Do planes have WIFI???????????
where can you find out information on buying second hand Russian military aircraft?
i am an executive jet pilot. i keep flying around the world. I need a schengen multi visa. what all counties.?
Second Officer Position in G150 Aircraft - What kind of Job Experience do they look for before Hiring?
what fighter planes USA had done in 1910 till 1930?
Would a plane arriving early, be as bad as a plane arriving late? ?
Air Force 2a7x1 aircraft metals technology questions?
what do i have to do to get 4,000 hours?
Hi, i'm looking for an extensive eye test from opthalmologists london who are familiar with the regs 4 pilots?
ASKING PILOTS: How to become an airline commercial pilot for AirCanada? Worth it?
are you a pilot ?
what navigation systems did planes use before the GPS?
How can i fly to Europe for dirt cheap?
Can anyone recommend a good flight school in Johannesburg?
what kind of plane is this?
can aeroplane fly backwards?
In terms of an engine removal or overhall, what does the term "IRAN" mean?
ILS approach question?
Is it conceivable that aircraft could be made to land as many birds do.?
Would it be stupid to ask a control tower of a small airport if i could sit in and watch what goes on?
Taking off on a slippery runway?
Does anyone have any useful websites for aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU)?
If I have a private pilots license, how much aviation experience does that equate to on my resume?
I need psychological help, but I also want to be a pilot. What should I do?
Being a airforce pilot?
Overall, technically speaking, which is better?
flight Dispatcher career?
Afraid of flying....?
im looking for a ford13i rocam moter?
What does determines the weight that can be lifted by a helicopter?
what is the cheapest and best airline to use to fly from atlanta ga to tel aviv?
Why not put gratings over airplane jet engine reduce bird-strike damage?
scared..i need to know is this private?
Can you transfer miles from Delta to American Airlines?
F-14 Tomcat or F-15 Eagle?
What are the requirements for being a pilot?
Is there Commercial Airline service to/from LaRonge,SK,Canada?
If you pour milk into a model airplane, will it grow into a full sized airplane?
How low does the temperature of the hold get to when unheated in aircraft?
How to hook up my 2000 watt amp to my 1300 watt sub?
How to change the tail boom for the syma s107 helicopter?
Do aeroplanes wait in the sky,or stationery or suspended up there waiting for there turn to land?
FAA 2 C Letter?
How do airplanes work? Or what is the history of the airplane?
what's more car crashes or plane crashes?
What school qualifications do i need to become an airline pilot in the UK?
How much is training to be a certified pilot for private jet?
Why do so many pilots need much more hours than the minimum to get PPL?
Would you rather be....?
What are the top trade publications that cover the aircraft part manufacturing industry?
wind shear scales?? help quick!!! its a flight class?
how much does it cost to get a microlight licence. and where in north wales is best to train?
Does being a pilot define someone?
Is there anyplace in northern Ca. area I can get a light sport pilots license?
where do i find an 3 months internship (July to September Flight Engineering field?
Are you nervous about flying in small, private (non-commercial) aircraft? If so, why?
Anyone know the schedule for the Sunderland Air Show 2010?
How can I find a particular cabin crew stewarder from Egypt Air, are there any personnel lists?
How can I find the owner of a particular aircraft?
Can someone tell me why my Hirth 2706 is burning up pistons and cylinders, but CHT & EGT's are in normal range
how do airline pilots cope with the possibllity of losing friends and all the BS they face?
how do you contribute to make the team that you join even better?
Is PHOENIX EAST AVIATION Inc a good flight school?
flight schools in north carolina/questions.?
why survival craft station is not considered an aircraft station in aeronautical mobile service?
how come you sometimes you see a FUTURA airlines flight code FUA and other FUTURA airlines flight code is FH?
Can I listen to ATC with a normal radio?
what should i do after high school to become a pilot?
Should we stop travelling the commercial passenger airliner until its made accident proof?
What is going to happen to aviation as oil becomes scarcer?
what is the significance of the singapore airline logo?
What's the american airport like?
Which engine is more powerful, the Trent 900 or the Trent 1000?
Interveiw question to study for emirates cabin crew?
how does a drug possession charge effect getting a FAA Medical Certificate?
How does an ejection seat work in a fighter jet? Propellant?
What if the pilot goes for a sudden dive during highjacking when the highjacker isnt seatbelted?
How many of you ladies would date a Marine Fighter Pilot?
i have learjet 14 seater{dessault } model no 984 FNTR .how much pressure should i keep on my tyres?
How to fly a jet (simulator) ?
what's the best flight to take from Kuala lumpur to Raleigh Durham NC. usa one way?
Which is the world's best multi-role combat aircraft?
Cheap flight tickets?
Do you have to be intelligent to be a pilot?
If you are piloting a small plane and it starts going sour, can you parachute out of it?
When were radios first used for communication between pilots?
What type of plane has "headlights"?
has co pilot james polehinke made a sttement regarding the crash?
what is the different between wing's aerodynamic thickness and fineness ratio and what is theirs basic formula?
What would win a modern dogfight A eurofighter or mikoyan mig foxbat?
how to make the turning system on a rc plane?
How to get my flight license?
What kind of plane is this? (description, no picture)?
I wonder how many of you pull the blind down on the toilet window of a plane at 30000 feet?
How can i become a flight attendant in the uk?
What is general aviation and can you make a good living in it?
What is the difference between and
Stage 2 Question Private Pilot?
How to become an airline pilot?
American Airlines Fleet Service Clerk Interview?
Aviation Career help (engineering)?
if two pilots flying in the same aircraft approched the speed of sound then passed could they hear each other
i am final year b.e. mechanical student.. i thought for join any flying course.?
Which fighter has 4 engines?
Has a Quantas aircraft ever crashed ?
If you were military and you could choose ANY aircraft to fly, which would it be, and why?
Anyone learning to fly?
Why are all airline pilots old?
do planes take off and land into the wind or with the wind and why??
How dangerous is it to be a naval flight officer?
How fast does a Commercial jet travel at cruising altitude?
Is it possible(in the future) that an aircraft could cruise the underwater?
Most US Airlines have several things in common different from non-US Airlines. Are these FAA regulations?
What is pipeline flying?
A question about the infrared heat-seeking capabilities of an AIM-9 Sidewinder?
Is this real?!
What can make you tired?
How can I get an interview with a fighter pilot?
ok my family an i are going on a trip...on a plane?
In Airports, why do they have you enter on the right side of the plane?
How fast can airplanes go?
INS : Gyroscope errors : transport wander, apparent drift , coriolis effect ?
what happens if a plane gets struck by lightening?
what factors causes wake turbulence on airline jets ?
Does anyone have a private plane?
Flying a Boeing 737 to Europe?
Did you survived a plane crash?
How to become an airline pilot?
Question for Fllight attendants?
smallest bike?
how many versions of the B24 were there?
would the people on the flights that crashed into the world trade centers felt any pain or died instantly?
What Was the first gloster meteor powered by ?
How much would pilot school cost in the Philippines?
RAF flight plan question?
What does helipad mean?
What agency do I contact if I see dangerous flying of small airplanes?
battery charger and mobile charger?
After you ride a plane, how do you get that weird feeling out of your ears?
Does anyone know where I can find diagrams or a video on how the rotors of helicopters react to controls?
what are the wing-lets of the boeing 747 and A340 for?
How does wind help planes to fly?
E6b home work How do I figure this out?
Airline ticket question!!!?
Do you think that the student pilot who ed up the plane he was flying in Seattle?
American airline flight attendant please coming !!!!!!?
Why aren't the windows in passenger airplanes bigger?
the engine location of the vc 10 aircraft?
How do pilots know where they are going ?
Should I be a pilot or not?
Does El Al airlines have power-ports?
I was asked out on a date by a guy who claims to be an airline pilot.How do I know if he is telling the truth?
If you really want something do you get it?
Delta Airlines Ready Reserve INFO?
what do i need to know to be a commercial pilot?
Better?? Men or women flight attendants?
Plane Ticket Help needed?
where could i get a cheap, mini jet engine?
Can you identify this helicopter?
is there an existing flight 1234 of united airlines?
Where can i purchase an authentic WWII military airplane?
Any air force recruiters or air force members that can help me please!?
Is it possible for me to be a pilot?
how long well take to became a 747 pilot and what kind of qualfaction theyr looking for and how much well cost?
can i take liquids in hold luggage?
747-400 Flaps setting for take off , Level flight and Landing ??
what color is 100LL avgas?
What is the best airline to fly from New York City to Sacramento, CA?
Why are there visible coloured bands in a jet engine afterburner flame?
own your own privet airport...?
Where is the safest place to sit on an airplane?
Is there a video of an Boeing 737-900 crashing?
skydiving operations?
what is the fuel of areoplane?
Would I still be able to become a Commercial airline pilot, even though I have a lazy eye?
hwo much the ticket coast to Canada?
can a pilot be color blind im but slightly i can see all colors it just shading is a little off?
pilots license?
Scared of flying..........?
what are some ways i can get more range from a frs/gmrs radio?
Is flying a plane just like driving a car?
Are you nervous about airplanes?
Im going on my first solo cross country flight tomorrow, do you have any advice for me?
First plane... Cessna 150 or 172? Train in your own plane?
How does the FAA get contact you for a interview?Email, Letter or Phone?
how many flights do us air way control a day?
at any one point in time, how many planes are airborne around the world?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
Santos Dumont invented the airplane?
where do u go on a satrday?
i'm asking about a film made on a true story of a plane crash in egypt ?
How Much Will It Cost To Get Pilots License To Be A Airline Pilot?
can all pilots fly a helicopter?
Is the Jeppesen J-AID's any good?
Bell 430 (airplane)?
Why did the Germans use Zeppelins instead of bomber aircraft in WW1?
when will airbus give up?
Can u tell me the scipe of commercial pilot for females?
I need to find a departure point of a passenger aircraft in the 1960's, how would I do that?
How can i get DEEP IN aviation?
How much will it be for a Timeshare on a single engine A/C?
About flying planes in the air force?
How many type of pilot are there?
Why the max entry age of 31 for FAA atc?
Which of these describes a challenge that the engineer of a high-altitude airplane?
How do I align aircraft with the runway during landing in flight simulator?
my mom is going to Japan today and im worried as heck?
Anybody in the Milwaukee-Racine-Whitewater WI area taking tourists for flights on an ultralight aircraft?
This is my first cruise my flight land at 12:30 is that enough time to get to the ship. I just want to be sure
U.S Marine corps commercial track identification?
what are my chances at becoming an air traffic controller? (CTI)?
Why don’t we have supersonic passenger jets?
military aircraft?
what would happen if a 747 crashed into a car?
Is there any detailed guide on how to build a Boeing 737 model out of paper?
airport related career?
What is the Future Russian MIG Fighter other than Pak Fa T 50 and Mig 1.42. What is the Future Mig Fighter Jet
Should Altimeters be connected to parachutes for safety? in case of emergency i.e the sky diver passes out?
Why are so many pilots nowadays so rudder happy?
I want to fly Air Force 1, when i get older (i knw BIG dream right?) do u think i can achieve it?
Who were the first men to fly?
what is the probability we will survive a airplane crash?
A few years back someone planned to give blimp sightseeing tours over Las Vegas. Did that ever take off?
can one person fly the dassult falcon 900 ex?
Im in soical studies class and iim doing a project and illegal immigratrion... how can it be stopped?
what is FAA form 8600? what information is on this form?
Why are Ryanair landings always so hard?!?
how can i know where commercial trucks are permitted in ny?
which aircraft can haul heavier loads 747-800,C5 Galaxy,777 freighter or A380?
How hard is The canadian Private Pilots License Exan?
when you watch the movie Airplane!?
How to develop a tool which creates S1000D compliant IETM or MANUALS?
How are FMC/FMS routes generated today?
my flight is delayed..when to reach airport?
airline pilot's social life?
how long is a flight from Glasgow to Faro?
What can an ex-helicopter pilot do for a living?
If you are traveling at supersonic speeds, can you hear yourself talk?
A uniform helicopter rotor blade is 8.33 m long, has a mass of 105 kg, and is attached to the rotor axle by a?
does jet engine pull or push the plane thru the air ?
Can a Plane with a piston ENGINE stall?
Airplane fees? Round-trip, or separate?
What is performan service?
How many hours is the flight from London heath row to Columbia?
what is the way of the airline marketing?
which small plane are the safest.?
What was the most advanced aircraft for its time?
What is wrong with the airline industry?
IFR Approach Assigments?
How could an airline reduce costs?
Which section of seats safer?
Why did my plane slow down after take off?
How many jobs does Midway Airport support?
What troubles does a pilot (aviator) encounter with his work?
How to choose a Pusher Propeller for a Trike Glider?
When the first seatbelt came out?
How does an aeroplane work/lift off?
Turning errors; I think this is a trick question?
Requirements for being a flight attendent etc?
What does engine muscle pressure refer to?
Average speed of plane?
All flying tail???
who is Interjet Systems?
Question about VOR nav?
Is the propeller on a light aircraft hot or cold when it's landed?
What's the name of the maneuver often performed by Airwolf or a model of the helicopter?
What are some of the reasons that the quality of air travel is decreasing?
Helicopter losing its tail rotor, what would the pilot do next?
Is there a website where I can find airline load factor information?
becoming an airline pilot?
I have a school project on air forces and i need codes(rules)?
new airplane being built in new mexico?
Why do airplanes not travel in a straight line?
Fieseler Storch measurements?
Is it regulated/advised when the airline pilots has to use the autopilot and when they can/must go manual?
Can anyone help me to find the documentary movie "Deadly Crossroads" ?
Pilots licence international transfer?
Whats a good name for a plane crash story?
concord plane?
A good watch for a pilot?
Were is the airforce bootcamp located?
what are blue rooms on an aircraft?
Is b-2 spirit no.1 bomber aircraft of the world?
dose any pilots out there know the call signs like n=november?
Would you fly an aircraft into a hurricane?
First check ride coming up on Monday, any advice for a first timer?
Concorde gates and parking stands?
Could anyone give me information about the Ari-Ben Aviator Inc. Flight School?
what is the name of the helicopter with two rotors?
Its is good to be a pilot in india?
what website offers the cheapest airline flights in the U.S.?
Is a UAV pilot a better job than a regular airplane pilot?
What kind of aircraft do you own? How often do you get to fly it?
Rivet and panel lines on p-51 mustang?
iam 31 years old have a private pilots licence can i apply to an airline company?
Most complex looking Approach Plates?!?
Im doing project on Airplanes. Can anyone give me a good sugestion about airplane design?
how jet engine thrust measure?
I want to be a commercial pilot . I'm wondering what I need to go to college for?
What do pilots do during those long flights? What really goes on in the cockpit?
What are some careers that deal with Airplanes?
Do you have to have gone to a Canadian University in order to join the Canadian Air Force?
What does "no step" mean on the wing of an airplane?
What causes the vapor trail on aircraft?
Do I have to be an US citizen to make PPL(A) training in the US?
737NG aircraft- why the engine bleed switches are always kept in 'ON' position in the cockpit?
Auto fuel STC for Cessna 150?
is jet express safe to use?
how a special handlin situation wil b handled in de absence of any info or document?
Is it true that a 727 or another big jet (747, 777) could disintegrate if it fly at say 300mph at 2000 feet?
On An Airplane, What Can I Take To Keep Myself Not Bored?
FOB related with ocean freight?
whats the cheapest gas rc plane out there?
some airplanes have to have cabins that are pressurized why?
What makes a airplane fly?
what are the requirements to obtain a ferry permit to fly a plane from one location to another?
Flying a Plane?
How to land a Boeing 747 with autopilot aid on Flight Simulator X?
How do i persue a career in becoming a Jet pilot?
how have airplanes connected the world?
what is a nuclear pulse jet .?
has boeing ever made a commercial airplane that did not start and end with a 7?
Reliable sources for aviation during WWII?
can a p plater carry more than 1 passenger between the hours of 11pm-5am if they are all over the age of 21?
Air Traffic Control Question?
Why do military helicopters have wings?
How old do you have to be to fly alone?
Calculation of Distance turn anticipation for a fly by waypoint?
Can I become a doctor or an airline pilot without knowing maths,chemistry and physici's?
At what speed does a commercial jet plane slow down to land on a runway?
what should i do after high school to become a pilot?
How much is the cost for a new passenger helicopter? How I can purchase a passenger helicopter?
Where can i get a good jet engine diagram (to model in 3D)?
What are the types of engines used in rc helicopter?
How do I find prices on Air fare, along with times?
How do u get over the fear of flying??
is it possible to fly?
why aeroplanes don't just fall out of the sky??????
what are the physical requirements to become a pilot?
Bringing fluids on a plane?
airplane mechanics please come?
Wings on planes. Why?
Does the Israeli Air Force have a display team? If it does, what's its name.?
what is the length of helicopter rotors on average?
How loud would a sonic boom be if there were no engine noise?
I have stammering problem, can i become an avionics aircraft maintenance technician in any airlines.? Can this?
If a pilot in a two seated fighter jet passed out, can the other pilot take over and land the plane?
what is a chock,hinged?
what would be the ultimate vacation: rig's off a bridge, lear landing on mesa's?
A helicopter with a tail rotor is safer or not?
Why do you have to put the window shutters up when taking-off and landing on an airplane?
Civil Air Patrol question?
do planes take off and land into the wind or with the wind and why??
How do you curtail recreational flying in sensitive areas?
What is the speed of a 747 Jet at take off?
Flying, and is it safe? !?
what is the best military fighter jet out there do you recon?
Turboprop versus jet airplane?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
Desperate help needed with pilots...?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmet's?
How much does in cost for a small dog(25 lbs) to fly roundrip on an airplane?
Wouldn't a girl be a better pilot than a boy? They weigh less and waste less gas.?
What is the difference in weight carrying capacity of a 747 jet . . .?
If you jump when you're in a plane, would you move back a bit?
Who is the owner of log cabin in Holyoke ?
Where did the famous aviation water cannon salute originated from?
About Airbus A321?
How can i become a commercial pilot? Do i need to continue college?
Why don't airplanes have hybrid engines?
Why dont they provide Parachutes on passenger airplanes like Boieng 747 ???
what is a sailplane?
Is there wifi on planes?
Are on ground baggage carts putting too many flights at risk of decompression crash?
why do the graduated numbers on a hydrometer read smaller as it sinks lower?
What are the duties of an airline crew?
Did the Luftwaffe's KG 200 use any captured aircraft in combat?
What is the purpose of the airport tower searchlight?
How do you use a navigation plotter on a sectional map to tell true heading?
Will pilot training make me less anxious at take off?
For those ppl who's familiar with EASA part-145?
How much do chaperons for minors on a airplane cost?
Is United Airlines a good airline?
What is "Top Flight Security of the world"?
what is the minimum age to fly alone in the UK?
Moving between Terminal B and Terminal C at Newark Airport?
what's a 4 letter word for a seat in the front of a plane?
Why isn't F-35 as maneuverable as F-22 although it is ligher ?
is EGYPTAIR a good traveling company?
Why do they dim the lights in airplanes at takeoff and landing?
How Would I Go About Becoming a Seaplane Pilot?
am i correct in saying that airlines are going off 747`s and using 777`s more?
What is the white cloud left behind jets?
How to become a commercial Pilot?
Why is flight 19 called flight 19?
What is the best flight school in Miami?
What does it mean when a airplane pilot indicates "heavy"?
Do pilots become tired of flying?
I want to start a bissiness?
Why do aircraft transponders have an off switch?
Aurora aircraft?
i have choose "Asia pacific flight school" Malaysia for my pilot training can?
What is a website to buy a Ultralight helicopter or a /gyrocopter?
Flying supersonic in an airshow?
What can I do with my certification in airport management?
What is FAR 23.149 for?
Will the CAA reply honestly if I ask .....?
What is the rough starting salary for succesful cadets?
is there a halifax bank in manchester airport?
What is Air Hitchhiking?
What is the difference between a jet engine and a turbo prop engine on a plane?
how can i adjust my SUPER TIGER engine(model plane)?
When is the best time to purchase airline ticket Toronto-New York for a departure 11/23, now or a month out?
have you ever flown in a helicopter?
I'm a 15 year old boy and I want to be a international pilot for a big airliner. What is the best way to be 1?
How much does this cost?
What should i study to be a flight steward with singapore airlines?
what causes air pockets when in an airplane that cause it to drop?
suppose a bomber is flying at an attitude of 1 mile and at a speed of 300 mi/h. how far ahead of the target?
Can a female be a pilot?
i get real bad earaches just as soon as plane starts to descend what can i do or take i dont drink?
what are some errors made by pilots before landing?
how has airplane procedures changed since 9/11?
how to make heli cage air hog helicopter stop spinning?
How would a pilot prevent a turning stall?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness?
Notice a lot of Music stars & Celebs die in plane crashes?
does the rotation of the earth have an impact on the distance travelled by an airplane?
How did you build up your 1500 hours for the ATPL?
Why are there floatation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
how much are plane tickets for 2 adults and 2 children?
What are the airplane high-intensity white lights called?
mini mun medical requirement for cabin crew ? i want to apply for cabin crew i am having train now?
how to build a real helicopter for one personal fly?
What is the most affordable airplane to purchase/operate for someone looking to get their vfr pilots license?
What do the airline people do with those little pillows after all the passengers leave?
how long....?
Where can I buy a B-2 Bomber?
What are the approximate maintenance costs of a Socata TB-9 and TB-10?
Why aren't there any bomb craters visible from Google Earth on the islands in Lake Murray SC?
What is the commercial where it goes?
How come bombers don't have their bomb loads pointed downwards?
why do aircrafts have pinholes within their windows?
Can a 260 lbs man who is 6'2 fly a HH-60G Pave Hawk?
Is it true that not all planes have black boxes?
How many aircraft types have you flew on?
What is the legality of taking photographs of airplanes?
How high can the Jumbo Jet giving the Space Shuttle a piggyback go?
is being a airline pilot a boring job?
How is Federal Aviation administration(FAA) connected with Air traffic controller?
GEMINI JETS FANS ONLY. Should i get jetblue 10th anniversary or virgin america a320?
How can I find out which Airline flight?
How many flight takeoffs per day in the world?
Can you build hours toward you IFR rating before you're 17 an before you have your private pilots license?
What is typical installed cost of Garmin G600 in a Bonanza?
How do I conquer my fear of flying?
Aviators: Is there such thing as an air pocket?
when an aircraft flies faster than the sound do we see the plane first and then hear it pass...or otherwise?
Need some papers for my thesis? PLEASE ADVISE!?
Job opening.?
How and where may I find the job I want? Will you hire me?
When was the last time you've flown Eastern Airlines?
How to do start air flare?
What should the cockpit crew do on a dc8 jet when u hear the GPWS alarm goes off during descent for landing?
huey uh-1 or f-4 phantom?
Cheap airline tickets?
What is the fully loaded weight of a Cirrus SR22?
if i want to own a microlight flight or a paragliding where doi look to and what could be the prices?
if a car driveing 3000 km per h how many force it using.............?
Where can I find How to make a hot air balloon for a Cub/Scout den?
Is there overtime work for pilots?
If I am colour blind, does that mean I cannot become a pilot?
How much does a commercial airline jet cost?
I want become a pilot how can I?
a- 10 warthog fighter jet?
How much would a private helicopter cost for flying 90 miles a day one day a week?
Air traffic controller vs. Helicopter/Aircraft mechanic?
Air Traffic Control question?
Career pilot advice needed... R there practical and affordable paths? Would it be wise with present economy?
What is the radio frequencies of Exeter Airport (UK)?
for pilots, do you prefer steam powered gauges or glass display?
How high can planes fly?
cowl flaps?
Will I be kicked of the plane?
What is the rate of climb for a Boeing 737?
Maths pilots use, what should I take?
what would it be like if you have to jump out of a plane obove the highest clouds in the sky?
Lufthansa Airlines Workforce?!!?
Do pilots with degrees get paided more than pilots without degrees?
Are there any pilot jobs at the moment?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation ?
how bad is it if i fail my oral exam for private pilot twice?
Airline pilots - how do you get home?
Commercial Pilot?
What is the top altitude a passenger jet such as a 747 can handle?
How to properly trim the aircraft?
Is there any loans or anything for flight training?
Is US airways one of the safest planes?
How do I become a pavehawk pilot in the U.S. Airforce?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
how to get an Airworthiness certificate , and at what price ?
If you fly on a NE heading forever?
Do you have to be intelligent to be a pilot?
questions on airplanes?
Steps to becoming a flight instructor?
Why do planes need de-icing?
how much fuel does a small airplane use?
I saw some very tall towers right before landing at DFW. They look like communication towers. What are they?
What is the configuration of a Triple Spool Gas Turbine . ( Aircraft E.g.RR Trent)?
Does it sounds normal that to build a helicopter you should use 1 horspower for 5kg?
What are the chances of a commercial aircraft crashing into the ocean?
I am looking to purchase a V-tail Bonanza 78-82. Any one know of one available?
Does using a cell phone in an airplane really affect its flight??
Hindenburg question?
why boeing comercial aircraft use 7 as their numbering system?
plane problems?
Why do larger birds flap their wings slower than smaller birds? Why don't airplanes use flapping winfs to fly?
A fully loaded 747 versus a fully loaded 737?
Can you give me TMT Aviation school Pilot training course details?
I have uk ppl licence .can i build hours towards atpl in other jaa state?
What the heck is the FAA doing?
do you have to get weighed before you go on an airoplane?
The Wings of Passenger Jets?
How much would it cost (air flight )?
Magnetic Heading reciprocal conversion?
What are the various factors that contribute to a smooth landing of an aircraft?
how many commercial airplanes are in the world?
I sit in a aeroplane for 8 hours?
how much does aviation mechanic pay??
Aviation tech... good or bad?
Where can i buy or when is it coming out for sale a PD-100 Black Hornet helicopter????? please?
Is there any comprehensive reference material for the terms used in Air Traffic Control?
I need friends who are in pilot field?
When I grow up I want to be a pilot.?
i need mor information about The Freedoms of the Air?
Why do pilots say 'Roger'?
What is the best aircraft to start a long haul charter with? From Atlanta to Nigeria?
Okay, this is for military aircraft buffs...if you could fly any fighter, bomber, or transport in?
i need help with this plane question?
if an airplane lands in Denver, does its altimeter say its still 5,000 feet in the air?
Pilots, what kind of training would you recommend?
How much does a commercial pilot certificate cost?
Where can i get a flying machine for a heavy man?
IFR flight plan w/ STAR question?
How can i become a pilot?
What's that one song on the new Jet Blue commercial where it says jetting.....?
does any one know that how much speed required to takeoff a two seat er small plane?
Poll: Should the Boeing 737 (Plane) Family Be Retired?
is air travel more environmentally friendly than some would make out?
What is the AirIndia 77L aircraft like?
How can i overcome my fear of flying?
please tell me (in detail) how does an aeroplane fly?
TO ALL PILOTS! How do you find your descent rate. Factors: Speed, Altitude, and distance.?
Pulse jet vs. gas turbine?
Do helicopter pilots need/use oxygen masks?
is being a airline pilot a boring job?
carrer opuurtunities for an ame?
Are ATR's barred from flying through icy weather conditions?
What can I do to stop small private planes from flying over my home?
can someone from avionic department tell me,,what is the expression of 'logical 1'?
What is "provisioning for ventilation"?
wind shear scales?? help quick!!! its a flight class?
aluminum plane and WTC, 10 points?
Scared of flying..........?
where can I find information about market value of scrap aircraft?
could an f86 sabre fighter jet give the eurofighter a run for its money in a dogfight cannons only?
anyone know if the boeing 797 is out for passenger buisness?
Why don't they just put a big parachute on top of planes?
How Are Commercial Aicraft Secured?
How do you become a f-15 pilot in air national gaurd?
HOW do I make my experimental airplane pressurised? Just designing a strong sealed fuselage?
what is the easiest job in aviation?
What is the best airplane and why?
I'm planning to be a pilot......?
is there some one who knows about air traffic control course??please let me know ,,thank you ,,?
A 9/11 flight??? Is this true?
Pilots, do you ever have a moment of startling clarity while you're flying and ask yourself?
Can i go for commercial pilot after mbbs?
A 16-year-old pilot?
are the windows on aeroplanes double-glazed?
What does Total Time Air Frame mean?
chemistry and logistics involved in commercial space flight?
Is being a usaf pilot easy?
B36 Peacemaker?
how can airplanes go high? they are not alive, they can't take drugs?
Pilots License for Ex-Military Aircraft?
what does "delay" mean for airlines?
Are there any WWI aircraft still in existence? Specifically, are any in flying condition? Where can I see one?
what are some good flight schools in Brisbane area?
Does anybody know the weaknesses of an F-22 Raptor? Or is it classified?
What is the flight time from London Heathrow to Washington?
how does high angle of attack make plane stall?
Does anyone know what the pilot says before landing? What are the terms?
Is there racism in the aviation industry?
Why is .380 ACP so hard to find lately, why are .223 so expensive lately too.?
Could you shoot down a small, low-flying aircraft...?
Are there any G1000 flight schools/renters near Bellingham, WA?
Who gets paid more - a pilot or an aeronautic engineer?
How can I reduce the cost of flying lessons?
Departure Procedure help?
Building Code, for any given Airport Terminal?
how does airbusA380 promise lower fuel consumption even with higher weight?what system is used???
Who are the most important people in an airline?
Has anybody ever impersonated an airline pilot for any reason?
if the black box never gets destroyed, why dont they make the whole plan out of it?
What are the medical requirements for a pilot in INDIA?
Why are there life jackets in airplanes and no parachutes?
What common medical conditions or prescription medications can block you from getting a private pilot license?
how do i get my dad to buy me a new car again?
Any pilots know how long the conversion course is from Boeing 737-300/400/500 to the NG?
Anyone from India going to a USA flight school ?
Is it possible to convert a Ford Expedition to manual shift?
how much memory can i load in a hp7955pavilion?
are there any associations,memberships,web sites for FAA lic. aircraft dispatchers?
What flight would you rather go on?
Help ! :/ need some advice ?
Why do planes always take the longest route to their destination?
How many miles faster is an airplane than a car?
Flying the Kennedy VFR corridor on july 4th?
why is it that they can make a plane and helicopter fly but they haven't made cars that fly yet?
I'm scared of flying but never used to be?
Do you recommend Pan Am Intl Flight Academy?
where can I find information about market value of scrap aircraft?
opinion on the concorde?
Building Code, for any given Airport Terminal?
How much a boeing 747 cost to buy?
Is there a website to request outdated equipment manuals?
Has anyone flown on the Boeing 737-800 model?
Should I give up on my dream of being a pilot...?
Were more RAF air crew were killed in Lancasters than in Wellington Bombers?
I heard that you cant take certain things with you to the airport since the terrorism or something like that?
How do you print out your itinerary on hotmail?
What are leading edge flaps and slats?
Would it be possible that humans could fly ?
kamakazie pilots !!!?
Private Helicopter License and the Pilot Industry Pros and Cons?
Question about vortex generators on airplanes?
What is the cheapest day of the week to book airline tickets?
How many times have u been on an airplane?
Can someone explain to me what a codeshare agreement between airlines means?
What is the Civil Air Patrol?
how can i get a Student Pilot Licence?
why did the engines stop for 3-4 seconds just after take off?
What is the qualification for a pilot in Malaysian airlines?
What are enplanements?
What happens when a helicopter is stuck by lightening?
Aircraft brakes overheating??
What is the Comparison between Boeing 737 and F-15 Hydraulic System?
how to get to JFK airport?
What college in San Diego has a good program for air line pilots?
how long was the mach 5 gone?
I've been out of circulation for a while working on my new invention?
What does it take for a material to pass Flamability Certification, spec: FAA25.853 (B) Vertical Burn?
how much fuel does a 747 aeroplane dump into the air when it has to make an emergency landing?
Looking for nice set of plans for 2 seater,trike style powered parachute. Only plans i find are for 1 person.?
Ho can I improve my jet propulsion?
should we have a see through cockpit door on commercial flights?
Pilots, do you ever have a moment of startling clarity while you're flying and ask yourself?
What are some air ambulance companies based in vermont?
what are the airports near Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547?
Where can I search for cheap flights?
Aviation related internships for High School Students?
any body has an idea which is X-1100 oil and when it is used in engines?
EAA Young Eagles Question?
Explain Dissymetry of Lift in a helicopter. How does this apply to Retreating Blade Stall?
What is the exact physical mesuments to be an RAF helicopter pilot?
When was the first air passenger service in the United States started?
How does an airplane flying around the world remain at the same altitude?
how much rpm motor make to fly a mini aircraft?
Repainting Aircraft Addon for Fs2004?
how do I triangulate VOR?
How does airline cost affect passenger pricing?
Could a commercial airplane survive flying through a Category 5 Hurricane?
can i become a pilot in the RAF with asthma?
What happens to waste from airline toilets? How is it disposed?
Where can I buy a private jet?
What could be done to improve the condition of ATC?
Is it true every plane & ship that sailed or flew through/over the bermuda triangle disappeared?
is there any autopilot that can go in the searey homebuilt aircraft?
Hai friend, i want the complete picture air conditioning system of mi-17 helicopter?
Why do planes fly nose up?
do pilots still facing the danger of hijacking planes ?
Can cancer patients become licensed pilots?
how much would a new bell 206B3 helicopter cost?
why autopilot can't earth aircraft?
Foreign commercial pilot license conversion to Australian license?
What is the Young Eagles program, and am I too old to get into Airplanes?
Do airforce jets still get in real dogfights?
Is Skyservice airlines good?
im 32 working in a converting my career as a cabin crew in a airlines.where can i grow my career?
Pilots are nice?
if an airplane lands in Denver, does its altimeter say its still 5,000 feet in the air?
What's Next for the Next Generation?
Interesting helicopter facts?
where and how can someone buy a microlite aircraft?
Air Traffic Controllers... what do you do?
What minimum separation distanceto be kept jet blast hazard behind a 747-400 while self taxiing out ?
Can you send text messeges while flying in a airplane???
ASKING PILOTS: How to become an airline commercial pilot for AirCanada? Worth it?
where do planes go when they retire?
In what year and who made the song about air force pilots flying off into the wild blue yonder.?
what is the oldest I can can be take my PPL?
How many times have you been on an aeroplane ?
what is the exact purpose of Balance horn and control horn in aircraft flight control system?
Why does FAR91.144 prohibit flight when the barometer is above 31inches Hg?
what is the safest general aviation aircraft per hours flown according to the government records.?
Does the Military still use the term "Round Robin"?
Flying on Fri. the 13th?
when is the best time to buy airplane tickets overseas?
how to become an ag pilot?
Is 6'1 too tall to be a pilot.?
Any good places to learn how to fly a plane in Southern California? Prices? Links?
What is the approx. cost of an F 16 Fighter?
should i take admission in Aircraft maintenance engineering?
i would like to be cabin crew but im only 15 how do i start training?
qatar air line arrival time on pearson air port from lahore?
Your Open Question: If I have a bunch of stuff in my laptop bag will TSA make me empty it? ?
what is the name of the plane that can turn its jets and fly vertically to lnd?
I am fourteen years old and I want to be an Airline Pilot. What do you reccommend I do?
Will the Airbus 380 be an aviation success? does anybody know what airlines have ordered it?
How do I become a Pilot?
Could someone help me with my college selection?
do some seaplanes have retractable landing gear (floats)?
Is 6 foot a good height to become an airline pilot?
Is the F-14 Tomcat ever going to fly again?
How does the C-17 compare amongst heavy transport aircraft? Any general opinions about the plane?
Does Northwest Airlink still fly the Avro RJ's?
what do you think of this?
Fastest man flonw jet fighter? What is it?
can i still be a pilot if i'm disabled?
can anyone become a pilot if they want?
Anyone with a pilot's license?
what is the salary of an engineer and that of a pilot?
in a magazine from 1974 they showed a lancaster flying to england where is it now ?
What are the two bigest United States plane companys?
How do I find a company that produces helicopter engines?
Has anyone ever flown a king air 200?
what is a T.R.3.B is it some kind of plane?
What's a good "beginner" hang glider?
Can i get my private pilots license if im colorblind?
Websites to get cheap plane tickets?
Do you think in 5 years there will be manned aircraft?
what are the 6 games on first choice star class?
First time rc pilot... what does left throttle, right throttle, and television mean on the cessna 747 rc plane?
how much heat would be generated!?
What happens at fly-ins?
Engineering competition help?
why does my private pilot certificate issuance date keep getting extended?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes? ? ?
High School Internships for Aviation?
difference between aeronautical engineering and aircraft engineering?
what is the site for emirates airlines aviation school?
How can I get to Japan?
I would lke to fly for a nascar driver. Is there anybody out there that can assist me with contacts?
How do you remove fuel from an airplane you're renting?
Where can I find a calendar featuring the Bournemouth Airport Fire & Rescue Crew?
How to be an airline pilot fast?
what is headwind and tailwind?
Would you rather be....?
Electric Aircraft. Are there any available to the general public?
Does balloons really make you fly?
Are there any Home made jet aircraft kits????
why do parachutes have holes in the top?
why do airlines deem the light while take off and landing?
Aviation Powerplant Research Paper?
Whats the cheapes flight from Billings MT to Seattle WA?
airline full sponsorship cadet scheme list?
how long can a commerical plane fly before it is scrapped?
avionics maintence technicians?
I want to work as cabin crew in Emiratessssssss!!?
what is the function/purpose of a wing man if you are a fighter pilot.?
What things should I consider when buying an airplane?
A plane crashed at the border of Mexico and Nevada where did they Berry the survivors?
does the rotation of the earth have an impact on the distance travelled by an airplane?
Would a compressed pillow expand on a plane?
How do the israeli fighter pilots feel when their missiles & bombs "HIT THE TARGET"?do they feel "proud" ?!?
Between this airlines, which one has the best first class?
Aircraft puppy cage for in cabin?
what is the fastest air to air missile?
if a plane crashed between united states and canada were would you bury the surviors ?
What Aviation insurance company do you recommend and why?
Can anyone tell me how to get renter's insurance in Puerto Rico for a Student Pilot?
How come the inflight meal is never hot noodle soup?
how long does it take to get your pilot license?
Will it really take 50-60 hours to get my private helicopter add-on?
the first name of the origin guppy?
My father was a RAF pilot in the battle of Britain, they chucked him out because of bad eyesight but they did?
Why is cell phone use banned on airplanes?
im scared..please help =)?
» I want to make rc-jet plane as my project?
i want to learn to fly?
Air Force One(Presidential's plane) on flight simulator X?
Any Ideas for an Aircraft Design?
Is the Russian Antanov aircraft still the worlds biggest aircraft.?
why did the 707 and the 727 go out of production?
Are there any airlines that offer late night flight discounts? Red eye flights for less?
where did the wright brothers first flight take place?
Info on texas flying clubs?
is it hard to get an airport customer agent job?
Can an inexperienced airline passenger land a jetliner with no help?
Why is there so much anti-Airbus sentiment on ! Answers?
How much hearing loss in one ear is required before disqualifying an FAA medical exam for pilots?
I need cheaper airfare than advertised from oklahoma city to baltimore, help?
does china manufacture aeroplane.?
What is the the difference between the f18 and f15 ?
why is an aeroplane not made in such a way its black box was made so that it will not crash?
Why can't you use any electronics while a plane takes off and again while it lands?
Is there a height limit for pilots (being to tall) if so what is it.?
What is aircraft stalling speed?
Is DB Cooper still alive?
I have Delta skymiles. How do they work?
Do U.S. military aircraft pilots carry guns?
could someone recommend "California Flight Academy" ?
What is the difference between the IC-A14 and the IC-A14S?
Was I cheated by the airline?
Where can I find a checklist to the McDonnell Douglas MD80?
who was the 1st pilot of sukhoi su 35?
Has anyone ever heard of Kevin Carter author at aircraftmechanicsalarynet?
Flight Attendants: What is the Weirdest thing that happened during a flight?
I want to be a Pilot !!?
Will flying schools allow me to use my uncle's C-152 instead of renting theirs?
Why Do Our Ears Get Blockd When We Are In A Airplane?
how many miles can a commercial jet beat in one minute?
What are duty free allowances?
What is the best way to get upgrades on United using miles?
How often must I retrain to keep my Red Wings and Inverted Brown Wings current?
Why are airplane tickets so expensive?
Hang glider pilot stats?
have the delta 767-400 trasatlantic airplane personal tv?
Phone Number for American Airlines?
see if you can figure it out?
Air Traffic Controller?
Why don't airplanes have to flap their wings like birds do?
MINIMAL T-6G • PROJECT WANTED • I have most parts for a T-6G. I would like to find a minimal T-6G project with?
difference between aeronautical engineering and aircraft engineering?
What makes Plane ticket prices go up?
im flying to london soon and i just want to know how bad/slow the check-in process is...?
Are My Chances Of Dieing in a Plane Crash Higher Than My Chances Of Dieing In A Car Crash?
Did kamikaze pilots have to pass a flying test?
why cant fighter pilots speak?
wats the wether going 2 b like in Texas today & tomorrow?
Can Pilot's Tell Passenger's Their Packing Heat?
Master of Aviation Management?
Is It Possible To Buy An Old or Have Someone Build A New Bf-109?
I heard that theres a civil plane in which the auto pilot does 100% of the flight including:::::?
Are transatlantic jets carrying enough fuel? Over 500 diversions to Bangor in 8 years.?
Boston Virtual ATC ground/clearance exam?
i am working as aviation operator at dubai air port how i get Aircraft Refuel Jobs in uk?
why if the black box in an airoplane is indestructuble with the metal its made of why isnt the plane...?
Is there a special gate for private jets at airports?
air traffic controller salary?
What's the point of an airplane doing a touch and go landing?
Can aeroplanes stay in one place (like stop) in the sky at least few minutes?
Does the f-22 have thrust vectoring and vtol capabilities?
Would a concrete plane fly?
do you think in the future there will be flying cars?
Is the su 27,30, or 35 more maneuverable than the f22? All of these planes only thrust vector up and down?
Free Cad for Aircraft?
What are the different verticle takeoff airplanes?
Is there any way to get flying blue miles for free fast?
What do you earn as a civil pilot?
About to go to flight school?
How to private number 447?
how many points do you need in your leaving cert to be a pilot?, (only Irish people will be able to answer)?
Favorite commercial aircraft of all time?
wat do u think about mauritius?
landing exactly on the runway?
how much does a cheap helicopter cost?
how can i keep my focus under pressure?
what is the weight limit for hand carry bags when you travel by plane?
IFR Approach Assigments?
What is the best plane one can buy with 50-80k ? ?
Most practical career fields involving helicopter piloting?
What is the technical name of the tube used for transfering passenger into the plane at the airport?
should i take admission in Aircraft maintenance engineering?
If the “black box” flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,?
at age 14, what airlines can I travel on to london by myself?
How do you increase your G-force tolerance?
How to Fly a Holding Pattern?
Generally, are airplanes louder during landing or takeoff?
Private pilot license for $5,000 - worth it?
What does this person mean in aviation terms?
Why does VTOL fighter jets consume more fuel when going vertical?
how do you feel about the plane crash in the huson river? were you scared?
Can a commercial airplane land on autopilot?
Is there any other way to be a commercial pilot based in Singapore other than joining SIA?
Can somebody explain the process of animals flying on air planes?
VFR in class A airspace?
How to get my Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft Licensing?
why do the graduated numbers on a hydrometer read smaller as it sinks lower?
Is the Cessna LSA airplane a go...or are they still in the business model research mode?
Can this hapen?aman jump from an airplane.?
What causes an F-14 to move when on the ground? Engine thrust or is their something in the wheels?
Does anyone remember what the commercial that had the Shook up ramen was for?
What is the cost to get a corporate jet pilot license?
how do i make a paper car?
what model mooney is best; J or K (turbo or not)
Are you allowed into the cockpit to meet the pilots?
I would like to know about becoming an airline pilot, I am 13 years old.?
why is the saab 2000 aircraft not certified under far part 121 and 25?
how the shape of airplanes wings helps to create unbalanced force on the wing?
im flying out on holiday on friday 13th !!!! help?
why do airplanes have such small windows??
I'd like to pay my car registration tags, and this isn't my phone i'm not the owner of this phone my info @r?
Flying southwest?
Are there any single engine piston aircraft at cruise at 145+ knots for under 55k?
How much money in fuel does it take to fly a 727 airplane per mile?
Anyone that learn about aircraft hydraulics system for Boeing 727?
How many snakes can you fit on a plane?
What does this mean when contacting ATC?
four first world war military aeroplanes?
What was the WORST plane to be used in WW2?
Can you land a floatplane on any body of water?
Ultralight Ideas?????????????
Free Plans to Build your own light aircraft online?
NYC tragic accident?
What's ohio state aviation gpa at least? for pilot program?
what does an average airplane (comemrcial like b-737) landing feel like?
What would happen if.........?
helicopter and a plane are alike?
What if I don't have any diploma or certificate's but with lots of flying experience, regional airline pilot?
Pilot Training on a Sport Aircraft?
Why do i get funny looks when i go to the airport?
Paper Airplane for Physics?
aeroplane take-off?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
What requirements do I need to become an airline pilot?
What Got "Kelly Johnson" hired??
Need help identifying a part.?
If the little black box is indestructable, why dont they make the whole plane out of it?
When do static displays arrive at Nellis Aviation Nation?
How do I pick minimum altitude over an airfield?
How come when you are on an airplane moving at 350 mph you don't feel like you are moving that quickly?
I want to bye aircraft makeup for aviation maintenance training school?
Why would an unoccupied, in-air helicopter be tethered to a guardrail?
Will the cost of airfare increase a lot by around 2009?
What is the Aviation Quality Manager Requirements? what is the Required Courses?
Does it make sense to charter a jet form NYC to ROme for about 50 people for a wedding?
Is it true that if you open an airplane door while flying you will be blown out of the plane if near it?
How can you make good paper airplanes?
Can A pilot can drink beer and wine or any one?
What should a person wear at an interview?..Aircraft mechanic?
what is the differnt between aircraft reg.number and some number with CN*****?
Would the plane still fly after 100 years?
Can I be employed as a part time Jet Pilot?
where can you buy a build your own helicoptor kit? (they talked about it on the show tactcial to practical)?
What does codeshare mean?
how can airplanes fly?
This is for all Civilian and Law enforcement Helicopter Pilots.?
Is Allegiant Air a safe airline?
WC Hose ? xD Airplane thingy question xd?
Why did we retire the Phantom?
Where did the idea of aeroplanes come from?
Are they games in arik airline airbuss A340 500?
tell me the history of jet airways CEO,MD of the company & when it was started?
what gender is an aircraft?
how does aircraft land automatically by the control of the airport tower?
Why are most airplanes painted white?
What happens if a pilot is flying VFR and then conditions get bad while in mid-air?
shipping freights?
Does anyone remember Fleet Carrier Corp?
gliding: where to take off; where to land?
how much is a brand new 2011 mooney acclaim type s? ovation 2 gx?
isn't charlotte douglas intl airport huge?
what do you call the flag used on airports, to determine wind blowing direction?
757-200 Trans-Atlantic?
The Vulcan bomber is set to fly again next year, but it needs a mil a year,How can we donate, to keep thisok?
what are the differences between the F-5 and F-20?
an air force officer Job ?
Airplane wings?
What is the fastest airplane carrying more then 200 people in it?
Average miles per dollar per pound(s) of freight? - 10 Points?
How much did Delta buy Northwest for?
Aviation/Airport communities?
Can I book a private jet online? Where and how?
Good ideas for a thank you treat for an aspiring pilot around/near west london/reading?
proofread this please?
I want to be a pilot Without College Degree?
Spitfire Undercart.?
I need information on a 1966 SICMA AERO SEAT. Serial No. 115, Manufactured by SICMA, in Paris.?
A Jet Almost Hit My House!?
Is it safer on an airplane with more or less ppl?
what aircraft has shortest landing and take off rolls?
the sonic boom,what,how and why?
Why is the nose of a subsonic aircraft shaped like a paraboloid?
Is a trustworthy site?
why do kamakazee pilots wear helmets?
Whats going to happen to our planes when the planet runs out of fuel ?
Military pilots and commercial pilots ejecting?
How to Read an Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR)?
whats the nearest airport to Forest Hill MD ?