane models of virgin atlantic airlines?
What course is required to be a commercial Pilot?
Why is there never a window in a airline toilet?
Where can I find a job flying helicopters as a civillian?
The F-117 Nighthawk... ???
What was the MAXIMUM speed of the Avro Arrow jet?
How long does it take to refuel an aircraft, e.g a 747, and what is the average time between land and takeof?
I need to know the total number of aircrafts registered in the world (by continent).?
how do i get over my fear of flying.....?
FSX How to fix up airplane's lightning graphic effects and smoke effects?
how many ballons do I need to fill with helium to attach to my lawn chair if I want to go for a ride?
How do Skymiles work?
ATTENTION PILOTS: what is the east coast low control area?
What's the range and speed of the Cirrus SR20 / SR22 ? How long would a coast-to-coast trip ? # of fuel stops?
how do I find put about a plane crash in 2003 in Nirobi, Kenya?
Why are Ryanair landings always so hard?!?
looking for jet engine life extension references?
which is the worlds' 2nd fastest train?
Aircraft velocity calculation?
To be a pilot do you have to have perfect vision ?
Does commercial or passenger aircraft travel at their top speed?
Flying Bounce House!! need info and help?
What aeroplanes did the Belgian Air Force use in the 1920's?
Is there a rule as to the lateral spacing of VASI boxes in a 2-Bar VASI system?
i am 13 and want to be a pilot and get hold of a ppl in the uk, can you help?
Anyone an air traffic controller or know of some one who is?
name of the fuel which use in air crafts?
how is the training structure of some airlines such as lufthanza, KLM, and so on?
What exactly happened during the Helios accident? (Unpressurized A/C? Rapid Decomp? Now Crew Oxygen?)?
What is the difference between aircraft avionics?
Were airplanes invented before or after the Vietnam War? If so, can you give me a link with information.?
Becoming a young flight attendant?
Helicopter circling around my house? Kinda scared?
What was the best flight of your life?
how much money did U.S. commercial airlines make from carrying cargo in 2005?
why airline airplanes are not designed as sea planes so they can ditch safely ?
What is the Air Traffic Controller Job Process?
What is the biggest airplane in the world? And where was it made?
Could you paraglide to a trip such as a vacation?
Price to become an airline pilot in ireland?
What would an airspeed indicator show in a sideslip to the right or left?
I'm 16 and i want to be a pilot?
Are the coming of unmanned robots coming soon?
Why did airlines like United and Northwest choose the A319 and A320 over the 737-700 and 737-800?
things to do on a three hour flight?
in which way internet is used in airforce?
When an airliner's N-Number is deregistered, can it be reregistered to a different aircraft or is it retired?
Flight Simulator 2004?
Do aircraft fly at the mach loop on weekends?
what is the approximate ECONOMY cruise speed and fuel consumption for a Cirrus SR22?
Do passengers on a commercial jet always exit from the same exit (front left)?
How much cost to fill up a Jet Plane tank?
In aircraft terminology what does pitot mean?
What means when an aviation headset is TSO certified?
how does food distribution work on airlines?
Can all aircraft land on aircraft carriers?
What is NPIAS (FAA related)?
How high do aircrafts go?
Height restriction (in Ft.) @McCarren AP LasVegas Nevada?
Would you catch a plane on the date 9/11 or would you be too scared?
New Airlines or Destinations For Our Lovely Seatac?
Can i go for commercial pilot after mbbs?
where could i get a cheap, mini jet engine?
What are the values about being a flight attendant?
Air Force Two Question?
Would you jump out a plane?
Could someone help me with my college selection?
I would like to become licensed to fly small aircraft and helicopters. Can anyone provided me with information
Anyone live near Farnborough (UK) see/hear any jets landing in last 5mins?
How does a Q400 get delivered to Hawaii?
cv joint boot tool?
Where can I get a comercial pilots license in Malaysia?
I want to become an Air Traffic Controller ?
Is the V22 Osprey aircraft a plane or a helicopter?
need Information on cathay pacific engine (types)?
How much would a new cessna 172 cost?
How helicopter moving or flying towards front side?
do you know a person who speaks Spanish?
What do you think is the greatest heavy bomber ever?
how good does your eye sight have to be so that you could drive a airplane?
On an aeroplane, why do they expect you wear the seatbelt on take off and landing?
How often do planes crash?
Does anyone love aircraft like me ??
Loud engine noise when plane lands?
What do you think of the Airline food these days?
what happened to Capt. Woods of TWA flight 741 after the 1970 hijacking?
Gulfstream IV... good or bad deal?
What is the year when the "new" terminal was built at Lehigh Valley Int'l Airport (formerly A-B-E)?
Best ways to pass the time on a longhaul flight other than watch the crap movie.?
are women allowed to become fighter pilots in India?
Do PC flight simulators have any practical training benefits?
what is the maximum temperature in cargo hold of boeing 767 passenger aircraft?
What things could i do to be more confident?
I have full custody of my children. my ex is currently unemployed, is he obligated to pay child support?
How to laern to fly get this job?
wind velocity of air drawn into a boeing 747 turbine?
bus malpensa terminal 1 2?
Can aircraft fly in a tornado safely?
why gas compressors are used in gas powerplant ?if we donot use what is the problem occured ?
Whats skills do you need to be good at in school to be a pilot?
How much does a Pilot make?
1000km is how many mile ?
Can i become a pilot if i have leucoderma?
Planes that travel through the north pole!?
if a fighter pilot has parachuted out of a jet would they be shot on they way down?
any one know all pilot licenses?
Why all the 5th gen fighter/bombers look the same ?
if i jump on an airplane would i still be land on the same spot or i will end up on a tail of an airplane?
What is the Job Description for an Aircraft Chief Inspector?
Reason for plane crash in Montana last weekend with Carl Cotton on board. It was a Beechcraft C-99 plane. Tnks
what is my best choice to fly to Berlin from Mexico City during the month o April?
Is the F-35 a good fighter jet?
What does it take to become an ROV pilot/tech?
What a terrible weekend in aviation. Why do these things happen?
What should I study for the Private Pilot Exam?
can black people drive jet plaves?
Frequent Flyer miles?
where can I get a wiring schematic for the Ford Crown Victoria?
How many of you have bounced the airplane during landing ? Don't be embarrassed. I like to hear your story?
What are the attributions of a cabin attendant??
Do pilots see satellites when flying at night?
What can I do for my aircraft project?
Airplanes Jet engine?
Can I become a commercial pilot if I've had diagnosed with depression?
chemtrails.. what's the purpose?
what do they do to the toilet on aircraft?
earning flight hours towards private pilot license?
i'm looking for the all Passenger annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
Getting certified FAA 1st class pilot medical health certificate with migraines?
why is it necessary for the flaps under the airplane wing to give more drag, when an airplane lands?
Hi anyone a pilot here?
Help!!! Im soooo freaked out!!!!?? Read on!?
whats a good catchy tune that fits with air speed or flying?
are sea planes/ amphibian planes safer than land planes?
Dumb question? Why don't airplanes have parachutes like space capsules? Especially in the event of engine
why all the pilots always use the word "roger" to end a transmition what that means?
Is their a civilian aircraft with similar characteristics as a fighter jet?
Aero Mechanical Engineering in Glasgow?
How do I find a passenger list for a crashed airplane?
Do you need to fly so many hours a year after you get your Private pilots license to keep in valid?
What is the fuel consumption of a typical passenger jet - like a 747?
Can Commercial Planes Hover?
Is there some type of JET LAG pill (to reduce tiredness)?
can you become a pilot if you wear glasses?
How many Aircraft in a British American and German Fighter Squadron.?
What is the protruding rod's purpose located above and between the two engines on the eurofighter typhoon?
AC-130H Spectre: How much does just the armament weigh?
How much was the Fairchild Metroliner when it was new?
What are commercial planes?
How to become an airline pilot? I'm 15, What is the best path?
airline full sponsorship cadet scheme list?
How to do start air flare?
My son and grandchildren saw a neon colored plane(looked liked a fighter jet).What is it?
American Eagle fs2004 download?
are there any visual requirements or limitations as to visual acuity to become a pilot? (ie,must it be 20/20?
MD 80 aircraft TOD procedure?
do i have to know math if i want to be a pilot?
Which Indian Fighter Aircraft is the latest and most powerful one.?
Where is the aircraft graveyard located?
Looking for info. on private plane crash 9/2/64 Eielson air force base, Alaska?
which is easiest to get to fly in the RAF?
ScarEd of flying on 9/11 week?
what is the best-helecopter or plane ?
ATC/aircraft communication. Data link, visual display reduces errors/ confusion/ repeat. Why is it not used?
kamakazie pilots !!!?
Who brought about transportation by air?.?
Is this plane able to fly?
How can i do my pilot training in gulf countries?
Is it possible for a USA person on Parole to visit another country like Brazil for a few weeks?
Could anyone suggest good aircraft propulsion design books?
Who invented the 1st airplane ? Or atleast tried to ? I 4got .?
Can fighter jets take off without using engaging their afterburners?
Whats the worlds busiest aeroport?
Should I be scared to fly on a US Airways Boeing 737-400, which is an older plane?
planes shake my house?
what is the stealth fighter called?
Why do they build car engines that can go over 150mph yet the speed limit is 70???
i have a ticket flight and want to change the date its possible?
cheap airline tickets???
FBO and Flight school operators. What are advantages and disadvantages of Leasing vs. Owning a rental plane?
Is a UAV pilot a better job than a regular airplane pilot?
it is possible to validate my commercial pilot license in Canada? Because I did in Brazil!?
has anyone out there flown the GA-8 airvan and have trouble turning the aircraft on runways that are 1800x45?
Is it possible to fly sitting with the pilot?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
Future of Airbus?
3 blade prop vs 2 blade prop?
Where's the best place to sit on a plane?
Why does space shuttle take off vertically rather than taking off like a normal airplane?
What does "Flat Rated Temperature" mean in reference to jet engines?
hi you all who knows/pilot/operates Harrier/AV-8BII and or JSF F-35?
what does "docking cycle" mean?
How reliable could aircraft navigation systems be if cellphones interfere with them?
Good light civil aircraft manufacturers?
employers aeronautical in canada?
What aircraft do you own ?
Where can i find a Helicopter for prom?
What is the appropriate time to get to the airport for check-in and security?
how long does it take to be a pilot?
what causes the white cloud behind a jet liner?
what are the odds of surviving a plane crash (not into a mountain)?
Why are some people so afraid to fly on an airliner?
Travelling to Pakistan with my dog?