How old have you got to be to learn how to fly?
how many kilos are the minigun?
what is the difference between an airbus and a boeing aircraft?
what is the difference between a twin commander 690b and a 690b II?
How many buggies can i take?
What type of cargolux aircraft comes to ghana?
Will UAVs make human pilots obsolete?
Has anyone seen the Stealth at an airshow or up close on the ground?
What are the restrictions for Ultralight Helicopters?
What does (wet) mean in quoted flying charges?
Do Newquay airport accept work experience placements?
Logging flight hours for aviation liscense?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear crash helmets ?
What is the difference between the AH1 Supercobra and the AH1 Viper?
Is it a good idea to learn how to fly an airplane?
questions about a&p license?
Hi Person,My question is about Business Tavelers Assistance(BTA's) and are they required for commercial flight
when on an aircraft can you?
How safe is plane travel?
How fast can a business jet fly?
What color is a Boeing 707?
Can a helicopter to be lifted by its helix if it was in the ground. Or does the helix break?
I need fighter plane names that start with W? for example F-22. something starting with W?
Does a helicopter need gas?
Are chemtrails real or are they just contrails ?
what is the fastest airplane in use today?
Do British Airway cabin crews not realise thet if they continue strike action they will soon be out of a job.?
How far can I see if looking out an airplane window at 36,000ยด?
Why is are ground effect aircraft so efficient?
Helicopter flight school?
which airccraft do u think is the safest?
I am taking a flight Friday at 09:15 from EWR. Will this be ok? (Looks like lots of rain).?
what would the average cost be for me to learn how to fly?
Gyro/Procession/Phase lag?
What airline does Betty N. Thesky work for? shes an author podcastor and flight attendant?
Where can i go on a hot air balloon ride in IL?
How can make my own helicopter?
what is the differences between the medical cirtificate classes for pilots, like first clas,second class.?
We have 12 hours between the cruise and the flight. What do we do with the luggage while we sightsee in LA?
With Tango, or Whiskey, or Alpha? Whats Alpha?
private pilot license expiry?
what is more deadly, rollercoasters or airplanes?
Private Pilot Licence (Balloon) in India?
Harbor freight predator 212cc parts list?
GoPro plane mount ideas?
Can i be a pilot if i got hyperopia?
Cost and requirements of flight training? -ATPL-?
What is this aircraft again?
How much do flight instructors make in Canada?
How fast does a airplane go on take-off?
Are the coming of unmanned robots coming soon?
college requirements to be a airline pilot?
What is up with some plane stopping because someone passed gas and lit a match?
How fast does your average commercial passenger jetliner go when taking off?
This is what happen to Air France last nite?
Excluding terrorism what is the most dangerous thing a pax can do on a pax jet?
where can i get information notes on line regarding EASA Cat B compliance?
the first name of the origin guppy?
Are there any retired airforce pilots in Colorado willing to do interviews?
why do you have to turn off all your electronics when a you take off in a plane?
When can i test for FAA Medical Class 1/ Cat 1 (Canada)?
In an airplane simulated power failure, what has less drag, a windmilling prop or a stopped prop and why?
ultra lite flying?
General aviation pilots -- what would be your dream airplane?
How bad are the down sides of being a flight attendant?
Air transportation & terrorrist ????
Flight simulator X qustion?
Is there a continued research on super-conductivity? Can we apply it to aircraft propulsion?
What was the fastest propeller driven fighter aircraft during WW2?
i am 13 years old and im gonna be a pilot. what age will my salary be atleast more than $200k?
What are the possibilities of first class passengers not showing up?
Could someone direct me to a FAQ about first time flying?
Do US airports need stronger runways to bear the extra weight of Americans on the planes?
Why don't commercial airliners have giant parachutes to bring the plane down safely in case of an emergency?
is there any software to test the flight models(airfoil)?
Cheap airline tickets last minute from the Bay Area to Los Angeles Any help appreciated!!?
Do Comercial Airplanes Provide Parashoots?
What is a farnsworth lantern test like?
what are some movie lines that pilots say?
can you own your own airport?
How much do air New Zealand pilots get paid?
what is fokares 50?
Will set a speaker in every compartments,then a pilot will announce in important station ?
Does anyone know how if Qantas Max Altitude Memorabilia is worth anything?
What college should an airplane pilot go to?
If you can pilot and land a single engine propeller airplane does that mean you beat Michael Jordan entirely ?
Have you heared breaking of a sound barrier.?
Santos Dumont invented the airplane?
why do commercial airliners have little windows that open on the side of their cockpits?
need to now how much one way flight cost from ghana to indiana?
How to get Flight Simulator 2004 Passengers Wing View?
Is it true?
how hard is it to pull G's on jet aircraft?
how do you tell which way the wind is blowing when you are flying an airplane? there are 3 official ways.?
Do you need to have a good eye sight to be Pilot?
anyone work for UA in "CG",hows your attitude?
What is the world's deadliest weapon?
is formula V air racing dead?
What is the worst airport terminal in the U.S.?
How am i meant to sleep on a aeroplane?
what is the difference between a test pilot and a regular pilot?
If you have schizophrenia can you still become a pilot?
how old do you have to be to be a plane attendent?
Air Traffic Control: I'm taking flying lessons and everything is going OK apart from communicating with ATC.
Can a 45 days infant go on a 30 hours flight including 2 transits?
i am still in high school, i want to be an airline pilot when i grow up and i need to know how to get started?
Microlight/Ultralight trike questions?
What are some devices to measure prop pitch?
Which is more dangerous to fly: a helicopter or a small plane?
What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?
UK Flights?
im scared of flying does anybody have suggestions to help me while im in the air.?
Can you give me addresses of manufacturer of Steam Jet Air Ejectors for thermal power station?
how much $$$ is the Cessna350 Corvalis?
How can I find an old flight number? It was a delta flight from Nashville to Indianapolis.?
Tips on starting flight lessons.....?
airplane fuel question?
What would be a good estimate for the installation of 2 camera ports in a pressurized King Air B90?
how do shock collars form on airplanes?
how do airline pilots cope with the possibllity of losing friends and all the BS they face?
What kind of fighter jets can actually hover?
Where can I make a anime NOT MANGA comic with no downloads or buying required?
How to become an airline pilot? Please help!?
OK as a airline pilot u see in a B727 look at all th buttons and stuff the pilot has to use well what im?
How much does this cost?
what is the best way to become an airline pilot?
Planes that travel through the north pole!?
Aircraft window tint designs?
Any flight schools for helicopters in Wisconsin?
Who were the two violinists playing at Boeing's 747-8 rollout ceremony? They were great!?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
Why hasnt the rear-engine layout for passenger jets been favoured by aircraft designers recently?
Why do airplanes suddenly lose altitude?
variable geometry fighter to replace F-14 tomcat?
What is frequency 121.5MHz used for? I remember hearing it called the guard frequency?
What was the flying sewer cover?
a330 typical oew + fuel weight leaves no room for payload weight. why?
Any Ideas for an Aircraft Design?
Any pilots out there working with SIA? Would like to know if there are any tips to get through the interviews.
Piolits lisence????
When is the first flight of the B787?
can i use my montgomery gi bill too get a commecial pilots license?
singapore airlines pilot?
Can I bring wooden knitting needles on a plane now?
what is the difference between longitudinal dihedral and wing dihedral?
Where can I get aerobatic training?
Is there an age limit for training as a pilot? My bro is 25 can he start?
what initially powers the fan on a Turbofan engine..?
How often are USAF fighter pilot cycled out?
Has anyone managed to create a flying Incom T-65 X-Wing?
Who invented airplanes?
flying with bad eyes?
When is it legal for an unlicensed person to pilot an aircraft?
where is a website where i can see a plane view of my house?
Boeing 737NG CBT?
Challenger 850 aircraft competitor?
how bad is it if i fail my oral exam for private pilot twice?
What are the noise levels for the F-22 and F/A-18 E/F fighter aircraft?
Plane landing on highway legal questions.?
will my mum be able to come home?
Why won't flight attendants allow you to use cameras on airplanes?
What kinds of planes make good smuggling vessels?
CLS airbus A330 wingview?
can airplanes float in the air or like park???/?
if a plane crashed between united states and canada were would you bury the surviors ?
what is the daily life of an airline pilot?
Fieseler Storch measurements?
has america got an equivelent to the english red arrows?
how Ario planes fly?
how much does an aircraft mechanic receive a month as salary?
Are there skyscrapers in New York with helipads on top?
what do pilots do in the air after take off?
Has there been any clues or recent findings about Amelia Earnheart and/or her airplane?
Can a student pilot be signed off to solo a multi-engine airplane?
what the fastest airplane in the world?
How safe do you feel when traveling by means of airplanes?
What is momentum Thrust of a jet engine?
Cl for max range and Cd for max range?
What does a typical super-mid jet (etc. Chal 300, Falcon 2000) PIC and SIC make for salary or daily contract?
What are the odds of being in a plane crash?
How many Inertial Navigation Units are there in a commercial aircraft?
If a pilot changes the altimeter setting from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?
best way to go about getting your commercial pilots licence in the uk?
Is there a package for flight simulator 2004 for space exploration? If so could you please tell me?
How far can an Archer Piper 2 glide for every 1000ft at 76 knots(best glide speed)?
Why do people look up to the sky when they hear a plane or helicopter?
When an airworthiness release is expired , the certificate holder can signe or no the aircraft log book ?
Which option is better?
how to approach and land perfect with single engine plane?
Which airline caters the best inflight services?
Where can I find a powerpoint presentation on JF-17 Multirole Aircraft?
Whats the name of the people in the airport with?????
Why does having the center of gravity too far foward decrease the cruise speed?
different major airlines?
i am final year b.e. mechanical student.. i thought for join any flying course.?
What are the top three brands of aviation headsets?
What color is a Boeing 707?
Can I see my friend for a little bit.?
Do you think having an avionics experienced with Dornier 328-100 would help you to land for a much better job?
Is there any website out there that shows you how to draw a commercial jet plane?
photos of inside a british airways 747 to see what it is like?
If you travel and have lost your bags before, would you pay to always know where they are?
Scared to go on a plane?
critical analysis on modiluft airlines - reasons for failure?
What requirements do I need to become an airline pilot?
are you curious about helicopters?
How can I make my hazard lights alternating?
What are the main parts of a plane?
Why do FedEx planes fly so low out of Newark Airport?
Where can I find sections and plan drawings for plane propellers?
Is there anything the RAF look for in a fast jet pilot/ how can i stand out of the crowd for selection?
Where is a good flight school in Chicago?
what internet site would i get complete information on aircrafts.?
Does the.FAA regulate military planes like they do on commercial?
Can airship, in general, transport oil from place to place?
Aircraft Development Costs - How much for what?
What company sells the best Wankel-type engines for experimental aircrafts?
looking for compact turbofan engine for homebuilt plane, w/ thrust between 150 & 300 lbs, any suggestion ??
What is Navigation Charge Weight?
what is the duties and responsibilities of store keeper assistant?
Can the elevators of a plane be used like ailerons?
in flight simulator X, how do we play online???
what are the different types of aircrafts and its speed?
any one know a good website to buy plane tickets?
why do jets sometimes produce vapour trails and sometimes dont?
development on the growth of aviation industry in india?
Airplanes--Why can't they go higher?
In a fighter jet with a crew of two, does the pilot or gunner shoot the machine gun?
what is the data of the aircraft starter?
Morse Code, How you remember the alphabets?
how radar useful for air and surface navigation military purpose ?
What to expect first time flying?
questions on airplanes?
Airplanes are often required to have 45 minutes fuel as a reserve by law. Do airlines carry more than this?
How hard is it to become an RAF pilot?
I haven't used my A & P license in a few years. How do I get current so I can go back to work?
Airtran? Good or bad? SCARED OF PLANES.?
Whats models are these planes?
Can i have a link to practice english for the ICAO exam , to obtain at least level 4?
How to become an airline pilot?
Should over-weight people be allowed to sit in coach section?
looking to rent a multi-engine airplane from someone in the chicago area?
How many miles could a P-47 (jug) fly on two wings full of fuel?
What's the difference between when a plane takes off rolling or stops then takes off?
Why are airplanes so noisy?
Song from commercial?
going into a glider for the first time what to expect?
Airline Pilots getting health examination every 6 months? (read the details)?
Any comments on the radio controlled Ben Buckle Novice plane?
Hearing high frequency noise/pitch when airplane passes by?
Can a large plane land without landing gear?
one eyesight can become deck cadet?
will a passenger jet just stall out or nosedive into the ground if it runs out of fuel?
Where can i go and fly a Bae146 Avroliner motion simulator in uk?
Why do very few fullscale helicopters use coaxial?
Headset part?
Flight-duration differences between flights and return flights?
need translation, pilots only?
What do you think is the most unusually designed aircraft that ever existed?
Prices of planes zfhlsduighsrgn trlju nrfbajk gu?
Which aircraft will i be on?
What do the runway numbers on an aircraft carrier mean?
why did concorde get put in to retirement ?
what is the difference between helicopters and airplanes?
General And Commercial Aviation?
How to train to become an airline pilot?
Where can I find the strength of VORs?
why we cant fly?
help decode a weather report?
I'm so scared to go on air planes because of all the teriost!?
Why does VTOL fighter jets consume more fuel when going vertical?
what is a T.R.3.B is it some kind of plane?
How are airplanes used in other cultures?
At Reno do the flyers still direct energy towards the audience? Has a fatality involving the audience occured?
How is flying in a large commercial aircraft different than flying in a lite 2 passenger plane?
Do pilots fart in the cockpit?
can airplanes pilots see when flying?
What can i do now? help!?
How loud in units of decibels is it inside the cockpit of a Boeing 747 during flight?
Aircraft bleed air?
top flight school in the las vegas area ?
Can this plane go supersonic?
If Harley Davidson made an airplane would you fly in it?
Where is this slogan from?
Scared to fly! Any tips for flying, I haven't flown in over 25 years and I'm heading to Florida in a week.
how is "roger" answer for "over n out"??
When is it legal for an unlicensed person to pilot an aircraft?
How do I fly a plane?
How are the aeroplanes transported from the place they are made to the runway on airport?
i really we love to become a pilot,give me details on how to go about it?
What type of airplane colours are there?
Landing difference of Airbus and Boeing?
Why it is mandatory to keep the window shutters open while take-off and landing of an aircraft.?
PMDG add-on? can be my reference to study Boeing 737NG or 747-400?
What kind of speakers are these?
I can take a job on Ticketing or InfoCenter if...?
Well you all know I`m old school by now, so where is the old Good Year Blimp, do you ever see it fly?
What is the cheapest airline ticket to Japan from Manila?
CTC Wings Airline Placement?
If a chopper is put in air for 12 hours, can i move from India to USA.?
Why do u think people like to pretend they're pilots in ?
Why do all transmissions between air traffic controllers and pilots have to be in English?
How long????????????????
On a commercial airliner why is emergency exit on the exit row written in braille?
If you had to re-invent a device that would measure altitude/height from an aircraft, what would it be?
What is the best class for a Moab and an Osprey Gunner.?
Can i be a commercial pilot if i wear glasses please tell mei can.?
Please i need your help i want to end my carea as an airline pilot but am not capable financially what do i do?
What is the most common and persistent weather hazard encountered in aviation?
how fast does a plane go on the runway before it takes off?
What are some good helicopter magizines in the USA ?
Is it hard to convert F.A.A A.T.P.L into D.G.C.A A.T.P.L ?
can a helicopter go upside down without crashing?
Constraints to aviation development in east africa?
You know that indestructible black box that on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of it?
what supermarine spitfire had the carley and clemence clock iiia in 1937?
Is a trustworthy site?
Have there ever been accidents at Philipsburg / St. Maarten - Princess Juliana Airport?
how do i start working? -my ex field experience is ex indian airforce officer retired?
Need Packard Merlin-66 V-1650 engine animation?
Isn't there a way to listen to ATC communications when you're flying?
How to become a private pilot?
boeing 747 take off distance?
Can you tell me the world's First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Commercial jet airliners?
Why Are Aeroplane Runways A Cement Based Surface Instead of Tar Based Like Roads?
Can I take my IPod on the airplane to USA on the 21 of August?
what r the personal qualities requaried for working in service industry?
college requirements to be a airline pilot?
where can i find plastic airline models in mumbai?
How many injuries resulted from a Marine aircraft mishap at a NYC park on Memorial Day?
Flight Sim problem.?
What is better, a yolk or a stick control (for an airplane)?
What is the most up to date reason why Air France Flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean 2 years ago?
Are the Kinner R-5 series radial engines still under patent?
what is the web site of Indamar Aircraft Company Mumbai & does it provide training in aircraft maintenance eng
B70 flying model balsa Plan?
Help with this aircraft pneumatics question??? how to make aircraft serviceable main storage bottle, engineer?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
Why is there lights on the wings of a plane?
why dont they install sone sort of window screen on jets so the engines don't suck in birds?
What is the Comparison between Boeing 737 and F-15 Hydraulic System?
What is the 7 secrets of being successful?
Why are airplanes SO darn loud? Can't they put mufflers on them?
how much does a mini cab cost from London Heathrow Airport to Golders Green London NW!!?
Lockheed U-2 Dragonlady?
fa-18 psf keys?
how can i work as pilot in UNICEF?
I'm interested in acquiring another EFB?
What aircraft do Aer Lingus use to fly to London Heathrow during early summer?
how can a flight attendant handle a conflict in a plane?
what's the point of inserting airways on FMC?
2 Person IFR Airplane?
United mile points I have a question about it?
How much money do Emirates Cabin Crew staff take home on average per month?
How much does it cost at minimum to become a pilot and get a plane?
Any body have a link to a tutorial about the German Aerospace center or what called DLR test for pilots. thnx?
What are the requirements, prices and chances of becoming an Airline Pilot?
What Lift force would an aerofoil of NACA 4412 produce?
Why do planes take this flightpath?
How do I become a airline pilot through tafe?
Fastest man flonw jet fighter? What is it?
Where did the plan parts go from flight 93?
crosscountry101 where is a flight delivery mail company?
why do Kamikaze pilots were helments if they are going to die any way?
i want aircraft maintenance engineering,for that i have 3 months gap want computer course is useful to medonig?
How does Pressure altitude applie to a altimeter?
Are Cessna 152's rated to safely perform intentional spins?
do airline pilots have to take blood tests before every flight?
Is my friend on the plane right now?
Good grief what was that !!!?
Flight Scheduler/Coordinator?
Can't Find Funny Commercial?
Can I get on a plane without my ID? PLEASE HELP this is very important :(?
What is the average speed that a commercial plane flies at?
What do they call people who develop things like Space shuttles and new aircraft?
What do I need to do to become commercial pilot?
Is Aerosur Airlines still open or have they shut down?
BFF's birthday, he loves model airplanes but I don't know which one to get?
how to become a pilot ?
Dumb question?
trying to find glenn baker of ma he's a pilot for american eagle at logan airport?
Where can i find an aeronautical engineering course?
Towards the end of it's life is it true 'Concorde' was renamed 'Consort'?
what freedoms were taken away from us after 9/11?
How many aircraft did SWA have in Feb 2003?
Favorite military aircraft?
Does General Aviation (Private Flying) Exist In Taiwan?
Where can I get a "kick start" on Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems?
ual partner/award program?
Are there....?
are pilots just drivers?
Airplane wingbox fuel tanks how are they made etc?
when an airplane is flying how does the speed increase or decrease?
Is a person able to exit out of a terminal and go back in?
Aviation weather help?
what is considered the highest quality commercial airline? in terms of features? etc...?
Any Commercial Pilots/Unemployed qualified Pilots out here?
Airbus fuselage section numbering?
After you take the AT-SAT, How does the FAA contact you for a interview? Phone,Letter,Email?
when is the 1st ssc ultimate aero tt made in?
Is Liquid O2 Rocket fuel poisonous?
what is 7076-T6 forged aluminum ?
How hard is it to become a airline pilot?
Which airlines has the best trained pilots in India?
Alternative Medical Certificate?
What is the weirdest people are allowed to bring on a plane with them?
What is the difference between Airspeed and Groundspeed?
plz answer this question?
can i get wing designs?
Just a random thought?
Should an Aircraft Captain go down with his doomed plane?
Did Airplanes drop human waste (poop) into the ocean? Same for trains?
what is the best tag line that i can get for my company ?
How can I get to alaska for a few days?
Why do propeller-driven airplanes generally have shorter ranges than comparable jet-powered airplanes?
Is Air canada a good airline?
What are the key areas I should study for an Air Cadet Glider Scholarship entry exam?
Which Aircraft Manufacturer Do You Think Is Better?
how come pilots dont suffer from dvt but passengers do ?????
cannot get myself to fly in a air plane?
How long does Flight-com Denali ANR headset last?
PILOTS: Questions about Air Force/ Flying in general/ and commercial?
Does anyone know where I can find the.....................?
How do i go about getting an apprenticeship in mechanics in south Florida?
is russia have shuttle [buran] and its launch?
How much does this cost?
What is the cheapest international airline that you know?
what type of metal are the rims of a 747's landing gear made out of?
need help from aircraft geeks.. what are advantages an "ATR 42" may have over "FOKKER 50 series 100"?
Model airplane jet turbines?
would the people on the flights that crashed into the world trade centers felt any pain or died instantly?
from where one can do CPL & what it would cost?
Someone qualified enough to explain the basics in 747 cockpit?
Question for PIlots?
vulcan bomber?
when were the black boxes on aeroplanes first used and when did they become mandatory for passenger planes?
i compleated my plus two then what is the next step i should do to become a pilot?
What plane is the Fossil airplane charm?
How come nobody seems to know about chem trails that are being sprayed over our major cities?
What is the general cost of a flight in a hot air balloon?
What flying job can i get where i would be home the most?
Any visitors and FSX guys?
question for all aspiring airplane pilots?
first solo?
where can I buy herpa aircaft in west sussex.?
how much energy (watts/hour) is used by a 747 during flight?
what is the average take off speed of a 747 loaded and what is the top speed of a commercial airline?
Anybody have, or know someone with a pilots license?
Why do aircraft sometimes totally change their direction of travel?
How can i transfer my FAA PPL if ...?
Why is the Boeing 787 supposed to be so awesome?
best pilot school in new jersey, usa?
how do i go on to becoming a pilot?
How can I become a Pilot?
What is Forward Velocity of an airplane?
How fast can an F-16 fighter jet top out?
Can I use a mobile phone in a private plane?
Why not use a Laminar flow wing on airliners, would the fuel savings be worth the cost?
per month salary of an recently recruited air hostess?
roughly, at what speed is a plane travelling at when it takes off - all types of planes- tell me what you know
Best engines for a passenger aircraft?
How many more days till August 13, 2006?
Is it really worth to be a commercial pilot?
Is Southwestern a good airline? Why or why not?
Which plane would win this dogfight at 30000 ft. a P-51 Mustang, F15 Strike eagle or a SupertyphoonEurofighter
I ran out of questions. Can someone give me questions to ask?
Delta or Air France? or are they same?
when will army start training for the uh-145?
What should i do to become a pilot?
What kind of aircraft do you own? How often do you get to fly it?
How to gain my Commercial Fixed Wing License?
Do Beechcraft 1900Ds have an FMC?
Do you have to be instrument rated to fly at night even if the weather is clear?
2 question about commercial aircrafts?
I bought two plane tickets with American Airlines are the seats going to be next to each other?
What is that funnel of wind that an airplane creates behind it after it takes off?
what is the age limit to fly a fighter jet?
I'm gay will that affect my chances of becoming a airline pilot?
Is UPT hard to get into and is it hard to stay in????
If i chose to apply for a helicopter licence,?
Who do you think invented and flew the first air plane ,santos dumont or the wright brothers?
military aircraft mechanic then A&P
Why dont they make an airplane out of the same material as the indestructible black box?
When is the Boeing 747-800 coming out and when it comes out will it have mor space then the boeing 747-400.?
Whats there to do at Chicago airport? Gonna be there a few hours next week on a layover.?
Was 911 real or was it to boost an ailing economy..?
What is the best way to become a jet mechanic?
what is the shortest route American serves with a B777?
What is the most famous aeroplane ever?
are you curious about helicopters?
Auto fuel STC for Cessna 150?
What does it mean when a airplane pilot indicates "heavy"?
what is the scope of being an aircraft maintenance engineer?
R.E, what plane will i be flying on?
Who else thinks the Airbus A380 is TOO BIG?
how do i achieve the most advanced fleet for my airline?
can a muslim become a pilot in canada?
Does anyone know which terminal at newak airport in NJ to watch aircrafts takeoff and land.?
HOw can I get a Pilot License to Fly a basic aircraft Like a Cessna182?
If a plane crashed into the ocean, what are the chances of survival?
Can an aircraft like an F-18 Hornet fly in space like the shuttle?
best wing for turbulence?
What are the job prospects for a Commercial Pilot License holder? For how many years one can work as a pilot?
Question about Airline Ground Position(AGP)...?
How does an aeroplane change direcetion?
atp or delta connection?
what does a manufacturing engineer do, does he design the process for manufacturing a product designed.?
Can anyone tell me being a pilot u can fly any palne? Or?
why we dont have side mirror for aeroplane?
How Many attendants Should I Have?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmet's?
Should I worry about...?
aircraft mechanic job description?
Does anyone remember what the commercial that had the Shook up ramen was for?
To become come a pilot what is required?
hey guys i have a fs2004 i wanna install traffic for free but you know how is the one with airlines? please?
what is the worlds fastest airplane?
why do rc helicopters?
Why are commercial airlines not given Parachutes?
why is the area where plane pilots sit,called the cockpit?
where can i order a budget flight to Narnia?
Where does the term 'Mayday' come from when aircraft and boats call for help?
Where do i go from sixth form to become an airline pilot in the U.k, what do i go to do next?
How can I build a fully armed Attack Helicopter from pencils, Chewin gum, and Q-tips?
Does the Flight Management Computer provide autopilot inputs?
who uses white unmarked aircraft in the UK?
what is the collection of airplanes called?
Anyone know where I can get a set of cep's??
what is the highest flying bomber or cargo aircraft in the world that's in service?
Flying a plane going 20 knots is how fast in mph?
how far are a 747's wings deflected upward above horizontal when it is at it's cruising height and spped
Can a Plane land itself on Auto Pilot?
Why cant you turn your cellphone on while on a jet?
According to Federal Avaition Regulations, I cannot fly an unmanned balloon over 6lbs w/o approval. Why 6lbs?
What are the "hazardous thought patterns" in aviation and can they apply to our use of cars?
How does the airport work?
how do you contribute to make the team that you join even better?
Briefly describe wake turbulence and wind shear?
how slow can a plane go in the air before falling?
Do airlines transport daed bodies?
What is 'sterile cockpit'?
What recording system does a ATCO use for audio recording?
Being an airline pilot in the UK vs USA vs Australia?
sir i'm ramakrishnan how to best institute of commercial pilot training ??
when flying, how do you stop that horrible pain in your ears during landing?
How long would it take for a new pilot at Air Canada to become a captain.?
Who deserves the parachute?
what is the difference between turbofan engines and turboprop engines?
On average what is the cost to completely fuel a 747 airplane with full tank of fuel?
What are the id requirements to board an airplane?
How many real world pilots want the virtual pilots to go somewhere else?
Is it normal for a male to become an aircraft cabin crew?
Changi airport, Singapore has a vertical fountain where water flows down on thin strings. Have a photo?
Boeing 737-800 Brazil accident time line.?
would being Bisexual effect me becoming a commercial pilot?
the wright brothers inspiration to airplanes?
what things to be included in my application letter for cadet pilot application?
why doesnt everyone want to be a pilot?
what is radar?
telephone number for continental airlines and jet blue?
Who is the best airline to travel with?
Which is the best airline for you ? Cathay Pacific or Emirates Airlines and Why?
List of the institutes for Aircraft Maitenance Engineering where one can apply with commerce background?
what CANT you bring on a plane now?
How much free time do Commercial Airline Pilots have?
what is the fastest air to air missile?
Pleaseee help Aviation Met. Question?
Can I join the airforce after flight school?
is english very important of being an airline pilot?
For all you pilots out there?
What is the website for Lacsa Airlines/Flight ?
Who knows their WW2 twin-engine aircraft?
fear of takin to overcome it?
On airlines why do they call it a black box when in reality they are red or orange ?
If a plane crashed and every single person died how are there still survivors?
what does the bachelor of engineering (BE) Aviation course consist of ?
More information of an USAF Female F-16 pilot in Japan in this photo?
is airbus governments owned or private Enterprise?
whats the crazyest thing that has happen to u on a plane?
Learning instrument flight: looking for good software for theory study and to simulate instrument flight?
Can airplanes turn left or right using only ailerons?
where do i find info. on 1943 air/fuel gage AF type?
Has anyone ever rode in a 30 passenger plane. If so is it scary? Help me.. Please :( Thanks. :)?
What then do I see coming out of the wings of many airplanes during landing?
how much does it cost to convert JAA Frozen ATPL to FAA Frozen ATPL ?
How to find the Garmin GPSMap 695/696 Unit ID?
Is this type of airplane any good? Should I buy it from my uncle?
Can anyone tell me how to get free aircraft such as commercial aircraft in xplane 9 for android OS?
can i bring a guitar as a carry-on when boarding a plane?
how to become a charter pilot?
737NG aircraft- why the engine bleed switches are always kept in 'ON' position in the cockpit?
why do jet airplanes usually fly at altitudes above 30,000 ft. though it takes a lot of fuel climbing dat high
Aibus 380 to land in Chicago o hare?
Can fires be set in airplanes?
Bathrooms AIRPLANES!?
FSE Tiger 2 aircraft?
Whenever i am about to Land my 777-200LR?
What do you think about fligth attendants?
I'm so scared about going on a plane...?
if i go for aeronautic there any hope for becoming a pilot?
Commercial CLips???!!!!!!????!!?!?
do civil aircraft normally cruise at their maximum Mach number..?
Blackberry Airplane? What is that?
any body has any assembly manual for any small aircraft ?
Was Pan Am in (SFO)San Francisco?
what is the procedure when using a private airstrip in california?
Children under the age of 10 should NOT be allowed in first class on an airplane. Agree or disagree? Why?
can you take food and drink bought at the airport, on board the aircraft?
What does the abbreviation KTS stand for?
How big does lettering have to be on a banner to be to be seen from 1500 feet in a helicopter?
Helicopter above my apartment at 3:15am ?
Are laptop computers allowed on airplanes?
What is the coolest aviation related hat you've ever seen?
I want a pilots licence, how much? and how long does it take?
What kind of jet is this?
Which commercial passenger aircraft engine produces the most thrust?
A plane is traveling at 2 mph under the speed of sound. A passenger walks forward at 3 mph. Sonic Boom?
how fast is mak 4 in mph?
General Aviation Flying with Children any advice?
Going to Ireland over spring break?
What is the maximum rate of clime for the Navy F-14 Tomcat?
Can one direct apply for commercial pilot Licence without having SPL or PPL in India ?
Visit a control tower.?
New Cessna Analouge Question?
what's the most efficient tail for a business jet?
why does it look like smoke comes off of airplane wheels when they first touch down.?
What is the average UK salary of an aircraft engineer who holds Cat A and B1/B2 licences?
Why would a faulty alternator cause a B-52 aircraft to crash?
SEPTEMBER 11 CRASH. Jet Fighter locks to a target creating a pin-point accuracy for a successful missile laun?
How does a pilot get to the mainline aircraft?
Can I become a pilot?
Should we bring concorde back or use the Airbus A380?
what is the fastest airplane in the world?
Do tiltrotors have variable-pitch proprotors?
Southwest Airlines flights? How do I find Prices?
If you hijack a plane with no one in it and you crash, would they still look for you?
If I was on a plane, and it blew up or crashed, would it hurt? God forbid.?
People in aviation; would this be worthwhile?
which is the fastest the plane or helicopter?
was there ever a diesel powered aircraft?
Is the A380 a better aircraft than the supersonic Concorde?
Who can give me a job description on Banner Pilots?
Im looking for a picture that showes the diminesions of the Virgin Atlantic globalflyer?
Want to find to change reservations on mileage ticket?
After researching the details regarding the crash of flight 447...?
How do u time a magneto to an engine, how do u use the timing light and where does the lead go?
Are Chinese lanterns dangerous to aircraft?
Inportant Commercial Airline Question?
Air Traffic Controllers... what do you do?
I want to become a commercial pilot but I don't know what the best path to take is?
What airlines have flew from/to liverpool airport ever or since around 2007?
FRS/GMRS, range of FRS?
Delta buddy pass procedures?
How sensor can be used along with the air-con system to control temperature in the aircraft cabin?
How come my sliver bullet rc helicopter wont fly?
Cost to become commercial airline pilot?
Just how much is Donald Trump's jet worth?
Turbine engine thrust, how does the fuel combust?
does canada manufacture any jet fighters?
plane crash in southall middx that happened in the 1950,s?
Which is the best place to get a pilots license?
what does a flight mean when it says 2 stops?
Who invented the airplane... Santos Dumont or Wright Brothers?
I am looking into becoming a Flight Attendant?
what does handswinging mean?
Can anyone tell me what airline or what site to get good prices for airplane tickets for military families?
how to become an aircraft designer?
If the guy who jumped out of the plane showed that someone could potentially open the plane's emergency door?
International Airport specifics?
What time do buses start running in westmorland county?
why do they measure air speed of an aircraft?
doing sports and keeping in shape good for pilots?
I have a stock 2004 sti with 95 thousand miles, what all do i need to make it run 350awhp safely,?
How long deos the flight take from Wien to Rio de Janeiro?
can you give me examples of microlight aircrafts?
After completing your solo flight and passing the FAA exam, what else is there to do?
i always get ear ache when i am descending in an aircraft?
What is a supersonic airplane?
Auto fuel STC for Cessna 150?
part 91 for cabin crew (flight attendant)?
Pilot schools in CA....?
Is MIG the best plane to fly in wars.?
What was your first flying lesson like?
Aircraft sheet metal pay and per diem for sheetmetal work?
where does the x in lax(airport) come from?
What helicopters were used in the first gulf war?
Compare delta H and delta U?
at which poin does the pilot lower the landing gear when landing??
can you own your own airport?
Why has this blimp been flying over my town the past couple of days?
(E175/G) What is the "G" in this aircraft ident?
How to calculate vertically integrated moisture transport?
Can I still be a pilot if I can`t fix a flat tire ?
can u have the njoy electronic cig in airports and take on planes?
other than the wright brothers plane, did the Philadelphia Franklin Institute have another airplane?
How to become a Pilot at a charter company?
Difference between aircraft maintenance engineer and aircraft mechanic?
pilots license...........?
Would children be allowed to board a plane by themselves?
what are planes made out of?
Guys only please(:??...?
Can we consider aeronautical engineers inventors ?
Where can I browse aviation charts for other countries.?
how do i enter a spin in a widebody jet?
how long does it take a supersonic plane to cross the atlantic ocean?
did we really sent a man to the moon in n1969?
Becoming a Sport Pilot?
How would an airplane's aerodynamics be different if its skin were covered with sandpaper?
Do you need a plane ticket to rent a car at the airport?
What to do with birds on the runway?
How is the job market in california for helicopter pilots?
Help!! flight tickets needed!!!!!?
will the pilot profession vanish?
If a plane was going 400 MPH......?
i want to become a pilot uk?
boeing has 747-400, airbus has A380, who remains the queen or king of the skies?
Why do passengers need to turn off all electronic devices during take off?
Is there any flying club for teens?
where can you go to join the mile high club?
Does anyone know which days are the best to buy air tickets? Are they cheaper if bought on Tuesday vs Monday?
Sexiest civilian plane?
questions on aircrafts?
where can I find the cheapest flights?
In news paper saw that "hedging" will be permitted for Airline companies for Aviation Fuel. ... What do the
How to get A&P License?
im scared of flying does anybody have suggestions to help me while im in the air.?
Would it be harder to be a cargo pilot pilot in the Air Force or an Airline pilot?
does anyone know what to do on jet set Radio future last level?
ppl in the uk drive on the wrong side of the road.. do uk pilots sit at left or at right in the cockpit??
What is significance of red arrow painted on nose of aircraft?
How important is ROTC in becoming a military fixed wing pilot?
overcome fear of flying?
Aeronautical Books?
give one consequence of a world devoid of airplanes...?
Where can I find a dinner menu from the China, Hawaii, or Manila Clipper?
How does an Aircraft Engine works in higher altitude without Oxygen?
how to move the landing gear in a pa 28?
What is the name of the rear plane(X-Y) which is at infinity distance from airfoil?
How much runway is needed for an Air Creation Racer to take off?
How can ppl say this or that is the best fighter plane?
Fly along programs with EMS, etc?
Will planes end?
What are the proper signals for checking flight controls while marshalling an aircraft?
Does a lightning strike on an aircraft in midair during cruise always bring a plane down and how so?
American Airlines?
What is the fastest known jet?
Does placing the engine on the fuselage like the MD80 have an advatage over a engine mounted on the wing B-737
how to get ATC faster?
For pilots who have attended universaty of embry-riddle?
What is the merits and demerits of material use for elevator for airplane?
Why Concorde's were canceled?
An aircraft flew 6 hours with the wind. The return trip took 7 hours against the wind. If the speed of the pla?
What type of plane did pontius pilot fly?
How to become a commercial pilot?
Can I take my knitting on airplanes or would they consider it dangerous?
What commercial airliner is fastest on takeoff and climbs the quickest?
Why do airplanes leave the white stream behind them sometimes and not other times?
Any Aerospace / Mechanical Engineers who can answer my question?
What are the odds of my bag getting lost on a plane trip?
Has the airlines industry eliminated heterodynes?
Yes or no?
how this key factor have effected the development of the aviation industry-india's improoving economy?
Where can I purchase a private jet online, I won 60 million lottery and I'd love a private jet to travel?
2 Questions Please Answer?
info on boeing 747-400?
Guyz, the best fighter plane/combat aircraft in the world?
Does air koryo hire westren pilots?
Does anyone know if vincennes pilot ...?
Anyone find out what those things in the sky were above NYC a few days ago?
how aircraft fly ??
what were the 14 demands of indian pilots guild?
Can Commercial Aircrafts Hover?
Specs for the Boeing 767-343?
What's the best job in a airport/plane ?
is the air traffic control medical strict?
Who is answering these aircraft questions?
Private Jets?
on a turbine engine how do you make a compressor?
Will the viewing area at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) still exist after the parallel runway is constructed?
How long does it take to fly to Wales from Ft. Lauderdale, FL?
Jet fuel tax in UK- is it true?
Should I quit my job as a commercial airline pilot?
Can autopaint be used on an aircraft?
If the wing infinitely expanded would there be zero induced drag?
Why exactly did Virgin Galactic choose the double fuselage, double cockpit design as the plane to transport?
Is there a website to request outdated equipment manuals?
B-52 propeller? How can I tell?
Was the Lockerbie disaster the reason why Pan Am airlines went bankrupt?
What do i need to get out of the lift formula for a hang glider to glide a decent distance?
How does a person go about getting qualified to fly a plane?
Eurocopter VS Comanche?
Plugged Ears From AirTravel?
How can I become a air craft designer? where can i get started?
Airport Ground Operations- What is the name of the people that guide planes into parking spaces?
What is the free baggage allowance for cross Atlantic trips?
Will any airports in North Korea search my ipod for illegal downloaded music?
What are slats on a airplane???????
Is it safe to assume that Captain Art Griego piloted this JetBlue flight?
Where is the best place to find the cheapest airline tickets for international flights?
Can I still become a Pilot?
how to find a pilot job?
How hard is it to become an aeronautical engineer? Specializing in fractography?
Who wold win in a dog fight p51 mustang vs me109?
What Is The Largest Airship?
What materials should I use to make the best delta kite?
Do you have to pay for you own oxygen on an airplane?
My car is a peice of **** no (no knock on wood it is) someone help me out please !?
If I wanted to work as a custodian at an airport or even clean airplanes....where would i go for that?
Cigarette regulation on planes?
Air Traffic Control Career Path?
will i be fine to wait for transit next flight alone in JFK port?
How do I find out what time Flight awe741 arrives at Port Columbus International Airport?
Does Autopilot really work?
pilot licenses with 9 gcses?
Can anybody give any useful tips on how to get a career as an airline pilot?
Which aircraft was better? The Messerschmitt109 or the Focke Wulf 190?
cockpit question?
military aircraft?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Is there any dual crouse like aircraft maintenance engineering and pilot in india?
How to become a pilot?
What is the average salary of an Air Traffic Controller?
Why do ears pop in a plane?
How many arlines offer frequent flyer mile programs?
what kind of medical exam does a pilot go through?
Model Aircraft help.?
Is there a builded helicopter that useing motercycle engine ?
Is being a pilot of a comircial airline worth it? PLZ answer?
What is your favorite part of flying?
i want best pilot training institute in india.plz give me it adress?
I want to voulunteer flying airplanes after I graduate. Options?
Is the Sector 9 co-pilot Long-board good?
Porter's Five force analysis on United Airlines?
does anyone know any tutorials on how to complete a vfr flight plan?
whitch airline is safer? klm airlines ,thai airlines or singapore airlines???
cebu pacific airlines booking for local flight?
Why has no American airline bought the A380 airbus - shades of Concorde perhaps?
Do anybody know who provides on job training for aircraft maintenance engineering(AME) students in india?
Which is the best General Aviation trainer? Cessna or Piper?
Does a MORA guarantee only obstacle clearance.?
How am I supoosed to join the "Mile High" club in an Airbus A319..The toilets are small and disgusting?
Can someone give me a few Military Aircraft Parts suppliers ? And whats their websites ?
How to find the Dry Operating Index and trim the aircraft?I need information.?
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?
Why Do People On Planes Wear Oxygen Masks When...?
Do we need fly-by-wire?
I have to use gell insoles in my shoes to support my feet.Flying soon to America can I still go through x-ray
How does seasonality effect sales and salespeople today in the airline industry?
What are other ways of producing a hovering type lift?
Does anybody have a coupon code to pilot shop?
Can anybody become an airline pilot?
has anyone ever been involved in a near air disaster and did you ever fly again?
What do you all think of computer flight simulator games?
what are some jobs that someone could take if they have a pilots license (specificity a helicopter pilot)?
Attention aero-pilots---On which of these is it harder to learn/earn your license-airplane or helicopter?
Aircraft Jeopardy!?
When will be the first Boeing 787 flight?
what does a 2002 citation 560 encore plane look like?
what is helicopter category?
I ran out of questions. Can someone give me questions to ask?
how can i convert the ATPL Frozel license to FAA (cpl) to work as a pilot in USA?
WHo do i call for Flight tickets?
How long can a jumbo glide for?
why do airplanes have wings and rockets do not?
Your opinion, should i become a network administrator or a fighter pilot,I have skills for both ?
What happened to the guy who forgot to place the pin in the oxygen canister, which caused the ValueJet Crash?
Do you think Boeing will ever make a double decker airplane, like Airbus A380?
Is there any difference between Air Bus Aircraft ,ATR Aircraft and Boeing Aircraft?
A question on SIDS/STARS?
How much does a instrument cost ?
What would be the fatality / injury rate if the Heathrow crash landing had happened with a 787 ?
where can i find out who builds ww2 repllica air planes?
What is a Ground Operations Officer ?
Is it possible for pilots to erase recordings in a cvr?
When a plane fires a machine gun through it's own propeller, how do they ensure the bullets don't hit it?
What airlines accept 18 year olds as flight attendants?
Does the military pay for my flight or do I?...?
what is the different between wing's aerodynamic thickness and fineness ratio and what is theirs basic formula?
looking for a career as an aircraft mechanic?
I want to become a commercial airline pilot. What would be the path? Military? Aviation School? Etc?
What is some spacial interesting things about fire fighter?
Why are some airport codes ended in "X"? (i.e. LAX, PDX)?
Is there any flying club for teens?
What Type of Airplane Should I GEt?
about latest A-3080 airbus?
how do propeller aircraft use reverse thrust?
Buying aircraft?
How can an aircraft's PITOT TUBES and STATIC PORTS get the actual wind direction while aircraft is moving?
Help me with a clue that is about helicopters without using the word helicopter.?
How do planes fly without flapping their wings?
what is a aileron in airplanes?
my husband is a pilot and he travells the world,and i'm stuck in the house because of my fear of flying help!!
Air Traffic Control Question?
Is Pacific Pearl Airways really operating now?
If The "Black Box" Flight Recorder Is Never Damaged During A Plane Crash, Why Isn't The Whole Airplane?
What are the personal attributes required by the cabin crew to carryout their role and responsibilities?
When is a pilot required to contact the tower when approaching a "Class D" airport to land?
Can anyone identify these airplanes?
What does the primer do in an aircraft?
How do you land a seat as a pilot in the A380?
Failure in the hydraulic system airplane?
why are pigeons grey?
Pack of jet fighters together is that normal?
Diferent Types Of Aircraft Wings Their Design Advantages And Disadvantages?
High School Internships for Aviation?
What Would Happen If The Pilot Accecdentally Opened the Reverse Thrust in midair?
How do you buy a plane ticket?
i have a few questions on the mechanics of a black hawk STYLE of helicopter?
Are there photos of interior and cargo bay of C-46 Commando.?
What runways are in use the most at O'Hare?
where do people park blimps?
What are the proper signals for checking flight controls while marshalling an aircraft?
What are the helicopter rates to vaishnavdevi from katra for 1 year child?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
How many missiles can the F-22 hold?
Question for R/C plane flyers ! I would like the model number for these planes that i only know the names of !
guys make this plane as simple can i refile my oxygen tank at the local mechanic shop?
How do you transfer from a private plane to a commercial plane?
Amphibious float question (yeah; 20 characters) ?
Need help with airline tickets !!!!?
how do you get over fear of flying?
What is your best memory? (airline pilots)?
I need a fluid simulation test. can i use Realflow software!? Is Fluent a better case?
in FSX (FLIGHT SIMULATOR X) can you land and refuel and continue to your destination?
[FSX]How do i get the voice to tell me how high off the ground i am ?
what is the average life of a commercial aircraft?
How is the seating arrangements in Boeing 767?
AIRPLANE FLIGHT...I'm Scared!!! Any help for 1st time flyer?
What is diffrent between excavetor 70 and excdvetor 60?
what are some jobs that someone could take if they have a pilots license (specificity a helicopter pilot)?
can a helicopter go upside down without crashing?
What are the requierments to become a airline attendent?
Who do researches in aerospace field ?where? and do they need security clearance ?
What to do on a 17 hour flight?
Does anyone know anything about the Tiger Mini-Hawk experimental airplane?
looking for compact turbofan engine for homebuilt plane, w/ thrust between 150 & 300 lbs, any suggestion ??
Airbus or Boeing?
How likely are plane crashes?
Airline paint jobs. Your favorite????
Can somebody get license for a chopper in india.?
Naval Trivia - What's with the 'Meat Ball'?
can a maverick be fired while the airplane is still on the ground?
why do aeroplanes need to turn off the internal lights when taking off and landing?
How can I fly a 747 completely on following its own navigation in FSX?
Can you land a Cessna 172 with no ferrings off-airport?
Birthday gift help! Where to find Emirates Pilot Hat?
How F-15 Egale can fly 65,000ft?
Pilots! Did you make a career sacrifice for the best interest of your family?
Why such loud flow noise on some Canadair Regional Jets?
Want to be Commercial Pilot? How?
how planes land in fog?
How have the number of airplane miles traveled by the U.S residents changed over the past 10 years?
Fourth airport in New York?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear crash helmets? LOL!!!?
I need ideas of what to make out of the components of a infra-red remotecontrol helicopter?
is there a map of the North Atlantic Tracks available online anywhere?
do planes really crash due to electronic device interference?
My dream is to become an airline pilot, but I'm 39 years old. Is it too late to achieve this dream job? please?
How fast could a Black Bird (SR-71) go?
what is difference 2 blade propeller or 3 blade propeller in Piston engine of airplane?
can i be a fighter pilot after doing BA?
Decode equipment in flight plan?
Whta s the name of the face ww1 pilots used on their fokker dr 1's?
I'm 15 years old, I would like to know how can I start training to become a commercial pilot?
How much is the average engine overhaul on a small single-engine aircraft, such as a Cessna 172?
How do you do static balancing and aerodynamic balancing on aircraft?
Can somebody tell me where I can find Instrument Approach Procedures charts for Mexico airports?
i have a print of a RAF 4fts hawk T1A. how can i get aircrew to sign it for me?
What make of planes were flying over Lossiemouth beach in 1955?
How does an aircraft taxi in zero visibility?
my friend asked me to send him all the seasons of himym to him in the uk burnt onto dvds. Is it safe?
avation collage?
airline check in agent?? how?
I would like to build a peddle powered PVC plane. I have had this idea for many years.?
What problem did black box flight recorder solve?
How can I turn my bicycle into an aircraft?
How safe is flying in an airplane really?
how many planes are there in the air (i mean flying) WORLDWIDE at any given time...?
do pilot training can get financial support??
How do I get my private pilot's license?
What is the typical Westjet group rate? My aunt says it is always $99 per person each way.?
my dream is nasa,how to get a job in nasa?
airline copassion flights?
How long is Helicopter flight school?
How long does it takes you to check in your airport now.?
Drive a F1 is harder than fly a jet fighter?
How to put the landing gear up and down in FSX?
Would you rather experience one hour of extreme turbulence on a plane, or take a bus for five hours?