What would cause a Cirrus SR22 CAPS sys to not deploy?
Can airplanes stand still in the air?
If you travel and have lost your bags before, would you pay to always know where they are?
In the emirates careers page it says for first officer required flight time=4000hrs how do i get these hours ?
How can I learn to fly an Ultralight aircraft or powered parachute?
why do kamakazies ear helmets if their just going to blow up?
Flight instructor leaving?
flying schools in japan?
What is the real name for salt lake city Intl!!!!???
Do things such as headwinds effect the fuel consumption of an aircraft?
Is expedia a scam or not?
How does really humid air effect high performance fighters like the F18?
If I go to get my b.s to be a professional pilot, will I find a job?
All airlines in india r suffring frm heavy loss. Stil people R SAYing in coming 5yrs indian aviation will b wo?
How to be a flight attendant in US if you are a foreigner?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Is flying in a helicopter scarier than flying on an airplane?
What is the vehicle that is hooked to a plane to push it (?) to the runway called?
Types of airplanes on safari?
traveller who investigates new land?
Do I really need to get or have a Bachelor's Degree to become an Airline Pilot?
What exactly did Jeppesen do?
Aircraft exhaust?
How far must airshow spectators stand?
When a lightening bolt hits an airplane in flight, how come it doesn't destroy the plane's electronic system?
how many peeps can u eat when sky diving from an altitude of 30000 ft?
Considering to be an airline pilot.?
what is the cost of Dassault Falcon 2000 aircraft?
What type of Aircraft will I be on to Las Palmes with Thomson?
What is GST training like for Virgin America?
Where do airplanes get their electricity from?
I need more information about Aviation?
Why is it that using polarized sunglasses is not recommended for use when operating aircraft?
What percentage of aircraft accidents are really suicide?
can i still become a pilot if my eye sight is -1 both?
im going to fly from manchester airport today, what am i allowed or not allowed to take for hand luggage?
Could you please advice me on where i can study aviation in Europe,America and Asia?
Why do planes take off at different ground speeds/?
Is there a passenger weight limit on air flights?
do you know where I can find out what the fight paths are over the UK?
Are you allowed into the cockpit to meet the pilots?
Why do military helicopters have wings?
what is the fastest jet plane enginge?
Where is the cockpit on this floor plan?
why jets create a jet stream?
What does it take to be a pilot?
i want concord out of museum to clouds you think like that?
how come the cockpit of WWII fighters are located in the middle while modern day aircraft, its in the front?
how do pilots get in freighter aircrfaft(an 225)and(an 124)etc?
How hard is it to find a maintenance job with just an A&P license?
is the idea of women pilots accepted by the public?
pls. tell me how an aeroplane flying in air?
What is the difference between restricted air space and a no fly zone?
American Flyers optional multi-engine ?
i am 13 years old and im gonna be a pilot. what age will my salary be atleast more than $200k?
I have a Nuevo head unit , is there anyway to put a picture onto it somehow to use as a custom start up screen?
What did Geronimo say when he jumped out of a plane?
How do you handle being in a confined space, such as on an airplane for hours?
What is the difference between the way an airplane and a helicopter fly?
What is the length of runway 24 to the intersection of runway 30 for airport CYQB?
do I need a passport to fly from the UK to Ireland?
what is the baggage allowance on Easy Jet & how much extra for excess baggage?
Iam looking to purchase some aircraft wire. i can not find it on the net anyware. any ideas.?
How can you get the smell of jet fuel out of clothes?
what parts of the production process are being off-shoring by boeing company and to where?
Why did I just see an airplane fly around in circles outside of my window?
Do jet aircraft reverse their engines when they land.?
What is the purpose of the elevator trim tab?
what is the cheapest airline to fly from huntsville alabama to panama city florida?
Boeing 727-200 Hot and high operational performance?
Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception can you takoff and land the airplan?
Does Air France still operate A380 on Paris to New York?
Where is the fastest place in Southern California to earn a Basic Smog Technician Certificate?
wat i need to joyn the army?
Do gliders have any kind of avionics?
How to Become a pilot after 12th??????????
how fast is supersonic?
What is the best airline in the world?
With recent developments what cant I bring on an airline flight I have in 2 days?
can my matron kick me off the bus legally if I refuse to wear my seatbelt?
How do I become a commercial airline pilot?
how to make propeller for small model aeroplane?
who has the materials of weight and balance training for MD-11 or other type aircraft?
pilot school in the UK for 16 yearolds ?
Why must electronic devices be turned off during commercial airline takeoffs and landings?
What is your favorite book about airplanes?
Flight Sim effects?
why do you think that you suitable for aircraft engineer post?
if you could buy anything right now what would it be?????
Japan Airlines Economy Class - One Check-in + One Hand-carry?
WHAT Do you recommend for a degree to be a pilot?
Help me plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
How many A i have to get it to be a pilot?(For Malaysia only)?
need landing gear for AB300/B4 MNF 129?
What is the fastest jet?
How come that any time that you hear of a plane hijacking, there is always an arab involved?
Skype or emails of experts about the OAA/CTC Cadet courses? ?
what is the largest airline in the world?
Tax relief on Private Pilots licence in Canada?
Where to get very very ow prices on Gemini or Herpa Jets?
Why did Concorde technology never become popular?
model of aircraft (remote controlled)/gliders?
how much do helicopters cost?????
How would you feel if you boarded a plane only to discover the pilot was a women?
What is your favourite aircraft? mine is the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser?
When starting a small prop plane, what does "contact" indicate and when is it used.?
Has anyone ever made a pedal powered aeroplane that actually worked?
Is it possible to make a paper airplane that can generate lift on its own once thrown?
Question about getting your commercial pilot license?
how do i build a model aircraft?where can i get plans for it?
Why do People at my school think im a nerd and idiot for wanting to become a pilot and liking aviation?
How can I convince myself that my plane won't crash?
In aircraft instruments ( I think ), what does IAPS stand for and what is it?
how many planes are in d air at one time?
What type jobs can a aircraft mechanic do?
My BMW 323i Convertible boot lid won't open. ?
Is the Best Way to Become an Airline Pilot to Join the Air force?
Which do you recommend?
What does the F in F-22 and other planes mean? Or P, as in P-51?
Tracer rounds in WWII?
Where can I get a copy of the Delta II rocket schematics?
A-2 Jacket Patches Question?
Hi, i was thinkin of a carrer in auto mechanic or aircraft mechanic........?
Where are VOR's and DME's located?
Should the US Government use Jet Blue Customer Service Agents to question terror suspects?
do i need maths and physics a-levels to become a pilot?
why do pilots wear caps?
Why do people find it necessary to crouch over when exiting a helicopter?
What is Skywards?
Where can I find Pacific R-route charts online?
what are all the planes that have 4 engines?
Why do some commercial aeroplanes leave vapour trails and others not?
Can I fly there?
where can i get a list of all the airports in the world and their corresponding codes?
I want to become a pilot should i do a Flybe Diploma in Aircraft Engineering or Diploma in Aviation Operations?
how many different jobs are there in the navy?
Why do aeroplanes have to fly so high ? ?
Avro Arrow Conspiracy ?
Is this position recognise?
Where can I find someone who will assist in donating money for my flight training to become a pilot?
Why do airplane use headlights while decend to land and takeoff?
What is the safest Swedish Private Jet made today?
Are new Supersonic Business Jets really on the verge of coming into existence?
Could you please exlplain what does this mean (it's about planes)?
will planes in victoria be flying tomoro? because of the winds?
What What are the naming sequences for aircraft (Canadian preferably)?would you like to ask?
what aircraft has shortest landing and take off rolls?
Can you get Wifi on planes to geneva?
Need suggestions for ballast testing of production aircraft.?
Is it possible to switch from the civilian side of aviation /aeronautical engineering to defense missiles,?
737-300 Landing Gear?
What language does air traffic controllers and pilots speak?
When did Cessna change the round porthole windows to the more modern square windows on the Cessna 411?
What plane do you like the most??
If both pilots fell ill would you have a go at trying to land the plane?
How do I access UA voucher for compensation when flight delay prevented makingconnecting flightand I bought?
Passanger announcement and passenger entertainment system in aircraft?
when planes are taking off, why does those cloudlike trails appear on top of the engines. What are they.?
How would i handle a difficult/rude customer?
Why do airplane propellers show up as horizontal lines in cameras?
Can a disaster such as the tenerife happen again?
Which double deck Airbus will be making its Farnborough debut appearance in 2006?
why is roger. radio transmition.?
what is the salary of a commercial pilot?
What puts an aircraft into the 'heavy' category?
How much is it to buy a private jet?
Propeller for Radne Racket?
What's the best headsets for pilots?
What subjects would I need to take to become a British Airways Pilot?
Where do private jets land?
Recreational pilot's license and math?..?
F22 vs su27,30,35 vs Rafale vs eurofighter typhoon in gunfight? And maneuverability?
as a helicopter approaches you it is very loud, as it passes over and is going away from you it is quiet,why?
How did avionics engineering related to pilot?
Where is Leisure Airways from?
Why don't they have heated runways?
how get airline jobs without interview?
What medicals do I need to fly solo on a Private Pilots Licence?
why do airplanes crash?
how many hours do you have to be at the airport before?
How can i become a airline commercial pilot in Australia?
What are these probes on the wing of the A320?
Have you ever been on a plane on the Fourth of July at nighttime?
Info. on P-51 Mustang shot down over USA?
Why they keep having life jackets on airplanes if no one has ever being saved by using them ?
Do I need to be a citizen of a EU nation to attend flight school there?
question about owning a king air?
Why is putting hydrogen in blimps bad?
What is the glass ball thingy in front of the Su27 jets ?
I'm going on a long airplane ride. have any suggestions for things to keep me occupied?
What are the available Rift: Planes of Telara disguises?
Whats going to happen to our planes when the planet runs out of fuel ?
The aisle seat of the last row may be considered the safest in most crashes of commercial airliners?
How can planes fly inverted?
Changing flight (please help!)?
how do the cheap airlines make money?
Is this ok mileage on a USED car?
Vulcan Bomber?
Anyone like the B-25 Bombers from World War ?
What aircraft is a 3CO?
Aircraft engine?
why dont they put a cage around the engines on airplanes?
how to calculate and use aspect ratio for gliders?
How can I become an airline pilot or flight attendant?
Landing Gear Aircraft?
Can i become a helicopter pilot in the Aviation Navy if i didn't attend to any aviation school before?
Cargo Aircraft Leases - ACMI/Long Term Wet Leases?
Differences between a 747, 767 and 787?
what type of questions may be asked when taking a test for a transportation security officer?
When I see pictures of people boarding or on private jets they look like normal people?
Anybosy know the website where i can see the flight confirmation in the thai airways?
Why is .380 ACP so hard to find lately, why are .223 so expensive lately too.?
Do American Ground Engineers REALLY need Calculus?
career of pilots?
What is the average salary to work as a long haul air hostess?? for a company like virgin or British airways?
Are these planes safe to fly on ?
What do pilots on long plane flights do to entertain themselves?
I am looking for the airline delivery schedules of the a380?
What was the biggest japanese plane in ww2?
What is the colour of the black box in a commercial airplane? ...?
can i get some details on airlines reservation system for my mini project?
What are some "Pay as you go" flight schools in Canada?
can i be pilot an airline with fabry disease?
How much does a preowned Gulfsream IV cost, a range....?
Can people in airplanes see fireworks?
Where can i download ICAO Doc 9683 for free?
F-22 or F-35. Which is best???
How do altitude dials work on a plane? Do they measure the altitude from the land it is flying over?
How many hours did it take you to get your private pilots license ?
can someone please tell me about the training involved in becoming an airport ramp agent?
How many Gates does American Airlines owns in Total??
Why the cockpit warning voice is male? The one saying '200, 100, 30, 20, 10' or another one 'pull up, pull up'?
What's required to be a flight instructor in Europe if I have a Canadian instructor rating?
Cessna Citation 550 B LCN?
Are there no cry tickets?
In the movie "Flightplan"?
why do planes have propellers?
Do airplanes really get rid of toilet waste while flying?
wen u fly n ils when do u desend?
what education cation would i need to fly an f-117 jet. And where could i fly neerest to west virginia.?
What kind of layout is 'aircraft/master layout'? Is 'full size' the actual size!?
What is the height of a galley on a commercial plane?
why was there only one Y/F-23 Black Widow ever built?
Are any Concordes still in service?
how long is a flight from portland, Oregan, to phoenix, arizona?
I have a question for all pilots?
Can somebody explain the process of animals flying on air planes?
Can I hire a helicopter to pick my truck out bottom of mountain pass? it's stuck & tow truck can't reach it?
What is the cheapest airline to fly to Rio De Janeiro?
What is pusle jet engine?
A320-200 Landing distance and Vref?
Does anyone know where there are some Schweizer 300C MR blades for sale?
Aircraft power plant and airframe certification worth getting?
Can i fly packages from my company?
What happens to a 737 landing in water?
I saw a prop drive aircraft flying East to West at 2130 hours approx, on 26/ 8/ 2012. It was fluorescent blue?
If pilot window breaks at an altitude of 30000 ft, what will happen to pilot?
What is a good ground school in vancouver washington area?
what is a fly by wire aircraft?
Airline Parachute Escape?
Do bigger parachutes work better than smaller parachutes ?
Why did Write Brothers' first flight end?
do u believe in united 93?
what airlines flys from columbus, ohio to los angeles, california?
can i take a laptop on a airline?
how many people fly in airplanes each day?
first fighter jet to reach mach 1 ?
What does it takes to be an airline pilot?
Do people in the general public actually own private jets?
How come American Cars suck and American planes are the best in the world?
I am fourteen years old and I want to be an Airline Pilot. What do you reccommend I do?
best places to take FLYING LESSONS in UK?
where do you come out from the amsterdam airport?
What aircraft is better Boeing 787 Or Airbus A350?
Helicopter flew real low by my grandparents?
Why does having the center of gravity too far foward decrease the cruise speed?
What is the best place to find plane tickets?
Does this AFSC "Aircarft Elecrtical & Environmental Systems" fall under the category "Avionics"
If a plan crashes on the border of Mexico and Texas where should I bury the survivors?
What are the top mounted vents on the F22 (specialist needed)?
Is it normal to land with just one body gear first?
How much is the average cost of flight school?
Recentl retired Concorde flew faster and higher than any plane. So why were the toilet windows frosted?
What types of engineers are used to design and build commercial aircraft?
What are nose concerning requirements in flight attendant medical examination?
do pilots ears hurt whilst flying or are do they just get used to a pressurised cabin?
Helicopter Pilot Question (Coast Guard / Air Force)?
proofread part two of my airfoil essay.?
Where to go for cheap plane tickets?
what would happen if i jump out of a plane with no paracute?
i wanna ask about about the minimum approach speed for Boeing 747 ?
Where can i find pictures of girls in flight suits?
Why are the (NSEW) keys highlighted on almost all the Flight Management and Guidance System ?
When a lightening bolt hits an airplane in flight, how come it doesn't destroy the plane's electronic system?
keypad on cockpit door of airplane?
How often do planes go down?
I have kidney diseases and am wondering if there is anyway to serve my country?
how much money/salary does an international pilot make per year?
EXPEDITION 4.6 2001 .why the Over Drive light its blinking off ?
What kind of airplane Russian president rides on?
Does Raytheon's Hawker Horizon replace the Hawker 1000?
What size pipe and stack do I need on my diesel?
What is "Purple Airspace" *UK*?
how fast must a plane go to take off?
Star Alliance Theme Tune/Song?
Who would win in a dogfight between an F-22 and F-35?
How safe is NWA airlines?
is jet blast as bad as they say it is?
Can someone please help me out maybe with a hint or something on this word problem??
When can I begin descent after crossing the fix in holding pattern in lieu of procedure turn?
why cant they bring back the concorde?
can you choose which airline you fly/work for?
Average miles per dollar per pound(s) of freight? - 10 Points?
How much of a hassle would it be to go from training on a 162 skycatcher to renting a 172?
What then do I see coming out of the wings of many airplanes during landing?
How do commercial jets generate electricity for the passengers?
smokers have you ever done this?
Are Airbus a300s able to perform trans-atlantic flight E.G England to west coast of America?
any policy on using crashed aviation equipment again?
since the black box of a plane is orange,why not just call it the orange box?
Aviation weather help?
DGCA Rules Section B Student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes/Helicopters/Gliders)?
Whats the best way to get Airframe & PowerPlane (plane mechanic) certified?
what is the clockwise and ant clockwise definition in moter ways in UK?
Can some one explain Angle of Attack while an aircraft is airborne?
Why do people ask how they can be come pilots SO often?
What airline is this?
Qualities of a Good Pilot?
Is 6.5hp enough to get a small one seat homemade airplane in the air?
If you get a helicopter license at 16 in Philippines can you fly in Hk?
When will the Airbus 380 come into service?
Pilots, what's your favorite part of flying?
A question for aviation experts?
what is a sonic boom?
What are the requirements for becoming a commercial airline pilot and what is the minimum age?
Am I eligible to get a Pilots license?
What is the largest plane that could land in my local runway?
What are your thoughts?
what is the scope for a helicopter pilot in the US?
why is that sound in a321 airbus?
How do planes manage to keep straight on the track during take-off and landing?
Commerical Airline Pilot?
Quiz - Name that plane.?
which is the best cpl training institute in america which gives me a pilot job in emirates airlines?
i want to be a commercial pilot using RAF route.?
Scooty is for boys or girls?
Why does the lights under a commerical plane keeps on blinking at night?
Is there a website for Rita's Taxi, for transport between Frankfurt Airport and Ramstein AFB or Kaiserslautern
i am into radio controled planes and am going to put a hamster in the cockpit. should i put a little helmet on
Do people underestimate the job flight attendant? If so how?
the importance of first airmail service in india in 500 words?
Around 1949 or 50 I saw an airshow in Ohio. It covered the whole sky with all sorts of airplanes. More info!?
How come fighter pilots sometimes die in crashes?
In flight simulator x???? (landing)?
How do I become a flight attendant?
during a commercial flight, if you touch a window at cruise altitudes, will your hand freeze?
Narsarsuaq airport in Greenland?
are Delta 6 Accelerator suits real?
Does Ups deliver liquids ?
Is it possible to judge the altitude of an aircraft from the ground, using a general rule of thumb?
Aircraft Mandatory Placards?
Well you all know I`m old school by now, so where is the old Good Year Blimp, do you ever see it fly?
difference between a gas turbine engine rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise?
,who was the first to fly, nonstop ,transcontinental in solo flight?
how much is a mini cab from heathrow to golders green?
Jeppesen airport diagram question?
What is the best place to buy cheap plane tickets for military members?
Are airplanes dangerous?
Why do so many pilots fly without a parachute?
What household fuel is used to fuel jet airplanes?
How to become an airline pilot?
what is the 3 method of Radar contact..according to FAA?
do airline pilots carry pistols?
Would it be possible to fly an instrument approach without your Artificial Horizon & Directional Gyro?
Is the job flight attendant considered a blue collar, white or no collar job?
A&P license "Permission to Test"?
Can I take my baby taylor guitar on my delta flight?
pictures of dan air aircraft?
Can canadian mechanical engineers work inUSA for lockheed or on fighter jet or space projects under TN status?
How to build flying time?
Eurofighter typhoon question?
what approach procedures does ifr traffic use at my local airport?
EAA Young Eagles Question?
help with aircraft parts?
EMS Shipping from Korean to Singapore?
I just bought a cool laser pointer from walmart, can i use it to mess with astronauts?
what do you need to apply for power pilot scholarship?
Does the flight instructor not take me seriously?
would x-plane 10 be worth buying for 40?
Fighter Plane/ aircraft expert needed!?
Spacemen , in space, what do they eat ?
how do pilots know where to land?
After you became a pilot, how long did it take you to repay all the money you owed?
How much does a flight attendant earn?
If you know a pilot or stewardess, do you consider this person a daredevil?
How many hours do you need to become a skydive pilot (diver driver)?
whats that ''FOX 2' that i hear in every flight simulator video game with military aircrafts?
What does long-haul (flight) mean?
Can a civilian get permission to land at a military airport?
I have a FAA A&P license ,how do I convert to M1/M2 ?
I heard that hot air ballooning was the most dangerous form of transport (accidents per flights)? Truth or lie?
Why is this plane so cheap?
How fast do passenger planes fly at cruising speed?
I'm going to learn piloting, what are things i can start on my own between now and Saturday (my flying lesson)
Is it important for a controller to understand of operation in all there sector ?
What is the difference between "Aviation gas" and regular gas? Is it something to do additives for altitude?
What happened in this plane accident? Too hard on the brakes? IDK?
Am I able to bring my coin collection in the plane cabin?
Do you have to join the Air Force to be an airline pilot?
use continuity equation to explain how jet engines provide forward trust for an airplane?
Boeing names their aircraft B747-400, B747-200. What does the '-200', '-400' stand for?
From where can I download cockpit videos?
i am looking for a list of people that were onboard american eagle flt. 4184 that crashed in roselawn, in.?
Oxford Aviation Academy and GCSE help!?
What are purposes of elevators in an aircraft?
How many United planes have been painted with the new livery?
Where can I purchase aircraft or any tough durable paint for my car?
What is the meaning of the word helicopter?
Does anybody know about the A380...?
What items are allowed on an airplane?
What were the names of the passengers on Pan Am 103 whose bodies were never found?
Can I refinance my 2005 dodge Durango?
can black people drive jet plaves?
what is a ConciAir system?
What's a good airline to take if traveling to Britain?
aviation in australia?
Slightly long sighted, am I still able to become a fast jet pilot?
another name for flight data recorders?
what is another name for the DUMBO airplane?
how to fly?
SR-71 the best reconnaiscence aircraft ever built?
Why do Commercial Pilots have to be so brainy to do there job when all they do is turn auto pilot on?
consider a hypothetical advanced country's economy, in which prices are fixed throughout. the economy is close?
is riding a plane at night scarier than riding one in daylight?
what happens if theirs a meteor shower while the plane is airborne, can it be seriosly damaged by them?
Why do kamikaze pilots wear helmet's?
How much energy/fuel does hot air balloon consume per mile?
I will ask until I get an accurate,satisfactory answer. How can I get Ohare air traffic on the web, precisely?
think a BBJ 737 can make it across the atlantic?
What is the song in the Southwest Airlines commercial for Atlanta?
For smokers on long flights should you have a little door to allow them to go out and smoke?
Can one of you 'Top Contributors' fill me in here?
Can jet airplanes back up on the ground?
Whats the name of the people in the airport with?????
If u get a degree b4 goin to flying school will they think ur 2 qualified and no take u?
If black boxes are made of indestructible material, why cant they build the whole plane out of the same stuff?
Anyone could help supplying A2014 aluminum scraps for casting?
Does commercial or passenger aircraft travel at their top speed?
Can anyone please tell me how many kilo luggage now allowed on Iberia flight to Africa?
What airlines allow pets in the cabin with you?
do software engineers(say from ,google,microsoft etc..) get higher pay than airline pilots?
used jets!!!!!!!!?
Good colleges for becoming a pilot?
Can you legally park a mini-helicopter in a parking space?
Rotary aviation. How difficult is it? What is the job market like?
what is the sales price per block hour of a boeing 767-200 charter?
After i go to flight school and i turn 17 so i can fly with passengers what do i got to do to go and fly with?
Can you fly commercial jets with a commercial pilots license?
Who is the founder of Marsh Aviation?
What would be the best site to get a cheap flight?
when it is ok to the pilot to land during crosswind and when it is not ok?
what is america's top airline american , united , continetal whic one is the best airline?
why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets???????????
How to become a pilot for Fed-ex with no Training?
Is 28 too old to commence a career in aviation?
Is this a good plane to buy on ebay?
What are boeing's new planes?
How long until air traffic control is mostly an automated system?
which one is best rc car or rc helicopter or rc Aeroplane?
any fighter/ex fighter pilots?
Question about Airline Transport Professionals?
ICAO’s Standard Data?
Lift to Drag ratio of airfoil NACA 4415?
Are Muslim pilots employed by airlines?
Do US Airlines hire pilots who are not US Citizens?
uk price jet fuel per litre?
Was P51 A Carrier A/C?
What is the current market price for A1 Jet fuel kerosene? What is the operating cost for a B 757-200?
The weather is known to be the aircrafts worst enemy. Are aircrafts really equiped against it?
Are there budding Pilots wanting to learn Air Navigation?
how to make air engine's?
What aircraft do virgin use on the route manchester-Orlando ?
flight delays for thomson flight number tom4214?
Who is the rightful inventor of the airplane: the Wright brothers or Alberto Santos Dumont?
How to be an air traffic controller in singapore?
what are the main differences between the Soloviev D-30F6 and the Saturn series of jet engines?
Why don't Airplanes have Parachutes?
what is the air speed record?
Regarding B&CA Purchase Planning Handbook...?
how long does it take Airforce One to travel to India?
OK as a airline pilot u see in a B727 look at all th buttons and stuff the pilot has to use well what im?
do i need passport to travel inside us??
what is shingleing on fan blades of a jet engine?
First 777-300 registration?
Support NATCA?
Where can I find information on ultralight aircraft - what is a good website to buy from?
Commercial pilot, is my degree necessary?
what does ticket flexibility mean?
What is the current "forced" retirement age for pilots?
What was the reason that the NTSB refused to publish any reports of the 4 aircraft involved in 911?
multi commercial test?
Flight Attendant institute in the U.S.A?
Why Do Our Ears Get Blockd When We Are In A Airplane?
Do airline prices go down in the middle of the night?
Do you want Jetpack or Jetboot?
i want to be a commercial pilot?
Why Cant This Be Done to save lives?
If 90% of aircraft fatalities are due to fire, why are there no smoke hoods like you can buy fron Sporty's?
Using The Lav While The Aircraft Is On The Ground?
Where can I get colour charts for commercial vehicles?
Could someone tell me which WW2 plane this is?
Are there any jobs I can get flying with a private license?
I would like to be a commercial pilot should I do dual science award or separate science award?
What airplane (private jet) should I look at to fly about 25 passengers?
How do you call when a plane is parallel to a runway before landing??
Are Airline Pilots Allowed Handguns In The Cockpits Of the Aircraft?
What's with blackboxes? If they're the only thing that survives a planecrash why not...?
can i take my pet dog on an airline to spain from manchester,if so which one?
Are there demomestic Airports in Taiwan...?
I need full information (types,figures,applications) about a giroscope or devices with a built-in giroscope?
Anyone know the best place to learn how to fly...?
What do I need to become a ground instructor? Who hires them and how do I get my certificate from the FAA?
What is the difference between Harv's Air Service and Winnipeg Aviation?
Have all pilots taken LSD at some point?
What are the vision requirments to be a pilot?
Is the Qantas Aircraft name unique or does it apply to several Aircraft?
I have a couple Helicopter questions?
I wanna get information about UAV with total weight less than 100 kg & use jet engine?!?
flight attendants??
PAST P-Factor, Accelerated Slipstream, Spiralling Slipstream, Torque???
What's the scariest part of an airplane flight and why?
Does anyone know a small airplane pilot named Andy from Novato, CA. Can't remember his last name?
Can anybody tell me if the Century Flight Academy is part of the AirFleet Training Systems in Fairfield, NJ?
Does both the Airbus a321 and the Boeing 757 have enough fuel capacity to do cross atlantic flights?
what does jack stall occur in aircrafts?
Bombardier Dash 8 Operating Costs per Flight Hour?
How much does a airplane pilot make in a year?
Is good looks is necessary to be a commercial pilot ?
How will the airlines cope in the future since obesity levels in America and around the world are increasing?
is there any flights from cairns to brisbane from around $110-115 on 16th to 20th of jan?
What can you tell about an airplane knowing its thrust-to-weight ratio?
going to a part 141 school?
Where Can i buy RC Jet planes in Los Angeles and in Cebu, Philippines?
Would it be possible to make an aircraft-ship?
9/11 was carried out 100% by the US GOVERNMENT?
when planes go onto the runway, why do they stop for a some time on the runway then go full speed and takeoff?
Why were the load factors on the 9/11 flights so low? Less than 30%?
Should I go to FIT to become an airline pilot?
What is the neatest photograph you have seen at
Where can I find photos of airplanes?
What was used before VOR ?
How does a aircraft manufacturer deliver a new aircraft to its customer?
Can I use a car GPS on a airplane?
Hang glider pilot stats?
Are F-22 Faster and stronger than F-16 Falcon?
What's the chances of getting an airline pilot scholarship with British Airways?
I would like to talk with someone from Bristol, England with an interest in aviation.?
Poll: If you could fly one Second World War plane, what would you choose?
What aeroplanes are used to haul cargo these days?
I'm so scared of flying in planes, how to get over it?
Flight Scheduler/Coordinator?
what is the computer voice in the cockpit shouting just secondes before touch-down (something like "recharge")
Can anyone shed some light on air cargo?
How do I become a cabin crew member?
where is the bast place to get cheap airline tickets online?
aviation mechanic?
How comfortable is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?
which terminal at Manchester Airport is used by Csmos Travel?
Airline pilot job questions?
What is a common type of airplane used during flying lessons?
Why are planes less fuel efficient than cars?
where do planes go when they retire?
What is this job called if i wanna Fly those Fast aimplanes [jets]?
What is the Young Eagles program, and am I too old to get into Airplanes?
Propulsion plant investigation question...?
where can i find full details for a Taylor E-2 Aircraft?
what the main purpose of the tube which has triangle at the extra 330sc's wingtip?
Scholarships for flying?
Is it legal to land a helicopter on a beach ?
How can airplane wings carry the weight?
What airline cadet programs are there?
with a short but good answer anybody know what flight attendants r trained to do on crashed on land?
people out there..please tell me what was the best airline u have taken and the best airline u have heard of.?
Can anyone tell me what is PILOT APTITUDE TEST?
about airports?
Career pilot advice needed... R there practical and affordable paths? Would it be wise with present economy?
what airline flays to vandalia il?
How come bombers don't have their bomb loads pointed downwards?
for the frank finn students .....:a question of aviation for edexel batch plz help me?
How many hours do you need to move on through a Saab 340?
Is there such a thing as too many hours? How often, in flight, do the wings of a Cessna 150 snap off?
what is the reason airplanes can only reach a certain altitude?
Why does Qatar Airways own C-17 aircraft?
What size and brand of aerotire do you recommend on a C-150 for the dirt at Vermilion Cliffs & Duck Creek?
Is It ILLegal to Listen In To Aircraft Radio / And Air Traffic Control Radio With A Airband Radio?
Why must all electronics be shut off when taking off or landing a plane?
What causes this to happen?
where do people park blimps?
Military Flying???
if there is a job openings in Cebu Pacific what are these job oppurtunities that i could apply in?
Are you scared of flying?
Can cigarettes be brought on planes?
How does a GPS receiver identify a satellite?
what is PPL?
Where can I get a cheap working coat?
What planes have you flown in? What plane do you think is the overall best?
Ohio University(OU) Aviation Program?
What is the difference between a flight training device (FTD) and a full flight simulator (FFS)?
If i were to jump on a plane would I go flying out the back?
where can i find ICAO annex 2 online?
why do pilots say roger?
What impacts an aircraft's ability to produce lift?
Can pilots see the runway better at night?
it's about basic 'T' imstrument pannel in the cockpit.?
You see cheap flights advertised " fly for £2.50 etc"?
3 hour flight questions (what to wear.................)?
How do planes land so accurately?
If i earn my private pilots license about how much would it be to rent a cessna 172 for 5 days?
Why are Chinese passagers so confused.?
which of those aircraft is the best combat plane? The F-18, the F-15, the F-16, MiG-29, Su-27, Su-37, Su-47?
Am i able to start school for a pilot licence im 15 but if i do this will i have to wait till im 16 to getthem
What are the websites for the top ten pilots training schools in Malaysia?
Was the Concorde descended from the A57?
How would a pilot prevent a turning stall?
i can't find the commerical?
Will starting flight school raise my insurance?
What is this plane called?
what's the reason : A fly to Frankfort from Tehran is about 4hour but inverse is about 5hour?
What is the best way to find a career in aviation?
What's the difference bewteen a Learjet and a Gulfstream?
What is the biggest commerical aircraft?
Why do airlines dim the lights when the plane is landing during the night?
What is the base price of a new MD Explorer helicopter?
hello i was wanting to construct an ultralight silplane but i lack the knowledge of how to do it?
What time of airplane would i be flying in?
Does anyone know the China Air Cargo sched. for BNA on Dec 30th??
do you need to know how to alley dock and air brake for a class D road test?
why airplanes are designed to have pointed front area?
how does an aeroplane lift off the ground? what does a pilot do to do so?
Which is simply the best fighter jet in the world today ?
What are good jobs to get in toronto with a commercial flying license?
What is the PLANK formula for determining horsepower?
Any one flew Delta flight 84 to cairo can give a feedback?
airtours fly drive usa?
Why do aeroplanes only leave a short trail in the sky and only some times?
If I were to build a full scale model WW I biplane in my garage where can I legally fly it ?
How big are airbus jets?
What happened to the gyrocopter?
the name of the wright brothers plane that they first flew?
How far is it to Reno Air Race field from the Reno Airport? Do they offer a shuttle? Place to tent camp?
Best way to study Aviation?
In aviation : What does the word ' ICAO ' Mean ?
How does an aeroplane change direcetion?
Question about exporting an aircraft to canada?
When was the Hindenburg Zeppelin built?
Can any pilot join any airline?
what to take in high school to be a pilot?
What are the websites for the top ten pilots training schools in Malaysia?
What is a good add-on for FS 2004 that has passenger views and wing views?
How do twin rotor helicopters, like those of the Chinook at Dartmouth, avoid their blades clashing each other?
what is your idea a bout mahan air?
how many airplanes that crashed in 2001?
If you could rent a plane to write something in the sky, what would you let it write?
I just wanna,if i change the time of my flight do i need to pay charge or flight is night want morning?
can u recommend................?
What is the dessert called in America where aircrafts not in use are stored?
I'm a girl wanting to be a pilot is it a reasonable career for me?
What is the critical mach number of NACA 64(2)-415 airfoil?
What site can I go to discuss rivet defects?
What is the equipment of a fighter aircraft?Do they all have missiles?
this is my dream?
How long can a Learjet 24 fly with full fuel (in hours)?
Which is easier to fly? Helicopter or small jet?
In Airports, why do they have you enter on the right side of the plane?
How much would regional pilots get paid? ?
How far from the Airport must an Airliner(707,747,1011)begin its descent to land?
What's a good "beginner" hang glider?
How do you iron an RAF flying suit?
Why was Gustaf Whitehead not credited with the first powered flight some months before the Wright brothers?
Is flying in a helicopter scarier than flying on an airplane?
Welding or Aircraft mechanic?
Do pilots pay to go on expensive simulators?
Why do planes smell like ham sandwiches?
Why do ground staff never let you go under the plane wings when boarding?
How to become a Air Trffic Controller in United Kingdom ?
What is the fastest form of human transport/travel from one continent to another?
Do you think TU-244 can be a Passenger Airliner before 2015?
How dose it creat lift upside down?
How to change travelousity flight ?
Why do planes fly in curves when they could just fly straight to the destination?
What airline has the most plane crashes?
Why is the B-22 Bomber undetectable to radar?
what can you do on a long flight to stop getting insanely bored?
How do I get money fast?
What happened on flight 007 and flight 665?
Could I get permission to touch-and-go on an Aircraft Carrier in my C150?
How much sense does this make?
If The Concorde Was Still In Service Would You Want To Fly On It?
What is the trolley schedule for City place in west palm beach floridq?
Whch are the Aviation Turbine Fuel dispensing companies in the world?
How do I prevent stalling when piloting an airplane?
Does Delta Airlines allow you to bring mcdonald's?
is it safe to put hairspray/hair gel/ moose in my luggage (not carry on) on an airplane?
Will I be considered an applicant for Flight Attendant to a US airline when I have never been there?
Could an airplane (a Boeing for example), fly on another planet?
How will flying be tommorow for Springfield MO?
I like to know parts of an airplane using aluminum alloy. Preferrably a plane diagram showing the parts.?
What is meant by continuous ignition and when is it generally used?
Information about Standby flights?
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What happens when a lightning thunder strikes the flying aircraft?
i want to know where i can find class for makeing of remote contorl air plane in india?
Is competition fair in commercial aircraft?
Error booking ticket with United Airlines?
What do commercial pilots do most of the time?
where is the Dubnadooma?
Why would a plane crash and would it split in mid air?
What time should I get to the airport for an international flight?
What the largest plane used in domestic flight in the U.S?
I would like to know whether the AME license issued by India DGCA is ICAO TYPE I or TYPE II ?
How much does a plane, or jet go for?
photos of concorde taking off from cardiff airport CWL?
could someone recommend "California Flight Academy" ?
Does an aeroplane have a battery and can it go flat?
If someone was interested in becoming a pilot, what type of background should that person have?
Why doesn't Finnair use Boeing aircraft but MD-11,Embraer and Airbus only?
do pilots take the autopilot off when they see the runway or when there about to land?
Can i have a link to practice english for the ICAO exam , to obtain at least level 4?
recent events for airlines?
for pilots, do you prefer steam powered gauges or glass display?
Why are there 2 captains flying sometimes?
Is it a good idea to learn how to fly an airplane?
In your opinion is the job flight attendant a good job??
how to change pilot regenerator?
In 9/11 flight #11 hit what tower at what time?
What is the cost of flying training in India? which School?
Cargo Hours?
where is la isabela airport in santo domingo?
The GPS on my phone constantly says im at a Glider air field when im actually a mile away at home?
Flight Sim effects?
john wishes to buy a raffle ticket out of book of 100 tickets. 7 is his lucky number , but hr does not like do?
Can i become a wing walker?
why did kamakazi pilots wear helmets?
Any old crewmen remember manning the fire bottle on start-up?
Has anyone tried to use their cell phone while flying at cruising altitude (+20K ft) in a plane?
any advice?
What kills people in air crashes?
Class 1 Medical Requirements?
have the delta 767-400 trasatlantic airplane personal tv?
what is latest aircraft at present?
How much are 50" helicopter rotor blades?
What metals are military aircraft made of?
Where did "109" come from?
what do you call the flag used on airports, to determine wind blowing direction?
How to become a pilot in Queensland, Australia?
where does the airbus fly ?
Who invented the jet engine in 1930?
DGCA Rules Section B Student Pilot’s Licence (Aeroplanes/Helicopters/Gliders)?
How do you erase a route after the flight in the FMC of a B744?
Pilot Training FAA standard?
plane crashes and the pilot is dead and im the only survivure whats the first thing i should do?
Boeing 737NG CBT?
What are some things that will make me fail the First class FAA Medical?
i'm looking for the all Passenger annoucement to inform and advies passenger?
In about ten years do you think they will replace airline pilots with computers?
if a plane crashed in water would i be safer than if the plane crashed on land?
What are the people who hand out the food on the airplane called?
PVG, SHA and PEK Airline Market Share?
No Boeing 747s!?
President Kennedy flew in a Modified 707,?
Why do some airlines dim the cabin lights for take off and landing, while others, like Ryanair, don't?
What were the names of the passengers on Pan Am 103 whose bodies were never found?
Why do I have tickets?
I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and a control yoke. Is there any way I can simulate skids and slips?
where must a jet be going it if just took off and broke sound barrier?
Explain why aluminum planes do not decompose during a rainstorm.?
wht have u heard about flybe?
I would love to meet Patty Wagstaff. Is there any way possible for me to do that?
How many air base are present in the country? it's possible to visit?
I Want to be a pilot?
What is the altitude record for fixed wing flight?
cheapest flights from ParisCDG to Durham Teesside return?
How much cost a flight?
do usaf boom operators get to ride inthe cock pit while not refueling other planes?
name the different types of aeroplanes?
Is B737-700 a common plane used for Delta Airlines?
How to build ultralight aircraft?
how does a jet moter work?
why cell phones are swithed off while landing and take off an aircraft.?
What training do TSA agents have besides groping peoples private parts?
After flight 587 crash, the problem could still occur?
do usaf boom operators get to ride inthe cock pit while not refueling other planes?
Why do pilots earn so much money?
Want to become an airline pilot! Need coaching...?
Can anyone distinguish the difference between burning and exploding?
tom tom sat nav? on helicopters?
What is that t.v. commercial?
what is a compass disk suspended in?
If your plane crashed with passenger and were all stranded on a deserted island, how do you think your rol?
What are the different forms of secondary flight controls used on today's aircraft?
do commercial pilots do this...?
How can I get the cheapest flight?
Can I be an active officer if I go through the ROTC?
What is zulu time? Please Help me understand zulu time.?
Turboprop aircraft, position of fuel tank?
i am intrested in becoming a pilot . please tell me th entire procedure to become a commercial pilot in india.
who is responsible for deicing Airforce One? i s that the regular airport deicers or who?
Where can I find a list of FAA and JAA approved flight schools in the United States?
How Airlines calculate fuel they will burn for each type of aircraft per passenger / hour of flying at 35000ft
What do they call the airport security administration in Israel?
What is the speed of the boein 380?
United MileagePlus Explorer Card question...?
Help me plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
Why are planes so freakin weak?
How do you use flight following, FSS, and Flight Watch?
Who designed the stealth bomber ?
a Boeing 727-200 has a Maximum take off weight of?
im 13 and i want to be a pilot what 2 do?
Gulfstream IV... good or bad deal?
Porter's Five force analysis on United Airlines?
When you are on a airplane why must you turn off your cell phone?
What are the chances of this happening...?
Does anybody know any cheap tickets to sweden?
what would happen if you threw a rock into a jet engine?
Can anyone direct me to the Boeing 777 freighter interior schematic?
whats airline is cheaper then american online?
How do you understand a heading on an airplane?
Why Can't I Use My iPod When A Plane Is Taking-Off?
What are the advantages of flying at high altitude above 10000 meters?
what is the magnetic stripe on the back of the FAA pilot certificate for?
Can the wings of any plane be folded?
What's a First Officer's day like?? What do they normally do??
Do you think flying cars are already invented but hiden by the government?
part 91 for cabin crew (flight attendant)?
Where can I get??
Michigan ARMY National Guard? Top Notch Aviation Unit.?
What makes a plane be able to fly or oppose gravity?
plane pictures?
meaning of vitol in aviation?
cabin doors "armed"?
how much do pilots in the united states make per year?
where can i buy a real heli wing\rotor thing?
When I load an aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the aircraft appears darker, as if in shadow mode?
russan mig info please sumerise?
Why is it called the 'mile-high' club, when I guess most of the action takes place at cruising altitude?
can a commercial airliner fly upside down for any period of time?
Turboprop versus jet airplane?
how much would it be to rent a helicopter for one day? I want one for my prom niqht.?
Jeppesen airport diagram question?
does the flattest glide give the longest time in the air?and if not,why not?
How fast does an airplane go in the sky?
mile high club...?
Do people buy or lease private jets?
How good is the ATP flight school?
what should i have to do before going for stewardess interview.?
In a Jet Engine what are those rings that appear in the flame coming out the back.?
Want to be Commercial Pilot? How?
Would the plane still fly after 100 years?
How long does it take to get from Soudi Arabia to Syrai by plane?
How does a military aircraft (such as KC-135) Identify itself to ATC at a mixed civilian and military airport?
How does a U.S. pilot go about moving to Sweden, and getting a pilot position there?
Thomsonfly 757 aircraft refurbishment video?
How much will all this Flight Training Cost?
what do you think about the Aircraft Mechanics course..?
What kinds of research would it take to make more kinds of airplanes unmanned?
I want to become a pilot....?
Do you think planes will travel faster in the future?
how many hours does it take to fly from Russia to Canada?
Why can't pilots fly above or around bad storms like what caused the crash of a plane in Pakistan today?
is this possible?
What is the differences between cabin crew and deck crew of a plane and what r the responsibility of them?
What is in the "trail" that air crafts leave behind them while flying over our heads?
where i supposed to pass in going to terminal 2 cathay pacific airlines im from cavite?
What is the system called for airplanes that redirect air?
Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
Night Vapor RC plane at Brookstone?
what is the room in the B777 near the lavotories for??
How to connect flight simulator x to the internet?
why do CAT2 charts have a DA/DH with a RA, but CAT1 approaches just have a DA/DH without RA?
Is it weird that ilI'm getting my pilots license instead of my drivers?
are pilots allowed to eat chicken?
what is PPL?
Cruise ship from USA to Scotland?
What is your favorite jet aircraft?
Flying Drugs???????????
Can I still become a commercial pilot, given a forseen shortage, with a misdemeanor?
why is wing walking over?
How can I make a good delta kite?
Southwest Airlines Job Question?
why do you have to open the window shutters on an aeroplane when it is landing?
Can I use a portable DVD player on an airplane?
why do they forbid use of cellphone in airplanes ?
what will be the minimum wage of a fresh AnP mechanic in Canada?
I'm afraid to..?
What do c-130s usually do?
Tell me something about aviation industrty?
Cheap flights to LHR to EWR?
Would like some opinion please on the merits/differences between SBS and Air Nav?
What is the delta airline email?
Where could i buy a real flyable airforce jet but for person use like a personal plane?
after a certain while when and aircraft takes off it sounds like the engines start to slow come?
Are MP3 players allowed on airplanes?
When was the fist ski jump type bow used o aircraft carriers?
need to know where i can submit my application form, resume..?
737-201 detailed specs?
Can i use a weel old expired license as my picture id at an airport? ?
An airline passenger has been arrested for refusing to shut down his lap top on landing?
How much does a new Cessna Skyhawk 172 go for?
How do they drive aircraft on a taxiway on the yellow lines? I mean how can the pilots see the yellow lines?
is it true that you have to become an air traffic controller before the age of 27?
How do I get rid of my fear of flying in an airplane?
Is United Airlines a good airline?
Why do people look up to the sky when they hear a plane or helicopter?
I'm so scared about going on a plane...?
what avionics package does a learjet 45 have?
For all of you pilots, pilots-in-training(PIT's as I like to call them) is it bad to solo after x months?
Any Airline Pilots that know Liverpool airport approach procedures for Runway 27?
Could someone explain construction and working of helicopter blades.?
How many stall warners do boeings 737, 747, 767 and a 777's each have?
why don't helicopters have ejector seats?
What is a B1 or B2 license?
Why do you have to turn off all electronics on plane?
how long does it take boeing to build a commercial airplane like the 787 ?
How did the machine gun on a biplane fire through the propeller arc?
What was your first flying lesson like?
Does commercial aircrafts like Boeing and Airbus model's inside cabin get their heat from the engines?
what is happening in the aircraft when the GenCon (=generator control?) is pushed?
How much money does flight engineer earn?
If my flight is at 4:30 what time should i leave with all this terrorism happening?
Is It Possible To Get A Trip In A Fighter Jet?
How much is a mach??
can a Boeing 777 pull itself out of the gate without using a pusher tractor?
what is nuclear sources waste?
Where can I find a used FedEx Plane?
What colour is the black box on an aeroplane ?
Can anyone guide me wich one is an aeronautical engineer private or oin airforce?
Can certain temperatures affect the ability for an aircraft to land on a runway?
airports with bridges?
Does anyone know if you can take hand lugguage on the plane?
how hard is it to get hired as a flight attendant?
Weird plane contrail, circling in sky?
What can 6000 sky miles buy?Delta airlines?
anyone ever have a drop in prop RPM on a PT6 but no increase in torque or decrease in fuel flow?
pressure required to escape the atmospher of earth?
Does anyone have information on what additional training is required for a person to be a STUNT pilot ?
What is the best Aircraft Trader Website in the States?
Can you fly cross country in a light plane or helicopter?
I need alot of information on Amelia Earhart.?
on an aircraft aerofoil does the low pressure suck the wing up or does the high pressure push the wing up?
What does Delta Airlines test for in their drug test?
Weight and Size of the XX495 Prop?
extinguisher, fire, aircraft, type a-20 ..... more info about this please!!!?
Differences of Diploma in Aircraft Engineering...?
Is it true that there was a plane crash in the mountains and the passengers ate each other?
How to become commercial airline pilot For Air canada ?
Missing connecting flight wid 6 days transit?
if an airplane's speed is 550 mi/h, what is its speed in m/s?
If theblack box flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash why isnt the whole plane made out of it?
how long does it take to fly from illinois to tennessee?
can anybody name few avionics shops or companies in the U.S who r ready to train fresh intrnational graduates?
Have you ever seen the goodyear blimp?
Help! Im so bad with remembering streets and directions?
Rotax Engine Probes/Sensors wires and connectors?
How can I find out about Winter Airframe Maintenance Programmes in the USA?
Is it hard on airlines pilots not being home with their families on the Holidays?
How many years of uni do you have to do to become a piolet of a Boeing 747?
is the typhoon better all round than the french raffle?
can i fly a real airplane if i can fly in microsoft flight simulator?
Where is the best place to take pilot lessons in Orlando?
Safest and cheapest form of transport.?
how can i pilot a multi engines aircraft in imc condition ?
how much is a vintage ww2 plane will cost?
Would the so-called "Bomb" on the Delta flight yesterday have done ANYTHING? My understanding is it was just..?
uk price jet fuel per litre?
are double edge razor blades allowed on planes?
What are the reasons to not be scared of a plane crash?
Funny reasons to date a pilot!?
few questions about airbus?
ZENAIR CH701 look-a-like / clone?
Can i use a bank of america debit card to buy plane tickets online im only 17yrs. old?
If you have to drive on a long trip wearing your seatbelt prevents your what? ?
where can i get free home built helicopter construction plans?
Steps to becoming a flight instructor?
what is aircraft operator?
is the sound of the sonic boom heard iside the airplane?
For a moving object at speeds higher than a threshold speed, a dimpled surface causes less wind drag than a?
How much has anyone saved using Pricelines name your own price?
What does the landing gear box of an aircraft look like?
what papers do you need to fly a plane?
Where can i get really cheap flight tickets?
Would Bernoulli's principle apply to the Osprey?
how do i get over my fear of flying.....?
if a plane crashes right on the french/german border, where are they required to bury the survivors???
Using Virtual Reality instead of going Abroad "Read Desc'" ?