Which airplane would 100,000$ buy you?
can we go for pilot training after 10th?
When an aircraft banks to the left in a turn, rudder moves:?
I am looking for free plans on how to make planes out of soda cans. Any ideas?
Flight Simulator 2004 - How to do a quick descent from 25000ft to 3000ft, without pointing the nose down?
What are the different forms of secondary flight controls used on today's aircraft?
Isle of mann airlines Manx2/EuroManx?
Why are there floatation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
Which plane would win in a dogfight -Eurofighter Typhoon or F18?
what does the three letter city code MCO stand for?
Can a commercial jet do a barrel role?
What are your rights during a ramp check if you are flying in a part 141 aircraft?
What happened to flight 19 in 1945?
What does COVAK stand for?
Now that fling cars are almost here,will u have to have a pilot's license also?
what's the difference between the words AIRCRAFT and AIRPLANE?
How is an aircraft's longitudinal stability achieved ?
Just curious. How do airplanes dispose off human excreta?
How to not be so scared of air planes..please help..?
Can I get High G traning I am a civy/ can I get a high performance airplane ie; jets and not a Learjet ?
did there have been a TFR around st. petersburg today during the CNN-youtube thing?
What does "Flat Rated Temperature" mean in reference to jet engines?
Please show me the schedule flight?
how much would a cessna citation cj2 cost?
What is the speed of an aircraft?
Air Traffic San Andreas?
Landing a plane?
Which airline has prettiest planes in the sky?
How much do British pilots make per month?
Cheap flight simulator cockpit?
How can I find a tail number for this flight AF38. Airbus A330-200 (twin-jet) (A332/Q)?
Do the wheels stop on the plane?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
which is the largest aircraft in the world?(cargo /passenger)?
Aircraft conversion question?
Do you need to know very advance math in order to be a pilot?
Please guide me to become an emirates airline pilot ?
Can any air pilots explain the reason for their(your) high salary?
how many tankers for 8 f-16s?
Which metal is used to make aeroplanes as it is very light?
what part does the magneto ignition system have that the capacitive discharge system does not?
Where can I find free FSX downloads for the Philippines and airlines from the Philippines?
Boeing 767-300ER Landing,WATCH?
Is it possible to model external nacelles in XFLR5?
what my aim in future life plane?
Airplane pilot in Canada?
Software value in Aerospace?
how to get ready for Ground school? (Aviation ground school)?
Want to start pilot training in U.S.A/Texas?
how to set multiple routes on FS2004?
Some 737s can operate on 4300ft runways. Is take off or landing on short rways more stressful for the pilot?
What are some cities on the US west coast that have major Airports?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
What was airline and flight number that hit the pentagon in 9/11?
which is better virgin atlantic or BA on the mia to lhr route?
how much does Hines aircraft cost?
Do You Like Those Old Two Seater Aircraft That You See In films - Engine Cuts Off In Mid-Flight?
What licenses do I need for a Cessna 152?
air ghosts?
How many of you ladies would date a Marine Fighter Pilot?
Whats the coolest gadget they have on Air force one?
Are there any sort of aircrafts that fly at night with no lights?
What is a Municipal Airport?
Which is better the Bombardier Global Express (GLEX) or the Gulfstream G550 (G550)?
what are the odds of 'Autopilot' failing on landing approach..?
Question for any seasoned Hawker 800XP captain?
Which Radio-controlled aircraft(rcplane) is best for me,?
How do flight pilots urinate in flight?
how much would it cost to have my dog shipped via airline?
what is the embarkation procedure for VVIP/VIP?
what is a chock,hinged?
Charles De Gualle Airport connecting flight? Paris flight?
which one is better? instrument rating on single engine or multi engine for pilot course...?
Why do astronauts wear pressurized suits?
Is it possible to make a working replica of Airwolf, that's life size and does all the stuff Airwolf can do?
i want to know if theres a flight from philippines to india?
Is an enstrom helicopter easier to fly than a Robinson r22?
How do flight attendants survive on $18,000 per year living in NYC?
do you have too be slim to be a flight attendant?
Hydrogen Planes?
Would you catch a plane on the date 9/11 or would you be too scared?
What is a good airline website to buy cheap tickets?
is kerosene used as fuel for flying planes?
how are airplanes powered?
What is the top altitude a passenger jet such as a 747 can handle?
Where can you get a commercial pilot license ?
Every airline dims cabin lights for takeoff/landing 'for security reasons'. How does it make it more secure?
What will stop a pasenger from opening an airplane door while in flight? Can it be locked?
How do u land an airplane?
Why are windows on airplanes so low that you have to crunch down to see out them?
wht are the impect of the aviation industry?
Can a US FCC issued Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RP) be converted to an Indian RTR License..?
Is 28 too old to commence a career in aviation?
why are jet engines attached to wings?
bad eyesight but wanna become a pilot?
What is the cheapest thing you can own and fly?
Does anyone know the new cost of a EC120b helicopter?
Would going into a four year aeronautics program be wise to do if i want a career as an airline pilot?
Is it possible for a helicopter to fly upside down?
Travel to Scotland?
Currently in Jacksonville,FL - options: Atlanta,Houston,or Phoenix..?
What are the chances of my plane I am getting on tomorrow crashing?
Aviation high school in toronto?
in a modern heavy jet aircraft how the Reference signal is generated for antiskid system?
Hi ! I would like to know about the types of air intakes in a jet engine and effcect of each type on engine?
What airplane do you prefer?
FSX/FS9 Help?
would you ride an automatic airplane with no pilot?
Can a commercial airline fly past a super cyclone or the one like Katrina?
What to do when a kid is kicking your sit during a 12 hour flight?
Book advertised on back of Jan 2007 'Aeroplane' re RAE Farnborough. Where can I get it, cost to mail to Canada
can anyone help me to find easa66 essay samples?
who manufacturing aircraft utva 72?
What do you do flight attendants do if there is a bomb in the plane?
What are some benefits of being a test pilot?
UK pilot's licence and colourblindness?
has anyone ever seen a plane with a flat tyre ?
How do airplanes fly?
Which of these statements describes a difference between the mechanics of airplane flight and rocket flight?
What do the masks that fall down during a plane crash actually do?
Your plane crashes in the pacific Ocean...
develop a plan for making the airplane as usable for everyday life as the automobile is.?
Would you rather be 30 thousand feet in the air on a aircraft or 250 meters underwater in a submarine ALONE?
Is British Airways going to buy the Airbus A380?
Why was the Concorde (the Supersonic Airliner) discontinued if it was $$$ successful for 34 years from?
i want to down load free ring tones of flight landing?
Disymmetry of lift?
How long, if at all, can airplanes float on water?
How old were you when you made your first solo flight? and what type of aircraft you flew?
What are those aircraft undercarriage pods/casings called?
how is the opportunities as an aircraft maintenance engineer in Australia?
r/c plane brushless motor?
Do you have a picture of B412 helicopter with auxillary tank? If you do? please send it to me.?
How do pilots on VFR line up with the runway so precisely?
what is the downwind Leg?
What are the restrictions for Ultralight Helicopters?
does double yellow lines have to have a line at the end of the double yellow lines to make them valid?
Airline tones?
I'm scared to go on an airplane ?
Can all planes fly underwater?
is there any way to fly with a subwoofer with a lot of bass?
A good price to pay for an ultralight?
do commercial airplanes have ignition keys like cars?
what does it take to be a pilot for lufthansa?
What is BTA or Basic Travel Allowance?
how long would it take a human being to fall from 32000 feet in the air to the ground from an airplane?
Why the airplane pilot doesn't want to fully increase the speed of the airplane during the fight?
Help- with my EMS package, SHIPPING to the UK.. NOT HAPPY!!?
What has happened in Great Britain that we no longer seem to have the expertise to build great aircraft.?
Can jet airliner doors be opened at high altitudes?
How many of the EASA Part 66 "A" license modules do you have to repeat for the B1?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
When was the last time you saw a biplane flying? I haven't seen one in a very long time.?
Flight School in Canada?
How is an ace ranked?
Question about Airline Transport Professionals?
What companies would have a HOT PINK plane?
could a fan be used in place of a propeller on small aircraft?
Would the C-5 Galaxy perform well with GE90 engines?
kamakazie pilots !!!?
What is the best Brand/Type of Paramotor?
Free Flight Simulators For Windows Vista/Pentium Dual Core?
How is the job market in california for helicopter pilots?
Which are the mandatory documents (manuals and technical books) carried onboad an airbus/boeing aircraft.?
If you were a cocktail,what would you be and why? Not silly answers place(related to cabin crew job)?
airports with bridges?
do you have artical on america west airlines,someone died on plane, maybe yesterday?
can i still be pilot?
Is it possible to buy multipurpose solution for solution in 100 ml size?
How fast could a Black Bird (SR-71) go?
Where do planes go when they can no longer be flown on?
I from Iraq and I want get my pilot licence. What are my chances?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
can a fighter jet fly over a school ?
Why do airplanes bank when they turn?
what are the names of different aeroplanes?
Will this Airplane/train hybrid replace high-speed trains and airplanes Since this will soon be built to?
which flight do u prefer for international desitinations and why?
cargo or passenger airlines?
Why does a pilot make less than a Starbucks Manager?
How you know that you are flying with a "no frills" airline?
Is it important for a controller to understand of operation in all there sector ?
are there opportunities in Africa for training pilots in the next 10 years?
witch aircraft would win in a dogfight?
Thomson Airways - Manchester to Kefalonia? Which aircraft?
I am thinking of starting to give flight lessons to aviophobics?
Why do they make you open the blinds on an aeroplane when it comes into land or takeoff?
Was Flying in the 1960's safe?
When flying from say Las Vegas to Miami with a stop in Dallas is it possible to stay 2 days in Dallas?
how many airlines are there?
I want to become an airline pilot!!?
anyyone who made a perfect flight with the use of a laptop keyboard?
how would you handle an irate passenger in a plane?
At what time the Airbus A380 is scheduled to land in Chiago tomorrow (march 20th 2007) ?
airplane fuel?
Snowbirds/Blue Angels/Russian Knights vs Fighter jet pilots.?
has anyone known of a landing gear failure in a cessna carvan due to only been constantly overloaded?
What was the first British helicopter to fly and by whom?
How do you become a Airline Pilot in US?
Could Large Passenger Seaplanes ever come back into service ?
True or False, for aircaft experts?
Is delta-plane easy to learn?
there is a helicopter hovering over, its just hanging around. Why would it be there? for quite a few minutes?
what is like to be in first class on continential airlines to las veags?
What is the wing span of a catalina pby5a?
I lost my garmin street pilot 340?
are middle names required on airline tickets (not US)?
Is it safer on an airplane with more or less ppl?
How do I become an Air Traffic Controller?
What are some differences between Boeing and Airbus?
wanting to become a Pilot in Canada?
Who can tell me what the rules are to make global services status on United Airlines?
Does anyone know the name To these enkies?
Backup to earlier question, meant AVRO Arrow.?
Does anyone have information on what additional training is required for a person to be a STUNT pilot ?
What prevents cars from exploding when they catch fire like in the movies?
If I want to be a pilot, commercial airline or otherwise, do I just need to be really good at flying a plane..
what should I do?
Plane Operation Manuals?
why does our ears pop when we are on a plane?
Does anyone know of any good flight schools around Chicago offering CFI/CFII programs?
Does Delta Airlines allow you to bring mcdonald's?
Is BMI baby a good Air Company?
why are rudders on the rear of planes?
Civilian Pilot or British Army Helicopter Pilot?
what is the purpose of turbocharger in an engine?
What would have happened...................?
What years the supersonictransport at the Oshosh, WI EAA? The plane was the condcord.?
Commercial Pilot?
whats a name of a really cool aircraft.!ASAP?
How does rain affect small aircraft?
Why doesn't rain effect a jet engine?
I get motion-sickness easily but want to fly small planes - should I just give up?
Can you just work on planes in the airforce or do you have to actually fly one?
What is the biggest jet/plane?
Are the kamikaze pilots the bravest pilot in ww2?
Poll: How Do Planes Crash?
Why does there seem to be a frightening lack of consensus about how to fly an airplane?
If a jet flew 40 ft over your head at 800 MPH- what will the shock wave do to you (besides make you deaf)?
Are My Chances Of Dieing in a Plane Crash Higher Than My Chances Of Dieing In A Car Crash?
wat do you mean by show charges?
What is the bar like thing rotating on top of a pillar at most airports?
Have you ever had any unusual (or, terrified , or special) flight experience?
why do aeroplanes have spirals on their engines?
Most useful courses to take in high school for someone interested in being a commercial airline pilot?
why cant u use your cell phone on a plane if it has signal and it is working fine?
General Aviation - Flying to Brazil?
Why do they dim the lights in airplanes at takeoff and landing?
does anyone no where i can get work experience in the aerospace industry?
what to do for be a pilot?
what does it mean when a pilot says "heavy" to air traffic control when being vectored in for a landing?
Is it discrimination??
Is it a good idea to become a pilot?
Which aircraft was better? The Messerschmitt109 or the Focke Wulf 190?
Why won't United buy any of the new planes coming out?
Why did the QF-4 crash at Pt. Mugu Air Show 2002?
What will be a likely first flying job after CFI?
Could a commercial airliner take off, fly, and and taxi without pilot intervention?
development on the growth of aviation industry in india?
What are Cons of Airplanes?
why dont they put a screen over jet engines?
what jobs allow me to fly jets for a living other than the air force and being a test pilot?
How do you become an Air Traffic Controller?
will i get holiday ? i am gonna get a job in cabin crew ( air lines)?
On a B-17, Which engine is the Critical Engine, in relation to Vmc?
Approximately how many airplanes are in the US Air Force?
improving flight maneuvers?
How do modern aircraft avoid birdstrike?
Is there high school that teach you about the airforce and teach u how to fly jets?
can a p plater carry more than 1 passenger between the hour so f11pm-5am if they ar eall over the age of 21?
Can a plane still fly with a broken propeller?
Suggest a good name for my aviation blog?
Am I employable in the aviation world?
What is your experience with Pricelines' name your own price? Can you really get 40% off?
What Airline Do You Fly And Why? ( Ha Ha It Rhymes )?
Can a electric helicopter fly a go pro hero camera?
How can i fly like a bird?
What is the fastest jet on earth?
which planes fly high over malaga?
which is the worlds most fastest jet?
how many commercial pilots are there without jobs in India?
Can any one list me out aerospace companies using embedded systems technology ?
Do You need a pilots license to drive a UFO ?
Has anyone else noticed the unusually high amount of aircraft acidents covered by the news in the recent weeks?
why people like to go to philippines for flight schools?
which is the larger aircraft?airbus A340 or boeing 777?
Anybody ever been to a Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant day?
WWII bomber nose-art?
What airlines are in terminal 1 of San Francisco International Airport?
which are the risks for a plane crash?
Is becoming a pilot worth it?
why indian aviation industry making losses?
I've always wanted to be a pilot, however...?
Monarch Airline ZB flight or MON flight?
statistics on the airbus A380".?
Celebrities and Cirrus?
How Do Planes Fly?
Why does America feel it needs more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world put together?
Captain Sim 707 Demo for FSX?
how do i land a B737 or a lear 45 ....alll i know is alt x 3..... how would i know what rate of desend to be?
Do Pilots get into trouble if they turn the aircraft around?
I want to become a commercial airline pilot. What would be the path? Military? Aviation School? Etc?
Does fire have a speed rating? ?
what all should i study after pilot training to become a captain in an airline? and also how much will it ?
Is the F-22 Raptor the fastest jet in the world?
why cant they make a helicopter fly with a jet engine like a harrier jet instead of a big noisy prop?
Why do you have to turn off all electronic devices when landing and flying on an airplane?
Is it really possible to learn to fly in 12 hours?
Aircraft Fuel Handling Training?
Why do planes veer to the left or right immediately after they take off?
in Air craft, what is a loss of elevator. Also, what are dutch rolls in air craft.?
Do the small Regional Carriers conduct Water training?
How to buy a used aircraft (add costs)?
What can go wrong on the plane?
how many ballons do I need to fill with helium to attach to my lawn chair if I want to go for a ride?
Is a learjet 31A a practical private plane to own?
I want to go to flight school? Where should I go?
Is it true that the fuel used for running planes is kerosene?
What is glideslope ??
what rules must be followed for building a homemade ultralight aircraft?
Where on the web can I find information about most spectacular air crashes caused by human factor ?
What is harder? 4 highers / A-levels or the training required to become an Airline pilot?
Which 5th generation stealth fighter is better? The F-23 Raptor, T-50 Pak Fa, or the Chinese J-20?
What single word is the enemy for all airplane engines?
Will you be attending the 'Singapore Airshow 2012'?
why does atp (flight school) advertise so much?
Is it possible to get a high paying flying career in south east asia with little TT?
what is blade fan stall in airbus?
I was wondering,when people go to the toilets in a plane what happen to the excrement when you flush?
Phone Number for American Airlines?
Do you know anyone interested in getting better fuel mileage? In any vehicle?
do you need to wear headphones and microphone to talk to someone inside a helicopter?
I want to be a commercial pilot, but...?
Why do Boeing passenger planes always begin with 7 and Airbus with 3? Is there a reason?
How do i become a Apache pilot ?
was the P-38 Lightning the only turbocharged fighter from ww2; twin v12 Allison engines?
Can a Canadian own a aircraft with American registration in Canada?
How can I work in Australia as a A&P technician without haveing a license and am from sudan?
how can i get rid of the fear of planes?
Pilots: where did you get the money from to pay for your licence?
how much does it cost to get a helicopters pilot licence +training to get one?
Farmingdale State???
pressure required to escape the atmospher of earth?
does anyone knows how looks like an interview for job in emiratec airlines for cabin crew position????
Can someone explain to me trim in an aircraft?
What is the difference between JAA and FAA flight training.?
What color is a Boeing 707?
Are we going to be stuck with a sub sonic commercial plane forever?
Can anyone recall a case where very poorly authored software was bought or sold ?
I would like to do a presention for my class about airplanes travelers vs car travelers?
What Does AKE Mean On The Side Of LD3 Containers?
what is the limit of airplanes with the wind?
How is GROUND aircraft refuelling done?
If I'm on a plane that's being hijacked and I can get a call out, WHO DO I CALL?
is metal gear solid 3 good?
how no frills and low cost domestic airlines?
Is it possible to push-start a jumbo jet?
Can you land a Cessna 172 with no ferrings off-airport?
FSX ILS landing help?
Anyone knows where and what flight deck instrument, i can find the green dot?
At what altitude does a Boeing 737,777,747 need to be for landing???
what is the speed of airoplane per hour?
Why GPS is NOT certified for Category III IFR precision approaches?
Howz the present scope of girls in being commercial pilot? ?
I need 02 dodge caravan engine wire hornest?
any pilot aboard?
What can I do in high school that would help my chances of being a flight attendant?
How many flight hours does a flight Instructur earn annually?
Pilot Currency?
will a boeing 747 dive if it lost all 4 engine?
How do you calculate the ratio of core thrust vs bypass thrust at various altitudes on a jet engine...?
Does anyone know where united flight 93 crashed?
Do you know this? Aviation Question?
What is P/D Ratio of a Propeller? How can we calculate Twist Angles of a Propeller?
Has anywone heard of the flight school, ATP,
What do I have to do to get a waiver for my asthma for a 3rd Class medical?
how do i get a job that matches me the most?
Who's better? USAF Thunderbirds or Blue Angels?
how hard is it to get hired as a flight attendant?
do flight have septic tanks?
Are kids aloud in the cockpit?
How does the airforce work what do you do and how long until you're a pilot.?
What are the disadvantages of aircraft simulator pilot training?
How do pilots always manage to get the nose wheel to land right on the center line ALL THE TIME?
Is it possible for an adult to go to flight school, get a private licencse and make any kind of living?
Lift to Drag ratio of airfoil NACA 4415?
The difference between an aircraft and a spacecraft?
radar and endurance MK1B instrument used by observers?
Is it necessary to have cpl for for studying bachelor in aviation in pilot stream?
Is the Dassault Rafale going to get a Helmet Mounted Display System like the Eurofighter?
How many airplanes can you count in this photo?
Was the Hawker Harrier the most innovative war plane ever?
why is md-80 plane still flying and how come it took them till now to find out there was a problem?
What types of ammenities do small (personal?) planes/jets usually have?
Max total engine hours on Boeing 737-300?
Flight Dispatcher / Operations controller - airlines?
Do airport runways have underground heating?
Why is it important for airlines to have a strong training team?
can some one please tell me the experation dates for each medical certificate level?
Calling all cabin crew!?
Can someone plz tell me about a Flight School In USA providing Multi rating on Piper Seneca (economical rate)?
A pilot for Delta..?.. 10 Points?
Who likes to ride in an airplane?
what airline has the least crashes?
Is it possible to break an airplane window while it is in the air with your hands?
Drag on an airplane ?
Where in New Jersey can i buy aircraft scraps?! Like galleys and chairs?
feel less speed while travelling in Aircraft?
Genreral Aviation License Difference?
Could you give me a site which has got a pic from an airplane & also the name of the parts should be written.?
What is your favorite plane, and why?
Jas 39 gripen vs hal tejas vs jf 17 thunderbolt?
floats on a rc plane?????????
Does anyone know the China Air Cargo sched. for BNA on Dec 30th??
How do you get inside of Gliders?
Does anyone enjoy flying Midwest Airlines? If so what about it do you like?
how much money do u have to pay to get a private pilot license?
When do you think fully automated commercial air travel will be introduced?
exploding aeroplanes?
How to build up flight hours on the chopper excluding instructing?
Aircraft Mechanic; Trade School or Air force?
what does it bring while you are in cruise flight that you push the THR button in the autpopilot?
Can I wear contacts in a quick flight?
Best way to buy airline tickets ?
All right, gentlemen, a few questions for the real pilots...?
When you deploy flaps on a light aircraft does this cause the nose to pitch up or down
How does bird hit affects an flying aeroplane?
I have to have moved an old deHavilland Caribou. Is there any trucking outfit which can move wide loads?
Can any civillian be allowed to take a type rating in a mig-29 or f-18 jet aircraft?
Can anyone explain this about US WW2 aircraft?
THE BLACK BIRD > There is a plane used in WWII and it flies high and goes fast, whats its real name?
ZENAIR CH701 look-a-like / clone?
Help me out in aircraft stealth!!?
Why Can't I find Brisbane Airport Control tower live feed on the internet?
how old is justin beiber?
What are all the costs related with becoming a pilot and maintaining a plane like a DeHavilland otter?
why are airplanes so expensive?
where can i fine an active pilot on boeing 727 200 adv?
Why do I never see Boeing 747s at the airport in Puerto Rico?
what is the expressjet flight attendant hiring process like?
can i join pilot training after the age of 22?
Eurofighter typhoon VS F-22 raptor VS J-20 Black eagle .which is powerful aircraft.?
What metals are military aircraft made of?
how are planes speed measured?
How can an airplane's design make it more fuel efficient?
how can i find a wiring diagram for a 1995 kawasaki jet sky ts tandem sport?
Is it dangerous for planes to fly through thunderstorms?
Where can i get some ultralight plans similar to the hummel for a decent price and good quality?
Can we become a flight attendant if we have criminal records?
Can anyone tell me the name of the base where America stores and breaks up all of its older planes .?
where can i find all private jet owners contact list ?
Why did my air conditioner dont work?
Fighter jet stability?
what signals the capacitive discharge armature to open the primary circuit and collapse the magnetic field?
Can A pilot can drink beer and wine or any one?
Should i bother to be an airline pilot?
Wind Storm Not Safe For Flying??
How does the news broadcast live from a helicopter?
Why does Qatar Airways own C-17 aircraft?
can all pilots fly a helicopter?
How much are 50" helicopter rotor blades?
I want to look up & find singleplace kit helicopters(singleplace means 1 pilot aircraft)!?
I have just started to use mach 3?
Why is that it took long to locate the site of the KENYA airways plane crash yet it should have had a 406 elt?
whats the pay for commercial pilots?
Flying jobs? read description?
what is the largest airport in the United States?
How can I pursue a career in air traffic control?
Has anyone suffered cronic illness after flying from New York to Sao Paulo or back on Delta Airlines?
Charles De Gualle Airport connecting flight? Paris flight?
What can an ex-helicopter pilot do for a living?
Why can't they make bathrooms bigger in airplanes, trains, buses?
What is the measurement of the opening of the overhead storage compartment of a SAAB 340B aircraft?
Good light civil aircraft manufacturers?
when is the best time to buy a round trip ticket to el salvador?
How do you convert celsius to farenheit?
Why don't the airline companies have a radio control on their aircraft ?
What if a plane were to crash-land on lets say a forest? What are the odds of survival?
Are the current hand baggage restrictions going to be lifted ?
Lancaster over Holme Moss 10.9.06??
Who loves in flight meals as much as me? I want two!!?
Virgin Blue Australia flight attendant positions open and close?
french air traffic control?
when will the RAF start recruiting again?
What is the main effect of weight loss during an aircraft glide?
If money was no object what we would be the first thing you would buy?
what time is 9:30PM EST on the new Zealand clock?
what should I call my jet aircraft?
Could an individual fly or be lifted from the ground, by using multiple HELIUM balloons?
What is the maximum reading on the drop stick of the number 1 fuel tank on a Nimrod?
How to become a commerical pilot?
What is the next F-15 class?
Is anyone around that used to work at Boeing aircraft in Renton,WA in WW II? ?
What is the function of JAR OPS and subpart m organisation and what are they?
Anyone have any history with Downtown Airpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma?
Anyone here a commercial pilot for a major airline like Delt, United ect?
What is the process of getting a student pilot licence in india?
Is it true that electronic devices such as phones and ipods mess with a planes' gauges and can't be used?
What's the best way to become pilot, 2 Scenerios.?
Advice on flight academy: FlightSafety or ATP?
How high is the salary, working as an easyJet cabin crew?
How do I start the most marketable Light Sport Aircraft training program?
How can I learn how to use jet planes?
Can I buy an "unARMED" Harrier fighter JET ??
When did the last major commercial airliner crash occur?
Does the Syma S110 fly the same as the S107?
Who is the best pilot of all time?
what is the logic of green and red navigation lights on the wing tip of an aircraft?
What does it mean if a house is in a designated airport safety zone?
Can a helicopter lift when the tail rotor is damage and not working?
World War 2 German aircraft?
cylinder base bolts torque values for 0235 l2c?
A question regarding a fall from heigh?
I bought an airplane with only one wing. Do you think this is a problem?
Do you watch 'Air Crash Investigation'?
Does anyone know anything about the Tiger Mini-Hawk experimental airplane?
How to i can be pilot . india?
Can I become a pilot with a TBI?
Pilot jobs different types help needed??!!?
what kind of plane is in this picture?
why did kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
what is the difference between a pilot school and a flying school?
what kind of airplane is the Embraer 170?
Can you buy the Hiller XROE-1 or YROE-1 rotorcycles anywhere?
can someone tell me what a ch-47 d is ?
Tempo 0006 in a TAF? What is the validity of tempo in this?
What is the best value for money aviation headset on the market?
Can cans of soda be carried in checked baggage on airlines?
What is the airline using this logo ?
How does Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci airport compare to other European airports in terms of size, air traffic,
do i have to have a co Pilot?
Is Emirates a good safe Airline ?
documents checked by ground staff and cabin crew of unaccompanied minor?
Can you fly commercial jets with a commercial pilots license?
How much would flight school cost me?
What does 'ETOPS' mean?
Dear Pilots, just how common is it that your collegues fly planes after a 'few'?
I just realized I am probably afraid of flying How can I get over this fear?
what do they call the main body of a plane?
Qualificatons to be an Airline Pilot?
Help I'm on a plane and we just lost an engine?
How to become a commercial airline pilot?
How do you become a Flight Attendant?
If you have to choose between becoming a helicopter pilot or an airplane pilot which one would u want to be ?
what size slicks to hit the track with?
Physical difference from the outside between the Airbus A310 and A330?
help with a simple helicopter design?
Which is your favorite manufacturer?
Why do airplanes not travel in a straight line?
Lift Passes in La Plagne?
What's the world's longest domestic flight?
Definition of a "Short Field" in Aviation?!?
what is the salary of a commercial pilot?
What do they normally ask in a Cadet Pilot's Interview?
Where can i get a flying machine for a heavy man?
have you ever survived a plane crash or know someone who has?
I want to learn how to fly a helicopter or a small plane?
What does an Air Traffic Controller require to have.?
If you could rent a plane to write something in the sky, what would you let it write?
How Hard is it to get a private pilot certificate?
What if I create an experimental aircraft that can beat US made Aircraft?
Why would Air Force jets be flying so low?
Why are airplanes so noisy?
Can Recreational Pilot Permit be used in any country?
how can I acquire an air plane wholesale license in tx?
my prymary school name? ans are not mach?
what is the plane howard hughs designed and flew and what was it made of?
Please recommend some PC flight simulators?
What was the name of the old "umbrella" airplane that always appears in history videos?
airlines question?
Whats the Best Pilot Training School In Van Nuys, Ca?
Emergency During Night?
What will 6th generation fighters be like?
how busy is air traffic at raf northolt?
Qualifications needed to be a pilot?
was there a change in management during the ba cabin crew dispute?
If an airline pilot tips a wing or rolls the tail to the tarmac will there be a reprimand or discipline?
Have you tried using laptop while on flight? Is it allowed?
How did the "snip the shirt tie and get drenched" tradition get started?
Mach one is how many mph?
Where can I buy JR pilot wings?
$99 sale. flying to Seattle?
what is the fuel comsuption for atr 42-300 in 250 nm and the block time?
In a far future, it will be possible to build an aircraft both for space and atmospheric flight?
What steps/education is needed to become an air traffic controller?
Viewing Aircraft for Sale by COPA?
Do I have to wear my seatbelt?
What that mean housezinc?
What is the longest aircraft in the world?
Put Yourself On Board One Of The Hyjacked American Airlines Jets(911), What Would You Have Done ?
Do planes take off later in winter and earlier in summer because of light?
How can I figure out how much altitude @Vy I can climb in two miles?
Want to be cabin crew but don't want to miss out on my children?
do jet engines get more efficient in the rain?
Whats the difference between an air dispatcher and an air traffic controller?
How many doors does a ANA Airlines has ?
How long does it take an average commercial airliner to reach altitude after takeoff?
Starting a Flight Training Operation?
What is the difference between JAA and FAA flight training.?
What is your favourite airplane?
is a 4 yr degree must to become a pilot?
How does the cyclic stick move the swash plate (helicopter)?
How do pilots memorize all the controls in the cockpit?
Will a DUI affect my ability to obtain a pilots licence?
Why does the DC-10 have an engine in its tail?
I'm 20 years old is it lo late to be a pilot?
Why is there always a co-pilot along with the pilot during flights?
How do you Taxi in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Help I'm stuck... Aviation related question...?
How can I record audio in a Cessna 172?
I wan to be a commercial pilot?
Why don't we have sonic booms anymore?
How do you refuel in mid-air without the aircraft hitting each other?
How do I help my 6 yr old nephew cope with planes?
What does it mean when a departing flight is late due to the customer service gate ?
Airplane designs.?
Today at this moment having an aircraft flying above the harlem why?
Why don't commercial airliners have giant parachutes to bring the plane down safely in case of an emergency?
In a Sabreliner, what is the port or hole on the rear fuselage just aft the left turbine exhaust?
Akbar Al Shehkl?
Pilots licence to brag?
Does the f15e strike eagle have the same air-to-air capabilities as the older f15C?
cheap tickets at $150 to $200 from washington DC to Texas Forworth?
What are the limits for the cowl flaps on a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle when they are closed? Open?
who many paper airplanes design are there.?
Do student pilots in Australia get a licence card like Like drivers licences?
what is the best way to deal with the fear of flying??
does anyone know about Boeing 737's?
What is the mystery airship of 1897?
Could a Jumbo Jet (747) glide if its engines stopped working? If so how far?
What does QH mean in airplane terms?
Do the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds fly with ammunition?
why does airplanes make noise?
Does cnm of albuquqerque new mexico?
Looking for a Vega Aircraft Co employee from 1941
In reality would Leonardo Da Vinci's plane fly?
Please help. How many...?
Is John Travolta Required to have a relief crew when he flies his 707?
How easy is the route to being a commercial pilot?
What are those trails of white cloudy looking stuff you see behind airplanes in the sky?
is doing a spin in a cessna 152 safe?
Do they have a certain weight for airplanes? Was a Boeing l747 ok?
How many miles is it from Zeeland, MI to Anna Maria Island, FL?
A helicopter accelerates uniformly from 20 m/s (w) to 50 m/s (e) in 9.0s. find the average velocity for 9.0s i?
What to name my airline? 10 points for best.?
What was/is the most popular varient of the DC-9, MD-80 and MD-90 aircraft?
weak eye sight for becoming an airline pilot?
On the FSX addon 'Ultimate Traffic 2' is the Delta airlines livery the new (after they bought Northwest) one?
could you fly an aircraft when you are steaming drunk?........?
Someone please explain to me how this is even possible.?
How much does a pilot earn?
what does 30 k4p mean?
When a jet breaks the sound sound barrier, does it cause a visible ripple in the atmosphere?
What strategy and tactics did these F-14's and Libyan Mig 23 Floggers employee in this aerial battle?
the fastest plane in the world?
how do i get to stanstand airport?
When (month and year) will the Boeing Dreamliner make its first commercial flight?
low fare air ticket from guwahati to bangalore?
Does Civil Air Patrol teaches Senior members How to fly or get a pilots Certificate ?
What do you guys think of my landing?
Where can I find an on-line map of flight paths across UK?
What is the length of a airforce aircraft carrier?
ScarEd of flying on 9/11 week?
explain mach number?
In my logbook, can I log complex, night, actual, etc when logging second in command?
chromel and alumel are used for thermocouple elements.what is the wire(chromel and alumel) size?
Air Force Class Sizes?
Why can smaller jets not fly as far than bigger ones?
whats the best country to learn to fly a helicopter (PPL)?
How is air taken in the engine ?
I am a pilot for a career presentation it says to use props what props can I use?
Which Airways company takes undergraduate for Cabin Crew?
Invalidates the C of R (certificate of registration)?
Is there any way to fly in the Jump Seat of an Airliner?
What acrobatics can a STOL CH 801 do?
People, somebody knows European producers of air heating and air conditioning unit for aircrafts?
If you flew four miles in a helicopter how many minutes would you be up in the air?10 points?
Why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance that little indestructible black box is?
How do I become a pilot?
If i was becoming a pilot one day how would i get there?
Why was Manfred Von Richtofen nicknamed"The red baron"?
Rotary aviation. How difficult is it? What is the job market like?
What are antiaircraft guns or Ack Ack?
When the black box of the plane does not damage during crash,why is n't the whole plane made of Black box?
what do you call the expandable passage between the aircraft and the terminus?
Need Statement of demonstrated ability, How can I get it? Can I get it On line?
pilot class 1 medical question?
Do gliders have any kind of avionics?
cabin crew jobs in go air?
becoming a race pilot?
How do I get my plane tickets?
What is the area of rudder and elevator for Cessna 152? What is the cruise thrust for Cessna 152?
If anyone knos abt planes tht need not pass through runway??
How many people have flown safely by commercial airliner since 9/11 ?
How long after drinking is flying a plane dangerous?
I want to be a air traffic controller!! help question?
Does anyone know if you can take hand lugguage on the plane?
Does United Airlines have Wifi?
what is latest development of aircraft?.........?
are there usually florist shops in airports?
What are my best chances on becoming a pilot?
What is a C-Check on an aircraft?
Where can I find online resource material on fabricating autobody panels from carbon fiber?
What purpose does the Boeing 787s' spiked jet encasing serve?
Does anyone know of any discounts for entrance to the Spruce Goose Museum in McMinnville, OR? Thanks?
Well you all know I`m old school by now, so where is the old Good Year Blimp, do you ever see it fly?
How does the outside of the airplane get cleaned?
Do Jets with a "T-Tail" have problems in the slower flight realm?
Is it really difficult to pass the private pilot written test(helicopter), or not that hard?
Is a class d water operators license hard to get?
How can i get a FAA A&P license after getting the Indian DGCA license?
Why does it matter what direction an airplane takes off?
What is the difference between EICAS and ECAM system?
This afternoons shuttle launch was successful.?
is there many women pilot in the army?
What subjects/areas of study are covered in a sport pilot ground school?
Help for student pilot?
what is the cheapest fare to fly to boston for one day from Newark, NJ?
Can you tell me what kind of aircraft is this?
How tall is the cabin interior of the Boeing 767 (aisle) ? Could a 6'6" person work the aisle?
do you get rigid lorries with a sleeping compartment in so some one with a class c license can work away?
URGENT.why does a paper helicopter fall at a different average speed when it carries a different weight?
What do you do in the RAF?
What job can I get after my A320 ratings?
Can I learn to 'fly' using MS Flight Simulator?
what is the best sunglasses for pilot?
the person who drives the aeroplane?
What is a good job around aviation for a 16 year old?
How is a jet engine started? What starts the compressor blades turning?
have u ever saw somthing crazy on a plane??
what does mean 60kts and 80kts on boeing during take off?
In the UK, what licenses/certifications must one hold in order to become a flight instructor?
Can you pass a JAR class one medical having had eye surgery to correct vision?
what factors causes wake turbulence on airline jets ?
Where can i find airline tickets for under $150?
Is it possible to rebuild an old aircraft on new tooling?
virgin blue bag requirements?
If l missed flight what do l have to do?
Cockpit And Lavatory Doors In Aircraft?
Correct radio procedure?
737-800NG vs 737-900ER?
what is that hoses that are connected on the belly of an aircraft?
Are you allowed to drive a car in an airplane while it is in the air if you're under 16?
where can i go to become a pilot?
Is DB Cooper still alive?
Why is it necessary to leave the blinds of a plane open during take-off and landing?
Favorite Aircraft and airline?
If 90% of aircraft fatalities are due to fire, why are there no smoke hoods like you can buy fron Sporty's?
Can anyone provide actual dimensions (width) of the flaps & ailerons (at each end) of a Ju87 STUKA?
What is a really good helicopter school in Texas?
How much does an airline pilot in your country?
Can an american be a pilot in germany?
What does Total Time Air Frame mean?
Need info about CPL.?
Fighter Jets in Raleigh, NC 8 March 2012?
How can I get over my fear of flying?
How are airplanes used in other cultures?
How to be a MAS pilot?
How do i become a pilot for a passenger plane and what qualifications do i need??
How high can an airplane safely fly?
how was the airplane invented?
Is there someone who can build my ultra light for me?
Socata TB-20/21GT cabin height?
going for a liscence at 14?
i'm willing to be a pilot too. i was informed by the doctor that i have about a 4 degrees movemen of esotropia?
Does anyone know about the Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009?
Do you have (or have you had) dreams that you were flying?
Ground Crew for FSX again?
scared of getting on a plane?
what material do u put on a baby grate lakes wing?
Why cant you use cell phones on airplanes?
Does this look like a good carrier?
Airline Pilot Training?
Airline pilot emotional stress?
what does c stand for in C-130?
How high do aircrafts go?
How can airplanes fly?and dont say because they have wings...there are things that have wings that dont fly?
How do you become a pilot?
How to get a job as a cabin crew (female) in saudi arabian airlines? Qualifications?? Thnxxx?
flight schools......?
what is expansion of VISA and why its needed?
how many ventilation fans and recirculation fans do conventional aircraft like the B787 and A380 utilise?
Does Bernoulli's principle really explain airplane lift?
How to fighter jets detect when another jet has a missile lock on them?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
Flight Simulator 2004 Question?
What does it mean when the engine on a plane is smoking when landed ?
Looking for a good, fun, relatively cheap beginner RC Plane?
What is AIRCRAFT ZONING? Any details please?
Do you need to not wear glasses to become to become a commercial airline pilot in India?
do I need to confirm my flight?
Will it still be possible to be a pilot in 10 years?
what is the acronym of VT in cessna flights?
what type of questions may be asked when taking a test for a transportation security officer?
Whats the worse jet fighter around?
how high can a person fly up in a plane without oxygen?
Delta comformation?
My question is can i become a pilot if my height is 5' 1''?
Hindenburg question?
Aviation Universities that allow Flight Training and Aeronautical Engineering Studies?
Right now there is this helicopter hovering just above my house. Why would it be there?
Do you have to get your blood drawn for the 3rd class medical exam?
Air Traffic Controller Job help?
I would like to know about becoming an airline pilot, I am 13 years old.?
does any1 know the rules for taking hand lugage on a plane?
Do you need to know how to swim to become a commercial (airline) pilot in Canada?
What is the altitude/distance from shore for a helicopter to reach international jurisdiction?
Do airplanes have to follow speed limits?
explain why turbulent flow produces more drag than streamlined flow?
easy jet speedy board?
VOR names...............?
what is the oswald efficiency of pilatus pc-7?
why do pilots say roger?
What is the correct word for a flight that passes a country's airspace?
What are the maintenance intervals for a GE CJ610-4 engine?
where can i find ultralight sailplane construction plans for free?
if your only near sighted or if your only farsighted, will you still be a airplane pilot someday?
What type of bachelor's degree do you need to become a flight attendant?
What was airline and flight number that hit the pentagon in 9/11?
How many Avro Vulcan Bombers can still fly?
Is the turning radius different for each aircraft?
In a cabin crew interview, whats a good answer?
Do cobra or Apache helicopters have ejection seats, because I can think of a few problems with that.?
Why do we board planes from the Port side?
if a 747-400 airline uses 1 liter of gas every second, then how much gas does it use on a 2 hour flight ?
Why do people look up to the sky when they hear a plane or helicopter?
if the drag of an airoplane is equal to the thrust of the power planet in level flight what makes airoplane go
Where can I get flight training industry data?
How do computers help aircraft like the "Stealth Bomber" fly?
Does a jet engine run backwards when a plane lands?
Does pilot Darryl Greenamyer still fly... what is he doing these days?
Should I be getting my password and Username for Sports Ground school? Young eagles?
What is performan service?
Speeds, Directions and Heights?
where can i find VOR navigation tests for commercial pilot courses?
How do you get a job at the airport fueling planes?
which careers involve traveling?
How much do aircraft controllers make?
Does Aeroflot Boeing have little tv's on the back of the seats ?
My dream is to become a pilot :?
Can planes go in reverse?
if i want to see pyramids, In which city name i have to take flight ticket?
but trust ssc beated the barier of sound. does not this mean is the fastest?
Can someone explain why some helicopters main rotor blades end are swept tip?
Aviation / Air Law dissertation ideas?
Where Can I Find An Airline Safety Video?
Flight Attendant or Nurse?
where do airplanes dump the fuel when they have to make an emergancy landing?
why does it take longer to fly from Europe to America than back?
Aeronautical Engineering/Planes?
What is the largest airplane in the world?
wats a flight lieutenant?
How loud in units of decibels is it inside the cockpit of a Boeing 747 during flight?
I'm terrified of my flight tomorrow!?
was there ever a heinkel 111 with a fighter mounted on it?
Why would and aircraft company want to lease and aircraft?
what happens if a door is opened on an airplane in mid-flight?
How much do British pilots make per month?
Why do airplanes have blinking lights?
Does anyone know how long a flight it takes for a aircraft from Los angeles,CA to Reno NV?
What is the jet fighter featured at the beginning of The Losers?
I just got My Traffic X and I installed it for FSX and when I play FSX the planes arent there. Please Help?
How to become an AF Pararescue Jumper (PJ)?
Anyone on a plane Thurs during those winds?
please tell me the source for Reference Speed indicator used in Dornier aircraft?
has america got an equivelent to the english red arrows?
How can i view the replay of my flight on Microsoft flying simulator 2004?
flying september 9 scared :/?
How do I find CAP Pilots near me?
Can I wear glasses if I want to become a commicial pilot and will I need to take Geography as a subject?
Can you recommend a good website or a book to learn more about flying?
Could I Buy A B-2 Spirit?
Out of the two Major aircraft company which do you think is the best and why. Boeing or Airbus?
How do modern aircraft avoid birdstrike?
why are flags flying at half-mast? (6-7-07)?
What if the AC in the plane stopped working and people couldn't breath ?
isn't charlotte douglas intl airport huge?
What is it like to work as a flight attendant?
What was the plane doing?
Anyone know Info on Private Parking Tickets?
What is the combat load of a Antonov An-124 for paratroopers?
what is the turn radius of a jetline?
US Airliners Rank from 10 through 1?
How long is the flight from Frankfurt to New York-JFK?
how can I build my own RC helicopter,please?
Could you live the same hour twice!? Like turning back time!?
What was the best WW2 fighter plane?
Air Traffic Controller?
Is Hughes Aircraft part of General Motors?
What causes a plane to land with its nose pointing upwards?
What are the best flight training schools in South Africa where one can obtain their Commercial Pilot License?
how do u fly?
Are any airliners still built with analog gauge instuments?
On translantic flights at what altitude are most flights flying at eastward and why?
Is Liquid O2 Rocket fuel poisonous?
why dont they have parachutes on airliners?
In aircraft engine, "Off-design"?
What are the requirments for a private pilot license?
How many gallons of fuel does an airplane use up per day?
Paragliding: the Crosswind Top Landing Approach?
Flight Timing and Availability?
Why do ailiners have to fly at such (relatively) high altitudes?
What is your favorite airliner?
How expensive were Concorde tickets? specifically how much did they cost? what was the price-range throughout?
aerodynamic performance - light sport category aircraft?
Fastest Airliner?
Is there a good way to get cheap airfare tickets?
are you afraid of flying?
How come my sliver bullet rc helicopter wont fly?
Thomsonfly 757 aircraft refurbishment video?
On average, how many hours of flight time do you believe a pilot will have if his only destinations are 3?
2 part question: Do airplanes have reverse? If so can they fly in reverse?
flight school?
Do I have the aptitude to become a helicopter pilot?
which is better fr me to pursue being a regional airline pilot?
Can any1 guide me about IGRUA interview? ive cleared written n Wombat ?
How much does an out of service airplane cost?
Im a licenced aircraft engineer working in spore 747-400.5 yrs much paid in msian with spore pr
How mony people cant the airbus A380 hold?
how many 787s has Boeing built? Where can I find more info on how many they are building? ?
Why airlines don't have supersonic planes?
Who is the man who designed an aircraft after he was in a German concentration camp?
I'm in the market for an aircraft carrier this cyber Monday, where can I find one on sale?
Questionnaire for pilots?
Why is the F-22 like 140 million while the F-15 is only like 30 million? The Raptor only goes a little faster?
Why does and A380 land with only 2 reversers out of 4 engines?
WW2 Bomber/Flight jacket?
how do you download airplanes for flight simulator x? i want to download the a380 or any other commercial airc?
Top 10 fighter jets of 2012?
what is the crash damage repair for aircraft?
Dose anyone know is the A400M Airbus will be at RAF Fairford airshow this Year. can I get info what will be?
does any1 noe how i can get home?
Can you be an airline pilot in the U.S. if you've had open heart surgery?
Is Link Simulation & Training Air Traffic Control Academy FAA Approved? school?
about how much wind force does a weedeater rc plane give?
How old do you have to be to start private pilot training.?
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made ou
How can i get DEEP IN aviation?
How much horsepower is needed in an propeller driven airplane?
Why do airlines overbook flights?
what aircraft has shortest landing and take off rolls?
Re:parachute Q : Why is it a commonly held belief that planes plummet to the ground from high altitudes?
Would these grades allow me to become an Airline Pilot?
When is the Boeing 787 going to do its first landing at LAX? how much longer can we expect?
A-14?? That cant be right?
how to Convert UK PPL to Canadian PPL?
looking for a company in eagen, its aerospace company?
Why does TRUE Air Speed change when the same percentage power is set at different altitudes?
What is the top speed of F-22?
How do you land Airbus A380 in FSX .?
A complicated aviation question?
Can the big aeroplanes glide in case all its turbine engines failed?
What does Geronimo shout when jumping out of a plane?
what is the smallest aircraft in the world.what the retail price if they selling it?
I want to become an airline pilot!!?
How to build a tilt rotor engine?
How is Pan Am internation Flight Academy?
where is the place that have a magnetic force that the ships and airplanes are being lost?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
What are those things sticking out of the front of airplanes?
In a fuel injected system which component is the throttle and mixture control connected to?
What do I need to be good at to pilot a helicopter?
Need help on VOR navigation!?
Lockheed sr-71 blackbird?
Are you scared of flying?
If you can pilot and land a single engine propeller airplane does that mean you beat Michael Jordan entirely ?
How mony people cant the airbus A380 hold?
Block Diagram Operation Of Doppler VOR?
What are the present problems of TCAS and ACAS up-to-date?
Aircraft engine?
do hover crift exist that work on land and if they do how do they work?
how can i make a cheap homemade airplane ?
When does the EAA usually release the airshow schedule for Airventure?
How to make VTOL Engine ?
Dose antonov hire foreigners?
why don't we have flying cars?
anyone (filipino) that is working fo qatar air or emirates air as a cabin crew... can you give me tips. PLEASE?
How many different types of aircraft does Airbus manufacture?
what is a private pilot's license?
Is a flight attendant assigned to an unaccompanied minor?
What price range can you expect to pay for a A320 rating in the States?
how to be a pilot?
If you could be in a historic flight, which one would you be in?
What agency do I contact if I see dangerous flying of small airplanes?
How to become an airline pilot?
is there a website where you can do free onlie flight simulation?
is the kannad af elt a dual frequency?
Does anyone know Chesley Sullenberg's address?
What do they pay for your commercial ideas like sonic drivein?
Why do powered paragliders cost so much?
What are some ways that Airports [Airplanes] can cause water pollution?
what are some names of water airports( airports on the water) all over the world.?
when is the opposite of buggage claim?