what is the best and easiest way to enter in glamour world?
How to prepare for an upcoming short film?
Will my teacher in my Play-writing course give me a good grade on my skit?
Do you have any talent? (20 characters, smh)?
Steps for a teen striking it out on their own?
If you lose a lot of weight, can it affect your vocal abilities?
whats the easiest way for a 14 year old to become a actor or a musicisan (famous)?
How does someone get an acting agent?
Which of these Acting Universities is the best one?
American Academy of Dramatic Arts?
I'm working for a theatre company at the Edinburgh fringe festival and don't have a contract.Where do I stand?
Where can I find agents in Las Vegas?
Is it bad to audition with a song and monologue from the same musical?
The main purpose of the theatre critic is?
How do I become famous?
I need help finding a funny scene it is for about 4-5 people.?
is there any directors out there that can take a 13 year old that wants to act?
I need help for my theatre project!?
Is there a ghost at the Orpheum in Memphis,Tennessee?
Where can i find out about broadway auditions?
Briefly, how does a playwright write a play?
When casting a musical, what's more important - singing or acting ability?
I need serious depressing monologues for a 14 year old male?
i got into the school play, now i'm nervous...?
What kind of material goes on a voice over demo tape?
Hey Guys anyone going to check out the new Play directed by Jason Pollett?
How can I be the creator of a TV show?
Reasons for Iago's downfall in "Othello"?
Finding American Monologue for Audition!!?
High School Musical 4 help?
How do you become famous?
When auditioning, what should I be prepared with?
Is there anyone else as obsessed with Wicked?
When is the perfect time to start pursing acting professionally?
In Thoroughly Modern Millie, would it make sense for Miss Dorothy to use a southern accent?
Are There Any Good Acting Agencies That Dont Rip You Off?
I need help in my acting, any Acting Tips?
What is a good plot for a halloween play? Please nothing that's already a play we want it to be original.?
Any songs that made you cry?
Is it true what they say?
if you could meet one person who would it be ?
Legitimate Casting Calls?
What to expect at an audition for Murder at Crooked House?
how to play hard to get?
Where can I find a Phantom Of The Opera kareoke cd with and without vocals?
What is a good dramatic monologue for 1 teenage boy?
Modern balcony scene-Romeo and Juliet?
What is a good audition song from 1930's Musical Theatre?
How do I get the lead of our production to learn his lines?
how to become a talent manager in CA (california) ?
hey everyone i am desperate to find an agent but all the good ones are in america and i live in the uk?
How to do a Ron Weasley accent?
I need an idea for a comedic and really good musical theatre piece to do with a teacher (school appropriate)..
"The Event" audition?
Shouldn't the theatre supply props costumes and sets?
So.. I'd like to be famous?
Were any songs from High School Musical nominated for Grammy's?
A few questions about starting acting?
Where can I get the Confessions of a Shopaholic script?
Do you think an actor must constantly change its style to keep the audience interested?
Audition Song?
Any Casting Calls/Auditions in NC?
does anyone know where to go for short skits on drinking and/or teen pregnancy?
HELP my parents wont listen to me!!! I want to become a actress but...?
What's a good digital video camera for making short films?
Who do you think the true hero in the play, Julius Caesar is?
How much do headshots by Janna Giacoppo cost?
What are 10 very interesting facts about Macbeth?
Comedic, contemporary monologue options for a broadway play or musical?
Casting calls in Norman,Ok?
Do I have a good chance of becoming an actress?
Do you think this is an reasonable amount of money to pay for an acting class?
Is there any good acting schools in tampa/sarasota?
How to get the lead in school play?
Looking for someone to do a vest commission? Will pay pretty well, need by May.?
how old is harrison ford and tom hanks?
Need help from everyone!!!?
How do actors remember all those lines?
Are you going to the pantomime? If so, what are you going to see and where?
Name a 1act play, written in 70s or 80s: 2 women have tea while their alter egos say what they really think?
Should I drop out of school to follow my dreams of becoming an actress? Please help!?
Audition Song Help?
What is a good back up plan if I don't make it as a actress?
How can i be an extra in a movie?
Where to get Ninagawa's Medea?
What's a good broadway-esque song to audition with?
emo,, scene, whatever?
I can act, dance and sing. I want to be in a movie, how can i become involoved?
Who is your favorite actor?
Can anyone provide me the Biography of William Shakespear ?
How to become a member of The Rehearsal theatre group?
Cheshire Cat costume for school play?
Clever Macbeth Title?
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown Question?
how to become a successful actress?
Non-profit community Theater Membership Drive/Gala - Who to Invite?
what is a theater?
What is the name of the actor who play in the God Father?
What are some ways to remember your lines for a script?
what is a good song for a mime project?
Is 9 or 10 years old too young to start acting?
I just drank milk, i have an audition today, totally spaced, is this bad? anything I can do??
Can a British actor work in the US?
10 Points For Best Answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you become a voice actress?
Please give me advice on my acting career!!!!?
What are some good plays to do for a level drama in artuard theatre of cruelty style?
what was the name of the man in the wheelchair in the movie hannable?
Hi, I am trying to find an audition for a voiceover, can you help me?
Halloween costume idea for a person who just had knee surgery?
has tim curry ever been married just courious????
What is the best Stage Show ever?
Do you think any Nevershoutnever! songs can relate to Romeo and Juliet?
Does Shakespeare give you a headache?
I am 13 I want to get into theater suggestions?
I live in Oregon!and I need help finding a camp:)?
Literary techniques in Macbeth? BEST ANS 10 PTS!?
does anyone know any good songs to sing?
A,B, C or D agencies?
How to become an Actor and find auditions?
How should I perform this monologue from the balcony scene for my Romeo and Juliet audition tomorrow?
why didn't hamlet become the king of Denmark?
Auditioning in front of agents?
What should I write about?
How to become an actor when you are new to it, and I do have a problem with memory?
Pantomime help please!?
URGENT is the love scene in Factory Girl Real?
Hi Im a young not famous actress I only do plays im 13.?
where is this from?
I need IDEAS for writing a script?!?
My school play try-outs are tomorrow. Any tips?
what is the play nine ten by warren leight about?
i want to make a play?
What kind of things to beginers have to do at drama class?
What does puerto rican mean?
Auditions for the Summit Entertainment Robert Pattinson movie "Remember Me"?
Monologue for marty from grease?
Look at my resume, Do you think I can go far in acting?
dramatic duet acting scenes for a man and woman?
Sweeny Todd?
I want to audition in Seattle?
Has anyone ever heard of Too Spoiled. Please read!?
Who loves Liam Neeson?why? why not?
Do i put my schedule on my resume?
evolution true or false?
how do you know what pitch you sing?
what should i put for a summary for a midsummers nights dream for my project?
Does anyone know about the Urban Talent Agency?
Extraordinary Fame?
College for acting without audtion?
How do you know what dominant tone of a play is?
If i was chosen to audition for a movie do i have to pay to act in that movie or not?
Where can I find FREE scripts?
how can you become a good actor?
What movie, book, television show, or videogame would you turn into a Broadway musical?
Is it better to have short or long hair when your trying to be an actress? ?
Romeo and Juliet Songs about love and hate?
Question about royalties for a play I wrote...?
How can I start my career in acting? I've been acting since college. I've what?
How can I make a julius caesar costume out of simple stuff found around my home?
juilliard or rada for acting?
How can I become an actress?
Does anybody have any auditioning techniques?
What are the lyrics to Forbidden Broadway's "Les Misera-blah"?
Any Acting classes/lessons near me?
What are good Musical theater songs for Male from the Golden Age/Era of musicals?
Which song for my audition?
What is an example of a play in the neoclassical style?
In the 25th anniversy PBS Les Mis concert who is the first man Fantine sleeps with in the Lovely Ladies scene?
I'm 13 and I'm trying to become and Actress.?
advantages of being a movie extra?
Humorous Speeches 3+ min?
ok so does anyone know miley cyrus and if they do,do they know if she has a myspace and if so what is her url!
Who has seen a High School Musical theater production?
Wich Willy Wonka is nicer?
i went to an audition and did terrible!!! i feel so embarassed....? PLEASE ANSWER?
What are some good monoluges?
How can I cry for acting?
What are some good acting classes or schools in southern California?
Whare about the next audition of Sa re ga ma pa in kalkata?
Is this a legit talent agency?
Can non-union actors, submit themselves for SAG work?
What is the Broadway play WICKED all about?
Can I use this as my acting headshot?
Um, stage kiss? Help?
Is it true that most actors are "loose"?
Steps to become an Hollywood Actor?
Acting advice for a 14 year old?
How can I become famous?
big blockbuster acting career?
i need a short funny monologue from a play?
what do you think..need opinions?
Hairspray or We will rock you?
can i really trust this?
anyone know any powerful/moving monologues?
Good Upbeat Broadway Songs to Sing?
How does an actor learn to do foreign accents?
how long does it take to learn to sing?
What can I do for my Audition monolouge for drama scgool?
Anyone want to join Voice Acting Website?
Need help looking for a website?
Does Romeo ever get some in the play Romeo and Juliet?
What type music can I play for my Sassy 17?
Crying part?
How to credit my part in a mini-series?
Where is the best place to eat after seeing a broadway play in nyc? not too expensive but not cheap, for two?
Shakespeare- song for each act in Romeo and Juliet?
Could someone please translate this poem> NOTHING GOLD COULD STAY?
What lady besides Ms. Hannigan has the most lines in Annie the musical?
Does anyone know a good acting agency to contact?
I need feed back from someone in Los angeles pursusing acting!!?
In Romeo and Juliet, who banishes Romeo?
Help for finding a skit?
32 bars of "I could have danced all night?" Please Please Help, 10 points!?
Why is romeo and juliet still popular and appealing too the audience of today?
can I audition for a play in my community theater?
When does enchanted stop showing in theaters?
I want to write a story and screenplay for my new film, please give a story idea, please help me...?
Audition song for The Wedding Singer?? (please help)?
Do you really want to be an actress/actor??
If you are wanting to be an actor, is it better to live in New York or LA??
how do you become?
How do you do a Chicago accent?
Does anyone know an audition email address for dsp or yg entertainment?
can a child submit scripts?
Mezzo-soprano audition song help please?
I am related to Roseanne Barr; does anyone know who that is?
acting agencies in chicago?!?
Is it okay to serve on the board of two different community theaters at the same time? What would people hav?
is one source talent legit?
Citizen Kane. If the film's primary concern is plot, summarize the action abstracly in short paragraph.?
How to get the lead in my lext school play??!!?
im 13 and i want to play the drums what do i do?
Cue, Queue, or Que?
List of acting agents in New York.?
Am I a good actress, please tell me?
How do you apply to be an intern for the show Grimm?
modeling casting calls website?
Where can i find the romeo and Juliet script?
What is the best show youve seen at the theatre? ie broadway?
Do you know scripts for voice recording?
Do u know any weird, clubby, druggy modern plays?!?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory?
Can you help me find quotes from Romeo and Juliet?
how do i get into acting with disney channel?
Billy elliot musical?
What doors does having a talent agent open?
Do you know where the monologue is playing?
i am in a play tonight and i am nervous any advice?
Im part of the school play as a techie I run lights and stuff well any ways I now missed 2 rehearsals?
question on dramatic literature?
Could this be a monologue?
Which character should I be? Please answer(:?
Is David Prowse still active in films or has he retired from acting?
I wanna become a teen actor...?
Any Acting Tips for someone new?
can someone find information on the ben 10 movie auditions for me please?
Need an amazing rock song for school talent show?
Whats the plot of the importance of being earnest?
Looking for great Broadway seats in a cheap price?
How many of you are "aspiring actors"?
Opinions On My Audition Song Choices?
Good horror films on the cinema?
In the play Noises Off, what is a good girl part to audition for?
What does this Macbeth quote mean?
Should I see Les Miserables- plz answer only if you've seen it?
In Act Two, Scene 2, Romeo and Juliet make a decision to?
What was romeo and juliet about?
is an alice in wonderland monologue to childish for a teenager?
Examples of Macbeth being selfish?
Will reciting scripts/reading aloud improve my pronunciation?
Who is the casting director for the upcoming movie 'Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment'?
I'm fourteen, how can I be famous? Please it's so important to me!?
Who is America's greatest living actress?
Getting rights to 50/60s music for a musical?
i'm 16 and good at act i want to go to us start carrer the proble i am from cyprus how i do my parents let me
Anybody from Bengal ?
What is so controversial about the movie "Da Vinci Code"?
Marilyn Monroe or Lauren Bacall?
I need a monologue for my Arden audition - female, 20, post 1950?
where can I find a REALLY cute ventriloquist dummy?
If anyone knows anything on how i can audition for a movie, please help me.?
What are some ideas for a three minute play?
What should I do to become an actor in Korea? Please help?
does the cast of spring awakening sign autographs after the show?
Ideas Please?
Emergency Musical audition help?
really really funny 1-2 minute monologues?
We need a name?
Would I be able to take Drama A level?
How Do I Become Famous?
Acting audition questions?
How many lines does Curio/Valentine have in Twelfth Night?
Who was a theory teacher at Moscow Conservatory when a benefactress named van Meck gave him the cast to compos
is there anything you can get out of theatre that you cant get from film or literature apart from the presence
Clarinet University Auditions URGENT Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
questions about THE MARSH THEATER ?
How can I read "Equus" by Peter Shaffer (1973) online?
Need a ONE MINUTE female monologue!!!!?
who is overly excited like i am for gossip girl and aliens in america to come this fall?
what are the foreign influences in the philippine theater?
What are some suggestions for plays to do in a high school? Not musicals. I am looking for one act plays?
How can I become a Male Porn star?
Anyone know where I can find a FINAL copy of The Labyrinth script?
First Agency Audition Tips? Please help...?
Am a school teacher who needs an idea for a skit..?
hey i lost a monologue for my theater class and i was wondering if any one knows it or has seen it.?
acting stuff.....?
"what happen to taija rae"?
No one believes that I'm a real super hero.?
How long would a production of Richard III be?
How to Become a Screenwriter?
Teen female monologues that sound good with a British accent? EASY 10 POINTS!?
is there going to be a high school musical 3?
Should I apply for an agency yet?
What is a way to get discovered without an agent?
Audition Suggestions for Into the Woods?
I am 14 years old, and I really want to work for an acting company. Say, Disney. I need any tips! Thx guys! :D
I'm looking for an audition song to audition for Kiss me Kate.?
Do you think a KU girl with a lot of vocal, acting and dancing experience can get onto Broadway?
HEEELLLPP!! crimes of the heart by Beth Henley?
what do you guys think about the play "Beauty"?
Help! What are some musical finale songs?
I need to find a catalog to order comedy/tragedy lapel pins. Any info, please.?
can disney channel accept a 14 year old boy?
How to get into acting?
How would I go about getting a mentor &/or sponsor to get into the local Voice-over industry, in Northen VA?
Is there any way on learning to become an actress without taking lessons?
How to develop my narrator role?
im 20 years old and I want to persue and acting career, which city would be best for me to do that in LA or NY
Are masks copyrighted?
what was typical for Oscar Wildes way of writing?
Is it harder to ace an audition if you have tattoos?
What are some good pantomimes I could do?
Pans Labyrinth, I asked where showing, sorry but no one could help thank for trying.?
Which musical should I see?
Bundy II tenor saxophone, trying to discover it's age?
has anyone ever worked for talent 6 as casting extras or is it a bunch of BS?
Do you like the commercials in the movie theaters?
Is there a free copy of the play version of "A Christmas Carol" on the internet?
Music videos, Im shooting a low budget one very soon in london,?
Am I cut out for acting?
what are some simularities between the Romeo and Juliet movies?
Contemporary Monologues?
how does a musician or actor make an audition video?
Ivan Jacob's Phantom of the Opera?
Question about modeling or if I should model.?
Do I really need all this to become an actor?
what are the complete steps in play production?
Is it enough to love?
teen monologues for school audition?
Did Disney Ruin "The Haunted Mansion" Movie When Casting Eddie Murphy?
What are some differences, besides location, between an LA Actor and NY Actor?
ACTING CAREER at los angeles?
Where can I find/buy the play: All kidding Aside by Charles R. Johnson?
Do you have have a permit to film at your own sound stage?
I have no talents...?
Do you know a dramatic piece from Drama ?
How long will harry potter and the deathly hallows play in theaters?
would Macbeth have killed anyone if he had never met the witches?
random question...?
Fun if you lived in storyland forest, who would you hang with? 3 pigs,... Goldilocks, see more choices below.?
Shakespeare wrote a quote on the world, what was it?
Is there a big difference between acting on stage and acting in a film?
Where can i audition or find some student films?
First Audition, Nervous-Excited!! OMG?
Are there any disney auditions for disney in sav, ga anywhere?
Song suggestions for an audition?
what's you favourite musical of all time?
Does anybody know agencies in LAwhere I can get my kids to work in tv commercials that doesn't charge too much
Any auditions in Minnesota?
Hi I need help preparing this report on Bollowood dvd promotion in Australia?
hey.. ok well im 14 and i rly want to b/c an actress!?
How to get a very good Hill Billy or British(British English) accent?
Who saw the broadway play Aida was it good?
we see iago in contrast to his victim-iago drops his mask so much refer to roderigo,brabatio and othello?
is being an actress a good dream to have?
what do you prefer to be? hamletor ophelia?
Has Kerry Ellis been on yet in Wicked?
“Which Muppet was only allowed on the show because his uncle owned the theatre?
teen acting in new york?
Looking for information on Long - Fellows Poetical works. Thank you?
acting classes in san diego?
what are the requerments for acting?
Where can i find a script for Porgy and Bess on the internet?
When do you think I will start acting?
One Tree Hill/Macy's Ultimate Fan Weekend in Wilmington Contest?
What are some free online sources to learn about acting?
What things make you laugh?
An acting career - is there any chance?
Why aren't there more minorities acting or working in the entertainment industry?
i wanna be an actress.... can anyone help me get started???????????
Auditions in California?
who thinks miley cyrus song and dumb to song when you are in middle school?
Best book for breaking into Hollywood?
What are the essential plays?
I'm a 13 yr old girl and really want to be an actress, but how?
Does anyone know where the 2013 Americas Got Talent auditions are?
Twilight fangirls, give up already!?
how can i become an actor?
how can i get Emma Roberts email?
Drama play ideas for 3 people?
does anyone know of any movie auditions in nyc?
Any Upcoming Casting Calls For Disney Or Nick?
Hamlet’s fourth soliloquy help please?
HELP..I need a comedic scene for showcase!!?
Yay! I got the part of Annie in Annie!?
What is a good source to find a talent agent in the midwest (Chicago, Detroit)?
Should I give acting a try?
what happened to kyle busch at the awards?
Where to watch Shakespeare in and around the Manchester area?
summer songs?
Best Website for Casting Calls IN NYC?
Hairspray movie/musical BASS sheet music?
How do i tell my parents i Really want to audition for Britain got talent In 3 days?
do u kno any great acting schools for teens in new york city?
is anthony rapp giving autographs on tour?
What is the best live show to see in the San Francisco Bay Area appealing & appropriate for families and teens
What is the best way to prepare your throat before a performance?
Which book would be useful for aspiring actors?
Some Help Costuming for Disney's Beauty and the Beast Musical?
Does anyone know of any female duet titles from musicals that are upbeat & fun to sing & dance to?
Best place to start ACTING?
How many actors ever began and continued their career in Utah?
does everyone know the disney casting number?.PLEZ?
does anyone know the easiest way to get into acting?
What does it take to be an actress?
Where can I find practise scripts?
Where can you find talent scouts?
disney make your mark audition?
Who is the main actor in the movie, "Black Tuesday"?
Metamorphoses Script
Can someone help me become an actress ?
Can you become an actor if youre 25 years old.?
Please answer this question for me!?
Which of the two would you rather preform in ( EASY QUESTION!)?
will there be another season of curb your entheuasisam?
do you think that cinema and music are so commercial now? do you like old movies?
Should an aspiring male actor go with short or long hair?
East aurora High Hairspray?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
in romeo and juliet act one scene three what is important about juliet's response to the question?
whu has seen raise ur voice...................................…
what would your dream role be??
How can someone get over night famous easily in a good way!?
How to become a working actor?
Quick question about talent agents?
Where Can I Find A Sad 1 Minute Monologue About Death ?
Tips for aspiring filmmakers?
well Guy monologues!!!!!!?
I want to workshop material for a play in the NYC Area?
What is your favorite musical?
Chances of Acting in American cinema for South Indian!?
1 minute solo pantomime ideas?
The struggle between opposing forces in a play is the ________?
extras casting on location?
such a dilemma! next to normal or les miserables?
What are some Broadway Cast Recordings I can buy (and enjoy) without having seen the show???
The best way to become a professional actress at 17?
Now, the actor is his own protagonist, and the audience is his Antagonist, yes?
I want an ancoring script?
How do I Role Play?............................?
Anyone seen Mary Poppins on Broadway?
how to get into the role?
how long does it take to learn to sing?
top twenty hollywood action movie?
How Do I Become An Actress?
Ever just quit dating for a while? Is that bad?
What should I do during an interview with a talent agent?
Melodrama...please help!?
What is the best last play (In Theater) that you have seen?
How can I get into the acting business?
How to play the pantomime dame?
Why do you believe that playgoers found the adventures of waiting for godot so meaningful?
how do you get rid of stage fright? is there a pill I can take to relax me?
When does an actor get paid to work in a performance in a theater?
would you be a director or actors choose one only if you were to choose?
How did Ciara become famous?!?
Trying to get copyrights on a tim burton film to make into small play production? Help!?
Callbacks!!!!!!!!!!!! =O?
What is your favorite type of acting?
Actors & Directors: What is the finest line of any play ever spoken?
how do actors form differnet countries become big in the u.s?
Macbeth essay topic opinions?
what are the truth behind politition and actor?
Does anyone know anything about Legally Blonde the musical?
Please help!!!!! Romeo and Juliet?
Hamlet drama questions for study guide?
What songs should i sing for the american idol auditions???
What star from hannah montana guest starred on highschool musical 2?
What is your most embarrassing musical secret?
What's a good website to find duo scenes?
10 facts about the globe theatre?
Unsupportive Parents!!?
He's not just good looking, but also a good actor?
What is the difference between a BFA and BA?
Shakespeare help plz.
Which is the best acting school in Mumbai?
Macbeth "WHAT IFS"??? help plz?
What songs would be good for auditions?
How do I bacome famous?
how to get into the role?
is the actress Joan Seymour of jewish descent?
Scene from a Shakespeare play for 3-4 persons?
Some info about Gevorg Sargsyan, dirigent?
Do you have to pay royalties for Les Liaisons dangereuses?
How long should a script for a one-hour show be?
How can I practice a southern accent for a school play?
Where can I look for open auditions for movies, shows etc. in UK?
Romeo and Juliet board game cards?
Is it that difficult to become an Actor?
What is your favorite theatrical play?
How can I get an acting agent?
Get yourself noticed?
A little old (18), never acted before, but want to act, suggestions?
Should There be a Musical for Lion King 2?
Is Trombone hard to play?
Is this an effective story lead?
What is the best way to get out of a song writer's block?
How to be an actress?
the lord of the rings stage production tour US?
rodney carrington?
Is acting haram in Islam?
teenage acting.?
what are some good websites for teens like small worlds?
Can a person be an author, a director and an actor? All at once?
should i have been in the play?
Seating for Pantages Theatre-The Musical Wicked?
I am 13 years old and wanna be an actor but I dunno where to start from. Help.?
Is 16 too old to get into acting / singing? Specifically Disney?
How do you start acting?
how can i get my 10yr. old daughter in acting?
What songs should i sing for the american idol auditions???
Can I try acting without doing drama in school?
How would Macbeth responded to Hamlet's decision on living?
Has anyone seen the Reduced Shakespeare Company?
can any body tell about viswamitra charector?
Will having multiple acents increase my chance of passing my acting Audition?
What do people think of the musical 'Avenue Q'? is it worth going to see??
How to distinguish characters in a scene?
I need an auditioning song?
Does anybody have any recommendations for excellent monologue books?
theater plays with all female cast?
Julius Caesar theme help please?
i need kollywood actor actress gallery which site useful for me?
great parts of books to be made into plays?
Romeo and Juliet help?
How do I become an actress at 16?
Can anyone tell me where can I find a short script for a hindi drama?
Questions about the Spanish Tragedy? Answer any for points!?
Script writing?
What to include in a beginners acting resume?
what are some musical theater schools for minors in NYC? like not college, but high schools...?
Do I need permit to play guitar in Central Park? I want to play for donations..?
Current letters of recommendation for MFA Acting?
I wanna become FAMOUS!?
who liked the movie high school musical?
Who should I be for the living museum?
smtown global audition?
Lady--- i am a male actor- 31, rich live in South east, good looking, free this week what are u saying?
Acting Career and get married late, or Get married & Live my life ?
Musical Callbacks - dismissed early?
Do you think Kristen that plays Bella from Twilight is pretty?
Antonio Banderas or Benicio del Toro?Who is the better actor?
hey does any one know if the movie "Aquamarine" has come out on dvd if it hasnt when will it be?
what is the best school of acting in london?
Here is another question for ya all?
How do i sound 'real' in acting?
Can you help my English GCSE coursework?
Can someone tell me a popular name in the 1930's that starts with a "T" for girls?
When a casting director says "keep in touch", what does that mean?
Would this monologue be considered comedic?
i need an 80s pop song or a pop song from a musical for an audition!?
Aspiring actor. Should I work in the fast food industry or retail?
Is it too late to start singing lessons at 14?
Where can I learn accents? (for acting)?
What do/eat/drink before a vocal audition...?
Does any one have any good monologues for an audition?
Romeo and Juliet- Fiction or real life tragedy?
Does anybody know any great school for acting?? :) ?
narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?
What are some good musicals?
What are other Meisner method of acting besides repitition?
What are the correct acting areas of a stage?
why the long face?
Is la casting a good site?
What is the best way to memorize a monologue?
Does taking drama in high school help in getting into a acting career/job?
Need a monologue for an acting audition? ideas please?
What song should I sing?
What do you think of Woody Allen?
Could anyone tell me about auditions in Florida for theatre or movies?
plx where can i fine this flim called [when you are my]and [the woman of my life]and [the lorinzors wife]?
how do tv companys know how many people watch they t.v. programes?
Will you tell him he's wrong, wrong?
How to arrive on set as a Background Actor... Please help!?
How do you start a career in Modelling and Acting?
How does my son go about getting into TV programmes or TV audience do TV companies advertise?
Is 18 to late to start acting?
what talent do you have?
Can you help me become an actress?
Anyone know where i can find good info on marlon brando?
Auditions for Gossip Girl?
Good make out scenes on Youtube?
how do i become famous?
how old was marlin monroe when she was born?
What are some speeches that were made by someone with a non-American accent?
Can someone help me with writing my script? Its for my drama/ acting homework for school? Pls?! Im Desperate?
How to make actors feel comfortable when filming at your home?
Is there any website that shows auditions for acting in advertaisments'?
What A-levels do i need to become an actor?
Will some one please please write me a skit?
I need an amazing monologue that's at least 2 minutes!?
in shakespear,s globe thearter,how many levels are there for seating ?
Stage School Monsters?
how do i become an actor?Im 12?
Im interested in acting i have been in one play thats not much of a resume do i need more?
How do I approach my parents about getting an agent?
New York accent?
Where do I get my script copyrighted?
Would I have a better chance of making it as an actress living out of Nashville or out of Rochester?
Are there any open parts that I can audition for a show or movie?
What are a few amazing One Act Plays with simplistic sets?
Does anyone know where I can buy the rights for the musical "Three hats for Lisa"?
Who won america's got talent?
Do you have to have an agent to audition for movies?
are there any modeling schools at manila philippines that are surely, not scam?
Can any one tell me any auditions or casting calls for teens in New York?
audition for percy jackson 2?
What are some good acting agencies in Calgary, Alberta?
Could I still audition for an acting role? (few questions)?
how would you describe yourself?
How do you get an agent?
Have you ever seen the play Wicked?
is the john robert powers school worth $5900.00?
how can i find acting teachers in baton rouge louisiana?
What's the word roleplayer mean?or what does roleplayer mean in general?
Need some good audition songs?
What are some ideas for a basic, one-person pantomime?
what is verbatim theatre?
Please help me i don't know what to do and its getting late?
How do you get over stagefright!!!!!!!!!!?
Small group musical suggestions? PLEASE!?
How do you better your acting skills?
How does an oxymoron enhance a play?
I've no idea about acying but want to learn how to do I?
Were can acting in lyceaum theatre get me some were?
How does Epic theatre differ from absurdist theatre and realistic theatre?
when will audition for indian idol 5 in mumbai?
What's Broadway space????
What's a 'talky,' uptempo, soprano song from contemporary musical theatre?
How many battles did Macbeth win?
Putting on a play/musical?
Does PG-13 mean children under 13 can't see it, or they're allowed to but the theatre advises against it?
who is Koffi Olomide?
Hamlet, Why Didnt just kill his uncle the king and be done with it?
DANCE = Love?
Why is it so difficult to watch myself on a video.?
any advice to a begginer in the....?
I need to make a poster for the play Oedipus Rex and i need help.?
What time are the golden globes being aired today and which channel?
Would acting be a good carrer for me?
did hamlet rape his mom?
How can i be a big actor and director in bollywood?
I need the words to a poem. The first line goes " It's not my job to drive the train"?
I need monologues!!! HELP!?
"Life's a walking shadow , a poor player -told by Macbeth" Do u believe it?
Tips for kiss in stage play?
Auditioning for Ursula from the Little Mermaid?
Are there any Haunted Houses in Wilson NC?
what are some websites i can go to to find photos of the standing positions for theatre arts?
I can't remember the name of this script website?
Should I join this play? Outdoor?
I have some questions about writing scripts?
im auditioning for disneychannel on saturday?
I wanna b an actor so ??
where can i watch high school musical 2 online?
How do you get famous when you live so far away from Hollywood? Better yet, how do you get noticed??
Has anyone been to a ModelSearchAmerica event?
Volleyball or theatre?
Do u think Vin Diesel is into to black females?
to the actors on here?
Tips for highschool acting audition ?
How do I tell my parents I want to become a model at age 13?
Why would I need to know French for This Musical?
Plz help me with my script?
Where can I find a troupe?
If im not Asian but i look Asian can i audition for JYP Entertainment?
i missed some of eastenders and was wondering did lucy die?
I need help preparing for a pageant.?
Any Male Teen Monologue Suggestions?!?
Controversial Musicals?
Acting help for a 12 year old?
What can you get a good full sized second or third hand cello for?
Give me an eample of a drama?
I want to go to acting school?
How do I get projected images onto a stage?
How to portray these elements onstage (read below)?
Question about a degree in music?
I'm auditioning for Babette in Beauty and the Beast?
has anyone seen the musicals Anna Karenina, chasing nicollette, desperate measures?
Does anyone know a good local//community theatre in San Antonio, TX?
do u guys think is too late ??
How can I tell my family I want to be an actress?
Audition Song for "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."?
Which actor do you believe played Dracula the best?
Is it true when they say everyone can act? ?
About Disney Channel...?
Does anyone else think the cats from the musical "CATS" are sexy o_O?
Real or fake talent search?
Much Ado About Nothing?
Am i doing General Shmitz wrong?
Help me! i need to find a good dramatic or humorous interpretation piece?
Which do you prefer Measure for Measure or Alls Well that ends well?
How would you get involved in voice acting? Classes or training needed? How do you get gigs, audition?
Acting companies/theatres/auditions in the fayetteville GA area?
who here has acted in highschool musical and who did you play?
could i be an actress?
How is my singing? Videos included!?
I got the second lead in the play Aladdin Jr and everyone is mad at me what should i do?
Tell the order of how good these awards are and what they r for? Oscar, Grammy, Golden globe, Emmy.?
Spring Awakening script or play?
Is Seattle A good theater city for actors?
is sharukhs acting better than imran khans?
How do I become famous on disney channel?
any good theatre groups in NEW YORK?
Does Juliette Lewis have any children?
Should i take acting classes for my anxiety?
Should I put "Commercials" on my resume?
Question about Casting agencies?
Is it easy to get an audition in LA if you're only there for a few days?
Will there be any sausage roles in my local drama group's version of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?
Broadway musical seating- back row orchestra or front row mezzanine?
My voice was hoarse for two days now. Tomorrow afternoon and night I have a play and I am the lead role.?
in a acting thing i have to have a monologue!!!?
Who should be my narrator?
What caused the Phantom's face to be disfigured in Phantom of the Opera?
i want to act but i dont know how to get started. helpp ?
for camp rock to auditions?
What is the best way to approach a musical callback?
How can i become famous through acting?
Is Matthew Risch gay?
I want to be an actress some day so should I take High School Drama?
Diversity Britans got talent?
How much do actors for Universal Studios get paid?
I was wondering how you become famous?
people on JERRY SPRINGER: are they for real?
does idina come back to the us for wicked at all? if soo wen and where?
Sorry, guys, here's another one...?
what kind of collage should i go to to be an actress?
In what part of New York is West Side Story set?
Stage name suggestions for aspiring actress?
I am a 20 year old actor, and can't decide if I should move to NY or LA...?
What's ur fav Shakespeare play?
How do you embroider eyes for dolls ?
Phantom 25th anniversary videos?
auditions are thursday and i need help!?
what does "OK to split seats?" mean?
I need an Intense Scary Instrumental?
One Source Talent Acting Agency Help?
I need good audition tips.
i want to become famous,im only 13 and do what ever it takes someone help me!?
How much do voice actors/actresses make?
i would like to see images of costumes from the play 'our country's good' by timberlake wertenbaker?
do actors in sex scenes really have sex?
Should I Act? Why am I scared?
What monologue should I use for my audition? Best answer gets 10 points!?
What do you guys think of Pavarotti?
How do I get into acting?
What would be an ideal audition song for The King And I?
I want to be on nickelodeon?
What should I be for halloween?
free public domain films anybody help?
Who is the only person to win an Oscar both for acting and writing?
How to comprehend Shakespeare's plays?
Is the American idiot musical good?
About talent model agency?
We're can I find acting agencies in my city in Texas?
I want to begin professional acting, but I'm too poor for an agent?
What do I do on demo reels, actor slates, and demo videos?
short horror film ideas?
I want to be an actress?
Greek plays?
How to do to play in a music video like rick genest did for lady gaga?
I am directing a musical for high school kids, and I was looking for a game to help develop characterization.?
Audition Song for Once On This Island?
halloween costumes?
How is Charlton Heston doing with his Alzheimer's?
When is the next Disney casting call?
Are you afraid of puppets?
Is this passage Shakespearean verse or prose?
im playing sharpay in high school musical 2 at my playhouse?
advice on "The Wiz" Auditions?
Real casting calls in Dallas TX?
What is your favorite musical?
I'm looking to try and find a good monologue?
So, in your opinion, which is the best musical instrument in the world?
How to get out of PE?
i have a question about tht one scene in 21 jump st?
Can anybody help me answer 4questions pertaining to theatre or at least the ones you know?
what is interacting agencies?
Where can I find a witch who could fulfill my fantasy and turn me into a frog?
Is it possible to become an oompa loompa?
What is a good theatre production to put on for teenagers?
Is my acting agency a dud?
Should i apply for collage or should i build on an acting career?
Who are the most talented actors and actresses?
is dere any colleges in america that are like the ones in zoey101 or drake+josh or hsm?a website wood be good!
How to audition for Disney Channel?
Any tips on how to read this monologue?
how can i become an actor??
How to begin getting famous??
Name three American Broadway musicals that changed the face of musical theater and why.?
anyone want to rip there arm off when someone mentions high school musical?
romeo and juliet book question?
How to become a teen model?
mam i want to work in ur cerial and .can i get it .?
Billy Elliot query !?
Do you know any good/ prestigous acting agencies, that are free (or cheap) where little experince is needed?
Golde in Fiddler on the Roof?
How to become an actress?
Who is the father of Philippine literature?
Where in evansville indiana can i start acting at my age of 14 almost 15?
Where can I find the 1973 TV ad for the musical Pippin?
How to become an actress or print model?
Which transition is usually better, theatre to film or film to theatre?
the taming of the shrew?
why is disney looking for people in the U.S ?
daphne de temmerman?
I would like to play duncan in the play "Macbeth" any clues how I could get this part?
Community Theaters in NYC?
I need some help with a play I am writing for a class.?
Where is the loge at the Gershwin?
Script Murder help?
What food was eaten in Mike Leigh's play, Abigail's Party?
Where can I find Christopher Durang's Male Monologue From "Laughing Wild"?
Can anyone become an actress or an actor?
Auditions for 3rd Percy Jackson movie?
I am auditioning for the tonny do I tell my jealous friend?
why are movie stars or singers uaually tall?
How can I become famous?
Who do you think are the most overrated and underrated actors/actresses
Is this a theatrical song?
The Lion King Theatre tickets?
How can I become a band director. ?
What would be a good song to audition for the play "Casablanca"?
will you believe an actor when he/she speaks to you?
Has anyone seen Phantom Las Vegas? (phantom of the opera)?
Good monologue to audition for Cosette from Les Miserables?
HeLP on a hamlet Costume ? (!) (:o)><?
What does it take to become a famous actor?
I need help with my audition! :)?
Hannah Montana Cast?
what would you include on your resume?
Gimme some on going topics for making short film?
Find a brandname for me for my coming hangbags line in Paris,?
how to choose the perfect play for only 15 minutes?
Help! How to do an English (British) Accent?
How can you tell if an accent is fake?
I wanna Act in a movie?
are there museum archives of older broadway productions to view for research purposes?
what is the all time best musical theatre show you think there is?
Did John Wayne hate Clint Eastwood or were they friends?
what does an arts development officer do?
apply for lauhterchallenge?
what do you do as a theater major?
Would this be a good "special skill" to put on a resume?
Where can I buy a plastic (or foam) sledgehammer in Southern California for an acting scene?
Im in college, and I'm interested in acting! I havent told anyone, its a secret. What do I do?
How much does it cost for professional photography?
What scene from Romeo and Juliet to audition with.?
help please! 10 points?
Im really confused and upset that what to do?
how old was Richard III at the time of his death?
which broadway show should i see? wicked or hairspray?
What software do professionals use to arrange and operate video clips in theatres?
Interested in becoming an entertainer, does this sound like a good plan?
How can I send my portfolio (or whatever it's called) to the casting directors?
Is the Legally Blonde Musical in Toronto any good?
Communist inspired music?
Is anybody know Exxcel model & talent?
Nerd for drama? Please help!?
Voice - acting tips? 10 POINTS?
I want to become an actress?
How to improve Public Speaking skills?
I'm a bit confused on what to put on my resume.?
What Shakespeare play has two maids and a Princess in it? [More details inside...]?
end on stage help drama homework?
Where can I find the original score to "Get Me to the Church"?
Anyone know where you can find acting classes for fat girls?
Who wrote shakespeare's plays?
where can i watch kumkum all eposide?
Audition for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. Any tips?
YG Entertainment Auditions?
How do I go about making a good Authentic Pirate costume, cheap?
Difference between union and non-union theaters?
what are the male protagonist values in 'Henry V'?
Okay i want to audition for a AGENCY NOT A SCHOOL?
How do I even begin acting?
What are some unique voices that would be hard to impersonate?
How can a 14 year old get famous?
Do any one Know any thing about The Room By Harold Pinter ?
do u like high school musical or hate it and why?
Pericles Act 3 Scene 3?
What are some GROUP MIME ideas for theater?
Any one knows about Henry Baker of Broadway Marketing Ltd, 22 Gardner Way, Southampton, Hampshire.?
I joined theatre and I need to overcome shyness!!?
I have drama class, and im shy but im in a play right now so should i still be shy?
Good Audition Songs for "Hair" - the musical?
Monologues about speeches??
Name an Actor that start's with A, or H or C?
Comedic female monologues from plays, really crazy, out-there kind of monologues?
i want to start acting. im 13 how do i start?
What are good plot ideas?
Ideas for remake of the play Julius Caesar...?
how can i become actress when im only 15?
Is there a good cheap way to get into the voice acting world?
Do you think i look good enough to become an ACTER, or am i to ugly?
What male actor could pull this off?
Why arent there more BLACK PEOPLE on DISNEY CHANNEL?!?!?
Is there any auditions for My Babysitter's a Vampire?
I got an Acting Job, But have no memory for lines what do i do.?
what should i expect from in a casting call?
Is it to late to take acting lesson?
i'm from sri lanka. can i become a hollywood actress? if can, what should i do?
Inspiration for a duet-mime?
How to do a pirate accent?
Best way to learn lines?
What does it take to play Cosette in Les Miserables (musical)?
what is a good monolouge and song for my audition in the little mermaid for Ursula?
Who's your favorite actor?
Can any one help?
how do you start acting..?
What do I need to be on Broadway someday?
What should I dress up as for character day?
who is that guy on the for eyes commercial?
Ever heard of Wicked the Musical?
How to play slender man?
How hard is it to become an actress?
Will I get the part?
Need names of acting agencies?
who was the first dancer?
What musicals would be good for a high school musical theatre program to perform?
Do you think it should be the Tragedy of Marcus Brutus or Julius Caesar?
How to perform infrontof people?
how to start acting career?
Do you have a sample of a 5 or 10-minute play on drug awareness?
how would i go about becoming an actress?
What is hot for high school theatre this fall? In other words, what are the hot plays for fall?
So I just listened to Defying Gravity from Wicked and am completely blown away...?
I saw the Documentary of The Savoy At Christmas, Did The Manager used to be an Actor?
I, like the others want to know about any new auditions for Disney? Please respond asap!?
How do I get rid of stage fright?
What is your favorite Broadway play?
I have a question concerning the seating at the Pantages Theatre in L.A.?
girls how would you rate these actor guys ?
Where can I buy, not rent, the white dress that Ula wears in the show The Producers?
I need a good monologue?
How do I become an actress while living in Colorado Springs?
Who once wrote a play about King Herod and the pressures on him, that led him to slaughter children under 2?
acting schools in georgia!!?
I got a call from a disney channel and nickelodean talent scout?
I would like to become an actress Bollywood but I am Algerian, Dream ?
How do I choose a monologue that is right for me?
What are good acting agencies in the uk?
How do I play an old dying man in a wheelchair.?
acting classes at new York film academy?
hey im 13 and want to act.does anyone have any ideas where to start?
I'm looking for pre sale password for High School Musical in Cincinnati. Can anyone help?
what is a drawing rendered to scale 1:25? what is the relationship of the 1 to the 25.?
for all females to answer!!?
How to get into acting as a teenager?
how to work in cinema?
Are there two different versions of the soundtrack "The Drowsy Chaperone"?
I want to know if there is any programs or even Job opportunities in North Carolina for acting or modeling?
GOOD DRAMA schools in OR near DERBYSHIRE ?
Is Drama school only for rich kids who have performed since they were kids?
How do you get an acting agent?
macbeth quotes please?
Recomondations for female Shakespeare monologues?
Royal Albert Hall - "Restricted View" Tickets?
Does William Lee Scott from Butterfly Effect have an official page or way to be contacted?
HELP I want to be a actress?
A Christmas Carol (musical) roles?