is Vin diesel gay?
As a 14 year old how do i get an agent and audition for major theatre companies?
How to look like a slutty talent agent/business person for a play?
Funniest shakespeare story scene for a group of 6-10 people...for a school drama competition...pls help...?
What are some cute love plays?
Shakespears Macbeth Play?
How do you get rid of stage fright?
What key did Betty Hutton sing "You Can't Get A Man With A Gun" in Annie Get Your Gun?
does anyone have the valentine monologue from voices from the high school by peter dee?
audition help! monologue please?
Are people who play clowns funny in real life?
Can I make a clay like substance to stick to my face instead of a mask?
I just finished writing my very first play. I'm 19. Should I publish it this early? I mean at my age?
What is your favorite line in a movie/song?
where can i find piano chords at?
What theatre school did Julia Roberts go to in New York ?
whats a good broadway duet for a 16 year old girl and guy?
What is a good audition song for a boy?
Exercises/Good Books/Websites for Acting Techniques?
How do I get into acting?
Can you do two years at one film school and then two years at another at the same time?
is it better to do some thing ott when acting then lacklustre?
Does this sound like a scam to you?
Is there an Odeon Theatre in Vancouver?
What Broadway show should I go see in New York?
Is "Wicked" better that "Lion King" musicals?
do you like rihanna music?????
acting...... i was ripped off?
best paid job (other than an actor)?
Where is best to sit at the theatre?
What are me legit places where i can auditions for t.v shows or movies or commercials in orlando,florida?
How to improve acting skills?
If I go to the US on a B1 visa and audition , what will happen if i get the role?
What is the meaning of the song Defying Gravity from Wicked the musical?
How much $$$ can I make as a porno actress???
"Workshopping" before the show is capitalized means expenses are paid with what money?
why people say acting is hard?
best actor of the last 25 years?
Help with a 30 second monologue ?
I am having script/musical problems. Can anyone help?
anyone think people with tremendous musical talent should be given a chance from thier best friends?
my school has a performing arts festival should i take part?
How can I become a successful movie actor?
I want to be an actress but....?
If you were to be an actor/actress, which part of a play would like to perform?
Little Shop of Horrors?
what is the theme to pans labyrith?
Halloween costume idea for a person who just had knee surgery?
Any good talent agencies in Sydney?
is Nickelodeon ever ganna have auditions in ireland please help?
how do you start acting at 13 without experience in canada?
Whats the best school to learn how to be a Movie director or work with movies?
I heard on the radio kids from like 7-16 i think can come an audtion. I forget the number... ? help!?
I am auditioning for a movie, and I need to fake cry. How can I force myself to cry?
rent murchandise?
What would be a good song to play after someone dies?
Any true scary stories that happened to you?
what do i have to do to make childbirth look real?
where is my blueberry nights filming?
Is there a American Idiot DVD coming out?
How many musical instruments are played in an a cappella performance?
Anyone want to join Voice Acting Website?
Throughly Modern Millie dancing?
Where can i find a good acting coach?
Should I see Wicked?
who is the British actor Colin Salmon married to? Does he have kids?
does amx casting work?
Does the King and I have very kmany kids/teenagers in it???
Are there any acting classes in houston?
Do you no any good long sad monologues?
Song audition advice for some Korean Entertainment?
Does anyone know an acting school in Los Angeles that isn't expensive? They all seem like rip offs...?
What is drama.............?
a fun upbeat song for my montage?
Favorite films?
I want to become an actress AND a vet! But how?!?!?
How do yu smel like sMoke?
How to increase vocal range for an actor?
I am trying to think of a stage name. I want the first name to start with R and last name end with F.?
does anybody no of a great acting school?
Say i was casting the breakfast club who would be good?
Are there any actors whom when got famous at 15 without almost any training?
Stage Fright.. if you know about drama please answer this. please..?
does a legit modeling/talent agency need your social security number?
I always wanted to be an actress?
What, in your opinion, is the best play written by Shakespeare?
I'm very confused on acting?
Disney channel audition?
Musical Theatre vs Pantomimes. Which do you prefer?
is 30 years old to old to become an actress?
Is a legit website for acting?
Theatre is more challenging than cinema?
Ideas on how to memorize long passages?
is this a real sight dose it work or just a bunch of people making up auditions
how do you find what musical notes would sound like?
how can i become a model/actor/singer?
movie monologue?
can lyrics to a song considered a monologue?
new actor in Malayalam's film?
Which song from either "Rent" or "Cats" would be good to sing for an audition?
Suggestions for a name for a Children's Play?
I'm auditioning for Suessical (I want to be gertrude) and I need a monologue that realy fits this part. Help!?
Is there a minimum age for
Im in a school play i need help?
What are people wearing to the Color Purple on Broadway?
Where can i watch the Zefferelli verison of Romeo and Juliet online?
Is there a play or a movie that talks about the relationship between gradmother and grandson?
Will i be able to have a life if i go into film acting?
Is it unrealistic to be an actor just as a hobby?
Why cant I cry anymore?
how to get over nervousness?
I recently wrote a horror musical. It's a small genre. Has anyone heard of any others? I want to hear them.
who saw pirates of the carribean dead mans chest!?
Where could I have a script first draft read and edited?
backstage pass ???
Disney channel casting?
Is it true when they say everyone can act? ?
who else hates highschool musical eww so gross?
Does anybody have the words for any Louise Bennet poem?
What are some good techniques to get rid of nerved before a play?
can u identify an important decision a character from "the tragedy of julius caesar" had to make? PLEASE!!!!
How would the Monarchy in elizabethan times effect shakespeare plays - like othello or hamlet?
How can a new teen actor become better as an actor with many classes?
What are the scenes for bye bye birdie?
What are good start-up lines/scenes for an improv?
I'm auditioning for a college film at my campus, and they said you will get "credit" what does this mean?
Little Women Audition? Song help, please?
Help with auditions?!?
Any ideas for Jacobean Monologue speeches?
What is the profession "rigger" called in German?
An Opera filmed live in Paris in the actual locations?
I'm going to play Pirates of the carribian original theme song on piano!?
I'm looking for a 'creepy' monologue for a male actor, please help.?
How did Lady MacBeth die?
What to put in my collage about "Maria Clara's Song"?
Who's to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths?
What are the chances of a white person getting in SM Entertainment?
how to make a acting resume ,ive been in at least 5 school plays and during the summer take classes?
How do you start an acting job? Actress I mean!?
should i keep acting? need ur opinion?
I don't know what name is better?
what is the best way to start acting?
What does it mean to Block(In a Play) ? ?
Best place to sit at the theatre?
I WANNA BE AN ACTOR, im 15 freshman boy, how do i begin being an actor, is it smart to become one?
Who is you favorite Broadway actor?
Can someone help me with a script and short story series?
Is everything better belted?
I love to act but am too young what can i do from here?
what actor plays tonys dad on iron man?
Where can I get play scripts for free in NYC?
Why do american television programs use adults to play high school kids?
Does anyone have the pre-sale password for Dinsey on ice 100 years of magic at the Hartford Civic Center?
if i want to to block someones youtube account will they know who i am?
Good names for a unique kids modelling agency?
What to send to an acting agency?
What was the best cyberman episode from Doctor Who?
Who is the worst successful actor of all time?
High School Musical(1 or 2) OR Hairspray???
what should i do for my talent?
Have Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannagh ever been married to eachother?
Theatre Attendee - Word?
Any one know where to find scripts for plays, or movies online for free?
how many son's does tony pena have?
Neil Simons top three plays?
Good songs to learn in guitar in an open d tuning?
What to do when you get a part you don't like in a play?
do you know daniel radcliffe's msn?
What should I do if my auditioners bark at me?
do you think i have enough experience to get an agent?
which theatre is Oliver playing in?
I need some tips for acting? Please help me!?
What's it like being an extra in a movie?
how can i became a extra for a movie or tv shows?
Where can I find a website to help me make a christian drama?
Does anyone one know about the latest Disney Auditions?
Is my daughter musical she is one?
Will I get the part?
do you like high school musical 1 or 2?
Any tips on getting good theater tickets in Chicago?
How do I become an actress?
Good audition songs for show choir?
Which Shakespeare play has been filmed the most?
Does anyone really care about Brad and Angelina, or Nicole and Keith etc.? If so, why????
Whats some good music for when the audience is entering for a concert/ theatre show?
How is clothing used to portray characters on stage or in the movies?
Does actor David Tennant has his real children?
What musical should I see next?
Julius Caesar !!! I need help really bad ! ?
How Do I Convince My Parents to Sign the Permission Slip for a School Talent Show?????????????????????????????
How many hours does actor have to work during pre-production?
What is the likelihood of landing a role after acting school?
I would like to...?
what should i do now?
Choosing my monologue?
What are some plays with love triangles?
Am I the only teenager that likes musicals? {Good musicals, not HSM or anything like that}?
Does anyone know if Idina Menzel will be coming to Boston,MA???
stalker monologue: comedic/dramatic?
Wicked NYC???
can i have a copy of the song climbing my mountain?
Do freshman ever get casted in plays?
Is Johnny Depp in New Mexico?
how long is avenue Q in londons westend for?
I need a short monologue for a 10 year old girl?
Does anyone know what the suite section is in Verizon theater in Grand Prairie?
My daughter is 9 and really smart and pretty and talented how do i get her into SHOW business?
What does it take to become an actress, or actor?
Where/when is " What He Left" playing starring Jack Gallagher?
How to act like I'm in love?
Do I have to audition for a play at a local theatre?
How to make a 15 year old guy look like he's in kindergarten?
I am new to voice acting and need a cheap Microphone?
Audtions Or A Casting Agent?!?!?!?
What are some good acting agencies in Florida?
How can I tell my mom I want to b an actress?
smaller films?
I Need A Stage Name...Help?
Does zac efron actually sing in the movie high school musical?
Advice regarding a disappointment?
Taming of the shrew!!!! Help!!! Comedy or Satire?
i'm thirteen ,how can i become an actor?
Who is Jack Wild and what were some of his major acting roles?
What would be a good audition song for Legally Blonde?
Who is currently in the Broadway production of Rent?
Theatre blocking question?
Any cool scene kid websites?
In The Odd Couple, what main course does Felix prepare for the Pigeon Sisters?
What Broadway show should I see?!?
Hi , i wanna know what SAG is and how it affects actors?
I really have a crush on this boy I have tryed smiling at him but it kind worked he smiles back but i want him
I got picked for stage manager and have no idea what to do?
macbeth soundtrack?
What is meant by the theme "appearance versus reality" by macbeth?
Any non scam Modeling websites for 13 year olds?
what song should i sing for an audition?
Second job while I pursue acting?
how to make a new girlfriend just in an hour?
What movie with Johny Depp where he gets his eyes poked out?
Is a college major in theatre really worth it? Is it boring?
won anything?
what is the play and act this is from?
Auditioning for a role... Sick dying character >__<?
Line learning?
any tips for musical auditions?
I need some help with this. Any Advice?
Audition song for High school musical at dinner theatre?
how did Amor know that yna is her real daughtR(IN THE PROMISE SERIES)?
How to take my acting career more seriously?
acting lover...?
Anyone knows any good acting colleges in Paris?
In Waiting for Godot, why does Estragon compare himself to Christ?
what does it take to become an actor?
Who are some Actors/Actresses that didn't go to acting school?
how can you become an actor or actress??
what is agriculture?
Have you ever dressed up at a Rocky Horror Show?
I am a UK citizen and live in the UK how can I audition for Disney Channel parts? ?
Good dance scen from musical ?
I need a 'Pre 1965' song from a musical for my drama school audition!?
Audition monologues for 13 year old girls?
Football jocks say drama club is for gays, i'm not.?
i need a monolouge ! *please help!?
How long would the seeing someone stage last?
Can the working class appreciate the theatre?
What are the best songs to sing for an audition for hairspray?
is showing love in open (where there are lot of people around) ok...???
The Play on Antigone.?
Questions about Romeo and Juliet?
I REALLY want to be an actress..?
who plays miss doughtfire?
why is opera preposterous? willing to give everything at least one impartial hearing..but?
How to shed tears / cry in 10 seconds?
How do actors remember their lines?
How can I get into a drama college?(recommendations)?
Why did Brian Brown reject Tony Martin's script?
I need a drama which is full of comedy.plz help me?
What do I have to do to make my show better?
The symphony that plays in eva luna when victoria is shot?
How do you add add yourself to your manager/agent's account on LACasting?
Performing Arts High school audition?
Do you reckon Stephen Hawkin would make a good Hamlet?
do gost exsists?
Looking for a one act play that is very impactful, comedy or drama...?
how do you write a song?
Is thier a way to become a film/tv/music video extra without paying agents?
What is sm starlight casting system audition?
Where can I take my kid to audition for a movie?
What is the most prominent theme in the play Macbeth?
do you like romeo or juliet? why?
Advice on acting for a 13 year old?
A high school version of Jersey Boys? Scripts, etc?
will i ever make my dream come true?
King Lear Act 1 Scene 1?
Good audition song for legally blonde?
So i have an acting evaluation and would like to kno what i should wear?
What are your thoughts on the popular musical "Into the Woods?"?
Chances of becoming a actress?
what legendany director died five dats after privately screening his last film in 1999?
Alto / Contralto Songs That Aren't Commonly Used?
How should I die tomorrow?
Does anyone know where to get a wicked the musical background?
Drama Directing - Where to start?
Is it hard to become a TV Producer?
Will imagining the audience having diarrhea cure stage fright?
How long does an average theatre play lasts for?
I need some lyrics from a song that ties into cassius's role in shakesperes tragedy of caesar play?
Does anybody know this answer in theatre?
Can anyone tell me a talent agency in Chicago for singing and acting?
Should I be in this musical even though I have a bad part?
what are some tips of auditiong in acting or theatre?
what's it called in a play/pantomime etc when the crowd know what's happening but the actors don't?
Songs for a Soprano singer for audition?
What is your experience with Interface talent networking agency?
Help! What software do I use to create opening credits like in star wars?
What is a SAG member?
Name for my Act? Any ideas?
About the rights of the musical 'Wicked'...?
Who should I audition for?
Find a brandname for me for my coming hangbags line in Paris,?
Acting auditions and casting calls?
How old was Shakespeare's Henry V in "Henry V"?
what should i write my drama skit on?
How to become a actress?
Is there any website that tell about acting or what they are asked?
Can I try acting or should I just drop it?
What happens when you really feel like you love someone but truth is you havent met in person?
How do i find auditions for movies ? ?
I'm thirteen, is straightening my hair for my headshots a good idea?
Oh dear, is there something wrong with me or am i just extremely pathetic haha?
How do I audition for Disney cartoon movie? what site do I go to??
Not sure about entering a pageant or not? braces etc? helpp?
HELP THEATER FANATICS! Need a duet piece between male and female?
how can i pursuade my parents to let me go to drama school?
How can you tell if someone is a good actor/actress?
Grandma Josephine in willy wonka?
Will I be able to make it on Broadway?
I need a good pyscho killer monologue for a male, preferably 1-2 minutes?
need ur help?
do actors get a bonus for nude/sex scenes?
High School Musical Or Camp Rock.????
In the Crucible, how does the unusual nature of this play seem appropriate to its role of social commentary?
Is Linsey Lohan a lesbian?
What are the most famous Disney duets?
What are good Acting schools in california?
what are some acting schools that I can get in?
How much money do young actresses make a day?
How to start acting?
My Parents wont let me start acting until I've finished school?
Actor Looking for Serious Agent? NYC or LA Will send resume?
Isn't it ironic that before there was Film and TV, everyone went to the theatre, but now only people who are
Advice for an aspiring actress?
Community college for acting?
theatre cast gag gift ideas?
Is God a comedian performing for an audience that is afraid to laugh?
What instruments can you play?
When are they going to play Christmas STORY?? Does anyone like it as much as me?
Can someone give me a good tittle for my play?
What are the chances for at least making a decent career in the acting industry?
agamemnon question, theatre class?
Where can I find cheap wizard tickets?
oprah winfrey e-mail address?
Red Skelton Show monlogues?
the best talent agency in chicago?
What was the role of the choragus in Oedipus the King?
Who played in the movie Ali Baba and the 40 thieve?
Does anyone know what the technical term for "forest lighting" is?
which one do you think is better camp rock or high school musical?
are you famous in your school?
Actor search?
What's a good community college and university in California that will help me become a successful actress?
How close do i have to live to be in CESD?
I'm trying to produce a play, need a little help?
how to become a film diractor or scriptwritere?
Acting tips?? Anyone wanna help?
Will there be a stage adaptation of High School Musical 3 made for school and community theatres to perform?
Am I scene or not? (in the inside, maybe a bit)?
Acting like secret agent?
Missoula Theature?
How is willy loman affected by his good and bad memories?
What behaviors do recovering drug and alcohol users have?
is it better to get a audition for a film in america?
who has play american girl - mia goes for great?
What do you think of my script? do you think it would be good as a short youtube film?
how does society use elements of theatre?
Good short story ideas?
Help! I've caught the acting bug.?
Does anyone know a dramatic monologue for a teenage girl?
Have I missed auditions for Catching Fire?
I want to get back into acting in the Chicagoland Area. Anybody know where I can find listings of Auditions?
Is "Madame De La Grande Bouche" a good role in Beauty and the Beast JR?
What age to go to university? (Acting)?
Short Play ideas??? PLEASE HELP?
How can I memorize lines quickly?
Macbeth x homework x :) ?
is the wicked witch of the witch a princiable character in the wizard of oz?
How could I gain confidence to be the lead in the school play?
Can you pick a fedora that looks closest to the Phantom's?
Do you get detractors in what you are trying to do?
Disney Auditions for "Lemon Mouth"? is this legit?
When casting for the Wizard of Oz.....How?
has anyone ever heard of Homeschool Preforming Arts?
How do I get over stage fright?
does anyone have any advise about becoming an actress if you do please tell?!?
I am auditioning for a high school in which I need a monologue from a published play?
What is there to know about modern day theatre?
Is Romeo and Juliet a tragic story?
Which is the best acting school in Mumbai?
Question about a casting call?
song for audition?
what is your favorite musical?
What are Willy Loman's views on business?
Ideas for an emotional scene in a video?
how could I become famous?
Should I try out for the lead in my school play?
What was your most memorable theatrical experience, either on-stage or off?
I want to write a musical, any ideas?
who is the husband of gwyneth strong?
Am i crazy wiz zos symptems?
Whats your favorite musical or play of all times?
Doesn't anybody know any good acting agencies in London?1?
How do you become a lumanati?
Who's your favorite actor/actress?
Name an actor actress or singer u just cant stand?
How can I write cheerleader monologue?
What should my emails to casting directors look like?
Hero or Villain? (For all people who like acting)?
So I Got Cast As A Cheerleader...?
What should I wear for a mock trial competition?
Our remake of a film [WITH VIDEO]?
Toonces the Drving Cat was f@%&ing hillarious right?
Where can I print off scripts on the internet that would be suitable for an amateur drama group?
once again romeo and juliet ?s ACT 5?
can anyone recommend a good agency in the UK which hires extras?
Who Are The Greatest Actors Of The Generation?
monologue help please can't find anything!?
Movies or Plays?
Anyone know of any good acting/modelling agents in England?
what are activities/ clubs i should get involved in if i want to be an actress?
whats that one play with the two characters snivelheart and bungles?
Is the play "Promedy" full length?
Ideas for an emotional scene in a video?
What are the awards for plays called? like movies = oscars, tv shows = emmys... what is a play award?
Is John Robert Powers Auditioning for real?
Any whimsical musical theater songs?
I'd would like actors' opinions on why you got into acting in the first place.?
origin of Drama and theatre?
what is a interesting thing about William Shakespear?
How Can a Great Actor In My Own Way?
will aida ever come to california even though the tour is over?
is a scam?
Is my glee audition good?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory?
does anyone know about highlite modeling?
I kinda like's this for a monologue and how would I incorporate it?
How do I tell my mom I want to be an actress?
what are some good scripts to practice acting with?
Any tips for my disney channel audition?
I'm thinking of doing a puppet show on Youtube or would that be lame?
Any ideas of pantomime?
How to play hard to get?
what is a good and easy way to learn musical theory (Any advice at all is a appreciated)?
Is there any acting agents for a 13 year old?
Do you need to go to college to be a actor?
Big acting audition question?
Were and to what restrictions apply when getting a entertainment license.?
What do you do?
what is ashely tisdale`s email?
where can i find the plays of absurdists on the net for free?
Does anyone know of any good acting classes in Los angeles or hollywood?
is high school musical 2 good?
I'm only a teenager, but I want to start a career in acting. How should I start?
Are disney channel auditions real?
Who's idea was it to have a WOMAN play Peter Pan on stage rather than a MAN?
information on the play pinnocio??need help !!?
Where can you get sheet music for the musical the book of mormon?
pls tell me the reason why india country is not comingg national worldcup, football.?
Any drama and acting tips? ?
What Developments have there been recently in theatre lighting?
actress acted with koundamani?
Does anyone know anything about Teen Witch the Musical thats supposed to be a stage production in NYC?
How can I find a fashion show/event coordinator?
Romeo and Juliet?
Is Les Miserables no longer playing on Broadway, NYC?
What is meant by "Character Faces"?
Anyone got any tips for acting?
how can i be "bad boy gangsta" looking actor in Hollywood?
what are good magazines/newspapers for actors?
What are some good, legit talent agencies in Michigan?
is there anyone out there in carson who can help me become an actresss???
John Robert Powers School?
Do you think that I can act?
where can i find actors and extras and how much should i pay them?
where can i get cheap poster boards.?
What is some ideas for merchandise?
what some examples of love as a creation of violence in the play of romeo and juliet?
Do actors playing a sex scene actually have sex?
Auditons, casting calls, (people with experience please)?
what funny movies are best?
Is a midsummer nights dream a good play?
Any strong female characters in Jacobean/Shakespearean plays?
where is actor Lee Paterson?
Is Interlochen Arts Academy Good?
Ideas for christmas playwriting?
Is this messed up what my Drama teacher did to me? Opinions Wanted?
Does anyone know of any reputable modeling agencies in south Florida?
What does Pro-Athenian bias mean?
Are asians possible to join Hollywood?
Who can help me with a phone, fax & address for a Zauder bro in Freeport New York I am looking for face paint.
How do I build acting experience to get an agent?
What are some good Acting Agencies in Ohio that will let me audition for them and maybe represent me?
doe's anybody know who johnnie spoon tune is ????
Any tips on how to approach playing a male character when you are a girl?
Anybody know of any acting agencies in North Carolina (or somewhere else)?
Stage Daggers?
how many people play musical instruments?
which is better mamma mia , or high school musical?
i want to be a actress?
steelbar theater website?
Any open casting calls in NYC or Jersey that a teenage girl can attend?
this is really important please help! =]?
where can i find enlish drama schools in Delhi?
Does anyone have any ideas for school play auditions?
What song should I sing for a urinetown audition?
get discovered?
I need a plot for a story on one of the murderers in the play Macbeth?
what was the theater like in shakespears time during the Elizabeth period?
Hey, can anyone tell me please what is the difference between a screenplay and a movie script?
Can anyone tell me the end of this monologue?
How long should a Juilliard audition monologue be?
How do I get over not making an audition?
Is Hamlet playing in the SF bay area soon?
Auditions In San Antonio , Texas ?
What is everyone's favorite musical?
Where To Apply To Become A Pornstar?
does anybody like wild n out?
White tiger costume for my musical? please help?
How do people cry on cue?
why the long face?
How to become a internet model at age of 13?
Whats a good musical that has alot of women in it?
Help with Downloading a Movie?
Good last name to fit my first for acting?
where can i find the story, A christmas carol ... in a play version?
High School Musical On Stage?
what do i need to look out for in buying a secondhand cello?
careear problem?
What do you think about this scene?
What are some good Korean dramas?
What was the most famous Shakespeare play of all time. And what is your favorite play anyway???
What Does This Line Mean From Romeo and Juliet?
What is the context of hamlets second soliloquy "Oh what a rogue and peasant slave am I"?
Sarah Bernhardt style of acting?
any tips on acting and how to become an actress?
How do I obtain permission rights to use a screenplay as a stage production?
My Mytouch4G is acting up , ANYONE PLEASE HELPP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!?
wer can i attend puppetry workshop?
i have huge stage fright?
How can i get a LEGIT agent?
Can you just walk into an agency?
how many people on here like high school musical ?
Audition screw up!!!?
National American Miss Questions?
Would it be bad to audition for a role where the character is gay...?
I can't decide on a major for college. ( I am only in the tenth grade but I want to get everything laid out).
The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter???
Can you tell me who any of the actors in this picture are?
Improv advice?
Where is the book/music to She Loves Me?
Where can I find legit acting audition websites?
Actors,Actresses from the 1920's 30's looking for cards and photos?
What is the best College/University to pursue a career in musical theatre?
What does a Stereotypical Goth look like?
what are some real legit websites for castings for movies and t.v. shows?
Is it possible for a Vietnamese- American to become a Korean Actress?
which cirque du soleil show is better? O or Mystere?
Easy songs for a musical theatre audition?
Hey I'm auditioning for this show, and i need a song that can show off my range. I'm a kid-teenage tenor.
Does anyone know of any classes or programs for plus sized girls that want an acting career?
i need to know where to find a drama play that has 36 parts for 16 boys and 16 girls.?
I'm hoping to become an actress when i'm older,what shall i do?
What are some good chords to play in piano improv?
OMG! Eastenders! I was blown away, what did u think of the acting?
Songs to sing for an audition?
Will IELTS help me If I want to study Theatre or Voice Overs?
Best place to live to start an acting career?
Ironic Romeo&Juliet? I mean....more ironic than original one?
How can I become an actress in Australia?
Am I too tall to be an actress ?
How do I tell my parents I want to do acting?
what are the truth behind politition and actor?
Can a director act in the lead of his/her films?
Can actors pick and choose who to play in real life?
female wolf names for cos play?
acting hmm is it worth itt?
Is it true????
Is Les Miserables worth seeing?
Could Frank Sinatra actually play the piano?
Do you think Bailey and Cody from the suite life on deck will get back together?
where do i look for castings for movie extras?
How to break my southern accent?
How can I become an actress?I don't have a lot to work with.?
In the high school version of the musical "Sweeney Todd", what is Johanna's highest note?
Would you purchase a Shakespearean necklace?
How can i reach my Dreams while I'm young?
I don't want to?
What is a good acting trick to make yourself cry?
all about MACBETH??
Can I send an Acting Portfolio to Acting agency's ?
Minimum age you can do acting classes at KD College or sign to a agency without parental permission?
Links to Monologues from plays?
Is Dearing Studios a good acting school?
Why do people have to behave so badly in theatres nowadays?
Re to Cogito: Concerning finances.?
Is High School Musical 3 Going to be in thaters?
Is this a miricle???
Does anyone know the the name of this play?
I got the part for a play in my school. The play is called U lose: Game Over... Help?
Are there any good websites to find auditions?
I love to sing and act and i practice everday. I really want to be famous, but is it really that easy?Howcan i
What is the names of the three little maids from school in the Mikado?
How can I tell if a photographer takes good headshots? Please help!?
What's the best way to get involved in Theatre?
Is there a website where i can apply to auditions?
Stage name? Please help.?
Know any good, funny monologues?
if im 15 going into modeling and acting do i need my working papers?
How to develop my narrator role?
Is This a Scam?
What do you think about her performance?
Where does Katy Perry's Firework video take place?
What do you think of this departure letter to my acting teacher?
i want to know if i can watch the play "the servant of two masters" online?
what are some tips to writing a song?
How to become an actress?
I'm in a directing class at a theater school, help me pick a scene?
I'm sick, and have an audition this weekend! Help!?
How can I make myself cry?
can any one help me find this?
How can someone go about auditioning or writing for Saturday night live or MadTv?
Where can I get both the movie and broad way production sound tracks for Rent for really cheap?
Child acting/modeling/performing?
Hello I got a call from a modeling/ acting agengy and I was wondering if it is a scam?
What was your best theater experience?
High school talent show?
when is stephen sondheim writing his new musical?
Tv production questions Please help?
Mp3 High School Musical (Stage version)?
In the play Othello, why does act 3 begin with an exchange between cassio, a clown, and a musician?
What is a Soliloquy?
Tips on fake crying?
Can you intrepret this Shakespeare speech for me?
Im 28 yrs old. Im from london, and ive decided to chase my dream of acting in LA. Am I crazy?
How do I become popular?
it is necessary to have experience as actor, to make a hearing in the Disney? or it is enough to have talent?
How can i network as a Lighting designer for Theatre?
Plays wih an anorexic lead?
what is youtube? i have seen Rent on bway 6 times so far..but one thing i just don't understand is the song contact
Literary Devices in Romeo and Juliet Act IV?
Is 5'10 too tall to do theater?
there are mutha' fu(kin' snakes on the mutha fu(kin' plane!??
when and where is "the producers" auditioning in vegas?
Clevelanders, do you know what's being put on downtown by any chance?
Anybody Know About The Venue And The Details Of The Auditions In DELHI,Of INDIAN IDOL.?
i need some good ideas for a talent show act?
I want to be an extra for a tv show I need these requirements where can I get them?
Where can I find Cyrano de Bergerac in French?
What's a good start for my acting career?
What's your opinion of Saoirse Ronan?
what is the most stressful part of an audition for you?
shakespeare in an audition...?
I am having some trouble with my voice. How do i know that i am singing with a good tone?
At first, Friar Laurence can't believe Romeo is serious about Juliet because he thinks?
Does it really take luck to break into Hollywood?
Need Help on a Skit!!?
can anyone name any plays that are about or linked to Communism in the USA, Nazism or the Cold War?
did true love exist between Romeo and Juliet's relationship. They only spent 3 days together!!!! Thanks guys!?
What are some good female monologues that are dramatic and 1-2 minutes?
Who's seen the new Superman movie?
i need to know where the best acting classes i can get in LOS ANGELES,CA?
which name is better? Melina Patel, Alisha Patel, or Reshmee Patel?
do u think changing ur name is a good idea?
Do u have to audition for non speaking roles in commercial modeling?
Can anyone provide me with an entire list of the songs played during Talladega Nights?
In the story Macbeth.....?
Talent show song opinions?
who are ur best wrestlers?
I was looking over some horror movie websites and i happened upon this crazy....?
has anyone ever heard of "Adkids"?
Does America have Pantomines?
Auditions for Eastenders?
My friend is looking for a great Acting College.?
Auditions / casting calls for Doctor Who?
how do you become famous?
How to become an actress at 23yrs old? and where to start ....?
Grease the Musical.... is it worth seeing?
Can shy people learn how to act?
How does this idea sound?
Is anyone involved in plays that are performed for children?
I want to try out for Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn?
Lestat cast recording?
Question about THE CRUCIBLE?
How can I spread the words for my Talent Show?
How do you cry when you act?
How do you view Romeo & Juliet?
IN SAN DIEGO are there any dance troups/theatre troups that would be willing to "lend" costumes 4 short time?
I am after music / lyrics performed by Archie Usher in the show Soldiers in skirts about 1947....where ???
can a foreigner become a hollywood actor?? 10 points!?
I need a name for my Buissness?
im 19 and was wondering are there open auditions in the uk as i dont have an agent yet, this is my dream!?
What do you think about Romney being cast in a Broadway play as scar-face?
Our Town Cast Questions?
What Are the names of the 2 faces of The Muse of Comedy and the Muse of Disaster?
Has anyone ever done CAP21 summer musical theatre training?
I'm looking for a good theatre summer camp?
How to become a porn film-actor?
I need to be a heinous b*tch for my play. How?
Finding a title for a certain play?
What if a 15 years old but wanna be actor when i grow up?
i have drama class and i need advice help please?
Am I a good actress ?
What if I don't like my "love interest'?
How can i laugh like this? mimic her laugh?
A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Any suggestions for a monologue?
How Do I Breakdown This Short Dramatic Monologue If i have No Experience in Acting?
Does Anyone Have Any Advice for Learning How to Cry Onstage?
What is the pre-sale code for High School Musical on ice?
Academy of Art U(Acting) or The American Academy of Dramatic Arts LA?
What would I call a short performance piece set to music?
I need a good monologue!! Please help me! By Monday!?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
laughing/smiling during a scene?
Whats Antigone's special weapon?
How can you maek yourself cry?
I want to be an actress. How can I make it?
Explore Talent Emergency!?
Catching Fire Auditions?
I my audition for the show glee good?
Who should she be, for the Annie musical?
do any actors practice Buddhism?
what is the resolution in the play Medea by Euripides?
Anyone know where I can get a script of Bouncers by John Godber from?
what musical do you want to see right now?
What (in the 21st century) is theatre for?
Was William Shakespeare Gay?
My minecraft for iPhone is acting weird! Please help!?
How to find auditions for a lead role in independant films.?
Should I get a role in a kid zombie movie?
Good Songs for Showchoir?
what would be a good scene name for Mikayla?
I want to be a actress?
How do i memporize over 60 pages of lines in 2 days?
Acting help and tips? Thank you. :)?
What is the quickest solution to cure a lost voice?
Do you think Shakespear really wrote his plays, poems and sonnets are was it someone else?
My name wasn't on the callback audition list? What does this mean?
What the best way?
What are some themes for Pygmalion or the movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore, like don't judge a book by
16 bars of sheet music? Songs to sing?
Beginners actor resume?
Good idea to send tickets to my show to talent agency?
play with two women?
auditioning for bye bye birdie schoool play.... need tips!!?
how did juliet's relationship with her nurse affect her response to romeo?
Why do I feel embarassed saying my lines in this Shakespeare play?
can I have help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do I help my students cope with stage fright?
How to act like a ten year old boy?
I didn't get the lead in my play cause im not tall enough even though i had the best audition is that right?
I need your HEEEEELLLLLLPPPP romeo + juliet coursework?
please answer my question(teens only)?
How Is Cyrano The Romantic Hero Of The Play "Cyrano De Bergerac" ?
What song should I sing if I'm auditioning for Marian Paroo (the Music Man)?
i love to act?
If you were in the Adult entertainment industry,what would you're "stage name" be ?
How do you get work as an extra (or 'supporting artist') in television?
Help acting like I'm my twin sister?
Aladdin Audition Song needed ASAP?
Where Can I watch A Midsummer's night Dream play?
Where can I get sheet music for Sweeney Todd?
help me to direct act 2 scene 2 in romeo and juliet its the one when hes at her place in the yard at night?
What is a smorc? (extra characters)?
Which Name Sounds Better As A Stage Name?
how or what do i do?
Is starting an acting profession realistic?
What would be your dream role in a musical?
auditioning for a musical?
Can you take a video camera into a professional musical production in America?
Watch Wicked or not watch Wicked?
Has anyone been to see the Blue Man Group? Was it good?
any websites for open casting? NYC?
Button Box Accordion?
Which Job would you take?
Is it easy to get an audition in LA if you're only there for a few days?
Why did Shakespeare's plays often have only roles for men?
HELP! i want to be a actress does anyone know a good agency or site?and is explore talent a scam?
What type of model release will I need if I produce ADULT FILMS?
Am i good enough to audition?
Please help!! Actors question ONLY!?
What Are The Steps For Getting Into Elite models?
Will there be a High school musical 4?
Is it too late to get into acting?
How do I go about getting my kids started in modeling and acting without getting ripped off?
Is this a good headshot?
About Hamlet?
Is "Wicked" appropriate for a first-grader?
Tips for theater auditions?
Were Greek dramas were often performed outside, under an open sky?
Where did Shakespeare get the idea for Romeo and Juliet?
i really want to become a disney channel kid actor i am 13 yrs old and i want to find an agent?
How to memorize lines fast im playing prince eric in little mermaid the musical and have a week to memorize!?
does anybody know a number i can contact so i can do auditions for anything?
Help ! Anne Frank references ! 10 points !?
Why do people stereo type guys who like theaters are ga?
Any school where you can learn to be an actress?
whats a good name for a paintballing team?if the team colors are red/black?
If you met Lady Macbeth what 10 questions would you ask her?
Question about becoming an actor?
Whats the best broadway musical rightnow?
I want to be an actress?
Staten Island community theatre?
do you think it's worth it to hire a voice coach to get rid of your accent?
page parkes agency question?
Being successful in acting industry?
What is a good monologue with which to audition for "The Taming of the Shrew"?
Do actors ever get on friendly enough terms to visit each other?
Where can I find a play called Khaki Blue written by actor Ben Piazza in 1969?
Should I wear a mask?
What are the differences in Cinderella's and Snow White's wicked step mother?
Which successful actors started acting late?
how do i get an agents number for acting?
About Willard The Crucible?
What is an actor's workshop?
On what date will Idina Menzel last perform in Wicked, London?
I have callbacks for a lead in a show next week. I fell confident but the competition is fierce. Any tips?
please, make me feel better???!!!???!!? story?
HELP! I Desperately NEED A Monologue!!! :O?
where were te different ghettos?
How do you tie a pirate's waste sash?
Audition song for Little Shop of Horror and tips for audition?
Bharata natyam?
What is the Grand Ole Opry?
Can everyone act?
How does lady macbeth cover for macbeth at the banquet in act III?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
What are some strong threater songs?
if they were to make the wizard of oz again who should play what? why?
Are there any children in the play "Don't Drink the Water"?
Is Disney casting any new TV shows currently?
how does acting classes work ?
Audition Websites for acting?
What is a good monologue for this audition?
I wanna become a voice actor?
Shakespear's The Tempest?
Scene or cheerleader?
Helena short monologues?
What are the chances that I'll become famous(like actor or singer)?
Help With Anne Frank?
What should I do for this audition?
I'm looking at orchestra seats for The Wiltern in LA & where is it located? is it good seats?
What is a good camera for an aspiring filmmaker?
theatre breaks in norwich?
A name for a little kids drama group?
the debonaires show group. john andsean from benalmadena area spain iwould like to know if i can still get cds
more agency questions... help please?
who is the ugliest Hollywood actor?
MACBETH QUESTION!!! what knowledge does macbeth gain about himself in the play?
Idea's for a show...?
Can you become obsessed with a show ?
Where are the Disney Jessie auditions in la? I want the adress please. Please don't be selfish and tell me!?
Fa Li in Mulan Jr.?Plllleeeeeezzzz answer!!!?
What should I wear as character Simon Stimson in the play "Our Town?"?
What to prepare for your first audition?
Any casting calls? Auditions... any links to sites! Thanks 2 everyone <3?
Why naming "macbeth" inside a theater brings bad luck?
How can I get a start working for Disney Channel? God bless?
I need a one-minute monologue from a play--where should I start looking?
where is actress Vivian Vance ( of I Love Lucy) buried?
help. Skit?
How to speak with a Spanish accent?
What's your favorite musical?
Tips on fake crying?
How to become an actress?
i am going to the movies tonightwhat?
Im looking for an audition any tips?
Who's hotter?
In Death of a Salesman, were Willy Loman's flashbacks real or what he wished happened in the past?
Eponine halloween costume?
I need to find a job in the Piano Entertainment business, can you help me?
Are there any auditions for movies, tv shows in Columbus Ohio?
What song should I use to audition for Beauty and the Beast?
i need a funny, random, quick and easy talent show act?
Acting career: what's the possibility of becoming a successful actor?
I am actually a beginner so i really need an help. please can anyone tell me how to play praise songs. thanks.?
What do you think of my singing?
How or were do I get head shots for getting an agent..and how do I get an agent for acting?
what is the easiest way(without an agent) to get info for auditions?
Who wrote and performed the soundtrack to the movie "The River Wild"?
Critique my monologue (video)?
Invitation to NCLR Alma Awards?
"Life is not a dress rehearsal" does anyone know who said this quote?
suite life auditions 3?
Any great monologues for teens?
How do i get into acting at age 13?
If you were to be on stage for acting, speech or a comedy act, what would make the ideal or the best audience?
Need help finding a talent agency?
Why Jayy Von Monroe so mean?
everyone has a talent, what's yours?
who is the best actors in the boliwood movies?
Help with stage kissing!?
What is everything that I need to take to a print audition?
How do actors not go crazy pretending to be other people all the time?
Emcee audition material help?
Why is 'Macbeth' considered unlucky to thespians?
What is the name of this play/movie?
What is hot for high school theatre this fall? In other words, what are the hot plays for fall?
I have a natural talent but i am afraid to get out there.Someone point me in the right direction?
Anne of Green Gables Callback?
What is your dream part?
Question from an aspiring young actress...?
I need to make an audition tape for a film and Im confused!?
What is the best way to find an agent?
One act plays for 10-13 year olds.?
halloween costume...?
Calling all actors with experience in film/television?
Help what should I do please?
some tips to help make yourself cry during a monologue/scene please?
I got a pretty important role in a play at university drama society, any tips to remember lines?
Acting agencies in california?
Turning 18 has made me want to consider other career paths?
Which Actors And Actresses Have the Best/ Worst Chemistry?
How to become a teen actor?
I want to become an actress. What can I do now, since I'm 14?
Tomarrow I have...........?
How did the three witches influence Lady Macbeth?
Van Gogh cut off part og his own left ear during a quarrel with which other artist?
Why is it significant that Fortinbras as the final word in Hamlet?
Where to find acting auditions in Portland, OR? ?
Who was the first woman to appear in ancient theatre as an actress?
How to get into character? Tips for school audition?
Who is the person behind the eyes in my avatar??
How do I become a brilliant filmmaker and transform the film industry?
Songs about Romeo and Juliet?
How old do I look to you?
how do i choose the right monologue? Please Help!?
What does Beat mean?
I want to be an actress but have no experience?
Audition song for Lucy in narnia?
what to sing for spring musical auditions?
What is Method Acting?
give atleast 5 chamber theatre titles?
Have you ever gotten hurt?
I LOVE to acted and sing and dance! But sometimes i freek out on stage...stage fright?
What is the best film school in the western part of the U.S.?
Are There Any Auditions In ....?
How much do non-union actors get paid?
Where are 3 places in act 1 of romeo and Juliet where lord and lady capulet show true concern for Juliet?
Where can i buy a good quality Phantom of the opera halfmask online (no cheap plastic wannabe's)?
Details about "The Sound of Music" Musical by Andrew LLyod Webber?
Are there any Disney Channel TV shows having auditions and casting right now?
What is the part of a play's plot in which the hero faces a major obstacle or problem?
Where do most actors act and live?
Why everybody keep telling me that ?
Is it stupid to want to be an actress when your the shyest girl in your school?
how do romeo and juliet's family connect?
Should I get into acting?
Is Tom Cruise a case study in how to throw away an acting career? Are we seeing his decline and fall?
Octopus Love by Jason Milligan?
Will Once Upon a Time have Wizard of Oz?
Which Name Sounds Better As A Stage Name?
Do I have a possibility to be famous?
What do u think about HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?
Acting programs?
I'm in year 6 I do acting classes but I want to be in shows ,what do I do?
are acting agents terribly expensive?
Guys and Dolls character questions?
How can I get my baby into modeling in L.A.?
In a movie you direct, how would you kill the heroine(me)?
Can someone interpret this Shakespeare passage?
What are some good legit acting/modeling agency's.?
casting calls, recording, makinn itt.?
Help remembering an actor's name?
how can i become a mexican-american actress in l.a.?
i keep missing my acting classes on purpose?