What were the aircraft types involved in the recent air to air crash in the UK?
pls tell me about the external & internal component of an aircraft?
Question about Airline Transport Professionals?
Why do aircraft cockpits always have to be at the top?
Will an airplane immediately crash if the engines cut out?
How to undestand pilot`s language ?
any body has an idea which is X-1100 oil and when it is used in engines?
What are the chances of dieing in a plane crash?
The organisation of air transportation (referats, articles about business or management)?
How much G-forces does it take to rip apart a modern fighter aircraft?
if the only thing the 9/11 hijackers were armed with was box cutters, how did they gain control of the plane?
How can u land an aircraft without GPS?
How much math do i need to be an air plane pilot?
Do you think we're really going to have flying cars in the near future?
what is the normal width of taxiways at big international airports, and how width are the most widthest ones?
how come some pilots choose not to fly for airlines?
How is Airline Transport Professionals? ATP?
what is a sortie, does it apply to single aircraft or it can also apply to a formation taking off at the same?
why own your own plane?
Which is better, the Lockheed-Martin F/A-22 Raptor or the Sukhoi SU-50 (AKA PAK-FA)?
i want a private pilots license. could you pls tell me the procedure and elgibility for it .?
Which Aircraft should I purchase and what will the costs be of this?
If a chopper is put in air for 12 hours, can i move from India to USA.?
can i use my montgomery gi bill too get a commecial pilots license?
Regarding annual oil consumption, what percent does the aviation industry use?
i am thinking about going to college and applying for a busary?
Pros and cons of 400 series Cessna?
Why Can't I find Brisbane Airport Control tower live feed on the internet?
de Haviland Comet pilot?
What are the current regulations for hand luggage when flying to the UK since the prevented terrorist attack?
how do pilot find tha way?
the name of the wright brothers plane that they first flew?
Do airline companies have policies against tattoos?
When should I start taking flight lessons?
is CVG a good airport to live around?
Is it hard to become a fighter pilot?
Is it normal for a pilot to use the air brakes at high altitude on an airliner?
any schools for lowincome?
I would like to know about becoming an airline pilot, I am 13 years old.?
Where can i learn to fly gliders? I live in south Chicago.?
how can i plane crash when there's no plane?
is there any truth to the rumor that abx air will acquire pace airlines?
Flight Pricing????????????????????
What are the courses to get in any field of aviation?
How many aircraft in 1 squadron?
Why dont pilots use the elevators or rudders to descend and turn?
In Aviation training what does "Part 141" mean?
Who hires pilots with no icing experience?
How to deal with jet lag?
PLEASE HELP!! How do I convince my mom to ride in an airplane?
Can someone answer me this about U-2 spy plane?
How many hours a week does a flight attended work?
Has anyone managed to create a flying Incom T-65 X-Wing?
Is it too late to start flight training?
Frequent Flyer miles?
On Delta domestic flights what are the restrictions for carry on luggage?
Do you know this Aviation School?
How do planes fly without flapping their wings?
Has a commercial passenger jet ever safely ditched in the ocean?
Will I succeed on a hang glider?
Which one is easier to learn how to fly-a helicopter or an airplane?
Is it hard for new commercial helicopter pilots to find a job?
How many Antilles Geese and/or Dornier Seastars have been ordered and/or produced?
where can i bye a go kart in newyork?
Will the airline industry be hard to get into 10 years from now?
when will all the troops in iraq come home for good?
How difficult is the FAA test for Air Traffic Controlling?
what is a pod strike and what a tail strike?
Can Planes Shut Off Mid Air?
Being an airline pilot in the UK vs USA vs Australia?
Is The World's Biggest Airliner [DVD] discovery channle is different to The Giant Of The Sky's A380 DVD?
Boeing 747 Airfoil question?
is Canadian ATC Bilingual?
what happens to old Indian Milatary aircraft ?
If a plane came at 100 miles an hour and a similar plane came at 200 miles an hour, which would hit first?
do odgen,ut have an airport?
Is Purdue a good Aviation school?
Who here thinks the RAH-66 wouldv'e been the best manned gunship ever?
What i need to become Aircraft mechanic?
Which pilot training schook is better in canada? Harvs or langley?
is there such a thing as a helicopter for children thats lets them fly?
How to be a MAS pilot?
What are the main advantages of turbo-prop aircraft...?
How do I become a pilot?
Can they justify 5 private jets?
Is British Airways going to buy the Airbus A380?
Good flight schools in Utah?
Hi Guys and Gals! Is $77.00 alot to pay for ZZ Top tickets?
why do most commercial jets taxi with flaps down?
Low Fuel Error in PMDG 747 400X?
FAA 2 C Letter?
With regard to cleaning solutions approved for use on aircraft, what does the AMS rating mean? eg. AMS 1550A?
What do you think of my theory as to the missing engine on Flight #1549?
where can i buy (scrap) Aircraft body only to make a dubble bed doll house.?
what are the different airlines?
is 31 to late to consider stepping on ladder as pilot.?
how can i make a small airplane?
my 052 intercepter helicopter will not run its band new?
do you think in the future there will be flying cars?
Could someone cancel my flight if they have my itinerary number?
What was the best heavy bomber of these two?
Do US Airlines hire pilots who are not US Citizens?
Flying Weight?
mile high club...?
Anyone can tell me how can i differentiate based on the part number which type of aircraft does it belong to?
are pilots allowed to be girls in the uk?
can a fully loaded c130 take-off without deploying its flaps during the process?
what is an Fokker 50 is it to fly in it.?
Reporting a DUI to the FAA?
why do pilots say roger?
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Pilot jobs... Iraq/Afghanistan?
Has Air Force One ever had a bird strike?
How to obtain the FAA for Flight Attendant in Flight Safety Inc?
Is the Boeing 737-200 safe to fly in ?
What are the different duties of these air force pilots?
Re The Jet Blu SNAFU : Why not build a seperate terminal just for AC in that exact situation?
are there a lot of airlines hiring flight attendants?
Airline ticket question!!!?
Ok, this is my blonde question of the airplanes have windshield wipers?
what was your favourite plane crash?
If a plane came at 100 miles an hour and a similar plane came at 200 miles an hour, which would hit first?
Was the movie "Flightplan" accurate in that there is lots of unseen space on an aircraft?
What time should I get to the airport for an international flight?
How to become an aerobatic pilot?
What are the good thing by becoming a flight attendant for lufthansa or Air France? Is it a good job to have?
What different kind of pilots are there?
Why was there no air show at the Oshawa air show today?
what type of helicopters are white w/2red stripes?
what are the dimensions of oxygen bottle P/N 176500-22?
How should I book my flight?
Could an SR-17 be used as a nuclear bomber?
paper airplane Please answer A.S.A.P I'm dieing of Cancer?
What is a good plane for a privet pilot?
Does anyone know why pilots instruct the crew to keep the airplanes windows open on takeoff and landing?
How can I get tickets to SS4?
what can i do to stop my ears from hurting when on a plane?
What are those orange balls on power lines?
Tips of fear of flyingg?
Do jet aircraft reverse their engines when they land.?
Do any STIRLING bombers still exist?
is the a321 slower than the a320 ?
howmany fatal accidents have the world's scheduled airlines had in the past decade?
What aicrafts are produced in germany?
2008 commercial break songs?
Are electronics on board Boeing current planes still made in USA?
questions about the cessna 177 cardinal?
What is the average efficiency of a jet engine?
Qualifications for Air Traffic Controller?
why the flaps operation in the aircraft is always in the downward side ,why cant we use in upward side?
How is the jet turbine of an airplane attached to the wings?
Are you worried about air travel and do you think it's safe to fly in light of today's news ?
i wanna fly?
What airline should i go with for xmas in Dubai?
Wouldn't it be like the coolest job in the world to be a fighter pilot?
I want to be a pilot, wear can i find the best aviation college?
If wear eyeglasses, can I still become a commercial pilot?
what is the job in cabin crew?
Pilots: would it be cheaper for me to attend flight training in the Middle East? (where fuel/oil is so cheap)?
Aircraft, ever been in a hercules?
g601760002-1 when can I find this part for crj 200?
Why do aeroplanes not have a seat row no 13.?
does anyone know if u can bring footpowder on your carry-on?
Where can I learn to fly a helicopter for recreation?
risk mitigation helicopter operations?
The Military is the best route to take in becoming an Airline Pilot. Agree or Not ?
Good JAA PPL pilot practice exams.?
When was the first Aeroplane created? Who was first person to drive it?
How do I start the most marketable Light Sport Aircraft training program?
Good small airplane for $25,000?
What is the crusing altitude of a commercial airliner?
Extra 300 (aerobatic plane) - What are those triangle-shaped pieces of metal behind the wings at the wing-tips?
The North American X-15: airplane or spacecraft?
What is a good flight school in Geelong or Melbourne Australia?
Aircraft Wing Construction: How are wings attached to the aircraft body? How can they withstand the stress?
Air France Flight 447 crash: Stall warnings?
What is flight detent?
what avionics does a learjet 60 have? how about 60 XR?
list of cheapest and best MRCA(multirole combat aircraft)?
About how many girl pilots are there compared to boy pilots? For example like every 5 guy pilots theres a girl
Why do some contrails from planes flying in the sky last a long time in warm weather and low altitude?
where does the word "wilco" originate from?
Next month I will be taking a 10 hour plane ride. one problem I am very very very afraid of planes.?
VHF airplane radio scanner?
how do aeroplane engines work?
Aeroplane crash?
Will going to foreign military give an advantage if I have same flying hours as other applicants?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
What are the parts of the third class medical exam?
where can i find the syllabus for the commercial pilot entrance examination? What'll b the duration of course
One direction CONCET TICKETS?
Is there any site on the internet where I can learn about the parts of turbofan and/or turboprop engines?
How far can i fly a Cessna 172?
How come on the 737 NG?
Is it safe to fly on Delta?
When is AeroMexico going to get their first Boeing 777-200/ER ?
In a fighter jet what is the person in the rear seat called and how hard would it be to become one?
FRS/GMRS, range of FRS?
I want to be a pilot but I suck at physics ?
is kerosine the primary fuel of a plane?
Who invented the first helicopter?
Department of Transport info needed (England).?
Cheapest way to ship from China to U.S. ?
How to change batteries in kids toys without screwdriver on airplane?
Check Ride: VFR from KARB to KCVG?
When will we get another Supersonic Transport?
the life of Pegasus MK106 engine in hrs or cycles for overhaul.?
how pressure sender works?
Why do i get funny looks when i go to the airport?
18 Becoming an airplane Pilot?
what all airlines have the ge90?
Is Air canada a good airline?
Claustrophobia Fighter Pilot Cockpits?
Class 1 Aviation Medical?
Etihad Airways Pilot Cadet Programme is there in 2012?
Is this possible to do in the pilot world?
Getting my permanent?
Which programming language should i learn? (10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!)?
Experimental Pilot's License?
How old do you have to be to fly alone?
Im very interested in air guns. how can i get quackenbush air guns in india. ?
Why does Boeing and Airbus planes or other commercial airplanes need to use kerosene?
edinburgh airport plane spotting?
Safe landing windspeed of a helicopter?
Are the PPL exams MCQs?
About the A320 that landed on the Hudson River?
Rickenbacker 2009 Airshow?
Why is the MD-11 out of production?
anybody know how many hours full time and part time int'l united flight atten are up in the air each month??
Aviation headphones, I had a question about the input connection?
Airstrips in Northern NSW?
What are wind tunnels?
If you are on a passenger plane, and it does a go-around, does it mean you are in danger?
Why don't the have parasute's under the seats of an airplain instead of lifevests?
What does KKCI mean in the header of the Area Forecast?
What plane needs the shortest distance to take off?
are american airline planes bigger than delta planes?
How would I make a helicopter engine to lift 290 pounds? Could it be a piston engine?
What are the qualifications for becoming an airline pilot?
Stage lll exam?
What is the cost of CPL MULTI IFR 225 Hrs in USA or Canada?
aircraft mass12tonnes taxing 18ms-1 when brakes applied decelerates uniformly distanceof65m?
fairey swordfish LS326,last flight duration time in1999 before it began lt's restoration at yeovilton (ongoi
How do planes fly? Please not rude answers. My five year old daughter is asking this question.?
Are there plug sockets available to economy passengers on the Virgin Atlantic planes to NY?
Where can i fly a military jet near Toronto?
Why are airplane hangers called hangers?
Exactly how does an aircraft stay up in the air?
Nitro RC plane question?
Is it legal to take a helicopter and land it in a parking lot like at walmart or something?
how much dose a magic carpet cos?
How to capture a fly?
what is latest development of aircraft?.........?
Are there hybrid planes?
Problems with ATC and pilot communication?
Tips for reducing swelling of ankles after flight?
is it possible to buy a F-15 or F-16?
Strange aircraft hovering on my roof?
What is a lap belt (the seatbelt in an airplane) made of?
First time flyer here?
Why don't airline seats face backwards for safety reasons?
I lost my pic ID and went to the DMV for a new 1 but it has not come yet Im leaveing today I have the paper ID
What is the most technologically advanced helicopter a civilian could buy?
Why does Boeing advertise on TV?
Do you have to know how to fly a plane to play Flight Simulator X?
What is the longest aircraft in the world?
Would you fly on a plane with George W Bush as the only pilot?
How does a hot-air balloon control its path?
Aerodynamics paragraph?
When aviation industry booms, do they hire new pilots a LOT?
How many lease gates does American Airlines have in Total?
is there any local distributor of eco tru1453 this chemical is use in aircraft disinfectant?
How does the news broadcast live from a helicopter?
salvage Robinson helicopter?
What is the best seating for Fort Worth Alliance Air show?
What is going on with my helicopter?
where can i find ultralight sailplane construction plans for free?
need some help?
is basic travellers allowance fees an option?
What type of engine does the harrier jump jet have ?
If you are A commercial Airplane pilot cand have time to chat with a 13 year old kid?
In reallife what is the likely hood of a Snakes On A Plane type situation taking place?
What is it like to fly in a fighter jet?
Popular aviation blogs for aeronautical students?
How to get over my fear of flying?
Have you ever mailed some stuff from the US to Peru?
Where to find information on 1950's helicopter crash at s.u.n.y. Brockport?
hi! am in class 10 i am cofused between taking engenearing or being a pilot as a career? starting of a pilot?
How does the Delta online check-in work?
how many years of being a CFI will take to be an airline pilot?
Frozen ATPL and FAA license?
How is it, that a boeing 747 can go full throttle and still be stationary.I've seen this several times on TV.
is it true that you have to become an air traffic controller before the age of 27?
How does ICAO exert its influence?
how can we make a mini. plane model using a rotating motor....??
How do I become a pilot for Delta?
what can you tell about the Radar Fio?
I want to become an Airline Pilot?
Which was the airplane that crashed in the movie 'Cast Away'?
PAST P-Factor, Accelerated Slipstream, Spiralling Slipstream, Torque???
best fighter jets videos on youtube?
Where to find information on 1950's helicopter crash at s.u.n.y. Brockport?
why airplanes are designed to have pointed front area?
Physical difference from the outside between the Airbus A310 and A330?
poll question: plz answer about planes? ?
Can a helicopter tow an airplane?
Is the American B2 Stealth Bomber powered by a nuclear reactor? Is it capable of hovering?
why dont we have officers on planes?
How much money does it cost to fill up a airplains diesel and where do they do it???
Why was the SR-71 blackbird retired?
Is it possible to make a paper airplane that can generate lift on its own once thrown?
Why do thethe pilots say "heavy" after the name of the plane?
what is the new generation mechanic in aviation?
Can you land a Cessna SEL RG airplane off pavement?
Where Can I Download the CRJ-200 Bombardier Training Manual (Latest Study Notes)?
Private pilots licence in the uk?
If a plane could fly faster than a helicopter, why fly a helicopter?
Looking for a company that sells lavatories, sinks and hand cleaner system for an aircraft for my company?
I sat in the aircraft loo for take off, and stood up in the cockpit for landing, do you have any good stories?
What is the meaning of the word helicopter?
Why don't they call them "near hits" instead of "near misses" when planes almost crash?
I am high school senior and i have a strong passion for either becoming an air traffic controller or?
do large jet airplanes have keys, like cars?
Please! Which is better? I'm ordering a pilot's headset and need to know which brand model is the best.
V speeds in a 172???
Will the cost of airfare increase a lot by around 2009?
when reading a TAF report, how do you know if the SLP has a 9 or 10?
is it worth majoring in Aviation Management?
how does an airplane generates electricity for its own consumption?
In FSX how can I get the guide poles leading up to runways 16R and 16L at seattle/tacoma international airport?
Fly the Zeppelin?
can u suggest some aircraft movies ?
Aviation security?
how fast is supersonic?
how can i create thrust using something similar to the top rotor of a gyrocopter?
Flight Attendants/Stewardess: Do you wear insoles for work?
Why are plane windows so small?
How can a A&P mechanic loose their license?
What ever happened to stewardesses on airplanes.?
What are the major component parts of a gas turbine engine?
Why don't fighter/military planes leave contrail?
Airline pilot training information...?
how come my daughters air hogs helicopter wont turn left/right?
Is there any way to fly in the Jump Seat of an Airliner?
groundstaff position in aviation field.....?
What is the Delta G of this?
Ryanair Planes...........?
Why hasn't Boeing tested the 787 for flight yet?
Can a Boeing 747 stay in the air with just 1 engine? (747 models have 4 engines)?
Can an airline require a larger passenger to buy 2 tickets?
where can i find the mcp numbers on a 757 captain cockpit?
What is the factors in civil aviation industry development?
What will happen if a Boeing 747 or A380 lands in an aircraft career?
I have no fule flow / no light off P-3C orion!?
is there a power outlet on El Al planes?
how do get more planes on microsoft flight sim 2004?
Does Anyone find modern aircraft Military or Civilian boring compared to pre and post WW2 aircraft.?
uk price jet fuel per litre?
Work on airplanes back in my country.?
what does the airlines criminal background checks consist of?
What kind of capabilities does the Canadian CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet have?
can you fly a commercial plane if you wear glasses?
Pilots can't wear Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses while flying...?
For those who love jetliners..what are your favorite planes?
Differences between light-sport and private pilot?
Does flight simulator actually help with real flying?
I want to become an Airline Pilot?
news in aviation?
Young Pilots! How do you get around once you get to your destination?
Can an Air Force Combat Controller apply to be an FAA air traffic controller under the VRA program ?
Airline question?????????
A fully loaded 747 versus a fully loaded 737?
Fate of Airplane in Hudson ?
If the little black box is indestructable, why dont they make the whole plane out of it?
Cheap hawii plain tickets?
Are there any outlet plugs?
why do pilots say roger?
where will the headlight for a aircraft situated?
ground effect?
This is creepy. Just a coincidence? or not?
Army Helicopter Pilot?
Why will it take 25 years for the SAX-40 to replace current passanger jets?
want 2 know full details about aeronotical engineering?
What does setting mixture to rich do in an air craft?
Where can you get more financial aid\scholarships, public or private flight schools?
Anyone know of a persont that would be willing to train a student pilot for free?
future of the VLJ type aircraft?
What are these probes on the wing of the A320?
What side does a pilot sit in ?
Has an aircraft water landing ever been successful?
How many kVA does a honeywell RE100 APU generate?
Where does the plane?
I am planning to go to the Air Force Academy, to serve my country and be an Airline Pilot. Any suggestions?
I have a question about bomber jets?
Can a Boeing 747 stay in the air with just 1 engine? (747 models have 4 engines)?
Anyone Have Cheap One Direction tickets for columbus oh?
Questions for Pilots?
what is the maximum time boeing 777-300er can fly and what is the fuel consumption of the aircraft per hour?
What is the difference between the AH1 Supercobra and the AH1 Viper?
Why 254lbs for ultralights?
E6B question?
under-age cigarettes..............................…
What airline has the best food and what was it?
How can i stop my airline turbulence phobia?
What determines runway of choice on takeoff?
What can't I hear what ATC is saying on radio.?
need cheapest airline price?
Why are there so many B.S. artists answering questions on this topic?
What is the best class for a Moab and an Osprey Gunner.?
do pilots put the earth's rotational motion around its axes in regard while flying?
Are any Navy aircraft (or Marine or USAF) configured to carry torpedoes?
I want to become a pilot but I am from a lower-middle class family.?
Does tinnitus effect the application process for becoming a commercial pilot?
Why don't small 2-4 seater airplanes have parashutes in case of engine failer?
Close airports to Faro (FSX)?
Will the viewing area at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) still exist after the parallel runway is constructed?
If you had a choice of private pilots? Who would fly your plane?
Anybody have personal experience with blue sky aviation school in tulare, ca?
types of pilots?
What happens if an aircraft spoilers or flaps don't work?
Is Ronald Reagan airport popular?
if u get denied by the FAA for medical certification can u apply later on in life?
Could the F-15 fly into outer space?
What happens if you get caught flying a plane without a pilots licence?
why do jet planes increase thrust just before touching down?
What inventions use oxygen?
On the Jeppesen website, I found a section with "NOTAM"s. Are these all NOTAM available?
Why are you interested in becoming a part of united airlines?
Are fighter jets designed to look badass or is it just a coincidence?
how do people use parachutes?
Will pilots ever extinct ?
Why are there so many planes flying low around this month?
what is another term for aircraft?
how are vacuums and airplanes similar?
what are the instrument for remote cotrol plane?
Was TWA 800 really a fuel tank accident??
I'm a little nervous about my international flight?
How many people are flying at this moment?
How is mail transported from state to state? plane?
F 16 Falcon vs. F 117 Nighthawk?
what is ground cockpit communication?
Boeing 777-200LR or Boeing 777-300ER?
is $1,000,000 to much to spend on a private jet?
What kind of flight technology would make a building float?
why do people tell may day if there is any emergency in flying?
Do indian fighter pilots wear helmets?
Has anyone thought of an idea, for designing Magnetic Airline?
what do u think of skyrider airlines?
Do large military planes hover?
Program that lets you design airplanes/cars and test speed and other physical requirements?
What type of airfoil used for vertical and horizontal tail of Pilatus pc-7?
Could someone post a link to the physical exam form to be a flight attendant?
How will the airlines cope in the future since obesity levels in America and around the world are increasing?
Anyone know if the age limit to becoming an air traffic controller is 31 still?how much school do they need?
WWII photo reconnaissance: why Spitfires?
What is the differance between a turbine engine and a jet engine?
My question is can i become a pilot if my height is 5' 1''?
What is the FSX Root\Sim Objects\Aircraft folder for fsx? and how do i install aircraft into it?
Why are cabin lights turned off for takeoff/landing?
i've never been on a plane before . . .?
What does it mean if a house is in a designated airport safety zone?
Pilot school help?
im am 18 years of age and am desperately trying to find means as to become an Airline Pilot suggestions?
Is it true that electronic devices such as phones and ipods mess with a planes' gauges and can't be used?
How much do commercial helicopter pilots earn?
Flyin alone for the first time?
How do i know if i have the passion for flying?
ok my family an i are going on a trip...on a plane?
Can I make money with my Private Pilots License? If so.... How?
how can we make a mini. plane model using a rotating motor....??
Do people make replicas of US WW2 Navy aircraft?
How can I use air jet sive 200ls mouse?
About Hong Kong International Airport Routes.?
Airbus or Boeing?
pictures of commercial aircraft?
Validating License from XXX to the United States?
do you have to know alot of math to become a helicopter pilot?
Is Business/First Class Going To Turn Into Economy Soon (PICS)?
What books do you need to read for a private pilots license?
Does tinnitus effect the application process for becoming a commercial pilot?
What's the best fighter Jet in the world for 2011 and the best still in prototype? astudent from iran?
Is a RC Transformers™ StarScream™ Micro Flyer able to be flown indoors?
How is it like to be an Airline Pilot?
Who else thinks the Americans have the best aircraft in their Air Force?
Are there any ICAO documents regulating crew members living conditions?
What would be the risks in using wooden rotors on a helicopter?
how to estimate my time to LCCT?
haha dis is prolly a stupid question?
does anyone know any other websites to watch aircrafts videos for free?
how do planes stay in the air?
Aircraft quiz! Winner gets 10 points!?
international flight for a 747?
What was the plane doing?
Pilots say " roger", how come?
can you take a tattoo machine on a airplane?
where can i go to become a pilot?
NYC tragic accident?
How hard is it to become a airline pilot?
I was wondering if obtaining a frozen ATPL in New Zealand would be JAA cmpliant?
How do I align aircraft with the runway during landing in flight simulator?
How long does it take:LA-Beijing?
What do I need If I want to set up radar and satellite instruments , for e.g. weather , planes , Like AIR T C
landing speed for a boing 747 jumbo jet?
Maximum weight for microlight pilot?
What airlines allow pets in the cabin with you?
Is there a certian day of the week which it is cheaper to buy airline tickets?
Is it advisable to go for pilot training if i have keratoconus?
Why do we want to fly?
What are the pros/cons of having a private plane vs. private jet?
X-Plane 9 Scenery Problem!?
What is the world's oldest proper airport runway?
Why does a B2 bomber cost approximately $2.1 billion?
why Boeing planes always crash ?
Some switches that I don’t understand their function in Cessna172RG Landing gear system digram?
Commercial Pilot career option?
will ill be able to make it if my flight arrives @ naia terminal 1 @1:05 far is naia terminal 3?
Is United's channel 9 still available?
am looking for consumable aircraft parts, b-747-300, i.e. cotterpins, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.?
If the elevators failed?
ok so i wanna be an airline pilot?
Why is my ccar getting wet inside?
improved range an motion?
How to become an AF Pararescue Jumper (PJ)?
Why do some aircraft have raised wing tips?
How are fatigue failures in composite materials repaired?
How many people would be needed to pilot a 12 person private jet?
What's with the orange balls on power lines?
how can i find what flights were from lyon at 14:00 on 1 march??
Do airplanes get you dizzy?
I`m looking for glue used on aircraft?
What is the diff between Baine Airport, and JAX International Airport in Florida?
What small airplane should i get?
Can a helicopter lift when the tail rotor is damage and not working?
You know that indestructible black box they keep on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of it?
Why don't the seats on planes face the opposite direction?
what is an acceptable from of ID for EasyJet if you dont have a passport or driving licence ?
What is meant by aircraft trip fuel?
Who else thinks the Americans have the best aircraft in their Air Force?
what was the spitfire originally called?
Where has Aerosvit's ATR aircraft come from?
How could I get or find a model helicopter "N314 CHP" (its what they are flying currently)
UK Flight Charts, I am looking for a very good website that has access to colour UK Flight Charts.?
What does the MK in the Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Il-62MK mean?
Can anyone tell me what companies are hiring Flight Attendants?
Discuss the main differences in the design features of the Airbus & Boeing aircraft that can accommodate...?
plane crash sites?
NEED HELP!! Open ended airline ticket..?
do u think that pilots are less educated than engineers or a medical doctors?
Is this a stall warning?
Can anybody become an airline pilot?
do you know if lufthansa is hiring pilots?
requirements for cargo pilots in civilian world?
Is it safe to put a portable DVD player through the security screening machines at the airport? or a laptop?
where do i find all the dirt on airlines?
Is a pilot allowed to have ...................... (if you are a man)?
What is the fat round thing on the wingtip of some small jets (see pic)?
Questions about becoming a flight attendant?
What courses I need to become airline pilot?
What does it mean when pilots quickly key their radio two times in a row?
On Bf3 what and why is your favourite class setup, map, game type and jet?
wich was the first comercial airplane passanger?
Why can't flight attendants wear dangling earrings and high heels?
Hi Guys and Gals! Is $77.00 alot to pay for ZZ Top tickets?
How safe are airplanes?
Complex, tailwheel, high performance?
How can i become a pilot? read more on the inside :)????
DGCA Rules Section B Student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes/Helicopters/Gliders)?
Airbus fuselage section numbering?
Which part of the commercial aircraft's you can find the manuf. serial number?
What makes lightening strike an aircraft in mid air?
What are the top trade publications that cover the aircraft part manufacturing industry?
Why are the U.S. flags on Continental's airplanes backwards?
What is the difference between rigid (zeppelins),semi rigid, and nonrigid airships (blimps).?
Where can i buy cheap Xaircraft x650 quadcopter/quadrotor online?
If a helicopter crashes are there any survivors?
What is considered essential reading for an aviation management student?
if a car driveing 3000 km per h how many force it using.............?
Pilots (British and British ONLY please)?
how many flights do us air way control a day?
How much would 9 plane tickets cost to La, Californian cost?
How long does it take to fly to Wales from Ft. Lauderdale, FL?
one eyesight can become deck cadet?
True or False: You have flown on the Airbus A380 aircraft before?
I have posted a few questions about model aircraft and insurnace. and it seems many people may be wrong?
bionic comando: how to destroy buraq helicopter?
What is a good new plane that has high useful load. I have been looking and cant find one.?
how exchange rates impacte the aviation?
What type of passenger jet makes you feel more frightened?
I have heard airlines frown upon those who have purchased multi engine time building programs, is this true?
Affordable sites to buy airline tickets and the best airline to use when traveling between America and Europe?
Should we stop flying planes in the sky so we can spot lights in the sky?
how much does a normal beginner pilot get paid?
spicejet disocunt coupon codes?
KC-135 A, the max gross weight for takeoff ?
Has there ever been another airship larger than the Hindenburg?
Flying in a CRJ 700 Jet?
I'm looking into buying a cessna 182...?
How can i become a pilot what are my options?
Any good diagrams for airplane instruments and how they work?
How much time and money is involved in learning to fly a helicopter?
Is it true that a light aircraft crashed into a cemetery in Dublin, and police have recovered 365 bodies?
Range of VORTAC beacon for aircraft navigation depends on?
what's the best flight school for commercial pilot in the United States?
Places to eat in JFK JetBlue terminal?? :)?
what is the average price of aviation gasoline per gallon?
why do people say that the Mi-24 Hind is a bad helicopter?
Would you rather fly on a wing and a prayer or two wings?
scared..i need to know is this private?
Why Physics not work with Aircraft?
Whay do you do when your bored on an airplane for almost the whole day?
What do aeronautical engineers do? Please answer?
What's the price for used Robinson R44 II and what charges/costs would I incur should I operate it commercial?
Why do pilots say "niner" instead of "nine"?
What flying job can i get where i would be home the most?
What do you need to become an airline pilot?
what is the average price of aviation gasoline per gallon?
does flight discovery train helicopter pilots to?
Why did Japanese kamakase pilots wear crash helmets??
Who makes the full size fiberglass Corsair replica in front of the restaurant at the Palm Beach Int'l airport?
how aircraft launch in the air?
What is the fastest plane in the world?
Wings on planes. Why?
What kind of gas does a para motor take?
How does one become a pilot?
What Is Hydraulic Fluid Quantity In 747 Airplane & The Range?
how many people have died from turbulance on a plane?
i'm an automobile engg.i'm not getting better chance the car industries.cann i get bettre chance in airlines?
Does the Luscombe 8A have metal or cloth wings?
when the Queen or a Royal flies, does the aircraft use a special callsign?
Anybody?X-plane 10 help?
Why do aircraft cockpits always have to be at the top?
How much horsepower is needed in an propeller driven airplane?
How much time and money is involved in learning to fly a helicopter?
Do Aeromexico's new b767 have AVOD on economy class?
If a plane crash lands on a airstrip, can they reuse the plane?
Lufthansa 747-8 routes?
RAF Leuchars Scotland air show....I'm looking for the date they will be on show in July or August 2006?
flight attendant??
What job can I get after my A320 ratings?
What happens to a 737 landing in water?
How Much Does An Aircraft Mechanic(Non-Destructive) make a month, a year, a day, all the deatils of payment?
to make airplanes more safer?
My question is can i become a pilot if my height is 5' 1''?
Has anyone been to the...?
Fuel Endurance? (aircraft)?
What is the average salary of an Air Traffic Controller?
Confusion about landing light req in Canada?
Can I be a Pilot (Air planes) With Kidney DIsease?
I would ike to be a pilot when i get older nothing else im have 100 hours on flight simulator with a virtura?
what is the cheapest US airline to travel inside the United States?
Does securiy perform criminal background checks at check-in at the airport?
What kind of planes are American Airlines flights 330 and 3647?
what are my career oppurtunities?
how many boeing 737-200 are left in the world and whom and where are they using?
WTF is wrong with these people?
What grades you should have to be a flight engineer?
Why do they build car engines that can go over 150mph yet the speed limit is 70???
Do airtour aero planes have tv's?
Any 53 pilots out there?
What is the scariest or strangest thing you have experienced while flying?
TRUE or FALSE ; Drag dampers are attached at their outboad ends to the spindles.?
What are some advantages of solid state inverters over rotary inverters?
concord????did it stop flying because of the crash?
whic passenger plane is better? Airbus A380 or Boeing 787?
Does the new 787, dreamliner, come equipped ejecto seats for the pilot and copilot?
why do i keep getting hit by planes?
How do I calculate an intercepting route in the airbus mcdu?
What's your favorite airplane?
Question for CFI's?
Did this bolt fall off an aiplane? Part number 69B90338-1 is stamped on the head.?
Who created paper air planes?
403 helicopter operational training squadron?
What could this sound be?
The Fokker Bondtester 90 is a piece?
Is there a more affordable to acquire and maintain GA, Piston powered aircraft than the Cessna 150 Commuter?
Jet engine cold and hot end?
Does anyone at republic airport have their private pilots license and want to teach me the basics of flying?
Do you need to have a college degree to become a Pilot?
how safe its to flight a single engine aircraft?
when i go on a light with a baby under two..what identifications would i need to bring with me??
How do I become a Flight Attendant?
Aviation, is anyone flying the Cessna Mustang yet? hows it rate?
What are we allowed to bring on to the plane as carry on? What not?
Who is the manufcture of airline seats.?
Hydrogen Planes?
When was the last time you've flown Eastern Airlines?
is kerosene used as fuel for flying planes?
Can you usually request flight following from ground at a controlled airport?
How much is a G4 private jet?
Are Cessna 152's rated to safely perform intentional spins?
What does the number designation in the aircraft type mean?
Does an airplane engine make a good fruit blender?
how do you buy a boing 747?
Is this one of the best aviation videos you've ever seen?
how to obtain a pilots license in mumbai?
How long does it take to build a military aircraft?
do airplane pilots have to know how to drive a stick shift?
Should we stop travelling the commercial passenger airliner until its made accident proof?
questions on airplanes?
whats the coolest helicopter?
Pulse jet vs. gas turbine?
How many of you think TWA flight 800 was hijacked?
What Age do you have to be to be a bush pilot?
can planes land with no engines?
is there any links where i can get cheap ticket to go to californa?
Who were the 26 initial launch customers for the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet in 1969-1970?
Does SIA and MAS take in female pilots?
Dallas-Monterrey, MX flight, where do i get the best deal online?
who invented the bushby mustang 2(it's an airplane)?
How much does the Pilot of 747 make?
After initial hirer date, when would training school for flight attendant begin ? ?
what is nuclear sources waste?
Can you cross thread a bolt with your fingers?
Why do planes fly over Greenland when crossing the Atlantic?
How does a plane take off or land on water if it has wheels?
How can I turn my bicycle into an aircraft?
this question is for commercial pilots....?
can anybody check my composition Please do I have a mistake or made a mistake? (thank you so much)?
Why are there visible coloured bands in a jet engine afterburner flame?
I want to become a pilot should i do a Flybe Diploma in Aircraft Engineering or Diploma in Aviation Operations?
how to convert FAA A&P to DGCA AME?
how do you charge so33g rc helicopter?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
What time will Obama touch down at O'Hare this Saturday?
Has there ever been an airliner crash because of a loss of engine on takeoff (i.e. V1 cut)?
Can anybody tell me what the mock up red arrow aircraft is made out of? thanks.?
What is the oldest airplane still in commercial passenger service in the USA?
Are the Rolls Royce engines on the A380 used on any other jets?
is there any difference in chopper and helicopter?
name of this commercial?
Can you knit on a plane?
Japanese CPL/ME can convert to Canadian CPL?
Do you think Lockheed Martin will sell F35 to me?
I was wondering of kids can ask the f/a if they can do the safety announcement and if they will let them?
Would you take a trip on the space shuttle if it was affordable?
what are bolt on performance parts?
Why couldn't a Mitsubishi Zero fighter plane from WWII turn right?
my husband is a pilot and he travells the world,and i'm stuck in the house because of my fear of flying help!!
Why don't airliners have a reliable bail-out mechanism, such as a parachute or ejection seat?
Tornado question?
Does the f-22 have thrust vectoring and vtol capabilities?
the airplane's have a reverse ?
The list of most agile 4.5-5 gen fighter jets to the least ? (10marks)?
I am looking to get my pilots license when I turn sixteen, some questions.?
Do you know the meaning of "overhaul" (OH) in aviation?
How do commercial airliners stay in the air if they are so big?
What do I have to do to get a pilot's license?
If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged why isn't the whole airplane made out of same stuff?
Which one is the easiest to become a fighter pilot?
If a stealth bomber crashes in a forest is there a sound?
How many miles of total wiring loom is there on a Boeing 747-400 classic?
How do I become a pilot...? What requirements do I need ?
Ryanair Cabin Crew 2012?
Right, I,m flying over the middle of a lake apx 2 mile wide at apx 1000 ft, the wind is 25 knots left to right?
air horsetress?
what is the lighest aircraft? : )?
what is a CJ8 aircraft?
Does anyone have a pilot's operating handbook for a Boeing 737-400?
aviation in australia?
Why jets fly so fast and thy do not have pickup planes?
Attention, pilots: When inbound on the ILS backcourse, inverted, do you fly toward the needle or away from it?
why can't you sit in the 3rd and 4th row's on ryan air planes?
Why we need Electronic Flight Folder(EFF) in Electronic Flight Bag(EFB) ?
how fast do planes go?
where can i find plastic airline models in mumbai?
I have a technical question about the movie, "Iron Eagle II"?
does the job of a pilot have high death rates?
what are the effects of missile configuration on its flight?
How high did the first heavier-than-air machine go?
What do you know about Goodrich Actuation Systems?
What was the last major civil airline crash and how much safer has the industry become?
Were Navy Aviation Machinist Mates rated pilots in the 1920s and 1930s?
Can I take my IPod on the airplane to USA on the 21 of August?
fist time flying,help?
okay i need some help on making a flying machine.........?
how to position your aircraft in fsx?
how often do commerical/charter pilots get drug tested in Canada?
how should delivery take from washington to toronto?
does the navy and the army teach air traffic controller how to work radar?
What means when an aviation headset is TSO certified?
can i still be an airline pilot if im colour blind but i can see the traffic signs?
Im 15 & I want to start flying, I have glasses and i want to know whether I am able to become a pilot? Help!?
Are United and US Airway the same airline?
You know that indestructible black box that on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of it?
How often are RAF fast-jet pilots forced to eject? What % are forced to eject at some point?
delta connections academy?
96buick skylark 2.4 automatictransmission?
What is the most challenging aspect of flying a plane?
Is 4 year college degree imprtant to get in airline industry for the position as a Pilot?
Where can I find online resource material on fabricating autobody panels from carbon fiber?
Flying regulations for Ireland?
What is a zero fuel weight?
Why does hot air come out of the rear of the fuselage of passenger jets?
how is the airfreight rate calculated ?
PILOT INTERVIEW??????????????????????????????
How much does a flight attendant earn?
Is Concorde going to return?
cheap joystick?
Anyone else scared to death of flying?
Flying Video in Bay Area?
Where can I find a list of all S-LSA registered aircraft,?
FSX ATC/Other Voices are Mute?
If I Have FAA-issued Pilot Licenses (USA), Can I Fly in New Zealand NZ?
Interview with boeing?
Do cobra or Apache helicopters have ejection seats, because I can think of a few problems with that.?
What is so special about the Raptor?
Does anyone know of any flying clubs in the Massena,NY area?
Any one flew Delta flight 84 to cairo can give a feedback?
Who has invented the airplane? fast!!!?
Out of these two conditions which aircraft will create greater Wake Turbulance?
What is the difference between a vertical stabilizer and a rudder?
Fire extinguishing for crashed aircraft by water being sprayed into cabin by automatic means.?
Why do I need an ID to get on a plane?
where are 200 dollar airline ticket?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
how do paper airplanes fly/glide/soar/whatever?
How do I make real good arrow. (paper plane)?
How would I show evidence of the following?
what is the meaning of coach cabin as in plane (flight)?
what's the difference between an annual review and annual report?
i am an indian. 15years old. i have completed a-levels. can i become a commercial pilot? if yes how?
Antonov airplanes, BEST in the world, better than all boeing and airbus. Do you agree?
i was flying my helicopter and it started spinning counter clockwise and fell to the floor what do i do ?
"Delay Protocol Box" on United Aircraft?
what is actually meant by duct presssure? if you have a duct presssure of 35 psi, what does this mean?
Do Airline pilots need to get naked for medical examinations that they should do every 6 months?
If I become a pilot can I get free plane tickets?
How does someone get a seaplane rating?
Now that Airbus got the green light from EADS on the A350, would Cathay Pacific soon order the A350?
PLZ HELP whats a cheap airflight ticket place to fly fro ny to engalnd?
when your taking off or landing in a commercial flight, why does the captain knock off the interior lighting?
are there opportunities in Africa for training pilots in the next 10 years?
Why did that helicopter just circle my house twice?
Airplane wingbox fuel tanks how are they made etc?
What air plane movies do you know of ?
What is your favorite military aircraft?
What's with the orange balls on power lines?
Can a commercial airplane land on autopilot?
Does Malaysian Airlines have USB Ports in Economy?
Could you please give me a list of low winged light civil aircraft that are single engined?
If there is a plane crash what the chances of survival these days?
What are the regular size of a fold down tray in a airplane- Economy?
do you have to take a blood test for drugs like a for a private pilot physical?
Has anyone here personally experienced wake turbulence?
Why do they make airline seats so small?
is it possible to land a commercial airliner (700 series) on an aircraft carrier?
what can you chew on an airplane besides gum?
A pretty dumb question I need an answer to.?
Approximately how monay kilometers per hour does a plane fly when it's at it's fastest?
What do I need to do to become commercial pilot?
how to own a private jet?
can one person occupy two airline seats if person pays for both seats ?
How to get a gate agent or ramp agent job?
If you're a student pilot flying alone can you bring someone with you?
What would happen if an F-22 and a PAK-FA met?
what are the atc modes can be selected on the atc control panel?
Why you are saying i am not a pilot mens?
How can we use avogadro's law in aircraft or aeroplane?
does the helmet of pilots of fighter jet aims by its self like a movie?
"how would you handle a special handling situation in the absence of any information or proper documentation i
i would like to become an air traffic control?
could the National Aero-Space Plane (NASP) be built now?
Delta comformation?
How do i get to go to Botdf?!?!?
Could you please exlplain what does this mean (it's about planes)?
Graphs or tables of composite material and metallic alloy developments?
What is the cheapest way to fly from Houston Texas to Vancouver Brtiish Columbia Canada?
Is there an advantage of buying a new Continental O-200-A over a overhauled one? Would new be more reliable?
i want to become a flight attendant. how do i go about it?
How much did a concorde ticket cost in 1980?
I got an 83% on my FAA Private Pilot Written Exam is that good?
How much fuel you must have in order to fly across Atlantic?
Can enough balloons full of helium lift a human off ground into the air?
Does using a cell phone in an airplane really affect its flight??
what is instrument rating and multi-engine rating?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
how much does a helicopter engineer mechanic make?
What are your thoughts about the crash in Russia? three this year? same area?
Can u tell me the scipe of commercial pilot for females?
How big does a hole in a plane have to be for it to lose cabin pressure?
I've been an avionics tech for about 21 years. How do I get my Airframe license? Do I need a form filled out?
Info about of flight school in Vancouver or Victoria???
what is the best way to overcome the fear of flying??
is aerion company is part of lockheed martin company?
What are the prices of the following private jets when they are new?
when did concorde land on bombay airport?
How does f-35 enter hover?
What's speed that is needed for take off in boeing 747?
RC Boeing 747!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
I Lost my Pilots Licence, Now I need a new one.?
Worlds Worst Air Disaster?
Pilot Training Program in Atlanta?
Flying in a CRJ 700 Jet?
I keep dreaming about planes WHY???
what metals are used to make the A-4 skyhawk landing gears?
Is this a good flight school?
What's the difference between first class and coach?
Too rich of mixture?
plane crash into water or land?
What can I do in high school that would help my chances of being a flight attendant?
How many lease gates does American Airlines have in Total?
How does a jet fuel starter (JFS) work?
Commercial Airline Piloting?
Does anyone know where I can find 2C27-1 fuel pump cores to purchase?
could this be the answer to our travel problems?
What is the # 1 contaminant of aircraft fuel?
if the only thing the 9/11 hijackers were armed with was box cutters, how did they gain control of the plane?
Is there such a flight as Angora 227 Heavy?
How much is flight school to become a pilot?
Are Cessna Caravan cabins pressurized?
Thrust Reversers....?
da Vinvi's Helicopter?
What is the flight status for the 7am departure from Sacramento, Ca. to Atlanta, today May 10,2006?
What are some good novels about flight/pilots/space exploration: fiction or nonfiction?
When is the B787 released?
What is the name of the North Dakota Helicopter rescue service?
Is it easier to get a job/training as a flight deck engineer compared to a pilot?
Every airline dims cabin lights for takeoff/landing 'for security reasons'. How does it make it more secure?
In Aviation training what does "Part 141" mean?
what is proper expense head for bridge repair work for heavy material transport.?
Questions about the Digital Flight Deck of a Boeing 747-400?
was there a change in management during the ba cabin crew dispute?
Why was Peppy Hare full of good advice but was a terrible pilot himself?
Pocahontas Park in Vero Beach, FL had jet airplane?
In the Army, are shadow 200 RQ-7 UAV's flown manually?
Views on ctc wings cadet scheme?
Where can I buy bouquet for my wife at Heathrow, terminal 2?
how do you access all aircraft after obtaining a pilots licsenses on grand theft auto san andreas?
How do you become a pilot?
Difference between QANTAS Domestic and International meals?
Why do you need to do static balancing and aerodynamic balancing on aircraft?
What is a normal schedule for a long haul airline pilot?
Which would win in a fight, an Apache or a Mig?
How many hours do you need to become a skydive pilot (diver driver)?
Is there a website that would explain the numbers and letters on airport runways, how airtraffic works, etc.?
why are there no 747 jumbo's at birmingham airport uk?
How do I add airplanes in flight simulator 2002?
Ok, SOMEBODY please tell me what are AVATARS already?!?
Does Russia Possess Future Bomber Jets Like America.?
margin of safety?
What should the cockpit crew do on a dc8 jet when u hear the GPWS alarm goes off during descent for landing?
How many passengers can be seated on a 747SP?
flying lesson 1st solo - buy instructor thank you gift?
What is the main purpose of NOAA?
What's the airplane brand in davince code?
sopwith camel piano stool?
With Tango, or Whiskey, or Alpha? Whats Alpha?
What is a Blue Streak Mechanic?
Why is there a miltary 4 propellar transporter plane flying around the baltimore area?
When are the constant speed propeller blades against the low pitch stops during flight? Explain?
Predict what year man will land on mars...?
how much does a type rating for a learjet 31A cost?
What does "no step" mean on the wing of an airplane?
What makes a plane be able to fly or oppose gravity?
Lets talk about ZEPS. I don't want to go all tin hat nuts on this, but... Cigar shapes and saucers?
How Hard is it to get a private pilot certificate?
please anwser! 10 points? Why? why are planes SO LOUD when they are on the runway taking off?
development and type of aircraft used after second world war?
Are there any pilots with claustrophobia?
Have you ever flown with AirTran Airlines?
what is the most common airplane? 737?
How would you feel if you boarded a plane only to discover the pilot was a women?
Does anybody know how far is Terminal one?
Is dassault mercure safe to fly on?
How much money does it cost to get your pilot license?
can you tell good websites for gliders/ultralight construction plans?
Would it be cost effective to refit 747-400 with raked wingtips?
An airplane flying at an altitude of 4100 ft, has a slanted distance directly to the airport of 14500 ft.?
Planes flying into storm, is this normal?
How much should aircraft rental insurance cost for an average small plane?
During a long flight, is it ok for the pilot to sleep here?
Best method of power transmission?
Why does an aircraft have a curvy spiral line on the cone in front of the turbine of a jet engine?
I want to rent a helicopter for my 18th birthday but it's on a school day?
First aeroplane flight, but have a fear of heights. How can I cope?
Is it possible/advisable to carry fragile glass stuff (like TV) as check-in baggage?
What is included in the E-Flite J-3 Cub 25 Package?
What is is with Google Flight Sim?
Has there ever been a head on air collision?
Wats the best ??????????????????????????
What happened to Dupont Aerospace DP-2 VTOL aircraft?
1976 Britain Delta Wing Bomber Airplane?
question for pilots ONLY !!!?
Have you been on a airplane... that was taxing out and had to turn around because the engine would not start/?
Who knows how to fly a plane?
Where to start a career as an aeroplane / helicopter pilot..?
some Question to do with war planes?
Why hasnt the rear-engine layout for passenger jets been favoured by aircraft designers recently?
How old do you have to be to fly a airplane?
how can i find what flights were from lyon at 14:00 on 1 march??
what i have to study to make the blueprint of planes?
does anyone else here feels like the plane is going down during take off?
who was the first russian to fly solo?
Is it okay to bring jelly beans on a plane?
How fast do you have to move your arms to fly?
How does an airplane get up and stay up in the air?
Does anybody know where to find a small cut-out outline of a airplane banner for a student project?
Airline Marketing Objectives?
Ya I know discos are bad for ears but when you want to become a pilot do you have to stop with partying ...?