How much should i earn if I wanna buy and maintain a Eclipse 500?
How can I build a huge paper plane that actualy flys great distances?
is there wifi in airplanes or aaa?
Anyone know any oversea flight tracking sites???
What is a throttle on an airplane?
How many air base are present in the country? it's possible to visit?
If a Boeing 737 is put on a treadmill going 250mph, will the plane take off?
dose anyone know where i can downlode cabin crew checks?
airline changed second half of connecting flight.1 hr layover is now 13 hr. what are my options?
Why is battery in some small airplanes located in tha engine compartment and others located behind the?
What are commercial planes?
The crash in Kentucky is a "cascade" type accident, what were the factors that caused this crash?
what do they call that stairs thing that you have to go up to get on an airplane?
Has anyone converted FAA licences to JAA?
Does anyone any info about becoming a mechanic in Ireland. Any info would be great.?
i'm looking for the all flight attendant annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
What is the difference between a C and D check in a 737 and how often are each required?
why there is smoke like behind the tail of jet aeroplanes?
How to become a shuttle commander from a commercial pilot?
Your aircraft is about to stall with icing...?
shotest take off airplane one can buy?
Are there a lot of man fly attendant in Airports?
how many enginges do these aireoplanes have need answer ASAP 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER :D?
Which naval aircraft has or had the fastest landing speed?
Fear of flying... HELP?
What recent hollywood shows feature plane hijacks and plane crashes?
Are non-Cessna aircraft allowed to land at the Cessna Aircraft airport in Wichita?
can you get a medical a card and still become a military or commercial pilot?
What is the best way to jump an aircraft ( C152) with a dead battery? Jumper plug or jumper direct to battery?
How to do start air flare?
why people pecome sui side bomber?
What can i do to not have ears popping on plane?
What International Airlines will hire pilots from the United States?
Can planes hover in mid-air?
Aeronautical Engineering/Planes?
Do you prefer Cessna Aircraft or Piper Aircraft?
A fully loaded 747 versus a fully loaded 737?
Such thing as a geologist pilot?
I am getting my Airline Dispatcher Certificate and want to know if...?
Can i work with my private pilots licence anywhere around the world, legally or illegal?
How much will it cost to get my mother in law back to the philippines?
Looking for nice set of plans for 2 seater,trike style powered parachute. Only plans i find are for 1 person.?
Compare the specific fuel consumption and fuel load capacity of the Airbus & Boeing aircraft...?
Blue Angels Air Show Music???
How much does a pilot for Transaero Airlines get paid?
I am thinking of buying flight simulator acceleration add ons.?
How do you set ILS crs heading for the Wilco Airbus Series 2 A340-600?
What determines runway of choice on takeoff?
How do airlines calculate overbooking space in an aircraft?
Why were the Germans unable to build a long range bomber?
What the heck is the FAA doing?
improper washing agents is used to clean aircraft?
EU airlines buy form Boeing and Airbus, do americans buy from airbus?
In a cargo plane, the center of gravity must be between the front and rear landing gears in order to maintain?
could a lead zeppelin ever successfully fly?
How to change my flight itinerary (Frontier Airlines)?
how much does fuel cost for a small plane? and how much fuel does the average small plane burn per 100 km?
Why do planes have such small?
Truly, just how effective and true to calculate the cost factor on the FMC?
why do pilots say roger?
How Do I Travel By Plane With A Dog?
How often do airfield charts and maps need to be replaced?
how do fighter planes communicate when they are going faster than the speed of sound?
What was the flying sewer cover?
Who built the wright brothers first aircraft engine?
Airplanes circling above my condo! Please help?
What could make a plane look like it's burning?
flying from san antonio, TX, to New York City???
Can A B-2 Spirit Be Flown With 1 Pilot?
How can I use air jet sive 200ls mouse?
How long does it take to fly around the world in a plane?
are all airline pilots ex-military?
How much does a four seater plane go for?
Are airplane hatches locked in commercial flights....?
What radio frequency does the University of Chicago helicopters use?
How do you stand on one finger?
Are there still airliners nowdays that use flight engineer?
what would you do if the pilots on your plane were knocked out?
Does anyone remember Fleet Carrier Corp?
For a flight between Toronto and Quebec, about how many VFR days would there be in December?
WW2 fighter aircraft vs modern fighter aircraft?
Can the main rotor blades on a Schweitzer 269 series (300C/CB) be folded back for stowage?
PILOTS only! How many types of aircrafts you certified to fly?
pls tell me more on the risks of air travel n a beta option if any.?
Is tayside aviation dundee a good pilot training school to become a commercial airline?
Question about International flight?
I want to become Aeroplane Pilot, is it possible ?and if possible how?
What are duty free allowances?
what would a vfr pilot do when flying through a cumulonimbus cloud?
Air Rockets?
Any body have a link to a tutorial about the German Aerospace center or what called DLR test for pilots. thnx?
How much is the average salary of indian commercial pilot?
Am I too young to become an airline pilot?
How much do commercial helicopter pilots earn?
Where can I get financial loans to become a pilot?
How can I punish M/s. Spicejet, who cancelled my confirmed airtickets (with seat numbers)?
How is Pan Am internation Flight Academy?
What are those strange sounds you hear as soon as the plane takes off.?
Why do planes have to fly so high up?
How can i download aircraft to FSX?
Where dose The abbreviations QNH, QFE, QNE come from ?
i need a flight manual for a Grob G103C Twin III?
Large plane flying in circles for the last half an hour?
How much hydraulic fluid........?
Why aren't radial engines used in cars?
how can i get my blue whale on a plane?
Why are airplanes able to fly?
An aircraft flew 6 hours with the wind. The return trip took 7 hours against the wind. If the speed of the pla?
What are the new Us Airways routes?
Are Fedex and UPS commercial airlines? if not, what are they called?
Chemtrails....what are they putting in the air?
What is yield management?
work full time in Illinois, but I want to be a aircraft pliot. What are the best flight schools in Chicago an?
Does commercial or passenger aircraft travel at their top speed?
Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer please?
Where can you find the ILS localizer in a B747-400, B777-300 and B737-400/200??
What airplane do you prefer?
pictures of commercial aircraft?
Do you have to be chosen to be a helicopter Pilot in the Army?
Why couldn't the helicopter 'Olga' fly over trains?
Can I buy used charter jet cards?
Flight schools that provide financial aid or loan for professional pilot courses?
How can I become a air craft designer? where can i get started?
Does Delta have wi-fi and TV's?
is there a research that study the relation between airlines organsation structures and safety ?
will a women date a man who is going to be an airline pilot?
I need adivise on flying from CLT to BWI. What is the best airline out there?
flight school?
Is there any country having Th300c helicopter with one oil cooler?
Who deserves the parachute?
What subject should i study to become a geologist or a pilot?
can anyone tell me a website address or somewere i can get sample tests for pilot apptitude screening.thanks..
Which company do u think makes planes better airbus or boeing?
What is known as International Travel Organisations?
Why don't small 2-4 seater airplanes have parashutes in case of engine failer?
How would you prevent planes from sitting on Tarmacs for long periods?
What are the chances a boeing 757's engine will fall off during bumpy flight?
why does planes like 747s blow up so easily?
What aircraft would you purchase if you had just won the lottery?
Describe the airflow over a swept wing and explain the advantages and disadvantages of swept wings.?
how many DC 3 aircraft were built?
Where does the human waste in the lavatory of a flying airplane go?
Who has left their cell phone on during a flight?
Do people buy or lease private jets?
Are these valid PICTURES of the HELIOS FLIGHT which crashed in 2005?
can I bring my breast pump on the plane?
Can you still get a pilot license if you have a lazy eye?
how airplane handling lightning during flying?
What is the difference between ground speed and air speed when you are in flight?
If you can be an airplane... what type of airplane would you be?
is it true that airline pilots get tired of their job after awhile?
Onuce a plane is told to "hold short" what is the command to tell it to continue?
Hearing for Class 1 medical?
Can anyone provide me A380 landing gear chapter 32 maintenance manual?
What are the chances of becoming a pilot?
When two airplanes almost collide why do they call it a near miss??
How to become an airline pilot?
What are the most fuel-efficient commercial jets in the U.S. and please source your findings?
I am in Abu Dhabi,I have an unused Saudia ticket dated 6 Aug. can I encash it?
im looking for a ford13i rocam moter?
Why doesnt the airplanes have some...?
What are the 5 Gs to follow if engine fails in flight?
aircraft trim sheet loader?
do I need to confirm my flight?
airplane problem ???
What is the purpose of the airport tower searchlight?
Aviation technology still happening?
Can I be in applied courses to become a commercial pilot?
How do you keep your ears from popping (and therefor hurting for days) when on an airline trip?
Have you ever dreamed of being carried into the sky by a giant bouquet of colorful toy balloons?
fleet question, senisble answers please!?
why there is tail like white smoke at the rear of some air crafts?
Would a 3.5 gpa be enough for purdue aviation, ohio state aviation, or western michigan aviation?
Is it possible to fly to the moon in a plane?
How does HSI work as compared to VOR?
Cheap flight tickets?
How should I ask to go into the flightdeck/cockpit?
Do You Have to Take the spot in Oklahoma Immediately after the AT-SAT test?
A plane travels 1,100 mi in 2 hours. How many miles does the plane travel in 30 min at the same rate?
If a black box in not damaged in case of an aircraft crash then why isn’t the entire aircraft?
chromel and alumel are used for thermocouple elements.what is the wire(chromel and alumel) size?
What's your favorite airline?
Are there any aviation-related jobs for a 15-year-old living in RI looking for money to go to getting a PPL?
A military helicopter... PHYSICS PROBLEM!?
Why don't all passenger aircraft have parachutes?
What does long-haul (flight) mean?
What does ICAO "low volume" and "high volume" air traffic operations mean? Looking 4 thresholds 4 these terms.
Best/Favourite Airline Livery?
To set the high intensity runway lights on medium intensity?
How to change travelousity flight ?
Flying tips from pilots.?
How much a boeing 747 and airbus 380 cost?
i want to get into commercial airlines...?
What are the new Us Airways routes?
what will be the reading of altimeter when QFE setting at 1009mbar at ground level ?
Are there photos of interior and cargo bay of C-46 Commando.?
Wrong name on Delta plane ticket, can I still change it?
do aero engines use rankine cycle i know that they use brayton cycle?
Would flying with the earths rotation prolong the flying time?
could any one recommend a website providing info on mobility in airports and ict use?
how do you buy retired military helicopter?
What is the maximum reading on the drop stick of the number 1 fuel tank on a Nimrod?
what fighter planes USA had done in 1910 till 1930?
where can i buy a model airplane?
Where did the wreck planes of 9/11 go ?
What is Predictive RAIM?
Is it alright to bring an airsoft pistol to the airport?
Helicopter Pilot's Seat On Right Hand Side- Why?
Does each Embry-Riddle "Worldwide Campus" (USA) have its own Aircraft fleet?
Minimum height required for private pilot license (PPL)?
is there anyway of not getting jet leg?
Piper 235 Headset Problem?
Why cant they havest flights? is the FAA too stupid?
Can an airplane really land on water?
what is crew job,cabin crew,stewerds?
What angle are helicopter blades set at?
"A bomb on the airplane " . A call phon says that . Passengers leave the plane . What usualy happens later ?
How does someone get a ride in a Red Arrow? I have seen them do it on the TV, Blue Peter eg.?
How do I fly? Unaided and at least for 60 seconds?
what would it be like if you have to jump out of a plane obove the highest clouds in the sky?
How can you get the smell of jet fuel out of clothes?
what are the chances of a 200mW laser getting shipped from USA to UK getting stopped at customs?
i want job in ireland refuelling of aircraft?
Whats the range of a Eurocopter EC135T2?
Airplane Paintshops? can someone give me some locations in CA, and phone numbers?
Plane ride, help...??
How is this pilot different?
How can I bring medical a on a plane?
Fear of flying, Help?
How easy is it to fly planes nowadays.Could even I do it?
which comapny was the 1st to produce a turbofan engine used in an aircraft?
when are airline rates increasing ?
What was the inspiration to the wright brothers to begin with airplanes?
Does a helicopter work harder to fly in an empty one or one full with people? Why?
MY Traffic X for fs2004?
What job can I get after my A320 ratings?
what is the difference between customer service agent and customer service officer?
Is it possible that an aircraft to move backward?
Where is the closest flight attendant school to Dayton, Ohio?
what frequency are high level overflights on over new york?
What food can I not take on a plane?
Is there any helicopte pilot training school in Nigeria? Or any other part of Africa and how much will cost me?
how much does it cost to rent a helicopter to shoot aerial video?
how much environmental damage does a 747 have,on a flight from NY to LA?
Flat bottom airfoil HELP?
How to obtain a pilot's/aviation license in the state of Minnesota?
RAF pilots? Fast jet aircraft? Please answer?
Why do people ask how they can be come pilots SO often?
So why are companies happy if you pay them in cash?
Looking for info. on private plane crash 9/2/64 Eielson air force base, Alaska?
Could a few pairs of underwear left on the runway be a risk to aeroplane engines if they get sucked inside?
Growth of the Indian Aviation Industry in last 10yrs?
Why should pilots be arrogant?
Is it normal to land a passenger jet using the automatic pilot?
Can you raise the landing gear on land?
is there any transit hotel in changi airport?
9/11 hijackers question.........?
How big does a hole in a plane have to be for it to lose cabin pressure?
size and weight of a 747 front tire?
A Degree in Air Traffic Management Can Get Me A Job in Regular Air Traffic Control, right?
Is this plane able to fly?
Do they know the actual precise take off weight of an areoplane?
why is gas a big problem w/ the airlines?
how long does take around to trave hhe world by plane?
Any pilot here?
Would you say becoming a pilot is the most costly job in the world and time consuming?
How to get a job as a cabin crew (female) in saudi arabian airlines? Qualifications?? Thnxxx?
did they have comercial airlines in the mid to late 60's?
Math provides answers. Math is truth and reality. Does anyone else enjoy mathematics as much as I do?
Airline age requirements?
What licenses do you need to fly the Bede BD-5 Microjet?
Help with a Uniden UBC 72XLT?
I want to be an Air Traffic Controller but I'm scared that...?
I want to become a pilot....?
How to get a pilots autograph at EAA in oshkosh airshow?
Can anyone tell me a good airplane drawing or designing website?
How many miles does an Airplane fly in one minute?
how to get from JFK airport to Newark airport as quick as possible?
wut happens if the helium leaks from a planes wings?
windsocks how to make as wind intenssity?
Can i get sued if some one gets into a accident?
shot introduction about FEA Stress Aircraft landing gear project, please.?
What is this SID at JFK?
Why do most plane crashes happen by the airport?
Is there an app for aviation area forecast?
Do you think the people that were on that Qantas A380 realize just how lucky they are?
Singapore airlines airbus a330-300.?
Air Traffic Control Question?
What happens to the THRUST an the Aircraft Speed increases?
How i can get a job as an aircraft maintenance mechanic,in india, having 1yr practical knowledge.....?
What is going on with my helicopter?
what is the cheapest way to become a commercial pilot?
Can you still wear heely's on the plane?
Engine fire while taxiing aircraft, what do you do?
What are the security clearance requirements to work in a company that build civil airplanes as aeroengineer?
What is meant by continuous ignition and when is it generally used?
do planes take off and land into the wind or with the wind and why??
Airbus Have Done Very Well In 35 Years ! The A380 Program Has Problems- Why?
Am I the only one amazed at airline pilots?
Why are there no pictures of the rescue of 1982 Air Florida crash into the Potamic on the internet?
Have there ever been accidents at Philipsburg / St. Maarten - Princess Juliana Airport?
What do they mean here...?
Sukhoi 27 Flanker : what do you know/ think?
Has anyone got any tips on modifications to Air Hogs Storm Launcher.?
What would happen if an engine caught fire, mid flight, on a four engined jumbo?
do you think pilots are weird?
I have flown into Manchester for years from Gatwick and other places - of late it is bumpier - why?
Do you have to get a college degree after leaving school in order to become an Airline Pilot? And What Degree?
How to draw airline plane cockpit?
ScarEd of flying on 9/11 week?
how many cellery is paid by plane pilot?
Commercial air plane wing question?
total cost of commercila pilot trainig in philippines includind private license and student license?
what year was the us navy started?
What is the takeoff speed of a bombardier crj 200 in knots?
Question about becoming a pilot?
who invented the gas powered toy airplane?
Is it legal to bring a 6-pk of beer on my flight from TX to VA?
what makes turbulance?
how can we account for an hour more of a round trip say 7hr one way and 8hr the other non stop?
What is an enroute chart section of the AIP of any country usefull for?
What is the speed of an aircraft?
Getting a pilot's license?
I am in 10th standard. I wish to become a pilot in future.How do I go on further?
Ultralight or powered parachute?
what is the largest airline in the world?
Having a hard time holding the brakes in cessna 152?
Would 2 million be enough to run I airline?
Seeking a passenger aircraft type. US Airways or Express, I think. Like an EMB-170 with very bulbous nose?
So who's going to the Airshow tomorrow?
The main three Helicopter main rotor configuration?
How often are pure metals used in aircraft or vehicles?
A big green chopper flew over my house this morning it was long & had 2 blades on the top what kind was it?
A-10 Vs. T-90 tank? Who do you think will win?
Surviving Supermarine Spitefuls?
Do they charge more if I change my airplane ticket's date?
How to raise $10k for flight lessons?
Why do airliners have low-level avionics?
Should i attend local flight school first or flight academy?
With a pilots license are you able to fly internationally?
How do Aeroflot keep their planes in the air?
DC 10 Heating and Ventilating system?
can a plane have 5 engines?
What is total drag estimation mean when talking about aircraft?
Boeing 737-800 performance Dispatch ?
Can you just work on planes in the airforce or do you have to actually fly one?
I have a GE vintage component I need to know what it is?
What would be the average landing speed for an A319 with full pax?
which is the age for drink?in italy the boys and girls drinkin at 14 years!!!!?
From 1-10 how fun is it being a pilot?
How to get over my fear of flying?
How does the airbus a380 impact the airport infrastructure?
Helicopter maintenance jobs?
report on destruction of medway microlight g-mwbi?
Has anyone trained with Florida Aviation Academy?
Nissan Truck/Plane Commercial?
In Hang Glider, What happens if you let go of the bar with both hands?
Fastest aircraft......?
Did the jet that hit the Pentagon on Sept 11 have retractable wings?
Why do parachutes have holes in the top?
Cool virtual airline name?
why cant u bring water on airplanes?
can you choose which airline you fly/work for?
How much does a UAV pilot for Northrop Grumman make?
Maximum allowable luggage dimensions for airplane carry-ons?
whats your favorite fighter jet?
Where can i get a good jet engine diagram (to model in 3D)?
Does anybody know how to use FSX Airline Traffic?
How long were US flight schools prohibited from conducting flight training after 9/11?
Departed Madrid Flew To Pinto Martins International Where Am I Now & On Which Airline ?
does anyone know who all has ordered the new challenger 850 aircraft?
Can anyone tell me what the 'ding' sound through several stages of flight mean, the use, timing and purpose.:)
How long would it take to become an aircraft mechanic?
f 35 jet question?????????
Does the Embraer Phenom 100 or 300 have reversers?
Can a passenger jet fly with only one engine working?
Can I legally purchase a BlackHawk helicopter?
HUGE black airplane flew over my house? Was it a stealth fighter?
What is the frequency of alternating current in most aircraft circuits?
what is the average human body temperature on a airplane?
Why did Swiss air 111 crash?
How does an airplane find the landing field when it is foggy or very cloudy? Do they have special lights?
i think i might be getting moter storm 1 for ps3 can you do stunt showes on it?
Which double deck Airbus will be making its Farnborough debut appearance in 2006?
check in times at airports is it 2 or 3 hours i am flying from humberside to amsterdam?
Why dont single prop planes have mufflers?
Helicopter Flight School in Fargo North Dakota?
Airframe recovery parachute system, Why it's not used by the major small aircraft makers?
Can I use my sixth grade badge for an I.d. At the airport?
retraction & extension of landing gear during normal operation?
I want become airline pilot . What things I have to do?
is the Mooney m20 pressurized?
Flight attendant requirements?
What is the nearest airport to Hampton University, in Hampton, Virginia???
What is really is DME as what i heard from pilots around the world in a website i am visiting before??
four first world war military aeroplanes?
What does this mean to you 'having trouble landing'...?
how could i know the good friend from the bad 1 please e_mail me back?
hi i would like to know witch is better i want to study to be a commercial airline pilot?
Informations about "JBA RC"?
i am final year b.e. mechanical student.. i thought for join any flying course.?
who invent the new technology in aviation,aeronautical engineers or researchers ?
Why have most plane crashes been by TWA jets?
What is the average pay for someone in the aviation area.?
im doing electronics i would like to apply for air traffic controller could any one tell whether em fit?
What's more expensive a boat or a helicopter?
who is the god father for aircraft?
if class d tower doesn't have radar, how do they know if a plane is in their airspace?
What are the different pilot license available in uk?
How Does One Become A flight attendant?
who do you contact of a small plane intentionally flew low on purpose for 4-5 loops over my house and land?
Is Emirates a good safe Airline ?
is Thunderbird aviation in Mn needs sat and act to get in?
What would be the fatality / injury rate if the Heathrow crash landing had happened with a 787 ?
how do i get my pilot's license?
Why arent my Tracking Details updating?
im looking for free plans for a plane made from 3mm foam anyone please help.?
Are there any pilots with claustrophobia?
spectre cone air filter?
What is the best corporate jet in your opinion? My choice is a Gulfstream G550.?
If I was flying in a jet fighter at 41000 feet over eastern Iowa, would I be able to see.....?
why the profession of pilot is best?
Does a jet aircraft have to have more thrust than it does weight to takeoff?
traveling with my art folder?
can a pilot be color blind im but slightly i can see all colors it just shading is a little off?
hii ppl ayone know answer to this?
How should I prepare for cabin crew selection process?
Where can I buy a Helicopter at Not a remote control a real one!?
Anyone knows the problems the propeller airplanes had before the invention of the jet engine?
I want to be a pilot?
Airplane washrooms, what if the toilet valve does not shut, could the plane depressurize?
why does'nt water spill from a cup inside a plane when the plane turns ??
Can you pass out while pannicking from flying an airplane solo?
The people who know about the airline Austrian Airlines, is Austrian Airlines going to go to Los Angeles?
how do people pay for helicopter school?
what are the airline requirements when traveling with skis?
How long in advance a international and domestic fligth gets closed?
Departure time from PSP to msp Monday March 13th for Sun country airline?
Do pilots have phones?
Will there be a successor to Concorde?
Where is the best place to get longline training.?
How big is the biggest airplane?
On an aeroplane, why do they expect you wear the seatbelt on take off and landing?
Can someone tell me what fighter Jet is this?
What is the kit you buy to get your Student Pilot Licesnse?
jetblue airlines?
what's the best seat on the CX HKG-LOH flight?
What all regional airline hubs are out of denver?
How to get over a flight?
What is the cost of the average cargo aircraft rental?
name as many types of planes as you can?
Shooting from an airplane?
I'm 5ft. flat male, can I be commercial pilot?
Why do ground staff never let you go under the plane wings when boarding?
Why cant they havest flights? is the FAA too stupid?
what's the trick to flying the p51 mustang in FSX?
Question about airplanes?
How do you become a pilot?
Why do U.S. airports reduce takeoff/landing capacity in bad weather more than in Europe?
I have eczema but i want to do cabin crew?
has anyone here been on that vrgin airlines space trip that costs £150 000?
Dear President of India, When we can send and retrieve SLV successfully,why we are not making Aerplane of ours
I am moving and plan to ship some boxes using a airline?
How much would it be to change my flight?
Where can I get a cheap/replica A-2 Flight/Bomber Jacket?
If that kid had REALLY been in the Balloon, would there have been a way to rescue him?
how do you get over the fear of flying?
Why do jet planes require the window shade to be in the open position during take off and landing?
How would I make a helicopter engine to lift 290 pounds? Could it be a piston engine?
What happens if lightning strikes a flying aircraft?
Can someone PLEASE explain turbulence to me?? There are no bumps in the air!!!?
Can you wear military uniforms on airplanes?
Who knows how to fly a plane?
How long would it take to get a Pilot license to fly a Cessna Citation X(TEN)?
How much does it cost to obtain a Commercial Pilot's License in Canada?
y crew members ask u to fastern your seat belts?
cadet pilot canada?
is $1,000,000 to much to spend on a private jet?
true that with the ETOPS-207, every sense-making commercial route is available in our days?
i have microsoft flight simulatorX but when i taxi the plane goes sideways and the brakes dont work?
Rate the following aircraft starting from the best first and worst last.?
When will Angels Flight be in operation once again >?
what is a dog?
What does the MK in the Soviet aircraft Ilyushin Il-62MK mean?
Which airline do you recommend for cross-US travel?
how much would the average police helicopter pilot in LA make a year?
Am I tall enough to reach the pedals in a helicopter?
Where is a good sight where i can get an american eagle saab for free?
Have you ever been on a plane on the Fourth of July at nighttime?
what is headwind and tailwind?
Is WD-40 harmful to the paintwork on a light aircraft ?
Air Cabin Crew For The Royal Air Force?
At what speed does the 777, A330, A340 takeoff?
Emirates Airlines - Cabin Crew Open Days?
What aerobatic pilot from GA won the 2004 US Nationals?
What is a calender inspection?
Did they re-design the Air France Logo?
How will the threat of terrorism affect commercial aviation over the next 20 years?
spicejet disocunt coupon codes?
what is the coolest looking jet?
Black box is not destroyed even when the plane is crashed then why not make a plane from that material?
Why are flight attendants so miserable?
Are there any articles about airplane/aviation flight that talk about environmental impact?
What is there to see and do within Yellowknife?
aircraft licences?
Flight Simulator X Deluxe?
What can i expect during my dispatcher FAA oral & practical ?
Ways of making money with a private pilots license?
what is the weight of GE90-115B jet engine?
How can i land a private boeing 747 at Salem airpark?
how much is a flight from florida the pittsburg?
When you first graduate from flight school, is it hard to find a job as a pilot?
Is it true that Boeing737 is named so bcos the angle of take off is inverse tan 0.737? If not then why 737?
In 9/11 did the planes come out?
Can monkeys fly helicopters?
Which is the better aircraft?
Becoming an Airline Pilot Q's?
Urgent : need air flight info for my lttle brother ! ?
who invented the B52 bomber's radio?
Are very light jets (VLJ) equipped to land on cat3 conditions?
True or False, for aircaft experts?
Does RF interfere with air craft or not? If uou believe it does, explain how so...?
How much would it cost to buy and operate a small aircraft?
can anybody recommend a person near heathrow to fix a side window that has fallen out please?
Long Term effects of taking digitek?
If humans could teleport, would we still have invented the airplane?
How tall is an average Jet Fighter?
What does a round trip to Wyoming cost in june 2006?
How do i tell the sex of an ant?
Is there any reason why jet engines blades turn left?
Is BMI a good Airline?
why when passanger planes take off at night do they dim the cabin lights and having all blinds open?
1953 plane crash and some car pics?
location of enterprise building in ayala makati?
What is the average cruise speed of a passenger jet?
Has a Flight Attendent ever become Airline Pilot?
how many commercial airplanes are in the world?
looking for Wed, 13th video about the pilot FFDO training program. Was shown on one of the morning shows?
How many aircraft types have you flew on?
multi commercial test?
How long does the aircraft take to become airborne? physics?
Height requirements to be a pilot?
Cabair flying school UK?
When did we start "de-planing"?
job openings?
What is the altitude limit of an unpressurized-cabin-aircraft?
How much does an out of service airplane cost?
RAF Pilot question............?
You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of t?
.tonerfor 1130?
cessna 172 rudder travel?
Why do powered paragliders cost so much?
On a Boeing 747-8F, what is the main deck floor area?
what is the function of satellite phones in a cockpit?
Do you think that my interest in flying would make my dad start flying again?
saw an article about the marines wanting a space plane. it was the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion?
When flying, do you travel at a higher altitude the further you go?
Where can I find out more about an old U.S. military airplane that had wings that folded possibly for storage?
What is the cheapest helicopter a civilian can buy?
how can i become a bush pilot? what do i have to do to become one?
I’ve got a question about becoming a pilot in the air force?
whats a good private jet company?
C172s airframe questions?
How much does a helicopter escort cost?
Does anyone know the average speed tht a passenger airplane flies at?
has any propeller aircraft ever broke the sound barrier in a dive?
Low cost autopilot module for RC plane.?
Scared to fly! Any tips for flying, I haven't flown in over 25 years and I'm heading to Florida in a week.
Are resonant frequencies a real problem with aircraft construction?
What was this smoke on my flight to Ghana?
Student pilot's first flight....
Continental OnePass (frequent flyer plan) has 'capacity controls' so that it's hard to get a seat...
What is the typical Westjet group rate? My aunt says it is always $99 per person each way.?
what is pan pan in avaiation?
how much is a personal jet?
Is the A380 a good or bad aircraft.?
do jet engines get more efficient in the rain?
how to find cheapest fares between Australia and USA?
How long is a flight from LAX to Utah?
Are there any 4 seat ultralight aircraft?
How do you understand a heading on an airplane?
What does a co-pilot do?
Help! I need a flight to chennai, india for under $2000, leaving Newark, NJ around August 10th.........?
How aeroplanes takes off the ground and stay afloat in the air defeating power of gravity ?
What is the most expensive private jet ?
can someone tell me what a ch-47 d is ?
If i undergo Private Pilot Ground School?
improving flight maneuvers?
Does any one know how long the tire of an airlane will be change?
Will the Eclipse 500 carry TCAS?
what determines the ceiling altitude of an airplane?
Good small airplane for $25,000?
If I want to be a pilot, commercial airline or otherwise, do I just need to be really good at flying a plane..
What does this mean when contacting ATC?
Is boeing 737 the most dangerous plane model?
What's the meaning of airplane number?
on average how much carbon dioxide would a fighter jet give out?
Vulcan Bomber?
The importance of first airmail service in india?
Where in the Uk can I find a helicopter flight that flys at night - like a experience day thing?
It's possible to refill a plane while flying?
Can anybody become an airline pilot?
I want to build a real helicopter at home to pilot?
What is the weight of a 737 wing spar?
seat availability!!! PLEASE AnSwEr!?
Which one would you become, Secret Service Agent or Airline Pilot?
Question about the Airbus A340-300?
what is the best airline to fly on from Charlotte NC to Baltimore MD?
private oral exam guide guestion?
What is the ideal air/fuel burn ratio for Jet-A1?
Can a passenger jet fly with only one engine working?
Can a Filipino be a PILOT in the United Airlines?
i have never ridin a airplane in my life.and im about two weeks im kinda scared\?
uk:How much would a uni course for Commerial license cost....?
while landing why should we keep our windows open in the flight?
What does the "M" stand for in the MH-53 and MH-6 and MH-60 and MC130 in military aircraft?
How many planes leave a certain airport in a 24 hour period?
If that little black box.....?
If two planes almost hit each other is it called a "near miss"?
Ok I think I asked my last question in a confusing manner. I'll try again?
Are thought controlled aircraft possible?
how far away do you think we are from unmanned commercial jets?
Should I get the ps vita?
my flight will reach chennai airport at 8 pm and I want to go to guindy how should i go from there?
Do flight instrument displays ever get imagery burn-in's?
Fastest mile ran human?
How long are helicopter lessons?
Does Microsoft still support FS 2004. I went to the MS FS site. I only found updates for FSX?
justify the use of the variious communication systems used on an aircraft?
What company sells the best Wankel-type engines for experimental aircrafts?
Cheapest Flight(s)/ way to get from Catania Italy, to Portland Oregon?
which is the worlds most fastest jet?
Which is the best?
What is the merits and demerits of material use for elevator for airplane?
Do you really have to be under 31 to be an Air Traffic Controller?
where can i buy cheap plane tickets?
Senior Project ideas - Aviation?
So do the planes engine push or pull them self's through the air.?
What are the main reasons for a Plane crash in most cases?
Question about 1,500 hour rule?
plane crash in dubendorf switzerland on april 24 1944 number on plane is714?
How do aeroplanes with ski's stop?
flight simulator help plz asap?
What Controls Airspeed in an airplane?
Would you fly in Brazil?
Has anyone suffered cronic illness after flying from New York to Sao Paulo or back on Delta Airlines?
Help with flight simulation?
When flying an F-16 what are the best tactis to?
what is another term for aircraft?
flights fom Cape Town to George South Africa?
What's the master cylinder type of a Beechcraft 77 skipper aircraft?
do odgen,ut have an airport?
How are the shots of airplanes flying in the sky filmed?
How high the airplanes fly?
where can I buy the cheapest airline tickets?
What is the airplane used in the end of the latest episode, family business, of the show Burn Notice?
how much fuel does a 747 use?
why cant u use your cell phone on a plane if it has signal and it is working fine?
when is the time to buy airplane tickets?
why did the US do away with its pretty stewardesses?
Identify this aircraft?
What's the most reputable flight school in Hawaii?
Can planes land on Roads?
need ideas!!!?
How does the Fokker 50 compare to other simliar sized turboprops?
Whats the worlds busiest aeroport?
Dear Sir , Can you recommend a flight school that accepts a practising Muslim with false identification papers
the planes landing gear?
Should I join the RAF or an airline?
I did my first 3 papers of Part66 exams. and i am searching for work experience in the U.K?
how fast was german's v2 rocket?
Will my flight to Atlanta be canceled because of Hurricane Isaac on Wed.?
what makes the pilot so special?
What household fuel is used to fuel jet airplanes?
Is it too late to start flight training?
Question about planes flying over Port Aransas Texas.?
How to become I a pilot?
how many DC 3 aircraft were built?
vor and dmes: the arcs:?
Is it possible to break an airplane window while it is in the air with your hands?
On wheelchairs onboard aircrafts, what do C, R, S stand for?
Where i can fine information about Aircraft registration for Worldwide?
how much to become a commercial pilot in phl?
is it possible to have a airline fly your car home?
do yall know what the weathers like in colorado i'm going in 4 days with my cousin?
Aviation and higher gas prices?
What is the FIRST airline that buy the boeing 777-200LR?
What do pilots do during those long flights? What really goes on in the cockpit?
afrotc pilot selection?
Does a pilot stop working after becoming 40 years old !?
how to book seats on line on international flights?
b767training in middle east?
What paperwork would be required if you did a skin repair (Wing, NON Corrugated)?
airlines question?
Have unpainted aluminum aircraft fallen out of favor?
do planes reach the stratosphere?
Is it possible for a helicopter to reach Europe from the US?
Aircraft Maintenance: NDT: How is rubber cleaned and how is aircraft windshield cleaned?
where can I find a Flight manual for a Learjet 35A and a Learjet 25D?
Did the Airbus 380 kill off the Boeing 747 as the #1 airliner in the world?
Whats the difference between a commercial pilot licenses and a certificate?
Aircraft engine?
Are there any G1000 flight schools/renters near Bellingham, WA?
I need information on Weather Balloons?
How to become an Airline Pilot or Air Force Pilot ?
planes that leave white trail?
What exactly is a flight hour?
can you land a dc-6, dc-4, martin b-26 marauder, and b-25 bomber aircraft on 1,700m runway?
what freedoms were taken away from us after 9/11?
What's the difference between Cabin Crew and Flight Crew?
Can you give me addresses of manufacturer of Steam Jet Air Ejectors for thermal power station?
Your idea about being a flight attendant? I'm about to fly as a cabin crew, how can I handle this problem?
how are airways identified?
Can anyone let me know who sell used aircraft tyres and batteries in malaysia?
Best place to meet a stewardess?
Is there a way to find out which aircraft type?
do odgen,ut have an airport?
why do people prefer boeing instead of airbus?
where can i go to become a pilot?
Why do most people para-glide and not hang glide? I thought hang gliding was more enjoyable...faster etc?
Alright guys, what would you do.....?
Should I go to university if I want to become an airline pilot?
Is there such thing as an F-111? If there is please email me at Thank you.?
Pilots and non pilots.?
What would happen if there was no intenet?
Can I as a girl become a pilot? What are the chances of me getting a good job with the airlines?
PLEASE HELP! i need a 8+ seated airplane?
Pilots: Is becoming a A. pilot worth it these days? Is it a good job...?
is any of count von zeppelin's grandchildren living?
What's your favorite fighter plane?
Delta Skyteam Airline India Ticket?
I was just wondering... but How much would it cost to get a airline started?
How many hours of glider training does it take to do a first glider solo?
Whats that commercial....?
how do i become a pilot?
From where can I download cockpit videos?
What is heavier, a FULLY LOADED B-52 bomber, or a FULLY LOADED boeing 747 plane.?
hey guys mind if u help me??
UAV launch system.?
I need a definition for cessna?
how much is a round trip, airplane tichet,from California to New York and back?
On 9/11/01, at what time did the FAA ground all the air traffic?
does anyone else here feels like the plane is going down during take off?
What is the fastest airplane that is still flying today?
What kind of helicoptor did TC fly in the television series Magnum PI?
How much does it cost to become a airline pilot?
Aviation Help[ TV ] 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!?
where can I find a illustrated parts breakdown of the 747-400 aircraft on the web?
I dream to become a commercial airline pilot?
how many air base are present in the country? it's possible to visit?
Is this a good flight school?
what is the exact purpose of Balance horn and control horn in aircraft flight control system?
Jobs for NEW Pilots in British Columbia?
I just got two 5 inch mini turtles! ?
Would a plane arriving early, be as bad as a plane arriving late? ?
what is the purpose of the helicopter?
Since the earth rotates from west to east shouldn't the flights going west be shorter and not always longer?
Helicopter training.?
Math provides answers. Math is truth and reality. Does anyone else enjoy mathematics as much as I do?
is there any truth to the rumor that abx air will acquire pace airlines?
I need a resource that gives stats on weather related helicopter accidents. Are there any out there?
Where is my jetpack?
how do people use parachutes?
Does anybody know Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy?
How do you wear Air Cadet Combat Clothing?
Do most ex-military pilots still fly for a living after their military days are over?
where is la isabela airport in santo domingo?
Are these okay A-Level options to be an ARLINE PILOT?
How do you become an FAA ATC?
Can i get job after doing flight dispatcher training?
what to expect faa medical exam ?
What would you do if you had snakes on the plane?
"The In-flight diversion handbook",help with Nav problems?
Do you see some sort of tank or extra piece under the planes that hit the WTC on 9/11?
How do aeroplane drivers know how to get to the correct place?
Does your plane need to be reinspected if wings are removed?
Is it possible to become a helicopter pilot without the military?
Question for Florida Pilots?
How do you iron an RAF flying suit?
Is the PAK-FA in the sky yet?
Where is the serial number of an ANTONOV-12 aircraft found or fixed by the manufcturer ?
what materials are used for the wings on large passenger aircraft?
Why don't airlines put some seats in the cargo bay to sell to passengers?
what is aircraft tacho generator principle?
what is the official website for air date?just asking?
Should I sacrifice a goat before flying to ensure the plane won't crash?
what does ticket flexibility mean?
Is it legal to own a L-39?
Three views for the aircraft General Avia F22 Pinguino please, anyone?
overcome fear of flying?
What does it mean by a "frozen" ATPL?
Why do operators fly the cessna carvan in low idle in all phases of flight. ?
Do airplanes have to follow speed limits?
where can I find more pictures of the a350 mockup cabin outside of airbus's website.?
Aviation Maintenance Technology school?
Dose any one know who would want a VTOL.?
How did the machine gun on a biplane fire through the propeller arc?
what is the average human body temperature on a airplane?
what does it mean FYI?
US pilots in Africa.........................?
What can I bring on the plane?
is it posssible to make a hovercraft that can actually lift off the ground. basically floating on air?
is ed rush's fighter pilot fast track a good program?
I understand that helicopters have varible pitch blades. Are there any fixed wing aircraft with variable props
What’s an aviation attorney?
are backscatter x rays actually x rays or is it just a familiarized name?
Pictures of the old National Airport that was on Ford Road in Westland (Nankin Twp)?
Do you think that bleedless engines will come to dominate commercial jets?
Do RAF pilots get posted to different air bases often?
How many of you ladies would date a Marine Fighter Pilot?
Airline pilot and customs officer?
What are somethings I can do on a plane ?
If I studyed in Europe aviation as a commercial airline pilot and I want to be a pilot in United states or ca?
nearest international airport to lankaster CA?
If someone in the twin towers on 9\11 had a parachute or a sky glider would they of been able to escape from?
Taking off in bad weather; Captain's decision?
I know i definitely want to become a Airline Pilot....i am coming up to leaving school soon..?
What is the difference between Aeronautical engineers and Airplane designers?
my friends whos a flight atten. is transfering from a domestic to int'l flight atten. start over training?
Are thomson freestyle holiday tickets just the ones that come in the booklet through the post?
Is it dangerous when flying to land in gusty winds?
Is it really dangerous to use a mobile phone in a petrol station or on an airplane?
On airlines why do they call it a black box when in reality they are red or orange ?
Why do Kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
what is the word'an airplane's body, excluding its wings'?
do i need a visa to connect through amsterdam while i am flying to turkey from US?
history of jet Engines ? from 1911 - 2006?
How do altitude dials work on a plane? Do they measure the altitude from the land it is flying over?
How does it feel like flying a Cessna plane?
The names of pilots who were on board in september 11 flight. ?
Can anybody give me flight plan of KSFO-PHNL?
how much does it cost?
Commercial Pilot?
Was the Boeing C-17 originally a Boeing design or a McDonald Douglas design?
Does Bernoulli's principle really explain airplane lift?
Does anyone know of any accomodation in Broughton, Wales, near the airbus factory as I have a job interview.?
Why do airlines ask you to do this during takeoff and landing?
aviation school to become a pilot a few quetions?
Which was the airplane that crashed in the movie 'Cast Away'?
Have you tried using laptop while on flight? Is it allowed?
Is it lifting-off or landing.....?
Which type of plane is best to learn in?
How to connect flight simulator x to the internet?
Whats an airplane!!!!!!?????
medical for ppl. How much is it and what do they examine?
How often do pilots die a annually?
Where can I get online information to study for the Transport Canada 's Flight Dispatcher license?
how often do pilots use autopilot to land?
If I get my ratings here, can I work in colombia?
why do we need to book flights in advance?
how can i pass my flight training?
Commercial certificate at 190 or 250 hours?
How much does a 1 seater jet bike cost?
Does Delta Connection SkyWest owns Delta Connection ASA?
Can you always see the lights on a plane blinking at night, no matter how high the plane is flying?
where is the best place to watch low flying military aircraft in the south wales area?
What is the level of skill needed to perform the Immelman Turn?
Can I take flying lessons online?
what are airplanes made out of?
when will army start training for the uh-145?
What is the quality of a flight attendant?
How do I start my own airline?
Help.. This car is driving me nuts!! It doesnt drive when its in drive .. I have to wait a couple of seconds?
If the guy who jumped out of the plane showed that someone could potentially open the plane's emergency door?
When a plane crashes in the Ocean how does the water get inside the plane?
Need help finding the propulsive efficiency of a turbojet engine...?
Who believes that concorde should be brought back?
How can I get a drone aircraft for myself?
anyone no of any websites for in-flight recording of 747 take off and landing?
what is a fuselage in aircraft jargon?
Do airplanes have headlights?
If you become an Aircraft load master do they automatically ship you over seas?
Does United's 747-400 have IFE on International Flights to Shanghai?
Converting an airplane (cessna 150) into battery powered.?
what is this plane, is it a 747-8?
what would the average cost be for me to learn how to fly?
Do pilots see satellites when flying at night?
Can anyone advise the approximate cost of a Lycombing O-290 (135hp) in good condition with accessories?
Are there skyscrapers in New York with helipads on top?
Is the back of an airplane the safest place to sit?
Worst losses to the aircraft historical society at large?
Mig- and Sukhoi gunsights?
airplane can it really fly?
What is the most composite-intensive Bombardier aircraft?
I am looking for some substantial evidence of Lockheed's Aurora aircraft.?
What is the best fighter jetplane?
Is Aviation Electrical and Electronic Systems Installation...?
Were can I get my flight rating for the TS-11 iskra military flight trainer?
im going skydiving?
Are they going to have a a380 as Air Force one?
When a pilot taks to passengers from a cockpit, he uses a mic. What is that mic called?
What to do on a 10 hour flight by yourself?
how long does it take to become a pilot for the r.a.f and what qualifications do you need, detail PLEASE !!!!!?
How to Charter a Local Helicopter Company?
describe jetlag?
Who has invented the airplane? fast!!!?
what can you tell about the Radar Fio?
what is the advantage of PT 6 A-34 engine over -27 engines?Also tell the difference between 34 & -35?
Is an enstrom helicopter easier to fly than a Robinson r22?
Airplane taking off?
how much memory can i load in a hp7955pavilion?
i want job in ireland refuelling of aircraft?
when looking from the front of an aircraft, which is the left wing? the one we see on the left?
How can a pilot calculate on paper True AS from Cal. AS?
TSA medical appointment?
how long is a flight to washington dc from san francisco?
how many chances we have to be in plane crash?
How does it feel to be in an airplane do you feel light headed or what because I get dizzy really fast?
can you give me examples of microlight aircrafts?
Can pilots have a tattoo?
which political issues in UK avaition industry affects british airways?
Virgin Atlantic Airline Time Change?
is water ever injected into a aircraft jet or piston engine?
How can my ears feel better when flying?
are airplane seats parachutes?
Can anyone tell me what are the steps for Statistical Process Control in aircraft health monitoring?
What is the helicopter?
do you need a seperate license to fly a helicopter or plane?
what kind of identification do i need to travel to america by plane from canada. do i need a passport?
Could you please give me some sites to learn everything about airplanes\aircraft?
what is shingleing on fan blades of a jet engine?
If you fly a lot in Airplanes are you at greater risk of getting cancer, not small planes but long flights?
how long is a 737 800?
Why do planes fly better with more weight on the nose?
I have a question about helicopter blades?
Inportant Commercial Airline Question?
List of countries in Asia with WAAS Coverage?
can i still get a first class medical by the AME if i've got a misdemeanor--disorderly conduct on my record? I?
Can Microsoft flight simulator be used to train for a real commercial piolots licence?
Do MURS Radios get better range that your FRS/GMRS radios?
For pilots, how likely is it that men with box cutters could take over a plane in the late 90s?
ghana air force?
Why didn't they stop all flights if the Concorde crashed by accident, but there are loads of plane accidents?
Can a person pursue M.Tech or MBA after getting Commercial Pilot License?
What fighter jet is used best for stealth, speed, and power?
Which Airline is better?
what can you tell about the Radar Fio?
Poll: If you could fly one Second World War plane, what would you choose?
jump jets wesites?? ?
What happens if a window or a door on a plane in flight at max speed and height was open (doesn't matter how)?
Is Su-37 a stealth aircraft?
how does the fight crew get to the hotel?
1930 frank hawk made a Transcontinental record flight .what is the type of aircraft he used in this flight?
I'm buying a small prop air plane. Should i get trained in sky-diving for emergency purposes ?
which is 1st domestic and international airlines in India?
can anyone help me with a business studies question that I had on an engineering course?? Thanks :)?
Fly By Wire??
on a flight...would you rather sit next to a person with a child or a cat in a carrier?
How can I get a ride on a Stealth airplane for my birthday?
looking to become a pilot of any kind, has any body got any pointers.?
Helicopter piloting for the fire service in the UK?
looking for a company in eagen, its aerospace company?
Flight simulator for MAC?
Aviation handhelds Icom A24 or Sporty's SP200 ?
Are you a Boeing or Airbus fan, and why?
im doing electronics i would like to apply for air traffic controller could any one tell whether em fit?
What are the donut-ring vapour trails over Wirral, England today, if not the Yanks flyin the mad Aurora thing?
I need help to look up ofr schedule for moncton codicatransit?
Why are you interested in becoming a part of united airlines?
a330 engine differentials?
Help! I need a flight to chennai, india for under $2000, leaving Newark, NJ around August 10th.........?
whats the fastest and easiest way to get a pilots license?
how tall can you be and still be able to fit in the pilot seat of a DHC-6?
cost of cessna152&172 in india?
How do I align aircraft with the runway during landing in flight simulator?
Is there a book for basic flying for aviation for preparation to be a Pilot?
Where can I get From the Ground Up (not US edition)?
Flying Overseas: Why is east to west Slower than flying west to east on an Airplane?
Is blackbird the fastest aircraft????
Are there any times planes can not fly? Ive heard you can't takeoff knowing you will land after midnight?
What happened to the Zoche aero diesel? Did it work?
What medical tests do you have to succes for getting the PPL?
what is knowoled?
Fighter jet in space?
Decreasing gas.?
How to make a cheap and simple rc plane around 10 to 20 nz dollars?
Which watch would be the closest lookalike to the Bremont Pilot ALT1-P and also would be most affordable?
How do you tell the difference between a dc9 and dc10?
Who was the first person to fly an airplane in Australia?
High preasure, Low preasure related to weather?
Blueprints for a Boeing?
Can you purchase a fighter aircraft?
does virgin australia still use there blue 50th 737?
What is that t.v. commercial?
How come big helicopters(like the Chinooks or Sikorskys)are not used as airliners?
Air Traffic Control earnings (current and future)?
burning fuel in jet engines?
I want to know at what time is flight 2782 going to leave from GRR Michigan to EWR in Newark New Jersey today?
Have you heard of or built a hovercraft?
What is a C-Check?
Is it difficult to get a pilot job?
What are some full sized rotor head configurations?
What is the size of a plane window (boeing)?
what is proper name for airplane mechanic?