why if the black box in an airoplane is indestructuble with the metal its made of why isnt the plane...?
Does this mean that canada participating in building F35?if so, what kind of parts of F35 are built in canada?
Any pilots..How do you fly a helicopter/plane?
boeing 737?
are sea planes/ amphibian planes safer than land planes?
What do pilots do when the plane is an autopilot?
what is the distance between washington d.c. and turin,italy?
To fighter pilots: Ever get bored of flying?
can i join the Future pilot pragramme?
what causes the white cloud behind a jet liner?
In WW2 why did the Americans favour radial engines for aircraft and British in line engines.?
wat age can a baby go abroad?
What scope will I have for growth after completing CPL training(Commercial Pilot Licence Training)?
what is the purpose of an altimeter?
becoming a flight attendant?
What does it take to become a commercial airline pilot?
Why is there so much Helicopter traffic over Estill County, Kentucky?
can a maverick be fired while the airplane is still on the ground?
is it mandatory to get the multi engine rating before i get king air type rating?
my boyfriend wants to be a commercial pilot. pilot training is expensive; thinking about going military route.
Which Helicopter is better, Bell or Eurocopter? Especially in the area of cost of maintenance?
Will my two parrots be allowed to travel with me from india to USA?
Anyone from India going to a USA flight school ?
In 1991, when NARESH GOYAL started JET AIRWAYS, then with how many aircrafts did he start ?
Flight school?
How does somebody become a pilot who doesn't have alot of money$?
why do you have to have the shutters up on a plane when you land at night?
After Sept 11, 2001, were you scared to fly?
How to get Flight Simulator 2004 Passengers Wing View?
Blue Angels question...?
i need help who ever has flight simulatorX?
Calculating fuel to load, and crusie level (etc).?
how do i overcome my fear of flying please help?
anybody ever been in a plane before? Was your experience a goog one or a bad one?
when Booking with allegiant can i change the time?
how can i get a copy of my private pilots license?
Why can't anybody develop a bushplane like the Dehavilland Beaver???
How does airline crew clear passport control?
Becoming a flight attendant: worth it, or not?
Is there any companies that overhaul a GE CJ 610 - 8A?
On average what is the cost to completely fuel a 747 airplane with full tank of fuel?
Question for people who work at BOEING.... Or a Mechanic?
Who would win, a f22 or a Rafale? And the Rafale vs the f16, or f15?
I AM Iron Man!?
Do the Americans know that this Sunday is Battle of Britain memorial day in the UK.Lest we forget.?
What does the "DC" stand for in McDonnell Douglas' DC-10 aircraft?
Why don't jetpacks burn their pilot's feet?
intergra freight limited is it real or fake?
Why do famous people never die in plane crashes?
Two planes hit the World Trade Center, Does anyone know a family member of those who were aboard either plane?
What are the odds of dieing in a plane crash?
has air new zealand ordered the a380 airbus?
what are the flight benefits for continental flight attendants?
what airlines have routes over oceana county michigan?
Regional Airline Academy fraud ! ! ! Phoenix on williams gatteway airport and Florida?
actually i want to become a commercial pilot and i have no idea how to be a pilot . can u tell me how??.. .?
What are the odds of a aeroplanes wing falling off?
What do I have to do to become a helicopter pilot (UK)?
Pilot to helicopter pilot?
What are thr real-life costs of airplane ownership.?
Can I get two hours of flying time without a pilots license?
What is a good final destination for a long SEL XC flight from the Northeast?
M & I Bank airplanes?
If a jet plane was fixed on the Tarmac at an airport how far away could the exhaust be felt?
Well, how does a sparrow make an emergency landing?
the world's fastest plane?
What kinds of planes make good smuggling vessels?
How long will it take me to solo a glider?
Should the Lockheed R6V Constitution have stayed on the board?
Does any one know someone who is willing to teach me how to fly a helicopter?and has a license...?
As a passenger on an airplane,do I need to be afraid in heavy turbulens?
how much aviation fuel is used on a daily basis word wide?
I am requesting a WEB source for photographs or drawings of the cockpit of the JU-52 aircraft.?
I sent 10000 to south africa so this woman could get a plane ticket but I have not heard from him since?
What would a new F-14 would look like?
Why do you have to turn off all electronic devices when landing and flying on an airplane?
How could one go about buying a decommissioned airplane?
Do airplanes have breaks?
How do you fly jets and helicopters in Battlefield 3? ?
Comm1 VFR Radio Simulator Sofware, Anyone want to Sell or Swap?
how do airplane runways get thier numbers?
why isn't America in England?!?!?!?!!!!!!?
Am I than to old to become a commercial pilot?
what are the diff. tools used in airframe repair station?
Is it okay to take tins of food in the hold of a plane?
can i land on mt. everest in a helicopter??
how does buddy pass work with airline?
Does anyone know why Boeing aircraft company used the 700 series of numbers to name most of...?
could there be such thing as a hybrid airplane?
What aircraft are equipped with a category lllc ILS?
How many planes are in the air on average at one time?
Helo Daer, Have U had your chance ?
Aircraft lights?
what airport is the most useful of the choices in the details part?
GE-CF6-80E1 Engine for Airbus A330 thrust?
Piper seminole schematics?
am i correct in saying that airlines are going off 747`s and using 777`s more?
Where is the best school for Helicopter pilots ( Private)?
Where should i go to get my student pilots license in Arizona?
what helicopter replaced the mh-53 pave low?
Is there wifi on planes?
what to expect from Boeing Sheetmetal and riveting assessment?
how much does a pilot for commercial airplains earn?
Where can I find the transcripts of the black boxes from Flights 11 and 175?
Q's about flying over-seas and personal plane cargo space.?
when does negative differential pressure in an aircraft occur?
What was the best flight of your life?
Early 1900 planes simple activity?
Can a plane (Airliner) Go down or Crash because of Air Turbulance?
Can I become an air traffic controller?
How do I overcome the terrifying fear of flying???
After the f-35, will fighter planes be unmanned?
Please can you help me rationalise my fear of flying?
what are a380 landing gear details?
Can you get a Private Pilot Licesne even if you have Panic Attacks?
I like Gas rc planes but I like Electric to what would be a good plane next?
why do planes put on landing lights when taking off.?
My gyroscope helicopter like won't charge?
How do you find friction drag torque if you have your torque value.?
Best airport in the world?
do you know about private cloud?
New Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplane?
What is this airplane?
What would you want to assume that you sit the aircraft crashed,?
Why don't airplane black boxes have some sort of device to help locate it if submerged in water?
I would like to have some assessed questions on ATPL {pilot course} on performance subject , please help me?
RC Electric Airplane Help??
where do airshow pilots get trained? what certificates or ratings are required by the FAA?
How can I check local Notams without getting Wx?
How airports don't let airplanes move in reverse by themselves?
Im about to get my private pilots license, and I was wondering what a good next step is?
FAA Exam's you need to do for Private Pilot's License?
What kind of animal is this?
Do they lock the airplane and pilot doors in flight......?
What is a "fair rental price" for a Cessna 152 or Piper Tomahawk for an hour?
I'm Confused. Does this mean that Spirit Air will not be flying out of LaGuardia anymore?
How do I go about purchasing (Open Return) International Airline tickets..?
If you lose the tail rotor in flight is it possible to control the helicopter?
While a plane is in the air...? (please help!)?
Does any body has M 601F engines for let airplnes and what's the price?
does anybody still want to fly in an airplane?
Why does the FAA base your experience on hours and not take-offs & landings?
Do B-52 aircraft have ejection seats?
does the law state kids must sit with parents on flights?
My fear of flying?
why are planes not made out of the same material of the black box?
what is the characteristics of cabin crew?
Air traffic control question..?
If you flapped your arms fast enough, could you fly?
Jobs that give pilot training?
Private aircraft?
What happens if you land and aeroplane above its maximum landing weight?
What is the conversion factor of wind speed from BFT to KLM per hour?
where can I get free aircraft design software?
Aviation Universities that allow Flight Training and Aeronautical Engineering Studies?
Is permanent residential certificate valid during Air India flight check-in?
Working on my Private pilot license.?
What do you call the airplane director sticks?
Why is putting hydrogen in blimps bad?
Looking for a general aviation headset converter?
How much does an Mi-24A helicopter cost?
Which would terroists most likely shoot the blackhawk or the apache?_10 points?
why is a 747 called a humbo jet, it does not have big ears or a trunk..durrr?
Do you know of any airline in which female flight attendants wear pantsuits?
Does anyone Know ... When Will Russia get the Mistral Helicopter Ship from France?
Man I just can't help myself.. Why are commercial aircraft not made out of the black box material??
F414-GE-INS6 dry thrust?
What is the take-off speed of the average passenger plane? Not including Jumbo 747?
When a constatant speed propeller equipped aircraft just lifts off the runway during take-off,?
Ii need a cheep crate moter ?
how many cows do you think it would take to pull a plane?
Aircraft Flaps Question(s)?
What was the most dominant airplane in World War 2?
P&W GTF mod for Boeing 757?
Any good and free world sectional chart?
Do Jets with a "T-Tail" have problems in the slower flight realm?
Are there any old, vintage commercial aircraft still in service?
Are women allowed to be commercial pilots?
how do i get over my fear of flying.....?
What Are The Odds Of A Commercial Airline Crash?
What does convergant ducts and divergant ducts mean in terms of pressure and velocity+ what kind of pressure:)
what is engine pressure ratio in gas turbine aero engines?
What college bachelor degree is required when applying commercial airplane pilot license ?
what is the probablity of living if you get sucked into a jet know like that u-tube video?
What's the average number of fligths a big domestic airline has a day? Such as US Air and Southwest?
where do airplanes dump the fuel when they have to make an emergancy landing?
Is the Ansett levy still charged on airfares?
can we use reduction gear to reduct of main roter in home build helicopter?
what is the purpose of the helicopter?
I need cheap travel to paris, france/ or freiburg or hamburg, germany?
What are slats on a airplane???????
What is the best glide speed for a cessna 152?
Are there any US Domestic routes that fly a 777 or 747?
FAA PPL material?
How much does a Boeing 787 BBJ cost?
What is the better airline. American or Continental?
How Much would just a outer shell and inter part of a 747-8 cost?
I'd like to know what are airplanes cabinets doors made of ?
How do I find a cheap plane ticket to Italy?
What days are the cheaps days to go on a airplane during the weekor weekend . What airline is cheapest and fas?
Safety survey - UK aviation?
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot, Contractor work.?
What will the major differences be going from a Cessna 172 to 152?
does anyone have info on blackwater USA aviation??
Hi I am thinking of a good name for my company, helicopter flights tours ect, any ideas?
Do commercial airliners have KEYS?
allison 250 c20b in abell 206 compressor stalling as you go from idle to 100% not the bleed valve or F.C.U.?
What's the best usaf aircraft?
Is it safe to fly?
improving flight maneuvers?
If something goes wrong in a plane how likely is it that it will crash?
Does the f15e strike eagle have the same air-to-air capabilities as the older f15C?
why did kamikaze pilots were safety helmets&goggles?
what kind of engine does the stealth have?
How does Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci airport compare to other European airports in terms of size, air traffic,
How is the Delta 777 200 LR economy class?
what airline allow dog 5kg fly spain?
Does anyone have any useful websites for aircraft auxiliary power unit (APU)?
I love the 700 series airplanes like the 727...777 which one do you like and think is the best?
Can 14 year olds start private pilot training?
Where can I ride in a fighter jet for free?
Global charges?
do we have to need Instrument rating for type rating boeing 727 or 737?
Are there private jet planes that can fly as fast as the concorde?
Can I become a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a Mechanical Engineering Degree?
what makes a pilot cadet programme choose youover others?
Are there outlets on JetBlue airplanes?
What is it like being a regional airline pilot?
what do i need to become a air host?
What was the biggest airplane in the world before the 737?
how can I immigrate to states?
I was arguing with my cat and she brought up a good point.
was on airbus a 330 200 the other day. about 2 hrs into the flight we noticed?
Can a disaster such as the tenerife happen again?
What agency do I contact if I see dangerous flying of small airplanes?
Would you rather fly on a wing and a prayer or two wings?
have booked a airline fight & was wanting to now where myu seat was?
why do pilots say roger ?
What are the benefits of a dual triple blade prop vs a dual blade prop on a small aircraft?
My course has been extended and I cannot use my return ticket. Can I get A refund from the British airways?
Do Pilots have haircut policy?
can i bring a guitar as a carry-on when boarding a plane?
What good flight schools to enrol at Alberta for a PPL?
How do we get hydrogen powered aircraft into production?
What is the price of an average helicopter?
How to know exact prices of the flight ticket charges?
questions on airplanes?
Does United Airlines have Wifi?
How much do contract pilots make per year?
What airplanes does John Travolta own?
How can I get an interview with a fighter pilot?
How do I find a company that produces helicopter engines?
How long does it take to get Instrument Rating? Is it harder than Private Pilot rating?
If flying a helicopter is very difficult then where in hell did all the pilots come from during thevietnam war
how did jet planes affect society in a positive way and negative way?
Why is the Avro Vulcan so special?
Statistically, how many people are refusing to fly because of the mandatory scanners and pat downs at airports?
Question about getting your commercial pilot license?
Will a nine and a half hour flight give me jet-lag?
When is the first flight of the B787?
Sick in plane... but want to be a pilot?
Which is the fastest fighter aircraft in the world?
PLEASE - What are the upright additions retrofitted on the wing tips of commercial jet airliners called?
Whats the best way of commiting sucide on a plane?
fsx tweak i found out "LOOOOOOOKKKK"?
What should be in the heliport terminal?
prop aircraft electrical question?
So Scared..... Help Please.?
I'm afraid to..?
how fast does a jet plane go?
can i bring this on an airplane???
why was concorde flight stopped?
Cheap 1 person helicopter or airplane?
how old do you have to be to fly a gyrocopter/autogyro?
How many hour of a airplane ride is it from USA to austr?
What phenomenon is most likely to reduce visibility to near zero?
What is the cost price of an A320 Airbus? are the A320 airbus leased to operators? what is the cost of leasing
is it possible to land a plane like this?
Why Doesn't Connecticut Claim "First in Flight" Instead of North Carolina?
what is the logic of green and red navigation lights on the wing tip of an aircraft?
whats the crazyest thing that has happen to u on a plane?
Effect on Gas Changes in Airline Cabin during exercise?
how long did it take the Wright brothers to make the airplane?
Which job is better? Being a pilot or being a hobo?
I am interested in enrolling in flight training?
Is this a real picture of a boeing 797?
Want to buy 4 DC 10 Planes and launch in international routes..?
how to operate mitchell century II autopilot?
Have you forgotten to update your aircraft registration?
15 kilos per person does this include the weight of the case or just the contents to fly?
What is it like to be a pilot?
whta is the latest model of fighter aircraft?
Who invented airplanes?
can an aeroplance 'stand' (!) in the air i.e., be stationary in the air? like trains waiting for clearance ?!
What is meant by continuous ignition and when is it generally used?
I have Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute with a flush mount gas cap that leaks. Any sugg. besides a gasket
Better?? Men or women flight attendants?
Is it okay to bring jelly beans on a plane?
Why do airplanes not travel in a straight line?
What airline cadet programs are there?
What are the requirements to become a pilot?
can you bring an oxygen tank aboard the airplane
Are commercial jets fully loaded with fuel when they take off?
Effect Of Air Craft Filters In High Altitude?
where can i find information(in website) about assembly and disassembly of aircraft propellers?
How common is Severe Turbulance?
Speed in knots??
Why must the people in the aircraft section be so hostile?
Pilot Training for Jet Aircraft?
my FAA ATP written is coming soon?
I am going 2 New York in a few days and I'm scared.Please halp me.?
can u drive a squid?
any one know a good website to buy plane tickets?
Air sick passengers?
what causes turbenence when you are on a air plane?
is there anywhere on the net that confirms or covers transport news flight/train/ferry progress reports ?
there is a rule that for every 1,000 ft in elevation, the plane can glide for 10 mi?
Does anyone think those ears could act as wings?
I have Crohn's disease, can I still become a pilot?
why do you have to turn of all electronics during take off and landing?
who know Sigonella the usa base?
Is flying on an McDonnell Douglas MD-80 still safe?
If something goes wrong in a plane how likely is it that it will crash?
How do I become a pilot?
Is this good or bad flying weather?
what is the collection of airplanes called?
Difference between QANTAS Domestic and International meals?
Does anybody know where I can sit the FAA ATP written exam in the UK or northern Europe?
I have posted a few questions about model aircraft and insurnace. and it seems many people may be wrong?
indian pilots please help?
any advice or tips on getting over a fear of flying on planes. i usually get kinda closterphobic?
Differences of Diploma in Aircraft Engineering...?
Aircraft exhaust?
What is the Biggest Bird you've ever seen?
calling all biplane pilots?
When landing an airplane do you pitch for your airspeed, or use the throttle?
How may i pass this flight simulator assessment at flight school?
Did Pilot trk stop buy out Flying J trk stops?
What do you need to study and how long does it take to become a commercial pilot?
Do Embry riddle offer a Pilots License in their Aeronatuical Science degree?
How much octan is jet fuel?
Left handed fighter pilots?
I am an abintio jet pilot and wandering for answer of a question kindly help me?
How can I get the abstract for "Aircraft landing system"?
What does 'ETOPS' mean?
Worst losses to the aircraft historical society at large?
How do I find out what time Flight awe741 arrives at Port Columbus International Airport?
how does an aircraft fly?
Uk helicopter license, then moving to a different country?
The air supeority race?
Zero to Frozen ATPL Course?
Cheapest and best way of becoming a pilot for someone living in London at the age of 19?
Can flight attendants wear an arm full of bangles?
how can we make a aeroplane which works without electricity or fuel?
Right-hand seating of the captain of a helicopter?
Do airplanes lose stability when at 0 mph? ?
can i still be a pilot if i'm disabled?
Daily, roughly how many people actually work in the skies over britain? everything from airlines to zeppelins?
Boeing 777 slip/skid indicator?
Has the President ever used a Supersonic jet to get somewhere faster?
Do volo brand performance chips work?
can anyone give me the link from where i can get a comprehensive live flight updates from airports?
American Airlines theme?
Are Polarized sunglasses good for flying in Cessna's?
How do you get these tickets?
What is the fastest flying machine in the world?
Is it better to fly on a cold day or a hot one?
I'm 18 and scared to go on a plane?
how do you get downloadable aircraft onto the Virtual airline website?
All air national guard pilots!!!?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Is your AOA in a C-140 more positive than a C-150 on landing? Or would it be the same and let the tail drop?
Does any one know someone who is willing to teach me how to fly a helicopter?and has a license...?
What is it like to be a full-time helicopter pilot?
Does anybody work for Emirates cabin crew?
Qualifications needed to be Cabin Crew?
where can i get engine sensors(airplane) to hook up to my ipad?
How can i reach domestic airport from okhla phase one ?
problem in understanding takeoff and landing weight in fuel jettison system?
I have an autobrake panel from a 737-400, can anyone help me possibly identify its aircraft?
why does the airhogs remote control stormlaunchers 2 motors turn opposite ways?
MBA/Aviation in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University??
How could joining the RAF help me become a commercial airline pilot?
Will there be a successor to Concorde?
I want to be a pilot but I suck at physics ?
What is the best high altitude paraglider motor/frame?
any non stop flights from hnl and sidney?the airline please?
I need Indian Ultralight helicopter plans?
why do you think people keep asking questions about helicopters flying over their houses?
How to become an Airline pilot from the begining and the cost?
What happens if a helicopter is in flight in the same position for 12 hours?
Can aeroplane stay in air without any movement ? ?
Can women be F1-11 jet pilots?
how can i find aeroplane jet switch on/off sound effect?
what will win in a fight a f22 raptor or a su 37?
What are the causes of turbulance?
Boeing 747-400 or Airbus A380?
Did you know there were Female F-16 fighter jocks?
I have taken commerce side and i want to become a pilot so can i become a pilot?
do pilot training can get financial support??
Quetion About Pilot Tests ,, Latent Squint?
What should I do to become a pilot?
How does an airplane fly?
Do airline pilots?
is it possible for an aeroplane 2 be steay still in air?
How does the 777 stop so quickly?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
why do planes put on landing lights when taking off.?
I flew on a B777 from Dallas to Seoul. I was amazed because I thought it didn't have the range.?
How can you know if your eyes are good enough for a pilot's license?
which is the best flight school in the world which promises job oppurtunities?
which airlines have newest fleet?
What a pilot should do if the plane's engine(s) stop ? ?
Can aeroplanes flying overhead disrupt mobile phone signal?
Used, not working Helicopter -- Where can I get one?
Can a stock Cessna 150 be catergorized as a "Light Sport Aircraft"?
What's that commercial for where they say "Steverino"?
What should I ask a pilot?
What is the best aviation headset you can buy?
does anyone know where to get the bank of questions for the easa part 66 ame exams?
What does it take to be working in a bank and be a flight attendant?
Air Cadets in Canada?
What are Line replacement units in Aircraft's gas turbine engine?
Rotorcraft External Airbag Protection System?
What is the difference between aircraft maintenance technician/engineer?
the ranking of "Hindustan Aeronautics Limited" in aviation industries?
Is it true that MALSR is the most common type of approach lights in the U.S.?
which fighter aircraft were made in canada and how important were they?
what were you doing the very moment the first plane hit......on 9/11?
If you stole a Blimp, Would you make Vroom, Vroom noises as you made your getaway?
Size of full size cockpit simulators? (Specs)?
Whats the difference between JAA certificate and PPL in Aviation?
Is Pacific Pearl Airways really operating now?
who knows the procedure for the miramar transition from KMYF?
Do you think the word is finally out about this so called aviation piloting career?
Do airplanes have horns?
what should I do?
Is an enstrom helicopter easier to fly than a Robinson r22?
is there vacancies for hsc pass in aviation?
Do commercial airplanes land during hurricane?
p51 mustang or mitsubishi zero?
howm many engines does a 737 have?
Has anyone heard of Silver State Helicopters?
Picture of a Promech Air Beaver (or any beaver)?
What is 1 ton of Jet A aviation fuel when converted to galleons?
How to become a pilot..?
How expensive would flying as a hobby be?
I want to be an Airline Pilot but something is bothering me..?
How would you convince the pilot to give you the last parachute?
THR and THR REF. Where is the difference. And when is what used?
Which countries that manufacture space rockets and military aircrafts and rockets ?
Was the Hawker Harrier the most innovative war plane ever?
Better?? Men or women flight attendants?
How would you prevent planes from sitting on Tarmacs for long periods?
where in manila, Philippines can i get "brasso metal polish"?
calling all biplane pilots?
Are these valid PICTURES of the HELIOS FLIGHT which crashed in 2005?
airliner sound as it is landing?
what are helicopters that can land on water called?
f-18e/f super hornet line drawings (3 wievs)?
is EGYPTAIR a good traveling company?
24 volt dc to 230 volt ac rotary converter?
Why are plane tickets to Alabama so expensive?
What's that commercial?!!?
I have an idea in aeroplane design, that can improve flight efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Contact?
Why are high altitudes best for for commerical airliners?
whats the average cruising speed of the fastest aircraft in the qantas fleet?
Renting cost of heavy aircraft maintenace hanger based on what factors?
How do I fly a plane?
Why the aeroplanes can not be designed on the principle of flying saucer?
How do I get a career as a Commercial Pilot?
Where can I find a photo of Peter Nielsen, the air traffic controller who was murdered in 2004?
Pilots in the Airforce?
What type of heaphones/mic do helicopter pilots use when they are flying?
Aircraft painting: information sources?
Boeing 707 maintenance manual wheels and brakes section?
Why does a Helicopter Pilot sit in the right hand seat not the left hand?
which is the bigest plane?
What is the cheapest to maintain plane around? Preferrably Amphibious although not necessarily?
PICKING BEST ANSWER! I need to fix my flight..please help!?
i am maltese. can i be a jet pilot??
how do i find flight information status?
How long does it take for an airplane take to land after going the speed of sound?
Brazil.Internal multi flight how much?
How long and how much $ does it cost to get a private pilot license for 2 prop small aircraft?
If two planes almost hit each other is it called a "near miss"?
Why do airplanes skip the letter "I" in the seating?
Turbulence in the air?
how do u overhaul a jet engine?
please answer important?
How much do millatry pilots make?
Which flight program is favorable? ?
Would this mini jet engine work ? With what gas?Is this even possible?Is the speed of the turbine fast enough?
Canadian Air Force Vision Requirements?
where can I get free balsa airplane model kit plans?
Default Landing Speed, Altitude and Flaps of Airplane?
Where can you find jobs for multiengine land commercial pilot?
How do you fly a plane made in the 20's?
How can i become a commercial pilot?
What should I know to create an aircraft ?
Question about becoming a pilot?
What is the name of the RAF's new jet fighter aircraft?
Anyone flown to Hawaii from the East coast? How long did it take?
is it necessary that a pilot should be an expert in mathematics & physics?
why don't they equip airline passengers with parachutes?
What makes the airplane turn?
Conversion of an US aircraft maintenance certificate to Indian AME certificate?
Do you think airline pilots have been too computer dependent?
Does anybody know where I can a....?
What is the difference between the Lightspeed Zulu models?
how much time it will take to become a pilot after training?
Saw a jet that had "United States of America" written on the side.?
How would I find information concerning trouble reports of Rolls Royce Allison C250 series engines?
Traffic pattern question?
How to raise money for flying lessons?
Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am applying for a Gold Seal flight instructors certificate...?
How an airplane can fly? isn't it too heavy to do it?
Where can I obtain a name badge for pilot costume?
what is the mile high club?
Does anybody else here have a Mooney with the Top prop conversion?
What does a "pylon flap" do (on an MD-90, for example)?
can aeroplane fly backwards?
aeronautical engineering?
How to change batteries in kids toys without screwdriver on airplane? in aviation question?
What's the name of nationwide trucking co that'll pick up at your garage if u have means to load?
FAR Part 65 qualifications will impact “passenger safety” – “medicate passenger risk”? T or F.?
Question for commercial Airline pilots?...?
Chuck Yeager's greatest accomplishment?
please send me block digram of Instroment landing system?
Can a StormScope register other aircraft in the area of your airplane?
mach cone of aircraft flying at what highest altitude can reach terrain?
Aviation Alert!!!???
When two airplanes almost collide why do they call it a near miss??
I want to become a pilot should i do a Flybe Diploma in Aircraft Engineering or Diploma in Aviation Operations?
Is it possible for pilots to erase recordings in a cvr?
Is it possible for helicopter blades to kill someone?
Do FedEx airplanes have windows?
Merits of jet engine?
Where to find cheap flight tickets?
Is ultrlight engines shifts up the transmission or it is without transmission?
What is the safest Swedish Private Jet made today?
am looking for consumable aircraft parts, b-747-300, i.e. cotterpins, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.?
what's the difference between helicopter and chopper?
how many flights do us air way control a day?
Talking about strictly Air cargo planes what are the weights of all civilian air cargo planes fully loaded?
Electric Jet engine possible?
Is there anyone out there that can pass on some stories about Air Races and the pilots who flew in them?
Who invented the jet aircraft?
Could someone please tell me how I could convert my Australian Commercial Pilot license to an Indian CPL.?
What is the white stuff that comes out of an airplane while in the air?
can pilots eject out of a helicopter?
everybody who do u think is the best cheap airline?
Where do I find a job as a stewardess in Greece?
What is the difference between aircraft avionics?
How to crab an airplane?
How can I get to Japan?
Where can I purchase a private jet online, I won 60 million lottery and I'd love a private jet to travel?
If a flying car is invented, how will the "air road" system work?
is it safe to put hairspray/hair gel/ moose in my luggage (not carry on) on an airplane?
can mitsubishi evo 3 drift?
Are there any ways of being funded to become a chopper pilot in the UK outside of the military?
What to airline pilots do when they arrive at the hotel?
Where can I go to learn how to fly a plane in Georgia?
Airbus A320 new engine option question?
How far in advance can you purchase plane tickets?
My Flight Simulator X logbook has a problem.?
where can i find interior pictures of delta 767 300 series pictures?
Maximum Flight Training hours acc. to F.A.A?
After the Anisari X-Prize, what happened with the competing spaceships?
how to handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentatiion?
Can you tell me this about E6-B?
Differences in Boeing Aircraft (707, 717, 727, 737, etc)?
How do you use a navigation plotter on a sectional map to tell true heading?
Cargo Helicopter speed ?
im 32 working in a converting my career as a cabin crew in a airlines.where can i grow my career?
Link to the ATC "B and B" Question!!?
Rotor wing?
What aircraft will i be flying form manchester to faro, aug 2012 at 10:30?
6 person kit plane 20 character?
aircrash investigation video on USAIR 1493 free download?
In commercial airliners why do both pilots have their hand on the throttles when taking off?
Why do some aircraft have a 'T' tail like a piper tomahawk and some don't ?
What is the odds of a plane crashing?
how slowly can a helicopter fly in a straight line without falling out of the sky?
i need help in flying questions?
What do aeronautical engineers do? Please answer?
If I billions for stealth fighter, where could I buy one?
How safe are single engine planes and why do Thay exist.?
How to become an airline pilot?
Airline pilots?
using pay calculator airlnie pilot salaries?
In aviation, what does it mean when they say "Watch your Six"?
How to know the heading when facing crosswind ?
Where can i find Learjet Co-Pilots and Aircraft mechanics resumes?
What happens if an aircraft spoilers or flaps don't work?
what is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?
what is a gcc license?
I want my pilots license to fly commercially but I'm short sighted and only have a 3yr degree. Is it possible?
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
what if i intentionally miss my flight?
what is the average take off speed of a 747 loaded and what is the top speed of a commercial airline?
Whats the difference betn a CAG & a line jet?
Why isn't F-35 as maneuverable as F-22 although it is ligher ?
Can I take my can of pop on airline?
what documents does one need to send a small shipment under diplomatic status?
Was the Concorde jet banned because the Americans objected?
Flight connections through Pearson...?
what is the name of the helicopter with two rotors?
does flying hours include taxiing?
Why do some high-flying aircraft leave contrail and others don't?
i missed my flight because i was in hospital at the time,is the booking still valid?
Thrust Reverser's?
LavaLife commercial from a few years ago?
What's the raw materials cost for airplane?
How safe are airoplanes?
how high do commercial jets fly?
what is aircraft refurbishment?
how does an airplane stay up in the sky?
Looking for a good, fun, relatively cheap beginner RC Plane?
How do you go about getting an Instructors rating for general aviation?
What is an EASA B1 license?
Cebu Pacific (5J) Aircraft registration numbers!?
"can any one tell me how to get a commercial pilot licience if i already know how to fly?
How much does flight attendant school cost in central ny?
qualification to be a fighter pilot in indian navy onboard ins viraat?
What is a horizontally opposed engine?
are planes safe to travel in?
anything to do with flying?
How are FMC/FMS routes generated today?
was twa 800 hit by an asteroid?
what type of questions may be asked when taking a test for a transportation security officer?
Can a Plane with a piston ENGINE stall?
why is being a pilot dangerous if air travel is considered the safest form of travel?
Seatac Airport over Sequim?
How can I find the pilots in Lutheran association of Missionaries & Pilots or L.A.M.P.?
Whats the best material for a hovercraft skirt, and a good design.?
I keep dreaming about planes WHY???
Does your eyes have to be 20/20 to be a pilot in the Air Force?
Why dont airliners just slap some air filters on?
whats the best route into getting into commercial airlines?
Why cant you turn your cell phone on while on a jet?
Tips for first time Passenger?
what is the most expensive executive chair (commercial)?
I can take a job on Ticketing or InfoCenter if...?
How much does a Aircraft Technician in Emirates get paid?
Where there any French built fighters during WWII?
Can you be a dual citizen and be an Air Traffic Controller?
which is the age for drink?in italy the boys and girls drinkin at 14 years!!!!?
how to convert the time in city GMT and covert GMT to the time in the other city withe example please?
Pilots, how did you decide you wanted to be a pilot?
pilot aptitude battery test sample paper. where can i get it from?
what does the Thunderbirds airshow consist of?
What qualifications are required to be a commercial pilot?
How much does a pilot for Transaero Airlines get paid?
How many aircraft carriers are heading to I ran as we speak !?
How does an aircraft fly?
Need to convert ICAO A&P license to FAA A&P license?
how long is flight time from gatwick to corfu.thanks?
Autogyro/Gyrocopter Theory...?
How hard is The canadian Private Pilots License Exan?
What is the company that does the news choppers for kansas city mo?
When and Why do they dim cabin lights (apart from Takeoff and Landing)?
I'm making a model airplane (what should i nickname it)?
what super power would u rather have?
what is the meaning of aircraft maintenance licencing such as : A & B1 & (B1.1) & (B1.2) & C?
Hi I really need help with my essay about concorde airplane. Who has being in the concorde plane before it sto?
Is there any aircraft maintenance apprenticeships vaccancies in the uk ?
Pilots, can an airport or ATC center order you to land for no apparent reason/?
Who was James Bryford McCudden?
how safe is flying a small plane, such as a Cessna 172?
Airship with a bycicle?
Can I as a girl become a pilot? What are the chances of me getting a good job with the airlines?
Radio Control stunt aircraft?
Around what age and with what amount of experience do usually pilots start working for AirCanada?
why does the marine corps have only one fighter jet?
Should my baby travel in plane?
anyone know anything about shannon aerospace?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
I am about to complete my 50 hours private pilots license in australia?
Can personal or private jets fly in and out of commercial airports?
why am i scared of planes?
Are ipads and mobile phones allowed in the cabin of aircrafts?
What makes a plane be able to fly or oppose gravity?
How much does the average private jet cost?
how long was the mach 5 gone?
what are the negative impact of the deregulation on the airline industry?
Which cities do most pilots like best?
How do you download cabin crew announcements in FSX?
Do B-52 aircraft have ejection seats?
In how much time Boeing 747 and 737 will cover these Distances?
How do i become an Air Crash Investigator?
How much money would I need to built a microlight ( Flying kite)?
Why cant i fly?
Canadian aviation medical/age question:?
What is the wheel speed of a plane at the time of landing?
How to prevent ears popping on airplanes?
If I was on a plane, and it blew up or crashed, would it hurt? God forbid.?
Demand for helicopter pilots? Career prospects?
FlighSim04 Why is it that during long climbs my speed (KIAS) starts to drop til the airplane stalls?
aircraft addon Designing?
Are there any commercial 747's that fly domestic routes in the United States?
What altitude do you usually intercept the outer marker?
tell me the cheapest air ticket to fly to bangalore from chennai?
737 vs A320?
Are there any flying schools in america which are JAA and FAA and ICAO approved ?
Is it true that in order to be a pilot you have to read, speak, and understand English?
where can i get books on commercial jets?
personal grooming treatments who are worked in aviation and hospitality?
will this headset work with a Cessna 152?
is the airline liquid ban international? like in asia/australia?
Ii need a cheep crate moter ?
what do i have to do to become a pilot?
How many lives have been lost to DC-9 / MD80 aircraft incidents?
Pilots licence international transfer?
To have the course of aeronautical engineering, do we have to take a separate 4-year course first?
What will happen if a small bird hits a flying air bus?
In die hard 2 you see a plane crash on the runway and explode, it didn't have any fuel left, is this possible?
Anyone know about 500 D tail rotor pedals?
How to fix tail rotor on helicopter?
I am getting my Airline Dispatcher Certificate and want to know if...?
What is the merits and demerits of material use for elevator in airplane?
what is the climbing rate?? for a heli????
How much does it cost to land a plane at a small airport? Pay for tie down? Pay for time parked there? Etc.
Could someone help me with my college selection?
Requirements to be a corporate pilot?
Changing flight (please help!)?
what is threadbull?where can i find it?
Is there a problem with he Landing gear on the Q300?
Knee injuries and flying for the AF?
what are the powerful and best fighter plane/jets in the world?
If a Cirrus SR20/22 Ballistic Parachute deploys can it be released if the engine restarts ?
Why can you see jet streams?
Commercial[fixed-wing] to commercial[rotor-wing]. How easy is the transition?
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) professional help?
afraid of taking the airplane after 9/11?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a commercial pilot in the UK?
Why cant i fly like an airplane?
Have there ever been any problems with the phonetic letter delta (for D) and the callsign "Delta"?
How to get over my fear of flying?
Can you transport small samples of soil or sand on international flights?
What does a airplane pilot do?
Is becoming a sophisticated commercial pilot difficult?
Can someone please answer any of these aviation questions for me please?
UPS or Fed Ex Aviation Maintenance jobs?
Virgin Blue training?
what was the first US satellite called?
whats the comparative size?
how do i get to stanstand airport?
do i fly over budapest from burgas to bratislava?
Still airplanes?
How do you fly a Plane?
I am looking for the best flight simulator on the market, since I am a pilot.?
Anyone know how to get a ride in a jet with one of the Blue Angels?
Is it possible for a plane to fly with one wing in an emergency situation?
who invented the first plane?where,names,how they made it?
how do i get rid of my fear of flying?
Multifunction Display in Microsoft Flight Simulator Jet?
What buttons to you press to dump fuel in an aircraft?
Why do we travel at virtually the same speed as we did in the the 1970's.?
When landing on holiday the pilot often referred to a runway number. What does it mean?
How many planes are flying at any given time around the globe?
How much are Hang Gliders and Paragliders?
Airline pilots: how safe is Boston's Logan Airport?
Right now there is this helicopter hovering just above my house. Why would it be there?
Can a pair of undies get sucked into the intake of an aeroplane and damage/jam it? or would it just burn up?
how do you drive an airplane?
Whats the average pay of an airplane maintence man?
I am convinced that I am going to die in two weeks.?
Will supersonic passenger travel ever come back?
Why can't you use CD players on airplanes if they don't transmit anything?
What kind of jobs ican you get if you have a seaplane pilot license?
Why did flight prices go up £200 overnight?
What kind of bachelor to become airline pilot?
New jets for Snowbird flight demonstartion team?
Whats the easiest way to get a pilot's license ?
how many people can board a private plane?
How many unit load devices (ULDs) are in use by the airline industry? How many containers? How many pallets?
What has happened to the Concorde?
Cheapest sites where Bus/Plane Tickets Can be purchased?
Where can i study for pilot of plane in Toronto?
Right rudder pedal for a Twin-Astar Glider??
Running commentry?
Can a person become an airline pilot without being the military first?
what things are checked to get a class 1 medical certificate for cpl training?
Which state has the telephone code 513?
Does TurBORIX 2.4 GHz programmable transmitter have a instruction manual?
why do aeroplanes need to turn off the internal lights when taking off and landing?
PILOTS: Have you every been a scared passenger?
why are there no 747 jumbo's at birmingham airport uk?
Would a 5-AT ford trimotor be able to fly in between buildings in New York City?
Why do aeroplanes not have a seat row no 13.?
PLANE crash?
Does anyone know if there were any survivors of the USAF Boeing KC-135A plane crash that happened in 1982?
Have you ever used a helicopter to take you to a remote campsite to enjoy a fire and the absolute solitude?
How can I be considered as licensed avionics engineer in Abu Dhabi?
should i continue trying to get my pilots license?
What is the GPS address for the Delta Terminal of DFW Airport?
How long does Flight-com Denali ANR headset last?
How Can I Look Good When Applying for Line Service?
will the airplane crash into the ocean?
Anyone heard of the DreamLiner?
What is some spacial interesting things about fire fighter?
How do you rate women Airline Pilots?
I am trying to understand Very Light Jet Assembly and Manufacturing Process. Please suggest if anyone knows.?
which aircraft hardware is the most expensive of all..?
United Airlines store at Ohare?
What is your favorite type of airplane and why?
Information about CTC/OAA Cadet courses?
How do planes keep within Earth?
MP3 and Burned DVDs?
How hard is it to become a airline pilot?
why are helicopters flown right hand drive & all other aircraft flown left hand drive?
You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out ofit?
what is seat capacity of boeing flight?
I just bought an old Civil War era cannon, can I bring it as carry on for my flight home?
What is "webbing payout" for a seatbelt.?
Compression socks and plane travel?
What is a bush pilot?
what is the best figther jet of all time?
how do you report a private pilot who is high on drugs and alcohol?
Where is Vulcan XH558 at this moment?
If I get a PPL on a cessna 172, what other planes could i fly on that licence?
how do i become a pilot?
Private Pilot refresher flight?
how Ario planes fly?
How much does a commercial Boeing jet weigh?
how much fuel would a BAe-146 or an Avro-Rj use going from Dublin to Paris?
What is the difference between mi24 superhind and normal mi24 ?
Can aeroplane stay in air without any movement ? ?
Average Jet Mechanic Salary?
where can i get information about what types of engine cathay Pacific has?
what is the main subject to be concentrate in gcse to be a pilot in the future?
macam mana nak jadi juruterbang kalau tak ambil subjek fizik? subjek sains boleh ke?
German bf-109 in WWII?
Do people who die in plane crashes experience much pain?
what do you think about the Aircraft Mechanics course..?
how fast does a jet plane go?
Can some one explain Angle of Attack while an aircraft is airborne?
Can anyone tell me where I can find an aircraft salvage yard in So. Indiana or somewhere close too?
r there any pilots here?i have got a sudden aspiration of becoming a pilot. suggestions anyone?
How can i get loan with ease to finance a business in another country?
What are the biggest planes that have used Luton airport?
What is the worst thing about flying?
can airplanes fly above bermuda triangle?
who have ready cnc or (cad) plan jet engine (KJ66)? please help .?
What would a work day and requirements for an EMS fixed wing pilot be like?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
How does an Airplane calculate its Air speed?
what is it like riding in a british airways plans, are they nice?
Is it dangerous to go on a plane if you have a pineal gland cyst?
hot rodding an ultralite?
Can i get a refund for my plane ticket that i purchased?
Where is the aircraft graveyard located?
How to open and close aircraft doors in FSX?
where can I take this virtual tour of the 747-800?
What does this mean when contacting ATC?
What is the point behind requiring airline passengers to turn off all electronic devices?
How many people are flying at this moment?
If a helicopter could in fact hover for 15 hours would it be in a different place when it lands?
Daily, roughly how many people actually work in the skies over britain? everything from airlines to zeppelins?
Should I be scared to fly on a US Airways Boeing 737-400, which is an older plane?
how much bell214 helicopter is cost in $?
Post-1970s Maules?
can a pilot wear glasses?
What makes an airplane nose come off the ground,when itreach take off speed?
Why the aeroplanes can not be designed on the principle of flying saucer?
My Garmin Nuvi 255 is not working.?
How many different types of aircraft does Airbus manufacture?
how do I go about becoming a bush pilot?
Why don't aircraft have horns?
does it cost 37 thousand dollars for airplane tickets to bolivia?
Where can I get training materials on the Dash-8 Turboprop airplane. Seattle seems to be a base for training.?
when bought by liter, how much is a liter of jet fuel? (US $)?
Regional transport office West Bengal?
cabin crew?
I am 30yrs,could i now become a commercial pilot?is there a upper age limit for getting a CPL?
What exactly is explosive decompression?
Few questions about Exhaust Systems..?
Please, does anyone have the main and auxilairy fuel tank capacity chart for an R22 beta 2.?
The Blue Angel C130 appears to have "rocket" engines. Do these actually provide thrust or are they just show?
Aviation Schools ?help me .?
Average Jet Mechanic Salary?
are p.o. box private?
Restricted Airspace Time of Use question?
the fighter aircraft which is not catch by radar america?
invetors of Maglev?
What popular airliners are not used for transatlantic flights?
British Police Force: Helicopter Pilots Question
name as many types of planes as you can?
How can I build a proper flying broomstick?
did the electric lightning fighter have a faster climb rate than the current typhoon?
I Just notice a Lear Jet flying across pasadena?
Did Fleet Air Arm pilots and aircraft fight in the Battle of Britain.?
Should co-pilots and flight attendants be armed with guns to stop the pilot if he goes crazy?
How rewarding is a private pilot license?
Air Traffic Controller?
Help with car revenge prank (legal)?
Pilots: which specific inflight instrument failures, if any, (during IFR) require flight crews to notify ATC?
How do I get rid of my fear of flying in an airplane?
What is the conversion factor of wind speed from BFT to KLM per hour?
How come skydivers don't get sucked out by the change in cabin pressure when the airplane door opens?
Aircraft exhaust?
When will we have flying cars ?
Why is an aeroplane's engine, not shut down when it is on the runway, between flights?
How is it; that an aircraft like an f-16 can have a lifespan of 30-40 years; but a car only around 5-10 years?
Difference between QANTAS Domestic and International meals?
Does the Embraer Phenom 100 or 300 have reversers?
why do i have to turn off my cell phone on airplanes?
For how much time could a JET F15 could fly at supersonic velocity ?
Embry riddle scholarship?
How hard is it to get a job as a pilot anywhere?
How to be prepared to become a pilot in Asia...?
Booking a flight throught internet!! help :D?
I'm 14! How can I get my glider pilot plane license?
load of aircraft versus load classification number?
Why do men want to join the one-mile high club, when it is all just pie in the sky?
why is heating an issue on supersonic planes?
MALE pilot are more SKILLED than FEMALE pilots?
Who is the plant manager at Maule Air in Moultrie, Ga.?
where to go log in or set up carrizo springs tx how mach as it costs?
How do I get a pilots license in WA? (Light single engine props)?
Do you like to fly in a jet?
Are there civilian Certified Flight Instructors that teach military pilots?
i would like to ask this could a commercial jet fly up to 1000knots is it possible for a plane to fly at that?
Do British aircraft have the steering column on the left or right side?
can a 13 yrs.old boy can fly a plane when a pilot or all the pilot died or etc.?
What airlines used the CF6 engine on the Boeing 747-200 or 747-300?
Aircraft engine failure both engines out?
Im red green color blind, can I still be a pilot?
how much is it to renew your childs passport ?
Is riding an airplane scary?
Would airline till need pilot in the future?
Can I refinance my 2005 dodge Durango?
airport infrastructure for air cargo hub?
How old do you have to be to start private pilot training.?
What is the term for the set of controls that flies a plane without human assistance?
What happened to Dupont Aerospace DP-2 VTOL aircraft?
Helicopter pilots non-flying responsibilities.?
how long can a helicopter fly?
Where can I find AN960/NAS 1149 or at least military/aerospace approved washers with the following features?
are they bringing in flying cars in this year 2010?
Anyone else scared to death of flying?
how to make a helicopter out of 4.0v motor?
Can anyone give me the web address for Russian Flight schools?
Is Airbus A320 a safe and decent aircraft?
why is it that planes have to fly below 250 kts airspeed when under 10,000 ft MSL?
I want information on the progress made in the travel & transport sector in general?
Does anyone know if the trial flights for the new airport south of bangkok have been successful?
what is the advantage of using a raked wingtip compared to a winglet ..?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
Do 747s turn off 2 engines at cruising altitude?
flying problems!?
Flight Simulator says a plane gets lift due to the shape of the wing. How is flying upside down possible?
Which country's Aircraft Engineering License is hardest to take?
Who thinks the Red Arrows are the best Air Display Team in the world?
how aircraft fly ??
do i fly over budapest from burgas to bratislava?
How does one program hardware? For e.g an RC Plane where the plane's programmed to move right or left?
Explain the absolute and comparison method?
Does spice jet select the pilot cadet and train them to be pilots, to work in their airliners..,?
Is an airplane a "she", as if it were a ship?
How much does a Spee Dee delivery driver make?
Whats better for a Pilots resume? 4-Year University Degree or Aviation Diploma?
what is the lowest air far from fresno,ca to statesboro,ga?
Career in airport management?
How many pilots does the RAF recruit each year?
Does anyone know where i can find pictures of individual aircraft parts and their functions??
Help me plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
System problems?
Why do people say you shouldn't be afraid of Planes?
Is the Jet Blue American Express Card a good thing to apply for?
Cheap airline tickets?
Why must electronic devices be turned off during commercial airline takeoffs and landings?
What is the characteristic frequency, stroke, speed, etc. of a commercial airliner aileron?
What is the program where pilots can self report incidents called?
Is being a pilot of a comircial airline worth it? PLZ answer?
RAF question about vision?
what is the climbing rate?? for a heli????
Dogfight in green lantern?
Is it possible to introduce the ultrasonic sensors in aircraft landing technology?
What is airplane fuel made of and can I use it in my car, or more specifically, my vespa scooter?
Why did United & American airlines not reschedule the 9/11 flights with such low load factors?
Does anyone one know when the airbus A380 is going to work for commercial airlines?
In India what is the maximum age to hire pilot in airlines?
what grades do you need in order to be competitive as a pilot?
Who is right - airport time question?
Any commercial pilots willing to answer a few question to help a journalism major with an article for class?
what part does the magneto ignition system have that the capacitive discharge system does not?
What is the cap on the nose of a plane called? The one they lift up to refuel?
How many pilots per flight?
what is the relative strength of spotwelded aircraft skins versus rivited skins?
If a aircraft carrier is navy but it has airplanes.......?
Do ship pilots have to stay away from their home for long periods of time?