8's on pylons help for my SEL commercial?
Is it possible or even advisable to parachute out a a helicopter?
Can anyone recommend an Airframe & Powerplant license prep school in the DC area.?
How old do you have to be to start private pilot training.?
How does bird hit affects an flying aeroplane?
whats the coolest helicopter?
What levels need to perform to becoming pilot?
What Title is suitable for my Report which involves recommending private jets to a person?
How can i become a pilot what are my options?
How do I find out what time Flight awe741 arrives at Port Columbus International Airport?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Pilot job numbers next 10 years in Canada?
How many wheels on an airplane?
what do i need to have done to fly solo?
how does the piston in an aircraft engine move up and down when it is not on its power stroke?
How many military and civilain pilots are there in major airlines?
Where do Aircrafts get tested when they are build?
Does anyone where I could bungee jump out of a helicopter or hot air balloon?
can united flight attendants fly in numerous of aircrafts or just one?
Im 15 and I would like to become a pilot?
Why is the flow control system better than pressure control for fuel control in the gas turbine engine?
Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?
How do I become a non-military jet engine mechanic?
how can I find really cheap airline tickets for a flight going from Memphis,TN to Ft. Lauderdale,FL?
Flight track operation by Mobiata?
What is the takeoff speed of a bombardier crj 200 in knots?
Private Pilots Question?
why dont young kids have professional pilot licence ?
Headphones for airplanes?
what is the cheapest air ticket from mumbai to vancouver or toronto?
Question about air planes and air shows?
anyone here who has uploaded photos to airliners?
first time flying what to expect?
I am 30yrs,could i now become a commercial pilot?is there a upper age limit for getting a CPL?
which is the biggest plane in the world?
Whats the price of Bombardier Planes?
Is there a website with a schedule of special planes like Beluga, Antonov landing in Manchester airpor?Thanks?
Mosquito lightweight helicopter ?
under-age cigarettes..............................…
What are the subjects in the pilot training programme?
What is the actual airline handling charge for air shipemnt export from UK?
Do i need experience with planes to do aviation in the navy?
How fast do commuter jets fly?
How do u sell planes on airport city?
What is it called when air planes stay still in air?
how much money is it to take to fly from ontario, ca to sacramento, ca using the southwest airline?
what is the mileage of boing 407?
Drug Tests for beginner pilots?
What was the plane that Maverick flew against in Topgun?
Why don't helicopters have ejector seats?
if i go to pilot training....... its easy to get job?
Airplane Question?
I would like to have some assessed questions on ATPL {pilot course} on performance subject , please help me?
Am I screwed? Will I qualify for my 3rd class medical? What should I do?!?
What does a typical super-mid jet (etc. Chal 300, Falcon 2000) PIC and SIC make for salary or daily contract?
Questions on airplanes?
Are chemtrails real or are they just contrails ?
What age do you need to be to get a Recreational Pilot's License?
flight schools?
why does it take 7 hours to fly to new york but it only takes 6 hours to fly back.?
why can't you sit in the 3rd and 4th row's on ryan air planes?
Why the Avro Arrow Shouldn't have been cancelled?
Does any one have part number try543ilk for the steering mechanism on aspace interceptor /fighter not the h
What is the critical mach number of NACA 64(2)-415 airfoil?
What would happen if a plane lost one of it's wings?
How to get a Airline Transport Pilot License?
On being a pilot, and airlines?
Helicopeter flight?
All hang gliding experts! Please help!?
What if you had a private plane and were flying over Area 51 and...?
How can I legalize my ultralight aircraft?
How do pilots use vectors?
what is aircraft tacho generator principle?
a question for f-14 pilots and mechanics?
What is the junior flight attendant base for Continental?
What is the name of the aircraft's steering wheel?
find who's on my Airplane through a website?
UK CAA Afterburner Regulations?
drawings of commercial aircraft radio/navaid antenna locations for PPT presentation.?
Which one is in more high demand helicopter pilots or airplane pilots?
How many hours did it take you to get your private pilots license ?
Why are Air Plane Windows so small?
Owing your own jet (L39), In Australia?
cheapest rates?
How does a bearingless rotor work?
How accurate and realistic are flight simulator?
is stall achieved when landing aircraft?
ERJ-135/145 Weight And Balance?
What are the vision requirments to be a pilot?
What does it take to be a pilot?
What determines runway of choice on takeoff?
what is the procedure to get approval for helicopters which is to be manufactured?
Has an aircraft water landing ever been successful?
Can i be a pilot just doing IGCSEs?
What is the maximum of errors allowed on a glider theoretical test?
Airline Pilot Training?
Why do people prefer to sit in the front of the aircraft ??
why airplanes are designed to have pointed front area?
Helicopter Flight School in Fargo North Dakota?
Is an "airplane fusion software" available?
do you need training in order to fly a plane?
why can't pilots have crown royal while flying?!!!?
Was the Boeing C-17 originally a Boeing design or a McDonald Douglas design?
When flying, what do you recommend for little children to do, to feel the popping of ones ears less?
What are the vision requirments to be a pilot?
All airlines are non-smoking, should smokers have their own airline?
Who has made F-35?
How to Choose a Private Jet Charter Company?
how to get to binondo from pasay?
who owns fargo jet center?
How is Federal Aviation administration(FAA) connected with Air traffic controller?
How much does a Hot Air Balloon Ride cost in Missouri?
Where will I get models of different planes in bangalore ?
Are fighter aircraft cockpits pressurized?
What would happen if...?
What are some questions to ask my local aero club?
I have no fule flow / no light off P-3C orion!?
Plane ride, help...??
what to wear on a nine hour flight?
how do you charge a rc edge hovercraft?
How long on average were Retired Air Force Pilots that fly for commercial airlines in the AF?
virgin blue bag requirements?
Looking for second chance checking in MO where they don't verify with check systems?
how much snow did ohare international airport get o 1/22/08?
Is the Goodyear blimp a blimp?
what does the 463L mean in the name of the 463L pallet the Air Force uses?
What do they call those things pilot ware on their shoulders to identify their ranks?
is there a big difference in flying a plane with a stick handle compared to a wheel handle?
How could electricity turn a plane propeller?
How to make my Bws 100 faster?
What is the call sign of sri lankan's aircraft?
What's this? (see photo)?
flying south at flt level 35000, does the oat get warmer or colder.?
Civilian Pilot or British Army Helicopter Pilot?
Is there any way to fly in the Jump Seat of an Airliner?
A Vulcan is coming to the Channel Islands?
what is an Fokker 50 is it to fly in it.?
Are there any services that take you to school?
What are the Odds of a Biplane Dog-fighting an F-22 Raptor?
Can I get in the cockpit on virgin blue/Australia?
What is the most reliable Commercial Airliner Jet Engine?
is riding a plane at night scarier than riding one in daylight?
What's the cheapest way to become an airline pilot?
What would I need to start a airline charter company?
Interline Baggage Handler?
how to find connecting flights?
airline check in agent?? how?
is being a missionary pilot a good job?
Long term goal in aviation field--Airport Management/Air Traffic Control?
Hearing Strange Sounds?
what is air pocket i want to know what will really happened to aircraft when it trap in air pocket.?
What's the typical VR (Knots) of a A320, A330 and A340, thanks?
how many of u have joined the mile high club?
How to be a Master in Aircraft Designer?
whats the speech they give in the beinging of the flight like the speech does anyone knows?
do aircraft have air brakes?
Aircraft carrier landing question? ?
How do you know if flying a plane really is for you?
What happened to Steve Fossett?
Would it be better if aircraft did not have an undercarriage?
What does it feel like when a wing breaks of your aeroplane at 50,000 ft ?
How can I make reservations for airline reservations for traveling to 5 desinations with a return home?
need to now how much one way flight cost from ghana to indiana?
How does an Aircraft Engine works in higher altitude without Oxygen?
How many instruments can be connected to ONE pitot ? I will have 3 airspeed and one attitude instruments?
Cabin Crew assessment day?
How fast does the fastest fighter jet fly in miles per hour?
Do airline pilots fly the same plane every time they travel in their route?
Foreign commercial pilot license conversion to Australian license?
Do cargo airlines (eg fedex) offer good pay?
Is this normal im scared of flying on plane because 9/11?
Any point in continuing ATPL studies?
what are a list of things must a person know if 'she' wants to be an aircraft maintenance engineer?
How to become an Airman or Pilot of Philippine Air Fore (PAF)?
How much does a basic glider cost?
Are airplanes really safe!?
how much dose a magic carpet cos?
Does General Aviation (Private Flying) Exist In Taiwan?
F22 Raptor or SR 71 Blackbird?
Can airplane mechanic become pilot?
Where can i find a good worldwide airport to airport flight calculator?
look, what kind of planes are they?? ?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't The Whole Airplane?
Is it possible to become a recreational pilot while having a job?
True or False: A 747 departs London bound for Rome (continued)?
is kerosine the primary fuel of a plane?
does anyone here who knows how to fly a plane?
Live Air Traffic Control Heathrow?
How fast does the fastest fighter jet fly in miles per hour?
Aircraft Mechanic(BSAMT) vs. Avionics Mechanic(BSAvTech)?
which is Better to join IGRUA or Chimes Aviation Academy?
Could a jumbo jet actually land on water and has one ever done so?
Where can I get a starter for my used space shuttle ?
why the HELL did the UK give up its space program?
Flight Simulator X Installation Issues?
What books should I read before going into training for my private helicopter pilots license?
what are air craft tires filled with and why?
What is this jet thing on the C-130?
have you ever survived a plane crash or know someone who has?
At the Cabin Crew interview, why HRs ask us to describe something specific in the test? Why in a short time?
Halfway through my GA private license training. How much more training should I have to pilot a VLJ for hire?
Whats the difference between Bachelor of Aviation and Advanced Diploma Airline pilot course?
If Black box in a plane never destroys, why not the whole plane is made of that material?
What are the maintenance intervals for a GE CJ610-4 engine?
London to New York in 2 Hours, what would it take to see Scramjet Technology a reality?
Are there budding Pilots wanting to learn Air Navigation?
can a steering yoke come off wile flying?
Is there something incredibly wrong when you can hear air planes near your home?
What do you think is the most unusually designed aircraft that ever existed?
What do you think about the Airbus A380?
How often are USAF fighter pilot cycled out?
explain the impact the wide body jet aircraft on the aviation industry with regard to passenger faresandtravel
What's the green unflyable aeroplane-looking thing that's sited near the jets at London's Docklands Airport?
can anybody tell me the method of makind a small aeroplane?
Why do airports have runways crossing each other and going in all different directions?
Pilot and weed question?
Can an american be a pilot in germany?
I would like to know whether there is scope for a pilot in near future in India ?
How can I become a pilot?
can anyone give me information about an airbus A340?
Does the government control the skies?
Question re, Domestic Airport Taxes?
what makes flying so fast?
What is the max amount of hours a plane can fly before it has to say goodbye to the skies?
Will I be able to the board plane?
If you had to re-invent a device that would measure altitude/height from an aircraft, what would it be?
What size pipe and stack do I need on my diesel?
What is your opinion on the design of these planes?
is it possiple to get plans or a kit for a Gee Bee R?
Can you tell me where I can find this floormate flight deck gravy with P # 218-18CC or V-218-18VS?
What is a 'hot landing?"?
Why don't we use rockets, instead of airplanes, for travel?
what are all the names of all different pilots and how many are there?
Mexican aircraft pilot license?
Which is stronger a blackhawk or a Ka-52 alligator?
Does anyone know how many Flyer miles it takes on U.S. Airways to get a free roundtrip Ticket?
why can't airplanes go backwards on the ground?
Will there ever be a replacement for the Concorde?
Why would plane landing at abandoned airport and not be on the news?
IMC with No Gyros. Will You Die?
When a plane crashes from around 35 000 feet, how far does it travel vertically?
do hover crift exist that work on land and if they do how do they work?
Which of these fighter jets are superior?
Question about Airline Ground Position(AGP)...?
How are airplanes used in other cultures?
I want to become a helicopter pilot but I don't want to go to a trade school that is just interested maxing?
If an airport has no VOR or manned tower, how do you locate it without using GPS?
Whats ur favourite plane?
Do pilots receive salary or commission?
b-52 engines?
Is it more dangerous for aeroplanes to fly over large stretches of water?
Im thinking about taking helicopter lessons, Does anyone know if the course is very difficult?
I'm interested in trainning cources for personnel involved in civil aviation(for requalification to manager)
Does it get cold inside a single engine prop plane?
I am a student pilot and...?
Is there an AP setting that allows the plane to land itself almost.?
Should I be a pilot or not?
How can you make good paper airplanes?
is the MD500 a single pilot Helicopter?
How can I tell the difference between an Airbus A380 and a Cessna 152?
What does X stand for in LAX?
What is the typical pilot work schedule and salary?
is there any truth to the rumor that abx air will acquire pace airlines?
I want to be a U.S.A.F. pilot?
Where can I buy filters for a helicopter?
What are the most likely injuries someone would have after surviving a plane crash in the desert?
Should aeroplanes be made out of the same material as the black box flight recorders they always survive?
life buoy vs parachute?
How far is it from Ann Arbor,Mi. to Philadelphia,Pa..?
Can anyone recommend a cheap, secure carpark at Manchester Airport?
Is pilot a good job in these modern days?
If my flight is at 4:30 what time should i leave with all this terrorism happening?
breasts and boobs?
How much is sixflags tickets for Baltimore ?
How have Airbus and Boeing segmented the market for commercial aircraft?
can aircraft mechanic become a pilot???
Questions about helicopter flight dynamics?
where can i find the cheapest plane tickets?
I'm 15 years old, I would like to know how can I start training to become a commercial pilot?
What (in your choice) are the worlds top 3 airlines and why?
How can I track a flight on Northwest Airlines?
Dear Pilots, just how common is it that your collegues fly planes after a 'few'?
what does the dash no indicates like BOING 737-400, or -800, ? ?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
who invented aircraft and what year?
What items are allowed on an airplane?
To heck with the P51!.... Are there any SPITFIRE JUNKIES in the house?
What affects ear pressure more, a concert or an airplane flight?
I would like a list of all main stealth aircraft from the very first stealth aircraft?
Why is VMC a part of SMACFUM? Multiengine.?
how do the cheap airlines make money?
what kind of Q shall i expect for emirates cabin crew interview ,if u know any site ?
where are the best skyparks?
Delta Skyteam Airline India Ticket?
Tupolev cabin question?
Can monkeys fly helicopters?
how much do airplanes pollute?
whts the minimum salary for any single engined CPLholder in india? in flying schools v get only200hrs of flyin
how do i get rid of my fear of flying?
Jetstar Ab Initio cadetship. How many are accepted for assessment (Day 1). How many make it to day 2 etc?.?
How much do aerodynamic engineer yearly?
what type of lights are in the airplane along the seat line towards the window sides....the blue coloroish one?
Does Farnborough Public airshow usually sell out?
How hard is it to become an air traffic controller?
what would i have to do to be a helicopter pilot?
what are the best colleges with airway science programs?
why do pilots say roger ?
Who has the world record for falling the highest distance without a parachute...?
Is there a helicopter out there designed to go into a quiet mode?
What would happen if two airline pilots got into a fistfight while flying?
How far in advance do you have to buy airline tickets?
How much to get Private Pilot license in Australia?
Can I become a commercial pilot even though I'm colour blind?
Is it possible that the NWA pilot's are gay and were getting it on?
16 hour flight!!!!!!!!!?
What is the aviation industry like in foreign countries such as the U.K. and Australia?
Why do ground staff never let you go under the plane wings when boarding?
United MileagePlus Explorer Card question...?
how can i tell the brand of plane flying overhead?
Are the skies above California getting as crowded as the freeways?
Questions about ultralight aircrafts?
becoming an airline pilot.?
How can I overcome my fear of flying?
When does a pilot turn on the airplane engine?
what do you think about the new Airbus 380?
why people do not use hydroplane instead of aircraft?
What is the worlds fastest helicopter?
pilot full sponsership?
How do commercial jets generate electricity for the passengers?
Does anyone know where I can get costa rican or dominican headrest covers for the car in the MD/ DC area?
Can girls be air pilots?
My 85 Cessna 152 has 2550 SMOH, high 70's comp. I've heard a freshly overhauled engine is more dangerous ?
how to read A-10 thunderbolt attack aircraft, "a one zero" or "a ten"? Thanks?
What happens to passengers during a plane crash?
is the ARJ-21 a copy of the MD-80/MD-90 (boeing 717) aircaft?
why is the landing gear retracted after take-off?
I need info about jetz club or jet not sure?
seeking info on airplane crash?
I want some pilots or anyone to tell me if aviation is a good career.?
How much does Avgas 100 cost in the UK please?
F117 Nighthawks are now being replaced by the F35s, do you guys think that the F35s look cool?
where can i talk to older commercial pilots and get advice?
Can pilots have a tattoo?
Jet fuel tax in UK- is it true?
How do they drive aircraft on a taxiway on the yellow lines? I mean how can the pilots see the yellow lines?
Would a pilot get upset if a Doctor told him he is like a bus driver?
how this key factor have effected the development of the aviation industry-india's improoving economy?
the life of Pegasus MK106 engine in hrs or cycles for overhaul.?
Can You Fly The Actual Helicopter's In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ?
What is a Zeppelin?
Why don't planes have the fuel tank cap located on the inside of the plane?
is there an existing flight 1234 of united airlines?
When the Thunderbirds flew F-4's, how did they prevent rear seat circuit breakers from popping? Any oldtimers?
Why haven't we created something faster than the SR71?
where do i find lists of FAR's?
What would you rather have happen if you were flying on an airplane?
Why is taxiing done at airports?
evaluate the internal and external components of the aircraft?
can a helicopter go upside down without crashing?
What exactly is a drop clock?
What does CL vs CD means?
what do you need to become a airline pilot ?
why are airbuses bumpy?
how many planes are there in the air (i mean flying) WORLDWIDE at any given time...?
Is there wifi on planes?
what are the different airlines?
Are fighter pilots only for fighter aircraft?
aerodynamic performance - light sport category aircraft?
Pilot to helicopter pilot?
individual power outlets on Jet Blue?
Which is a Good Place to Get CPL?
where should i search if i want to know the manifest of plane crush in africa?
F-22 Raptor vs. F-15 Eagle in battle?
which speed do airliners show directly on their speed indicators?
Why do pilots say "Roger"?
How exactly is air pressure under the wings of an aeroplane able to lift it off the ground?
Where can I find information on operational costs for a F-27 and other aircraft?
risk mitigation helicopter operations?
What do you need to do to get a first class medical?
On a good day, would a Cessna make it from Page, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona without refueling?
how to obtain a pilots license in mumbai?
ATC controllers: How do I get a job in my location?
In a Plane what is the voice called that reads out your altitude as you descend?
Dropped out of Uni to become a Pilot, Right idea ?
Cargo Helicopter speed ?
How do I become an air traffic controller?
How long is the flight from chicago to columbus oh?
How many hours does it take going to Japan from Mexico in a jet plane?
LSA Aircraft?
Why does Qantas operate its daily non stop B747 MEL-LAX directly over Mount Waverley?
where can you learn to fly a helicopter near pittsburgh, PA?
Century series exchange rate?
Isnt it illigal for Russian planes to fly into the US and vice versa?
Where is the cheapest flight training in the world?
What colour is the black box on an aeroplane ?
How to land a jet in bf3 on ps3?
What would happen if.....?
What's it like being a pilot?
Where can I buy a cheap flight yoke in the UK for under £60?
Do airline pilots get hours in simulators?
how big are airplane tires?
how do i get rid of my fear of flying?
How often do you pilot a plane?
which fuel is used in helicopter?
how long does it take to become a airline pilot?
Is it possible for a person to buy an aircraft?
Passing ATC Medical - Anemic?
what is the expressjet flight attendant hiring process like?
how big is the wing area of the 777-300 ER?
Anyone notice this?
For Phantom X-1 ultralight plane owners. Need a wiring diagram.?
Is an attack helicopter the same thing as a helicopter gunship?
what will be my starting salary as aircraft maintenance engginer in airlines in usa?
How do I list a Bell 47 helicopter for sale on the Internet?
Im getting VERY nervous about my flight tommorow,how do I remain calm????
On airliners, has 1st class seating ever been in the rear of the airplane?
Should I go to university if I want to become an airline pilot?
How can i become a Helicopter pilot for the police or fire fighter Dept.?
are there any live streeming cams on trains/planes?
How does a synchroscope and a prop synchronizer work on turboprops?
Is it true that Boeing737 is named so bcos the angle of take off is inverse tan 0.737? If not then why 737?
name three american spy planes?
Anyone knows where and what flight deck instrument, i can find the green dot?
what are those white streaks planes leave in the sky?
can i become an airline pilot with 400 hr?
which is easier to fly a glider or a regular private airplane like a cessna 182?
What is the difference between a trailing Link landing gear system and an Oleo concept landing gear system?
PILOTS: How to become a better pilot?
Were there any problems when they first flew around the world in a hot air balloon?
what are the differences between a small D.C. alternator and D.C. generator?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Is Flight Simulator X out already?
is there somewhere online that i can find information on aircraft and airtravel that's updated regularly?
Range of VORTAC beacon for aircraft navigation depends on?
what is the advantage of using a raked wingtip compared to a winglet ..?
Who knows how to fly a plane?
which is the worlds' 2nd fastest train?
How can I contact the FAA?
Is it true that the fuel used for running planes is kerosene?
If Black Box could not be damaged in plane crash, why isn't the entire air craft made out of this stuff?
What types of engineers are used to design and build commercial aircraft?
Pilots with Tattoos?
Can cabin crew have tattoos?
What happens to flight data recorders after a flight?
what is the salary for an airline pilot?
What would happen if.....?
How likely would it be that I could be a flight instructor in the U.S.?
How much will commercial sub Orbital flights cost?
are pilots less than MD doctors or engineers when it comes to education ?
What is the world's most modern helicopter?
how can i find a wiring diagram for a 1995 kawasaki jet sky ts tandem sport?
Your Open Question: If I have a bunch of stuff in my laptop bag will TSA make me empty it? ?
Is it dangerous when flying to land in gusty winds?
Why aren't tall walls built beside air runways to help planes avoid turbulance close to the ground?
What are the people who hand out the food on the airplane called?
Point to maintain passenger comfort levels while airborne ?
Aircraft question Embraer 140?
Work out suppliments/military aviation?
Are there any commercially available aircraft similar to the Lake Renegade or SeaFury?
Nipple rings and airports?
Can i go for commercial pilot after mbbs?
Which of the following instruments would be considered to have good "control/display compatibility"?
how can i convert my aircraft maintenance engineer indian license which ICAO typeii in to australian license?
How could a plane crash in this scenario?
What is the deal with airline peanuts?
how much does air force one cost to build and operate?
What is the cheapest thing you can own and fly?
Is there a pimped out 747 like the one in soul plane for FSX?
Wat does it take to be a fighter jet pilot?
What is the silliest or scariest flying contraption you have ever seen? Made your head shake in disbelief?
Should I become a commercial airline pilot or a neurosurgeon?
If a travel agent made a minor mistake on a name for a flight, would that person still be allowed to board?
When an aircraft is flying high in the sky............?
Is this plane able to fly?
Why dont they provide Parachutes on passenger airplanes like Boieng 747 ???
What are named departures for and how do you read them?
Is it safe to fly in a small plane with someone who has had his pilots license for only a year?
What is the best kind of private jet/plane to buy? Gulfstream, Lear, Challenger, Hawker, etc.?
what is the aerofoil efficiency measured in??? Thanks?
Diesel engined planes...?
Is a hovercraft an aircraft or a boat when levitating over water?
What can prevent equilibrium troubles after long flight?
What year,model military aircraft would have used a, Firestone Sky Champion, tire, size 6x2. Any info,Thanks.?
Which is the best option of pilot training school in canada..?
Is Delta a good Airline?
What is the difference between a chopper and a helicopter??
First flight for Buoing 747 the answer by year?
Should I stick with the Corsair?
What are all of the aircraft operations in the Okanagan?
Aircraft fuel tanks engineering?
what makes turbulance?
Now that Concorde (and Mike Bannister) are retired, who is BA's chief pilot, and on what aircraft?
Becoming an airline pilot in the U.S.?
What are the black & white stripes on WWII airplanes?
What's the best place to go for cheap airline tickets?
Do you think we're really going to have flying cars in the near future?
Can I obtain my private pilots certificate with a drug possession charge?
which is the worlds most fastest jet?
Which aircraft will i be on?
Development and types of aircrafts used after the second world war?
Why must electronic devices be turned off during commercial airline takeoffs and landings?
why airoplane can fly?
Can hot air balloons be steered at all?
people out there..please tell me what was the best airline u have taken and the best airline u have heard of.?
What editing program do West Coast Customs use?
could an f86 sabre fighter jet give the eurofighter a run for its money in a dogfight cannons only?
What are the requirements in the U.S. to get a pilots liscence?
I have a 45 min layover on my flt back from Bermuda. Is that enough time to go thru customs & make my flight?
What's ohio state aviation gpa at least? for pilot program?
which flight do u prefer for international desitinations and why?
Why do airplane use headlights while decend to land and takeoff?
Commercial Airline Crashes in the U.S.?
Aerospace maintenance employers for newly trained electricians?
What is the critical mach number of NACA 64(2)-415 airfoil?
can u please tell me the 2 worst in-flight experience of flight attendant?
Cheapest 2 person small helicopter?
what is the purpose of a Circuit relay in an aircraft? why is it better too have them than too not have them?
best air crash investigation episode?
How to become a pilot?
Is it possible for a plane to fly with one wing in an emergency situation?
Camping wild on public highways & Byways of the UK in caravans and camper vans.parking rules?
do you know a pilot in Egypt air or an admissions manager ?
where can i find good information on the f-35 jsf?
Where can I get a copy of the Air Transat pre-flight safety video?
how to find wether an american eagle flight is on time or not?
How many commercial areocraft around the world are flying and what is the ratio of a jet engine fuel use,?
where can i buy Southwestern Airline miles?
Cost of learning how to fly?? in Texas?
Is the Flight Data Recorder duplicated?
What is the MGTOW here?
How can an f-16's wings carry over 2000 pounds?
what is the stall speed of a passenger jetliner.....?
can i fit in an Zivko Edge 540?
atp or delta connection?
Which is better, conventional vertical winglets or Boeings raked wintips?
After getting your private pilot license how long will it take to get a high performance endorcement?
Does B787 has static dischargers?
what is the best way to help with pressure in a todlers ears when flying?
for pilots: do you regret getting into commericial aviation?
can a cell phone signal crash a plane?
Is the SR-71 Blackbird the fastest thing on the planet?
Can fighter pilots wear bomber jackets?
Is there a federal aviation regulation that doesn't allow you to work on your plane unless at a certfied site?
how many hours does it take to fly from nebraska to washington dc?
How much Jet Fuel is Burned Globally in One Minute?
How to get more hours on larger planes?
How do planes land in a foggy condition if the plane doesn't have autopilot?like some cessna 172s?
Does anyone know where I can find video online of the 1999 crash of Miss Ashly II...?
Who travels on NFL charter planes?
If you flew four miles in a helicopter how many minutes would you be up in the air?10 points?
can a Boeing 747 fly on engines only on one side?
How long is a typical runway?
a330 typical oew + fuel weight leaves no room for payload weight. why?
how much are flying lessons?
Does a 747 or any other large commerical plane need more RUNWAY to land? or more RUNWAY to take off?
Great helicopter schools?
I need information about courses in ticketing, customer services in aviation in UK?
what is the difference between a B-777-200 and the new B787-900?
is there some reason that would make it impossible for passengers to parachute out of a crashing airliner?
we are a group of 4 arriving to Weeze at 10 pm. What is the easiest way to go Dusseldorf central?
how can u get into airforce general entry for Air surviellence operator
What is a website to buy a Ultralight helicopter or a /gyrocopter?
"The sky's the limit", do u agree?
Pilots, what is the greatest display of aviation ignorance you've ever seen in a movie?
What is the world best airline?
Aviators: Is there such thing as an air pocket?
what are my chances of crashing on American Airlines?
In flight somulator how do you land a Boeing 737, 777 & 747???
Is it possible to purchase a Buddy pass so that I can fly from PIT to MNL?
have you ever herd of FLYING CARS /MOLLER???
how do planes fly carrying all that weight in different weather condtions?
is there wifi on jet blue?
How come commerical airplanes dont have?
how can I defeat jet-lag?
why do aeroplanes need to turn off the internal lights when taking off and landing?
is anyone going to RIAT Fairford this year?
I have a question about pilot school next year?
Army Helicopter Pilot?
What's with the orange balls on power lines?
something strange is going on?
Would you like to see supersonic commercial flights back?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness?
Where can I buy a Boeing 747-800?
garmin: the assortment of gps and other products?
Sigtronics S-AR or Lightspeed 20XLc headset?
Height requirements to be a pilot?
How much math do i need to be an air plane pilot?
IF an airline company wanted to rebuild all the flight machinery aboard the plane so that they could allow the?
Is there a TWA museum?
I have Kuwait driwing license can i use this license in the uk?
I would lke to fly for a nascar driver. Is there anybody out there that can assist me with contacts?
Can a Boeing 747 fly...?
what sound does a roflcopter make?
Tires Used For Aircraft?
Where are the remains flight 93, there is a crater at the crash site but where is the plane?
Paint for an airplane?
how do i listen to ohare air traffic control?
How many galons of fuel a Jetliner takes and small plane take?
Am I too young to fly/take lessons in small aircraft?
Minimum of 4000 hours total flying time.A minimum of 2000 hours multi-crew aircraft experience.?
what is the relevance of computer & computerization to the transportation industry?
the best figher plane in the world?
homebuilt aircraft?
How Did Aluminium Plane Wings Enter the World Trade Center ?
What weather service do U.S.A. aircraft use ?
How likely are you to get placed with an airline after CTC Cadet Programme?
What is the longest amount of time that you have flown, inverted, in a powered fixed-wing aircraft?
Are there any WWI aircraft still in existence? Specifically, are any in flying condition? Where can I see one?
Applying for college for Air Traffic Control?
Airplane Takeoff?
Any low time pilot jobs that make a living?
Why did none of the pilots or aircrew on the 9/11 hijacked planes manage to send the 4 digit hijack code?
what if your a kid and you are scared of airplanes?
Will pilots ever exctinct and planes will fly automatically without any need 4 a pilot?? ( will this happen?)?
The B-25 mitchell?
How fast are these Fighter Jets?
My family has a history of mental illness including passive aggression; what should I do?
The A380, how successful has it been?
Do you think people who use the RAF purely to get their training paid for...?
How old do you need to be (in Canada) to fly solo for the first time?
which is better aeronautical or aircraft maintenance engineering ?
Questions for School- Help plz :)?
what is the seperation minimas between aircrafts in airspace having ADS-B?
Is the Singapore Airlines 777-200 and 777-300 safe?
Does anyone know where i can buy a petrol remote control helicopter or plane online?
Couple questions about which route to take with Air Traffic Control career.?
What are Emirate Airlines flight attendant qualifications?
Is a train more efficient than a plane?
How does an airplane go reverse?
PILOTS: Questions about Air Force/ Flying in general/ and commercial?
How can planes fly inverted?
Identify these UFOs? (Probably Air Force night training)?
Are there a lot of cargo jobs for Alaska bush pilots?
How much a 737-800 lease costs per year.?
Should the Lockheed R6V Constitution have stayed on the board?
Best way to becoming an airline pilot?
Aircraft Maintenance general questions, How would you tackle this scenario as a maintenance engineer. Thanks!?
how many flight attendents travel on the american 777?
bionic comando helicopter part.....?
what are the things i need to know during my oral exam of my private pilot checkride?
aviation job in the UK for a foreigner?
What could this mean?
How do I get ATC to give me vectors to the runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
Can I be a pilot if I'm short sighted?
Why are there so many helicopters flying around in Fontana, CA?
Hawker Hunter aircraft Serial Numbers?
what if pigs could fly?
How many commercial planes are there in the world?
how do pilots count there airtime?
can airplanes turn?
Travel and Tourism Management or Hospitality Management for a flight attendant?
If my flight is at 4:30 what time should i leave with all this terrorism happening?
if 2 aircraft, flying together, break the sound barrier, would they each hear the others sonic boom?
What happened to
Any 53 pilots out there?
When is the best time of the year to fly to...?
how do you build a homemade flight sim for a bombardier CRJ700 or CRJ 900 i need tips plz?
Should I learn to fly in Canada or the US? Which is better? What are the differences?
do airline pilots ever get motion sickness?
How do you remove fuel from an airplane you're renting?
Help with iPad for aviation use?
Becoming a flight attendant: worth it, or not?
What you need to be a pilot?
How to become a pilot?
What is the speed of the fastes Jet in the world?
need help assemblying rc fuel tank?
Regardless of how much I try, I cannot see, feel the idea of how an airplane propeller works, meaning...?
what bodies does a jato 3.3 hold?
How the life of a pilot would be?should spend more time in work?
how was the airplane invented?
how was fuselage made of, how thick is it?
How does the airport work?
how can I immigrate to states?
scope of mba in aviation management?
pleace tell me rc helicopter and remote controller circuit diagram.?
Can this hapen?aman jump from an airplane.?
how is the future job if i studying about jet engines of airplanes?
Can the direct power from a 400 cc yamaha majesty engine get me off the ground?
I have just started to use mach 3?
What do commercial pilots do most of the time?
One thing that has never been addressed. How the did 9/11 Hijackers navigate the aircraft to New York?
How can commercial jet airplanes fly in outer space?
How to become a pilot in the philippines?
Are there any sights?
Which airline pays the pilot the most?
How do I get a flying lycens ?
Careers in air traffic control in India?
When i go on holiday what medication can i take in my hand luggage?
why does the airhogs remote control stormlaunchers 2 motors turn opposite ways?
How high can you fly in the UK without clearance from air traffic control?
What does a civil engineer do in an airline company?
Why when on a plane do they turn the lights off when landing and why do the shutters all have to be open?
What Aircraft company's are there that are taking on engineering apprenticeships?
How long is this flight?
What could be done to improve the condition of ATC?
Would a Raptor 90 be capable of lifting the intervalometer equipped Canon G5?
What do you think of the ikarus c42 Microlight fixed wing?
what is the smallest flying aircraft that a person can fly?
I would like to have the A340-300 on my FS2004 for free. Anyone hav the link?
What is sonic engineering?
A weid question about airplanes?
How do you change the textures of an aircraft on FS2004?
There was a B29 bomber which dropped the first Atomic bomb and there is now a B.52?
I'm so scared to go on air planes because of all the teriost!?
how can i fly high? (in da sky)?
How often do luggage get stolen on airplanes while in the care of the airline personel?
I have Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute with a flush mount gas cap that leaks. Any sugg. besides a gasket
What is an aircraft de ice system?
My boyfriend wants to be a pilot?
Why dont single prop planes have mufflers?
Could the Roswell Incident have been a military aircraft?
Knowing that the Airbus 380 is HUGE, if the plane yours, what would you install in it?
Can I take a large pepperoni pizza on a plane with me?
After you ride a plane, how do you get that weird feeling out of your ears?
Can someone please define Delta Airline's communication strategy? Is a push or pull strategy used?
I need to go to arizona all i'm finding is 500$ and up can u really help me find cheap pass for the 17-23
is airbus governments owned or private Enterprise?
Why is there no soft-field landing technique published in the Cessna 150 POH?
'Ceiling' is the maximum altitude which one airplane can reach. My question is why the plane can`t get higher?
Your least favorite aircraft?
I was in an airplane in my dream, i was with passengers and i could also see the pilot but i was the only one ?
how many people are employed by aerospace and aviation industries?
Ultralight in United kingdom?? Part 103?
Hot air balloon flight????
Flight attendents and people who have done this before?
Which is your favorite airline [pls. also state / explain why you like that airline]?
Is it possible for a human to survive a free fall of 32000 feet in to the deep sea ?
How are the Allegiant air seats are they big for people with not so little butts or are they tight seats?
Do jets have cargo doors?
What chance does the A380 have of being a commercial success in view of all the delays and bad publicity ?
Has anyone travelled From Gatwick to Orlando, Florida with Travel City Direct?
what is the best site for exploring the new trend in navigation?
What acrobatics can a STOL CH 801 do?
There was this airport person who took my volley ball and deflated it to see if there was poison inside?
where can i find a non inspection certificate?
Who can give me a job description on Banner Pilots?
Hi how could I get a package shipped overseas from the states, if I'm not there?
CEO of an Airline Company?
How much it to Canada from Australia ?
benefit of new communication system for passenger in aircraft?
Can any one tell me the formulae to determain the forces of flight?? Drag, lift, thrust, weight, Thanks:)?
how can i get a permission from the FAA to produce certain parts for aeroplanes?
How to read an aircraft route.?
Info about of flight school in Vancouver or Victoria???
Is there a website that you can listen too RAAF ATC in australia?
Does UPS changes AWB ?
WHO was the inventor of the Piper J-3 CUB airoplane of the 1930"s?
Can you review this summary of things to know about private pilot training and certification? It's short.?
Why Physics not work with Aircraft?
What are the new rules regarding taking laptops and cell phones on airplanes?
lookin for helpful programs for FS2004, not aircraft, programs?
Does each Embry-Riddle "Worldwide Campus" (USA) have its own Aircraft fleet?
Am I too short to be an airline pilot?
can you tell me a site where i can find all about planes?
Can people in a helicopter talk to each other without headphones?
What can airlines do to make your inflight experience more enjoyable?
am i eligible to become a piolet?
What do you think about fligth attendants?
how to make the turning system on a rc plane?
is it dangerous to clean an airplane like this?
Can an airplanes parts manufacturer be sued if the plane goes down because their parts failed?
Become an Air Traffic Controller without the ATC Program?
What does it mean when I pilot says "____ with 'mike' or with 'charlie'?
Would a Boeing 757 float or sink?
What are the number of passagers on a boeing 777?
Does anybody own a wingsuit?
Can a Passenger Plane emergency land in water?
How much do British Airways Flight Attendants make?
confused about 747-8?
Looking for a company that sells lavatories, sinks and hand cleaner system for an aircraft for my company?
based on the recent successful water landing do you think a full size 747 or any big jumbo jet could...?
aviation shirt question?
Interested in Air traf. con. Test?
Can private pilots change the color of their aircraft to whatever they want?
Okay, this is for military aircraft buffs...if you could fly any fighter, bomber, or transport in?
Have you ever wanted to fly an airplane?
What's the real reason for cabin lights being dimmed during take-off and landing?
what jobs do aero engineers get?
I want to take up CPL but right now can only afford Private licence.....Any suggestions?Got my B1/B2 visa?
What are the job titles of all the people I need to hire in order to start my airline & get it off the ground?
Would you fly on a plane with George W Bush as the only pilot?
Why do people find it necessary to crouch over when exiting a helicopter?
do the red arrows land at the farnborough air show??
Are There Any Pilots Who Are afraid Of flying?
Why commercial airliners don't climb as they burn fuel ?
Little confused about flight biennials?
Feeling of being in an air force jet like the F-16?
How high a C7 spy helicopter 3.5 channels can fly?
Do emt's have to go flight school?
Man I just can't help myself.. Why are commercial aircraft not made out of the black box material??
What do you have to do for a 3rd class medical student pilot certificate?
what am i allowed to take with me in my hand lougage and my normal lougage on a plane?
In 1958 how would someone travel from Italy to the US?
Ever hear of a company called wamdi aviation?
can overweight people become commercial pilots?
air freight is charge by the weight why are passenger not?
Are Pilot's Rich???? :)?
What plane should I download fr flight simulor?
Airliner Fuel Efficiency: is 100 Pax mpg reasonable?
Fighter Plane/ aircraft expert needed!?
how many hours is it from New york to Winnipeg by PLANE or by car??
Airline age requirements?
Will there be an Airbus a380 for Jetblue?
pilots please..?
How could you increase range in a small airplane like a piper seneca or a cessna if it is even possible.?
Should over-weight people be allowed to sit in coach section?
Where did the name,"Hangar" come from if they don't hang up the airplanes?
As a survey how many of you people like avaition you know flight???
Magneto electrical question (aircraft reciprocating engines)?
What is it like to AAL or UAL to LHR?
Can a Sukhoi Su30MKI come out as a victor against the Eurofighter Typhoon or the French Rafale?
Is it possible for me to be a pilot ? I have amblyopia?
How much does an out of service airplane cost?
Can I have a list of the cheapest gliders?
EAA young eagles program?
How hard is it to find a job as an Air Traffic Controller once you have all of the qualifications?
Which is profitable either long haul or short haul?
Any Female Flight Attendants?
Freight forwarders?
What does long-haul (flight) mean?
boing flight can stay at sky?
Changed rotor blades on Protocol tiger jet but it wont fly just tips over sideways and flops around,?
Website to track a planes detail by its flight number?
RAPID software belong to FAA?
Air Force or paying for all of your pilot's licenses?
I'm an aspiring pilot, but I threw up on my first flight?
Development and types of Aircraft used after the second World War in Indian Civil Aviation?
What What are the naming sequences for aircraft (Canadian preferably)?would you like to ask?
Chimes Heard In airliner Cabin?
Gift for my brother's winging?
Ethical or social responsibility related to aviation?
Would America ever share the F-22 Raptor/Technology with Britain?
Fear of Airplanes anyone?????
Is It hard to become an air force fighter pilot?
My new capacitors do not work. Why?
what is the density of space shuttle foam?
Is it possible to become a recreational pilot while having a job?
What causes turbulence?
how high is the jet stream?
What is the jet fighter featured at the beginning of The Losers?
What is the chance of the F-22 fighter program being restarted?
Tempo 0006 in a TAF? What is the validity of tempo in this?
why does united airlines delay people but never in summer?
was the f-22 raptor canceled?
What is your view? Airbus or Boeing?
How do I tell my colleague he needs to use anti perspirant?
Ex. Flight Attendant curious on how to become a Aircraft Director?
Problems with mini helicopter?
How Come American Airlines Took the Marking with The Type of Plane off the Side of their Planes???
i want to be flight attendant, from india, please guide, how to become one?
when will the RAF start recruiting again?
Any Ideas for an Aircraft Design?
After the Anisari X-Prize, what happened with the competing spaceships?
Can i go for commercial pilot after mbbs?
Describe your passion to fly as a pilot?
is there a site where i can talk to real commercial pilot by messengers?
Are the F-22 Raptors still grounded?
Young Pilots! How do you get around once you get to your destination?
im going to fly from manchester airport today, what am i allowed or not allowed to take for hand luggage?
Man I just can't help myself.. Why are commercial aircraft not made out of the black box material??
How many weapons can an F-35 carry?
from where can i obtain a pilot's COP RTR & FRTO license??
do you have to take a blood test for drugs like a for a private pilot physical?
Where can i get Circa survive tickets?
Would getting my PPL and intrusment rating in high school be beneficial?
Where can I fly in a sea-plane?
I have done my second year in B.Com. Now i am looking forward to be a pilot. am I eligible ?
Air Deccan?
Is'nt it annoying when older guys call you "son" why do they do that if there not your dad?
What is an EASA B1 license?
What is the safest airline?
How do I get to JFK Air port from the Bronx. I'm Close to the #2 train line?
Can I fly a jet fighter at the of of 15?
Why do kamakazie pilots wear helmets?
Why does the united states look like a grid from a plane?
What's the difference between these two plane designs in how they will fly?
How do I prevent stalling when piloting an airplane?
what is the web page add of INDAMAR AIRCRAFT COMPANY INDIA?
Can you ruin your car if you put aviation fuel in it, lets say 50/50?
Difference between a commercial pilot and an ariline pilot.?
Is there a difference between Lufthansa Technical Training and Lufthansa Technik?
how much does the parking cost at larkspur landing?
How much money would I need to built a microlight ( Flying kite)?
My .60 model rc aircraft is hard to crank the propellers using an electric start.?
How long is the flight?
what is crew job,cabin crew,stewerds?
why do kamakazies ear helmets if their just going to blow up?
Conversion of Private Pilot Licence (Malaysia) to PPL (Singapore)?
how can I purchase airline tickets without a credit card or debit card, which airline?
How to be a flight attendant?
san audreas flying and driving skill?
what are etops limits on an Airbus 321?
Question about getting your commercial pilot license?
How old do you have to be to get your Pilot License?
Class D airport question?
have u had any flight to oversee with female pilot?which airline?
What are the vision requirments to be a pilot?
Which part of a plane crash kills?
Hey Ridley, You got any...?
What really cause challanger(NASA)'s accident?
Where can I learn about terms for a aircraft drylease?
How long does it take to become a military pilot?
What's the difference between jet enging,turbofan,gas turbine?
Aerospace Employmet Question?
Three reasons for reducing propeller RPM ?
writing to an airline?
Aviation University Course?
which is a better fighter mig29 or f-16?
Ford VS Chevyrolet which do you vote For?
What is the term for the set of controls that flies a plane without human assistance?
how much fuel does 747 use flying between australia and the united kingdom?
Is being an Airline Pilot dangerous?
What does the A1 medical check look for?
Why do electronic devices have to be turned off for take-off and landing on an airplane?
What is Pneumatic in aircraft?
If you could fly in any one aircraft what would it be?
Aviation scholarships for pilot?
What is required to convert a U.S. (F.A.A.) C.P.L. to a European (J.A.A.) C.P.L.?
how to make an air cannon?
What is the best civilian helicopter in the world today?
what is the fastest way to get a scholorship?
best RC helicpter around $40?
does a jet engine get hot if you touch it?
Is it normal to land with just one body gear first?
what is the most popular Air cargo web site?
If you become an Aircraft load master do they automatically ship you over seas?
I hav ben doin pilot training overseas bt hav nt really attained a commercial license yet&wnt2 finsh it in USA?
How do airline pilots entertain themselves on long trips?
96buick skylark 2.4 automatictransmission?
So many planes downed by 'bird strikes'- why can't a jet engine have a screen or filter in the front of it?
What that mean housezinc?
Why do airplanes cost so much?
how are small aircrafts maintained like a cessna 152?
does thaxien rock?
18 hour plane flight?!?
is a jet a kind of rocket?
since i got my cpl i would like to know what are the responsibilities between the captain and the first offic?
I am deathly afraid of flying, how can I overcome this fear?
who invented aircraft and what year?
what should i do to be a pilot?
what is the world's top 3 best airport?And the top 3 best airline?
Is the FAA out to get you?
Is it more dangerous for a plane to take off or to land?
How B777 is called 21st century airliner?
i think i might be getting moter storm 1 for ps3 can you do stunt showes on it?
what restricts aircraft evacuations?
RAAF Aircraft Technician, Life after the Defence Force?
I am going on a plane in a couple of days, should I be scared?
Why is there RETS/RESH in METAR?
If there were a thousand seaguls in an airplane while its flying, each weighing two pounds a piece, but they ?
Songs about Airplanes, Pilots or Flying!?
Aerobatic plane ride on east coast?
What instruments would indicate rudder movement?
Why do the rotor blades on US helicopters rotate a different way to all other countries helicopters?
What is Zulu time in the world of flying?
is Delta airlines and Northwest airlines going to dissapear?
What does weight bearing capacity mean?
What is the fastest jet fighter in the world?
Blue Angels Air Show Music???
Bird strikes can have serious consequences are the rules, 4lb bird on window, strict enough?
What is the difference between the AH1 Supercobra and the AH1 Viper?
What do you think of UND/ERAU's Gateway Program?
Is their a Air Show Cortland, Alabama June 14?
Are Multi Role Fighters practicel?
are Delta 6 Accelerator suits real?
how are flights on an airline numbered?
What keeps the those aircraft engines up on the wings?
Why hasnt the rear-engine layout for passenger jets been favoured by aircraft designers recently?
I s Air Transport the safest & most convenient mode of transport?
Is this normal im scared of flying on plane because 9/11?
what are addition knoweldge to know by an mechanical student?
what are the communication systems in the kingfisher airlines?
If a bomber flies updside down and releases its bombs, will the air suck the bombs out of the bomb bay?
If a fighter pilot lost a dog fight, would they always die?
Do pilots of major airlines make turns during the flight?
Who invented the airplane... Santos Dumont or Wright Brothers?
What are aircraft wing flaps main purpose?
Have you been on a airplane... that was taxing out and had to turn around because the engine would not start/?
Where to purchase volaris airline tickets?
Where can i get cheap plane tickets?
Is it true the Antonov AN225 aircraft is due to land at Doncaster Robin Hood airport soon?
I wanna know about this aircraft? (Airplane))?
If I hover in a helicopter above New York for five hours, will I be in LA when I land?
i need to know the difference bet. radial turbine and centrifugal compressor , plz any usefull links?
Jobs delivering lost luggage for airlines?
How much do Korean air flight attendants get? Do korean air differentiate salary for each base?
Which is the fastest fighter between these fighter?
Taping something down real tight to the wing of an airplane?
How to become a Blue Angels pilot?
How Is The Flight Quality On A De Havilland Dash 8 Turboprop Aircraft?
Does JAL hire foreigner pilots ?