where online can i find the cheapest airplane tickes to mexico?
Bombardier or Embraer?
7 Ways on how a Jet Engine Works?
Is it okay to take tins of food in the hold of a plane?
Old Bell 47 choppers?
How dose flying at night compare to flying during the day, and which do you prefer?
Should I get my motorcycle or private flying license?
Stage III exam... Not sure?
how much money is it to take to fly from ontario, ca to sacramento, ca using the southwest airline?
can this make travelling easy...?
Should I get the Captain sim 757 or 767 for FS2004?
Jet-A fuel question?????????
Looking for a clear definition of a crossed-control stall?
when airline pilots are bored and they are on autopilot what do they do?
My husband is simply terrified to the idea of flight. We are Romanians. Yet his prob. started after 09/11. Tnx
your worst airplane experience?
Is there any dual crouse like aircraft maintenance engineering and pilot in india?
Commercial Pilot or Aircraft Mechanic?
What does it take to be a pilot?
Would you accept a seat inside a plane with no windows if given monitors in front of you to "see" outside?
how does an aircraft designer try to reduce the risk of an aircraft droping a wing at stall?
EASA is established by who?
produce a flow chart which describes the various modes of internal communication within the aircraft?
What colour is the black box on an aeroplane ?
Do you have to go to a college and flight school to be a pilot ?
how are planes faster than trains?
Can you give me some adivice??!! I'm planning to become an aircraft mechanic?
Is NOC required for initial DGCA Class 1 medical, if my Class 2 is still valid?
TAA flight school help?
What is the colort of Airtran pilots' tie?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
can you tell me a site where i can find all about planes?
Interview for cadet scheme- what to expect?
What are the components of a fighter jet cockpit? (include HMD visor)?
how can I get my daughters flight number if she is already in flight ?
why do passenger planes only have passenger doors on the left of the fuselage?
What type of airplane colours are there?
what's the best flight to take from Kuala lumpur to Raleigh Durham NC. usa one way?
Whats a good name for a plane crash story?
examples of pure monopolies?
Why do you have to turn off electronic devices on airplanes?
What does a co-pilot do?
How are jobs currently for Air Traffic Control Specialist?
would an aircraft sitting on a conveyor belt takeoff if the belt was moving in the same direction as the plane?
is there wireless internet on planes?
How does distress frequency functions in airplane?
How Boeing and Lockheed Martin are able to upgrade A-10 Thunderbolt IIs?
How to fix the problem of birds flying into jet engines?
Becoming AF pilot getting mixed answers help please?
How long does gdl last in Wisconsin ?
Please help a stressed mum with Ryan air pram policy.?
What will happen to me if I fly in a plane over China?
Continental Airlines at Newark, long taxi after landing?
If I complete ground school will my FAA tests ever expire?
I want to travel from Islamabad (Pakistan) to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) , which air route will suit me.?
Why did my air conditioner dont work?
Is there any effect of earths rotation & revolution on flight? If yes how?
4yr old on plane during takeoff?
Does UPS changes AWB ?
What are the airline restrictions in Indianapolis?
At any one point how many airplanes are there in the skies?
My daughter wants to be a pilot.?
military aircraft mechanic then A&P
Can a pair of undies get sucked into the intake of an aeroplane and damage/jam it? or would it just burn up?
what's an aircraft's mechanism ?
why do some people don't consider capt. sully as a hero ?
School for airline pilots?
What are vapour trails from jet planes made up of?
body scan or through the metal thing with cochlear implant?
what is the fuel consumption of the Rolls Royce Dart engine as installed on the gulfstream 1 aircraft?
pls some body tell me why an aircraft consumes more fuel at low altitude and less fuel at high altitudes?
how do jet airliner reversers work?
how to find connecting flights?
Aeronautical Engineering/Planes?
can you go right into the air force as a pilot with no training or license?
How do spoilers operate and how do they affect airflow on an aircraft?
How do they adjust the pressure within an airplane before it takes off?
PMDG B747-400 Pack question?
Which flying B-17 is bare aluminum w/ a yellow tail?
If you could be in a historic flight, which one would you be in?
I have Powrachute Pegasus powered parachute with a flush mount gas cap that leaks. Any sugg. besides a gasket
should i leave my computer to go pack my suitcase?
what is a simple explanation for how planes stay in the air?
If someone in the twin towers on 9\11 had a parachute or a sky glider would they of been able to escape from?
Air Traffic Control question? Which Station do I listen to?
Iam very much interested to be a Flight Steward, can anyone assist me to get into any No:1 Airline?
Lifestyle of a Pilot?
Where can I find a map of Cebu,Philippines excpet for ?
How can I learn to fly a helicopter in one day?
How many years of flight school is usually needed before you can work?
anyone know how much 'overall' tuition is for seneca college's flight program?
Why Are B-2 Stealth Bombers So Expensive?
g601760002-1 when can I find this part for crj 200?
Can you take off from a road?
How do airlines choose flight numbers?
Is it just media coverage or has there been an inordinate amount of plane crashes these last few months?
What would happen if you opened a window on an airplane?
what its the diference between a single engine, multi engine, turboprop and het aircraft?
How do u stop your ears from popping when flying and landing?
Many planes flying over AR? ?
aircraft tax hot air balloons state of california?
What do the runway numbers on an aircraft carrier mean?
what model airplane was flight 93?
What aircraft do thomson fly to cape verde?
Anything i need to know before travelling to yerevan armenia?
Is a concorde ever going to fly again?
Is northwest cargo going to be called northwest or is it going to be called DELTA.?
Why is there a section of low roadlights on the m40 alongside heathrow airport?
What are the pathway for international pilot?
Should I go to FIT to become an airline pilot?
What to expect in aviation mechanics class?
What kind of flight jobs are there?
is it possible i can get any kind of part from an aircraft in a salvage yard or somewhere?
pilot Interview: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'm really scared of airplanes; how can I not be scared of them?
I am interested in possibly becoming an air traffic controller, help?
What should I be looking for when buying a plane?
I am thinking of starting to give flight lessons to aviophobics?
what do you need to do to become a pilot after year 11?
Brazil.Internal multi flight how much?
Where can I find an FAA appoved flight manual for a Casa 212-100 a.k.a Casa 212- CB (specifically).?
Can a StormScope register other aircraft in the area of your airplane?
How to overcome small plane air-sickness for an aspiring pilot?
why was concorde stopped from service?
why do aeroplanes have the edges of their wings tilted up ??
Can you buy single engine cessna & make your playground its runway & fly with no license?
I have a question about FSX?
How does an airplane find the landing field when it is foggy or very cloudy? Do they have special lights?
Can we purchase a fighter jet without wepon systems if we have the money?
Does the x-22A exist?
Ok, imagine a jumbo jet cargo plane carrying 10 tons of birds (crows, parrots )?
What happens after a pilot looses his plane?
How come flying in turbulence is somewhat fun, but landing when there is turbulence even little one isn't fun?
where do airshow pilots get trained? what certificates or ratings are required by the FAA?
Should airports start dong racial profiling in the attempt to try to cut down the threat of terrorists?
what can i do to stop my ears from hurting when on a plane?
Do you think we're really going to have flying cars in the near future?
how i can become airway resarvation agent?
Has anyone been on jet airways or srilankan airlines.?
How to become a Fight Attendant?
What is the separation distance of aircraft on approach?
If you were a pilot of a commercial airliner and...?
What color are the runway edge lights ?
How many types of aircraft hydraulic emergency power generation?
nancy bird-walten posters?
If 90% of aircraft fatalities are due to fire, why are there no smoke hoods like you can buy fron Sporty's?
United Airlines -- reliable or not?
why do airplanes explode so easily?
what is the best flight simulator out there under 30$?
how do i over come worry of flying?? ?
what are the dimensions of a boeing 747's wing?
why do you have to open/close the shutters on planes when landing taking off????
How easy is the route to being a commercial pilot?
what difficulties black pilots faced?
If a plane crashed, where do they bury the survivors?
what could the crew do in order to facilitate the landing?
how not to make your ears pop on an airplane?
Why are holes in planes bad?
Is Royal American Airways still in business, and if not, when did it fold?
How do I overcome the terrifying fear of flying???
what year did neil armstrong land on the moon?
I'm interested in becoming a pilot..cost of flying lessons? & commercial pilots..?
Cultural impacts of the f111?
where can i get a pilot training in canada?
Does anybody know Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy?
How fast can a Airbus a18 go?
Oxford Aviation Academy (Australia) or Florida Institute of Technology?
best pilot training centres in india?
what jobs do navy personal get after they get out?
The latest airplanes do pilots set the trajectory on the autopilot and push the go button ,is that about it?
My father died in a plane crash of a private plane in Pa. in late 1947 or early '48. How would I get informati
my personal?
help with aircraft parts?
I'm so scared, is my plane going to crash? I don't want to die young please!?
Barrel Roll with Learjet! is this fake?
Civil aircraft differences?
What is MACH ?
If you choose seats through expedia and choose different seats through the airline's website, which seats will?
*Urgent* Presidential TFR?
why are the cabin lights always turned off when a plane is taking off and landing?
how do air planes fly?
when was the concorde first made?
what could have done to prevent 9/11?
What is the best and cheapest airline? (US)?
Is as the crow flies the same thing as nautical miles?
will a aircraft flying in the same direction of the earths rotation reach a destination faster?
is it a lie that planes are safe?should i give up my hobby of flying?
why dont you?
Airline pilot training information...?
How necessary is a degree?
Why don't air-travel companies supply passengers with parachutes as part of the safety features?
what does 'RON' mean with regard to aircraft? I would guess remain overnight? is this correct?
How many pilots are in control of a plane less than 10 hrs?
Does anybody else think...?
Do aircrafts have Horns?
Where were the crew seats located in the F27-100?
can anyone help me find aerodynamic and geometric information on NACA 4410 airfoil?
Made up airline names?
Scared on flight? Plz help!?
Who's involved in Heli-Logging in British Columbia?
What parts to use for a 2 pound RC plane?
Are boeing 747's still in commission?
airline post address?
what is the average wage for both airline and general aircraft maintenance technicians the the US?
Fighter Pilot / Commercial Pilot?
my registration number is 533202 what is my Schedule cast rank in GATE 2007?
What subjects should I get into if I want to become a helicopter pilot?
can an commercial airplane sit in one spot in the air?
Why don’t they make planes out of the same material, as they use for the black boxes?
Im Scared, Please Answer?
i want to down load free ring tones of flight landing?
Rickenbacker 2009 Airshow?
How to get cheap airline tickets?
what are the responsibities of cabin crew?
why does low flying fast plane cause glass to shake in house?
can i still be an airline pilot if im colour blind but i can see the traffic signs?
Can an epileptic get a pilots license?
What should I do if I see a plane flying extremely low?
Why do Jumbo jets such as 747's, 777's and Airbus 340's need alot of room to take off from runways?
My parents will not let me become a pilot! I'm a muslim!?
What to expect in a introductory flight?
Question About Studying For a PPL?
Can I text people out of the country?
do flight instructors fly with a person in stormy weather on purpose to train for rough conditions?
is there an entertainment system in a A320-232?
Will a PPL help me to become a RAF pilot?
what is the cost of training to become a commercial pilot? What are the salaries drawn by pilots?
Why would a plane crash and would it split in mid air?
Can I join the indian air force as a technical engineer even though I have spectacles?
how easy is it to fly a microlight?are they safe?
can i become a civil pilot directly after completing my tenure as a pilot in the indian air force?
How many Massey Harris 444 were made, per year, and fuel type?
does the russian air force plan on buying the An-124-100M-150 if so how much?
Which airline is better?
Why dont they provide Parachutes on passenger airplanes like Boieng 747 ???
What kind of GCSE grades are we talking about when I want to apply for a job as a Pilot in SQ?
How can I become a pilot?
Why did Turkey use F16's to force a Russian passenger plane to land?
Dizzy on a plane?
What are the steps in becoming a pilot ?
How much money do I need to get a PPL?
how many hours does it take to fly from paris to new york?
are there any requirments and procedures for airport services and aircraft ground handling?
what website can we see all of the planes in the sky?
why dont airplane tires disintegrate when the plane hits the runway?
if im going to london via british airways, what can i bring with me onboard the plane?
Which ww2 plane shot 4 guns through the propeller?
Can I get ground school purely from DVD's? (Private Pilot licence)?
What are the best tips for flying?
One Direction Tickets?
Help!!! mycarwontstartitsoundslikeitwantstobutwo…
How am i meant to sleep on a aeroplane?
How come the default 737-800 isn't showing up in fsx?
When you enter an aircraft do you ask yourself,"Am I going to leave this bloody thing alive."?
In the aircraft ATA zonal system what does ATA 320 represents?
why do some people prefer Boeing to Airbus?
why do you have to turn off all your electronics when a you take off in a plane?
Pilot in South Africa , should I ?
How many people can you carry with a class c license?
HOw to build John Kay's flying shuttle?
why are fighter jets so expensive?
How can I best get photos of shooting flocks of meeses from a helicopter, a gyro?
which brother flew the wright flyer first wilbur or orivill wrightwhich?
What year,model military aircraft would have used a, Firestone Sky Champion, tire, size 6x2. Any info,Thanks.?
i am final year b.e. mechanical student.. i thought for join any flying course.?
Need a degree for professional pilots?
In birmingham uk, How would I go about getting a pilots license and then becoming a pilot in the army?
Do you think planes will travel faster in the future?
Any Female Flight Attendants?
I am over 40, my vision is 20/20 corrected. Too late for me to learn to become a commercial Helicoptor Pilot?
what is the fees of private pilot training schools in india?
Do I have to take a drug test to get my private pilots license?
Can anyone give me the web address for Russian Flight schools?
what is the job responsiblities of wing commander in indian airforce?
Thrifty Car Rental has this wildcard special. Has anyone experienced wildcard special deal?
Model kit 747 or commercial aircraft?
What eyesight specificAtions are there for helicopter pilots?
Is it possible to become a commercial pilot with weak eyesight?
Oxygen masks in Planes.?
about flyover.basics of fly over and its contents.diffrence between flyover and overpass.?
fastest twin prop private planes?
How about the man made to sit on the toilet of a Jet Blue flight because of a stewards uncomfort?
0 hours to ATP and 3000+ hours A320 rated?
Can I pass a JAR class 2 medical (glider pilot) if I take prednisolone and Quensyl?
Why Boeing-777 doesn't have winglets?
I am interested in flying planes i want to become a commercial airline pilot i have a little bit of an idea?
How does an large aircraft carrier change direction?
Pilot lessons - As close to SN10 5 In Wiltshire, UK Light Aircraft though?
If a plane could fly faster than a helicopter, why fly a helicopter?
dose any one know the seating formation of a plane?
Why do men want to join the one-mile high club, when it is all just pie in the sky?
is stall achieved when landing aircraft?
hi you all who knows/pilot/operates Harrier/AV-8BII and or JSF F-35?
Fitter job in general aviation in uk.?
Aircraft Wing Construction: How are wings attached to the aircraft body? How can they withstand the stress?
Im 15 and I would like to become a pilot?
Why doesn't the Boeing 747 have GE90 engines?
what are the probable interview questions asked for flight attendant interview?
how many aircrafts per hour are there around the earth?
what is the retirement age of pilots in India?
imapct of wide bodies jet aircrafts on aviation industry?
Top Paying Airlines!!!!?
why do people call the airbus, scarebus.... loool?
what is crew job,cabin crew,stewerds?
How many lives have been lost to DC-9 / MD80 aircraft incidents?
what is a flight engineer,and his duties?
So why are companies happy if you pay them in cash?
L-39 fuel consumption?
with so many planes flying over the u.s at this moment how are they not running into each other??
What are all the classes that I need to major in order to become an airline pilot?
About the A320 that landed on the Hudson River?
is there any transit hotel in changi airport?
are there different levels for a commercial pilot in controling the plane and hows that affect the payment?
Could a pilot legally fly without his log book being present?
does gulf air have have tvs in the back of their seats lyk cathay pacific?
How does a pilot control role and pitch on an airplane?
Singapore Airlines does it provide good service?
Something to prove a death other than death certificate?
Is there any future to create passenger Zeppelins again?
Why the cockpit warning voice is male? The one saying '200, 100, 30, 20, 10' or another one 'pull up, pull up'?
When can i test for FAA Medical Class 1/ Cat 1 (Canada)?
How fast does the F/A-18 hornet land at?
Why all the 5th gen fighter/bombers look the same ?
Why Doesn't Connecticut Claim "First in Flight" Instead of North Carolina?
What's the best way to Buckle your Seatbelt ?
Will the potential looming war with Iran have an adverse effect on the aviation industry?
How to train to become an airline pilot?
What makes real jet fighters or helicopters stealthy?
What would happen if a pilot is late to work?
where can you go to see the aircraft using the aberporth range?
What should I look for when shopping for a plane?
If a fully loaded, large commercial airliner has to make an immediate return to the airport after?
How do I become an air traffic controller?
what are pilots? the excersize?
Which is safer Airplanes Boeing or Airbus?
Flight Simulator X, Free Downloads?
How does Santa's Sleigh Fly?
What do I have to do to transfer my license to Canadian?
miss pilot from VA-12?
what is your favourite sandwich?
Microsoft Flight Sim 2000 Check Ride?
Kingfisher airlines : did this company train the pilots that are currently working in it ???
what is the take off speed of a sall aircraft in relation to its speed?
What is the price of hand size jet engine?
Im going on my first solo cross country flight tomorrow, do you have any advice for me?
How do you tell whether a plane is a Boeing or an Airbus?
Scholarships for flying?
Why do aircraft use front lights during night time?
I ran out of questions. Can someone give me questions to ask?
Pilots or people who know about jets: How did this plane land?
Is it true that flight attendants of KingFisher airlines go through "page 3" interview with Vijay Mallya?
How do you become a delta?
Can commercial planes be flown remotely?
Hi I want to become a pilot..But how?
An Android app for monitoring position in-flight?
Can you be a Commercial Pilot if your enhanced CRB has convictions on it?
aircraft armament systems?
Where can I find extremely cheap plane tickets?
How many Emirates airmiles for silver tier?
Why do airplanes have two steering wheels?
Avro Vulcan vs Boeing B52 Stratofortress vs Tupolev Tu-95 Bear?
What is the alphabet that pilots use? can some one name all of them like Alpha,bravo..etc. Please!?
Good small airplane for $25,000?
to become a pilot how long do u have to go to college for?
US Airliners Rank from 10 through 1?
on turbine engine propulsion?
How are flight numbers assigned? And who assigns them?
if you were going to buy a 757, what engines would you get? pratt or rolls?
Best airline???????????
Did you Ever See Concorde ?
Does anybody know which plane co. this belongs to (pic)?
Flight connections through Pearson...?
Do i need much money to become a pilot?
What is the cost of a challenger 604 type rating?
Available jobs for trained pilot for small passenger aircraft?
How to convert FAA CPL to Canadian CPL ?
Hello how are you doing? i would like to know where i could find a job flying checks for the federal reserve?
lockheed f35 controversy?
taking off???
i am going to america in about 5 week. do u think the cabin crew will let me tlk to the pilot.?
Does the x-22A exist?
What is the price elasticity of supply for airlines?
What qualifications do I need to be a pilot ?
an air force recruiter told me you can;t be a pilot if you wear glasses or contacts?
How far must airshow spectators stand?
Would you be afraid to fly in a well maintained, logged, GA aircraft that is 35 years old? Made in 1972 or so?
Can i become a pilot but also wear a religious head scarf?
If a child is born, midflight, over several countries (eg the Arctic region) what becomes its nationality?
Why is it that there are no airlines like EasyJet here in the states?
What has happened to the Concorde?
how does buddy pass work with airline?
please anwser! 10 points? Why? why are planes SO LOUD when they are on the runway taking off?
Boeing 747 or Airbus 380?
what is an aircraft dispatchers job?
Can some one direct me to a site which can give me a concise document on RNP-SAAAR. Thanks in advance..?
What is known as International Travel Organisations?
Will the rigid airship return?
Blue Angel's Crash in SC today?
How to become a helicopter pilot/gunner?
what subject i should take in high school to become commertial pilot?
what are some basic things to carry?
i need help with this plane question?
MD-11 cruising in simulator?
What were the requirements of a pan am stewardess?
What can a teenager do to get his foot in the door in aviation?
what if your a kid and you are scared of airplanes?
what is the fastest plane in the world?
Becoming a Pilot? UK Only.?
How Much does a Helicopter CFI make teaching Private Pilot Students?
RC helicopter lifting objects?
Regarding the F-14 and the Boeing 747.?
why don't they make planes out of the same ceramic material used in spacecraft?
When do pilots extend/retract the flaps?
can i still become a pilot if i have a mistenmior for demostic battery charge?
Does anyone know if the show "Airline" on A&E is still on or has it been discontinued?
How do I become a flight attendant ?
When did you last fly & what airline?
Will Southwest ever fly to colorado springs. Or does Aw have a hold on this airport.?
need any info, on OMH eagle ultralite helicopter. Will it fly.?
Where can I buy replacement parts for aviation air tools like Dotco, Cleco, Ingersoll Rand, etc?
How fast is the plane going in still air?
Can I be a fighter pilot even though I have a poor eyesight?
What is the Gate Position In a holding pattern ?
iam 31 years old have a private pilots licence can i apply to an airline company?
Can airplanes fly with engines shut off at high altitudes?
If u Live in L.A. but u go in a helicopter would u rather jump out when fuel runs out/ be in the plane crash?
Does anyone have an empty packaging carton for a Delta rocket?
I am scared to fly! Any advice?
do fighter pilots actually get a bleeping sound when they have a radar lock on an enemy fighter?
How much do 2 flight cost in a private jet airplane?
Do you think it's possible for someone like me to become a pilot in the RAF?
Emirates airlines few questions?
Can someone help identify this aircraft?
What causes a plane to land with its nose pointing upwards?
how many years?
Y must airplanes dump fuel from end of the wing at sharp banking?
How many MPH does a 737 go?
Is it more dangerous for a plane to take off or to land?
Me I know my present standing on my mabuhay miles points base on my award tickets previously purchased.?
Will the way to become a pilot change?
Whats the difference between these air traffic controller degrees?
what is Ryan airs mail address?
Will flying cars eventually become a normal thing to society?
A plane is traveling at 2 mph under the speed of sound. A passenger walks forward at 3 mph. Sonic Boom?
a question for aviation buffs?
What happens when a helicopter is stuck by lightening?
Embrayer 190 Why the design ?
do i need to to take a behind the wheel class from an instructor first or can my dad just teach me?
Pilot height???
where do I find STOL wing tips for a Stinson 108-1 and what type works best?
whats the fastest and easiest way to get a pilots license?
Should this affect my flight?
Why DHL Airbus A300 service needs an engineer for starting?
Where can i buy or when is it coming out for sale a PD-100 Black Hornet helicopter????? please?
why do airplanes...?
Fuel cells are available for cars, but what about planes?
The acronym for handling an emergency ANC?
What does a airplane pilot do?
what are the educational qualifications required to be an air traffic controler in usa?
How can I become a flight attendant?
How to get yourself upgraded to Business Class when flying SIA?
What is the world best airline?
I want to become a Commercial pilot but confused in 4 years and 2 years program?
Which country has the highest paying air traffic controllers?
Why do airplanes leave white trails behind them on cloudless days?
can a restricted category aircraft be operated overweight? (cam8)?
Why is the A-10 Thunderbolt II still in service?
how much does a Florida pilots license cost?
is there a coding in pasay and makati today june 9,2008?
Why does the black color of the blackbird aircraft reduce the heat caused by friction?
difference between a jet and a air plane?
'Arm the doors'. What does this mean on a passenger flight?
What does trim do on an airplane ?
Flight schools in Los Angeles?
What should i Major in if i want to be a airplane pilot?
Southwest Pilots Flying All Variants?
Hello Thinking about a fast program in flying?
Daily, roughly how many people actually work in the skies over britain? everything from airlines to zeppelins?
How long is this flight?
Can I text people out of the country?
what is the duty of junior attendent (airport)?
I want to became a pilot in some years now im 16?
Question about Commercial Airplanes?
Does anyone have experience with Aircraft Spruce aviation headsets, or specifically the Skycom II ANR?
how fast is a jet airplane going on touchdown?
What happens to passengers during a plane crash?
Why are adults told to put their oxygen mask on first, before their kids?
Get answers from millions of real do i manualy brake my B737-400 after ILS landing?
How to get a pilots license?
how do i achieve the most advanced fleet for my airline?
can a fighter jet fly over a school ?
What are you most concerned about when Flying?
What do you do when a 747 runs out of fuel?
why not aircraft go back by own?
when do 747s come into brisbane airport?
Where is a good place to watch planes take off and land at San Jose Intl.?
What does "heavy" mean in pilot speak/aviation?
Is being an Airline Pilot dangerous?
how do you fly a plane?
closet airport to Napa Valley, Ca?
Where can I find AN960/NAS 1149 or at least military/aerospace approved washers with the following features?
what things i can not take on airline?i know no guns and no knives.?
How long is a typical runway?
Questions about the F4U Corsair?
can a airplane breakup in midair if it enter a heavy turbulences?
what is it like being an air traffic controller?
What is the name of the undetecable plane?
Century Air Flight School in Fairfield? What do I need to fly?
planes and the noise they make?
do you all own a jet?
Where Can I find Diecast Model Airplanes ?
Why don't airliners have shoulder straps?
Why did the airport do this?
what is arrival time of Indian airlines flight no.7541 in Bhubaneswar.plz give the todays time(whether it late
WHat Are All The Airlines That Have The A380 As Part Of Their Fleet ?
I am scared my plane will crash?
How come passengers go in the brace position but not the pilots?
Air Traffic Control CTI Program?
air india 151 cancelled?
Reversing an airliner question.?
FSX PMDG 747-400... SID's and STAR's?
why dont planes fly into each other?
i am going on a plane and i am scared should i be scared and also what can i bring on the plane?
Why does Qantas operate its daily non stop B747 MEL-LAX directly over Mount Waverley?
know where i can get the Boeing 747 operating manual?
What do you think about the air crash in Brasil?
How to works DME and ADF on cessna 172 on flight simulator X?
name four disadvantages of the dyetrant inspection procedure?
Is autopilot on an airliner a safety feature or a luxury?
If I check in early Can I choose a different seat ?
How may I become a pilot for the forest service?
why is a flight black box recorder red not black?
does the boeing 747 fly by itself?
What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?
What do the last 3 sections (10156, 20133, and 51017) in the METAR below mean?
Questions about having a helicopter pick me up from high school graduation?
Is it possible for a Jet plane to crash because of a "bird"?
Effects of low-wing versus high-wing?
whats that one commercial ?
Why are there no pictures of the rescue of 1982 Air Florida crash into the Potamic on the internet?
Do British Airway cabin crews not realise thet if they continue strike action they will soon be out of a job.?
question to pilots?
What is the BEST fighter AIRCRAFT ?
what happens to old Indian Milatary aircraft ?
embarkation and disembarkation of passgns at airport expedite de speedy clearence of passgns wen correct?
Which type of airline would you choose to fly on if they were both fly time from the same time and place?
can u say a plane lands when the wheels touch the ground or when the plane stops?
Why do Commercial Airliners fly so high up in the sky?
Explain why aluminum planes do not decompose during a rainstorm.?
Where and how to find repossessed or foreclosed on aircraft to purchase?
Could a WWII torpedo bomber be used like a dive bomber?
where can i find scraped Aircraft body only to make a dubble bed doll house.?
When you go for a poo on a plane, does it simply get dropped into the sky?
What does a propeller do for a airplane Read more:
Can the wings of any plane be folded?
If I were to build a full scale model WW I biplane in my garage where can I legally fly it ?
If you managed to open the door of a 747 at 30000 feet?
Why are you interested in becoming a part of united airlines?
Air Pocket?
Delta Sky Miles reward?
Why don't west-bound flights take less time, given that the Earth is rotating in the opposite direction?
Getting a private pilot license at 17?
Please answer this aviation related survey?
how should i go about becoming a pilot?
What is a Blue Streak Mechanic?
Am I Too Young To Start Flying?
is it true the LAX is going to be remodeled?
how much is a mini cab from heathrow to golders green?
General Aviation Pilots.?
Is it normal to land a passenger jet using the automatic pilot?
'after 5 years working as an LAE and u find a on the aircraft body which u noe can nvr grow any larger t
what are the career oppurtunities for aircraft maintenance engineer?and how much salary do they get approx.?
Can she still go on a plane ?
Why did the flight attendants give shots?
How can I find a tail number for this flight AF38. Airbus A330-200 (twin-jet) (A332/Q)?
Would a jet bomber ever be used on people using cardboard boxes as their only means of protection...?
How would become a six figure earnng aircraft pilot?
how do pilots get into their seats?!!!?
How many days can an Airbus A380 be built?
Is being an airline pilot a good job to pick and does it pay good.?
Flying weather in Wisconsin?
If a Fly is flying inside a high speed train which is travelling at 100mph plus, the fly is airborne so what?
i need help and advice that most people can answer!?
Can today modern airplanes land manually or by the pilot?
how much does a type rating for a learjet 31A cost?
what is air parcel z?
who was varun dhanna?
Which aircraft do you like best? y?
A plane flying with a constant speed of 390 km/h passes over a ground radar station at an altitude of 2 km and?
I just bought a keg of beer, I wus planning on takin it wit me to Germany, from the US?
how much is the charge for excess baggage in northwest airlines from japan to philippines?
how to apply for a job in deccan airlines as aircraft maintenance technician.?
What is semi-monocoque fail-safe fuselage?
Need some information about RAF(WWII)?
can runway size affect me to decide when I should bring the plane to level and start flaring?
Emirates airlines pilot requirements?
Who do you report low flying planes to?
I'm from india and could i know where I coould do Aircraft Dispatcher course for getting easily hired?
Is $400 for a roundtrip flight from San Antonio, TX to Las Vegas,NV expensive?
Cabin crew 212 cm reach test? One hand or both?
what is easier to fly, aeroplane or a helicopter?
Who believes that concorde should be brought back?
did any body see the a380 jumbo jet land at LAX?
why do aircrafts need to be low on fuel when landing?
what can I do if i have my own plane?
how can u fail one pilot in a two crew checkride?
is atp flight school good?
Does Hong Kong has an open sky agreement with Canada?
Can a commercial jet do a barrel role?
Dirty wings?
Why dont planes fly direct to their destination?
Why do the pilot and the copilot have to lovingly interlock their hands when increasing thrust on takeoff?
improved components in aircraft, phases of aircraft, communication system for passengers?
What fighter jets can fly to the edge of space, besides the Mig-25 foxbat?
what is the total floor area of the demolished terminal 1 subang airport?
Air Traffic Control Question?
Question for professional pilot or A+P mechanic..?
Is it legal to bring a 6-pk of beer on my flight from TX to VA?
Are transatlantic jets carrying enough fuel? Over 500 diversions to Bangor in 8 years.?
questions on commercial airplanes?
How much does the average private jet cost?
When were air flight 89s made?
which job is better being a pilot?
Is there any loans or anything for flight training?
Can I become a commercial pilot even though I'm colour blind?
Question about descending planes?
changing airline tickets?
How to get an airline scholarship to become a commercial pilot?
Whats the difference betn a CAG & a line jet?
My heat/air does not work anymore was wondering why?
radar control terminal system?
how many rpms per volt is a park 400?
Can I use a mobile phone in a private plane?
Good flight schools in Utah?
What is the requirement to be a pilot or air traffic controller? Help? Info needed.?
What is aircraft sheet metal? How will I identify and classify aircraft sheet metal?
Looking for Parts for C46.?
Aviation - wake up America?
Most practical career fields involving helicopter piloting?
Vulcan Bomber?
In pocket planes the apple app how do I find the starship plane?
Do you have to be FAA certified to work in a non-FAA control tower? Don't know if I will make the age limit.
i want to buy a aircraft?
What is your favorite altitude?
Pilots and Commuting - Solution?
How can i become a Pilot with no grades ?
How much does an oil change for a cessna 152 cost? Can this be done by the pilot or only an AME?
were can I buy blink 182 tickets?
air jordan flu game hare?
Android flight simulator app?
what is the average fuel consumption for a Boeing 747 plane?
Do i need a licensae to fly a hang glider?
What are the chances a plane would crash or be struck by lightning or something?
Which country accept FAA licence except:USA?
Is it rare to become a Canadian Forces helicopter pilot?
What college can i go to to be able to fly a boeing 767, or something similair?
Google flight simulator help, how do find a place to land?
What do you have to do for school to become a commercial pilot?
Do they charge more if I change my airplane ticket's date?
can a on a aircraft carrrier?
The Difference among these planes?
I need information on the thompson turbine engine?
URGENT.why does a paper helicopter fall at a different average speed when it carries a different weight?
Want to be airline pilot - how do I know if I will enjoy?
What's the difference between the 24 bit and 8 bit DFDRs?
airforce question!!!!!!11?
My flux capacitor is badly damaged.I can still get up to 85mph(useless though).Can someone help-what should I?
I'm going to Llanbedr in the summer, will I see any RAF or Military aircraft?
What is the photo of B1 SPIRT HUNTING compared to the F16?
going for a liscence at 14?
What is the pitch between plane windows?
What days are the cheaps days to go on a airplane during the weekor weekend . What airline is cheapest and fas?
is it tough to get a job for a flight attendant?
Flyzone cessna 182 battery charge?
Are their any aviation engineers out there that are willing to give me their email?
Any Aerospace / Mechanical Engineers who can answer my question?
How fast does an aeroplane go on the runway before lift off?
Any PA-30 Twin Comanche Owners out there?
What is the funniest airline joke you have ever heard ? Nothing profane, please.?
How can we invigorate GA and get more people to learn to fly?
Why aren't airline passengers given parachutes?
can you take the private pilot knowledge test just studying by yourself without a ground school teacher?
How do fighter pilots go to the washroom?
How much does The Transition(flying car) costs?
What is Siting Error when used for radio navigation?
I am a pilot for a career presentation it says to use props what props can I use?
Can an airliner glide to safety ?
Longest passenger flights and what aircraft are flying them?
what is the fuel consumption of the Rolls Royce Dart engine as installed on the gulfstream 1 aircraft?
Engine oil for Rotax 912 or 914?
critical analysis on modiluft airlines - reasons for failure?
impact of wide body jet aircrafts on the aviation industry with regard to passengers fares and travel?
Does anyone own, or has flown a cessna T182, T206 or a piper 6xt or a cirrus sr-22?
What happens when you say “hi” to your friend on an airplane who's name is Jack?
What ie the difference between airport and airstrip?
where i can get a clear idea to do a static model ? including dimensions and material to be used?
Is It Possible To Buy An Old or Have Someone Build A New Bf-109?
Can I know the Salary of A Fighter Jet Pilot in Malaysia ?
how much km bcn to valancia?
How do twin rotor helicopters, like those of the Chinook at Dartmouth, avoid their blades clashing each other?
Hi I have a Delta question. Do the flight benefits only apply to employees' kids under 23 and in college?
using pay calculator airlnie pilot salaries?
How does a civilian go about getting a ride in an F-16?
PERSONAL HELICOPTER ?!?!?! What's this world coming to?
What is the requirement to be a pilot or air traffic controller? Help? Info needed.?
What does it take to be a pilot?
How can I get over my fear of takeoff while flying?
Who takes pictures of planes in the air?
Beta valve question?
Eclipse Aviation, what does the PQPM stand for?
Did the P-51 Mustang airplane come in a two seater?
How hard are airlines like Southwest and jetBlue to get into?
what its the diference between a single engine, multi engine, turboprop and het aircraft?
Can someone please help me find the website to track the live flight map of KU-285 which is Kuwait Airways?
what will be the cost of getting a commercial pilot licence in Australia?
What to do on a 10 hour flight by yourself?
Will you take a ride in my airship?
Why don't airplane black boxes have some sort of device to help locate it if submerged in water?
Can u suggest me a good book relating to Pulse jet engines?
Why do they cover plane wings with manmade fabrics?
Airplanes ? Plz answer!?
What types of aircraft were lost during Operation Ten-Go?
what is the best airline frequent flier program ?
in measurement of magnetizing force search coil is palced in is the H constant in air & in sample ?
Help on learning how to fly "outside" the plane?
plse give me best free site for basic aircraft air-conditioning system both air cycle and vapor cycle types an?
What are the websites for the top ten pilots training schools in Malaysia?
Airplane Trouble (10 POINTS)!?
How fast is 26 MPH???????????????????????????????
Are there any companies hiring low time pilots have 274tt, 28me and a CL-600-2B19 orCRJ200 Type rating?
What is the height of a Falcon 50's tail with SatCom installed?
aircraft question?
Does Boeing use rolls royce engines?
why do kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
im doing electronics i would like to apply for air traffic controller could any one tell whether em fit?
Hi anyone a pilot here?
If I would sleep in the plane during landing, would I still feel something in my stomach?
How fast did the X-15 go in its test flights?
What are the subjects needed to become a pilot?
Why is the Concorde not flying anymore?
In the event of an engine failure with no runway remaining, above 1000' AGL, what would you do?
Which is better: Boeing or Airbus?
i understand how to selet a particularr category when asking a question but when answering a question?
When will this show air?
What future alternatives might there be to the jetpack vision for solo bodied human flight ?
Which seats are best on a 747-400M Combi?
Profiling? So What? From a pilot's point of view...?
Why doesn't the top rotor of my RC helicopter work?
If you get high of air duster?
How many arrows does a plane have at the end?
Duel Cross Country Please Help?
How do liberals justify buying jets for congressonal use while stomping on corporations that use private jets?
is it legal to operate a learjet 24 single pilot?
What Type Of Helicopter Is This?
need a erj135 sound set 4 fs2004 can u help?
what are the features that make the Helios 2 so fast?
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what can i do 2 avoid air pressure hurting my ears while travelling through plane?
Is the degree I'm trying for really worth the money?
are there any dangers with turbulence?
Info on becoming a pilot?
pilots recruitments in arab nations?
Where can I find a soaring instructional video?
How do u get over the fear of flying??
On Flight simulator 2004 when on final approach how do i steady and land evenly i mean what tool do i use.....
Can i be a pilot if i got hyperopia?
Need some information about RAF(WWII)?
examples of oligopolistic firms?
how much does a first officer pilot make with a bachelors degree in airline business management?
Why do airplanes pressurize their cabins?
Can a young guy who's a mediocre driver and never did well in math and physics become a successful pilot?
Hey where can I get and RC helicopter with a camera with live feedback?
A question for pilots /student pilots..?
Is it possible to rebuild an old aircraft on new tooling?
Which is more maneuverable: the MiG-35 or the Su-30/Su-35?
Re:parachute Q : Why is it a commonly held belief that planes plummet to the ground from high altitudes?
large aircraft are made of alluminum alloys. whats the alloy part?
Is New York airport doing enough about birds since bird strikes have increased 5 fold in 20 years?
Why don't the have parasute's under the seats of an airplain instead of lifevests?
How many aircraft are flying over the uk at any one time?
how come nobody has invented an operatinal flying saucer?
How much do flight attendants make on their second year on the job?
how can u fail one pilot in a two crew checkride?
What is the two-toned beep that sounds after transmissions on Oceanic HF frequencies?
Was there any stealth aircraft in the Navy before the F-35?
TSA suggests wearing sandals?
Do the Pilots ever allow you in the cockpit?
If a black box in not damaged in case of an aircraft crash then why isn’t the entire aircraft made of that mat?
If a plane breaks up mid air, what happens to the passengers?
With all of the airplane wrecks that happen...?
What do the four wheels on the ICP of an F-16C do?
When was the Hindenburg Zeppelin built?
When should i start training for my private helicopter license?
Why would someone want to use aluminum instead of titanium in making an airplane?
Private pilot license for $5,000 - worth it?
Why weren't the black boxes from the 9/11 planes not found?
Is there a way in Flight Simulator 2004 to start with a flight with the plane shut down?
Whats the best way to get your JAA pilots license while living in North America?
What is your opinion of people who post their homework questions on this forum?
Pilots.. Zero G in a plane?
What spool is the accessory gearbox driven off on the RB211 RR Engine on a Jet?
What would you say is more fulfilling; flying a helicopter or flying an airplane?
about the future in the year 3000?
I am claustrophobic and I am afraid to get on a plane. How do I get past this?
What is this flight logging format?
What is the best Aircraft Trader Website in the States?
Airbus Have Done Very Well In 35 Years ! The A380 Program Has Problems- Why?
Is the back of an aircraft the best place to sit...?
How are you supposed to know where local reporting points are at an unfamiliar airport?
is aviation management and air transport management the same?
What is the point of the Boeing 747 SP?
How do i write a professional resume as a flight attendant yet i have no experience.?
Can a helicopter explode in air and crash without being hit?
Where is the cockpit on this floor plan?
Airlines such as American, BA, Cathay, Emirates are defined as " " airlines?
Pilot interview questions?
gold in an aircraft?
What is the highest altitude most helicopters can go?
How can i become a commercial pilot?
How to make a rubber band powered airplane?
Will delta be using northwest's airbus a330 and a319 - 20 ??
About how many M.P.H. does a jet have to go in order to achieve initial Supersonic speed?
What do you think caused the crash of SilkAir 185?
Which do you think is more acurate and tactic in a Dogfight?F14 or F16?
What was the first type certificate for an aircraft issued by the FAA and when was the TC issued?
Do airline pilots ever make VFR flights?
why all the plane have registered with name VT ?
Between this airlines, which one has the best first class?
SHOULD I become a pilot or a train driver.?
what is the fastest jet plane enginge?
why aeroplanes don't just fall out of the sky??????
Float/ Bush Plane Magazine?
i am a Uk national where is the cheapest place in the world to train as a commercial pilot please help thanks?
What is the job opportunity after getting trained on Flight Operational Officer course (COP RTR)?
WHy does a plane need rotors on the engine?
tell me the history of jet airways CEO,MD of the company & when it was started?
Does anyone know the penalty for Involuntary Manslaughter in Brazil?
i need info re: airfare and motel to las vegas for nat'l pool tourney end of may?
Any real world pilots here have there own website?
Why Airplane Toilets are made small? Why the toilets in the 1st class are not bigger than the economy?
distance required to land a water plane in a lake?
Mitsubishi MU-2 question!!!?
Songs about Airline pilot ,jet pilot or astrounauts :))!!?
What airlines are currently bankrupt?
In 1991, when NARESH GOYAL started JET AIRWAYS, then with how many aircrafts did he start ?
which ww2 fighter was better the p-51 or the fw-190?
Comparing largest plane with the largest lighter than air craft...?
What is a flight supplement?
Does flight speed vary directly with plane length?
what kind of air planes did Willam E. Boeing create?
who is the inventor of the airplane?
Boeing 707 maintenance manual wheels and brakes section?
Is El Al Airlines still considered the safest airline to fly today?
Do they screen or search luggage that is not carried on but stowed in cargo?
I am interested in Cheap, Single Seat, small engine Ultra Light Aircraft Kit?
Commerical Airliner Operations?
Do I have to wear my seatbelt?
Who's image is on the tails of Alaskan Airlines' aircraft?
What is that wire that goes from the tail to the middle of the fuselage on older aircraft?
Pilots check out this is flight simulator video its so funny?
Predict what year man will land on mars...?
What sign should be placed at the beginning of short runways warning jet pilots they are on the wrong runway?
Do pilots fear drones?
FSX Secret Shuttle 737 Engines?
Flight History?
how are airways identified?
Recomendation for emergency parachute on ultralight trike?!? And more...?
Southwestairlines Confirmation numbers?
were can i get a cheap ultra lite air craft?
need a website for aircrafts technology of WW1. Does anyone know of one?
Is it true that a replacement engine was offered for the P-51 Mustang fighter the 'Thunder' but not accepted.
What speed does an airplane go?
What can I do with my certification in airport management?
How Many Airplane passengers are in the sky at any one time over the U.S.?
how fast am i travelling?
What does one need to do to become a commercial pilot!?
Who would be interested on being my business partner?
Becoming Aircraft Electrician?
Have you ever heard of...?
Taking my mobility scooter abroad?
I'm looking for a video of a hovering jet ball?
International bizjet jobs?
Scared of flying leaving soon!?
Could I become a pilot if I joined the RAF?
How do helicopters work?
the word 'mach'?
I'm on a flight from UK to France soon but I'm scared the plane will break-up, how likely is this?
Is there a place online, or downloadable text for Sea Plane ground school?
F-111 question. Ray-K if you could please..why was it fitted with an escape capsule.....?
How to build a para plane ?
When do you think ALL humans could stop using their wheel cars and use hovercars? "2nd Industrial Revolution?"
why airline pilots are so arrogant?
How does an aeroplane stay up in the sky?
How do you get flight attendants voices on FSX and Cheklist?
I want to start a Aerospace Technology course... i need a bit of info :)?
why is the word "heavy" put before some airplane names?
Who in charge in emergency situations, pilot or the co pilot?
Is there a transportation starting with the letter "x"?
Statistically, how many people are refusing to fly because of the mandatory scanners and pat downs at airports?
What is life as an airline pilot like?
What do i have to learn to get my PPL? Physics, math, english.....i know... but what part of them?
can i be a pilot without liking stalls?
is it ok to bring foot powder deodorant when travelling a plane going abroad?
Aircraft maintenance engineer?
where can i go to become a pilot?
Where is the best place to learn to become an aircraft mechanic?
What is the best micro helicopter?
where are the fuel tanks located in the airliners?
How do crews work and what not to do?
What to Expect When Flying Internationally for the First TIme?
how do i get from LHR airport to the continental hotel in hounslow?
how old is the appropriate age to travel?
What is the expansion for 'SATS' in the Taj SATS in aviation?
Do planes cause clouds to experience pain?
What business challenges are traditional airlines facing these days?
write down the domestic and commercial use of water...?
who are the stakeholders in an airline company?
military aircraft?
How long in advance a international and domestic fligth gets closed?
Which school provides a license in Airfield Light & Power Controller for Airport?
what is the world's top 3 best airport?And the top 3 best airline?
was the sr-71 blackbird just a flying fuel tank?
Opening a Jetliner's Emergency Door in Mid Flight?
What is average salary of commercial pilot in Mexico?
What does COVAK stand for?
what the heck is happening to this plane? (pic)?
Fighter squadron question?
Which truck is more reliable a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma?
How does a pilot go to the bathroom?
Should co-pilots and flight attendants be armed with guns to stop the pilot if he goes crazy?
Repainting Aircraft Addon for Fs2004?
Do US airports need stronger runways to bear the extra weight of Americans on the planes?
how fast is the speed for landing on a military jet?
Why don't they design the aircrafts so that we can use parachutes instead of floating jackets ?
Fighter pilot chances of survival?
whats a good catchy tune that fits with air speed or flying?
how much does a pilot for commercial airplains earn?
Flight attendents and people who have done this before?
is it hard to get an airport customer agent job?
Chemtrails vs Contrails - Veteran pilots, please answer.?
pilots license?
does anyone know the number for flybe airline?
What course is required to be a commercial Pilot?
Is there a place where I can get a car spray painted with designs?
faro airport?
What is the cost of each of the Blue Angels' aircraft?
Seeking advice. Have made relaxation videos and want to get them into aircraft TV sceens on back of seats?
A Jet Engine Failure In The Takeoff Roll Is Usually Caused By What Event?
How do I become a UFO pilot?
who says cabin crew be seated for landing in the q400?
How does Airborne DME verifies validity of a reply pulse-pair?
Aircraft Manufacturing?
Reviews on Viking Arline
How much to budget after my private pilot's license?
Aeronautics Interests?
Ever notice the cute little names on JetBlue's airplanes? What are your favorites? Mine are...?
what type of engine do the current KC-135s use?
What aircraft were used in the battle of britain?
What's a commercial jet's descent rate/speed?
can anyone tell me from their experience at mazzei flying service?
I'm deathly afriad of hijacking or plane crash.?
Can you use a laptop with a wireless card on a plane?
What makes a PBY-4 distinctive?
do you own a pilots licence?
Promotion Codes.........................?
roughly, at what speed is a plane travelling at when it takes off - all types of planes- tell me what you know
will i get holiday ? i am gonna get a job in cabin crew ( air lines)?
Can a jet (or commercial) aircraft stand still in the air?
Wouldn't it be like the coolest job in the world to be a fighter pilot?
Air Traffic Control Question?
Is every airplane in the sky queried during its flight?
i want to ask about milege of helicopter?
Any one know where is the best flight school in SACRAMENTO?
What do they normally ask in a Cadet Pilot's Interview?
Who created the first airplane? Wright or Santos Dumont?
How to become a private pilot?
is tattoo allowed for class one medicals for dgca?
anybody know of any books that have a brief history of all US air force bases past and present?
I want to look up & find singleplace kit helicopters(singleplace means 1 pilot aircraft)!?
how do u start the engines on a jet?
How does the Havoc Heli fly forward?
what is the difference between aircraft technician and an engineer? specially gcc?
do helicopters always makes noise? or are they quiet sometimes?
Does anyone know a small airplane pilot named Andy from Novato, CA. Can't remember his last name?
If you pour milk into a model airplane, will it grow into a full sized airplane?
why do skeptics think that the A380 is a big waste of money?
can pilots have -9 diopter eye power?
If Black Box could not be damaged in plane crash, why isn't the entire air craft made out of this stuff?
For those afraid to fly........?
Aspiring commerical pilot?
Anyone care to explain what a Flight/Performance Envelope and "Doghouse plot" is?
Where can I buy a Vedenyev M14R engine?