What percentage of trained commercial pilots end up working for major airlines?
Do a lot more airplanes fly over Islington on their way into Heathrow than they used to?
Search and Rescue pilots in the Canadian forces?
how much would a flight attendant in australia earn?
What's better, Flight Simulator X or X-plane 10?
can i carry my laptop, mobile & camera in hand baggage from Shanghai to Philippines?
How much does a Boeing 787 BBJ cost?
Can I drive after 9 from prom?
Was the Lockerbie disaster the reason why Pan Am airlines went bankrupt?
Why can't anybody develop a bushplane like the Dehavilland Beaver???
Why r we ask 2 open the airplane windows when take off & land (the piece of plate you pull up to see though..)
what speed do our fastest jets travel?
If I have a farm, can I just make my own airstrip and fly off of it?
who typically owns airports in the united states?
Which is the best and safest seat in an aircraft for selecting by e-check in?
what are the indication of lightning strike on bell 407 helicopter?
Will the F-14 ever be avelible for private ownership?
What is a Red Eye?
Do bigger parachutes work better than smaller parachutes and how?
Do they allow Powerbags on planes?
What is the price of new helicopter?
2 MD90s were built with dual tandem main landing gear. What does this mean?
How dose it creat lift upside down?
About powered hang glider?
Do I have to wear my seatbelt?
Do I need a logbook endorsement to fly Cessna Turbo models with a PPL?
Is New York City a wonderful place to move to if I want to make money as an Airplane Mechanic?
do any pilots follow formula 1? (regardless of its commericial or military pilots.)?
how many southwest points does it take for a round trip flight?
What is GoPro's limit speed on a airplane?
How to get a better job?
Is an Indian private pilot license valid anywhere in the world?
the kamikaze pilots used to wear protection helmets when they plunged with their planes into enemies ships?:P?
Please look at my GCSE courses - Want to be a Commercial Airline Pilot?
What's the green unflyable aeroplane-looking thing that's sited near the jets at London's Docklands Airport?
if im going to london via british airways, what can i bring with me onboard the plane?
does anyone have a helicopter for sale?
Would adding OxyHydrogen to a helicopter engine air intake help increase Low Air Density performance?
what is the fastest american world war 2 fighter plane thunderbolt ,mustang, or corsair?
What should i do to become an airline pilot in India?what is the cost?How much would an airline pay in India?
Is it possible for a plane to fly normally without a vertical stabilizer?
Is high blood pressure disqualifying for a class III medical certificate?
Can an airoplane to stand still in the air?
i wanna buy helicopters?
how does a jet engine continue to run at high altitude without oxygen?
how can i get loan in u.s for property in india for pilot training?
MiG-21 question?
I travel alot on planes and still cant work out if i am safe ?
What is the process of getting a Commercial Pilot's License?
what 2 a-levels will be accepted to be a RAF pilot ?
Plane crash in my dream?
Who was the first person to fly a plaine?
Pilots and Commuting - Solution?
Can you sneak a water bottle full of alcohol in youre suitcase onto a plane?
What legal recourse do I have if my husband who flies a private plane for a hobby dies? Insurance? Lawsuits?
what is the average width of a hang glider?
Ever see a low alt stealth bomber of fighter?
What should my "scene" name be?
is there a website where you can do free onlie flight simulation?
Hi everyone I'm,goin to school to be A&P mechanic, what should ido to get job,and what is tha pay,?
How long is the study of ahelicopter flight in Canadaand how much cost almost?
meaning and uses of tools and equipments in overhauling engines?
I would like to know whether the AME license issued by India DGCA is ICAO TYPE I or TYPE II ?
Whats new on jobs these days?
What maintenance does a passenger aircraft usually require?
Dumb question? Why don't airplanes have parachutes like space capsules? Especially in the event of engine
Do they sell Soccer Jerseys in the Duty Free shops in Dubai Airport?
What is the job opportunity after getting trained on Flight Operational Officer course (COP RTR)?
What's the requirements and costs for becoming an Airliner Pilot in the USA?
distance between sector-27 and sector18?
can anybody recommend a person near heathrow to fix a side window that has fallen out please?
anyone knows any good flyin skol in england where i can learn to be a pilot & get a commercial flying licence?
5/10/12 at 11:15pm What sounded like 2 fighter jets just flew over my house in Pinckney Mi. Any idea why?
Can I log any flight time?
how can ice buildup bring a plane down?
What is the maximum range (endurance @ full fuel tank) for the Air Creation 582-SL Trike Ultralight?
PPL private pilot license?
Can you bring a bottle of insulin on an airplane?
what all multi-engine aircrafts are approved by dgca?
Im a nervous flyer going on a long flight?
the fastest plane in the world?
which is the biggest airport in the world and which is the busiest?
What causes jets flying in the sky to leave white trails behind them? Why do some leave longer trails?
I'm going to Llanbedr in the summer, will I see any RAF or Military aircraft?
Average speed of plane?
Aviation major question?
where can i buy a nitro helicopter?
The airline with the largest fleet of Boeing 747 Jumbo?
Please Help Me Find Cheap Airline Tickets!?
What is this jet thing on the C-130?
I am afraid of myself if I become an airline pilot?
Why do some head up displays have two glass combiners?
1980s department of transportation 'beat it' commercial?
How can i start a research paper on (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).. i have the resources and knowledge but..
How do i make a flying pantie? (cooler than paper planes)?
why do my ears pop on aircraft even though the cabins are pressurized to compensate for altitude?
What is it like to be in the Air Force?
Can I make money with my Private Pilots License? If so.... How?
Stump the pilot question?
Motor sailplanes - powered takeoff?
If someone was interested in becoming a pilot, what type of background should that person have?
what's d significant difference bet. VOR & VORTAC??
List six techniques for locating missing parts.?
what are the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge required to become a fighter pilot in the RAF?
What is the world's deadliest weapon?
How many hours if you take a jet from...?
Why do planes need de-icing?
How Much Do Pilots Get Paid?
Is it possible to become a commercial pilot by having a eye defect of -1.5?(in India)?
How is math used in flying an airplane.?
can I book a helicopter trip in Ibiza?
Why do commercial airplanes typically fly above 30,000 feet?
Aircraft engineer cover letter help?
Is it possible for an airplane/private plane to get hit by a meteor?
Do they lock the airplane and pilot doors in flight......?
why airline pilots are so arrogant?
Aircraft landing at touch down.?
Why does Boeing and Airbus planes or other commercial airplanes need to use kerosene?
Is Jetblue a good airline?(explain)?
Can I take my laptop and cell phone on a plane with me now?
What is the process, requirements, and the price range to get a license to pilot rotary wing aircraft?
how does an aircraft fly in the inverted position (upside-down) for an extended period of time?
marines question, about being a fighter pilot?
Why don't airplanes have a helicopter blades for a back up?
free pilot training?
CTC Wings Airline Placement?
Why is the spitfire?
Is aluminum borohydride added to jet fuel?
whats your favourite airplane? why?
i need information about civil aviation conference in middle east next month?
Are blimps required to have navigation lights when flying at night?
how much does A&P Mechanic School cost?
If you can afford a private executive airplane, what plane would you choose?
Hope none of this bad fuel gets into the Airports and is used for flying airplanes !!?
What kind of jobs are there in aviation?
can i carry turtle in flights from mumbai to ghawati?
What advances are being made in Aviation to find a fuel that will be more economical and less pollutive?
What are some great schools for getting your pilots license for helicopters and airplanes?
Where can I find cheap international flight tickets?
Why does the Boeing 747 series crash a lot?
actually i want to become a commercial pilot and i have no idea how to be a pilot . can u tell me how??.. .?
what speed can a helicopter travel?
Missing connecting flight wid 6 days transit?
Does the FAA recreational pilot exam change much from year to year?
Taking off in bad weather; Captain's decision?
Alternate minimums: NA when control tower closed?
?On the inside of a helicopter dont know what kind,on the right is a screen like a?
What is the next F-15 class?
what all airlines have the ge90?
Can you be a pilot if you don't like math?
ERJ-135/145 Weight And Balance?
I am 14 and wana become a pliot wat can i do?
Is it safe to assume that Captain Art Griego piloted this JetBlue flight?
Overall, technically speaking, which is better?
Does El Al airlines have power-ports?
i want to be a airline pilot but my family keep putting me down?
If you have 1000 flying hours, are you pretty much "guaranteed" to get hired by regional airlines?
Do all pilots have to do parachute training ?
What kind of maths do you use when training to become a pilot?
will possession of na stop me from getting a job with faa refueling and moving planes?
Aerobatics regulations question...?
how do you fly a helicopter ?
Would you ever consider flying cross-county in a Cessna 152?
FSX Secret Shuttle 737 Engines?
Where can/can't ultralights take off/land?
highest certified aluminum tig welding wages for aircraft?
How can I model Stealth Technology?
what is the baggage allowance on Easy Jet & how much extra for excess baggage?
have you ever felt a bump before takeoff while on a flight?
How to sell a private plane? Beechcraft Bonanza V-35B?
What is airplane mode?
Blue Angels Air Show Music???
where are airplanes kept when theyre not scheduled for a flight?
PPL- for handicap?
can a 737/ A320 land into a carrier????
Why Airplane's Nose gets up while Landing?
Did we ever go to the moon ? Are we ever going back , if we did ?
What do you think about the brand-new A380?
Crew survival kit -suggest, reccomend items, please.?
airforce question.. considering eyesite?
A friend of mine has been accused of shinning a lazer light at an Apache Helicopter ?
Why have most all American carriers stopped flying the 747?
are scale plans of the harrier jump jet out there?
Why have most plane crashes been by TWA jets?
How is a jet engine started? What starts the compressor blades turning?
I need advice on what to major in and what colleges are best fit for me?
My fear of flying?
How airports don't let airplanes move in reverse by themselves?
what is the purpose of a Circuit relay in an aircraft? why is it better too have them than too not have them?
What is the process to get an Air Reserve Technician job?
Starting a Flight Training Operation?
studying for ADX knowledge test, and have quick question (simple: weight and balance)?
When is westjet updating its fleet if so to what aircraft and when?
What size tap drill do I need for 1/2-13 STI form tap?
You know that indestructible black box they keep on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that?
How do I overcome my fear of heights?
Where did the "Huey" helicopter get it's name?
Aerobatic Endorsement?
What does "Adus" in aviation mean?
what are the 6 games on first choice star class?
What is the differnce in speed between..........?
Why does Manifold Pressure decrease when airspeed increases?
Are the coming of unmanned robots coming soon?
Are there more opportunities working for foreign carriers?
Do you reckon that the first ever flight into space would have brought fear to the crew members?
Concorde gates and parking stands?
How do airlines calculate overbooking space in an aircraft?
Thrust reverser on under 70 knots (Airbus A320)?
How are commerical airplanes sold?
CTC Wings Airline Placement?
Is there a way to find out online when the flight of a relative is? ?
Is being a usaf pilot easy?
what if you do not have a photo id when flying?
Dont remember my flight?
Why does a plane require an airstrip?
where do i begin if i have a passion for a airline pilot?
why the scientists in the world don't do anything for saving passenger in airplane crash?
My question didn't even last for 24 hours, received 3 answers and gone.?
Why are flight attendants so miserable?
Why not have a halon system of extinguishers on AC in case of a fire?
How does an old Aircraft hanger look like? any website I can see some photoes?
What was the world's first largest airline company,headquartrred in Frankfurt am main?
Can I fly there?
Flight Nausea in C172?
Do I need to know how to fly?
why indian aviation industry making losses?
What airplane (private jet) should I look at to fly about 25 passengers?
i heard that fuel tank of airplane is on the wing, is it true?
What's the difference between the Schempp-Hirth Discus and Ventus?
if you were in battlestar galactica, what would your pilot callsign be?
What is the fastest fighter jet?
why do the pilots get envolved with the attendants?
Jet blue airways pilot flipping out a "one off"?
How much is a private jet?
In about ten years do you think they will replace airline pilots with computers?
Did the plane that crashed in McHenry County,IL. have a parachute?
can i do any kind of job with a private plane license?
Are there cameras in aircraft lavatories?
What are some good flight training school for those who want to be a commercial pilot?
does anyone know where i can find specific (or any) info on the interval of engine maintenance of aircrafts?
How many of you ladies would date a Marine Fighter Pilot?
how do pilots count there airtime?
aircraft wings....?
What would it be like if a door were to blow off a plane at 35,000 feet?
How much does a ticket for "Not wearing a seatbelt" cost?
What can I study to either save cost or get better acquainted with what to expect in a private pilot course?
How high in the sky can a plane really fly?
Two jets flying at the same speed arrive at different times?
at what speeds can an aircraft go with the help of only jet engines and not rockets?at what levels do they fly
How do vortex generators work on aircraft wings or BMW roofs?
what is a pilots life like?
Citizenship requirements for TSA employees?
i want to become a pilot uk?
Do they lock the airplane and pilot doors in flight......?
UFO ,any 1 selling 1?
Kamikaze planes WW2........?
HOW to deal with fears!?
what should i bring or do on a 8 hr plane trip?
how can we become a commercial pilot?
Looking for a good, free online flight tracker service in Europe?
Get to fly in a huey?
What is an aircraft commitment?
How is a Pilot's Work Schedule?
Where does the flushed waste from airplane toilets go while in flight?
Which is the best airline to work in terms of money and benefits?
understanding VOR Navigation?
Why are airplanes not equipped with backup engines in case of failure?
Hi I am thinking of a good name for my company, helicopter flights tours ect, any ideas?
plse give me best free site for basic aircraft air-conditioning system both air cycle and vapor cycle types an?
what is the mist coming off the wing off a plane when taking off?
do all airplane leave a white trail behind?
UAV Cost Question?
is cool to work for an airline, isn't? : )?
Questions Regarding Aviation in Taiwan?
Autogyro/Gyrocopter Theory...?
Why does Russian aircraft look like it was designed by a 8 yr old?
Fasten Seatbelt Sign?
when was the first time bar-codes were used in e tickets?
Rate St Cloud U for aviation major?
what is rado ceramic watch?
to all commercial pilots out there?
In ww2 what is your favorite fighter plane and what is your favorite heavy?
I lost my pic ID and went to the DMV for a new 1 but it has not come yet Im leaveing today I have the paper ID
Multi engine instrument rating?
What is the difference between REISSUE and REVALIDATION for airline e-tickets?
What do you think is a better airplane? The New 747 - 8 or the New Airbus 380???
my dream is to become a pilot but dont understand how to get in to pilot please can any one say me the way?
how is the job market for pilots in kenya?
how do automatic boarding passes work?
Could you shoot down a small, low-flying aircraft...?
Must an airplane be certified in the "Utility" category to also be certified for spins?
New Airlines or Destinations For Our Lovely Seatac?
Do you loose seniority if a pilot switches airlines?
Air Force Two Question?
flight simulator?
Where can I find free jeppensen charts for flight simulator?
what do you need to apply for power pilot scholarship?
Affordable sites to buy airline tickets and the best airline to use when traveling between America and Europe?
fleights from los angeles to germany non stop?
How many 737-3TO's does Southwest currently operate?
How do I become a Flight Attendant?
What is a helicopter rope called?
hows the airplanes are protected from the thunder?
how long would it take a jumbo jet to arrive at the moon?
Where is the aircraft graveyard located?
I want to become an airline pilot really fast so what can I do to aquire a lot of flight hours?
Can I bring my transceiver on the plane?
What is thin airfoil theory?
Is there an age limit for training as a pilot? My bro is 25 can he start?
when airline pilots are bored and they are on autopilot what do they do?
why does a plane flying from west to east faster than going west to east?
What is involved In The RAAF Medical?
Does anyone know where to look to find whether an aircraft can be flown day or night?
When commercial airlines are parked at a gate, it appears that they get hooked up to generators.?
does the flight crew also face hearing impairment like the pilot after some years?
is it possible to land the aeroplane if all the engines shuts down...?
if planes are safe as people say,then how do explain what happened to aaliyah?
How to become a Air Traffic Controller ?
How much do Aircraft Mechanics $ earn $ in Dallas TX?
Has anyone attended the EAA fly-in air convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the past?
Aircraft conversion question?
when planes crash in water, can they float? have there been one that has? what are the chances? thankyou!!?
Rc flight Simulator?Help?
If you were able to design a WWII aircraft with today's knowledge... ?
What do you think is the best military aircraft ever created?
why are there no supersonic aircrafts in service?
How come they don't put parachutes in passenger planes?
Sport pilot license costs?
Hi I am thinking of a good name for my company, helicopter flights tours ect, any ideas?
is it possible to study engineering while training to be an airline pilot?
Airbus A 380 anyone?
aviation careers?
Air Traffic Control???????????????????
What aircraft is mostly used for air-to-ground combat by the USAF?
Which is the world's busiest airport?
can i get my piolit licence?
is jet express safe to use?
how much does a pilot get paid per year?
how do I use FS Aircraft Designer 2002 v1.2?
Pilots! have you ever experienced furlough or fire?
How do you go some where half way arond the world with out flying? Please help me?
What engines do fighter jets like the F-16 use?
Question on a Vera Bradley product?
what is the safest seat row in an air plane if an accident hapen?
Insurance cost for a new pilot owning an lsa?
Private pilots license with multi-engine?
What happened to the aircar.?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
why pilots in dangerous situation say mayday?
how do i find out if i have been regitered with klm to get airmiles?
what is a typical pilots roster?
what is the worlds first airport?
Who know about midair collision between DHL Boeing 757 (A9C-DHL) and a Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 in July 02?
Can anyone direct me to the Boeing 777 freighter interior schematic?
Wouldn't airplane tires last longer if they were made to spin rapidly before landing?
Do you remember the first time you flew on an airplane?
I purchased 2 airline tkt from Delta. I need to chng my travl companion. Delta says no way. Help?
Can anyone assist short term with frequent flyer miles?
Why can't a commercial airliner exceed a speed of Mach 1?
What are the rules of taking liquids on a plane?
Why do airplanes pressurize their cabins?
Best university in australia that offers a pilot course to get cpl?
how many kilos are the minigun?
people who FLY?
i research for Air Systems Inc at USA. logictic company. aircraft charter?
What can you bring on planes nowadays?
Why were there military aircraft flying over Orlando FL, yesterday, Oct. 29, 2006? It was awesome!?
What were the best Axis/Allied fighter planes in World War II? Best armour?
What is airplane fuel made of and can I use it in my car, or more specifically, my vespa scooter?
How many airplanes have crashed due to cell phone use interferring will navigation. I say zero.?
Why do 747s put 75% trottle at first when taking off then go full 100% throttle?
Am I the only one who thinks the pilots of airlines should quit whinning?
Can a tampon be seen on a body screen?
do you think an airline would mind if one night .....................?
Hanging thong wedgie dares?
I want to become a pilot should i do a Flybe Diploma in Aircraft Engineering or Diploma in Aviation Operations?
is there aviation grants thats i can do i dont want 2 be anything but a cargo or airline pilot i willing to?
What advances are being made in Aviation to find a fuel that will be more economical and less pollutive?
who invented aircraft and what year?
how does air plane accidents occur while flying or landing?
Do you think the Airbus A380 will be popular as the Boeing 747-400 is now?
What are the chances of a plane crashing into my house?
Rating question...?
I have to do a project on anything to do with a aircraft. So can you please give me some ideas.?
How to do start air flare?
How can i become a pilot? read more on the inside :)????
what is the difference between Three letter codes and four letter codes that use as airport identification?
delta dorce?
Why during a flight they take a curve when flying an airplane instead of going straight?
How to occupy my time on an airplane..?
My dads a plane spotter he needs to know what the tower frequency for nice cote d'azur airport?
Where is the best place to get Private Pilots License near London?
How do planes fly?
Can you identify this light, single engine USAF aircraft?
Hi everyone,my flight arrival to Gatwick is at midnight,how can I go to( regents park )area after ( 1:00 )am?
Has any billionaire bought a private Boeing 787 yet?
if u are going to west palm beach in florida wat airport do u land attttttttttt?
Anything i need to know before travelling to yerevan armenia?
six hours in air plane with no facilitis!what should i do during six hours?
how does a b2 bomber acheive flight?
Do you HAVE to be skinny to be a flight attendant?
Do you prefer Vodka, Whiskey, or Rum on a long flight to Australia from the U.S. mainland?
Aircraft bleed air?
How much does a Sanlorenzo 46 Steel cost?
Airline question?????????
was there a change in management during the ba cabin crew dispute?
where can i buy (scrap) Aircraft body only to make a dubble bed doll house.?
What is the visual acuity of a person having -6 number ?
what makes a helicopter move forward.?
Civilian Aircraft Maintenance Standards?
Do anyone know where I can find information or the study guide for becoming a TSA?
How many body scanners are in American airports?
Have you ever riden on the Concorde jet? Or have any personal knowlege of it? Please describe in detail.?
How much does a boeing 737-700 cost exactly in US dollars?
why can't you sit in the 3rd and 4th row's on ryan air planes?
How does a DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) work?
commercial pilots license and still pay all my bills?
Will you take a ride in my airship?
Whats the fastest speed?
air india 151 cancelled?
i'm buying an airplane. should i buy a high wing or a low wing?
how to be a firefighter and also be a pilot?
do jet engines get more efficient in the rain?
Prices for PPL for light aircraft?
Would a helicopter flying without a flight plan and no IFF be intercepted by Nat Guard jets?
Which airline to take over?
How much lb.?
How do i put a propeller on my rc airplane? Please help!?
Which airlines do ASIG (Aircraft Service International Group) serve at Heathrow?
When northwest airlines and delta airlines merged why did they become Delta instead of Northwest?
why isn't Concorde?
where can i get student pilot license in malaysia?
what speed do our fastest jets travel?
how much does one CAE 737NG simulator cost and what are the costs involved annually?
Anyone have operating cost per hour for Shorts 330-200 @ 120 hours per month.?
what super power would u rather have?
when do airlines post 2009 schedule?
air force one during Reagan. What aircraft Boeing model??
what is it like for a muslim to travel by air?
Is it only high heeled shoes that need to be removed in an emergency landing?
Who invented the Hot Air Balloon as a form of transport?
Carrier in aviation?....?
What are the four types of borescope viewing method?
where is the feultank of an airplane situated?
What is the TTAF of your airplane? Of that time, how much of that is time you put on the aircraft?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
if "black box"flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,y isn't the whole airplane made out of it?
who invented aircraft and what year?
What is the glass ball thingy in front of the Su27 jets ?
what kind of plane crashes are more survivable ?
What happens if customers don't turn off their cell phones when the pilot tells them to?
at what bases does calstar have their new md902 helicopter?
if "black box"flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,y isn't the whole airplane made out of it?
does anyone know where i could get an explanatory drawing of an airplane online?
what kind of jobs involve jumping out of an airplane?
Do British Airway cabin crews not realise thet if they continue strike action they will soon be out of a job.?
Is it possible to land a big plane without any experience?
Where Can I Download The FSPainter's Airbus A330-200 Base Model?
Is FSX similar to real life?
I have completed my 11 class & willing to become a CPL pilot so where should i apply or how i could apply?
how can i get free airline ticket to seattle, wa?
Does The Public Relize that the pool of qualified Aircraft mechanics , in th airlines will dry up in 5 years ?
How can I find very cheap flights?
Can we install flight data recorder of one type of aircraft on another aircraft?
how do helicopters fly forwards?
How did World War II affect commercial pilots?
I am currently attending an AMT school, have powerplant license,want to join the military, hard to find a job?
the difference in flying trikes and 3 axis ultralights?
what is the website you can bid on travel/hotels/airfare/etc? i cannot remember....?
POLL:Which do you think is better Airbus or Boeing?
What plane do you like the most??
Is there any quality difference between Airbus and Boeing?
How do airliine determine tickets prices?
Who would be interested on being my business partner?
Western michigan university gpa?
I feel sorry for Airbus, What about you?
Landing an airplane with wind vectors. Pre-Trigonometry.?
Antonov An-225 Mriya Question?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear crash helmets?
why do pilots have in general a bad appearance?
VFR in class A airspace?
is there any USAF instructor pilot T67 OR T3A fire fly aircraft ; if so contact my e mail
What would happen if two airline pilots got into a fistfight while flying?
In dogfighting, what is a knife-fight?
Reliable sources for aviation during WWII?
Boeing Question (internship)?
Im 13 and wish to be a pilot ive been on a plane 34 times (747) (D c 10) (737) etc Whats the startin age ???
what is airline reservation system?
Is there a recorded airline interview I can find?
Spitfire Accident at RAF Brize Norton?
I Want To Build Something...?
Would you rather fly on a wing and a prayer or two wings?
Whats the best comersial airliner?
aviation industry's hiring process?
What are the principle materials used in semiconductors?
Anyone here an air traffic controller?
How much is the ticket to fly to Puerto Rico from the USA?
How much would it cost to live in a plane?
Tass inc on going projects ?
Production of Induced Drag?
how can you see your house fromthe sky?
what would a pilot use a clock in the cockpit for?
Is there anyone out there like me who cant stand pilot want to be's that...?
whats the cheapest helicopter flights in nyc ? ... (safe flights)?
is bobak ferdowsi the flight director of the curiosity rover a muslim guy?
what is a nuclear pulse jet .?
What's the cheapest way to fly from Melbourne to London then back to Kuala Lumpur?
I was on aircraft G-BDXL in Feb. 2000. Can anyone explain what this means?
What is the takeoff RPM of a fixed pitch 172?
Cabin Crew Details?
what advice do you have for a high school student that wants to become a commercial pilot?
Has anyone seen pics of the airbus A380?
What happens when u fly 300 ft above sea at mach 2 or 3 Speeds?
Can anybody tell which flying school shall I join?
I need advise! I am scared to fly on a airplane from CLT to BWI. What is the best airline me to fly on?
How safe are these boings... (I have listed them here..) and how is their safety report from mid 2011?
What is the worlds fastest airplane?
What's best way to complain against Air Traffic Controller as a pilot?
I am doing BCA currently but want to become a pilot please guide me in becoming a pilot?
Aviation psychologist?
Do aircraft fly at the mach loop on weekends?
pfon number of any cargo from dubai to Moldova?
Where can i get a 100lbs (around 48kg) mini jet turbine?
What plane needs the shortest distance to take off?
Proper use of phone during flight?
What is the APU exhaust in jet aircrafts ?
The aisle seat of the last row may be considered the safest in most crashes of commercial airliners?
How much would a helicopter put me back?
I have had a knee replacement. When I go through airport security, will the metal in my knee set off the alarm
How fast do airplanes go?
What is the best role/job/career to transfer into a fighter pilot role in the RAF?
Is it possible to find the detailed dimensions of fighter (Mirage) aircraft online for a 3D modelling project?
With many airplanes in the air at the same time, how do the planes avoid colliding with each other?
could you fly an aircraft when you are steaming drunk?........?
How can i become a helicopter pilot for HM Coastgaurd?
Airbus A320 new engine option question?
What are the regulatory requirements to qualify for a CFI certification in a helicopter?
why are there 2 pilots in the planes?????
Are there any home-built aircraft kits that let you build airplanes that carry large groups of people?
Best place to watch aircraft take off to southport airshow?
How much more can the strongest, hybrid plane/helicopter cary than a regular helicopter?
What does it takes to be an airline pilot?
Flybe Airline Refunds ?
Is landing an aeroplane the hardest part of flying?
is is easier to become an airline pilot in europe or america?
Whats better , Helicopters , or Fighter Jets ? ( To fly i mean )?
Can I know the Salary of A Fighter Jet Pilot in Malaysia ?
Provide a definition (mathematically or otherwise) for the Mach number and the Speed of Sound.?
What is the income for a Qantas Pilot?
A PPG allows you to fly with a "parachute" & motor attached to your back. Are landings hard on the knees?
Why do the exact same flights in kms but on the opposite direction have different duration?
Is there a difference between "pilot" and "aviator"?
can i interview a pilot for my school project?
Purpose of Accelerometers in Laser Ring Gyros?
Why do Ohio license plates say "The Birthplace of Aviation?"?
Software value in Aerospace?
What are your Top 5 mass-produced DURABLE airplanes of WW2?
need ideas!!!?
cant find employment in a commercial pilot / a&p mechanic?
how much air is 6000 pounds?
Why do we board planes from the Port side?
Whay do u have to turn electronic off on a plane?
What planes will be shown at Biggin Hill air show this year?
Explain the growth of Air travel Industry?
Does any one know how long the tire of an airlane will be change?
CaN FsX tEaCh SoMeOne To FlY a ReAl AeRoPlAnE?
Is GPS the most common way of navigating?
What are the differences b/w an aeroplane and a jet?
Which aircraft is/was the most expensive to produce?
Do airplanes annoy you?
Working as cabin crew?
Where can I find free guides / software for pilot PILAPT test, etc.?
Identify this flying object?
How much can a Trainee Aircraft Engineer expect to earn in Ireland? Is there a fixed pay structure?
Is aviation diploma will be helpful to be a regional airline pilot?
How far in advance do you have to buy airline tickets?
what is your favorite movie?
Are cirrus aircraft driven by cables or rods?
Want to fly airliners for fun?
Are there any A&P schools in New England?
Can I become a pilot with a TBI?
How many gallons can a KC-135 pump per second?
What is the worst experience you've ever had while flying OR at the airport?
Why are some military airplanes painted with green camouflage?
Which is the fastest plane?
Large aircraft, with two figter jets beside it, and another large four engined aircraft behind.?
why do passenger planes only really fly at 530mph?
How do I get rid of my fear of flying on planes?
where i study IATA course in india?
What is the weight restriction for a ultralight aircraft in the uk?
How long is the flight from Frankfurt to New York-JFK?
Were the passenger calls that originated on Flight 93 made on air phones or personal cell phones?
my husband is a pilot and he travells the world,and i'm stuck in the house because of my fear of flying help!!
Are ipods allowed on domestic flights now?
Aviation Survey for class Help!?
What to get my husband for his birthday.?
Is there a dress code for delta first class?
Do you think in 5 years there will be manned aircraft?
Plane Crashes?
I need advice on getting a private pilots license. What is the best way to go about this?
What are the approximate maintenance costs of a Socata TB-9 and TB-10?
do you lot know what the required eye sight is for being a pilot in the fleet air arms?
What is the take-off distance required for a boeing 707 at maximum weight?
A Table for Aircraft Owned?
What do Aircraft Pilots enjoy doing?
How to prepare for pilot aptitude battery test coducted by Indian Airforce? What is asked in PABT ?
can u fly on a airplane while having a warrent?
What Is X-41?
What is the meaning of the word helicopter?
how long do you think it will be before computers replace pilots?
can a commercial aircraft fly with only one engine?
why do you have to open window blinds on commertial airplanes upon landing?
What is the biggest plane you've ever been on?
At what year was created the air plain?
European PPL completion?
Okay, hypothetical situation...small plane vs. car?
im lookingfor driving jobs that involve test driving write ups with feedback about year and make of vehicle th
As a Helicopter Repairman of Blackhawks could I learn to repair more Helicopters? Maybe even planes?
How many gates are in terminal 1 at CVG?
what's the difference between an annual review and annual report?
Is it true that when the Concorde's engines were damaging the Ozone layer? i heard that was one of the?
How have commercial airliner drag coefficients reduced through out the years?
What are the distinguishing features of the aermacchi MB-339?
Anyone Here An Airline Pilot?
How old do you have to be to work at an FBO?
Why does a pilot say "contact" before the guy spins the propeller for him?
Anyone know CTC Wings ?
I am looking for any books on aircraft in 1910 by Al;fred W Lawson?
Should I give up on my dream of being a pilot...?
Are airline owned academies good? (KLM flight schools?) I plan to graduate 2016?
questions on airplanes?
how can I see the way bombs were held in place in a ww2 b-17 bomber?
Why does it work cheaper to have your air tickets via a different city ?We are talking about USA.?
Why is security so tight on planes?
Can anybody give me the DGCA Class I (Initial) form?
Why don't airplanes have hybrid engines?
What will aircraft be like after we run out of oil?
in relation to another q i asked how can i get a privat jet licence?
what is the purpose of centralised distribution point from power source example a busbar [reffering to aircraf
can you put gasoline in a helicopter?
what is KIAS sea level?
Why dont they have concordes anymore???
What kind of helicopter has 2 red lights and 2 green lights visible at night?
What is it like being a flight attendant?
How to use steavie flight school virtral?
Help with my research paper please about whether or not pilots should be armed?
is it possible to study engineering while training to be an airline pilot?
Where is the SRN1? invented by Cockeral?
What danger do lazer pointers pose to aircraft?
Are all landings ILS?
What is a second class airman license? Can you flight as a student pilot with it?
Does anyone know how many Tuplolev TU-114s were produced and how many (if any at all) are still in service?
if you were to interview me for the post of aircraft technician knowing that i just graduated?
AVIATION/PILOT Summer Camp for 13+ Kids!?
What are the FAA security clearance requirements for ATC's?
what is the function of water injection in turbine engines?
Is it hard to become an Aircraft Marshaller?
Do you think i could do work expience in BAE systems?
Does The A380 Actually Have Three Decks?
Which airplanes do you trust your life with? Which airplanes do you not trust your life with? Please explain?
application of TIG weld on cars and aircrafts?
does anybody know someone who can fly a plame?
What are the best aviation schools in new zealand?
why some Airlines fail and other succeed ?
can i fly fighter jets?
How Does One Become A flight attendant?
Differences between 767s?
what is a likely first regional airline?
financing for getting a commercial pilots licence?
Is it normal to land with just one body gear first?
What Title is suitable for my Report which involves recommending private jets to a person?
what makes flying so fast?
Why does one of the pilots announce their altitude to his colleagues just prior to touchdown?
How do I get bagege cars up to my airplane on fsx?
What do i pack in my carryon bag?
whats the longest runway in the world?
Guys Is there any option other than taking CPL?
what all are the careers for a mechanical engineer in an aircraft company?
On airlines why do they call it a black box when in reality they are red or orange ?
Where can i fly a ww2 aircraft.?
is this doable ,and why? "bikes over a plane !!!?
what is the purpose of those planes that fly around making clouds?
How much is radio equipment for small aircraft?
If aeroplanes can be made, why can't flying cars be made too?
what is maximum duty time (not flight time) flag operations FAR121 with 4 pilots & aircraft has crew rest area?
plane prices?
Is this position recognise?
Is there male ''air hostesses'' ? if so what are they called?
how to become a pilot?
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made ou
how many flight museums in the united states?
how do you travel?
The first commercial flight of the A380 will be SIN-SYD Oct 25 0800-1825, is that 2000-0425 Eastern Time?
delta connections academy?
I would like to know about becoming an airline pilot, I am 13 years old.?
is anybody here wanting to become a fighter pilot?
can i become a plane pilot?
How can I fly in the USA with a EU JAR PPL license?
If flying is safe, how come buildings at airports are called terminals ?
What do the numbers on skyscraper helipads mean?
what are the vehicles at the airport called, the ones out with the air planes?
Why the pilot should reduce the cabin light when taking-off or landing a passenger airplane?
Why do planes fly so high?
Do flight attendants only eat economy food and pilots first?
Which airlines allow ferrets in the passenger cabin?
landing plane without permission?
How do civilians fly Migs?
How much does a pilot get paid at Aeroflot Airlines and what are some benefits for working for them?
can light aircraft glide in an emergency?
What factors affect VMCA and VMCG? Does weight affect VMCA and VMCG?
I want to be a navy pilot some day?
what's the fastest plane on earth?
Which was the fastest propeller driven aircraft during the second world war?
Can you check a bag on an airline without a license?
if the latest model mini cooper was equiped with wings how long would they have to be to just lift it?
Does a lightning strike on an aircraft in midair during cruise always bring a plane down and how so?
anybody know how many hours full time and part time int'l united flight atten are up in the air each month??
Why is the SR-71 Blackbirds' true maximum speed still classified?
Brazil.Internal multi flight how much?
What time should I get to the airport for an international flight?
Plane for regional flights?
Flight attendant testing during training?
Germans BV141 plane balance.?
Any body working at conntinental airlines as baggage handler?were do i go and fill out application for that?
is the Mooney m20 pressurized?
Why don't planes have one massive parachute for the whole plane??r=1223459573?
Is it advisable to go for pilot training if i have keratoconus?
i know seaplanes that land and take off from sea what do we call that land & takeoff from land ?
New Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplane?
can i be a pilot without liking stalls?
What was the name of the german plane that went very high then dived down, and made that infamous noise...?
Can a helicopter to be lifted by its helix if it was in the ground. Or does the helix break?
What would be the average landing speed for an A319 with full pax?
Where can I get a commercial pilots license in Malaysia?
Is there any loans or anything for flight training?
Travelling on the Emirates A380 - will they still use the A380?
When u start as a commercial pilot what is ur salary?
Commercial[fixed-wing] to commercial[rotor-wing]. How easy is the transition?
if u jump out of an airplane an land in memory foam will you live?
model helicopter flying club what is the safe distance from pylons and cables?
I need any airline pilot retirement party ideas! Help!?
Can a girl be an airplane pilot?
what model airplane was flight 93?
Is the Marlin paper airplane modeled after a real airplane?
How many blimps are there?
i am 18 i have a gun but i admit i do not own a license i want to check it with me on a plane can i do that?
Five helicopters flew over with forward protrusions. I thought gun. Friend says fuel boom. What is a fuel boom
how much does it cost for each license/rating?
Are there any high quality audio recordings of the F-22 raptor?
how fast does a jet plane go?
can anyone explain me how the chevrons on b787 engine do its function to reduce noisy?
Humiliated in Q/A sessions!?
how do you ground a helicopter?
Why do airplanes appears white in colour at cruise altitude?
do planes have a gas pedal?
How many wheels on an airplane?
Can Commercial Airplanes hover?
Who do you think invented and flew the first air plane ,santos dumont or the wright brothers?
Aircraft landing procedure?
Does a certain member have a fixation with PAX questions?
Did Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
What would be my first steps in pursuing a career as a flight attendant?
Best first year subjects (Bach Aviation Tech)?
How long would it take to become a Airbus A318 pilot?
When was the last time you've flown Eastern Airlines?
What to do during a non-stop twelve hour flight in a boeing 747-400 and what are the best seats?
where can i get a private pilot license in Tokyo, Japan ? Anywhere? Pls Help?
which has better flying characteristics? DC 3 or Cessna 172? as in better control and stability.?
if there are armed air marshals on a flight, is the plane cabin safe if one of their bullets misses?
what is the pilot enrollment procedure of Egypt air ?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? ?
How does a jet engine move an airplane?
how do the cheap airlines make money?
Does the paint of a jumbo jet need to be removed before repainting?
Fun Question?
best air crash investigation episode?
how late do planes fly?
How to make microflying helicopter in home ?
Which plane would win this dogfight at 30000 ft. a P-51 Mustang, F15 Strike eagle or a SupertyphoonEurofighter
Why should I charter a private jet?
Have you ever taken a flight in an acrobatic air plane?
how much does an airplane (747) weigh?
Did Douglas DC-3's have fuel bleeder-lines?
Why do people use small one seater planes?
Do Aircrafts land and take off according to the wind direction?
Pilots: Would you be satisfied with a small airplane?
the airplane's have a reverse ?
what happened to Capt. Woods of TWA flight 741 after the 1970 hijacking?
They say air travel is the safest form of travel - Compared to the others how does it rank?
plz tell me about salary offered for cabin crew?
If 2 planes almost collide,why is it termed a near miss.Surely a near hit is more correct.?
Mosquito Flying?
My dad would like to fly from New jersey to Florida but he needs his oxygen to breath at times also a tank?
What was the total freight tonnage handled at the Kia as of 2001? International %? Domestic %?
How do fighter pilots clear their ears?
Seen two planes flying at same & altitude & direction?
can i get a job if i have a private pilot license(PPL)?
I heard that theres a civil plane in which the auto pilot does 100% of the flight including:::::?
Airbus A319 and Boeing 737-900?
What size pipe and stack do I need on my diesel?
What is the font used by Embraer for their official ERJ-145 logo and where can I find it?
alaska airlines begin operation?
how busy is air traffic at raf northolt?
What will happen if a jet flies faster than the speed of sound ?
Can someone give my space ship a jumpstart?
Do sport planes require less maintenance than regular planes?
How fit do you have to be to be a pilot?
Steps to becoming a flight instructor?
How much do taxi drivers make a week after lease and gas in Chicago?
im scared of flying and going on holiday tomorrow...isit possible for a planes floor to just collapse?
how do airline pilots flight the planes ?
Why don't aeronautical engineers design parachute systems on the body of a commercial airliner for emergencies?
Should i become a Aeronautical engineer or pilot for a commercial airliner? ?
What flight maneuvers are ground reference, performance, and commercial?
Big airliner landings? boeing 747 etc..?
What's the largest modern carrier-capable aircraft?
help with a simple helicopter design?
Hey u guys! cherokeeflyer is a fake pilot and a pretender. be aware!?
Why would a plane crash and would it split in mid air?
Where to download ready flights for MS FS2004?
If you have a tie-down, where do you store your step-ladder used to access the top of your high wing aircraft?
which two airline companies have recently taken the Airbus A380 into their fleet of aircraft?
is microsoft flight sim 2004 worth the price?
Where is the serial number of an ANTONOV-12 aircraft found or fixed by the manufcturer ?
Is it okay to be a pilot when you are gay?
who was varun dhanna?
Can a Canadian own a aircraft with American registration in Canada?
flying a kitplane around the world. Is paperwork a hassle?
MINIMAL T-6G • PROJECT WANTED • I have most parts for a T-6G. I would like to find a minimal T-6G project with?
looking for an aircraft "boneyard" that allows access to the old planes or tours of them. Anyone know? thx
Fear of helicopter flying?
I just fell out of an airplane with no parachute. What should I do?
What do U-2 pilots do?
Spitfire vs Messerschmidt 109?
Is the PPL Written a requirement for the Flight Test, or can it be done after to obtain the full license?
How to avoid nausea when flying?
How much would it cost to run a small aircraft?
can u take cigarettes on a plane?
anyone know where i can find a long sleeve button up shirt with cessna flight operations on it?
which aircraft has a most strength in stresses and can be abused..? Boeing or Airbus?
who typically owns airports in countries other than the u.s. ?
What would happen if.....?
Are Flybe a good airline?
FSX ATC/Other Voices are Mute?
I would like to get my basic pilots license. How could I make a living at flying a single engine aircraft ?
I want to become an Air Traffic Controller ?
How close am I to have a private aircraft and pilot it alone?
Aircraft Comparable to C-172?
Why despite the fact that flying is actually safer than driving do people get so nervous before a flight?
how much does the jet-lev water jet pack cost?
why can't the engineers who build plane build the whole structure from that iron box that can never be destroy
Is water heavier than jet fuel and if added to both tanks would this cause engine's to cut out?
can i convert faa cpl to canadian cpl in usa?
how do i line up to the runway?
How to raise $10k for flight lessons?
What would it take to destroy a black box?
What does this sentence mean?
virgin atlantic sale? when?
Why are the (NSEW) keys highlighted on almost all the Flight Management and Guidance System ?
Pilots during flight - What do they do to pass time?
Blackbox on an air plane?
How can i fly like a bird?
Is being a flight attendant a good job?
Are there any DC-3 passenger planes still flying and would you fly on one?
What inventions use oxygen?
High wing (Cessna) or low wing (Piper)...what are the advantages / disadvantages?
How does a home base locate a friendly stealth aircraft ?
colours of Wellington Bombers based at Desborough airfield WWII?
can airplane really fly?
What qualifications would I need to become an air hostess for Emirates?
How many more days till August 13, 2006?
I am afraid of myself if I become an airline pilot?
boeing's "silent eagle" vs. the f-35/ f-22?
DC 6/7 vs Lockheed Connie?
do airplanes have to have wings?
Space Shuttle Launch?
How are air freight companies paid?
what is the best airline to fly with?
Why was the wing "heavy"?
Commercial Pilot in Canada?
How long does it take a commercial airline to travel 4625 miles?
Plane rental cost/ least?
If a plane got totally out of control and did all these crazy flips and turns and dives...?
Can passenger airplanes go backwards on ground without something to tow them?
How much money does ish from west coast customs make?
Cotter pin spreader tool?
How do hot air balloons work?
Anyone else glad they dont work for BA right now?
pass paper question on aircraft thrust??
Im getting VERY nervous about my flight tommorow,how do I remain calm????
Where can I get the VC25 flyover pictures from New York?
Do I need to go to college to be able to become a airline pilot?
what is air?
The Blue Angel C130 appears to have "rocket" engines. Do these actually provide thrust or are they just show?
Where can I find the least expensive airline tickets online? Want to go to FL and back to AZ.?
help! what airport would I land in for this area?
Huey Uh-1 Helicopter door dimensions?
Can a plane take off during a tropical storm?
How fast does a jumbo jet need to be going to take off?
i want to know where i have to go after landing in Flight Simulator 2004 somebody tell me plz...!!?????/?
What is Jet chartering?
my flight will reach chennai airport at 8 pm and I want to go to guindy how should i go from there?
Another senile question about the f-16?
Frozen ATPL and FAA license?
Have you ever driven an airplane before?
air freight is charge by the weight why are passenger not?
What should be the eligibilities for being a Commercial Pilot?
Why do you have to put the window shutters up when taking-off and landing on an airplane?
Has anyone heard of Silver State Helicopters?
How can I name my new virtual airline?
How to become an airline pilot?
Will set a speaker in every compartments,then a pilot will announce in important station ?
How to overcome fear of flying?
how much does a aircraft mechanic earn?
Why have flying boats generally been phased out of modern aviation?
job in swissair in logan airport-Boston?
What is the best way to start aviation?
can i take a laptop on a airline?
Which one is in more high demand helicopter pilots or airplane pilots?
Can passenger airplanes go backwards on ground without something to tow them?
where can i get information notes on line regarding EASA Cat B compliance?
I have to do a project on anything to do with a aircraft. So can you please give me some ideas.?
Is there a package for flight simulator 2004 for space exploration? If so could you please tell me?
what are all the procedures for getting approval and certification for a helicopter being created by students?
Alternative Medical Certificate?
how to recharge air hogs rc helicopter? and how to light up the recharging light?
Where can I find a can of prop wash?
Would it be possible to make a thermal-helium airship?
Aeronautical Engineering?
What do you think of UND/ERAU's Gateway Program?
What is the best way to deal with this flight ?
Why would an aircraft use the terminology 'heavy' in their flight call?
How do I perform a mid-air refueling when piloting a F-15C Eagle?
Why we use fuel in kilogram in aviation?
does the black box in airplanes record audio and video to really assist in understanding what really went wron
Do boats and planes travel in straight lines?
what is the approximate length of a runway?
what is used to clean grease or exhaust deposits from an aircraft structure?
Australia Related: Question Regarding ASICS?
what is ICAO and EASA? are they related?
Rebuilding a WWII biplane, and I have a few questions?
Are there cameras in aircraft lavatories?
why arent black box recorders designed so they float to the surface of water?
Hi what part of this trent 500 engine, does the primary combusted air come out of and the by-pass?
Can I become an RAF Helicopter or transport pilot, without perfect 20/20 vision?
Are there still jump seats in the cockpits of modern (IE latest models) of Boeing and Airbus Aircraft?
Airline pilot emotional stress?
Pls check these quotes -true or false?& help us...Built-in Aircraft Self-destruct device exist in civil planes?
Where can I buy a B-2 Bomber?
used jets!!!!!!!!?
is there an airindia flight flying from lusaka ,Zambia to Delhi,India?
has anyone trained in national pilot academy(las vegas)? how was it?
How safe are airoplanes?
which american airline is the safest?
i wanna be an airline pilot?
When are you not considered an unaccompanied minor?
How does one work for a Flight Service Station?
What are the new rules regarding taking laptops and cell phones on airplanes?
Aeronautical Eng or Aircraft mechanic?
Whats your all time favourite airline?
Space Balloon Question?
Subjects needed to become a Pilot?
Why can't you bring a book or a magazine on a plane anymore?
HELP!! How will people and technology today affect future air travel?
what is a aileron in airplanes?
Tips for first time Passenger?
Airflight regulations on PIA website sayss...?
"To accelerate, a body must be pushed by an external force" What is this external force in an aircraft flying?
Is being a Aircraft Mechanic in Alaska I good job?
do helicopter push down air or lift thru the air?
which is the age for drink?in italy the boys and girls drinkin at 14 years!!!!?
Flying for the first time in a few day?
What is the amount of air consumed by one B-747 engine at full throttle per second?
how do pilots get in freighter aircrfaft(an 225)and(an 124)etc?
Early 1900 planes simple activity?
What is the meaning of these petroleum terms: AGO, DPK, PMS, JET A1.?
how many days in advance does jet blue take reservations?
I cannot contact Ryanair on the number given. I am ringing from Spain?
Best way to be a airline pilot?
hi there,I jst went for the 1st interview for SIA cadet pilot,i presume i did really good.?
What kind Of Education do you need to fly planes?
Can I use a Nintendo DS lite aboard an aircraft?
Has anyone seen pics of the airbus A380?
Can you take a flight, then stay a few hours in the airport then go onto another flight?
How efficient are modern day aircraft?
what is 1+1= because im confused is it 2 or 11 people say 11 so im going with that.?
Since this years Farnbourgh airshow has all the 4 exabition halls closed what will include interactive exhibit?
How does the traveling public feel about an airliner made of plastic composite namely Boeing's new airliner
which is the biggest gate in the world?
Which airline caters the best inflight services?
Is there a shortage of pilots in the commercial aviation industry? If so, how long is that expected to last?