If the “black box” flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash...?
How much does a short haul commercial airline pilot earn in the UK?
Has anybody used Ma-25s?
What is the "National" airline for the USA?
The world is reaching to an end..?
wings and flight pattern of a plane?
As a survey how many of you people like avaition you know flight???
will hot air ballooning ever go to another fuel source?
which of those aircraft is the best combat plane? The F-18, the F-15, the F-16, MiG-29, Su-27, Su-37, Su-47?
Why does ejecting out of an aircraft can cause back injuries?
why airoplane not fall in air?
if a terrorist, say Osalma Bin Laden, got on a plane, held a gun to the pilots head...?
Type of scandinavian air service aircraft from CPH to NYC?
Will a nine and a half hour flight give me jet-lag?
What are the odds of my bag getting lost on a plane trip?
Are fractional jet pilots required to file & use their call sign (ex EJA101) as opposed to their tail number?
During in flight emergencies do pilots use the terms PAN-PAN-PAN or Mayday?
Great pilots who saved their planes from catastrophe?
Fighters over scottsdale again!?
Why is there a White Rabbit climbing the tree outside?
Is it possible to fly an airplane that should be operated by two pilots with only one pilot?
does any one know John Flynn?
Can a Beech 1900 be flown by a single pilot?
How can you get the smell of jet fuel out of clothes?
can you cross a double yellow line?
Why can rockets go into space but jet air planes cannot?
Good books to study about aircraft structure, repair and function?
How can i become a pilot?
Do I have good enough grades to be a Commercial Airline Pilot?
Is distortion on the fuel limits enough to cause it to interfere with the steady state required to run?
any helicopter instructors???
The united airlines plane whines after shutdown?
why are they not looking into using hydrogen are the new fuel for aircraft and ground transportation?
Can autopilot switch itself on in planes?
Has a Plane ever flown under the Golden Gate Bridge?
Travel & Tourism?! Cabin Crew?
What are those "sky-marks" that in the East Coast appear as "speedy" planes, but too small to be one of them?
What is the future?
Airplane wingbox fuel tanks how are they made etc?
Can a plane stall if entered a jet stream?
What kind of airtransport for military compare to the Airbus A400?
what is the procedure to become civil aircraft pilot in india?
runway intensity lights?
radar station a and b are on east-west line, 3.7 km apart. station A detects a plane at C, on a bearing of 61°?
why do you have to were seatbelts on an airplane?
Do you have to get a degree in aviation to become a commercial helicopter pilot?
Are there any countries that do not have an eyesight requirement for getting a commercial pilot's license?
Career advice? ATC, flight instructor, commercial aviation, college? help please?
Can a handicapped person on a walker use the walker to get to the toilet on an airplane?
If you had a choice of private pilots? Who would fly your plane?
The Crash In The Hudson Was No Accident!!!!?
Need a bit of help tying down an aircraft?
Can cans of soda be carried in checked baggage on airlines?
What is the cheapest route to achieve my ATPL pilot's license in Sydney, Australia?
whats the smallest plane in the world?
Is Link Simulation & Training Air Traffic Control Academy FAA Approved? school?
Commercial pilot course?
What aircraft uses Brake Fan Impeller?
Ultralight in United kingdom?? Part 103?
Is there any site on the internet where I can learn about the parts of turbofan and/or turboprop engines?
Do pilots need to go through security...?
what is suitable too wear too my first flying lesson?
is it a lie that planes are safe?should i give up my hobby of flying?
Why are there so many planes flying low around this month?
How do I create a Texture for a Boeing 747 for FSX?
why was the concorde grounded from flight?
Does anyone know the cooridinates of the 1972 Rugby team/Andes Plane crash?
What kind of engine was put in the H-4 Hercules?
Today at burbank bob hope airport?
how much does a plane cost?
Why don't airplanes have to flap their wings like birds do?
When did the US F16 Thunder Birds last came to Singapore
What are enplanements?
How many electronics are limited to bring per one person on a international flights?
Before the first supersonic flight had scientists predicted that there would be a sonic boom?
where can I purchase a data plate for an ultra light aircraft?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear seatbelts ?
How much time does the average airport traveler take to walk from car to gate? And between gates?
which airplane has the biggest engines?
Whats likely to cause fuel starvation?
What is the feasability of flying, say Mach 2.5 at very low-levels (100-200ft)?
How is the domestic pilot life in India?
Seatac Airport over Sequim?
drawings of commercial aircraft radio/navaid antenna locations for PPT presentation.?
How to open FMC / MCDU of Flight1's ATR 72-500? We already tried SHIFT+3 but the GPS panels are opening.?
Do I have to wear my seatbelt?
how to extract planes in to FSX.......................?
How do pilots know where to go like let's say LAX to MEX? How do they know where to make turns etc. ?
What are the key differences between a Boeing and an Airbus aircraft?
How would you address a female pilot?
What colour is Pilot from Farscape?
What is the phenomena of vapour lock and why this could be dangerous?
RAF Aircraft Technician Mechanical AMM(M)?
Does anyone know about a "NON-INSPECTION" certificate on an aircraft?
How to read airline fleets?
Link to the ATC "B and B" Question!!?
How fast did Orville and Willbur Wrights first airplane go?
How many mph is Mach 1?
What is the best R/C jet fighter to buy for under $350?
this question is for airplane pilots i just finish high school and i wanna become a pilot but dont kno?
Using Delta Skymiles?
Skype or emails of experts about the OAA/CTC Cadet courses? ?
how much would it cost to operate an old gulfstream 2?
what can i do to stop my ears from hurting when on a plane?
why is it,when you are going fast in an airplane?
How safe is the boing 777 family?!?
Any of you guys in the Airline Business Stuck at Work?
why airplanes do not go reverse like cars?
when the dream of becoming mangalore international airport will come true?
What is the likelihood of the RAF recruiting new pilots over the next 2 years?
why not aircraft go back by own?
Pilot Training?????
Do pilots really like flying or do they just like playing with their joysticks ?
Maximun length for a flight attendant?
this question is for airplane pilots i just finish high school and i wanna become a pilot but dont kno?
how do airplanes stay in the air?
How do I get rid of my fear of flying in an airplane?
A few questions about the PMDG 747 autopilot.?
Why are the wings on the B1 B bomber aircraft so long and narrow?
how has aviation research help modern science and technology?
For Real pilots that have flown both reginals and major or any?
Best aviation school?
Commercial Pilot or Aircraft Mechanic?
Do any modern aircraft still use turbojet engines?
Why was the concorde grounded?
Scooty is for boys or girls?
I am requesting a WEB source for photographs or drawings of the cockpit of the JU-52 aircraft.?
de-rating of aero engine?
Do FedEx airplanes have windows?
On a commercial jet are craft, is the baggage hold pressurised, and does the temperature drop very low?
How can i fly ?
does emirates counter close exactly 90 minutes before departure time?
which one is best rc car or rc helicopter or rc Aeroplane?
There is a Boeing 707, 727, 737 etc. Why no 717 please?
Are aircraft owners allowed to paint their planes in military gray?
Can the Space Shuttle abort a landing or 'go around' for another attempt at the runway?
The Concorde stretched as it cruised. In fact, the pilot's hats are in the gaps. What caused the gaps?
How much time do new flight attendants stay on the reserve list for United Airlines?
Anyone know how much is d salary for a flight stewardess in MAS? I would like to know more b4 go for interview?
What airline has planes that are navy blue w/ white and red???
Who makes the full size fiberglass Corsair replica in front of the restaurant at the Palm Beach Int'l airport?
why do military jets have to have so much Maintenance?
when they check your luggage at the airport, are studded belts considered weapons? is this answer different fo
Plane ticket problem. Is this possible?
Do you know this? Aviation Question?
What do you think is the worst airline livery?
Where can I find a list of aircraft emergencies per manufacturer?
why do airplanes crash?
where can i buy real world war 1 planes?
how much would it be to get from champaign illinois to alberta canada on train,bus, or plane?
where can i find boeing 727 200 adv manual and its revisions?
What is the news on Delta Jets at Kemble?
I need more details about the Blue Angels Airshow on 6/23/12 in Latrobe, PA?
Is getting a pilot's license early a collage advantage?
What is the best way to get upgrades on United using miles?
What exactly is a drop clock?
Did they ever find out the cause of Andrew Wight's Robinson R44 helicopter crash in Australia?
aircraft noise survey?
my first time to ride in airplane?
best website to buy airline tickets?
Aviation? Why only 12 months?
How does one program hardware? For e.g an RC Plane where the plane's programmed to move right or left?
Laws regarding commercial aircraft overloading?
Do anyone know where I can find information or the study guide for becoming a TSA?
Any possibility i could still be an airline pilot, preferably large airport plane?
Can you take videos during take off and landing in an aircraft?
Who can give me a job description on Banner Pilots?
200 hrs single engine flight time. ability to do any type rating. can I still find a job in an airline ?
How much, on average, does the annual maintenence for single engine aircraft run?
i need to know what jets to use for my 02 YZ125 in colorado altitude around 5280 ft???
How does an aircraft fly?
how come you cant be a pilot if your color blind?
Hope none of this bad fuel gets into the Airports and is used for flying airplanes !!?
where is the best place to learn how to be an airline pilot?
marine aircraft mechanic score?
Does having a strong core help resist g's?
Prop produces most power when aircraft is stationary?
Wich airline now or then has the nicest paint scheme?
in libety city stories how do you fly one of the planes?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
Pilots: Besides Detroit's Willow Run (YIP), are there any other US airports which...?
How extreme is hyper maneuverability in jet fighters?
where can i get a ultralight aircraft not to expansive i live in tamap FL?
what is the proper technique of mixture leaning in flight?
How does the traveling public feel about an airliner made of plastic composite namely Boeing's new airliner
I am a pilot for a well known airline, any single girls flying soon? I can show you the cockpit?
if you could have only two military aircraft in your arsenal, which ones would they be?
though aeroplanes fly in stratosphere region but people inside do not face breathing problem-why?
Are there any female pilots?
Would these A Levels benefit me?
Is there a transportation starting with the letter "x"?
What is the most composite-intensive Bombardier aircraft?
Describe one method that will improve an aircrafts....?
Is blackbird the fastest aircraft????
can commercial air crafts at airports move backwards or in reverse?
What kind of avionics may be useful in a car?
ait traffic controllers, whats it like being a member of natca?
Scared of airplane ride:(?
Will any foreign F-16 demo teams perform at Aviation Nation?
what is the function of a Air compressor and a Air receiver in a PISTON engine aircraft pneumatics system?
will eyesight of -2 for each eyes effect my carrie to become a commercial pilot?
airliner jet qustion?
Is Qatar airways really a 5 star airline?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation ?
How much does it cost to learn to drive an aeroplane and how old do u have to be?
Can a Boeing 747 stay in the air with just 1 engine? (747 models have 4 engines)?
Why cant they use screens to keep birds from being sucked into airplane engines?
1989 local airline crash in pakiistan?
Will Rayban Original Wayfarers be compatible with an aviation headset?
does anybody still want to fly in an airplane?
who are the top Aeronatiucal engineers alive today?
Are pilots allowed to smoke in the cockpit?
What is the specific name for the aircraft that is self-propelled by wind.?
Cheap airline tickets last minute from the Bay Area to Los Angeles Any help appreciated!!?
How much time should I get to the airport before my flight now since that dude lit his balls ablaze?
why is a helicopter circling my neighborhood?
Are there any pilots flying planes out there?
Most use base and pewter. Are there any airlines left that still issue sterling silver wings to their pilots?
Inspirational Flight Music?
What's the best web to get cheap airline tickets? And can I have them mailed to me? ?
crosscountry101 where is a flight delivery mail company?
Do I need to be skinny to be a flight attendant?
Rc Plane for under $100?
i'm looking for the all Passenger annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
Why can't pilots fly above or around bad storms like what caused the crash of a plane in Pakistan today?
what does the airport look for when you hand them your license?
how far does airplane noise travel?
Crop dusting in Mexico?
Philippine Aviation Schools?
which flying schools are on top 10?
what is the word'an airplane's body, excluding its wings'?
What is the unit of 'aircraft' altitude used in the U.S.A?
Since there were no ejection seats in WW 2 fighter planes, how did pilots "bail out" when they had to
why do ears feel blocked after landind in a plane?
How can i become a pilot what are my options?
How safe are airplanes on a scale from 1-10?
Can I fly SID and STAR in RNAV?
What is this Flight Simulation thing ?
airplanes headlights???
I won the lottery - can anyone teach me to fly a learjet?
commercial pilot license cost?
what is that commercial...?
What is ambiguity in aviation or aviation ambiguity?
are airplane tickets cheaper if you buy them at midnight on travelocity, orbitz, expedia, hotwire, etc.?
Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am applying for a Gold Seal flight instructors certificate...?
If pilot window breaks at an altitude of 30000 ft, what will happen to pilot?
what are the specifications of a DeHavilland DH-4B?
European Pilots/Mostly Brittish Pilots?
What Aircraft company's are there that are taking on engineering apprenticeships?
Does an aircrafts black box float?
Which airlines allow ferrets in the passenger cabin?
i have never ridin a airplane in my life.and im about two weeks im kinda scared\?
What Chance do i have of getting hired by a mager carrier such as delta?
aircraft hydraulic.system?
Has a jet engine ever been mounted on a blimp? (Or other as lift assisted vehicle?)?
how to become a pilot ?
American drones ????
What are the salaries for CPL?
has ATC saftey gone up since privatization in UK and canada?
In an intense debate... help!?
Does anyone know the Boeing 737 will replace its engines?
Aerial fire fighting / aviation jobs?
What are the top mounted vents on the F22 (specialist needed)?
AirPlanes .............?
thomas cook 747 airbus plane thing does it have charging ports on board?
How long would it take to get a Pilot license to fly a Cessna Citation X(TEN)?
what is the cheapest and best airline to use to fly from atlanta ga to tel aviv?
What are my chances of becoming an Air Traffic Controller?
Backup to earlier question, meant AVRO Arrow.?
should i continue trying to get my pilots license?
can i be an aircraft mechanic even though i'm 40 (plus) yrs. old?
I wanna get information about UAV with total weight less than 100 kg & use jet engine?!?
is GA Floor tickets at charter one pavilion have seats or not?
when a plane reaches its destinantion do the pilots have to radio the point of origin to indicate his arrival?
Why do they make you open the blinds on an aeroplane when it comes into land or takeoff?
Good flight schools in Canada or USA costing less than $50000?
Does a minor need ID to travel by airline?
Where is the SRN1? invented by Cockeral?
Are areoplane doors locked fast during flight?
Any idea why a fighter jet would pass over my neighborhood?
What is the price of new helicopter?
What's the extra fuel consumption per hour resulting from extra 1kg on board a longhaul plane (eg 747, A340)?
Whats the lead time on a Citation X?
Can I bring my MP3 player with me on the plane?
Airports and Aircraft?
Aircraft Questions Part II?
Looking for second chance checking in MO where they don't verify with check systems?
Its not easy to become a pilot right the future will it be so easy to learn to fly a plane as a car?
is airbus 380 larger then a c5 Galaxy?
What kind (design/make) of engine did the Wright brothers use in their historic 1903 flight?
what kind of questions are asked at the igrua entrance interview?
What is the most common radar system used at most airports and in planes? manufacturer?
Can a surplus Merlin engine be bought? How much would it cost?
Aviation Management or Professional Pilot? Need to choose a major, what do you think?
Do they allow Powerbags on planes?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of jet propulsion/thrust?
How do i fix the cloud force lower and tail blades?
how are you supposed to fly a plane without an engine?
How much to hire a charter aircraft from LAX & San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico, 5-10x/wk?
what is the cheapest airline out there?
can you open windows while flying in a small plane?
what education does a commerical pilot make a year?
Can anyone help me with this question I had on a JAR engineering test???
ppl in the uk drive on the wrong side of the road.. do uk pilots sit at left or at right in the cockpit??
what is width of airline armrests?
Where can I find online airplane silhouette identification charts?
how many ka-32 fit in one c-130?
Where is the closest flight attendant school to Dayton, Ohio?
Are Fedex and UPS commercial airlines? if not, what are they called?
i have a FAA A&P licence, how do i convert to CAA licencse. im originally from jamaica.?
Aviation - wake up America?
Philippine Airlines World of AI for FSX?
how do air traffic controllers know where a plane is on the ground?
In a cargo plane, the center of gravity must be between the front and rear landing gears in order to maintain?
if i become a flight attendant, can i be my job for life?
Can my checked-in luggage be searched if i have licence plates in there?
If the right wing fell off an aircraft would it spin 2 the left because of the weight or spin right due 2 lift
some aviation statistics?
What is the largest aircraft ever built in the USA?
Does any pilot have any opinion about the Cessna 402b & 402c, like and dislike and why?
what is ceramic insert?
I'm looking into becoming an Air Traffic Controller in Australia?
Where did the name "zeppelin" come from?
What Aviation topic would you address if you had an Aviation Academy and you want to hold a conference?
Where can I find free stock footage of a vintage plane?
what would you rather have a single engine tiny plane, or a private jet?
The future for pilots?
what is the average cost of helicopter flight schools?
What are the numeric digi-switches on the inboard horns of the B737NG Yokes used for?
Is there any girl Navy fighter Pilot?
What is a legacy carrier?
need some airport info please?
Pilot or Doctor?
I wanna get information about UAV with total weight less than 100 kg & use jet engine?!?
Is it true the original YF-12 crashed by flying into its own bullets?
what forms do you have to write out?
There is a device like the tornado that is a moving turbine instead of a non moving turbine?
If the weight of an aircraft is 1 million pounds, what must be the towing capacity of a tow truck to move it?
what is your favourite airline?
Why is it necesary that air craft's all moving parts should have the continuety and what is done to know that?
How safe do you feel when traveling by means of airplanes?
Currently in Jacksonville,FL - options: Atlanta,Houston,or Phoenix..?
Can i go for commercial pilot after mbbs?
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made ou
Rotary aviation. How difficult is it? What is the job market like?
do you have to be a certain age in order to hang glide?
helicopter pilot training?
How are aircraft delivered to their customers if the aircrafts range is too short for a delivery flight?
Air France Plane crash?
Why do Ryanair insist that the front and rear cabin seats are unoccupied for takeofff and landing?
why aircraft propeller is made of Aluminum? why can't we use any other metal?
At what speed does a 747 take off and lands?
Whys it called the Black Box?
what advice do you have for a high school student that wants to become a commercial pilot?
why do aeroplanes have the edges of their wings tilted up ??
anyone who's working in the airline industry? ?
This winters project; I wish to build a full size flying flea aeroplane?
Do you think that we will ever have space travel for civilians, in our lifetime?
How do u land an airplane?
After college, what should I do with my aviation career?
How too take out a immobilize ?
Airline Pilots... help please!!?
purpose of meshing in ansys?
has anyone got a refund for a flight that has been cancelled because of this security alert?
How can I overcome my fear of flying? Does a plane in about a 45 min of travel ever fall? I feel very scared.
Flight Simulator 2004 Question? ILS Frequency?
how is hvac involved in airplanes and space travel?
What are the flight benefits for Southwest and other airlines employees?
What airline has gps?
How do i manufacture an overhead bin for a commercial airline?
Philippine Aviation Schools?
when a pilot is jumpseating are they usually located in the cabin or in the cockpit?
What is the name of the placwe where aircrafts are kept?
Can anyone tell me the technical process of a gas Turbine engine please?
Where can I find someone to teach me to fly a plane cheaper than a flight school?
Are there any A380-F's in service?
what are etops limits on an Airbus 321?
Has anyone got any tips on modifications to Air Hogs Storm Launcher.?
UH-60 Startup - Crew Chief?
How long is ait for aviation mechanic?
could a person theoretically steal a airliner?
Does England have the same time period as newyork ?
E-Gap? Mag maint.?
What is the first Asian airline?
flights fom Cape Town to George South Africa?
How much does a private jet cost? Rent?
What happened to the aircar.?
Are there toilets in the cockpit of a plane for the pilots? plane for the pilots?
Does anyone have free blueprints on how to build an ultralight aircraft?
Please watch this and where can i get one of these beasts ??
Eurofighter Typhoon vs. Dassault Rafale?
Why do some airplanes have vapor trails when flying and some don't?
Why do airplanes not travel in a straight line?
Can i land a c-130 at a private aircraft airport if i own the c-130?
Can i change the battery of an rc helicopter?
what car commercial came out in 2010 and had airplane pilots in the cars. the cars were in the sky?
Where can I find a list of FAA and JAA approved flight schools in the United States?
if runway was numbered 02 on one side and 20 on the other, what would the other side of runway 25 be numbered?
How much money does it cost to obtain a flying license?
I AM Iron Man!?
An axial-flow compressor for a turbopropeller engine required 5030 HP when the air flow was 320,000 lb/hr.?
Which B-24 liberator has the lower ball turrent on it? The B-24J or the B-24D?
The Road to Becoming an Airline Pilot?
what is the importance of manual in aviation?
AVIATION/PILOT Summer Camp for 13+ Kids!?
What happens to heat seeker missiles when they miss their target?
Did we ever go to the moon ? Are we ever going back , if we did ?
Does being color blind affect my chances of becoming a pilot?
flight training colleges?
How do pilots start a jet?
Private pilots, what motivated you to fly small planes?
details of tanker accidents death benefit in west bengal?
What is the best way to get a free airline seat upgrade?
Imagine... Stranded... Nobody Around...?
gliding airfields in spain?
how to calculate and use aspect ratio for gliders?
are there any other tubes that fly?
How often do parachutes fail to open?
What Is X-41?
Kamikaze pilots?
Walkie Talkie signal range?
how do i pronounce this name?
why a aeroplane cannot float in water?
can world of ai aircraft work in fsx? and can i put flyabale planes from fs 2004 on there?
can i become a pilot after
AirPlanes .............?
What happens to all the forces when an airplane cruises?
Can anybody tell me if the Century Flight Academy is part of the AirFleet Training Systems in Fairfield, NJ?
is it possible for vmcg to be greater than v1 for transport category aircraft?
What's the difference between a 3 Channel and a 3.5 channel rc helicopter?
What is a safe old military jet from the 1960's or 1970's that is very fast, but as safe as a cessna?
Anybody got the phone no. for Royal Brunei - London?
What is the operating cost of an Embraer 190? (per mile or hour) Also, What is the max. fuel capacity of it?
steam jet machine business?
what is the safest seat row in an air plane if an accident hapen?
inddirect air carrier standard securrity pprogram?
Hi! i am looking for an airplane graveyard in Malaysia? Does anybody now where i can find one?
Now the UK public is taking more interest in public reports can we have an explanation how the AAIB ......?
How many miles from Phoenix to Detroit?
what type of helicopter was Richard Castle flying?
when boeing 747-8 and dreamliner 787 comes out.. will the boeing 747-400 and 777 still live ?
What iis fun to do in the airplane?
Can I still apply for FAA medical Reconsideration?
What is a day in the life of an Air Traffic Controller in the Navy like?
what's the name of the career where u tell the airplanes how to land safely?
Pilots from new york, any advice?
How about the F22 Raptor right now ?
Question about supersonic?
What are some good helicopter magizines in the USA ?
how an aircraft engineers helping people?
how to change main rotor gear on a twister 3d storm rc hellicopter ?
is it possible to be a commercial airline pilot if u wear glasses?
when will Mexicana Airlines expand, and add more widebodies to its fleet? if so what kind of airplanes?
What problem did black box flight recorder solve?
do PIA planes have wi-fi?
How many flights does a commercial pilot fly on an average day?
What should i do to become a pilot?
world's best jet plane?
pilot class 1 medical question?
helicopter and a plane are alike?
how old do i have to be for Class 1 pilot medical? And can i pass it with bad eyes?
"Doors to automatic" what does that mean or airliners?
What is your favorite airline to fly?
What are some good ways to get rid of the effects of cabin pressure when during landing?
what is airpot's runway traffic conrtol?
about Cessna trim tabs?
What would be the landing speed of a 747, with no engines running?
How old have you got to be to learn how to fly?
How to fix tail rotor on helicopter?
where can you find out information on buying second hand Russian military aircraft?
statistics of mobile airline reservation?
Dolphins, what are we?
How to become a pilot?
how does an airbus industrie jet look from the inside?
What are the other jobs related to aerospace engineering?
how much does it cost to charter a freight plane?
when planes land???
What was the purpose of the Atlantic Charter?
What planes have you flown in? What plane do you think is the overall best?
Is the F-14 Tomcat ever going to fly again?
How many days or years would it take to travel 1,000,000,000 light yrs?
Red Bull Air Race requirements?
How do i get over my fear of flying? BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS?
What type of main rotor configuration does the mosquito ultralight helicopter have?
What is the ultimate cause of death for people flying Air France 447?
Can I pack a Razor?
Why Can't I find Brisbane Airport Control tower live feed on the internet?
Looking for a good, free online flight tracker service in Europe?
Do you think in 5 years there will be manned aircraft?
how to fix my rc helicopter ( celibrity w908-1 ) number 2 rotor blade?
State of wheels when the airplane lands...?
Will an Airline sponsor you to Train to become a pilot?
How soon do I start my descent and decelerate from cruising altitude?
What are three principle advantages in using A.C. in aircraft electrical systems?
TSA suggests wearing sandals?
why does aircrash happens?
do some seaplanes have retractable landing gear (floats)?
What was the last Gunfighter?
how many convair 880's does southwest airlines have in their fleet?
Hey send me ur argument?
What site has the cheapest airline tickets?
Does anyone remember Fleet Carrier Corp?
Is it safe to fly?
When will XH558 fly again?
What better Superspeed or Superstrength or Flying?
How many benches are at the flight 93 memorial?
Why is important for radars to operate at the exact time?
what kind of fuel used in flights?
Can i take a cake on a commercial flight?
Flying Lessons - READ THIS !!!?
what is make,break and safe type switch?
How do i get any Job For Aircraft Maintenance Engg. I completed my AME course in Heavy Aircraft?
Is it possible to convert a Ford Expedition to manual shift?
Is Sunwing Airlines a safe airline? Are Sunwing airlines new aircraft?
I have Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute with a flush mount gas cap that leaks. Any sugg. besides a gasket
To be a pilot do you have to have perfect vision ?
Who is your favorite pilot?
How to become I a pilot?
How many hours per day do airlines on average run their aircraft? Is their an ideal number?
What Was The Highest Altitude Concorde Could Fly At?
Can reverse thrusters be used in mid flight?
Which country is the best pilot in africa?
bionic comando helicopter part.....?
Please help! airplane phobia!?
Taking into consideration the traffic, the lights and other factors, how many Kms do you travel each hour?
How can you fly when you know if something goes wrong, you certainly die?
How do I become a commercial pilot?
This is a question for you Asutralians?
Why in aviation is it called TaxiWays?
Can I go up with a broken leg?
Plane or boat and train?
Does ANA have in-flight internet?
what other subjects do I need to take in high school and college besides physics and math too become a pilot?
How hard to get a Pilot job in Canada, fresh out of flight school ?
Can I still be a pilot?
What does the "ER" stand for in 747-400ER and 767-200ER?
How much does a landing cost?
What type of airplane was the Corsair?
How can I find a particular cabin crew stewarder from Egypt Air, are there any personnel lists?
the largest commercial street?
Does anyone know of any really good flight schools or college with aviation programs?
Can you....?
Why can rockets go into space but jet air planes cannot?
does playing soccer teach you any skills that apply to commericial aviation?
is it possible to land a plane like this?
Does Anyone know the process for applying to become an airhostess?
What is p-static interference? What is a commonly caused by?
Valujet crash specifics?
How loud, in decibels, is a R/C pulsejet engine?
Can a plane fly straight up into the sky?
Do Virgin Atlantic Airlines use Amadeus? ( computer reservation system)?
Im about to get my private pilots license, and I was wondering what a good next step is?
How to get over my fear of flying?
what type of plane do u like?
why don't they have parachutes on commerical planes?
please helpme!!!.does anyone which country first used fighter planes?
i am still in high school, i want to be an airline pilot when i grow up and i need to know how to get started?
Help with Passenger airplane?
how many international airlines are there?
Where can i go on a hot air balloon ride in IL?
Who is the best pilot of all time?
i am thinking of joining RAF air cadets, what the advantages and disadvantages?
Can someone list at least 10 different aircraft manufacturers? I already have boeing, bombardair, cessna.?
wher would the best place to get a commercial pilots license?
Are RC planes better than RC Heli's?
Is there any aircraft scrapyard in California that allows visitors to purchase aircraft parts?
One 747 airplane flying from New York to Los Angeles,?
If these four aircraft met in the sky, which would be superior.?
what is the cheapest web site to buy airline tickets off???
Were there any problems when they first flew around the world in a hot air balloon?
What's the range and speed of the Cirrus SR20 / SR22 ? How long would a coast-to-coast trip ? # of fuel stops?
Is flight school and pilot school samething?
where can i get information about what types of engine cathay Pacific has?
How do you make a two material airplane?
from what kind of plane is Roger Moore thrown without parachute?
Moving between Terminal B and Terminal C at Newark Airport?
how to become a pilot ?
Delta 275 Anchorage unplanned stops?
How does a aircraft manufacturer deliver a new aircraft to its customer?
Question about becoming an international commercial airline pilot?
what kind of Q shall i expect for emirates cabin crew interview ,if u know any site ?
Can I bring alcohol back into the US from another country if I am a minor?
how thick is the concrete on an airport runway?
Is it normal to land a passenger jet using the automatic pilot?
Why are airplane tickets so expensive?
how long is school for a commercial pilot licence?
is the f18 a good fighter jet to have?
Is it possible for Air force fighter jets to have reached the Benghazi consulate in time to deter the attack?
does anyone knows the parts of an aeroplane..?
Is it legal to bring a 6-pk of beer on my flight from TX to VA?
flight to iceland, reykjavik?
What is the role of a pilot?What is the difference between Airforce & Comercial pilots?
Can someone answer who is a pilot for planes please?
do yall think long beach airport should be demolished and modernized.?
How busy is filton airport in bristol?
Are There Height Restrictions on Being an Airline Pilot?
Can I legally operate a seaplane in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf?
roughly, at what speed is a plane travelling at when it takes off - all types of planes- tell me what you know
Do heavy smokers have some kind of lower altitude limit in un-pressurised aircraft?
Has anyone had experience building a powered parachute?
Best way to become a pilot?
chemistry and logistics involved in commercial space flight?
Commercial pilot license in Hawaii?
What's the best and fastest ground way to get from Reagan Airport to BWI airport?
how does airplanes fly?
What are the signs of a stall in an aircraft?
For smokers on long flights should you have a little door to allow them to go out and smoke?
"how to improve the present procedures to achieve the detailing opportunities in aviation industry"?
I want to be a commercial pilot but i don't have enough money required for it's training...:'( any alternative?
Does anyone know the number of planes flown on D-Day and the number of planes flown commercially in a day?
Where can you buy used Airplane seat trays like the kind found in the first class seat arm rests?
OK, here is the scenario.?
In 9/11 did the planes come out?
Why jets fly so fast and thy do not have pickup planes?
Did they re-design the Air France Logo?
Would you fly in a commerical airplane that was a remotely piloted airplane?
How much is the rate per day in Orange Apartelle? Do they have website? and how can get a booking?
jets: in landing, under what speed can you use wheel brakes?
For Phantom X-1 ultralight plane owners. Need a wiring diagram.?
Need help with airline tickets !!!!?
i want to be an airline pilot?
you cant be a pilot if your wear glasses or contacts? is this true? like any kind of pilot?
which are the flight or aviation schools in japan? Are there specific aeronautical engineering colleges in jap
Why is airplane transit so expensive?
How the ibm sequoia becomes world's fastest supercomputer?
Where do most Indian pilots learn?
how good does your eye sight have to be to become a pilot?
uci twin b aircraft?
What are the steps to becoming a commercial airline pilot?
part 91 for cabin crew (flight attendant)?
how do you make a car fly?
What are the best tips for flying?
what is the average price of aviation gasoline per gallon?
Will you be attending the 'Singapore Airshow 2012'?
Aircraft Descending?
searching for air traffic controllers job in hindustan aeronautical limited?
I am searching for an airline from bloomington,il to southern florida?
How to become a commercial airline pilot?
Any idea why a fighter jet would pass over my neighborhood?
how does food distribution work on airlines?
Good aviation/CISCO college ?
Headphones for airplanes?
Is this degree good to have when applying for OAA or CTC cadet courses?
Security checkpoints at the Airports?
What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?
If both pilots died on a 747 would I have enough experience to land it and what reward will I get?
L-39 fuel consumption?
what skills are required to become a pilot?
How can you fly when you know if something goes wrong, you certainly die?
Can i get job after doing flight dispatcher training?
Is it possible to rent a torpedo plane?
What exactly is a stall when talking about planes? I thought i knew..........?
At what altitude does a boeing fly in the middle of the flight and why ?
Why Airplane Toilets are made small? Why the toilets in the 1st class are not bigger than the economy?
How much is the cost for a new passenger helicopter? How I can purchase a passenger helicopter?
can airline economy class seats really kill you?
Will these A levels get me into a known flight school and airline sponsorship?
how much would it be to get from champaign illinois to alberta canada on train,bus, or plane?
Questions about being a Floght Attendent/Steward?
How do fighter jet's stop when it comes to landing if they have no brakes on their wheels?
which small plane are the safest.?
Does anyone besides myself actually know when and where the first jet engine was patented?
i am looking for a picture of the battle of britain memorial flight flying over london?
What is the point of a college degree for airline job?
can i ever be a pilot?
Why DHL Airbus A300 service needs an engineer for starting?
How is ADF works in Air navigation. How to use this instrument?
Is a V-22 classified as a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft?
is there any safety policy name manslaughter's log in the united states of America?
why does a propeller (aircraft) becomes ineffective at higher speeds? pls be specific.?
I ran out of questions. Can someone give me questions to ask?
Cheapest Flight(s)/ way to get from Catania Italy, to Portland Oregon?
Can a helicopter when in auto rotation reach Terminal speed?
MAGIC FLYING CARPETS ; would they satisfy modern customer's demands.?
What is the point behind requiring airline passengers to turn off all electronic devices?
What does the F in F-22 and other planes mean? Or P, as in P-51?
Different helicopter jobs?
Why does Airbus have the nickname "Scarebus"?
Do you think you can fly a FA-22 without training ?
Work experience at sydney airport/tower ?
where in manila, Philippines can i get "brasso metal polish"?
any idea of this new license MPL (Multi Pilot License)? and if it is already recognized in airline industry?
Why did almost all the airlines sell all their MD-11s before they got old and were written off?
how does a helicopter turn????
Over the ATLANTIC OCEAN, who's in charge of the ATC?
Reconsideration for my 3rd class medical for private pilot license?
during LOFT (Line-oriented flight training) are real life air traffic controlers used or is it to distracting?
Is it true that Spirit Airlines have no legroom?
How is the job market in california for helicopter pilots?
What is this job called if i wanna Fly those Fast aimplanes [jets]?
Part 135 minimums?
CFIT, is it still a problem in the newest generation of aircraft?
When I'm 16 does this place sound good for ppl training?
airplane pitching down on approach?
about latest A-3080 airbus?
where can i buy a lock that is tsa approved?
How could I get into piloting?
Is'nt it annoying when older guys call you "son" why do they do that if there not your dad?
What is the best way to become a fighter pilot for the USA air force?
Can someone give me links on Cheap Air Flights using Air Jamaica?
Im studyin to take my Oral and Practical Test, to get my A&P, It is kind of hard to study because there is?
Maths pilots use, what should I take?
What is the expansion for 'SATS' in the Taj SATS in aviation?
private airplane taxi service help?
how do i achieve the most advanced fleet for my airline?
I am 20 years old this year but can i try for the Emirates Cabin crew? will they consider taking me in?
How long can a Learjet 24 fly with full fuel (in hours)?
What is the cheapest flight from Atlanta to Orlando? Family is going to Disney in September 2006.?
what avionics does a learjet 60 have? how about 60 XR?
What would have happened...................?
Hai Any chance for getting OJT in airlines chennai?
Does anyone know how much fuel heavy aircraft usually take at each airport?
does anyone have any feedback on Lightspeeds new "Zulu" headset? Is it worth the money?
What are the key differences between a Boeing and an Airbus aircraft?
How long does it take a commercial airline to travel 4625 miles?
What kind of airline food do they have in spirit airline?
Why don't the airline companies have a radio control on their aircraft ?
is it okay 4 a girl to enter aviation be a pilot?
i am trying to build an small helicopter help....?
McDonnell Douglas MD-11?
Can I be a fighter pilot if I get motion sickness?
Airframe icing Saab 340B. This plane fell to within 112 ft of the ground. Could it happen again to a 340B?
Is your favorite jet a japanese evangelon, or an airforce issue?
find a persons name on a plain ticket baught with my creditcard?
Do any airlines offer student discounts?
Why can't you use cell phones on airplanes?
how to tell apart different versions of the 747?
any u.s.airline pilots i have a q?
Over the next decade, 2007 to 2017, how many VLJ pilots will be hired? And at what pay scale?
What was that commercial?
Is there anyway to purchase Southwest airline peanuts?
Why do planes look like they are moving slow when you are watching them?
Cheapest 2 person small helicopter?
Mechs if you found yourself working for a bum (dangerous) company what would you do and what would you expect?
what is the approx length of a runway?
G-force explanation?
what is a Sortation Center Departure?
i want to be the guy who calls in planes on a aircraft carrier with the glowing sticks?
what are the airports in memphis?
Do aircraft fly at the mach loop on weekends?
How to become commercial airline pilot and get atpl?
Cost of getting a glider pilots license?
Hello..silicone diff oil & silicone oil..are they the same.?
There are 10 people in our party who are flying with jet2. Does everyone need to be there at checkin?
C182 flight manual available for download?
does flight discovery train helicopter pilots to?
what day of the week is the best time to fly?
How does the fuel efficiency of a jet engine compare to that of an internal combustion engine?
Where do pilots go to the toilet on international flights as i believe they can not leave the flightdeck?
737 Pilot In Command?
How can i become a flight attendant in the uk?
r there any pilots here?i have got a sudden aspiration of becoming a pilot. suggestions anyone?
what's the most efficient tail for a business jet?
Does anyone know where on the net I can get a cockpit picture of a Saunders-Roe Princess?
what is the speed of a commercial airliner on landing?
Are you afraid to fly on an airplane? If so why?
What GCSE's do you need for a pilot?
How do you fly an airplane?
where is a website where i can see a plane view of my house?
How can we invigorate GA and get more people to learn to fly?
How tall is the cabin interior of the Boeing 767 (aisle) ? Could a 6'6" person work the aisle?
What is the gallery of an airplane?
which is the average airplane fuel consumtion?
what is uav?
is there a company named triumpfabrications of hot sprins?
Can anyone help?
Will the demands for pilots decrease?
How Do They Paint Commercial Jets?
Do you have to pay for Jet2 cabin crew training?
how to build composite aircraft by Martin Hollmann?
What is the requirement to take the ATPL written in the US?
Does a fixed wing microlight have back up systems ie wings falling off or coming apart?
What are the two bigest United States plane companys?
are contrails actually temporary clouds made by airplanes?
How to get a pilots license?
Good flight academy in seattle?
Can you buy a night in Sky Delta?
What did they do with the plane parts after 9/11?
What kind of medicals are done for becoming a pilot ? ?
What was the name of the plane?
Would it be possible to make an aircraft-ship?
would the people on the flights that crashed into the world trade centers felt any pain or died instantly?
Flight instructing as a side job?
What would happen if everyone on a plane started trying to rock the plane back and forth?
How much does a raf pilot get paid?
Pilots, what's your favorite part of flying?
What size tap drill do I need for 1/2-13 STI form tap?
how many engines does Boeing 717?
I would like to correspond with WIG builders. Any takers out there?
is water ever injected into a aircraft jet or piston engine?
Where can I buy a Helicopter at Not a remote control a real one!?
What is the A&P (aircraft mechanic) prayer?
Airport delay, United airlines, POS wthr, arrival, delay, weather?
During take off and landing in the hours of darkness, why is it compulsory to have the cabin lights off ?
Where can I find photos of airplanes?
Is the Boeing 777 aircraft quieter than the Airbus A330-300?
In WW1 did the Italian air corp fly with Germany?
Delta no confirmation number?
Tax on a powered parachute?
What is much would a cheap personal aircraft cost?
what is the cheapest way to obtain your CFI rating?
How do Airline Management treat their employees and customers?
Is it true that you don't need any sort of license to fly one of those kit helicopters? Ive read this somwhere
which is better virgin atlantic or BA on the mia to lhr route?
how will gas effort a aircraft engine what will it do?
What is the speed of a 737?
How do I listen to O'hare air traffic control on the internet?
Can stealth aircraft be tracked using Long wave radio waves?
What are the 5 skills that a flight director and a flight controller need?
747 200 question????????????????????????????????…
phone number for thomson fly special needs dept.?
For airplane engines, what does 100% engine thrust mean?
How difficult is the FAA test for Air Traffic Controlling?
where can i get free Cessna 152 landing and takeoff charts?
What equipment is needed to be installed in order to be approved for a GPS approach?
Customers arrive at the first class ticket counter of a theater at a rate of 12 per hour. There is one clerk s?
Best song to listen to when the plane is taking off?
What do you think of Singapore Airlines (SQ) overall inflight service?
are they still taking away the 747-451 from kmsp minniapolis?
How fast did Orville and Willbur Wrights first airplane go?
Has anyone ever encountered aurora (northern lights) while flying?
Hi there just want to know about helicopter commercial pilot licence?
What should I ask a pilot?
need help assemblying rc fuel tank?
What is the cause of the recent Airbus A380 wing s?
What type of plane has "headlights"?
i want to know where i have to go after landing in Flight Simulator 2004 somebody tell me plz...!!?????/?
How was transportation before the Airplane?
Who loves in flight meals as much as me? I want two!!?
Any ideas for what to do on a long flight?
How can i become a trauma pilot?
Where Can I Download the CRJ-200 Bombardier Training Manual (Latest Study Notes)?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
how fast does a commercial plane travel while it is "taxi-ing"?
Is it possible to access a list of passengers on an active flight?
can i still get a first class medical by the AME if i've got a misdemeanor--disorderly conduct on my record? I?
Do planes take off and land into the wind or with the wind?
Any BMI Baby Pilots out there that can give me some information.?
model of aircraft (remote controlled)/gliders?
Will there ever be a replacement for the Concorde?
Flight under $300....?
SR-71 the best reconnaiscence aircraft ever built?
How does a F-111 pilot navigate?
Flight hours for Certificates and ratings?
can i track and listen to aircraft?
uses for jet engine planes?
i'm an automobile engg.i'm not getting better chance the car industries.cann i get bettre chance in airlines?
How does a aircraft manufacturer deliver a new aircraft to its customer?
What is the purpose of exercising a McCauley prop?
Why before plane crashes people don't have the possibility to catapult themselves with a parachute?
How much petrol does the average helicopter use in an hour and how much would this cost? In GBP please?
Can anyone tell me the Technical Specification Data of Boeing 747 and 737?
Why don't the seats on planes face the opposite direction?
What's in the cockpit of a plane?
what is an officer of Investment department supposed to do at an aircraft leasing company, in general?
Boeing names their aircraft B747-400, B747-200. What does the '-200', '-400' stand for?
Why do planes fly in curves when they could just fly straight to the destination?
Who sells new planes?
Any advice on jobs for new pilots?
how much do flying lessons cost at white waltham berks?
When was the first passanger airplane?
35 DEGREE PITCH UP or 60% N1 THRUST during take off.. What's safer?
That commercial fo visa?? the football one?
Who will be the next FAA administrator?
does the raf have any planes that are not fighter planes?
what is the use of air conditioning in aircraft?
I was just wondering... but How much would it cost to get a airline started?
Who deserves the parachute?
Is a career in Aviation about the money?
does the Robbe- modellsport factory still exist.?
During what phase of flight do most general aviation accidents occur?
How hard will it be to get a pilot's license?
Where is Kevin Page, Pilot, Simi Valley??
Was there ever a book published about the 1979 crash of American Airlines flight 191 ?
Latest Red arrows Loss?
What kind of fuel does the airplane used and give me an specific details on it?
Why is it called a "drive through" if you have to stop?
what to use to clean the exterior of an airplane?
What do you think of my theory as to the missing engine on Flight #1549?
how old do you have to be to get your privates pilot license?
How much does in cost for a small dog(25 lbs) to fly roundrip on an airplane?
Can I commute across town in an ultralight aircraft?
Does the 747 - 800 I have the "Sky Loft " ?
Where is a cheap place to get tickets?
What is the defference between soft spot and bulge on aviation hose?
What do I need to do to be a commercial helicopter pilot?
aprox what altitude did WW2 Bombers drop they're bombs?
where does every one an a satuday?
frequency air ticket of chinaairline?
Why did japanese kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
what is the exact purpose of Balance horn and control horn in aircraft flight control system?
why star is in primary and delta in secondary connections in brething air compressor?
how much do commercial airline companies pay pilots in the philippines?
Does anybody else think...?
How common is it for tail of aircrafts to hit the runway while landing?
My question is can i become a pilot if my height is 5' 1''?
what is your idea about airline pilots?
how to get tickets to see blink-182?
Can an aeroplane fly on green fuel?
how can i get rid of the fear of planes?
How to ask if there is any jobs going...?
what would happen if a 747 crashed into a car?
Why is the flight recorder Yellow when it is called a Black box?
How easy is it to get a Pilot's license?
Picture of a Promech Air Beaver (or any beaver)?
How do you stand on one finger?
How to find squadron using number on the side of the plane.?
what is the name of the plane that can turn its jets and fly vertically to lnd?
I have a question about prop planes vs jets?
Jet aircraft turbines- how do they handle water (rain)?
Why was the SR-71 blackbird retired?
Who has the most dangerous flying job?
what is the logic of green and red navigation lights on the wing tip of an aircraft?
My boyfriend has to take a flight & is terrified of planes.He panics.what can I do to help when i'm not there?
How do I become a flight dispatcher?
Why is Anonymous Drug Addict so funny?
Good place to become a Flight Instructor?
What is the weight restriction for a ultralight aircraft in the uk?
Can rich civilians own disarmed fighter aircraft for use as recreational sport planes?
An airplane has run short of fuel and is trying to glide to an airport; will it pay to throw any weight?
How much energy/fuel does hot air balloon consume per mile?
Are you a Boeing or Airbus fan, and why?
Why do aviation microphones sound the way they do?
The first compressed natural gas refueling station in the world, when and where ?
Which costs less to operate, fly, and fuel, the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320 & why? Pleeese have a source!!:)
What is the name of fuel used in aeroplane?
Why is a helicopter circling my house?
Hi....well im willing to do career as airplane i wear glasses??does this cause a problem?
Are F-22 Faster and stronger than F-16 Falcon?
What does a Piper cub weigh?
what is the airline airtradicion?
can an aircraft stay mid air without movement?
What was your first experience flying an airplane?
How are pilots paid in the US?
Do i need to get into a collage or university to be a pilot?
When the Thunderbirds flew F-4's, how did they prevent rear seat circuit breakers from popping? Any oldtimers?
I need help finding info on a model P-36 aircraft tug made by international. used by navy in 1963.?
What was this sound coming from a plane?
What would happen if an American border patrol drone aircraft wandered into Canadian airspace ....... ?
How do i report a reckless pilot?
Is there any job security after spending the huge amount in getting CPL or PPL?
how does a drug possession charge effect getting a FAA Medical Certificate?
Airbus or Boeing?
aircraft pilots? how to's and what jobs?
Who owns the rights to the LearFan 2100 turboprop aircraft?
what does easyjet accept for id for an eleven year old?
How are flight paths determined?
How do I get to Cambridge, England from Virgin Atlantic airlines terminal 3 at LHR using public transportation?
I didn't feel excitement when taking my flying lesson...?
What does the departure scan mean?
Is it true that you can't become a pilot if you've done LSD?
WHY are there no FEMALE commercial airline pilots??
What ASVAB scores do I need for Army Aviation?
Which airline is best?
How does an airplane avoid lightning when flying through a storm?
Air Traffic Control in the UK?
Becoming an Airline Pilot in the Bay Area?
Ive got the red white and blue flying high on the farm?
What is it really like being a pilot(as a career)?
Can A SR-71 Be Flown With One Person?
whats your favourite EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT with a competitive price like the cub?
Which is the heaviest executive jet?
I am in high school and would like to become a commercial airline pilot for a career. How do I start?
i just got left a threatening letter what do i do?
how can I get a first class medical with Migraines?
Can somone get credit for frequent flier miles to his own account using the same # when his spouse/kid travels
Support NATCA?
Does anyone know where I can get some free Volksplane VP-2 plans?
Owing your own jet (L39), In Australia?
has america got an equivelent to the english red arrows?
I want out of aviation?
why doesnt a plane just fall out of the sky cause of its weight?
I want to know some informations about navigation systems in airports?
Would a corkscrew rotor blade for a helicopter lift the helicopter?
Why does a plane come to a full stop after taxing then take off?
Does the 747 - 800 I have the "Sky Loft " ?
What make of powered paraglider has the best reputation for safety and reliability?
When "qualifying" for a commercial pilot certificate, how many hours can be non-PIC?
Engine Dry Weight or Installed Runnable Dry Weight?
If the "blackbox" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash....?
what is the definition of a fixed pitch propeller?
What about the new runway at Boston-Logan Airport?
Question for current airline pilots and retired pilots?
Why has there been so many plane crashes lately?
How to conform a jet engine to an aa4 apache?
Are you asking about FAA medical examinations?
What is Navigation Charge Weight?
How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket?
What different between commerical pilot license and commerical pilot certificate?
What is "damping" in aviation?
What maintenance does a passenger aircraft usually require?
What are all of the aircraft operations in the Okanagan?
Why are passengers required to put their seats on the upright position during takeoff and landing?
when is a monel rivet called for?
Do 747s turn off 2 engines at cruising altitude?