Would you come see a great show?! ;)?
Does anyone know of auditions coming to Dallas, Texas?
What should be included in a resume?
Is my range wide enough to play Mrs. Lovett?
what are the characteristics of Commedia dell'arte?
Comedic 30 second monologue for young teen actress?
about :: JULIUS CAESAR!! Help =]?
What is the best Broadway show you've ever seen and who was in it?
how do you become a better singer?
realism in night of the living dead?
Is it a bad thing to only think about becoming a actress?
How Do i improve the tone of my voice?
A little night music?
Acting audition!!!?!?!!?
To be, or not to be?
How do I get a pilot script to the A&E Network or Bravo TV?
Joey Richter Is Totally Awesome! Harry Potter Musical!?
Where can I get a script to "42nd Street" in Orange County, CA?
How to get a lead in a play?
How to I start writing an interactive dinner theatre script?
How to become a directioner ?
what are some of you favorite Broadway Musical Song?!?!?!?
How did Max Records get into acting?
Can u help to make a script about the piece of string?The situatoin is we are in the court.We are ol 8 persons
I need some help with impromptu speeches?
help??? stage fright!!?
modeling or acting?
are there any myths or curses associated with othello the play?
know of movie scenes with armholding?
modeling/acting agency in Los angeles california?
gerhart Hauptmaan was born in?when?when he died? his first work show on .....t heater?
Are there any casting calls in springfield ma?
what are the steps that can make local actors be international and break through other markets?
why does madame Geri say keep your hands at the leavel of your eyes?
Are movies of musicals the same as the live musical?
Disney talent agency interview? ?
Has anyone here ever been in a National Tour?
How can I be a good Jester.?
Why would being dramatic be a bad thing in acting?
Willy Wonka Jr. Characters (and Plot)?
Cheaper By The Dozen!? 10 Points!?
I have a serious question about Wicked!! Please h elp!?
Good Comedic Plays For High School Students?
would this work?
Tips for Starting as an Actor?
How much is enough acting experience? ?
Does Coraline play at The Imagine theater, Novi Michigan?
Acting - Money - Visa - Agents?
Whats a good comeback?
thoughts on select model agency?
what should i wear for my audition?
how much would a 500 seater theatre cost to hire hire per night?
What's something that interests you?
Can i please have the notes to the final count down on keyboard for som1 who dosnt know how to play keyboard?
kabhie alvida na kehna?
am i pretty enough to be a model or actress?
What is the best and worst mocie of all time and why?
Do those who try to become actors/actresses really get much of a shot? If so, why do they fail?
What are some ideas for a high school musical? Preferably with a lot of characters?
Is acting a realistic career, for me?
Title for Julius Caesar?
Will "Wicked the Musical" ever come to North Carolina?
Good Monolouges for an Audition?
Audition song for Peter Pan?
Need help choosing/finding an audition song!?
why am i so afraid?
hi am a bit confuse plz help?
Adult acting classes for a beginner in Dublin?
I sound EXACTLY like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and I do not know if I should sing in my HS talent show. Help?
How does one become an actress when parents think its a joke?
2 part question: How are Black American actors received in the UK? Is theatre innovative in the UK?
acting...... i was ripped off?
Michael Chekhov or Sandford Meisner?
What are the top Monologue websites on the web?
Is The Acting Corp a good school?
Why are amateur actors trying to bring me down and make me feel bad?
Why is the role of Christine in Phantom of the Opera always double-cast?
What are your thoughts on the play West Side Story?
Hi, I'm going to be 25 pretty soon, my dream has always been to be a model do you think I can still make it?
I need a Humorous, 5-7 minute, and a girl can do it prose piece for a tournament?
Soprano Musical theatre songs and monologues?
where cantake me woman for a nice time?
What is the easiest talent that won't take long to learn?
i'll be playing the role of don felipo in our noli me tangere play. suggestions 4 a costume?
west side story?
On playing Feste in Twelfth Night?
Does wicked the musical have a happy ending?
is lady macbeth a feminist?
How many viewers watched High School Musical 3 last week?
Which receives more pay: Acting or voice acting for a movie?
Monologue question, help!!?
What happens at a modeling evaluation?
Is it possible to blend greasepaint into the skin?
Grand Guignol Drama Play?
What would be a good musical to do with a cabaret of about 5 girls?
useful advice please ...?
im 13 and need something from my dad?
How do Creon and Antigone compare and contrast in Sophocles play "antigone"?
Does anybody know what his REAL e-mail is?
Wicked at Apollo Victoria with Idina Menzel matinee, seats and actors?
20-odd years ago BBC Scotland showed a play called 'Knowing the Score'. Does anyone know anything about it?
I am 13 should I start swearing??
Does anyone know where I can get a script of the play "Running Upstream"?
Wicked Character Qusetion (Part 3)?
what should i use to do a collage in order to present the character "scout" in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird
where can i get the actual music from the broadway show wicked, the one with kristen and idina???
has anyone ever gotten free tickets from student for Broadway shows?
Of the following, which Broadway show do you recommend?
looking for a former Hollywood movie star?
How can i audition for the hit television show Glee?
What's a quote that shows compassion in Romeo and Juliet?
Is there anything more irritating than a precocious child actor?
If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell. Any one knows who said it ? Do you agree?
i have stage fright plaes help?
Does anyone know the kiss fm presale password for Jesse McCartney in Chicago?
are there any theatrical productions focussing on foreskin removal (aka "circumcision")?
Anyone ever seen Into The Woods the musical?
Does anyone know of acting classes in Mesa,Arizona?
what life means?
I need a lifetime talent!?
Where can I get an audition for TV, Movie, or Shows??
Does anyone know of beginners acting classes in Palmdale or Lancaster, CA?
All the world's a stage sexual innuendo?
Acting Agent?
what's the best play by Eugene O'Neill &where can i find it?
help! opening a teen theater workshop?
Anyone know of any child talent agents in Los Angeles?
Whats the difference between "On Broadway" and "Off Broadway"?
Our video went to state!?
happy birthday for trombones, b flat major scale?
i want to know abt delhi drama theatre address and i want to meet theatre person?
i need advice , from you!?
How does on become a director of adult films?
New ways to practice, please?
Entertainment work permit?
Is AMDA a scam of a school? or is it worth the money the school is asking for? Can I get a real job after AMDA?
I need to cry in my Drama play, any tips?
Would you stand for it?
HELP PLEASE! music in Shakespeare plays?
What are some cute love plays?
which monologue should i preform for my 'dracula' or 'sleepy hollow' audition?
Is "Romeo and Juliet" the only play that students don't understand? Or just freshmen ask?
Using quotes, how has Macbeth changed throughout the play (and same question for Othello?)?
Which degree would be most beneficial to me as an actor?
Do all professional actors keep their resumes to one page?
Being beautiful is a pro or con for an actor/ress?
speaking clearly while studdering?
Do I need to go to school for technical theatre if I want a job in technical theatre?
I am 5'10". Too tall to audition for Ariel at WDW?
Should I really follow my dreams?
what musical has Seabee Luther Billis in it?
Is there an online acting class I can learn quick tips from?
Anyone know any reparable children's talent agencies in NYC & NJ???
How to get Acting jobs in the UK?
Plays involving a crazy, insane, or emotional female character?
Learning a lot of lines for a play?
can you get an acting agent without going to drama school, or college?
How to survive my theater class?
im a 16 year old girl is me wanting to be a successful actress an unrealistic goal?
Would you please help me find the script for 3rd rock from the sun for FREE?
Acting Resume?
I'm writing a script (non-movie, a play)?
How can I purchase rights to perform the play "Clue"?
Need help finding oppourtunities.?
i need please help me !!?!?!?!?
how do u get on a disney channel show ?
Good college??
what are good magazines/newspapers for actors?
How do I get the Part I want in the School Musical?
Advice needed: actress doing a romantic scene with actor younger than her?
Okay this is the last question I'll ask about my play...?
i need a place where i can listen to the romeo and juliet soliloquy?
omg! help this poor little tween... pweetty pwease?!?
How much does an actor get paid for a music video?
How do I get started in acting on stage/in film?
Can someone give me a Katniss and Peeta two person scene script?
is 'real people' agency in sydney legit?
Where can i get acting lessons in gahanna, ohio?
Tips on fake crying?
Home remedies for singers, ASAP AUDITION TOMORROW FOR RENT!!!!?
How to network in the film/television industry? (without college)?
Any one know what "wide unclasp the tables of their thoughts" means in modern English? by Shakespear- Troilus
What are the Royal Shakespeare Company like as a theatre practitioner (A-level drama supporting notes help)?
Good dramatic monologue from Jane Austin?
Is it true that Chris Rock was originally casted for Aslan the Lion voice? ?
hey everyone - i need your voting, please it's very important for me and it's easy:)?
What legaslative requirements would front of house in a theatre have to think about?
Are there any metaphors in the opening speech of Shakespeare's Richard III?
'TO BE OR NOT TO BE' can ANYONE please explain to me what he is actualy doing in HAMLET?
Characteristics of Christine Daae?
Open Call Auditions for Teens? (UK 2009)?
What is a good male monologue to perform for a musical theatre audition?
what did willy loman sell in death of a salesman?
To be or Not to be?!?
Does he have talent ?
What sort of acting agent do i need? *Disney*?
What is your Favorite Broadway Musical ???
can any one give an analysis of any of the major characters in"As you like it' by shakespear?
Just give me one tear?
MACBETH HOMEWORK someone please help?
i need a monologoue...?
What is an example of a litotes in the Oscar Wilde play, The Importance of Being Earnest?
Disney Auditions for 2008 in california!!!?
What is the best community college for acting or directing?
How can i make myself cry?
Where can I find the straight play version of Phantom of the Opera?
i need a few acting tips!?
where can i find this at?
what are the themes in the play Antigone by scences?
what to do when you really want a part but you cant get it because you were the lead in the play you just did?
How should I go about learning lines?
How do i get auditions for Disney channel?
What universities in southern California have a great theater program?
What steps do I need to take to become an actress?
I just would like a straight forward answer...?
What do these drama words mean?
I'm looking to be in a movie, but I dont know where to start!?
question bout joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat?
What is the best play to take a date on?
Acting Agentcies In New York?
Did Olivia de Havilland attend Errol Flynn's funeral?
I'm looking for a good musical theater school. Should my top choice be Westminster College of the Arts or AMDA?
Can anyone guess this musical?
I am wanting to join the porn industry, how do I?
Any ideas on how to make it big time?
What's best to use over a pre-painted latex prosthetic?
How to start an acting career?
does anyone know of any movies or tv shows that are also allowing video auditions?
Does anyone know of any auditions in Scotland (preferably glasgow)?
My lover Gene Wilder....?
Does anyone know how one could audition for....?
i need piano help?
I have to write a shakespearean monologue what could it be about......?
talent show contest....? HELP?
Who is Actress Rachael Renee Duncan's Talent Agent?
Has anybody seen The Eight: Reindeer Monologues? What did you think?
Should I trust this website??
About en minutes ago I decided I want to be an actor, where do I start??
New Harry Potter series audition!?
My first preformance is tomorow...?
Is 'Is it raining? I hadn't noticed' the most irritating line in cinema?
I'm going to an 18th costume party, the theme is musical characters?
What are the injuries Tybalt talks about in this quote from Romeo & Juliet?
can someone please email me the script for remember me?
I need a basic pantomime to perform such as getting stuck in mud or building a book case?
Wicked at the Pantages theater question?
what would make a great horror film?
was shakespeare a fake?
Does anyone really care about Brad and Angelina, or Nicole and Keith etc.? If so, why????
Am I too old to be an actor.?
What to do in an Audition? (Read the Details)?
WICKED The Musical QUESTioN!?
The balcony scene , Romeo ndd Juliet?
Can someone answer my questions about Tisch (NYU)?
Calling All Theater Buffs....who has read ART?
Acting Resume'? Please Help!?
Shakespearean monologue for woman needed, like NOW! Please help.?
What technique in Photoshop was used to make these photos look like this ?
What talent agencies can I trust in the San Francisco Bay area, to get my daughter's acting career started?
can someone help me, i need help finding a song. . . .?
plz,wish me best of luck.......??
What are the Alvin Ailey summer intensive auditions like?
Monologue from popular movie?
Wizard of Oz musical play adaptation?
Stage name help???????????
Macbeth Essay Help please?
do you hate high school musical?
Has anyone been to the Barbican Theatre in London? Seating Question?
Taylor Swift or Lady GaGa?
i want to become famous but dont know how?
Can you list chorus class as experience on an acting resume under theatre?
Need desperate help finding asian monologues:)!!?
how to audition for degrassi?
Did Romeo Dream About Rosaline?
What's the best way to memorise these script lines and songs?
When is Les miserables coming to Madeira (Portugal) and how can I audition?
how can i become famous?
kissing scene?
I am considering becoming an actor on screen.?
SM Youth Audition/ Trainee?
What was your worst acting job ever?
In what sense, was Julius Caesar “the spirit” greater than Caesar “the man?” (the play)?
I want to be an actor so bad?!?
Tips on making yourselve cry?
Which audition monologue combo would be best for these plays?
How to get out of something i don't want to be in.?
Auditioning for Fiddler?
How to start a modeling and acting career. where to start ?
Where can I find Acting Agencies in Atlanta Georgia or anywhere near Forest Park?
how do i find the script for godspell?
Julius Caesar help?? please?!?
Is it to late for me to be an actress?
Does anyone know some themes in the play Julius Caesar of Act 1?
Disney Channel vs. Nickelodeon?
Looking For Nice/Funny/Romantic Korean Drama PLZ!?
I really need the instrumental version of Bubbly, by Colbie Caillat soon PLEASE?
How do i be an actor im 14?
Deus ex machina is a Greek invention, as far as I know. What is the Greek term for Deus ex machina?
What is Fiddler on the Roof about?
Everyone needs to vote for diversity on britains got talent!!!?
Is it necessary to have a degree in acting/theatre to become an actress on the stage?
Do you know any scary movies?
What would be a good actor for this role?
Movie name?
how do i become a "disney channel" actress?
Singfing help?
tips for kissing on stage?
What Special Gift can I Give to My Wonderful Cast?
how can i make chorus for my musical (west side story?)???
Can you audition in LA California for acting roles without an agent?
What can i do to become a professional actress!?
What do you admire more...John Denver's piloting skills...or Sonny Bono's skiing talent?
What do you think the number one thing that a person needs who wants to become an actor?
Is Nextactor the best film school in Houston?
Do u think I can be an actress?
does anyone whatch deal or no deal?
How do you get into voice acting?
ok this may sound to nit picky but i am looking for aa nice acting and modeling school with all of this!?
Hrithik Roshan ya Sharukh Khan...???
Should I just leave him to the books?
california college for acting?
OMG so I have this interview for acting and commercials and what are they best looking for !?
Will they hire actors with braces?
how do i recover my voice from being sick when i have an audition later today?
Where is the best place for Acting opportunities?
I think I'm being bullied at school?
How would one build an acting resume?
Which monologue should I pick for my audition for an acting school?
How put on convincing emotions?
Can you recommend me a good site or blog with acting techniques?
What's your favorite musical of all time?
Help with three - Julius Caesar - Questions ?
Do you Think Teen Titans will have season 6 or not?If you are not intrested in TT don't answer?
What would be a good play to do a "Play Analysis" on?
who played tina turner on the tina turner movie?
how do you overcome super stage fright-ness?
BEST PLay of all Time??
please i have some acting questions please try answering a few?
Anybody know of any story teller festivals in England, preferably up North?
How do you be a actor?
How to bare your soul??
Do you play an instrument?
Introducing someone to Musical Theatre, what should we see?
Is Al Pacino an overrated actor?
Does anyone know about Chronicles of Narnia auditions in Indiana?
plot development of macbeth?
I m going to an modeling audition tomorrow. how should i prepare? what will i be asked to do ??
Is there going to be a broadway cast recording of "Lestat"?
which muppet used to hit people with a fish?
I want the name of an independent film that was based on a musician spending his life on board a ocean liner.?
Cats- the musical?
16 & pregnant n teen mom auditions????
How to pursue career as a TV host?
please help me! i eally love acting but i cant because i have no money and my parents dont drive.......?
Should I continue to pursue a career in Acting, or should I give up and find another career?
A young adult that wants to become a model?
is row AA upper circle at aldwych theatre a good seat ??
Is there even a point in being in High School plays?
Is the sister of Sienna Miller, the actor, younger or older?
how do you become an actress/model at the age of 13?
What Broadway show should I go see in New York?
piece for a speech choir???
What do they do if an actor is injured during a Broadway show?
How can I overcome lack of self confidence and stage fright? PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.?
Whats the Quickest and easiest way of learning your lines?
High school theater stage makeup?
HELP my boyfriends acting weird latley! Take a look please! ASAP! :(?
When did you actually called yourself an actor?
What is your favorite song from South Pacific and/or Oklahoma?
how can i become an actress?
how do you get discovered by an acting or modeling agent if you live in Maryland?
How to become a model?
I need two (one min) contrasting monologues they have to be around my age (19) Needs to be unique ones!?
Are chipped teeth visible onstage?
has anyone been casted in Maxumim Ride??
how to get a chance to act in shows or in commericals?( in singapore)?
What are good 16 bar selections of musical theater songs?
How to get on nickelodeon?
What is a way to say ' Will you marry me?' in a shakespearian way. It's for a play i'm writing?
Seperate Degree idea. Do you think i should do this?
Who originally wrote Romeo and Juliet?
Does anyone know of any helpful acting classes or programs for teenage students? (I'm 13)?
need help getting a copyrite for a play I wrote?
Will One Direction be on the teen choice awards and will they be performing ?
What do you think of my acting?
A way in which to combine both the necessary realism and the emotional or psychological elements of a play?
Does anyone know which casting agencies are casting for "The Pacific" miniseries?
Cast vs. Crew?
who knows what SLT means?
Intense dramatic male monologues?
what is the best play you have seen, heard about or read? I'm thinking of some theatre plays for highschool...
Drama help please?
how old is gourge washington?
I need to demonstrate to my theatre class something related to the theatre movement "romanticism". Any ideas?
How to get an acting agent? Please help?
5 minute short film ideas?
If I'm SAG Eligible can I still do non-union extra work?
which audition piece?
which animal killed juliet&romeo?
Audition song for a female Audrey II (yes the plant)?
Is linda layman talent agency a good agency?
I had callbacks today and the cast list goes up tomorrow? I'm so scared! Please help!?
how can i avail of a discounted shrek the musical broadway ticket for december 29, 2008 8:00 pm show thru tkts?
Which play is Shakespeare's best, in your opinion?
Is it possible to sell original art on ?
I have applied to over 300 positions and have yet to get an interview. Why?
How to become a teen actor?
How to be an superstar?????
How should i play my part?
How can I get discovered as an actress, or a singer? (BUT MOSTLY AN ACTRESS :-D)?
What acting classes should I take?
Disney channel auditions in chicago?
how can my team win in a speech choir contest?
drama and acting? Easy 10 points. Please help!!!!?
~Questions for ALL Actors~?
Help! How to do an English (British) Accent?
What name do you think is better if I want to be an actress?
Does anyone know any good one year acting courses?
Need help with an acting scene....?
if u could say one thing to a guy or girl what would u say?
Who is better? Mr Darcy or Mr Thornton?
Should I take this opportunity? ?
how Can I Make My Acting Look & Sound Natural?
You have the right to remain dead....?
A Question About Acting?
Is 13 to late to start in the musical theatre?
One Source Talent Scam?
Why am I so mad about my auditions?
is there any acting acadmy in pune plz tell me fast?
why does Hamlet delay murdering Claudius?
is row d upper circle seats 9-10 a good seat at aldwych theatre?
Theatrical Makeup for Halloween?
Please help me with my acting.?
Should I go see WICKED! or Phantom Of The Opera?
Any reviews of George Takei's musical "Allegiance" yet?
what do these emails mean?
Has anyone been to see the Blue Man Group? Was it good?
owe z harry potter n e 5th movie...???
Can you do any impersonations?
where can I find a REALLY cute ventriloquist dummy?
Help! Trying to pick out character names for a story?
Any good acting places?
i want to become an actor/singer can anyone help me?
What is the best game for 9 to 5 the Musical?
do you think someone shy can become an actress?
free sheet music?
Interesting facts about Macbeth - Shakespeare?
How was the play, "Tony & Tina's Wedding? Was it funny? Was it worth $100.00 bucks a person?
How to find auditions for commercials, modeling?
Acting help for a Movie?
what are some talent agencies that are not so called scams?
Questions about Alan Baltes' blog. ?
Beauty and the Beast Play! PLEASE HELP! How many people to cast?!?
wheres a FREE play what has drama,sadeness,and dying or something really good!?
Auditioning for Kpop companies?
how do you act childbirth?
Is any actress in the present day more talented than Meryl Streep?
Is this a good monologue?
i need some info on the musical "through the looking glass"?
I wanna be an actress...possible?
Hope i become this mommie?
Would acting experience benefit me in becoming a director?
What Do You Need To Learn In High School To Become A Voice Actor?
What are some good casting agencies around this area?
do you like the Sound of Music?
I'm a 19 year old boy and I dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood?
My mom wont let me play 2 instruments. Help, advice?
Does anyone know any contact information to be an extra on High School Musical 2?
I just saw Phantom Of The Opera [the play], and have no idea what happened. Can anyone explain, please ?
Who invented theater?
Becoming a teen actor, but don't have the experience?
Should my hair be a natural color for my First ever head shots ?
what was the best play you performed in?
how can I be a modle?
I turn 22 this wednesday. Im jus curious is 22 too late to even consider acting?? being an actress??
"Best in Show" - Christopher Guest?
Casting Website?
What's your favorite musical/play?
what were shakespeares plays not allowed to be about?
Outside of showbiz, Can Broadway actors learn how to do normal things like real normal people?
Is my Acting Career going in the right direction?
Anybody who knows theater schools, give me as much dirt as you can on the Tisch at New York University.?
why is Sebastian,in Suddenly Last Summer, murdered and cannibalized?
auditions for theater?
what are international customs?
I want to know how to end my stage fright!?
can someone help me understand this contemporary monologue?
Can anyone please tell me what this image symbolizes and how it relates to the ideas in Macbeth?
Song suggestions for talent show?
Any Ideas for a play?
Need help finding a dramatic interpretation piece?
How Can you get Started in the (acting-business) as a teenager?
How do i become an anime voice actor?
What is the last name of dorothy in the wizard of oz?
Details about Tempest as the play of Shakespeare?
Macbeth scene questions help?
Could u help me with this task...?
pls how do one make good money, i have been working but am not making the money,how wil you help me?
Where can i watch High School Musical 3 online?
how do i make myself cry on a drama scene?
Have a look at this website...something I filmed?
I have an audition for disney channel tomorrow and I need a short one person script to preform at my audition.?
The Best Chrishmas Pageant Ever?
What does "limited broadway engagement" mean?
Any Auditions in Pittsburgh for a teen?
"Brake a Leg..."?
So what do you think? ( acting career) 10 points!?
I have stage fright..?
If you were an actor....?
First acting class and it's private?
What is the name of this play?
I took a year of acting in HS and 2 yrs in College. How much do I still need to become an actor?
how would you answer the question, why do i want to be an actor?
Would the "Phantom of The Opera" be considered as overdone for audition songs?
Debate, duo Interpretation?
drama buffs ----> can any1 help me get a good teen drama script for my college play?
Another question for ya all?
Cheap theatre tickets for date tomorrow?
i want to strangle my friend for fun how can i convince him for this?
music like passion pit?
How can i get a free text in the internet of Summer and Smoke by T. Williams, play, in english version?
Barbizon Modeling and Acting Center... Thoughts?
What is it like going for an audition, and what are some good techniques?
I'm in mood to see a movie,what the best out there?
lupang hinirang chords?
Does anyone know any FREE websites that one can go to get AUDITION or CASTING info for actors in Atlanta?
Should I try out for Louisa or Liesl in the Sound of Music?
What are some examples of dramatic irony In Romeo and Juliet?
Hypothetically speaking if my first kiss was on stage does it still count?
What are good agencies for child/tween actors in the Toronto area?
how can i get a talent agent to discover me if i live in ct?
How can I practice acting?
Should I become a playwright?
Acting or Modeling Agency that is Legit:) In miami?
What are the best modeling agencies in Houston?
What do the River City Kids do in The Music Man?
Which show should I see on broadway when I go to New York?
Disney's Face Characters?
is winnifred a big part in once upon a mattress?
My dream is to become and actress!?
Female Voice Actors Needed?
Just wondering... When a male actor has to film a sex scene, how does he avoid going ping?
How to contact Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus without a chatting room?
how can u get into acting?
trying to find acting classes/camp in ohio plz help?
A dramatic scene for one man and one woman?
Is it still possible they would consider an unknown for the part for johanna mason in the movie catching fire?
im need to know who to get reconized.?
what is so powerful about the story of Rent?
I wrote this peice of prose two years ago after seeing Brokeback Mountain What do you think?
How can I watch the 2009 Teen Choice Awards?
I need stage acting tips?
Any good monologues for preteens?
I wanna become an actor but I have no idea should I do it :/?
How should i audition?
Where could i get a tape verson of Dreamgirls on broadway?
Confidence help PLEASE xoxo?
A Theatrical Play with a Quarterstaff Fight?
What do you think is needed to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?
Favorite Musical?
anyone rehearsing for an upcoming play right now?
How do I become an actor?
Disney information!!?
why did iago want roderigo to anger cassio?
Should I go see The Campaign or The Watch in theaters?
What actor plays the guy with the lisp in 50 first dates?
Can you be "discovered" or be in Independent/ student films if you have no experience and no agent?
Calling all Directors: How do you get your cast to motivated?
what do you think? opinions?
auditioning in plays and theatre?
some one tell me who is the singer of "i'm leaving on a jetplane donno when i l b back again"?
has n e one seen the nativity?? it good??
Samuel Beckett, did any of his works or style theatre have anything to do with waiting?
What is film d'auteur?
I want to start acting, how do I find an agent?
What is a good Musical theater "standard" for a guy.?
how can i get recognized because i want to be an actor!?
Cornwall in "King Lear"...?
are there still auditions for the movie surfers?
What are the lyrics to "I Know" from "Children's Letters to God"?
ia want to become an actor, i plan to apply to a film school?
What is an accredited drama school?
I am looking for teenage girl Monolouges?
how do i play the evil queen in snow white {STAGE}?
What are the awards for plays called? like movies = oscars, tv shows = emmys... what is a play award?
What's the best Shakespeare play to do a project on?
How to start off acting?
child actors and parents of ppls will you tell me for my son what movie auditions are like.?
Help with acting auditions, headshots, and agents?
Auditioning for the school musical "Carousel" ?
Auditioning for a school musical?
How to make this Scene?
In search of TV commercial!?
Narrowing Down College Choices For Musical Theater?
Ideas for a 'Annie Get Your Gun' themed gift?
i think i want to be an actor???? Help?
How to better my self as an actress?
Have a look at this...Something I filmed?
do you have any advice on helping memorizing a monologue? any tips?
Whats a good skit idea for sports?
Have you ever heard of nosebleed seats? I f you have, what does it mean?
how can i learn music?
Do you think Sandy from GREASE has to be blonde?
Does anyone know an original monologue for an audition?
Is it hard to remember a characters lines?
Im 15 and wanna get into acting...?
High School Musical's lesson is...?
+10 points ; help me, please ? ...?
I am trying to make a cheap batman costume from Holy Musical B@man, what will I need?
shakespeare points/theme. othello, lear, much ado?
If I become an actress will I be succesful in this partcular way?
Is there a National Organization that College A Cappella groups belong to?
What accent does Leonardo dicaprio have in Romeo and Juliet?
Does anyone know where to find a copy of the play "The Man Who Was Peter Pan" by Allan Knee?
"Brake a Leg..."?
Scripts for auditions? Read Please you will understand better?
Which actor do you believe played Dracula the best?
Whose duffy in annie.?
What's the best musical ever?
Acting Agencies Anyone?
Hi, some stand-up humourists with good British accent to learn and laugh?
what is hussain's e-mail address ?? (the actor in kumkum-star plus)?
I need a few ideas for the improve game "Park Bench"?
Acting audition question!?
King Lear: What was Cordelia’s moment of recognition?
Just got a casting call from blockbuster ?
How can i produce a movie?
How long does it take you to perfect a monologue?
How to become an actor?
Acting Auditions Help!!!?
Any have ideas for a 2 person dialogue about 5 min. long?
does anyone know about Barnum the Musical?
I need help with NAMISS Pageant?
Dramatists: What is your relationship with the audience?
A hollywood actors scheduale?
Does anyone else love Simon Templeman?
What is the meaning of SPN ?
Monolouge - Help need for an auditon from a play?
how do i contact the acting agent mitchell gossett?
Another line from Shakespeare's play?
Mercutio's Queen Mab Speech from Romeo and Juliet?
First audition for agency,scared... Hellpp?
How can I become famous?
Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Why?
Do I have to have any extra credit on my resume to get an acting agent?
Acting classes?? 10 points!?
Theatre Question? Need help. The Broadway: The American Musical?
Middle school audition songs?
Is Actual acting for a play hard to anyone?
how to get an irish accent?
I live in new york city. im looking for inexpenisve acting classes to help with my future career?
When should I start my acting career?
What are the best theater schools and acting agencies in Chicago?
Is it too late for me to start an acting career?
Is there a play called Me and my Lady?
What Monologue Should I Use for a Romeo and Juliet Audition?
Can the working class appreciate the theatre?
famous lovers who were deceived?
Best New York acting schools?
why do people like miley best?
Hair the musical -question?
List the award shows by importance?
Actor Headshot- What to wear?
why was rent (the musical) such a big influences on the art world.?
how do i find out how to audition for high school musical 4?
Im really confused in acting!?
How do you beat nervousness?
Does or has anyone go to this school? Etobicoke School of the Arts.?
can you please rate my acting?
hey, jst woderin if any1 no's of any gud acting agencies in melbourne australia..if u do plz let me Know Thanx
what's the importance of props in a play?
anthem for theatre/broadway?
I want to be an actress?
what kind of theatre genres are there?
In the Play The Crucible?
Can you wear character shoes OUTSIDE the theatre?
What's acting class like?
what is17-9c=-3(c+3)+2?
what play should our school do this year? HELP!!!!!!! CLICK ME!?
I need you in 30 minutes.!?
Ewww, who wants to see Harry Potter naked?
I'm 13 am i too old to learn how to play piano?
If you like wicked please answer this?
What are the benefiets and risks of hiring an agent for a young aspiring teen actress?
what is your favourite Musical and why?
In Musicals what is a Swing?
I´m interesting for Informations about the british actress Suzanna Hamilton?
How do you make new friends if your going to a new school?
I need names for characters?! help?
Did anyone see Company on Broadway?
What elements should actors be aware of when performing a scene?
Tell me something funny, hilarious, hysterical?
How shoots Kiss scenes in movies?
Im afraid my brother will turn into a better actor than me?
What song should I sing for audition?
how can you be a ventriloquist?
Is this an unfair choice on me?
i have never acted in my life but my dream is to act, is it too late? PLEASE read on before answering thanks?
how do i become a model?! please help me!?
What is the relationship in the play Othello between iago and roderigo in acts 1 &2.?
I am finishing a play for broadway, what are the steps that I need to take?
how do you send disney audition tapes does anyone know the address, please help me. thanks?
is there any acting acadmy in nagpur plz conact me?
I want to be in a theater where can i try out for a play in IL?
Any auditions?
How would you best describe the character "Rosalie Wells" in the play "The Children's Hour"?
What is the best classical womens monologue?
What is the name of this play????
Have you ever seen a doubles of stars?
Help!!! Its About Alan Baltes .?
how long would i take to film a commercial with child actors in it?
What to casting directors for oops want to see?or do u guys know of any other shows i should try out for?
Should I Audition For Play?
Is it important that you know about a play before you recite a monologue?
Have you managed to watch all of Sweeny Todd?!?
What is Miley Cyrus's hotmail email address i have her aim? I'll give it to you but i want her homail email
Does anyone know of any open auditions in Los Angeles?
What Is Your Favorite Broadway Musical Or Play?
Is High School Musical 3 Good?
where should i start if i want to become an actor?
is the cat and the hat on broadway?
are open casting calls free?
How does drama help you learn about yourself, and others? I just need some ideas.?
Theater Homework Help. ?
Have you heard of Theatre Works in the Bay Area?
Auditioning for korean agencies, (sm, jyp, yg or cube?) ?
I'm trying out for "White Christmas".What are some good songs from classic musicals (50's&60's) that'll work?
Character ages in "Drawing War" By Brett Neveu?
Should I go to this free acting class?
Is Deborah Kerr still alive?
Stage fright problem and I'm too quiet?
I am auditioning for the play proof, and need audition monologues.?
Y bollywood flims r not at par with hollywood flims?
Good songs for musical audition?
How can I change my voice!!?
How can i get discovered in music adn acting?
where does the battle in the beginning of macbeth take place?
Is there a copy of Wicked the Musical out of DVD?
Does anyone know how and where to audition to become an actress?
Any old age makeup tips?
I know it's asked a lot but how do I get a SAG card?
Audition for singing?
What is the name of the woman Romeo loves?
high school musical 2 & 3 casting calls?
Do you play any instruments?
Why would a director do this?
how do I make myself cry?
Can anyone give me some information on Macbeth ?
What would Mrs Lyons wear in Act 1 from Blood Brothers?
The Sanford Meisner Center in Los Angeles?
best musical of all time?
Guys anyone wanna a join a Theatre group(Drama Troup)?
Stage props for the song Days of Plenty from Little Women?
How do I get on Disney Channel?
In the musical "Grease" what is it about?I've never watched it....?
I got this email and please take a minute and tell me what u think PLEASE?
How much does a member of the ensemble of a play or musical make?
How can one become a sound technician/engineer? I sit easy for women to get a job in this profession?
What should an actress consider when offered a first time topless role in a film?
Please help with an acting piece. Really important event coming up.?
Which will have more lasting power in your opinion: "Grease" or "High School Musical"? Explain.
true of false? what do you think?
Fainting without injury?
How to get rid of stage fright?
Romeo and Juliet?
Why doesn't spell check know how to spell Theatre?
Is there a story to Drowsy Chaperone?
tips on acting?
Looking for a good song that will make you cry?
Whats ur favorite broadway show?
take me a vote from 1 to10 ?
Ideas for a drama play?
I have to play someone with a muscular disease...Friedreich's Ataxia?
Where do i audition for a nickelodian or disney acting job?
What do the last 6 #'s on our SS card stand for?
What is your favorite tv show? If yours is the same as mine it will be the best answer.?
what do i do?????
.....cesd talent agency?
british accents?
I just graduated high school and want to get into a musical theatre program?
devoid of comedy ?
How to cheaply light a green screen?
have you ever got scammed by a talent agency?
who will play finnick?
hey does anyone know a good place where i can get a good talent agent for my kid?
phantom of the opera? how long does it last?
Where can I find a tiger print sheer body-stocking or bodysuit preferably with long sleeves?
I am 12 years old and my dream is to become an actress?
What musical to watch in london 18th-21st may?
What is the most effective way for memorizing lines?
what's a good makeup alternative for stage makeup?
how would i get an audition for the hunger games movie?
i want to be an actor?
Does anybody know if there are any acting auditions coming up!!?
Where can I find a script to read online?
What girl characters are in Seussical the Musical?
For awhile now it has been my dream to become a famous actress, advice?
I want to try out for my school's talent show?
Funny Musical Songs?
acting agency thing?
Should I audition for my school's play?
How does the low plot in much ado about nothing and in macbeth play a big role in the play?
I need an idea for a mono-acting
What should i study at college/university to become a movie or any kind of director?
How Can I Create A Portfolio for Acting Jobs in India?
Looking for a few unique character names?
What is your favorite musical? Broadway or not (:?
Should I go behind my parent's backs and do what I love?
What are songs that tween or teens could listen to?
was anybody in the musical "a new brain"?
who wants to play minecraft with me?
What Would be a Suitable Musical that could be cut down to half an hour for a group of 13-14 year olds to do?
Is modeling haram even if your all covered up? Is acting haram?
Can't figure out this movie monologue?
Should I drop out of college and pursue my dream of becoming an Actor?
Should I be a phone *** operator?
How old is laina (overly attached girlfriend?)?
What should I wear to a Broadway Show in December?
How do you know if your talent is acting?
acting careers at 16?
Whats is the most famous broadway musical of all times?
My first preformance is tomorow...?
rossi donel?
What is a showreel? HELP!!?
Christmas Music for Flutes.?
What are some good audition songs for a mezzo soprano?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show??
Is it a good idea to write your own monologue for an audition?
explorative strategys in drama?
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever question?
Audition nerves HELP!!!?
What would be the best song selection to audition for "Guys and Dolls"?
What are the 7 reasons why macbeth refused to kill king duncan?
Do all guys hate musical theater?
Creative people.. .can you give me an idea for an ending to this music video story?
does anybody know how can i download film 1984 for free?it's urgent....?
Help me find a good scene in ANY play?!?
I want to do theater in college...?
I love acting. Many think I have carrer potential, but should I pursue it?
What are some Carnevale Productions from the 19th century and earlier?
how could i be an actress?
Child acting career ?
I need help figuring out a halloween costume!?
Shakespeare Julius Caesar question?
How to get a role in a big movie?
Man, I am bored and my rabbits have stunk up the floor bad right by my computer and?
Critique my monologue (video)?
Entertainment agency, and manager questions?
I'm trying out for the school play "Little Women" on Tuesday any tips?
How is my singing, honestly?
What does it take to become a Singer?
how do i become an actress?
I need two sing two songs for an auction, any suggestions?
Acting Tips/Advice???????
How can I become better actress/backstage manager!?
Are there any auditions in the NYC/NY area?
if there had been no Shakespeare, what would modern plays and movies be adapted from?
Does anybody know whether there will be any auditions for "Annie, the Musical" in the west end any time soon?
Does anyone knows about John Robert Powers, talent agency, and their techniques to scout for young talent?
Please help. I need advice.?
Technical Communication Is Audience Centered?
what do you need to know to be an actress?
I turn 22 this wednesday. Im jus curious is 22 too late to even consider acting?? being an actress??
Theatrical Terminology! PLEASE HELP!!?
which r the best acting classes in mumbai n navi mumbai. thankx!!!!!.?
How much do american animevoice actors make?
How and where can I find the movie " I Tre Volti", 1964 ,Director: Michelangelo Antonioni, staring Soraya ?
how do you become famous?
I m 22, want to be an actress , how do i find agent?
Musical madness?
How come people don't think I'll ever be an actress?
Ist a victrola fixable?
wish me...?
Tenor and Alto Saxophone keys?
looking for this monologue HELP?
who do you think is gayer michal jackson or harry potter or Corbin blue or the movie high school musical?
Yet another question about RENT (and a little rant)?
if you were a casting director,where would you look for new talent?
Theatre help please for playwrite?
I want to become a actress?
Need help acting creepy?
If i wanted to become an actor, where would i start?
I am looking for the cast names of the theatre show Mrs Browns Last wedding from the current tour please?
What do you think about the winners of Eurovision 2006?
How do you read the dialogue properly in scripts/screenplays?
Musical theater school after college?
How do you play bella's lullabye on the piano?
If you want to be an actress, are you prepared to do this?
I want to be an actor?
Can I play with my willy in the library?
How can I practice my acting skills?
Start the road to acting?
Which Romeo & Juliet Movie do you prefer and why.?
How can I become an actress?I have skill!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.?
read me pleez?
how do u pass a saliva a test?
When did the story of Beauty and the Beast first start being used in theatre / panto?
I have an idea for an audition song but I need confirmation that its okay!!?
How to end a short comedy film?
how to be an actor on tv?
whats a good idea for a skit?
How to pretended to be pregnant!?
monologues about gang violence?
My Little sister wants act with Disney. But we don't know where to start?
Where can I find the lyrics for the song "five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes"?
what does this mean....?
hey can u guys help me find a poem that rhymes for an audition please?
Can you give me a good idea for a commercial? an imaginative thing/service?
Neil Simons top three plays?
The play, Wicked?
Becoming an Actress!!!!?
A serious Acting Question About Agents in California though i live in Florida?
who is your favourite artist?
In I too late to start?
Hopefully going to the Sadlers Wellls theatre, Possibly buying seats for the Stalls, right at the back?
in what city did shakespeare establish himself as an actors and playwright?
Acting classes advice?
Where can I find a lots of play scripts in London? Recommend some plays in London...?
iam elissar i want to know if my wishes and hope will come true?
I just saw Phantom Of The Opera [the play], and have no idea what happened. Can anyone explain, please ?
How do I find an agent for my toddler?
Are high school acting classes bad examples?
I want to become an actress ?
Song For a High school audition :)?
I need a monopogue for my 8th grade school play please help me and suggest an appropriate one?
How can I become an actress if I'm only 13 years old and live in Florida?
Is it true that the term "break a leg"?
I'm trying to remember specific actors who in order to prepare for their role lived like their character.?
How can I get a Brazilian wife who speaks English?
Theatre companies from around 1850 - 1900?
My all time dream is to be an actress in television or film. Im 15 years old. How can i become one now?
I am auditioning for the musical man of la mancha, does anybody have some good suggestions?
What to include in a beginners acting resume?
what is the T.V. show Nakia with actor Robert Forster?
To be or not to be...?
Superstar of Indian Cinema?
Name of Xmas musical, centers around crippled boy and his mother in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus birth.?
I wanna become a teenage actor...?
any disney casting calls?
where can i find a short movie monologue?
I hope someone can answer this please?
can i pass the audition of starstruck?
Does anyone know when the next auditions are for the singapore school of the arts are?
can you summarize hamlets ideas in act 1 scene 4? your help would be appreciated:)?
Is there any black plays coming to tallahassee soon?
Nervous about school play?
where is indian idol 4th audition in mumbai?
Where to, NYC or LA, or even Chicago or Toronto to make it professionally as an actor?
what is a contemporary 1 minute monologue froma broadway musical?
Breakfast Club stage script?
What is a good song to use for an audition for the role of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz?
Camera Shots?
who is in love with the show hannah montana???
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
What is the best way to go to school for film acting?
Acting agent question???????????????????????????
William Moseley...............?
What is the "true" definition of a good actor/actress?
Any ideas on what might have influenced Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet?
Where Can I Find A Transcript of the Musical, "Chess"?
please help!! i want to become famous!!!?
Bye Bye Birdie Maude?
How do i cry?
i want to know if anyone knows a talent agent in atlanta posibly connected to disney channel??
any silent scene/play idea?
Is this unreasonable?
What's good at Stratford Ontario's Shakespeare Festival this year?
Which is better? Plays(stage productions) or Movies??
Fastest acting "poison" ? i'm trying to kill..........................…?
How to put on a Scottish Accent?
Aren't Broadway shows, plays, and operas technically racist?
audition advice?
Legally Blonde The Musical Audition Song?
Should I audition for my school's play?
Best war play/movie script extract?
Good Short Plays For Teens?
Im scared to play /: ?
What's the name of the technical handbook for backstage theater work?
Other than acting schools, what are some other ways to get into acting?
When does school for scoundrels come out on DVD?
I want to become an actor or a performer?
How do i become an actress if my mom wants me to be something else?
Need a dramatic monologue?
is damgabestlive a real talent agency?
I need to know how the seat numbers run at the theater at madison square garden, i am looking at section 101?
what is the pun in julius ceaser on the first page of act 1 scene 1?
Taking a little survey from actors what made you want to become a actor?
Good Acting Camps During The School Year for 10-16 year olds?
what do i have to do to become an actress?
What's a good male character song for an audition?
Starwars question???
When sending headshot submissions & resumes to agents should you always include a cover letter?
How do I join the usher union in NYC?
Where can I find the script to The Wizard of Oz?
any film about rape?