Why can't we put giant metal screens on answers to keep people from asking the same question?
did anyone else see the red arrows today ?
why we dont have side mirror for aeroplane?
What type of plane is this? (Picture included)?
does a airplane fly higher than....?
I need a little info about planes!?
Airline Removes Flight From Web Site(not sold out??)?
What are oxygen tanks doing in the cargo holds of airplanes anyway?
Do real world pilots turn using the steering wheel thingy or the rudder when taxi to runway?
airline pilot qualifications 2?
Has anyone flown NWA for a long flight recently? Are they any good?
what is the milage of a helicopter?
How fast does a Commercial jet travel at cruising altitude?
is there a big difference in flying a plane with a stick handle compared to a wheel handle?
What does it mean when flight attendants say doors cross checked?
The F-14 Tomcat was recently retired...?
how to become a helicopter pilot?
How do u get a class a or b license?
how much does embry- riddle cost?
What is the Slope of Radius through end of chord of NACA 4415?
Help with flight simulation?
If you could name an airline what would you call it?
hi i am bob want to know in which caeer is best in avition(as pilot) or an aeronutical engener?
as a passenger of middle east airlines , what do you think of inflight services?
Airplane landing Physics?
Can you land a Cessna SEL RG airplane off pavement?
How much does a commercial Boeing jet weigh?
french air traffic control?
What's the requirements and costs for becoming an Airliner Pilot in the USA?
Can I buy airplane tray table?
can i do this???????????????????????????????
Why do they say "mayday mayday" in films?
What is a lap belt (the seatbelt in an airplane) made of?
why do the flight attendants ask you to open the windows when a plane is coming in to land ?
Lufthansa or Swiss International Air Lines?
Whats The difference between expedite mode and open climb/open descend modes in airbus 320 A/P ?
Where exactly can I get a copy of a Cessna 150 POH in Japanese?
When flying at FL 190 in the US what should the altimeter setting be?
Camping wild on public highways & Byways of the UK in caravans and camper vans.parking rules?
ok so i wanna be an airline pilot?
You know how the ‘black box’ is indestructable, well why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?
How to become a pilot?
Does anybody own a wingsuit?
SFO to SJC. should i travel by bus, plane, or Caltrain. Which one is the fastest please??
can a p plater carry more than 1 passenger between the hour so f11pm-5am if they ar eall over the age of 21?
What are some ways that Airports [Airplanes] can cause water pollution?
What iis fun to do in the airplane?
How do i become a Pilot?
how does a plane fly?
Can a 747 do a barrel roll?
Does airline tickets get cheaper or more expensive closer to departure date?
Looking for a good, free online flight tracker service in Europe?
what is the average take off speed of a 747 loaded and what is the top speed of a commercial airline?
Should I buy my own plane?
Would a career as an airline pilot suit me?
What color is the emergency brake in airplanes?
How much does the "paint" alone, on an Airbus A380 weigh?
How many human lives will it take to equal the cost of redesigning jet engine tech. too eliminate FOD intake ?
How do I log hours in planes that i'm not checked out in?
Where can i find cheap plane tickets?
how much does blue ribbon taxi service cost per mile?
How much fuel is required to change altitudes while at cruising altitude?
Small single prop aircraft ownership in California ? Registration fees, Luxury tax, Sales tax - What are they?
Would you accept a seat inside a plane with no windows if given monitors in front of you to "see" outside?
How can i start my own airline?
Why did the 9/11 hijackers have to train for pilot licenses, when they could have just used Flight Simulator?
Where can I find 3d simulators?
Aviation handhelds Icom A24 or Sporty's SP200 ?
Okay, this is for military aircraft buffs...if you could fly any fighter, bomber, or transport in?
In fighter planes, what are the trails of white "smoke" that appears off the tail of the wings during banks
What are the signs of a stall in an aircraft?
What is the cruising altitude of a flight from either Barcelona to Murcia or London to Paris?
Why do planes veir towards the wing that is pointing up in a bank?
when airplane pilots have to pee where do they go?
Do planes travel at a constant velocity?
How many hours a week does a flight attended work?
Bombardier Dash 8 Operating Costs per Flight Hour?
Help with iPad for aviation use?
If you tried to open the door of a 747 when it was flying, would the door open? What would happen?
how do i become a pilot?
What is the fuel used in the aeroplane?
Could I become a good pilot?
flying lesson 1st solo - buy instructor thank you gift?
Why are there so many helicopters flying around in Fontana, CA?
which is easier to assemble Loehle or Airdrome?
Are there any other operational fighter planes greater than the F-22 Raptor?
Does anyone know whats the shortest airline flight I could take out of NYC? Preferably less than an hour?
what are the worlds top 3 largest airports ?
How much money do aerospace engineers for Lockheed Martin make?
777 0r A340....Which is best?
What are the chances of a plane crash?
Alprazolam for the fear of flying ?
Ersa app for apple device or android?
what qualifactions do i need to become a pilot?
How does the traveling public feel about an airliner made of plastic composite namely Boeing's new airliner
Can you brind DVDs throught the airport security?
What is a good college to attend if you want to become a pilot?
How do I train to become a pilot!?
Does the flight school air fleet training system give out a commercial license?
Plane Operation Manuals?
Taxi how much does a blackpool taxi cost per minute ?
Leading Edge of MAC for airbus 310?
Is Aircraft the only section of YA that draws the crazies?
How do i apply to be a flight attendant?
at what height do aeroplanes fly at ???
Does anybody know the current Blue Angels soundtrack for 2012?
Fastest jet fighter??
how old do you have to be to be a plane attendent?
What does it mean when an aircraft does a rotation during takeoff? And how do you explain a sonic boom?
how hard is it to build a composite airplaine?
What is the NAV1 and NAV2 speed?
News on RC-135 Cobra Ball aircraft.?
How can I improve my Short term Memory especially for remembering Numbers and Voice instructions?
Is Vietnam a member of Warsaw Convention?
Flight Simulator X problem!?
Is having a connecting flight a good option?
how late do planes fly?
is there internet connection on airplanes? im bringing my laptop. can you use it on airplanes?
why are towers and building on airport property striped orange and white?
Why do I feel so bad I I'm paying for it?
What is the standard or most common flight jacket issued to USAF fighter pilots?
Is there a dress code for delta first class?
What airline has the most plane crashes?
can colour blind people become pilot? if no give reasons plz.?
Are there any ICAO documents regulating crew members leaving conditions?
Best place to spot at YYZ?
i have 6/9 vision with glases my power is -4.50 l and -300 it qualify to became a mas pilot with this vis
Do you have to go through airport security if you are flying on a private jet?
Vertical Speed for Southwest?
How many round trip flights to Turkey has Bill Gates made in his entire life?
Blue Angels tragedy?
Did the Wright Brother's fly before Santos Dumont?
Virgin Atlantic Airline Time Change?
Can a civilian buy an L-39 Albatros jet and fly it normally in Canada?
what do i have to do to become a major airline pilot?
Is Airline Pilot jobs in India the same quality to the UK....?
Do you think you can fly a FA-22 without training ?
Is the air hog havoc heli a good copter?
What does the term "VR" stand for when referring to aircraft?
Default Landing Speed, Altitude and Flaps of Airplane?
How long a runway does a fully loaded Airbus 330 need to land/takeoff.?
flight to washn d c to view ww2 momument no chge?
hovercraft or microlight?
Do you know where I can get a ringtone that sounds like an airplane flying?
Have you had a chance to use the Draganflyer Pro machine? Lot's of new cabins around. Is it worth the $2300?
is it true?
1.5 hours between arrival and take off, is it safe?
First flight for Buoing 747 the answer by year?
the stake holders of airlines/airline industries?
How do baggages get lost during flights?
Can someone please help me out maybe with a hint or something on this word problem??
mach cone of aircraft flying at what highest altitude can reach terrain?
How to become a pilot?
Which flying B-17 is bare aluminum w/ a yellow tail?
How do i become a air traffic controler?
What is the average salary of an Air Traffic Controller?
what is the age limit to become a pilot ?
what is the minimum speed of aircraft 747 when it is airborne?
What is the call sign of sri lankan's aircraft?
Why do they make planes so large?
What is free shaft turbine in aircraft propulsion?
Can I earn my commercial license and CFI ratings in Canada?
If the "black box" survives every plane crash, why not make the entire plane out of that stuff?
How close are we to making jet packs?
Can you become a commercial airline pilot with only 1 eye?
A big green chopper flew over my house this morning it was long & had 2 blades on the top what kind was it?
What training do TSA agents have besides groping peoples private parts?
why do people switch their cell phone in airplanes.?
Children under the age of 10 should NOT be allowed in first class on an airplane. Agree or disagree? Why?
best aircraft?
can i be a pilot if im color deficient in singapore?
Continental/United Airlinwes- Simple Question- Easy s!?
why do some fighter jets have a pointer at the tip of the nose?
What type of single-engine aircraft would be good for freight delivery?
Has anyone attended ATP's Houston flight school?
cheapest pilot training acadamy in canada?
what does the Thunderbirds airshow consist of?
Kit list for RAF blues camps?
explain the impact the wide body jet aircraft on the aviation industry with regard to passenger faresandtravel
Can helicopters or other aircaft be directly affected by earthquakes while airborne?
Why are pilots always tan?
How many helicopter classes could a 100 dollars get me with a decent pilot?
Flying kite with motor at the back having 2-seat capacity?
what is a loom bay in an aircraft hangar?
Now the Concorde does not fly anymore, what then is the fastest passenger airliner flying today?
I would appreciate thrust to weight ratio data on F-22, F-15, F-16, EF, Rafale, Sukhoi, etc.?
What's the best RPM setting for the Cessna Corvallis TT (Columbia 400) ?
How long does a gulf stream jet take to fly from london to newyork?
In the airline industry,what does the "Frequent Flyer Program" mean?
bonneville sounds like an airplane coming in for a landing when accelerating?
Has anyone had experience building a powered parachute?
What is a Boeing 747's body made out of?
why might a cessna 172 crash?
what is an area control centre?
Are all planes unsinkable?
Kamikaze pilots?
What is the function of the CRT in an EFIS?
How come a airplane is not made out of the same material , that the black box is made out of.?
A lot of people said that they've seen a blue logo on the aircraft which striked the second tower of WTC ?
where can i find Cessna 310 in Canada to get trained?
Any FBOs in the USA renting a Varga 2150 for flight training?
how many TWA airliner planes exploded?
Do I have good enough grades to be a Commercial Airline Pilot?
Why my commercial vc-400 c vapor steamer doesn't have pressure?
Is there a difference between "pilot" and "aviator"?
What is US airways mission statement?
does a kamov 32 fit in a c-130 hercules?
Jas 39 gripen vs hal tejas vs jf 17 thunderbolt?
What does "Fox One, Two, and Three" mean?
What is the hardest task a pilot can perform on a normal fnctioning aircraft?
how airplane fly,and what are the parameter to be observed?
What do we mean when we say an aircraft part is traced to a 129,121 or 129 operator?
I am 15 and I love aviation a lot, what can I do as of right now and in the future?
Aircraft Takeoff Distance?
What aircraft certificates and documents must you have on board when you are flying solo?
Are there any good resources for a young woman flying alone for the first time?
In commercial airliners why do both pilots have their hand on the throttles when taking off?
I have been faced with a choice and I need some help.?
what is the acronym of VT in cessna flights?
How many time have you flew and what was the longest flight?
How do you find the stall speed of a plane?
Do commercial aircraft and airlines fly over the arctic circle?
How to prepare for approach in FS2004? Are there trainers or so for that?
How much is an Aircraft Engineer paid?
What is the lifespan of the body an F15 jetfighter?
Who invented the airplane? Dumont or the Wright Brothers?
Professional Aviation Organizations?
What are your ideas to prevent birds from flying into jet engines on commercial aircraft?
What are airlines looking for when they hire a new pilot?
Is that okey if i will bring my Ipad, Ipod, cell phone, MAC and camera on the plane?
jobs at the Sacramento intl. airport?
can you ever earn 50,000 a year working as a cabin crew?
when the food and beverages service was started on aircraft?
What is the difference between the IC-A14 and the IC-A14S?
What is the most prestigious airline?
list of airlines that might hire with a DUI?
Aircraft basic weight?
how to extract planes in to FSX.......................?
Why can't I get a private screening?
What does it mean exactly when a jet breaks the sound barrier?
Why do I have headache when the plane is landing? Help?
where does the airbus fly ?
remote control plane piloted by mouse?
Has the Antonov 225 ever landed in the U.S.?
Can I sell empty seats on my private jet?
Do you think your name may be on the Federal Government's NO-FLY LIST?
What are the odds of dieing in a plane crash?
How low does the temperature of the hold get to when unheated in aircraft?
What are some fun things to do on a 30 hour flight?
boeing 737-400?
other important things in air craft production?
What is the cost of flying training in India? which School?
what things i can not take on airline?i know no guns and no knives.?
When an airline buys a new aircraft, who flies it to their hub/hangar?
A pilot or a neurosurgeon - which career field should I follow?
how long does it take a 747 plane to go 900 miles?
Will starting flight school raise my insurance?
Questions about Pilots?!?
What does "May Day" mean for the pilots when going to crash?
When is an airplane pressurized?
how the airline work?
when a plane is flying mach .70, and behind is one with mach .86, what is ATC doing?
What is the benefit of Sukhoi-37's back swept wings?
What was the name of the old "umbrella" airplane that always appears in history videos?
I'm deaf in one ear but 100% ok in t'other. Can I get a Private Pilots License to fly with passengers in UK?
Should I change the time of my flight?
Do indian fighter pilots wear helmets?
Where Can i buy RC Jet planes in Los Angeles and in Cebu, Philippines?
explain how can an airplane fly level at a wide range of flight speeds.?
when was the jet first used?
what aircraft used the curtiss propeller dwg. no. 1050-11c4-12?
Would being from a different country affect my chances of becoming an american airforce pilot?
how long is the flight from london to tashkent?
Can a plane fall/crash into or onto a house?
What do I need to do become a commercial pilot?
do airplanes have solid tyres?
what does it mean when a pilot radios the tower and says "the dog is barking"?
Pilots...Is it difficult to fly a plane?
Why don't people understand my love towards them?
Can I Fly without a license?
Aircraft window tint designs?
where can i see the ba concord at?
How dangerous is it being an airplane pilot?
Air Crash Investigation?
Can I go see him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
how easy is it to fly a microlight?are they safe?
what type of marchetti sf 260 was seen in the plane crash show?
commercial pilot job requirements?
If u're rich, what would u own?
does any body know any information about of the gemini engine(moped of the sky)?
what is the best bang for the buck pilot instruction course or course set (including ground school materials).
want to be a pilot what do I take?
What was yor favorite bomber of ww2 and why?
How does QANTAS airlines maintain its relationship with its customers ?
Are there any R/C model airplanes that use a real jet engine instead of piston or electric motor?
who gets the armrests in the middle row of an airplane?
I want to be a pilot (airline?)?
Do you have a fear of flying, and how did you learn to conquer it?
Inattention is generally caused by concentration on _________.?
Boeing Question (internship)?
want to bulid engines nd other parts of Aeroplanes.Shud i take mechanical..electrical or aeronautical??
Which ATC frequency would aircraft inbound to Heathrow be tuned into when over East London?
can a current fighter pilot fly a cessna?
Who does the avionics work for Harmony Airways?
Who is Xavier Jehl ?
In what situations are aircraft permitted to go super sonic?
How airports don't let airplanes move in reverse by themselves?
what is the length of helicopter rotors on average?
How can an airplane's design make it more fuel efficient?
Can airplanes float on water?
What is your favorite Airline?
How do I become an Air Traffic Controller?
Do domestic flights fly over foreign airspace?
When and where is the Oklahoma Aviation Conference ?
cessna 152 aircraft in right turn. To correct adverse yaw which rudder to be used? left rudder or right rudder
what is the worst expierience you ever had on a plane regarding the person next to you or flying complications
Why don't airplanes have rear view mirrors like cars and trucks do so that the pilot can see what is behind?
I'm going on a long airplane ride. have any suggestions for things to keep me occupied?
need translation, pilots only?
What`s the minimu age when i can start Flight attendant training ?
How to become a comerical pilot?
Will the viewing area at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) still exist after the parallel runway is constructed?
Is "retard mode" the same as being in Minimum conditions?
This years Farnborough Airshow on Sat & Sun is engineering like jet engines there e.g as exhabition closed?
Can anyone please help me to find aircraft trainee job (maintenance or egineering?
Will any foreign F-16 demo teams perform at Aviation Nation?
What is the cheapest airfare I can get from Atlanta, GA to Honolulu, HI?
I want to become an Airline Pilot?
Any opinions on Spanaway Airport Incorporated in Spanaway, WA?
What is the cheapest way to obtain a pilots license and get in air time?
What % of the fuel that an airplane carries is used for various phases of the flight. i.e. takeoff, cruise..?
Flying Wires?
Better?? Men or women flight attendants?
If you fail your drivers exam the first time and your under the age of 18 can you take it sooner than 15 days?
can aeroplanes reverse like cars?
what aviation job is this one?
what is the motor they use in aeroplane?
What is the name of fuel used in airplanes?
who has the best safety record in Airbus & Boeing?
How do you add miles to your Delta Skymiles acct. And why when you first sign up dont they put 500 on there?
Comparing largest plane with the largest lighter than air craft...?
Is being a pilot a good career field to go into?
If you had free tickets with the worst airline, would you go or not?
can you have a laptop on during takeoff?
I would like to become a pilot in the next six years, is this advisable or is it too much of a risk?
Does anyone know about socata B9 or B10 tobago aircraft. Is it cheap for mainternance?
what is the first salary to aircraft technicians?
Destroyed Log book what now?
what do dogs taste like?
If you worked in NASA can you work easily in company like lockheed martin?
Is it possible that jet engines will propel spaceships initially into space?
can i join the national guard with 2 unpaid seatbelt tickets?
has the movie airport ever been played on an overseas flight?
whats the difference between a A-10 Thunderbolt and a A-10 Warthog?
Air Traffic Control Career Path?
what had caused the airplane crash at poteau airport?
Can F-22 and f-35 standout if it had Bright RED or blue?
What should I look for when shopping for a plane?
what was the average life expectancy of a helicopter pilot flying 80's deer recovery missions in New Zealand
Is it possible to introduce the ultrasonic sensors in aircraft landing technology?
What do you think about this sailplane?
are airplane tickets cheaper if you buy them at midnight on travelocity, orbitz, expedia, hotwire, etc.?
PPL- for handicap?
Laws and regulations for operating, owning and building a private aircraft in Australia?
Pilots: What is your favourite part of the flight?
Why does an airplane's propeller slow down at a certain pitch or altitude?
I have a tiny lisp, can I be a pilot?
How do i become a Pilot?
how much trouble would you get in if you said bomb on a plane?
Changing planes in chigago?
What is life as a air traffic controller like?
Do passenger jets or amusement park rides have more fatal accidents in one year?
when cadet pilot programme for air india will be launched.?
Why do airplanes have blinking lights?
Airplane mechanic??? help meee please?? 10 pnt?
Where are PMC's used on aircraft and how are they effective?
What are all the requirements to become a Air Force Pilot?
Has AOPA announced the winner of the 2009 Lets Go Flying SR-22 yet?
Does anyone know the name of that plane you stand in?
What is the role of a pilot?What is the difference between Airforce & Comercial pilots?
If I graduate better and more famous college than other applicants, do I have more change of getting hired?
How much on average would it cost for two people to sky dive in the uk? ?
i saw video footage of a smaller plane land with front gear first,now cant find it can anybody help?
how much would it cost to fly a GA airplane such as a cessna 210 across the atlantic?
why don't they put parachutes under airplane seats?
why did they put the f-14 tomcats out of service?
i am 15 years old and i want to be an airline pilot should i start my flying lessons or wait until i reach?
where to find info on the air corp at ellington field?
How does a mobile phone affect an airplane's Flight?
Why does an airplane's propeller slow down at a certain pitch or altitude?
How long is a typical runway?
what are typical agent/broker commission rates for dry/wet lease of civil aircraft?
airplane mechanic??? help meee please?? 10 pnt?
is the 250knt below 10,000/FL100 limit Indicated or Ground Speed?
Any aircraft with three green lights? UFO?
Do you know a pilot ?
What is the best aviation headset you can buy?
what does a 2002 citation 560 encore plane look like?
In all seriousness, How can I tell the difference between a UFO and a plane at night?
Expert pls:How does the helicopter gain its forward speed?
why headlights are there in aeroplane?
A320-200 or a B737-300 flight?
Have you ever heard a sonic boom caused by an aircraft?
How fast do aircraft taxi?
information on the RAF?
Where can I buy a Boeing 747? Also, how much would it cost (new or used)?
Who else thinks the Americans have the best aircraft in their Air Force?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets........?
Virgin Atlantic A340 600?
Why does a plane burn more fuel at low altitudes?
I have a serious question about the actual price of a private jet.?
Jet Rides??
where i can find a cheap ticket, mexico - barcelona?
do pilots normally like their jobs?
delta airline vs united airline, which one is better service wise?
why dosnt the fire inside a jet engine go off?
What is your favorite american airline?
Should I fly British Airways to England or an American airline?
Kamikaze pilots?
What is the best way to go about becoming an airline pilot in Australia?
P-51 MUSTANG aerodynamics/armament?
Can regional airports accommodate full size jets?
why did japanese kamakasie pilots wear helmets when flying.?
How extreme is hyper maneuverability in jet fighters?
If I get my ratings here, can I work in colombia?
Hi. I'm building a hover-craft and i need a very large inner tube. Where can i find one in Montreal.?
CRJ 200 Aircraft - I Need the Manual & Study Guide for the CRJ Bombardier?
What is the small parachute on the tail of commercial jets?
why do commercial planes have longer runway than fighter planes?
On r/c model aircraft with left and right twin elevators do i need left and right operating servo,s?
Why do airplanes have circular/round windows?
What is the pre screening test required for Air Traffic controller students?
im a male, married, graduate. can i become a air pilot?
Which is safer Airplanes Boeing or Airbus?
About how many square feet of a cloth substance would be needed to create a drag of at least 50%?
Does anyone know about aeroplanes?
is there a museum that houses the hercules - howard huges spruce goose airplane?
Does anyone else find this suspicious??....?
Are there any good soaring simulators other than Condor?
does anyone know where i can find specific (or any) info on the interval of engine maintenance of aircrafts?
why Airbus not at Farnborough Air show this year?
best angle of attack for helicopter blades?
height limit for pilots?
How to finance pilot training?
how can i fight a helicopter?
what is the sitting capacity in airbus a380 will boeing come up something similar?
where is the apu exhaust on a tu-154?
How Gas Turbine Engines Work?
What Aircraft Manufacturer Do You Think Is Best?
Is there a way to prove that the T-38C is a "fighter" aircraft or can be termed so?
When planes land, do you see black smoke or like white smoke from the wheels?
flow simulation around the nozzle of a jet engine?
The two planes that hit both towers were suppose to be commercial , how come they had now windows?
Are fighter aircraft cockpits pressurized?
What are gulf carriers?
Plane landing on highway legal questions.?
What type of plane was used in 9-11?
Boeing 777 question!?
when was the first australian aircraft?
is it possible to have ANY airlines sponsor my training?
A Basic Electricity Question?
where is the fuel tank of a plane?
how are commercial pilots able to land planes in extremely dense fog, and heavy snow?
Can a holder of a private pilot license in Canada fly an ultralight?
could any one recommend a website providing info on mobility in airports and ict use?
What is the fat round thing on the wingtip of some small jets (see pic)?
How does a turbine (jet) engine ignite the air/fuel charge?
Remote Control Terrorism?
Which will win in a fight?An F-22 or an F-35?
What are some good ways to get rid of Fear Of Flying?
What age children are required to wear flotation devices?
My daughter wants to fly with a friend ALONE... to where?
Why aren't Concordes used anymore?
b-52 calculations, help please!!!?
Is the FAA academy free?
how to study aircraft studies in subang airport?
Pilot who crashed and shrunk.?
Is dassault mercure safe to fly on?
anybody know anything about Asap tickets,or even bought tickets from them,are they real,reliable?
If "black box"flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,y isn't the whole plane made out of it?
car facts i sort of need them for an essay about the binoulli effect and how it makes airplanes safe to fly.?
I am 45. Is is too late to go to school to be a pilot and work for an airline ?
What international airports do you have to use jet stairs to get off all of the planes?
How much can you earn being a Helicopter pilot?
what is the differnace between aircraft and car's RIM?
Pilots in the Airforce?
what changes have ocured in the way the personel are managed in the past 10 year?
Fun approach procedures?
Why are plane windows round?
i am getting my sports pilot license and i was wondering if there are any lsa aircraft i can find for 1500?
what's the best way to complete ground school for PPL?
I want to Become a Pilot yet I have Doubts?
Delta Skymile Questions!?
Would a plane be able to land without fuel?
meaning for explosive vapour detector?
What is the vehicle that is hooked to a plane to push it (?) to the runway called?
why cant pilots land on the thresh hold?
My question is can i become a pilot if my height is 5' 1''?
Why is it necessary to switch off mobile phones in an airplane?
Have you ever flown Frontier? Is it a nice airline?
what is the best way to deal with the fear of flying??
Commercial air plane wing question?
Where exactly is cabin on a plane?
what was the average life expectancy of a helicopter pilot flying 80's deer recovery missions in New Zealand
airline pilot career?
Why did the 9/11 hijackers have to train for pilot licenses, when they could have just used Flight Simulator?
When you first graduate from flight school, is it hard to find a job as a pilot?
Explain the growth of Air travel Industry?
How much roughly will it cost to get a basic pilots license?
McDonnell Douglas DC-3 Problem?
What do the numbers and sometimes letters mean after an aircraft model?
UK - JAR PPL Licence expiry?
Is this a good flight school?
Flying a Microlite? Do you need a licence?
Hi everyone!I'm 14 years old and I always wanted to be a commercial pilot.?
What would happen if.....?
I made a one man helicopter but don’t know how to fly one so how difficult is it to fly a helicopter?
which driving license should i get to drive private airlines like jet airways,emirates?
How do I make hover boots that ACTUALLY work?
Becoming an Airline Pilot Q's?
Glider Pilot Questions?
how can find job for the post of cabin crew in jet airways?
Can being a "pilot" demonstrate any one of these? I truly don't think so but.. maybe?
what is maximum duty time (not flight time) flag operations FAR121 with 4 pilots & aircraft has crew rest area?
Is it possible that jet engines will propel spaceships initially into space?
Why are the pilots at Air Canada still arbitrating their seniority list?
How i can get a job as an aircraft maintenance mechanic,in india, having 1yr practical knowledge.....?
'Aurora' still around or cancelled?
Do I have to clear customs after landing?
have you ever flown in a helicopter?
how do i become a pilot?
Briefly describe wake turbulence and wind shear?
whats airline is cheaper then american online?
Scooty is for boys or girls?
what do you think of air travel in the next seventy years?
anyyone who made a perfect flight with the use of a laptop keyboard?
captain asks the ground engineer " are we clear for fire test"? what actually he mean? what whould the engieer?
how can a propellor plane cost more than a jet?
can you fly a commercial plane if you wear glasses?
Any site giving details about the structure of an airplane?
I am 14 years old and i want to be a pilot what would you recomend i do?
which stream should be taken to become pilot after 10th?
I want to be a pilot but I'm scared.?
Hi anyone a pilot here?
How long does it take to refuel a B2 Stealth bomber while in the air?
how to go to NAIA airport terminal 2 ..(I am in Makati)?
Aviation jobs/careers for introverts?
How can a kid prepare to become a pilot?
What passenger aircraft is best for the planet's ecology?
Do airliner jets have keys?
What does this Amadeus command do?
at what altitude that you need ozygen in an aircraft?
How to bulid a model airport?
Do i need experience with planes to do aviation in the navy?
where is the source of electric power located in an aeroplane?
Does anyone have a theory regarding leaving the Earth's surface?
Can anybody give me a good Cessna Citation X freeware model for FSX?
avionics maintence technicians?
What speed and force is a Boeing 757 capable of and how can it be controlled and maneuvered?
is a flight attendant a good job or do people look at is as not the most smartest job out there?
2 seater helicopter kits?
will there be another at&t go phone commercial soon?
What is the pilot-cabin communications called?
What would happen if a pilot tried to fly a plane into outer space?
Looking for Crop duster info?
Why doesnt an aeroplane have a reverse gear?
What does it take for a material to pass Flamability Certification, spec: FAA25.853 (B) Vertical Burn?
flying classes - PPL Training and validity in US?
What kind of a generator is used on a Piper Cub?
Why does my video card fan sound like a PW4000 turbofan jet engine?
How do you become an aircraft welder?
Scared of Airplanes? Or what??
What is the compensation in case of flight cancellation, flight rescheduled 24 hour later.?
what jobs do navy personal get after they get out?
Is the V22 Osprey aircraft a plane or a helicopter?
Mitsubishi MU-2 question!!!?
can rnp10 certified aircraft fly into a rnp5 airspace and vice versa?
Becoming an airline pilot?
Is this a good airline?
what will happen when two stealth fighters engage in a dogfight will they use guns cause nothing else will wor
How do you find the stall speed of a plane?
when a plane is taxiing does the rudder have much effect when it moves ?
I am 19, can I still become a pilot?
Why are the varied "black boxes" from the US Airways plane that landed in the Hudson kept in water?
How to obtain the FAA for Flight Attendant in Flight Safety Inc?
has anybody ever...?
Can planes be made to withstand the impact of birds?
ok here i go.i took a plane 2 weeks ago....i had the biggest panic attack ever! i have to take it!?
If I were on a plane that was getting hijacked.................?
Trick Questions?
Master OFF affects Magnetos??, in cessna 152?
Should I work for Boeing or continue school?
What is THE worst-case scenario any pilot does not want to find himself in while flying an aircraft?
how many survivers on easten airline crash?
are you afraid of flying?
What is the biggest jet/plane?
What do you have to major in to become a Helicopter pilot.?
Civilian Aircraft Maintenance Standards?
What is Predictive RAIM?
Can a 13 yr old girl take flight lessons?
what fuel do planes use?
Can one get a waiver to transport diesel fuel in the hopper of an ag-aircraft under FAA or ICAO rules?
Why don't airlines provide passengers with parachutes under their seats?
why autopilot can't earth aircraft?
How much with the basic salary of aircraft engineer...?
How can I use a Cessna 150 in FS 2004?
How can you get the smell of jet fuel out of clothes?
What would you do if you lost your luggage on the plane trip?
any policy on using crashed aviation equipment again?
How to make an airline in Flight Simulator?
name the worlds largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
Why Airplane Toilets are made small? Why the toilets in the 1st class are not bigger than the economy?
what is the fastest jet in the world!?
Favorite military aircraft?
Explain the reason for installing flying control trim........?
Is there any issue about autopilot aircraft?
i want to be a pilot.but i m a female.can i be one?
rc plane fpv better than spotting the plane?
heathrows terminal 5?
Should I deflate my airship?
Hey im 15 year old I am thinking about careers . Would a pilot be a good choice ?
are planes safe to travel in?
Does Malaysian Airlines have USB Ports in Economy?
What kind of aircraft does Air Canada use?
When the Thunderbirds flew F-4's, how did they prevent rear seat circuit breakers from popping? Any oldtimers?
im flying without wings?
How to go to Samphanthawong District if you're coming from Suvarnabhumi Airport . By bus, MRT or sky train.?
How old do you have to be to get an experimental piloting liscense?
What's machanism that helicopter use to fly?
methods of demand forecasting used by aviation sector in india?
I would like to start a small niche commuter airline (turboprops less than 19 pax, not jets) - how to start?
Which Part Of A Flight Do You Like The Best, "Take Off" or "Landing"-Why?
how do air planes measure there speed since there are no wheels turning to measure?
should i buy a single engine or twin engine airplane?
How to build a para plane ?
Can a twin engine jet fly with one engine out?
What is the most inexpensive private jet rate you can rent (light jet)?
What is the best way to become an airline pilot?
what kind of fuel does an aircraft run on?
am i allowed to bring rechargeable batteries on board an international flight?
What would a pilot say to passengers before a crash?
what is the largest aircraft that has successfully landed on the deck of and aircraft carrier?
does anyone know where to get the bank of questions for the easa part 66 ame exams?
Is 6'1 too tall to be a pilot.?
What are the Swissport cleaners hours at JFK Airport?
what is the best military fighter jet out there do you recon?
What is total drag estimation mean when talking about aircraft?
Would this College Diploma be good to have when applying for airline jobs or any sort of pilot jobs?
How do fish sleep moviing?
almex-ticket machine?
does a MD-11 need its central main landing gear?
will humans discover time travel b4 we're all wiped out?
Do you still use you e6b flight computer?
What do the cables that are connected to the nose of a aircraft every time they get to the gates?
Xcor Lynx Sub-Orbital Spaceplane Question?
How long to fly from Louisville Kentucky, to L.A. California?
What are some good aviation schools?
where is the apu exhaust on a tu-154?
how much qualification is required to take CPL ?
What exactly is a drop clock?
Looking EVERYWHERE for a C-130/L-382 (L-100) for sale. Anybody know anything?
Would it be a lot safer for aircraft seats to face backwards to reduce injury in a bad landing?
Do Airplanes get ticketed for speeding?
How to get from monrovia to boyle heights?
Does your eyes have to be 20/20 to be a pilot in the Air Force?
What is the GPH (gallons per hour) fuel burn rate for a Rolls Royce AE 3007 on any RJ?
Someone qualified enough to explain the basics in 747 cockpit?
What is the difference between an auto gyro and an helicopter?
How is plane food heated?
Can i still become a pilot if i have this on my record?
I know this might be stupid but i can't help it...?
Privat landing strips???????????????
What Is Aviation and Aeronautics Technology?
Should the Concorde come back?
Need help as fast as possible!?
Does anyone know about a "NON-INSPECTION" certificate on an aircraft?
For those ppl who's familiar with EASA part-145?
A designated seating space is a space?
So far not one American company has purchased the new Airbus model. Is this fair?
what is the fee and term for taking commertial pilot lisence in U.S.?
Is Ma3had Egypt air (Misr flying institute) JAA OPS approved or not?
How long should i wait to take a girl on a special date?
are there a lot of airlines hiring flight attendants?
what happens when i plane gets hit by lightning?
Does anyone know the China Air Cargo sched. for BNA on Dec 30th??
What makes aircraft to have balance on air.?
Aviation Internships?
How do you Taxi in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
can a helicopter do the loop the loop?
Why do people look up to the sky when they hear a plane or helicopter?
i always had this dream of becoming a commercial pilot please help?
How many nautical miles away from the airport should you start your descend from 35000ft?
Plane question? (Only people that know about WW2 Planes)?
How do you get any decent sleep on an airplane?
Will the demands for pilots decrease?
What are some good ways to get rid of Fear Of Flying?
What is this in a Boeing 737 cockpit?
How can you recertify an ATC-610 flight sim to legally log IFR currency time?
is it possible to become an aircraft mechanic and then be a pilot?
where can i find the mcp numbers on a 757 captain cockpit?
Is b-2 spirit no.1 bomber aircraft of the world?
Is it legal to fly RC Helicopters/Planes around town?
what is a flight engineer,and his duties?
what is the main subject to be choosed to become a pilot?
Air Deccan?
What is the closest airport to York, Ontario?
How do the people who work on the ground of the airports breath in the gas?
What is the difference between mi24 superhind and normal mi24 ?
Turboprop aircraft Material?
looking for a commercial?
how long does it take to get to iraq from usa by plane?
im looking for a list of all the hand luggage items that are now restricted?
Do airlines transport daed bodies?
Where can I buy an ultralight aircraft in india and for how much?
Is there a website that lists the rights one has while flying?
can any one help me out with how ac electrisity is generated and distributed on an aircraft?
How much does a private jet cost to hire?
Is it legal to bring a 6-pk of beer on my flight from TX to VA?
I heard planes can run on single engine.If it flys on single engine wont it roll?
Do birds avoid flying into clouds like VFR pilots?
can you help on how to get Visas to the U.S page?
How does a pilot know how high to fly a plane to avoid collision with other planes?
Home built ultra(or micro) light aircraft
Are the Kinner R-5 series radial engines still under patent?
Everbody check out, its my new website and tell me what you think or can do to make it better.
10 points for best answer! Difference between Biplane Ride and Scenic Flight Tour?
Can I still be a Pilot if I have a tattoo on my wrist?
how much would a jet engine cost, for a DC9, or an MD80?
Today I am a WW1 fighter pilot, I have the leather helmet, The goggles and the sticky out white scarf, Now?
Does Lufthansa send warning e-mails?
PILOT INTERVIEW??????????????????????????????
I want to become a Commercial Pilot but my financial health is poor?
What could cause tooth pain when landing in a plane?
Do planes have a device which can tell if one of its tyres has popped?
anyone building a kit plane in leicester?
which is Better to join IGRUA or Chimes Aviation Academy?
in airplanes.... why do they only provide life jackets under the seats?
how many hours is it from spain to san antonio?
Do boats and planes travel in straight lines?
can we go for pilot training after 10th?
when was the first time bar-codes were used in e tickets?
How can you get cheap airplane tickets?
Where can i study about modern aircrafts?
Lavatories On Business Jets?
What are those trails of white cloudy looking stuff you see behind airplanes in the sky?
Can an aircraft crash solely on the reason of frost or ice contamination?
I'm interested in becoming a pilot..cost of flying lessons? & commercial pilots..?
If someone in the twin towers on 9\11 had a parachute or a sky glider would they of been able to escape from?
I forgot to pay a seatbelt ticket in indiana,what do i do?
What can you tell me about training for a pilot's license? Costs? Age restrictions? Airplane rental? etc?
British Airways - Boeing 777 - can some one tell me what they ve done with that plane,after it crashed?
I want to be a pilot officer after doing an can i pusue my dream..?
how's the ride in private jets?
Which two aircraft should I take?
Why do aircraft tires use nitrogen instead of regular air?
Anyone care to explain what a Flight/Performance Envelope and "Doghouse plot" is?
How do military pilots know were the aerial refueling aircraft is at?
how much does it cost to build your own plane?
Can somebody explain the process of animals flying on air planes?
Where can i go and fly a Bae146 Avroliner motion simulator in uk?
Has there been any plane crash in history caused by a cellphone being used?
What is the height of the space under the passenger seat in Boeing and Air it 10", 11" ?Thanks
How is Embry Riddle CFI program?
where can I find the cheapest plane ticket to england?
How hard to get a Pilot job in Canada, fresh out of flight school ?
on a privert jet do u need a co-pilot or just a pilot i've just always wondered as they ave 2 sets of controls
i think i saw a test plane?
Instrument technician?
Is there a quick mental way to find the X-wind component?
How do helitours work?
Flight Simulator Add ons?
I have my check ride this Saturday and was just informed that my FAA examiner is ALSO being evaluated?
Why does the rudder flop back and forth (727's) (707's)?
Pilots only: Is it worth it to be a pilot?
What are the prerequisites for being a commercial pilot? I am 32, am I too old to start learning now?
What classes i have to take to be a flight attendant ?
airplane problem ???
What brand of seaplane was featured in "Superman Returns"?
Does the bend at the end of airplane wings create more lift?
Do you miss Concorde?
Approximately how many airplanes are in the US Air Force?
Can anyone recommend a flight school for international students?
why is there gravity in an airplane? why are we not floating around way up high in the air?
Why has flying time never been shortened over the past 30 years?
to owned a light aircraft must be a resident or citizen?
What is the difference between ICAO JAA FAA and CAA . Thanks?
Boeing 747-400 question?
Do the TSA body scanners give you cancer?
Where can i find an aeronautical engineering course?
Why don't commercial airliners have giant parachutes to bring the plane down safely in case of an emergency?
How To Become A Fighter Pilot?
Is continental airlines a safe airline?
why does airplanes make noise?
can i bring my cd's on the plane to play while flying?
Is it possible to change a flight ticket into someone elses name?
Whats the range of a Eurocopter EC135T2?
Would I pass an FAA physical?
Should I worry about ice?
How much fuel does a Jumbo jet use on takeoff?
If a plane crashed into the BOK Tower in Tulsa?
any views on firecrest or flyteam flying schools in london/cranfield?
Copy of an aircraft bill of sale?
If you have a landing strip and a permit, could you land a private jet at your house?
who was the first russian to fly solo?
how much does it cost to get a plane to write a 4-5 word note in the sky?
Do commercial airplanes always turn off their engines at the gate?
how long does it take to get from jfk to london in a gulf-stream jet?
WYOTECH?-Airframe and Powerplant?
My husband is an airline pilot. Is he cheating?
Travel to Scotland?
what is the landing speeds for a 737 in fsx?
What does a tiller in an airplane's cockpit look like? ( A picture of a Boeing & Airbus tiller would be nice)
why all the pilots always use the word "roger" to end a transmition what that means?
VFR in class A airspace?
What does 'ETOPS' mean?
how can pilots see where they're going................?
What does a charter pilot actually do?
united economy plus worth it for a 5 hour flight?
How fast does an airplane go in the sky?
Are Airbus planes as safe as Boeings?
what two functions are performed by a "shower of sparks" vibrator starting system?
King Air Pilots - What is the designation of the F-90? is a site really available how is it that can not trace or search it
I Lost my Pilots Licence, Now I need a new one.?
i'm very new to getting airplane tickets this way.........?
avionics tech?
What sensor could I use to detect if lightning has struck a plane?
I am currently in grade12 & i am intersted in becoming an airline pilot, but what confuses me is the procedure?
what is the fastest jet ?
What is the name for animation used in emerency instruction manuals on planes ?
Little orange spots on car?
EasyJet Cabin Crew Assesment Day/Interview - what to expect?!?
Is it hard to convert F.A.A A.T.P.L into D.G.C.A A.T.P.L ?
why are national flags on airline jet painted reverse?
has anyone else heard about a company doing really cheap flights to long haul destinations?
Why the "Horse Power" is not used to measure the output of jet engines?
Did the concorde have two take-offs?
Why does TRUE Air Speed change when the same percentage power is set at different altitudes?
I need information on the thompson turbine engine?
How much cost to fill up a Jet Plane tank?
What is the safety record of the 747?
should i be a fighter pilot,airline pilot or be in a band?
Do planes take off and land into the wind or with the wind?
What does Dual and Solo mean in aviation training?
How accurate does a pilot get a typical weigh and balance calculation before a flight for a light plane eg Ces
How often do easyjet and brittish airways open for cadets for CTC & OAA course?
Why do airlines announce that a seat can be used as a floatation device when traveling across land?
is a bachelors degree for a career as cabin crew or a pilot?
What are the best flight training schools in South Africa where one can obtain their Commercial Pilot License?
which airplane is mk-28?
please help which one is better?
Is it possible if you had full control over an aircrafts systems to open the door mid flight on....?
how no frills and low cost domestic airlines?
are they still taking away the 747-451 from kmsp minniapolis?
How long does it take to fly from Santa Monica Beach to Scottsdale, Arizona with a helicopter?
Would you trust a completely automatic flight system?
If the right wing fell off an aircraft would it spin 2 the left because of the weight or spin right due 2 lift
Any underpade, overworked aircraft mechs want to sound off?
Is there a good web site to use as a resource for a paper I'm writing about the development of the jet engine?
how do planes fly carrying all that weight in different weather condtions?
what do airline pilots say to air traffic when they want to begin descent ?
What are the ownership costs associated with N-Numbered Ultralights?
How is Airline Transport Professionals? ATP?
how to go in NAIA terminal 3 from Victory liner terminal in pasay?
What are cowlings and cowl flaps?
How many muslim pilots bring daily flights to North America ?
Why are windows on airplanes so low that you have to crunch down to see out them?
what to look for when buying rc helicopter?
what are the advantages for being a pilot?
Becoming a Air Traffic Controller?
What site can I go to discuss rivet defects?
can some body help me ATPL(H)?
what is a flying vfr?
What kind of plane is Roger Moore on at the end of "Octopussy"?
RAF Swinderby Mosquito aircraft.?
I'm interested in trainning cources for personnel involved in civil aviation(for requalification to manager)
Flight question? Klm 747?
What's the price for used Robinson R44 II and what charges/costs would I incur should I operate it commercial?
How do you become an airline pilot in australia, sydney and what are the requirement eg. money, education.?
best website to buy airline tickets?
Is it always super turbulent when your flight lands at Taipei?
How to withhold airmen information from public?
Where can I find Pacific R-route charts online?
Why does air flow over the top of an airfoil faster than it does on the lower part of the wing?
Is flight school and pilot school samething?
why are all airports near bodies of water?
Which airline do you recommend for cross-US travel?
Do British aircraft have the steering column on the left or right side?
S.J.Demarco--aviation artist--anyone know anything about him...?
Who do I contact in FAA about my lost pilot's log book?
All black helecopeter over my house?
Can I exchange an Orbitz plane ticket?
how fast does a 737-800plane fly and how hi?
How long does a set of tyres last on an airplane?
define impulse turbine and reaction turbine type of blades.?
Are Airline pilots spoiled by the autopilot?
If the flaps of a plane are fully extended, are they all the way up or all the way down?
Pilot light question am i safe?
Google Earth Airplanes?
Who is a telephone number Tirana Airport?
buy a plane for training or not?
To qualify as a pilot, does it matter if you are a bit short sighted?
what are these abbreviations on a B747-400 mean?>?
F-14 Tomcat or F-15 Eagle?
Is it unusual to have difficulty adjusting to pressure changes in altitude?
How long does a package which is send express take from Asia until it arrives on the West Coast of the United?
Virgin Atlantic says this about laptops on its aircraft:?
looking for f8f bearcat aircraft in die cast?
how planes land in fog?
Could this article be true?
Where can I find information about the history of TCAS?
What aviation companies have apprenticeship programs that a current A & P student can get into?
Anyone recognize this movie?
Left vs. Right Downwind (Aviation)?
How long does gdl last in Wisconsin ?
What does out of production mean?
Question about becoming a commercial airline pilot?
i just wished to know more about aircraft maintenance engineering in malaysia and its salary ?
what kind of fuel used in flights?
Aircraft Flaps Question(s)?
Over the ATLANTIC OCEAN, who's in charge of the ATC?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
how to get transport tenders in private companies?
Is there a scarcity of pilots?
why do they think the plane crashed yesterday?
How to deal with Co workers they try to make each day bad?
Question for Army aviators?
How much does an airline cadet earn in £stg on say a european airline?
Is Su-37 a stealth aircraft?
Can A B-2 Spirit Be Flown With 1 Pilot?
What does a "Q" denote in aviation?
anyone know of any flight instructor job openings?
in a jet engine,which specific part generates thrust as the gases flow through and exit the engine?
In order to fly i was told that you need perfect eyesight without corrective lenses is this true?
ATP Written Test: Does the Gleim software change each year?
Why do planes seem to stop mid air and not fall?
if planes are safe as people say,then how do explain what happened to aaliyah?
What airlines are hiring for flight attendants in dallas tx for summer 2012?
What is a C-Check on an aircraft?
If I want to take up flying in the UK,what do I have to do?
where are aeroplanes kept?
Private Pilot written test cost?
What is the best course, in Sydney, to learn how to be a pilot/air traffic controller?
Affordable sites to buy airline tickets and the best airline to use when traveling between America and Europe?
Who is the manufcture of airline seats.?
What is the PSI requirement in a passenger aircraft flying over 30,000 feet ?
Can women be a pilot?
if one of those little planes with the propeller engine breaks, can it glide to the ground or will it crash?
do u think lowcostcarriers really compromise on safety?
who killed John F Kennedy ?
Aviation turn and bank indicator?
New jets for Snowbird flight demonstartion team?
Approximately how long does a flight take from Ireland to the United States?
Boeing 747 Production ?
avionics bay of a airline aircraft?
What does it take for a material to pass Flamability Certification, spec: FAA25.853 (B) Vertical Burn?
If I build a Fokker Triplane. How do I get license to fly it?
How much money should a Boeing 727 First Officer earn per year in their 2nd year on the job?
where can i buy a nitro helicopter?
I have an excalibur sky patrol helicopter and when i fly it it spins in circles. How do i fix this?
landing formula for descent rate?
where can i find the entire history of the unmanned hot air balloon?
I'm looking into buying a cessna 182...?
im lookingfor driving jobs that involve test driving write ups with feedback about year and make of vehicle th
how pilot in airplane burst their tire during the emergency landing on short runway?
Which Fighter Jet Is Better The F-14 Or The F-15 ?
Questions on airplanes?
How high does the blade CX2 fly?
Does Canada follow the FAA( Federal Aviation Administration)?
Working as cabin crew?
Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress vs Consolidated B-24 "Liberator"?
wht kind of question being asked to aviation faculty in interview?
what is the fuel of areoplane?
Question about loging Total Time in a Aircraft?
What is the longest plane flight in the world?
Skycars are awesome?
saudia buy airbus?
Does Anybody Know Where I could get boeing or Airbus flight manuals or checklists?
hi, I was wondering what are you allowed to bring on a plane with you?
though aeroplanes fly in stratosphere region but people inside do not face breathing problem-why?
where can you find out information on buying second hand Russian military aircraft?
How much is taxi fare (blue bird) from juanda suraya airport to santika pandegiling hotel?
does anyone know about "metropolitan jets uk", having its head quarter situated in newyork?
Commercial Pilot Vision Requirements?
Which career is okay for me? airline pilot or dentist?
Airline pilots?
What was the fastest propeller driven fighter aircraft during WW2?
If a passenger airplane loses the thrust of all its engines, will it glide down, or will it fall from the sky?
macam mana nak jadi juruterbang kalau tak ambil subjek fizik? subjek sains boleh ke?
what,s the o stand for in sfo?
what is the definition of a fixed pitch propeller?
A uniform helicopter rotor blade is 8.33 m long, has a mass of 105 kg, and is attached to the rotor axle by a?