computer addict...can affect eyes and result in failure in aviation industry?
What are Emirate Airlines flight attendant qualifications?
Is it possible if you had full control over an aircrafts systems to open the door mid flight on....?
what is the plane howard hughs designed and flew and what was it made of?
Why has no American airline bought the A380 airbus - shades of Concorde perhaps?
Has anyone experienced a lot of challenges getting accepted by the FAA?
If a plane is painted white, does that mean its vulnerable?
Anybody know about the replica aircraft in front of 391st Bomb Group restaurant in Palm Beach?
Does Hong Kong has an open sky agreement with Canada?
how much do air traffic controllers make in new york or new jersey?
Would a jetliner takeoff safely without slats?
Aircraft puppy cage for in cabin?
Where can I get the history of the Four Forces of Flight??????????????????????????????????…
What are the present problems of TCAS and ACAS up-to-date?
Is it true that flight attendants of KingFisher airlines go through "page 3" interview with Vijay Mallya?
Can I fly there?
what is the smallest diameter aluminum allow bolt used on a aircraft in inches?
Can i be a pilot? slightly colour blind?
I think I am pregnant how can I tell who the father is?
Looking for some information about a fatal crash in 1956!?
What approach category is the beoing 737-300? Is it C, D or both and why?
how long does it take to fly from illinois to tennessee?
Does anyone know anything about the Tiger Mini-Hawk experimental airplane?
What are nose concerning requirements in flight attendant medical examination?
who has the plasma stealth fighter planes?
If winglets are used to reduce the induce drag, why are some widebody airliner don't have winglets?
PPL: Fixed wing to Rotorcraft or Vise Versa?
What is the worst airport in the world?
What's the difference between APT 1 & APT 2 in the A320 VACBI ?
Have you heared breaking of a sound barrier.?
Does your eyes have to be 20/20 to be a pilot in the Air Force?
does bmw own the rolls royce aviation?
How can i view the replay of my flight on Microsoft flying simulator 2004?
Missionary pilots jobs?
Does anyone know how aircraft engine maintence works, how often do aircraft engines get changed per year?
What are the advantages of getting a microlight lisence before getting ppl and cpl.?
What planes transport metal containers?
Bombardier CRJ200 - Where can I Download the Airplane Systems Guide for the CRJ 200 Aircraft?
I need ISO 1034:1973 standart. People, please help me. Thank you in advance.?
How is mail transported from state to state? plane?
What to expect in a introductory flight?
Kingfisher airlines : did this company train the pilots which work in it or were these pilots already trained?
Is there anythoingto prevent me from taking my own parachute on a commercial aircraft.?
Do you believe your eyes when you look into the sky and see chem trials, not to be confused with con trails?
Can big aircraft land without a flaps?
Where can I get aerobatic training?
Is it risky for a commercial airline to land in a tropical storm?
How do spoilers operate and how do they affect airflow on an aircraft?
What's the best way to become an airline pilot?
Why do the Wright bros. get all the credit for inventing modern powered flight if...?
Information about CTC/OAA Cadet courses?
can aircraft halts in midair?
When is it desirable for an aircraft to be “unstable”?
who is a pilot or brief not about aeroplane pilot?
True or False: You have flown on the Airbus A380 aircraft before?
How do you remove the compressor & combustion chamber casing of a rolls royce avon mk 203/207 turbojet engine?
is laptops weighed in emirates flight?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? ?
Who is the best pilot in the world?
i have a plane prop Sensenich wood sr# j7378 modle # 360k44. built between 09/45 & 12/45 i cant find any inf
Why is aviation fuel so much more expensive than regular unleaded?
Fighter Jet Braking System?
best aircraft?
heathrow terminal 5, does anyone know whether the bars there have sky sports please?
I have just taken the FAA AT-SAT test and received a 93%. What is the next step from here?
Do airplanes have headlights?
Is UCLA a good university for the aviation business?
To learn to fly an ultralight plane do you need to attend a flight school?
who invented airplanes?
FSX How to fix up airplane's lightning graphic effects and smoke effects?
Can Flight Attendants take lithium for bipolar?
which car maker made aircraft in ww2 in japan?
i know seaplanes that land and take off from sea what do we call that land & takeoff from land ?
What is the sawing sound you heard from Airbus 320?
favourite commercial jet liner?
if you have a private pilot licemse , can you fly a single turbo prop?
If your a pilot in the airforce can you transfer to other battalions and aircraft?
a330 typical oew + fuel weight leaves no room for payload weight. why?
Favorite US fighter plane?!?
is this a good route to take to become a commercial pilot?
What is the two-toned beep that sounds after transmissions on Oceanic HF frequencies?
is scam website ?
example Nero Body Aircraft?
is there any way i could become a piston aero plane mechanic and helicopter mechanic in Australia?
When checking the wind speed/direction what does the +## at the end mean?
Which Binoculars would be better for Plane(Airliners) Spotting ?
can i join the RAF....?
Which jets can accelerate vertically? (Easy 5 Stars...)?
How do I start my own airline?
Automatic Flight Control Book..!?
Why is it that Professional Pilots..?
I need a good callsign...?
What does the I stand for In BMI ?
i wanna buy a small reciprocating or rotary air compressor.which one will be cheap & wht's the cost?
Why do pilots start the right engine of a plane first?
Do airplanes have headlights?
What exactly happened during the Helios accident? (Unpressurized A/C? Rapid Decomp? Now Crew Oxygen?)?
Should I quit flying?
are you afraid to fly since 911?? or over the ocean in general??
Why don't passenger jets have screens over the intake of jet engines to keep birds from flying in?
which is older the average USAF pilot or F-15 or F-16?
What company pays/treats their Air hostesses the most/best?
I have flown into Manchester for years from Gatwick and other places - of late it is bumpier - why?
What are the images on the nose of world war II bombers called?
Can anyone do a Flight Simulator 9 Repaint?
What happens when u fly 300 ft above sea at mach 2 or 3 Speeds?
What radios are required for a private aircraft (propeller driven) Can they tune marine frequencies?
juvanie fortes lobramonte tickets?
Whats better: a eurofighter or a raptor?
Is this even possible?
What specialization in aeronautical engineering is this in?
understanding VOR Navigation?
Thomsonfly 757 aircraft refurbishment video?
why would you not be able to land a Jumbo Jet at london city airport?
2016 all New Boeing Commercial Planes will have ejection seats for the flight crew, is it true?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
What is a good Christmas Present to do with airline industry.?
What is your favourite aircraft and why?
what is fees for private pilot license in orient flight school?
How do I get to JFK Air port from the Bronx. I'm Close to the #2 train line?
What is the main reason of plane crashes?
hi, what happens at the immigration desk in the airport when you leave and return to Australia?
Im red green color blind, can I still be a pilot?
What is the best airline in the world?
where does a pilot keep his flight log?
Being an international student, how can I build my time as a CFI in other flight schools?
how many wings do a helicopter have?
Travailing Abroad Without Parental Consent ?
Help identifying a plane...?
Air Traffic Controller?
what offshoring practices do various global airlines participate in? airlines flight info?
help decode a weather report?
What size balloon rochet flies the fastest?
What is the difference between rigid (zeppelins),semi rigid, and nonrigid airships (blimps).?
Can someone explain to me what a codeshare agreement between airlines means?
how long is paya lebar air base?
how many miles from heathrow airport to chichester?
What qualifications do I need to part-take in manufacturing/building aircraft?
Airbus 320 cabin layout?
???????????Where will i be able to buy 3 private jets and 4 helecopters plus a huge airliner plane ???????????
anyone know of any flight instructor job openings?
Why are there people parked watching planes land?
Does United Arlines have cell phone crevice in the air?
What is the A&P (aircraft mechanic) prayer?
Why can't we put giant metal screens on answers to keep people from asking the same question?
i am after a job anywhere in the world painting aircraft?
what's the white smoke coming out of planes?????
747-400 Flaps setting for take off , Level flight and Landing ??
For smokers on long flights should you have a little door to allow them to go out and smoke?
flight delays for thomson flight number tom4214?
Where are there Air Traffic control schools in Northern Virginia?
Guys can u help me with this ?
Ex. Flight Attendant curious on how to become a Aircraft Director?
Where did the idea of aeroplanes come from?
RAF to airline pilot?
» I want to make rc-jet plane as my project?
What is the deployment Risk Ratio of USN Pilot Fatalities?
Best place to watch aircraft take off to southport airshow?
what do i have to do to get 4,000 hours?
F/A-18 vs Su-27? who will win?
How is the price of Oil related to the price of airline tickets?
heathrow to gatwick airport?
how long a passenger plane can halt at the air?
manfaat minum air putih?
Is air traffic controller a good profession?
What is the web site that shows all planes in the air in US?
how to get my class 1 dgca medicals done?
Does SIA and MAS take in female pilots?
does a commercial pilot,maybe of 27 years of age,come home everynight ??
what to expect from Boeing Sheetmetal and riveting assessment?
Which is the best type of aircraft to fly in during training if i want to be an airline pilot?
is there a way to fly both planes and helis for a living?
Create a airplane production company, want to find cooperation?
who knows what a british airways pilot earns a year?
Who can tell me what the rules are to make global services status on United Airlines?
Which city has the FedEx Headquarter there?
has ATC saftey gone up since privatization in UK and canada?
Who has invented the airplane? fast!!!?
Can I legally land and airplane on my own property?
I want to be a pilot in Canada?
Rotax 912 Lead pollution?
where can i sell my idea about airline safety ?
is the boeing 757 200 a good plane?
What aviation company is it that is always hiring contract A&P's in Wallops Island or Accomac, VA?
Why is the F-35 so expensive ($200M)?
how do i become a pilot do i need to take collage classes or just flying school? for commerical pilot?
Can you wear contacts if you want to be a pilot and have worse than 20/40 vision?
Applying to airlines for a Job?
How do you improve Longitudinal Stability on an aircraft?
does one hour of flight equal to one cycle ? (jet engine J-85)?
Aviation Work Experience?
If i don't have my piloting license, can i get rated to fly a PC-12?
How do u weigh an aeroplane ?
what do i need to become a air host?
what does the KC stand for in kc-135 0r KC-10?
Does a large passenger plane fly over storm (lightening) clouds or below them?
Would it be wise to double major in finance/aviation?
Briefly outline some of the different types of emergency ATC may encounter ?
Cabin Air Pressure During Flight?
Is there a Space Simulator like Flight Simulator 2004 for the public to own?
what speed does an aeroplane take off at?
What recent hollywood shows feature plane hijacks and plane crashes?
Hearing high frequency noise/pitch when airplane passes by?
how long is a flight to washington dc from san francisco?
What airport has "A V P" as its code?
Can a girl become a pilot 2 and is good height necessary for becoming a pilot?
Is it better to be a pilot in the Air Force or Marines?
What is one innovation that can make aviation even better than it is now?
Has anyone flown with BA on their premium economy service please ? is it good ?
Can air turbulence break off the wings or tail stabilizers of modern commercial airliners?
this might be a dump question but do most fighter jets or aircrafts have like a butterfly type steering wheel?
What is the best Boeing passenger plane?
Are you a Boeing or Airbus fan, and why?
In the future will aviatoin be so simple?
A commercial jet can break the sound barrier?
hi right i love the Airforce so much right but i really want to fly and u know be in the action what can i do?
garmin: the assortment of gps and other products?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
Aircraft freqency? Is there a common frequency used by planes/helicoptors? Private and commerical?
Why they do not put parachute in an airplane?
Is there oxygen at the altitude where planes fly?
Can anyone please tell me how many kilo luggage now allowed on Iberia flight to Africa?
Airline Pilot or Engineer? 10 points?
What to do on a 8 hour flight?
What are the FAA security clearance requirements for ATC's?
If a plane nose dived into the ocean at 5000 mph..what would happen to the plane?
Why do the majority of flight schools only require that you be 17 years old and have graduated High school?
Do you think I can become a aeronautical engineer or Aerospace engineer?
Travelling on the Emirates A380 - will they still use the A380?
Jeppesen airport diagram question?
What part of a flight confirmation policy is required?
can an aircraft fly backward?how come insects take a reverse?
PiperCherokee indicator lights?
how do i move inside an aircraft in fsx?
Generally, what's the difference between first and business classes on aircrafts?
why dont you?
How to be the successful one at cadet training?
What part of a jet engine is it that leads to shutdown when it ingests volcanic ash?
n numbers from private airplanes are purchased by the owner. when my father died what became of his?
what is the Ownership of John Lennon Airport?
Better to slowdown an airplane with brakes or with reverse engines?
Are there any aviation model shops in Orlando, Florida?
I want to resign to start Cabin Crew with Emirates!?
Is the addison pilot school good? (in texas)?
Have all pilots taken LSD at some point?
What qualifications do I need to become an airline pilot?
Boeing VS. Airbus ?
How expensive were Concorde tickets? specifically how much did they cost? what was the price-range throughout?
should the price of a flight be charged according to how much we weigh should fat people pay more?
I want to become a helicopter pilot in the military?
Can anyone help me with this question I had on a JAR engineering test???
What does it take to be an a380 pilot?
How do you fly helicopter on home pc flight simulator without the collective?
Does anyone have a Crash pad or living space they need a room mate for. I need to be near Ord or the blue line
What is that big plain called? The new passenger carrier?
Where can i get this engine?
747-8 or A380? which is better?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmet's?
Are landing Planes really flying that slowly?
My son's got his army pilot Flight Aptitude Tests, at RAF Cranwell, but doesn't know what these are exactly.?
Would you be willing to go for a ride with the one of the Blue Angels?
Have any airlines ordered the 747-800?
How big is the airbus?
Briefly outline some of the different types of emergency pilot may encounter ?
Can airplanes float on water?
How to you Russian cars?
aircraft instrument panel help!?
How to get a free airplane?
15 yr old flying alone?
When did the Armed Forces regulations on supersonic flight over populated areas change?
what is difference 2 blade propeller or 3 blade propeller in Piston engine of airplane?
Is Basair australia flight training school good enough?
What is the rule for landing and aircraft without a radio at a controlled airport?
How do you get a private pilots licenses? (Madison, Wisconsin)?
Cheap Airline tickets?
What does a fighter pilot do on a daily basis?
how does a donia military plane look like?
Whenever i am about to Land my 777-200LR?
boeing has 747-400, airbus has A380, who remains the queen or king of the skies?
how can i get to mactan airport from cebu city proper?
Can anyone tell me if this is true?
how long does it take to fly from Melbourne Australia to Los Angeles USA?
compared to the fastest jet in the world; how fast is the G4?
airplane mechanic??? help meee please?? 10 pnt?
Is it hard to become a pilot for a charter company?
Which airline should I use- united airlines, continental, or delta?
How old do u have to be to get a pilots license?
What is the chances of a Air-plane crashing?
Do airline pilots ever get scared when they're taking off and landing those huge airliners?
I met a fellow today with 30 years experience who claimed he had made 7 unpowered emergency landings? Really?
What is the fastest a plane can go?
what qualifications are needed to be a pilot?
anybody ever been in a plane before? Was your experience a goog one or a bad one?
ground staff nd cabin crew means how much salary can i get ?
What is that t.v. commercial?
What part of a flight confirmation policy is required?
Headphones for airplanes?
What's the difference in the work they do at Boeing Field and at Paine Field?
Who was on board the Spruce Goose the one time it flew?
What would happen if two airline pilots got into a fistfight while flying?
why do commercial airlines keep lifejackets and not parachutes?
where to find info on the air corp at ellington field?
Pilot jobs in ireland?
Why is the nose of a subsonic aircraft shaped like a paraboloid?
What are the differences between the Predator and Reaper drones?
Why don't people understand my love towards them?
What is the normal cruising altitude for a passenger jet?
When is AeroMexico going to get their first Boeing 777-200/ER ?
MD 80 aircraft TOD procedure?
Hai friend, i want the complete picture air conditioning system of mi-17 helicopter?
How do I pass an Emirates Cabin Crew interview?
How do I fly? Unaided and at least for 60 seconds?
Is the white smoke that comes from a jet airplane dangerous? What is it?
What is the landing speed of a boeing 747?
Cheap Airline Tickets under $200?
Is it possible to get a high paying flying career in south east asia with little TT?
Just how safe is air travel?
Are there any downloads avail for MSFlight Sim '02 & '04 that adds other aircraft?
Why is it important for airlines to have a strong training team?
how many horsepowers of energy does 1 engine of a Boeing 747-400 generates?
Help with FSX radios?
How would an aircraft maneuver outside our atmosphere?
1959 Aircraft reaches Mach 6?
Would you fly in Brazil?
Who is paying for the private space flight?
Can i join the indian airforce to be a pilot at the age of 20?
Why are flaps located at the trailing edge and not the leading edge of a wing?
Was there a sonic boom when Felix baumgartner made his dive?
list of airplanes in britain?
When can i test for FAA Medical Class 1/ Cat 1 (Canada)?
What is the purpose of the instrument zero set at 4ma instead of 0ma ?
Please, no sh*thouse lawyers.... can someone help me on the legal justification for an airline merger?
what personal characteristics are important for a Nejets pilot and why?
Porter's Five force analysis on United Airlines?
BCFT Jetline course query?
Why I cant go on bridges in Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of flight?
private number taxi in manali?
FSX aircraft download with WINDOW WING VIEW?
What is the term for the set of controls that flies a plane without human assistance?
I'm a 15 year old boy and I want to be a international pilot for a big airliner. What is the best way to be 1?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
which airlines are in conjunction with swissport zürich?
Flying weather in Wisconsin?
Where are air route traffic control centers (ARTCC) located?
looking for a company in eagen, its aerospace company?
Why don't we have sonic booms anymore?
How do fighter pilots navigate there plane?
Put Yourself On Board One Of The Hyjacked American Airlines Jets(911), What Would You Have Done ?
High School Internships for Aviation?
Is it safe to fly in small planes like cessnas?
anybody know what a PUCKER Gage is?
Airport Surface Control Question?
which is worse.. jet lag or motion sickness on airplanes?
URGENT!!!!!!!where can i download boeing 737 maintenance manual specicfically about its hydraulic system???
Do you think that we will ever have space travel for civilians, in our lifetime?
why do airplanes have such small windows??
how to become a pilot?
Can pilot smoke inside aircraft?
What is the Fuel Consumption for a Boeing 777-200LR?
Double Major in Aeronautical Science & Aviation Administration?
?On the inside of a helicopter dont know what kind,on the right is a screen like a?
What would you do if you lost your luggage on the plane trip?
What do the airline people do with those little pillows after all the passengers leave?
What are the Privileges of a Commercial Pilot License in the US?
What type of bachelor's degree do you need to become a flight attendant?
What instruments would indicate rudder movement?
Ive seen almost ever ACI episode any out there u think i didnt see?
If u fall out of a plane how could u servive ?
Is there any truth to the existence of chemtrails?
flights from london heathrow to liverpool airport?
Where can i get airoplane tickets for 1 rs.? please help.?
I need cheaper airfare than advertised from oklahoma city to baltimore, help?
how to become an A380 pilot?
In Microsoft flight simulator how do I get or see the wing view???
Does anyone know who the Southwest Airlines IT contractor is?
why fuel tanks are pressurized in aircrafts?
Can you chop a carrot with an airplane propeller?
How much money does a delta sonic car wash technician earn?
Why do they call the recorder box 'the black box' when it's actually orange?
Which is the best airline to take?
Does the Embraer Phenom 100 or 300 have reversers?
If you were flying over area 51, what would they do to you?
why is the window panel of an airplane be closed when ascending?
How to make 11 months fly by?
How do I train to become a pilot!?
How hold do you have to be to get your pilot license in Alabama?
In a HIJACKING, why don't pilots use the aircraft to THEIR advantage?
what is a pilot supposed to do if ice forms on the wings?
Are the Pan-Am tickets to the Moon worth anything?
Can anyone own and operate drones in air space?
DIY headset impedance change?
What does "spark plug fouling" mean?
Good evening, aviators...?
Are their personal Tv sets in economy class in Luftansa ? In other words is there a TV for each seat ?
In a fighter jet with a crew of two, does the pilot or gunner shoot the machine gun?
Does working for free on freinds 172 keep my a&p current?
Flight to US (not direct flight), I'm scared to lose, help me please?
What are the basic requirements to be a commercial pilot?
Does anyone know if there is a term for the fear of airplanes?
Who does the avionics work for Harmony Airways?
How dangerous is it to take guns in planes?
i understand that a helicopter has rotors on top to lift it off the ground?
When you look into the night sky and see what look like stars but they're moving...?
ticket to nigeria with ba or virgine?
flying ifr unrated common?
How far did the Soviet aviatrix fall from a plane without a pacrachute and live ?
About becoming a helicopter pilot?
Is it possible for Centre of Pressure to move backward in symmetrical type airfoil?
Question for R/C plane flyers ! I would like the model number for these planes that i only know the names of !
in a modern heavy jet aircraft how the Reference signal is generated for antiskid system?
What is jet lag?
What is the best Brand/Type of Paramotor?
what is archamidies principle and how does it relate to lighter-than-air-flight?
Is it a good idea to get my GPL (Gliders Pilots Licence)?
Space Balloon Question?
how do I get plane models of virgin atlantic airlines?
Best place in the world for flight training?
will prop size efect the flight of a dirigible that fits in a 4ft cubed air space?
Hi, In Australia are there any Combat Flight Simulators? Not PC Simulators!?
Question about airplane wheels?
Must pilots be tall or short?
What kind of engine under $2,500 is best for a ppg and is it possibe to use a low H.P. motorcycle engine?
What would I need to start a airline charter company?
Who is the best pilot in the world?
jetway on flight simulator dosen't move
Can I build flight hours if I own personal helicopter?
3D wing lift distribution?
What is the load factor relating to airplanes?
does the Navy have helicopters?
Gulfstream G450 Specs Sheet?
How do you fly? Without a plane...?
How do they make sure helicopters are reliable so the engine won't break down?
Can an airoplane to stand still in the air?
Can someone tell me traveling out of country instructions step by step?
How to tell what number chain you have on a gokart?
Calculation of rate of climb for UAV (pusher propeller)?
do PIA planes have wi-fi?
how many airmiles is it to fly from winnipeg MB Cannada to Saskatoon, SK Canada?
Why r we ask 2 open the airplane windows when take off & land (the piece of plate you pull up to see though..)
I'm planning on becoming a flight instructor?
Buying a helicopter?
Foreign pilots accepted in India?
Does any one have personal loss in flight 587 crash in November 12th 2002?
Flight Scholarships for Teenager?
Can a plane land in the ocean?
if the drag of an airoplane is equal to the thrust of the power planet in level flight what makes airoplane go
why don't we have flying cars?
where is the airplane graveyard?
What happens if you get caught flying a plane without a pilots licence?
How can I get the cheapest flight?
can people with glasses be pilots?
Reciprocating engine and propellers?
GPS for Private Aircraft?
Is the landing gear on planes really necessary?
Is there Somewhere where I can fly an F-14 fighter jet?
how do i line up to the runway?
how many people died in plane crashes from 2001-2006?
How long you think the A380' production will last?
internal and external components of the airvraft?
Which airport has the most efficient design?
What is the area of rudder and elevator for Cessna 152? What is the cruise thrust for Cessna 152?
Are electronics on board Boeing current planes still made in USA?
My dream is to become a pilot :?
i need to become a pilot. i am from india and i have eye defect of power 3D can i apply?
Identify this aircraft? tough one!?
Delta's Wright Flight aircraft?
what should i do for 5 years planning?
why does a propeller (aircraft) becomes ineffective at higher speeds? pls be specific.?
hi there,I jst went for the 1st interview for SIA cadet pilot,i presume i did really good.?
How long does a gulf stream jet take to fly from london to newyork?
What is the expected life of a concrete runway?
Flight instructor rating with A Job bondage?
What was the bump next to the cannon on the Spitfire's wing?
can you hear is the concorde?
What Colleges in California have a program for people who want to fly planes?
What airlines replaced Pan american Airlines when it went out of business in 1991?
What is a really good helicopter school in Texas?
Are commercial supersonic passenger aircraft a thing of the past?
If I add spoilers to the ceiling fan like one at the aircraft wing..?
Virgin Atlantic A340 600?
How does HSI work as compared to VOR?
How many RPM is a jet engine?
Can I log PPC (powered parachute) time towards an ATP rating?
how can you train to fly an ultralight when most are single seaters?
Which CAT was this?
Delta MD-88 comfortable, and safe?
Are there snakes on the plane?
why do you have to have the shutters up on a plane when you land at night?
what is the validity of the airworthiness certificate of an aircraft?
Could Boeing the airplane company beat the Airbus A380 with a bigger and better airplane?
What planes are comparable to a Cessna 182?
What is the fastest jet on earth?
i want to become a member of cabin crew?
Can I make money with my Private Pilots License? If so.... How?
bionic comando: how to destroy buraq helicopter?
Becoming an airline pilot?
sound like military alt 5-10 k speed excess 250 knots?
OH MY GOD weidest commercial ever kinda scared please answer!?
Are flight attendants lives glamorous?
which is the largest water aerodrome in the world?
The procedure to do bonding on aircraft is the same on all aircraft?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
If I want to become a jet pilot in the air force do I need experience in flying planes first? first?
what were you doing the very moment the first plane hit......on 9/11?
How many people would be needed to pilot a 12 person private jet?
Why do the wheels on the plane shake before it takes off? Its for aerospace class.?
are pilots allowed to smoke in cockpit?
what is delta airlines?
where in the u.k. can I find a ww2 japanese mitsubishi zero fighter plane?
Why 254lbs for ultralights?
plz, give me the details about how to become a pilot?
Do British aircraft have the steering column on the left or right side?
Can anybody become an airline pilot?
If you're a student pilot flying alone can you bring someone with you?
How much does a helicopter search cost?
Are there a lot of plane crashes due to bird strikes?
Why won't my magic carpet take off?
why the windscreens of the aircraft are being constructed from a few layer of different materials?
What is the average diameter of a .......?
What is a transition?
which airlines have newest fleet?
How would I get a Job as a Flight Attendant?
i want make a composite aircraft?
How did the hijackers on 9/11 avoid hitting some other plane mid-air without navigation?
Why do we have to "keep our seets in upright position" for the take offs and landings?
can I use my Delta Skymiles for an Alitalia flight as they are members of the same programme?
Could I buy an A-10 Thunderbolt II?
Help please!! I'm really interested in flying airplanes.?
size and weight of a 747 front tire?
What aircraft would your Rather go in EMB-120, Saab 340, or Dash 8 Q200?
Does anyone know how much it costs to get a commercial pilots licence?
would the Engine Cooling system i had mentioned Help Commecial Jets.?
does any1 know what the view is like out of row 43a window seat of a 747?
Is playing with throttles to keep the plane airborne normal for landing? read details?
What is the name of this thing in the picture? its part of an helicopter.?
Has anyone landed a job at delta as a flight attendent ?
I would like to start a small niche commuter airline (turboprops less than 19 pax, not jets) - how to start?
how much $ are the planes you rent per hour?
Why does the US need so many aircraft carriers?
is the 250knt below 10,000/FL100 limit Indicated or Ground Speed?
Why do airplane propellers show up as horizontal lines in cameras?
Would they stop a flight for a medical emergency??
Fuel cells are available for cars, but what about planes?
What were those fireballs released by f-4 phantoms over vietnam?
how much do pilots that know french get paid?
How much does a american airline airplane cost?
Is it true that in order to be a pilot you have to read, speak, and understand English?
What was Italy's first Fighter Plane?
Best airport in the world?
Helicopters for Cherity?
Why doesn't Cessna bring back the 150 & 152?
stress on engineer during aircraft maintainance?
How does space shuttle get on and off 747?
what are a list of things must a person know if 'she' wants to be an aircraft maintenance engineer?
i am thinking about going to college and applying for a busary?
what is aviation administration?
What font is used on American private jets' tail numbers?
what are the key steps towards aviation legislation within the EU? (Helpppppppp)?
Why did the airport do this?
What colleges are the best for becoming a commercial pilot?
How do the israeli fighter pilots feel when their missiles & bombs "HIT THE TARGET"?do they feel "proud" ?!?
how does an aeroplane lift off the ground? what does a pilot do to do so?
i'm an un accompanied minor !!!?
requirements for becoming a traffic pilot?
what is Civil Air Patrol?
Can I check in computer parts into a plane?
Why does Durham Teeside Airport have the IATA code of MME?
Do major airlines prefer to hire ATCs and airline pilots that served in the military?
Cl for max range and Cd for max range?
Whats the last thing you want to hear from a pilot?
what do you think.......?
[UK] Joining The RAF?
Tactics in getting pilots license...?
Pilots: What is your favourite part of the flight?
how fast do airplanes go in mph?
How do I get a Airline Transport Pilot's License in Canada?Where do I start to become pilot for commercial?
How do u land an airplane?
where can i find ultralight sailplane construction plans for free?
What will happen to the Airbus aircraft used for Flight 1549?
are jet packs real...................................?
All USAF pilots read this?
CRJ 200 Bombardier Mechanics - I Need a Pilot & Engineer Guide to the CRJ 200 Aircraft?
How were maps drawn before they invented airplanes or helicopters?
Birthday present help....?
What is your favorite fighter jet?
I wish to join the RAF as a pilot what would be the best route to take?
How does pilot placement work?
Whats the name of the people in the airport with?????
If you eject at Mach 2, do you die?
What is the name of the flight school at the Everett Stewart regional airport outside of union city tn?
How High is the Airbus A380 Tail and the overall height of the aircraft?
What is the most beautiful areoplane ever made?
what's you'r favotire antonov aircraft.?
do airplanes have solid tyres?
which airlines have newest fleet?
At take-off,the plane´s nose lifts first then the whole body.Explain to me How and Why.?
Pilots: Anyone Can Tell Me What This Means?
luggage question?
training for airline security?
how long does it take for a fighter jet fly across the country,coast to coast?
when was plane born?
What is a 'hot landing?"?
how can I immigrate to states?
are american airline planes bigger than delta planes?
What is wiper speed of 737-300?
Which Wright brother made the first powered flight, Orville or Wilbur?
Magneto to engine timing -?
Does Anyone Know Anything About U.S. Propellers Inc.? And Their Propellers?
Any rumors floating around about UAL pilot recalls?
what is your favorite airline and airport?
What happens if an airoplane gets hit by lightning on the engine whilst in mid air?
Could a jumbo jet actually land on water and has one ever done so?
f-22 oxygen problems?
Does anyone Know ... When Will Russia get the Mistral Helicopter Ship from France?
How many hour of a airplane ride is it from USA to austr?
How many airlines/airways company are there in this world?
What alternative to aluminium can to be used to build air-planes that would preserve lives during a crash?
I want to have my wedding reception inside of an aircraft hangar. Does anyone know how to make that happen?
do I need a passport to fly from the UK to Ireland?
where can i buy a REAL cap-232 airplane?
Saw a jet that had "United States of America" written on the side.?
What are the chances of getting a third class medical certificate with a history of anxiety and depression?
How long????????????????
If i get a private pilot's license in England will it be valid in the United States?
what do i have to do to become an emirates airlines pilot?
Lancaster bombers in australia?
if an airplane is thinner will it always go faster?
Can someone help please! Cant seem to find this in the FAR's for some reasons?
What is Civil air Patrol? and does it have any benifits to someone who is 15?
What does MiG stand for?
Please tell me the requirements to become a commercial pilot is there a job risk in it?
Is this airplane for real?
when you travel with a airplane, the ticket "will go with you at home"?
why cant you use electronics when a plane is taking off/landing?
How can i check my flight schedule on May 2,2012 at PAL AIRLINES?
Do airplanes account for the rotation of the earth when they plan their routes?
Looking to get a Recreational Pilot Permit... where to start?
After completing a degree in aeronautical field how shall i build my hours and what shall i do 2 becum a pilot
what is the cheapest way to go turkey to malta?
Will the cost of airfare increase a lot by around 2009?
Can someone give me another name for a helicopter?
which flight school is better in melbourne? TVSA flight school or Pearson aviation?
United Airlines Flight 93?
What is the purpose of the airport tower searchlight?
What would happen if an engine caught fire, mid flight, on a four engined jumbo?
why do camakazie pilots where helmets?
Can you hitchhike on a private plane?
what is the biggest, technologist and the modernest airport in the world?
Is there a difference between Lufthansa Technical Training and Lufthansa Technik?
Are the Rolls Royce engines on the A380 used on any other jets?
Is there Commercial Airline service to/from LaRonge,SK,Canada?
Can I get my flight license while on prozac?
what is the acronym of VT in cessna flights?
Airline Pilot question........?
What is the average price for a B757-200 1991/1992 vintage (Rolls Royce Engines)?
What is that strange noise?
if u are going to west palm beach in florida wat airport do u land attttttttttt?
i like to know about plane landing .is it hard thing for pilot? how to find right direction?
Which are the cheapest airlines?
How does a helicoptor fly? how does it move forward? how do they contol the direction and ho do they manuver?
Why did Qantas pilot fail to declare emergency on stricken 747 near Bangkok putting 365 souls at risk?
Non CFI Flying Jobs....?
i wanted to know the schools offering an aircraft technician course in manila?
Do you get two boarding passes with online check-in?
How to get hot air balloon pilots for work in Kenya?
what is the best airline to fly on from Charlotte NC to Baltimore MD?
Have you forgotten to update your aircraft registration?
foreign based FAA license BFR?
how do i carry a pistol on a airplane legally?
What's your favorite passenger aircraft?
The organisation of air transportation (referats, articles about business or management)?
what will be the minimum wage of a fresh AnP mechanic in Canada?
when does negative differential pressure in an aircraft occur?
What, do you think, will Boeing's next plane be like?
Anyone know anything about "Republic Aviation"?
How can i do my pilot training in gulf countries?
why is dynamic pressure measured in aircrafts?
I am 16 years old and i would like to know if I qualify for a private pilots license.?
Why are business flights so expensive?
1) On a aero plane without the central tank the maximum zero fuel mass is related to what ?
What were the Pros and Cons of the Concorde Jet?
Airforce acadamy qestion ? relly need 2 know?
how fast does a plane propellor spin?
I have uk ppl licence .can i build hours towards atpl in other jaa state?
What flight simulator hardware would you recommend?
what would i have to do to be a helicopter pilot?
I need blueprints for BD-5 airplane kit.?
how do you contribute to make the team that you join even better?
what is the fastest recorded airspeed?
If pilot of mass 70kg in the jet aircraft moves in a veticle circle while executing the loop-the-loop at a con?
You can be my passenger Song?
How to become a shuttle commander from a commercial pilot?
What things will be at 2012 Farnbourgh Airshow this year at the weeknd except the planes as the halls not open?
Any rumors floating around about UAL pilot recalls?
What is the highest flying R/C airplane under $100?
Why the hell is hell at the centre of earth ?
what do pilots do when cruising?
Can you ruin your car if you put aviation fuel in it, lets say 50/50?
Multi engine instrument rating?
why gasoline, diesel, fuel, and jet fuel are diffferent?
how many pilots on answers?
How would i become a Virgin Atlantic Pilot?
how to make a no weld pulses jet engine?
What is the job where you get to stand in front of the airplane and help it takeoff/land?
on average, how much does it cost to earn a pilots license in Houston?
Hey pilots, any advice on planning a first flight into a Class B primary airport?
What is the biggest plane you've ever been on?
when is a jet fighter used help i need quick?
when we give interview in any domestic airlines after not selection, we can't give interview till six months?
Where do i get some affordale airline tickets?
What is the song in the Southwest Airlines commercial for Atlanta?
what does V1 before rotation mean?
what is aircraft techo generator? how can operate it? define maintenance procedure?
What subject should i study to become a geologist or a pilot?
Flight Attendant institute in the U.S.A?
explain how the embarkation and disembarking of passenger at airport expedite the speedy clearence of passenge
Am I at a high risk of getting caught joining the mile high club?
Does anyone, besides me, enjoy pooping on an airplane?
Airplane Cleaning Articles/Supplies?
Am I crazy for wanting a PPL at age 30?
Why do planes veir towards the wing that is pointing up in a bank?
Airliners with nicest looking paint jobs?
Can I fly in the US renting a plane with a JAA PPL?
I want to get pilot license.?
Even if technology were available for flying cars to fly via computer/hands off, what would stop them from...?
why can a rc plane fly without rudder control and not a regular plane?
What is the requirements to take a Private Pilot's Liscence exam in the US and UK?
C-130J Hercules fuel?
Does virgin airlines have wifi?
What are the landing field requirements for a commercial Boeing 737-200.?
Do I still have a chance of being a flight attendant?
A380. Do you think it will be successsfull or just a big airplane that wil enventually fail to impress?
a320 pilot looking for a job, where???
If a helicopter crashes are there any survivors?
One direction CONCET TICKETS?
Royal International Air Tattoo 2010?
for the unaccompanied minors who traveled by plane, did u guys pay any fees for being minors and by yourself?
M & I Bank airplanes?
How passengers can survive a plane crash caused by landing error ?
New Airbus A350 cockpit windows?
What kind of avionics may be useful in a car?
I Would like to become a pilot for a major airline preferably Delta?
american eagle airlines A&P mechanical aptitude test?
How are airplane rides?
the US or Europe(aviation)?
How do you make your own Cockpit Procedures Trainer?
I know i definitely want to become a Airline Pilot....i am coming up to leaving school soon..?
How much is flight dispatcher's starting salary?
Is the Boeing 777, the safest plane in modern aviation?
What is your favorite military Aircraft?
How do u get over the fear of flying??
will i be fine to wait for transit next flight alone in JFK port?
At Reno do the flyers still direct energy towards the audience? Has a fatality involving the audience occured?
BOTH Mallaya and Gokul should be brought to TASK.?
How many passengers can be seated on a 747SP?
How did China's plane crashes affect its aviation industry?
Where were you on that day?
When on an airplane, what is the best seat to sit in?
how high does a commercial plane fly in the united states?
Would a 3.5 gpa be enough for purdue aviation, ohio state aviation, or western michigan aviation?
What is the % of fresh air added to the air craft cabin as replacement air?
Can you rent an airplane? Expensive, just a small c182 or something like that.?
Scared?please help?
How much does a private jet cost to hire?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
Air Traffic Control CTI Program?
Why do air planes fly so high, often 10 km above the ground?
What is the best way to get a free airline seat upgrade?
shall we increase the area of convergent nozzle to attain a supersonic jet? yes or no explain?
how much thrust can both the engines from a su-37 make?
Anyone Have Cheap One Direction tickets for columbus oh?
What nickname could you give this boy?
I just want to know why they can't change the breathing air and filter it more often on a commercial plaine
Where will the new Spirit of Disneyland 737-900 fly.?
Ways to fund flight training?
Take off and landings of airplanes.... are they really safe?
When is Airbus going to take out the A350?
Does storm lightnings effects on an Airplane in the air?
Why are airplane tickets so expensive?
What are the most common reasons for a failed private pilot checkride?
How much would it be to fly a dog?
Are regional airlines less safe than the major US ones?
Can some1 tell me, Indian DGCA is accepting UK & Canadian RT license & converting Directly to Indian RT?
what does the airport look for when you hand them your license?
How many different types of airplanes can you drive in Gangstar Rio?
Why Japanese dislike Airbus?
what will win in a fight a f22 raptor or a su 37?
manuals for westland scout helicopter?
How to make air rocket to turn left and right?
What are the people who hand out the food on the airplane called?
Aircraft power plant and airframe certification worth getting?
How do I pay a landing fee?
Why does my rc helicopter fly low to the ground?
Pilot career choices?
If i was becoming a pilot one day how would i get there?
Cost of private pilots license???
what do you think about the zenithair products?
How much do air traffic controllers earn a year?
What certificates/ratings/endorsements are required to fly charter operations?
can planes land with no engines?
Does anyone have a detailed list of American Airlines' fleet?
cf-100 to cf-103? to cf-105?
how do i get an endorsement to get the faa private pilot exam if I study from used books or from Gleim books?
give me the model, brand and manufacturer of this unit 220 VAC input 24-28 vdc,300-600 amp 400hz output?
How to become a pilot?
My Dreams and Ambitions?
Who has ever flown on Concorde?
are helicopters going out of style?
why aero plane cannot fly back ward?
Question to pilots.....................?
Is avionics electronics a good field to go into?
I'm going to school to be aircraft mechanic, did i make a good choice?
Is the Concorde SST in private use?
Can I hand prop my 85 C152 if the battery is dead? Master switch on, 2 primer pumps ?
Which is the best?
which is better to buy as a pilot?
any airplane experts? i need help!?
where can i find information(in website) about assembly and disassembly of aircraft propellers?
::::::Boeing or Lockheed Martin?
airplane bathrooms?
What is the origination of the word tarmac?
Is it possible to get from the cargo hold of an airplane to the landing gear like they show in movies?
What do u need to be a commercial pilot or regional airline pilot? Mainly the requirements? And what ratings?
Why do all passsengers step up at the same time and block the alleys of planes?
Why does this happen in airports? I see people checking in but they are not in the plane. Why does this happen?
when planes come into land what is vented from the wings?
Are people safe in jet liners?
Did Asperger syndrome is an obstacle in obtaining a pilot's license?
Helicopter Safety Records?
B757' cockpit window open during a training take off, Is this legal?
what are landing fees???? will i have to pay them...?
saw an article about the marines wanting a space plane. it was the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion?
Do you work as a scheduler in a corporate flight department?
what is the root chord length and tip chord length of the boeing-777 wing?
I suddenly want to be a pilot, tell me how before I change my mind.?
If I want to become a jet pilot in the air force do I need experience in flying planes first? first?
aerodynamic performance - light sport category aircraft?
What would be more expensive?
HOw to build John Kay's flying shuttle?
Private Flying Questions?
operating costs on emb120?
Flight Scheduler/Coordinator?
Landing gear on aircraft....?
Can aeroplanes stay in one place (like stop) in the sky at least few minutes?
commercial pilot license cost?
i want to know working of aircrafts wing flaps & other direction device.?
Why don't airliners have a reliable bail-out mechanism, such as a parachute or ejection seat?
what is the average number of airline travelers on each day of week?
What does " comming in for the break" mean ?
Can Someone Please Explain Max Nbaa and Ifr terms for aircraft.?
How long does it take:LA-Beijing?
How does the thrill of a gyrocopter compare to that of a helicopter? (And a few more Qs about gyrocopters)?
Ever wonder why so many airline pilots get caught over the alcohol limit?
Airbus VS Boeing??? Which one would you choose??
building my flight hours?
What is this on a Panavia Tornado?
Why do pilots say "niner" instead of "nine"?
Has anyone here flown on an older-generation aircraft?
What is difference between trim tab and balance tab on aircraft?
What's VTOL?
Is it possible?
Who made the first airplane?
what are the reason to choose career as a commercial pilot rather than airforce pilot...??
Where is the evidence of a plane crashing into the Pentagon?
What do the letters and numbers on the side of a small plane mean?
whats a good private jet company?
Will it still be possible to be a pilot in 10 years?
Can anybody identify this aircraft?
Why don't small 2-4 seater airplanes have parashutes in case of engine failer?
What do you think is the best all around air superiority jet in the world and why?
where can i find cheap airline tickets?
Worst experience when riding in an airplane?
Volume calculation for Palm ?
How is a helicopter or aeroplane speed measured?
What planes smoother, a big plane , or a small plane?
what type of questions may be asked when taking a test for a transportation security officer?
Where can I find a good A&P mechanic for my Franklin aircraft engine?
how long was the mach 5 gone?
Closed Loop System? and how it is applied?
I'm a 14 year old boy and my ambition is to become a pilot what should I do??
How to be a MAS pilot?
Teaching Abroad While Earning Pilots License!!?
Is boeing 737 the most dangerous plane model?
were dose the new crew club sit theres days?
What are some good helicopter magizines in the USA ?
Are the Kinner R-5 series radial engines still under patent?
Why does opportunity cost vary?
howmany fatal accidents have the world's scheduled airlines had in the past decade?
Model airplane jet turbines?
Flight simulator X qustion?
ATPL licence sponsorship?
Does anyone know what Airbus make at their Filton, Bristol factory?????? Thanks?
I'm looking into becoming an Air Traffic Controller in Australia?
Whats you favorite airplane?
Aircraft Maintenance Question?
Were do u light pilot for a rheem classic?
Does United Airlines have 3 liveries?
If I get my ATPL in Europe, will i be able to fly commercially in USA?
What are the requirements and average pay to be a flight attendant with jetBlue, or any other major airline?
I am scared of planes, please help?
What is the aircraft fuel? What aviation industry called for this fuel?
What is it that makes jets stop when they touch down?
If a aircraft carrier is navy but it has airplanes.......?
is there going to be a jet set radio 3?
How costly is it to own a Hot Air Balloon?
Who is the founder of Marsh Aviation?
What the American aircraft capable of performing "Frolov Chakra"?
What is the worst thing about flying?
Can an airplane fly without the propeller and wings?
how do u call the act of riding or driving the plane by pilot?
What happens if a pilot is flying VFR and then conditions get bad while in mid-air?
What is better an RAF pilot or a Navy Pilot?
Is it common for a plane to drop thousands of ft when encountering turbulence?
where do you get a rc fighter jet in brampton?
Which oil used in aircraft?
If you're in a survival situation & see a plane, does it mean that the pilot saw you if it dips its wing?
how do electronics disrupt airplane during takeoff?
Where can I find cheap international flight tickets?
i'm 16 & i want to fly in the us. but do i need my parents permission?
best way to become an airline pilot in Australia?
How do I find out what plane flew overhead at a point in the past?
How big is the Airbus A380? How about a picture beside a 747?
do all Low Pressure Turbine Engines have carburetors?
Why are flights more expensive now then in February? London > Miami?
If u fall out of a plane how could u servive ?
how dose a plain stay in the air?
The wings of modern planes are now bent at the tips. Does anyone know why?
If a dispatcher strongly disagrees with an ATC reroute of one of his/her planes, then...?
Is there a second class for Etihad global cadet pilot prog. by the end of 2008?
If we ever have flying cars, do you think they will make ghost towns out of villages, towns, and...?
In an acute emergency can the pilot land an 747 on the beach or on the shore?
why do pilots say roger to acknowledge that they heard a transmission?
Is it possible to become a pilot if someone is deaf in one ear?
Is it possible to do a full loop on a Cessna 172 or 152?
South Australian flying schools?
What do the yellow and red flags represent after an aircraft crash??r=1218723092?
what do air crash investigators do if an airliner goes down in a really remote location?
Why China copy both russia and american and european aircraft designs ?
Which is the FASTER mode of transportation, PLANE or TRAIN?
becoming a flight attendant with delta airlines ?
DME Approaches via an Arc calculations.?
Flying Bounce House!! need info and help?
what is fuel burn for a piper archer 3 on average?
Why are plane tickets to Alabama so expensive?
How can I look up aircraft schedules from the past?
Hi what part of this trent 500 engine, does the primary combusted air come out of and the by-pass?
If flying an aircraft is "hard" how could a 7 & 9 years old girls do it!?
how high does a commercial plane fly in the united states?
whats the best way to learn to be a pilot?
How is Federal Aviation administration(FAA) connected with Air traffic controller?
I need help finding info on a model P-36 aircraft tug made by international. used by navy in 1963.?
How to book a connected flight on
Will Eclipse Jets pull us closer to living like the "Jetson's"?
What are the notches on an airplane wing?
Where can I find reference in Aircraft Wiring?
is kerosene used as fuel for flying planes?
Why does it seem like the BlueAngels perform more than Thunderbirds?
need to find a flight that left accra on 6/26/06 and is arriving in indianapolis on 6/27/06?
How does Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci airport compare to other European airports in terms of size, air traffic,
How long does it take to actually leave the airport after you have landed from overseas?
what happens when an airplane runs out of gas?
Why do people in my area think ricers are fast?
What are the parts of the third class medical exam?
Which airline do you recommend for cross-US travel?
any one know a good website to buy plane tickets?
If there is no oil,what will fuel airplanes?
How much does it cost to become a certified Sport Pilot?
will qantas still exist in a few years?
How do we get hydrogen powered aircraft into production?
i need information on recon planes in vietnam that were piper cub platforms?
Does the material of the parachute affect the performance?
If you had two emergency situation at the same time?
Would a Raptor 90 be capable of lifting the intervalometer equipped Canon G5?
what is the different between axial and centrifugal compressors?
Airline suggestions anyone?
TWA how do i find a list of their previous pilots?
Is this airplane for real?
Scared of Airplanes? Or what??
Why is the spitfire?
Why does the Pilot-in-Command sit in the left seat?
why don't they make planes out of the same ceramic material used in spacecraft?
How can you distinguish between a skillful pilot and a "less skillful pilot"?
flight simulator training cost?
how aircraft fly ??
If you are in the military do you still need a passport to go overseas?
How much do pilots get paid?
Information on "Y''City Arkansas and surrounding territory and Wilhelmina State park, Arkansas?
Notice a lot of Music stars & Celebs die in plane crashes?
Is it hard to become an air ambulance pilot ?
whats the best country to learn to fly a helicopter (PPL)?
Joint CRM(crew resource management) for pilots and flight attendents is not required by FFA regulations?
What is the cheapest way to ship goods from the UK to the US?
Could you list all the liscenses that I would need to have a flying business in this plane?