What are the really bright lights in the sky that move slow and you cant hear them??
What are some other famous aircraft hijackings apart from 9/11?
which comapny was the 1st to produce a turbofan engine used in an aircraft?
Pilots!...I need help!?
do you lot know what the required eye sight is for being a pilot in the fleet air arms?
What are the pros and cons of becoming a pilot?
who all airliners bought airbus 380?
On a clear night how far away can a plane's flight path be (in terms of distance over land)?
How many round trip flights to Turkey has Bill Gates made in his entire life?
How do you get tree sap off of glass ?
Helicopter lessons in the UK?
prosess of climbing in a plane?
plane crash( read the description)?
Can a jumbo jet fly on one engine?
Which one of the two has the highest accident rate? Boeing or Airbus?
What is the hourly operating cost for a SA 315 Lama and a B-105, all inclusive, pilot, maintenance everything?
Why is frisking done at airports even when x-ray machines are present?
on a commercial airplane would it be possible to somehow break open a passenger window and crash the plane?
Does each Embry-Riddle "Worldwide Campus" (USA) have its own Aircraft fleet?
Could one become a commercial airline pilot even if they don't have relevent degrees?
what CANT you bring on a plane now?
what is the definition of a fixed pitch propeller?
did the first airplane have an engine?
What Airplane is in the movie "Wild America"?
will you please explain about international comercial pilot lisence.?
Where can I find cheap plane tickets ?
What to expect first time flying?
what are the little cars that move jets called?
I am looking to get my pilots licence. What is an safe/affordable/reliable 4 person trainer/everyday flyer?
Duat aviation weather?
spicejet disocunt coupon codes?
are there rivet guns with designs on them?
if the black box for the air france plane can send a ping for a month under water...?
why is it call "May day" when a plane goes down or has a malfunction ?
I have got eczema but i want to do cabincrew?
Is the Delta Flyer structure feasible for flight?
can you jump out of an airplane than drift uppward back into the plane?
Plane Tickets And Age Restrictions?
Airport rules, what can I take?
Anybody know some good tools or books to prepare for PPL writing lessons and oral exam?
I am currently an FAA air traffic controller. How do I become an air traffic controller in Italy?
What happens in an overtorque situation?
does anyone know how the american airline code test is gonna be like?
What impact do you think the Heron TP, will have on GA?
What are the F-14 squadrons besides Jolly Rogers that has skull markings?
problem in understanding takeoff and landing weight in fuel jettison system?
Who Loves The Airport????? Ever since I've been a kid... I've loved the airport., I feel great at it
What are some cities on the US west coast that have major Airports?
Where could I get a Fairchild Metro III endorcment in Australia?
what is a commercial airline?
What are the visual differences between the falcon 900LX and 7X?
I hold a FAA ATP certificate. What must I do to obtain the JAA ATPL?
Which airline would you consider to be the best in terms of service, price and reliability?
know where i can get the Boeing 747 operating manual?
F-18 Super hornet or MIG-35 which plane is best?
Taxi how much does a blackpool taxi cost per minute ?
Do you always have to reverse thrust when landing?
737-800 vs A320?.......?
How much money does a pilot make?
What type of engine does the harrier jump jet have ?
What is your favorite airliner jet?
Qualifications needed to be Cabin Crew?
What does setting mixture to rich do in an air craft?
How do pilots spend their time?
Manufacturing Methods of an aircraft?
How to work a SO33G 3CH Helicopter with Gyro?
What is the likelihood that the airline industry will be regulated again?
can i become a commercial pilot after my engineering degree in aeronautical engg.?
how fast does the concord fly?
is it ok to take pictures on planes?
Why do pilots fly with reference to AMSL and not AGL?
why there is no ejection seats for emergency situation on commercial flights?
Pain in the *** Overhaul 10 POINTS?
I want to be a pilot, how to start preparing?
Paint TWA Livery on a DC-3?
Where is the pilot license place in sanandreas?
Airband Reciver?
What do I need to do to become a commercial pilot?
what is threadbull?where can i find it?
What is the largest aircraft ever built in the USA?
What type of aircraft was the De Haviland Comet?
Howmuch will an airline pilot pay to his for his bond ?
How do I become an airline pilot?
am I allowed to use my handheld GPS on during commercial flights? (i.e. to know where we are etc.)?!?
Would being a flight instructor scare the cr@p out of you?
How to become an airline pilot? Please help!?
What does Continental have to do with the Paris Concorde crash?
when making an IFR flight in Germany, i read the AIP for an airport, and there is written that my initial.....
f22 raptor or a b-2 bomber?
what is considered a "heavy airframe"?
I hav 700 milloin $ and i want to buy a private jet...i am a guy and i was womderin how i should design it?
What is is with Google Flight Sim?
Become an Air Traffic Controller without the ATC Program?
can anybody tell me a good site where i can find detail on gyrocopter engine?
question about air flight ages?
Can anyone identify these airplanes?
Pulse Jet Engine Help with Valves and Dimensions?
American Airlines?
I'm going to school to be aircraft mechanic, did i make a good choice?
Hi ! I would like to know about the types of air intakes in a jet engine and effcect of each type on engine?
India Flight Training Programs?
pretend a hole opened up on a plane in mid flight. would the sound from the engines hurt the passengars ears?
Even if technology were available for flying cars to fly via computer/hands off, what would stop them from...?
why is helium and not hydrogen now used to make airships float?
help on aircraft maintanence course?
Would the 727 be considered a Flying Coffin?
How To: Becoming a Comercial Airline Pilot? [Ontario Canada]?
Do U.S. FSS weather briefings give FD's?
Average speed of plane?
Radio controlled Glider, wingspan!! help?
whats the fastest jet made or fastest recorded speed by a jet?
Is there any fighter jet maneuvers that exceed 9 G ?
Which aircraft accident marked the milestone in creating the Family Assistance and Counseling Group which help
is there a helicopter like the ar.drone 2.0 quadricopter?
KC-135 A, the max gross weight for takeoff ?
are pilots required to monitor guard?
Does securiy perform criminal background checks at check-in at the airport?
I have just taken the FAA AT-SAT test and received a 93%. What is the next step from here?
My plane seat is missing a window! Help?
What do they call people who develop things like Space shuttles and new aircraft?
Which engine is more powerful, the Trent 900 or the Trent 1000?
Could anyone suggest good aircraft propulsion design books?
Life after for an army air corps helicopter pilot?
Can "landing strip" be used to describe the thing airplanes land on?
new tarom livery?
what planes are produced in france?
Could one person be able to fly fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters?
airplane landing gear always down?
what are the personal attributes required by a cabin crew?
can i learn to fly online?
How can I obtain financing for earning a Pilot's license?
when did ata merger take place?
What is that green jumbo with md-11 tail at Heathrow?
Hearing for Class 1 medical?
Discovery Jetstream?
Can a large passenger airliner really stay afloat in water?
How did China's plane crashes affect its aviation industry?
looking into Natural resource aviation, is it hard?
on a flight...would you rather sit next to a person with a child or a cat in a carrier?
How to get scenery on x-plane 9?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
Where can/can't ultralights take off/land?
Check-in Germanwings?
What will happen if a jet flies faster than the speed of sound ?
How expensive were Concorde tickets? specifically how much did they cost? what was the price-range throughout?
If something goes wrong in a plane how likely is it that it will crash?
Does anyone know why Boeing aircraft company used the 700 series of numbers to name most of...?
How is this possible? Is there an explanation for this?
Starting an airline...... Whats the best way to get a plane?
How much is a Robert Carlin Aviation Print worth?
If you sit in the very front row in a plane, do you get AVOD?
what is the smoke that planes release in the sky for...?
Why during the take off and landing of aeroplane the shutters of window are kept opened?
What happened to the aircar.?
How do i tell the sex of an ant?
Where can i find in depth Schematic to make a Viper Mk-IV From Battle Star Galactica?
What to expect 3rd class medical?
What is a "fair rental price" for a Cessna 152 or Piper Tomahawk for an hour?
Websites to get cheap plane tickets?
can airline economy class seats really kill you?
RC Electric Airplane Help??
Which is better an F-22 Raptor or an F-35 Lightning II?
why do hijackers hijack aircraft's?
Tupolev cabin question?
What seat do you prefer: window, center or aisle? Can or do you sleep during a flight?
What is an appropriate rate of descent in various aircraft?
what year did leonardo da vinci drew the helicopter sketch?
How much does an airline certification cost?
What is the perfect conditions for visible wingtip vortices.?
How do you become a pilot?
I need some ATC clarity?
How difficult is it to become a pilot? How long do you have to study?
Is it regulated/advised when the airline pilots has to use the autopilot and when they can/must go manual?
What in the world would you do with a artifact like this? Put it on the mantle?
is it possible for a ghanian citizen to be a military pilot for the south african air force?
can some body tell me?
What is the best vertual airline i can not seem to find one that is good!?
Which Part Of A Flight Do You Like The Best, "Take Off" or "Landing"-Why?
how do fighter planes, or jets' onboard cannon m-gun bullets travel faster than the plane?
Comercial pilot salary?
Should I go through Embry Riddle and get a 4yr degree then Air Force to become a pilot?
Why are people so fascinated with aviation and jet planes?
What is a zero fuel weight?
What causes jets flying in the sky to leave white trails behind them? Why do some leave longer trails?
Im 17 and want to be a pilot!.. i need some understanding?
Can somebody explain Priceline to me?
Please Tell About Commercial Pilot Job Prospects. I'm an Indian As I Plan to do My CPL Training In Australia.?
What are the really bright lights in the sky that move slow and you cant hear them??
What are all the classes that I need to major in order to become an airline pilot?
how radar useful for air and surface navigation military purpose ?
What are the four factors that effect flight?
What's the best airliner?
Can the elevators of a plane be used like ailerons?
Can I have a list of the cheapest gliders?
Which flight is giving better in-flight service & comfort between india-London?
Are there any pilot jobs?
what are the kinematic result of force application on a frisbee in flight?
those jets in the sky the ones that leave the long lines in the upper atmosphere?
What does "Flat Rated Temperature" mean in reference to jet engines?
why pilot has study hard?
What was the make and model of the helicopter used in I Am Legend?
what would a vfr pilot do when flying through a cumulonimbus cloud?
What is the highest amount of feet at which you can jump out of an airplane safely?
Where can I see a picture of the inside of a passenger airplane from 1940?
Has anyone trained with Florida Aviation Academy?
I'm curious about glider lessons?
how do you calculate wingspan for a plane?
Delta Skymiles additional card holder benefits (airport)?
What happens if lightning strikes a flying aircraft?
can i be a cabin crew if my height only 156?
What is the safest Airline?
What is the fastest fighter jet?
Is owning a fighter jet legal in the US?
Is United Airlines a good airline?
Parachutes in the ariplane?
can you be a flight attendant if you are 6 foot 2?
though aeroplanes fly in stratosphere region but people inside do not face breathing problem-why?
Left handed fighter pilots?
How to build flying time?
How many cylinders are in the Wasp Major R-4360 PW Radial Engine?
What are the most dangerous situations that could happen from practicing hovering OGE and settling with power?
How does an large aircraft carrier change direction?
Later in the future, are they gonna make cars that fly in the sky?
Can a 260 lbs man fly aircraft like f-22's without goin into g-shock?
does a MD-11 need its central main landing gear?
what is the safest seat row in an air plane if an accident hapen?
how do pilot find tha way?
What does pushback manually mean?
what correction factor should we include to convert ground speed to true airspeed?
Bathrooms AIRPLANES!?
I would like to be a commercial pilot should I do dual science award or separate science award?
how long does it take a 747 plane to go 900 miles?
Does a three view of the Boeing 160 Hummingbird exist?
how do you charge a rc edge hovercraft?
My son wants to be an airline pilot and train at OAA but his fees are around £85000, what happens if he fails?
what would be a typical cost of getting a helicopter pilots license and is it cheaper in the UK or US?
How much does a 747 pilot make? How long would it take from the first graduation to ...?
Why tyre tube is black?
How do the planes that fly over the beach deploy their banners? How do they land? Why do it like that?
What are some scenic places to fly to within a half an hours flight of Danbury, CT (DXR)?
black boxes in aeroplanes. what data do they record exactly?
what is the fly-errrrr at&t commercial? i want the link!?
If I were to build a full scale model WW I biplane in my garage where can I legally fly it ?
What is the purposed of the dihedral angle of horizontal stabilizers in some aircraft?
how to weigh a jet plane without a scale?
What's a Cabin Service Preference?
What are the components required to draw a aircraft wiring harness design.?
Is there any flight schools in the US that you dont need to go to college?I am going to Delta ASA and they jus
what speed do our fastest jets travel?
does a 737 have sheer pins?
Do you think TU-244 can be a Passenger Airliner before 2015?
what keeps the wing of a jet from comeing off flight?
how would you know if its a UFO.......?
What alternative to aluminium can to be used to build air-planes that would preserve lives during a crash?
would you ride an automatic airplane with no pilot?
Is there any Indian version of harrier plane ?
How i can make dc air conditiner?
I have just taken the FAA AT-SAT test and received a 93%. What is the next step from here?
How do i know if i have the passion for flying?
i know seaplanes that land and take off from sea what do we call that land & takeoff from land ?
is there anywhere in uk to ride in an F16?
Do you think powdered algae jet fuel should be grounded?
How the ibm sequoia becomes world's fastest supercomputer?
I accidentally typed in the wrong Aadvantage Number for one of my kids that will be traveling with me?
I want to build a hang glider,can any body supply me hang glider's technical drawings.?
Now the UK public is taking more interest in public reports can we have an explanation how the AAIB ......?
What is the operating cost of an Airbus A320? (per mile or hour) Need a source pleeese!! :)?
How loud would a sonic boom be if there were no engine noise?
where do wings go on a plane?
What is the difference between United airline (Economy Plus) and EVA air - Delux Class?
Is it true that pilots can not have blue, gree or grey eyes?
How much should a battery powered personal flight pak cost?
How did the old bi-plane fighters time it right to shoot through their propellers?
After which class and age can i apply for pilot training?
any one know a good website to see aviation videos rather than
Can a plane tell if its spotted on RADAR?
harrier question?
TCAS For Flight Simulator 2004?
What would happen if you converted a Boeing 747 to a bomber?
In ww2 what is your favorite fighter plane and what is your favorite heavy?
Any Good Pilot Movies?
Increased fuel burn/costs due avoiding action/s?
are there any videos out there on aircraft fleet maneuvers?
can united flight attendants fly in numerous of aircrafts or just one?
Where can I get From the Ground Up (not US edition)?
How to become a pilot?
Viegin Atlantic planes?
what is the Climb rate of the Hunter Mk 2 and 6 and onwoods?
International airline tickets lower as date approaches?
please help me.FOR become Pilot (passenger)in INDIA.,After BE IN ECE,which exams required to become pilot?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
What airline cadet programs are there?
Which fighter aircraft is this?
2 questions about planes?
what is the salary for cabin crew(fresher) in king fisher ?
does and body know where a huey helicopter is for sale?
What kind of eyeglasses older pilots wear: single vision, bifocal, trifocal or progressive eyeglasses and why?
How do I combine all my frequent flyer miles into one account?
What happens to flight data recorders after a flight?
Why don't they have heated runways?
how much does a real helicopter cost?
what fighter planes USA had done in 1910 till 1930?
Help with FSX?
hi can the any of the large planes llikes of A380, 747-8I, 787, 777.?
can a current fighter pilot fly a cessna?
How do I sign up to work with at home job with jet blue?
Contact telephone number of US Airways at Manchester Airport?
If the shape of an airplanes wings are so important to how they fly, why can certain planes fly upside down?
How to become flight attendant?
what is the cheapest airline out there?
Is there any aircraft scrapyard in California that allows visitors to purchase aircraft parts?
what is used to clean grease or exhaust deposits from an aircraft structure?
pass paper question on aircraft thrust??
Single engine airliners?
Cost for becoming a commercial pilot?
Do i need i college degree to become a pilot?
Can i have a link to practice english for the ICAO exam , to obtain at least level 4?
could there be such thing as a hybrid airplane?
Who actually believes a plane can land on water?
Are control towers of EWR & DEN same design?
is the FAA 405 still used today for airfield obstruction surveys?
why dont planes have cardboard in front of engines to stop bird strikes?
jet doc but if some one have the proper license can they rent the truck?
Can B-1B or B-2 be converted into Air Force One?
Anyone Here An Airline Pilot?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation ?
I have read that the new Gulfstream G650 has a cruising speed of m. 0.85, and a maximum operating speed of....?
Rumors of Bankrupt Silvers State Helicopter?
which is the largest water aerodrome in the world?
How much more does it usually cost to go first class?
How far can a 767-300 fly on one engine?
Did they ever find out the cause of Andrew Wight's Robinson R44 helicopter crash in Australia?
Have you ever had an eye-witness experience with extraterrestrial aircrafts ?
About "armed" speed brakes (spoilers) during landings:?
Can anybody give any useful tips on how to get a career as an airline pilot?
cabin crew?
What do fighter jets do?
When flying non-stop from Los Angeles to Detroit, What are the best views you enjoy on an overnight flight?
who invented aircraft and what year?
what is the cheapest fare from Lagos to New York and on what flight?
how long does it take to take off the wings from a ka-32?
what is the name of the airlines of yemen!!!!!?
Sonic boom?
How is the air cadets?
is there any puch back tractor for a B 350? or how is it for this aircraft?
Flight Simulator X?
Which one is harder to fly...a helicopter or a small fixed wing prop?
how can I have a trip to taiwan but don't have to go back home in chicago?
i want aircraft maintenance engineering,for that i have 3 months gap want computer course is useful to medonig?
Which training institutes of the world impart Boeing 777 license Training?
Why are so many planes grounded in England because of fog when they travel in the dark of night all the time?D
Why don't they put a giant parachute connected to the plane?
What is thrust vectoring?
Where the buy a airline model?
Viegin Atlantic planes?
Bose aviation A20 headset?
Total cost of becoming a commercial pilot? ?
What is the useful life of Ceconite or Stitts on fabric aircraft?
will one DUI or DWI prevent me from ever getting hired with th emajor or any airline?
i would like to become an air traffic control?
What are the medical requirements for a pilot in INDIA?
P-8 Poseidon Aircraft Replacing P-3 Orion Aircraft?
Why has this forum turned into a dumping ground for the brain dead?
Do you think that in the future the passenger aircrafts will fly on hydrogen fuel?
Has anyone ever used an exit row on an airplane?
Boeing 767 I noticed that whilst?
what do you call an aeroplane with three wings?
When you're in a stall?
"Latest forecast shows an 85% probability of violating weather constraints for launch." What does this mean?
When an airworthiness release is expired , the certificate holder can signe or no the aircraft log book ?
What is the maximum and minimum altimeter setting on an aircraft?
Would flying cars take over the sky and replace airplanes?
If I take my laptop on an aircraft, would anything happen to it?
Does higher bypass ratio on jet engines automatically mean less noise?
Why is it that Professional Pilots..?
could a plane be struck by lightning? while flying?
air ticket?
Question about 747 planes and other airplanes?
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear , " Flying Car " ?
Has a web site been made that lists private pilots wanting passengers?repost?
Flying lessons help!!?
is it safe to fly to boston?
How fast does a single engine plane go ie Cessna?
What a terrible weekend in aviation. Why do these things happen?
what is crew job,cabin crew,stewerds?
if the aircraft Plain flap downed what is the stall angel change?
Where do I buy a large dis-used aeroplane in the UK?
I want to know cheap airfare from New Delhi to Sao Paulo september - November
How a Jet Engine Works?
what type air equipment is used on Martinair Flight 636 (orl to Amsterdam)?
low carbon steel contains less than ______ hundredths of one percent carbon.?
If you managed to open the door of a 747 at 30000 feet?
Which is better, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic?
where can you go to see the aircraft using the aberporth range?
Would you mind sitting on helium blown-up chairs on a Plane?
balloons and airships?
What are purposes of elevators in an aircraft?
Why can't Cessna 150's have a more standardized prop diameter?
Can I take body moisturiser into the cabin of a plane please.?
Having a female pilot or co-pilot increases fatal crash stats significantly.Military T.A.C's Even higher.WHY ?
Wilco Publishing a318/319/320/321 add on question?
Are Airline Pilots Allowed Handguns In The Cockpits Of the Aircraft?
Plane flying really low?
Becoming a Commercial Pilot still possible for me?
what is sonic boom?
At what altitude do jets fly going to buffalo?
What kind of flight training do I need to fly a Javelin???
when an airplane lands, are the brakes on the wheels on?
During the war why did Kamikaze Pilots wear crash helmets?
Most, if not all, Airbus commercial jets have joy stick control instead of Yoke...?
how do jet pilots avoid passing out from high g's and thin air?
How much people in RAAF have died in 2009?
How to get a gate agent or ramp agent job?
Flying route J174 DIW AR18 the AMS 6000 FMS will lot accept DIW or DIXON or even DIWNB to end J174?
What are the odds of dying in a plane crash?
Hourly Operating Cost for the Dash 8-100?
Cri-Cri Aircraft?
Am I tall enough to reach the pedals in a helicopter?
If I do this course, will I still need to do another degree to join the airline?
Are there any A&P schools in New England?
What year did the Mooney aircraft switch from a wooden spar to metal spar?
is it illegal to radio an aeroplane?
I'm confused b/w airline pilot or airforce pilot!?
Is the F22 Raptor the most advanced plane in the world?
are they still taking away the 747-451 from kmsp minniapolis?
name of the fuel which use in air crafts?
Can I log PPC (powered parachute) time towards an ATP rating?
is an atpl training qulification all you need to become an commericial pilot?
which is the biggest gate in the world?
How many Aircraft in a British bomer squadron?
Todays Aircraft Are Built With Automatic Landing Systems Are You Comfortable With That?
I want to become Aeroplane Pilot, is it possible ?and if possible how?
flying with bad eyes?
Will planes be replaced by anything in the future?
Would you rather ride in a helicopter or a hot air balloon?
How much will it be for a Timeshare on a single engine A/C?
can i be a pilot without liking stalls?
Would you like to sky-dive naked from an aero-plane?
Is letting a child give directions as a Air Traffic controller at JFK airport careless or no big deal?
What is the most common Airline Ticker reservation system (software) that is used around the world ?
why is the 747 very accident prone?
Is it dangerous when flying to land in gusty winds?
how many licensed pilots are there in the usa?
if a plane's engines fail could it still glide to a safe landing or 'crash' landing?
Does anyone know what type (make/model) of aircraft is used in Ironman?
Why did the Sully plane crash into the Hudson since they found no birds in the engines?
what's the highest g-force that a twin seater zivko edge 540 can withstand?
What is the difference between the AH1 Supercobra and the AH1 Viper?
which is harder to fly?
Has anyone else noticed the unusually high amount of aircraft acidents covered by the news in the recent weeks?
Are you allowed to bring your own food on the plane?
Were there any high wing aircraft in ww2?
How Much Does An Aircraft Mechanic(Non-Destructive) make a month, a year, a day, all the deatils of payment?
Where can I get a 3 view diagram of an OMF-Symphony or a GlaStar?
Fear of Flying?
UAV launch system.?
What is the vapour they pump into aircraft cabins when you have landed? What is it for?
Pilots: what's the difference between pilot-in-command versus second-in-command time?
How do military pilots talk to other planes in the formation without letting the ATC hear them?
I want to take a glider ride. Where is the closest place to Leesburg FL. for a glider ride?
What is the monthly maintaining cost of a Robinson R44 helicopter?
What is the difference between “bio-behavioral” and “human factors”?
From the part number, are we able to tell where is it from?
Can a citation III fly in and out of Eagle airport?
Helicoptor Rotors and Lift Question?
Does the Gleim Private Pilot Weather book have everything that is in the FAA's Aviation Weather/Service book?
Why do you think human flight doesn't work?
What is Rm stands for and what does it mean?
Which country other than US have stealth Aircrafts?
Do you agree with me that the MD11 is the sexiest looking commercial jet of all time?
What airlines has the highest weight limits for pets in the cabin?
Did the Short Sunderland III ever have the kangaroo roundel or the mapel leaf?
How to become a helicopter pilot?
What aircraft will I be flying on to Skiathos?
Does anyone know where near Southern California that there is a aerospace museum that as Early Emsco aircraft?
E6b homework How do I do this problem?
How many hours a week does a flight attended work?
when was the first australian aircraft?
Does Bernoulli's principle really explain airplane lift?
Can I get into the Air Fprce or am I disqualified?
If I'm on a private jet and the only pilot passes out, is it possible to easily take over and try to land?
Electronic devices on an aircraft question?
question for pilots?
how much is an Airbus A380?
Why do pilots say 'Roger'?
Why do airlines provide life jackets but not parachutes?
What kinds of ICT is on board an Air Ambulance Helicopter?
Can aircraft doors open in flight?
The air supeority race?
can I take my bichon frise on the plane?
Are airlines gonna start outsourcing pilots for cheaper salaries?
What Sort Of Plane Is This?
What is needed to become a helicopter pilot?
Have you ever landed at the Catalina Island airstrip? Any caveats, recommendations or scary experiences?
Can you board a plane without a photo ID if you are 16?
Best Non-High Performance 6 Seater Aircraft?
do PIA planes have wi-fi?
how much does a aircraft mechanic earn?
how plane change its direction?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
can carbon fiber tubeing be used to support wings on body of rc airplane?
What part of the plane is smoothest to sit?
How much on average would it cost for two people to sky dive in the uk? ?
type rating cost in uae...?
Can you be sixteen and start working on your pilot's license?
How do u weigh an aeroplane ?
Can you still get a pilot's license if you're color blind?
what are the legal requirements re servicing of private aircraft?
Can you tell me about an aircraft?
becoming an airline pilot?
Can a person become an airline pilot without being the military first?
building a 1942 MIG?
Is it possible to fly?
How fast does a airplane go on take-off?
Can I take my toy poodle on the plane with me under my seat?
could a P38 break sound barrier in full power dive?
What are the requirements for flight cancellations?
How do I become a commercial pilot through military service in the Royal Canadian Air Force?
Can't a modified jet be converted into a space-worthy aircraft?
How much do plane tickets cost?
Were Navy Aviation Machinist Mates rated pilots in the 1920s and 1930s?
What facts of airplanes make them safe?
How can I get free tickets to a very close friend moms funeral by 01/06/07 5am?
ATPL licence sponsorship?
Where is the aircraft graveyard located?
I have an airline interview coming up any tips?
I am a pilot for a well known airline, any single girls flying soon? I can show you the cockpit?
Has anyone ever seen what looked like the opposite of contrails in front of a jet.?
When was the three blade propeller first used on an aircraft?
Destroyed Log book what now?
why do we have IATA and ICAO codes for airlines?
how do i understand the term 'wing rock'?
Aircraft exhaust?
Is there any way I can overcome my fear of flying??? Any tips??? seeking employment as a freshly liscenced a&p mechanic.,hopefully in the atlanta area.??
Has anyone ever dreamed of being an airline pilot?
What should I look for when shopping for a plane?
What were flight attendants required to say on the Concorde?
What do you need to be good at to become a pilot?
High flying propeller airplanes?
Helicopter Pilots? Your Advice?
An airplane has run short of fuel and is trying to glide to an airport; will it pay to throw any weight?
What are those garage things that called that people put their helicopters/jets in ?
What was the first aircraft with the type of overhead panel known today?
Afraid of flying....?
What year did San Jose Municipal Airport become an Inernational airport?
Describe how an aircraft is controlled about it’s three axis and the aerodynamic effect of a control input?
How do airline companies make money???
who was the first pilot?
Why does DELTAVA planes suck now???
Poll - Attention Plane Lovers which do you think is the safest Boeing or Airbus?
looking for bell helicopters mechanics 212,412eb?
Flying Schools Any Pilot can Help PLEASE?
Any possibility i could still be an airline pilot, preferably large airport plane?
Why do we have to make sure our seats are upright during flight takeoff and landing?
Where in India is Air India's HQ.?
Are there any female pilots?
I always wonder how airplanes avoid colliding with the thousands of meteors that fall from the sky?
Fastest transatlantic commercial flight?
What the average pilot salary in the USA here in the USA is about 150000?
How can I contact the FAA?
Can airplanes hover in the air?
how to obtain a pilots license in mumbai?
Do I need to bring my own plastic overlay for the FAA knowledge test?
im going for my professional pilot course in fort pierce,florida, it good?
how hard is it to pull G's on jet aircraft?
do airplanes have solid tyres?
What is P/D Ratio of a Propeller? How can we calculate Twist Angles of a Propeller?
Is it possible for me to be an Airline Pilot?
How do you know if a particular area of a Jeppesen Low Enroute Chart contains mountainous terrain?
i'm looking for the all Passenger annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
can gps take the place of dme in aviation?
Flying Canadair 700 via United, what was your experience?
Did the Luftwaffe's KG 200 use any captured aircraft in combat?
Help?Commercial pilot?
How do u get a class a or b license?
where i study IATA course in india?
is it professionally abad idea for a pilot to develop sexual relationships with a stewardesses during layover?
Why is the B-22 Bomber undetectable to radar?
What was that thing that just fly really low in Los angeles county just now?
I want to become an Airline Pilot?
What type of aircraft was the De Haviland Comet?
Aeronautical Books?
what is the word'an airplane's body, excluding its wings'?
Why is it called "landing gear" when it is also used for taking off? Why not call it "taking off gear"?
How fast in mph is a 757 airplane traveling when it climbing?
Where can I get some info about the honda jet?
how to make air engine's?
What are the sizes of the headphone jacks in a 1978 Cessna 172N?
Please i need your help i want to end my carea as an airline pilot but am not capable financially what do i do?
can i pass a class 3 FAA medical with scoliosis?
Who was the first person to go on a jumbo jet?
What is a Scram Jet? How does It operate?
Go can I get upgraded to first class for free?
is there a company named triumpfabrications of hot sprins?
can anyone help me to find easa66 essay samples?
A supersonic jet flying at 159 m/s experiences uniform acceleration at the rate of 23.1 m/s2 for 24.0 s.?
is $1,000,000 to much to spend on a private jet?
history of jet Engines ? from 1911 - 2006?
Can you become a member of cabin crew with a tattoo?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Is there a speed limit for airplanes?
Do jumbo jets have keys? In other words, how do the pilots start them?
Who else thinks the A-10 Thunderbolt 2 is a beautiful aircraft?
What is the visual acuity of a person having -6 number ?
Whats the best way to get your JAA pilots license while living in North America?
What can I do in high school that would help my chances of being a flight attendant?
if aircraft is flying in high altitude is it possible to open the door?
has boeing ever made a commercial airplane that did not start and end with a 7?
Are Ryanair seats uncomfortable?
Can you turn a boat into a jet?
I REALLY need to know this story -it's title is something like "Flight 23 Row 11 Seats A and B" ?
aircraft altitudes?
Does anyone work on the Pacer MK II Flight Simulator?
Complex, tailwheel, high performance?
wht kind of question being asked to aviation faculty in interview?
Do Continental Airline's B777-200ERs have GE90-94B engines?
why aircraft carriers replaced battleships?
why can't the engineers who build plane build the whole structure from that iron box that can never be destroy
can i get a job if i have a private pilot license(PPL)?
"how to improve the present procedures to achieve the detailing opportunities in aviation industry"?
Song from ELAL Airlines safety video?
what would be the expense for an airline when it uses any International airport ?
What exactly do pilots do once they reach crusing altitude?
Can anyone identify this aircraft?
What do I do if I loose my Pilots License and Logbook?
load of aircraft versus load classification number?
which is the biggest airport in the world and which is the busiest?
Anyone know what the best aviation headsets are?
Boeing 737-800/900?
Pilots... Favorite Aircraft To Fly....?
Where to buy new / used Garmin WAAS certified unit?
What are the people who hand out the food on the airplane called?
How do flight pilots urinate in flight?
i compleated my plus two then what is the next step i should do to become a pilot?
Was 9/11 an inside or outside job?
Where can I get a Loadsheet Spreadsheet?
what is the principle behind the working of the helicopter?
Whats a good time to move into a turbine helicopter transition?
Hoq long do i have to work for delta before i get flight benefits!?
Im wondering how can i take a skimboard on spirit airline flight.?
flight dispatcher career?
Help with aeroplane phobia?
15 yr old aspiring female medevac pilot?
is there wifi in airplanes or aaa?
Do aircraft use less fuel using a longer runway?
How are hot air balloons steered when they are in the air?
knows maybe somebody how much money can be airplane tickek from Frankfurt to Tel aviv?
TSA suggests wearing sandals?
What is the scariest movie you ever seen?
Are you nervous about airplanes?
Can I become a flight attendant?
Flying across Atlantic: Pilots Only Question?
Cheap plane tickets, good quality?
Where can I find Pacific R-route charts online?
Where can I buy an ultralight helicopter close to petersburg, West Virginia?
what is the average life of a commercial aircraft?
Should i do aviation electronics or electronics maintenance?
what is REBECCA stands for?
Is watching planes land a good thing or a bad thing?
Flat bottom airfoil HELP?
where can i get sixflag tickets cheap?
does jet engine pull or push the plane thru the air ?
Did managerialism cause the Mt Erebus accident ?
pass paper question on aircraft thrust??
Is this a good flight school?
Is riding an airplane scary?
Black line on F86 Saber's Canopy?
what are some errors made by pilots before landing?
At what speed does the 777, A330, A340 takeoff?
Why are aircraft, boats etc called "her"?
Whats the name of the people in the airport with?????
$99 sale. flying to Seattle?
Where can I find hangarage for a Cessna 150A within 40 miles of Gloucester, at an affordable price?
General Aviation Operators in Mildura, Australia?
how much do you get paid being a fighter pilot?
Could u take a helicopter to top of Mount Everest?
Do 747s turn off 2 engines at cruising altitude?
If I would sleep in the plane during landing, would I still feel something in my stomach?
Why do air crashes occur during landing or while taking off and never during a flight?
Why do you have to put the window shutters up when taking-off and landing on an airplane?
If pilot window breaks at an altitude of 30000 ft, what will happen to pilot?
How can a party of 8 people get on a flight that shows only 3 seats available?
is passenger manifest available for brazilian 737 plane crash?
what are my odds of becoming a helicopter pilot?
Q re unmanned aircraft operations?
need Information on cathay pacific engine (types)?
Who was the best Ace? Bong or Boyington?
does the stalling speed change with height?
What is the best single seat, unlimited class, competition sailplane on the market?
Ground is e.let a,b and c be the ratio of flight, horizontal range and maximum height in two succesive paths. ?
What air plane movies do you know of ?
what is the turn radius of a jetline?
can you take frozen food in your checked luggage on an airplane?
how do i become an industrialist for an airline company?
how do I go about becoming a bush pilot?
why are the old jets (like dc-10) faster than the modern jets (like b-747?
Help finding information on Aircraft Safety?
Is learning how to fly safe?
As a fresher who pays the best emirates or british airways for a cabin crew job?
Is there any other advantages of the use of Instrument Landing System other than preventing delays?
What is the typical angle of ascent for a commercial plane (i.e. Boeing 737-700)?
what are some Question you can come up with for the history of war planes?
Go at the same time at 4 way stop?
How can i become a pilot?
Still don't understand why cargo pilots are paid more...?
What is your favorite airplane?
How much do Marine Corps Aviation Mechanics make in a year?
analyse the impact of the improved components on the phases of the flight?
Why is the MD-11 out of production?
I'm looking to add this link to "my " content?
Why were electronic devices required to be off during the entire flight?
are there any recorded air disasters at corfu airport?
De-Ice Failure is this a emergency?
Anyone had a break-in tennessee cabin?
Does PAK T50 have a gun ? Bcos F22 has it since USA dont want to repeat the same mistake of vietnam war F4?
Where can I find statistics and costs of aviation incidents and accidents caused by communication failures?
harrier question?
Can an large passenger airliner land and stop safely with the wing flaps completely retracted?
Poll: Would you rather fly on the A320 or the B737?
Why dont commercial airlines fly in a straight line?
Does anyone happen to know what kind of requirements/restrictions there are when it come to hot air ballooning?
Help I'm on a plane and we just lost an engine?
How to obtain a private pilots license?
Can a cesna escape from an apache helecopter?
where can i get a working sketch of brushless alternator used in modern aircraft?
Why do our ears get blocked (or in some cases cause serious pain) while landing in an aircraft?
Do you have to be an expert at math to be a pilot?
what parts of the production process are being off-shoring by boeing company and to where?
What are the Swissport cleaners hours at JFK Airport?
Smoking on a Plane....?
I want good mileage bike with good looks ...which bike is prefered for chennai trafic condition & good engine?
What is the job title of people who land planes?
how many rooms are there usually on a space shuttle?
Can I become a Pilot if i only hear with one ear?
Airline paint jobs. Your favorite????
what should i do for a commercial?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear crash helmets?
Mi-8 vs Mi-17 -- Whats the difference?
When a plane goes down?
How can I find CHEAP airline tickets?
Does ATP flight school guarantee a job as a CFI as advertised if I do the program with them?
do yall know what the weathers like in colorado i'm going in 4 days with my cousin?
Are fighter jets designed to look badass or is it just a coincidence?
please tell me what the vapour trail is comming from the rear of commercial airliners and how it gets there?
can a diamond twinstar fit a large man comfortably?
What should be the Speed, Altitude and Flaps of Airplane at 10nm and 20nm Distance away from Runway?
cancelling a easy jet flight how easy it to get any cash back?
where i can find a cheap ticket, mexico - barcelona?
is there a website that keeps track of person's flight internationally(boarding time, checking in etc..)?
is cadet pilot programme a good way to get trained and get a guaranteed job ? any of these in south asia ?
is mail loaded onto airplanes that carry passengers?
in aviation, how can you fabricate a part from a company?
Why doesn't the military put an exterior of leather over the metal of a plane to keep it off radar?
what does CAT III mean in aviation?
Sport pilot license costs?
i have in front of me an enroute chart of the lower airspace of Germany (E LO 11/12). On the back-side, ......
My dad wont let me become a fighter pilot?
I watched a program on tv that said you can't get a signal on a mobile/cell when you are at altitude.?
Why does the lift coefficient vary spanwise?
how do kid planes work?
Becoming an Airline Pilot Q's?
Can you use WingX Pro with bad elf gps adapter while flying?
plane crash... how does this happen?
which is easier to fly a glider or a regular private airplane like a cessna 182?
qatar air line arrival time on pearson air port from lahore?
Best Airline? Worst Airline?
How many plane crashes per year?
whis is vortac used for reguarding aircraft?
Who would win this dogfight?
Installing MD 83 for FSX bug?
Socata TB-20/21GT cabin height?
Can an Irish pilot with masters apply to Eesa?
do commercial airliners have the ability to fly into space?
becoming an airline pilot ?
What does it take to be a small Aircraft Pilot?
huey p long bridge drive over?
how long did it take the Wright brothers to make the airplane?
Does the black box on a plane contain a tracking device?
How much would someone pay for a uh-1h huey avionics/radio access door?
How does mid-air refueling works in aircrafts?
The hijackers on 9/11 were able to turn off the transponders on the plane so they couldn't be tracked...more
Best Aviators watch?!?
Are all landings ILS?
Hoq long do i have to work for delta before i get flight benefits!?
Besides Wikipedia or the company website, how does a person get the most info on a airliner aircraft?
What is the monthly maintaining cost of a Robinson R44 helicopter?
About elevations listed on aeronautical charts?
Why would an airline have a flight number 5050?
i turned off both engine driven hydraulic pumps and all AC powered hyd pumps and now the controls dont work?
how much are landing fees at London airports?
Boeing 747 Fuel cost per hour?
How do pilots manage to taxi with such precision?
What way to send letter to other continent other than airmail?
Is it okay if an airliner has most of the passengers on one side? Will the weight imbalance be unsafe?
can u txt on airplanes?
how long is the flight from london to tashkent?
What's the difference between APT 1 & APT 2 in the A320 VACBI ?
will space travel ever be available to the average person?
I Lost my Pilots Licence, Now I need a new one.?
Are planes always at the mercy of mother nature?
what is the retirement age of pilots in India?
airline and airports?
What si the ground distance for a plane to get from ground level (ie the airport) to its cruising height?
Help needed from experienced airline/aviation employees?
what do you think of this?
why are the cabin lights always turned off when a plane is taking off and landing?
How many Lockheed L-1011 TriStars are thre in the Air Mossflower fleet?
What happens if you get caught flying a plane without a pilots licence?
What does it mean when pilots quickly key their radio two times in a row?
better jobs for fixed winged or rotary winged aircraft?
damn, how small are the seats on a 737 jet. im flying to cancun from chicago.....?
Cessna 162 Skycatcher or Remos GX?
What is the color???
Are there any online airplane markets that let you sort the available "for sale" planes by SMOH?
Where can I find SUPER CHEAP online places that sell Airline tickets? Cites that aren't well known!?
What is the difference between an Aircraft APG mechanic and and Aircraft Engine mechanic?
HI, I am new to RC Airplane, and would like to work on mini camera for surveillance.? Any suggestion for havin?
People who have travelled on Air France air-planes recently ?
what is Airplane? how does it look like?
what is flight kitchen? what is the function?
Military pilots - G force?
What sets the Eurofighter apart from the J-10?
Thompson planes??????? ?
Is the aviation school of maintenance a good school to attend?
aviation helicopters helideck shipboard markings ?
Is Ronald Reagan airport popular?
did anybody have philippines airline,s contact number?
What time of year does air travel cost the least?
trainz helpppppp?
If someone had a flying car, would he/she need to have a pilot license?
Do gliders have any kind of avionics?
Are there any beds for pilots to sleep in any large jets?
There is a large, partially dismantled, all white, commercial type jet at Stewart Airport/ANG Base. ?
how much does a pilot earn and how do you become a pilots help?
Where can I buy filters for a helicopter?
Boeing 767 I noticed that whilst?
Is there any detailed guide on how to build a Boeing 737 model out of paper?
I want to become a pilot and im 15 years old and not very good at maths please help?
Lockheed Martin F-16's in Morocco?
list of ten best fighter jets?
How could one build the most fuel efficient passenger ariplane possible?
How do you start the engines on a Super Hornet?
What are the qualifications for becoming an airline pilot?
How come commerical airplanes dont have?
How safe are ultralight aircraft?
Specialty of a pilot?
What type of schooling do you need for flight dispatch?
Can anyone give me a list of planes that are multi passenger that existed in world war one?
how does it feel to be a female pilot?
Can a dwarf become commercial pilot?
P-8 Poseidon Aircraft Replacing P-3 Orion Aircraft?
Becoming an Airline Pilot in the Bay Area?
Why do ink pens burst on an airplane?
anyone who's working in the airline industry? ?
Any pilots out there, I have a few questions for you?
for those who fly SIA (singapore airline)?
I'm freaking out - how do these planes stay in the air?
What is the differnce in speed between..........?
want best flight instructor?
Do airline pilots ever get scared when they're taking off and landing those huge airliners?
Can I get an earlier flight than the one I booked for.?
Questions on commercial airplanes and fighter airplanes?
Will the Cessna LSA have a ballistic recovery parachute?
any one know all pilot licenses?
who built the breezy penguin airplane?
How to get both my fixed and rotary wing aircraft license with main attention towards fixed wing?
Can you give name to these aircraft part and also their specific functions?
Does anyone know what you can take on a plain now a days?
Which is a cooler job?
Are there any jobs I can get flying with a private license?
First time flying scared?
Can a helicopter move /fly backwards?
how to be a good airline pilot and it is ok to put on glasses ?
How come airplanes last for so long?
Who is the founder of Marsh Aviation?
Pathways to getting into aviation (Australia)?
G1000 navigation question?
Why do the seats on airliners face forward?
what are some reasons airport runways are safe?
Yearly Salary for Air Traffic Control Specialist in Fairfax County, VA?
Pilot or Doctor?
Are there any studentes pilots here between 8-16?
Is there an aircraft anywhere in theworld with a swimming pool on board?
flight simmers please answer?????/?
What is the maximum age to be an aricraft dispatcher?
How exactly do pilots aline their aircrafts with runways?
Airbus 319 stall speed ? (In real life)?
does the simulator that can come with the wing dragon III have the wing dragon III on it so u can fly it?
How long is the flight from chicago to columbus oh?
ipod can i bring it?
If the shape of an airplanes wings are so important to how they fly, why can certain planes fly upside down?
i want to learn how to fly but do i have to get a aviation provisional licence first?
position of centre of gravity while flying?
what do air hostress do after their flight has landed.?
How to make aircraft in fsx?
B747 distance nose wheel to nose?
When do pilots use rudder pedals?
How do pilots navigate?
How to fly a plane simulator?
how can i become a pilot / F.o?
Are transatlantic jets carrying enough fuel? Over 500 diversions to Bangor in 8 years.?
How much is a twin otter ppc?
what does a an rb japanese enginge consist of?
why do pilots say roger?
helicopter pilot license requirements in India?
why do you have to turn of all electronics during take off and landing?
How do aircraft fly inverted?
what happened if we use convergent nozzle in supersonic aircraft?
how do they prepare food on the plane?
Where Can I Find a FULL SCALE (or close)Military Aircraft Model For Sale NON-WORKING O.K.?
What are the ways to be a shuttle commander?
What is the nearest Airport to Dewas, MP, India?
radar control terminal system?
Are pilots allowed to smoke in the cockpit?
How do I get bagege cars up to my airplane on fsx?
Why are Boeing 747-400s not used as much as they used to be for trans-Atlantic air travel?
air india 151 cancelled?
I want to become an Air Traffic Controller ?
Does anyone know why pilots instruct the crew to keep the airplanes windows open on takeoff and landing?
Attention, pilots: When inbound on the ILS backcourse, inverted, do you fly toward the needle or away from it? seeking employment as a freshly liscenced a&p mechanic.,hopefully in the atlanta area.??
looking for a company in eagen, its aerospace company?
Whats the work of a cabin crew in aroplane?
present procedures cn b improvd or eliminatd.detailing de opportunaties to acheive them?
Airframe and powerplant what do they do?
what is the biggest bank angle on commercial flights with people on big jets?
Can a helicopter to be suspended by its helix while it was in the ground. Or does the helix crook?
can airline accept me if after i get my commercial pilot license?
What is the salary of an australian domestic pilot.?
Should all pilots have some flying time in gliders?
Pilots questions?
What does determines the weight that can be lifted by a helicopter?
403 helicopter operational training squadron?
How do U rate an Russian Air to Air fueling plane with the USA's.?
2011 Airplane Commercial with guy dancing and has headphones on?
What is the new vision test involving yellow and black squares called?
Are airline pilots trained in water survival ?
what is the most common airplane? 737?
which country has the most beautiful airlines?ie-judgeing from the design on the aircraft?
What were the planned number of syllabus hours for the US Air Force Academy T-3A flight screener program?
Why do they make you open the blinds on an aeroplane when it comes into land or takeoff?
Have lifejackets in aircraft ever been successful in saving lives?
what type of questions may be asked when taking a test for a transportation security officer?
what speed does a boeing 747 reach for take off?
Is this true-A pilot is careful whether he has one passenger or 400 since he only cares about his
Question regards A320 and MD90 flight deck?
Would you rather fly on a wing and a prayer or two wings?
what is the best jet engine?
What do Aircraft Pilots enjoy doing?
Who actually believes a plane can land on water?
Where is The Memphis Belle located?
how do commercial airplanes steer?
i herd that u can get ur pilot lisence's at 16 is that true? if so where can i go to get mine and how much....
What's the fastest jet ever?
Power pilot witnesses motorless flight and leaves terrified?
about to fly in a helicopter for the first time, what should I expect?
Why most of the people who work in aerounatics are so arrogant?
How do i get any Job For Aircraft Maintenance Engg. I completed my AME course in Heavy Aircraft?
Why is cell phone use banned on airplanes?
i own 6 airplanes do youall own a airplane?
Does AIR FORCE ONE really have an ESCAPE POD?
Is the A320 family maintenance cost higher than the 737NG?
Who agrees that the DC-10 isn't a very reliable aircraft?
Why does Boeing advertise on TV?
What sort of jobs in airports can you get except cabin crew?
On the Jeppesen website, I found a section with "NOTAM"s. Are these all NOTAM available?
What is the temperature (in Celsius) inside the cargo area of an aircraft?
Hi, Can Any body sponsor me to become a commercial pilot.?
Why do people on "airplane radio" talk WAY TO FAST?
FAR's for the Private Oral?
How to become commercial airline pilot and get atpl?
Dumb question?
You know how the ‘black box’ is indestructable, well why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?
5 most common commercial helicopters?
How can I find the dimensions for Fowler Flaps on a Boeing 747?
Is it possible to get people on a plane mid flight?
How do i get over my fear of flying? BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS?
Do Boeing & Airbus provide warranties for their planes to airlines? If so how long?
A320-200 Landing distance and Vref?
How are the Heathrow take-off and landing flight paths decided upon?
How do you fly the red helicopter by excalibur? I can't get it to work...It is from Brookstone...?
Should there be more training for pilots?
How much would a person who...?
what jobs allow me to fly jets for a living other than the air force and being a test pilot?
its there any aircraft chart out there that tells me how many gallons of fuel fit and burn on plane ?
Where can I find 3d simulators?
how do i carry a pistol on a airplane legally?
if i get a speeding bad will it affect my future airline career?
A pilot's salary.?
which terminal at Manchester Airport is used by Csmos Travel?
how can i get VERY CHEEP TIX to the carribean?
What is the the difference between the f18 and f15 ?
CARES as a child aircraft seat belt?
Losses of the best?
why don't the seats on airliners face backwards?