what is the maximum hours a Boeing 777-200 can fly at top speed in the air?
Safety demonstration script in japanese for flight attendants?
why is the boeing 747 very big?
How long does it usually take to get an A & P license?
Which one is better?
Tips for instrument checkride?
What is your favorite airplane?
Any Glider Pilots / Pilots know the length of time an oxygen cylinder lasts for diamond height?
Your idea about being a flight attendant? I'm about to fly as a cabin crew, how can I handle this problem?
Anyone know anything about "Republic Aviation"?
Is the V22 Osprey aircraft a plane or a helicopter?
do you have a picture of mi-22 helicopter?
What or how would it take to become certified in the field of NDT level 1&2?
What are the requirements for being a pilot?
What happened to the British Airways Concorde flight simulator at Cranbank UK?
What is the cheapest type of helicopter?
General aviation pilots -- what would be your dream airplane?
Williams FJ33, FJ44 or PW600 series jet engines?
can i have trobule for carry a bong (water pipe) in the USA airports?
what is the difference between ram air and bleed air in aircrafts?
Cessna Citation 550 B LCN?
Is there any site out there that allows you to view and study planes that are flying over your house?
Why is stranded wire used rather than solid wire most powerplant electrical system in aircraft?
Has the airport security messures gone to far?
MBA/Aviation in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University??
Could an aeroplane be brought down by a helium filled balloon?
Why most of the people who work in aerounatics are so arrogant?
can you make your own zagi without any outside pre-made items except the battery of the propeller?
Do people throw up on airplanes?
if lightening strikes the aeroplane when I am inside during flight will I get a shock or electrocuted?
When Do Pilot's Lower the flaps?
Does anyone know if the Australian customs would let a GP-5 and S-10 gas mask into the Country???
How can I prevent my picooz to rotate?
Should i become an airline pilot ?
Was the Hawker Harrier the most innovative war plane ever?
In this scenario, is taking a nap or leaving the controls of a plane legal?
Needing ideas for cute / funny airport pickup signs?
bank=const, R reduced, V reduce. ,ROT increases. is this a good practice?
What defines the "standard six" configuration in an aircraft instrument panel?
Does anyone have the up 2 date radio frequencies for belfast international airport?
What are some careers in the avaition (mainly helicopters) industry?
Can I take my knitting on airplanes or would they consider it dangerous?
How to become a canadian helicopter pilot?
how many D.C.3 Dakotas are still flying in U.K.?
Can the Aircraft stay still in the air?
flying lessons in the uk and licenses ( best answers 10 points )?
Do Embry riddle offer a Pilots License in their Aeronatuical Science degree?
how many hours do you need to be an airline pilot?
Why Can't I Use My iPod When A Plane Is Taking-Off?
Here is a tricky one, what was the only Fighter/Attack aircraft NOT exported in the 60,s-90's?
how to obtain a pilots license in mumbai?
Which will win in a fight?An F-22 or an F-35?
About 15 years ago maybe more what was the hot air balloon called what Richard Branston did the world record?
Can you buy a night in Sky Delta?
Can turbulence crash a plane?
What is more dangerous on a statistical level, piloting a single-engine aircraft or motorcycling?
Is there any flight school give me admission for commercial pilot without high school?
plane problems?
What was the flight number of the first plane to hit the twin towers?
Tell me pls......?????????
which is the safest airlines?
CTC Wings Airline Placement?
Air Alert III speed up the process?
Does your weight increase when youre in a plane?
can you use regular car gas for an aircraft or do you have to use aircraft fuel????
I Think The Best Plane Out There Is The F-22 Raptor, Right?
Helicopter training.?
Whats with these Planes?
what is the best airline when going to the US?
Jet engine vs propeller engine. Which is safer?
Is Hellcat awesome and is Zero cute?
Why do Pilots say Mayday? ?
Can I still be a pilot?
from where i can get all information of HAL MCA [medium combat aircraft]?
How much hp and rpm would a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton engine give out?
When taking off and landing on an aeroplane, why do they dim the cabin lights ?
what is commercial passenger space transportation?
Civilian to military pilot..what are the "bad habits" in flight school?
Are you sent a new certificate for each type/class/VFR/IFR/multi rating received?
Engine oil for Rotax 912 or 914?
is there a video (on youtube) of a complete aircraft flight?
Is it possible to become a airline pilot?
a question for aviation buffs?
what is the best pilot college in Ontario?
How much does a new or overhauled General Electric J85 turbojet engine cost?
Flight from Singapore to brisbane and back to Singapore!!?
Blue Angel's Crash in SC today?
Can passenger planes fly backwards?
Why do pilots use VOR instead of just going in a straight line?
What the difference between Hacylon jets and Marquis jets?
I got pocket planes yesterday and i need some parts. I have a few to give away. I need any M parts. Plzz help?
How many landings generally a plane tyre lasts?
Can I get a hot girlfriend if I am a airline transport pilot?
Can Commercial Aircrafts Hover?
What are those strange sounds you hear as soon as the plane takes off.?
Hourly wage at a repair station ?
how much does it cost to convert JAA Frozen ATPL to FAA Frozen ATPL ?
how do navy fighter pilots learn to land on Carriers ?
How would you weigh a plane without scales?
What air plane movies do you know of ?
If a plane loses power to 2 engines on a 4 engine aircraft, what needs to be done to keep flying?
Where can i find a good helicopter training school?
Any Ideas for an Aircraft Design?
What are some stunt planes with an open cockpit?
Can you use a laptop with a wireless card on a plane?
How many flight attendants are in the domestic flight crew on a trip about 4 hours?
Question about DH2 Beavers - military?
If u fall out of a plane how could u servive ?
I was not allowed to board my flight yesterday because I had a blow-up doll in my luggage. Is this right?
What qualifications do you need to become a commercial passenger pilot?
Early 1900 planes simple activity?
How many guns did the Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 have?
procedure of zoning of area or departments?
why aircraft use 400hz and not 50/60hz?
When the black box of the plane does not damage during crash,why is n't the whole plane made of Black box?
Where can I find the EU-OPS” regulation SubpartQ?
what keeps an airplane from falling out of the sky details please?
To Jaws and Scotts on the XB70?
Does anyone know how long a flight it takes for a aircraft from Los angeles,CA to Reno NV?
how to become a pilot of Malaysian Airline system (MAS)?
How can an aircraft's PITOT TUBES and STATIC PORTS get the actual wind direction while aircraft is moving?
How much would 9 plane tickets cost to La, Californian cost?
Can anyone help me to find the documentary movie "Deadly Crossroads" ?
What does the "DC" stand for in McDonnell Douglas' DC-10 aircraft?
I found out something very disturbing - is this allowed..?
becoming a race pilot?
Which Jobs for a commercial pilot ?
Can c-130 hold or stay in the air on one point?
is a ultralight glider classified as a glider or a plane (license or no license)?
How many hours before my flight (Manchester to Faro) should i be at check in?
Where and how to find repossessed or foreclosed on aircraft to purchase?
how do i become an industrialist for an airline company?
Why do Kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
what is the coolest looking aircraft in existence?
How can u stop the high beam from coming on by themselves?
To all you amazing pilots....?
What do the cables that are connected to the nose of a aircraft every time they get to the gates?
How Much Will It Cost Me to Finish my Training?
A question on SIDS/STARS?
does any1 own a gyrocopter?
Can a large airliner land safely on a grass runway if long enough?
Does Anybody Know Where I could get boeing or Airbus flight manuals or checklists?
Can i become a fighter pilot in iaf after completing 10+2?
Make FS aircraft 3d models?
Bird strikes can have serious consequences are the rules, 4lb bird on window, strict enough?
is it easy to become a pilot?
Is it better to sit close to the window or close to the isle when in a plane?
How bad does the weather have to be for a flight to be canceled? ?
when a plane reaches its destinantion do the pilots have to radio the point of origin to indicate his arrival?
What is the cheapest airline?
Just curious, a few questions about aeroplanes:?
What is the logo on the tail of jet from "Top Gun"?
How do I become a pilot in the UK?
Citizenship requirements for TSA employees?
What does thrust in jet engines push?
Where can I search for cheap flights?
does anyone know of a good flight school in Houston?
What are the odds of surviving a helicopter crash?
What is the approximate flight time from any Long Island, NY airport to Atlantic City?
why is it that you cannot use electonic devices at certain times in the planes?
what is the term of the parking area of helicopter?
Are private airplanes allowed to follow any trajectory?
Can being a aircraft/helicopter mechanic earn you a good living in Canada?
Has anyone used the company Pilot Finance Inc. to fund their flight training?
what are they called.??
i need a pdf of the navair 00-80t-144 i was wondering if the is a website for it like the 7110.65 for the faa?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
can i do this???????????????????????????????
You know that indestructible black box they keep on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that?
Would knowing how to fly a glider make it easier to become a commercial pilot?
How to put an end to ALL future hi-jacking/blowing up of airplanes? Strip search EVERY passenger! Why not?
why is an aeroplane not made in such a way its black box was made so that it will not crash?
does an aeroplane had a horn?
How do pilots fly in bad weather?
How to say the windows of an aeroplane? Eiles like that.......?
Why do airplanes look like sharks?
Which country was first to fly a military jet prototype?
Where will the new Spirit of Disneyland 737-900 fly.?
Do Virgin Atlantic Airlines use Amadeus? ( computer reservation system)?
is there any physical requirement for airline pilots. right now..i am 5" 4'?
who all airliners bought airbus 380?
Airport / Military Facility?
Is it better to sit close to the window or close to the isle when in a plane?
is there a site where i can talk to real commercial pilot by messengers?
Why do airplanes fly at 35,000 feet high?
why is upwash and downwash reduced on take-off?
Do they usually record the conversation between the pilot and the tower in airports ?
Have any commerical planes dropped out of the sky for no reason?
Military pilots and commercial pilots ejecting?
Delta Airline?? 1personal 1carry on?
Are There Certain Types Of Aircraft That Require No Licence?
Royal Mail Tracking. Does it end after The parcel has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery?
What is the difference between EICAS and ECAM system?
How Do commercial jets hover in one spot just before landing?
How many airlines/airways company are there in this world?
What all do I have to do to become an airline pilot?
What's a good and cheap alternative to the material Ren?
why am i getting dream repeatedly on planes, planes chasing and bombing and i am running, a plane falling off?
to get an instrument rating , they still use a "hood" ?
why is it that certain pilots can make $8,000 a year and others are making $300,000+?
want to visit vaishnavdevi by helicopter, want to know how safe is the journey?
I'm looking for a good flight school to get my commercial license in Maryland?
What's Vno in a PA28-161?
can u use any prop for any motor rc planes?
do planes fly on christmas day?
When is it legal for an unlicensed person to pilot an aircraft?
Can I extend my flight? ?
The Fokker Bondtester 90 is a piece?
Any advice what references to use for studying Aeronautical Engineering and related subjects?
what can you do on a long flight to stop getting insanely bored?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a SPL (Student Pilot License) in Australia?
what things i can not take on airline?i know no guns and no knives.?
eyesight needed to become a pilot?
Does anybody know any books about commercial aviation?
Where can a find how to draw a ship?
How much does a commercial pilot certificate cost?
Pros and Cons of the CRJ 700 and ERJ 145?
Fighter Jet Braking System?
What's the difference between Flight Attendant and Stewardess?
how do I transfer an airplane into a living trust in CA?
If you flapped your arms fast enough, could you fly?
helicopter project help?
how wide are the seats on thomson economy airways?
How many nautical miles from Austin Tx. To Costa Rica?
Cheapest flight tickets?
why is the area where plane pilots sit,called the cockpit?
Can anyone tell me about aircraft rigging and the aperatus used in the process?
where can i download aircraft container manager?
Given the large number of commercial flights, how many people are in the air worldwide at peak times?
How useful is the APU if engines fail?
How fast do airplanes go?
Does anyone have a private plane?
What is the cost price of an A320 Airbus? are the A320 airbus leased to operators? what is the cost of leasing
Airplanes Jet engine?
What are some good novels about flight/pilots/space exploration: fiction or nonfiction?
Will Blended Wing Body (BWB) Aircraft Become Reality?
has anybody ever...?
500-1 visual approach?
What kind of plane would you own?
Fighter jet question? About G-Forces?
Pilots: what is the purpose and function of the "barber pole" on an altimeter?
Why is DME calculated via slant range?
How to become a pilot?
How much do entry-level Skybus flight attendants make?
What is the world bigges cargo plane?
I will be most grateful if someone can describe the difference between the following..?
Do real world pilots turn using the steering wheel thingy or the rudder when taxi to runway?
Airline dispatcher career without flight experience?
air force jets :D plz help?
how much does blue ribbon taxi service cost per mile?
What kind of plane is this? (description, no picture)?
How many miles does an Airplane fly in one minute?
Do Planes have AC or DC power?
pilot licenses with 9 gcses?
On planes why do you need to slide credit card to get TV in the air?
How long can a plane fly without a pilot?
Who thinks that planes are safe?
I am looking for a picture of a Boeing 707 aircraft that crashed between 4 buildings and remained intact 1960s
sir i am an indian sikh boy 18 yrs old....I WEAR A TURBAN.IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO become a PROFESSIONAL PILOT
How long is it normally between passing the AT-SAT test and the FAA contacting you?
what are the gocarts with the parasails on them called, i can't find one on the net cause i dont know what the
how can you train to fly an ultralight when most are single seaters?
what aircraft has shortest landing and take off rolls?
Where can I find a flight school?
Why can't you use your CD player and MP3 player during takeoff and landing on an airplane?
How much would it cost for me to start my own flight school?
how many planes are in the air at one time in the world?
Cheapest Flight School in USA?
Aircraft maintenance License B2?
help with going abroad, only 16 years old?
Why doesn't the pilot of the preseident's helicopter get off when they land? And if he does, where does he go?
What is the diff between Baine Airport, and JAX International Airport in Florida?
When you look into the night sky and see what look like stars but they're moving...?
does any one knows how to find a plane by it's tail number?
How do you become an airline pilot?
Can I pass a JAR class 2 medical (glider pilot) if I take prednisolone and Quensyl?
If I am sky diving and my main and reserve parachutes fail what can I do to increase my odds of survival?
What happened to the black boxes of Flight 11 and Flight 175?
Airline Pilot question!??? Please answer?
Does anyone know why a jet fighter was flying over Marbella, Spain at 5.00am on Sunday 8 april 2012?
Who builds private airports/runways?
Can you live in an aircraft hanger?
About how much does a helicopter ride cost?
What is the max prop RPM of the Hartzell five blade constant speed propeller on the Embraer Super Tucano?
why the HELL did the UK give up its space program?
How does an aeroplane which weighs over 10 tonnes stay in the air....serious answers only?
Question About Studying For a PPL?
what model of plane of SAS airlines fly from america to europe ?? ?
Justify how present procedure can be improved or eliminated detailing the oppurtunity to achiev them (the indu
how does dixon fly blue jets eight times over a city park?
What are the key areas I should study for an Air Cadet Glider Scholarship entry exam?
What are some good watches for pilots in-between $100-$400?
Whats the difference between an air dispatcher and an air traffic controller?
I have a surplus 737 apu?
What Are The Specifications Of Bristol Proteus TurboProp?
Can I be a commercial pilot?
Are the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft out of production?
What's with Germany and their airshows? Did you see the video today? Did the plane take a bad hop or what?
Urgent : need air flight info for my lttle brother ! ?
Does anybody know how the flaps on an airplane work to slow the plane down for landing?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
How come no modern jet has been broken by extreme turbulence? Only a 707 in the 60s?
Does Anyone know about LaGuardia Airport's "Delta Terminal"?
WIG, I heard that there is a Ferry service being run in Alaska using a WIG type aircraft, anyone heard of this
I would like to build hours for a JAA helicopter PPL. Do hours flown in the USA count towards this?
Which of the following instruments would be considered to have good "control/display compatibility"?
How much is a mach??
How can you record audio from your headset?
When two airplanes almost collide why do they call it a near miss??
Why are there 2 captains flying sometimes?
Why does a plane crash if it loses pressurization?
What commercial is the one where?
whats the coolest plane?
I have to use gell insoles in my shoes to support my feet.Flying soon to America can I still go through x-ray
What's the cheapest way to become an airline pilot?
how much are airplane tickets?
Why do airplanes fly at such a high altitude? 50,000' right? why not 20,000, 10,000?
What airline cadet programs are there?
Why do people in my area think ricers are fast?
what is largest airport in the world in terms of land area?
need job in changi airport
Switching to helicopters from fixed wing?
Are all commercial jets fully automated during takeoff and landind phases?
anything to do with flying?
Insurance cost for a new pilot owning an lsa?
has anyone ever seen a hoverwing fly. i found them on the net for $6000.00 and did it fly well?
how can i become a pilot in the air force?
Other airlines likley to shut down in the near future?
What is ABAA (Amateur Built Aircraft Acceptance) ?
What keeps the those aircraft engines up on the wings?
What is a good name for an airplane?
what exactly is the glideslope? how do real time pilots know whether there on the glide slope or not?
Kit list for RAF blues camps?
What do you think is the best looking military aircraft in service?
I need psychological help, but I also want to be a pilot. What should I do?
what is the difference between these planes?
Where can I find info on Lycombing HO 360 engine?
How does reverse thrust work to slow an aircraft down during landings?
whats your favourite airplane? why?
would it be a bad time of year to go to disney land Florida in october?
Im confused on how to change planes..?
is there any way to make a helicopter out of ...?
How do I tell my colleague he needs to use anti perspirant?
Are paper clips considered contraband when going on an airplane?
Why do airplanes use mainly the pitot tube for speed when there is the accurate GPS speed feature available?
What puts an aircraft into the 'heavy' category?
Is there any place in west central Florida that sell the Mosquito's,and can they be finance? Tom?
aircraft design engineer or aircraft maintenance engineer is better?
Can I wear glasses or contacts in the airforce?
do pilots normally get married?
Will invasive screening cause you to use bus or train?
What kind of capabilities does the Canadian CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet have?
Is it physically possible to land a helicopter in an enclosed space?
How fast does the GoodYear Blimp go?
Where to find cheap military flights?
Question about airport codes?
What common medical conditions or prescription medications can block you from getting a private pilot license?
airplane fuel?
Becoming a commercial airline pilot................ help?
Can I rent a plane for a few days to fly to a different state and back?
how many ka-32 fit in one c-130?
how much do planes cost?
How to get into an airline?
What are other ways of producing a hovering type lift?
best aircraft ?
Is it true that the Japanese people are making an Aircraft that is faster than concorde?
What and How does a blimp raise and lower itself ?
do any one have pictures of little planes?
what is the fastest passenger plane ever built?
why do women attracted to pilots ?
Is it possible for airport ground staff?
which is the best airline?
What can get you selected for SSSS?
Where can I buy landing gear for Boeing 747-300?
Did anyone read?
When flying an F-16 what are the best tactis to?
What kind of helicopter is airwolf?
Questions Regarding Aviation in Taiwan?
Where do I go from here? Help appreciated!?
Question about landing cards being in a different language?
Can you give me addresses of manufacturer of Steam Jet Air Ejectors for thermal power station?
How high can a commericial airliner fly safely?
How to become flight attendant?
PW100 Hot Section Toolings?
How many benches are at the flight 93 memorial?
Hi there Airbus and Boeing guys?
Can Airplanes "speed"?
what is the course fees for airhostess training in frankfinn?
When flying non-stop from Los Angeles to Detroit, What are the best views you enjoy on an overnight flight?
I am thinking about being a flight attendant with Delta, how much do they start off at?
what is cd-key for delta force 2 ?
I'm a bit of an artist... can I take all my pencils on a plane or will they be taken away?
What can i expect during my dispatcher FAA oral & practical ?
Do you need to be a hero in order to be a pilot?
Is going on a airaplane scary ?
Flight lessons ? ?
Did Flight 77 really hit the Pentagon on 9/11?
I want to register for aviation scholarships.?
How long will it take me to get current with my Private Pilot's certificate?
If the right wing fell off an aircraft would it spin 2 the left because of the weight or spin right due 2 lift
Why use ailerons in the t/o roll for a x-wind take off?
A plane flying with a constant speed of 390 km/h passes over a ground radar station at an altitude of 2 km and?
answer this one?
Why do jet air crafts fly at such high altitudes?
What is the silliest or scariest flying contraption you have ever seen? Made your head shake in disbelief?
if we drop an aeroplane n a helicopter simultaneous which one will reach the ground first?
Can I join Ryanair as Cabin crew with my height?
how to fly from texas to africa cheaply, and without using one of those big commercial airlines.?
Last night I dreampt that two planes had collided but that no-one was hurt. News this AM, 2 planes collided?
What the most aerodynamic plane?
Could a pilot break the sound barrier at 1620km in 5 seconds?
I am flying from CLT to BWI. What is the best airline to fly on from CLT to BWI?
How many hours on the plane?
Afraid of planes in sky?
Can A pilot can drink beer and wine or any one?
Anyone know how Wilbur & Orville Wright got their parts for their motor?
Private Pilots License in a Class B?
What do i need to start to be an ATC in the UK?
what are the different types of jet engines?
What are the requierments to become a airline attendent?
Was the Hawker Harrier the most innovative war plane ever?
What is spin-up level landing of an aircraft ?
What determines the Vne on an aircraft?
Good aviation related name for a dog?
How much are airline tickets to Mexico ?
What would be the probable loss of efficiency, if any, for an aircraft with one engine and two propellers?
how does a paper helicopter fly ( k/heliplan.php )?
what are the chances of an emergency landing on a plane?
I want to get a remote controlled jet/plane?
Can civilian airliners carry external fuel tanks like military planes?
Helicopter Instruction software?
im a licenced aircraft engineer working in singapore 747-400....5 yrs much is paid in emirates
Weird plane with wires all over it?
why was concorde stopped from service?
what is the coolest looking jet?
Okay, this is for military aircraft buffs...if you could fly any fighter, bomber, or transport in?
Hi, a question about airplane and jets???? thanx!!?
is it possible for passenger to open aircraft door during flight?
Can i be a pilot just doing IGCSEs?
why did twin towers collapse so easily i know plane hit them this is impossible?
Does cnm of albuquqerque new mexico?
Why do you only hear helicopters when they are approaching?
are there different levels for a commercial pilot in controling the plane and hows that affect the payment?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation ?
What's your favorite warbird?
I've heard before that the majority of commercial airline pilots are former military trained pilots. True?
when do airlines post 2009 schedule?
Where can I download a legal free copy of the Cessna 310 Pilot Operating Handbook?
Unmanned combat air vehicles? How much do they actually cost?
What date will the first Boeing 787 be delivered?
what is the pilots license number for the air hogs battle game?
Anyone know the best place to learn how to fly...?
why are planes not made out of the same material as the black box is???
CaN FsX tEaCh SoMeOne To FlY a ReAl AeRoPlAnE?
how do i become a helicopter pilot for a hospital?
Whats the commercial where a woman is on an airplane between 2 guys who r laughing and 1 keeps saying stop it!?
does the gulfstream 400 have UV protectant windows?
what do i need to do to become air force pilot ?
How much does it take to design and build an aircraft?
Requesting Hummel UltraCruiser pilot flight reports.?
Piper seminole schematics?
answer this question?
Would you be jealous if I had an AH-1W SuperCobra in my driveway?
should the dc 10 plane model be use to stop wild fire?
is madras flying club good to pursue CPL?
If i can fly a plane in flight simulator x can i fly a plane in real life?
If a jetliner loses its' jets, can i glide so safety? That is i it has somewhere to land.?
Pilot's license requiremnets and costs?
explain how the embarkation & disembarking procedures of passengers at airport expedite the speedy elearance o
Is flying private more dangerous than flying commercial?
Why didn't Bob Hoover's drink spill when he rolled his aircraft fully around its axis?
How does the the HP/weight ratio compare for Jet Turbine VS Internal Combustion engines?
Can planes take off in rain?
*NEW* Phoneix lights video..?
Does anyone know where i can find c-130 for sale?
What do I have to do to transfer my license to Canadian?
Bell Helicopter Owner Flight Manuals is there any online sites that you can down load them for free ?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
By car it takes 8 hours. How about a plane?
Any "fighter" pilots here i can talk to ?
Is service always this bad?
why is an aeroplane not made in such a way its black box was made so that it will not crash?
Has Dynamic Soaring in thermal exit been in use for many years in CC race?
Can I still become a pilot?
What airline do you think is the best?
job openings?
how possable is a skycat airship? when could one be built?
What happened to the runway at RAF Newton, Nottinghamshire?
Why can't you use electronic devices when you takeoff?
Where can I get the value of a Hartzell Propeller Mdl. 669. Mfg between 1930-36. Good condition?
Do I need to go to University before NAV CANADA to become an Air Traffic Controller?
Is it possible for an aircraft to have one engine but 2 propellers?
Can a plane ever cross the gravitational line and get into space?
you are as a pilot ,Do you consider your job important? Why?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness? advertising question....?
Boeing jets 727...747...what does this mean?
Questions Regarding Aviation in Taiwan?
do you need a college degree to get your pilot license ?
Airlines that travel from Baltimore,MD (BWI airport) to South Carolina?
can i be a pilot without liking stalls?
what were you doing the very moment the first plane hit......on 9/11?
Pilots Starting up Jet Engines?
what is lift that makes an airplane fly and what principle causes it ?
I want to become an Airline Pilot?
What should i do to become an airline pilot in India?what is the cost?How much would an airline pay in India?
Any Pilots Out There?
Airbus A380 casinos, shopping, spas, bedrooms, etc.?
Do you have to go through army or navy to be an airline pilot?
hi,does any one know abt the latest cpl no issued by DGCA?
Why do airplanes make a white long cloud in the sky?
Im going to Las Vegas in a airplane what should i bring?
Hover bike making noise?
What do you think of this particular plane?
What are the regular size of a fold down tray in a airplane- Economy?
Can I get my Private Pilots License?
does anyone know where i can find flight ops for fighter jets or fighter jet maneuvers?
which is the age for drink?in italy the boys and girls drinkin at 14 years!!!!?
how to get ATC faster?
Are planes kind of like time machines?
Are there any pilot jobs?
stall speed verses aircraft weight?
budjet carrier of singapore aircraft maintenance?
What are the chances a plane would crash or be struck by lightning or something?
im going for my professional pilot course in fort pierce,florida, it good?
what were you thinking when you saw the footage of the flight 3407 wreckage?
Are you a Boeing or Airbus fan, and why?
Q re unmanned aircraft operations?
can a person wearing spectacles become a commercial pilot?
Any idea the costto learn to fly an helicoptor also the cost of renting one when you have a license?
What is the best looking jet fighter?
Plane crash risk??????????????
what kind of pilot makes the high amount of money and the least?
DCS: Black Shark simulator teach me how to fly?
Tips for fear of flying?
How much is it to buy a private jet?
tube connection between lhr to victoria?
Which terminal in Chicago O'Hare International Airport that I left for Hong Kong?
Can you bring an I-Pod on a plane in your carry-on luggage?
Is the Ar-mini suitable for receiving airplane-tower atc communication?
What do you think people would think/feel in an airplane crash situation?
is there anywhere in uk to ride in an F16?
Aeroplanes and beer?
How long does it take to learn to fly a helicopter?
What are the good thing by becoming a flight attendant for lufthansa or Air France? Is it a good job to have?
there was a plane that looked like two P51 Mustangs joined together. What was the name of it ?
what is the salary of captain of pak army?
How Can I Become An Airline Pilot??
how common is cannibalism among pilots?
Lift to Drag ratio of airfoil NACA 4415?
what is required to become a pilot? how much will it cost for commercial pilot traning?
time to start a Helicopter?
why do planes have a hard time landing straight?
Buying a plane, but which one?
How do you get official airport charts of foreign countries?
Cessna Skycatcher rental?
why can't females be pilots for airline companies?
How do you become a fighter pilot in the US air force?
Where I can find all about Embraer ERJ145?
what is a ier 512 faa fsb?
why won't my infared helicopter fly anymore?
What is frequency 121.5MHz used for? I remember hearing it called the guard frequency?
did all the f-4 phantoms belong to the navy?
How much is the cost for a new passenger helicopter? How I can purchase a passenger helicopter?
What type of license do I have to get to fly passenger jets?
what is the salary of a airlines meteorologist?
what is flight classes in order? economy first class coach buisness?
Title of someone who helps build planes?
why japan do not have airplanes?
I have taken commerce side and i want to become a pilot so can i become a pilot?
Do large military planes hover?
How can you tell the different variations of an aircraft?
Where is the Autobrake (in the cockpit) in a CRJ-700?
Where can i fly a military jet near Toronto?
What exactly is a magneto point?
How can I change my flight date?
Is British Airways better than Air Canada?
what airline will i most likely get into?
What is your favorite aircraft?
Can a 260 lbs man who is 6'2 fly a HH-60G Pave Hawk?
Why does aircraft land on the ground from rear gear?
Are there more opportunities working for foreign carriers?
what is the oswald efficiency of pilatus pc-7?
Travelling All By Myself!!?
what are the prerequisites in enrolling in airline transport professionals if you are an immigrant?
life of an airline pilot?
Where are the best locations to watch airplanes at Connecticut's Bradley Airport?
what is the main purpose of the static dischargers on an airliner wing ?
What are some way u can pass the time on a plane ride?
Do airlines hire pilots who are not based in the airline's country?
Why did airlines required only those that posses degree in natural science to become their cadet pilot?
Rotary aviation. How difficult is it? What is the job market like?
which airlines are most likely this year to order the new 747-8, and will any cancel to a380 to buy it?
Explain ESD for aviation industry.?
AVIATION: Knowledge of the weather, law etc; are expected to become a certified pilot.?
Describe the system arrangement and explain the function and operation of a typical passanger and crew oxygen?
Need info abt commercial pilot training in India.?
This is what happen to Air France last nite?
Why can you fly a Biplane upside down and not a Monoplane?
How are dragons capable of flying?
Where can I find an airplane propeller?
why do airplanes need headlights????
Why is there so much anti-Airbus sentiment on ! Answers?
I want to become a pilot and i have doubts.?
How would you go about learning to fly a plane in the UK?
What is significance of red arrow painted on nose of aircraft?
what changes have been made to aircrafts over the last decade?
airplane bathrooms?
Sailplane launching? Winch tow, car, or aeroplane tow?
Is there a full list of the TBO times of whole aircraft engines? Where can I find it?
what avionics does a learjet 60 have? how about 60 XR?
what is the music that is in the DVD "Boeing building the dream" ?
If you were given the opportunity to fly any aircraft you wanted to, military or civilian, what would it be?
did the atlantis shuttle just land?
what will win in a fight a f22 raptor or a su 37?
Airplane noise?
Our old friend...?
When the pilot says we are 20 minutes away...?
why Eurofighter doesn't apply Area Rule?
Has anybody else flown on an assisted flight b4?
Fly By Wire??
who gets the arm rest on an airplane?
Movie tickets/age limit in SoCAL?
Private Pilots License Question (Texas)?
What airlines used the CF6 engine on the Boeing 747-200 or 747-300?
Agreed Yoshitoshi Tokugawa, first flyer in Japan was born in 1884. When did he die, and where is his grave ?
How to become an airline pilot?
Mig- and Sukhoi gunsights?
Favorite military aircraft?
any advice?
can you be a pilot if you are long sighted?
If 2 planes are traveling at 60 miles per second? When will they meet a house when they both are exactly 5000?
where is the best place to learn how to be an airline pilot?
Website for aircraft / flight identification?
what do you think.......?
im going to attend an interview for airasia cabin crew but my height is only 156cm and my english is not credi?
Is it apparent that none of the hijackers/suspected terrorist were southern baptist?
what is a dog?
Do you need a Commerical Pilot license to carry passengers?
What aircraft is good for beginner?
ONLY answer if you have a 2 ch P-51D mustang?
Is it true that female stunt pilots cannot fly inverted .................?
Pilots say " roger", how come?
Would an aircraft look nice with LED lights inside the engines?
How fast does an air craft carrier go when a jet lands on it?
What was Concorde's 0-60mph time and the standing quarter time?
Do you have to be FAA certified to work in a non-FAA control tower? Don't know if I will make the age limit.
I need information about planes!!?
hey people...i'll be doing my pilot course in air safety flight academy located in glendale,az....?
When do landing gear go up?
Can anyone tell me the name or number of the six engined American bomber with counter rotary props.?
Fighter jet stability?
What is the best airline to fly on?
How is the cyclic and collective control of a helicopter connected to the swashplate ?
What is the purpose of the airport tower searchlight?
can you get a medical a card and still become a military or commercial pilot?
I've been an avionics tech for about 21 years. How do I get my Airframe license? Do I need a form filled out?
What is the difference between Aeronautical engineers and Airplane designers?
where can i purchase a die cast model of Boeing 747-400 british airways?
Today at this moment having an aircraft flying above the harlem why?
Chinooks, with their distinctive Thud Thud Thud, twin rotor motors and tons of space, are great, do you agree?
which is the biggest airport in the world and which is the busiest?
Any United States airlines with ge90's?
how to get an student pilot license in india?
What are vapour trails from jet planes made up of?
aircraft routes?
how fast do helicopters fly?
if commercial jet's are air tight why d eoples ears pop?
How long does it take Priceline to get back to you after you have "named your own price?"?
design flight schedule ?
If i was becoming a pilot one day how would i get there?
Where can I fly in a sea-plane?
Do piston engine powered aircrafts shift gears like in cars?
Will Humanity be ready for it's transformation into an aeronautical civilization & freedom of upward mobility?
Best ways to become an Airline pilot?
Should over-weight people be allowed to sit in coach section?
Does anyone know about aeroplanes?
I need help deciding if I should start flying lessons now?
how pressure sender works?
has anyone trained in national pilot academy(las vegas)? how was it?
3 blade prop vs 2 blade prop?
Which airline has the best deals on domestic flights?
What are your thoughts?
Why are there so many planes in the bloody sky?
Flashing Landing Gear?
When purchasing a small aircraft what should i be looking for? MOT? good tyres? I bet im wrong?
What would you do if you got sucked inot a jet engine?
what does "docking cycle" mean?
Why is it wrong to call a flight attendent a stew or stewartess?
if you were in battlestar galactica, what would your pilot callsign be?
what were two airplanes made entirely of wood?
What is the difference between Longer Range (LR) and Extended Range (ER) aircraft?
which is India's best airlines?
how to become a pilot ?
when we give interview in any domestic airlines after not selection, we can't give interview till six months?
traveling by plane good or bad?
The higher a plane is the less it shows on radar.. True or False?
What does it mean when a airplane pilot indicates "heavy"?
If 2 + 2 = 4, and 2 x 2 = 4, then if 3 + 3 = 6, then shouldn't 3 x 3 also equal 6?
As a Boeing 747 pilot embarking on long flights across the globe, how often would you make a flight?
Planes Landing???????????
What is the minimum weight requirement to become a flight attendant?
why do aeroplanes need to turn off the internal lights when taking off and landing?
Airforce enlisted.. aircraft armament systems?
Flying Low-Level in the United States?
I won’t study Avionics Maintenance Technician in Italy or France but I don’t know the academy there?
Where can i find the theme song of Philippine Airlines? (the one played in the safety video)?
what is the best best jet fighter?
improving flight maneuvers?
Pilots - Has flying become more safe?
What are those aircraft undercarriage pods/casings called?
A-10 Vs. T-90 tank? Who do you think will win?
What is a good school in North Carolina to get my fixed wing training and licensing?
Why do we not hear 'sonic booms' from jets today?
What is/are the name(s) of the helicopters that police use?
what was the better ww2 allied fighter,tempest,tythoon,spitfire,hurrica… or another?
How do I change planes?
Is the Terrafugia (The Transition), which is the drivable airplane real?
Why should you wear your seatbelt?
How much does a Hot Air Balloon cost?
Can I use a car GPS on a airplane?
Career objective for a cabin crew/flight attendant position?
can you use digital camera on board a plane?
taking the FAA ATP writen test does it considered as an ICAO frozen ATP?
how long would a plane ride from philidephia to jamaica be?
I hav ben doin pilot training overseas bt hav nt really attained a commercial license yet&wnt2 finsh it in USA?
Too old to learn to fly?
how to make a low cost electric motor air plane no remote control required please help me?
What type of cargolux aircraft comes to ghana?
Airforce enlisted.. aircraft armament systems?
What type of plane do they fly in, on the TV show Criminal Minds?
Who has invented the airplane? fast!!!?
SR-71 website?
airliner sound as it is landing?
Pilots Starting up Jet Engines?
What qualifications do you need to become a commercial passenger pilot?
can i drop off international package to USPS drop box using prepaid shipping label?
do airline pilots carry pistols?
do pilots wear sunglasses?
Aviation / Air Law dissertation ideas?
I want to become an Air Traffic Controller ?
why on airplanes....?
what qualities should i have to become a fighter pilot and if i dont have then how do i generate some in me?
United Airlines Flight Attendant Interview?
What is the motivation behind millions of passengers flying the aircraft daily without fear?
landing plane without permission?
did they have airplanes before 1900?
What kind of range is the Boeing 787 expected to have?
At what speed do you break the sound barrier?
How can i get loan with ease to finance a business in another country?
Why does the Boeing 767 have rows with no windows?
What is a Airplane. We don't have airplanes in my country.?
Cost: Private Pilot License UK?
air force one during Reagan. What aircraft Boeing model??
what does decalage mean?
how long in a helicopter?
My car has wihte smok som time in mornig?
embarkation and disembarkation of passgns at airport expedite de speedy clearence of passgns wen correct?
How much does a domestic flight (short haul)attendant make or salary? where is the traing located? ?
JAR66 Aircraft license?
can black people drive jet plaves?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
should i join the Australian air cadets?
Lost bags on AIRONE, an Italian airline. Cannot get through their phones. No answer or always busy.?
Guys is there a website that has infromation of fighter planes! like F-16 etc?
How much pilot get paid?
How do you start the cub cadet Zforce zero turn rider?
Commercial Pilots License?
Where can I get a genuine WW2 fighter plane?
747 Winglets?
Is a foreigner allowed to work in U.A.E airforce as a pilot?
Did you find that you cared less about cars when you started flying planes?
Is Southwest Airlines going to re-paint AirTran's 717's or are they being retired?
With more and more people in the US overweight, should airlines charge by the pound?
Can anyone tell me what the EASTERN AIRLINES Eighty Minute Men Club was ?
How often must a police helicopter speed camera be calibrated?
where would someone buy a helicopter?
F-18 vs. Iranian F-14 which has the best chance of wining?
How often are landing gear tires changed on commercial aircraft?
okay i need some help on making a flying machine.........?
So, do speed+ glide = efficiency?
Has anyone got any tips on modifications to Air Hogs Storm Launcher.?
What is the hardest FAA test?
Is it expensive to take a dog on an airplane?
Why do pilots in the airforce sometimes use hand signs instead of radio?
12 hours in a plane!?
On commercial flights they often talk about a "water landing" in case of an emergency. Is this realistic?
what are airplanes made out of?
Cheaper flying lessons perhaps?
Do I have to be an US citizen to make PPL(A) training in the US?
How far can I see if looking out an airplane window at 36,000´?
FAA Air Traffic Control Base Salary?
what is threadbull?where can i find it?
London to New York in 2 Hours, what would it take to see Scramjet Technology a reality?
What facts of airplanes make them safe?
What should I look for when shopping for a plane?
question for professional pilots and A+P mechanic!!?
I am nearly 17, and am now interested in becoming a comercial pilot, how do I get started?
I want to become a pilot. I heard if you commit to an airline company they will pay for your training?
Which Boeing 737 model has the longest range?
How long are air traffic controllers required to be employed?
how to make a RC heli?
the first flight of an aircraft was at?
why is it that planes have to fly below 250 kts airspeed when under 10,000 ft MSL?
Is the car and flight same movement or different movement?
Applying to become Emirates Cabin crew?
Can you become a pilot if you stutter?
why are we ask to turn off cell phones when landing or takeing in a airplane?
What has happened to the Concorde?
In normal wind conditions and other normal conditions, at a crusing altitude altitude, how much throttle ....
F-22 Raptor vs. F-15 Eagle in battle?
How do you remove the compressor & combustion chamber casing of a rolls royce avon mk 203/207 turbojet engine?
What airplanes does John Travolta own?
does anyone know the code for 24 squadron Northolt it would have been on a Mk1A spitfire 1941?
How are hot air balloons steered when they are in the air?
heathrows terminal 5?
how do pilots get into their seats?!!!?
how expensive are helicopters?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes? ? ?
Would being from a different country affect my chances of becoming an american airforce pilot?
when will i go abroad?
I saw a Piper Apache land at the airport today. When was the last time you saw a circa 1950s GA twin land?
how do you charge a rc edge hovercraft?
How to gain my Commercial Fixed Wing License?
why concorde airlines had been cancel?
Is it possible to use GPS instead of VOR/DME?
my eyesight num is -7. am i eligible for dgca class1 test for commercial pilot license?
What are some good movies that takes place on a plane?
Around what age and with what amount of experience do usually pilots start working for AirCanada?
Are you allowed to land a sea plane on Lake Taupo, New Zealand?
Segmented circle lights Has anyone ever seen this?
how much do pilots get payed?
Where can I buy plastic pilot wings already printed with "Junior Pilot" on them?
When was the first flight in a jumbo jet?
How much money is needed to transport a whale using a B747-200?
ScarEd of flying on 9/11 week?
Whats the fastest way to become a commercial airline pilot?
Is this position recognise?
can somebody tell me what are the questions they might ask in the 'pilot aptitude test' or a link ?
An aircraft is limited to 0.7 mach when flying at FL360 (36000ft). what would be shown on the aircrafts TAS?
University Of North Dakota | Air Traffic Control Program?
Why are airlines' windows so small that you can barely see?
whats the youngest age you can get your pilots license?
what date were those deadly 3 engined jets banned from servise????????????????????
What countries have regulated airlines besides Britain with British Airways?
Does commercial planes use wipers during take off and landing or only during taxing?
is tattoo allowed for class one medicals for dgca?
DCS: Black Shark simulator teach me how to fly?
Do you think I could become a fighter pilot?
Skinny Puppy and ohgr or marilyn manson and Alice cooper?
Where can i get airoplane tickets for 1 rs.? please help.?
What were the jets on that SAAB commercial? They kind of look like Eurofighter Typhoons, but they'e not?
Is Virgin Atlantic now considered a 'budget' airline?
Where is the cheapest place to get plain tickets?
What would be your reaction if you were in an aircraft about to crash?
What size engine for an ultralight??
what type of airplane is this?
Is the DCS Black Shark Simulator real?
What types of airplanes that have carburetor engines?
How did the 9/11 hijackers make it to the World Trade Center?
What is considered an early model aircraft?
I'm looking for a copy of the pilot/escort handbook to study.?
i would like to be a pilot but wich lessons should i pick?
where can I find a drawing of nasa aerodynamic shapes?
how do i change the settings in flight simulator x multiplayer?
Super scared of planes, need help.?
What is the latest on the cause of AF flight 447 going down.. pitot problems and i heard that pilot pitched up?
How did the infamous aviation photographer Frank Schaefer died?
How does an airplane flying around the world remain at the same altitude?
how are flight path determined and by whom?
What are there no flights over the north pole from US to India. Non-stop flights could be possible?
Where can i buy an aircraft that's failed it's airworthiness certificate?
What airports does NATS cover ATC i want to be a controler but in a tower at an airport like Biggin Hill UK?
what happens if a plane gets struck by lightening?
Anyone knows how to correct idle thrust with AirEd?Aviation related ques.?
Why don't airplane black boxes have some sort of device to help locate it if submerged in water?
air force one during Reagan. What aircraft Boeing model??
Where can I find photos of airplanes?
Can a pilot get hired after the age of 40 in Peru? ,or theres more demand for younger pilots in their 20 -30's
How comfortable is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?
How does Aerospace Engineering apply to ships and submarines?
what is thefastest airplane/?
I have a couple questions about airline prices and how they fluctuate. Please help.?
How do you become a apache helicopter pilot in the army?
how to change pilot regenerator?
When will jet blue have service to pvd?
how much do uk pilots get paid?
What is Boeing 757-300's range after adding winglets?
my vision is -0.75 in d rite eye n -2.50 in d left eye, wil i qualify clas 1 medical exam of dgca in india??
Is or was Conwing Aircraft Corporation a real company?
Is it hard for new commercial helicopter pilots to find a job?
747's into Brisbane airport?
Where is the fastest place in Southern California to earn a Basic Smog Technician Certificate?
I have a Sangamo Weston made1930s aircraft visual indicator has a center line with left & right [does what?]?
Is it more dangerous for aeroplanes to fly over large stretches of water?
Can you take me to your pilot?
How much does an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) make in Canada?
why isnt parachutes in airplanes?
what to do in a two hour plane ride?
What's the highest someone can fall out of a plane into the sea without a parachute and still survive?
Young modulus of a aluminium aeroplane?
Southwest Pilot jailed for drinking ....?
Do you think an aircraft will ever be developed that is afordable to the common man?
When I go in for my 3rd Class medical exam, will my AME test me for drugs?
can humans fly, or is this a myth?
how much would it cost to have my dog shipped via airline?
i am so excited i cant get to sleep help!!?
Why didn't one of my molars get a bracket?
songs with 1st class airplane seats,armani suits,italian shoes?
do the navy blue angels go out to war?
i've never been on a plane before . . .?
What is the cheapest airfare from Dallas, Texas to Salt lake City, Utah?
Would adding OxyHydrogen to a helicopter engine air intake help increase Low Air Density performance?
How much does a UAV pilot for Northrop Grumman make?
My future in aviation?
When the black box of the plane does not damage during crash,why is n't the whole plane made of Black box?
Can I still be a pilot?
does passengers have to wear glasses in illinois?
why flight never move backwards?
How long does it take to refuel a B2 Stealth bomber while in the air?
Is landing an aeroplane the hardest part of flying?
bus malpensa terminal 1 2?
I am 20 years old this year but can i try for the Emirates Cabin crew? will they consider taking me in?
Help for student pilot?
What is the fastest plane?
Can a tampon be seen on a body screen?
Parts of the wright brothers airplane.....?
do you think pilots are weird?
aircraft climb performance?
what is time or life or flight cycle of aircraft jet engine ?
Airbus 319 stall speed ? (In real life)?
Question about flying?
Philippine Airlines fleet...?
Any ideas for what to do on a long flight?
when fuelling planes do they always fill the tanks right up or do they only put in the correct amount?
Where to find information on 1950's helicopter crash at s.u.n.y. Brockport?
Is sex in a space shuttle possible? Would it by any chance be of any danger to the space shuttle?
What were the planned number of syllabus hours for the US Air Force Academy T-3A flight screener program?
its there any aircraft chart out there that tells me how many gallons of fuel fit and burn on plane ?
What can I do for a school project on flight?
How to draw a process flow map for rotable control in any automotive production facility? if you have a sample
what was this object in the sky?
why are they not looking into using hydrogen are the new fuel for aircraft and ground transportation?
if i have 1000 hours on B-737-200,will i get a First officer job in any airliners?
how competitive is the field of aerospace engineering?
how to become a pilot in Australia but you live in the USA?
How to deal with jet lag?
what is there a greater demand for helicoptor or airplane pilots?
With a license to fly Rotary Wing Aircraft, can you fly cross country and to other counties for transportation?
the ranking of "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" in aviation industries?
how much does a Brand new 2010 embraer Lineage 1000 cost?
How do they get a reference to measure an airplane's speed?
Massive Black plane? Flying in circles?
Why can't I use electronic devices on a plane?
is the piper seneca a multi crew plane or just multi engine?
songs with 1st class airplane seats,armani suits,italian shoes?
What aircraft do Aer Lingus use to fly to London Heathrow during early summer?
Is there any online site in ''INDIA'' which sells aircraft scale models with CASH ON DELIVERY ?
Have any designs blending helicopter, aerodynamic lift, and Gas lift been explored an a BAA? Buoyancy Assisted?
Why do jet pilots wear oxygen masks?
wut is the fastest plane?
whats the maximum dual lift weight for a CH-53 Ecko, CH-53 Delta, and a CH-46?
how fast does a f-16 jet go, someone said 8oo knots but how many miles per hour is that?
Aerospace Engineer work environment?
What is your favorite part about flying?
How many flight journeys do airliners make around and how many people take private planes in a year around?
What are the new rules regarding taking laptops and cell phones on airplanes?
How safe are aeroplanes?
Good small airplane for $25,000?
how to read A-10 thunderbolt attack aircraft, "a one zero" or "a ten"? Thanks?
Which shools in Australia have course about aerospace or aircraft mechanic???
what is the function of water injection in turbine engines?
What's a spin in air traffic control?
which one will you choose for commercial pilot training ?
what is bearing and distance in aviation?
Is there a model of Private jet that looks anything like a Predator or Reaper drone?
what airline is this?
I was on a plane and the engine started vibrating violently and noisy the new made and emergency landings wha.
the first flight of an aircraft was at?
speed of 737 at cruising altitude?
How many aircraft are in the air at any one time in the world?
Please answer me if you know !!:(?
why am i scared of planes?
How to charge iPhone on Singapore Airlines a330-300?
why are planes not allowed to break the sound barrier over land at high altitude?
The Fokker Bondtester 90 is a piece?
My one parcel in QR006 qatar london to doha flight so how can i get my parcal in that flight?
What is the distance a sky diver can travel horizontally after exiting an aircraft and before landing?
pictures of fighter jets?
F-15 drop tank fuelling?
Can I refinance my 2005 dodge Durango?
If you are traveling at supersonic speeds, can you hear yourself talk?
what is the defference between schedule and non shedule bank.Is the indusind bank is shedule or non shedule.?
Flying in the rain without a license?