Why are there different designs of parachutes?
something strange is going on?
What is a commercial airport? Any different than just using the term airport?
Air Traffic Control Career Path?
Hope none of this bad fuel gets into the Airports and is used for flying airplanes !!?
I think this would be really cool; Are you on a aircraft right now answering aircraft question at Y! answers?
What is the mini and maximum revolutions of a Jumbo jet machines?
What's the differences between a bank and a turn ?
Do you need to have a good eye sight to be Pilot?
Does a jet aircraft have to have more thrust than it does weight to takeoff?
anyone with google earth tell me what type of yellow airplane these are on this military base in nevada....?
Which truck is more reliable a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma?
Pitot Static Piping?
plane crash sites?
Average speed of plane?
i have 6/9 vision with glases my power is -4.50 l and -300 it qualify to became a mas pilot with this vis
do i need a passport flying to dublin from cork?
Anyone studied at CTC wings?
Can you use WingX Pro with bad elf gps adapter while flying?
Around my airport it is common to see hundreds of Canadian Geese. Never an incident. Is it even possible?
is it likely the 747 or a380 will be phased by 2030?
Army Helicopter Pilot (WOFT)?
Have you flown the "Redbird Xwind Motion Crosswind Simulator" ? Please share your experience?
what is sonic boom?
Helicopter pilots, do you have anything against "low power" landings?
Another senile question about the f-16?
What's it like for the seat behind when you recline?
I would like to have a career in aircraft sales and leasing.?
What do you do in the RAF?
does the rotation of the earth have an impact on the distance travelled by an airplane?
What is the gallery of an airplane?
What is the best low wing r/c trainer?
Does El Al airlines have power-ports?
can homemade sandwiches be carried aboard commercial aircraft?
multi commercial test?
paper airplane?
Can I get in the cockpit on Jetstar?
Everyday i saw jet planes crossing the sky leaving a white line from the engine behind,Why they do that?
summarise the procedures necessery for both embarkation & disembarkation of passengers & describe the document
Will flying schools allow me to use my uncle's C-152 instead of renting theirs?
can i see a B52 in great britain?
Medical, Class 2 JAR-PPL?
Which helicopter is better?
737 pilots Help me RE: ALT ACQ !!!!!?
Where can I find the least expensive flight from houston to omaha?
How long deos the flight take from Wien to Rio de Janeiro?
How long does it take for a sonic boom to dissipate?
Questions asked in student and private pilot exams?
Do you loose seniority if a pilot switches airlines?
Will the CAA reply honestly if I ask .....?
How many Emirates airmiles for silver tier?
What is the difference between Pilot and Copilot ?
Can aircraft fly in a tornado safely?
Is perfect eyesight necessary for piolet training?
american eagle airlines A&P mechanical aptitude test?
What kind of helicoptor did TC fly in the television series Magnum PI?
I can't BREATHE!? Hypoxia?
where does an aeroplane lands?
Anyone here an air traffic controller?
how do i become a pilot?
Commercial pilot career start, too late?
what are the adventages of working in cabin crew?
what forces are necessary for an airplane for an airplane to take flight?
information regarding aviation institutes?
What are those guys who direct airplanes called again?
For none appearance or not show up on the exact date of the flight how would be the charge?
Where do planes go when they can no longer be flown on?
I wanna get information about UAV with total weight less than 100 kg & use jet engine?!?
Civilian ways to become a Helicopter pilot?
Is there a height limit to be a pilot in the air force?
What are the black & white stripes on WWII airplanes?
Would the so-called "Bomb" on the Delta flight yesterday have done ANYTHING? My understanding is it was just..?
How many Gs do you experience during take off and descend?
Helicopter pilots license?
why do some people prefer Boeing to Airbus?
Alternative Medical Certificate?
who make the 125 sky jet bike?
Where can I find How to make a hot air balloon for a Cub/Scout den?
What aircraft will i be on?
If I check in early Can I choose a different seat ?
Is it very uncomfortable for overweight people to fly coach? Is it true you have to buy 2 seats if yur 2 big?
Delta Economy Comfort Worth It For 3 1/2 hr. Flight?
What country offers the most job opportunities for pilots?
How much is the ticket to fly to Puerto Rico from the USA?
Pre-use checks and checks for correct operation and serviceability relating to sheet metal of aircraft.?
Why airplanes doesn't have windshield water jets like cars?
Can you be sixteen and start working on your pilot's license?
how does an aircraft designer try to reduce the risk of an aircraft droping a wing at stall?
how much weight i can carry in continental airline from maryland to houston?
What is your favorite airline? Why?
Have you seen or heard of Boeing Delta 4 - Heavy?
how is hvac involved in airplanes and space travel?
model plan engines for radia controlled plans?
Question about stalls?
Do pilots get used off their ears popping on flights?
Bbest car for me a teen 17yr old boy?
Why weren't there any airplane or human remains recovered from 9-11?
What education is need to become a private jet pilot?
what is the goodyear blimp filled with?
Can I fly Cessna Private Planes if Colourblind?
do aircraft have air brakes?
Career in airport management?
Is the aviation school of maintenance a good school to attend?
Why do most airliners have a frosted window in the toilet, who's going to look in at 35000 feet?
Are Piper Tomahawks still dangerous as long as you stay out of stall (spin) territory?
is there a direct flyt from newark to kalamazoo?
What were some of the types of fighter jets used from 1970-1980?
Would the pilot of a plane that drops and atomic bomb live?
what is the baggage allowance on Easy Jet & how much extra for excess baggage?
what website is good for showing were privite pilots schools are located in/around Vancouver, WA?
aircraft inventory spare parts what is the different between category 2, 6 and are there any other categories?
Best private pilot handbook?
How do I overcome my fear of flying?
If there were a thousand seaguls in an airplane while its flying, each weighing two pounds a piece, but they ?
I want to be a navy pilot some day?
How much would it cost to start an Airline? and what do I need to do?
what would happen if a 747 crashed into a car?
Pilot and Aeronautical Engineer?
Trash in airplane toilets?
Is the F22 Raptor the most advanced plane in the world?
How much would it cost (air flight )?
Detail of A320 exit row seats?
Do planes fly 24 hours of the day?
can i land on mt. everest in a helicopter??
Any Commercial Pilots?
Are there any pilots with claustrophobia?
What is the largest aircraft or airborn vehicle that can land on an aircraftcarrier and how big is it ?
who is the most hardest crosswind plane ?
What is better star alliance or oneworld?
want to become pilot?
what is jet aviation fuel is it just kerosene?
looking for a position of being a air hostess in South African Airways?
When a jumbo jet flying at 37K feet and about 150 miles from destination...?
why jet engines have a snow tail?
why would airplane wings be pointed down?
Nontowered airports that have Class D airspace around them?
Is it worth following a degree in?
why can't we use cell phones on airplanes?
How do winglets reduce wingtip vortices?
how to build a real helicopter for one personal fly?
please tell me the one kg persal cost to over sea?
Can the Space Shuttle abort a landing or 'go around' for another attempt at the runway?
How much does a Zivko Edge 540-T aeroplane cost to buy?
Elite phone number for United Airlines?
Are laptop computers allowed on airplanes?
Do you think having an avionics experienced with Dornier 328-100 would help you to land for a much better job?
How to get over my fear of flying?
How to become commercial pilot in US?
what different types of pilots are there?
Validating License from XXX to the United States?
portable flying transportation for humans?
Can someone give me links on Cheap Air Flights using Air Jamaica?
Where can i find cheep (really cheep) plane tickets to Vegas?
would a school id qualify as a photo id to get on an airplane?
whats the best looking airplane?
possibility of anti-gravity aircraft?
Why do some planes like the DC-3 last forever?
Why do Airline Passengers get so pissy if there are Mx or weather delays ?
Invite to informational session at compass airlines to become a flight attendant please help?
does any commerical airplane flights fly above Antarctica ? (Maybe New Zealand to South America?)?
airline pilot..........?
What is the link right after board by BA flight from Ghana to Heathrow T 4?
Minneapolis to Narita?
Aviation Maintenance Technology school?
I don't trust See Tickets?
how malaysia civil aviation adherence to chicago convention.?
any one know how to get cheap plane tickets from Perth to Indianapolis?
Max total engine hours on Boeing 737-300?
Can you fly a airplane that needs two people by yourself (solo)?
Does checked-in luggage normally travel on the same plane as the passanger?
Can I have a carry on bag on the airplane with liquids for internal flights in Canada?
Virgin Atlantic says this about laptops on its aircraft:?
I need info on south african pilots?
Where can I put a down payment on a used AH64 Attack Helicopter?
Can anyone help me? I need to know how much a taxi would cost from lagurdia airport to hoboken nj?
does any one know how many miles an hour are in one knot?
What is the most advanced stealth plane in the world?
how much does a Brand new 2010 embraer Lineage 1000 cost?
Is riding in a car saffer than flying in an airplane?
How can I get tickets to SS4?
what are the prerequisites in enrolling in airline transport professionals if you are an immigrant?
Can a 13 yr old girl take flight lessons?
How many jobs does Midway Airport support?
What is the fastest Air Force airplane?
Where can I find the mechanics of an old bi planes controls "Joystick style:?
What is airplane mode?
pretend a hole opened up on a plane in mid flight. would the sound from the engines hurt the passengars ears?
Using Virtual Reality instead of going Abroad "Read Desc'" ?
If experiencing a force of 2G makes you feel twice your weight, does a force of -2G make you feel the inverse?
If you become an Aircraft load master do they automatically ship you over seas?
Is it true that electronic devices such as phones and ipods mess with a planes' gauges and can't be used?
What is the TOP 10 AIRLINERS IN THE WORLD!!!!?
Boeing 737-300 or MD-83 or Fokker-100 or airbus 320 ?
what factors causes wake turbulence on airline jets ?
Birthday present help....?
does a low wing dihidral have better lateral stability than a high wing dihidral? and why?
can you own your own airport?
I want to take a glider ride. Where is the closest place to Leesburg FL. for a glider ride?
Isn't V2 and VR the same thing?
Do you think that the merlin engine?
Where is the best place to park at LAX - Price Not an issue - I want the easiest?
What does the term "radio" mean, as it pertains to the avionics/aviation industry?
Cessna Citation 550 B LCN?
If you're in a survival situation & see a plane, does it mean that the pilot saw you if it dips its wing?
Why is it that you can't fly a plane if you are color blind?
how should i apply to ohare airport and where should i apply for it. for any job at airport or at midway..?
Who made Barrington Irving a Captain?
How can I get over plane phobia?
How much do part time airline pilots make a month?
I am scared my plane will crash?
Can a plane in flight be struck by lightning?
timco crash?
Just so you know this is not for The Jonas Brothers!?
Constraints to aviation development in east africa?
Airline Liquid/Gel Rule?
I want to resign to start Cabin Crew with Emirates!?
do think emirates airlines bought to many planes?
How does an AC 130 looks when shooting from the sky?
Where can I find cheap tickets?
Cost to become commercial airline pilot?
im looking for ways to help my gf during?
Hey pilots,what is it like to fly upside down?
do we have to be fit to be a pilot?
Can you take can openers on planes?
where can i find a list of upcoming aeroplanes?
any airlines in india offering cadet programs at the moment?
i have x-plane 9 for mac, but i cant fly people, i heard that if u crashed it would say how many died, how?
Is anyone a pilot out there? If so can you please write down your email?
WHY are there no FEMALE commercial airline pilots??
Can anyone please help me to find aircraft trainee job (maintenance or egineering?
Taking my mobility scooter abroad?
Is it rare to become a Canadian Forces helicopter pilot?
Where can I find a list of aircraft emergencies per manufacturer?
Is it better to learn how to fly an airplane before learning how to fly a helicoptor?
What is the guy called with the two light sticks that directs airplanes?
why does Boeing use the number 7 on its aircraft?
What flight would you rather go on?
Can I Become A Pilot If I have stutter ?
What does determines the weight that can be lifted by a helicopter?
discuss how the jet engine revolutionised the world of commercial aviation?
How are the Heathrow take-off and landing flight paths decided upon?
airlinepilotcentral pay calculator PLEASE HELP?
Which airline has prettiest planes in the sky?
Is there a way to find out online when the flight of a relative is? ?
Cessna's follow-up to the 421, or a different company's version?
Does anyone know who ACTUALLY Invented "THE EJECTOR SEAT"? and when?
What would you do if suddenly an aircraft plunged out of the sky in a massive fireball?
How to become a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air-force?
was there an aircraft named miss amarillo?
how much runway is left before a plane takes off?
Seeking advice. Have made relaxation videos and want to get them into aircraft TV sceens on back of seats?
List of the institutes for Aircraft Maitenance Engineering where one can apply with commerce background?
Why does the air france boeing 777-300ER have a older ife system ?
Are turboprop aircraft slowly dying out?
If I live in Gibraltar can I pilot a plane after it lands and unloads and then switch pilots? Or no?
Why dont they use huge parachutes attached to airplanes to prevent crashes to the ground?
what type of helicopter was Richard Castle flying?
How should Winglets correspond with the wing?
Pilots - Has flying become more safe?
How to find the cheap airline tickets? Which website is the best one?
why the iran air force use the MIG-29 as a main striker not the F-14?
Aircraft fuel biocide mixing ratio?
i am flying into Fiumicino airport in Rome at terminal 3 and my friend is arriving at terminal 1?
Is the Jet Blue American Express Card a good thing to apply for?
Can Flight Attendants take lithium for bipolar?
How do I leak check mooney fuel tank and strip and reseal?
Is a V-22 classified as a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft?
why do people who design airplanes have to posses a knowledge of aerodynamics?
After you take the AT-SAT, How does the FAA contact you for a interview? Phone,Letter,Email?
How to talk like an airline pilot?
What's the safest BUT cheapest airline?
Do airlne pilots/air. force miss flying when retired?
Commercial Airline Pilots should NOT be armed.?
what can you tell about the Radar Fio?
Why are there no pictures of the rescue of 1982 Air Florida crash into the Potamic on the internet?
Is it possible to change the flight tyre while flying?
Will the world ever have flying cars?
Is Fed Ex going to be using the Charlotte Executive airpot to run there big planes?
Sucked out of an airplane?
How we get a job after clear AME paper-1,2 and 3(ES,IS) in aviation, as there is cruption we all know ???????
Can an employed CFI give free ground lessons?
why do u want to be a cabin crew?
Where can college students buy cheap flights?
If something goes wrong in a plane how likely is it that it will crash?
Is it true what they say about Russian military pilots?
Why are MD-80 elevators always up?
Where is the best place to park at LAX - Price Not an issue - I want the easiest?
Model airplane questions?
aero commander info parts data manuals?
what should I listen for in a pilot weather briefing?
What's my chance of becoming a pilot?
Tips for a better landing?
Virtual Flights & Actual Flights:?
Are airplanes dangerous?
How do I start a Morris minor 1000?
How can I tell the difference between an Airbus A380 and a Cessna 152?
what is yaw force?
What are the concepts of moments and equilibrium to the motion of an aircraft?
How was your first solo?
Is the diameter of a fuselage of a 737 actually smaller than the diamater of a GE-90?
Would I die if I nose dived a plane into the ground?
What is the Fuel Consumption for a Boeing 737-200?
Airflight regulations on PIA website sayss...?
Is there a quick mental way to find the X-wind component?
Do you like Cathay Pacific Airways? Why or why not? Please give some detail comments.?
How many seats in a Dassault Falcon 90?
Why do jets in the sky leave white lines behind them? What type of jets are these?
How many time have you flew and what was the longest flight?
Why are planes so freakin weak?
are civilians allowed to fly in aviation research center aircrafts?
What is so special about the Raptor?
can pilot abuse be avioded?
How does a air craft lift its weight?
Why do we have to "keep our seets in upright position" for the take offs and landings?
What is the rough starting salary for succesful cadets?
how do you get rid of flying tips that pop up in fs2004?
is there a way to fly both planes and helis for a living?
Best Aviation accident website?
Would a pilot get upset if a Doctor told him he is like a bus driver?
What are the requirements needed to be a pilot?
What will be the degree of commonality between the 747-400 and the 747-8?
How much cash can u fly with?
what is the most economical site to buy plane tickets to travel so South America.?
Why is a 777 so high off the ground?
why do aeroplanes shake when travelling through cloud?
Can i take a babys pram on a international flight and will it be incuded in my 20Kg limit?
what is the pressure and temperature inside a flying passenger aircraft. how it is maintained and its principl
how long would it take to travel from Afghanistan to New York City by an airplane?
If a bullet was shot though a plane window at a 747's mid flight hight what would happen?
Do you think that in the future the passenger aircrafts will fly on hydrogen fuel?
how can i pass my flight training?
how are new jet fighters transported after manufacture?
What is the best fighter jet of all time?
How do they get those pictures of aircrafts flying in the sky?
Why do commercial jets sometimes have long takeoff rolls?
In which case people could fly?
How do you like US Airways?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
Why dont they provide Parachutes on passenger airplanes like Boieng 747 ???
Aviation related names for a male dog? ?
What do you like best about flight attendant?
Whats the difference between a class A license and a class B license?
Hearing for Class 1 medical?
why do aeroplanes need to turn off the internal lights when taking off and landing?
Tell me mean by auto pilot and when it helps ?
What are some good colleges with good aviation/flight training programs?
I would like to become a pilot. I am an Indian.?
What are the new communication system available on board for passengers n how are they beneficial to them?
What is the process to get an Air Reserve Technician job?
Should i do aviation electronics or electronics maintenance?
The different types of aircrafts?
I live near an airport....?
Do pilots stick to an aircraft?
Where can i get a 100lbs (around 48kg) mini jet turbine?
What is a good nickname for a lady pilot?
Why isn't it possible to put some kind of screen over the jet engines of a plane to keep the birds out?
Pilots are nice?
Which airline is bigger, Jetblue or Delta?
whitch plane is better?
how do planes fly???
Are there different levels of aircraft mechanics?
What do you have to major in to become a Helicopter pilot.?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Why must electronic devices be turned off during commercial airline takeoffs and landings?
can flight attendant travel from a country to the U.S. that is not their assigned home base??
An Aircraft In a Spin , which of the wing is at a higher angle of attack?
Plane flying really low?
please tell me the source for Reference Speed indicator used in Dornier aircraft?
hw long is the flight to california, san fransico?
Dose anyone know any helicopter games (please don't say bf3 or apache air assault)?
how long a passenger plane can halt at the air?
Best airplane/worst airplane (Choose from below)?
What is the 2 engine variant of the Hercules?
Are there refresher courses to get an A&P current without having to work in a shop 6 months?
What is a Airplane. We don't have airplanes in my country.?
Is this enough money to start an airline?
Has AOPA announced the winner of the 2009 Lets Go Flying SR-22 yet?
I feel sorry for Airbus, What about you?
Do you have any idea when the Airbus A380 will be released?
I want to be a pilot .. What degree do I need?
How much does a flying instructor earn in the uk?
Where are all of the F-35 being tested?
Does opening the window of a flying airplane affect the performance of the plane. Can it lead to a crash?
Air rate inquiry Ex Hong kong to Botswana?
Im flying soon and im kinda scared of takeoff can anyone tell me what i can do so i cant feel the speed asmuch
about model jet engine?
are airplane seats parachutes?
How do I become a pilot?
How are accrued airmiles converted to actual available flight miles?
do u thing there will ever be flying cars?
Can anyone identify this aircraft?
aerial refueling?
improved components?
Any Commercial Pilots/Unemployed qualified Pilots out here?
Full Body Scanners at Airports ?
If I billions for stealth fighter, where could I buy one?
Why does the rudder flop back and forth (727's) (707's)?
What do I need If I want to set up radar and satellite instruments , for e.g. weather , planes , Like AIR T C
Is an Airline Pilot Career a good career to get in to now?
What are some good airlines to travel on?
explain how the embarkation & disembarking procedures of passengers at airport expedite the speedy elearance o
Do they allow Powerbags on planes?
why does a plane flying from west to east faster than going west to east?
Can anyone tell me about technical info on exhausts+nozzles on gas turbine engines, e.g pressure, velocity?
How many rivets are in a complete Cessna 150?
What are commercial planes?
Why do you want to be an airplane pilot?
What is Boeing?
what does the airlines criminal background checks consist of?
How do cylindrical wings create lift?
Airline Transport Pilot's Licence training?
Model airplane questions?
Is this one of the last ones for the day?
Can the Space Shuttle abort a landing or 'go around' for another attempt at the runway?
wanted 2 know if there was a way 2 ride in a f16?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
anybody know what a PUCKER Gage is?
How to get Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course?
what is maximum duty time (not flight time) flag operations FAR121 with 4 pilots & aircraft has crew rest area?
Good flight schools in Utah?
why do airplanes have such small windows??
How do you fly because I can't?
does anyone know where i can find specific (or any) info on the interval of engine maintenance of aircrafts?
if u were on flight 93 would u have fought?
how to answer for cabin crew interview questions?
1989 local airline crash in pakiistan?
Why do passenger jets departing from JFK bank after takeoff rather then flying straight up?
How can I find the best offer for Ryanair?
What is the current Pilot Salary Range in Emirates,Qatar,Singapore,Kingfisher,Jet ?
Can I park my Cessna 172 on my own driveway to save on airport fees.?
Has anyone ever made a pedal powered aeroplane that actually worked?
Falling asleep easily on planes?
What happens to the stuff you flush down the toilet on an aeroplane?
Why no airstair's on modern-day aircraft?
How much does the "paint" alone, on an Airbus A380 weigh?
How do I get a ride in an aircraft's jump seat in Australia?
Hey passion and aim is 2 a pilot i have completed my 12th with the PCM of 80 %?
What is air cadets like?
How is the training structure of some airlines such as southwest, KLM, and so on?
Aviation/Pilot Academy???? HELP PLEASE!?
current airplane fares in the philippines?
Does a Pilot have to remember to put down the landing gear?
Good flight schools for CFI?
Should airline pilots be forced to retire at age 60?
Flight to US (not direct flight), I'm scared to lose, help me please?
Where do i get some affordale airline tickets?
Can I book a flight now??
how would i find a certain flight instructor by name in wisconsin?
what level of math do pilots use?
can aeroplane fly backwards?
Conflict over Career for my husband. Not sure what to do? Need advice from unbiased person.?
In a large jetliner, would the flaps and spoilers still work if both engines completely failed?
P1127 are any still around?
Anyone have their aircraft cleaned by Immaculate Flight. What did you think?
Why is a 777 so high off the ground?
where do you put the mixture lever at when you are starting a A/C with a pressure carb?
Please, no sh*thouse lawyers.... can someone help me on the legal justification for an airline merger?
What's the point of an airplane doing a touch and go landing?
When flysama will start operating it's flights in saudi arabia?
What is involved when becoming a stewardess ?
Dash 8's from nyc to Reagan?
I want to become an airline pilot!!?
How would you feel if you boarded a plane only to discover the pilot was a women?
Where can I get an instructional video/book on how to set up a hang glider?
As an FAA A&P license holder, can I get an EASA B1 without going through all the EU requirements?
Can old people be on airplanes ?
Flying lessons/medical help?
Are their any aviation engineers out there that are willing to give me their email?
What's the master cylinder type of a Beechcraft 77 skipper aircraft?
Is it true that airliners do not need to be protected from lightning as they are metal tubes.....?
cadet pilot training in India?
Where did airplanes originate from?
Blue Angel's Crash in SC today?
Whats better , Helicopters , or Fighter Jets ? ( To fly i mean )?
What is ICAO ANNEX-1 and JAR-FCL 3 Requirements ?
What are the noise levels for the F-22 and F/A-18 E/F fighter aircraft?
What are the noise levels for the F-22 and F/A-18 E/F fighter aircraft?
Which american airline companies lost their airplains on september 11 2001?
What's the cheapest deal flight you've gotten to go to Europe?
how old do you have to be to fly the f-22 raptor?
Poll - Attention Plane Lovers which do you think is the safest Boeing or Airbus?
During a long flight, is it ok for the pilot to sleep here?
want to becoma a liner pilot. what 2 do?
About how much will it cost to get my privat pilots license?
Is it alright to bring an airsoft pistol to the airport?
What is the best Professional Pilot Program or School?
Do two Wrights make a plane?
who would like to come to austria with me?
airplane mechanics please come?
what should i study for the 3 Airframe and Powerplant test?
Really thinking of becoming an airline pilot...?
Do all planes have weapons?
I have a GE vintage component I need to know what it is?
what makes flying so fast?
I want to be a helicopter pilot. Does anyone know an instructor in Southern AZ or at least a website I can use
Do the new Lear Jet private planes have the ability to dump fuel while in the air.?
How can I get Pilot hours to get a good piloting job?
eight propeller helicopter design?
I want to get more information about commerial aircraft industry.?
can you bring an oxygen tank aboard the airplane
Are there job placement agencies/headhunters who specialize in the aviation industry?
What are the number of passagers on a boeing 777?
What was the first commercial airliner and what was its firts commercal plane.?
why do pilots say roger?
are there flights from rangoon to phuket?
airplane fuel?
pilots please. ......?
How do I get my Commercial Rotary Wing Aircraft Pilots License from scratch? Preferably schooling in WA or OR?
Were any aircrafts used in WWI?If so who were the first to introduce them into the war?
Jet Rides??
What are some highlights of Billy Mitchells career?
is there a good pilot school in NZ?
If I would sleep in the plane during landing, would I still feel something in my stomach?
how many commercial vehicles operate in WA state?
Do airplanes fly during rain storms?
How many aeroplanes are in the sky at any one time.?
How Much Will It Cost Me to Finish my Training?
In an Aircraft's Piston engine , what is Tappet Clearance and Valve Clearance ?
i research for Air Systems Inc at USA. logictic company. aircraft charter?
Mini hanglider, paraglider, human flight transportation?
commercial pilot fee?
I can't find any aircraft mechanic jobs?
Where are VOR's and DME's located?
What is the biggest airplane and helicopter of the U.S. military?
What does it take to become an commercial airline pilot?
how much voltage is the magneto system able to produce?
Aircraft mechanic or registered nurse?
Which B-24 liberator has the lower ball turrent on it? The B-24J or the B-24D?
Why haven't planes got giant parachutes as a last resort?
How do you fly an airplane?
Can high altitude air turbulence bring down modern domestic aircraft?
USAF pararescue missions?
How can I tell the difference between an Airbus A380 and a Cessna 152?
How many engines had a B36 bomber?
what is the name of the gadget that has a petrol motor and proppelor strapped to a persons back + parachute?
flying to cyprus from lhr (heathrow) many hous needed before check-in time?
Fuel Dumps bad for the Enviroment??
hi there,I jst went for the 1st interview for SIA cadet pilot,i presume i did really good.?
What was the most advanced aircraft for its time?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
Sometime I see planes getting hosed down after they land...why is this?
what is the e-mail addy for the head of etihad airways?
I have a Nuevo head unit , is there anyway to put a picture onto it somehow to use as a custom start up screen?
Are passengers who weight more increasing the cost of travel for the rest of us?
what are the personal safeties before working inside an aviation workshop?
will the plane stands still in the air like the helicopter?
Sick in plane... but want to be a pilot?
I accidentally typed in the wrong Aadvantage Number for one of my kids that will be traveling with me?
how do i achieve a pilots license from scratch?
How much would regional pilots get paid? ?
Could anyone give me information about the Ari-Ben Aviator Inc. Flight School?
smoking is not allowed on any delta flight?
How have the number of airplane miles traveled by the U.S residents changed over the past 10 years?
i think i saw a ufo??? 9/18/08?
I am afraid of flying but I am really interested in flight crash investigation programmes - why?
What's the most frightening thing that happened to you on an airplane?
What is the useful life of Ceconite or Stitts on fabric aircraft?
twin time,without much single?
How do I obtain a DGAC Mexican Pilot's License?
when next time a380 will land in London heathrow?
Do helicopter pilots need/use oxygen masks?
What can I do for my aircraft project ?
Is a check captain the same as training captain?
What are some good Flight schools to consider for one interested in becoming a commercial airline pilot?
Is Emirates a good safe Airline ?
How much money does it cost to fill up a airplains diesel and where do they do it???
Will a helicopter fly on automotive gasoline?
Does a 4 blade rotor helicopter create more lift?
A few questions about Combat Flight Simulator 3?
Any air pollution commercial ideas?
what makes an airplane turn?
what was the average life expectancy of a helicopter pilot flying 80's deer recovery missions in New Zealand
Could someone fill in the blanks on how to become a Night cargo pilot?
where r all the SR-71 Blackbirds located?
Why does the A-10 Thunderbolt (Fighter Plane) make that strange buzzing noise from the front?
Why does everyone have the same baggage allowance on an aircraft?
How do I become a pilot in the UK?
how do pilot find tha way?
Software value in Aerospace?
what is the top speed of a modern day fighter jet?
When was the first Aeroplane created? Who was first person to drive it?
Any visitors and FSX guys?
Which would cost more in price? An FA-18 Hornet or an F-16. Keeping in mind; new aircraft?
Is flying a Fighter Jet in real life similar to BF3?
why is it called a "cock" pit?
Printing round trip flight passes?
What are the black & white stripes on WWII airplanes?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
What is the cheapest way to buy a small aircraft?
Is it posible that airlines hire high school grad for flight attendant?
if a plane crashed in water would i be safer than if the plane crashed on land?
Are tail numbers "N" number on airplanes as unique an identifier for a plane like a license plate for a car?
Can humans fly faster than the speed of light yet (broken the light barrier) ?
In which metal jet engine's turbine is made? How the turbine fins withstand without breaking against the force
Flying Course for Private pilot?
how do planes have extra stuff if original is out?
I want know about the on job training institutes and other firms for the aircraft maintenance course in India?
How did airline pilots navigate over the ocean in the 1970's?
which one of these programs are better for airline pilots ?
Boeing 747s becoming extinct?
Could WWII battleships launch planes?
Which state has the telephone code 513?
Flight international magazine question?
Where can I find out more about an old U.S. military airplane that had wings that folded possibly for storage?
Are there crash courses on how to fly?
Why do helicopters hover over houses with spotlights?
Is it really hard to get in to PAL?
Why do they ask you to turn your mp3 player or photocamera off in an airplane?
how can i tell the diffrence between a a380 and a cessna?
What is the nature of being an Airline/commercial Pilot?
Why don't airplanes have to flap their wings like birds do?
I want to get a license to fly a glider plane ?
how do you acess the planes in las venturas?
motocycle acccentdent's on 11/24/2006?
how can I make a hovercraft?
can gps take the place of dme in aviation?
What can make you tired?
How far is the first Dual-Cross Country Flight normally? NM...?
used landing gear parts sor aircraft champion model 7GCB, 1962?
A flap or slat can perform 3 functions simultaneously.?
What can 6000 sky miles buy?Delta airlines?
Who else likes the 747?
Craziest ideas in aviation?
What type of planes do thomas cook mostly use to go lanzarote?
What are the 5 skills that a flight director and a flight controller need?
UK Flights?
How to open FMC / MCDU of Flight1's ATR 72-500? We already tried SHIFT+3 but the GPS panels are opening.?
in the UK on average how much does a aircraft maintenance engineer gets paid.?
How much does a pilot get paid at Aeroflot Airlines and what are some benefits for working for them?
How long is Southwest Airlines ramp training in Dallas?
How to be a Commercial Pilot in INDIA as well as in Abroad?
why does a helicopter have 2 blades?
How come nobody seems to know about chem trails that are being sprayed over our major cities?
2 seater helicopter kits?
If I eat greasy foods on an air plane will that make me vomit during air turbulence?
what is the weight of the airbus plane's tyre...?
what type of math do pilots use? (airline pilot)?
when is the opposite of buggage claim?
Any Free Flight Schools Online?
on turbine engine propulsion?
where can i study JT-9D engine AD 94?
If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be?
Do people buy or lease private jets?
who invented the airplane??
If two planes almost hit each other is it called a "near miss"?
what are they called.??
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
Does it take a very experienced hijacker pilot to execute the turns necessary to crash into the WTC towers?
so the highest ETOPS are around 207 minutes. Are these the minutes an alternate........?
How does the plane get power to push her in air?
I want to learn to fly light aircraft in the USA, heard about OFT in Florida anyone had experiences there?
How much does a European flight cost in miles?
Why are there life vests under your seat in an aeroplane and not parachutes?
How fast does a 6 passenger twin engine plane fly?
What is the Purpose of the F/A-18 Hornet?
what all multi-engine aircrafts are approved by dgca?
How long does the sky-line sky king helicopter take to charge?
How many human lives will it take to equal the cost of redesigning jet engine tech. too eliminate FOD intake ?
What kind of airplane do I want?
Does anybody know's where i can get a R/C plane?
did they have comercial airlines in the mid to late 60's?
Best aviation pranks?
Does anyone remember what the commercial that had the Shook up ramen was for?
How Do I Go About Buying A Plane Ticket For A Friend Who Is Only 17?
can we get a remote controll plane which flies?
Why do jet afterburners make rings in the flame exhaust?
balloons and airships?
IS Northwest Cargo still operating?
what is the best airline to fly with?
Why do flights go faster than 250kts under 10,000 ft.?
An modern jet is capable of breaking what?
what part does the magneto ignition system have that the capacitive discharge system does not?
what is the approximate hourly rental rate for Airbus and Boeing Simulators?
How do smaller aircraft navigate?
Hudson crash controller bantering about a dead cat?
How can I make my own small airplane?
Any advice what references to use for studying Aeronautical Engineering and related subjects?
how much would a yacht with a place to land a helicopter cost?
People who have travelled on Air France air-planes recently ?
How many planes have virgin Atlantic crashed?
What makes Plane ticket prices go up?
Cross-country sign-offs required for Commercial Pilot's License?
do cell phones work on planes?
Knee injuries and flying for the AF?
I have a job interview with a major airline coming up! Please advise?
how long does it take to ship something from the uk to the us?
What is the airplane glass made of?
What are the regulations for a carry on on a Delta international flight?
Is there a radio on an aeroplane??
Go to area 51 on google maps.?
You know the indestructable black boxes in airplanes? Why don't they make the whole aircraft out of it?
purchasing gps software?
What are the requirements to becoming an airline pilot?
Integrated Avionics Computer?
How long can a cat survive in an unheated hold at 34,000ft?
What is the hardest FAA test?
should i wear long pants while riding a plane?
Boeing 737-800 performance Dispatch ?
how to change an airline reservation to a later time?
I want to become a flight attendant?
What exactly is the APU?
What are jet plane contrails?
what material do u put on a baby grate lakes wing?
Cab my airline make me buy 2 seats?
What's the most iconic disaster or event in aviation history?
Center frequency flying into Rio de janeiro?
Whats with these Planes?
why isnt the flying turns at knoebles open yet?
Why in Helicopter crashes do the pilots usually die?
Why do i have a helicopter phobia? ?
Easyjet Airbus A319 - how safe are they?
how many hrs does it take to fly from NY 2 LA & if u left at 4m NY time what time in LA would it b when u land
What do you call the people that tell you your flight's been delayed?
i want to learn how to fly but do i have to get a aviation provisional licence first?
Flybe Airline Refunds ?
Why didn't Horatio Philips' multiplane work?
What to do on a 17 hour flight?
What is "Fly By Wire" in flying terms?
how do i enroll in pal aviation school? do they have a study now pay later program?
what is this guy called?
Is It Fun/Interesting Being a Commercial Airline Pilot?
How long does it take to actually leave the airport after you have landed from overseas?
what if pigs could fly?
If you loose an engine at take off, how do you proceed?
How easy is it to fly planes nowadays.Could even I do it?
Congratulations to BA staff, job well done?
If you become an Airline pilot you'll be able to pretty much be able to get any women you want? myth or fact?
Job opening.?
Does anyone know how to find out much plane tickets are?
Does the RAF currently use any propeller-driven fighter planes?
improving flight maneuvers?
Max total engine hours on Boeing 737-300?
Why on take off at night must the interrnal lights be switched off and on landing all sun visors pushed up ?
Question about my flying solo?
is there a calculator or a list that shows the amount of emissions from different types and models of planes?
What if I create an experimental aircraft that can beat US made Aircraft?
Would buying an aircraft for approx. 25k be worth not renting to get my flight hrs?
How much would regional pilots get paid? ?
What are the four factors that effect flight?
What is the maximum range (endurance @ full fuel tank) for the Air Creation 582-SL Trike Ultralight?
why do people want to tax private jet owners?
Tomcat vs Eagle: Who would win in a hypothetical battle?
What are the key differences between a commercial Airbus aircraft and a commercial Boeing Aircraft?
i just had bayflight, our areas air ambulance fly 200 ft over house. any1 think that is beautiful sight too?
how long would it take?
There are 10 people in our party who are flying with jet2. Does everyone need to be there at checkin?
what were you doing the very moment the first plane hit......on 9/11?
Opinions on aviation user fees?
when an airplanes leaves these smoke streaks in the sky is it a fighter jet or just a comercial aiplane? PICS?
What does it take to become a commercial airline pilot?
Does anybody know the rough size of an airplane seatbelt?
what is the fastest plane?
can F-16 make a vertical Take Off ?
What was Concorde's 0-60mph time and the standing quarter time?
Why are there no female commercial or large capacity airplane pilots?
What is better - an ultralight aircraft or a powered parachute?
How are dragons capable of flying?
Is being a Pilot a realistic job?
Which modern aircraft has been the most successful?
Is the degree I'm trying for really worth the money?
Would it be possible to make an aircraft-ship?
Why different routes round trip Shanghai-Atlanta?
What is the best aviation headset for under around 400$ NOTHING OVER 500$?
Is there a radio on an aeroplane??
The Exterior Parts Of A small airplane?
Where's the closet flight simulator near brooklyn?
how to use forging process to make gear and turbine blades for jet engines?
what airline is this?
Delta Airline bases for flight attendants? Please help! :(?
what do the smaller qantas planes have bent wing tips?
how much air is 6000 pounds?
Why did United states of America tell the world about It's Stelth technology plane on TV?
What does it mean when flight attendants say doors cross checked?
How do pilots land exactly on runway?
Closed Loop System? and how it is applied?
Can I Move My Position By Just Jumping Up In The Air On An Airplane, boat Train Or Similar Transportation.?
Aircraft Wing Construction: How are wings attached to the aircraft body? How can they withstand the stress?
I need a tool list?
members of cabin crew....?
What Happened To Those Concord Planes?
What does " comming in for the break" mean ?
what is a pilots life like?
Becoming a commercial airline pilot?
Were can i work age 14?
I have a question about the 777 Boeing aircraft?
How fast did the X-15 go in its test flights?
What is the altitude record for fixed wing flight?
does anyone know who to complain to about non military low flying helicopters?
Please, can you help me feel better about flying?
Why don't airplane designers put some type of grill over the engine fans to prevent birds from being sucked in?
Auburn University aviation program expenses?
how do i enroll in pal aviation school? do they have a study now pay later program?
my little brothers scared of flying?
Where can I download the noise that a airplane call button makes?
Getting a Pilots License?
What makes aircraft to have balance on air.?
How to get a job in the Airline Industry?
How hard will it be to get a pilot's license?
how i convince my parents?
Using a Mercator map while using radio navigation beacons accurate enough?
flight schools?
need Information on cathay pacific engine (types)?
I'm going to flight school soon. Is a drug test required for my private pilot's license? (3rd class medical)
Hover Technology?
anybody know how many hours full time and part time int'l united flight atten are up in the air each month??
Has an aircraft water landing ever been successful?
What was the purpose of the Atlantic Charter?
who manufacture the tire of sukhoi fighther aircraft?
is becoming a pilot hard?
Who built the wright brothers first aircraft engine?
Can i still become an airline or cargo pilot with this criminal record?
Can you take can openers on planes?
send a car by air cargo to costa rica?
This years Farnborough Airshow on Sat & Sun is engineering like jet engines there e.g as exhabition closed?
Why should I charter a private jet?
How high in the sky can a plane really fly?
Prices of planes zfhlsduighsrgn trlju nrfbajk gu?
How can i stop my airline turbulence phobia?
Which naval aviation ratings work in squadrons ?
What voltage outlet on a foreign plane can adjust to?
What is meant by "inboard" and "outboard" in this article about propeller-rotors?
what's mean by " hard time", "on condition" and "conditioning monitoring"?
I'm so scared about going on a plane...?
i want to travel to tampa. get me te cheapest price . fliht , hotl and car?
flir-Do FLIR systems project a visable beam?
Can a Boeing 747 fly...?
what is engine pressure ratio in gas turbine aero engines?
Can I become a commercial pilot if I have been arrested for possession of a?
Which one is better? Avionics or Air traffic control. Help me to decide.?
What is water made of??!!?
how do i qualify for airline that wants 1,500 flying hours after i get my pilot liscence?
What are the new Us Airways routes?
I pay £43.50 for the full package on Sky but..?
Listening to Air Traffic Control?
wats a flight lieutenant?
What would happen if both Pilots died while flying a passenger plane?
How To Become A Fighter Pilot?
Where can i get a aircraft?
Commercial Aviation/Airport Careers?
How much does the Garmin g5000 cost?
What does the delta symbol represent in aviation equations?
do airline pilots carry pistols?
Is there any way I can overcome my fear of flying??? Any tips???
What percentage of U.S. commercial airline pilots have military aviation experience?
F14 Tomcat?
What airline has the best food and what was it?
which is harder to fly?
How to become an airline pilot?
Private Pilot License?
how can an airplane to take the speed measurement at ... 3000 feet for instance.?
What do I need to do to get my pilot's license?
Pass time on a flight?
i nwwd a project abt radars?
How much do commercial helicopter pilots earn?
How would 22G's affect your body in flight?
What does it take to become an air traffic controller?
When flying, why do the flight crew tell you to open your window blinds when taking off and landing?
What was the best american made plane of ww1?
ScarEd of flying on 9/11 week?
Why is it that some sites say you dont need a degree for Air Traffic control and some do?
checklist and steps to become a pilot?
Any one going to the Fly in at ROMEO airport in ROMEO MI?
can some one please tell me the experation dates for each medical certificate level?
How do airplanes work?
Some questions about Fighter Pilots that take off and land at carriers?
who is the founder of first aeroplane. muslim or non muslim?
Academic requirements for joining the RAF as a pilot?
Is the A380 a better aircraft than the supersonic Concorde?
what are 2S-7S battries? And where can i buy them online?
What is a normal schedule for a flight attendant?
Can you....?
What is the distance a sky diver can travel horizontally after exiting an aircraft and before landing?
Can an f/18 climb to 40 000ft in less than a minute?
How Are Allegiant Airline Seats Are They A Good Size Seat?
how is a zeppelin different from a blimp?
Airline pilot high school classes?
1.What was the first legislative act lifting the ban on direct federal contributions for airports?
Can you always see the lights on a plane blinking at night, no matter how high the plane is flying?
CARES as a child aircraft seat belt?
check flights from cebu philippines to kolalumpor china?
Purchasing General Aviation aircraft?
how does the aircraft fly?
What's the master cylinder type of a Beechcraft 77 skipper aircraft?
How to get grom greenland to alaska? Cheapest and fastest way (more options).?
Is it possible to get a job easily at UAE as a pilot right after i graduate?
Old looking AA jet at O'Hare?
Do flight attendants talk to you before take off on airplanes?
Is it true?
what are emission control devices?
What could this possibly be?
never took the plane?
This is for Junkers Ju 52 enthusiasts.Did the g4e variant have the 'dustbin' turret installed?
A good plan to become pilot for airline company (Alaska airlines southewest ect.)?
What could cause a 2000 cbr600 f4 to not turn over at all?
best flight schools in canada?
what airplane do you prefer Icon a5,Bonanza a36, Corvalis TTX, Cirrus sr22?
Can the autopilot land an airplane?
Do you think the Terrafugia will lead to flying cars? Do you think I will actually see one flying over?
Right now there is this helicopter hovering just above my house. Why would it be there?
How does one become a commercial pilot once he has entered the Ghana air force ?
does a jet engine get hot if you touch it?
Is pusher propeller with forward canard is a better design than rear stabilizer?
In the UK, what licenses/certifications must one hold in order to become a flight instructor?
Really need help! 10 easy points!!!?
Is there any scientific validity to where these guys took a small ancient trinket?
Is a trustworthy site?
How much is the average cost of getting a PPL in Iowa?
Why do some planes leave a a trail of smoke across the sky and others do not?
who do I call to bet a mode c deviation for Logan airport mode c airspace?
flying to cyprus from lhr (heathrow) many hous needed before check-in time?
largest airport in the world?
would you like to come with me?????
What Was Your Worst Flight?
Looking to buy aircraft parts for decoration?
what do they call those guys with the orange torch things that land planes?
How long and what is displayed in the Avalon Air Show?
What would an airspeed indicator show in a sideslip to the right or left?
Have unpainted aluminum aircraft fallen out of favor?
how much does it cost to fly to mexico?
How challenging is it to be an Airline Pilot. Is it a constant heavy work load during the whole flight?
landing plane without permission?
how does the b52 turn it does not seem to have conventional ailerons on the trailing edges of the wings?
What airline out of Ghana?
what is low cycle fatique?
what is your idea about airline pilots?
the antonov AN-70?
220 knots equals how many miles?
why are private jets more expansive when landing in small airports?
How are B737's and A320's delivered?
taking off???
Why do they not build VTOL airliners? This would do away with runways.?
what salary does pilot get? that's at their first month?
Why can you see jet streams?
Is Premium Economy worth it?
Jet Fighter COFFIN System?
I want to travel to Mexico, what is the cheapest airline?
how do pilot find tha way?
does a passenger plane require less power at higher altitudes?
P47 Thunderbolt or Bf109?
What is the best Airplane in the world?
Parts of the wright brothers airplane.....?
Why is the presence or absence of aircraft contrails sky?
Breaking Action? What is that?
where can i see the ba concord at?
how can i travel for free?
Which terminal in Chicago O'Hare International Airport that I left for Hong Kong?
Looking for info. on private plane crash 9/2/64 Eielson air force base, Alaska?
An aircraft has to be able to fly upside for extended periods of time, what kind of wings?
where is produced the biggest plane(air bus)?
can i add a passenger endorsment to a non commercial class C license?
At what speed does a commercial jet plane slow down to land on a runway?
How do you improve Longitudinal Stability on an aircraft?
How do F-22 raptor reach at mach 2.0+?
About becoming a helicopter pilot?
How can I build a huge paper plane that actualy flys great distances?
RAF flight plan question?
I want to get more information about commerial aircraft industry.?
does any one have a d.b. 605 laying around in the garage?
explain the impact the wide body jet aircraft on the aviation with regard to passenger fares and travel?
Can a handicapped person on a walker use the walker to get to the toilet on an airplane?
Is this too heavy to "check" for a flight?
What does is mean to increase the minimum speed?
how many hours are needed for horizon air? And, will 2016-2020 be good for pilot hirings?
Do planes have a device which can tell if one of its tyres has popped?
why did the engines stop for 3-4 seconds just after take off?
How long a runway does a fully loaded Airbus 330 need to land/takeoff.?
Are there any Mooney Mite owners or past owners on here?
have u seen at tv what happened in new york??
When was the last commercial piston-powered flight?
what is the flight mechanics ,are they in airplane like a pilot?
I did my Solo today.Where did the tradition of cutting the back of your shirt come from ?
where i can find a glider store in Budapest ?
Rotor for an S033G remote helicopter .?
and: If there is written "P0003", does it mean that the precipitation is 3 inches, or 0,03 inches of rain?
Aircraft mechanic or registered nurse?
I need to find companies that deliver and pick up barrels for Trinidad & Tobago?
What is the mean chord of A4 Skyhawk?
what is the maximum altitude of most civilian helicopters?
How much fuel does a J85 turbine engine burn in one hour? anyone know?
Which commercial airline flies the longest non-stop route? Which route is that?
How far apart are commercial aircraft required to stay away from each other while in flight?
I am confused as to what ETOPS actually is... what does it mean and what is it for?
why dont we just restrict plane travel?
If the ASI failed what are some indicators that the aircraft is flying too fast?
Why do we have forward facing seats in aircraft?
Flight Tracking Software?
Why the airplanes don't have better security measures?
i am having problems with my pop shuvit (bs) i need help on the landing?
Air traffic control information!?
How'd you to gain an FAA licence ?
How long after taking the at-sat does it take to get contacted?
if you are in great shape can you still fly professional at 60?
I want to be a pilot (airline?)?
What is the institutes for female in india to study in aircraft science to be a pilot?