Tips for an audition(Pajama Game)?
Anyone have favorite monologues that they would like to share for a teen girl?
I am doing "beauty and the beast" for school.How do I create firework effects for a song on a low budget?
Can someone give me advice on how to be discovered as a actress?
What is the play "Don't Say NO to the U.S.O about???
is there any macbeth movie that shows the acts and scenes?
Legit acting schools in Indianapolis?!?
the best : Gary Sinise or Tom Hanks ?
sound of music dialogue?
Does anybody know where I can find the script to Lawless online?
My mom and I are looking for acting/ modeling agents please help?
If ur 1st kiss was on stage does it still count even if u have no feelings 4 the boy but u still got a thrill?
How to stay in character when I'm nervous? acting tips?
Nrvous about tell my parents tat I want to be an actres help?
What would be a good monologue for a teenager trying out for Annie?
Is a total scam agency or do they really help people who have a look clients are interested in?
Does anyone know of a good duet (theatre acting)/dialogue that would be good for two 13-14 year old guys?
from where i can get the complete drama script (english/hindi) for free??
magic trick?
How to avoid derpface when acting onstage?
what do you think of these songs?
MY COUSIN WANTS TO KNOW... How would he go upon being a porn star, how would you start off, seriously?
URGENT HELP NEEDED! i need a script for a play...2 female 2 male roles..just has to be a 5 min scene, any help?
Is paying $15,000 for one year of acting classes worth it?
What's the best college to go to for majoring in theater?
Is it too late to start acting?
When were these plays published?
How do you become a voice actress?
How do u get an acting and singing agent?
What is your favorite Broadway show?
I need a reason why I filmed in that
in the sequel to Anne of green gables, why did Gilbert leave avonlea?
Does watching movies improves acting skills?
How do we avoid awkwardness here?
where can i find a two person skit script?
How was it legal to create A Very Potter Musical?
What can i do to be enter in hollywood and If any body sponcer me then i will go if anybody please ans me?
Robin Hood Audition, help?
How can you cry on command?
Faux (Fake) Bonfire?
My group and I need renaissance type clothing for a skit?
What play could an elementary school put on?
Tips for an aspiring actress?
Hello, .....anyone knows of any Well established and Legit Acting or Modeling agencies?
Whats the difference between a good actor and a bad one?
Roles in a Midsummer nights dream?
How To Be The Best Actor? PLEASE answer ASAP!?
is drama club fun?
who is the best actor of the world???ur opinion?
Is RENT ok for children to see?
In the movie "Evita", should Evita Evapron be a saint or not? I NEED A BIG EXPLANATION?
What is the original name for theater comedy/tragedy masks?
Do you think acting can be learned or is it something people are born with?
x-factor auditions?
If you could be the lead in a play, what part would you want?
Has anyone heard of PG Parent Guide? If so is it a scam or is it for real?
what's the meaning of RESPECK?
romeo and juilet or twelfth night?
How can I stop being so self critical and learn to accept failure?
How can I start acting I need advise ? I have connection with people will that help ?
What is the regular format for a general script? How long will that type page of dialogue last on average?
Who is the best YouTube actor/best acting video you have watched?
i want to join barry john acting school.Do i hv to go to bombay to get adsmission or is there any website...?
What is the sequence of events during a rehearsal?
what is the best musical youve ever seen and why?
Is acting professionally really this hard?
When practicing for a play do you do the kiss or not?
how do I get a talent agent?
How can I get into the Porn industry without doing gay?
do i look old enough to play a mother?
Does anyone know of any casting calls for teenagers?
Do you have to pay for child actor work permits?
Singing audition, please help !! x?
What do you need to be an actor ?
Why Am I So Afraid Of Getting Old?
honest question, what exactly is a demo solo, what do i need to do to get one or make one and?
Has anyone tried actors access?
Do you like The PHATOM of the Opera?
where can i find will ferrells images in wedding crashers?
What's your favorite musical?
Why is High School Musical so overrated?
Should i try out for the school play?
Good Ideas for a talent show?
Comedic Shakespeare monolgues for young women?
To Kill A Mockingbird, making a movie scene help?
How do i become an actress?
Questions on Becket the Play and Movie?
alright so what would be the steps to find an agency ?
Where to find a man's Shirt Pattern - in Shakspear time frame?
Funny Acting Monologue? (:?
In the Play The Crucible?
My name is Mike and Im 20, I want to be an actor and Im not sure if I should go to NY or go back to college??
What do you put on an acting resume?
Whats the overdone monologue from Tea and Sympathy from tom?
How do i make my own Homestuck troll shirt?
Where can i watch zatch bell enlish dub?
Can anyone tell me the end of this monologue?
Are there still auditions going on for St. Trinians 3?
What is musical Pie Jesu (By Andrew Lloyd Webber) from?
Ideas for a three person mime scene?
Does anyone know where I could find a script or monologues of a play called "Fatboy"?
Is the guy who played Troy in High school musical the same one who played Linc in Hairspray?
Im writing a script and im not sure whether or not to start a new scene or not?
Can you audition for plays at Michigan State if you are not a theatre major?
Acting tips/suggestions...?
I want to be a rich and famous actor/actress...?
Do appearances matter in theater class?
Where is there a good drama and theater forum?
Best Sketch Writing Class in NYC?
C.I.G pod-cast online march 2010?
Need help with Epitaphs in Hamlet!?
help with the merchant of venice?
Can anybody give me tips on becoming a good actor?
KIm Dawson agency?
Auditioning for Nickelodeon?
Macbeth x homework ? X ?
Why do the actors suck in paranormal activity?
all-time favorite play ever?
call back tommaroww!!?
Any upcoming ABC family or CW auditions for teens?
How do I gain confidence in an audition?
how to start a theatre company?
why many people dont like tom Cruise?what a bad thing did he do before?
HELP?!? PANICING! Performance.?
Need help with acting resume?
How does the X Factor auditioning progress go?
what is ashley tisdales phone number?
What is pre-screening? (For an acting/ modeling job)?
bootlege beatles?
I'm the same 13 yr. old. Where do I find a good agent?
Do I HAVE to act in theatre before pursuing film/television?
Why does Bollywood produce so many over the top love stories when..........?
I need a monologue for high school theater 2 try outs?
Good casting calls in NYC?
Do you love Nancy Agram?
Any good acting agents in the uk? ?
Is the play Pygmalion under copyright?
Beautiful, Slow songs to sing for an audition?
should i put my age on my resume?
Can a regular person become an actress/director? If so, what does she have to go through?
Who wrote this poem "Apart"?
What's a reliable site to go to for acting jobs?
Why was the original production of "Merrily we roll along" such a flop?
Greek Theater PLS anyone? (10 points)!?
Acting In LA/Hollywood?
Actors: What are some problems you have had with directors?
Playwriting exercises?
Please anyone can help me?
Disney Script?
NYU Steinhardt - musical theatre?
Who would you cast in the play "Mother Courage and Her Children"?
What emotions should I feel while singing "Close Every Door" from the musical Joseph?
Auditions for kid nation 3?
At what age did Keanu Reeves go to Toronto Theatre Arts High School?
Are there any female parts in the musicals South Pacific or Big River?
Drama Design HELP!!!!!!?
Do you believe that i am?
What are the artistic eras?
Are there buses in Hollywood, and Los Angeles?? Moving there to pursue acting but dont have money for a car...
where can I find a script for Fiddler on the roof?
What do you do when you don't get a role in a play?
For the Suite Life of Zach & Cody audition, do we have to be into some acting school, or can we just go in?
I am 14 years old and want to become a actress! Are there any auditions in England?
I really want to see a muscial on Broadway! what would you recomend?
How do I tell my dad I want to be an actress?
Please link me to some Harry Potter book/movie monologues!?
Wanting to become a actress ?
What is the differences between Theatre and movies?
What kind of Voice do I have?
Looking for drama "Ruth" in Lancaster, Pa.?
Phantom of the Opera???
is it a mortal sin to watch the suite life of zack and cody?
Which is better? Plays(stage productions) or Movies??
Does anyone know where I can find an acting agent in or near MN for myself?
Trying to find auditions!?
What is the context of On My Own from Les Miz?
ideas for 1987 version of anything goes audition songs?
Real Talent Agencies in Vancouver?
how can I discover more facial expressions?
Can someone answer my question in acting!?
please help with hamlet act 2?
what is the best way to memorize lines?
What is the Mexican play 'El color de nuestra piel' about?
How can I get a part as an extra in a movie?
can you devlop a passion for acting?
tOdAy Is mY bIg DaY...?
Which his the actress that "faints" better in movies?
How can I become a famous actress?
Acting and Modeling help!?
format for writing acting resume and acting application?
Why is saying "Good luck" in theater bad luck?
Can I put this on my acting resume? ?
Good audition monologue?
Why did the phantom turn into obi wan in the UK tour?
In plays do people actually kiss?
Do you own the script for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever?
Can u write me a dramatic monolog?
What kind of piano teacher should I be looking for (Joe Hisaishi genre) music?
Okay sorry all, but I need scenes for 1 man and 1 woman, and it must be funny.?
How Do I Become A Disney Channel Star?
how do i get a manager?
am i to late?
How can i get an acting job in Hollywood?
A question about acting?
job for serial actor?
what is the web address for the vinizwelan actress rody rodregiz?
Who is your favourite hollywood actor/actress? and why?
I have to play a 10 year old girl?
What is the difference between Theater and Oral Interpretation?
audition song for godspell?
Please Help first audition in 2 weeks :S?
name of English play concerning a quarrel between two brothers at their mother's on a holiday.?
Acting Agent Questions?
I hate highschool musical- whose with me?
Lieing on an acting resume?
My sister is in the play, Fiddler On The Roof.........?
what is the role of Fate in Hamlet?
Has anyone taken an acting class before? If so, did you like it?
Is acting professionally really this hard?
In Othello, what examples are there for....?
Good movie acting scene for two guys?
Why did I become a musician?
Have you ever done a same sex kiss on stage?
As a female alto at a very conservative Christian school, what songs can I audition with?
Heyy! I need buddies!! plz! Anyone here like musicals like Hairspray and Music Man? Thx!?
where does an fully trained actress whose been out of the business nine years go to get started?
What are good audition songs if I'm trying out for Ariel in the Little Mermaid?
Can anyone explain the scene in Romeo & Juliet where Romeo says "If I profane with my unworthiest hand..."?
someone help me deal with stage fright!!?
Could I play Oliver from the musical Oliver!?
Performance practitioners?
I want to act does anybody know any auditions in Raleigh,NC?
what kind of entertainment jobs are available to learn that isnt too expeinsive? please read on b4 u answer?
how can i become an actor?
How do i find out about theater and plays going on in my area?
Bugsy Malone the musical?
Does watching movies improves acting skills?
Who owns the performing rights for Annie Get your Gun?
where can i find the a raisin in the sun play script online?
what is the best way to become famous?
what play is this monologue from?
What would be a good audition song for Legally Blonde?
who is your favorite character from Across the Universe?
How Do i improve the tone of my voice?
Does anybody know some good teenage theater communities in the Los Angelas area?
Cats musical, for Children?
What are some auditions that are currently going on?
MADtv's stuart and the toothfairy transcript.!!!?
how i can dowload free movies ?
How do I audition for a role in a movie/TV Show?
How cameras are hidden in movies' scenes showing a big sized mirror with actors standing opposite to mirror?
What kind of attire would a very successful woman director wear?
Those Who Have Watched The Movie Becket?
Do you like The PHATOM of the Opera?
wicked theatre show ?
how do i cry in acting?
How do I find A good agent in the DMV area?
Why are they making another High School Musical?
I need tips on how to be a good "telephone actress" (working in the "adult" industry)?
Are you for or against the existence of theatres nowadays? Why?
Help on an educational play plot?
Why were Aristophanes' works considered literature?
Does anyone know if Arkie Michaels is still acting?
can i download shakespear's julius caesar drama in audio format?
If all the world is a stage and we merely players?
Is this a good plan for my acting career?
hello guys actually i want to know that in internet what is actress photo website?
where can I buy old theater supplies?
What's a good Audition song for a Bass/Baritone that's classified as Rock, Pop or R&B and NOT from a musical?
Does anyone know any links or information about the composer William Hofeldt??
What is the part of a play's plot in which the hero faces a major obstacle or problem?
Help with seating at 02 arena for Michael Jackson please?
What credits can you put on an acting resume?
Is it a good idea to have two directors for one play?
i want to act in any Disney channel programs but how do i know if they have an audition?i could not find?
I hope to become an actress, but where do I start?
How to become darefull ?
Any ideas of short plays for girls?
what song should I sing?
What is an agency/ how do you demonstrate it?
Good scene group names...?
Whos Queen of Scotland?
are the events of the play "Antigone" placed before or after the events of the play "Medea"?
How do u get into acting??
I am interested in directing/casting, asking for help, recommendations etc thanks!?
What time should I get to this concert if I want front row by the stage ?
where to get How I Met your Mother Script?
Acting Agents?
Who here has performed in a production of "The Real Inspector Hound?"?
if i want to go into drama therapy, where should i think about goin for work experience?
Pirates 4 (this question must be 20 characters long)?
Can someone answer these questions on Topeng Theatre?
X Factor Auditions!?
What 3 characters does Scout influence in To Kill a Mockingbird?
Is barbizon really a scam ?
how do i get an acting agent??
What great roles would you play if GENDER were not an issue? with my stage name?
IMDB help how do i add myself to their ?
What is a good name for my wolf role play character?
How do I make my hair look electrocuted????
How should I audition for Little Shop of Horrors?
Is this a considered a headshot?
How can I get my drama teacher to appreciate me?
im sick, and have to sing?
I want to become an actress but how can I find a good agent?
Does anyone like "Carousel," "West Side Story," or "The Music Man?"?
How do I get into film making if I'm 14?
Top 10 broadway songs?
What are open casting calls?
does anyone know who played rum tum tugger in the cats musical in the 80's?
Little Mermaid or Hairspray?
What is the best acting book ?
What are some ideas for an obstacle course?
Everytime my hubby and I have sex, I think of Superman...?
How do you fake cry and show strong emotions?
dramatic monologues?
can anyone give me 10 examples of dramatic tragedies?
Would you say that the actresses who play Christine in the Phantom have been trained classically?
Does anyone want tickets to Sweet Charity w/Molly Ringwald in Clearwater, FL?
im 14 and i want to b famous?
Can you recommend me good acting schools in Los Angeles?
How can I get an audition with no experience?
who was the easter european director credited with the modern style of acting known as the "method"?
Any ideas for a silent monologue?
Which literary figure is more evil and why: Iago from _Othello_ or Edmund from _King Lear_?
What is the happiest nation on this planet?
What school was The Breakfast Club filmed at?
Auditioning for Sweeney Todd, what should I sing?
Does this 23yo actress look young enough to get a movie role as a 14yo girl?
Audition Song for Into the Woods?
Are all the characters of Les Miserables in the Junior edition?
how would you frame a film critically?
I really need help with this. Please just read it.?
I have just turned 14 and i am interested in acting?
Why is my mom acting like this?
Starting a Talent Agency?
who are the best agents in london?how can I find out about open auditions?
In the book/play "The Tragedy of Macbeth" who predicts Macbeth will be king?
J.O.N.A.S Auditions! Please Answer!?
How do you know when actors aren't acting?
Is John Malkovich of Serbian descent?
Does anyone know if "Rosie Rumpe's Royal Dumpe" Theatre is still open in the Williamsburg, VA area?
Characterization HELP?
I need some information on the history of a play.?
I am a strong actor and a decent singer, what role should I try out for in Footloose?
Does any one know were there are good TV writing contests at?
I'm nervous about going on stage! 10 POINTS?
need help with homework?
what type of music is this???
Well known musical theater songs?
Romeo and Juliet Translation?
10 points for help with my script idea?
What is your favorite Musical?
What is the difference between a musical and a musicale?
Discuss the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. How does it change and why? To what extent is their?
I want to be an actress...13... what do I need? Please and thank you!?
Where is the best place to buy a music instrument?
my dad is a pornstar how do I become one?
Easy to memorize scripts? at least 20. small scripts... can include singing.?
Am I too overweight to be a actress?
I have decided. I want to act. I need to
What actor/actress has the greatest range in portraying different characters?
How can I convince my parents to let me get an agent (for acting)?
How much money do I need to move to L.A and start an acting career?
Help making grim reaper hood?
Some really good solo pantomime ideas needed?
I have a script Idea! How do I sell it to hollywood?
Is this bad for a headshot (acting)?!?
How Do I Become a Bollywood Actress?
I want to be a film actor, but I live in Arkansas. How do I start?
i need a good duet comedy scene?
Drama play ideas for 3 people?
Where am I meant to start?
I'm 25 years old and looking for the best place to study acting but i'm i too old to start studying acting.?
im witing for someone to hit me up for siver who wants?
I'm confused about acting?
Should i be an actor?
My daughter as just played a really big part in the school pantomine.?
what should i wear to the kennedy center?
I want to act?
Can I have advice please :]?
okay so i need to find this dramatic/very sad prose piece.?
is high school musical 3 senior year rated r?
Does anyone of you know if theres any acting auditions in singapore for the year 2007????
Do you have any audition embarrassing/horror stories or bad auditions you have experienced?
I was on facebook and saw my friends' pictures..?
I need a movie plot that involves three guys (Hostel meets Saw type movie)?
How can I get my acting career started?
Does any one know where the highschoolmusical2 auditions will be held if so please answer this question please
where i can find duet acting scripts for free?
Wanting to become an actress..should I send a resume here?
Would you stand for it?
I currently live in New York and want to become an Actress what is the best way for that to happen-Craigs List
dose anybody know how to become a disneychanel star?
Macbeth Witch Audition?
Can someone please tell me the most well known casting director workshops in LA please?
How much money can a teen actress make?
i was watching bet and it said casting calls for one on one but i dont know how to get info ?
is high school musical better,or harry potter?
Who else here HATES the music from Rent?
Are the Tony's on tonight?
How often does Blue Man Group change their show?
Should I audition for West Side Story using an acccent?
What is your LEAST favorite hit musical?
Does anyone know of any agencies in Hamilton Ontario or Toronto Ontario that handle "Extras"?
were can i find acting agents and acting auditions?
Does anyone know any good acting agencies in England, prefferably London?
Lavender Brown auditions for harry potter? what are the requirements?
What plays have you been in, and what part where you?
acting agencies in Buckinghamshire?
Um I am trying to become an actress but i dont know how to be on tv I want to be on disney channel help please
How can I sell props to Hollywood or Disney?
need a stage
What is a good gameto play with 3people?
Musical Theatre Resume?
HELP. Contemporary Female monologue not completely overdone?
Words for High School Musical?
HEEEELLLP!!! can you name a few good high school plays?
I want to become an extra, how should I take my picture?
Macbeth and the three apparitions?
Is Mario Lopez a gay?
who is familiar with Shakespeare in the Play Macbeth?
What would be a good monologue for a teenager trying out for Annie?
I need a musical for a small high school to do. Any Suggestions?
Where exactly are the Voice Acting Studios? (anime)?
80s wardrobe?
can anyone help me find acting/modeling auditions?
Any ideas for an audition song?
help with Taming of the shrew?
How to become a porn film-actor?
Can you be a actor on TV without no acting experience ?
I really want to become an actor!!!!!?
Any help with this please?
What is a good middle school audition song? I am auditioning for my school play and don't know what to sing!?
does anyone whatch deal or no deal?
1 act plays.....GOD?
Who is Mrs. La Creevy in the play The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby?
How are you meant to get an acting agent?
I want to act?
How to act like I'm being stalked?
Macbeth Act 1 question?
How do you memorize lines?
Where can my child take acting lessons in the Twin Cities area?
Comedic Monologue for High School Production of "Scapin?"?
Do I have a chance at becoming an actress?
How much do voice actors/actresses make?
do you think if a very talented african american actor-?
Have you got me all wrong?
Best Website to find Sheet Music from Musicals?
Do you have to have a theatre degree?
How is the character of Michael Wormwood portrayed in Matilda: The Musical?
is zac cute from Heigh school muscial and heigh school muscial 2 ?
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown script?
Do you have a gun in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me. Which actress said that and why?
Did anyone watch High School Musical 2?
Antigone Homework Help!!?
How do I find out the value of different playbills?
west side story help
i need a little help with a stage name?
Know of any good monologues?
what is the best way to get to act on Disney Channel if you live in Minnesota and you dont have any money?
Is all cine actresses to be beauty ?
how can i get a carrier in advertisement?
Does anyone know of any auditioning websites? (for tv shows)?
What is a good way to get into the acting business. 10 POINTS!?
What type of girl am I?(pic included)?
What i can do to become an actor?
What do i do ??
Where is a good place in New York City to go for open acting auditions?
What is you opinion of this last "Phoenix" skit for playwriting school?
Tickets for Shakespeare in the Park's Hair?
What is the first movie to use the word "Damn"?
kids and acting?
How do I start a hobby in acting?
How could I get into Acting Summer Camp?
Are there any acting coaches near Schaumburg or Chicago?
Is it copyright infringement to adapt a children's book into a stage play/skit for a school activity?
I was an actor or actress and I coudln't cry on cue, can you?
improvisation ideas help?
Im going to audition for a play and i need a civil rights monologue for the audition does anyone know a good 1?
Where can I find a free online copy of A Long Walk to Forever by Bryan P. Harnetiaux?
How do you get started in Theatre and Acting?
How can I turn regular dress pants into renaissance pants?
how do you become a famous singer and actor in a small town?
Stage name help????????
How does a heroine in melodrama show her emotions?
what is your VIEWPOINT ? who is the best actor and actress in hollywood ?
im doing a school project...filming a star wras themed Romeo and Juliet...any ideas?
Twilight fangirls, give up already!?
5th avenue theatre summer camp?
what douse T.T.F.N. mean?
I'm shy at acting, how do i get better?
Need a stage name for acting career?
Auditioning for Hedda Gabler...monologue suggestions?
How to get my high pitched voice back?
What questions should I ask before I pay for an acting class? Help please!?
Persuing Acting Career?
MORRISSEY The Musical...?
Acting for teenagers?
I need names for my characters?
Fun talents for "talent show"?
did adrienne bardeau play in godspell?
who knows of any auditions that a girl at the age of 13 can find to be a singer!?
i am trying to find a website with a list of madeling agencies and agents and i dont want to pay for it.?
I've made a fool out of myself in acting class today?
Question About Recieving the Rights to Perform a Play / Musical?
"The Wild Party" Audition Song Ideas?
HELP ... I need ideas for 1 min skit!?
Why do girls like to act like cats?
Can somebody please tell me how to get a good agent to be on disney channel?
Where can I get info about applying for Artist in Residence programs?
watched scary movie 4?
What's a good college/School for acting?
accomompaniment track and sheet music?
IT -> Acting?
I am a beginner in musical theater, do you have any helpful tips?
What is your favorite song in The Phantom of the Opera.?
Tobias Ragg, Sweeney Todd monologue?
Help me become an Famous Entertainer PLEASE?
Help for a young, starting out actor in england?
what actors do you think should play the characters in king Lear?
what are the qualities that SM entertainment's looking for?
Uncramble please!!!!?
How to become an actor?
pliz help (Othello)?
can you see from the balcony at the Chiicago theater?
Advice on how to not be self-conscious and hyper-aware of a film crew?
At which stage of your career would/should you take on a nude role?
who is mario cimarro"s wife?
I want to be an actor but i live in Co any suggestions in getting my name out there?
What are some good audition songs for a musical (west side story)?
Would you write any EC activities on an acting resume?
When performing should one become the character that one is playing?
How do I become famous at 14?
how do i become an actress?
How does an actor avoid being typecasted?
Where can i find acting jobs in Australia?
being in a show?
What are some good Acting Technique's?
is the london dungeon scary?
Can someone explain the toilet scene in Trainspotting?
Help find a long sleeve floor length nightgown for my costume for Lady Macbeth?
Should I be a phone *** operator?
What 3 skills are important when improvising a drama scene?
What method of acting do you prefer? Method or character?
What's Othello about?
What are the advatages and disadvantages of friar lawrence marring romeo and juliet?
I want to be an actor but I dont know what to do?
are there any people involved in the theatre careerwise?
Im 17 and i want to become an actress but im over weight !?
Can someone help me with reading literature?
Does the "Breaking into acting for dummies" book come with a CD?
who has had bad experiences with Patricia Sturla Studios?
Will i be able to attend Hollywood High ?
In the wizard of oz there a munkin that hang himself ?
what website can I find different script of a classic stage play?
How can I do a good American accent? Please help?
Musical Aduations help!!?
Comedic Female Monologue?
I need details of continuous casting machines?
If I want to be a model and actress do I need two agencies ?
Movie Monologue, for two?
British accent?
What are some really funny short plays?
what's the difference between a director,writer and producer and screenplay?
a safe way to be a movie extra?
Funny Monologue? and tips?! :)?
Does anyone else find Andrew Lloyd Webber to be...?
What do you do?
Need a piece to do for our drama class?
What events influenced contemporary theatre?
Wicked the musical Tumblr blogs?
What if you weren't welcomed into a neighborhood because of your skin color?
What part should I play in Annie?
What Song??????????????????
how do u become famous as an actress?
Good Musical Theatre/ Broadway Duets for Children?
This is a vauable site but surely not for the bleeding obvious?
How to get an agent for acting at 13?
Does anyone know a good acting school or agency?
Any Mercutio (from romeo&juliet) experts out there?
I need a duet scene for two girls from a published play? PLEASE HELP!?
Do you think actors need to worry that computer charaaters will replace them one day?
How Do you know if the actors and actresses from twilight got roles in new moon?
how to get a live action role play club started?
Romeo and Juliet comic relief examples in act 4?
Will auditioning as a Disney actor/singer allow me eligibility into the actor's union?
Anyone know where you can find acting classes for fat girls?
Will acting like Haruko from flcl get people to like me more?
What are the names of the minor charictoers in the educating rita PLAY and where do they come into it?
midsummer night's dream question??????????????
How much work does it take to become a Hollywood actress?
Does anyone have any ideas...?
What's the best way for a small town girl to get famous as a actor?
What are local theaters in the Bronx or NYC?
how do you know if your allergic to sea monkeys?
what if you cant afored lessons but you want to be an actress?
GCSE DRAMA- performance ideas and advice to help me deal with unresponsive classmates?
How can i become a model?
best paid job (other than an actor)?
In "The Outsiders" who do you think is a more important character, Bob or Randy?
serious question?
How can i get into acting?
how do you get an agent?
I Need A Script Of A 13 Year Old Boy. ?
Watch Wicked or not watch Wicked?
What is your favorite film to date?
care actors made reaction?
I need to do a monologue from a book for drama but i only like one from the film titanic?
Everytime my hubby and I have sex, I think of Superman...?
Is my headshot good to send to an agent or casting director?
Hello, Does anyone know if actor Brian Bloom is married and with kids? Anybody know how to contact him? :)?
How can I raise money?
Audition help please?
is it naughty to do role play?
I need a really funny u know one for a chick?
Reasons that Romeo and Juliet is NOT relevant for a modern day audience?
do you love Al Pacino ?
Broadway Playbills?
get discovered?
Can any one tell me if Row W in the Orcheratra section of the Gurshwin to see Wicked is a good seat?
I am 17 and i have always wanted to become an actress but i have had no training. What should i do?
How do t.v actresses get discovered?
How can I be a teen actress?
how would you describe africans peoples skin ?
what instroment schould i play in band?
I need a 10-15 min scene for 1 guy and 3 girls?
I would like to be an actress?
What are good ways to become famous?
Are the vampire wives in the play, Dracula, important?
What kind of career is best for me?
Who are the most talented actors and actresses?
good broadway musicals?
Do you think that I might have a shot?
I'm making a skit show. Any help?
Musical Lovers...What is your Fave Show?!!?
Can a comedy be a tragedy?
Is it possible to become an author and actor? (both full time)?
Monologue Choices..........?
I am looking for a skit that has a loony therapist and a patient named Ms.Apple bottom in it?
I need a good and very theatrical piece for my Dramatic Interp?
wizards of waverly place or hannah montana?
how are colin powell and brutus from juilius caesar alike?
Can someone who lives in NJ please help me!?!?
What is your favorite Johnny Depp movie?
How to ace my audition?
Why do you want to be an actress/actor?
Best( MOST talented/ amazing/ musical) Genre Of Music?
what is the best agency in houston, texas for acting and modeling?
What are some broadway shows set in France?
Which Othello scene to act out?!?
How many women think I am good looking enough to be an actor?
can you get into a 15 if you are 13 but go with an adult?
Best audition song for fredrika in A Little Night Music?
Which is it, Theater or Theatre?
Help, please. (Monologue HELP)?
About auditions...?
I need a 30 second monologue for an old lady!?
what are my chances of becoming a play actor?
Should I Quit "The Fantasticks"?(All I do is move objects and remain silent)?
I need help for "A Christmas Carol". I dont know which character i wanna play!?
any good acting sites for creepy storys?
i am making a web page for a class can i use phantom of the opera play ?
Good Opening Song for Musical?
What are some great tips on learning how or improving my acting skills?
what are some good ways of convincing your parents to let you become an actress?
How can i audition for the TV show, "I know my kid's a Star 2?"?
What should I wear to my boyfriends opening night?
Question about Humorous Interpretation rules?
What do you think of Hattie Morahan as an actress?
I live near Reading but cannot find cinema showing Pans Labyrinth, where is it showing?
Who is the female lead in the musical RENT?
what are some real legit websites for castings for movies and t.v. shows?
Bristol Theater?
High school theater: lights or sound!?
My mom isnt very supportive of me wanting to be a actress?
Where to start on the road to become an actor?
who is the famous composer george bizet?
can you tell me the drama skills that a clown must have?
Modeling or acting classes! Help!?
A casting call website for movies?
What is it about the conventions of classical Greek Theater that help us understand the significance of chorus
Acting career for guys?
If about 300 people are auditioning, how long does it take to be notified for callbacks?
Drama auditions in 7 weeks but ...?
Saloon Dress....?
Phantom of the Opera running time?
Macbeth died on-stage or off-stage?
i am 13 and my mom doesen't think that the twilight saga: breaking dawn is appropriate for me is it?
How do you make a fake whip that leaves blood streaks?
How do you get an Agent that can help you audition for disney?
I want a skit.Plssssssssssssssss help?
A summary of RENT by Jonathan Larson?
Contemporary monologue, is 'Agnes of God' overdone?
Audition for a male singing part 12 years old?
Is starting with commercials starting small enough, or starting too big?
Im going to the pro scout invitational for acting and i need a monologue to read where can i find a good one?
If you have seen both Romeo and Juliet and Save the last dance. please answer?
why is the situations of laertes and fortinbras similiar in hamlet?
west side story monologue Maria?
Big brother canada audition video help?
in romeo and juliet who does romeo kill?
does anyone no any good make-up artistry colleges in the uk?
When you think of the show "Wicked" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Has anyone seen the West End production of Matilda the Musical?
what do you think? opinions?
In Fiddler on the roof in L'Chaim, who are the other men celebrating in the pub with Tevye and Lazar Wolf?
Monologue for a midsummer nights dream?
Acting classes???????????????????
Districts Dramatic Monologue?
Who should i play in H2$?
How do I get into acting in Ohio?
"Into The Woods" Monologue?
How long would it take for me to get an Tennessee accent?
is lion king a true story?
isn't dirty dancing the most romantic film of all time?
songs for a drama piece about rape?
I have to do a creative presentation for Drama course ...?
London Acting Schools?
what is american musical theater?
I am 23/m but I got a girl role in my stage show, dates are near and i am scared, what to do?
What are the best summer camps for acting on camera??
should the nazi flag from Sound of Music Play be removed or not displayed in Children's productions?
How is the Theater industry in Scandinavia?
When does casting start for unwind?
how can i get a casting in disney channel?
How to not laugh on stage?
Rejection by modelling agency?!?
Important things to include in melodrama?
hellow,please kindly, to be or not to be this is problem. if it is poem please complete poem.?
What is SM Entertainments email? Not for audition but for normal..?
Elizabethan actors (Shakespearian) playing ladies question?
why many people dont like tom Cruise?what a bad thing did he do before?
Needing someone for help/ideas for a tv show?
Good lyric soprano audition song?
Songs that make you cry?
How to keep from laughing when acting?
our school is doing hairspary for our play?
In the play Macbeth, why does MacDuff suspect Macbeth so much ?
Help I need a monologue for my six year old daughter asap?
I am applying for a gameshow and am stuck on question "Tell us about yourself" What should I say?
What is the reasoning behind Petruchio's actions in Act 3 of taming of the shrew?
suggest a nick name for anil?
In the movie of your life, who do they choose to play YOU?
Any ideas on an acting/ theatrical song?
Is there a company in NYC that does mostly Shakespeare plays and at which theater do they play?
Do I have a chance of becoming an actor?
do you think it is unfair that a child does not get paid to be in a pantomime that goes on for over a month?
I need a comedic female monologue for a teen.?
How did Court Jesters survive when they made jokes to and about nobles who could have them killed on a whim?
Holloween horror nights?
I've been picked to be an extra for a feature film. Now what?
What is the best book to get the funniest monolgues from?
Need help writing a monologue for a shy teenage girl..?
does anybody know were to buy an annie costume ?
Where can i download High School Musical 3 For free?
For my GCSE drama we are doing a scripted performance and I need help finding a play?
How do you get into doing technical stuff for theatre?
LES MISERABLES!? Song title!!?
in the play " the hobbit " .... please answer ASAP?
Who's your favorite Broadway diva?
on comedy central what is the guys name that plays all the puppets?
Where could I find a monologue where the antichrist is finding out who he/she is?
I need help writing a screen play?
Must read books for aspiring actors?
How many opening monologues did Johnny Carson deliver in his 30 years?
what type of school do i have to go to write and produce movies?
what British actor really impresses you? and in what ways?
What religion was Ethel Merman?
What is a playbill?
How do I tell my mom I want to be an actress?
help with audition for highschool play?
I need the script for the play "bang bang you're dead?"?
Twilight spoof play ideas? And what should bella wear?
How do you get tickets for A Very Potter Threequel?
where can I start as an actress?
Which broadway musical is your favorite?
This is my very first try modeling, do I have potential?
First audition help please?
Ive got acting experience in productions and theatre ive done my acting exams with excellent results?
i am thinking only for actors why?
Looking for insightful answers on King Lear's Goneril and Reagen?
I'm just thinking about it, but...?
How can I become a porn actor for good earning.?
Is 16 too old to start acting?
I want to become an actor, but I need an Agent, where can I find one?
How can i project my voice better?
Movies that the play Sweeney Todd features in?
Get a Los Angeles talent agent if I live in Vancouver, BC?
How does one contact a celebrity??????
Is there any skills or tips on memorizing lines?
some similarities and differences between the movie and short story,Satrang ke Khiladi?
why Bollywood?
which is better?
Disney channel needs to get more?
is there any English equivalent for the word "d├ęcoupage" in cinema buisness?
What should I watch in London theatre?
The Producers audition song choice?
Guidelines for translating regular English into Shakespearean prose?
First time seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show- what to wear?
Is 97,98 pages enough for a comedy screenplay?
I want to become a Actor!?
im a begining actress and want to know what r popular tv shows,or channels that would b good to sign 4?
What are some commercials that can be used in auditions?
5 minute movie ideas?
Americas Got Talent.. Has anyone..?
Any websites with examples of scripts used for sketch comedy?
how old is viola out of twelfth night?
How do I get over the fear of auditioning for a school play?
Where's my script?
What was the first musical instrument ever made?
How to break my anxiety for acting auditions?
Should I Audition For Play?
is proscout a scam?
Questions about Acting classes ?
Give an excellent title to my Short Film. . .?
Where can I get a copy of ross report to find legit acting agencies an agents?
I dont think my parents are taking me seriously about this acting thing...?
Need some help with one part of julius ceaser! plz!?
PEOPLE!! can u get me the play script for "diary of anne frank"?
Is Al Pacino an overrated actor?
what are the main differences between music-theatre and a straight play(one w/o music)?
How did ibsen's ghost afect life in the time it was first published?
Would this song work for Little Shop of Horrors auditions?
What should I wear to the Stagecrafters Theatre in Philadelphia?
How was the acting in death of a salesman?
What is the next step?
How do I become an actor?
where can you see dylan and cole sprouse at?
In the play, "an ideal husband" where does Mabel start to say, "Well, Tommy has proposed to me again.."?
I need some pics of a kids jack in the box costume?
How can I fill out a 'resume' with no experience?
How do actors and actresses fake sex scenes in movies?
Could I become an actress?
where can i get free christmas play script for children online.?
Does anyone know who represents John Tataglia (of Ave Q + Johnnie and the sprites fame ) - agent , manager?
Im 17 and i want to become an actress but im over weight !?
Jesus Christ Superstar..acceptable Mohammed musical NOT?
What is your favourite musical (theatre)?
Stage Kiss....First!!!?
How To Audition but Specify that I do not want inappropriate roles?
who is the husband of madhuri?
Actors have different methods of remembering lines (script) what is the best way of remembering?
How to become famous?
whats the name of the one person shows where they change costumes and do all the many voices and parts?
Is CEG Talent Management Agency free?
what is a good duet for two young girls to act?
Does Miami have acting work ?
How is an actor's job creative when in fact it's very repetitive?
Is it wise that if you have your parent will be your acting agent?
Saltimbanco live band?
Which Audition Song Should I Pick?
I want to be famous! Please HELP!?
Circus freaks..drama!!!!?
Why are some theatre plays shorter than others?
why do you think dylan and cole sprouse don't want 2 talk to you?
how do i get tickets to see a taping of the suiet life s zack and cody??
How can I find happiness?
what does Tragical-poetical, Tragical-Plutarchial, and Tragical-historical mean?
what is the copy of the scirpt that contains all of the cues and actors movements?
Why do they always choose a girl to play Peter Pan?
Was the movie north country based on a true story??
How do you become an actress?
Hey. Anyone know a good amateur acting school or acting classes in QLD? prices would be good. cheers big ears!?
Are you a singer,actor, or dancer?
Finding rooms to rent in NEW YORK CITY.?
Peter Pan Help!!!!!!?
What is a good musical for kids?
What are some good qualities of romeo in romeo and juliet?
old theatre programs?
Can anyone creative help me?
Tips for playing "The Pirate King" in Pirates of Penzance"?
Ideas for a short play?
can someone help me with a script ?
Any idea of City Lit London drama audition process?
Are there any new tv shows coming out soon that are casting and doing auditions?
what happens in Acting class, I'm doing it sometime this year?
My Theatre class is writing a cristmas one act play. Any suggestions of a storyline?
Local drama clubs in manchester?
Does anyone know a CT,NY free "audition list" website?
are there any twilight auditions?
Romeo, Oh Romeo, Where for art thou Romeo?.......?
I really want to follow in my best friends foot steps..... but...?
How do you survive as an aspiring actor?
Need help choosing monologue and song for audition?
A question about an audition?! Please and thanx?
Any ideas for my non-realistic play?
what is the name of the opera and song in the movie Hannibal,staring anthony hopkins?
read me pleez?
My name wasn't on the callback audition list? What does this mean?
I need a 1 & a 1/2 miute monologue for a female role from the following plays as close to age 13 as posible:?
What's the best way to get over stage-fright?
cheapest way to get tickets for london theatre/musicals?
do you think my headshots are good or no>?
Can somebody sperate Romeo and Juliet into simple Begining middle and end?
This is destroying my life?
How do I become an actress?!!!?
Which musical should I see?
where can i find my local youth theatre?
Do you put school plays on your resume?
HELP! Auditions for Gypsy the Musical on Sat. I can't dance or sing?
What are the top 10 Talent agencies in California. (Acting, Singing, Modeling) Near L.A. or PAlm Springs.?
Has anyone viewed any of actor Raz Degan's work other that his role as King Darious in "Alexandrer" and know w
Is it common for casting directors to not tell you what to prepare for an audition?
How do you memorize lines for a play asap!?!?!?!? ?
Are you Acting for Fame or are you Acting for the love of the craft?
Humorous Interpretation Material?
Am I just going to be 'nothing' when it comes to arts or talent?
How do i become famous?
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum differences b/t play and movie?
Where can i find a modern conversion of Desdemona's monologue online or anyone who can convert it for me?
Has anyone ever done Syracuse Children's Theatre?
Are these scene headings correct - SCREENPLAY?
What's your favorite musical?
What is the summary to the play Stop Kiss?
Who plays Houston in Apollo 13?
How Can I Get Famous At Eleven?
Advice on an acting career?
Javert from Les Miserables?
i am auditioning and need to prepare a scene any ideas?
Question about Hamlet?
I am Building Up A Resume..But Where do I find an agency that I can submit my work to?
I Want To Be An Actor ... Any Advice.?
When filling out an audition form....?
Does anybody remember anything about an "Addams Family" musical that played in Europe?
quustion about a play?
Do you like dancing barefoot in the pouring rain?
What actor appeared as Roman emperor Commodus in 'Gladiator'?
Grease or High School Musical?
which stella adler book(acting)?
"Workshopping" a show: What format for a new play?
Do you prefer the Theatre or the Movies?
Do you have to be outgoing to become an actor/actress?
Does anyone know who starred in the original "Pal Joey" on Broadway?
What do you think about comedians switching to serious roles?
need help getting started acting?
What kind of accent do they do in Peter Pan?
What does Rosario Dawson share with her character in "Rent"?
Can i work abroad as a teen?
Good song for musical audition?
Is there anywhere I can watch "Spring Awakening" in it's entirety?
good songs from musicals to sing?
how can one make a prosthetic neck slit, one similar to sweeney todd or halloween?
Is Disney casting any new TV shows currently?
How do actors and actresses cry easily?
How can I play 'distress' on stage?
What a Few Tips To Unravel My Emotions & Make Them Believable?
high school musical?
Joining AFTRA can work non union???
Romeo and Juliet HELP!!!?
A good monolouge?
what would ba a good topic to write an article on about OTHELLO?
who knows johnny depp's E-mail private? I know he has e-mail in ! probably it is
What do you think of Phantom of the Opera?
Any scene names for Summer?
is the movie "The Exorcist" sac-religous?
where can i find a copy of like a virgin, the play, written by Gordon Steel?
Macbeth or King Lear?
Roman Polanskis Macbeth?
What is your favourite Shakespeare play and why?
Question about Macbeth (I know, I know)?
How to write foreign language dialogue in scripts?
What are the odds that I...?
The Wizard of Oz, Glinda's part?
Official audition website of Nickelodean or Disney?
Any acting agencies in southern cali?
I want to be an actress, but my parents don't want me to.?
My teacher said that I sucked at acting, Why?
Where to send a sketch?
I have to strip for a school play?
where do i look during an acting audition?
Would it be a bad idea to use facebook as an aspiring actor and a university...?
can u guess who will be the next superstar in tamil kollywood indutries(actor and actress)?
Will a talent agency hire someone who has acne ? (I'm seeing a dermatologist soon and I'm on meds)?
Trying to lose my accent?
why do i get chills when i see people acting in a play?
how good are seats on JJ at the Bob Carr performing arts centre in Orlando FL.?
Is there any audition which is looking for the Japanese actor?How does it search?
i have a question for all the actors who ether been in a commercial or have auditioned for one?
Tipss for a 12 year old girl who wants to be on disney channel?