what is the best way to get into the disney spotlight?
I need help figuring out a halloween costume!?
how was comedy implemnted in indian theatre?
I need help begining my Macbeth essay!?
Does anybody have suggestions for songs and monologues?
Hello. I want to be an actor. What i must now about acting etc...?
Audition song ideas for Oklahoma!?
acting camps in ohio?
I am auditioning for bye bye birdie as the character mr. mcafee and would like suggestions for audition songs?
I need a catchy title for a theatre essay?
Is amber (hairspray) supposed to be good at singing? ?
Need voice actors for a video game series?
Should I audition for this play?
kill to get into the Juilliard?
Good Audition Songs For 14 Year Old Alto *Urgent*?
Elizabethan theatre working conditions?
Where can i find a Shakespeare sililoquy?
what are some good music schools i want to major in vocal and performence?!?
Are these audition monolouges too overdone or problematic?
what ages are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and 'The Player' in the famous Tom Stoppard play?
Is Anna Nicole Smith,our next Marilyn Monroe?Does she have hidden talents?
What can I use to make a seaweed crown?
Me and my twin sister are looking for a talent agent?
What is a good upbeat song from an American musical?
Stage script - how to write cross behind?
I need names for my charactors!?
Help me with soundtrack for a play please?
Quotation Mark Use...?
I'm studying THE TEMPEST by William Shakespere at school, and i'm wondering were I can get a?
Learn To Act.?
Serious Girl Monologue?
can i send my resume/head shot through a mail?
Does anyone know a good script writing program for the computer?
Need ideas for a scene queen name! :(?
Can you rewrite this to make sense? urgent?
What is a modern play i should do for drama?
i need a good solo acting script??? no partners just me?
Quick question about talent agents?
does anybody know how acter become acters?
Theater Directors: I need help! *please and thank you*?
how do you create lighting effects on stage?
I'm scared of getting an erection when acting?
what is the best acting and modeling agencies?
How did the tradition of telling actors to 'break a leg' get started?
HELP! Need advice about impromptu speaking competition?
In the play, Macbeth, what city does the war against Scotland and Ireland take place?
Are there any tryouts for anything like a movie or a tv show?
Into the woods audition pleAse help!?
where is actual quote from Shakespeare "Methinks he doth protest toomuch" and I don't mean "the lady doth prot
can anyone give me a detailed background on the creation of the broadway muscial Rent?
Did you have a dream last night?
Need help with choreography?
what is the best play you have seen, heard about or read? I'm thinking of some theatre plays for highschool...
Survey ♥!!?
Auditions In New York?
Do you play an instrument?
Is it alright to role play in First person instead of Third Person?
How much do theater actresses make who live in New York City?
how to be an actress?
Acting tips?How do u overcome performance anxiety.and just some good acting advice and links please.thanku!?
is it true that chewing bubble gum makes helps make it sound liek an amarican accent??
Where is the nearest car park to Her Majesty's Theatre in London, and how much does it cost?
Good Farewell/Goodbye Musical Theatre Songs?
The King and I...The Play???
Audition for The Drowsy Chaperone?
What is a good talent agency in Las Vegas?
hamlet anyone?
Who wrote the scores for the movies Terms of Endearment, Superman III, Delilah, Ragtime, Rocky I?
I need creepy or dramatic music...?
Why was John Wayne refered to as "The Duke?"?
Antigone questions characters?
is it common for actors to fall in love with each other on set right away?
Im an actress but sometimes have stage fright how can i overcome it??
Am I Spoiled (Please No Mean Comments)?
how to become a famous actress when you live in ireland?
May i please just have one chance to live my dream?
what is the funny definition of acting?
Were can i find a play of some think online ?
can i enter sm entertainment company in korea?
What is your favorite Actor/Actress on High School Musical?
Ideas for a play from the following stimuli? About to explode as cannot think of any?
what is a good theme song for ophelia from hamlet:)?
in your opioniog who are the best actors and actresses??
I am a 15 year old girl and I need help looking for auditions!?
How can an actor who plays a mute (Babel, Piano) get an Oscar nod? They don't even have to memorize lines.
what's the correct way to pronounce Jaques in AsYou Like It?
Macbeth - Behind every great man is a great woman??
I am wondering what is the meaning of acting.?
What to wear to an audition?
Why is it Angelina Jolie didn't have any friends tell ET all her qualities like Jennifer Aniston's interview?
how can i make my voice stronger and become a really good singer?
Help me please ASAP! Audition?
Crushed Dreams. Anybody wanna lend a hand?
i am 12 i was wondering if ihad to start any where to become an actress where would it start what would i do t
From High School Musical who is your fav charachter?
Where can I get Mickey's "I wish I was our Sammy" monologue from?
I want to do video production, what kind of licence do i need for that.?
Here's the thing... can anyone help?
Help with 80s workout skit?
Actors: Do you use
HELP! need scary skit ideas?
how to become a good cinematographor, which r the film schools providing good training?
I have no acting experience, but I really want to be an actress. Would an agency still sign me?
cat auditions?
What is the broadway musical play "Wicked" all about?
I need models for catalogue work. My company wants me to find models but which websites can i go to?
I sound EXACTLY like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and I do not know if I should sing in my HS talent show. Help?
Questions about Macbeth?
Should I try out for a high school theater production?
Can someone please help me? Need help becoming an actress!!!!?
Any tips on how to learn lines for a play???
in an inspector calls what accents do they use?
Has anyone used TKTS in Time Square to buy Broadway tickets?
what to do at an audition interview?
I have an upcoming Broadway Chorus concert! Costume Ideas!?
Jack Torrance has lost his mind (if he ever had one)?
how to become a porn actor in london?
What would motivate a bride and her maid of honor to sleep together on the eve of the wedding?
Who will be replacing Donny Osmond after he leaves Beauty and the Beast?
which scene should be change in Braveheart?
COSTUMING! Can I used white glue to stick a moustache on?
what is the Buchannan high school?
Is this what I'm supposed to do? 10points!?
Where can i find Rowan Atkinson's Welcome to Hell monologue?
How can i become a sucessful model?
can you make a cheer litting song??????
How do people get into voice acting?
How can King Lear be seen as a family drama?
audition monologue for Rosie from Bye Bye, Birdie?
When was Romeo and Juliet written?
why people say acting is hard?
Play Othello: What is Emilia saying at the end of Act 4 scene 3?
What do you think of my acting resume on IMBD?
So i'm losing my voice, and i have an audition in two days!!?
does anyone have any good suggestions for a cemedic scene between two women?
how can i find real auditions with out using a agent?
What to sing for a legally blonde audition?
What was the name of the magician that died on stage?
Grease.. How can I make my audition good?
Where could I find a copy of "Hysterical Blindness and Other Southern Tragedies That Have Plauged My Life"?
Drama skit fairy tale retails help?
What are some excellent Arts colleges to attend in LA or NY ?
does every famous actor/actress have to do a nude?
How is theater like.......??
What are some good performing arts schools?
who is the best agency for acting and how do i get them to be my agent?
Please Help.?
Haunted House Actor (Pay Check)?
The play "A midsummer night's dream"?
where can i find emotional music for act 3 scene 1 for julius caesar ?
Gonna go to wipe out auditions...what should i go as?
I need help on my resume?
My mom wont let me play 2 instruments. Help, advice?
I need a good Shakespear topic.?
Why when I go to see a play I not see African Americans?
will i have to move away to become an actress?
how do you overcome super stage fright-ness?
I want to be a Hollywood actress, buuut...?
hey guys i really want to be an actress and being big someday. any tips for me?
How do I stop worrying if I'm going to get a call-back or not?
How do I become an actress?
How to make a room more musical?
I am an aispiring actress and today I just found out they have two roles for me what should I do?
Do other theatre goers get irritated by this?
Animated movies voice actors?
How Do I make my dream come true?
What is the best website to go to so I can find a auditions for teens?
how to get into indian television?pls tell me about som modelling any1 of u from this profession?
i want 2 act what should i do 2 get started ?
What's the exact meaning of the song "What I Did For Love" from the musical Chorus Line?
i can sing, but my friends think actting is for girls (what should i do?)?
what is epic theatre?
Best acting agents in florida? ?
Name three American Broadway musicals that changed the face of musical theater and why.?
Where can I find good Female Teen Monologues? ?
I am 15 years old and I live in a small town. What I want is to act on TV. How can I achieve this?
what do you think about Nicole Kidman?
I'm auditioning for the musical Cabaret help with song?
Where can I find a lgbtq play?
What is a good costume for my monolgue?
best acting school in san francisco?
What are some songs I can use to audition for Urinetown?
Is this a good enough headshot for an actors resume?
Ideas for nativity play?
best musical of all time?
Audition monologue with a speech impediment?
is it to late to be cast for an extra on the wires fith season?
ideas in presenting a live nativity scene.?
Similarities and differences between Orsino and Viola's loves in twelfth night?
Am i crazy wiz zos symptems?
is there a good acting school in tampa florida and any places i could find audition?
Romeo & Juliet Act 2 Scene 4- Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Romeo & Juliet!?
As i can be an actress as miley cyrus?
Wilde like Fry?
Does anyone know when and where i could audition for a role in New Moon?
I have to go for an audition 2moro, but.....?
why the weather become so strange?
when is the next disney channel yearly audition in New york , New jersey or ,Pennsylvania?
where can i get acting and singing training?
Two Person 5 Minute Play Scene like "The Town"?
what are the reasons you would have to become a porn star?
How much would I pay for an acting agent?
In what sense, was Julius Caesar “the spirit” greater than Caesar “the man?” (the play)?
How to get over stage fright?
I'm looking to be in a movie, but I dont know where to start!?
any body that works for a modeling company??
evolution true or false?
Where can I get The Lovely Bones script?
Could Acting really be a career?
Is it possible for international students who hold F1/M1 visa to take auditions?
I am looking for acting/talent agencies in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Anybody know a good place?
how to learn to play a musical key board?
how rich is tyger drew honey (millions?)?
rent nytw???
What jobs can you get with a BFA besides being an actor.?
ventriloquism on partys?
How could I earn using my talent?
Do you have any advice for a first time script writer?
I WANT TO BE an actress?
I want to be an actress.... help?
how to get an agent for acting and modeling?
What is dramatic irony and how's it used in Shakespeare's Macbeth?
Acting Question: How long after you turn in your headshots to your agent did they set up an audition?
acting question???????
Acting/Modeling Questions?
Who else utterly DESPISES musicals?
My dream is to become and actress!?
Where is better to live if you want to pursue an acting job?
What are some good acting tips for an audition? Also what's a good excuse for missing track?
meaning of nice vocal qualities?
what are some good websites to play on?
how do i fing out about free casting calls for acting and modeling?
How can we imbibe good things from other performers?
How do i become an actress?
Any opinions on Neda Cuts in Belle, WV?
Has Mamma Mia ever been nominated for a Tony Award ?
Do you know of any agencies?
How to become anoreix?
doe's anybody know who johnnie spoon tune is ????
Three Witches, control or not?
How to find monologues?
Any ideas for the plot of a one-act play? Anything will help. It is to be inspired by a song about being young?
What is a good straight play for a a high school to perform?
How can a 13 Year old boy become an actor? Ten Points Best Answer!?
I have an acting question?
How can you become an actress?? acting school in Brisbane (Australia)?
In Cyrano de Bergerac, how is it filled with hope and despair?
The most funny comedy you've ever seen?
Looking for Talent Managers for Representation?
I have tried modeling. no agent likes me. should i give up?
Websites to find acting schools?
How do I help my students cope with stage fright?
OCU high school summer musical theatre program?
Why does High School Musical get so much publicity??
how do you?
Current British films in production that are casting?
What are monologues?
What is the difference between a lead, suporting, and principle roles. Lets use American Beauty as example.?
how can I convince my Drama teacher to do High School Musical the play?
What are some good audition songs for a second soprano?
Appearing Cat-Like For An Audition?
Can u become famous at 18?
Should i see 'Sweeney Todd' on Broadway before listening to the cast recording?
what makes a play a tragedy?
how to become an actress?
wat is ur favourite song from andrew lloyd webber musical?
Character work- help with reaching this place?
How do you get a start in the show biz?
The Voice parody help?
If somebody offered you free tickets to Jersey Boys?
I would like to become an actress what's a really good way to start?
How high are the balcony seats at Her Majesty's Theatre in London?
how does rocky influence your life.?
Where can I find a copy of the play by Jim Leonard Jr, titled The Diviners?
I got the one of the main parts in willy wonka i am violet any advice to help!?
What are some common words or phrases from the Shakespeare scribe?
need a funny skit or play about old people in a rest home?
does anyone know the play " I Remember Mama"?
Whats the fastest way to be a young actor ?
How can i become an actor?
Does anyone have a copy of The Producers script from the Broadway show?
Help me please?! Performing this tomorrow!!?
Should i Direct or Act?
Is the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts a good school?
Where can you get free acting classes for kids?
music from ruthless please!!!!!?
Is acting on soaps the bottom of the barrel?
LA Casting vs Actors Access?
can i print the Brighton Beach Memiors script?
What is your favourite musical?
why does disney have a fake audience?
How can I cry like an actress ?
Need song for auditions of Les Miserables?
I might audition for James and the Giant Peach and I'm wondering how big the cast is, and audition help?
good role for fancy dress, competition age 6 yrs girl,?
Any suggestions to who should be my actor?
Does anyone know how to go about auditioning for a part in a bbc drama?
I stay in jacksonville florida and I'm interested in acting but I'm having trouble looking for a talent agent?
what could i do?!?
Is having a good voice just as important as good looks for actors?
i am trying out for a play called the misers!?
How bad is the play "Spring Awakening"?
how do get into.......?
Casting calls and talent agents.?
looking for a web site called irantheatre on net?
Should i commit to trying to be a voice actor?
If i'm only 13, should i follow my dream into an acting career or just give it up?
What's a good soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet?
Teen choice awards, carpet?
Becoming a triple threat?
I would die to become and actress and I'm not asking how but is it realistic in this case?
Can anyone give me a list of the female characters from Joseph Roth's The Radezsky March?
What is a good funny monologue from musical theatre?
what do you think about this?
Help with the Scottish play?
Is this a good lead? It's about Antigone the play?
What do you called the clicking sound you make using the side of the mouth?
Harry Potter auditions?
Can you please recommend me an interesting topic in theater?
How do I write a monologue about a historical figure?
Does this mean the agency wants to sign me?
What is your favourite style of theatre ?
Is this a sign this actors agency, is fraudulent?
Are there any Acting classes?
do any of you know this musical?
Where is the best location for oppurtunities in acting in movies and films?
How to become an actress? Im 16 and a junior in high school? Is it too late?
I dont know if i am good enough to be an actor but i really want to be, what should i do?
Does anyone know of a humorous Interpretation I could use for my theater class? I really really need it soon!?
what is the meaning of caractisum?
How to prepare for a dubbing audition ?
I want to be a actress how do I start?
high school plays suggestions?
Were any songs from High School Musical nominated for Grammy's?
How do YOU decide what monologue to use for an audition?
I coughed in a play that I was doing, will I die?
barbizon acting school ?
moulin rouge good or bad ?
How Do I Become a Bollywood Actress?
Romeo and Julie help!! In act 1 scene 5 what happened to romeo?
Salt water moon script by david french?
What to wear to an audition?
im a male who needs an audition monologue for the merchant of Venice any suggestions? shylock is cast already?
Arsenic and Old Lace People?
What solo musical piece should I do for competitions this year?
In of Mice and Men, why doesn't Curly's wife have a given name?
did u know about samuel zylgwyn?
orchestra music for a romantic scene?
What is a season in a TV Show/drama?
How do you submit a script?
whats the difference between a broadway play and an off broadyway play?
know a duologue between two young pple(one has to be a girl)around 17-27 years old that would blow away?
Auditoning for a role. I have braces. Need to cover them up?
I am going to my school social and the theme is walt disney. What should i go as?
how many buttons in theatre technology?
where is stallone originally from?
Edward second is a play of subdued tragedy and subdued comedy . Do u agree?
How did Hamlet's last soliloquy in Act 4 Scene 4 socially target the elizabethan audience?
Uzeke-Never heard of them until now?
Does anyone know some warmups?
When you take acting classes does the school set you up with auditions or do you find your own auditions?
What do we learn about Brutus, Mark Anthony, and Cassius in Act 1 Scene 2 of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar?
Do any of you know how I could get aholed of the movie "Freddy's Dead" with Johnny Depp?
I love to act, but how do i get started?
Fez (that 70's Show), where is he supposed to be from?
Community theaters in Philadelphia area?
Who was the oldest actrress to play Norma Desmond in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Sunset Boulevard?
Tips for practicing a boston accent?
What are the pros and cons between going to an Acting Conservatory versus just studying for a BFA/MFA?
Are the cast from Friends Millionaires?
How can I become a succsesful teen actress?
berlot brecht :P xxxxxxxx?
how many pages do i need to get copyright of my story and what else i need to look over?
Theme/motif/subject? Help! :/?
What playwright wrote a play for every decade of the 20th century?
Within the play bloodbrothers there are the main themes of social injustice and nature vs. nurture. Help?
How to become an actress?
i really want to be an actress, but my parents are 100% against the idea, what should i do?
In the play Miss Saigon, who exactly is the ensemble?
What is Romeo and Juliet?
anybody know were I can get foam appliances at a reasonable price?
how can i get rid of stage fright?
Is there anything more irritating than a precocious child actor?
Whats the best way to thank everybody for their answers?
Indie film acting auditions in Minneapolis, MN?
Is this a good headshot?
I got this email and please take a minute and tell me what u think PLEASE?
Making a movie, need ideas?
What is the best play you've ever seen or read?
Where can I find the sheet music to "Everybody wants to be Sondheim"?
acting help PLEEZ??????
I have tickets to the show Wicked but something came up and I can't make it. How easy is it to trade them in?
i have to memorize soliloquy from romeo and juliet?
Should I have a stage name?
How can I perfect a "Hillbilly" sort of voice for my humorous interpretation?
Did Some guy on Britains got talent actually shoot himself?
what website is the best for acting?
I am only 12 and i have a BIG DREAM and i wanna become a singer but how do i get noticed?
Where can I get 1912 costumes?
How do I convince my mom to move to California for my acting career?
How to cry on cue? For a live scene!?
Can someone give me an example of a Demonstration Speech?
What is a good London theatre show to take a 10 year old to?
Is this outfit appropriate for a casual acting audition?
How to play Eponine in Les Miserablés?
How come the teen choice awards says its pre-recorded?
i need a site that?
Should I try to become a actress?
Can I write my own monologue for my audition?
Famous restoration comedy plays?
from where i can download free the Da Vinci code movie?
How to overcome stage fright when acting in front of an audience?
i got into the school play, now i'm nervous...?
I am looking for a stage manager job in london (UK). Recommended places to look?
Where was lion king filmed?
How do i become a bollywood actor ?
What's a good actress stage name?
wanting to become an actor ?
how can i learn music?
I am a drama teacher at a local high school and I am looking for a musical. Where can I find one?
Does anyone know of any Talent Agencies in Orange County?
Is the company "Tru Talent Management" a scam? ?
How to become mermaide?
Help with a role in the play 'The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams?
Any tips on how i can learn my lines in my scrip faster?
What does macbeth mean in this line?
Highschool drama? Or is it like this out of highschool too?What should I do?Talking to my principal wont help.
I'm looking for casting calls in Illinois, anybody know about anything?
Who Is Your Favourite Actor ? You Can Tell At Least 3 Best Actors ?
HELP! What is a good monologue to show the director I can play a blind character?
What are some young actors that have played the cute nerdy role lately?
i want to be an actor?
How do I slow Down when I talk?
Fellow actors: What's your favourite role that you have played before?
College audition monologues and entering undeclared?
Is it possible to start acting at 37?
How do actors/actresses get started?
How does imagining the audience in their underwear help overcome stage fright?
when are auditions being held for catching fire? and where are they? and how can i audition for them?
I want to be an actor. i know i have the skills to do tv or movies, but how do i do it cheaply and quickly?
Do you need to have good teeth's for acting?
does anyone know who sings the theme song for the new show on cbs called smith?
Is there any casting calls in 92805?
How to act mad on stage?
About the broadway production Cats...?
I need help with getting a role on disney channel?
Is this a good idea for a play/monologue that i am writing?
A chance for the lead role?
a fun article about theater ?
National Youth Theatre audition monologue?
Do you think this is true of Stanislavski (Drama GCSE Portfolio)?
admition to the showcase cinemas for children?
Is spam?
Can you help me and think of creative themes like macbeth?
What is the name of the woman Romeo loves?
What happens to the original ticket if one wins the wicked lottery?
I just got a part in a "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", and the play is in two weeks!!?
I need helpful ideas/tips on becoming a good story-teller, a script writer, a screewriter.?
What do you think Sophocles and Lorraine Hansberry cultural identity was?
homework for Twelfth night?
what is the actress name in chimb mi chimb tu?
High school drama club name?
I look around and I worry- who will re-create the great female roles when I'm gone?
high school musical or camp rock ?
Which animal would Juliet be?
Where can i find decorations for an aladdin theme ?
theater audition songs?
Idol question?
pleeeease answer this question, lovely :)?
How to get a job as an actor? Age 13, Denver?
Tell me something bout how to begin speech?
Question about moving to Los Angeles for acting?
What are good colleges that have good acting programs in WA State Or Cali?
Who publishes the Christmas musical "For Unto Ya'll"?
international thesbian society?
How much does it cost to get an acting agent?
Audition for Kim in Miss Saigon?
I need a very good one minute comedic monologue?
Why does everyone think Talent Scouts don't really exist?
Production companies in Modesto, Manteca, and Ripon?
Have you seen the movie called "Sonny"?
how can u become famous someone please tell me?
I have to direct a skit for the freshman class.?
What are some good acting agencies in san antonio,houstan, or Dallas Texas?
ok so i wanna become a actress but friends say i wont make it and give it up with a week i wanna prove wrong o?
where to download gavotte F.J.Gossec music sheet for violin?
What do I have to know and learn to become a lead guitarist???!?
I wanna get into acting?
How many musical instruments are played in an a cappella performance?
Female Monologue for an audition?
What kind of puppet is this?
what play is the saying by the twitching in my thumbs something wicked this way comes macbeth has by the prick
Was Hamlet really mad? What do you think?
Help with acting please?
What kinds of awards and honors would you put on acting resume?
where can I find good research materials for Chinese Opera troupes/companies in the United States?
25 points on slapstick comedy? or any good websites that will give me plenty of information?
what is the Carlton Hobbs award?
how do i audition for HSM 4???
Monologue Writing Help?!?
Will Patrick Swayze still be in Guys n Dolls London 2nd December?
porn actors?
Anyone seen Franko B perform?
Was Shakespeare married?
Anyone know the old movie where they're putting on a show (play) and running up and down two floors?
Is the rocky horror picture show scary? I'm 13.. haha.?
why the weather become so strange?
i need to know where to find a drama play that has 36 parts for 16 boys and 16 girls.?
I am auditioning for a play in April, I need a song!?
V for Vendetta stage adaption with script?
do u think starting an acting career in new york would be better than Los Angeles?
what should i do if my x boyfriend wants me back and someone else likes me?Tell me what should i do!!!!!!!?
Do you have to use a credit card or pay an agency to become a movie extra?
light show on live concert?
I'm going to a Performing Arts High School... ( please read )?
I am writing my own play/musical i need advice on what to do how do i write the music and songs?
How did the Phantom of the Opera get that face in the original play?
Where Did Theatre Begin?
Heyy! I need buddies!! plz! Anyone here like musicals like Hairspray and Music Man? Thx!?
I would like to pursue my life in acting. but nobody is thinking that acting is a good profession .so what sho?
How Can I Decide Which Agency Place To Accept?
How to get an acting showreel completed?
Is table 21 in Vicar Street in Dublin close to the stage?
Does anyone know of sites that have free funny speeches.?
I wanna be a teen actress, NOW!?
Anyone know where you can find acting classes for fat girls?
1 person female monolugue plz?
Can I get Imdb credits by being an extra?
What key features would you find in a Stanislavski Production?
Movies that would be easily turned into a play?
Where can I get the script for the play, "How to Eat Like a Child."?
where can i find a script for American Buffalo?
i want to be an actress.. help?!?
What's the best way to refuse an acting role that morally doesn't fit me?
high school drama plays?
I need information on a romance theater hit about a man with a large nose named Simon D'Versheraq (Sp.?).?
What do I do? I feel really frustrated and upset...?
Short courses instead of Drama School?
Any referenece in around Delhi where I can audition for Voice overs? they never call you?
where can i watch the play Equus online for free?
How do I get back into theatre?
Name 2 sexy things about ABRAHAM LINCOLN?
anyone know any good acting agencies in reno nevada?
Auditioning for a part in Lucky Stiff, need a monologue and a song to sing, and I am clueless, Help?
Guesses on What Musical?
who is hotter? superman or batman?
Are There Any Auditions In South Florida for Acting?
Who would like to help me write a screenplay?
I need more confidence help?
Do you no any good long sad monologues?
I want to be an actress but i have NO experience?
What's a really good agency to call? for acting?
How to get a lead in a play?
I need a monologue for an auditon but i can't find one anywhere!?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
Which of these is your favourite musical?
who is your favorite actor and/or actress?
Ho much it cost go go to RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)?
I would like to know if Brad Pitt was in the Guns N' Roses Video titled, If Don't Have You?
how many plays have u been in?
Spring Awakening?
What to do for cast party?!?
Acting advice on depression?
if your bad at improvising, does that necessarily mean ure a bad actor?
Need a ONE MINUTE female monologue!!!!?
is itg model and talent agency legit?? [urgent]?
Any advice for a school theatrical play?
How to do an Anthony Hopkins impression?
just want to be somebody?
How do infants get become famous (get into acting)?
where can i find auditions in newyork city?
How do you know if a mime act has been effective?
I really want to act in my life and become famous, but is there anything I should know?
How can i get over my stage fright?
Marcel Marceau DVD's/Videos?
could you help me with a stage name?
do u like high school musical and why?
Tips for an acting open casting call?
Where can I watch high school musical 2?
compare and contrast the movie joan d'arc with the written play the maid of orleans?
theatrical agents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can a film student hire an AFTRA actor?
Anyone seen Le Reve at the Wynn in Vegas? If so, what did you think?
how do i become famous ?
Are there any groups for young playrights and stage-composers trying to get into the business?
know any good female monologues for auditions?
i wanna be an actor do i have the looks?
Has anyone seen the new Sound of Music at the Palladium theatre and what was it like?
Acting school or not?
Hi. I've need of your help: I want contact the model David Chaloub. Please help me. It's important for me.?
What is considered a "Principle Performer" in acting?
Who are LCGC in the British music scene?
What talent do you wish you had?
Any tips on reading screenplays?
my dream is to become an actor. what is the 1st and best step for me to go to. help please. thank you?
Why is acting in front of an audience so nerve wrecking the first time?
How do I become a porn actress?
WHO likes high-school musical???
Full time drama courses for 16/17 year olds?
What are some good acting and modeling agencies?
Do Mrs.Mayor and Mr.Mayor kiss in Seussical the musical?
Can any of you guys tell me a site??? Its about contemporary plays!!!?
Funniest show (musical) in London ?
Help with a Monologue Topic?
How to do stage directions for Romeo and Juliet?
Pantomime Object ideas for acting, please?
List of Macbeth characters by how important they are to the play ?
Should round faced people Cosplay?
sites, companies or people to contact about finding work in London. basic pay, so I can audition for work too?
How can I see an past novela online?
How were the actors/actresses chosen in the Victorian Era?
Who is the best actor in this world ?
How does an actor learn to do foreign accents?
sites like
Dancers/actors: what is your daily routine?
Open casting calls???
What is the importance of the Dumb Show in Hamlet?
What could PR stand for? (Used in a title in a role play)?
What determines what languages are on a DVD?
How do I become a actress?
Why people become actors?
What do you think about this actor?..............?
Why should people go into acting?
I want to become a movie mega star, shall I write to film directors demanding work?
How do you get into performing in community theatre?
so these are my cousin's seats for her One direction ticket, just want to know if they're close to the stage?
Should I audition for my school's play?
How can I memorize lines quickly?
What do you recommend for a Godspell audition?
It is possible a famous pianist demean his famous guest for a simple laughs?
Help, I'm losing my confidence?
Acting issues?
Is it a good or bad idea to join multiple background performer (extras) agencies in Toronto?
Ideas about discussion questions for dating violence & alcohol?
If you could be an actor or actress do you see yourself in theater or the movies???
Monologue ideas for National Youth Theatre?
Are you happy that Neil E boyd won america's got talent?
how do i get a big part in eastenders?
Anyone know a good legitimate playwright representative?
Peter Pan?
who discovered or explored cards play?
Who is Ewan Mcgregors agent?
Who likes "West Side Story"?
Paris' appearance at the Capulet monument in Act V scene 3 is a surprise to the audience, who do not know tha?
Can someone help me with defining some of the lines in Romeo and Juliet?
what's the best way to start a career in acting?
Where and when are the Voyage of the dawn treader auditions?
my school has no plays or acting classes .what can i do?
would this be ok for me to sing at an audition?
Good instruments to play in the school band?
which actress played in Herbie movie befrore Linsey Lohan, she played her role in Herbie Fully Loaded?
I want to try acting.?
adventure camp season 3?
what does specs mean on drama terms?
How can you describe characters of macbeth in a sandwich?
are you a harry potter fan???
Any word on glee callbacks?
how would you describe Romeo ?
This may sound stupid, but I want to be famous. In the movies, On TV or even model. where should I start?
Does anyone know where I can find a script for 'Charade' by Philip Johnson?
do casting agencies fly you out if they are interested in you?
can anyone audition for x factor..e.g a southafrican?
Sm Youth Audition 2012 - Do we need to send in a video with our application?
what's a good, funny play for my 8th grade class to preform?
do you like the movie mulan ?????? or other movies !!!!!?
What is the latest broadway?
I need info about SAG?
good casting call websites for young actors?
*I Need More Actors?*?
Example of a soliloquy in twelth night?
Who are the Top 20 Actors in South Africa?
Turning 18 has made me want to consider other career paths?
I've got madger talent....!?
What is the your favourite musical of all time?
How to meet Karan Johar director of bollywood films?
Are u reading this if ur a beginning actor how long must one wait for their first audition ?
How can we get a good acting agent?
Cheaper By The Dozen!? 10 Points!?
I really want to be an actress, but...............?
Hazards that can get in Stage?
really need help on acting?
what is it called that ur at the cinema and u control all the lights going off and on?
i need acting tips on crying?
What is a good monologue for me to practice with?
If you could be on ANY show or movie, which one?
Acting Auditions for 12 yr old?
A Doll's House?? easy question?
what female singer sang,"the restless wind"?
how to make game?
are there any theatrical agencys for tv extra work in the south west?
Help with Shakespeare's - The Merchant of Venice?
el mire????
who was the first actress in the world?
If you had a Huge speaking role, what show would you want to be in?
What techniques can I use to learn to cry on command?
How do I find acting Gigs around Miami, Florida?
Actors, What is the secret?
whats your favourite musical?
I need some ideas for children skits. ?
Macbeth Act 1 scene 6 question?
disney channel high school musical 2?
Any1 know a musical software?
I'm interested in acting for independent film projects, how would I start?
I want to become a stagehand on a National Broadway Touring Company of a Show...How can i do that?
Is it possible for me to become an actor?
The musical 'We Will Rock You'; is it the single worst thing ever?
10 ponts: what was thw name of the first wife of Michael Corleone?
is terning 40 a major stage in life?
Help finding musical/ dramatic theatre audtions in San Fransisco?
What are some good film acting casting websites?
hey, i really want to be an actress for disney channel. when and where are auditions held in NY. need answers.
Some question about Commedia dell'arte please help me out?
Macbeth HELP!!!?
Musicals playing in Chicago in winter 2011/spring 2012?
Ladies, what is the best costume you ever got to wear?
Should I change my legal name?
Acting at 15! Help?
Wicked Nashville?
hi im interested in an acting career where in ct would i be able to find a reliable talent agency ..thank you.?
How Long will Tangled be in theatres?
How to get into acting?
What are you opinions about this play (Long Very easy 10 points)?
who has to pay?PLEASE READ!?
Do you have to be 16 or older to enter peoples choice awards?
Can you name a song that does not rhyme?
What is the easiest/most effective way to be involved in music video acting?
Are there any adult musical theater classes in San Diego that occur in the evening?
I want to be an actress and I can act but if I auditioned and they adked for my profolio, it'll be
Is it that difficult to become an Actor?
How long should a theatre critque last?
Why Samuel Jackson acting just black people?
I'm a Mezzo Soprano and I need help for audition songs. :)?
Where was that scene in oliver filmed?
How do i go about getting into auditions for plays and things of that nature?
hate in romeo and juliet?
I want to become an actress. Need advice!?
Are there any acting unions in Australia?
How do you spell when you ?perice? your lip, not like the ring thing but, when you angry you "peirce you lip"?
have you seen the musical, "wicked" ?
Into The Woods Audition help?
I need a 30 second monologue that will help with a classic child play. Any idea's?
Opinions on Precasting?
How to ad make-up to an actors face for just a normal scene?
What role does fate play in the life of Antigone? Does she create her own fate.?
macbeth essay , body paragraphs?
Julius Caesar quotes?
why am i scared of being an actress?
If all the world's a stage, where is the audience sitting?
I am playing an old man in a play, but I am 18. Any tricks to make me look old, preferably in the face?
Screen Awards - Hrhitik as Best Actor?
Looking for a Good/Cheaper Head shot Photographer?
Are there any auditions for disney channel?
Which website can i get the cheapest Wicked tickets at Gershwin theatre?
Fools by Neil Simon!!!!?
what is a good acting school?
I have looked everywhere for a one minute monologue!?
Agency Audition Help?
what is Leonardo Di...Caprio's email address?question?
What does a Background worker do (Acting)?
If I want to be a movie and TV actor, should I join Drama Club in my school,which only has musicals and plays?
I need a monologue, I have no idea how to start because it's my first time auditioning. Do you have any sugges
Please help!!! It's my first time film making and I want some ideas...?
My parents won't pay for headshots?
What to wear to A Chorus Line?
where can i find a one person skit?
how to play an evil character?
Careers to go into after a theatre college?
help me with this monologue? theatre, acting, drama? PLEASE :)?
Romeo and Juliet quote where!!?!? Please help!?
How to cry on cue- Without thinking of something sad or staring?
Where can i get a camel costume (for nativity play)?
How to get out of audition?
Piece of dialogue from a play for a male and female teen?
does mitchel musso have a girlfriend?
Is Zac Efron going out with Asley Tisdale or Vanessa Ann Hudgens?
why did he hurt her?
Is there people in SE Manitoba interested in attempting low budget action movies?
Video audition help :)?
Is it okay to apply for something SAG-AFTRA?
How to request a letter of recommendation from a teacher for a?
Can anyone summarize the play 'The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail'?
What's the best musical to do for a theatre group ?
What good comedy(stand up) do you recommend me?
Whats your favorite broadway musical? Why?
Eulogy for Lady Macbeth from Macbeth's perspective?
how do i become an actress?
Will an acting studio( that is onstage acting) help me if I want to do on screen acting?
going to play practice?
out there on my own from broadway play fame?
What are good Alto songs for an audition?
looking for sound clips of the original broadway musical score for "Annie"?
should i enter a talent show? is my voice good enough?
what is party hardcore? Is it real?
I just bought tickets to Wicked, a play happening in the Pantages theater.?
Becoming a successful teen actress?
how do i become a famous actress at the age of 13?
How do I become an actress(I'm 14)?
How does Beckett's play Waiting for Godot manifest " nothingness"?
what should i do for play production?
How do i become a N1gga?
i need a quick way to memorize my lines HELP ME!!!!!?
Just give me one tear?
Can the dead turn off the T.V.`s?
Should I see Les Miserables- plz answer only if you've seen it?
How to get a talent agent in Nova Scotia, Canada?
Which is a better name?
I hate highschool musical- whose with me?
What were single editions of William Shakespeare’s plays were called?
Which musical is better?
Do you have to have acting experience to become an actor or audition for a role in a film?
Anyone know the play Something Different?
HI!!! Any good monologues?
What was the lasting cultural impact of the Broadway musical: Sound of Music?
when is phantom of the opera playng in albuquerque new mexico in 2006?
seat a23 at domanian theartre are these good seats?
Murder Mystery For Teens?
how do they in movies make it look like you have a twin?
Can anybody tell me about movie Chicago?
Musical Theater or Broadway song for baritone/bass?
TALENT SHOW?!!!???!!!?? ?
How to become a better actress at auditions?
How should my characters meet?
How to be an actress?
What are some of your favorite?
is the london dungeon scary?
What is the better place to start acting London or England?
who plays Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire?
Where are some open auditions in California relating to television and film?
does danny pintauro help fan to become actor or actresses?
Is it okay to just email a casting director even if you don't fit the part they're casting for?
What is Shakespeare's most famous play?
i have been interested in acting\modeling and i am interested in doing it but when i go to a agency it is fake
Good movies that are in theaters now? s for best answer?
Alright I need some help on choosing a monologue for a play?
JYP Entertaiment Audition ?
How to become an actress?
how to dress theater broadway matinee?
Where can I find muisic for the play "Arsenic And Old Lace"?
i see tim allen has a new movie?
What books did Stanislavski write?
What are larger male roles in the stage version of Camp Rock?
when are they showing camp rock
.What are the distinctions between a professional actor on the stage and an actor participating in ritual comm?
How do I act creepy/slightly insane for drama?
Is it true what they say?
Is stage acting the hardest stage of an actors career?
What do i need to do and what does it take to become a famous actress ?
Disney Land Paris auditions (requirements)?
Does anybody know where a child the age of 12 can get acting jobs????
does anyone like Alex pettyfer?
What were the terms of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce settlement.?
how to become an actress?
Can you tell me some names of actors......?
I need to know where I can go to be an actress.?
ACTING H E L P!!!!!!!??
How do I fake cry on stage?
Are there any casting calls in australia an asian girl could audition for?
How does Juliet react to the news of Romeo's banishment?
the best : Gary Sinise or Tom Hanks ?
does anyyone know a good website for 1 minute monologs?
What are some good teen to young adult monologues? ?
Is it hard to get on Disney Channel?
what would be a great parody idea?
any ideas where i can find stories for storytelling?
where is my friend: Dahlia Menette Sizer?
i want to make a meaningful movie?
for a few dollars more 1965 - as Remake "yes or no"?
What is a good acting/theatre school in NYC?
Audition song for All Shook Up?
if i want to act,what do i do after taking acting classes?
I want more info about the CD I'd like to buy from how do I contact them?
How do you become a Kidzbop Kid?
How can I find happiness?
Is jills casting agency a scam?
Is there anybody out there who likes or hates Hilary Duff???????
Should High school musical exist?
How can i get famous ASAP?
Mediums. Why do they charge a fee?
Ending Help PLEASE!!!! 10 points!!!?
Did Arthur Brooke, author of the first edition of Shakespeare's play, Romeo &Juliet, use religious images?
acting cources in egypt?
Who is the female lead character in 'The Love For Three Oranges'?
does anybody know of a website for Luna Tech Inc.?
Would you be content if you got the part of The Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz the musical?
hi i m karan what is the audition date 4 indianidol in delhi.?
Do you want to act for Balaji Telefilms in TV?
my school will be staging a musical for february 2013. Preferably a musical that will appeal to lots of people?
Who played the fire breather B.J. in the Elvis movie Roustabout?
What is the best Stage Show ever?
Has anyone seen the phantom of the opera at the theatre?
Photographer putting you on tape for an acting agent?
My dream of Marilyn Manson being Jesus..?
Which Shakespeare play has been filmed the most?
is any one here famous on t.v?
Everyone wants me to pursue a career in acting, but should I?
Hello I got a call from a modeling/ acting agengy and I was wondering if it is a scam?
Can you put this on an acting resume?
alice in wonderland question?
I really want to impress my drama teacher?
How can I become an actress?
what could have affected William Shakespeares writting?
What is a good position for theatre?
What are some monologues that I can practice by myself?
I recently asked for a review of Superman and got some good ones,but I thought they could have chosen a better
Ideas for presenting ?
SM Global audition 2012?
I want to take my daughter to the West-end to see a show for her 13th,any ideas which?
what orchestra music is this ?
What are some funny, contemporary plays?
What shows did the maid in the sequel of Terms of Endearmen play in?
Acting only agents in Florida?
I need a good passage for dramatic reading? please...?
Doesn't it seem like EVERY girl wants to be a famous actress these days?
Likely candidates to be cast as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde if ever there will be a movie version of Wildhorns musical?
How to act in a musical?
What's the best way to memorize lines for a scene?
Can any on tell me what Shakespeare is really talking about here?
Help!!!! musical auditions in 3 hours and im freaked out and nervous!!!?
Is this monologue good for a 9th grade audition?
I need a free script of the traditional Christmas Pageant for my kids at church. Where can I find that?
How can I become an actress?
In the book Les Miserables , what were three BIG choices that fatine made in her section?Details please;)?
Is High School Musical 3 Good?
Would you go on BIG BROTHER?
Is it ironic that Antigone and Ismene are comeplete opposites trait-wise yet they are sisters?
Acting for a 13 year old?
I am 30 years old and want to start acting although i feel i may be too old and have no previous experience?
theatre superstitions and traditions?
do you think an actor is a professional liar? or talent with Art?
what is the corect spelling for that duo called nellie vanely that turned out they were fake?
I need to find a 2 - 3 man scene for tomorow, i would like it if it was a comedy, please, i need it!!?
most annoying song from a musical?
What to wear????????????????????????
why do the male Cows from Barnyard have utters?
What should I wear to meet her!?
Preparing 32 bars of a musical theatre song?
Is it too late to become an actor?
An Acting Career??????????
What are the best scripts i can read?
Monologue for a 'smart' role?
Help with macbeth!?!? please !:)?
Marcel Marceau DVD's/Videos?
Do you think i'll get into juilliard?
romeo and juliet?
I Have a couple of hours to find a REALLY GOOD "My boyfriend and I broke up and now I'm depressed" monologue.
What script ideas do you have for a school production?
Casting calls for teenagers near Kentucky?
Will There Be A High School Musical 4?
Are there any good monologues about growing up?
How loud is a blank acorn shot from a gun in a theater?
Can you match the actress with the role?
casting calls, acting careers etc?
My girlfriend of 6 months is acting in a play and has to have sex?
How to become an actor like Angelina Jolie?
What is your favorite line in a movie/song?
three minute monologue?
How can i get into acting?
Can you please help me choose my stage name?
How can you maek yourself cry?
La Farce de Cuvier - english?
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE actor/ actress?
what is the correct lineage of kings in the play "macbeth"?
i am auditioning for my school play CATS and i am trying to find and audtion song it has to be from broadway. ?
Can kids be directors?
What is meant by "character actor"? Aren't all actors "character actors?"?
Audition Song...?
What should I do? (this is important)?
PLEASE!, Tell me of a good one-act!?
Is New York City where you want to be to become an actor?
are call backs good or bad?
Are the grand circle seats in the Aldwych Theatre, London any good?
how do you make a fake microphone?
I was an extra in a couple of movies, & I'm working on my resume...?
IMDb actress credit help?
Authorship Question(Shakespear)?
Anyone know a London based voice-over artist who does a first class Vincent Price impression?
i really want to be an actress...but i think it's too late. what should i do?
What is the best modelling agency?
what is the importance of Sleep Walking Scene in Macbeth?
What are those things u consider whan writing a play or drama?
side show.(the musical) i got a question
Should i go out for this audition?
Once Upon a mattress auditions?
what should i do to show people my talent?