I'm putting on a theatre play and I want to call it Darren versus Ricky Gervais. Where do I stand leagaly?
A Level Theatre Studies/Drama tips?
What is an emotional setting?
How can I learn to do an American accent for free?
How to become an actor in ireland at 14 ?
who is the best actor/actress in the world ? and who is the most beautiful actress&the most handsome actor ?
What are some good movies that are coming to theatre?
Which is the best musical artist ever?
is thr anyupcoming disney channel auditions?? plz tell!!?
can you purchase the backstage newspaper anywhere in Washington dc?
Is the play Equus with Daniel Radcliffe still on?
Audion monologues!!!?
What is a song that brings up the topics of gender roles, love, and/or social class issues? ?
i need help finding cheap and good acting classes.?
do you think i will?
Are actresses/actors paid less for non-speaking roles?
Is there going to be a fourth High School Musical?
Which is stronger in the play, Romeo and Juliet, Love or hate?
My voice is flat. How can I fix it?
Advice regarding a disappointment?
An ad calls for Asian women but I'm not Asian?
Broadway & Off-Broadway on DVD?
free verse in romeo and juliet?
What are the changes that the character, Torvald goes through in Henrik Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House"?
I Want To Be Big Time Actor And I Am Ready To Do Anything To Get It What Do I Need To Do?
is there any point in me trying to become an actress?
What are the 3 characteristics of the living stage?
How do you become a actor?
i still play club penguin and i'm a teen now who still plays it ?
How big of a character is Lily St. Regis in Annie, the Musical? (and a few other audition-related questions?)?
What's your favorite.....?
do you know any iranian actress or actor and what is your i dea about them?
another headshot question! *picture*
Shakespeare's Realistic Acting style?
How to be a voice actor/narrator?
Where can I find full listings for open casting?
Have you seen this Older Play/Movie?
Advice on my headshot? Not from any of you who commented before.?
How should I say this line in the musical RAGTIME?
what is that play called where a bell rings and every time that it rings, the actors change their line?
What are the BEST MUSICALS? (Please explain what each is about!)?
Need to create a parody for Act IV Sc.iii (lines 1-122) Julius Caesar?
Disney Channel Audition: Has Anyone gone to the Dallas audition, to tell what happens?
How could I become an actress?
Who loves to Perform?
i'm going to audition for john robert power tomorrow!?
which stella adler book(acting)?
i am in a play where i must have a british accent, i need some ideas on where to go to learn?
what is your favorite musical?
What do you think this monologue is about?
Hi I'm Mireya and I'm 13 years old I would really love to become an actress i have been in many school plays?
when is the movie runs deep coming to theaters in Bangor Maine?
Teenage Girl Monologue?? Help Please!?
How do you become an actor/actress?
Interesting monologues For 13 yr old girl? Answer very quickly! I need sleep but need to get this done!!!?
Are they still showing Dont be afraid of the dark in theaters?
how do you cure stage fright?
Need High School Skit Ideas?
I need two monologues tonight please!!!!!!?
How to be an actress?
Any Singaporeans wish to audition for SM entertainment?
Worries about my GCSE english role-play!?
should i change schools to a performing arts school?
how do you know what vocal part you are?
Comparing and contrasting Macbeth and Hamlet?
What subjects should an aspiring actress take?
What is a good broadway song to sing for a musical audition?
do you know of any site with good film directing advise?
When will Les Les Misérables (the play) be playing in america again?
I have to go for an audition 2moro, but.....?
In theatre, what does a callback mean?
I was going to see Aida in Baltimore last week and they cancelled the show. Why?
4 min. (teen) monologue?
I've been told I'm too short to be an actress, is this true?
can you add personal comments in a resume?
wat will you do for ur nation if u get super powers..?
Question about moving for an acting job? please read...?
Which Acting School Can I Trust In Arizona?
I heard on 98.7 amp radio about auditions to be on a tv show with Justin bieber and Selena Gomez,is it a scam?
Is this a good headshot?
Ideas for community college theatre?
Do more people audition for a fall or summer musical?
i need ur help 4 regular activities going in school...??
Story Line Idea?
How do I act like a guy?
Question about the Shakespeare play; Titus Andronicus?
What are some other words for "murder"?
Breaking into Hollywood?
If an actress has criminal offenses..?
What is the point of a musical if it has nothing to do with music?
How would you play the character of Dr. Armstrong from the play "And Then There Were None" as a female?
In Macbeth,by act 2 how much of the witches' prophesy has come true?
Elephants Graveyard play?
monologues for women (modern) must be from uk.?
Does anyone one know of a Helene Vincent who was in Vaudville maybe around the early 1930's?
autobiography on takeshi kaneshiro?
Has anyone seen: We Will Rock You Musical in London?
What do you think of my videos?
is pirates 3 any good?
Can you get into Hollywood with no connections at all?
how can I get in a horror movie when i'm only 13?
Anyone have a clip of the balcony scene in WSS?
How significant is the character Belinda Cratchit in A Christmas Carol?
Does anyone know if there are any auditions in Central New York?
Ok, i've been thinking about a screenplay but i'm not sure about indentions and spacing, can anyone help me?
I have no idea what monologue I should do?
is it possible???
What's the best way to get an agent in LA?
What are Some tips for memorizing lines for a play?
Will there be a High School Musical 4?
Quick! I need to find a good monologue for a Male Teen!?
I'm trying out for my schools one act play?
Am i good looking enough to become a model?
how long is a one act play?
Have you forgotten your heritage?
How long after the Capulet's party did Romeo kill Tybalt?
Children's Monologue?
Im highly interested in acting. HELP NEEDED?
I need to find a sight where I can type text and hear it said with an Irish accent?
Lady--- i am a male actor- 31, rich live in South east, good looking, free this week what are u saying?
15 Year old getting into acting?
Yet another question about JONAS...? lol?
i really need question is in details.?
In the movie Castaway, what was in the FedEx box that Tom Hanks kept the entire movie?
does any one know where to get forensic monologues that are 8-10 min long?
What is a good way to get over stage fright?
What is the best role for me in INTO THE WOODS?
what name is given to acting without words?
What year did gone with wind play at the laurel aribian theater in mississippi?
Stephen Sondheim favourite musical!?
ok, well....uh....not sure how to put this.?
How Many People Think That Bam From Viva La Bam, Is Hott?
What are some good songs that are just as musical theatre as they are pop?
so...i'm auditioning for "la cage aux folles"/"the bird cage"?
pl give actors name who playing as saibaba in ramanandsagar serial?
I do actors find good agents in California L.A?
How do you prepare for a cold read, for the main character in a telivision series?
any good acting classes in nc?
"At the Hop" play?
anyone think people with tremendous musical talent should be given a chance from thier best friends?
What does it take to become a Hollywood actress?
What is a good song to sing for a fame audition?
I don't know what to do. Acting?
Methinks I have a flair for the dramatic, Doest thou? Pray tell me for am I not a poor actor without income?
does restoration comedy involve breaking the fourth wall?
I can't decide on a major for college. ( I am only in the tenth grade but I want to get everything laid out).
Where can I find $30 tickets for the Lion King in Los Angeles?
I'm 13 and american but live in London. Will my accent affect me in the acting business or will it help me?
Is Antonin Artaud a nutter? Like REALLY mental?
Where can I find contemporary monologues for women for my audition?
Are there any auditions for any commercials in arcata,CA?
What is Othello's Faith?
Is John Casablancas a scam?
Is Macbeth a tyrant or tragic hero?
I've always wanted to be an actress?
What does one need (qualities) to be an actor?
How should a person prepare himself for an audition for Aida?
why matt schulze decided to stop his acting career?
What is your dream role in theatre?
Is it smart to sign up for casting sites such as Backstage and Stage Door Access? Or is it a scam?
Can anyone tell me about this play?
Julius Caesar theme?
O'Neil or Sartre?
does anyone know any legit acting agencies my son is 14 and loves acting?
do you have to go to school to be an actor/ actress?
What to expect of the Lee Strasberg interview?!?
How do become a Cetology?
How is my singing (please be honest)?
if shakespeare actors were did they play juliet?
is topher ggrace hott?
What are some legit acting agencies?
Senior quotes from musical theatre?
I need some dramatic monologues, preferably something like The Divorce.?
what is a good one minute monalouge?
Is Deborah's Stage Door a good theatre program? Is it a lot of money?
Casting Service in Canada?
i want information about kids dramma.please help to me that what is new method of kids drama?
Can someone give me a brief synopsis of Cats the Musical?
How many hours does actor have to work during pre-production?
How to begin my dream of becoming an Actress?
What can, "how poor are they who have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees," mean?
Good acting schools around Tampa, FL?
Help choosing a song for Little Mermaid audition?
How can I tell if I have potential to act?
Does anyone have pictures of George Clooney?
please since ive read so many complaints about audition america, someone tell me what proof you have?
why am i seeing questions i answered 6 mo. to a year ago coming back as best answers now?
I have got again a problem with Macbeth....?
What's L.A. like?
Did anyone do the auditions for a agencie in the Sheradon hotel in Dover Delaware cause we did the form online?
Are they still showing Dont be afraid of the dark in theaters?
in the the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie what does the part of 'Mama' do?
won anything?
How Should a great Headshot look like?
Acting agency for 10yr old?
How Exactly Do Actors Not Laugh At Their Own Comedy Skits?
What are good spirit day themes for school?
Seriously considering modeling?
Is acting out the window?
I'm taking up a Christmas job at a local theatre- how many hours am I expected to work?
How do you find a good movie or tv audition/casting call without an agent?
I want to be an actress-- movie type?
Does anybody know fun facts about The Wizard of Oz?
how do i control getting nervous in audtions?
Is "Im Alive" a good audition song for Spring Awakening?
Where can I purchase a copy of the script for the musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie"?
Where can I find free monlogues for kids online?
Can you do Finding Nemo in twenty minutes?
What should my movie be about?
What's an easy way to memorize Shakespeare?
Do you play an instrument?
Happy songs for auditions?
SM, YG and JYP auditions.?
Talent Agents in tacoma?
How to become an actress?
Do you think I can do this?
What is the intrusion, climax, and resolution of a play?
Who in your opinion, out of all the Oscar-winning lead actors and actresses - who least deserved their Oscar?
What are the volcal ranges of the charactors in Bat Boy: the Musical?
Is it ok to get navel and groin or crotch kissing in stage drama?
Auditioning for USA!?
Singing better?
About auditions...?
How can i find out where disneychannel auditions are at?
URGENT!!! I need a dramatic monologue (preferably from a rather new musical) for a woman! Can you help me?
what is Genoveva about?
What was Shakespeare's main reason for writing and performing his plays?
How can I quit my school musical?
Shoes for an audition?
Can someone please tell me where i can get the script for the play Maniac Manor by Don Lowry?
list of Macbeth’s victims. Write how each one dies?
Narnia question?!?!?!?!?! (5 points)?
can a child submit scripts?
America's next top object?
is the climax in Macbeth when banquo dies?
What is a good forensic piece for Oral Interpretation?
Deep voice, could I have a talent ?
What are some agencies here in Boston MA?!?!?
Questions about auditioning in YG/SM/CUBE/JYP/DSP/T.O.P/ Other entertainments!?
how does a kid get into a movie?
Are there any legit talent agency uk?
I want to become a dancer and a model but I have no money for auditions what should I do? ?
Any opinions on Posh Entertainment Group in Beverly Hills, CA?
Anyone know a good Acting Agent in either New York City, or Los Angeles?
Would I have any chance to be an actor/actress?
Example of Concealment in Macbeth. Where is it?
Ideas for a short play? HELP!?
I want to be an actor what do i need?
How to find movie/commercial/tv auditions?
Help with Julius Caesar please?
Can you get turned away from drama school for being too fat?
Words or phrases to describe Lady Macbeth?
Acting/singing.. need advice?
Do you have to join an acting agency in orger to get an agent?
Macbeth Act 2 questions?
What do you think of my singing?
Is there a play version to the movie Across the Universe?
Two Person 5 Minute Play Scene like "The Town"?
help with singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Please help me!!!!!!!!!?
Help with callback for school play?
Any suggestions on theatre blocking? i need help desperately?
My son is in a play. Girls get flowers on opening night. What should a boy get?
I'm trying out for Morgan La Fay in Excalibur (i'm in the call back process). Any tips?
Reason for Kareena and Shahid's break up?
Is acting worth the hard work?
when an acting manager says......?
What should you do if your parents won't support you pursuing an acting career?
What is a good musical to see
Does anyone know where I can find the script to the musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown?
I wanna be an actress?
i love acting but dont know where to start first. for instance which course should i do first?
can anybody name me all Legitimate acting agencies in atlanta, georgia? please!!?
how is second city improv group significant to chicago?
Aristophanes Help Needed!!!?
Will I be to old to be an actor ?
Whats ur favorite broadway show?
If you're an actress/actor would you smoke in a scene and give you 1,000,000 for that?why?
Ideas to get my boyfriend who is in the school musical?!?! HELP!!!!!!?
Script of play Carousel?
I really wanna be an actor on 'Home And Away'?
I need a female one or two min. monolog?
Young actors camp? Is it fun?
Tv vocal sound problems?
Anyone know anything about
What should I do if I am an American in Brazil, and I want to take up acting, but in English?
Does anyone know any acting camps or classes that i can take in North Carolina?
Any ideas for a great musical for a high school to perform?
How Can I Become An Actress DISNEY CHANEL?
Anyone know any good websites with Casting Calls in the UK for Actors/Actresses?
How can i become a pornstar for a big company?
I need help on acting business life.?
Acting agents or agencies in the bay area???
What's the best seats in a theatre?
I need help with fake crying!?
What's the best Shakespeare play to do a project on?
script ideas??????????
I'm a good actor?
WANTED: Kickass dramatic women's monologue...?
who is the best actor in the whole world?
What is a good performing art school in Paris, France?
West End show song?
Why do most teens want to be disney stars? Whats so good about it?
What is the acting agents number in charrolle?
Does anyone know of any American actors who had any significant roles in European films?
Getting the rights for Dr. Horrible?
What is the name of Angel's boyfriend in the musical Rent?
Need Help For My GCSE Drama Improvised Performance Piece!! Please Reply ASAP, Thanks :) (more details within)?
Help for understanding some lines from Waiting for Godot?
Seen Wicked the Musical, what is your fave song?
Do you agree, high school musical is the modern day version of grease?
Any Good Play Tryout Songs for a 14 Year-Old Boy?
Who is Harry Potter?
Do you have to be good at acting to be an extra?
I've been lumbered with the ******* narrator!?
Can I be a Theatre Arts professor?
Name of the show with Jack Kelly in it about a train ride to Los Angeles?
why am i scared to audition?
Play boy and Play girl?
What are some good jobs to pair with an acting 'career'?
Legalities/Technicalities of American actor finding theatre work in UK?
Which song should I do?
Is this a good School prank?
What is the difference between secondary and minor characters in a drama?
Why is it that the lights in theaters are so strong in comparison to other lights?
anyone know a site where i can watch movies just out in theaters for free!!?
Which essay should i pick for the CRUCIBLE?
should girls be allowed to audition for male roles?
Can anybody give me a summary of the musical Bye Bye Birdie?
Do you have to pay to get an acting agent?
In "The Three Sisters" by Chekhov, does Natasha leave Andrey for Protopopov?
Good song for an audition?
I need help finding a serious 1-2 minute monologue for a Romeo and Juliet audition.?
How to make a monologue memorable?
I need some musical ideas for an upcoming talent show.?
what is on at the Daneside theatre in congleton this weekend (prize for the winner)?
How do I start a theater company?
how can i be casted in mockingjay?
Should I drop out of high school?
I need help with drama club...please answer!!!!!!?
Auditioning Tips For Acting?!?
Romeo and Juliet play help me please?
How to find auditions?
At an average of beauty and acting talent, who is in your opinion is the most talented teen actress in world?
Quitting my job to pursue acting?
Is this a good song for an audition?
Top Acting School in Mumbai?
How long should i take acting classes before i start auditioning?
How Can You Audition For Disney Channel If I Dont Have Much Money?
what are good names for boys for a role play?
How many hours should I do practicing my instrument, if I were to take it seriously?
What caused romeo and juliets death?
how can act infront of people if your shy what do u think of???
Anne Frank Auditions?
What are some good Music for a graduation montage?
what are some good stoner movies that are comedies?
What is the objective..?
Why are the audience so serious about a drama?
do channel eleven/wttw/pbs have yoga and meditation classes?
I am looking for information on Troupes during the Elizabethan Theatre (England 1558-1642).?
Does anyone have any idea how I can get music for the song "What if life were more like theater?"!?
Does anybody else love the musical "Little Women" like I do?
can someone give me a monologue?
cathrina caif boliwood actress?
do u think that there is a chance that any individual can become on actor/actress?
Other than acting what other skills are necessary to be an actor?
If you mess up during an audition, are they likely to call you back?
Who is the most disappointing actor of 2007?
would you follow your dreams or finish college?
Audition Forms Question?
When is Cassius's birthday, and does he die on it?
What's a great commercial where it's just one person speaking (like a monologue)?
Do Indian origin-English born people get big in the acting industry?
Phantom of the opera question how to join?
how to dress theater broadway matinee?
What is the name of movie director's tool used before "scene 1/take one"..board w/chop arm?
i really want to get in the show biz...?
What's the legit way of getting your foot in the door to acting?
what is the overarching theme of Macbeth?
How to become an actress in France?
in acting what does it mean.....?
I'm auditioning for Disney Channel?
An Audition song...?
Why would someone want to view a movie that blasphemes the Creator?
acting agents in fl and cal?
I really need help on prop 13!!!!!!!!?
I want to get into acting. Help?
Guys please help me with the shell script guys i am a learner and have too many questions?
Where can I find proper formatting for a theatre program?
Audition for A musical?
Do you think its weird if i invite a teacher to my Sweet 16?
i have stage fright plaes help?
What is the secret to changing clothes fast like magicians?
How do I get mamma mia musical rights to make a show?
i really need a monologue for my drama tryouts?
Has anyone seen Phantom of the Opera? What play/musical would you suggest?
Any starting comedians out there got advice?
how do i become famous ?
I am a 20 year old actor looking for auditionsWhat are some good websites that haveREALAuditions?
morality quotes in macbeth?
A whole list of acting agencies?
waht is vennesa anne hutchens email?
in the theatrical play "Wit" what character compares with what animal, in your opinion and why that animal?
build up my daughters acting resume?
What's your favourite musical?
Does anybody know a good practice love script in acting?
What theater did William Shakespear manage?
What percentage of actors/actresses actually hit it big?
I want to be an actress?
Suggest a great scene we can do in a 10-minute time limit?
Does anyone know of a good two-female scene to perform for a theatre festival?
Good Audition Songs?
Did David O. Selznick own a home in Running Springs, California at one time?
which couple you prefer!Pitt-Jolie or Pitt-Jenifer?
Can i become a famous actor if i dream about it at night?
meaning of shakespearean words 1. callett 2.yexen or waxen 3.garboils 4.hight?
HELP PLEASEE! Audition in a day, need a monologue?
I need to do the following for drama.?
im learning how to play piano i dont know notes i play on seeing someone do it which songs r easy and is there?
What is the next time that High School Musical 2 is going to come on tv?
How much are Hannah Montana tickets for November 23?
I want to become an actress, but I am afraid of failure. What shall I do?
Can anyone find the script for "Chamber Music," a play by Arthur Kopit, online?
is it haram to be acting?
Fake stage kiss?
I need help for my theater class project!!?
I want to join some English theatre group in Chennai for amateurs.?
Is the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school a good school?
i need a teen female monologue for acting class.?
What makes you want to be an actress or actor?
Should I give up on my dream?
Romeo and Juliet!!!!?!?!!???! :)?
Romeo & Juliet Questions (Act 1)?
I NEED a monologue!!!!?
I need catching up on hollywood heights!?
who will host the 2006 Tony awards in June?
how do i get on the suite life of zack and cody show?
can you take a child under the age of 5 to a broadway show?
Audition Monologue Question?
What acting school in England is the best to study in if I want to master Naturalistic Acting?
I am auditioning for a theatre school and I need a song! Please help mee?
what are some good musicals or plays for teens in highschool to perform at there high school???
Acting in English if it isn't my native language?
where can I find the italian edition of malena?
What do you think of this quote?
What is your favorite current Broadway show?
MUSIC man Audition Song please help!for music man, it should be a song from that style play and time period?
whats the average price to see an opera??
How to get an audition without experience?
What are good Kurt Weill audition songs for females?
Is this a good plan to become an actress?
I want to major in acting?
Can you bribe a talent agency to represent you?
can anyone help me find an appropriate monologue to auditioning for Louisa in "The Fantasticks"?
pantomime music ideas?
I am 14 years old, and I really want to work for an acting company. Say, Disney. I need any tips! Thx guys! :D
I'm an Australian auditioning in LA - should I speak with an American or Australian accent?
how much to hire a C or D list actor (in £ preferably)?
I'm trying out to be in a Talent Show and I'm competing against my worst enemy.What should I do?
How do you Know if Someone is the Right Actor?
wuts a good movie for a date?
How can you prevent shyness??
what is the role?
What parts are there for me in footloose?
Can actor Daniel Craig become the greatest "James Bond" ever?
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers free script?
I need a good acting website to get started acting?
What do you think of my acting resume?
Good song to audition with for the Wizard of Oz?
How can i Become an actress?
UK Film Apprenticeships/Work Experience?
How can I start an acting career?
Anyone else LOVE the broadway musical Into The Woods?
What are some comedy clubs for 15 year olds to become a comedian?
What color and type of flowers is the proper gift for a leading actress or actor in a live theatre production?
What is artaudian theatre? .s for best answer!!?
do you think luck plays a very important role in life?
Who Is Chloe Dior ???
How do you sing like Aretha Franklin in the song, "Respect"?
Which of these headshots is the best?
When should i send my drama school applications off?
Who do you think is hott, cole or dylan sprouse or mitchell musso?
Oh no, Shakespeare?
i need acting advice?
How can i get on disney channel for acting or singing???
I need help finding a pop musical theatre audition song?
where can I get a black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe in New York City by the Twin Towers?
How can I get free ring tones for a Net 10 Phone?
any good websites for teens?
Acting resume question?
I really want to become a wizard?
Are There Any Places To Do Acting Work Expreience In Scotland?
Was the play in the heights good?
Are there any acting website's?
Discuss the idea of “order” vs “chaos” in Macbeth.?
i heard an acting audiction on the radio and i dont know if it is a scam or not. should i do it or not?
What makes an actor a good actor?
how does my daughter become an actress on disney channel?
Why are there not more older musicians and actors?
Im 13 love acting and singing does anyone know what i sholud do?
Hairspray Broadway or Stage Show Video. Does any one know for definet where i can find it?
Can you please tell me how old these characters are in these Shakespeare plays?
Were can I take classes in Philadephia to be a successful film actor?
what is the difference of starring and lead roles?
Anyone know the presale password for "Wicked" at the Pantages in Los Angeles?
What is the BEST broadway show?!?!?!?
give an explanation of literary form using examples from 6 extracts. justify you selection of the extracts.?
Where will the next Harry Potter auditions be?
Preforming (anxiety, any workbooks or hip-hop books)?
can someone tell me..?
I got no part in my grease school musical? i want to quit my acting dreams.?
I want to be an Extra in films/tv/etc but I need a start, help?!?
Hey.I'm a teenager who lives in the middle of no-where..I have no real experience.But talent i do have.Help.
is rent an opera or a musical?
Is it hard to get into top drama schools?
I need a dramatic scene for a boy and a girl?
Need to write a short Dialogue? suggestions?
Tips for Starting as an Actor?
Good musical theatre songs?
actors and actresses PLEASE answer!!how do i avoid showing jealousy in my facial expressions?
HELP ! audition song for seussical?
Good Audition Broadway Songs?
Can you enter into a University Theatre Dept with a stage name?
Do actors prefer cold readings or prepared monologues at casting calls?
Acting help? Does this sound good?
in the poem macbeth act one what were the witches prophesies ans how does macbeth react?
Is 'Is it raining? I hadn't noticed' the most irritating line in cinema?
Hairspray (musical) question.?
Am I a great actress?
I NEED to learn an American accent fast!?
Any auditions in the Austin Area for a 13 year old girl?
I'm looking for a good dramatic interpretation (speech). Any ideas?
Where to study drama in London?
Does Mark antony die in the Shakespear play "Julius Caesar"?
will i have to sacrifice it all to be a great actor?
How do I stop getting stage fright?
Musical performances for 5 people?
What does this mean? Please help? It's for a singing showcase.?
Who is a better actor?
Is this monologue good for a 9th grade audition?
Please please please help me find this monologue!?!?
How is a performing artist different from an actor?
Can anyone tell me when Kristin Chenoweth's next play is?
Who wants to play MW3?
What are the ringtones the characters used in True Jackson VP?
Have you ever seen the play "The Fantasticks"?
Scriptwriters Forum!?
Does "Oliver" have a happy ending?
i am 13 years old and i want to be a model. how can i get noticed? someone please help me!!?
I've heard that you should never yell Macbeth in a theatre. Is that true?
can i be a actresss?
How to get into acting as a teen?
Audition opportunities?
For an audtion for a musical, how should one prepare?
How can you become poplur over night.....?
Does any body know where i can search auditions for a broadway show or musical the source needs to be reliable?
How to leave my acting agency ?
What actor do you think should play Newt in the upcoming Saturday Night Live skits?
I have no acting experience, but I really want to be an actress. Would an agency still sign me?
Is georgia a good place to get an acting carrer started?
Cinema - 15? Underage - 13 -.- What shall I do?
how do i follow an acting career without a degree?
what does hot seating mean in drama?
Thoughts On My Monologue Performance?
Is this website real?
Who are considered the best modern playwrights?
How can I get a(n) helper without me paying cause I would LOVE to BECOME AN ACTOR ON DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!?
best way to get someone to finance your play and collaborate getting cast. A1 play for the times. Need mavens
I want someone to tell me about sites that concerns with odd photos of movie stars and singers?
How long is the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus show?
how do u rate these 2 please for musical talent only not looks?
What is the most disturbing celebrity kiss?
Does somebody else like arthur miller?
i need a original play?
What exactly do you do at an audition?
Good songs for a theatre arts school audition?
born to act?
How I find an agent for film?
what is a good website for finding monologouse from plays, prose, etc.?
Who were the new actors in the movie rent?
how to get an agent in australia?
I need to find a 1 to 2 minute monologue from an actual play. Female?
What is your favorite musical?
from where can i get scripts of one act plays?
where do i go to become a disney channel star and have my own show
What are some agencies in LA?
How do I become an actor?
Tips on being an voice actress?
What does being Tone Deaf mean?
improve or acting groups?
When you have to cry on cue how do you achieve it?
I am looking for a mother's monologue I once performed. Can anybody remember the name of the play?
Any Good -GIRL- Acting Duets?
Australian Talent Management?
Comedy Plays For Teenage Girls?
Is PeeWee Herman out of jail yet?
School play??
What is a good audition song for little mermaid the musical? I want to be cast as Ariel.?
What would my hippie character say in a play?
What would you name a community theater company?
Do you think this would be a fun idea for Romeo and Juliet Play?
Does anyone know what Pete Beale drank in the UK soap opera EastEnders?
Actors who are also directors and writers?
Act 3 romeo and juliet lit. devices?
Acting questions?...please help?
Evil 1-minute monologue?
Is it too late to study theater/acting at the age of 16?
I am looking to begin a theatre acting career and I would like to know a good place to start!?
What is a good audition song for a 15 year old mezzo soprano?
are these seats for wicked at the pantages theater good? orchr row m, seat 2 and 4?
Why do people want to be actresses/singer for the fame and not for art?
What Broadway musical should I see?
examples of low comedy in twelfth night??!!!?
why are role of masks important in Greek theatre?
What do you put on an acting resume?
Who Discovered Turkey?
Sims 3 voice actors needed!?
in the king movies, why did the tribespeople put up a 50 ft. fence to keep out king kong ,but not a 6 ft. door
Can someone get me the main number or email for AMC theaters.?
How to act like your awesome!?
How to act like a king?
Going to first audtion ever.have been asked to prepare a broadway piece not from the show, suggestions?
What is your most embarrassing musical secret?
If you are an australian actor trying to make it?
I'm very serious on acting. is this right plan? any tips? ?
Where can I find a two girl scene on the internet?
Is Mamma Mia!, the musical, appropiate for a 10 and 14 year old to go alone?
I need help with characters.?
Burlesque - any good resources on the internet or in London, UK?
What is post-show-blues?
who likes the color yellow?
Can anyone summarize Romeo and Juliet for me?
What is the best techniques to use to memorize a monologue faster?
Is two years of learning at New York Film Academy enough for me to learn how to become an actor?
hey I'm doing a drama peace and need to cry during it. how?
She play me all the time?
i need to know all the all the apostrehes in the play romeo and juliet plz help me.?
How to memorize a ply FAST?
Does anyone know when Disney Channel is going to do another Nationwide Casting call?
Does anyone know any good acting scripts/monolouges/one acts about friendship?
romeo and juliet questions act 1 scene 5?
how long should my audition song be?
I Can't Find a Good Monologue! Please help!?
Looking for a voice.?
Who to Audition for in Into The Woods?
Do you Put your date of birth in an entertainment resume?
Can I still get an agent for tv?
How to fire talent manager?
what should i do if i want to persue a career in the arts(acting)?
Fake cigarettes (as a prop)?
Any idea of how to get a play script published?
Breaking Bad HELLPP!!!?
Should I do this musical?
I need a monologue for an audition? please help! :)?
what is a good acting class in LA for kids?
need for any acting card to do work?
Have you ever appeared in a play?...Did you enjoy the experience?...Do it gain..?
muse models agency need help?
twilight sequel auditions?
Where is Michelle Girardon Actress in Hatari movie with John Wayne?
Audition pieces for church drama team?
Can a comedy be a tragedy?
Who is Macbeth's father?
Is it tacky to wear pigtails and red shoes to auditions for Wizard of Oz?
Can you watch this please and tell me how i can improve my acting?
i am 16 and have never acted in my life - how do i become an actress?
Can you give A-Z tips for a film audition?
Children's Christmas plays?
What's the best westend show to watch on a Saturday night in London?
I want to be an actress,av got d talent my parent are not against it,but dont know how to start.i can also wri?
I need to dress up for a presentation in university, the theme will be sci-fi. Any ideas?
Why do the bad guys in American movies have English/ British accents?
Are you excited for High School Musical 2?
What are all of the shows that Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein created?
does anybody like wild n out?
Will there be High School Musical 2 n If yes when will it be at Disney Channel?
Who is the ugliest film star of the 50s?
I want to do a staged revue of disney songs do I need to pay for rights?
If a mime fell in the forest would it make a sound?
What is the best city in the USA for an aspiring teen/ young adult to move to?
What do you think about the Davinci Code? do you belive it?
funny homecoming skits?
I Just Saw That They Will Be Doing the Movie The House Of Night When Will They Start Doing the Casting Calls ?
Show on broadway that on tour- $$$tickets?$$$$?
Who is Daniel Radcliffe's Mother?
Never been to the theatre?
in shakespear why is the play "the Treagedy of Julius Caesar" and and "the Treagedy of Macus Brutus".????
OMG question about CESD agency! please answer?
.....adelphi theatre seats .... ?
Does the Macafee family have a real dog in the stage production of bye bye birdie? ?
Which Indian actress played maximum death scenes as heroin?
what do you think of high school musical 2?
why can't I find the movie "The Outsider" with Tony Curtis in DVD format anywhere"""Rocket007
Drama Musical HELP!!?
I'm trying out for a school play, and I'm really nervous. I'm not singing or anything, but I'm still nervous.
where can i find a poem based on a positive mood with atleast 750 words?
Does this seem like a good acting class?
disneychannel auditions?
Need an audition piece for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
I've done a course in voice-over.How do i approach for a break in Radio commercials and dubbing?
Some movie titles which deal with travelling to Paris?
Is 40 too old to start acting? Not to be a celeb, duh, but to be in movies?
can i be an actor in hollywood though i'm not American? how? t?
Who would play a better Hamlet? Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly Stallone?
I need a female contemporary monologue, preferably not comedic, 1-2 minutes?
The Crucible Act Three Questions?
Where can a buy the Ain't Misbehavin' Play/Musical?
Local drama clubs in manchester?
Wicked the musical and the box office?
my mom doesn't agree with wat i wanna be when i grow up. what should i do?
When an actor dies and has to keep his eyes open for a long time...?
best way remember lines for play?
How to represent explosions in a school play?
Can you think of some good plays set in the Restoration Period?
Elphaba or Glinda in Wicked?
I want to become "Model". What should i do?
What should I expect when auditioning for an agent? I have one coming up....?
Is this a good sign for theater acting for my daughter?
HELP what should i do in Hollywood I need help?
What is a good monologue for Charlotte's Web?
What is the address of the drama bookstore in New York City?
looking for a monologue to do on my exam? what do u think is the best thing to do?
I am auditioning for Richard III and need a Shakespearean monologue, any thoughts?
Acting is my passion...But i have no idea how to get into the business.Any advice?
Want to know your opinion about
How are actors, whether in movies or especially on stage, able to memorize all those lines. I don't get it-I
How do you do a Chicago accent?
wher can i find auditions for acting or acting camps plz email me at
What roles does food play in out lives?
Can you still become an actor even though you minored in fencing?
What would be good semiformal wear for the theatre?
The Tempest..?
Are there any Disney Channel shows casting extras right now?
Id like to see your top 10 reasons to date an actor.?
what means " a pit" in theatre terms?
What are some good dramas(serious) plays for high school students to perform?
Has anyone heard of an actress named Jamie Kramer?
I need help picking a main character figure, aka, what celebrities play as them.?
Does anybody know if Michael Ball is starring in the 20th Anniversary Show of Les Miserables?
who won the first american idol? And who won the second? and who were the 1st runner ups?
Should I give acting a try?
Group mime for four girls?
act 1 ?????
Who Is Cooler...........................?
How to start doing Extra acting?
i need help on acting for a school play?
Divergent Movie Casting ?
What are some funny musical audition songs?
A term in Lillian Hellman's "The Little Foxes" - what is a "Jesus Party"?
How to act at a Odd future concert?
In Romeo and Juliet, who is roselin? is she a girl romeo loves before he meets juliet? if not then, is?
I need the Worth of a C. Chaplin movie poster #ed & signed by R.DowneyJr.,Gurildene Chaplin,& R. Attenbouroug
Trouble developing conflict for a stage play?
does this picture work as an actors headshot?
In which cinema Rajesh Khanna was first acting?
Are there any teen parts in Odd Couple?
What to expect at an acting audition?
why do people say a Film degree is useless?
Why don't many teenagers go to the theatre(plays) anymore?
Plays that used the Globe's trap door?
Which actress is thought to be the first woman to wear trousers?
Will acting agents (for movies) take me if It says on my resume I just went to a ordinary college for acting?
Paramount Theatre in Oakland?
Who's seen the new Superman movie?
I'm an actor playing Bill Calhoun in Kiss Me, Kate. Any advice?
is Jrp acting school a scam?
Hi everyone! I have a question that I'm dying to get an answer! Please READ!!!!!!!!?
What was your experience purchasing a group of tickets from Cirque du Soleil?
how do you guys feel when an actor gets to kiss or do a sex scene with an actress that you like?
I wanna become a model. what should i do..?
Do you know any theatre play about four violonists which actrises playes violin on the strage.?
Is the complete corpus of Shakespearian plays available on film?
Auditioning for The Little Mermaid ?
Who sings as 'Flounder' on 'The Little Mermaid' broadway cd?
Is there any point pursuing my acting career further?
anybody can help me to find monica bellucci email address?
Greatest musical of all time in your opinion?
How do you get into character?
Is One Source Talent (OST) agencies a fraud?
What should my stage name be?
How am I doing so far? I want to be a actress ?
In The Play Hard Candy?
High-school plays featuring strong MALE lead?
Would this be a good abuse monologue?
how did miley cyrus become an actress on disney channel and i wanan be 2 what should i do... help fast!!!!!!!!
What role should I audition for in Into the Woods?
How Do I Get Started in Show Buisness? HELP PLEASE :(?
How can my friend become a big actor in just 2 years?
i can't get into character!?
Has anyone worked with Marilyns Modeling and Talent angency in North Carolina?
i want to act i really do...?
Questions regarding sm audition?
Why people become actors?
Do I Have A Chance? Help me, I'm depressed!?
My name is winter star and for my plau my year is putting on i am auditioning for a girl called star...?
Where can i see The Men starring Marlon Brando?
Seating - Her Majesty's Theatre?
How can I find acting auditions?
Child actor - Bobb'e J. Thompson?
Where can I get a costume or pattern for this Christine Daae costume?
I really want an iPhone4s! 13, heLp?
Do you have to be rich to become an actor? ?
I want to be an actor so could any of you cool kids listen to my little plan please do?
Is there such thing as a shy actor?
Is there a talent school in ohio with dorms?
what is your favourite musical???
How can I get extra work in the U.K. without paying any money up front?
the taming of the shrew?
What should I wear when I am auditioning for a talent agencies?
A Question on Acting?
Grease or High School Musical?
Need a published play monologue for female, preferred shouting or being hysterical?
I failed my auditions pretty miserably...anything to say?
What Do YOu think is THE GREATEST MOVIE line ever?
Could my stretched ears affect an acting career?
How Do I Make The Next Big Step?
Theater Tech Help!!!!!?
Anyone got any ideas for a school play?
How did Taye diggs define "brown sugar" in the movie "brown sugar"?
Whats the main character in a play or novel called? ( Look at description )?
Does anyone have advice for acting?
Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" performance on Saturday Night Live...?
Is this a good acting agency in Los Angeles (please comment)?
Text to Vocal: How do I get certain Voices?
How do you find out about auditions for pre-production films?
If i want to be an actress how much should i weigh?
What has Johnny Depp's best acting job been up to Pirates 2?
Do British people understand Hamlet without using any special dictionary?
acting course /seminar in London July 2012?
What should I dress up as for character day?
Some easy,modern songs to play on ukelele?
Can you give me Stage musicals? Broadway can be accepted?
Does anyone know any good acting classes for beginners in Los Angeles?
How to become a successful actor?
What is the difference between...?
Help me Plaese!!! URGENT! URGENT!!?
Legalities/Technicalities of American actor finding theatre work in UK?
Are goldstarevents or playbill the only half price tix sites online every day for half price tix to plays?
Karen T: ??
vocal range?
Is My fair Lady an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew?
What kind of sites that will help you get casting calls and get discoved as an actor for free ?
How hard is it to get into THE AMERICAN MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ACADEMY in New York City? ?
living relationship should ligali in india?
i have an audition soon and need some tips? i really strugle with nervus?
Idea for a main character????????????
the tempest: how can u make areil look invisable, cheeky and trister like on stage\///?
Eulogy for drama class! Please help?
Does this sound practical?
Stage Name?
How do I not laugh when I am acting?
How should I act since im the new guy in school?
How i be a good model or actor?
Renesmee boots in Breaking Dawn - part 2?
character analysis for "Rocky horror show picture?"?
Is an actor gay if he/she does a same-sex sex scene?
If your life was a musical...?
How would a minor obtain an agent?
in over 40 years of coronation st how many times has ken barlow said " I `ll put the kettle on"?
is the movie the brake-up was good?
i just tried out 4 my high schools musical, and it turns out i didnt make it, one of my teachers is one of the
help me pls?
what one talent in the world would you want to have?
Tips for writing a monologue?
What are the differences between the show of Les Mis and the book?
casting calls for movies or shows?
What is the best theatre show in London at the moment?
What is the script to this version of Who's on first?
What to be prepared for when going to a talent agency?
I have a huge play to memorize how can i memorize it faster?
How do I become an actress ? please help?
Who is the blame for Ophelia's death in the play Hamlet?
I'm a 22 y.o. , 5.3 ft girl. Can I attend modelling classes? Or would I be seen as an alien?
What would be a good "emo" (or whatever that is) book/monolouge for a humorous piece?
anyone have ideas on how to get a rush ticket for wicked in NY this tuesday the 27th? could broker-ideas?
Any tips on how to combat stage fright?
I want to audition for the Les Miserables 30th anniversary?
Do you need to be equity to perform in a Disney stage show?
I really want to become famous one day.?
Height of ranbir kapoor?
Define Modern Drama?
does anyone have an idea for a monologue?
Where can I purchase the Matilda movie script?
What should my stage name be?
What's the best musical ever made (theatre, not movie)?
Do you think these A level options are suitable for someone who wants to become an actress?
Musical Avenue Q- have you seen it? Reviews please!!!?
Am I going to be a wizard tomorrow?
10 facts about the globe theatre?
Where are some good sites to find out about open auditions in the UK?
Does the play 9 to 5 have any teen parts?
Do you have to pay to get an acting agent?
Song in Shoshana's death scene in Inglourious Bastards?
Help! I need a monologue for Rizzo!?
Whats a good stage name for me?
need a short funny monologue please?
My voice was hoarse for two days now. Tomorrow afternoon and night I have a play and I am the lead role.?
Wizard of Oz or Hook?
Meeting acting and modeling agents in an hour what do I ask?????!!!!!?
Is it even possible to get into acting at age 16?
How much experience do I need before I can get an acting agent?
Are there any casting calls for any Disney Channel shows or movies that are coming up?
Hormones acting up at 10 in the afternoon?
Which monologue should I do for an audition??
Is This True About Acting Industry?
Why God, Why!?
English Actor, asking Scottish people for tips on the accent. To avoid being terrible.?
Best theatre school for direction?
what does it take to become an actor?
How do I handle this rejection by my peers?
What is a good skit for video production?
when will the 2007 American idol tryouts be?
how can I find a classical play?
how to let go an actor nicely from filming?
What is a better title for a script called "a new life"?
Teen female comedy monologue?
What are some really good audition songs?
What are some good acting exercises?
At the Globe theatre, How did the audiences participate in the plays?
Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare most powerful dialogue. Help please?
How can you maek yourself cry?
Audition Monolouge??
Where can I buy the Play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof?
4 person play for girls needed?
Can I get some Talent Show answers?
average price to see Wicked musical?
“Which Muppet was only allowed on the show because his uncle owned the theatre?
I want to become an Actress but I'm To afraid to Tell my Parents.?
Acting studies outside college or university?
Does anybody knows a website for open casting calls?
Probably A Long Shot, But Does Anyone Know This?
TiPs!! rEaD tHiS!!!!!!?
What is a body and head shot?
How hard is it to get into NYU Tisch School for the Arts?
who loves High School MusicaL??it'z a GreaT mOvie...?
in which arrangement are a production costumes likely to be the least detailed?
Does anyone know where I can find an acting agent or a list of names of acting agents.?
What are a good 16 bars of the song "shadowland" from lion king on broadway, for an audition?
What are the injuries Tybalt talks about in this quote from Romeo & Juliet?
where can i find singing tutors in coclchester or ipswich?
In California?
Can someone give me ideas for a one shot for class?
Does doing community theatre give you a good chance of getting an agent with no prior experience??
I love acting . how do i become famous?
what is a skit idea that the conversation would end in "she aint no friend of mine"?
Is Johnny Depp going to ruin the role of Sweeney Todd?
help! please i need help on Macbeth!!!!?
does anyone know when or where equus will be preformed next?
Where could i get free monologues online at?
Seussical Jr???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im muslim, can i be an actress?
I like to play this and this?
What is the musical "wicked" about ?
Do you have to pay to get an agent in Hollywood?
Do u think i should join?
I need to make a child into a stem using green fabric for a play any ideas?
Gay Actor and Actresses?
How important is musical theater training to the film actor?
Does revelry go to far on Twelfth Night?? Is Malvolio treated fairly?
How do I know if I could make it as an actress?
who likes this song?
I really want to learn to play the piano,is it expensive to learn?
In the play, Almost Maine, what would you say Ginette's personality/outlook is?
what do we learn from lady macbeth's speech.?
i want to become an actress but i'm only 14?
Do you think it would be a waste of time to try acting?
does anyone know of any good extras agencies in london?
LADY MACBETH speech ACT 1 scene 5 ---> question?
Please help me?
About how much money does an actor or an actress make if they act in a super hit movie?
I went to an long does it take to choose callbacks for it?
Question about royalties?
How do I find Templates to put on my dvd cd cases if Im burning them and I already have the software.?
What is a good song to sing at an audition?
Anyone know a good play?
How do you deal with losing a dream role?
passion play names!?!?
me and my friend hunter are doing and 5-8 minutes long duo for our speech team and we need some funny scripts?
scene names for the letter s?
What is your favorite non-musical play?
What musical would fit these description?
what are some good one act plays for an all male (quite young) group?
what do you really see on a variety show..?the contents of it...?
Who is the best "fainter" on screen?
Knotts Landing or Dallas?
Need Good Guidance?
Competition at Abacus Agency?
where can i find emotional music for act 3 scene 1 for julius caesar ?
need music for romeo and juliet fight scene?
heya i want posters on love or qoutes on love can u plz tell me d sites?