What kind of U.S pilots fly jets on and off carriers at sea?
Helicoptor Rotors and Lift Question?
What do pilots do about jet lag?
How old do you have to be to get your Private Pilots licence in Australia?
Department of Transport info needed (England).?
Can the big aeroplanes glide in case all its turbine engines failed?
Can I shoot simulated approaches by myself (with no hood) when Im not quite IFR rated?
Best small jet for private usage?
What do you think of the Airbus A380?.?
Any good places to learn how to fly a plane in Southern California? Prices? Links?
Where can I get thick foam/rubber sheet to organise my tool box drawers?
i need some information about pilot training?
cancelling a easy jet flight how easy it to get any cash back?
i wanna buy a small reciprocating or rotary air compressor.which one will be cheap & wht's the cost?
Are aeroplanes doomed to extinction?
Buying a helicopter?
Why is flying the least environmentally friendly form of travel?
how much does jet fuel weight, i was told if you are a real pilot then you will know is that true??
Help with FSX?
Is it very uncomfortable for overweight people to fly coach? Is it true you have to buy 2 seats if yur 2 big?
can immigrants be an air traffic controller?
how much money will i spend on my helicopter cfi license?
What will be AERODYNAMIC and INERTIAL forces acting on an aircraft with clockwise rotating propeller?
If 9-11 Twin towers were hit by 2 planes, which plane hit the 3rd tower?
What is crrently the longest commercial airline flight?
Why are people so scared of airplanes?
Will planes be replaced by anything in the future?
How many WW2 Spitfires are still flying today?
will ill be able to make it if my flight arrives @ naia terminal 1 @1:05 far is naia terminal 3?
Other than maths and physics what a levels are good for pilots?
Why did flight prices go up £200 overnight?
Turboprop start cycles when on floats?
Tons of very low planes leaving huge chemtrails?
How technology help you in your living?
where can I find out where the limitations of lower/upper airspace of various countries are?
Can someone explain what the differences between the fuel military jets use and ordinary jets are?
what is the plane route to Chad, Africa?
Is there a problem with taking condoms when you travel by air?
what are the some best universities or collages in Canada in order to obtain commercial pilot license?
Does Lufthansa send warning e-mails?
How long does it take to get a pilot's license?
how to convert FAA A&P to DGCA AME?
can airplanes pilots see when flying?
what type of gas is used in aircraft fuel?
United Airlines: "Schedule Change Due to Customer Service"?
What sign should be placed at the beginning of short runways warning jet pilots they are on the wrong runway?
Do pilots get drug tested? (10 points!)?
Does California charge Luxury Tax on personal aircraft and boats ?
What should I do to become an airline pilot? go to airforce?
How Are Commercial Aicraft Secured?
Who makes cheap yet quality airplanes?
Can Schizo Affective disorder keep me from getting a personal pilots license?
Is the P-51 the sexiest piston aircraft ever...check the P-51 the sexiest aircraft ever built?
Is there wifi on JetBlue planes?
best places to take FLYING LESSONS in UK?
If I could give you ANY aircraft you wanted, what would you have and why?
why is it that certain pilots can make $8,000 a year and others are making $300,000+?
how far is the Copenhagen Airport from the Tivoli in Copenhagen?
what is the seaplane used in the wes craven movie, "the breed"?
How could one build the most fuel efficient passenger ariplane possible?
Trying to find info on Russian troop transport referred to as "Black Sea Dragon".Novel operating system
Has anyone suffered cronic illness after flying from New York to Sao Paulo or back on Delta Airlines?
Baldwin Aviation - California?
I want to know the most recent statistics on injuries from hot air ballooning?
Hey...i need help...Plz tell me where i can find diagrams of Aircrafts?
Anyone have their aircraft cleaned by Immaculate Flight. What did you think?
Did you ever just jump around the house?
Are Airline Pilots Allowed Handguns In The Cockpits Of the Aircraft?
Do you have flight fear?
What is the maximum number of guests that I can book at a time?
Commercial pilot course?
Why don't airlines use n numbers as callsigns?
I want to became flight or weapon designer ?
What do you call a rookie airline pilot?
What is the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hempishere since 1997?
what subjects do i need to take in high school and college to get in to cathay pacific cadet pilot programme?
hi, we have an early flight out from kalibo airport, does anyone know what time is the earliest trip for vans?
what is the embarkation procedure for VVIP/VIP?
Helicopter Add On For Canada Job?
Why did my air conditioner dont work?
What is the outer part of a turbine engine made of?
The pathway to becoming an airline pilot?
Where Can you get a private pilots liscence in Clevland Ohio area?
Would I still be able to become a Commercial airline pilot, even though I have a lazy eye?
what should I expect to do well in during Air Force ROTC training to become a fighter pilot?
What is the actual airline handling charge for air shipemnt export from UK?
How is the air cadets?
Largest jet that can SAFELY do a barrel roll.?
Fitter job in general aviation in uk.?
first time flying what to expect?
ghana air force?
what side of the cockpit in aircraft does the captain sit?
how do you get access into the cockpit?do you ask the front desk?or do you ask the pilots?
What is the operating cost of an Embraer 190? (per mile or hour) Also, What is the max. fuel capacity of it?
Plugged Ears From AirTravel?
Should this affect my flight?
why are airplanes always painted white?
How many miles is Bermuda from the U.S. East Coast?
What does PPL, CPL and IFR stand for?
Is the A380 going to a success? it possible to "crash land" a plane and SURVIVE?
scope of mba in aviation management?
How fast does a normal passenger plane such as a boeing 737 go at takeoff and landing?
I ampost graduated and looking for a job can anybody help me in finding a job?
Can I, as a United States ctizen, ride on Air Force One??
Flight Simulator says a plane gets lift due to the shape of the wing. How is flying upside down possible?
How to deal with my fear of my flight crashing? Odds of airplane crashing?
about pilot duties... hours of flight...?
what are some ways i can get more range from a frs/gmrs radio?
The first Jump Jet was made in Britain?
Which Aircraft should I purchase and what will the costs be of this?
Im just asking what kind of suface to air missiles are those in District 9?
Can someone pls tell me what is the largest registered number of luggage ever loaded on a pax flight?
Other than rescue and military, what are the other uses for helicopters?
Is it possible to sneak weed through airport security?
new travels sit open?
What does Jet Blue owe me?
Why do film makers not take advices from real pilots?
When will all of United's planes be painted in the new livery?
How can pilots see where they're going in heavy clouds?
What are some good aircraft related youtube videos?
Is there a website where I can find all the airlines that fly out of a certain airport?
How many landings generally a plane tyre lasts?
Why do some biz jets have more windows on one side (usually the right side) compared with the....?
SR-71 the best reconnaiscence aircraft ever built?
How do i get a home page in spanish language?
what is the limit of airplanes with the wind?
If you had a magic carpet would you sell the design so others could benfit or keep it too your self ?
Do cell phones work in a plane?
How hard is it to transfer as an Air Traffic Controller after being certified at your first tower?
what is the take off speed of a sall aircraft in relation to its speed?
Are ipads and mobile phones allowed in the cabin of aircrafts?
how do i estimate SFC for different mach speeds for jet engines?
what is a compass disk suspended in?
does anyone know why the US uses "N" as the registration letter for Civil Aircraft?
can i bring this on an airplane???
can a plane actually stall at mach 1?
how can i find if my wife has boarded the lufthansa flight from frankfurt to atlanta today,17th sept?
Questions about the FAA Dispatch License...?
When renting , what does wet and dry mean?
anyone know good airline websites with low fares?
Boeing 747 Captain Career?
why do the window blinds on planes have to be up when landing or take off?
very fast silent jets?
MSG-2 And MSG-3 Defference?
What is the system called for airplanes that redirect air?
is it legal to fly with a on you if you have a medicinal a card if your going out of state?
Where can I buy a pressurized suit with an air supply?
Alright guys, what would you do.....?
Is it more dangerous to be flying in a jumbo jet, or is it just the same?
are you afraid to fly since 911?? or over the ocean in general??
scanner frequency for lifenet air medical services of london ky?
where can i find a site that lets you create robots?
Why are you never allowed to use flaps in any kind of slip?
why do airline pilots think they are better than every body else ?
on international flights what's the allowed weight limit you're entitled to? and how many suitcases can u take
What type of main rotor configuration does the mosquito ultralight helicopter have?
I have an aircraft radio and I don't know if it works. Is there any place I can take it to have it checked?
what is the embarkation procedure for VVIP/VIP?
Why are helicopters called "choppers"?
when Booking with allegiant can i change the time?
Can aeroplanes fly clockwise and anti-clockwise around the earth?
What are the chances a boeing 757's engine will fall off during bumpy flight?
Is it true Ryanair deliberately use the seatbelt sign so it's easier for them to sell you stuff?
Race between F-16 and F1 Mclaren?
What's with Germany and their airshows? Did you see the video today? Did the plane take a bad hop or what?
What is the maintenance schedule for the Citation X?
Philippine Aviation Schools?
Jet Blue college crew apply?
Do you know of any airline in which female flight attendants wear pantsuits?
what is the coolest looking aircraft in existence?
Why does the DC-10 have an engine in its tail?
What about a 0 gravity aircraft cockpit?
Why do they build all around airports,then complain about noise & safety ?
a Boeing 727-200 has a Maximum take off weight of?
Can I do the 250 nm x-c in a multi engine acft and take the IFR checkride in a single engine?
Military pilots and commercial pilots ejecting?
Large aircraft, with two figter jets beside it, and another large four engined aircraft behind.?
Why has U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) become synonymous with "Alien Spacecraft"?
Help with this aircraft pneumatics question??? how to make aircraft pneumatics throughout flight??? Thanks?
What in the world is an FOD?
I have my interview for an air traffic controller
Can i become a pilot but also wear a religious head scarf?
I need directions from city of Fairfield to get to San Fransico Airport?
A Vulcan is coming to the Channel Islands?
What makes Plane ticket prices go up?
The first Jump Jet was made in Britain?
Are passangers aloud to use a GPS on a commercial airplane?
How fast ICBM missles go?
What license do you need to fly a STOL CH 801?
How much is a dassault falcon 7x new?
Can someone give me a website that shows flights from Accra Ghana to columbus ohio usa 1-way?
What's a cheap website to get airplane tickets?
hello i m a foreign pilot intending to work in italy where can i get a flying licence plz?thanks?
kamakazie pilots !!!?
Amphibious float question (yeah; 20 characters) ?
private pilots licence?
Cost of private pilots license???
The place where pilot sit and drive the plane is called cockpit. Why is it called cockpit?
Can I wear contacts in a quick flight?
Which aircraft in of all our world would you fly right now if possible?
When will we see?
What would YOU have done if you'd been on that JetBlue plane for 10 hours? I'd have called cops.....?
Does jet fighter pay good?
What happens when you say “hi” to your friend on an airplane who's name is Jack?
how many engines does a 777 need to fly?
Airline pilot career?
I just bought the buns of steel video. Will I have trouble passing the metal detector at airports?
what is the use of air conditioning in aircraft?
Am catching a flight soon and need some advice?
What is a solid, long-lasting aircraft that I can get as a low-price entry hobby craft?
How hard will it be to get a pilot's license?
Could a plane land inside a sports stadium?
Do canadian aerospace engineers work in building shuttles and rockets for NASA or ESA or CSA?
How can i become a pilot?
Flying a helicopter. ?
jumbo jet airliner 747. is this the worlds largest passenger jet?
medical test...pilot?
Does Continental airlines and Continental engines have a common history or association?
i just wished to know more about aircraft maintenance engineering in malaysia and its salary ?
Is there wifi on planes?
Would they make an A380 the new Air Force One?
after reading "The in-flight diversion handbook" at, are GPS' really necessary for flying.
I would like to purchase a new Boeing 747-400. How much will this cost?
what is an aleron?
What is the most interesting or unique question you have personally answered at Aircraft ! Answers?
guide me about be airline pilot?
What is the takeoff speed of a Cessna skyhawk?
I'm interested in becoming a pilot..cost of flying lessons? & commercial pilots..?
How much do major commercial airline pilots make annually?
what are the composites used in stealth aircrafts?
Does anyone know anyway to download FREE planes for flight simulator X ?
Can aeroplanes fly clockwise and anti-clockwise around the earth?
$99 sale. flying to Seattle?
privet airlines in u:a:e?
how many pilots on average get accepted for the raf each year?
How do pilots know how much flaps to use during take off?
If I complete ground school will my FAA tests ever expire?
Can you get a ride in a jet fighter in the UK?
what are better for long flights b737 or a310?
why do people prefer boeing instead of airbus?
What are those blocks in aircraft control towers?
I want to learn flying in India. How can i start with ?
Is while doing aeronautical engg can we take ame license?
How much cost the dry lease of DC-9-15 plus engine reserves monthly. Tank's?
stomach dropping feeling on airplanes?
why doesnt a plane just fall out of the sky cause of its weight?
Is it difficult to get a pilot job?
What were the most famous Fighter planes/ bombers used in World War II?
What is the best fighter aircraft?
What does determines the weight that can be lifted by a helicopter?
Why can't airplanes land in fog?
How do helicopters make sure not to crash into each other?
How do pilots land exactly on runway?
Im getting on my flight soon but im afraid it will crash?
How safe is flying??? For realz only serious answers please!!!!!!?
What percent of the seats available on the aircraft do airlines attempt to sell?
does anyone here who knows how to fly a plane?
what are chem trails who is making them and how can it be stopped?
Hot air balloon flight????
is the space shuttle considered an aircraft?
Isn''t the Airbus A380 a giant accident waiting to happen???
proto of Japanese EC155 helicopter?
why aeroplanes has wings and how they fly?
what is "FOD" run in the aircraft maintenance perspective?
I love the 700 series airplanes like the 727...777 which one do you like and think is the best?
How much is an Aircraft Engineer paid?
why was concorde stopped from service?
Are you safer in a new Airbus 320 or in an older Boeing 757?
Right, need serious quick help please.?
Why do airplanes use the term "knots" instead of "MPH"?
How can I find records in regard to a policeman who left the force in 1998?
What is the difference between “bio-behavioral” and “human factors”?
who all airliners bought airbus 380?
How fast is the plane going in still air?
Flying from Heathrow to Los Angeles what plane will i be on ?
Any one seen that phone commercial...
How many autopilots need an passenger aircraft to fly under RVSM rules?
Where can I find aviation posters of helicopters?
Flight Simulator X - Error Problem?
can a student pilot ride with another student pilot?
how to become a piolet?
A few years back someone planned to give blimp sightseeing tours over Las Vegas. Did that ever take off?
What is the best type of plane ever in boeing?Why?
what is an aircrafts inertial separator?
Who do you think invented and flew the first air plane ,santos dumont or the wright brothers?
anyone know good airline websites with low fares?
what types of things should i bring for my comfort on a long 13 hour plane ride?
Are helicopters colder?
Can pressurised air-craft cabins cause breast implants to enlargen or explode?
Who doesnt run a credit score to rent a car?
Determine the ground and air tests required to prove a piston engine installation?
How does wind help planes to fly?
What are some questions to ask my local aero club?
c-47 skytrain?
I leave on a plane to Colorado tommarrow and I have a little anxity of Flying what will help me relax?
What are the people called that wave the orange sticks at the airplanes on airport runways?
How long will it take me to get current with my Private Pilot's certificate?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a commercial pilot in the UK?
How many days do pilots get off work?
Does Malaysian Airlines have a menu for economy class?
how much is a salary of a helicopter pilot?
Let's talk about air track!?
Fear of Airplanes anyone?????
WHY THE "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash?
skyteam, staralliance, oneworld. what airline in each alliances do you think is the worst?
other than the wright brothers plane, did the Philadelphia Franklin Institute have another airplane?
What is this plane called?
Is the Marlin paper airplane modeled after a real airplane?
aviation comapany in india?
how does the front fan on a jet engine keep turning?
Hey, can anyone help me with this circuit picture, how does this electric circuit relate to the aircraft pic?
Low-Cost airlines Ground Handling specialities?
I want to fly a fighter jet?
What is meant by elevator control (aircraft) is it control column or electric trim control ?
What is the problem with A380??weight??aero dynamic??
EU airlines buy form Boeing and Airbus, do americans buy from airbus?
What kind of plane is this? (description, no picture)?
a question for pilots or airplane mechanics.....?
How old do u have to be to fly a plan?
What's better, the F-22 Raptor or the Eurofighter Typhoon?
Question about spins?
Does the military pay for my flight or do I?...?
How an air craft works? What Types of Turbine used?
Can a diabetic with Hyper tension fly in a MIG-29 and still enjoy the ride?
Advice on becoming a Flight Attendant...getting started?
How many days can an Airbus A380 be built?
Whats the chance of a cessna 172's engine failing throughout the whole life of a private pilot?
Where can i find information on british airways organisation structure?
Charts for Bassel Al Assad Intl, Syria?
Why are plane tickets to Alabama so expensive?
why jets create a jet stream?
Is it possible to learn to fly something as a teenager?
Hey where can I get and RC helicopter with a camera with live feedback?
If a plane burst into flames what does that mean?
What was your first experience flying an airplane?
why do airplanes need headlights????
Does anyone have the up 2 date radio frequencies for belfast international airport?
Ideas on inspirational name for socata tbm plane?
is english very important of being an airline pilot?
who invented the bushby mustang 2(it's an airplane)?
What does KKCI mean in the header of the Area Forecast?
AVIATION/PILOT Summer Camp for 13+ Kids!?
If black boxes on aeroplanes are indestructible?
What is the fastest bomber in the world and what country built it?
What course do I have to take?
Anyone their give ur Views on the South Korean Plane attack?
What is the the difference between the f18 and f15 ?
how many concorde planes are still flying this days?
How accurate and realistic are flight simulator?
what material are military planes made out of?
What are the current Co-axial aircraft and how does their propulsion & gear system works?
Private Pilots License UK?
How much would it be to change my flight?
What is the real name for salt lake city Intl!!!!???
Is the relationship between prop. blade angle of attack and speed; proportional or inversely proportional?
what is the job of a apg mechnic on the c-130 aircraft?
Airline pilots?
i'm building a ultralight helicopter, want to know kind of bearing i need for the swash plate to go up and dow
why is the smoke from an airplane seen like a smoke from a rocket?
How do u get a class a or b license?
How do planes actaully get off the ground?
question about the typhoon and tornado?
Explain the Importance of International Aviation Conventions?
Would shutting down engines on a muti engine aircraft increase its range ?
Can anyone recommend a flight school for international students?
Where can I get some info about the honda jet?
Any ideas for what to do on a long flight?
How do you transfer from a private plane to a commercial plane?
could you fly an aircraft when you are steaming drunk?........?
Where is the best place in the United States (and not too expensive) to get an A320 rating?
Any true pilot knows that this is a hard question to answer--- Cirrus or Lancair?
What was that commercial?
colours of Wellington Bombers based at Desborough airfield WWII?
Best Airline? Worst Airline?
What scenery add-on for FSX should I buy? (payware)1?
Commercial Airline Pilot? Air Force Academy?
RAF question about vision?
How can I become an airline pilot in the UK?
Which is better. A 2 bladed prop or a 3 bladed one and why?
What are your thoughts?
What idiot won't put spike strips in airport runways?
Who hires pilots with no icing experience?
Guys: do you like straight, or wavy hair?
What do you call the line produced by airplane and what was it made of?
how much does a Boeing tech make?
How to become a canadian helicopter pilot?
SCRAM Jet Engines - Nozzle configuration question.?
What is this plane called?
was smoking ever allowed on airplane flights?
Is their a way to see what 337's have been filed for a spacific aircraft via the internet.?
How does an aircraft produces anti gravitational forces while taking off.?
Who sings living on a prayer.?
On dec 23 where is the best place to get the concords ??!?
I'm interested in learning how to fly small planes such as Cesnas and getting my pilots license. What do I do?
What happens when you say “hi” to your friend on an airplane who's name is Jack?
Can you become a pilot if you've taken drugs?
Would it be cost effective to refit 747-400 with raked wingtips?
What would a massive solar flare do to a plane?
Question about air traffic control?
I would like to know if a JAA PPL(A) licence is valid in Ukraine?
Pilot at Skywest Airlines?
A question for Airline Pilots that fly into Liverpool airport, UK?
how can i find what flights were from lyon at 14:00 on 1 march??
i am into radio controled planes and am going to put a hamster in the cockpit. should i put a little helmet on
Did A V1 Flying bomb Land at Bengeo?
How much is a private jet?Please i need the price rate of all the models you know, 5 years old?
If you become an Aircraft load master do they automatically ship you over seas?
Can aeroplanes flying overhead disrupt mobile phone signal?
Why do airplanes bank when they turn?
I've been "flying" aircraft in flight simulators for over fifteen years. Presently I play the MS FltSim FSX.?
Do they make an RC helicopter with FSX installed?
can we go for pilot training after 10th?
Does anyone have more info on this new Hybrid Air Vehicle (link below)?
What kinda of Cessna is this?
Can regional airports accommodate full size jets?
If a plane was going 400 MPH......?
what qualifications do you need to have in order to become a pilot for any RAAF transport aircrafts?
How do I go about building a helicopter?
What is a good price for a helicopter charter flight?
Float/ Bush Plane Magazine?
which is easier to assemble Loehle or Airdrome?
Why is Hovercrafts not so popular? R they prohibitively costly?
Where can you get more financial aid\scholarships, public or private flight schools?
Can somone get credit for frequent flier miles to his own account using the same # when his spouse/kid travels
Can airplanes stand still in the air?
PLZ help me? I'm kind of confused.?
Would any of the planes in the Aircraft Boneyard in Tucson Arizona be flyable?
Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?
787 Dream Liner Differences?
what is the definition of a time share aircraft?
How many Hours is a flight from Detroit to Denver?
How is Commercial Airline Pilot as a Career?
Aircraft Dispatcher Oral & Practical What Can I expect?
what is the take-off speed of a Boeing 747 with full load?
Can harriers "fly" at 1 mph?
I would love to meet Patty Wagstaff. Is there any way possible for me to do that?
Quarantine help please?
can some one tell me about the attack around aug 12 in the UK somnething about gel and toothpaste?
Jay Prochnow - Biography?
How do twin rotor helicopters, like those of the Chinook at Dartmouth, avoid their blades clashing each other?
aircraft landing velocity?
is it possible to land the aeroplane if all the engines shuts down...?
how long is air force helicopter flight engineer tech school?
Why don't they put like a screens in front of a jet engines so birds and other debris doesn't get inside?
what is the status of boeing pelican? when will it be built?
How do days on/days off schedules work for professional pilots?
Can you still get a pilot's license if you're color blind?
How much hp and rpm would a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton engine give out?
Has anyone seen pics of the airbus A380?
Which sort of small aircraft can i design for my project?
What is the pitch between plane windows?
wind shear scales?? help quick!!! its a flight class?
Plane ticket problem. Is this possible?
Gloster Gladiator versus Fiat CR42 which one was a better fighter plane?
What are the requirements in the U.S. to get a pilots liscence?
What's the difference between when a plane takes off rolling or stops then takes off?
Is letting a child give directions as a Air Traffic controller at JFK airport careless or no big deal?
Lightning striking airplanes?
Is it true that pilots can not have blue, gree or grey eyes?
Why don't the airline companies have a radio control on their aircraft ?
A pretty dumb question I need an answer to.?
airline fares for the holidays?
Why do the pilot and the copilot have to lovingly interlock their hands when increasing thrust on takeoff?
what does this mean "Ideally you must have 150 hours total time of which 100 hours must be P1.?
what two functions are performed by a "shower of sparks" vibrator starting system?
How do you land a seat as a pilot in the A380?
How many aircraft in 1 squadron?
What to do during a non-stop twelve hour flight in a boeing 747-400 and what are the best seats?
If you are traveling at supersonic speeds, can you hear yourself talk?
Oklahoma University aviation major?
how much is to get IATA license?
Ex. Flight Attendant curious on how to become a Aircraft Director?
how many airlines are there?
USCG Helicopters?
What is the most beautiful plane, in your opinion.?
Iam frm India I want to become a pilot I have learned a flight with multiple engine so what should I do next?
help im afraid of plane crashes?
Premium airline names?
How to become a pilot..?
Will online 4 year college degree acceptable for Airline Pilot job ?
What is the 2 engine variant of the Hercules?
I'm so scared to go on air planes because of all the teriost!?
Any one in the gta notice how low the planes are flying? ?
Pilots communicating with passengers in diff. languages?
why are cabin lights dimmed during take-off and landing?
Australian Wings Academy or Air Gold Coast?
Where can i get a fighter jet pilot seat?
Is the American B2 Stealth Bomber powered by a nuclear reactor? Is it capable of hovering?
What is required to become a pilot for qantas.?
ICOM IC-A200 Transceiver compatability?
What eyesight do u need to become a air traffic controller?
can gps take the place of dme in aviation?
Your idea about being a flight attendant? I'm about to fly as a cabin crew, how can I handle this problem?
what were the 14 demands of indian pilots guild?
Where to get flying lessons?
I want to know how to become a airline pilot ?
Airplane spotting @ Montreal Trudeau Airport?
Anyone know where I can find a diagram for the servomechanism of an aircraft's Nose Wheel Steering?
what is the best airline to fly on from Charlotte NC to Baltimore MD?
I am flying from NRT to ATL, and does the Northwest 747-400 have personal entertainment in economy class?
How do you become a pilot?
What is the fastest possible speed for a helicopter to fly?
can a plane land its self??
Why don't we always see two silver streaks in the sky when a jet plane is flying past?
Where can I buy JR pilot wings?
call lighting system in an aircraft?
How to become an airline pilot? I'm 15, What is the best path?
Citizenship requirements for TSA employees?
In 2005 two of these collided with US aircrafts. What are they?
what kind of wood did they use for airplane propellers.?
Is the AATC school my best option and quickest to become an air traffic controller?
Help with FSX?
My AME asked that I remove my contacts before testing my intermediate vision. Is this required for Class 2?
how to convert thrust of single spool turbojet to shaft horsepower?
why after black boxes are recover they put them in a cooler with water?
what is the procedure to become civil aircraft pilot in india?
How fast do airplanes go before they lift off the ground?
Germans BV141 plane balance.?
Why is an aviation career shitty?
steam jet machine business?
what routes did Pan Am 707-320's fly after the delivery of 707-320B/C's?
Ideas on inspirational name for socata tbm plane?
What are the weapon load configurations for the f14 tomcat?
On a twin engined prop plane does one prop turn counter clockwise and the other clockwise?
Would you volunteer to go on a Mars mission if NASA invited a civilian along?
10 hour flight - what to do?
DJ374 stand for?
Does the size of the "plane" really matter...?
What are the various messages displayed by an ECAM of an airbus A340?
how cheap are the cheapest plane tickets to florida?
what do you prefer the 747-400 or the 777-300ER?
Why do some experimental planes sometimes fly with the landing gear down during the entire flight?
Air Traffic Control Question?
flying my own plane from Alaska to the US stopping in Canda for fuel'; do I still need to clear US customs?
Oxygen level and airplanes ?
I want new hobbies?
keypad on cockpit door of airplane?
Boeing 747-400 question. Real pilot answers please!!?
why is boeing storing their 787 dreamliners?
About eyesight for pilots?
anybody know how many hours full time and part time int'l united flight atten are up in the air each month??
How do you get a free up grade on an overseas flight?
How long does it take to turn off a helicopter engine??
What is a good price for a roundtrip flight from LA to Sacramento?
tom tom sat nav? on helicopters?
Will I succeed on a hang glider?
Should I work for Boeing or continue school?
In the stories "A cub pilot" "barrio boy" and "No gumption"?
what are the kinematic result of force application on a frisbee in flight?
Aircraft icing and how to prevent it ?
What are those things sticking out of the front of airplanes?
Which is the fastest?
Why would a man from IRS and pilots says that chemtrails are real?
Collectors value of an original Air France Concorde sst photo/canvas on frame?
What is this airplane?
How can you make a paper air plane?
What Coltrols your airspeed?
Are there budding Pilots wanting to learn Air Navigation?
What are "systems" in aircraft fabric covering. Reference please. TIA?
can a helicopter fly up side down?
Discussion about being married/being in a relationship as a pilot?
How much do 2 round trip tickets on the south shore line cost?
How long does it take to get a private pilot helicoptor licence in the state on PA?
helicopter like the wi-spi helicopter but cheaper and camera that is app controlled?
closet airport to Napa Valley, Ca?
is this TRUE?
which is worse.. jet lag or motion sickness on airplanes?
£1 to use the loo - what is the most you have paid and where?
Why does Durham Teeside Airport have the IATA code of MME?
Piper Tomahawk oil filter and cooler?
How can we create a spaceship that can travel in light speed?
In Aircraft where the fuel is stored ??
Which truck is more reliable a Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma?
im a student pilot who is so nervous to fly!! Help!?
Mini hanglider, paraglider, human flight transportation?
Would a better pilot been able to take evasive action and dodge the birds that caused the Hudson River crash?
is being a airline pilot a boring job?
Panavia Tornado Question?
What is the mph equivalent of mach .92?
anyone have aircraft maintenance manual for DC-10?
at what age can i learn how to fly light aircraft?
What are the benefits of a dual triple blade prop vs a dual blade prop on a small aircraft?
Is flying private more dangerous than flying commercial?
What is something that you would like to change on a commercial airplane?
Why Canada don't' have F/A - 22A Raptor?
Does the quickpark bus at dublin airport run every 5 mins, even at night?
Question about Ace Combat Assault Horizon?
What's the point of the f-22 if we are building the f-35?
General Aviation Operators in Mildura, Australia?
How tall is the cabin interior of the Boeing 767 (aisle) ? Could a 6'6" person work the aisle?
Why don't airplanes have to flap their wings like birds do?
what channel does privet air planes use?
what is the condition of the aircraft Rapid depressurization?
How to say the windows of an aeroplane? Eiles like that.......?
Would you accept a ride on a drone?
Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets........?
What is the status of ADS-B phase in in the USA? Is FAA supporting its introduction?
Flight help to go to Missou?
taking off???
Flight instructor training?
Can you wear armor on a plane?
Seat 62a virgin 747-400?
RAAF Aircraft Technician, Life after the Defence Force?
why do you have to turn of all electronics during take off and landing?
What is the Max speed that a fighter pilot can safely eject from a fighter jet.?
Best modular flight training school in the UK?
I want to be a commercial pilot and am the first in my family to go to college in general... HELP!!?
How much does a commercial pilot make?
aircraft licensed engineers?
what are the 3 planes shown on the 2006 Indian stamp, 16 squadron Air force?
IFR and VFR Departures - WTF.?
Why are their frequent crashes of military helicopters?
landing jets: why it it said that reverse thrust doesn't help much under 100 knots?
Does anyone know where i can find info about a plane called skyship 1??(also has C-51 on side of it.?
Aircraft engineer to Pilot ?
Are there any sights?
Why don't they just put a big parachute on top of planes?
what is the approximate ECONOMY cruise speed and fuel consumption for a Cirrus SR22?
Do sport planes require less maintenance than regular planes?
what is the fuel of areoplane?
does anyone know any other websites to watch aircrafts videos for free?
How long will it take to ship this....?
how many peeps can u eat when sky diving from an altitude of 30000 ft?
OJT on deccan airlines for ame students?
How do planes stay in a straight line on takeoff roll and landing?
HELP!! How will people and technology today affect future air travel?
Low Fuel Error in PMDG 747 400X?
Singapore Airlines: is it really THAT much nicer?
Ok, X-country phase check question (PPL)?
Pilots-Which aircraft to you fly?
Im 13 and want to be a Pilot!?
what % for VCE would you have to get to be a pilot in the airforce?
Who will be the next FAA administrator?
Is there any good website with aircraft registration country codes?
Why are vapour trails rarely seen in Australia?
Where can i get jar medical?
Where do I look to get really cheap airline tickets?
what is the procedure when using a private airstrip in california?
Will Air Traffic Controllers be replaced by Computers in the next 10 years?
my mam said that the first plane she flew in was a boeing 747 but it had no upper deck ?
I need to find the shape of a proprotor (propeller-rotor). How do I do that?
Could quadcopters be used in commercial flight?
Salary of a UAV Pilot?
Why does DELTAVA planes suck now???
Aviation high school in toronto?
Can some one explain Angle of Attack while an aircraft is airborne?
What was the biggest airplane in the world before the 737?
has the movie airport ever been played on an overseas flight?
Watching "Flight Of The Pheonix" they used shotgun shells to start the planes engines,why?
Does B787 has static dischargers?
What are the red corners forming rectangles around the outside of the pilots' windows?
a duck travelling at 55 mph how long will it take to fly 0.8 of a mile?
what is the regular speed for a jet to land?
what is the differences between the medical cirtificate classes for pilots, like first clas,second class.?
Why do some jets leave contrails while others leave nothing while flying at roughly the same elevation?
Typical Hours Req'd to be hired by an Airline?
Cessna 150 rental in Dallas area?
Do you know why they put oxygen masks on planes?
What is diffrent between excavetor 70 and excdvetor 60?
Is it safer to fly in an airplane or take a cruise ship?
did they quit foaming runways for emergency landings?
Can a passenger plane glide?
Why is it that some runways are built in such a harzardous way?
Can a Boeing 747 stay in the air with just 1 engine? (747 models have 4 engines)?
Learning to fly..?
what's the fastest plane on earth?
What is the safest seat on an airplane?
requirements for a SAR whinchman ?
plane safety zones, diagram?
Do piston engine powered aircrafts shift gears like in cars?
Does the reverse thrust on a plane throw you forward?
USAF Pilot height restrictions?
Do you get less; or no turbulence when flying above clouds?
Who would win a dogfight?
How does an aircraft produces anti gravitational forces while taking off.?
Strong rc motor for plane?
Do airline pilots get to have fun with female flight attendants when they're not on duty?
Would there be Marshall's on International Flights?
Any planes that i can fly?
What do you mean by 2-ch or 3-ch in a rc choppers and planes?
After flight 587 crash, the problem could still occur?
How to be a commercial Pilot?
What if Boeing submitted its KC-777 for the KC-X tanker competition instead?
How do you call the airplane kitchen?
What are the considerations for aircraft's colour scheme?
Which airline is the cheapest?
any advice or tips on getting over a fear of flying on planes. i usually get kinda closterphobic?
how do i start working? -my ex field experience is ex indian airforce officer retired?
Delta MD-88 comfortable, and safe?
Korean Air's New Cabin Product Available?
What air cadet uniform is C2?
Hey...i need help...Plz tell me where i can find diagrams of Aircrafts?
What would happen if two airline pilots got into a fistfight while flying?
I am a student pilot who is terribly afraid of roller coaster drops and have stall training coming up? Help!?
how come you sometimes you see a FUTURA airlines flight code FUA and other FUTURA airlines flight code is FH?
Soft fields in Florida?
Pilots of BA38 should be knighted!!!?
Worlds most dangerous job?
Miracle on the Hudson cockpit recording?
Can I ride in the Aircraft's jump seat?
who knows what a british airways pilot earns a year?
why do gasprices vary during a 24 hr period at the pumps?
Aviation philanthropists - enthusiastic pilots!!! Care to help support my mid-life flight dreams?
How do pilots make use of a chronograph watch?
Predict what year man will land on mars...?
Are there any pilot jobs at the moment?
justify the e of various communication system used on an aircraft?
Where did airplanes originate from?
Where can I get this cockpit?
Is it true that it"s a federal crime to te on a plane? If so, why?
How old do you have to be to start private pilot training.?
Please recommend a good, simple Flight Simulator?
Flying on Fri. the 13th?
If an over-weight aircraft tries to land, will its wings break off becuase of a hard landing?
Why do airline pilots wear dressy military-style uniforms?
how to get a saudi recruitment license?
How are FMC/FMS routes generated today?
What does it mean when an aircraft "stalls"?
Do military drivers, pilots,need/get driver linceses?
Why is a helicopter circling my house?
Does anyone who where to purchase aviation products at low costs? Please provide countries and company names.
Can military helicopters fly wherever they want in class E/G Airspace?
Gemini Jets and herpa airplane question!?!?
i have a r/c 3 channel airplane, but i cannot make it roll. i loop it with ease, but how do i roll it??
Could this be the ultimate cure for fear of flying?
what sort of pilots can you have?
Where can i find cheap flight tickets?
R.A.F how many are needed?
Shouldn't Australia just buy the contract for the F111 and build them here?
Free Plans to Build your own light aircraft online?
If I'm on a private jet and the only pilot passes out, is it possible to easily take over and try to land?
At airports, there can be only 2 runways yet loads of planes go at the same time. How does it work?!?!?
what type of gas is used in aircraft fuel?
UK: Should the M25 be used as a 3/4th runway @ Heathrow?
I want to get a license and fly glider planes ?
I have a flying addiction?
I want to become a Commercial Airline Pilot, Degree? UK/London?
Why aren't there gas turbine jets for the public?
Why are commercial airlines not given Parachutes?
How long does it take to turn off a helicopter engine??
What is the main difference of a 2 blade airplane propeller and a 3 blade, for a single engine?
Delta Connection Academy vs RAA ( Regional Airline Academy)?
Do you have to have an IFR rating to own and fly an IFR capable airplane that will only be used for VFR?
could there ever be flying cars?
need a website for aircrafts technology of WW1. Does anyone know of one?
Aeroplane Sound- Air or Engine?
Is flight training/certification overseas valid in the states?
Scared?please help?
How much do Korean air flight attendants get? Do korean air differentiate salary for each base?
What does a stand alone airport terminal mean ?
how does a paper helicopter fly ( k/heliplan.php )?
What is an EASA B1 license?
Does anyone besides myself actually know when and where the first jet engine was patented?
1st Class Medical(Pilots Only Please)?
FSX Activation more then once?
Fear of Flying?
DME Approaches via an Arc calculations.?
anyone flown the airvan by gippsland and understand how the electrical backup pump works?
How do you know airplanes?
How do you become a flight attendant?
My ears are still plugged 6 days later after flight?
Isn't it amazing if you tell people the truth about aviation careers instead of what they want to hear..?
how do pilots taxi a plane?
Can a commercial airline fly past a super cyclone or the one like Katrina?
How to become a canadian helicopter pilot?
what is fees for private pilot license in orient flight school?
I want to buy a second hand plane like a cessna 172 or182? How old should it be. ?
WOW here is something, why not a WIG aircraft for commerical transport over the oceans?
First check ride coming up on Monday, any advice for a first timer?
Travelling to Pakistan with my dog?
What to do with birds on the runway?
Do pilots like to talk to their planes?
10 points to the cheapest airline ticket for me!!!?
what are the chances of a plane crashing in europe? how safe are planes, could the engine fall off?
Can i be an airline pilot even if I haven't had an epileptic fit for years?
Do you think in 5 years there will be manned aircraft?
about air traffic control schools?
on big brother why do you somtimes hear plane noises?
Anyone know anything about cargo aircraft?
What AIRAC cycle does the default FS9 come with?
What is the technical name of the tube used for transfering passenger into the plane at the airport?
is it better to take a 4 year degree before pilot training or just go for pilot training ?
How can I get a private pilots liscence in alberta?
help me in airport field?
Do you think airline pilots should be armed?
Red Arrow Jet Crashes In Bournemouth...dID THE pILOT EJECT?
Info. on P-51 Mustang shot down over USA?
About FAA medical...?
What is microphone monitor panel in aircraft communication system?
Why are there no female commercial or large capacity airplane pilots?
Is american flyers a good flight school?
When can I select my flight seats? (First Choice UK)?
Is there anywhere I can get a copy of a Blue Print for the English Electric Lightning F.Mk 6?
I have flight simulator X acceleration. There is a secret gun on the F/A 18 jet. How do i get the gun 2 work?
sarjaha to ahmedabad indian airlince fare?
will sarah palin be president next year?
Are Ryanair seats uncomfortable?
Can you send text messeges while flying in a airplane???
What is Civil air Patrol? and does it have any benifits to someone who is 15?
what is the waiting period for flight benefits at Air Wisconsin?
Were/are any of the historical or modern "Air Force One" aircrafts capable of in-flight refueling?
What was the airplane from the Da Vinci Code?
What does it mean when a airplane pilot indicates "heavy"?
Another question on vapor trails for a friend out there:?
Where is the best place school to go to learn to be a helicopter pilot?
Why is the presence or absence of aircraft contrails sky?
Flying Drugs???????????
Can I take my knitting on airplanes or would they consider it dangerous?
anyone have aircraft maintenance manual for DC-10?
Anyone can tell me the name and give me a picture of a US Air Force or NASA aircraft ?
american eagle airlines A&P mechanical aptitude test?
US Army Air Traffic Controller?
which web page can i find the configuration and better seats of the plane?
what is the smallest diameter aluminum allow bolt used on a aircraft in inches?
what is a Sortation Center Departure?
what are the cons of a commercial pilot job?
what are VERY CHEAP airlines to fly from bdl CT to green bay WI?
F22 vs f35, what would win in a dogfight?
Are airline pilots subject to random drug tests?
What is the best time of day to take flying lessons in Denver, CO?
How to be a flight attendant?
Are fractional jet pilots required to file & use their call sign (ex EJA101) as opposed to their tail number?
Why do airline pilots require you to raise the window panels during take-off and landing?
Aviation start-up business... Please Help!?
How we get a job after clear AME paper-1,2 and 3(ES,IS) in aviation, as there is cruption we all know ???????
Pack of jet fighters together is that normal?
where can i get Information about what types of engine cathay pacific has?
Commercial pilot?
Airflight services?
Flying weather in Wisconsin?
What are the odds of a aeroplanes wing falling off?
Boeing 737-300 or MD-83 or Fokker-100 or airbus 320?
I am flying for the first time next week, its a 6 hour flight with changing planes once. Im very nervous..?
Can a Huey really lift a boat ?
Can you imagine a world without airplanes? Does peak oil mean one day we may not see planes flying?
what is the name of the airlines of yemen!!!!!?
Pilots: for instrument flight, what is the maximum allowable level of inaccuacy for an altimeter?
Does an aircrafts black box float?
Why does every new Toronto VTA or VNC end up missing vital info.?
Which is the best?
How do I train to become a pilot!?
Which is better Boeing or airbus?
what is the shortest route American serves with a B777?
United MileagePlus Explorer Card question...?
what flight time must be logged by a licensed private pilot?
I am wondering if the Roman Catholic Church has helicopters and / or airplanes and if so what kind?
Can women be commercial airline pilots?
Difference Between Boeing and Airbus Planes?
Mig- and Sukhoi gunsights?
Why are plane tickets to Alabama so expensive?
How to say the windows of an aeroplane? Eiles like that.......?
is it legal for a civilian to own a concorde plane if it was for personal use?
How does a F-111 pilot navigate?
Questions for flight attendants?
What is the difference in aluminum between 6061-T651 and 6061-T6511?
how much can u earn if you are an aeronautical engineer ... or a pilot ... please specify for both in months?
Any PA-30 Twin Comanche Owners out there?
Would you rather fly an airbus A320 or Boeing 737-500 ?
How do you make a two material airplane?
Have you ever seen a UFO.?
can reverse thrust be deployed in flight?
Who knows anything about air lift 2600 pound air bags looking for specs need to know how much they balloon?
Is anyone an airline dispatcher?
What is the difference between a Boeing 747 and an Airbus Industrie A330-300 aircraft?
how long did it take the Wright brothers to make the airplane?
Why do they build car engines that can go over 150mph yet the speed limit is 70???
can any any body tell a website for cool plane pictures???
Are there more boats or airplanes currently in operation internationally?
Does anyone know of a device to track sunlight that would mount on an aircraft?
Most useful courses to take in high school for someone interested in being a commercial airline pilot?
why do airlines ask the window flaps to be up during take off and landing?
can i drop off international package to USPS drop box using prepaid shipping label?
I'm a first time flyer, my flight is in about 20 hours, and I have a couple questions.?
Pilots: what do transoceanic airliners use to navigate across large expanses of water?
Are planes kind of like time machines?
How much do millatry pilots make?
What is the best flight seach engine?
A solo flying license query?
What was the flight number of the first plane to hit the twin towers?
What are three largest America airlines companies in USA?
how to specify tyre sizes?
I can't book in online?!!!! HELP?
which way do flaps go on a plane when you steer left and right?
Question about the Airbus A340-300?
Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter?
Since liquids are being banned from planes, I was wondering...?
Does anyone know where I can get a decent Aviation Transceiver....?
Can anyone help me with Easa Part66 B1 Questions,I'm ready to buy from him.?
Can a 260 lbs man who is 6'2 fly a HH-60G Pave Hawk?
how can i make model flying aeroplane?
Are occupants of an airplane flying in the midst of a thunderstorm in danger of being struck by lightning?
What do you call those helicopters with two propellers?
Ford VS Chevyrolet which do you vote For?
helicopter pilot training?
What kind of layout is 'aircraft/master layout'? Is 'full size' the actual size!?
Why do Commercial airplanes have smoke that comes out of the back while flying sometimes?
what is the smallest plane?
bonneville sounds like an airplane coming in for a landing when accelerating?
why do pilots say roger?
What does COVAK stand for?
Turbulence and how to overcome it?
salary of Airline or Aircraft dispatcher in India.....and do i have to do any course for it?
How were earlier U.S. spaceships different from the shuttles?
where can i get a list of ww2 navy pilots who flew tbm's?
I want to know some informations about navigation systems in airports?
Functionality of headlight in aeroplane..?
Flight help to go to Missou?
can we say AIRCRAFTS (in the plural) or aircraft does not take S?
My boyfriend wants to be a pilot?
Anyone here survived a plane crash b4? share the experience?
Why during a flight they take a curve when flying an airplane instead of going straight?
If an airport has no VOR or manned tower, how do you locate it without using GPS?
question about the typhoon and tornado?
Plane spotting!!! Can anyone identify this craft?
what is yaw force?
WWII photo reconnaissance: why Spitfires?
Does Air France still operate A380 on Paris to New York?
How do I become an international flight attendant?
Is Chemistry important for a pilot?
Should I report my first officer?
When planes land or take off at night.. Why do they need the lights off in the cabin?
F-22 Raptor weapons payload?
what instrument does pilots use to steer plane on taxiway?
Is this binocular good for plane spotting?
Can personal or private jets fly in and out of commercial airports?
please need help..............?
How often do airplanes crash?
Did you struggle on your first pylon eights?
What are qualifications for pilot?
how can i check on flights from cebu philippines to kolalupor china ?
Why did Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
does any of the Boeing aircraft has lights made from diamonds?
What parts of an airplane change its direction?
How far can I safely "Push" my C-172 ?
Airlines such as American, BA, Cathay, Emirates are defined as " " airlines?
Is there any place on a plane where the effects of turbulence are least felt?
How to change batteries in kids toys without screwdriver on airplane?
how to relax in a plane if your going to india?
Why do Airplanes leave a trace of white smoke in parts of their route?
does any one knows how to find a plane by it's tail number?
Flight Simulator says a plane gets lift due to the shape of the wing. How is flying upside down possible?
Highest scoring Air Force pilot from desert storm?
can anyone help me to find easa66 essay samples?
If you really want something do you get it?
how many mph. do you have to go to break the sound barrier?
Why do ailiners have to fly at such (relatively) high altitudes?
In what consists a psychological commercial pilot exam?
How fast does a commercial passenger airplane get going right before it lifts off into the air?
which is the best flight school in uk????
On the USAF Thunderbirds jets what is the source for their smoke?
A&P Technician , (B.Sc. of aircraft maintenance engineerin)?
Good flight schools in Utah?
Still airplanes?
Were there any high wing aircraft in ww2?
how fast does an airplane travel when its taxiing?
Where can I find a checklist to the McDonnell Douglas MD80?
Tupolev service centers?
What happened to Captain Min-Yuan Ho after the CHina Airlines incident in 1985?
Anyone know of a persont that would be willing to train a student pilot for free?
Seated in the back of a 777, question?
What are airlines that have 20 or more DC-9-30 aircraft?
name/address of the 1/4 mile drag strip in Wac, Tx please?
how does the aircraft fly?
Why can't I use electronic devices on a plane?
how do boeing company assemble airplanes?
What does the term "VR" stand for when referring to aircraft?
Why do some planes elevators go to the neutal position when the plane is parked?
Where might I find the Supersonic Clone Jet report again upon my ! site ?
Does a pilot holding a frozen JAR ATPL have the same privileges as a Private Pilot?
comparison of pt6a-34 &35 engines.Does 35 has any advantge?
Can the propellers on a helicopter be attatched below the helicopter?
Are there any advantages in designing an aircraft to fly at transonic speed?
What is the salary of an emirates airline pilot?
How do i become a commercial pilot for united, american etc?
delta skymiles tranfer rip off?
Do flight attendants get food on flights?
Is there a big demand for aircrew in the raf at the moment?
what is the chance of someone (me!) to start their own airline %wise out of 6 billion?
Why can't planes reverse? ?
Where is a good place to meet arab women am from Miami but was thinking of flying to Africa or Europe ?
what is the best way to become an airline pilot?
how long is each flight at ifly?
What is your favorite fighter jet?
why do jet airplanes usually fly at altitudes above 30,000 ft. though it takes a lot of fuel climbing dat high
What materials should I use to make the best delta kite?
how is first class?
BA World Traveller 777 configuration?
Any true pilot knows that this is a hard question to answer--- Cirrus or Lancair?
y do they still used outdated aircraft? eg.boeing 738(winglet) in M.A.S fleet??
what's the first place u would go if u won a private jet ?
why are airplanes pressurized?