do you need training in order to fly a plane?
bell helicopter textron?
What exactly is explosive decompression?
Where can I find information for aircraft antennas & maintenance to present to an Avionics class of s?
How to adjust the potentiometer on s-oo1 R/C helicopter?
Is it possible to get a job easily at UAE as a pilot right after i graduate?
Which company treats their flight attendants better Air Canada or Westjet?
Will going to foreign military give an advantage if I have same flying hours as other applicants?
What's the cheapest way to become an airline pilot?
anyone have the microsoft flight simulation X game?
can helicopter fly inverted?
Do u think Delta Air Lines is going to disappear?
how do i get over my fear of flying?
Loved one dies in plane crash dream?
where can i find a cheap airplane or ultralight?
Aircraft brakes overheating??
Why aren't tall walls built beside air runways to help planes avoid turbulance close to the ground?
Lufthansa 747-8 routes?
Does the space shuttle emit a sonic boom at launch when it goes supersonic?
What is the gallery of an airplane?
where can i buy? 10 points best answer?
Have you got one of those stealth bomber umbrellas.?
What is that can the flight attendants spray after every flight ?
When aviation economy runs in between boom and bust(or just medium...)?
Flight Simulator Add ons?
Oxgen capacity on a airline nornally, if you have emphaysema.?
a340 or 777.....for me 777-300er best in the world?
Are the F-22 Raptors still grounded?
how does someone get into a job in airline analyst?
Why do the police and armed forces helicopter pilots where gloves ?
Does this future airline pilot plan sound good?
How static discharge occurs in aircraft?
What is Rm stands for and what does it mean?
Lost serial number for Jeppesen Private Pilot "flite school" CD-ROM?
can anyone help me out. i want to prepare for easa?
Applying as Cabin Crew?
The attitude indicator on a small plane get fried in null visibility! Can the pilot use a water bottle to fly?
What is the job profile of CREW ROSTERING in Aviation ?
How does the car shipping work?
What is the definition of heave velocity of a helicopter?
F22 vs su27,30,35 vs Rafale vs eurofighter typhoon in gunfight? And maneuverability?
Flight lessons ? ?
What should be the eligibilities for being a Commercial Pilot?
Do emt's have to go flight school?
Are there any aviation museums in the U.K With a MiG-25 Foxbat on display?
How are the wings on commercial jets attached?
Why 254lbs for ultralights?
wich one is better the air force or the navy?????
What is the xtra control that a 4 channel R/C helicopter has over a 3 channel one?
Can I train with a Cessna 152 or 172?
How to laern to fly get this job?
Anyone think he could fly?
How much fuel does a b-29 hold?
Is 25 too old to become a fighter pilot?
is there water in aviation fuel if not why are people worried about ice formation in fuel lines?
how do you set up a alodine production line?
where is the list of people who died on the plane that crashed into the pentegon buildling?
examples of pure monopolies?
Can an airplane's WXR see/show wake turbulence of another airplane's wingtips?
Who was the first man to fly a heavier than air ship?
How much does it cost to travel by flight from Delhi (India) to Hochiminh City (Vietnam)?
What challenge dose increasing passenger and freight traffic pose to aviation industry?
How easy is it to work a airband radio? e.g. connecting it to a aircraft outside?
question about landing lights?
UK pilot training?
Where can I find the EU-OPS” regulation SubpartQ?
Where are aircraft engines located on an airplane?
How do I get Airwolf on Flight Simulator X?
What changes were made to strengthen the structure of a 1957+ Bonanza 35?
what is your frist aircraft?
How many seats in total does a 747 jumbo jet hold in total?
The future is here?
What is the best airline in the United States?
how much does it cost to charter a private jet from n.y 2 miami??????????
Best airport in the world?
I want to be a commercial airline pilot?
who was killed in pond racer and what year and whay?
Please tell me the Name of the Latest Aircraft . ?
How much cost to fill up a Jet Plane tank?
Can I take my toy poodle on the plane with me under my seat?
What voltage outlet on a foreign plane can adjust to?
how to operate the gps 1000?
PLZ help me? I'm kind of confused.?
What is the silliest or scariest flying contraption you have ever seen? Made your head shake in disbelief?
take admission in commercial pilot training?
Where did the 5th plane come from on 9/11?
Why do planes fly in arc-shaped patterns, instead of just a straight line to the destination?
What is the name of the flight school at the Everett Stewart regional airport outside of union city tn?
Which car is faster? A....?
Do all pilots have to retire at age 65?
what are commercial flights?
how long....?
is there a research that study the relation between airlines organsation structures and safety ?
What level of qualification is National Private Pilots Licence (M) on the National Qualifications Framework?
If wear eyeglasses, can I still become a commercial pilot?
If a black box in not damaged in case of an aircraft crash then why isn’t the entire aircraft made of that mat?
USA ultralight questions?
Why don't they put screens over the front of jet engines to keep birds from blowing the engine up?
Can I buy airplane tray table?
what routes did Pan Am 707-320's fly after the delivery of 707-320B/C's?
where can i find a retractable tailwheel for a small aircraft in the ultralight category?
analyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight?
Which was the fastest propeller driven aircraft during the second world war?
Support NATCA?
Can I pack a Razor?
type rating cost in uae...?
can anybody tell me a good site where i can find detail on gyrocopter engine?
How do I make real good arrow. (paper plane)?
What's the point of Boeing making 787?
if I pierce my penis?
Specs. and Pics. for the new Boeing 717?
I would love to become an airline pilot?
who do pilots say wilco?
Is it possible to become a Commercial Pilot from a poorer background?
How would I find information concerning trouble reports of Rolls Royce Allison C250 series engines?
Is 6 foot a good height to become an airline pilot?
name of the fuel which use in air crafts?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
where can i get case study about the jet airways and air sahara deal ?
Will the viewing area at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) still exist after the parallel runway is constructed?
Who does the avionics work for Harmony Airways?
Is there any way I can find out who was piloting a helicopter that hovered 50 feet above my house?
Why don't they put feathers on airplanes?
Would an old PanAm 5 gallon gas tank be worth any money?
What do pilots and flight attendants do when their flight gets cancelled?
Does 3G work on aircraft?
How will the implementation of NextGen change an air traffic controller's work?
What can you NOT take on board international flights?
Can a plane land in the ocean?
Can any pilots help me with the best way of becoming an international airline pilot?
Will the potential looming war with Iran have an adverse effect on the aviation industry?
What are some ways to calm the nerves during a flight?
Can a electric helicopter fly a go pro hero camera?
Part 135 minimums?
was it a UFO or American stealth bomber ?
Would a concrete plane fly?
People in aviation; would this be worthwhile?
Where can I find Cheap plane tickets?
Replica building of fighter jets, estimated costs?
which aircraft companies have dark grey planes?
If the left wing of a plane broke of would it crash to the left or to the right?
1st steps to become an "airline pilot?"?
What is the feasability of flying, say Mach 2.5 at very low-levels (100-200ft)?
Have you ever made it to the end of the inernet?
Do You Live Near An Airport?
ATC controllers: How do I get a job in my location?
I need a slogan for a business private jet travel company... ideas please!? IT's a school project...?
How do you use an altimeter in an aircraft?
Driving Test passed. Now I've lost photocard part to license but need to send it off.?
Why the Southwest Airlines did well?
Mosquito Flying?
The Airbus A330-300 and A340-300 are the same length. Why are the A340-200 and A330-200 different lengths?
How can i calculate the range and endurance at different altitute?(For propeller)?
airforce pilot requirements eyesight?
how to apply for air base job positions and where are the postings?
Why no airstair's on modern-day aircraft?
reserve seats during check-in or upon payment of tickets?
what are planes that have the main wing in the back and the small wing in front called?
Average speed of plane?
What would be the fatality / injury rate if the Heathrow crash landing had happened with a 787 ?
How come on the 737 NG?
Are there any retired/current airline pilots I could email to get a better idea of the job?
what is aircraft techo generator? how can operate it? define maintenance procedure?
Has anyone been on jet airways or srilankan airlines.?
can a steering yoke come off wile flying?
Helicopter Add On For Canada Job?
I took these photographs at the local balloon regatta in town last fall. Do you like them?
Should first class on planes be in the centre, instead of front, so that the poor people cushion the rich?
question about career aspirations?
I interested in starting flying lessons?
Why don't airlines weigh a person and their luggage together? Surely weight is weight to an aircraft!?
Is there a mogas/ autogas for a Socata TB-9 or TB-10?
If I have a fear of being a pilot should I take flying lessons to overcome my fear?
What kind of jobs can a 17 year old with a private pilots license get?
How do i fix my Skyline Helicopter?
Why do people put their questions in the wrong category, it's so annoying!!!!!?
¿which was the first (in the world) four-engine airplane?
A simple question about transportation of an item to the airplane...10 points for best answers?
Can an airplane take off while the ground collapses?
Does the f-16 have?
STABILIZER MOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can pilots see where they're going................?
Can passenger airplanes go backwards on ground without something to tow them?
Can a commercial airplane land on autopilot?
Have any designs blending helicopter, aerodynamic lift, and Gas lift been explored an a BAA? Buoyancy Assisted?
How do you fly? Without a plane...?
if i have 1000 hours on B-737-200,will i get a First officer job in any airliners?
why are towers and building on airport property striped orange and white?
Has anyone landed a job offer at Delta Airlines for flight attendant with an employee referral?
Commercial Pilots License?
Is a Jet Plane bigger than an Air Plane?
If ??????????????????????????????????
fuel consumptions of some airbus jet aircrafts?
Flying to Cabo, Mexico?
what are a380 landing gear details?
is a airplane a he or a she?
What are enplanements?
which web page can i find the configuration and better seats of the plane?
Helo Daer, Have U had your chance ?
How does a plane drive with only 2 little wheels and not fall over?
who will employ HNC qualified Ex RAF aircraft propulsion fitters in the offshore oil and gas industry?
How long does it take to learn how do drive a plane?
Is flying a helicopter a lot more difficult than flying an airplane?
how old can you be to travel by plane?
Who know about midair collision between DHL Boeing 757 (A9C-DHL) and a Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 in July 02?
Why isn't there a control to recover from a flat-spin?
Which fighter aircraft is better the F-16 or the chengdu J-10?
What are the Apache Longbow's air-to-air combat capabilities?
whats the difference betwn aviation eng & aeronotical eng or aircraft maintaince suggest the collages & cutoff
Anyone know CTC Wings ?
Is it better to fly on a cold day or a hot one?
what is jet plane? how it work?
I am just curious... Who here is a pilot?
Space Balloon Question?
Where can I get a "kick start" on Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems?
Why are the pilots at Air Canada still arbitrating their seniority list?
what do you think of air travel in the next seventy years?
what does it mean by connecting flights?
is it possible i can get any kind of part from an aircraft in a salvage yard or somewhere?
Airline Transport Pilot's Licence training?
How likely am I too get a upgrade on my flight?
What is the volume of air required to generate 1 lb of thrust at sea level with a 2' diameter jet engine?
what is the root chord length and tip chord length of the boeing-777 wing?
What sort of jobs in airports can you get except cabin crew?
Where can I buy replacement parts for aviation air tools like Dotco, Cleco, Ingersoll Rand, etc?
What is the speed of a 737?
How different would an ICAO certified commercial pilot be from an FAA or JAA certified commercial pilot?
American Airlines Retiree?
747's into Brisbane airport?
What's your favorite car and airplane?
What is in the "trail" that air crafts leave behind them while flying over our heads?
What is reverse flow, flow separation, wake and transition point on an Aerofoil (Airfoil)?
what is the most advanced and powefull military aircraft?
What is the real name for salt lake city Intl!!!!???
Cessna 172- if the starter warning light is ON after the master switch is switched on, is the starter live?
If you are traveling at supersonic speeds, can you hear yourself talk?
what is a pilots life like?
Are linches good indicators of air quality?
Home built ultra(or micro) light aircraft
who was the first russian to fly solo?
Is it a big deal being able to fly a big airplane, or can most folk do it with a bit of training in Cessnas?
is this an ear infection/ I am a flight attendant?
Does anyone know the list price of GE's Genx aircraft engine?
Whats the best way to fight back against Human Factors?
What is the small parachute on the tail of commercial jets?
Do planes carry cars?
commercial pilots license and still pay all my bills?
Is it possible to become a commercial pilot without taking maths in 11th and 12th thru a flying club?
why Boeing planes always crash ?
looking for airplane seating plans and pictures?
2 Person IFR Airplane?
Do you think it is fair?
how do stunt pilots train to handle the g-force?
What happeded to the Iragi fighter jet that landed in New York?
Can someone explain what a tailplane stall is when referring to planes?
What countries have regulated airlines besides Britain with British Airways?
Learning to fly in south Africa?
I'm going to Kansas to go camping what should I pack?
can anyone become a pilot if they want?
8 hour flight to London soon, EXTREMELY scared of flying, panic attacks etc. what should i do!?
Does Delta do any preventative maintenance on their planes?
turbulence on a plane?
is it non-financial performance will affect significantly the financial performance of a company?
Military Aviation influencing Commercial Aviation in 20th Century?
plane right wing partially detached, would the plane crash by banking hard right and down?
What qualifications do I need to become an F1 mechanic?
Why is blue hoodah, and when found return?
Im scared to fly on planes...any tips?
What is the fastest a SR-71 Black Bird can go?
Could a prop plane fly to Europe?
Antonov airplanes, BEST in the world, better than all boeing and airbus. Do you agree?
what are the prerequisites in enrolling in airline transport professionals if you are an immigrant?
is it mandatory to get the multi engine rating before i get king air type rating?
its 1am, and a helicopter is flying...?
What the heck happened in london thats making the restrictions (like no liquids) for flights?
Guys Is there any option other than taking CPL?
why do you have to turn off cabin lights when landing?
i'm 16 & i want to fly in the us. but do i need my parents permission?
how did the wright brothers plane actually fly?
Flight Simulator X Installation Issues?
Why do they call the place where the pilots sit the COCKPIT ?
what to take in high school to be a pilot?
How come the thrust from military jets looks like there are 'beads' of light?
Why does TRUE Air Speed change when the same percentage power is set at different altitudes?
If a plane crashed and 80% of the debris landed in Pennsylvania and 20% landed in NY...?
AVIATION/PILOT Summer Camp for 13+ Kids!?
B747 Upper Door (6L/6R) Operation?
If I'm on a plane that's being hijacked and I can get a call out, WHO DO I CALL?
why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets ?
I sucked during my Intro flight. Im I extremely atypical?
I want to become a commercial pilot, but am I suitable?
Anyone worked as an Airport Team member (Customer Service) for an airline?
How would I get a Job as a Flight Attendant?
Long Term effects of taking digitek?
name the worlds largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
what model mooney is best; J or K (turbo or not)
key laws of aviation industry in 2004?
Are there any weight restrictions for commercial pilots in the UAE?
how do i track or trace a parcel sent by air cargo with the air way bill number.?
Airline Pilot Career?
Are Delta's economy comfort seats refundable?
How long does it takes you to check in your airport now.?
how common is cannibalism among pilots?
Can I bring my MP3 player with me on the plane?
why do airlines ask the window flaps to be up during take off and landing?
What causes an F-14 to move when on the ground? Engine thrust or is their something in the wheels?
Cross Country Flight Planning?
Who invented the tail of the airplane?
Quality of Air France and Delta Airlines?
Which is a better job? airline pilot or air ambulance pilot?
How far in advance can you purchase plane tickets?
can a pilot be color blind im but slightly i can see all colors it just shading is a little off?
how to find connecting flights?
anything to do with flying?
tell me about passenger elavator companies in Italy?
What is the cheapest airline to fly with for a trip?
what are your thoughts on Propfan engines?
virtual terminal tu mabok...?
Are there mini aircraft carriers?
What is the maximum time it takes to get Class 1 medical done in India?
what is the approx length of a runway?
Southwestairlines Confirmation numbers?
Pilot or Doctor?
In Your Opinion Which Was The Better 1970s Aircraft, The Lockheed Tristar L1011 Or The DC10-Why?
What is your qualification being a flight attendant?
what are the instrument for remote cotrol plane?
how much would it be to rent a helicopter for one day? I want one for my prom niqht.?
Does anybody have the complete ATA 100 Chapter Code? Need it for my aviation english exam..need it a.s.a.p..?
working for american airlines?
I have seen an ad for BYO jet, have you used the service?
AirPlanes .............?
Is Ground awareness and avoidance system (GRAAS) the same as Awareness and avoidance system (RAAS)?
How do seaplanes get out of the factory and to the customer?
Is the Goodyear blimp a blimp?
the planes for flight simulatorX?
3 years with Emirates Cabin Crew?
where to get syllabus for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) examination?
airplane fuel?
Who came up with the idea of Air to Air refuelling first. And has it ever been used on Commercial Aircraft?
Is it true that the government are trying to kill us all by releasing chemtrails from commercial planes?
Some switches that I don’t understand their function in Cessna172RG Landing gear system digram?
Is it hard to pass an FAA 2nd class Medical?
where can i get the ethiopian airlines tv commercial classical song?
Pilot training for Indian candidates?
What happens when a plane disappears of the radar?
how can i turn by manual turning in A320 ?
where in arizona is the big airline salvage yard and is there a web site can you please help me thanks?
What are some good colleges for aspiring airline pilots?
Can someone please explain what flight take off feels like. Im so scared?
Boarding And Deboarding Planes In Airports?
why the mobile phones are asked to switch off in an aeroplane?
where can i find a site that lets you create robots?
I'm afraid to..?
proofread part two of my airfoil essay.?
any airline pilots in the area of los angeles CA? willing to give me an interview about themselves?
what makes a person a perfect cabin senior?
Does the material of the parachute affect the performance?
Pilots or people who know about jets: How the hell does something so BIG like a B747 or A380 actually take off?
who is the ace of all aces amongst jet fighter pilots?
who was the first person killed in an aircraft accident?
is ukraine a good place to do pilot training?
How fast does a jumbo jet need to be going to take off?
i need to know a few things about...?
Building Code, for any given Airport Terminal?
find homebuilt kit helicopter dealers / manufactures?
Im a 15 yr old girl and want to be a pilot when older ...?
whats the difference between a A-10 Thunderbolt and a A-10 Warthog?
what is the best figther jet of all time?
What is the maximum altitude for a helicopter to fly at?
The following is available at auction "Test Cell Equipment for Plane Engines"?
Does anyone remember the dingbat aircraft?
How important is ROTC in becoming a military fixed wing pilot?
best way to go about getting your commercial pilots licence in the uk?
If you are a pilot, answer this?
how come the cockpit of WWII fighters are located in the middle while modern day aircraft, its in the front?
What could this possibly be?
How much for a flight to kampala cost?
How do hot air balloons work?
when a fighter jet engine throttles up you see a series of what looks like "fire-balls" forming in the exhaust?
Looking for the metal things buried in the concrete on airport aprons to "tie down" aircraft, what/where $$$
Can a boeing 777 do a loop de loop and a barrel roll?
What are the V speed for a Cessna 185E amphibian?
Is playing Flight Simulator 10 a good way to learn to be a pilot?
HOW do you become a glider pilot !?!?!?
Does anyone know how many Tuplolev TU-114s were produced and how many (if any at all) are still in service?
Do I have to have anything like a Driver's license to pilot a helicopter?
Could you start earning when you have private pilot license?
why do you have to open the window shutters on an aeroplane when it is landing?
has anyone flown lately? i have flown a lot in the last 3 years !?
If wear eyeglasses, can I still become a commercial pilot?
why did they ban concordes?
Why do some people call computer flight simulators?
Segment 2 permit ? can I still drive.?
were can we get peugote air flow merter cheap grimsby?
can a helicopter fly up side down?
Have you ever joined the mile high club?
Pilot friends or penpals site? :)?
what is the exact purpose of Balance horn and control horn in aircraft flight control system?
Was there ever a Gee Bee R-3?
How to calculate pressure height?
I'm really scared of airplanes; how can I not be scared of them?
Interesting helicopter facts?
what is the best way to become an airline pilot?
How do I get ATC to give me vectors to the runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
What are the various factors that contribute to a smooth landing of an aircraft?
How to change travelousity flight ?
can anyone give me the link from where i can get a comprehensive live flight updates from airports?
Could pilot A let pilot B fly the plane under these circumstances?
How could I get or find a model helicopter "N314 CHP" (its what they are flying currently)
How much do flight instructors make in the Philippines?
What is the best Boeing passenger plane?
Don't aircraft viberate some in flight especially helicopters,?
how do i find flight information status?
How can I prevent my picooz to rotate?
Does United Airlines refund tickets?Please answer?
Wing sweep of CRJ-700?
if swift drivinng a good place to get a class a license?
what happened to american school of aviation ?
How can I be considered as licensed avionics engineer in Abu Dhabi?
Will my commercial pilot certificate be the same number as my private pilot certificate was?
Sukhoi Su-30 MKI or F-16C? Which one is the better aircraft?
what is a first class medical certificate?
CFI or Multi-Engine after CSEL?
Has anyone here watch the movie TOP GUN?
Airlines hiring flight attendants?
rc airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!!please answer?
im 16 and wear glass can i still fly?
Jump inside of plane?
Why haven't people discovered unpowered flight yet?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
What are the main bases of all of the below?
Wats next after AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING ? What jobs i m eligible for and how get it ?
Is there any pilots here? What is the most daring stunts you have done?
From Melbourne What airline can I get the cheapest to Instanbul? Also the cheapest prices?
how about the radiation on radar site?
How many people are off the planet at one time?
On a Boeing 737, why does a cover open and then close on the engine after landing?
knows maybe somebody how much money can be airplane tickek from Frankfurt to Tel aviv?
Any pilots..How do you fly a helicopter/plane?
No flaps after landing touchdown ?
what do pilots have to do with science? please provide full detail.?
Extremely Tough Decision Because I Want to Become A Major Airline Pilot. Whats your op pinion?
cessna c-150 wingspan?
Flight Tickets!!! please help!!?
Why? Does it affect the plane?
nearest international airport to lankaster CA?
What are the top airlines flying horses?
Can i own a helicopter in Bahrain?
What are the Odds of a Biplane Dog-fighting an F-22 Raptor?
best day to buy airline tickets?
may i see the latest helicopter design?
I s Air Transport the safest & most convenient mode of transport?
TRAGEDY! TRAGEDY! TRAGEDY! Air france flight 447 (Rio to Paris)?
cheap right now airline tickets or train??
who can be an accountable manager in helicopter services?can the operations manager hold this position, too?
where are the more best airplane school?
EN Specifications Safety,Immunity,Emissions?
What year,model military aircraft would have used a, Firestone Sky Champion, tire, size 6x2. Any info,Thanks.?
Which aeroplane is bigger? boeing 747 or DC 10?
Should they have special seats for the morbidly obese on airplanes?
I was a flight attendant with an international airline ?
What is the process for a 13 year old to get a pilots license?
what is "utilisation rates" in aviation?
Bad company 2 : Can a pilot shoot with the Blackhawk helicopter?
which is the busiest airport in the world? can you list all of the busiest airports of the world?
what is the best long distance plane and why, the airbus 340, boeing 747, or boeing 777?
Does anyone know where I can find a job in san diego working in avionics?
Why is it called the "Mile High Club" when you actually do it at 35,000 feet. About 7 miles high?
I have a question about helicopter blades?
methods of demand forecasting used by aviation sector in india?
When a pilot taks to passengers from a cockpit, he uses a mic. What is that mic called?
bulgaria air?
which airline in the world is considered the best in terms of customer service and customer satisfaction ?
Why does the flaps on top of the plane's wings open along with the engines in sides upon touchdown [landing]?
Why do radial engines have uneven number of cylinders?
Aircraft fuel tanks engineering?
how much dose a magic carpet cos?
Is there a weight limit on airplanes???
Is it true that more US aircrew were lost in the B-17 bombers during WW than all other aircraft put together?
What kind of aircraft is this?
how far to tula russia from temple tx?
how has airplane procedures changed since 9/11?
where we can find the missing person crash in an indonesian flight?
Pilot lessons - As close to SN10 5 In Wiltshire, UK Light Aircraft though?
difference of F6F Hellcat and a P-51 Mustang?
how to set multiple routes on FS2004?
Are ROTAX 912 aircraft engines for LSA safe ?
what is the scope in airlines management?
How to get my helicopter pilot license?
How much TURBULENCE can commercial airplanes handle?
dassault mirage?
How long does it take for a helicopter to start up?
where buy aircraft wire?
Why must we put our chair upright on airplanes during takeoffs and landings?
I've been out of circulation for a while working on my new invention?
Contact Jet4you?? Telepone/Email?
Should she get a large raise and a medal?
plz help me with some manuals and wiring diagram of MI-2 helicopter?
How much is a plane ticket to Australia running for at the moment?
Are you allowed to bring your own food on the plane?
what is the difference between turbofan engines and turboprop engines?
What are some good jobs for people who like airplanes?
Was US Airways Flight 1549 (that landed in the Hudson River safely) the only plane that ever landed safely in?
Would the world have been better off if the jet engine had never been invented.?
What side does a pilot sit in ?
I am claustrophobic and I am afraid to get on a plane. How do I get past this?
Is the cargo space of an airplane warm or cold?
How safe is flying in an airplane really?
how can i know my aircraft type?
How Do Planes Fly?
What do you call the line produced by airplane and what was it made of?
Why do planes (Airliners) make noise when they are parked at the gate and the engines are not on?
How to become an Air Traffic Controller?
if planes are safe as people say,then how do explain what happened to aaliyah?
Does anyone know where the remote control aircraft airshow is displayed in the uk?
What does it mean if an aircraft engine has x pounds of take off thrust?
How much 777-300ER's in total have been ordered?
Does anyone know who ACTUALLY Invented "THE EJECTOR SEAT"? and when?
What is your favorite airplane?
what should I do?
plane problems?
How do you become a pilot?
Out of Vaughn ,Dowling or Embry Riddle what would you say the best college is?
One way flight to Europe?
When airlines order airplanes, what is meant by options?
How hard is it to become an airline pilot?
Why Are Aeroplane Runways A Cement Based Surface Instead of Tar Based Like Roads?
What is the cost of CPL MULTI IFR 225 Hrs in USA or Canada?
What is "initial segment" of the runway/takeoff path?
How do i become an Air traffic controller?
I want to become a flight attendant. what courses should i take in my last years of high school to help?
Does anyone know of any Sport Pilot flight schools in Colorado - area north, south and east of Denver?
How do airplanes disperse human waste?
What are the best airlines to be a pilot for. Read for details.?
My air qulity is very poor what can i do to breaath safely?
What are the components required to draw a aircraft wiring harness design.?
KingAir B200 Rating in New Zealand?
Will you take a ride in my airship?
In Extreme Logging they use Helicopters to move huge logs,how do the Heli Pilots know when a logs to heavy?
becoming an airhostess? >:]?
Do Fighter Jets ( like F-18/F-16) have A/C in their cokpit?
where there planes in 1880?
Can someone tell me about Kuwait Airline's economy class service?
What happened to
What's this called?
Website or contact info for VDO Helicopter Engine Instruments in Germany?
What are the downsides (dsadvantages) of investing in new technology, is it a good business strategy?
where can i get touthpaste in an envelope for air travel?
Why didn't they stop all flights if the Concorde crashed by accident, but there are loads of plane accidents?
Lufthansa Flight Training?
when was the concorde first made?
What was the last Gunfighter?
How do you tie down a CH-47?
Helicopter above my apartment at 3:15am ?
whitch airline is safer? klm airlines ,thai airlines or singapore airlines???
Can you take shaving razors on airplanes?
Is the government allowed to shoot down a hijacked aircraft if it is used as a weapon?
When is the 90 day time limit after failing an FAA checkride valid?
what is the weather en route from tokyo to new york on saturday april 22?
I had asthma till i was 14 and want to become a commerical pilot?
MOS 6113 - - Helicopter Mechanic, CH-53 USMC?
what do i have to do to become a major airline pilot?
i want to be an airplane pilot hte kind that flies 747s, what course do I have to take?
Are there any beds for pilots to sleep in any large jets?
What is the smallest aeroplane that a human has ever flown!?
Good flight schools for CFI?
Help me figure out what to do w/ my life? <Aviation>?
How do I become a pilot in the UK?
What is vision required to be pilot ?
How much does an aircraft hanger cost?
why do you not apply brakes while weighing a plane?
Is it OK to ship a vacuum flask by air?
If a plane could fly faster than a helicopter, why fly a helicopter?
Male or female, do you now or have you ever aspired to be an aircraft pilot? Why or why not?
Plane flight please answer?
similarity between fuel control system and engine control system?
What is the cheapest airfare from Dallas, Texas to Salt lake City, Utah?
What is an airplane radar called?
Why doesn't the pilot of the preseident's helicopter get off when they land? And if he does, where does he go?
What's the difference btwn strategic and theater lift?
what is the name of that plane that landed on monday the 19?
Stupid question about aircraft on Aircraft carrier?
Do you think that PARACHUTES on AEROPLANES should be compulsory?
How do commercial airplanes work?
Does any one know how I can get a hold os west choppers? Like a # or a place you know?
Would I be able to fly in the military?
How do you activate and use the Tiller on a commercial liner such as a 737,757,767,etc?
which country found the plane?
what do you call the long streams left in the sky by jet planes?
if i want to see pyramids, In which city name i have to take flight ticket?
how does aircraft fly ? what is the principle involved in that?
homebuilt aircraft that's open cockpit, aerobatic, mono?
what is the most common airplane? 737?
How do I change planes?
What is the actual airline handling charge for air shipemnt export from UK?
Did Airplanes drop human waste (poop) into the ocean? Same for trains?
Requirement for weather radar for IFR?
Do you have to be smart like a doctor or a genius, to be a pilot?
Experiencing air vacuum in flight????
How fast do aeroplanes Travel? I would like to know a generic speed of passenger aeroplanes?
What's A Good Air Band Radio Scanner? (UK)?
Embarkation, Disembarkation Proceedures of passengers at the airport for speedy clearenceI need as much info?
Is dassault mercure safe to fly on?
747 pilots for British Airways?
In a Lycoming or Continental aircraft engine, camshafts are made out of what material?
If You could have a jet what kind whould it be??
I would like to purchase a new Boeing 747-400. How much will this cost?
helicopter pilot help?
does anone know how to make a paper airplane that flys ey good?
is the f-117 stealth fighter old?
how has airplane procedures changed since 9/11?
WHAT IS THE maximum altitude of a 747-400,?
Who builds private airports?
Who made the first Airplane????
How smooth are airliner landings?
Does El Al airlines have power-ports?
Similar helicopters like boeing CH-47 chinook aircraft?
Why do larger birds flap their wings slower than smaller birds? Why don't airplanes use flapping winfs to fly?
Airline tickets online?
Why don't airlines provide passengers with parachutes under their seats?
will eyesight of -2 for each eyes effect my carrie to become a commercial pilot?
Different airplane trails?
Do you still use you e6b flight computer?
What was the make and model of the helicopter used in I Am Legend?
What defects/discrepancies would you be looking for when inspecting a fire extinguishing system? on aircraft?
Would a Boeing 757 float or sink?
What country has the most relaxed medical rules to be a pilot?
Do you have to go to a college and flight school to be a pilot ?
how to be a repair expediter in aviation?
Seriously, is it possible to make a flying sleigh?
Does it sounds normal that to build a helicopter you should use 1 horspower for 5kg?
Hot air balloon flight????
What is a Airplane. We don't have airplanes in my country.?
Does anyone know the distance planes used to fly between England and Labrador?
Flight Control Officer?
How about the man made to sit on the toilet of a Jet Blue flight because of a stewards uncomfort?
Design features of the b-17?
do they polygraph test you to become an airline pilot?
How can I find the pilots in Lutheran association of Missionaries & Pilots or L.A.M.P.?
what does kinematic and dynamic viscosity of air mean?
Why do planes fly at a certain altitude?
how to record in FSX?
Airport closest to St. Clyde Kansas?
Does anyone know who's the Hot Brunette in the Sky blue bikini in the Latest Caesars Palace Commercial ?
what are the v-shaped plates fitted in front of windshield (just above nose cone) of B 737?
How static discharge occurs in aircraft?
How come the inflight meal is never hot noodle soup?
I´m mexican and I would like to study commercial aviation in USA, exist a scholarship for this?
how do u overhaul a jet engine?
Which is the cheapest flying school in south africa?
Where's a good and reliable place to buy good throwing knives for cheap.?
What is infuencing the aviation sector today?
how did the airplane affect america and its growth?
Are passangers aloud to use a GPS on a commercial airplane?
Could a commercial airliner take off, fly, and and taxi without pilot intervention?
How can i make my huband's dream to ride in a fighter jet come true?
Federal Exams?
how to get a aircraft refueller job in australia?
Is it difficult to become a pilot?
Is there any diffrent pics of this Fighter jet in diffrent colors
Why are all airline pilots old?
could a fuel tank ejection system reduce fatalities in faulty passenger in aeroplane emergency landing? ?
Navy acrobatics Team in the world....How many? (like Blue Angels)?
Do Aircrafts land and take off according to the wind direction?
Won't jumping up before your plane hits the ground leave you unscratched in a crash?
pilot license question?
How much does fuel alone weigh in an aircraft?
why is wing walking over?
Question re, Domestic Airport Taxes?
How to became a jet fighter pilot in India?
What danger do lazer pointers pose to aircraft?
What airlines have upcoming open interviews in california for flight attendant positions?
Would You Rather Ride A Plane Or A Train?
Can anyone help me with this aircraft oxygen system question I had on a JAR aircraft engineering test?
Flight Simulator?
define impulse turbine and reaction turbine type of blades.?
Its flying really expensive hobby?
Websites to get cheap plane tickets?
i am 13 and i am afraid of heights?
I won’t study Avionics Maintenance Technician in Italy or France but I don’t know the academy there?
who gets the armrests in the middle row of an airplane?
Whats the range of a Eurocopter EC135T2?
can a airplane breakup in midair if it enter a heavy turbulences?
Who is the best car in the world?
How does a civilian go about getting a ride in an F-16?
how to get a passport ,i'mbelow 18years?
Interview with boeing?
Why Cant This Be Done to save lives?
how many pilots on average get accepted for the raf each year?
why do some fighter jets have a pointer at the tip of the nose?
why don't they equip airline passengers with parachutes?
How can i fly planes for a living?
what kind of engine does the stealth have?
Were is the restricter in the f80 motorized bike moter?
DC 10 question???????????????
Is there any possibility to get a fully electric commercial aircraft like car?
Why don't the aeroplane companies make aeroplanes out of the same stuff that the black box is made from?
What is the next development in "long range" commercial aircraft?
find job description for screen er?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
Question about Class C airspace?
What do I need to do to be a commercial helicopter pilot?
Anything you know about airline pilots?
I'd like some advice on aviation headsets?
What airfare website(s) can I get a student discount for an airplane ticket?
Fate of Helicopter accident?
Anyone know where to find wood ultralight biplane plans or partial kits??
Considering to be an airline pilot.?
Is there anyone willing to fund my cost for going to flying school?
Why can't planes land in the fog, given that they can land in the dark?
What is the best fighter aircraft around?
What is the new "Green" fuel that Richard Branson is using in some of his aircraft?
Can both men and women fly Biplanes?
How fast do aeroplanes Travel? I would like to know a generic speed of passenger aeroplanes?
If I want to be a pilot, commercial airline or otherwise, do I just need to be really good at flying a plane..
What is the best Brand/Type of Paramotor?
How is an ace ranked?
Who can give me the name's of the airplanes that the U.S.President's past and present flew in?
What happens when a plane lands?
How much is the flight ticket from Ghana to Japan?And which flight goes to japan from ghana?
how did the airline industry preform financially in 2001?
Is it worth taking that risk?
The SR-17 "Blackbird"- A ceiling of 85K and speeds of mach 3+ what do we have now?
why were the concorde planes scraped?
i need to get a birth certificate, how much does it cost if i go pick it up?
Socal approach says traffic opposite direction.Is that that coming to me?
What is the effect of altitude on the speed of sound? How much does it differ from sea level to 100,000 feet?
How to be a flight attendant?
Red Bull coming to NYC?
Could you build an Ultralight with a RC model engine?
Whats a flying/aircraft/flying operator that starts with the letter "V"?
Can anyone tell me where i can buy a Boing 747 model in PIA colours (Pakistan)?
Rc model air plane building help?
Aviation experts: Which types of airplane are inherently unsafe?
What allows a plane, such as a F-16, to fly inverted for periods of time?
Do you see some sort of tank or extra piece under the planes that hit the WTC on 9/11?
Does Canada follow the FAA( Federal Aviation Administration)?
In Air France, what is Class N ?
why they land those 57:s so hard at S.N.A.?
How do pilots measure altitude and speed while flying?
why do airplanes have headlights, and use them when flying?
Need info about CPL.?
How could I go about purchasing an old P-38 "Lightning" to restore?
0 hours to ATP and 3000+ hours A320 rated?
Can an aeroplane fly when the engine has stop?
What is David Neeleman's net worth in 2010?
Who is the current minister of transport?
If two aircraft are on final approach, which has the right of way?
What advantage do planes have over cars?
known maintenance issues?
Why does the black color of the blackbird aircraft reduce the heat caused by friction?
Why is it that Professional Pilots..?
Any fighter/aerobatic pilots out there?
If you have a landing strip and a permit, could you land a private jet at your house?
I have a question about the 777 Boeing aircraft?
Is airport food very expensive?
Is it correct to assume that fighter jets use turbojet engines, whilst commercial airliners uses turbofans?
Trying to find name of charter company flying the Phenom 100's?
I wanted to be a commercial pilot?
alaska airlines begin operation?
Do you have to be able to swim to be an airline pilot?
What do the four wheels on the ICP of an F-16C do?
How many air to air range missile's do F22 has.?
For those who travel overseas a lot,which web site is the cheapest to go to Bangkok or Asia?
Is it possible to fly an airplane that should be operated by two pilots with only one pilot?
How hard is it to be a pilot?
What are the odds of being in a plane crash?
How can a pilot reduce FHP during a short-field takeoff?
is it safe to travel with easyjet and ryan airline?
In a two class configuration does a 737-900ER or an A321-200 have more seats than the other?
Is it possible to become a commercial/cargo pilot with this condition?
How to say the windows of an aeroplane? Eiles like that.......?
What is the force that reisits the forward motoin of an aircraft?
Why so many different viewpoints and thumbs down regarding the flaps question. Flap operation is textbook? No?
ok i just took posseion of an airplane, Cassna 421. whats next i want to sell it?
fsx tweak i found out "LOOOOOOOKKKK"?
what is the weight allowance for hand luggage on british midland flights?
Aviation ergonomics paper ideas?
Why put cabin doors to manual?
Where can you get a commercial pilot license ?
Is it hard for women to become an airline pilot?
What is the process of travelling by airplane?
How do you refuel in mid-air without the aircraft hitting each other?
members of cabin crew....?
How long would it take to get to Japan from the US?
Ultralite Vs. Experimental aircraft?
What is the aviation industry like in foreign countries such as the U.K. and Australia?
Airbus A320 new engine option question?
is spectacles a problem in pilot power is less than -1..?
Service Ceiling Performance...?
Could you open the windows of wooden airliners during flight?
Steps to becoming a pilot?
Survive a Helicopter crash?
Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
What are the flight benefits for Southwest and other airlines employees?
Need help on an ILS approach to SAN on FS9?
there is any Direct flight operating from Kuwait to Bangalore?
is anyone afriad to fly now adays?
sir, i am a5 ft 5inch tall 22 yr old wheatish in complexion guy.with a heavy built body,can i bcm a pilot?
Could someone help me with a simple airline flight I want to plan?
How much does the Pilot of 747 make?
When do low cost airlines use jet bridges?
What is the definition of a constant speed propeller?
Airline who flys to Mexico from DFW area?
Can you use a Laptop on an airplane?
Can i study Cabin Crew/ Flight attendant in University?
Best method of power transmission?
how would i find diagrams for aircraft?
Why are there so many jets in the sky?
how hard can it be to fly a micro lite, do you need a license?
Air Cadets in Canada?
How do I become a helicopter pilot?
I have taken commerce side and i want to become a pilot so can i become a pilot?
What is FAR 23.149 for?
Boeing vs Airbus. Is Airbus a threat to Boeing? Is Airbus a serious rival in quality/price?
Which is simply the best fighter jet in the world today ?
I want to be a pilot?
why do two people push the throttle on a jet liner?
Anyone Here an Airline Pilot?
who was first pilot in world ?
Which would be better/safer, flying in a DC-9 with a major airline, or flying a regional airline/jet?
what is the difference between interphone socket and servie phone socket in an aircraft?
How many people fly in the united states per year ?
how fast is 1 knot in miles per hr?
Airstrips in Northern NSW?
Why do very few fullscale helicopters use coaxial?
Poll: How Do Planes Crash?
how safe are mig 21s?
What is the major differences between Payware and Default aircrafts in FSX?
Jet enigines?
do pilots not spend alot of time with their family?
 747 & A380 wiring safety issue?
want info on Anson K6166 crash of Horsebridge, Whitstable, Kent.England 1936-1939 ?
How high is a 747 air plane when it is flying?
where could i find a helicopter that tours NYC?
Piloting School & Pysical education?
how can a civilian get a ride in a military jet or vintage plane like a mustang (without enlisting, of course)?
why do airline pilots think they are better than every body else ?
Who are the most important people in an airline?
If I smoke weed 2 days before flying.?
How do I use a private jet?
i am still in high school, i want to be an airline pilot when i grow up and i need to know how to get started?
what airport is closer to toronto if i book a flight from detroit? never been?
Do they need to set full flap while landing?
Do you have a picture of B412 helicopter with auxillary tank? If you do? please send it to me.?
how much does aviation mechanic pay??
Are check ins for long haul flights opening early because of security delays or opening at usual times?
How do a airplane fly?
I want to go back to the EAA air academy..?
Pilots, what's your favorite part of flying?
need to know where i can submit my application form, resume..?
What could this possibly be?
Where can I get my name tape and civil air patrol tape for m bdu's ?
Tran slantic FLights?
Can a pilot and co-pilot be different gender?
Please identify this aircraft?
What makes a airplane fly?
I'm just curious..What is the most expensive airline company. How much is themost expensive first class?
what are the four forces that affect an airplane ?
Aborted landings in Wellington airport?
what job could I do ??
Will the double decker 380a airbus pass over sachem high school today?
German bf-109 in WWII?
how do airline pilots fly and eat their dinner at the same time?
What are pilots trained to do if smoke starts to enter the cabin during a flight?
Is taking off in an airplane worse than the landing?
flying with no i.d help?
Has anyone here watch the movie TOP GUN?
Aircraft rental in the USA?
under-age cigarettes..............................…
how much money do us airway make a year?
Is there any possibility to find scrap passenger airplanes for sale in the Middle East?
how to approach and land perfect with single engine plane?
How do you become a Airline Pilot in US?
dose any pilots out there know the call signs like n=november?
why does the jet engine still working even if it's in the clouds? and yet clouds has water?
Are aircraft cargo holds pressurised?
How different would an ICAO certified commercial pilot be from an FAA or JAA certified commercial pilot?
for airliner pilots (fuel and durations)?
how many rpms per volt is a park 400?
Aircraft engineer to Pilot ?
What nickname could you call him to do with those ears?
Is it good to have a 4 year degree like engineering before going to pilot training?
what is your favorite airline and airport?
What requirements do I need to become an airline pilot?
Is there a place in California where a student pilot can fly a full motion simulator?
What could this mean?
What, specifically, do Flight Instructors do?
Does the paint of a jumbo jet need to be removed before repainting?
At what speeds do commercial liners come in to land?
Why are mathematicians like airlines?
when flying in an aircraft what causes air turbulance and can it damage the aircraft?
Medical requirements to fly solo in a motor glider?
the best figher plane in the world?
Chinook vs Blackhawk vs V-22 vs Pave Low?
About Airbus A321?
Can aircraft fly in a tornado safely?
Why don't aircraft have emergency parachutes which can guide the fuselage safley back to the ground?
Why are AOA abilitities looked own upon in a WVR fight?
who invented the first plane? names?were? and how they made out of what?
how do you become a pilot for a major airline?
why does'nt water spill from a cup inside a plane when the plane turns ??
How can a party of 8 people get on a flight that shows only 3 seats available?
How come skydivers don't get sucked out by the change in cabin pressure when the airplane door opens?
Boeing 767-300ER Landing,WATCH?
If you started screaming on a plane and saying "there is a bomb, over there" and pointed would they shot you?
Can I fly Cessna Private Planes if Colourblind?
aircraft altitudes?
What is "damping" in aviation?
what does M-class mean in aircraft seating plan?
How much does a average helicopter need to fill the tank?
What would happen if I flew a medium sized propeller engine plane over NYC?
how is lift affected by airspeed?
does an airplane have power plugs?
15 years old and about to leave secondary school i want to become a commercial pilot but i am really stuck?
Why no airstair's on modern-day aircraft?
How many hours a week does a flight attended work?
what does easyjet accept for id for an eleven year old?
would would life be like without air planes?
Why are the wings on supersonic aircraft swept back?
which material used in the wings of an ultralight?
Hawaiian Airlines salaries?
Aircraft Wing Construction: How are wings attached to the aircraft body? How can they withstand the stress?
Could I get permission to touch-and-go on an Aircraft Carrier in my C150?
jar 66 module 9 questions?
if i jumped up in a plane , why don't i shoot to the back ?
how does a governor for the propeller of an airplane work?
How can I get a job at a international airport, YVR?
Are there still "pontoon helicopters?" I've seen toy models, and they were around in the 1960s/70s?
how fast does a jet plane go?
Where can I find information about helideck landing nets?
Are their any aviation engineers out there that are willing to give me their email?
Pilot or Doctor?
what is the principle of jet engine?
how do i over come worry of flying?? ?
Is there any dual crouse like aircraft maintenance engineering and pilot in india?
How to convert FAA CPL to Canadian CPL ?
Can I pack a Razor?
How hard is to land a large airliner? (747, A380, 777, A340?)?
Will there be any flights to Fuerteventura on the 16th August??
3-view aircraft drawings?
Cabin Layout In Old Boeing 707 And Douglas Dc 8 Jets?
Is there a way to know which airlines and which seats have armrests that raise up?
C-130 crew chief tips and need to know?
Why is tooilet paper allowed onboard planes?
CaN FsX tEaCh SoMeOne To FlY a ReAl AeRoPlAnE?
I am nervous about flying by myself...?
recreational aviation authority in Greece?
hey i need some advice?
Fare class W and U on Continental?
Why do jet afterburners make rings in the flame exhaust?
I'm terrified of plans, mainly them crashing.. Should I be?
How do i know if i need a pilot bearing?
what qualifications do you need to be an R.A.F pilot?
I'm afraid to fly and i'm going to California in 4 days to visit my grandma can anyone help me?
Who invented the airplane?
Is this good or bad flying weather?
Pilot light question am i safe?
I'm a first time flyer, my flight is in about 20 hours, and I have a couple questions.?
What is your favorite plane , Why?
Whats going to happen to our planes when the planet runs out of fuel ?
At what year was created the air plain?
Best time to book flights?
Would it annoy my neighbor on an airplane if I hold onto the cushion for the whole flight just in case?
How do i know if i have the passion for flying?
Is it OK to ship a vacuum flask by air?
How can I make my own small airplane?
Where Can I Buy A Life Size RC Helicopter?
who was concorde's first pilot?
What should I do if my armpit is musty?
I came across my old handbook from the 'Ground Observers'. The famous P-51 airplane is shown as a F-51. Why
How far can the 747 go without refueling?
What is the rationale for folding the tray table and upright seat during takeoff/landing?
Anyone studied at CTC wings?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Mikuni carburetors compared to Bings?
Tell me about working of an Aeroplane.?
What do military fighter jets (F16) do at crusing altitude? (2 seater) ?
What airlines have 737 in the US?
Can a helicopter when in auto rotation reach Terminal speed?
Boeing 767 and Airbus A320...what's the difference and is one safer than the other?
UK CAA Afterburner Regulations?
What happen if i say word bomb at american airport?
Why would a plane crash and would it split in mid air?
what are the odds of a commercial plane crashing?
Do Pilots wear diapers for long flights when a toilet is unavailable?
Continental OnePass (frequent flyer plan) has 'capacity controls' so that it's hard to get a seat...
Can someone tell me if Egham is on the Hethrow Flight Path please?
What is the best day to buy airline tickets?
why do propeller based aircraft have a nose cone?
How to turn on the therapeutic oxygen supply on a 747-200?
Good website for aviation?
Airplane Explosions in Air...Video/Pictures?
Montreal flight logs?
How to become an airplane mechanic?
Boeing names their aircraft B747-400, B747-200. What does the '-200', '-400' stand for?