Can a Canadian own a aircraft with American registration in Canada?
Is it safe to learn how to fly an air plane ?
What is the main effect of weight loss during an aircraft glide?
what do i suppose to study in order to fly a B-!7????
If that kid had been in that balloon,how would they have rescued him?
would it be possible to fly a plane using the trim if all 3 hydraulic systems failed?
If i have an international pilots license...?
How do I know when I am ready to take my Blade 400 r/c helicopter inverted and how do I go about doing it?
Whatever happened to the rear engine design?
what are the qualifications must needed for becoming an airline pilot?
What company does build ATC (610,810 etc.) flight simulators? I cannot find any information on this company?
CRJ 200 Bombardier - Need a System & Mechanics Guide for the CRJ 200 Airplane?
Why is there an airplane that flies very high and leaves a long white smoke trail?
I love flying... but how can I afford the lessons?
airline pilot career?
Do Pilots wave and flash there lights at other aeroplanes.?
Anyone out there who hails from Turlock?
how do you add your onepass points online?
What is the max number of planes that have been in the air at one time worldwide?
How do Skymiles work?
Where can i rent a buisness jet that i can fly?
how long in a helicopter?
can you give me more information about aircraft windows, specifically, ATA 56?
Do a lot more airplanes fly over Islington on their way into Heathrow than they used to?
How has lufthansa shaped the aviation of today?
Which section of seats safer?
A about a year ago in an aviation newsletter I saw an aircraft that looked a lot like a fighter of course it?
What are boeing's new planes?
Why does the lights under a commerical plane keeps on blinking at night?
Steps to become a Helicopter Mechanic?
How can I make enough money for glider instruction?
Is it true that an old locomotive is buried beneath one of LaGuardia Airport's runways?
Once i complete ground school is there a time limit to complete flight time?
What you think? ..........?
What is the Legal Max Speed in Class E Airspace?
Do F/A-18 Super Hornets land and re-fuel at Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport (KLBL)?
What is rotor configuration of bell 407 helicopter?
What is the point of the Boeing 747 SP?
can a helicopter do a loopdeloop?
how do you slow down a 747?
What is the minimum height requirement for pilots (airlines)?
What is the greatest pressure ratio generated by the multiple fan stages of a low bypass turbofan engine?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
Pilots: Would you be satisfied with a small airplane?
What type of topics in maths should Pilots be good at ?
Becoming an Airline Pilot Q's?
Private Pilot lessons!?
What aircraft do you fly and what do you like about it?
Plane flight info needed!?
Is the higher octane of gas you use, the slower it will burn and will release less toxic gas into the air?
Is it true Hollywood is remaking Airwolf for the big screen.When will it be coming out? I want to see it bad!?
in microsoft flight sim 2004 can u get more planes?
How is the seating arrangements in Boeing 767?
What do you have to be in to fly an ac130?
What is the most affordable airplane to purchase/operate for someone looking to get their vfr pilots license?
What can you NOT take on board international flights?
Constant Speed Drive on Me262?
Are you allowed to bring your own food on the plane?
what is the salary of captain of pak army?
how long does it take to get a commercial pilot license?
what does a dream of a helicopter crash signify?
What would win a modern dogfight A eurofighter or mikoyan mig foxbat?
What is your dream personal airplane, helicopter, gyro-copter, or even a powered parachute to own?
What is the Canadian Air Force looking for when recruiting potential pilots?
How old is enough for a child to go oversea alone without parents?
aviation degree (pilot)?
Does a two or more person powered hang glider exist?
Are There Certain Types Of Aircraft That Require No Licence?
aircraft question?
Fine, can I bring 2 kegs of German beer to the US next week as hand luggage or check in baggage?
How much time and money does it take to become an Air Traffic Controller through NAV CANADA?
Where's the best place to get winds aloft? (Flight training, cross country)?
i want to know how to do an airline business plan. thanks?
How much money do you make a hour as a crew member at culvers?
Are O2 and Nitrogen guages, Class 1 ?
mach cone of aircraft flying at what highest altitude can reach terrain?
What's the deal with airline food?
What do I need I become a airhostess?
Can someone please explain what flight take off feels like. Im so scared?
How long is Southwest Airlines ramp training in Dallas?
who was the first aussie to break the sound barrier in an aircraft?
About the wheels in an Airliner?
to become a pilot how long do u have to go to college for?
How can i fly planes for a living?
I need to find a person at a major airline, it would be the person in the Air Maintenance Control dept-->?
how to get a aircraft refueller job in australia?
Why don't Aircraft maker design a seat with "Umbrella" [Like fighters jet ones]?
I want to be a fast jet pilot in the RAF. Help?
Where do i sit on a plane?
Are there skyscrapers in New York with helipads on top?
Are there flight school scholarships for 15 year olds?
How use a Narco Escort II as a base station radio?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
A high-performance twin-engine civilian aircraft?
Can any air pilots explain the reason for their(your) high salary?
Airborn balloon backstrap.?
If there is no oil,what will fuel airplanes?
If a non experienced person had to emergency land an commercial airplane, how would they be successful?
can any buddy suggest how much speed should i have while firing at ground targets from mig-29 simulator?
What does a person do on the flight line?
What are the sitting areas of a plane?
Aircraft fuel tanks engineering?
Are there any pilot sponsorship available (or planned) in any English or German speaking countries?
can i take liquids in hold luggage?
avionics maintence technicians?
Work at Boeing or Lockheed?
any aviation jobs with the excitement of the air force without the killing?
why is the Boeing MD-80 called the Mad Dog?
Delta Airlines Flight 794 July 5th from Ohare to Atlanta Ticket Info?
Which airline colors does the Boeing 747-400 look pretty with?
now my friend is studying in 10th can he b'com a pilot?? he is staying in north chennai?help any train
What are your thoughts about the crash in Russia? three this year? same area?
Can civilians take a flight in a fighter jet?
Why do airplanes have 200 plus switches in the cockpit?
What is the allowed size of a carry-on bag?
why can't the airplane companies make airplanes like they make the black boxes?
Provide a definition (mathematically or otherwise) for the Mach number and the Speed of Sound.?
How many flights are in 1 day in usa?
a and the faa?
Is this video complete BS, or is some of it true?
Why aren't there more woman pilots for large airlines?
is aviation management and air transport management the same?
What's the highest altitude a plane can go and people can jump off of and still survive?
Can you become a commercial airline pilot with only 1 eye?
How do I obtain my FCC Radio Operators permit?
What do airplanes need electricity for?
when a fighter jet gets shot how do you eject? is it like A RED BUTTON?
why do people jump out of perfectly good airplanes?
Why don't my parents allow me to be an airline pilot?
I'm looking for a pilot to take me on short trips for work?
Why do radial engines have uneven number of cylinders?
Any feedbacks on airworks flight school by captain meynard halili?
what is a 440C?
what WW2 airplane is this wheel from?
do you miss concorde..............?
Canada Aviation Color Blind?
Is it true that when a bird hits an aircraft the aircraft crashes?Why does this happen?
I have had a knee replacement. When I go through airport security, will the metal in my knee set off the alarm
Questions for flight attendants?
My fiance took and passed the faa AT-SAT test, I know it's a wating game, but what now?
Missing connecting flight wid 6 days transit?
Where is the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team's Home base?
Can a helicopter explode in air and crash without being hit?
A fully loaded 747 versus a fully loaded 737?
Why do airplanes not have a horn to honk?
I am applying for a position training as a commercial pilot and have to complete an aptitude test-please help!?
what is the use of air conditioning in aircraft?
On an aircraft, if the left aileron is down and the right is up which side will the plane start to lean?
Where can I get free information on internet to make my own toy plane / glider that can fly?
US Aircraft Regulations?
how to become an aircraft designer?
Can anyone tell me the ACTUAL top speed (not OFFICIAL) for the Lockheed SR-71 blackbird ?
Function and method of using Condition Lever in turboprop airplane?
What model air tanker is best for putting out a wildfire?
Why do the fuel tanks on a Cessna 150 have different types of vents?
Who invented the first helicopter?
What is really is DME as what i heard from pilots around the world in a website i am visiting before??
traveling with my art folder?
Does anyone know about flying, and power on stalls?
Is Airbus A320 a safe and decent aircraft?
How fast does a normal passenger plane such as a boeing 737 go at takeoff and landing?
How do you land a plane in FS 2000?
Would you spend $300,000.00 USD to take a brief flight in space?
cheat code?
which are the most safe airline companies flying through Europe?
Single engine airliners?
What kinds of research would it take to make more kinds of airplanes unmanned?
According to Qantas,what's the average cruising speed of the fastest aircraft in their fleet?
How to get involved with aviation while still in school?
How do i set the time on street pilot c330?
Do/Can planes use thrust reverse to actually go in reverse?
Can I become a commercial pilot without taking maths or physics at A-level?
FAA: Airplane pilot rules when doing touch and go landings...question below.?
wut is the fastest plane?
How much does it cost to get your pilots license?
Does anyone know how American Airlines boards passengers for domestic flights?
how long will the new (old) runway of the old dubai airport be (12R/30L)? i know it'll be longer for the A380.
naftalin can use as aircraft fual?
What color are the runway edge lights ?
Will Eclipse Jets pull us closer to living like the "Jetson's"?
How can I be sure air plane seats are large enough?
Which of these 2 flight schools is the better choice to go to (In Canada)?
Emirates cabin crew open day?
i think i saw the presidents plane??? lol help to answer my doubts...?
International airline tickets lower as date approaches?
what's the name of the career where u tell the airplanes how to land safely?
are backscatter x rays actually x rays or is it just a familiarized name?
Anyone think he could fly?
For pilots, have you lost the joy of flying after being at a airline?
Do you know which is the longest airport runway in the world?
is a tire pressure check a normal routine for preflight inspection?
Is there pressure involved why aeroplane is flying?
Who thinks the Red Arrows are the best Air Display Team in the world?
flight simulator?
Why does an airplane's life depend on its pressurization cycles?
How long will a Cirrus Last?
Do you think that my interest in flying would make my dad start flying again?
I dream to become a commercial airline pilot?
Why do they call the recorder box 'the black box' when it's actually orange?
E6b home work How do I figure this out?
how many hours in advance do you have to issue a notam for a runway clouser?
How to become a pilot after high school?
my finacee cant broad his plane unitl he gets his bta money the flight manger told him that my finacee was mad?
How to become a pilot?
why I am bored?
What exactly is a "mach"?
How long before the Northwest flight would have run out of fuel?
Please! Which is better? I'm ordering a pilot's headset and need to know which brand model is the best.
what should i bring or do on a 8 hr plane trip?
I did my first 3 papers of Part66 exams. and i am searching for work experience in the U.K?
What does it take to be an a380 pilot?
More information of an USAF Female F-16 pilot in Japan in this photo?
anybody knows about Engine Alliance centre in India?
Can personal or private jets fly in and out of commercial airports?
Why do airplanes appear to move slowly at high altitudes when looking from the ground?
will v b able to become a pilot if we are wearing glasses?
Why does a pilot have to be fit?
which helicopter do you think will win?
balloons and airships?
Phugoid time periods of various aircrafts?
As a Pilot, have you ever fallen asleep unintentionally in a flight?
Did a 747 land at the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico today?
is it worth to be a pilot?
Private pilots liscense?
do glider planes have engines?
Where can I find the cost to lease an gate in an airport?
does anyone know what to do on jet set Radio future last level?
Which airliner would you never go on?
What airports have mogas for sale in Southern California?
helicopters do not travel during night time,why?
What are some aerospace engineering facts?
how can i get to airport?
Why do airplanes leave the white stream behind them sometimes and not other times?
is there a flight attendant school in davao city?
Why don't the seats on planes face the opposite direction?
In pocket planes the apple app how do I find the starship plane?
any one knows air force bases in Cali ?
why parachutes are not provided in commercial aeroplanes.?
How do you overcome fear of flying?
How to become an airline pilot? I'm 15, What is the best path?
What are the considerations for aircraft's colour scheme?
aviation internships for HS students NYC?
aviation industry?
What modifications to an airplane wings can allow it to fly better Mars?
why an airplane crashes if it get struck by a bird?
What kind of metal are the really expensive bolts that hold on the tail fin of a commercial jet?
Where did the "Huey" helicopter get it's name?
Critically analyse the advantages disadvantages of the current scenario in the aviation industry?
Is a 4000kv motor more powerful or...?
Aviation Question!?............?
Air France Black Box problem -- Why rely solely on such old technology? (see detailed question below)?
Why do the window blinds on aircraft have to be in the up position for take off and landing?
what is the name of the helicopter with two rotors?
A question about a pilot job requirements?
Decode equipment in flight plan?
DIY headset impedance change?
Changing Aviation major to something else?
why is boeing storing their 787 dreamliners?
AS Levels Airline Pilot?
i need to find this manual: a1-h53be-260-000. can someone help me?
they say airplanes is really fast?
what are helicopters that can land on water called?
Can I take an extra notebook battery on a plane?
What is wrong with the airline industry?
What job can I get after my A320 ratings?
What would happen? if A380 (Aircraft manufactured by Airbus.)?
What do you think will result from the LCROSS findings?
in my gcse i am doing foundation maths can i become an airline piolt?
traveller who investigates new land?
why do ears feel blocked after landind in a plane?
When airplanes nose dive why doesn't the wings produce enough lift to lift the plane up ???
Why do some jets leave contrails while others leave nothing while flying at roughly the same elevation?
Why would an aircraft use the terminology 'heavy' in their flight call?
What is the Salary of fire air tanker pilots?
hi ppl, any1 with answers?
What is the best college to go to if i want to become an airline pilot?
luggage question?
If I smoke weed 2 days before flying.?
what is a mist coolant?
Where will the new Spirit of Disneyland 737-900 fly.?
Where can i get airoplane tickets for 1 rs.? please help.?
Need help as fast as possible!?
has any overweight people ever had a problem with airline seats??
What is the most expensive private plane in the world?
Any good links to helicopter clipart?
how is the training structure of some airlines such as lufthanza, KLM, and so on?
Minor flying with his granny?
C172s airframe. Bulkheads, Doublers, Stringers.?
What does a Air cabin crew timetable contain?
how many rooms are there usually on a space shuttle?
I have some questions for pilots here?
How to handle "accidently" flying into IMC as a VFR Pilot?
do you have to have a liscence to fly the space shuttle???
Arizona strange plane been fly around my town for months?
Is it true that LGA's main terminal will be demolished?
Helicopters in manchester?
Who wants to pilot my Time Machine?
how to mkae a hydrongen spacecraft engine~?
Can we overtake front vechicle in single road with broken line ?
what planes do airlines send from manchester airport to turkey?
What is your favorite bomber?
what is a ConciAir system?
How does Airborne DME verifies validity of a reply pulse-pair?
If a crewboat has a passener rating of 10 does it have to carry 10 PFD's at all times?
which is the best, one?
what happens when an aircraft is squawked?
i want to be an airline pilot?
When is AeroMexico going to get their first Boeing 777-200/ER ?
people out there..please tell me what was the best airline u have taken and the best airline u have heard of.?
Aircraft accident analysis are divided into three categories what are they?
Why is blue hoodah, and when found return?
Will NASA select me as an astronaut?
Air traffic management?
Free pilot stuff?
Would America ever share the F-22 Raptor/Technology with Britain?
what makes an aeroplane fly?
Atlanta to LA flight?
How to prepare oneself for pilot training medical exams?
You guys who invented the airplane?
How are the propulsion systems of a biplane different than that of a fighter jet?
How big of a balloon is needed to lift a 200 lb. Man?
Why don't B-52 bombers ever flare for landing?
Any studies on how waxing your aircraft reduce costs?
Is there any kind of fuel other than oil that could power modern jet aircraft?
what to expect from Boeing Sheetmetal and riveting assessment?
What are shock waves+oblique shockwaves on a supersonic aircraft inlet, are they good or bad,?
What are the really bright lights in the sky that move slow and you cant hear them??
Can I bring my flame-thrower as carry on?
Why do aircraft have a black box when their data can be transmitted?
what is the mileage of boing 407?
how easy it is to work as a pilot in airliner around the world other than the ones in your country?
What is the temperature in an aircraft hold?
Microlight Requirments in the united kingdom?
Is there an airplane with a four bladed propeller?
what are the procedures and other clearance formalities in aircraft in the philippines?
which is better the S-47 of F-22?
Question about a control in some commercial aircraft?
Fighter Jet help?
what is commercial passenger space transportation?
Would a Raptor 90 be capable of lifting the intervalometer equipped Canon G5?
on a aircraft lingo what HP/HP RANGE stand for?
How do airline companies make money???
how long does it take for a fighter jet fly across the country,coast to coast?
Is it possible to start an ariel application business and how much would it cost?
On average, how many hours of flight time do you believe a pilot will have if his only destinations are 3?
Who is your favorite pilot?
what does the elevator of a plane do?
Would the U.S. Air Force be saving money on aircraft maintenance cost?
How to become a commercial pilot?
How do helicopters fly upside-down?
Being an international student, how can I build my time as a CFI in other flight schools?
what is a glider?
how can i overcome my fear of flying?
URGENT!!!!!!!where can i download boeing 737 maintenance manual specicfically about its hydraulic system???
Planning to become a commercial do i go about it.?
College aviation program vs. traditional flight school?
my son is over 400 lbs, we would like to know if there are any airline seats that he will fit into..?
wat was the name of that space ship?
help with glider wingspan?
What is the exact physical mesuments to be an RAF helicopter pilot?
On average how much does it cost to divert an airliner with a medical emergency?
Walkie Talkie signal range?
does Delta airline have Tv's in every seat?
Why we dont have female pilots at all?
I fly a Glasair 150 HP - I need more takeoff thrust - I need information on Prince P-Tip Props from owners?
cause of aircraft vibration?
Is this airplane model wooden?
What is your favourite name of fighter plane?
Why do planes fly at such high altitude?
How often do they change the tires on a jet airliner?
Could the SR-71 be classed as a stealth aircraft?
which way round do helicopter rotors go?
Why don't they make airplanes with just one window per aisle of seats?
which is a harder test, Private pilot or Basic Ground Instructor test.?
whats the difference between a A-10 Thunderbolt and a A-10 Warthog?
Am i old enough to go to ground school?
Will NASA select me as an astronaut?
What would have been the hairiest position/situation when upon landing.?
How does airliners land exactly on the middle line ?
What is the smallest jet engine used today?
members of cabin crew....?
Pilot, Should I be one?
Can anyone help me look at the weather for EWR and figure out if my flight will take off on time?
Are resonant frequencies a real problem with aircraft construction?
How do airlines get into "oversold situations" and make people give up seats?
I want 2 know if a comercial pilot can put a tattoo?
Where can i find a B-52 bomber Oxygen tank?
when using an air machine at a garage to inflate tyres what does F 1 mean?
height limit for pilots?
I'm throwing up and about to board a plane. Help.?
do you think that the US will take my pilot license if i crash my magic carpet into a quick-e-mart???
What the hell was with this new MasterCard Gold credit card commercial I saw pertaining to airline flights?
When should I be trained in flying school?
Why do we still operate old planes at Groom Lake/Area 51?
What is the longest plane flight in the world?
any advice or tips on getting over a fear of flying on planes. i usually get kinda closterphobic?
is it illegal to radio an aeroplane?
Does anyone know how to get free air travel?
Does ANA have in-flight internet?
can u talk on a cell phone will in a airplane in flight?
What is the approximate flight time from any Long Island, NY airport to Atlantic City?
I would like to have some assessed questions on ATPL {pilot course} on performance subject , please help me?
How busy is filton airport in bristol?
I think that sky diving would be a great feeling?
Marine Corps-aviation tech?
will the army etc let you fly a plane if you pay them a certain amount of money?? etc...?
Who thinks that planes are safe?
what is the top speed someone would hit when jumping out a plane ?
I have a flight question????????
F-14 Tomcat or F-15 Eagle?
Is it legal to buy drones planes on the internet ?
What's the best fighter Jet in the world for 2011 and the best still in prototype?
I sit in a aeroplane for 8 hours?
Who was the first helicopter pilot to go over 1 million miles?
Where can I find the co-ordinates for the Selig3201 wing sections?
how a special handlin situation wil b handled in de absence of any info or document?
I'm thinking of buying a 3 axis microlight?
Question about flying & ears hurting? Only happens when landing at a particular destination?
Alright guys, what would you do.....?
Stealth iPhone Locator?
Paint TWA Livery on a DC-3?
iam pcb compscience can i go to aviation?
How much damage would a fighter jet hitting a steel cable sustain?
When an aircraft banks to the left in a turn, rudder moves:?
Can a plane go in reverse right after it lands just by it engines?
With its engines at full throttle, why didn't the 747 take off on a recent episode of Mythbusters?
Whats your favourite Jet?
How expensive is a new IFR panel?
How long does it take to learn to fly a helicopter?
was there ever a heinkel 111 with a fighter mounted on it?
Looking for some large aircraft?
Airbus Scares Me lol?
what is used in jets,planes as fuel?
What is the term for the set of controls that flies a plane without human assistance?
the life of Pegasus MK106 engine in hrs or cycles for overhaul.?
I have my check ride this Saturday and was just informed that my FAA examiner is ALSO being evaluated?
what would be the difference between putting the rudder in front of a dirigible instead of the back?
What does the co pilot of a commercial airliner do if the pilot is conscious,and at the wheel?
How much are airline tickets to Mexico ?
2008 commercial break songs?
How long does a gulf stream jet take to fly from london to newyork?
Do the captain and first officer engage in light hearted banter once they reach cruising altitude?
Should the Lockheed R6V Constitution have stayed on the board?
can air traffic controller wear glasses ?
I'm 15 years old, I would like to know how can I start training to become a commercial pilot?
What is the name of the rear plane(X-Y) which is at infinity distance from airfoil?
What is your opinion of the Piper Cherokee?
any one WHO travelled in A380 AIRBUS REC?
why do they turn lights off when take off on planes?
im lookingfor driving jobs that involve test driving write ups with feedback about year and make of vehicle th
What professionals would be involved in the investigation of major plane crash?
Whats the closest Helicopter License School to West TN area?
how old do you have to be to get your pilots license in texas?
does gulf air have have tvs in the back of their seats lyk cathay pacific?
can airplanes turn?
Switching to helicopters from fixed wing?
How do you find the pilot?
What is the average take of speed of a Boeing 767?
Anyone recognize this movie?
What should now happen to these suspected terrorists that have been arrested at LHR?
If I bring my baby on a plane, will it want to be a pilot?
Where can/can't ultralights take off/land?
Does anyone know what are the "No-Fly Zones" in Chicago for non- commercial planes? If any.?
Is becoming a commercial pilot hard ?
i want to know where i can find class for makeing of remote contorl air plane in india?
Fastest jet fighter??
how much would it be to rent a helicopter for one day? I want one for my prom niqht.?
P&W GTF mod for Boeing 757?
Is there a scarcity of pilots?
Which airline flys from dublin to Rotterdam?
Why do film makers not take advices from real pilots?
what is your favourite fighter aircraft in ww2 or which is the best fighter aircraft in ww2?
Any flight attendants on here?
What should I take in college to become a helicopter pilot?
what age do you have to be to start becoming a pilot?
Qualifications and regulations for being a helicopter pilot?
what does this mean for commercial pilot hours?
sarjaha to ahmedabad indian airlince fare?
Is there a transportation starting with the letter "x"?
Has anyone tried to use their cell phone while flying at cruising altitude (+20K ft) in a plane?
Can I pass a JAR class 2 medical (glider pilot) if I take prednisolone and Quensyl?
What is the main effect of weight loss during an aircraft glide?
As a fresher who pays the best emirates or british airways for a cabin crew job?
Aircraft Preservation?
Which is the fastest commercial aircraft on takeoff?
Safety features in an airplane??
How to slow to a certain speed in Flight Simulator X?
What is a good head set?
If you book a flight with US Airways, is the plane a United plane???
Is the Lockheed L-1011 more advanced compared to the DC-10?
In Oklahoma, how much is getting your pilots license and how long does it take?
Where can/can't ultralights take off/land?
A plane flying with a constant speed of km/min passes over a ground radar station at an altitude of km and c?
how many hours in advance do you have to issue a notam for a runway clouser?
How do i get a pilot liscense??
What is the black arrow that is in front of the elevator of a Boeing 737?
How to become a flight attendant when your only 4'8?
aviation industry's hiring process?
what determines an aircrafts operating cieling,,,?
aviation industry's hiring process?
How does a plane fly upside down?
what is Aviation all about?
Weight of aluminium airplane and length of wing?
Boeing 737-300 or MD-83 or Fokker-100 or airbus 320?
what would happen if you threw a rock into a jet engine?
How many new airplane models coming out?
Is Pilot Training in German FREE of Charge for German Citizens?
How do I get all levers on al norie?
Boeing 757 with winglets?
What allows a plane, such as a F-16, to fly inverted for periods of time?
Where can i buy an external fuel tank off of a military fighter jet?
What happen to Floyd Bennett Field?
Lap seatbelts are not good enough in modern cars lap & diagonal min. Why are lap belts tolerated in aircraft?
questions about being a air hostest?
Can this hapen?aman jump from an airplane.?
being a airplane pilot is a good job?
What is the difference between rigid (zeppelins),semi rigid, and nonrigid airships (blimps).?
Can anybody advice how to sell my unused airline tickets in Europe?
Anyone out there who hails from Turlock?
Remote Control Terrorism?
how to make an air cannon?
what's a flying device that uses hot air other than a hot air balloon?
what are some requirements in order to be a flight attendent?
How good is stealth technology?
how fast is mach 4?
I want to know what kind of income some of the part-time CFI's are bringning in??
What is the purpose of pointed knives?
Can I use paracord to make a rope swing or perhaps a tire swing?
How do pilots record flight hours?
cessna 172 vs PIPER PA28-161?
Has anyone ever heard of Kevin Carter author at aircraftmechanicsalarynet?
How do you increase your G-force tolerance?
Are there automatic mechanisms used to prevent planes from dipping laterally when landing?
Websites to get cheap plane tickets?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
Helicopter circling at night?
Transport Catagory Aircraft?
Does Air Canada allow rats in the cabin(like a small dog or cat)?
does the spin of the earth make a difference to our plane travell faster or slower i mean?
I want to become a pilot?
Citizenship requirements for TSA employees?
I am planning to go to the Air Force Academy, to serve my country and be an Airline Pilot. Any suggestions?
how do airport metal detectors work?
is it necessary to have 100% visibility to be a pilot?
is there a video (on youtube) of a complete aircraft flight?
How much math is involved in flying a plane?
Formula on a plane.....?
Cargo Helicopter speed ?
Was P51 A Carrier A/C?
Where can I get??
why do flight attendants ask passengers to close window shades upon take off and landing?
Recommend an impedance converter to use a computer headset in GA aircraft.?
How many instruments can be connected to ONE pitot ? I will have 3 airspeed and one attitude instruments?
Is it safe to assume that Captain Art Griego piloted this JetBlue flight?
which one will you choose for commercial pilot training ?
What kind of flight training do I need to fly a Javelin???
new type of blimp but flys like a hilicopter what is it called?
What's the difference between an airplane & an aeroplane?
I wanted to know if there are ever any aircraft parts auctions in Arizona?
where can i find a non inspection certificate?
FAA Pre-Employment Test for Air Traffic Control...?
history of jet Engines ? from 1911 - 2006?
I really want to be an airline pilot, how do I?
when will they use Smallest,lightest Air compresser?
if I pierce my penis?
Where to obtain a list of the top MROs (maintanence and repair organisation) of the world?
MGT AND EGT indicator(in helicopter)?
Anyone ever flown in a CRJ 100?
Have you ever wanted to fly an airplane?
What is the largest and most profitable airline in the world?
Airline Pilot and MIC/MIP?
Do you have to have a pilots license to fly an Ultralight?
which country has the most beautiful airlines?ie-judgeing from the design on the aircraft?
How many people on the planes survived 9.11?
where can I get tickets for The Spill Canvas in arizona?
What is a dodecahedron neutron spectrometer with a tantalum proton absorber for aircraft?
Should aspire to be a pilot or GP(doctor)?
What is the scientific reason why airplanes fly?
Do Commercial Pilots have social lives?
what is a single piston airplane can fly from california to Hawaii ?
Sending a letter to Europe?
Can a Sukhoi Su30MKI come out as a victor against the Eurofighter Typhoon or the French Rafale?
Aerospace Global Market Share?
how much do flight attendants get paid in australia?
Gas turbines - what's the mix?
how safe are jet airplanes?
What is the Biggest Bird you've ever seen?
Can anyone tell me about aircraft rigging and the aperatus used in the process?
Best place to learn how to fly a helicopter in florida?
how much do flight attendants make a year in VA and / or MN?
i just recently got my A&P and cant find any job?
which flying schools are on top 10?
Could I be in the merchant navy for 10 years and then become an airline pilot ?
what new features and technology would you like see on airlines?
How do I identify uncontrolled (Class G) airspace on a Terminal or Sectional chart?
A weather/ flight question!?
Which ATC frequency would aircraft inbound to Heathrow be tuned into when over East London?
Pilot training in USA and work in India?
when we give interview in any domestic airlines after not selection, we can't give interview till six months?
In an airplane simulated power failure, what has less drag, a windmilling prop or a stopped prop and why?
Why do aircraft tires use nitrogen instead of regular air?
How can airlines make profit after buying million dollar jets?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
Which country has better aeronautical engineering schools for doing Ms and Phd, Canada or Usa ?
Do you think this controller overreacted ?
When captain sully landed on water, he was TECHNICALY incharge of a floating boat. Does that make him a sailor?
What ws the exact date of concorde landing on bombay airport?
How costly is it to own a Hot Air Balloon?
My 12 year old son has wanted to be a pilot for many years. How can he get started? What steps can we take now?
what can i do to stop my ears from hurting when on a plane?
sunrise question?
i really need to know whether on Emirates airline cabin crew get physically abused by their senior officials..?
Can planes take off in rain?
what is the difference between Three letter codes and four letter codes that use as airport identification?
How early should you arrive for a delta flight flying out of Detroit Metro Airport's Mcnamara Terminal?
Why are Chinese passagers so confused.?
11 hour flight with 16 month old?
Explain why aluminum planes do not decompose during a rainstorm.?
how does an elt transmitting on 406 work?
How does aviation college work?
What company pays/treats their Air hostesses the most/best?
can i take liquids in hold luggage?
omg why dont they put screens in front of the engines?
airplanes details?
Are there any aircraft with a light that flashes in twelve second bursts?
What should the cockpit crew do on a dc8 jet when u hear the GPWS alarm goes off during descent for landing?
The purpose of hub and spoke system in international sea transport?
How much do Aircraft Maintenance Engineers get paid in Canada?
is this an ear infection/ I am a flight attendant?
Air Traffic Controller Career Briefing?
Can high altitude air turbulence bring down modern domestic aircraft?
Whats the "Bing" sound heard in the cabin of commercial airplanes? A little bit later "Bing-bing"?
floatation devices vs. parachutes?
Do helicopter pilots need/use oxygen masks?
Question about medical helicopter pilots?
What is it like?
i heard that if you have done shrooms before you are not able to become a pilot? is this true?
Aerospace Employmet Question?
Could i get a bank loan to train to be a commercial pilot ?
Does international aviation use Metric System?
What can you tell me about this old post card.?
Are airports in other countries as paranoid about terrorism as they are in the U.S.?
where do i sit JAA PPL exams?
how many airports are on a hill in britain?
Is the space between seats,or rather rows,larger on an aircraft where the emergency exit doors are located?
how much luggage can you take on a flight?
Refund for airline ticket due to medical reasons...?
forgot my name of flight?
How much is the ticket to fly to Puerto Rico from the USA?
was the sr-71 blackbird just a flying fuel tank?
What is the best thing to do to start a commercial flying career at a young age?
why would you lowerr the flaps on a plane for takeoff?
What happened to Captain Min-Yuan Ho after the CHina Airlines incident in 1985?
What colleges are the best for becoming a commercial pilot?
How many hours before a flight do you put on compression stockings?
are you watching the NASA station that boing 747 carring that jet on its back to Washington d.c. great pic?
What makes paper airplane move and change direction?
Are there any good soaring simulators other than Condor?
what to use to clean the exterior of an airplane?
the importance of first airmail service in india in 500 words?
How do i set the time on street pilot c330?
How do they measure Lbs of Thrust?
Anyone else like Boeing. I think they rock and the 787 is awesome.?
Does the people who gaurds the security door see you naked?
why are planes not allowed to break the sound barrier over land at high altitude?
Are any airlines hiring flt. attendants? -- my niece is what you might?
Who else heard that Scott Crossfield died?
Informations about "JBA RC"?
since the black box of a plane is orange,why not just call it the orange box?
airplane wooden propellers from a lawence engine ww1 era where would i find out infomation to research this?
is the option of doing CPL from venus aviation academy maintained by flyers welfare association is good for me?
how do I get air mail?
Private pilot license ... after ground school and a favorable outcome, whats next?
how exactly did aaliyah die in a plane?
what is taught in police academies or LETCs'?
Where can I get my A&P license near St. Louis?
Do Heath and fly get back together in blue water high?
Why do planes fly better with more weight on the nose?
What is flying with Delta like? 10 POINTS?
Where is a cheap place to get tickets?
what is the name of fuel used in airplanes?
FSX thrust reversers stopped working?
when flying, how do you stop that horrible pain in your ears during landing?
Aspiring airline pilot.?
Who travels on NFL charter planes?
if you want to be a flight attendant do you really have to be really tall?
Will pilot training make me less anxious at take off?
what is an airport that has a very tough approach?
whos better to fly with alaska airlines or jet blue?
If the black box flight recorder...?
Why do pilots say Roger.?
Why do some fighter jets come with single and two-seats for the same type of aircraft?
What type of seats are in United Airline planes?
What airliner do you think looks best in Delta paint?
Can Anyone tel me What are the Requirements For Selection In Airlines Cabin Crew/Atendent ? (Pls Read details)?
what was the cost to purchase boeing 707 27000 used for AF One?
is bobak ferdowsi the flight director of the curiosity rover a muslim guy?
how can i get loan in u.s for property in india for pilot training?
What is that funnel of wind that an airplane creates behind it after it takes off?
Does anyone know the cooridinates of the 1972 Rugby team/Andes Plane crash?
What subjects needed to be a pliot Air force or Airline pilot?
why the mobile phones are asked to switch off in an aeroplane?
How do I get a job working on turbine engines?
Who said this "I dont need to know how to land a plane"?
who is the first man to fly on aircraft?
Are you allowed to own a Mig and fly it in America. on the same note could i buy a 747 and fly that to?
problem in understanding takeoff and landing weight in fuel jettison system?
Is it always women and children first?
how can I defeat jet-lag?
Does United, American or Delta Airlines still utilize the Boeing 727 in any US cities?
Where can I find FedEx Boeing 727's?
Do airplanes have windshield wipers???
what is delta airlines?
What is the approximate speed of jet plane in kilmometers per hour?
Anyone know about 500 D tail rotor pedals?
Chartered Jet prices per mile? How much money?
I Have a Fear of Flying?
Has turbulence ever been the cause of a plane crash?
How can I build a huge paper plane that actualy flys great distances?
Requirement for weather radar for IFR?
Why most commercial Pilots-in case of emergency- don't have the chance to report fatal signs befor plane crash?
my dream is to become a pilot but dont understand how to get in to pilot please can any one say me the way?
what is the speed of flight while landing and takeoff?
How much do flight instructors make in the Philippines?
Flying Aviation Military Question?
How often does Jeppesen plates / low charts expire?
Flight school for 13 year old?
Are Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry and Biology important to become a pilot?
What are the salaries of Airport Operations Supervisors at DFW Airport?
Where did the name,"Hangar" come from if they don't hang up the airplanes?
How much does a Hot Air Balloon Ride cost in Missouri?
How do fighter pilots clear their ears?
does any know opa-locka airport frequencies?
Does the brace position used in an airplane crash actually increase the chances of death?
How to buy a Airbus A380?
Finding reference point when flying?
Which is the best place to do a Airbus 320 Type Rating very affordable?
negative effect of the airplane?
how much would it cost to operate an old gulfstream 2?
what type of aircraft is used on flight Alaska Airlines 2308?
where can i get my pilot license in PA, and how cam I?
German bf-109 in WWII?
who is going to sponsor the 3DX/ 3D master next year? can someone give me any infomation?
Helicopter people: Would you travel on the first man-made flying saucers if they did not have...?
Do most commercial airliners' cockpits display true airspeed or indicated airspeed?
Question is for anyone that has been through the FAA Academy Process?
How does an airplane fly?
can we use reduction gear to reduct of main roter in home build helicopter?
What percentage of trained commercial pilots end up working for major airlines?
Is there a metric flight computer?
Is it true that pilots can not have blue, gree or grey eyes?
How do pilots know where they are going ?
Aircraft Separation. Is this a safety breach?
Does someone have a spaceship?
is it safe to travel with easyjet and ryan airline?
Is the P-51 the sexiest piston aircraft ever...check the P-51 the sexiest aircraft ever built?
Should I give up my dream of being a pilot ?
why I am bored?
Are there budding Pilots wanting to learn Air Navigation?
What kind of things do they check for?
How tall do you have to be to be one of the cabin crew in a aeroplane?
In FSX how can I get the guide poles leading up to runways 16R and 16L at seattle/tacoma international airport?
we are palnning a mock trip for one of our classes and i need to know......?
what is the function of the aircraft engine?
How slow can aircraft safely fly, I can see that a very slow aircraft would be very useful?
Red Bull Air Race experiences?
Best place to sit on a plane?
Can two handheld airband transceivers communicate with each other independently ?
Does anyone know of any books or websites where I could get data about airplane winglets?
I already have a degree, do I have to "AIM" a 4yr course again to become a professional pilot?
What's better, Flight Simulator X or X-plane 10?
On wheelchairs onboard aircrafts, what do C, R, S stand for?
cheap airline tickets???
how can i get to airport?
need to find a flight that left accra on 6/26/06 and is arriving in indianapolis on 6/27/06?
Do you know groups about airplanes and fighter pilot?
What is the proper aviation term for this?
What are tips of plane wings called?
METAR delivery routes?
Why are airplane control the exact opposite of normal controls?
If I get a military pilots license will I need to get a different one to fly civilian craft?
Microsoft Flight Simulators?
When an airline buys a new aircraft, who flies it to their hub/hangar?
How much would john travoltas 707 cost ?
Do airports have flight instruction classes?
What can you tell me about this old post card.?
October has a Friday the 13th!?
when an airplanes leaves these smoke streaks in the sky is it a fighter jet or just a comercial aiplane? PICS?
How do we get credit for our recent flight added to our Home Hardware aeroplan?
Why is one tired after travelling by plane?
faro airport?
what is the regular speed for a jet to land?
Best airport in the world?
Is it common for a plane to drop thousands of ft when encountering turbulence?
On a commercial airliner why is emergency exit on the exit row written in braille?
If I build a Fokker Triplane. How do I get license to fly it?
Any one in need of a co-pilot out of Atlanta?
Can fighter pilots wear bomber jackets?
If I'm on a plane that's being hijacked and I can get a call out, WHO DO I CALL?
can anyone help me with a business studies question that I had on an engineering course?? Thanks :)?
How many MPH does a plane go at takeoff?
what are the material parts of a hot air baloon?
Is it possible to cancel a Cathay Pacific flight online within 12 hrs of flying? The flight was booked online.
Why haven't planes got giant parachutes as a last resort?
could a plane be struck by lightning? while flying?
Pilots are nice?
what is an aleron?
what is it like riding in a british airways plans, are they nice?
How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket?
What type of aircraft will i be on?
Gate to Gate computer operated aircraft? Is it possible and would you fly in it?
Just what and where then is the cheapest place for me to Learn how to fly ?
air plane and my ears?
which airplane is mk-28?
for the near future , is it better to get in fixed wing or rotary wing course ?
how many poeple does the FAA employ?or hire?
Flight Help!? Help help help! I will answer ur question :)?
How to change batteries in kids toys without screwdriver on airplane?
Makers of micro gas turbines?
can a helicopter do the loop the loop?
How much runway is needed for an Air Creation Racer to take off?
How exactly does one avoid / prepare for / test for / build around RESONANT FREQUENCIES when building aircraft?
How to read airline fleets?
what is the largest aircraft that has successfully landed on the deck of and aircraft carrier?
Would an old PanAm 5 gallon gas tank be worth any money?
do you like airbus or boeing?
who has the best rates as far as airlines are concerned?
What all do I have to do to become an airline pilot?
Is it true that aircraft turbine engines have owl eyes to ward off bird attacks?
american eagle airlines A&P mechanical aptitude test?
Which ATC frequency would aircraft inbound to Heathrow be tuned into when over East London?
How do the people who work on the ground of the airports breath in the gas?
who onded racer18 tsunami?
length of class b commercial vehicles?
How will the threat of terrorism affect commercial aviation over the next 20 years?
What is the new heading required to be back on track when 80nm past the 0110 UTC position?
how much was the first airline ticket?
What are some Aviation lobby groups similar to Capital Hill?
Why did almost all the airlines sell all their MD-11s before they got old and were written off?
how much liquid can i take?
Will the 797 outshine the A380?
Are smaller WW2 fighters more maneuverable than four/fifth generation jet fighters ?
Pax jets. When did GPWS become mandatory in USA & Europe?
i will like to know whether concord aircraft is still operating and what is it speed per hour?
why is that sound in a321 airbus?
What moron won't put parachutes in planes?
What are the requirements on becoming a aerobatic pilot?
What's the best flight school to go to out of Flight Safety, Delta Connection, and ATP?
How many companies did American merge with and what are their names?
Is it really dangerous to use a mobile phone in a petrol station or on an airplane?
In 9/11 flight #93 hit what tower at what time?
All Nippon Airlines Sky Vision?
Why do some airlines dim the cabin lights for take off and landing, while others, like Ryanair, don't?
Is flight simulator x any good for people who want to become a pilot???
Do any airlines hire at 16?
how to know everything about a f16.?
Does Boeing 747 land or take off from Calgary ???
What is the temperature range of an aircraft cargo hold?
What speed does an airplane go?
what kinds of planes fly from baltimore intl. Like 737s ect?
Will the way to become a pilot change?
Need some information about RAF(WWII)?
BFF's birthday, he loves model airplanes but I don't know which one to get?
Which Airline is better?
How different is flying a Boeing 727 than a Cessna 150?
Is there wifi and TV on Delta domestic planes?
why don't airplanes go faster than they did 20 years ago?
How much Time does ittake for the flight FROM LONDON TO DELHI BY PASSENGER FLIGHT and CARGO like DHL ETC.?
What exacly is the initial rate of climb of an aircraft?
Best place near O'Hare to watch take off and landing?
How do pilots deal with boredom in a long flight?
What should I use for thrust on this? Jet engine? Ducted fan? PLEASE HELP!?
Pilots of BA38 should be knighted!!!?
Would this mini jet engine work ? With what gas?Is this even possible?Is the speed of the turbine fast enough?
I am flying from sacramento to san antonio texas for my brothers funeral on 15th thru 17th aug?
a question about flight simulator..?
What is the best R/C jet fighter to buy for under $350?
Is the Globemaster II in Luftwaffe service yet?
Can cancer patients become licensed pilots?
Alright guys, what would you do.....?
I have a question for all pilots?
Where can i get a 100lbs (around 48kg) mini jet turbine?
Do you really think we're going to find a pilot here that'll take us to Alderaan?
Is the cargo space of an airplane warm or cold?
We r very excited.can any 1 tell me when the veloster will launch in india?
What is the difference between a bomber jacket and a pilots jacket?
Whats the technique pilots use to land in cross & tail winds?
is it safe to take hairspray/ hair gel/ hair products on an airplane?
why do airplanes make a white long cloud in the sky?
Is this a real plane?
How to rent an aircraft?
Are we going to be stuck with a sub sonic commercial plane forever?
Panavia Tornado Question?
Do you guys know any good flying school in toronto ?
Why don't airline seats face backwards for safety reasons?
How Do They Paint Commercial Jets?
I want to be a fighter pilot...which is the best country that offer me best salary and benefits?
I'm scared of my flight???:( someone make me feel better?
How long is a one hor flight actually in the air for?
what is motor gyroplan B-20 model ?
how long before landing do you have to put your electronics away?
i need help finding out how to make a propeller for a model airplane for a science project. !!!HELP!!!?
Can you still get a pilot's license if you're color blind?
airplane problem ???
Were can I get my flight rating for the TS-11 iskra military flight trainer?
Is leaning mixture during taxi necessary?
I need to know how much the exterior windows of the beoing 777 is worth. like the price.?
J-20, J-16, J-15, J-14, J-13 Five parallel stealth fighter project! Is China Crazy?
what is the mph speed needed for a small plane to lift off?
Aviation Work Experience?
What's your favorite airplane of WW 2?
Few questions about rudders in planes?
Question on aviation?
What is the separation distance of aircraft on approach?
are airfair prices going to go down in the next few weeks?
How to make 11 months fly by?
Just bought a lama 5 r/c helicopter, the rotors dont spin, is there something i should be doing?
how many volts is the battery on a cessna 172?
What was the first passenger jet’?
A question about outer markers.....?
I want to learn to fly light aircraft in the USA, heard about OFT in Florida anyone had experiences there?
How Long On A Aeroplane ?
when is the 1st ssc ultimate aero tt made in?
think a BBJ 737 can make it across the atlantic?
The plane is crash landing into the ocean!! There are no more parachutes. HOW DO YOU SAVE YOURSELF?
Alternate Instrument Approach?
Being an electronics student,am i eligible for HAL,NAL and other aircraft designing sections recruitment?
Why can't they send rescue helicopters to Everest?
Marks to become a pilot?
Asiana airlines in flight entertainment?
Does King Schools Private Pilot Training replace ground school?
When and where are air shows around San Marcos, Texas?
what is the landing speeds for a 737 in fsx?
i am 13 and want to be a pilot and get hold of a ppl in the uk, can you help?
Ryanair Cabin Crew 2012?
Is 0-60 in 6.4 seconds fast?
which aircraft companies have dark grey planes?
Are Airline pilots spoiled by the autopilot?
I want to become a flight attendant, do you know any airlines now hiring for that position?
i want to be a stunt airman/woman. what training and/or qualifications to do so?
how much runway does a fully loaded 747-300 need (kilometers or miles)?
Would like to know how an Aeroplane takes off the ground?
Why does the flaps on top of the plane's wings open along with the engines in sides upon touchdown [landing]?
Qualification for begin pilot?
What is your favorite type of aircraft and why?
How do I log hours in planes that i'm not checked out in?
How much does a mainline United pilot make a year?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration Kit?
How static discharge occurs in aircraft?
Do you know where I can get a ringtone that sounds like an airplane flying?
why is landing a commercial plane difficult (or easy, I don't know)?
MGT AND EGT indicator(in helicopter)?
What is special about a fuel injection engine?
what is the smallest diameter aluminum allow bolt used on a aircraft in inches?
At what altitude a fighter pilot needs to wear an oxygen mask and ...?
Why can't you use electronics such as gameboys, cellphones, etc. on airplanes?
CLS A330 PSS panel integration flight simulator?
If you won the lottery (millions!!!) what aircraft would you buy?
Are aerospace companies planning to develop more fuel-efficient engines?
Which section of seats safer?
How do you get a private pilots licenses? (Madison, Wisconsin)?
Pretty obvious idea for fighter jets...?
Would the airport allow?
why do pilots say mayday mayday when in trouble where does this word come from?
what do you mean by fly-by-wire?
Another senile question about the f-16?
I wanna know about this aircraft? (Airplane))?
what exactly is "provisioning for system"?
what is the white line left in the sky after aeroplanes? and how come only some aeroplanes leave this trail?
Aircraft Separation. Is this a safety breach?
What was the name of the two people who flew the first manned flight?
United Airlines First Class Wait List Procedure?
Prices for cargo airplane? *10 POINTS*?
What Is The Probability That I'll Survive During A Plane Crash To Bulgaira? (Percentage)?
what speed is mach 1?
how do pilots recognize runways in the skies?
I bought two plane tickets with American Airlines are the seats going to be next to each other?
when was the first australian aircraft?
Aeronautical Computer/e class?
Pilots, what would you do in this situation?
is it safe to take hairspray/ hair gel/ hair products on an airplane?
I saw a piece on TV recently about a super-rich guy who flies his own private jet?
Why aren't airplanes made from the same material the "black box" (flight data recorder) is made from?
What is aerodynamics and what does it have to do with wind tunnels?
When do you think fully automated commercial air travel will be introduced?
Would the FAA hire me for ATC (10 points)?
most convincing commercial in the philippines and why?
Do PC flight simulators have any practical training benefits?
Where can someone learn to Fly an Airplane?
What is your favorite private jet?
What happens to total thrust output as the speed of the turbine increases?
What is the speed of a 737?