How do i become famous?
Jersey Accent help please?
How do I get over the fear of auditioning for a school play?
Speech for a introduction to a school performance?
Can you pick one strength/weakness I show in my modeling portfolio?
Skit Ideas, please?
What is the criterion of actresses for the selection of their life partner ?
Good Soprano Broadway song for adition?
How to punish my 16 year old daughter for swearing in her theatre play?
what newspapers in melbourne australia give/show you acting casting calls?
What was the pay rate in the 1930 for an actor?
how do you get over stage fright?
Have you ever been to a acting audition?
can anyone help me think of a sketch that will be played on stage and lasts for no less than 20 minutes?
Do you agree with the changes they made to the Broadway 1998 version of Cabaret?
Does anybody know where i can find the kabuki or puppet theatre script?
What's the difference between adapting a story and making a story based off of something?
If a comedian uses props in his or her stand up act, does that mean that they are a weak comedian...?
Acting Career! I need help?
How can I become a famous actress?
What is a voice reel?
I am writting a script. I don´t know where can i sell it?
What is the actual transition process between going to regular school and going to school on set...?
Greatest musical of all time in your opinion?
talent show?
High School Musical 4?
Could this go on an acting resume?
HEY I NEED AN ANSwer please?
Who should I cosplay as?!?
What visa do I need to audition for acting jobs in UK?
i want to be a!?
Looking for silly/girly monologues?(:?
"The Producers" Fans, please answer this!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Chance of a lifetime. should i do it?
does anyone know where I can get fake greek columns/pillars in short notice?
How do I rehearse for technical theatre?
Acting/modeling summer camps in Atlanta?
Where can I get high quality Actor headshots in the toronto/thornhill area?
Should I do drama club if I'm already in drama as an elective? Please help?
can you tell me the summary of the play "equus"?
Pantomime Ideas? I need them by tomorrow?
Are Lebanese good at acting?
My friend is into theathre etc and is a play at the moment.?
Does anybody like the Phantom of the Opera?
How do you deal with not making it into a play?
What is your favorite musical?
Please HELP! i really wanna act.?
Acting/Music Universities?
which is better?
which programs or films were set in the 1920's?
Which role should I audition for in Phantom of the Opera with my voice type?
is this poem a fine tribute to twin towers ?
Monologues!! Five Finger Exericse?
If an actress did a topless photoshoot/...?
what would a note sheet for an asylum patient look like?
Does anyone know of any Disney Channel auditions in Dallas, Texas?
i want to join a theatrical group in rutland anyone know of any?
I want to become an actress?
How do You Act Mercutio?
Who represents pianist Gabriella Montero for engagements in North America?
Does this sound practical?
Question on Julius Caesar (play)?
How do I get a job as a Voice Actor?
should they make a new high school musical?
Did she insult me? Should I be angry?
Is Mrs. Potiphar in "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat" a good role?
Acting Questions? Am I too old?
What are some ways to get free One Direction tickets?
Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall?
Monologues under the theme "Love Never dies"?
Need sheet music for GYPSY song? I don't want to buy it I want to print it.?
what can i do for my national youth theatre audition? any ideas..?
Does anyone have the Hairspray script?
how to make characters of 'inammorati' from comedy del arte interesting and not neutral?
Famous/Popular Plays?
what can i do to be a voice actor?
I'd like the contact details of the Department of Theatre Arts, Ibadan, Nigeria, email, tel or fax. Thanks
Have any of you heard of Venessa Paradise before you heard Johnny Depp was Dating her?
How does Mercutio's language show the type of character he is? (in Romeo and Juliet)?
what is hannah montana phone number?
What is your favorite HORROR film?
Do you like Highschool musical?
name the movie in which Rani mukhar jee dies?
college tips?
How do i write a resume?
I need an idea for an individual pantomime?
BEST PLay of all Time??
Do I have a chance as a professional actress?
I love acting . how do i become famous?
example of foil in romeo and juliet?
How do you apply method acting and prepare for a cross gender role?
Your fave pantomime?
Roeseda (or Reseda) Soeurs? Mentioned in the play "Ring Round the Moon".?
How can I become famous?
Do teen choice awards come on twice?
What do I wear to go see the Nuter?
What would be a good musical for a high school/community theater group to perform?
I want to go into acting but i dont know how to get started!!!?
Did anyone hang themselves in The Wizard of Oz? My kids told me this.?
What does a flim sound recorderman do?
I need a funny, short, 2 person christmas script for a talent night. Have any ideas?
Jason Robert Brown at an audition?
Any opinions on any amc that have online ticketing in Chicago, IL ??
I have a few questions about cover letters, when I send my resume/headshot out?
Does anyone know of a good casting agency?
What is this move called?
Why is theatre important nowadays?
Script for "Bang Bang You're Dead"?
what should i do to not get STAGE FRIGHT????
What are Verdi's operas?
do you think this is a good review ot the musical "HAIR"?
What are some good plays I could read?
female monologues from plays?
Americans, I'm a british actor and I need you to rate my accent?
Musical theatre camps in Atlanta?
My daugter,who is 13, wants to act.Where can I find a company that will take young teenager 13 on up?
Was Shakespeare left or right handed?
Do you need experience to go to acting screen tests?
A Raisin in the Sun...?
I am 14, and would like to try acting. Where should I begin?
Is London a good city to be discovered in as an actor ?
What is your all time favorite musical?
Where is the best place to sit in the Ambassadors Theatre, London?
Auditions in New York or somewhere?
What's a good play/musical to see in London this week?
crying and acting?
who is the best actor shahid kapoor or saif ali khan?
does anyone have any Ideas for my Improv, Music, pantomime thing for my drama class?
What are some famous Disney Duos?!?! PLEASE HELPPP!!?
How does somebody work to break into the business of acting?
what makes a good actor?
Lyrics for Batman Begins (2005) Song?
i neeed help with booking West End Tickets!!!!?
Was William Shakespear A Theif?
I am playing an role in a play that is really embarrassing!!! How to cope???!!!!!?
mention some adjective for person who likes to enact dramas?
How to become a actor at 13?
Any help guessing which musical this could be?
character description of macbeth?
The tragic character of leela benare in vijay tendulkar's play silence?
Little mermaid the musical?
Who played Joey Tribiani's agent on "Friends"?
accents help?
most faithful Othello film adaptation?
How would I construct 12'-16' tall sliding tree silhouettes for a stage production?
At the end of the play Sweeney Todd, does Sweeney kill himself at the end of the play?
I am a 20 year old actor and moving to Manhattan..What job to get and what hours????
Its just me, What kind of skit should I do?
How to get the lead in a high school spring musical?
What do you do when your work as props?
Monologues for female teenagers?
Is Cirque du Soleil Delirium appropriate for children?
where can I start as an actress?
I am trying to find a good monologue from the movie Little Women?
Theatre- School Plays?
read more pleez?
What are some four word musicals that start with the word "The"?
What is King Lear about?! *spoiler*?
What's a good song for me to sing at an audition for a musical?
legally blonde the musical the search for the next elle woods?
Audition! Jekyll and Hyde!?
i have to have a monolouge idea?
IM in a musical on FRIDAY!!!?
how to become an actress?
who were the closest people to william shakespear?
How to get an agent ? ?
Some movie titles which deal with travelling to Paris?
Does anyone (who may go to nyu)know when NYU's production THE LAST FIVE YEARS is & how/when I can get tickets?
how do you act insane?
AHHHHHHHH i want to be an actor!!!!?
How can I get into commercials and acting?
Theatre experience? Audition song help.?
What is Hollywood Talk?
I want to be an actress but if that doesn't work out than something in the law field?
What are some school-appropriate musicals?
Audition song for Les Mis?
Does anybody know a agent that is very good a girl always knows what to do and can find me auditions?
well i am sachin from chandigarh, and i do look like abhishek bachan and i want to try my luck in acting!!?
Somebody help me, I'm desperate!?
Can anyone offer me a teaching position in Europe? I'm a teacher.?
Good plays for high school?
What are some hilarious (pretend) talents?
Is 13 to old to start acting?
My voice is flat. How can I fix it?
Question about Shakespeare's The Tempest play..?
what type of music is this???
Why is that my snowball melted when I gently placed it in the microwave for 5 minutes?
I need a crash course on Shakespeare's Hamlet, can you help?
Why do people hate the musical CATS?
Please i relly need help!?
I need a three person group song for a thespian district competition...?
My all time dream is to be an actress in television or film. Im 15 years old. How can i become one now?
What famous person can you impersonate?
Although westside story is known as a musical is it still classed as a play?
when does Macbeth...?
where is joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat playing?
Acting Question... Are lessons needed?
Are there any non-singing male roles for the musical Gypsy?
Would this be enough experience to auditon for an agent?
How much does a musician make per performance for playing in an orchestra for a musical?
How can i act like a diva?
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?
I want to become an actress, but I have so many questions?
Acting questions? Please read!?
I can sing and act, but not dance.?
What do these Shakespeare King Lear lines mean?
How to get an acting audition?
Are there any acting classes that I can take to learn different accents in spoken German?
Ten points for best opinion on a song I wrote!?
who are the costume designer,cheographer,cinomatographer,tec… technical aspect?
Who do you think is a better actor, Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp?
how i can apply for the mtv roadies audition.?
Can topicality be taken too far?
I was wondering how old u have 2 be to try out for the rockettes?
Similar actors in looks or acting style?
What is acting class like?
Help with setting up a fanfic on tumblr?
What is this LIST name?
Is there any peter pan role plays? ?
Is it possible 4 me to have NO talent AT ALL? i'm no good at anything.i <3 singing,but ppl say im not good :(?
How to go into acting without your parents support?
future filmakers?
Acting career? Auditions, help?
Anyone in Arizona tried
Who is the TV comedic duo...?
I have to write a curriculum to teach theater . Where can I find an example of that to work from?
i would like to become an actress some day, what classes should i take? theater? i want to do justplain acting
Acting help, please!!?
the musical - Jekyll and Hyde?
i need a talent agent!?
Abrams Artists Agency?
whats the best way to get started in the acting business?
regarding my songs?
My son is in a play. Girls get flowers on opening night. What should a boy get?
I have to write a monologue for Ophelia from Hamlet, any ideas ? Thanks!!!?
If you could meet your FAVORITE MUPPET, who would it be? This is Theatre and Acting"....Creative Answers Pls!
I need some tips for acting? Please help me!?
Does my mom even care about my dream?
Why did England never develop a real opera tradition?
example of theater presentaion, plot and characters of the story?
Audition song suggestions?
how do you dress up like an actress?
do you like the Sound of Music?
Eden Espinosa and Aaron lohr still dating?
Acting classes in melbourne?
in the high school musical live... why did they replace zac efron ??
Im looking for a monolouge that is a female whos very bitchy and sarcastic, any links to website, or anything?
Should i continue acting?
Does anyone know Owen Wilson's quote on true love from wedding crashers?
Acting/modeling or softball?
Would Roger Corman's theory of filmmaking work for the stage?
how do you get into modeling?
I have this play I'm working on and I need help on a title.?
Where can I watch Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging for free online ?
Is it as easy as ringing up to get an acting agent?
How do I "WOW" the directors?
OK i know this is going to sound stupid but...?
what are senior-level positions for actors?
How do you script a fight in a screenplay?
Good Monologue for a 20 year old female?
how do i become a "disney channel" actress?
the photographer forgot to put my name on my head shot. what can I do?
Anyone have any short stories that can be recited in about 8 minutes?
What is the "average" amount of time it takes for a movie to come out after filming?
A one-minute monologue?
i have a musical theatre show tommorrow and a sore throat... help!!!!! what can i do?
What should i go for in the music man?
What's a fun Shakespeare scene?
what is a good monolgue to do for a high school audition?
I got a question about my acting resume?
Why should a person go to see a play?
Which Broadway show to see?
Was Hairspary originally a musical?
Do I have a shot at a career in acting?
How and where do i start out acting? ?
Are you a "Wizard of OZ" Fan?
What is the crucible about?
What time period is the play Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling set in?
What does macbeth's 'IF WE SHOULD FAIL?' suggest?
How to overcome the fear of preforming a play in front of about 50-100 people?
Theatre Special offers?
describe King Lear's character in the first act of King Lear..?
I need Studio Name Ideas?
how long to the west end casts stay on for?
broadway acting question?
Is young actors camp a scam?
How to shine at an audition!?
Why were dramatic monologues popular in victorian times?
who is the best agency for acting and how do i get them to be my agent?
help me pick two headshots..?
How can I become a actress? I am 12!?
i have a musical audition coming up... help me, please?
Im really confused in acting!?
I am thinking of applying to be an extra in a movie, what do I need on this list?
What kinds of scripts are best to memorize for SM Entertainment auditions?
what's slang for tabloid magazine?
I need a title for my script. Any ideas?
When Lady Macbeth says "out damn spot! out!" is there actually a literal spot or is it figurative?
should i take a chance?
How do you break into acting with out any experience? Do I need an Agent or take class first.?
Where do the Hollywood actors go when they went to start acting school?
I'm auditioning for the Musial stage production of footloose, what should i sing!?
Im afraid to act on stage but not in front of cameras?
i need to find a 2 minute speech from a play?
Will anybody teach me how to play the drums over the internet for free?
How do you play slender man? ?
What part, did Oprah play, in Charlotts Web?
what plays did shakespeare perform to queen elizabeth?
I'm wondering if anybody could give me any advise on acting?
Joker Impersonation???????????????
who is the joe boxer guy? and is he on IMDB?
What are some good Broadway style songs for baritones?
Did Wicked change the way you thought of The Wizard of Oz?
do you know if audition america is a ligitimate talent agency?
Do You Like (High School Musical) or (HMS 2) (Beter)?
Which one should i choose?
Shakespeare Globe Theatre help?!?
Harry Potter or High School Musical?
Musical theatre help?
I Want To Become Famous?
How Do I Tell My Parents That I want to Be an Actress?
Where can I find nickelodeon and Disney channel auditions?
i ALWAYS get cast as comedy roles?
Can you recommend a comedian ?
you dont have to be a singer if you wanna be an actress right??
My dad doesn't like me acting?
How can I find Mr. Right like Daniel Radcliffe??
Does Anyone Work with SAG or AFTRA out there?
Where is the best place to get student priced theatre tickets in London?
Am I to old to start an acting career?
How do I become an actor? Acting is my passion!?
all of us like film yes or no then who is u r favorite actor or actresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…
Would I Believe be a good audition song?
Where can I get hold of some cheap Mama Mia! tickets?
What are 3 kinds of dances in the musical KISS ME KATE?
Should I turn it down for my best friend?
What are the synonyms for Villain?
does anyone have the stage dimensions of the london palladium theatre?
What Good Websites Are There For Becoming An Extra ?!!?
Help help me! Need advice on resumes?
how can a person who want to be involve of those that are acting can be. from innocent korie?
Need catchy name for theatre company?
Best talent agencies in Philadelphia?
What events take place in Shakespeare's "Julius Ceaser" Act 1 Scene 2 inside the arena?
Help with picking a monologue please!?
ACTRESSES/DRAMA STUDENTS - Could you fill in this questionnaire for my textiles A-Level?
Tell me who are the best New York acting agents?
Whats your favorite play/musical?
How do I become famous?
What is your favorite musical of all time?
Whats the best practitioner to use when doing Trojan Women?
I want to become an actress when I leave college?
How do I make myself mad??
What does a role that says uncredited after it mean?
Acting talent agent audition?
how can i improve my acting? like for comunity theatre, not Broadway?
how do i find auditions for movies looking for actresses 12-16 years old?
Are there any agents in New York that it would be okay to go in and visit without an appointment?
What do you think of my play idea?
Should I feel intimated auditioning for paid roles or roles that require a lot of experience...?
Where can I find good actors?
How can I become an actress at 14?
Who is your fave indie actress-actor ?
What are ten main facts about Macbeth?
Name some African American Actors?
When you think of the show "Wicked" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
What acting coach would you reccomend in L.A.? Which one would benifit me more and be cheaper? Links below.?
have any acting tips?
Does anyone know if auditions are open for the High School Musical 2 and if yes when and where?
how many years of acting classes are required?
do you think if a very talented african american actor-?
Does anybody knows any monologue?
im auditioning for the school play tomorrow..?
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?
Urinetown The Musical Auditions?
acting answer s?
what is antony trying to say when he last speaks in act 5 scene 5?
Which Shakespearean play was the first to be performed?
Another Little Women The Musical question?
I really need help with this. Please just read it.?
is there a production of 'a day in the deatn of joe egg' in any london theatres in the near future?
Anybody know anything about the play "Once Upon a Time In New Jersey? "?
if ur a theatre director for seventh grade?
Im going to be an announcer at a talent show?
Why is it taboo to say 'Macbeth' in a theatre while not on stage?
Anyone knows any good acting colleges in Paris?
How do i become famous ? Thank You .?
which character did stormy daniels play in the 40 year old virgin?
Black actor that dead recently?
do you need to have any schooling to become either a models or actors agent?
What themes consistently showed up in Shakespeares plays?
are actors and/or acting looked at as worthless?
how many role plays have u done?
Fun Drama Camp Games for teenagers?
how do i become a model?! please help me!?
difference between SAG and Aftra contracts?
What is the most Popular song from Les Miserables?
How can you maek yourself cry?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
whats your opinion to these romeo and juleit questions?
For people in the UK that are actors/actresses that have or have had an agent?
Has anyone else noticed this about 13 year olds?
what theatre show do you think is better the phantom or les mis?
Shakespeare Merchant of Venice translation?
1a. do witches & wizards exit? 1b. what is there source of power?
what is hannah montana phone number?
Monologues for teen girls from a well-known play!?
I need an auditioning song?
Who was the director of this production?
increasing chances of getting a role in a movie or tv show?
can indians get a space in hollywood?
I've been given the opportunity to audition for High School Musical 3. I'm thinking about it, but aren't sure.
Is there any way to have a FILM acting career in New York City?!?!?!?
starting an acting class........?
What is a good comedy monologue for a teenage girl?
where can i find theatrical rental houses is the greater Nyc area?
What are different types of acting? Objectives to have?
Where can I find a professional fat suit?
Would I make a good actor?
Why didn't Disney take me?
how to act drunk on stage?
What part should I try out for in this musical?
How should i go about becoming a model & TV Actor?
What is your favorite play and why?
If you're an extra in a movie, do you get a copy of the script?
I have a question about Hamlet Act IV, Scene III!!!!! See Below.?
Receiving screen credit?
Acting Auditions in the Knoxville area.?
What is/are your favorite musical(s)?
Does newham council fund Stratford theatre?
Would You Write This For Drama Class?
can anybody tell me where i can found the song chaiya (the inside man movie song) at web sit?
If your website is in any search sites list. does it mean that the thing your site contains is your creation?
Have you ever spoken on a cellphone to nobody? Do you still? Why? Be honest!?
I Am Very Nervous About Opening Night For My Play Tomorrow. What Should I Do?
Audition Help?
can anyone plz tell me any thing to do with the shakespeare globe?
Any Ideas for a song for a large group musical number for 12-16 people (almost half guys half girls)?
Who is your favourite actor and actress?
How can I convince my parents to let me get an agent (for acting)?
Can you be taken seriously as an actor without graduating from drama school?
Memorizing Lines?
What does it mean to have "a look" as an actor? Please help!?
How do I start an acting career in movies, tv shows, and commercials from scratch?
Get a Degree or Pursue acting?
Seeking a dramatic male monlogue with a lot of sadness...?
how do you make fake things look real?
What is a good audition song for the part of Eponine in Les Miserables?
What would someone with a chance to get a first class honours degree?
Julius Caesar faults...?
how can i learn a brooklyn accent? it's for theatre.?
Drama Club....? Ideas and Suggestions?
Is it necessary for me to include these things in my resume for a theater audition?
What do you think the chance are?
"the treasure of sierra madre", who was the mexican actor who said " i don't need no stinking badge"
Ashlee Simpson as Roxie Hart in "Chicago"?
Pippa Ailion Office in London???
best way to increase my vocal range?
What is a good musical theatre scene?
Which model agency would take a 5'10" male model?
where can i find commercial auditions around my state?
Becoming a voice actor?
Sleep No More, Locations?
Best tips for casting calls?
Has AnyOne Been to see the Rocky Horror Show?
How is Macbeth a classic tragic hero?
Open auditions for teenage girls in the uk?
I wanna become a pornstar when I get older..but idk how..?
What is the best scene to memorize of Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar"?
I want to Try acting but i get Lazy when reading?
so the n is the noggin channel like at nite r sumthin?
i want to be come an actress but i don't know what to do HELP?
I need an idea for a short skit?
Im being type cast?!?!?
Hi I'm looking for a Halloween costume?
can you see anything from these seats in the apollo victoria theatre?
Audition for singing?
Why is Viggo Mortensen known as a Rennaisance Man?
I have no acting experience, but I really want to be an actress. Would an agency still sign me?
Acting and singing schools?
where can I find a good acting school for kids in New York City?
disneychannel acting jobs?
Where can I get Broadway theater flyers for cheap?
Does anyone know where I can find costumes for a Charlie Brown Christmas skit? Especially for Lucy.?
Writing a story for Drama class?
Does anyone know how to make a resume for performing arts. And can you show me one?? HELP!?
My life time dream is to become an actor?
I need a monologue.?
Is there any good affordable acting school in Florida ?
How should I conduct myself with my talent manager?
Need help on what agencies In CA, need your help!?
+10 points ; help me, please ? ...?
Where can i find free two person plays/scripts?
What is Malcolm's main conflict from Macbeth?
When I the next Britons got talent auditions ?
Do you think im prepared for the Hunger Games?
Is it worth it to start pursuing acting at the age of 23 with not prior experience?
So I asked my dad...?
What is the best teen acting agency? I'd love to start getting auditions.?
In West Side Story who is Consuelo?
When you are an actress ..what is a good part time job?
Actress Saritha have a sisters? who?
what is a play for 3 or 4 girls?
Who is the protagonist in Brighton Beach Memoirs?
Acting classes but shy!?
Is One Source talent real?
Are there any performers who died from a fatal injury during the play "Swan Lake"?
What roll Brad Pitt had in the film Thelma & Louise ?
I'm 17 and I'm looking for auditions in america for shows that will be aired on like comedy central or e4.?
Ideas for a good stage name?
how do i build my acting career out of nothing?
How to Study a Movies Acting?
What job is flexible enough to be a working actor ?
Where can I find ' Monologue' Quotes?
Can anyone give me a link to the script of a mystery play called "Flight International"?
2007 Teen Choice Awards?
Do people who frefuse to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, also refuse to believe if there child is moleste
Which agencies do I approach?
Who wants to audition for my Sims 2 Voice Over Series?
what is the meaning of yvonne?
Help! How fo I become an actor?
modelling in bangkok?
what do u think of high school musical?
I need ideas for a plot twist in Rumplestiltzkin? Play for creative writing?
I need an upbeat monologue from an American playwright?
Im a great actress but how do i get reconized?
Is this a possibility?
are there any schools that are very creative for many types of art in ny?
Dramatic Arts Degree?
Scandlest or sexy audition song?
Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
Acting schools- Good or Bad?
Hamlet’s fourth soliloquy help please?
I'd like to be an actress but should I even bother?! ?
Can you take a video camera into a professional musical production in America?
What beatles songs relate to Romeo and Juliet?
Hypothetically, how much do you think it would cost to RENT the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Like for an event?
How do I explain this acting situation to my parents?
Young actors and actresses?
pc goenner talent agency? help!?
Does anyone know about baby modeling auditions in Billings Mt?
I want to be an actress but....?
I need some links to online resources of material on Television Production?
Merchant Of Venice HELP !?!?
Can I keep acting a secret?
I want to be an actor, but my dad doesn't support me.?
Acting Classes?
I've got the acting bug!?
what is a good way to learn magic tricks free over the internet?
Forensics Help?
What did u think of High School Musical 3?
what is face shape of this actress?
Paramount Theatre Oakland?
Who was once considered for the original role of Dorithy in the Wizard of OZ?
are there any children's acting agencies in england?
Thoughts on my acting?
Sending fanmail to troika talent agency, will the actor read it?
What role does the theme of identity and belonging play in Harrison Ford's moive "Witness"?
Need new role play buddies ^_^ ?
When does High School Musical 2 come out?
Classic 19th/20th century plays in public domain (i.e. available on Project Gutenberg)?
How do i take the finish off of my guitar with sandpaper?
Is there a new Harold and Kumar 2?
Should I go to the USA to study acting or should I stay in Australia?
Character ideas for a play or musical?
Is there any place in Macbeth where Banquo shows appearance vs. reality?
Funny Jealous Girlfriend Monologues?
If I go to a high school specifically for the arts, should that be included on my resume?
Need to know What the New Globe theater looks like.?
the crucible how does the title reflect the events of the play?
Where to find Acting Auditions?
How do you properly Slate in an audition?
For those of you who were in theater arts in school,please click?
How can I nail this audition?
How did the Phantom of the Opera get that face in the original play?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
Good Acting Agencies in Knoxville TN?
who was the preeminent director and teacher of acting in the 19th credited with devising a system of ~?
Help!!! i am having headache!!!!!!?
Theatre games for young kids?
Questions about The Globe Theater?
do you play a musical instrument?
i play Chavilier Danceny in the play 'Dangerous Liaisons.'?
Lady Gaga 2010 UK Tour Support Act?
How can I become an actress?
Hairspray or We will rock you?
From where can i get scripts for short dramas for free.?
How can I be on a Bratz or Girly commercial?
Acting like 'the Godfather'?
why do you think dylan and cole sprouse don't want 2 talk to you?
If Pornography is legalised in India more than half of the current bollywood actors/ actresses will shift to t
What is a good contemporary monologue for a teenage girl?
Ok I really want to pursue my dream but is this website a scam? I dont think so but wut do u think?
Disney channel casting calls?
How to I become an actress? I really want to?
Does anyone have a script for the Laramie Project?
If I'm looking for an agent is contacting them unprofessional?...?
Acting agencies UK- Birmingham?
I want to be famous and be like Nina Dobrev.?
I want to become an actress, but I have not been to drama school. I am 14, how do i go about this?
Looking for a murder mystery dinner theater in the NY, CT area?
Who are best british actor/actress?
Do actors playing a sex scene actually have sex?
What are some ideas for a three minute play?
Does anyone know what Aaron Tveit's height is?
Where can a 13 year old girl find a acting or modelling contract in england?
Do I need an acting college?
Advice on HP costumes?
Anny trace of good and ain't misbehavin' angel(s) lately ?
anyone know any contacts for a reputable acting agent in melbourne?
Black church goers and art.?
What is your favourite film? Why?
Being a successful actor?
where can i get the rights for plays?
What's your favorite song in "The Phantom of the Opera"?
what's a good idea for a commerical?
George Gershwin?
I want to get into acting. But how can i?
Looking for any script/filmmakers..?
Young Adult.Auditon song for ''Highschool Musical 1''. Soprano. :]?
does anyone know of some open casting calls in or near Atlanta?
Do You Like Orlando Bloom?
Please explain this line from Romeo and Juliet?
I want to be an actor, but need Help!!?
What is a good rock and roll dance musical from a movie or play? (videos will be much appreciated)?
What do you think of Madison Pettis?
His Dark Materials at the Theatre Royal Bath?
how can i become a famous actor?
Should I pursue my dream as an actress/producer/screenwriter?
Do You Have To Be Super Pretty For Movie Auditions?
I have to write a skit?
Does anyone have any monologues i can use for HSC drama?
How do i know which way they will be facing on stage?
Acting issues?
How do you not get nervous when youre auditioning?
What is the name of this 2 person skit/ What is a 2 person skit?
How can I become a famous actress?
i need an piano song famous but easy to play.any ideals?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory?
Disney Channel Auditions?
Is cinderella's mother a good par in into the woods?
I need help-fast!!!!. Should I accept a smaller role in my favorite musical or not?
Audition song for Company?
Should I invite acting agents to my school play?
A funny, witty play script for a group of 5?
Acting auditions in Ireland?
who liks dylan and cole sprouse?
where can i see tv show ratings?
What is your favorite show that is currently on Broadway?
Who is your favorite film maker?
need a one minute scene?
How many people heard of The Phantom of the Opera?
Where did Leonardo DiCaprio study acting?
What's Your Favorite Broadway Musical?
What is Ballona's bride groom in macbeth mean?
is COME OUT OF THE DUMPSTER a ballad or up-tempo?
In MacBeth was Scotland run by anarchists?
How to get a role as an actress?
audition for louisa from the sound of music...alto song and monologue...please help!?!?!?
acting and modeling schools?
how does violence in a play affect the reader and what the message is?
how do you pretend your waters are breacking?
which is one is better, to seat in a theater ORCHESTRA SEATING, BOX SEATING, BALCONY SEATING?
I'm nervous....?
I want to work in film, should I go to college or get an apprenticeship?
How can you prevent stage fright?!?
Contemporary Monologues for audition?
where can i find acting work?
What is your favorite play/musical?
what is the criteria to become an assiatant director?
11 yr old actor PLEASE NEED INFO!?
I need to see how to contruct a stage, like the old time stages?
is being an actor scary?
What is your favourite musical?
Drama stage design homework?
Is facebook good for people whom are aspiring to be actors...?
How do we prepare for excellent performance for our regional cultural shows?
do you think this is a legitimate acting agency?
So if I wanted to play an "angry white person" in a play or movie, what would my motivation be?
What would be a good monologue to audition for Pride and Prejudice?
Is Jeremy Sisto a horrible actor?
what is the title song from Scrubs?
please help were can i find acting audtions sites !?
I am looking for the best performing arts high school in NYC?
Acting audition information?
in romeo in juliet act 2 how does mercutio try to get romeo to come out of his hiding?
Am I too old to pursue acting????
Renesmee boots in Breaking Dawn - part 2?
What should an aspiring actress learn before she auditions?
who is america's oldest acting family?
Bollywood Actress?
what is Stephen sondheim's musical assassins all about ?
since lindsay lohan stole paris boyfriend do u think dey will remain friends?
Phantom of the Opera score, in FRENCH!?
I have been asked to audition!!?
Are there cases when John Robert Powers is not a scam?
Describe the soundtrack in?
Is I'd Rather Be Blue a good song to audition for The Wizard of Oz for Dorthy?
does anyone know the easiest way to get into acting?
Please help me find a monologue! 30 seconds. Teen girl. Funny... PLEASE?
Does someone know the actors name who portrays the cowboy in Los Angeles for the Eastwood Insurance company?
Monologues from The Twilight Zone?
can you be a actor even if your shy?
Help me pick a monologue for an audition?
Should I take this opportunity? ?
anyone on here play in a bell choir?
Good acting schools in Montreal Canada?
Your favorite Shakesphere play?
is acting fun!!!!!!!! [acting lessons]?
Can u recommend any modern British plays with a good scene for 2 actresses in their 20's?
iv recently opened a modeling agency & i was thinking of doing pagents in high schools & colleges,i need advic?
dont you just love the feeing that everything is going perfect?
Is north indian actors sucessful in hollywood or disney in USA?
Center stage? Modeling and acting tryouts?
Where can I find a script for 4 men and one woman?
What is the best way to do a headshot?
Have any of you actors felt like you 've lost your mojo?
Anyone Know nything about Talent agencies?
looking for a rap or skit on introducing masks?
is zac cute from Heigh school muscial and heigh school muscial 2 ?
Is an acting for the camera class useful?
Can I get alist of upcoming Acting Auditions in Orlando, FL?
Do you think I could become a actress?
Has anyone heard of PG Parent Guide? If so is it a scam or is it for real?
who has to pay?PLEASE READ!?
Do you think this sounds like a "real" acting opertunity? (please comment)?
Audition tips for Belle from Beauty and the Beast?
About the Guys and Dolls play?
Yes Man or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?
Okay. I'm thinking of becoming an actor...?
A reasonable number of NYC agents to apply to, as a teen?
I would love to work at an AMC theater because i enjoy movies, but i see that there is only young people there?
who is the favourite actor of trisha? you shouldn'tsay all,specificly you have to say.?
how can become an actress but make sure i don't become famous?
how do i become a power ranger?
Help with writing a script for a school play?
How do most acors/actresses become famous?
How long should i wait potentially before giving up on a call back audition?
What are some songs I can use to audition for Urinetown?
West Side Story vs. Romeo and Juliet?
What is a good straight play for a a high school to perform?
school play ideas?
Are there any good acting schools in Georgia?
How Can I Audition For EASTENDERS:E20 the new spin off show?
People I need lots of advices on acting schools?
AUDITION HELP: I am going to an audition for Disney Channel tomorrow. I want to know how to prepare myself....
Help with a theater class project?
In Julius Caesar, who convinces Cassius to get Brutus' support?
Can I get a list of acting jobs in Miami, FL?
what channel and time does america got talent come on in newyork???
Smurfs Movie Audition?
Respected child black actors? help?
you are a play boy photographer?
Musicals like Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson?
What would you do if your husband had a orgasome in the theater?
Can someone find/write me a monologue about this:?
Fellow Actors: What do you do if someone asks you to act on the spot?
Who played Elder Cunningham at the 2012 Tony Awards?
What is a good site where you can find musical auditions ect.?
important question peoples!?
How to audition for the role of Dr. Seward?
How do I get a job as a Voice Actor?
Hi! I am looking to get my daughter into auditions to model -?
What do you know about Macbeth?
How to best recover from a public speaking mistake?
Just was looking at the acting site I posted on?
whats the title of the song that goes: Dreaming, i must be dreaming...?
How can I get the original play script of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit?
idk y it's happening(i know it's kinda long but PLZ help me i need HELP..ok so i saw this play(les miserables)
Do I have model/actor potential?
Small liberal arts school with strong theatre program?
What is (4r^0)^4? Anyone?? And tell me how?
What was the role of Leisl from The Sound Of Music?
I wiIn August, will it be on stage in London any theater play (not musical) starring any well known actor?
Timewise about the song THE CLIMB by Miley Cyrus for Talent Show Please HELP!?
where can i find acting work?
If i wanted to start a business by being a private actress, how should i start?
i want to be an actress. can you help?
i am writing a comedy sitcom and dont know what to do with it when i've finished. does anyone know please. ta
where is a good acting class or drama program in Tokyo, Japan?
Any Amateur plays on video/dvd ?
im trying to become a disney channel acter/singer/star.?
voice - acting tips? 10 POINTS?
Acting classes and Charisma / Social Awareness?
what is the name of character with long nose in shakespeare play?
Public colleges in New York City for Musical Theater?
Talent agents in the acting Industry?
How did macbeth himseld play apart in his own death ?
What is a good belting audition song for a 12 yearold girl?
How can my mom become my acting agent?
High School musical 3 auditions?
I need a quick way to ease my stage fright nerves before tonight!?
What is a "tear" when it comes to modeling?
Sophocles- Oedipus the King:?
LA actors with jobs in another field...?
Othello: Should I try out of Roderigo or Brabantio?
I need help figuring out a halloween costume!?
high school musical 2 question??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
should i consider acting school?
How is A Midsummer Night's Dream different from Shakespeare's other plays?
What To Bring To Agency Interview???????????????????????????
Voice Acting Question?
how can i contact pavan grover????(is very important)?
Is it to late to take acting lesson?
Do you have to be outgoing to be a actress?
Hello: I'm trying to learn to play the piano...?
how can i become an actress?
Gogol's Madman....hysterically funnny or heartbreakingly painful?
where do you get an agent and who do you contact?
Why do actors seem to over-act in theatre?
Should I use a character voice for a singing audition?
is there any chance that a talent agent will book you for a job if...?
Good dance scen from musical ?
what is the difference between english and irish comedy??
In Shakespeare's play As You Like It, how does Rosalind defame women in Act 4 scene 1?
I AM VERY SHY and i have to act PLEASE HELP ME!?
Information On Fame The Musical!?
What kind of musical do you want to be written?
Where can I get video DVDs of Cirque Du Soleil's shows?
question about cinemark theaters?
Need a monologue for a 19 year old or similair, cant be classical and needs to be from an english play?
How can I write cheerleader monologue?
need some information about acting?
How can I suggest a school play to my school's theater department?
Help with Acting Resume!?
What are some interesting topics, people, places, etc in Theater?
Do you have to dress up to attend a comedy club?
who knows when the auditions for high school musical3 begin and when&how can i audition to be in it?
am i too old to get in to acting?
I need help with getting a role on disney channel?
I'm suffering from Post Show Syndrome like never before?
Does Anyone kno where to get a tear stick from?
Casting calls?
Is acting hard?
How much would this singed Thor poster sell for?
what is a skit idea that the conversation would end in "she aint no friend of mine"?
How can i get in a movie as an actor, were should find auditions!?
Songs to audition with? Thanks!?
Is '' a legitimate audition site?
Do i really have to pay for an agent to get my child into modelling?
what is the setting for the tragedy of julius caesar?
antony(shakespere)/maxmius (gladiator movie)?
Who's your favorite actor and actress?
How do I become a movie actor?
allusion in romeo and juliet?
How To Get A audience Interested In a Youtube Series ???? Help Please?
Where can I download written plays (script) by Samuel Beckett and Eugène Ionesco?
Watch Wicked or not watch Wicked?
So, we tore the backdrop. Ways to fix it?
Anyone heard of Cornerstone Theatre Company?
Which monologue should I pick for my audition for an acting school?
Are seats in the Circle in the Ashcroft theatre at Fairfield halls, Croydon any good?
Where can I find short skits for ages 6-8 to perform?
Where would I be able to find the script for "Leave it to Lefty" online?
im 13 and i want to become an actress?
Do producers ever hire themselves out, rather than seek partnerships?
Who can settle this dispute?
which is a song that is related to tybalt and mercutios death??
How can I act as natural as Marlon Brando ?
Talent Agent........?
What is your favourite musical ever?
why don't all wizards say incantations?
How to convince my parents to let me submit to agencies?
Which play(s) would you do?
What is the best acting school?
musical theatre class, 6 girls looking for a song. HELP?!?
help on starting acting career?
John Casablancas isn't an agency, is it?
street play ideas...................?
How do I become an actress?
which two colors does it take to make the color green?
Do acting agents only get paid if they get you a role in a movie,show,etc.?
Should I audition for this musical?
Who plays the lead role in Mary Poppins?
Help!!! i am having headache!!!!!!?
How does my friend become an actress?
Why do so many 14 year old girls want to be actresses?
how to enter in a marathi film industry?
what 3 things make macbeth a tragic hero?
what is your favorite horror movie?
Monologues? Or acting tips?
Can anyone tell me what mono-acting is?
Shrek the musical script?
What are some good sites/businesses that help a teenage male get movie auditions?
does anybody no of a great acting school?
Starting off as a young actress? I'm 13.?
What's beautiful meaningful song that would be for a school talent show?
What is the pay rate for a Theater Director?
I need a 2 people scene.?
what are the lights on a theater stage called?
wot should i do ??????
How do i get into acting ???? I want to make it big someday but i'm not quite sure how. PLEASE HELP?
Indian theatre background from 1950 to 1960?
Can I be 16 to play roles 16-early 20s?
Can I work as a movie extra with a student's visa?
Song for an audition?
fancy dress?????? what do you fancy?
Anyone know where can I download the lullabye that plays in the Phantom of the Opera Monkey Music Box scene?
Where in Richmond can I find acting companies I can join?
Any ideas for unique female names?
Become An Actor?
Where can I find a dvd or vhs of the Broadway musical "The Boy from Oz"?
beauty pageant or fast food?
Is there a website (s) I can go to...?
I'm auditioning for Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) for the role Constance. Character help?
i have the ugliest accent everr!!?
Can you give a script of Drama about love.About 30 mins. when I and my classmates act it.For Philippines only?
I need Idea For This Scene Called girl for A day?
homework help MACBETH. PLEASE HELPPP.?
Was A Midsummer Night's Dream originally produced as a festival theater?
What should i wear for Disney Audition?
I'm doing a talent show for theater camp and its required need ideas fast! help!?
Powerpoint project.. whats a good song to use?
Do you know any poems I can memorize for an audition?
What is the best way to sell a script to a studio?
What's the cheapest way to get into acting!?
has anything happened since julian becks LIVING THEATRE or can i go back to sleep?
I am looking for info on Xanadu the musical national tour. I know it will be in Chicago and La Holla Cali.?
Which Acting Agency Do I Pick In Arizona With No Scams?
How can I get started in the acting business?
Can this become more?
Beauty and the Beast Role Questions?
How many rate the bollywood's music director?
Friar Laurence seems very human because he feels all of the following emotions except?
Where can I get free sheet music from the musical Kiss Me, Kate?
What kind of headshots do talent agents look for in actors?
What does "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" mean in Phantom of the Opera?
Are movie scripts easy to learn?
West end show recommendations?
i need a funny monologue for a 13 year old?
how to become a successful actress?
Talent Show opening act...?
Rocky Horror Picture Show?
any ideas on how to get more work when your agent says she is trying?
How to become instagram famous?
Do Europe actor make allot of money?
Commercial auditions?
shakespeare soliloquy!? short please!?
What weird talent do you have?
How to get hired for indie movies?
Top Acting School in Mumbai?
Is Craze Agency a good agency to work with?
Audition song for rizzo in grease?
When did it become conventional for stagehands to wear black clothing backstage?
I am attendind an audition for Deal or No Deal next week, any tips?
wat does "being in the limelight" mean?
Medieval Theatre/Drama?
Song ideas for Alice in Wonderland audition?
how would i make a show on disney channel?
What is this monologue called?
Can a 14 year old teenager go to "green day: American idot" broadway play?
Who the will be played by Elphaba and G(a)linda in the Broadway play Wicked...?
Play Ideas For Community Theatre?
what is your favourite film? why?
I have an audition for college musical theatre and i need two songs for auditions HELP! :)?
I REALLY want to be come an actress!?
Is "Could We Start Again Please?" In the broadway version of Jesus Christ Superstar?
does a famous actor earn more than a famous footballist????????
Stretched ears and tattoos but want to be an actor?
Does actors use their ability to act, in real life?
I want to act on Disney Channel but my parents might laugh or say you can't even act.....keep reading please
How do they find people to play 'chubby' parts?
Do I Sound Like Im Dedicated To Want To Be a Actor?
what is an open audition?
Should I call this agent?
in rent how were the main characters (besides benny) all friends how did they know eachother READ MORE?
Do you need an agent to do commercials?
I am trying out for a play and..........?
How do you hold your laughter?
HELP! Interview with a talent agency?
Help me write a script?
Whitney Ryan Garrity -playwright?
Talent Agent........?
How to dress like a Russian peasant?
How to not laugh on stage?
What was the name of the magician that died on stage?
what about Kamal's UPO?
In "The Phantom of the Opera," is the Phantom human or a ghost?
IF I wanted to be an actor?
Answer if you've read "Macbeth"?
Does anybody know about disney channel auditions?!?
What famous, professional actors started acting in their mid30s or older?
good idea for a drama play?
online acting site? contests/monologues/videos?
Anyone know any good acting programs??
How likely is it to become an actor?
How does Romeo's character change in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare from Act 1 to the fight scene?