What is the name of this musical?
What is a good classical musical upbeat song?
Can someone help me with my resume to get a Disney Agent?
Musical rights? Help?
What is the song before the intermission of a musical called (if anything)?
Stage Version: The Breakfast Club?
Great Drama/Acting short courses in August (UK) ? (Open to 17+)?
what 3 instruments should i play out of these?
Is the film: Way of the peaceful warrior, coming out in UK cinemas??
If I'm playing the horse's rear-end in the pantomime, is it a good idea to fart for realistic sound-effects?
What's the best way to learn an American accent?
Reasons 4 being in a detention camp?
what is city is better for acting?
How to act like an adult?
what's that thing called where you go behind some paper-like curtain and make yourself bigger?
How can i become an actor?
What are some good dramas(serious) plays for high school students to perform?
Looking for a rare musical theatre song!?
When does Spring Awakening take place?
How do i go about becoming an actress? ?
Where can you find out about upcoming Broadway auditions?
i wanna be found.....!!?
Help me with ballad!!?
What should I do in this situation?
How do they record broadway soundtracks?
How to arrive on set as a Background Actor... Please help!?
can you make a play with blind people?
What type of play is Romeo and Juliet?
help!!! whats the best way.....?!?
Do you have to have acting experience to become an actor or audition for a role in a film?
Annoyed... Does anyone else agree. Please read.?
did anyone see diddy's audition for "bond"?
have you heard of talent rock? or talent
How can I get my grandson a part in Bizet's "Carmen"?
How much does an actor make for mainstream commercials?
Please Watch This Monologue?
hIgH sChOoL mUsIcAL 2?
How can I convince my parents to let me act?? :(?
i need to find the directing style for Michel Hazanavicius?
Looking for a good poem, for my exam???
Sutton Foster!!!?
I need a 3 minute drama script!?
Question about the Voice auditions?
when are auditions for Marvin Marvin or when does it show on nick?
how do you make your self cry?
How do you get a signed playbill?
I want to act so bad!? plz help me?
how do you audition for...?
I want a couple people to play mw3 with.?
Acting Agent??????????????????
In the movie Les Miserables.......?
The "Mavericks" Auditions?
Whats your opinion on High School Musical?
Contrasts within Macbeth Act 1?
I know why Hamlet hesitated in killing his uncle/father/king, it's so obvious. Who else knows?
Which name looks and sounds better?
Audition for a talent show.?
really want to become an actress!?
What song should I sing at my theater audition?
Where can I get a video recording of the 1989 production of "The Duchess of Malfi" with Nigel Terry as Bosola?
How to be prepare for acting in plays and stuff in high school?
Can a full-time college student be an actor?
My parents don't support my dream to become an actress?:( please could i have advice from adults?
Are there and good theatre schools in NY that also offer math?
i am looking for a short play (under 20 minutes) preferably a dark comedy?
how to make fake fainting look real?
Can I become a successful actor? how so?
Paris' appearance at the Capulet monument in Act V scene 3 is a surprise to the audience, who do not know tha?
I got a part as an understudy....?
Which Is the best acting school?
In the movie Castaway, what was in the FedEx box that Tom Hanks kept the entire movie?
I need Ideas for a drama piece in which 5 people play the same character at different times, help!?
How long does shipping usually take to go to El Cajon, CA?
Have you ever done an oral interpretation?
First Broadway ticket prices?
What is the real deal w/ John Robert Powers?
Audition dress?
How do I give Adam Sandler information about a movie, which friends agree, he is the only one for the part?
I need ideas for a Peter Cratchit costume from A Christmas Carol?
Everyone needs to vote for diversity on britains got talent!!!?
Where can I find castings for independent films online? Is there a website?
how does shakespeare predict the death of macbeth in the start of the play ?
Do successful actors get born with the talent or do they develop their school to become successful?
Am I too tall for theatre?
Need help with hunger games 2 auditions?
Acting Agency Question [Prefrebily for acting agents]?
WHat should I get for my theatre teacher?
are these signs that i should just quit acting?
Would theater classes really help me with acting?
Romeo and Juliet help?
what papers do they give you in plays?
Annie-school play audition?
At least 20 characters long?
Audition/theatre help!?
Any suggestions for a non-cheezy high school large cast play to be adapted for dinner theatre? Please help!!?
Quick question about talent agents?
talent agency doesnt believe me?
Any advice for getting over stage fright?
Why did Arthur Miller remove Act ii scene 2 from the play The crucible? s?
For a spell in a storybook, an Acorn, Seaweed, and Vial of Sand are used...ideas for the significance? Used4:?
Where can I find play monologues online for an audition?
Instrumental version of a song from Sweeney Todd?
What is your dream role that you would like to play in a musical?
How to get over not getting this part in a musical?
Any working film actors?
Do You Like Orlando Bloom?
what is a good retort or reply to the phrase "you can't please everyone"?
Need a funny monologue with a serious character?
I'm already on my way to a Law degree...?
what are some good winter monologues?
how can isale online?
How do i become a model?
who will win britains got talent?
What is a casting call?
Plays with strong female characters/monologues?
If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?
My dream is to become an actress, how can i get noticed?
what does Method Acting mean?
What are some really angry/passionate musical theatre songs?
What does Hugo Peabody have to do in Bye Bye Birdie?
Should I get into hard core acting?
what would be your dream musical to perform in?????
Does anyone know where I can print free Defying Gravity sheet music for the clarinet?
What are some 19th century theater vocabulary?
Memorizing Lines? Help?
question about romeo and juliet?
Can someone give me a link to the fifth scene of "Antigone"?
whats the most devasting thing thats ever happened to you?
How do I get into the west end?
HOw do you deal with a fellow actor who just hasn't got their part down?
What should be included in a resume?
How does one yawn in the back of their throat?
what kind of classes can you take to become an Actor?
How become famous ? ?
tell me the best acting classes in los angeles?
What is your Favourite Musical?
I Need a sad/serious monologue.?
The best cities to start an acting career?
Where can I get into an acting school in Michigan?
plz suggest me some ideas for my college festival.!!?
could i become a model even if?
How do you set up a auxiliary percussion kit for a pit orchestra?
How to remember lines for a skit in spanish?
Is RENT's final show going to be made into a DVD?
help!!i need help!What are the best colleges for acting?what do i need to do to become a sucessful film actor?
Is it tacky to wear pigtails and red shoes to auditions for Wizard of Oz?
What should i do to become a producer?
Do all directors do this before the play starts?
ACTORS!!! What do you do to make yourself more believable, when playing a part?
Plays for high school?
Am i too old for acting?
What cities can I live if I want to be in Casting for TV Film and commercials?
when did the opera music strted in Philippines?
In Death of a Salesman, were Willy Loman's flashbacks real or what he wished happened in the past?
What character did Derek Griffiths play in 1973 London production of Two Gents' of Verona?
im 14 years old i want to become famous, not just because i want the papz . bcuz i dont want 2 hide my talent.?
can anyone help me become a singer?
I want to join drama, but there are some problems. Help?
Has anyone ever died on stage/set?
how do u get a job working on movie/tv sets?
Urgent need help to find duologues?
Hey! Yeah you! you there! Guess what play this line is from?
Can Elizabethan Theatre be connected to Italian Renaissance in anyway?
Is a college major in theatre really worth it? Is it boring?
Comedic female monologue?
Musical theatre audition songs?
what are some websites to find acting auditions??
Where can I go to college for acting?
Is it possible for a Vietnamese- American to become a Korean Actress?
I need to find a monologue?
Steps to become an actor?
How to play hard to get?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
If The Crucible and Arsenic and Old Lace were playing at the two different theaters?
Tips for a play audition?
is carrier a good acting agency?
Why is it, whenever a actor wins a Academy Award for best actor(tress), their first movie right after flops?
i want to start a acting career parents want something else for me help!!!?
AUDITION NEEDED....please fast answers!?
When and Where are the auditions for High School Musical 3 and the Hannah Montana moive?
I want to be an actor but .... ?
Could I wear jeans to an audition?
What are some possibilities?
auditions ! audition! advice?
What is the rating for Chicago (the musical)?
Are Romeo and Juliet responsible for their tragic end or are they innocent?
who plays flynn on shake it up?
The Scarecrow got a brain, the Tinman a heart, the Lion his courage, and Dorothy got home. What did Toto get?
In the Cinema, what age do you have to be to buy a student ticket?
Acting skillz: How can u make urself cry?
i m an actor. i need some oppertunities related to filmy field.plz help me.?
Does anyone know how to meet Daniel Radcliffe?
What American play can I apply monster theory to?
What are the chances.?
If anybody has seen the play 'charley's Aunt', can you tell me how Ela (the orphan( is supposed to act?
can anyone help me become a singer?
How can you find out the length of a play?
How to be a professional voice actor?
How should I prepare for an acting audition?
I want to become an actor and so does my bro.?
Macbeth essay, theme of power.. plz help.?
I am so nervous, need acting help!?
Do You Know Of Any Good Monologues About Being A Professional Killer?
Who loves Christian Bale?
where can i get the " Fantom of the Opera"; book or movie?
Broadway Collection?
Free acting websites?
How to become actress?
I want to audition for Mockingjay but I don't know what to do?
How can I full-fill my dream in acting?
Who likes...?
season 5 90210 casting?
How to play in music videos or in movies?
What is a reasonable amount of training do you need before you can start auditions?
What are good audition songs for a contralto voice?
Will the modeling agency fly me out to meet with them?
why don't you like acting in movies?
no love in life?
What are some of the best books on playwriting that are still in print?
want a free ten points?
Film and Theatre? Director, Screenwriter, Production.?
How do I become an actess?
Tips for creating Sets?
how do I make loads of money the easyiest way?
Audition song for 'Gypsy' the musical?
help with work experience?!?
Why is the title Of Mice and Men significant to the story?
how can you become an actress?
How do people become famous ?
julius caesar question.?
How many awards did Adele win at the awards?
did devon sawa commit suicide?
Poem for a theater audition?
Starting Stagecoach tomorrow, anything I need to know/bring?
Where do i get started for being an actor?
whats a good play for high schoolers?
What kind of house do the characters in A StreetCar Named Desire live in?
Where can I find sheet music for "Watch What Happens" from the musical Newsies?
(Theater Play) The Glass Menagerie?
Major for directing (as in movies and tv)??
Where do I go to get my son into acting or modelling? He's four and just loves the camera!?
i need a "dark humor" duet scene for a competition! help:3?
What song should I sing for my school play?
Acting auditions in Austin, Texas?
What should I wear to this audition/interview?
i need a funny skit for 8 kids 5 girls 3 boys all around 10 years old?
What are some good scripts to study for somebody who wants to act?
Is our parents give permission to choose our own field? (like music, Acting)?
What king of schooling do you need to be a Makeup Artist for movies?
good unique funny improv group names?
What could be the reason she's acting this way?
Some good talent agencies in L.A.?
Do you like High School Musical?
Is john casablancas a scam? ?
Does anyone remember PeeWee's Playhouse?
Can anybody suggest an audition song?
What are some good/legitimate male modeling agencies in NYC?
How many cast member should we have for "hairspray"?
Should I have gone to this audition today? please tell me what you think?
has anyone gone to one of those murder mystery dinner parties/train rides/cruises?
what is barareh?
I want to write a screenplay, but I have no idea where to start? Please help?
What are the travelers in Bye Bye Birdie supposed to wear?
How can I rip a t-shirt?
Which Actresses do you Like Best?
What's a good plot for this?
how can i become an actress on Disney Chanel?
Advice regarding a disappointment?
s. to first good answer about signed Broadway poster?
Best Way To Get Into Acting At 16...?
Have You/Will You Enter the "Be Wicked" Singing Contest?
As an actor, how can I improve my voice?
Questions regarding the movie "HIDE AND SEEK"?
do u know an Australian musical?
Good comedic monologues for males that you know of?
Do I look like I could be an actor?
is it bad luck to say 'Macbeth' and 'good luck' in front of a theater that has the play Macbeth?
renaissance outfit???????????
how much should you weigh if you want to be an actress?
What would a 13 year-old girl wear if she had been ignored by her single father for most of her life?
how can i get my child into acting?
I want to become an actress. I'm 13?
BEST PLay of all Time??
Coustume Problems!?
Does anybody have the monologues from the play 'Shakers' by John Godber?
Names Of Freaky Creatures?
Are there any good acting classes I can take near Arlington, TX?
How can I become an actress/ singer?
what kind of character was clarence from shakesperes king richard the third?
Audition song for Camp Rock: The Musical?
theater arts dilemma!!!!?
How important are these things on broadway?
Why is Euripides the most tragic of playwrights?
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying script/summary?
Acting Techniques 101? Actors Answer?
Joker scene for drama?
CSI:NY or CSI:Miami ? (I'm betting on NY) hmmmm.......?
How to ace my Beauty and the Beast audition?
Have any of you read teh play a dols house?if so u can help me?
Can Someone Please Help Me?....I Need A 30 Second Monolouge?
what is happening in todays russian theatre? whats the overview?
I would like to become an actor?
High School Musical 1 or 2 or both?
Got two questions about extras performing in a movie!?
So where is a good college to major in Musical Theater?(oh that's not too expensive)?
where does tony stark get his money from in the movies?
I need a title for a play. Any ideas?
What do you think of my script? do you think it would be good as a short youtube film?
Why does Shakespeare introduce Macbeth as such a nice, good guy and then changes later on?
Do you have to use profanity to be an actress?
My parents dont want me to act because they think its not manly. but im noy gay! and i want to act. help pleas
Symbolic meanings on: Clear vases, Theatrecal lightings, Decorations, Reflecting Floors, Love and?
Good acting agencies in London?
Any good child/young adult agents in Chicago, Illinois??
high school musical 2?
How do Teen Actors Manage with school work, if their filming is far away ?
OMG!? Can I still act? Best answer s!?
Footloose audition song?
Which acting agency is good to join?
who thinks the movie sam's lake will be in theatres dec 2006?
Is there going to be a high school musical 3?
beggining acting and modeling?
kan eny one help me to find audio fils of : "Azerbaidzhan", suite for symphony orchestra (1950)? i am lookinp
help i have no talent =[ . . .?
Some Macbeth Questions ?
Is Black and Black Talent Agency in Toronto Good / Legit?
Actors are overpaid pretentious pillocks..?
how do actors/actresses do this?
What does everyone think of the movie shortbus?
how can i get to the point where i become famous?!?!?!?
What actresses fit these descriptions?
Anyone know a good Musical song?
Harry Potter Auditions?
Monologue help please!?
Does any one no any cris angel tricks?
monolouges: from publish plays?
what play did sherman hensley play in when cable first came out?
Hong Kong Cinema?
I wanna know that who is the best actor and actress of bollywood...............??????
Thoroughly Modern Millie Priscilla Girls?
How do i get auditions? Any help much appreciated.?
What is the climax of.......??
Short play I can read in less than in hour?
Irish accent for play?
What is an old musical, mostly unknown, and good for a high school production?
When I was a little boy my favorite toy was a _____________?
Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3?
does anyone know of any amateur dramatic societies in Bucks or Berks please?
I wanna get into acting?
How can I contact Telemundo?
Where can I find This Play?
What should i do??
When they tell you will call you if we are interested in an audition...?
I want to get into acting but have no expierence! I am 15, female, live in connecticut?
Who is the youngest person to play Elphaba in the musical Wicked?
Where can I get fake guns that look real?
Not sure about entering a pageant or not? braces etc? helpp?
In Theater, what is the difference between an understudy and a standby?
casting in Nofolk,Va?
If you're an actress/actor would you smoke in a scene and give you 1,000,000 for that?why?
another Julius Caesar Question?
Anybody know a good noir song?
how can act infront of people if your shy what do u think of???
I have a girlfriend right now,but she still love his ex boyfriend.what will i do?
What's the key to performing a good improv?
Who influneced James Deans acting technique?
Is yodeling the most useless talent or what?
Are you satisfied with the cast of Twilight?
Are any of you members of NEW
Are there any cool actors?
How to find theatre auditions?
What are good monologues for a role of an 8-13 year old girl?
When are auditions for Catching Fire and casting calls?
All India Stage Plays Companies?
How to Pronunciate words more clearly?
I have wanted to become an actress every since I can remember. How can I make my dream come true?
what do you think about hollywood and it`s actors?
Where can I found Affordable Acting Classes in South Los Angeles?
Les Miserables Audition Song?
When is a cast list released?
Does anyone know of a good casting and bannishing away spell that actually works?
Acting head start and agents?
<3<3BEST ANSWER GET 10 POINTS<3<3 If you have taken acting lessons, I have a question?
Acting with Michael J. Stark?
what do you mean by odalique linguid pose?
Does anyone know any good Acting Agencies?
Who do I send my headshot and resume to?
How does this script sound?
How can I become famous? It's always been a dream?
what is the difference between open audition and live audition?(auditioning for korean entertainment)?
Star Trek IV shooting script value?
Why is it so hard for asian americans to become famous actors?
creative acting ideas on a myth theme?
Honesty Commercial Ideas?
Broadway Shows?!?!?!?
What are specific things that can be done in films but not in plays or novels?
In Romeo and Juliet Act one?
who were the first actors/actresses?
Phantom of the Opera, Ohio.?
David Archuleta Post-it note game?
can somebody please explain how and why macbeth transforms from war hero to evil villain?
Where can I find fake smoke cigarettes?
Was George Carlin the funnest mf that ever lived?
How to become a SAG actor? questions for SAG actors :)?
Why do people hate the musical CATS?
How do I get a chaperone?
In the play "The Long, Short And The Tall" has the welsh character got a big part?
does anyone like one act play or is in it? have u ever heard of the plays "dancing at lughnasa" or...
Grammar Nazi, funny for talent show?
does the accent of a person matters on acting or being an actor?
What's your favorite song from a musical?
How to advertise free?
What's your favorite hobbie and why?
Uni student looking for acting work.?
could you date an actor?
Did Gilmore Girls get cancelled?
So how do actors make themselves cry ?
What is the best theatre college?
how do you feel when people call you [******' ??
As an aspiring actress is there any well known website or newspaper I can read were people post castings for?
Was the acting in Buffy the Vampire Slayer good?
why can't mimes talk?
Coram Boy The Script?
Do you need a licence to do a school production?
Paris' appearance at the Capulet monument in Act V scene 3 is a surprise to the audience, who do not know tha?
peter pan audition?
What is an easy pantomime for class?
What should I major in!?!? (Talk Show/Actor)?
do gost exsists?
How can i become a ponstar actor?
to be an extra in a show/movie,do you need an entertainment permit?
How does my short play sound?
What can I do to make a police uniformlike costume?
Looking for the book that the Love Never Dies musical is based on?
I need names for a play- HELP!?
I think I want to be an actress but is just a phase?
who was first non-american to win Oscar for acting?
Why are young actors awful now?
how do you get rid of stage fright? is there a pill I can take to relax me?
I need help in finding a specific scene for acting. Help!?
christmas scenes?
Call back from CESD agency?
Has anyone read the King Oedipus Play?
How can I get into acting in Utah?
anyone who uses craigslist?
Can anyone recommend an easy monlogue for kids?
When you have to cry on cue how do you achieve it?
where can i find some acting class in Shreveport,la?
What do these lines from Shakespeare mean?
What are some good Bertolt Brecht plays?
Which Colleges/Universities have the best Undergraduate Acting Programs?
in 42nd street, who does peggy end up with?
How can i become an actor?
Disney auditions???
What is the job of a student director?
i wanna be an actor but the place iam living in has got no scope.what shall i do?
Acting on theater stage and behind screens.What's the difference?
How Competitive is the acting industry?
Will you give me some costume help?
How many acts and scenes are in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"? And where can I find more about this play?
Even though the play is a tragedy, there are many humorous scenes and moments. Explain three places where hum?
How do I find lost objects?
I need an audition piece for our next CHOIR gig-Disneyland-I'm 12 and my teacher wants something upbeat-HELP
Are Vanessa Anne Hudgens Related to Ashley Tisdale?
Immediate answers preferred-- I need a headshot for Saturday and don't have one?
How to become popular?
Any Auditions for teens aged 14?
a guy monologue for the musical annie?
In act 3 of the crucible what happens to citizens of salem when they offer evidence that questions the court's?
What exactly is iambic pentameter?
I have to preform a 10 minute play in 1.5 hours. I'm nervous! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a good stage LAST name if my first name is Paige?
i have a very deep passion for acting, problem is, im very shy.?
What is miley phon number?
i want to be an actress! HELP!?
Romeo And Juliet question about the play?
Does anyone know where i can get the songs from cry-baby the musical?
InterFACE Talent Angency?
what are the 4 types of theatre spaces?
Aida Audition song? (part of Amneris)?
Short comedy skit or commercial? 2-4 people.?
Trying to find a "Leadsheet" for the song "You're A Grand Old Flag"?
What actor was in "Young Frankenstein" and "Everybody Loves Raymond."?
is there any online program that makes text to speech in celebrity voices?
RENT: The Musical as a senior year project?
How do I audition for S.M. entertainment?
Steps to becoming an actress?
How to do different accents?
Memorizing Lines?
I want to be a good actress?
Is PBS planning to sell a DVD of their taped performance of The Light in the Piazza?
Where can I find a voice coach?
im looking for sheet music for...?
Why does everyone think Mel Gibson is an Australian?
complete this title "the lady and............"(walt disney)?
Is Ally Sheedy still alive and/or acting?
What is a monologue that I could perform from Pride & Prejudice?
help cut my monologue to 60 seconds?
Naturalistic Play Suggestions? -- Looking for a strong scene from a naturalistic play for me to Direct!!?
What are the pros and cons of treating an Audition like a rehearsal?
In the play, Bye Bye Birdie, who is Harvey Johnson and what does he act like. Any info on him would help.?
sick boy or true actor ?
How does one force crying?
What should I do my mime story project on? It has to have climbing a ladder, stairs, a rope, and walking....?
what criticism of society does shaw make with the contrast of alfred and eliza doolittle in the pygmalion play?
how to walk like a guy?
acting lessons in southern new jersey?
I'm 14 And I Want To Be An Actress? Where Do I Start? 10 Points?
I need help on the novel Julius Caesar?
Talent show song please help me!?
Who is the male lead in the musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?
Is it alright to audition for a play with a monologue from the play itself?
i want to be an actor but my parants are not verry supportive what do i do?
why do actors/actresses date other actors/actresses?
Female roles in "A christmas carol" the musical?
Does Weight Affect One's Singing?
stage names?
YIKES! HELP! AUDITIONS!what should i sing??
I got put straight to callbacks, no audition, does it mean Im cast?
Any monologues that have to do with autism?
What should it take to become a popular actress in Singapore?
Can someone explain some of the British humor in the musical Cats?
Acting @ the age of 13?????
what are the characters name in the musical 13?
A stage name for my music career.?
I would love to write a plot/screenplay for a television show...?
audition advice?
what are better seats at aldwych theatre, seats 23-24 upper circle row B or seats 9-10 upper circle row D?
how did the witches prophesy influence macbeth fate?
I want to become an actor..on a show like I Carly, victorious and drake and Josh?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show??
are you a harry potter fan???
Submitting to AAA - too much?
How can i convince or, should i say explain to my mom i really want to become an actress?
in Rent (the broadway show), what was the point of putting seasons of luv in the middle, why not in the beginn
where can I find a piece of declamation which is written in Tagalog?
can belle from beauty and the beast be black?
How can I check to see if a commercial agency is SAG Licensed in California?
What are the pros and cons of being a theater director?
Is this a considered a headshot?
hey do you know any good agents in ireland and tips on how to impress at audition??
what did you think of... SWEENEY TODD?
how do you pretend?
Does anyone know the name of this song...?
Acting/Agents in the UK?
How to be a good Uncle Henry in Wizard of Oz Musical?
Acting Tips for Romeo and Juliet?
how to create a portfolio?
When are most pilots, or shows shot?
where can i find a script of the secret life of bees?
Do Bollywood films accurately portray India?
Am I pretty enough to become an actress?
What are some websites that advertise theatre companies and auditions?
Help me out here with a audition..pleaseee?
does any one know Miley cyrus mailing or E-mail address? God bless?
Tips for a high school actress who's never acted before..?
2 person play???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do I have to do to get into the acting business? 10 POINTS!?
What iconic british thing could be recreated in a fancy dress costume?
could this be used as a monologue?
Any good websites on Modern French Theatre please?
I really want to be a actress!?
How should a guy project a female voice without sounding TOO fake?
How many people is in an audition for acting?
please answer my question(teens only)?
How to get into west-end/musical theatre?
We don't go together at all?
Two Person 5 Minute Play Scene like "The Town"?
how to become a legit model/actress?
What did the title Thane in Macbeth mean?
Is Britain plagued by musical atrocity "tokio hotel"?
Why do they show people puking in movies now?
What would be the most probable way to be a starter in acting area?
How should I go about getting my baby into acting and modeling?
What type of monologue should I prepare? (please help)?
would like to make youtube vids for tips.. but have had bad
anyone know of any foreign films (1895-1945) that would have alot of info available?
Have you ever been to the theater?
Fellow actors and actresses: What is a good way to make "stage kisses" (in plays) less awkward?
How to make a set for a play?
Best theatre school for direction?
How can I get funny fast?
I really need help finding a monologue for my Into the Woods audition. Help please?
Time frame for "contemporary" monologue?
Film callback results?
Does anybody know a online Dramatic Monolouge that i can summerise into 10 mins?
I'm showing my class a documentary called harlem diary about a group of teens facing different adversities
how to scare people at a haunted house?
Submitting headshot/resume/stats?
whos a fan of Amanda Tapping?
new york undercover auditions?
what is thee,thou & thy in Shakespearean language?
does anyone know where I can get fake greek columns/pillars in short notice?
what are the THREE main characters in the modern day goldilocks?
Are there any fantastic places in Houston to see an excellent show?
South Pacific Musical?
macbeth:in act III,iv why does shakespeare use ingredients in ths scene-cauldrons,spells,apparitions and so on?
How to direct a play?
I need help, I'm so nervous?
Acting agents please answer.?
I have an audition for an independent movie! Do you know anything about acting?
What can I inhale to pretend I'm using cocaine for a theater play?
14 year old girl interested in modeling and acting, nyc area?
Who was the actor who played the phantom of the opera in the west end play?
What is the best way for a teenager to be an extra in a television show or film?
I've heard that you should never yell Macbeth in a theatre. Is that true?
Need help finding audition song please!?
Are there any discounts for Marcus Theatre? Is there any coupons or discount tickets for Marcus Theatres?
Stripping audition questions?
Is teen choice awards still in in north Dakota ?
what is miley cyrus' phone number?
Where can I find auditions for Singing/Modeling/Acting.?
i need a jedi name?
Will there be more oppurtunities?
If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
where is the best place to start an acting carer?
Need help finding an actress or model?
a dancer or an actress!!! maybe even a!! advice plz from anyone!?
where do you get headshots taken for an affordable price?
Auditioning Tips?
got any ideas how to start a fashion show???
Am I doing the right thing?
Has anyone seen the musical western spoof "Johnny Guitar"?
How do you use a calculator on the computer?
How to act at theatre camp ? ?
I want to major in theatre...?
Anyone here want to make it into Hollywood?
how do i sighn up for bodens performing arts school?
My fair lady audition?
How many years do you have to stay for acting classes to get work? (if you have an agent)?
People are making fun of who I want to be when I grow up?
When the Olsen Twins were born were their parents rich?
I am in second year university but want to drop out and go to acting school? HELP?
Is tony vincent ever going to play Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar on broadway again?
what do i have to do to make childbirth look real?
acting for a fifteen year old ( 10 points)?
Anyone know some Romeo and Juliet related songs?
what is ur favorite high school musical move?
What current broadway plays were inspired by operas?
how should i prepare for an audition?
Voice actor help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What play is this monologue from?
Who's a MASSIVE FAN OF EastEnders?
What is a good funny monologue from musical theatre?
How can i make myself cry?
What are some Broadway shows with Asian characters?
why do the male Cows from Barnyard have utters?
pls who has an idea of pcollins movies email address?
How do I find my passion?
If I join SAG/AFTRA and I'm on a Reality Show will they have to pay me more?
Imagine you are some how present during act 2. sc.3 from Macbeth. Give an outside view of what is happening?
Where can i find Andre De Vanny?
What should I do to become an actor in US?
Just give me one tear?
best acting school,singing school, and talent agency in LA?
Sheet music help!!!!!!?
Have I got to do everything?
A Very Potter Musical Order of Songs?
what are some good theater audition tips?
What are the types of speech choir?
Are there any Acting Auditions upcoming in Texas?
Ok so this is for theatre buffs only. what are your top 3 favorite (modern) musicals?
How do i become a professional actor?
Readers Theatre: Do you know of any theatre companies in Los Angeles that work with new playwrights?
how to become popular?
Do casting directors only cast from the location specified? Or do they consider say, international applicants?
What are the rules of mask?
Past Friend's Engraved Brick Memorial?
any ideas for a romeo and juliet spoof?
Question about 18th Century theatre?
What is Swing ( the position you see in Playbills)?
Phantom of the Opera Question.?
script for scary play????
what does the interior monologue below say about Juliet?
auditions anywhere for disney???
I'm In My School's Drama Club And My First Audition....?
How long does it take to become an actor?
what happen in the 1940 aout theater?
What US visa would need a foreign actor to play a NON-PAID part?
please answer!!?
I've a friend called Peter Lannigan who says he's a retired actor. Have you heard of him?
King Lear, end of the play...?
disney channel?
Looking for anyone who attended the Direct-Connect 123 casting call in RI Oct 2009 at the HIlton?
What is the purpose of Greek tragedy?
Acting skillz: How can u make urself cry?
Becoming an Actor at 29?
How do you format a skit?
Looking for libretto(lyrics and music) for the Broadway musical, Sarafina! Any help? (note: not the CD/DVD)?
what scene in Macbeth is the groundling scene?
Where can I download Violet UK?
Does anyone know of any websites?
Are these blokes or is 1 a girl?
How do i become a N1gga?
is anyone looking for a young actress thats 13 but looks 15-17 in minnesota(preferibly minniapolis)?
in over 40 years of coronation st how many times has ken barlow said " I `ll put the kettle on"?
im doing " Electra " and " Threepenny Opera " in my Drama written exam, any helpful advice would do a treat!?
Movie Director?
Where on the net can I locate lyrics to the 1948 movie turned musical I remember mama?
How does the bloody dagger in Macbeth represent guilt?
I need a two person scene for a guy and girl.?
Does this model audition not sound right?
Any good ideas for backup jobs?
What is the Saturday Night Live skit title for.....?
Is the play "Promedy" full length?
Crazy things you have done just for a laugh?
How do I break it to my parents that I want to become an actor?
high school performance of footloose, is it a musical?
Why would someone want to view a movie that blasphemes the Creator?
Whaat are some good dance moviies to waatch pleease?.. x?
what you think of robbie williams ?
How do young actresses work and go to school?
What does Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy reveal about him?
can anyone explain the imagery in romeo and juilet. act 3 scene 2?
what do u think of the talent in this years x factor?
what is the theme of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?
What is the first movie to use the word "Damn"?
Ayckbourns Absent Friends script?
Explore Talent Audition?
where can you get a dressing gown like from the phantom of the opera?
how do you become a singer or an actrist?
need female silly superher name ideas?
should i move to hollywood or new york to become a successful actress?
Live in NC and want to be an actress!?
Which seats are best in a Theatre - Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle or Balcony?
Does anyone know where I can get a video clip of a Ta'ziyeh performance?
Can I still be an actress with scars?
picture of macbeth and lady macbeth ?
Need help finding US-based acting agent?
i cant find any good monologues!!?
Do you have to go to LA to become a successful actor?
From what point of view is the play Medea by Euripides told?
What are the chances of the Wicked lottery in Los Angeles?
I want to be an actor SO BAD.. but I scared I'm no good?!?!?!!?
Where could I find a show about Yue Fei?
Should I sang Part of Your World for an auditon for Chicago?
I need help with my script?
HELP!! Disney Auditions?!?
Are there any modeling or acting auditions?
Ideas for a script urgently needed!?
What is a good uptempo Audition song for a tenor/baritone?
I want to be seriously famous and my biggest opportunity is now. How do I get my parents out of the way?
I need help in improving my sponsorship letter. Where to get free of charge for expert advice.?
i need some reviews on One Sourse talent!?
quick important question!?
How to make choreographed fights look more realistic?
How can I become a voice actor?
Audition song for Footloose?
i have to give a speech to my english class... i have stage fright what is the best way to get over it in 2 da
why people of india go to see ramleela when they already know the whole story repeated again & again?
Anyone interested in voice acting?
nervousness before getting on stage?
Can you help me sind a last name that rhymes with "mean"?
Can I start a career in acting by doing small roles first like extra work and commercials.?
Need idea for play scene performance!?
If you want to be an actress, are you prepared to do this?
Drama school fees - I'm incredibly discouraged.?
Which theater website features monthly profiles of Bway dancers ("gypsies")?
How can I perfect a "Hillbilly" sort of voice for my humorous interpretation?
do disney channel will have a casting call or open audition this 2010 in philippines?
In Suessical, What is Mrs. Mayors Personality?
What are some monologues from Degrassi?
Help Gaining Musical Motivation!?
What is your favorite musical?
Any ideas for my Adolf Hiltler themed musical?
what is the difference between comedy and tragedy?
i need to find a humorous skit that may have singing and/or dancing?
Do you have to go to collage to be an actor?
I'm looking for an acting audition...?
Best Show to see on Broadway?
I need some help with writing a play.?
Acting resume? Agencies?
Need help with a monologue for my theater class!?
I need a monologue from a certified play to do with mental illness for drama. any ideas? thanks?
How to get over stage freight? Please help!?
Is day by day from godspell and good audition song for pippin?
Where can I buy, not rent, the white dress that Ula wears in the show The Producers?
I want to use a Halloween Costume to enter a Commercial Contest. Am I able to do this?
What is happening here? Theater question...?
how do you get a good agent?
If you were asked to preform in a play would you want a short part or one of the major parts?
What do you know about Montgomery Clift ?
How to prepare my voice for a musical audition tomorrow?
Who is watching High School Musical right now?
I’m auditioning for the part of Lucy ?
is this a realistic plan for my future?
What are some good songs for Anne rice... I need some for my presentation...R&B or hip hop or something?
Whats with the title of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW?
Which film version of Hamlet is closest to the book?
History Project Skit!?
How to act? Like actor acting?
How do I get an Agent in the San Francisco Bay?
How do I get started in Acting???
What is the most valuable asset an actor or speaker can have? Why?
Please help , what are two versions of the same fairy tale I can to an analysis variation on ?
How can i become a better actor?
Are there any acting theaters for teens in Atlanta GA.?
Was Shakespere simply depressed?
Do I have a good voice?
Audition song for Next to Normal?
Anyone know any agencies for a screenplay?
Help please? Schools of Acting for training in Greece?
I have to strip for a school play?
Costume ideas for pajama game musical?
how do people start up modeling or acting?
Disney movie musical theater audition songs?
How do I get an agent?
TicketMaster Question?
utah actors advice open for all ?
How to get discovered in comedy?
How do you get back your on stage and perform with the confidence that you enjoyed once upon a time.?
Theatre horror stories--what is the worst experience you've ever had working on a show?
Is it possible that you can be an actress & manage to maintain a very low profile?
hOW CAN i get OVER my stage fright. I dont know what it is!!!!!!!?
romeo and juliet modern day movies?
Tips on how to become an actor?
. How does the phrase “acting more like children than children”apply to you Give specific situation?
wuts a good movie for a date?
How many scenes are there in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell?
how does Five's acting skill in Don't Wanna Let You Go video?
When are they going to have auditions for Renesmee in Breaking Dawn?
What actresses/singers auditioned for Dreamgirls besides those who were selected?
what's a musical written in the past 20 years?
Audition song help for little kid show?
Midsummers Night Dream! PLEASE HELP!?
does anyone know a new movie that needs a cast?
what is the name of dr. evils company?
Auditioning for Guys and Dolls?
im my class's class clown but im loosing material. any one got any good material?
Becoming an actor...............?
I am auditioning for Urinetown the musical and if anyone has any suggestions for audition songs that would :D!?
do you play an insturment?
French or American Accent?
Help me write a play?
how can i get a job as an actress?
10 points to the person who answers this movie trivia question.....?
Paris in Romeo and Juliette?
What are some good broadway plays that are out and worth seeing?
How do you get started becoming an Actor/Comedian..?
What can I do with a theatre major?
monolouge cruel intentions?
where is charles dickens museum in london?
If you make a film for Tropfest Jr, Does this count as plagarism?
How do I find out when and where auditions are held for movies?
Need suggestions for Audition :) Help!?
How can I tell my friend he can't sing?
Actors: where are auditions usually held?
How do I prepare for a audition for a musical?
What does laugh now, cry later ( the symbol with the masks) mean?
Does anyone know any good Method Acting stories?
most overratted actor?
Are there any voice acting studios on the East Coast?
High School Musical 1 or 2?
Need a depressing monologue?
i need a acting job?
How to get started in voice acting?
Choir Section Leader Help?
Audition Song for Rocky Horror?
How I can become an actress/actor or a singer living in the L.A California?
What's a suitable spring musical for a high school?
All life depends on producers. Please help me with this one!?
name some famous theater personalilities of India who are not film actors?
What is the comparison of the impulse of theater to the impulse of worship?
Is it a little too late to start acting?
wats da shakespear qoute? --..and dash is da sun?
In acting what does the term 'Throughline of action' mean?
I wan't to act, but I am not pretty enough**Cry**?
What are some good monologues that i could do if i was auditioning for Antigone.?
what is the best and affordable acting school in L.a?
After Walt Disney, there are two people tied for having the most academy award nominations. One was John Willi
i want to know the emails for actors?
Lady macbeth ? journal thing?
Is being an extra fun?
OST (One Source Talent)a scam?
I want to be an actress but hardly anyone ever makes it big?
Are there any major differences between the "Sweet Charity" movie and stage show?
Firstly; wanted to know how many years is it to get Masters in film studies in a university?
this is crazy!! easy 10 points for best answer!!!!?
I consider Citizen Kane the great American movie of the 20th century. What other movies . . .?
show biz kinda stuff?
What are some things in Macbeth that happen off-stage?
what are the lines to her big chance by alan bennet?
What Song Should I Sing?
Did I get a good part in this school Play or is this just an extra?
if you were in...?
How long should a script for a one-hour show be?
Will One Direction be on the teen choice awards and will they be performing ?
Is youtube a great start?
What is a good song that relates to the play Hamlet act 5 scene 1 and 2?
Should I join the musical?
how much do you want to act?????????
Can you put extra work on your resume?
Is there a monologue in Charlie st cloud by zac efron?
Music for a Lady Gaga spoof?
how can i become a famous actress?
30 second dramatic monologue for audition?
Drama Exam piece, please help!?
Why do girls play the part of angels in nativity plays?
any disney channel auditions in atlanta,ga?
Can anyone please give me if u can 3 reasons or less for the "setting" being important in the "Antigone" play?
How to become an actress?
Isn't it funny when British actors do American accents?
Audition songs/monologues for alto/sopranos?
what are the measure categories to be a holly wood star? or a film actor in holly wood?
Who would you like 2 go out with..brad pitt or orlando bloom? why?
What is your all time favorite movie? And what is a good quote from that movie?
Had a Callback and I'm not sure how to make of it?
I need a title for a play. Any ideas?
how many people here like high school muscial?
How to become an actor (read below)?
omg!! stage fright!!?
what are broadway duets that can be sung by teenagers one male one female?
What song should I sing for my Hairspray audition?
How many shows has Anything Goes done?
Is the lord of the rings on stage in London good?
What to do to put on a school play?
Macbeth - Act 2, Scene 2?
What do you think about Oliver James? Got any gossip about him?? pls. answer me....?
I need the recorder part to Godspell?
Ideas for school theatre competition?
Silly idealistic dreams I can't seem to budge?
Are there any affordable acting classes in la?
Does anyone esle want to do this or am I just crazy?
I want to become an actress/ singer/ dancer and i am 13. Where do I start?!?
Good advise for becoming a model? ?
Do I have to go to Theatre school to get into films?
Stanislavski method acting...?
Can you tell me where you think he is?
Some tips for good entertainment ?
Gypsy myspace layout?
what is the musical at the end of v for vendetta?
If I want to be a good actor, about what age should I start?
does anyone know were i can get the high school musical 2 script?
I have stage fright..?
I'm a girl, I have to play a male part in a scene, can anyone give me tips on male body language?
I want to get address, contact no. of TV Director or Producer of Delhi only ?
Why does Lady Macbeth fold and unfold paper?
Which actors and directors have not been to film school?
Where can i write to Mel Gibson?
Can a 16 years older from another state with only a visa in the USA, participate in an audition to get a role?
Are their any agents I can get intouch with in the Detroit area?
What is vaudeville ?
Modeling interview questions?
Is this a smart decision ?
Worth studying acting at University?
Musical Theatre college audition help?
am i too old to join a drama group?
I would like to become a Waterloo Road actor!?
Need a 3 minuete long monologue!!!!classical and contempary:D?
How do I tell my parents I want to be an actress?
What is the name of the acting scene where two gay men go on a date?
Valkyrie screenplay: Looking for a paper or .pdf copy.?
Do you think that there is going to be a high school musical 3?
can you have acting talent without taking classes?
How can I fake tears and actual crying quickly?
do any of you know a talent agency in ontario canada? coz i wanna audition?
i want to audition for cory in the house or any other disney show. but how???
Im goin to see We Will Rock You on the wkend with my boyfriend!!!!! IS IT GOOD????
does anybody know of good Dramatic Interpretation pieces for a girl, about suicide?
Talent Agenices in Oregon?
How can a 15 yr old teen be a disney channel actress?
what are some good songs to sing for an adution for a girl with a low ranged voice?
is the play aladin on tour?
Are actors/actresses intellectual types?
which actors were asked to play jason bourne?
How much do theater actors get paid?
Contrast Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. In what three ways are they different?
materials for costumes in Black light show?
URGENT!!! Tomorrow I have an audition for Pocahaontas ... I'm auditioning for Nakoma (her friend) .....?
Should an actor ever take a role as an extra?
How To Be An Actress?
does anyone know how to cry? i want to go into acting but they said i can ony enter if i figure out how to cry
I'm really shy, but would like to try acting, but how do I break out of my bubble?
in romeo and you think the nurses advice(in act 3 scene 5) was good or bad??
has anyone seen daddy cool in west end theatre.. whats it about and is it any good?
How do people become famous, when they are normal people that have no conections with famous people?
What time would most TV actors be required to get up in the morning?
did true love exist between Romeo and Juliet's relationship. They only spent 3 days together!!!! Thanks guys!?
Where do most acting auditions take place?
When do you think I will start acting?
I don't live in america and i want to be in hollywood.?
Is actor Leonard Nimoy ambidextrious?
do the same actors play in matinee and evening performances in theatres?
What is a good challenging violin piece to play? ?
can any one tell me a good website for vanessa hudgens pics?
How do I get my kids into acting/modeling?