Which broadway show is better...The Little Mermaid or The Lion King?
What is the path i'll have to take to become a hollywood actress?
Im a 17 year old female who has a baby on the way......?
I have no talent and it bugs me?
Do you think I have what it takes to become a model/actor? PICS?
Does anybody no any open casting sites, were you don't have to pay a joining fee at all?
where can i find a acting class in Harper Woods or saint clair shores?
how do i get an agents number for acting?
Where can I find good theatre companies close to Bloomington, IL?
What is the best part for me?
Is the Casting Website a scam?
Drama play for like middle school?
Am i able to sign up for Disney Channel auditions?
How does role playing Sound to you?? (guys) !!! ?
How to be an actress?
SM Audition Question?
I am looking to start a career in acting, but am almost 30 years old (in a couple of months). Is it too late?
Ideas to make my audition video stand out?
10 POINTS! What song should i sing for my school play audition?
Should I take theater????
giving speeches to large audience tips for stage fright?
Is Lear affected more by forces within himself or outside himself?
What is pokemon is it this?
do gost exsists?
What should i add to my character development portfolio in drama class? HELP!?
Seriously considering modeling?
i need a piece of "sabayang pagbigkas"?
Is Disney casting any new TV shows currently?
What is the best musical you have seen?
What is your favourite film? Why?
Why did Romeo and Juliet fall in love so fast?
I'm in year 9, do I have any chance of being a main character in we will rock you the musical?
How exactly do you get the part for series or films? Can I trust these sites?
Do you like when actors/actresses eat in the movie?
can a brazilian girl be on the cast for some disney serie?
How Competitive is the acting industry?
I need a coupon for warren theatre in moore oklahoma. Does anyone have one?
what kind of college should i go to to be a actress?
Does any one know what Union or Non-Union For acting or modeling?
Anyone ever play Guildenstern in "Hamlet"?
How do people on stage change outfits when a curtain is put up & taken down & they have?
is thom cruise gay/bisexual?
I'm auditioning for my school production tomorrow, any tips?
"What is the name of the movie in which there are some hippies who are in search of "Nirvana" and they have a
you can not buy love but u can rent it what dose this mean?
What should I do?! URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP!!?
Give me an eample of a drama?
Where can I get acting experience, UK, midlands?
How do i make a acting resume if i am just getting into acting?
Is there a dress code for theatres?
What is your opinion of live theatre, and why do you feel that way?
Am I right for acting?
Acting scenes for scene night.?
Did Francine Prieto posted in Tanduay calendars. If she did can you please send me it. thx.?
I'm Auditioning for Miss Hannigan in Annie Jr?
Getting the main part in West Side Story?
Is Miley Cyrus coming to do a second concert in London in October 2008?
What musical should my school perform?
Macbeth help:s 10 points!?
Nervous in front of people!?
what is agriculture?
high school musical 3 auditions?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
Do you get this joke?
can anybody tell me which song should i choose for a competition?
What is the name of this musical?
annbody know a good female teen monolouge from a published play?
in act 1 scene 1 how did king Lear contribute to his own downfall?
know any...?
What happens if I want to act in my own screenplay?
My acting your honest thoughts?
REALLY dramatic monologues for teenage girls?
Who out there likes High School Musical 1 and 2?!?!?
where can i see Jatt and Juliet ??? which website ?
Is it common to see actors naked in Theater?
Can U Mess Up On Kissing?
What's a good audition song for Rizzo in Grease?
Stagecraft folks, who can tell me what the origin of the gel colour "bastard amber" is? (serious replies pls)
Can any one help?
What song should I sing for my audition?
Do you know David Kendall and Fred savage E-mail address and were i Hannah Montana ( miley Cyrus) film at.?
Greek mythology play?????/?
Has anyone played Sir Harry in Once Upon A Mattress?
How do I need to block my monologue?
who is you favorite native actress or actor?
What do you need to play minecraft?
Where would this come from?
Brit school theatre? ...?
i am going to the movies tonightwhat?
Is the age of 16 to late to learn how to play the harp? ?
Realism and humor?
is the lightning thief in 3D?
musical theater shows in North Carolina?
I need help with some Julius Caesar (the play) questions...?
Why was Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Killed?
Musical Theatre audition songs? (read details please!!)?
I need an Idea for a present for a teenager?
Helpful ways to memorize?
Live do the actors and actresses remember their lines?
Theatre Question? Songs?
Funny Acting Monologue? (:?
Do you know any good, Acting camps for teenagers?
How to go about getting an...?
What is it with the Disney Channel?
What mental illness does Lady Macbeth in the book Macbeth have?
COMPROMISE means in modeling for Female ?
What is a movement class?
Acting: should I go for it!? Huh!?
I need some ideas for writing and doing a monologue of two minutes, related to this topic:?
Where can I find so Disney Channel agents?
Where can I find tapes of popular Broadway stage plays?
How to tell my parents I want to be an actress?
Kid/ Teen acting by New York or New Jersey area?
I am 13 year old girl and I want to be an actress. How can I do it, where do i start?
Which act in Marriage of Figaro by Mozart?
Movie Trivia! 10 points to the first correct answer. Still no one has gotten it right!!!!?
how to fake doing cocaine?
Does anyone have wicked the musical in iPod format?
Can you Understand this (Find the Monologue)?
I want to become an actress. But how..?
Out of the boys in High School Musical which one is hottest?
How can I get a good, solid role?
I need help with a monologue... ?
What to do before college?
Is there gonna be a high skl musical 3..?x?
What does "a newspanel which traversed the stage" mean?!?
how do you get into acting?
Musical Theatre Help?
im 13 and i want to be an actress so bad?
How to tell my parents I want to be on disney channel and go into the music industry?
how do i audition for high school musical 2?
What are some great soundtracks of musicals?
How to get the role of Sandy in Grease?
My son is interested in becoming an actor?
okay my friends say...?
Good Musicals for 7/8 grade play? Needs to be appropriate for K-5 audience?
Wonder why they copy my life story in movie?
what's the most effective way to get people to come to a comedy show?
I'm looking for a Christmas program script?
audition song: i need much help!!?
does anybody know where i can find the movie just like Mona?
British accent?
Does any one know of any great commercial acting classes in Los Angeles?
i need help finding a skit about a walrus!?
Help finding a minute-long monologue for an audition?
Talent show ideas for a family reunion? Please read description?
How late is it to decide you want to become an actor?
Any one have a good closing for Shakespeare report?
Per year how many do actors/actresses get accepted to Disney channel?
Is ProModels modelling agency a scam?
How do you become famous?
any ideal to get information on the play the breakfast special by Matthew Calhoun?
Should i o to school to study graphic design or acting?
Have you a minute?
Where Would I get a manager and agent for a band?
how to become a heliochopper?
Why wont my glee audition video submit?
Has anyone else got a Camp Rock 2 audition from Alan Baltes Disney Channel Consultation Service?
What is your favorite Broadway play?
is this a good discription?
In Musicals what is a Swing?
who knows about yg asian audition 2011?? and who know where will the place audition in malaysia?
What is the best acting/Performing arts college?
How to find auditions for smash?
Any body know of any modeling auditions or open casting calls in florida around orlando?
is there any good drama/acting schools in melbourne Victoria in Australia?
Is Robert Pattinson acting as Edward Cullen in all parts of Twilight?
brad pit movies?
i want to start my carear an actor give me comments?
I'm from europa, how can i get on Disney channel?Do you think i have any chance?
How to start an acting career at 13?
can someone tell me how to get an application for america's next top model cycle 9?
How to get famous?
Can anyone recommend good acting classes in the west of Ireland?
what is the comedy movie u had ever seen?
what did elizabethans like to watch? and why did they really like the play 'romeo and Juliet'? are they linked?
Real Audition websites?
hello i m tryin to find info about a film,i think it's called tenors is a comedy not the one called the 3 teno
the best : Gary Sinise or Tom Hanks ?
5 similiartys between romeo and juliet and A midsummer nights dream?
Will I be to old to start acting? is a SCAM!!!! DOSE ANDYBODY KNOW HOW TO GET £300 BACK?
What do you think about the W. Esper Acting school?
i needed a script for play on strugle for indipendence! please if anyone can help?
Does anyone know when and where i could audition for a role in New Moon?
Is comedy the most difficult part of acting?
is josh casablancas modeling and acting the realy deal?
What's a story line idea I could use fo my school skit?
romreo and juliet scripts?
What does Cyrano make fun of Montfleury for in Act 1?
Do you like musicals/Broadway shows? If so, which one is your favorite?
who should I cosplay from anime? (my pic included)?
Is young actors camp the first step?
Name some good black actresses?
Why is theatre important nowadays?
how can i get my father a invation to see Dolly parton at dollywood?
can someone tell me a list of plays from the 20th century or later please?
Where can I watch High School Musical 3?
Question on American got talent?
What is the musical in which a boy commits suicide, and a girl dies from a botched abortion?
I don't want to lead him on?
poverty and illiteracy cause violence and insecurity?
What does "character actor" mean?
Evil or mean middle range songs for teen girls?
How do I help my students cope with stage fright?
What is Disney Casting for new TV series?
what is your technique for crying on queue?
Where to study acting?
how to build a bridge with a cardbourd box?
Using quotes, how has Macbeth changed throughout the play (and same question for Othello?)?
I want to be a voice actor. Where do I begin?
Should I try out for the Secret Garden play?
I need names for a last main character for a short play?
How would an aspiring actor / singer get started to be able to be in a movie/episodic program?
I want to be an actor really badly but I'm scared to tell my mom and idk where to start!?
scene name begining in L (my names lucy)?
If I am an aspiring actress, and I will be getting braces soon, do you think people will still hire me?
I need a shakesspeare play!!!?
I still haven't told my mum...?
Things you should never do while presenting infront of an audience?
what do you think about hollywood and it`s actors?
Is there anyone trying to find talent for something?
how do i get to write or speak with david oyelowo in person, he is an actor living in london?
how do you audition for disney channel?
How is paris from romeo and juliet dignified?
what is your favourite Musical and why?
If you could work with any actor/actress (living or dead) who would you choose?
Acting Audition. How should I do my hair?
i am in a play tonight and i am nervous any advice?
"love actually" the best love story ever.. whose with me??
I need help for an audition!?
What's the best movie of all time?
Monologue ideas, please help?
can you change your details on national youth theatre application?
auditioning for a musical?
What era was Romeo and Juliet in?
I want to contact an acting agency...?
Acting & acting lessons?
any help on acting or singing better?
What are some good monologues from the Hunger Games books?
What was your favourite "wow" moment in any play?
which miss hannigan audition song?
Is Aamir Khan right? who is faulty? aamir or govt.?
i have an acting audition and i need tips?
What are some good acting exercises?
Should I go to university and study drama?
I want to be an actress but dont know squat?
Personification in Antony's Speech?
What is the most world renowned circus?
What *easy* Broadway song should I sing for my play auditions?
How do I make my hair look electrocuted????
What should I wear to my play audition!?!?!?
How can you get famous when your young?
Who are some black children actors?
Do you HAVE TO get acting classes even thought your a great actor/actress?
Does anyone know where I can get....?
Can a SAG actor work in an independent film for no pay?
Acting agencies 13 year old girl. In Brighton UK?
Is there going to be High School Musical 5?
Unprofessional Teachers, Casting, and favoritism...?
Do I have acting potential? The truth please! (VIDEO)?
What are good monologues(or websites) for teen girls?
What's the best way to get over stage fright?
His theatre related to the natural world?
stage show "That'll Be The Day"?
I have a question about where and when the teen choice awards will be shown in Australia. ?
I want to become a hollywood actress but I have many problems...!!!?
In Shakespeare's "A Midnight's Dream", what does Theseus mean by wooing Hyppolyta by his sword?
If you are an actor/actress, how many shows have you been in?
if it wasnt pinocios nose that grew, what else do you think would when he lied?
Tips for my first audition?
what is the e-mail address of tamil cinema actors?
How do I sell a screenplay?
What are some of the very, very, very best theater schools in the country?
What's a good song to play during a speech?
Is the traditional Pantomime dead in the UK?
who is ur favourite actor or actress &why?
How do you spell when you ?perice? your lip, not like the ring thing but, when you angry you "peirce you lip"?
Questions about Rowan Atkinson :) ASAP?
An appropriate short song to use for auditions?
Which Alice in Wonderland musical recording version includes a song :'painting roses secretly'?
Would you let your daughter be a television star?
What do you think of the strange and wacky theater folk?
In Wicked the musical, does Elphaba actually become evil?
How do I list my 13 years of dance classes and performances on my acting resume?
Im 14 years old and I want to make a movie?
is there any online submission for sm entertainment youth star 2012 audition?
What to wear to this audition?
Is it weird that I can act but not live?
is musical theatre class good?
simplified drama scripts?
How do I fake cry on command?
What are some good legit acting/modeling agencies for teens?
how do i act like my grampa just died its for school play help? 20 pts for best answer?
romeo and juliet literature please help!!!!! guaranteed 10 points.?
Where can I watch Edward Scissorhands online for free?
Would this be a good idea to do in the school play?
I need help finding a monologue?
where can I buy the complete works of Shakespeare real cheap,second hand will do, in liverpool?
Is Tom's Monologue from the Glass Menagerie considered a contemporary monologue?
how do people go into acting?
Should I become an actress or just a normal person?
What are ten main facts about Macbeth?
Is there someone who is not involved with theatre interested enough to answer?
Are there any acting schools in Delhi for children up to 15 years of age and send them directly to Bollywood?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
I have a question about where and when the teen choice awards will be shown in Australia. ?
Where can I watch Les Misérables?
i really want to become an actress but i am only 13 so i want to practice. how can i create a script for fun?
Is Toronto Film Extra Agency Legitimate?
how do you become an impersonator ?
Are feet tattoos bad for acting?
how do i get into acting? I'm 13 and i would like to get into acting such as on like Disney channel?
Any advice for my audition?
I wanna be a teen actress, NOW!?
Goldilocks and Little Red Fight scene - feedback?
Tips for auditioning in groups for a musical?
How can I tell if I am truly meant for the arts (acting & writing) please help!?
How do you become famous when nobody in your family is?
What is your all time, #1 favorite, Broadway Musical?
Auditions for Dash and Lily's Book of Dares?
Romeo and Juilet???
i have seen many sex scene they look natural pl tell me do actor and actress really make sex before camera?
I am looking for a screening room/theatre in downtown Toronto that holds about 150 people, can anyone help???
I need a Classical Comedic Monologue?
How big of a role does Judge Turpin have in the student musical production of Sweeny Todd?
criterion theatre london?
West side story questions............?
How do I get into the musical theatre?
What is your favourite musical :)?
Need to memorize a large Monologue in two days! Any tips? ?
Can anybody recommend a show to see in the West End??
Can I have everyone ask a question about Osgood Indiana to help me put it on the map.?
i just tried out 4 my high schools musical, and it turns out i didnt make it, one of my teachers is one of the
What is the major similarity between Lena Younger and Amanda Wingfield?
Who can represent me in the UK as an actress?
who thinks that nicole n paris friendship are over for good?
i need to become famous?
do you hillery duff??????
Wicked NYC???
were can i watch alvin and the chipmunks for free?
School house rock live Characters? ?
where can i get a skit for my school function?
Why is it that when you get involved with acting that when you watch a tv show or film it looks less real?
I am auditioning for a play and i have a question?
Is acting considered a good life job?
Ideas for my drama project?
what is macbeth about?
is feature film casting a reliable source?
If you HAD to star in a musical or motion picture. Which lead role would you take?
hi i want to be an extra on one life to live before it cancelled, how do i go about doing that. thank you?
How can I become famous?
Has anyone been to The Company Acting Studio (
theater club audition, please help!?
did the whackness come out in theaters?
I need Ren's monologue from "The Most Massive Woman Wins"?
Can you give me a list of the wicked cast and which songs they sing?
What's your favourite musical?
What was the longest word used by Shakespeare?
What is a good way to get my daughter in acting. Withoutthe ripoff ppl?
Do you think I should or shouldn't go into acting?
which of these jokes is funnier for my stand up comedy act for the school talent show?
How do I become famous?
Is this a good headshot? I'm sending in a resume with this for an extra agency.?
What do you think about married couples, when doing acting roles involving themselves in kissing scenes?...?
what attracts us to movies about love ?
i need a stage name-help?
will you know if you like someone and they dont like you and you keep on telling them that you love them?
is phantom of the opera showing anywhere in canada?
I need singing tips?
How can I get an agent at age 12 in Texas?
What is Ragtime the musical about?
I am from India. i would like to learn acting from London drama to go about it?
Harry Potter 5?
Was William shakespear bi- sexual?
What did Didi and Gogo do after the second act of Waiting for Godot?
'TO BE OR NOT TO BE' can ANYONE please explain to me what he is actualy doing in HAMLET?
romantic, realist, or expressionist?
I need some tenor songs from all kind of musicals?
theatrical makeup list?!? help!!?
Songs that make you cry?
How can having a passion for acting contribute to a persons personal growth?
acting collage courses?
What should a young, aspiring actor do to be able to make a career out of acting?
Female Audition song for High School Musical?
How do I start my porno career?
Is it too late to audition for 'Bo and the spirit world'? Because they're still advertising it on starnow?
For drama buffs, did i make the right decision?
Is "late night cathecism" available on dvd?
How to get your confidence up?
can everyone help please i want to know badly!?
original ideas for shakespeare play (tragedy)?
Can someone give me an entire play?
which is better to do with headshots?
who is the best actor shahid kapoor or saif ali khan?
where can i reach baby modeling agencies?
how do you cure stage fright?
How do I get started on my acting career? ASAP?
How to become a Japanese Adult Actor?
How to write a theater resume?
How do i make my singing voice better?
I'm 16 years old and I regret not learning how to play the piano, is it too late?
I need help from someone with acting or theater experience?
How to stop your cheeks from twitching at a beauty pageant stage?
In Amateur Theatre why are you required to become a member to act in production at that theatre?
would "There are worse things I could do" from Grease be considered a Ballad?
where can i buy the old movie of romeo and Juliet????
Disney Channel Acting!?????
Any good songs for a 14 year old to sing at play try-outs?
i know this acting place its called john robert powers its in hollywood i want to go therebut we dont have?
Where can you get the cut Wicked song "Wicked Witch of the East?" Is is also known as "We deserve each other"?
Help for 13 musical audition?
Any tv or commercials casting near Philly?
why did hollywood become film capital of the world and not new york city?
the phantom of the opera?
What is you opinion of this last "Phoenix" skit for playwriting school?
Can you think of a better response?
I wanna act?
is there a place to become a model in seattle at age 16?
Who is the most important playwright/ play/ of recent times?
S.O.S! i need an agent or someone who will help me to get into the ''acting world''?
hey umm... im 13 years old and i want to be on disney channel......?
Your favorite musical?
Macbeth Discussion Questions?
Why is there a popcorn vendor in an adult theatre?
::poof:: You suddenly find yourself on stage...?
songs that make you cry?
I want to audtion for a disney channel show. Is there auditions in chicago?
Legitimate Talent Agencies In Washington, DC?
DetAils for 2011 sm auditions?
How would you develop this plot?
does SAG operate in the united kingdom?
Trouble with audition wear?
Is Josh Lucas sexy?
Can anyone tell me where I can download Once upon a time from Brooklyn the musical?
Acting auditions in Utah?
What's easier, becoming an actor or singer?
Favorite Musical/Opera?
How do I become an actor?
I'm sick, and have an audition this weekend! Help!?
Am I too old to start acting?
sean remel?
i have an audition tomorow and dont know what to wear?
I need a name of one of the Scrubs songs?
Who wrote this version of the end of Oedipus?
Please- If anyone has any idea what this is or where it is from?
julius caesar scenes i have to make up a scene...?
I Need some advice?
Is it possible to find free sheet music for 'Good Morning'? From 'Singin' In The Rain?
Any ideas for my show?
what are some good websites looking for actors in actual movies or tv shows or sites wher you kind find them?
What would be good to wear as Mary in a live nativity scene?
1940's character?
entering my son into a pageant!?
Would this shirt be an ok shirt to wear for an head shot? (I need to know)?
should friends be given more importance or boyfriends?
Does anyone Know were Romeo and Juliet came from like as an example Italy or England?
how to get rid of my accent?
Hi I am really focused on acting for film and I have some questions.?
is there any reason why you cant contact a casting agency without an acting agent?
What is a good audition song for King Arthur in Spamalot?
Nickelodeon Acting Question?
I need song choices for Male Baritone for Musical Theater (Musical songs only)?
What subjects do I need to take to do drama at college?
Need contemporary comedic monologue for males. ages 16-25. thanks in advance!?
How do actors and actresses cry easily?
Question for people in & around TV, theatre & film?
When does phantom of the opera come on tv?
Can anyone answer questions about Stephen Sondheim's musical Into the Woods?
how can i get an acting job?
Should i keep acting?
Can somebody else help me understand the ending to Return of The Living Dead?
I have callbacks for a lead in a show next week. I fell confident but the competition is fierce. Any tips?
can a child submit scripts?
Need help getting the others to memorize lines!?
Why should a person consider studying drama?
what is beautiful lovely sen tense?
Acting Jobs?
How to really ace an audition?
Are these good seats for this show?
What are some musical theatre songs about dysfunction and dysfunctional relationships and high expectations?
UK-Before starting a theatre company, and building a stage, what sort of things do we have to sort out?:)?
how would you describe shylock-Merchant of venice?
Where can I audition to be in Hollywood productions?
What is a good audition song for King Arthur in Spamalot?
Why are actors and actresses so affectionate with each other?
What song(s) should I sing when I try out for show choir?
Plays with 8 or More Characters?
Can a person be an author, a director and an actor? All at once?
what are some good audition songs for the musical 9 to 5?
Does anyone know if High School Musical 2 auditions are coming to Dallas, Texas?
King Louie the musical?
What do you do in an audition to be in disneychannel?
Talent agencies?
Any modern song that suits the play Antigone?
I think I'm too old to have an acting career?
Does anyone know of acting places in LA?
How to become an actress?
How do I become the character in acting?
please list down some caption about the impact of movies in real life?
How can I start acting?
is it to late to start acting?
How can I make myself look like I'm in pain?
How is Oedipus like Tiresias at the end of the play (two ways)?
You can't answer this question - - -?
Showreel cliches for presenting?
I'm a 21 year old guy, what are my chances of becoming an actor from scratch?
I want to pursue my dreams of becoming an actor what should I do next?
Looking for info on Masquerades from Romeo and Juliet's time?
Can anyone help me find an audition song?!?! PLEASE.?
Duo interp winners?
I need ideas for a play?
Parents just don't understand... help?
Name the movies in which Shamita Sein dies?
What is you're favorite musical?
How do I get an agent in London? Who should I approach?
Madwoman of chaillot?
How To Be The Best Actor? PLEASE answer ASAP!?
How to become a successful actor in Australia?
Hunchback of Notre Dame monologues needed! NOT DISNEY!?
lyrics of zarzuela during the spanish times in Philippine history?
Hi ya grace?
Thesis on "The cursed of the scottish play" Mcbeth??
devoid of comedy ?
did brian greene act in the big bang theory ? ?
would don't rain on my parade from funny girl be a good audtion for a school musical?
I'm in Romeo and Juliet in my school play and I'm romeo. Do you think its to gay 4 a guy to be wearing tights.
I got "discovered" Is this a hoax?
Was Happy Birthday ever sang on broadway?
I want to know to get a play that I have written into an actual theatre ?
How do you become a actress?
Im trying to find information about American Playwright, Jim Leonard. Can someone help me?
I am an international student looking for acting classes in la, where should I look?
drama act last chance or out?
Help with a cultural festival idea?
How many times do ghosts appear in Shakespear?
I need some advice on something, boy drama?
Auditions for H2O: Just Add Water?
what's a good joke for auditions?
What is Shock Headed Peter?
Do I have the right "look"? *pics*?
comedic monologue from a contemporary play for a a girl woman age 16 -20?
choosing a song? No good deed or you'll be in my heart?
Is it true that Taylor Swift sings terribly live?
My theatre portfolio?
Terrified to start acting class?
What is a good classical musical upbeat song?
What do you think is harder?
What is Emma Watson's e-mail adrress?
what is a good site to find monologues??
I need an audition song. Help!?
Where can i find???
Is it possible to become a successful actor?
When is the next Disney Channel Open call?
Musical Theatre Audition Songs?
Acting resume? Help!?
What is craig phillips who won big brother one doing now?
how can i get on disney channel acting wise?
Hi. Do you know any agencies that represent foreign actors, in Los Angeles ? ?
what is the globe theater?
getting into acting help?
I used to visit Art and Science web pages. with your new web page design, I can not find them. Where are they?
give your opinion?
Is this a good plan to become an actress?
what is mis en scene?
I'm a 19 year old boy and I dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood?
will i ever have my own tv show?
What are your top four favorite musicals?
is a reputable company?
Acting agents and acting classes?
romeo and juliet?
i want to become a bollywood actor would that mean i have to go to some special acting school?
What is this musical play ?
how to become a 12 years old actress?
Phantom of the opera...?
Remeo & Juliet: Tybalt capulet?
what influenced irish dancing?
Is there really a curse for Macbeth ?
im a great actor but.....?
I want my stage name to be different then my real name, do i have to go through all of that crazy legal stuff?
I Need Advice On How To Be A Good Actor Like For An Audition For Disney channel?
what are some of the laws that were in the theater during the renaissance era?
I'm bored.and i cant study!what should i do?
Has Tony Danza ever done a nude scene?
Where can I find amateur voice actors?
what are some scholarly comments on the play the tempest?
Shakespeare classic speech HELP PLEASE!!!?
Would you rather act on Disney Channel or Nick?
what chacater can i be for my drama lesson tomorrow?
name female actress. appeared in drama on broadway between 1945/48.not big name but considered by hal prince#1
Does this sound like a scam?
Were you nervous when you first started acting lessons?
Which musical should I see?
How can a person practice "acting"?
some good/fun theme songs to play on piano?
Has anyone ever seen a mime in real life?
how do you become a 'creature' extra in films and TV?
Does Romeo and Juliet have a genre?
Where can i find monologues?
I want to start acting profesionally in film and TV, where should I look for an agent?
can u give me some funny names 4 maureen?
Musical theatre audition song. . .?
What is your favorite song in The Phantom of the Opera.?
i want to become an acter.if anyone knows how PLEASE tell me!?
does anyone know of a good monologe for a school production of "Barefoot in the Park" or what the plays about?
who plays Lizzie in Lizzie McGuire?
what happened in the early days of shakespeare's life in London?
A good monologue to use to audition for a play?
How do I find auditions in Texas for teenagers?
Where can I get the rights to produce "the Princess Bride" on stage? I know a play has been written.
Do you think watching essex programs and practicing will get my old accent back?
what are some good, affordable acting classes in new york / nj?
Does anyone know if Sutton Foster and Megan Mullally are still in Young Frankenstein and for how long?
How can I become a better singer on my own and a better actress?
Describe the Globe Theatre. How does it differ from Theatres today? (Shakespears Time)?
How can become a girl and not be a tomboy anymore?
Is Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet a stressfull part to take on in a highschool play?
How to distinguish characters in a scene?
Acting! What's the best part for you?
What is chelsea's personality like in the one act play Lockdown by Douglas Craven?
Good singing & acting & dancing ideas?
trying out for musical, help!?
how to play nancy from oliver?
Question about Rent character Maureen: Is she Bisexual or Lesbian?
What are some good one act plays for high schoolers that are dark or contain zombies?
Ensemble Acting Scenes?
How to do an acting resume with no experience?
Who played Elpheba in the musical 'Wicked'?
Do I have the look for disney?
Am I a good actress, please tell me?
In The Merchant of Venice, how does the character of Shylock engage audiences modern and Elizabethan?
Can somebody please help to find a COMPLETELY FREE copy of "Cucusoft avi to DVD Converter, or similar??"
How do I become a teen actress?
Theatre groups in London?Possibly in Italian,French or Spanish.Last choice English.Or small theatre companies?
who'd win in a fight, a ballerina or a wwe wrestler?
is it true Miley cyrus is shooting a movie?
About "The Crucile act 2" Help!?
Have you seen us get away with it?
Merchant of Venice! Help?
can talent of acting be teached i was wondering?
can you be a lawyer and an actress?
What do we learn about Prospero through the way he treats his characters?
im14 and im good at acting but i dont think that i could make it because no one gives me a chance what do i do?
Good colleges for voice-over acting?
Whatdya think of my speaking voice?
how do i get a chance to act in a tamil films?
Can I marry Aishwarya Rai Film Actress?
What do you think of my actors headshot? new headshot, I need alot of feedback!?
In Musical Theatre, is acting or singing more important?
Kim Dawson Acting Agency in Dallas Texas?
How do you become famous!? because i would like to be an actress all of my friends said that im a good actor?
Information on how casting calls work?
Good, Sad monologues?
Auditions for under 18's and how to get involved?
Top Acting Schools?
sweet girl monologues?
What is the funniest musical for a high school to do?
in the story hamlet written by william shakespheare what caused ophilia's mental breakdown.?
why are movie stars or singers uaually tall?
Joseph and the Amazing Tech. Dreamcoat fans?
don quijote monologues?
Who saw Andrew LLoyd Webbers musical "Whistle Down The Wind" in Washington? What did you think of it?
Are matinees rubbish?
Acting Scrips for Disney Channel Audition?
Actors Resume Help Needed! Commercials?
Okay, I was just asked to do this modeling job, but I'm on hold for a big feature film! How can I pick!?
what to do if u want to be an actor whats the best way ??? or what website to go to?
How can I tame this shrew?
What is a good acting agency in florida around orlando?
I want to become a director?
I just turned 15 years old and I want to become an actress and on TV before I'm 16 so how do go by doing that?
Romeo and Juliet?
Recognizable rebeling scence in Romeo and Juliet?
If a girl is playing in a theatre as a man would it be a bad thing?
How to become an Actress?
Easy to memorize scripts? at least 20. small scripts... can include singing.?
What two contrasting songs should I choose for a theatre audition?
Help!!! Open casting call?
ELIZA CUTZ....was she just in it for the fame?
What are your experiences with the "Macbeth Theater Superstition?"?
Cross Dressing in Renaissance Theater?
I Need A Two Female Scene !!! Please Help!?
how can act infront of people if your shy what do u think of???
Acting Auditions... ish?
What is the best way to find out when "Wicked" is holding general auditions?
IT to Acting?
Monologues from The Twilight Zone?
Can I send in my resume to an acting agency in NYC if I live in Canada?
Is there is a way to expand "The Complete Works of WIlliam Shakespeare Abridged" to an 8-9 person cast?
How do you act when you are in shock?
what is the meaning behind moments in the woods?
Acting or college or both?
How do u gain weight? cause im really skinny and i am made fun of?
who has seen the movie fast and furious tokyo drift ?
What song should I sing? any suggestions?
How do I start auditioning for films/tv, etc?
Can I have suggestions for a Comedy or Drama non-Musical that can be performed by teenagers?
how to survive impromptu?
I want to be a film acting coach, what do I need to major in during college?
Innocent Audition Monologues?
Does anybody know fun facts about The Wizard of Oz?
I am trying to locate a 1970s play about the National Front, who wrote it and what was it called?
Macbeth - fatal decisions?
I really want to become a successful actress or model?
Fancy Dress Characters?
Oliver the musical? Not RACEST?
Quick question about this monologue?
College Decisions for Acting?
Does anyone know a talent or acting agency in mississippi cause i am very serious about becoming an actor ?
What songs does Idina Menzel sing in the musical "See What I Wanna See?"?
romeo and juliet acts ?
What happens if an acter sneezes during a theater performance?
Do screenwriters help directors and actors?
was phyllis kirk born in Oneonta, NY ?
What's it like???????????
How to become an actress?
will criss angel be at the aladdin casino anytime in august?
what is g4s means is it world wide securities?????
Auditions for the Witch & Wizard Movie?
become a sharpay?
I need some advice on how to rig blood packets?
I would like to become an actress what's a really good way to start?
Macbeth Act 1 Scene 4?
What can be acted to make a skit that follows this quote by Roosevelt?
Monologue tips?
When hollywood actresses say that because of their job, they "can't eat", is that to be taken literally or
words of wisdom?
Can somebody tell me about this monologue?
Which is you the most complete actor of the world-wide cinema?
What is a good musical for my High school?
Hey guys! Need an opinion?
Is this normal? And if so how do I deal with it?
What is your favorite musical? why?
Need and audition skit for a boy and girl.?
where can i find a play dialogue online?
what happens if you do really good at acting school?
Being a 50 year old....?
Living in scotland, how do i become an actress?:)?
Where can I have someone write me a script for a short film?
How do i become an actress?
What are the best tips to begin a career in acting?
Is Romeo and Juliet a Tragedy, a Love Story or Both?
Did anyone watch High School Musical 2?
Best Friend Wicked Contest?
I want to act?
How much did Daniel Radcliffe (actor in Harry Potter) make for the working on the play Equus?
i need an easy pantomime?
Will be an actress when i get older?
what movie had the song this kiss this kiss?
Acting advice needed!!!! Please help; this could be a great chance for me!!?
Ideas for an SNL spoof of "Macbeth" Act 2?
Is it a good thing to be called a Drama Queen?
How do I audition for Johanna Mason?
How old does a child have to be to join sag or aftra?
Memorization techniques?
Has anyone sucessfully gotten an acting agent in LA? How!??!?
Can I be in theater and choir productions in college of om not majoring in that field.?
what skills would they be looking for at the high school musical 3 auditions?
Do you need any Broadway auditions and open calls?
I am auditioning for the musical "Into the Woods" and I need advice?
Name the movies in which Karishma dies?
are there any ligit acting/talent agencies in ct?
Why did I become a musician?
Suggestions Needed: Comedic Plays/Musicals (1hour) with Free Scripts (Sources)?
What's Your Favorite Broadway Musical?
Do you need a work permit for someone who's 14 to be an extra in a movie?
Is this a good audition piece?
Can anyone tell me......?
Good name for a drama club?
when will disney channel have there next talent search i know they had one in VA but whats the next one?
Serious acting question before i get into it?
please help me please ...?!!!!!?
Whats the importance of hamlets soliloquy to be or not?
Warhorse or Peter and the star catcher?
How do I get into Burlesque?
What do you think of RENT? (movie & stage musical)?
Is it normal for actors/actresses to have anxiety disorders?
What is mean by "Item Girl" ?
Can my friend Sam be an actor?
Home remedies for singers, ASAP AUDITION TOMORROW FOR RENT!!!!?
what are good agencies to go to for acting?
I my audition for glee good?
How hard is it to make in the film/music industry in Hollywood ?
I need monologues from Broadway...?
What Theatre Play to take male friend?
Actors who are also directors and writers?
What's the best way to network with MySpace - theatre?
please help me with those questions about Macbeth?
help with a play audition!? :O?
A good Song for a alto/soprano range....?
Which roles are considered to be the leads in into the woods?
Does anyone know anybody interested in new talent?
Hannah i added you as my contact but you dont allow messages or IM's eeek !!?
What are some good Theatrical Productions in Toronto?
A quality song to use for an 80's musical audition?
i have a play in school.i need a short story for that?
Tristan & Isolde???
i need suggestions for a high school play!?
What is your favorite play by william shakespeare?
how do actors find out about jobs for like disney and nickoldeon auditions?
Is there a website where I can find contact information for a talent agent?
a question?
What Steps Do I Need To Take To Become An Actress?
Musical Theatre songs for an Alto/Soprano 2 Who Is Best at belting it?
Is a summer course enough to get ne started in acting?
Is Houghton Talent, Inc. in Atlanta,Ga a national talent agency I found it on SAG's website and its franchised?
Who is the most famous actor and actress In the world?
What do u think who will b the Best Actor of the year --Aamir or Shahrukh?
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who is the fairest Fairy of them all?
Macbeth help! Please. :(?
who is hailee steinfeld's agent?
how do I brew fake blood at home?
Where and how do you start acting?
As an actor, how do you know if screen could suit you?
where can i find theatre scenes for 3 people?
Looking for "inspecting carol"...?
Tom Todoroff ? worthwhile acting coach/teacher?
When does "Anything Goes" take place?
Do acting agents still take you even if you have little experience?
i have play i want to turn to a movie. but i don't have money?
Plays with monologues suitable for a 13-23 year old female?
What is the difference between "theatre" and "theater"?
whats the word roleplayer mean?
OMMGGG!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY!!!?
Is it true that the AEG is?
Jealousy quotes in Richard iii?
Romeo and Juliet Baz luhrmann Help?
From "Antigone," is Sophocles against acting on passion and convictions?
does anyone go to Fiorello LaGuardia school for the arts in NY?
i need help on my british accent?
Othello- act5, scene 1?
Some Famous Broadway Producers?
what is the funniest scene you ever saw in a movie?
Who whants to read a part of my playwrite to choose it for production?
Acting and youtube? Possible?
Are there any GOOD websites than can teach me how to act?
i am sonia frm jaipur . i wana be an actress but i have no reference. tell me place where f.actress is needed
Songs similar to Home from Beauty and The Beast?
if you were to make a film of twelfth night who would you cast as Malvolio?
My cousin is a pornstar?"?
My son is in a play for Oklahoma's 100 year celebration. He is a robber. What should he wear?
if you were trapped on a island, what actor or actress would you have with you?
Good songs to audition with for musical? (High soprano)?
What's better modeling or acting?
were can i watch alvin and the chipmunks for free?
What do you think of this Monologue?
I need a 1 minute monologue to try-out for our school play?
When did you actually called yourself an actor?
Dose anyone know how I can get a part in High School Musical 2 !?!?
Someone know the name of this porn actress?
Would you say your acting dream is dead?
How do i become a porn actor in nigeria or any where pls?
is being a porn star a good idea?
what is an understated performer?
Good audition songs and acting pieces? ?
Acting for a future? (Help please!!)?
High school musical script?
What are the characteristics and conventions of theater music?
Why is it taboo to say 'Macbeth' in a theatre while not on stage?
What is a good song to use for an audition for the role of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?
LA theatre?
what does style mean in drama?
Are ORCHESTRA seats 201 and 202 at Row C any good at the Pantages Theatre ?
1970's Costume Styles?
help please! 10 points?
omi gosh please i need a answer!!!?
Are auditions advertised on the radio credible?What if they say you have to be "one of the first 100 callers"?
does anyone know why shakespeare used violence in romeo and juliet?
Is there a sure fire way to get out of school anyday?
Does "Taylor" in "High school musical" sing at all?
What do you do if you have an audition but have no experience?
do you love Al Pacino ?
How long is the new Wicked show going to play for?
admition to the showcase cinemas for children?
need help with improvising for drama class?
How much on average does it cost to rent a theater?
Is it true that Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth really didn't like eachother?
I need help!! Im going to a call back for the musical White Christmas! Charcater analysis?!?!?
RENT (the musical) ending question?
I really want to be an actress?
Is the actor and director Kevin Costner of jewish descent?
question about an audition?
How to be a child actress?
What to do in the meantime?
Where do I start acting?
anyone want to rip there arm off when someone mentions high school musical?
Are the soft contacts hard to get in??
Is it bad to go over audition time by 30 seconds?
What are the greatest plays of all time?
If they make a wicked movie who would you choose to play Glinda and Elpaba?
Is my skin color a problem for try outs?
does anybody no of a great acting school?
Please, please share the link of good script of skit or comedy play for 15- 20 minutes.?
anyone seen Urinetown the musical?
Mimes help please?
Do u like the movie Greese or High school musical better??????
Monologues for kids from published plays...please read description?
What is the acting agent number in charlotte?
MY character is making me crazy. Please Help?
Will calling talent agencies help you get famous?
How to get my start as an actress?
I'm 16 years old and I regret not learning how to play the piano, is it too late?
I am trying out for Tony and Action from west side story on monday, does anyone have anytips??? thank you!!?
I want to make a film and need children actors. what should I do?
How much do broadway actors get paid?
have you seen the play Wicked?
i am looking for the final monologue in the play, "stages" by Jerome McDonough?
'What Where' film?
i wanna be an actress does any one no any movies i can audition for in katy or lousianna?
Who do you think is cute Emily Osment or Miley cyrus?
Actors for Medical Schools?
Is it possible to join a talent agency without any experience?
Who sang the Phantom part in the movie Phantom of the Opera?
where can i find legit Acting classes?
I Want To Be A Actress But I Live In A Small Town And It Don't Have Acting School Help?
High School Musical!?
How to understand Tragedy of Macbeth Shakespeare play?
Best Los Angeles agencies that represent commercial, print, and editorial models?
how do I book the cast of High School Musical to come to my school?
Where to order this script?
acting work permit in the summer?
What's a good recipe for stage blood that will not stain or would stain less?
please help me fast.?
what are the types of movies or soap opera?
What is your favorite Shakespeare play?
What is this musical???
does anybody know if there is a museum thats about the musical fame?
Need ideas for a play .. 10 points!!!?
who will play finnick?
How can i stand out in acting classes?
Do I need SAG or AFTRA?
Please help me on my life goals?
Need Drama Costume Design Help!?
Did anyone see Company on Broadway?
locations for free screening acting auditions?
how many wannable actors and actresses come to mumbai everyday?
i want to know date of birth of bollywood actoress aishwarya rai?
where can you get an appication for americas next top model and where are the next auditions for cycle 13 at?
Teen theater In Illinois?
Need help analyzing this monologue!!!?
Where can a learn how to be an actor?
I live in Manhattan, NY. I am an actor, and I am having trouble looking up auditions?
can someone help me analyze “My poverty, but not my will consents" (from romeo and juliet)?
How do i get started?
What is this actresses name?
In A MidSummers Nights Dream, what's Helena's monologue about in the first scene?
How do I analyze a character such as Elphaba?
does wicked the musical go on tour in england if so where can i get tivkets for a showing near liverpool?
where can i go to find a grant for a nonprofit theater arts program.?
What are some comedic female monologues I could use for my audition?
I have some ?'s for actors/actresses?
what are the differences and similarities between the real Caesar and the Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's play?
What is the best cast recording of Leonard Bernstein's Candide?
how is the best actor in tollywood?
Talent Agencies in San Diego?
good filmss for teens?
Good ideas for a theme for a small town festival?
How do playwrights get their plays to the West End stage?
Are there any agents in New York that it would be okay to go in and visit without an appointment?
1040's movie,drama?
help on starting acting career?
Does any one know how to make stage/fake blood?
is there a fim where the actors actually fight?
Are clowns and mimes opposite of eachother?
is rik mayall and adrian edmondson makeing any more bottom?
How to become an extra on Game of Thrones?
Help me understand Kat Von D better?
Do all shakespeare tragedy follow the same structure?
got my theatre headshots on a cd today, but can't find 8x10 photo paper?
drama groups in east sussex?
Why No Asian Lead Actors in Hollywood?
How could i write a monologue for this (Drama class)?
Transcendentalism to Willy wonka and the chocolate factory?
Do you play any instruments?
Arsenic and Old Lace Audition?
How to be a good Voice Actor for Sims Series?
Where is the best place to take acting lessons in chicago?
what are some reliable agencies online i can join for voice overs?
Question in Drama?
I want to Become a film Director?
I've been robbed! How do I handle it without seeming full of myself? it without seeming full of myself?
Are there any good twilight monologues ?
are all boys that act in plays really gay?
what is the original order of the songs that bernadette peters sang at carnegie hall?
Need acting advise and soon please.?
Is it to late for me to be an actress?
Trivia: What are the five Disney shows that went on Broadway?
Good headshot photographers?