what does it take to be a pilot for lufthansa?
i want job in ireland refuelling of aircraft?
where can you get military aircraft from?
What would happen if a pilot is late to work?
are chem trails real dose that really happen do aircraft spew out that trail normally?
Would you have went around?
Has anyone attended a Virgin Atlantic cabin crew assessment day and if so what assessments do u do? thanks..?
who else thinks brown heaired girls are hot?
is aviation right for me??
Definition of an airplane?
Whats the difference between Bachelor of Aviation and Advanced Diploma Airline pilot course?
Which school provides a license in Airfield Light & Power Controller for Airport?
Does anyone fly a Skyranger 912 microlight. Have you overcome heating a ventilation problems with your plane ?
Which is the best airline for you ? Cathay Pacific or Emirates Airlines and Why?
Can I get a FAA pilot's certificate if I have a felony criminal record for property crimes (non-violent)?
im 15 years old and i want tobe a apilot?
how mach levels does call of duty 2 have?
The procedure before takeoff and after (Assume I'm a 3 year old kid fantasiz'n about the first ice-cream cone)?
where is the best place to learn how to be an airline pilot?
Aviator college or Phoenix east?
who is first women pilot in the world?
How do pilots determine when to descend, at what rate to descend, and how to align the plane & runway?
embarkation and disembarkation of passgns at airport expedite de speedy clearence of passgns wen correct?
can you change a bird nest box camera into a wireless rc plane camera?
what is a ConciAir system?
How much for a flight to kampala cost?
will my mum be able to come home?
Do all pilots have to do parachute training ?
What is the cheapest lear jet on the market?
Question about the F-22 prompts this, what is the coolest nickname you have ever heard for an aircraft type?
do private jets have TSA screenings?
Why are idiots still pointing lasers at airplanes?
How can you build a pressurized propulsion system?
I am interested in possibly becoming an air traffic controller, help?
Safety survey - UK aviation?
developments and types of aircrafts after world war 2nd?
Was the Polish airliner that landed wheels up in real danger (I think so) but what could have happened?
What can or should be done to stop rogue flight attendants from making unauthorized PA announcements?
Taxi how much does a blackpool taxi cost per minute ?
How reliable are night vision goggles and fly-by-wire systems?
How much does it cost to be a commercial pilot.?
Who likes to ride in an airplane?
what is the average cost of helicopter flight schools?
How do you fly a plane made in the 20's?
Can you still pay cash at an airport ticket counter for plane tickets and fly the same day?
Taking into consideration the traffic, the lights and other factors, how many Kms do you travel each hour?
How to become a pilot?
re my question concerning aircraft mechanics?
Travel & Tourism?! Cabin Crew?
Are you afraid to Fly?
Continental OnePass (frequent flyer plan) has 'capacity controls' so that it's hard to get a seat...
Ok so No parachutes for commercial airliners, but what about escape capsules?
can I take a short wave radio on a plane?
do cell phones work on planes?
can you take a seeing eye dog on a plane?
What is an airpot localizer and how is a plane "established on it" ?
im a licenced aircraft engineer working in singapore 747-400....5 yrs much is paid in emirates
Leading Edge of MAC for airbus 310?
How many redundant systems are there on a Commercial Airliner?
Can a twin engine jet fly with one engine out?
What airlines have upcoming open interviews in california for flight attendant positions?
what is the minimum age to fly alone in the UK?
Would you fly a Cessna C-152 to the Caribbean from Florida? Why or why not?
Why is there a TFR over Disney World?
How many pilots are in control of a plane less than 10 hrs?
What is the best R/C airplane?
Could you get away with driving a plane or helicoptor with no license? Heck you cant be pulled over.?
What are some questions to ask my local aero club?
Can I get maps and charts for VFR flight planning and cross country on my Ipad?
Airline Marketing Objectives?
AVIATION/PILOT Summer Camp for 13+ Kids!?
When the Thunderbirds flew F-4's, how did they prevent rear seat circuit breakers from popping? Any oldtimers?
What's your favorite aircraft?
What to do on a 8 hour flight ?
What scenery add-on for FSX should I buy? (payware)1?
Which airline would you consider to be the best in terms of service, price and reliability?
how much voltage is the magneto system able to produce?
i want to learn how to fly but do i have to get a aviation provisional licence first?
does anyone know where i can find specific (or any) info on the interval of engine maintenance of aircrafts?
Notice a lot of Music stars & Celebs die in plane crashes?
What does less parts have to do with greater reliability?
Which airline caters the best inflight services?
How do I become a air traffic controller?
Question about aviation and avionics books?
If Boeing And Airbus Worked Together On An Aircraft What Would It Be?
How does an Airplane calculate its Air speed?
where can i find ICAO annex 2 online?
what its the diference between a pilot headset and a regular headset?
how many years of being a CFI will take to be an airline pilot?
How do you get a pilot licensce( non commercial)?
Where is the safest place to sit on an airplane?
Why does the air france boeing 777-300ER have a older ife system ?
how much does one CAE 737NG simulator cost and what are the costs involved annually?
Kamikaze planes WW2........?
How do I get my A&P license after leaving the Marine Corp with 5 years of aviation experience?
How long does it take to become a military pilot?
Does Hong Kong has an open sky agreement with Canada?
How to become a commercial Pilot?
how high can you fly without pressurization?
Aircraft construction, what is it called...?
Should all pilots have some flying time in gliders?
airport runway pavement?
which is the largest transporter aircraft?
Could you build an Ultralight with a RC model engine?
chemtrails.. what's the purpose?
How often are landing gear tires changed on commercial aircraft?
Why do the wheels on the plane shake before it takes off? Its for aerospace class.?
how can i get work experience with an airline?
What are the cost associated with owning an areoplane... i'm looking at a 1976 Yak-40 priced at 100,000US?
What is the average mph of a commercial airliner?
How much does it cost to become a airline pilot?
How much does helicopter's fuel cost?
What should I do if I dont feel safe in my neighborhood, but amrequired to go outside by myself?
What does (wet) mean in quoted flying charges?
Why is the ATC instruction "Line up and wait" now?
why do kamakazies ear helmets if their just going to blow up?
Is it possible to access a list of passengers on an active flight?
which is the fastest aircraft?
In a double pilot incapacitation scenario, would passengers with flying experience be asked to land the plane?
What opportunities are there for women in Aviation?
How do I fly my dog to maryland?
why airplanes do not go reverse like cars?
what means A&P/IA and 340 hrs SEL, in aviation?
For a moving object at speeds higher than a threshold speed, a dimpled surface causes less wind drag than a?
Bring back The airships?
are military aircraft marked the same way as commercial aircraft?
How does the Fokker 50 compare to other simliar sized turboprops?
Is the new Boeing 787 dreamliner faster than the Jumbo jet?
what are PGW type refrigerants?
Fighter Jet Braking System?
do you have artical on america west airlines,someone died on plane, maybe yesterday?
Where to watch the Pensacola Air Show?
Engine fire while taxiing aircraft, what do you do?
Would a compressed pillow expand on a plane?
if planes are safe as people say,then how do explain what happened to aaliyah?
Commerical Piloting ...?
How to find the Dry Operating Index and trim the aircraft?I need information.?
What was the fastest aircraft to fly across the Atlantic before the SR-71 came along.?
Is it true that a pilot can work from any part of the world?
do you like united airlines or american airlines better? why?
What are the four factors that effect flight?
what speed does a plane take off at?
I need help: A plane hit my house!!?
Can anyone tell me what the feature over the fuselage doors is and what is their purpose?? Thanks + links?
How many people have had no trouble being vertifed at the airport, due to no type of I.D.?
looking for the aircraft registrations for all aircraft in the queens flypast and falklands flypast 16th and 1
How do you determine what type of plane you are looking at?
what are the difference between cnc milling and cnc drilling?
how long will it be before airoplanes can fly themselves and there is no need for pilots anymore.?
Question about registered air mail?
what the different between aircraft gps and car gps?
Contrails ... Vapor trails...?
FAA, NTSB, and ICAO in accident investigation?
Can you paint a commercial airliner black?
why would somebody want to own a private jet?
How many planes take off and land everyday around the world?
can I take my bichon frise on the plane?
can any of the common commercial aircraft do a loop the loop ?
Oxford Aviation Academy (Australia) or Florida Institute of Technology?
Laws regarding commercial aircraft overloading?
Would you support a no-fly airline shutdown to honor the 911 victims?
200 hrs single engine flight time. ability to do any type rating. can I still find a job in an airline ?
Are most flight attendants female? Is being a flight attendant considered a good job in your country?
How do airplanes do this?
C17 globemaster 3 landing gear blister?
What do i do if i lost my flight itenerary?
cylinder base bolts torque values for 0235 l2c?
do pilots put the earth's rotational motion around its axes in regard while flying?
How does a pilot feels at 70,000 ft in a fighter plane.?
What is more beautiful? Gliding or powered?
what's the difference between 100 hour inspection and 100h/Annual inspecti?
HOW MUCH is air plane fuel?
Does any one know of any air craft companys on the west coast?
airplain flight help?
Does the FAA recreational pilot exam change much from year to year?
Remote Control Terrorism?
Will mexico let you in there country if you have no return flight?
In a fighter jet what is the person in the rear seat called and how hard would it be to become one?
How good is jetblue airline?
What is a SUB-AREA (Airline)?
why cant fighter pilots speak?
When will NASA land on Mars?
how do you open a piggy bank?
Avianca 767-200 <-> 767 300?
How old must one be to get a private pilot's license? How about a student pilot license?
i need a really cheap flight ticket....anyone?
What should I do now after A level to become a airline pilot?
Gravity and aircraft?
THE BLACK BIRD > There is a plane used in WWII and it flies high and goes fast, whats its real name?
Are BA cabin crew right to strike all the time?
What is the process to build an executive jet?
Is it possible to break an airplane window while it is in the air with your hands?
why dont they make DC-9's out of reinforced concrete?
landing speed for a boing 747 jumbo jet?
who first buildlt the first flyingwing and who buildlt the second flyingwing?
Looking for some information about a fatal crash in 1956!?
can an aeroplance 'stand' (!) in the air i.e., be stationary in the air? like trains waiting for clearance ?!
Could anyone suggest good aircraft propulsion design books?
How is it like to work in aviation?
Questions about working in the airline industry as a flight attendant?
Is there any Boeing 777 simulator panel maker other than flight deck solutions?
Working as cabin crew?
WW2 Air to Ground Opinion - Typhoon vs Corsair vs Thunderbolt?
Using a Mercator map while using radio navigation beacons accurate enough?
I'm 47 years old. Am I too old for a career as a commercial airline pilot?
What does it take to be a fighter pilot?
Paget Brewster's Pilot?
Im doing project on Airplanes. Can anyone give me a good sugestion about airplane design?
how much does it cost to learn how to fly?
What is the name of the North Dakota Helicopter rescue service?
how much is a mini cab from heathrow to golders green?
UPS or Fed Ex Aviation Maintenance jobs?
why do the F-14 sweep its wings back, and can the pilot control them ?
pretend a hole opened up on a plane in mid flight. would the sound from the engines hurt the passengars ears?
Where can i get cheap airline tickets?
What was the gross take off weight of the Lockheed L749?
Best way to buy airline tickets ?
How do I optain a private pilot license in the Los Angeles, CA Area?
explaine me what is the purpose of MOE & MME also MPM ?
Are you able to prevent a record breaking in an overseas parcel?
Brewster Buffalo aircraft of W.W.2vintage?
is it possible to get in major airlines in the age of 33?
Concerning World Trade Center..please answer this question?
Why do airplanes fly so high?
I am 15 and I love aviation a lot, what can I do as of right now and in the future?
is MDH, MDA, DH, DA all the same?
Someone mentioned "1/4 share" ownership. What a great idea. How do you do that with a plane? Find partners?
Aircraft security question?
What are the chances of a plane crashing in the night?
what is Ryan airs mail address?
What level of eyesight is allowed to be a commercial airline pilot?
Are Boeing planes really so much better and safer than other planes?
which is better for pilot training California or Florida?
Captain Sim 707 Demo for FSX?
Does the x-22A exist?
What is the current market price for A1 Jet fuel kerosene? What is the operating cost for a B 757-200?
whats quicker, TKM or Rotax?
Planes flying really close - normal?
What single word is the enemy for all airplane engines?
What on is better out of these ?
What is the safest seat in an airplane incase of accidental crash?
how can i make a cheap homemade airplane ?
who all airliners bought airbus 380?
How can u land an aircraft without GPS?
i want to learn to fly?
which is the biggest airport in the world and which is the busiest?
Should i be an airline pilot or a Nuclear Engineer?
Does it sounds normal that to build a helicopter you should use 1 horspower for 5kg?
airline changed second half of connecting flight.1 hr layover is now 13 hr. what are my options?
How many gates are in terminal 1 at CVG?
OH MY GOD weidest commercial ever kinda scared please answer!?
What is the white stuff that comes out of an airplane while in the air?
How can I overcome my fear of flying?
I have chance to buy a surplus F4 Phatom...model e...should I go for it? It hasn't been flown since 1992.
airplane fuel?
Is there any good website with aircraft registration country codes?
Are aircraft pilots the only people that can refer to themselves as "pilots"?
Where can I get 2G pipe certified in Los Angeles?
question for pilots ONLY !!!?
Are Harrier Jump Jets still flying ie. in service ?
What is chemical composition of aviation fuel and is it available to the public?
I wonder how many of you pull the blind down on the toilet window of a plane at 30000 feet?
How would you convince the pilot to give you the last parachute?
Which american airline companies lost their airplains on september 11 2001?
How do you become a pilot?
How much do British Airways Flight Attendants make?
Functionality of headlight in aeroplane..?
Can i be a pilot just doing IGCSEs?
Cheap and good flight academy?
How does air duster works?
just curious?
Spitfire,F16, McClaren F1...sound?
A question in aerodynamics?
A 2 hour flight? Help!!!?
What does SFO stand for and what is their role in the cockpit?
What is the amount of air consumed by one B-747 engine at full throttle per second?
A 400,000kg airplane in a takeoff uses the 40,000N thrust of each one of its four engines. what is the accel?
If it was an emergency could I put diesel in my airplane?
why isnt the flying turns at knoebles open yet?
Can you hook a plane to a car?
how much the fees for rebooking flight.?
Which country will best for my Flight Training ?
Digital Logbook for Military/Commercial Pilots?
What is the diff between Baine Airport, and JAX International Airport in Florida?
if you take up culinary will you be accepted as an F.A.?
Denver airport belongs to the folks?
What are some good, factual and interesting television shows or movies to watch related aviation?
Why do you have to open the window blinds on an aeroplane for take-off and landing?
Commercial Pilot?
mfsx question(dont kill me please)?
Are you nervous about airplanes?
Heeeeeeeelp?!?!?!?! :C?
What are the requirements to be a pilot in Canada?
My daughter wants to fly with a friend ALONE... to where?
What is your favorite Boeing Vs Airbus?
What is the average speed of a Mig-21?
airline pilot qualifications?
33 aircraft, parked under each other's wings? aircraft is inanimate. is this correct still?
Can you tell me what aircraft do you consider the best? Please explain it.?
why is the digital flight recorder called a BLACK BOX , when it is orange in color?
why does P&W put a red line of 805 and 1090 on the cessna carvan for start up?
how does a aeroplane escape from lighting strikes?
Can anybody bring a dog on a passenger plain?
How do I tell my colleague he needs to use anti perspirant?
How many airplanes crashed last year?
can i see a B52 in great britain?
Do Delta employee pass holders still have to pay fee for pet carry on?
how high is the ka-32 when the rotorblades are taken off?
Is it late to start flight training at 19 if I want to be a regional airline pilot?
is formula V air racing dead?
How much are airline tickets to Mexico ?
What happens to the static ions stored inside the aircraft during flight goes while landing? Is it affect airc?
Can a plane practically fly itself?
why dont they have parachutes on airliners?
Should I continue flying? Or not?
what and when do i have to report a MVA to the FAA?
BEST Flight Simulator?
If there is a warrant for your arrest in GA will the airport arrest you from Charlotte airport in NC?
Aircraft engine mechanic with 4 years experience?
The tower is closed Class e landing?
how does a helicopter land?
What college should an airplane pilot go to?
need answer quick please?
Why can Lightening strike an aircraft if the aircraft is not earthed?
Will any foreign F-16 demo teams perform at Aviation Nation?
wht are the impect of the aviation industry?
What does it feel like in a plane when its banking?
Which flight is giving better in-flight service & comfort between india-London?
what is an aileron?
is there any links where i can get cheap ticket to go to californa?
what are the most important papers need to hand carry during my flight schedule?
Could you please advice me on where i can study aviation in Europe,America and Asia?
What aircraft, which can hold <16 passengers would you recommend?
why is Air India always late to depart and arrive?
How do I become a pilot in the UK?
Does anyone have the documentation for a Robin DR400?
How big would a parachute have to be in order to bring an airliner (747) down to a fair speed for survivors?
Why does a skyline airplane shoot white smoke out of it?
Where the hell is my flying car?
during LOFT (Line-oriented flight training) are real life air traffic controlers used or is it to distracting?
Does anyone know which airlines from into Roatan, Honduras from the States?
what is the purpose of those planes that fly around making clouds?
free japanese zero plane plans?
disadvantages of india's growing economy to aviation industry?
Does anyone know a domestic US flight route from LAX that use Boeing 777?
why the airplanes aren't made from the same material as the black boxes?
What is a normal schedule for a long haul airline pilot?
airplanes and lake mcconaughy?
Important contributor in the field of aviation that is not well known?
what planes were in the jones beach airshow?
How much octan is jet fuel?
specific problem encounter in philippine airline? in cebu pacific? all airline here in philippines..?
i need adresses for pilot recrotment?
Can fires be set in airplanes?
What was the plane that Maverick flew against in Topgun?
Delta flight 280 status?
Has anyone used Ed rush's "how to become fighter pilot power pack"?
What's a good site/blog for info on fighter jets?
Why aren't radial engines used in cars?
What does "Fox One, Two, and Three" mean?
Do you think Flight Attendants are unimportant?
The Civil Air Patrol?
Fastest aircraft......?
does delta tech ops pay well for line maintenance?
Any body working at conntinental airlines as baggage handler?were do i go and fill out application for that?
Does flight speed vary directly with plane length?
Why can't they make the Space Shuttle into a Commercial Airliner?
Why do two pilots fly a plane?
Aircraft max landing weight?
Would you catch a plane on the date 9/11 or would you be too scared?
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash?
If you are piloting a small plane and it starts going sour, can you parachute out of it?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't The Whole Airplane?
Can aircraft fly in a tornado safely?
Who fired weapons in the F-14, the pilot or RIO?
How can we use avogadro's law in aircraft or aeroplane?
Does anyone know the real reason why we cannot use our mobile phones on air travel?
Federal Flight Deck Officer program?
What is better, a yolk or a stick control (for an airplane)?
How Much does a Commercial Airline pilot make per month & Week?..Plzz be specfic..!!!?
best way to save money/loan for a commercial helicopter piloting career?
how much does a sports license cost in carlsbad?
Why do people put their questions in the wrong category, it's so annoying!!!!!?
Why would a coil of wire in a DC circuit not produce inductive reactance?
What is the white stuff that comes out of an airplane while in the air?
Who is the current minister of transport?
Aircraft Windshield?
Is learning how to fly safe?
Questions for Pilots?
What is the word for a pilot that does humanitarian work?
Young Pilots! How do you get around once you get to your destination?
why do people try to take pocket knives on planes?
opinions would be greatly appreciatd?
Which lender is a favorite for financing an older, low HP, medium hour, general aviation fixed wing aircraft??
What is the heading and frequency for runway 22 at Taba in Egypt?
How safe is flying??? For realz only serious answers please!!!!!!?
where i can download free moving jetways or gate for flight similator 2004? mean what scenery should i get?
how fast do airplanes fly?
what should i do to be a pilot?
Do I have to clear customs after landing? always rejected?
what are the best references for material management, specially in aviation industry?
What type of aircraft will i be on?
Has there been any clues or recent findings about Amelia Earnheart and/or her airplane?
What are the qualifications Needed to became a Commercial airline pilot in India?
Is good looks is necessary to be a commercial pilot ?
Is anyone a pilot out there? If so can you please write down your email?
I just want to know why they can't change the breathing air and filter it more often on a commercial plaine
do you have to have 20/20 vision to be a pilot and how much do they pay. what colleges are their to go?
What the average pilot salary in the USA here in the USA is about 150000?
Airport noise is certainly a negative externality, why would people choose to live near airports?
If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest is there a sound?
are you afraid of flying?
Why do aircraft wings turn up at the ends?
Currently, what is the fastest commonly used passenger plane?
How many miles of wiring in a C17 aircraft?
who are the main users of helicopter ?
Who invented the first steps for a parachute???
What is your favorite book about airplanes?
What is the most composite-intensive Bombardier aircraft?
Why do planes take this flightpath?
is a flight attendant a good job or do people look at is as not the most smartest job out there?
Can a dwarf become commercial pilot?
wat if a girl bacomes a pilot?
why does ur mom have more chins than a chinese phonebook?
Why are you never allowed to use flaps in any kind of slip?
Can small aircraft fly VFR at night or is night flight all IFR?
is it better to take a 4 year degree before pilot training or just go for pilot training ?
what would be the lowest minimum speed of any jet.....?
Cirrus Airplane myspace codes anyone?
What is greatest number of WW2 bomber missions by a crew?
How to become a USA Marshal?
What is the shortest time in which you could become a pilot to fly an international/ commercial plane?
Anyone who knows a lot about planes can you answer these questions?
cadet pilot training for free anywhere in the world?
Can you land a seaplane in any lake, or do you need a special dock for seaplanes?
Why would plane landing at abandoned airport and not be on the news?
What is the scientific reason why airplanes fly?
how many plane crashes have there been in the last 2 months?
Why are jet engines not suitable for cars?
Aircraft power-plants question ! 10 points?
best way to save money/loan for a commercial helicopter piloting career?
Do I have the aptitude to become a helicopter pilot?
Is there an inexpensive way to get your pilot's license without going into the military?
can a airplane breakup in midair if it enter a heavy turbulences?
Would you fly today,9/11,in the U.S.A.?
If You could have a jet what kind whould it be??
Propeller Slippage - Explain?
Why aircraft pilots cannot have piercings or tattoos?
cheap tickets at $150 to $200 from washington DC to Texas Forworth?
What is the max. decent rate at touch down for a 737.?
why is it that you cannot use electonic devices at certain times in the planes?
Aircraft engine?
Is it true 99 percent of plane crashes are caused by Pilot Error?
when was the jumbo jet invented?
How many kVA does a honeywell RE100 APU generate?
What is the job profile as a call centre exucutive in kingfisher airline ltd.?
if an airplane lands in Denver, does its altimeter say its still 5,000 feet in the air?
How to convert a UK Flight Instructor Rating to an Australian one?
What kind of routes does United uses its 757s?
can any one tell me the company dealing with aviation carpets .......... there was one ... carpet-rug01 .....?
what is the difference between aeronautical mile and mile?
How many hours is the flight from Gatwick to Cancun?
What is the typical Westjet group rate? My aunt says it is always $99 per person each way.?
What is it like to be a commercial pilot ?
What are the types of controls used in rc helicopters?
Do some airlines in the U.S prefer foreign military experienced (NOT AIR FORCE) man over who don't?
what are the grooming and uniform standards for Emirates cabin crew ?
What is the "N" in Delta's Boeing 757-200(N)?
F-35 and X35?
How many guns did the Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 have?
Why can Lightening strike an aircraft if the aircraft is not earthed? I know it can be sruck...?
Cessna Citation 550 B LCN?
How much is it on a helicopter to Carolina island? ?
Why Can't Pilot Instructors Simply Show Only When Flights Are Scheduled?
why it's not allowed to use the mobile in the airplane?
What should I do pilots?
what was the first aircraft twin engined to land on a carrier?
Where can i buy some ultralight aircraft in Washington State?
Wingspan: 10sq ft thrust: 44lbs lift calculated: 157lbs my questions is what's the max weight can this RC jet?
Why doesn't the exterior design of passenger planes change a lot?
Where can I find cheap plane tickets ?
Why wasn't the F-35 given a clear bubble canopy like the F-16 and F-22, for visibility?
Supersonic Air Travel?
How is the cyclic and collective control of a helicopter connected to the swashplate ?
What happens to an aircraft when it reaches it´s maximum altitude?
I want a Mexican Private Pilot's Licence (Balloon) Where do I start?
Which would be better/safer, flying in a DC-9 with a major airline, or flying a regional airline/jet?
Do planes still use reverse-thrust today?
What determines the frequency of the current produced by an A.C. generator??
Air Traffic Controllers How long from testing to hire?
Concorde Aircraft?
Best aviation pranks?
what is a economy, classic, classic plus, and summit ascent suitcase?
safest and "unsafest" aircrafts?
Junior helicopter pilot programs in new jersey? s HELP'!!?
What's Boeing's match to Airbus A380?
Is there much of a delay at dublin & stanstead airports today?
What can I bring on the plane?
Dash 8 PW 120-121 Engines. Why do you start in full feather?
What is it like to be in the Air Force?
airplane and the train, which is more safe?
Is concorde still flying today?
how to assemble and disassemble aircraft propellers?
Should I change my Boeing Challenger to an Embraer jet ?
where can i download Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) airport master plan?
Airline pilot aptitude?
If you were a pilot what would you do in this situation?
is there a number trick for maneuverability?
Was Pan Am in (SFO)San Francisco?
How do you guyz find MALAYSIA AIRLINES???
Why did the ground crews turn the B-29 engines before starting them?
i need info re: airfare and motel to las vegas for nat'l pool tourney end of may?
how to become a pilot!??!?!?
If you were military and you could choose ANY aircraft to fly, which would it be, and why?
evaluate the internal and external components of the aircraft?
How can you tell if there is an airline pilot at your party?
Whats the chance of a cessna 172's engine failing throughout the whole life of a private pilot?
What are the dependent and independent variables when flying a paper airplane?
Where to find cheap military flights?
prom helicopter transport?
Is it true that airline pilots are censured if they report seeing UFO's?
Security checkpoints at the Airports?
bionic comando helicopter part.....?
what si the largest aeroplane in the world?
How many hours do I need to clock up in order to be a Capain (of a Cmmercial plane) in India typically?
how much longer do you think air planes are going to be around?
what makes a helicopter move forward.?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
does jet engine pull or push the plane thru the air ?
how does dixon fly blue jets eight times over a city park?
it is written in the manuals that CAT 3 a/b can be flown with 1) a decision height not lower than 100 ft, ....
Aircraft spark plug high tension lead?
How could the hijacker who flown 1 eng Cessna for just 1 month land 575 right on field in front of the Pentago?
How much would it cost for a flight to london?
What is the standard size for the aviation plug socket. 5'2mm?
Any colleges for pilot training after high school?
Private pilots licence in the uk?
How fast do passenger jets fly?
Where is the fastest place in Southern California to earn a Basic Smog Technician Certificate?
Can a controller at an airport limit the pattern to GA aircraft only?
What plane do you like the most??
Pilots help please .Thanks a zillion?
How does the J-20 compare to the F-22?
Why aren't we weight before boarding an airplane? ?
Air transport with commercial pilot trainning in bucks new university? someone please help?
What is the best way to get a pilots license or commercial license while still in college? ?
What is the main effect of weight loss during an aircraft glide?
airline pilots and flight attendants. How much does a life vest used on airlines weigh?
what is the purpose of two engine in airplane?
Where do private jets land?
Is it possible to power the landing gear on an aircraft so that you can takeoff faster?
Hearing Strange Sounds?
non stop fly from columbus ohio to miami florida?
Why do there seem to be so many air disasters (or potential disasters) recently?
Should overweight people have to buy 2 seats on an airplane?
Can someone explain Bernouilli's Principle to me in regards to airfoils and air(fluid) movement over them?
why dont single propellor airplanes spiral out of control?
New jets for Snowbird flight demonstartion team?
Can someone explain to me what a codeshare agreement between airlines means?
what state in america has the fastest speed limit?. In Australia it is the N.T. whith a speed limit of 130 kph
In engine out flight, where would you rather land?
Which company has the uses the tag "we make the air power of russia"?
how to track aircraft flights around the world?
What Do You Prefer: The Boeing 777-200ER/LR or the -300ER?
What would a pilot say to passengers before a crash?
will space travel ever be available to the average person?
Do you think I could fly a rc helicopter over area 51?
Why did Kamakazi pilots wear crash helmets?
Is the new Boeing 787 dreamliner faster than the Jumbo jet?
how many embraer 145 are flying in the States now?
Hi. I need to know who to talk to with regard to PPL flying in Philippines with my CAA/JAA license
Large plane flying in circles for the last half an hour?
what would be the lowest minimum speed of any jet.....?
How does a pilot know how high to fly a plane to avoid collision with other planes?
who do pilots say wilco?
im trying to be a pilot im working on my commercial license and i just got a dui how does this affect me?
What does the term PSA means and what is it related to?
can things flying without wing?
Which airline colors does the Boeing 747-400 look pretty with?
does the stalling speed change with height?
Do pilots usually wear their uniform during their wedding?
what is the lightest strongest fastest motor for life-size hover vehical?
part no chelton 12-200?
Pain in the *** Overhaul 10 POINTS?
Do Air Force Pilots really have to meet an uncorrected vision standard to fly?
How can I be guaranteed to be on a specific airplane?
can a airplane breakup in midair if it enter a heavy turbulences?
What are some of the best websites to buy airline tickets?
Requirement for weather radar for IFR?
Do you like the Boeing Dreamliner?
i want to be a pilot.but i m a female.can i be one?
What is the mean chord of A4 Skyhawk?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
in spite of all the tech advancements, why do we still have at least plane clash happening every year?
Please tell me about Easy jet?
Which shools in Australia have course about aerospace or aircraft mechanic???
200 hrs single engine flight time. ability to do any type rating. can I still find a job in an airline ?
what is difference between AIRBUS A300 AND A380?
Why do i have a helicopter phobia? ?
How safe are American Eagle regional jets? I am afraid to fly on one in 48 hours.?
What kind of mileage do planes get?
where are deltas f/a hubs?
I have completed BEaeronautical. What can i do further to enter the aviation Industry?
Where can i get a flying machine for a heavy man?
Experiments...any suggestions plz?
how can i find what flights were from lyon at 14:00 on 1 march??
What's it like, your 1st time?
How to get a job as a cabin crew (female) in saudi arabian airlines? Qualifications?? Thnxxx?
Which commercial aircraft has highest acceleration?
how do fighter pilots get there calling signs?
Pilot-less drones?????????????
What kind of airfoil would you use for a Light Weight Aircraft?
Does anyone have a Anesst Airlines Tie Clip & Lapel Badge for Sale?
Can student pilots (or a passenger at the controls) log time without a CFI? (Not flight instruction time)?
Which international airport produces the most airliner wing tip and/or motor contact to the tarmac events?
How is the jet turbine of an airplane attached to the wings?
wrong name on flight tickets! help?!?
Approximately how monay kilometers per hour does a plane fly when it's at it's fastest?
First Flight, Questions?
What are those planes called with the row in the middle of the plane?
how has the airplanes impacted on other areas of technology and fields of development?Through aviation history?
Can Somebody guide me to download a free copy of " Private Pilot Manual Book" ?
How is Nujum Aviation pilot training center ?
Tons of very low planes leaving huge chemtrails?
4 place intercoms for pilots, push to talk button.?
Taking into consideration the traffic, the lights and other factors, how many Kms do you travel each hour?
Is it too late to be an airline pilot at 30?
Helicopter in a box fly?
who can be an accountable manager in helicopter services?can the operations manager hold this position, too?
improved range an motion?
If you place 1(One) postage stamp on the bottom of a planes blade?
what is this guy called?
why do people tell may day if there is any emergency in flying?
Will bankruptcy affect my Commercial Pilot's Licence or employment in an airline?
Why do commercial airliners sometimes leave a jet stream in the air?
Did KJFK have another runway that is now used as a taxiway?
Is it true that Delta Airlines was the biggest L-1011 operator?
are there any free flight simulaters?
Pilots: Does anybody know this flying group?
Does MS Flight Simulator Help with my pilots license?
Why was the Concorde (the Supersonic Airliner) discontinued if it was $$$ successful for 34 years from?
Is a CDI (course deviation indicator) and an ADF (automatic direction finder) the same thing?
What makes an airplane stall when it reaches very high altitudes?
What happens if single engined Cessna hits a bird?
Hey passion and aim is 2 a pilot i have completed my 12th with the PCM of 80 %?
Are there any Japanese Zeros still flying?
MIG 29 OVT or MIG 35?
Why use of cell phones banned in an Aircraft?
Flight school enrollment decrease in the U.S?
Question about aviation and avionics books?
Will starting flight school raise my insurance?
Private Pilot License In Florida?
How can a f-35 travell at mach 1.7 without afterburner.?
Boeing names for Y1/Y3?
What is the highest pay an RAF pilot can receive?
what is the hiring process for delta airlines to become a flight attendant?
How do you make a Jumbo Jet rise?
PLEASE! Settle this dispute!?
beachcarft b200 electronic flight instrument system?
C-152 Hdg and Altitude recovery question?
can you fly with big airlines with a commercial pilots license with no miltary experience?
How do you change a Philippine Pilot License to a US Pilot License?
simple words about aeroplane?
What is a good airline website to buy cheap tickets?
What are the best aircraft for knife-fighting?
Can I transport a small wood pipe for smoking a on a plane?
If you know a pilot or stewardess, do you consider this person a daredevil?
what is the speed of a boeing 747 when it touches down ?????
How do you obtain a FAA issued Powerplant license?
Is the government allowed to shoot down a hijacked aircraft if it is used as a weapon?
airport runway pavement?
what's a good website for cheap airline tickets?
how many degrees does the kc-135 refueling aircraft cargo door open?
I want to become a flight attendent and i want to know how do i become one?
Why is the Concorde not allowed to be jused for commercial services?
why on Ryanair are seats NOT to be sat on?
What are the odds of dying in a plane crash?
what is the minimum height require to become a pilot?
Are there lots of job vacancies for pilots?
Why are there so many aircraft crashes these days ?
How does an airline compensate for varying passenger weights?
Whats the best way to fight back against Human Factors?
What is a legacy aircraft (NOT legacy carrier)?
A Table for Aircraft Owned?
What is your favourite aircraft? mine is the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser?
Can I (legally) print my own sectional charts from
Why don't airline seats face backwards for safety reasons?
How long are air traffic controllers required to be employed?
where can i find cheap airline tickets?
Is it cheaper to buy a plane in the long run getting commercial?
How the heck does an airplane work!? its a giant piece of metal in the sky D:?
Anyone Here An Airline Pilot?
can flying objects be made without wings/ stabilizers?
In that famous B-52 crash video the aircraft is very low, hard left and then dives in. How did this happen?
i am very scared?
The Military is the best route to take in becoming an Airline Pilot. Agree or Not ?
which is India's best airlines?
what is the best aviation college out there?
How to uninstall the personal antivirus?
how should delivery take from washington to toronto?
What sort of screening do pilots have to go through to make sure they are mentally stable?
How do commercial airplanes overcome friction?
can i get a script for class c communications?
One of my mechanics worked for a airline in Phoenix. Smart guy. Asked about A380. He called it ScareBus; fair?
can shan beg get any cooler (being sarcastic)but also how much does a 747 cost?
I want to learn flying in India. How can i start with ?
Which state has the telephone code 513?
Is it possible to make a Mini Jet aircraft that goes 600Mph?
Can you use the iPhone GPS in flight on an airplane to track your position?
Is Aviation Institute a good tech school?
what should i do for 5 years planning?
Can 2 F-16 crash on air during a mission and the one of the pilots survive ?
hey guys i need help. where can i find a full and detailed Cessna 182Q blueprint for free?
Ram pressure recovery point?
What are enplanements?
Is the white smoke that comes from a jet airplane dangerous? What is it?
How can ppl say this or that is the best fighter plane?
Aircraft (jet) questions?
How is flying in a large commercial aircraft different than flying in a lite 2 passenger plane?
Is Answers a safe place to find answers to very specific, real world, general aviation questions?
Do you agree with me that the MD11 is the sexiest looking commercial jet of all time?
What scope will I have for growth after completing CPL training(Commercial Pilot Licence Training)?
Why do u think people like to pretend they're pilots in ?
comparing aircraft systems?
Is israeli airforce claim true about landing f-15 with one wing?
Will the A380 ever arrive or be at ORD or Mex?
Private Pilots: What is the best way to study for the written FAA test?
In an intense debate... help!?
how do i become a pilot do i need to take collage classes or just flying school? for commerical pilot?
Searching across the internet for high altitude aircraft radio frequencies, but I cant find anything?
Does anyone have a fear of flying (in an aeroplane)? why? what do you fear will happen?
Why do U.S. airports reduce takeoff/landing capacity in bad weather more than in Europe?
new gen german transport aircraft?
Question about Air Traffic Control?
Best modular flight training school in the UK?
Where can I buy a cheap flight yoke in the UK for under £60?
What's the largest modern carrier-capable aircraft?
i have CPL from Thailand which is ICAO recognised. i need frozen ATPL. advise me a proper flight school.?
best russian jet ever made?
Who invented the airplane? Dumont or the Wright Brothers?
why can't I get help with flight simulator 2004?
how old do you have to be to get a private pilot license?
Is the DCS Black Shark Simulator real?
How does a Q400 get delivered to Hawaii?
What is a good job around aviation for a 16 year old?
Do anyone know any schools that has aircraft mechanic, that in atl area or close by?
picture on an aircraft carrier of a plan making an illegal flyby close up?
How to find the movies that are played on virgin planes to America?
I am doing a quiz. The question I am stuck on is "who flew for over 40 years without a license?"?
how fast is...........?
aircraft noise survey?
[UK] Joining The RAF?
Why does an airplane's life depend on its pressurization cycles?
Where i can find this in the FAA FARS?
Alright guys, what would you do.....?
Would you trust 2 women pilots to fly a airliner your on?
What is the next F-15 class?
what date and time is the $198 fare from Tampa to Toledo for Christmas?
What is the cheapest lear jet on the market?
Why do aeroplanes do not hit the clouds as they travel?
confused about 747-8?
Is the Globemaster II in Luftwaffe service yet?
how many states in india have more than 2 airports?
When will civilian supersonic flights become routine and affordable?
What aircraft would you purchase if you had just won the lottery?
If a KC-10 is really a DC-10 with a big gas tank, Could the Air Force just buy some old DC-10s and put the?
find who's on my Airplane through a website?
is madras flying club good to pursue CPL?
why does politics get in the way of us thinking of peace and eachother?
Security Belt, in Airplanes Just Stupid..?
What levels need to perform to becoming pilot?
How many planes do you have to shoot down in combat to be a fighter ace?
I need some ATC clarity?
How much math is involved in flying a plane?
air traffic controller or plane pilot?
What does COVAK stand for?
Is the Jeppesen J-AID's any good?
can filght simulator help you become a real piolt?
trying to find a tv commercial of Malaysia Airlines that were shot in Lucas Films San Francisco?
what is considered the highest quality commercial airline? in terms of features? etc...?
describe jetlag?
How to survive a 19 hour flight?
Is it worth it to spend the money on flight training?
Can women be a pilot?
Advice about becoming A Comercial Airline Pilot ?
Why is a airplane big?
How to build flying time?
Question for private pilots?
a trip to California,Hawaii,Pennsylvania,Florida, New jersey?
If a passenger airliner tried to fly to the Moon what would happen to it?
Would anyone trust a pilotless airliner if the option was made avaliable in 2009?
WHY is it taking so long?! (Helicopter crash...)?
What is the dessert called in America where aircrafts not in use are stored?
If you place 1(One) postage stamp on the bottom of a planes blade?
what are the requirements for the position of a ground stewardess?
Should I report my F/O?
I want to become a pilot i am sixteen years old right now ready to start training but i have a problem.?
What is the best and worst Airlines to fly? (US ONLY)?
What is needed to get a helicopter up and air legal?
What is a customers service test?
how can we make a aeroplane which works without electricity or fuel?
Need help identifying a part.?
where can I see an Antonov An parked or whatever and take pictures?
can a microlight be flown legally by a 16 yr old?
Where is Vulcan XH558 at this moment?
Conquer fear of flying?
What is the most popular commercial aircraft?
What are the Salaries or Indigo and Kingfisher Airlines Pilots?
Is it better to lease or buy an aircraft?
How high does a standerd commercial plane fly?
do airplanes have to have wings?
Air fare one way from Wichita Kan. to San Diego Cal. for 1 Adult and 2 children 9 yrs old on 8/23/06?
What is microphone monitor panel in aircraft communication system?
im scared of flying how do i calm down?
I live in Vancouver ( canada ) and if i rent a PRIVATE JET to hong kong ... and use the private jet to go?
who thinks that tthe airline terrorist plot to blow up airliners has been totally foiled?
Flight Simulator Help?
Flying an addiction?
Who gets paid more - a pilot or an aeronautic engineer?
Can enough balloons full of helium lift a human off ground into the air?
what is safer jet or helicopter?
If i were a famous millionaire could i buy an F-15 Aircraft?
what does a manufacturing engineer do, does he design the process for manufacturing a product designed.?
where can i go to get really cheap airline tickets from florida to ohio fast? please help me!!!!?
Are cirrus aircraft driven by cables or rods?
Do you think the A2 (a hypersonic aeroplane) would be possible in the next 25 years.?
what is the minimum age to fly alone in the UK?
Classification of aircraft lights?
how does the ac 130 fly?
Why didn't they try to improve the Concorde airplane so it was safer so we still would have supersonic travel
Why is the nose of a subsonic aircraft shaped like a paraboloid?
About how much does a helicopter seat cost?
Why does the Blue Angels C-130 have propellers instead of jets engines?
Tom Cruise With A P-51 Mustang!?
Is man powered flight possible?
why don't they just build a plane inside a black box and be done with it?
how many years for pilot training?
Flight attendant for American airline & United airline!?
Really need help! 10 easy points!!!?
how long does take around to trave hhe world by plane?
Does anyone know about a "NON-INSPECTION" certificate on an aircraft?
Why do planes fly over Greenland when crossing the Atlantic?
Who are the superior pilots in Europe?
What's the best airliner?
What is the current equivalent of yellow sheets?
What is Air Hitchhiking?
what is the most leathal fighter jet?
when will airbus give up?
If a plane was going 400 MPH......?
what is the assessment of aircraft fabrics?
how many air base are present in the country? it's possible to visit?
How much does a private plane cost?
2010 1950s inspired car commercial?
cabin crew interview's questions?
im lookin for a detailed diagram of all the parts of a 320 airbus wing. eg. ailerons, flaps, spoilers, etc.?
How long does it take to get instrument and commercial ratings?
Can pigs fly to the moon?
How much do 2 round trip tickets on the south shore line cost?
Do you know tha ethiopian air line is the best one to to get came africa .?
Did KJFK have another runway that is now used as a taxiway?
Can you take matches aboard an airplane?
With its engines at full throttle, why didn't the 747 take off on a recent episode of Mythbusters?
Airplane spotting @ Montreal Trudeau Airport?
Why color blind persons can't become pilot?
How would you go about learning to fly in Australia?
Would being a EU citizen help me get into british airways, flybe's training academy?
how much energy (watts/hour) is used by a 747 during flight?
what kind of questions are asked at the igrua entrance interview?
Do planes appreciate in value?
Sick in plane... but want to be a pilot?
How do you become an air traffic controller?
best air cargo service in Delhi?
what is the differences between the medical cirtificate classes for pilots, like first clas,second class.?
2 MD90s were built with dual tandem main landing gear. What does this mean?
How does the Delta online check-in work?
I am looking for a cross reference to this wheel bearing dac3055w?
What is your opinion on the crash of Singapore Airlines Flight 006?
Where is the exact position of "C-130H" CG & CA?
Training on Fast Jets. ( ex Old Military etc )?
Pilots license help please?
Can an aeroplane fly on green fuel?
Whats the correct word: Aircraft , plane , Aeroplane .....?
What does ICAO "low volume" and "high volume" air traffic operations mean? Looking 4 thresholds 4 these terms.
How does airline crew clear passport control?
How many days do flight attendants get to stay in desitination?
What age can I start training to be a pilot?
How to build a tilt rotor engine?
What school qualifications do i need to become an airline pilot in the UK?
Another buying a plane question! Please answer?
how do thrust reversers work.?
what's that airline commercial?
When will the custom form be available?
luggage question?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
What was the first airplane in the jazz age called?
I am going to atlantic city on holidays?
Where do pilots go to the toilet on international flights as i believe they can not leave the flightdeck?
Should all co-pilots be atheists?
what is the plane howard hughs designed and flew and what was it made of?
why can you not make a reservation on ryanair's website for 4 days? Is surely not profitable for them.?
Famous Boeing Planes?
What is the most composite-intensive Bombardier aircraft?
How often do planes encounter turbulence?
General aviation pilots -- what would be your dream airplane?
Could I build a helicopter with the main propulsion system being pedaling?
Why does the flaps on the airplane open during landing?
what does the airlines criminal background checks consist of?
why is landing a commercial plane difficult (or easy, I don't know)?
where can i get my private pilots license in overland park, ks?
Is it possible to change a flight ticket into someone elses name?
Sigtronics S-AR or Lightspeed 20XLc headset?
I am starting flying lessons and am a little nervous, any advice?
Is every airplane in the sky queried during its flight?
Is there a helicopter out there designed to go into a quiet mode?
What will airtravels be like in 70 years time?
do aircraft mechanics get paid well?
has anyone ever seen a plane with a flat tyre ?
Does the quickpark bus at dublin airport run every 5 mins, even at night?
how much runway does a fully loaded 747-300 need (kilometers or miles)?
What is the range of Lift/Drag ratio for airfoils?
SR 71 vs U2: Which one is better?
Where can I find out more about an old U.S. military airplane that had wings that folded possibly for storage?
How long is tthe flight in hours from Ghana to New York, New York USA?
HOW to deal with fears!?
will anyboy come to barnesville minnesota to take a plan trip with im me at
Does CanJet airlines have TVs in each headrest?
Why are Birdstrikes a problem for large jet engines (read details)?
My son and grandchildren saw a neon colored plane(looked liked a fighter jet).What is it?
summarise the procedures necessery for both embarkation & disembarkation of passengers & describe the document
Can we overtake front vechicle in single road with broken line ?
are cell phones allowed on airplanes?
i want to do cpl pilot course from u.s?
Why are helicopters called to a building fire? Is water on board? Wouldn't smoke obscure the pilot's view?
Why do "deaf" people and Hare Krishnas love the airport so much?
How could I get or find a model helicopter "N314 CHP" (its what they are flying currently)
why child atc controller such a big deal?
i have a question about pilot license?
Do these belong with Concorde memorobilia?
How strict are United Airlines Size Requirements?
is age 60 for ailine pilots going to change to 65?
What is the Fastest Airplane?
How do you write a cabin crew PA?
FSX thrust reversers stopped working?
How does Delta Airlines look like??????
Is a trustworthy site?
how come some pilots choose not to fly for airlines?
how much kilometer on the airport runway?
I want to become a pilot but my mom says that she would be to worried if I did?
Who can help us find a cheap flight?
what you call man waving at planes in airports to bring them to stand?
do you know about the air raid on hillstown water-tower over scarcliffe tunnel in ww2?
What are the steps required when preforming a Hydrostatic test on an Aircraft Fire extinguishing system?
what is the seat depth of a flight attendant jumpseat?
Is it the spitfires 70th anniversary today?
where can i buy a nitro helicopter?
Antonov 225?
Beoing 747 VS Airbus 380???
Men working as Cabin Crew?
ICAO annex 1 chapter 4 copy? Personnel Licensing for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers?
I am a private pilot interested in flying a military style jet (old or new) Besides Russia what are my options
What kind of private jet would you own if you could afford it?
Things we do when stuck at an airport??
Why do people on a plane lose consciousness when it descends quick?
what is an aileron?
Medical requirements for commercial pilot?
Problem with csas on tornado f3?
what i have to study to make the blueprint of planes?
where to sell flight manuals?
15 yr old aspiring female medevac pilot?
questions about the cessna 172?
Where can I find the average life of a Boeing 737?
An Aircrafts tracking station checks the distance from a common point O to each aircraft and the angle between?
What is so special about the Raptor?
what % for VCE would you have to get to be a pilot in the airforce?
Does flight have reverse gear? If no whats the reason behind it?
If the pilot had Oxygen how much height could be coaxed out of a Cessna 152 Aerobat?
How high could an airliner fly if there was no concern of survival?
How many miles faster is an airplane than a car?
do babies under 6months old still travel for free on airlines or do i have to pay?
ETOPS twin jet engine limiting factor?
What's the difference btwn strategic and theater lift?
how is a jet fighter pilot different from a commercial plane pilot?
How much does helicopter's fuel cost?
I am 30yrs,could i now become a commercial pilot?is there a upper age limit for getting a CPL?
How strict are United Airlines Size Requirements?
é possível se tornar piloto através da FAB e logo depois de se formar, virar piloto comercial?
i wear glassis can i still get my pilots lisecnes?
what is the least possible time to fly b/w London to New york in current aviation world?
Anyone else ever witnessed an airline crash?
Order Plane Tickets Online, help?
rc helicopter problems?
Did anyone else hear the sonic boom in Thomson GA today??? ?
When will be the Airbus 380 be in service?
What is the strting salary for a pilot?(e.g a pilot for the qantas airlines,SIA,indian n stuff!)?
Do Airlines get fined when their flights depart late?
What is the worlds larggest airplane.?
why cant you use electronics when a plane is taking off/landing?