I'm thinking of doing acting?
If i'm asked to sing the song "easy street" for an annie audition...?
Do you have a screenplay you want to sell?
which is better RENT or Little Shop Of Horrors?
Have you ever seen "The Pirates of Penzance?"?
really good acting tips.?
Good break-up monologues?
can i succeed with acting if i do ...?
What do you think ? Can I ? :(?
Is Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado a suitable opera to take a five year old to?
what are good jobs availible for 13 year olds?
How do I become a model/actress without spending any money?
What makes a character easy to portray in acting?
Help, Disney.?
Anyone ever been to Camp Broadway?
How can I act like a gorilla?
getting started?
Short Film Ideas . . . Nothing stupid?
How can I find a REAL acting/talent agent?
how to become an extra in new moon?
Shakespeare Soliloquies?
Is method acting dangerous?
what does Act IV mean?
I have to try out for my school drama club what should I do?
How to not be nervous presenting my project?
Help with an improv show?
Do Rizzo and Kenicke kiss in the high school version of GREASE?
Do any of you know any good high schools that focus on film acting ?
How did I get accepted into this school!?!?!?
Serious monologue by tomorrow?
Any adults here with webcam modeling experience?
Am I the only person who hates High school musical?
Im managing an aspiring male model. It is his first time. Is it wise to be with him on his first casting call?
Basically What Is the Broadway show WICKED about?
How To Act Like A New Jersey Stereotype?
My sister want to be an actress...?
I was approached for the new faces dc. is it a scam?
what is your favorite musical?
What films did Tod Browning star in and direct?
How do you become famous?
what is the Best theme of julius caesar?
Will braces affect my acting?
Is there a character that is similar to Nick Bottom in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dreams?
so next week ive got to play the guitar in front of an audience , im nervous , can someone help me ? :)?
I just completed a screenplay I worked off and on for 5 years. How can I find a legitimate Producer?
PLEASE HELP! strong feelings in macbeth?
Would this be a good picture for acting?
How do I become famous ?
I have to act out in a play tomorrow morning?
i need to find a monologue, any help?
local acting jobs help!?
West Side Story Play?
Why No Asian Lead Actors in Hollywood?
Who wrote the stage play "the blacks", that was written sometime around the 30's?
some differences and similarities in the mothers in Raisin in the Sun and The Glass Menagerie?
What should I name my one act play?
Can anyone help with a crazy monologue? ?
Any auditions or casting calls, 16 years old, Australia?
What is a character actor?
How can i get better at improv? in drama class, when we do improv exercises, i often tend to freeze up..?
I don't want to do the stage kiss! It's to awkward!?
Is there actually a black list and who writes in it?
i want to meet sharman joshi...a theatre actor and also a film actor(rang de basanti)?
How can my eleven year old sister become a child actress?
Is It possible???
what is your opinion to amoo poorang?(amoo poorang is a children program in iranian TV@@@)?
Good Audition Songs For Beast in "Beauty and the Beast?"?
Anyone else have this rule in their school?
do I HAVE TO work for a tv network or as a movie actress to develop a career in acting without starving?
POLL: What did you last see at a Theatre ? ?
what cardcaptor sakura episode is this?
What are some quick, good tips in acting and auditioning in a school play?
Summer Acting Programs in New York with auditions?
What do you know about Macbeth?
I'm looking for a song to audition with?
What is a good job for someone who has a MA in Theatre?
What are the best musicals to see in London?
Actor's name with letters OIBYERARNDD?
william shakespeare?
how can I get in touch with al pacino?can you introduce an e-mail of him?
Who did you want to win on Britains Got Talent?
what modern day (love)song relates to Shakespearean sonnets?
does anyone know where i can get a full script of Maria Marten/Murder in the Red Barn on tinternet?
Looking for a good play with four female characters. Any suggestions?
HELP! Need ideas....?
why do you need an agent to act?
How to get into a play?
Does Anne Hathaway have a official website or twitter/facebook/instagram or any site?
What're your favorite musicals?
Do you have info on Elvera Diehn Ballou -of Round Lake, MN - 1920's theater - stage name Glade Dean?
I am so upset!!!!?
Activities to do to improve your acting skills?
okay, does anyone know how to...?
How do you submit a play to Deep Dish Theater?
i need a dvert script ?
How to become an actress as a kid?
I need to get a play?
Did Shakespeare write a play called omelet?
im doing a show with my stage school and im scared?
How to deal with an impossible director and acting partner? Is this normal? Please help!?
Say for instance, you're a well known producer who produce a lot hits for artists. How are you as the?
What shows will be on broadway January 2009?
how do you contact casting agencies in Toronto?
I need a good monologue!! Please help me! By Monday!?
I need some good ideas for a musical!?
The Merchant Of venice?!?
Tips for delevering a monoluge?
Should I still be an actor despite...?
please help!?
Does anyone know any open drama, movie, plays, skits and etc. auditions in toronto?
Are there any good acting schools in Connecticut?
Do you know anyone famous personally?
How early should I show up for a one direction concert? ?
Full name of Deirdre in "Bold Girls" by Rona Munro?
student council shirt ideas...?
Can someone send me a link for auditions for shows and movies?
Do you know of any 1 min. scary monologues or websites i can go to ?
Findign it hard to ome out of my 'self conscience' shell when I perform?
rocky horror picture show?
Is it true that miley cyrus was in high school musical 2?
Audition for "Fame"?
I want to get into acting?
will there be a fight in breaking dawn pt 2? :D?
How can I become better at acting?
Was Julius Caesar Shakespeare's most famous play?
Is Geoge Lopez the father of Mario Lopez?
Brigadoon audition! Answer this!?
What is a good monologue for Charlotte's Web?
Starting a Community Theater?
Will someone take this idea and turn it into a short script?
Actors: How do I prepare for a "sex" scene?
How do I get a theatre to stage a play produced by my new theatre company?
What is My Fair Lady about?
Where can i download High School Musical 3 For free?
what do you think..need opinions?
I'm only a teenager, but I want to start a career in acting. How should I start?
Is tellin someone they look like a celeb a good compliment?
Does anyone know how to talk like HAMLET??
Is 13 to early to be an actress?
What is a good broadway song to audition for a [highschool] musical with?
martin lawrence's big momma or leon schuster's mama jack?
Need advice...?
what makes Shakespeare so great?
what is best on-screen most touching scene?
What is the ID's Josie Maran in Messenger?9Special Thanks for & who give answer this question)
Play Auditions Advice?
Does the structure of the Shakesperean 'Globe theatre' have any significance to why it was built?
Do you really need acting classes to become a actor?
I'm thinking of going for american idol tryouts.....?
My name is Mike and Im 20, I want to be an actor and Im not sure if I should go to NY or go back to college??
I'm 26yrs old, is it too late for me to pursue an acting career?
How many plays have you been in?
Acting like your in love?
Do acting workshops count as training?
Good Musicals for boys around 13 years old?
After watching the Sound of Music, choose ONE of the following questions to complete:?
what age would alan ladd be today?
A Very Potter Threequel?
midevil festival?
help with poems??
actress looking for website?
Could i become an actor?
Top acting agecies for kids in the uk?
who is the best actor/actress in the world ? and who is the most beautiful actress&the most handsome actor ?
describe your best memory?
Can you purchase the backstage newspaper anywhere in Washington dc?
Is Wicked the Musical still on tour with Ida Menzel and Kristen Chenowith?
Would Entertainment Host at a Halloween Event be classed as acting role?
What do you think of Cody Linley?
Do you have to have an acting agent from your state?
hey guys :) I need some help for some horror movie ideas?